Friday, August 11, 2017

1 year old!

So... Ezra is now one. Can't believe it's been a year already! Feels like just yesterday that I was pregnant with him.
Gosh time flew by.
Took him to his 12m appointment yesterday and his ped heard a heart murmur :(
I knew something was wrong when she was taking a bit longer checking his heart beat.
She didn't seem too concerned with it, but I'm sure that's just her training kicking in to not show any worry so the parents don't freak out, but yeah.. I freaked out internally.
We're supposed to be getting a call from a cardiologist to get him an ultrasound done to check him out. Please don't let it be anything serious :(

He's perfect though. Demanding little turd lol, but he's adorable and such a happy little long as he's not hungry lol.
He's been kind of self weaning off of formula. He only gets around 4 bottles a day now and much prefers normal food.
Just having a problem getting him to drink from a sippy cup. Need to find one that he likes so we can completely ditch the bottle.

I love the serious picture. Every time I see it.. I always hear that one song.. "Hello Darkness, My old friend...." rofl

He desperately needs a haircut. I'm gonna miss his hair though whenever that happens :( It's so crazy and awesome.

Zoe did a kindergarten sneak peak yesterday. She seemed to have fun.
Not sure how much fun she'll have when she needs to wake up before 7 though. Hell.. same here. Can't wait for her to start though. Make friends, learn, just get out of the house instead of being cooped up in here all day every day.

That's it for now. Just wanted to post about Ezra before I forgot to update.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

MIA... sorry!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.
Honestly, just needed a little break from posting. Nothing major has been going on. Just life as usual :)

Today is Zoe's birthday though. She has a stomach bug. Seems to hit her in the morning, but she's fine after a little while for the rest of the day.

Can't believe my baby girl is 5yo today.
Five years old. Man..... they really do grow up so fast.

We're having hers and Ezra's birthday parties on Saturday. Gave her a few of her presents today and she's getting the bigger stuff Saturday. Also letting her cousin spend the night Friday night.

Tomorrow is Ezra's birthday. I'll post some photos of him tomorrow once I take some :)
He's not walking, but he is crawling. He can crawl crawl, but he still mostly does this army crawl thing. He gets around perfectly fine. He does pull up, but not fully on to his feet yet. I think he's only done that once and that was today lol.

What else... tomorrow I have to take Zoe to her school to get a quick test thing done for her. Not sure what they're doing.
Then on Thursday, she has a short 2hour day... preview kind of thing and parents and kids have a chance at "practicing" pickup.
I know she's gonna love school and I can't wait to hear all about her days once she starts :)

Oren is great too. Not potty trained at all, but we might start soon... ish.
He's such an emotional little toddler though. MAN.... terrible twos are no joke.
And he looks up to Zoe so so much. It's the cutest watching him with her. He wants to do everything she does... and wants everything she has/wants lol.
So much whining though... So.... Much... Whining..... like right now b/c he tried to grab something Zoe was looking at and she wouldn't give it to him. Sigh... lol

DH and I are good too. Tired but good :)
He started building his shed out back and almost has it done.

I've been doing a whole lot of nothing really. Taking care of my fish tanks and trying to keep the house from looking like a total disaster... which is a struggle lol.

We're having houseguests coming to stay with us next week. It's the friends we visited in Yellowstone. They're moving and need somewhere to stay before they can go to their new place and DH volunteered our house for them to stay in.
Hope they enjoy the smell of cat pee b/c that's what the FROG smells like b/c of the stupid cat. And the sunroom smells like a giant litterbox b/c he's an idiot that scratches the wall instead of his actual litter so his poo never gets covered and ends up stinking up the whole room.
We need to invest in an automatic litterbox thing but DH doesn't want to for some damn reason.

And I think that's about it for now.
I'm sure there are a few other things I've skipped over that I'm forgetting but that can be left for another day :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Living life

Sorry I haven't been posting much. Just haven't felt up to it.
I think that's b/c I was unknowingly taking benadryl and woo boy it was knocking me out.
I'm not used to having allergies, so I was just taking the allergy pills that I saw on our fridge. Didn't think much of it really until DH asked which bottle I was taking it from. (they're generic fyi)....
Well when I told him, he said oh.. that's benadryl.. it makes you drowsy.

Well shit.. that explains SO much then! I had been getting SO tired after taking some. I thought it was just because, but nope... the meds were kicking in and sapping me of my energy.
So yeah.... now I know lol.
I was seriously getting concerned that my thyroid was getting all wonky or something b/c I couldn't keep my eyes open no matter what I did. So phew!

In other news... the garden is coming along :D Getting lots of cucumbers off of it and the first tomatoes are starting to finally ripen. Slowly but surely!
Pic of the kids after they helped me pick some :)

Oh and as you can see... Oren got himself a haircut!
Boy did he need it! His hair was getting so long. I loved it. He has such pretty hair, but it needed to be cut. He looks so cute with his new 'do :)

Ezra is going to need a haircut soon too.

Erm what else.... weight loss is going ok. Not the greatest atm, but I'm still in it and determined :)
I did exercise yesterday finally, but holy god my lower back couldn't take it and I'm resting today. Disappointed, but I'd rather rest than hurt myself even more.
I'm gonna get back to it tomorrow though. Hopefully it won't get any worse.

Frickin dog.. Rocco (Rocko.. however you want to spell it lol) keeps wanting to chew up my shoes and it's ticking me off!!
He's already destroyed a pair of my flip flops that were expensive and I loved them!
And he keeps taking my other shoes off of the shelves they're on. Grrrrr
Stupid hard headed puppy! lol
He is still a puppy though. He's just started to lose his puppy teeth.

