Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Miserable and sweaty. I'm not feverish, but with the way I'm sweating, you would think I was. Good lord.
Last night I do think I had a mild fever. Took my temp when I was feeling a little better and it was up to 99.something.
Really hoping I don't get the kids sick again. They've sneezed a couple of times, but other than that look ok lol. FX
Thankfully I'm not as snotty and stuffed up as I was before, but I'm coughing just as much now b/c of that damn annoying tickle in the throat.
Thank goodness for pantyliners is all I can say. I'd be changing my britches after every cough if I wasn't wearing some protection down there.

That 3 day nail growth stuff is total shit. I mean.. I wasn't really expecting it to work, but I was hoping it would. It's just a shiny clear nail polish. It might help strengthen, but as for growing.. nope.

Finally got enough glue on to my broken nail that it's staying put. Another week or so and hopefully I'll be able to cut it. It's so annoying b/c all I want to do is pick at it lol. I definitely am not helping matters :P

Bought some charcoil teeth cleaning powder stuff. Saw a buzzfeed video on it and thought it looked interesting.
Tuxedo Charcoal Teeth Whitener

It's a little pricey, but you only use a little bit of it once a day. I've only been using it for 2 days now so I can't say if there is a different in my teeth color or not.
We'll see if there is a difference after the 30days is over though :)
I just didn't want to use those teeth whitening trays again. Those are ok, but if you've never used them... they can temporarily make your teeth sensitive and I absolutely hate that sensation.

It is weird brushing with it though. You look like a zombie when you use it and you quickly learn that you splatter saliva everywhere when brushing b/c there will be black specks all over the place lol. It cleans up easy though so it's np :)

Thinking about getting in to tattooing. I'm all over the place with what I want to do.. I know.
This wouldn't be a profession though.. just a hobby. I don't have the social skills to work with strangers. Having to small talk with them.. bleh.. no.
Tattoo kits aren't that expensive though and of course I would practice practice practice to make sure I was confident enough to work on someone.
People have always told me that I need to get in to it and it has always interested me. Watching a tattoo show on Netflix (think it's called Bondi Ink) renewed my interest and then seeing how cheap the kits are really got me interested lol.
So yeah.... we'll see where that goes. I'm not buying anything yet. Maybe for my birthday or something, DH will get me a nice kit :D
In the mean time... I'm watching all tattoo videos that I can to get as much information I can.
Again.. I know that doing an apprenticeship somewhere would probably be better, but I'm socially awkward so I'd rather just take my chances with youtube videos rofl

First up though.. I really need to start drawing again. Try to get the creative juices flowing. I know it's still in me, but it gets blocked so easily. I need to just sketch and sketch and sketch some more. Design work was never my strong point and that's really what tattooing relies on.. good designs.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What??? Nooooooooooooooo.......

I'm fucking sick again! WTF???
I felt blah yesterday. My throat/roof of my mouth was feeling a little achy yesterday. Not that razor blade feeling, just slightly achy when I swallowed. I figured it was b/c my mouth and throat were once again getting super dry during the night (that should've been my first clue).
But then I just started getting this overall blah feeling and a headache.
Took tylenol. Didn't get rid of the headache, but I guess, it kept me from feeling worse.

So I go to bed and have one of the worst nights of sleep ever.
I'd just get to sleep and I'd either snort or snore b/c I have mucus stuck right up in my sinus area that I seem to want to solely use when I sleep, so when I do finally sleep.. I snort/snore and it wakes me up.
All, frickin, night.
Also all night.. I had to keep drinking b/c I was mouth breathing b/c my nose started to stuff up. And b/c I'm drinking more.. I had to get up and pee more.
I should've known something was going on when I was still coughing while everyone else stopped.

Also started waking up with a headache. Was hoping it was possibly allergies even though I don't really have bad allergies, so I took a pill for that. NOPE! My nose keeps getting more stuffy and I keep feeling sicker and sicker.
Frickin awesome.

Just... where the hell did I get a cold again??
The kids seem ok so far.
Ezra is a bit more restless at night b/c he's teething and Oren has a boogery nose, but it's not running.
Maybe I walked in to someone's sneeze or cough or something at the store :\

One thing I don't like about Zoe spending more than one night away from home..... she doesn't sleep well anywhere else, so when she gets home, she's always SUPER grumpy and moody and whiny and annoying. :\
She got home with attitude and a half yesterday.
Oh well..

Alrighty, gotta change a baby diaper before he leaks all over the place again.
Had a bad mommy moment the other day. Left him in a diaper for WAY too long. Just did not think about changing him at all. Kept walking around and stepping in random wet spots. When I finally got it in to my head to change him... it revealed what those wet spots were lol. Oops...

Monday, April 24, 2017

Unreasonable? Maybe

So Zoe went to spend the night with aunt Saturday night. That's fine. Nothing unusual about that.
She usually drops her off or we go pick her up from somewhere closeby.
Not this time. Apparently aunt went to DH's church and I dunno how it happened, but it was agreed that Zoe could spend the night with her granny.
Now, I wouldn't have a problem with this IF we knew how she was getting home. I know MiL isn't going to go out if she doesn't have to, so she's not going to bring her home. I don't think I should have to since it wasn't my frickin idea to let her spend the night.
I wouldn't have a problem if all parties involved came to a decision before she was allowed to go. Is DH going to pick her up after work? Ok..... Is MiL going to bring her home? Ok..... but no... no one ever thinks these things through.

I mean, it's not a huge deal really, but more of an annoyance.... and DH is getting her after work which I'm really not happy about but whatever. I want my baby home.

Boy.. typing that out made me feel like such a helicopter parent. I don't think I am most of the time, but I know I can be sometimes. Or at least I feel like I'm too strict. /shrugs
I do the best I can.
This parenting gig is not easy at all. Not that I was expecting it to be, but we all have those oh so naive fantasies before having kids. We're all the perfect parent before we have children and we all have perfect children then too.
And then reality just comes along, smacks you in the face and gives you an atomic wedgie.

Today is the first day of strict low carb. Joy......
I am excited to get started, just not looking forward to the cravings. I'm fine right now. It's only been half a day lol.
Just need to get up off my ass and exercise now. Downloaded a 30 day challenge app. The easy workout is so easy and will take all of 2 seconds...... I just need to do it... and I haven't yet.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gymnastics? Not quite yet

So, we did go to the gymnastics place on Saturday to sign the kids up. Well, the classes we were hoping to get were not available.
The one for Oren was actually, but Zoe's was full. The girl helping us said that we could be put on a waiting list and if someone drops from the class, then whoever is next on the list could get in. There was one other person for the time slot we wanted, but she mentioned that there were 3 potential spots about to open for it in May.
So yeah.... we're on the list and haven't actually paid for anything yet, but hopefully will get it all started soon :)
Looked interesting. They have chairs set up in their little lobby and have all the parents sitting outside of the gym part.
The area for Oren's class was a little play area that looked like a castle and just looked like it would be fun for him.
So yeah.. that's where we're at right now. Just waiting to hear back on that time slot class and hoping to get a spot in it for Zoe.
Let Zoe watch some gymnastics videos and she got SUPER excited to start trying it. We got home (after grocery shopping after) and she kept trying to do tumbles and stuff on the floor. It was so cute. I can't wait for her to get in to the class.
Also can't wait for Oren to get in to class too. Get him interacting with more kids and other people that aren't family. Open him up more. Zoe was the same way when she was younger too though so I'm not too worried about him being super shy or anything. Still want him socialized more.

