Friday, March 30, 2012


Today has been a very busy day. We were home for a little bit to eat some lunch and then we went out again.

No crib today. Boo lol
The place didn't have one of them that we were wanting to look at, but they are getting it either next week or the week after so hoping to see it then.
We've narrowed down our picks though between that one and this other that we really like. DH just wants to look at the other one before making a final decision.

We got the dresser today
Honestly, it's not the greatest quality. Like something you'd buy from Walmart. Not bad, but not great.
We'll def be replacing this within the next few years lol. It's not a bad dresser or anything, it's just not the best quality.
But yeah, dresser really doesn't matter too much anyway. It will hold clothes and possibly diapers and the changing pad on top and that's all that matters lol.

We have another dresser. This one is DH's childhood one that he's had since well.. childhood lol. He doesn't even remember when he got it so it could be older than him.
It needs some repairs to it, but it should be pretty simple.... hopefully :P
The color on it seems to just be painted on. I'd like to paint it, but really, it doesn't matter if it stays the way it is.

We went to the clearance part of the furniture place today. They had a lot of nice stuff marked down hundreds of dollars, but nothing that we really wanted. We're just being picky.
We did buy a crib set though :D
It was $120 which is a bit pricy, but that was for 9 pieces.
Lemme see.. there's the blanket, sheet, dust ruffle, 2 curtain things, an accent pillow, bumper, toy bag, diaper bag.... erm yeah that's it heh...
It's the perfect color and matches the room spot on.
Also, it's not too girly other than the color which I really like and the design is very simple.
Here's a photo of the blanket and the pillow. It all looks like that so no point in pulling it all out of the bag lol.
It has dragonflies on it <3... Love dragonflies. Plus I still get that 'dragon' kind of thing in there for the Chinese zodiac too hehe well.. at least in name :P

Just gotta wash it or spray it down with something b/c it was the one on the floor. Who knows how many grubby hands have touched it! lol Ew

And finally, we bought a glider/ottoman online. It's backordered though until the end of April which sucks, but hopefully it's nice. It didn't cost too much thankfully and shipping was free so woo! heh I'll post photos when we eventually get it.

This little girl is moving up a storm right now. Was pretty quiet for most of the day and she is just moving all around right now. Started a couple of hours ago and she's been going since.
I'm starting to feel her kicks above my waist line now. Seems like just yesterday that I was saying how I could feel the top of my uterus below my waist.
Wonder what she's doing when I get the weird bubbly feeling. It's down further and from the u/s I had, she's head down... maybe it's her little hands moving around?

Oh and before I finally stop... I had to post this video up. It's SO frickin cool and sorta weird.
It also makes me want to jump in and soothe the poor little crying baby.
It's not anything terrible lol, just neat.

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LisaB/lisabttc said...

The furniture looks good! I bet some TLC will make them look great! Sounds like you are getting a lot taken care of - woot! I love the dragonflies - sooo pretty.
Wow, that video is too neat!