I cleaned the carpets in the living room and the sunroom.
I had did half of the sunroom before, but ran out of the carpet shampoo. I finally got around to cleaning it all again and yuck. That sunroom was just straight up gross.
Our backyard is just mostly weeds and dirt and of course everyone that goes back there tracks it in. The carpet was SO discolored and stained and just bleh.
Thankfully I have my big green machine and a fresh bottle of carpet shampoo.

Here's the spot in front of the backdoor. It has an all-weather mat in front of it to try to help to keep it somewhat clean, but as you can see from the before shot.. all it does it remind us how gross the rest of the floor looks lol.

And then after. You can still see the outline of where the mat goes, but BOY does my carpet cleaner do a fantastic job!!
Love it love it love it!
I love cleaning the carpets. I love seeing the stains getting sucked up. I just hate pouring out the nasty dirty water. Plus it's SUPER loud and it scares the baby, but I think he's finally getting used to the noise it makes lol.

And what else... I still haven't finished DH's father's day gift. Oops. I was going to finish it up on Friday, but he took the day off so I couldn't work on it. It's the Tuesday after Father's day and I still haven't worked on it at all. Lol... oh well. I plan on doing it tomorrow though. He has a resident party to do after work so he won't be home until probably close to 10 or so.
Hopefully the kids wont be too needy so I can spend the day finishing it up lol

Monday, June 12, 2017

I'm so tired!

Ya know what.... being a sahm is frickin tiring. Sure.. I'm not on my feet all day and I'm not having to deal with customers or any of that other crappola that others have to do... but having to deal with a 4yo and a 2yo that are super whiny is... tiring. My soul is tired and I just want to sleep for the next week straight.

So.. what's been up?
A whole lot of nothing. That's what lol.
Oh, I did make 2 grocery bags :D Busted out the sewing machine. Figured out what was wrong with it before and cut up some of the left over fabric that DH had from work. Think we have enough for 1, maybe 2 more bags.
 Here's Zoe posing with the first one I made... and Oren getting upset b/c I didn't have another for him to model lol.

Ezra is finally crawling. It's still just army crawling right now, but he's doing it. YAY! :) I have to vacuum all the time to pick up all the little things he'll put in to his mouth, but that's the work of mom.

Kids are doing well. Whiny but well lol.

And yeah... really nothing much else has been going on lately. Just been feeling tired and worn out.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Are you kidding me...

So this woman in one of my mommy groups gave birth a few days ago. A home VBAC. MORON.
She just posted her birth story and I really can't with this bullshit.
She starts talking about feeling vindicated and in a different post, how this birth was a healing experience from her first one.
But she starts saying how she was getting annoyed with her midwives (nurse midwives thankfully who seemed like they knew what they were doing).... b/c they kept wanting to check the baby's vitals and were getting concerned etc.
Sounds like she was planning a water birth too which is all sorts of stupid as well, but when they broke her water (which she was also annoyed about), there was meconium in the fluids so they made her get out and called an ambulance (bc they're responsible midwives unlike the "professional" ones we have in the states).
She did push the baby out at home and thankfully baby was fine... but she couldn't deliver her placenta.
They gave her some kind of shot that I think is supposed to help deliver the placenta and of course... more annoyance at her midwives who know what the hell they're doing.
Then turns out... she had had A LOT to drink while in labor, but she hadn't peed at all so her bladder was super full which may have been causing problems. But she had refused the catheter at home and then was hesitant to get it in the hospital until she finally agreed.
Then she has the nerve to put the blame on the midwives for not realizing that she hadn't peed.
Bitch... they didn't get to you until the final hours of your labor AND you were in the pool of water. How were they supposed to know?
How about you should've taken your dumb ass to the hospital and given birth like a SANE fucking person that doesn't make birth all about some stupid "healing" experience.

I know I sound harsh and I really don't have a problem with women wanting vbacs... but a home vbac and then getting pissed off at the professionals for doing their job and not spotting a problem when.. how the hell were they supposed to know about it? FUCK OFF with that horseshit.
Just so tired of women wanting these fantasy fucking births and putting their baby and themselves at risk for a "healing" experience.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hmm... that was suspicious

Oh I forgot to mention.
A new Petco opened up near where my mom lives that I wanted to check out.
So we went there Saturday morning. Think we got there at around 9:30am.
It was only us, the employees and then 2 other guys came in.

We were looking around the store. DH started going crazy over some star wars themed leashes and collars for Rocko and I wandered off to look at other stuff.
I was looking at their betta fish (which were GORGEOUS and I want one! lol) and turned around to go back to DH who was now in the dog toy lane.
That's when the 2 other customers in the store decided they too needed to go over and look at the bettas. I heard one of them say something like "Oh hey, look at these fish here."
I didn't think much of it at first. That is until a minute later... there they were right behind me.. looking at the dog toys as well.
I scooted over in case I was in the way and they lingered for a moment longer.
It creeped me out but I figured it was just coincidence and chalked my reaction up to just me not being social.

That is until we left. When we got to the car... DH asked if it was just him or if those 2 guys had been following us.
Apparently, they had been following DH around as well in the store. DH didn't think anything of it at first too since they seemed to be getting a leash and collar too, but then he noticed that they kept trailing him and he could smell alcohol on one of them.

Just... yeah. It could've been coincidence of course, but they could have been following us too.
Just be aware of your surroundings folks b/c you never know.
That still bothers me though. Those 2 men could've easily have done something... especially when we weren't together in the store and Zoe and Ezra were with me (I was pushing him around in the stroller).
This is why I don't like going out by myself with the kids. Taking them out of the van and especially putting them back in. It leaves us all wide open for anyone that could want to do us harm.
Just ugh....