They also had some super cute leotards. Expensive as shit, but cute. Thankfully they don't have a dress code or anything, so we're not required to have the kids in anything special. Just something they can play in basically. Told Zoe that if she ends up liking it, maybe for her birthday, we'll buy her a leotard.
Woot.. just checked Amazon and they have a lot of cute ones for a good price. May go ahead and buy her one or 2 :)
Are they supposed to wear underwear under them or is it more like a bathing suit type of thing where you're not supposed to? Either way... will need to buy her shorts too. Just want a little more coverage down there anyway for her.

Stupid nails are breaking like crazy. Broke 3 of them when I was going through their toys. (which I'm still not done with).
Broke my ring fingernail on my right hand, but too far down where the skin is still attached under the nail so I bought some nail glue in hopes of keeping it together long enough for it to grow out more before I clip it off. That nail glue is shit! I've had to reapply 4 times already in just 2 days. Gotta use something though.
Also bought some polish that is supposed to help grow and I think strengthen nails. It better help strengthen. So tired of my nails breaking by just breathing on them.
Always amazes me seeing women with super long natural nails. How?? How do they get that strong??

I think that's about it.. at least for now. :)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

One room down.... All the others to go

I got the sunroom cleaned and straightened up today! WOO!

Here are the before. Yes.. that's a puppy pad on the floor. Thankfully it was unused at the time.

And here's the after. Still too much stuff in here, but I did manage to put up/put in to the donate bag enough stuff to get rid of the 2 bins of toys.
The storage drawers though need to be gone through again and more needs to come out. The middle drawer I'm not worried about. It's filled with blocks and shape things. It's the other 2 that have all the pointless small shit in them that needs to seriously be thinned down by a lot.

I did manage to go through Oren's room too. He doesn't have a lot in his room so it didn't take too long. Now I need to fill up his room with more of his toys to get them out of the living room area.

I still need to go through 1 bin in the living room and then tackle Zoe's room. Think I'll have to do some cleaning once the kids are in bed too to get rid of junk that they want to keep. Everything I asked Zoe about.... she wanted to keep. Stuff that I didn't even know she had and I'm sure she completely forgot about.

Once this is all done, going to clean some carpets!! The sunroom carpets are disgusting. Doesn't help that the puppy has has multiple accidents in there. Also need to clean their hallway b/c he also likes using it for pooing. Nasty.
Ok, one good thing about cats... at least they're easy to house train. Pop them in a litter box and BAM.. done.

DH left for his overnight trip this morning. Kids aren't going to see him for 2 days. He's not getting home until late tomorrow night. Probably after 8 since I'm sure they'll be hitting some rush hour traffic on the way home.

Thankfully the kids weren't driving me crazy today. They actually wanted to help clean up. Of course their version of clean is just using up all the disinfectant wipes, but hey.. whatever. It kept them quiet and entertained so, pfft.. use them up kiddos!

And yeah.. that's been my day :P Not very exciting but I like it that way lol

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's so overwhelming

Started the toy purge today. Good lord it's so overwhelming.
I feel like a hoarder that wants to clean up, but just doesn't know where to start.... except that I have started.
There's just SO much. I know some stuff to give away, but really struggling with myself to get rid of more. I should do it, but then that little voice says "But don't you wanna save it for Ezra?" Uuuuuuuugh.
I'll probably be going through everything a 2nd time just to really get rid of everything. I'm hoping to get the toys out of the living room. At least the bins. Get their toys back in to their rooms and keep the living room free of their stuff except for whatever they bring out during the day that WILL be put back in to their room at night.

Taking a short break right now b/c I am overwhelmed with the task at hand. It's gotta be done though.

I'm so tired!

Forgot to post yesterday b/c I couldn't keep my eyes open. Was planning on posting once Oren went down for a nap, but I was just SO tired.
Was also planning on going through toys and figuring out what to donate.

SO many toys to go through. I've had it with this toy clutter and I want at least half of it gone. The kids don't even play with most of the crap they have. They don't need this much junk.

Oh... and Oren managed to climb out of his crib. It only happened once, but I'm sure he could do it again if he wanted.
We'll be switching him to a toddler bed soon I guess. Noooooooooo lol
Even more reason to get rid of a lot of this clutter. So when he gets out of bed and plays in his room, he has more room to do it and hopefully won't make a giant mess. Hahahaha yeah right.

Ezra finally popped a top tooth. It's not one of the front ones, but one beside those. His teeth are coming in like Zoe's did. All uneven. Oh well :P
Still no crawling, but meh.

Zoe is so damn dramatic. I have to remind myself that she is only 4 so everything is going to be over the top reaction from her.
She has a mosquito bite on her arm that she scratched last night. Cue the freak out! She didn't even draw blood or anything.. it just had that crusty clear 'scab' on it and her scratching made it ooze a little more. That was it. But holy crap, you would've thought her arm was about to fall off with how much she was crying and carrying on about it.
I get so annoyed and frustrated when she starts up, then feel guilty b/c again... she's only 4.
I need to do better with my patience.

She's still coming in to out bed every night. Funny how before, I hated being touched when I sleep. I still don't like it and would prefer not to be touched, but I've gotten used to it now. Other than getting knees and elbows in my back or my face.... I sleep fine when she gets in bed.
Again.. I'm going to enjoy the snuggles for now while she's still little and wants them b/c she's going to grow up and not want hugs or anything.

DH is going out of town tomorrow Thursday and won't be back until Friday night. Bleh. Not happy about it, but it's his job and he's only going to be about an hour or so away. Still.... BLEH! Just mostly worried about him being safe on the road. There's a reason why our state is always ranked as having the worst drivers and it scares me that he's gonna be out there. He's riding with other people though so that will at least make him drive safer.
I shouldn't complain. I know there are other families where one parent is gone for even longer b/c of work or separation.

I think that's about it for now. :D

Monday, April 17, 2017


Gotta be fast  b/c Ezra is getting fussy...

From Saturday.  Really didn't get a lot of good ones of the older 2... so Ezra has to pose his little pale butt off lol.

Just bonus Ezra wearing Oren's Batman mask heh

 Sunday before church I think. DH took them out while I was taking a nice long hot shower by myself heh. Yeah... typical photos with all 3.

 Looking for eggs at granny and grampy's house. SiL brought a ton of eggs. We also brought some too. There were so many that the kids actually started getting picky about which ones to pick up lol.

 How embarassing. They're wearing the same thing.

And finally.... a great photo of all 3 of them. FINALLY! If only they weren't sitting on our messy ass bed lol. Figures, but hey... I'll take it :D

Sunday, April 16, 2017

GD it?? Are we getting sick again??

