Sunday, March 25, 2012

To splurge or not to splurge

Someone brought up a very good point.
We've been trying for this for SO long... why not splurge on the furniture.

The stuff we want would be used indefinatly and the quality of it would certainly ensure that it lasted that long as well.
So we'd basically be getting furniture our child is going to use throughout their time living with us.
Looking at it that way.... yeah the expense is still HUGE right now, but in the long run it would be worth it.

We're gonna go back Tuesday I think to really REALLY look at everything and probably make a decision.
I'll post pics of whatever we pick if they have photos online of it heh.

One more day before the big reveal!!! Hope the LO isn't shy tomorrow. Would suck to wait all this time and then baby has their legs crossed and won't budge lol.


Shari said...

When we went for the gender u/s, we didn't find out because of uncooperative baby and a horrible u/s tech! Baby had her legs crossed and hands hidding it and the tech could have cared less! We were happy that she was healthy but disappointed that an u/s that cost $400 after insurance was a bad experience! I called a private place and got in 5 days later. That lady took her time and we found it was a girl and it only cost $80. I hope yours goes way better and can't wait to hear what you are having!!!!

LisaB/lisabttc said...

Oooh I'm sooo excited, Lisa!!!