In lighter news....
Gymnastics today! And........ the kids are sick again.
They're acting normal, but they both have diarrhea. Oren's is especially bad. He got up at 6 and said he threw up. It was just a little bit of wetness on his pillow and blanket.
But by 10am.. I had already changed his diaper 5x b/c of diarrhea AND he threw up a few times. Just liquid and it didn't phase him at all, but it still happened.

I dunno what the hell keeps making them sick. Wish I could just douse the house in bleach to kill all the germs.

I dunno if it's something the dogs are bringing in. Or if it's something the kids keep reinfecting themselves with or what.

They're going to gymnastics though. They're not acting sick... so they're going! Will just have to make sure to wash their hands really well and keep them from putting them in their mouths. Try to keep them from getting the other children sick.

Sigh..... so.. there were about 4 days there of no sickness...... 4 days....................

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sorry I've been MIA!!

Woah... for some reason some of my vids have gotten a lot more views. Wonder what that is about. Maybe from spam accounts or something. /shrugs

Anyway.. sorry I've been MIA. Just living life and doing stuff :P lol
Seriously though.. it's kind of same old same old.
Kids are finally NOT sick for once. I'm sure that will change soon enough.
Dogs are sick now though.....
Rocko was the first to get the hershey squirts... now it's my Ciddy Bears turn. Poor puppers.
Rocko really didn't act sick. Just kept crapping liquefied grossness everywhere (3 times in the house).
But my Cid.... poor little pup is old and sick so he's not acting too great. Hopefully he'll feel better soon.

I've been working on my aquariums lately. Can't remember if I mentioned that already.
Almost have my 125g tank clean. It was gross and neglected before. I managed to remove all the wood from it and clean off and put back in the pieces that I wanted back in there.
Cleaned the glass of the tank and a lot of the substrate. Still need to clean the substrate some more to really make sure that most of the nastiness has been removed but overall.. it looks a thousand times better than it did before.

I didn't get a before pic of when it was still all gross. Probably wouldn't have been able to see much anyway b/c the glass was so covered in algae and gunk.
This is what it looked like after 2 cleanings and big water changes.
Still a couple of spots that needed to be cleaned but Sooooooo much better.

Yesterday, I started on the 55 gal. It's a tank that used to be my mom's but she got rid of it and gave it to me. It's over 20 years old. It's eventually going to be taken down too. But it's staying up for now to be used as a quarantine tank for when we start getting more fish for the big tank.
Anyway.. yesterday... I started taking out a couple of the plants. I had just intended on taking a few out and maybe trying to catch a couple of the plecos in it to move to the big tank. But it turned in to me pulling up all but 2 of the plants and catching all of the plecos. lol
That tank was gross though. It was SO overgrown with an underwater moss that trapped all of the gross gunk in it.
I need to do a few more water changes in it before we start buying more fish. It currently only has one little platy in there. Don't want to move it to the big tank b/c I'm afraid the current fish in the big tank would pester it to death.
Anyway... here's the big tank now. Looks a bit scraggly with all the plants from the 55 in it.
I need to rearrange just a little and I'm getting a few more plants in the mail this week.
DH surprised me and let me buy some new LED lights for it. Should be getting that next week :D
I'm so excited to get back in to the hobby.
It's not a cheap hobby, but it will be nice to have a big beautiful tank again.
I just can't get lazy with it like I did before.

I let the kids play outside the other day. Think it was Saturday.
Our water bill is going to be SO high! lol
Worth it though :)

And finally for now.
Kids start gymnastics tomorrow!! So excited for it. Need to wash Zoe's leotards. She could just wear shorts and a shirt though. They don't have a dresscode or anything other than no shoes in the gymnastics area.
Really hope they both enjoy it and really hope Ezra behaves while they're in their classes. Also hoping they both behave while they wait too. Oren's is first, then Zoe's.
I know she's gonna be super anxious so go start her class when we get there lol.

Oh yeah.. diet was a bit blah this weekend, but it's back on track now :)
I'm not letting some minor setbacks get me back in to poor food choices.
Cheats are gonna happen, but that's part of this whole process and I'm done disappointing myself.
This time next year... I'm gonna be thinner and I'm not going to look back and wish I had stuck with it.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It's my turn now

I threw up in the middle of the night.
Woke up and felt nauseous. Tried ignoring it and going back to sleep, but no. I had to puke
Thing is though... there wasn't much of anything in my stomach so I didn't throw up a lot.
Just glad that this isn't a bad stomach bug. Annoying as shit, but not anywhere near as bad as that last one that completely sapped your energy.

Zoe still has gross poo and so does Oren now. Well.. he actually threw up last night in his sleep too and he's had gross diarrhea all day today. Super stank, watery, but also grainy?

Ezra and DH seem to be the only ones that have been spared from this so far. Hopefully they won't get sick.

DH came home at 9 last night. I was pissed off b/c he didn't see the kids all day. I know he sensed it b/c he kept asking me if I was.. and I kept saying no lol. I mean.. there really wasn't a reason for me to be mad. Sigh.. I hate it when I feel like that. Just unreasonably mad or mad at something stupid.
I'm over it now and obviously I'm feeling a bit guilty about it. Damn emotions! lol

Oh at the Sunday thing at church.. this woman had the cutest little baby girl ever. I dunno how old she was... maybe 4 or 5 months? Still really young and tiny and so GD cute and chunky!
Holy crap it gave me some serious baby fever. How ridiculous is that though? I still have a baby!! rofl
It just made me long for another girl though. Sigh...
Seriously.. getting my tubes tied was totally the right decision, but I think I'm still going to mourn not being able to have anymore for a little while longer.

And that's all for now. It's raining pretty good and I want to post this in case we lose power.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Seriously... again?