I'm still coughing up a lung every day. Not as much mucus, but what is in there doesn't want to move which is causing all of this coughing.
Hate it b/c it gets worse when I lay down so I end up keeping DH up with my coughing.
Cough medicine only works so well :\

Also, my nose is starting to run again. Oren's too and Zoe has developed a cough again. Not a bad one, but she'll cough some at night when she comes to lay with us.
What, The, FUDGE!

Anywho, the whole family, minus myself, are all off to church.
We totally didn't buy Zoe a new Easter dress :( Kinda disappointed about that, but we had the excuse of being sick so it's all good.
We'll have to get her a pretty new/used one for next year :)

We put out some plastic eggs w/ candy in them yesterday. Took some photos and will post that soon.
Zoe was getting a little greedy with it, but we bought 2 different things from Sam's. One of them was a monster egg set and the other was a tea party. We put most of those out along w/ some eggs we saved from last year. She found her tea set ones and Oren found his monster ones.
They had fun and sigh.. I love seeing them have fun :)
Love my babies so much.
Ezra was just happy in his batmobile rolling around on the pavement and getting stuck in the grass lol.

DH and I have come up with a plan to finally start. We want to have a strict month. Friday dinner will be whatever, but other than that, strict. We think we need a strict month to get this going b/c right now, we're slowly but surely in-cooperating too many junk foody carby things.
I'm good with that plan. Just going to be a PITA making meal plans for a month.
I'm tired of my once well fitting or loose shirts being too small and my once huge shirts being well fitting.
My fat clothes need to go back to being fat clothes instead of the only ones I'm comfortably in now.
So yep.... gonna get that going starting next week :)

Not much else going on really. Gardens are looking terrible. SO many weeds growing in them that I can't tell what's my plants and what's a weed. Will have to figure something out.

Puppy is doing well. Still peeing in the house, but that's going to be a work in progress to get him house broken. Watched a few videos on it and teaching him other tricks. Just one of those things that you need patience with.

He's getting so big though! Can't believe how big he is now compared to when we first got him. He's almost doubled in size already lol.
He's such a sweet pup. Still really mouthy, but normal for a puppy his age.
We bought him some chewy things to hopefully keep him from wanting to chew up our shoes and other things he shouldn't be munching on.

Aaaaaaaand yeah.. that's it. Will try to get some photos posted tomorrow :)

Friday, April 14, 2017

Almost had another accident

Oren almost had another fingers in the door accident yesterday.
For some reason, the kids like opening and closing the doors. Had the back door open like usual and hear them playing with the door. Yell at them to stop and then Oren starts crying.
I get up and yep.. sure enough, Zoe had her hand on the door trying to close it and he had his fingers by the hinges being smooshed.
Thankfully he was ok and nothing was wrong with his fingers. Could've been taking another trip to the hospital though.... sigh.

Also... are all kids hypochondriacs? I swear.. every little bump, bruise and scratch Zoe gets, she acts like she's dying or needs some kid medicine or a bandaid for it. When we refuse, she'll cry and whine for a little bit then poof.. all better and acts like nothing happened. That is until she's reminded of said 'life threatening injury' later on and repeat the process all over again.
I swear....
She plays outside.. climbs on things, plays in the dirt, etc. You would think she'd be used to all of that by now lol.

Ezra is good. Giving him a lot more floor time. He's sitting up really well on his own. He'll topple over eventually, but he can sit for a long time.
He still hates long tummy time though and just does not roll from back to tummy. He goes to his sides though and will roll around that way, but that's it. /shrugs

He slept like shit last night. Pretty sure it's from teething. Can feel a top one either just broken through or almost broken through the gums.

Which reminds me... I need to get better so I can finally schedule my wisdom teeth removal and the implant thing put in. Not looking forward to that, but these wisdom teeth need to be removed. I know they're gross and one of them is still kind of under a flap of gum. I get food stuck in there every once in a while and it causes it to get inflamed. Plus I can't brush them very well so... yeah.. bleh gross.

Spotting has been on and off. It did get a little heavier, but then disappeared once again. So far, there's been nothing today, but it's done that before and started during the night.
So irritating :\

And if you haven't noticed, I haven't mentioned healthy anything lately. I have not been worried about it since getting sick. It will happen.... just not at this moment. It needs to happen soon though and I promise myself that it will.

Anywho, I think that's about it. Nothing too exciting is going on here. Just trying to get better and trying to keep the kids from killing themselves or eachother.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I love my AC!

It's not that it's really hot, but it gets to an uncomfortable temp early afternoon now and yes... that wonderful beautiful AC has been coming on! Sweet sweet central AC.
Now to just work up some energy to go take a shower b/c WOOO do I stank!

Speaking of being classy....
We decided one day the other week to go to this chicken place that's across town. We cut through town instead of taking the highway. You have to go through a very old poor section. Not dogging on poor people at all.
These 2 nasty assholes however...
There's a really old trailer park on that road. Again.. nothing wrong with trailers at all, but this particular park is run down and decrepit with most of the trailers falling apart. So these 2 people are standing in front of the trailer park. One of them was a woman standing at the road at the bus stop, while her partner? brother? Whoever was off a little behind her pissing by the side of the road in to some bushes.
No.. bushes would make it seem like they were big and lush and had leaves on them. No.. these were more like dead twigs sticking up out of the ground that would give absolutely no cover if you're trying to hide what you're doing. Thankfully that nasty asshole wasn't pointed at the road, but he was slightly pointed towards oncoming traffic. I can't imagine the gross view those poor drivers got.
Just... damn... really??? Must you be that frickin gross???
And this is a super busy road too, so it's not like there was only 1 or 2 other cars.

My cousin just told me she's 16w pregnant with a very very accidental surprise baby lol. She already has 3 kids.. her oldest just started HS.
Whoopsy! lol
She's a really good mom though so I know she's gonna be ok.
She's still freaking out about it though. I would be too honestly. Hell... I still look at Ezra and can't believe we have 3 kids.
I'm really happy for her.
Just wish we lived closer. Could give her all of this baby stuff we won't be needing any longer.

Keep asking DH if he knows anyone at work or at church that could use some baby stuff. We already gave away a couple boxes of size 2 diapers to people that are expecting their 2nd at church.
I'd rather give it away to someone that needs it rather than to goodwill or Once Upon a Child.

Part of me wants to pack up all this stuff and take a road trip to see her lol. But then I come to my senses and remember that traveling with kids this young is not fun :P

Alrighty, time to find the kids some clothes, towels, get myself some clothes and wash the funk away!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

/cough /hack /cough some more

This damn cough needs to let up already. It's not as juicy, but now that tickle in my throat is causing me to cough just as much if not more.
Also... I've been blowing my nose a lot and I guess it has had enough b/c I started bleeding last night and wouldn't frickin stop. When it finally did, I went to sleep only to be woken up later in the night to my nose bleeding all over my face. After that, I couldn't really get to sleep very well b/c I was paranoid about it starting back up again.
And today.. made the mistake of blowing it again and yep... started bleeding.

And if you're in the market for a tablet... avoid kindles!!!
I don't know WTF is wrong with Zoe's but it keeps dropping the wifi connection for no GD reason. Piece of crap if you want to do anything online /grumble

Pics! Finally uploaded some from the camera. :D

She's getting so darn big!

Rocko! I swear it's so difficult getting a good photo of this pup when he's awake. This is an early photo of him though. He's grown quite a bit now.

Zoe wanted Oren to dress in her traditional Korean outfit thing. I had to do it and he looked adorable even with his dirty face lol :D

She had to dress up too :D

 Baby Ez just being cute as a button. He's sitting up so much better and he'll scoot backwards, but still not crawling. Fine with me. He gets around perfectly well in his batmobile :)

Oren's refusal to pose for the camera is still in full swing. I'll take what I can get I guess hehe

 Cute pic of them dancing when they got all dressed up

And my little Darth Zoe........ with her war paint. ;)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ok then...

When did my last period end? B/c I'm bleeding again. It's not heavy, but it's heavy spotting.
WTF?? Maybe I should start keeping track. If it's regular right now... keeping track will at least help so I'm not always surprised when it does start lol
Or maybe this is still just wonky funked up hormonal spotting. We'll see if it continues and gets heavier or if it goes away.
Would explain why I got sicker though.

Overall feeling a little better, but my head is still killing me every time I cough (which is still a lot) and now every time that I bend over. Head in a vice.....

I guess it makes sense

Just sitting here wondering how I ended up being the sickest person in the house, but it makes sense. I'm the one that all the kids hang off of and I'm home all day with them so I'm exposed more.
But yeah... I'm the sickest..... yay me? :\
Kept getting low grade fevers yesterday. Thankfully not too bad but still made me feel low energy.
I'm mostly just chest congested and coughing.
My coughs are so juicy and mucousy right now. It's disgusting. Coughing so much has made my ribs, throat and head hurt too.
Last night I woke up and thought that Zoe was snoring next to me. NOPE.. not Zoe.. I was hearing my congested chest making a rattly wheezing sound whenever I breathed out.

I haven't been this sick in a very long time.... and it sucks.
FX that it ends soon.......

Thankfully the kids seem to be mostly well. They still cough every once in a while, but that's about it really.
You would think Zoe was dying this morning though. Asked her to pick up her toys and she told me she can't bend over b/c she has a mosquito bite on her leg....... sigh.

Anywho... really not much else has been going on. Just sitting on my butt all day trying to wish away this damn cold.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

And you get a cold. And you get a cold!! Everyone gets a coooold!!!

If you read that in Oprah's voice, give yourself a good pat on the back lol.
I actually went to the doc Saturday morning. My throat wasn't feeling any better and I'm not about to suffer with strep throat again. That shit sucked.
But turns out I don't have strep. Probably a viral infection that just had to run it's course. Great. Still got antibiotics just in case though.
Dh also came home early on Friday. I had put Ezra down for a nap and was taking a shower with the other 2. Think I was just getting done rinsing my hair when I look up and see his shadow on the other side of the shower door. Frickin gave me a heart attack.
I don't scream when I get startled... Its more like random curses with Jesus thrown in there rofl.
Anywho... We're all sick. Zoe and Oren are better, but Oren is still getting cough attacks that make him throw up. I'm coughing a lot more and horking up a lot of mucus. All that coughing is causing headaches too and seriously painful razor blade feeling in my throat.
Thankfully the pain when I swallow is very dull and hopefully will be gone soon.

Dh also has pink eye in both eyes. He hasn't been rubbing shit in his eyes or anything lol.
It's a viral infection from this stupid cold.
We're just both ready to feel better already. Today has been the worst day so far in terms of how we felt. Kids seemed to be fine, but the,parents sure weren't.

Anywho, sorry for any weird mispellings or random commas. Hate posting from my phone but meh...

Friday, April 7, 2017

Excuse me while I offend your tender asses (rants ahead if you couldn't tell)

Anyone else tired of this ultra PC world we live in?? How about all of those nice made up gender names that people have given themselves b/c gawd forbid they stick with what's already out there.
I read a good article about people needing to stop romanticizing birth. Great article other than the author feeling the need to say "pregnant persons".
Fucking what???
Last I checked... women were the only ones able to be pregnant and give birth. Sure... a transgender person can get pregnant and mentally, they can see themselves as male, but they're still a woman physically. NOTHING is going to change that. No amount of surgery and hormones will ever make the person actually the other sex.... and it should not fucking offend people to still say pregnant women.
Just.. UGH.... I don't think my eyes could've rolled more after seeing that horse shit.

THEN... there was an article about a woman that had an almost 14lb baby.
I mentioned gestational diabetes and if she had it or was monitored.
Do not care what anyone says... there is no gawd damn way that woman didn't have diabetes. There is no way that was a NORMAL pregnancy that produced a 14lbs child. Not unless she was pumped full of sugar and carbs 24/7 the entire time.
But of course you have all the idiots coming out saying that big babies can happen. No....14lbs is not something that just fucking happens to someone for no reason.
Maybe she was tested and maybe it did come back negative.
So did my pregnancy with Ezra and I damn well did have it. It just wasn't severe enough to show up on the test.
No I'm not a doctor, but I really do think that a lot of these big baby cases where the woman supposedly doesn't have it, they actually do... or it's more like a insulin sensitivity where they should still go on a restrictive diabetic type of diet.
It's not a coincidence that the 1 pregnancy that it wasn't diagnosed.. the 1 where I didn't watch what I ate.. my baby came out 2lbs heavier than the other 2.

But like I said... not a doctor so whatever. Just opinion :P

I'm just really sick of everyone being offended by every little gawd damn thing though. You can't go on any kind of social media site now without reading about how someone is offended by some other little fucking nothing now.

How do people have that much time to get offended at everything?? I mean seriously...
It's like Target getting rid of their "boys and girls" toy section labels. Did it really fucking bother people that damn much??? If your boy wants a doll.. then BUY HIM ONE. What.. are you going to look at the store sign, see that it say "girl toys" and not do it just b/c of that?
Are you an idiot? B/c you are if that was stopping you.

I must be hormonal b/c this stuff usually doesn't bother me this much. Sure.. it makes my eyes roll extra hard, but not enough to need to rant about any of it

Ok.. that's enough.... I've spent too much time on this crap anyway.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

She's feeling better

Did I say I got 5 hours of sleep? If not... that's what my brain kept telling me yesterday, but in fact, I had only gotten about 3 hours.
I got much more sleep last night though. Thank goodness. Went to bed at usual time and went right to sleep and didn't want to wake up.
I did wake up at around midnight to Zoe already laying next to me and rubbing and playing with my fingers and hand lol. Woke up to her gingerly counting my fingers :P
I was too tired to care and went right back to sleep.
Did keep waking up b/c of baby or needing to pee or whatever, but overall... it was a much needed nights sleep.

The cough medicine for Zoe has something in it that makes you drowsy. I didn't know that when I gave it to her yesterday. She laid down around 2 and slept until 6.
That first half dose of antibiotics also seemed to really help her too b/c she said her ears weren't hurting after she got up.
Thank goodness. She was miserable before that :(
She's acting totally normal today. Just have 9 more days of antibiotics to go. Thankfully she doesn't mind the flavor of the stuff.

My own cold has stalled some. Still phlegmy and gross feeling. Really hoping this sore feeling in my throat doesn't get worse. Think it's not going away b/c I keep drinking soda and my mouth and throat always dries out at night as it does with my colds lately.
Sucks but hoping to start feeling better soon.