Zoe is sick.. again. Well, both her and Oren are with a stomach bug.. AGAIN.
So tired of this crap......

Oh.. AND... Rocko has the squirts and proceeded to go in to the hallway that leads to the kids' rooms and blast a dook all over the floor and wall. Without warning I might add. He's still a puppy, but GD is it annoying as hell that he's not house trained yet.
Like he'll go out for an hour.... 15mins back inside and he's already pissed and/or shit. Yesterday.. it was exactly that. I look in the sunroom and there he is.. just hunched over taking a crap.

Thankfully poo is easy to clean, but it's still disgusting and there's always residue or at least you think there could be so that just makes it grosser when the kids or yourself have to walk in the area.

Ezra is good though. Still not crawling, but not worried....
Ok I am worried a little bit, but also not.
He gets on his stomach and just rotates on his stomach and scoots backwards lol. I think he thinks that's enough. He's only ever gotten on to his knees a couple of times, but not hands and knees. /shrugs
Hopefully there isn't a problem.

DH has gone off to a work BBQ thing. Yeah... I didn't want to go and have no regrets about it!
But then he's making me go to some church BBQ thing tomorrow and a birthday party on Sunday /grumble
What the hell???
We don't get invited to shit and then all of a sudden, all of this crap all at once!

So yeah... a whole mess load of cheats this week and I am not happy with it.
I'm sure my weigh in won't be great.

I'm not really happy with DH right now either.
So he volunteered at the church Awana program. That's fine.. I didn't mind at all.
But then to hear how he's some of the kids' male kind of father figure and how they look up to him etc.... ok.. that's all well and good and I'm glad he can do that.
But then when he's home... he's just annoyed and frustrated and has a super short fuse with our kids.
He's a great dad most of the time, it's just recently I've noticed his annoyance and then to hear someone talk about him like that towards other children just annoyed me is all.
I dunno... just feels like lately our kids have only been getting the annoyed mean daddy that only gets to see them a couple of hours before they go to bed.

Ugh.. I don't want to paint him as a horrible father b/c he's not. He's SO far from being a bad dad. Hell.. I have my weeks of being in a shit mood too and yelling a bit more than I should. I'm just venting. Need to clear that up before anyone thinks he's some horrible person. lol

There was something else but I've forgotten b/c Zoe just drew on the carpet with chalk.
Chalk.. think it's easy to get out of carpet right? Yeah... no. Sigh........ -_-

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sick gross nasty!

That's been the theme in this house the last couple of days lol.

Thankfully this stomach bug has been pretty mild for the kids. Poor Oren has gotten it again? Or it didn't completely go away for him just yet. He's acting totally normal.. just has disgusting poop and threw up on his bed again. Gross poop that leaked out. BLEH!

I hope I don't get sick too. Thankfully I've avoided it for now. I'm sure all of the extra hand washing I've been needing to do has helped.

Diet is going well, but I dunno if my weigh in tomorrow will reflect it since I still have the appetite of a starving elephant.

I'm finally going to try to exercise today. Just something light.
Saw someone post a video for beginners yoga that I'm going to try out.
I am still spotting right now.
Stupid period can't make up it's mind if it wants to continue or stop.
Really really hoping that when I do start losing more weight... this fixes.
Would love nice predictable periods.
Grr, my stupid weak nails keep breaking! And breaking too low. WTH??
Trying to keep my right pinky nail from coming completely off right now b/c it broke down super low. Just one day.. felt a bruise like pain coming from the finger and noticed the break. It just needs to grow out a little more then I'll clip it.
Sigh.. so much for having nice pretty long strong nails.

Ezra still isn't crying but he's rolling on to his stomach all the time... and then spinning in place lol.
It's funny but also annoying b/c he hasn't figured out that he can roll back to his back so he gets upset during the night and starts fussing until we go in to his room and roll him back over lol. Lazy child!

And yep... nothing much has really happened this week. Just dealing with sick kids and trying not to get sick myself.
I did manage to clean the carpets on Monday... but you sure as heck wouldn't be able to tell I did any cleaning with how messy it already is. I don't know how they do it. lol

Monday, May 15, 2017

It's 4am

And I'm in the living room and Zoe is on the couch sleeping.
Why? B/c she crawled in to bed with us... and threw up all over my back. Lol.. poor girl.
She was sick this morning too.
Thought she had gotten over it but I guess whatever caused earlier is still in her system.
I need to clean the carpets. I know these nasty dirty ass carpets aren't helping matters. Kids playing all over the spots that the dog has messed on. We spray the spots and clean up as best we can, but I still need to get the carpet cleaner out later.

So yeah..... fun times....

Mother's day was like any other here. I didn't have to cook which was a plus lol.
We went to inlaws for dinner. They did a shrimp boil which was really good.
Ate too many carbs today, but meh.. I'm not going to worry about it.
An extra cheat isn't going to derail me from losing weight :D

Didn't get anything though. I'm not one to expect flowers or anything expensive or some shit, but it would've been nice if DH actually tried to get the kids to make me something... or get a card for them to scribble in for me. Oh well... not a big deal and have lots more mother's days to get some homemade goodies from the kids :)

Uuuugh.... I'm already feeling like a zombie. Today is going to be a struggle.
The life of mom....

Friday, May 12, 2017

My garden!

Just a quick post.....
My garden is doing... pretty well.
I wish these rogue tomato plants hadn't completely taken over my peppers, but they're doing well and I can't argue with getting more tomatoes :D

It's holding up pretty good though so far.
The weather has gotten back to being hot so I'll have to water a lot more often, especially when they get bigger.
Already picked off 2 tiny caterpillars. Not hornworm thankfully, but still little bastards that could do damage.
I can't wait to have a successful garden again!

Zoe and Oren start their gymnastics class June 1st! WOO! DH called them last night and put them on the list. YAY :D
I'm so excited for them. I really hope they enjoy it. Would love for them to stick with it too. Not to be professional or anything, but mostly for the fitness and socialization.

My weight this morning is officially 219.4
So yeah.... a slight loss, but I'll take it. I thought it was going to be a few pounds gained with how bloated I am.
I'm probably less than this b/c I can still feel all of that food and waste in there taking its sweet time coming out. Oh well.... 219.4... I will gladly take it :D

I still don't know what the hell I ate to cause this. Maybe it's just hormonal that is causing it. /shrugs

Thursday, May 11, 2017

I made a mistake!

So.. b/c I'm PMSing.. I've become a bottomless pit. Or well... it feels like it at least.
So yesterday.. I ate... and ate... and ate some more. Welp, there is a bottom and I hit it. I hit it HARD and painfully!
I felt totally fine before dinner.
Dinner was just a fruit smoothie as we decided to do on Wednesday nights since DH and Zoe have Awana to go to.
I felt fine eating the smoothie.
5 mins after the smoothie and I am doubled over in painful stomach cramps.
It's like everything I had eaten was still in my stomach and the smoothie came in and just congealed it on in to a giant ball of suck.
Holy crap the pain.
I'm still in pain today too. Not cramping thankfully, but my stomach hurts to press down on and I'm pretty sure I can feel where this giant turd is currently at in my intestines b/c I will sometimes get a wave of pain from specific spots.
I dunno WTF happened with all of this.. but it was a huge mistake to give in to my pms hormonal need for feed.

I didn't learn anything though b/c here I sit... eating eating eating some more today.
I just can't help it. Even though my stomach still hurts.. I'm HUNGRY.
I did down a glass of water w/ miralax in it so I'm hoping it helps to get all of this out of me. I would take an actual laxative if we had some.
Wish we had prunes b/c I'd eat some of those too.

Do not expect my weigh in tomorrow to be good, but we'll see I guess. Sigh. I just want to poop.

Just got word from DH that we finally got an email back from gymnastics and they're going to have an opening in the time slot we wanted in June. Geeze. Well.. better late than never I guess.
Just have to make sure the time for Oren is still open and then confirm that we want the spot :D
I already ordered her 2 leotards and 2 shorts to go with them. Will be getting those soon.
So excited for her to start.
Yesterday she got on the floor and.. I didn't know WTH she was doing, but she just had this sheepish smile on her face as she kind of tried to do a split and she said she was "doing gymnastics" lol. Awwwwww
She's so excited to start and I can't wait until she does :D

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Well that explains a lot.

I guess my period is starting.
Started spotting brown yesterday and it's gotten a little heavier today. Still just spotty and still brown which is kind of gross. I mean it doesn't smell or anything.. that would be a whole other problem and issue I'd need to call a doctor about lol. It's just kind of gross when you see that old brown blood coming out.

Boy... I share a lot huh ;) lol

Ezra is great. He got one shot yesterday and from the sounds of it... his doctor isn't that concerned about not crawling yet, but will be if he's still not crawling by 12m which I'd be concerned with too. Said that they would do some kind of tests then if he still wasn't crawling and/or walking by then.
I don't think we have anything to worry about. I think with doing more tummy time now, he'll be crawling soon. He still doesn't like tummy time a lot but we're doing it a lot more.

He's 20lbs, 28 1/2 inches, and his head is 46.5. Him and Oren both have HUGE craniums lol.

zoe <--- zoe types that out lol

Crap.. I forgot what else I wanted to talk about. Dangit!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Rebellious toddlers

Oren is driving me crazy with his Nuh Uhs and Nos and ..... just UGH I don't think so child.
He tries to do the passive aggressive slug flop on to the ground now too and that crap isn't gonna work little dude.
His temper also makes him toss/throw stuff when he gets upset. Yeah.. not gonna fly. If I catch him doing it, I make him pick it up and put it up. He tried pulling that crap with me and then he ran off to scream/cry. Nope.. off to bed with you to take a nap... or cry in your crib until I feel like getting you out of it.

10mins later:

Thankfully he went to sleep.

He can be so warm and snuggly and adorable, but when he gets in to one of his toddler moods... cover your ears and muster up as much patience as you can lol.

Ezra has his 9m appointment this afternoon. I'm sure he's getting more shots. He always seems to do well with them so I'm not too worried. Just worried that DH wants me to take him. Ha.. nope. I spend all day with the kids.. he can take them to their appointments.

He cut one of his front teeth :D I'm sure the one next to it will be through soon. Overall, he's been pretty ok with teething.
A few nights of being restless, but overall he's handling it great. Thank goodness!

He's also getting up on to his knees finally. He hasn't figured out getting on to all 4's so he steadies himself by using his head pressed up against the floor lol.
I'm sure he'll get it soon though :)

Frickin puppy and the chihuahua do not get a long.
The puppy is a typical high energy puppy and he's hard headed too. We get him to stop pestering the chihuahua when we see it happen, but we don't always catch it.
The chihuahua is your typical chihuahua with a complex and has started to guard his food b/c he doesn't eat it all in one go and gets distracted so the other dogs and even the cat will come along and eat the rest of his food. Well he doesn't like it when the puppy does it so will snap at him. Puppy had enough of that one day and pinned the chihuahua on the floor. Didn't hurt him and didn't look like he was trying to bite him, but it was definitely a show of dominance.
We of course separated them ASAP.
Sigh.. just frustrating. They're both good dogs in their own way and hopefully the chihuahua will come around.
Our other doggo plays with him now. He'll get annoyed too and will put the pup in his place, but thankfully he's come around and has accepted him.