Oren is ok. He gets some coughing fits sometimes that don't want to stop and he'll end up throwing up, but he's acting normal.

Ezra is having some coughing/gagging issues too. Threw up in his walker earlier. That was gross.
His eyes are still snotty but overall, he's ok too.

This flippin weather isn't helping anything. I'm enjoying it b/c it's nice and cool, but it's not going to help w/ the colds and certainly not going to help my frickin gardens. It's going to get cold at night and I dunno what to do to protect my plants :( I already planted everything and if they end up dying, this is going to set me back a month AGAIN. So frustrating.
Determined to have a nice garden this year though.

Thankfully the weather yesterday wasn't too bad here. I know it had to be scary in some areas, but it was just a heavy down pour thunderstorm.

And yep.... that's about it really. Sick sick more sick... need sleep.... wash rinse repeat :P

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Double Ear Infection

Poor Zoe. She came in to our room last night at midnight.
First... I tried making her take the cough syrup. Seriously... why does cough syrup still taste like poison?? It tastes exactly the same as it always has and it's disgusting. You would think someone would've found a way to make it taste better by now.
Anyway.. she was resisting and shook her hand on purpose so it spilled everywhere.
So I told her that if she wasn't going to take it, she had to go back to her room.
I laid back down, but I knew I wasn't getting back to sleep b/c I could still hear her crying and by then, Ezra had started to cry too. Also my mouth and throat dried out which always sucks and gets painful so that kept me up too.
She eventually comes back in at around 130 or 2.. I can't remember. I get her to drink a little bit of the cough syrup. It doesn't do much of anything though.
She coughs on and off all night long and Ezra is also being miserable and crying and fussing all night.
At around 4 (I've fallen asleep and gotten woken up twice. I slept all of about 20mins)... she wakes up to go use the bathroom and comes back saying that her ear hurts. Give her some tylenol, she's still complaining that her ear hurts but she does eventually get to sleep finally after 5:30. I eventually get back to sleep too at around 6..... and then got woken up at 6:30, then 7.

Last night SUCKED.

Zoe sleeps in until after 9. I wake her up b/c the weather is supposed to be terrible today (thankfully just thunderstorm and heavy rain in my area) and I wanted to get her seen early to avoid having to come out in bad weather.
Take her to urgent care b/c I figured that would be quicker than taking her to her pediatrician.
Blahblahblah... they checked her for strep and flu which thankfully both came back negative, but both of her ears show signs of an ear infection.

Was going to wait until DH picked up her meds on his way home, but her ears have slowly gotten worse for her so I packed the kids up at 2 and went to get her meds. Weather was just starting to get back but thankfully... just heavy rain w/ a little bit of lightening. Nothing horrible.

Sigh... feel so bad for her. I can imagine how painful her ears must be. Just hope the antibiotics starts to work quickly. Hoping that by tonight the pain will have eased up some.

Ezra looks to be getting sicker too. He's got some major eye boogers. He's not coughing more or anything.. just the eye boogers and troubled sleep.

Thankfully it seems like Oren is getting better finally. His nose isn't as runny. He has a cough, but I think it's just from sinus drainage.

I just want us all to not be sick already!!!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Still disgusting

So.. I bought a phonics book for Zoe.
We were doing some of the pages when we come to F.
I tell her it makes a "fuh" sound.
We get to this page in the workbook where the child is supposed to circle all of the pictures that show something that starts with F.
So I tell her to say the sound first, then what the picture is (after I tell her what it is if she doesn't know the word) to determine if it starts with F.
Sounds good right?
Welp..... take those instructions.. and go through the photos.... saying the "fuh" sound and then what the picture is.
See why I'm posting it? Yeah.... I didn't catch it at first when we were doing it until that word came out of her mouth lol. Whoever made the book definitely had fun doing it. You can not tell me that that was done by accident :P

Had the easter hunt Saturday at DH's church. Kids had fun but it went by really quick. Thankfully they still know how to throw it and make sure all the kids get something equally.
They separated them by age and spread them out.
Didn't matter how many eggs were gotten b/c they all dumped their eggs and then picked candy and goodies out of different baskets. Equal for everyone and everyone has fun. No stupid competition trying to get the most eggs for your kids.
No photo of Zoe. Only one I took has her cousin in it and Zoe is spread eagle in a skort /facepalm


I swear the only photos I can manage to get is of Rocko sleeping lol. He's so cute.
He's such a good puppy. Still poops and pees in the house, but it seems to be getting a little better.
I was kidding myself in to thinking it would happen fast lol.
The other dogs still don't like him that much. He is not aggressive or dominant at all with them. He's just a puppy that wants to play and they're both lazy dogs that like doing nothing.
He's also great with the kids. Again.. not aggressive in the slightest. He is still mouthy which I'm working on correcting whenever he does it.

Can't wait to see how big he gets. His legs just keep getting more muscular and bigger. Puppies grow so fast!

Took this one before our dental appointments. Was texting DH telling him how disappointed Zoe was in him ( I can't remember why and of course I was joking).
It's just a cute pic and she looks so grown.
Poor girl was the last of us to get sick and while she's not congested, she has the worst cough of all of us.
That doesn't help anyone when she comes in to our bed at night and keeps us all up w/ her coughing lol.
DH actually stayed home yesterday b/c he knew it was keeping me up and since I'm sick too, thought I would need his help.
He really didn't need to... and really didn't help much either for that matter rofl ;)
It was nice though being able to sleep in a little bit. 

Hmm.. what else......
Oren had some mystery bug bites pop up on him yesterday. It was around his ankle on one of his legs and then on his back, then on his chest. But then they all disappeared an hour later.
Dunno WTF it was. Didn't look like hives... looked like some bug.. like ants or fleas attacked him.
/shrugs.... he was and is fine though so... ok.

Uhm.. and yeah.. that's about it.

Did I mention that Zoe has tracked poop through the house twice now? First time, Rocko pooped outside her door and during her trek to our room in the middle of the night, she stepped in it. Had to get up to scrub off both of her feet. Bleh.
Then.. just an hour or so ago, she comes in saying that I need to clean her feet cause she stepped in poop.
Thankfully I stopped her before she ran off to the bathroom and made her go back outside.

I'm sure this won't be the last time....

Just got done cleaning the carpets though. Wasn't about to leave poo smears all over the floor where they frequently walk and was tired of all the food and pee spots. And lemme tell ya... cheap ramen noodle juice (the yellow chicken flavored one).. stains carpet like crazy!! Even my awesome heavy duty cleaner and a pretreating spray couldn't get the yellow stains out! Booo :(

Friday, March 31, 2017

Yep.. it's a cold

My nose got worse again yesterday, but it's only in my right nostril... which is strange.
It's been pumping out the snot though.
Thankfully my throat feels better. WOO for that at least.
Did feel like I was a little feverish last night at bed. I could have been, but it wasn't too bad and didn't last long.
Nostril is super snotty today and I'm starting to feel that hazy cold feeling. Overall, I don't feel completely terrible so that's good. Hopefully it stays that way and this passes quick.

Have a church egg hunt tomorrow. Bleh. The kids will enjoy it and they run it well (making sure all the kids get equal amount of eggs found and then they turn them in for stuff). My lazy ass just doesn't want to go rofl

I wanted to go around to the local martial arts places tomorrow and also the gymnastics place too. That one's office is only open from 10-noon I think and the egg hunt starts at 11 :\
We'll see what happens I guess.
But... the info that I've gotten so far from the different martial arts places... it looks like the kids will be in gymnastics. Gymnastics is expensive, but surprisingly cheaper. These martial arts places are SUPER frickin expensive. Last place I got info from.. just a small place in a strip mall. $69 for just 2 weeks!! WTH??
There's one close to DH's church that is over $200 a month! Absolutely insane.
I get that these people need to pay their bills, but... damn lol.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

She discovered the camera

Zoe discovered the camera on her tablet yesterday. All day long, she's been running around taking photos. Even when she went to go poop.. rofl.
I'll have to try to get some of the photos off of it to show off :)

Went to bed with a sore throat last night. Was hoping it was just b/c I didn't have a lot to drink, but nope... it bothered me throughout the night. Felt like swallowing razors when I drank water during the night.
Really hope it's not strep again. That SUCKED.
It's not so bad right now though so hoping the soreness I'm feeling is b/c I couldn't stop that swallowing reaction last night.
Our bodies are so stupid.
Sore throat? Swallowing constantly will make it worse.............. so your natural reaction to the feeling will be to swallow all the damn time and make it worse.
I'm feeling ok other than that though. Did have a slightly snotty nose this morning but it's fine now.
FX that it's not anything I'll have to go to the doctor for! lol

It's been a poop filled day though. Nasty poops all around. Story of my life! rofl

Ok... with this stupid period winding down (it once again picked back up last night..... sigh)....
next week should definitely be a go to start exercising again. I am ready mentally to do it and get this going already.
I actually don't know if I'm going to weigh myself. I feel like that just kind of drives me crazy.
Maybe I should just go by the fit of my clothes or inches lost?
BUT when I was at my heaviest of 250..... I had lost about 50lbs and felt exactly the same as I had before. I was still wearing the same clothes and everything... it was the next 10lbs that I lost when my body finally started to noticeably show that I had lost weight. It just kind of suddenly happened.
So yeah... not sure what to do.
Definitely don't want to obsess over the number on the scale, but also don't want to obsess over the fit of my clothes.
OOO maybe I should pick out a couple of pants. I have some 16's, 14's. And then keep track of my progress by how those are fitting me. That sound good?
Think I'll do that. Take pics of how I can't even button them up now and then maybe in a couple of weeks, try them on again to see if they fit any better.
Mmmhmm Mmhmm.. I like that idea :D

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

And he's sick again...

WTH child? Why is Oren always getting frickin sick??
Hoping this is maybe just allergies? But with his track record.. his runny nose will turn in to yet another cold.
He better never be sick as an adult. With how often he gets sick now... his immune system better be gold when he's an adult. Geeze....

Anyway... he was up whining all night long. I was sleeping like crap too for some reason and I'd just get to sleep when he'd start whining. Really shitty night.
Poor guy has giant bags under his eyes. He's def getting a nap today in a few minutes.

I'm sure the other 2 kids will be sick soon too. Sigh... it never ends!

This period is getting on my damn nerves. Just when I think it's ending, it starts back up.
Yestereday, absolutely no blood on tp or in the toilet. Then 3pm rolls around and oh look.... more blood.
Tired of this crap..... said every woman ever :P lol

I'm about to look up some frickin cake recipes and treat myself to a homemade cake b/c fuck this shit right now.
Yes.. I'm fat... yes.. I need to eat right (which I have been the majority of the time), but my body and lack of sleep is really making it difficult.
I AM exercising next week though. I just need to find a good chart so I can keep track of everything I'm doing. Hoping that that will help to keep me on track like it did with pumping.

So excited to finally get my gardens going!
Definitely going to need to just replant some seeds outside. A lot of the ones I did inside aren't doing well at all. The weird weather we had and needing to keep them in the trays for so long really messed things up.
Oh well.. Good thing about the south is that it stays warm for a while so getting things started a little late isn't a huge deal.
But, bad thing... having to deal with the heat.

Anyway.... went out there today and planted a few cucumber seeds. 8 total, 2 different kinds. A pickling and a regular burpless type.

Hoping to get the rest of the plants in the ground this weekend.
The pepper plants all look pretty good so far and I think the tomatoes will be ok even though they're pretty leggy too. But tomato plants will root out of their stems so you can bury them deep.

Will definitely have to plant more watermelon and pumpkin seeds though in the ground. Those plants are not doing well at all in the trays.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I should've taken more.

Oops... posted before I was done rofl...

Anyway... lots of photos incoming!! I should've taken a lot more to show the nice mess the kids make on a daily basis. Seriously.. I vacuumed yesterday and it didn't even look like I had in a week today.
Doesn't help that it rained so the kids have been tracking in mud and everything else... sigh...

The mini titans after they got home from church... or maybe it was before. I dunno. They were looking cute either way. That's Zoe's new outfit we bought her at Walmart :D She needed new dress shoes and then I saw the cute Moana outfit :)

 Little dirt goblin. It's rare to get a good photo of him now. He's still in his "no photos!" phase.

 Baby Ez in his batmobile. He's getting around a lot better in it. Now this lazy momma just needs to stop being lazy and get on the floor with him to do more floor stuff. He scooted backwards yesterday when he was on his tummy yesterday, but he hates tummy time so much.
Anywho... I think these 2 photos show his eyes really well. DH thinks they've changed to their final color, but no. They're currently brown in the middle w/ that newborn blue/grey on the outside. No way his eyes are staying that color. They're definitely going to be lighter brown that the other 2.

 Ciddy bear and Pippin. Cid is getting up there in age. He's such a good pup.
Some tolerance from Pippin with the puppy. He licked him yesterday and today. He's just not used to that much energy coming at him and the puppy has already gotten bigger than him. Easy to do when you only wear 3 or 4lbs.

Gave Oren some rice for brunch..... I think the table liked it too.... sigh.....

Door wide open. Sun is out.... yep.... time to pee in the house! Grrrrrr...

Monday, March 27, 2017

What's that? You want to be productive?

My brain: We're gonna start exercising today! WOO!! Lets do this!!!
My body: Hahahahaha.. You're funny. /hits the break down button

Seriously... BLEH!!!
I was very prepared to start exercising today. Woke up to a mild headache. Not a big deal. Thought my period was on its way out the door. WOO!
NOPE on both accounts. Headache has gotten worse, I'm actually getting medium to heavy flow now w/ my period AND I'm getting cramps too.
WTF body? WTF???

Just took some tylenol. Hoping it helps. Didn't take any earlier b/c the headache had gone away for a little while.

I guess I can take it easy while on my period. Since I don't use tampons.. exercising wearing a pad and getting all sweaty down there is just disgusting and messy.
Still though... I was getting excited b/c I thought this period was coming to an end, but noooooo
2nd wave of suckiness incoming!! And with cramps too just to dig it in.