The cat also can't stand the puppy and will start growling and hissing at him. For some reason that just annoys the crap out of me. I could see if the pup deserved it... which he does sometimes, but not just walking by.

I think once Rocko calms his butt down some, the other 2 will accept him more :)

Just so tired right now. Just went to the bathroom and wiped away a couple of small globs of dark brown grossness. So yeah... think maybe my period may be starting soon which would explain why I'm so damn tired.

Thankfully my cold is finally letting up and I'm not coughing so much, but the kids are starting to get sick so I'm sure I'll be sick again in a couple of weeks. SIGH!
Need to just lysol everything and hope we kill this cycle of sickness.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Is it the weekend yet?

Can't leave the backdoor open any longer.Not sure if Ezra got out on his own or if he had a little help from Oren, but I suddenly hear a couple of thumps immediately followed by Ezra crying.
I don't think I've ever gotten up as quick as I did. I rushed to the back door and he's at the bottom of the porch, upside down in his walker. My heart stopped.
He scraped under his chin and his leg a little bit, but he's fine other than that.
He's never been able to get over the lip that leads outside so just never thought twice about him going to the back door.
Sigh.... I feel so horrible about it and this could've ended so much worse.
Seriously lucky that he didn't hurt himself more. And thank goodness that it is only 2 steps down.


Zoe has slept in her bed for 3 nights. Last night she came in to our bed at around 330. I did kinda miss her. I loved not being on the edge of the bed constantly but I did miss the snuggles. She's not normally snuggly and doesn't really like hugs, so I take what I can get from her lol. She's only going to be this little for so long. Gotta enjoy it before it's too late.. ya know?
I can sacrifice some bed space if it means I get to snuggle with my baby girl :)

Oren is going to give me a heartattack too. Well.. that's if my head doesn't explode from the whining first.
He was out back.. on top of the picnic table with Rocko... the puppy. WTH?
Him and Zoe always get on top of that table and start playing around and UUUUUUGH... I hate it. I always tell them to get down but back up they go when I'm not looking.

He's just starting to get colors. He mostly says blue, but he'll repeat the color word if we say it to him. So darn cute!

Still no word from the gymnastics place. DH said they said the end of May. BLEH! Was hoping it would be sooner, but oh well... end of May is at least something. Just keeping FX that she will get in to that time slot so we can finally get them in all of it.
Zoe needs more interactions with authority figures and children and Oren just needs more social interactions that isn't just us.
I'm just happy that Zoe isn't really shy. She can get shy, but she's not like how I was. I was painfully shy and still am actually lol.
Just don't want that for my kids. Want them to be able to be social and make lots of good friends.

Guess that's all for now. I'm so tired that I can't remember if there was something else I wanted to mention. It's only Monday and I'm already looking forward to this weekend.... sigh.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Playdoh... UGH!!!

So, it was nice out yesterday so I let the kids play out back for a little bit. Zoe spotted the playdoh that we bought for Oren's birthday and wanted it. Ok.. they're going outside so.. it's all good right?
Yeah.... I knew... I knew it was going to be brought in and it sure was.
There are now chunks of playdoh everywhere. Small pieces ground in to the carpet that will never be gotten up again.
I HAD to clean up yesterday b/c I had to vacuum up as much as possible before too much got stuck in the carpet. Sigh....
But hey... it's clean-ish now so that's good. :D
There are already toys and mess on the floor... so it was nice while it lasted I guess..... sigh.

My official weigh ins are going to be Friday mornings I think. I don't want to wait until tomorrow or Sunday to do it since of the cheat dinner. I know that's going to cause me to gain some bloat back temporarily so I want to weigh before cheating.

This morning... I was down to 219.6
Woot :)
Still hoping to start exercising on Monday, but this cough is being stubborn as shit and not wanting to leave.
It's not as juicy as before thankfully so FX I keep getting better.

It's pretty crazy though. I can already see an actual difference in my stomach. I mean.. I still look like I'm pregnant, but not AS pregnant ;) hehe
Just have a great feeling that adding in exercise will definitely help get even better results. So pumped and ready!

DH and I were pining for some carby food though. Like creamy macaroni salad. Yum that sounds so good lol. Lol.. that's kinda funny. We're not craving sweets... we just want the carbs. All the carbs!! :P
I think we could probably share some popcorn every once in a while and still be on track. We'll see :)

Thursday, May 4, 2017

How... HOW??

I cleaned up and now?? Doesn't even look like I bother cleaning... EVER.
How on earth do 2 little children... so small.... so innocent? Create so much damn chaos???
And then we're gonna have a 3rd joining in on the fun soon. UUUUUGH!
I'm not even cleaning shit right now. I don't feel like it b/c I had to wake up early again today so F it. F the mess. It's not going anywhere.
Oh it's driving me bonkers looking at it, but it can wait. I just don't have the motivation to do anything about it right now.

I'm still horking up a lung. Not as much but still as violently as before. I pee myself so much. It's only a little bit, but little bit.... a lot... it's still too much.

It's supposed to get to 65 degrees tomorrow. WTF nature?? Now... I'm not complaining that it's getting cool. I love that part... but still... WTF?? Make up your GD mind. It was 90 when we went to the fair this past weekend!
Hopefully my garden will be ok. It should be, but they may slow down their growth some since the temp will be cool for the next few days.
Hey.. good for us though. Can open up the windows and enjoy some nice weather before it gets Satan's ballsack hot.