And to add to the suck.... Oren stepped in his first pile of poop just a little while ago. He tried to remove it from his feet with his hand and got it all over his hand too.
That was a nasty mess. Came in here whining, waving his hand at me. Just thought he was digging in mud until the smell hit me. /barf
I guess it's a good thing he wasn't happy about it too.

I always say to the kids multiple times... watch out for poop! When they're playing out back lol. Maybe now, they'll listen.

And all that weeding I was planning on doing didn't happen. DH wasn't happy that the pulled up weeds were leaving holes all over the place.
That's what happens when you let the weeds take over.
He wants to put weed killer back there, but that shit never works.
Whatever.... we'll see what happens. He wants nice grass back there too, but I think he's wanting to wait until he gets his shed up to start w/ the grass.
Just waiting for our stupid HOA people to approve the application we sent in.

If you're looking to move.. try to move somewhere without an HOA! It is a GD PITA and it's a bunch of bullshit having to follow all of these rules and not being able to decorate your home the way you want.
Obviously you don't want anyone doing anything ridiculous to their home and property that will devalue the homes around them, but something like putting a shed up shouldn't need to be frickin approved so long as we're not trying to put up a barn sized one.
Hell, our backyard doesn't even back on to this neighborhood.

Oh AND... the HOA members here are lazy AF and don't do their jobs. DH put in the application over a month ago and we still haven't heard back anything.
Also, they pick and choose what to enforce. Like.. you're not supposed to leave your car parks in the road for longer than a night or 2. Yet people do it all the damn time here. They let that shit slide all the time. You're also supposed to keep your lawn at least somewhat nice looking. They're not asking for perfection, just decent.
SO many lawns in this neighborhood are nothing but weeds. It's gross to look at.

Those people are fine to do that crap, but we got a warning b/c our front yard mulch was looking too old and needed to be replaced. Instead of being that rich brown fresh color, it started looking a little grey. IMO not a big deal.
Yeah... we got a warning for that shit.
And nevermind the annual fees due too. I understand why those are needed if you have a neighborhood pool/recreational area, but the dues can get pretty damn ridiculous in some areas.

So yeah... if you're looking to move and want freedom to do whatever the hell you want on your property.... just say no to HOA!

Well that went on to be a big rant lol...

Ugh.. my brother keeps trying to contact me.
Bitch.. no.
I'm done with him.
First... he doesn't text me unless he wants something. His first text is always a "Hey" That's it.
So I text back "What do you want."
And he tries some bullshit 'joking' "Nothing. Unless you got a lot of money you can give me. LOLOL"
He is lucky I didn't cuss his ass out b/c UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH that pissed me off.
After the shit he's done to our mom and he wants to joke about that? FUCK OFF.
So... keeping calm as best I can.. I tell him "Don't ever talk to me about money ever again."
That's when he wants to get all butthurt and act like he wasn't just about to ask us for money (b/c I know he was).
And then a day or 2 later, he texts me again with some bullshit trying to guilt trip me with "Tell Zoe, Oren and Ezra hi for me. But I know you probably won't."
Seriously? You giant piece of monkey shit?? My brother could not care less about my kids. Hell.. he barely cares about his own kids. And he wants to try to fucking guilt trip me with that load of horse crap?
I haven't texted him back since.
He texted me yesterday asking if we could come over to jump start his car or call our mom to do it. I didn't see the text until a few hours later. But no.... Fuck off and deal with your own shit.
Stop fucking lying to our mom and telling her that you or your wife don't have phones just b/c you don't want her calling you to ask you to pay for the money you stole.
Just UGH.... so sick and tired of him and I'm even more pissed off b/c of this period so.. FUCK HIM.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Slow and steady

Food this week isn't going to be the best, but I am going to get physical! May not be exercise exercise, but it will be working my body out.
Like today.. once fam is home from church, I'm gonna go out and attack some weeds in the backyard w/ the rake. Some of those suckers are really in there and take a good bit of muscling to get out too.
I'm sure I'll have some sore arms tomorrow.
I cleared out my gardens yesterday too. Well... I did half and DH kind of took over.
Easier than I thought it would be.
AND there was a garden snake in one of them. About 2ft long. Just a small thing and a little weird lizard thing that I thought was a baby snake in the other one.
Super cool :D
DH is going to head to Home Depot later to pick up some more soil for the gardens and I'm hoping that later on this week, I'll be able to start transferring. I think most of the plants that I started inside aren't going to make it though.
They didn't get enough light inside so they're "leggy" and the tray they're in is too small.
I'm gonna try my best to get them started right.
They need to harden off more though.
It's finally spring weather so I can leave them out there... just not for too long or the sun will burn them.
Anywho... I'll also be planting seeds directly in to the ground too.
Just going to have to figure out a way to keep Oren from digging in the garden areas. I anticipate losing a few plants to him lol.

The spotting turned in to AF. Thank goodness it wasn't some long drawn out thing like the last one. Surprised I got it again so soon, but hey... maybe I'll actually have a normal cycle now? Wouldn't that be some shit.
When I was trying for babies.. it was irregular and few and far between. Now that I'm done... yep... lets get regular! lol
Damn body....

Puppers is doing well. Still pooping and peeing in the house, but about 50% of the time it's on a puppy pad. Trying to train him, but it's difficult and tiring having to rush him out every time he gets up. lol
It's hard to tell if he's going to go or if he's just sniffing around for food scraps from the kids.
He's still a good pup. He's already grown a bit. Still don't think he'll get over 40lbs. Only time will tell :D

I think next week, we're going to try to drive around to the different dojos. Need to look them up to see when they're actually open. Save some gas if they're not even open lol.
Thankfully there are a few that aren't too far from us.
DH really wants them in a martial arts. I'd be happier with that since I want them to have some self defense skills, but gymnastics would be fine with me too.
I think DH just wants to see what's going to be cheapest.

Alrighty.. that's all for now! Will try to get some random photos b/c... who doesn't like some random ass mundane photos? ;)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Holy crap... Really? I've gotten this fat??

At my heaviest.. I was 250lbs. That was.... 8? years ago. Maybe a little less.
Well... 3 kids later and about 30? 20? lol.. lbs less than that and I am too fat to wear my fat sizes!
Decided I wanted to wear something other than  comfortable stretchy shorts out so I went digging for some capris. I know I'm not getting in to anything below an 18. Thankfully I still have a few 18's. Welp... apparently I'm too fat now to wear most of those now. Pregnancy and just the way my body has held on to the fat has given my a bigger pooch and now my once, too big pants are too tight.
I can't even button some of them.
Finally found a pair that's still tight, but not too much.

Well this frickin sucks. A nice wake up call though that I NEED to change some things or else I'll be taking my cheap ass to a store to buy bigger sizes which I do NOT want to do.

While the stretch stuff that I bought while pregnant is comfortable and I have no shame in wearing them.... I don't want to wear those for forever.
Time to get more serious about this. I've already let 3 months slip by.

Also.. spotting more today. It's all old looking stuff though so /shrugs. No idea what's going on.
Good ole weird broken body....

Noooo. I don't wanna goooooo

Dentist appointment today. Just a cleaning but UGH... I've come to hate them! lol
Zoe has one too so we'll be going together while the boys get to stay home.

I know they'll ask the usual questions. No.. I don't floss regularly. I know how to brush my teeth.. no.. I don't do it multiple times a day.
Can we all just agree that flossing sucks? I've been doing it more often, but still not enough.

And I eventually have to call to get a time to get my wisdom teeth out and implant put in. UuuuuuUUuuUuuUuuuUUUUUUUUUuuuuuUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuggh

Dental work sucks.
It's gotta be so satisfying to be a dental hygienist though. Sure, they have to deal with a lot of gross shit I'm sure, but being able to scrape off plaque and that satisfaction of knowing you got it all out.
That.. or they're psycho and get satisfaction out of causing pain... either one.

Had some brown spotting yesterday. Noticed it at first after using the bathroom. Really light brown tint on the TP. Then had a small gush later in the day. Just a drop on my panty liner, but if you're a lady, you know how even a small amount feels like a ton lol.
That was it though. Not sure what's going on.. but ok.

I do think maybe I've ovulated. My right O area was feeling achy and just off, so maybe that's what it was from.

New puppy is doing well. Able to stay outside without constantly whining at the door. He's still peeing in the house, but seems to want to do it on the puppy pads... or things he thinks are puppy pads... like the cat's scratching mat.
He's been great at night still too as far as not worrying about being near me or getting too excited when I get up to check on a fussing Ezra.

Poor Pippin (the chihuahua) still isn't keen on the new dog. I think he's very very slowly calming down about it, but I also think he stressed himself out so much that he got himself sick. Going to have to keep an eye on him and take him to the vet if he doesn't get better.
We put some flea stuff on all the dogs recently b/c the pup had a few on him and fuck fleas. It's stuff we've used before, but it seemed to have irritated Pippin's back. He's been trying to scratch his back a lot and rubbed a little raw spot.
Poor little thing just isn't having a good week so far.

Yeah..... I would not have the patience to home school. More power to the parents that do it... myself. NOPE!
Bought some workbooks for Zoe. Just simple things to help her get ready for kindergarten. One of them is a phonics book. Not very good so far IMO since it really doesn't give you any tools to helping them identify letters by sounds.. just tells you things like "Circle everything that starts with c that has the hard C sound." or something like that.
Really? That's it?
Did some of that with Zoe yesterday and she actually did pretty well. She is super impatient though. I could tell that she just wanted to get on with the next page, but I tried to get her to slow down.
Will have to help her out some more :)

Oren is doing well too. He's in his "uh uh" phase right now. That's always frustrating.
I don't like threatening to spank, but that's what comes out of my mouth ALL the damn time.
I need to catch myself before it happens. Start threatening to take away toys more often.. and doing it if they don't listen.
Oren is definitely old enough now to start picking up toys. I know his attention span isn't the best, but a few toys is all I'm asking of him right now.

And Ezra is doing well. Kind of worried that he hasn't really rolled over and he really can't sit unassisted yet. I put him on the floor, but the boy absolutely hates.. HATES tummy time. He's perfectly content on his back and rolls to his sides and scoots around that way.
Try sitting him up though and he's toppling over.
I just need to get down on the floor with him more often. Difficult to do b/c the other 2 kiddos want to participate. It's sweet, but they usually end up in the way and getting all rowdy.
Oh well.... just gotta work it out somehow :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


So DH looked at the gymnastics stuff and I think we may go ahead and put them in it. We're gonna go around one weekend to some of the local martial arts places to get info to compare prices.
That or we're gonna try going to the free gymnastics class to see if it's something we want the kids in.
It's so expensive though.
For 1 45min class a week.. it's $64 a month. Or if we want a 60min class, that's just a few dollars more at $69.
If we want 2 classes a week... 45min classes are $104 a month.
That's not including the $60 annual fee.... which thankfully is only annual, but still... GEEZE.

We want the kids in something, but damn.. whys it gotta be so expensive?? lol

DH said we can afford it, but we'd have to cut back on our grocery bill. I dunno how the hell he thinks we're going to do that. We really don't buy unnecessary items. I mean sure, some things go to waste as I'm sure they do in every home, but it's not a lot of stuff.
If red meat just didn't cost so damn much. Heck, we don't even buy beef that often b/c it's so expensive and usually only buy it if it's discounted or on a special occasion.
And then he wants to eat healthier which for us is low carb.. which means... MEAT. I don't know what the heck he's expecting us to cut back on.
It's frustrating.
We'll figure it out.... maybe.

Puppy did MUCH better last night. He did pee in front of our door this morning though. Giant long pee spot so I think he may have held it in almost all night b/c I was up a lot b/c of Ezra and it wasn't there at 4.
There was one other spot this morning, but I think he did it when I got up. Not sure though.
Not sure if there was poop too. Probably?

He's getting there though. Soon we'll have a pee and poo free house again. Well.. other than the cat's :\

Poor Pippin (the chihuahua) hasn't warmed up to the pup yet. I get it.. he doesn't like the newcomer, but I wish he understood that he needs to chill the F out and just tolerate it already. So tired of him baring his teeth at the puppy and hearing his little yappy snappy barks when the pup tries to play with him.
I try to keep the pup from bothering him too much, but sometimes I just let it happen. Puppy isn't trying to be dominant or anything.. just trying to play.

Cid is still Cid and just lets the puppy jump all over him while he goes to his happy place.. far far away rofl.

Rocko is still a good puppers. He's an odd one though. I think he's in that super young pup phasing in to the more hyperactive phase. He's so chill when you pick him up. Doesn't squirm at all and is happy being loved on.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

So much better!!

Grrr, stupid phone... well.. First pic up there is Zoe after she stole my nose! She gave it back to me though ;)

And here are some photos of the completed play house :D
Love this thing so much and the kids love it too. Just need to get some containers for the plant holders :)

DH is still working on the border. He glued them together but is drilling a hole and staking them in place too.

Rocko. Last night was MUCH better. We just let him roam at night. Didn't bother with the crate. Much much better. He did freak out a little when I got up at around 11:30 b/c Ezra was fussing. He whined some at our door but settled down within a minute.
Of course there was pee spots everywhere, but oh well. Nothing a carpet cleaning won't take care of.
Maybe we should invest in one of those spot cleaners. That would really help with the pee spots.
We're thinking that he's definitely some percentage of pitbull. His front area is very sturdy and just has that wide strong look that pitbulls have. Plus he has those small beady type of eyes they have too.
But what else is he mixed with? No idea.

Baby Ez chilling after his bottle. So many photos of him in the rock n play. He's getting too big for it though.
See.. he's not always in it lol. He figured out he can get around a lot more yesterday. He went all around the kitchen area. It's SO GD cute watching his little legs walk and watching him try to reach for all of the new stuff lol.

It's supposed to be hot today. UGH, but it's supposed to get cool again later in the week.. YAY :D
Finally got a reply back from the gymnastics place. It's expensive, but the schedule is at least doable. Just have to wait for DH to get home to look at the information to see if we can afford it or not.
Showed Zoe a video of some girls doing some gymnastics stuff and she got excited about it b/c she wants to do it and be a ninja lol.
Would love to put her and Oren in to it, but we'll see if we can actually afford to or not.