You know how FB has that share past memories thing? I shared one when Oren was a little baby. Feels like a thousand years ago.
He was such a cute ass little baby!
Don't get me wrong, he's a cute ass little toddler now lol, but OMG his cheeks when he was a bebeh were so squishy cute!
/cry I'm already missing the baby stage and Ezra is still in it :(
I'm going to miss the super chunky baby-ness. The baby babble. The pure innocence and cuteness. Sigh....

Diet is going well.
I did get SUPER hungry yesterday at dinner. It was b/c we had smoothies. Smoothies rarely fills me up.
Oh it's delicious, but not filling.
So I snacked on what I could... which wasn't much. Boo :(
Fixed some yummy fatty BBQ pork ribs for lunch. Could only eat a few of them b/c they're so fatty and heavy on the stomach.
About to go eat a pickle b/c I'm still feeling a bit blah from the fattiness just sitting in my stomach.
It was good though. :D

Tonight is going to be some left over sriracha chicken breast with salad. Yum yum :D

Hoping pineapple is on sale somewhere this week. Been craving some for a few days now.
We bought 2 a few weeks ago, but they go bad so quick. Or well.. the ones we bought did. Boo :(

I think that's it for now.
DH emailed back the HOA saying he was going to put siding on his shed so they approved our application. Morons. He was already planning on putting wooden siding on it (one of the HOA requirements for the shed) and painting it to be the same color as the house. Dunno why that's not enough.
He said he's going to just go ahead and do that, but knowing him, he's probably going to just do the siding.
I'm sure he's just happy to finally be able to get it started already. We have 2 months to get it up from the time it's approved and he wants to do it all himself.
He's got his work cut out since he's never built anything like that before lol.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Woot! A Small Victory!!

So... early start this morning b/c Oren leaked all over his bed at 4am.
He didn't understand that it was still sleepy time and screamed and screamed when I put him back to bed. Thankfully, I can just turn his monitor off so I didn't have to hear it, but I did stay awake until he finally went back to sleep an hour later.
Then DH got up and I got another hour of sleep before he woke up again.

Anywho... while I was thinking of it... decided to pull out my first pair of bottoms that I want to get back in to.
They're size 16. Nothing special... just shorts. There's no give or anything in the waist and they're pretty true to size. Like they're not labelled size 16 but run big or smaller.
Went to put them on to see how much I needed to lose before being able to button them up. Got a bit disheartened when the shorts got tight around my hips. That's usually never been a problem. Anyway.....
I could button them!! They were a little snug and I had some serious muffin top spilling over, but I could button and zip them without feeling like I was cutting off circulation! WOOOO!!!

So once Zoe is awake, I'm gonna go find a different pair of bottoms to be my next goal :)
I could still use these shorts and have a goal of.... no snuggness or no muffin top. I may still do that :)

I still have a LOOOOONG journey ahead, but it's nice to have this small victory to keep me going :D

It would just be nice to one day not look like I'm about ready to give birth to another child. I know carrying so much fat in the stomach area is not healthy for anyone and that is where I carry a ton of it. I'm not quite an apple top b/c I do have some booty and thighs too, but most of it is up top.

But yeah... this really helps to keep me motivated and I want to continue on. Again.. having all of our meals planned out has helped SO SO SO SO much!
I am craving sweet a little bit, but I fixed some sugar free jello so hopefully that helps. I fixed some pudding too, but it is very carby so I only had a spoonful and gave the kids the rest.

Really hoping that next week I'll be able to exercise. I know as soon as I do start exercising, I'll be seeing even more results and it will be so much healthier. Just have to get rid of this damn cough already.
I feel ok overall, but I still have a pretty juicy cough and my ears have been deciding which one is going to get all stuffed up and muffled. Yesterday it was my right one :\
Zoe's cough last night when she got in to bed with us sounded pretty juicy too. Ugh. FX that it doesn't get worse.

And garden stuff! WOO! lol

Did a little bit of gardening yesterday. Planted my onion scraps outside. If you keep the root part of an onion, you can plant it and it will grow. It won't become a giant big onion, but you can cut off the green part and use it like green onion :D
Oh and my avocado seed finally split and is growing roots :D WOO! Have a large pot just waiting for it :)

We had some leftover russet potatoes that weren't good any longer but were starting to grow. Decided to cut them up and plant some of them. Never tried growing potato so we'll see how this goes lol.
I dunno what it is, but it always grosses me out when potatoes do this. 

My cucumbers. The one on the bottom is the one I grew from seed and then the bunch above that is what I bought from Walmart. I should've separated the bunch, but meh.. not worried about it. Just glad they're finally growing. This particular bed also has my tomato plants in it :)

My pepper plants bed. Or well.. it's supposed to be. We used all of the compost we had made and apparently it had some viable tomato seeds in it b/c they popped up and are taking over. Was going to move the tomatoes, but since they're doing so well.. I think I'm going to move the peppers instead.

Annoying cute Rocko lol. He's gotten SO big! Still a puppy.. still has some annoying behaviors that need to be taken care of. Tired of picking up poop or having to worry about him peeing everywhere still. It's getting better, but just wish it happened faster lol.
I love puppies, but dang are they a lot of work :P
He's such a smart little guy though. Really responds to treats. He'll sit without a treat, but down and anything else requires a treat still hehe

This small area has 3 pumpkin plants. They're not doing that well. Think it was just shock and now... I dunno. Just not doing well for some reason. I'm not worried about it. Just wanted to grow them for Zoe. Thought she'd get a kick out of watching a little pumpkin grow.
We are getting some raspberry plants coming up though. DH wants to pull them up, but I won't let him. lol

I let the kids help plant the potatoes and help me pull weeds :)

 Ezra was asleep during all of that, so here's a photo of him from the previous day.
Trying to do a lot more tummy time with him. He can go in circles, but that's about it :P

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Still sick....

Very very slowly getting better, but still sick.
The kids are sick too but thankfully it seems as though they're not getting as sick as I did. Hopefully it stays that way.
I am still really congested. My ears were so stuffed up yesterday and still are a little today. Thankfully I can actually hear mostly normal today. Yesterday, everything was muffled.
Good times....

Thankfully I'm not coughing as much, but I did have a coughing attack yesterday morning that made me throw up. I hadn't eaten anything yet so I just threw up a little bit of liquid and some mucus. Awesome.
Just can't wait to feel better already. Need to make sure to dispose of all the water bottles I reuse at night so I don't make myself sick again.

Kids are driving me crazy as usual :P lol
The house is still a disaster area, but thankfully since I'm feeling a little better, I actually feel like cleaning. NEED to do it b/c the mess is driving me crazy. I hate looking at all the tiny bits of trash or toys laying around. Going to pack up more toys to donate too. Really can't wait to do that!

Need to clean up out in the backyard too. The kids left 2 of their easter baskets out there and the puppy got ahold of them and ripped them to shreds.
Junk all over the place and it needs to be cleaned so DH can eventually mow the lawn.

DH had a rough night last night. No idea why, but he woke up around 1 and couldn't get back to sleep. That was about when Zoe came and laid down with us, but he usually goes right back to sleep.
Hopefully he'll sleep better tonight. He could take one of my melatonin pills.
I take 1 or 2 every night and it seems to help me get to sleep better than before. I still wake up a lot, but I don't think that's ever going to change.

He's told me that he's had some pain on the top of on of his feet for about a month now. He JUST told me this last week :\
Dude... seriously?? It's been a month and hasn't gotten any better or gets better but then worse again? Take your ass to the doctor!! Geezus....

Diet is coming along just fine. It REALLY helps to have all of our dinners planned out. Like.. seriously helps SO much to keep on track. No guessing, no trying to come up with something on the spot etc.
Sure... I'm stuck prepping everything, but we've picked out some pretty easy recipes so it hasn't been too bad.
It's mostly just my lunch that has been a little bit of a problem b/c I'm lazy and don't feel like cooking something from scratch. lol

It's been good though. We're not being super duper strict. Like yesterday, I fixed some BBQ chicken legs, coleslaw, & corn on the cob. The BBQ saw definitely had sugar, little bit in the coleslaw as well and corn is carby too so... yeah.. there ya go. But overall, it's still low carb compared to a normal diet.

We're doing well though. :) This is only the 2nd week, so we'll see how it's going in the next week or so lol

I do still need to dig out some pants to keep track of my weight loss. Also hoping that by next week I'll feel good enough that I'll want to attempt to exercise. I know as soon as I start, it's going to make the weight/inches just melt off. Or well.. at least that's what I'm hoping for lol.

Monday, May 1, 2017

F- HOAs!!!!

Gawd damnit.
As I've said before and always will say.. NEVER buy a home that is part of an HOA.
I understand why they were started. You don't want people messing up their property which would cause your own to go down in value, but the amount of restrictions and jumping through hoops to get shit done is fucking ridiculous.
DH sent in his request for the shed over 2 months ago. We JUST NOW heard back from them and.... our request was rejected b/c he didn't put down that he was going to add in siding that is the same as the house. WTF???
And he followed all of the rules when submitting his request, but they supposedly didn't receive it until 4/20 even though we sent it in at least 2 months prior? BULLSHIT
Bunch of lazy ass lying pieces of monkey shit.
They are lucky we even sent anything in to get approved b/c we damn well know that we're probably one of the only ones in the neighborhood that does it.
And there are other sheds in the neighborhood that do NOT have matching fucking siding on their sheds like supposedly we're supposed to do.

So yeah.. now they're saying we have to resubmit our request.
Whatever. I told DH that we just need to build it and fuck them if they want to make a fuss about it.
We'll build it how it's supposed to look according to the rules and dare them to try to give us shit.

UGH, so pissed off.

Screw HOAs man.... seriously. And screw the lazy asshole ones that don't wanna do their jobs.
Make this shit easier and put this crap online!

And while I'm ranting....
We have to go in to Zoe's school to finish registering her for kindergarten. They have an online registration, but require you to go in to give them... whatever. WTF?? Why even bother with the online shit then?
Told DH that he's going to have to take a day off so we can do it b/c the hell if I'm gonna roll up in there with 3 kids in tow and no idea what I'm doing lol.

And then.. my stupid ass brother. I don't care to talk to him. I haven't blocked him on FB... yet.... but it's close.
He did his usual Hi or well... it was 'sup' PM on FB the other day and when I didn't reply back he came back with a "guess I'm not worthy enough of a reply now." bullshit reply.
So I ripped him a new one and told him that, I dunno who the hell he thinks he's talking to but his passive aggressive guilt tripping bullshit isn't going to work on me.
He has NEVER PMd me just bc or just for small talk. It has ALWAYS been b/c he wanted something.
He tried to say he was just PMing me to ask if we saw Logan and how it was or worth watching and blahblahblah. Uh huh sure... right before asking if I'll watch your kids for you I'm sure.
Bitch, whatever.

Just so tired of the bullshit....

Anyway... still waiting for gymnastics place to contact us. Hoping it's soon. Need to look at leotards some more on amazon and let Zoe pick out some that she likes. Well.. let her choose from a select few that have decent reviews lol.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Funday Fair Day!

So the local fair is going on this weekend. It's right down the road from us and boy... Zoe hasn't shut up about it since her daddy told her about it :P lol
She was SO excited to go and she had a great time. Wish we could've stayed longer but it was too hot and Ezra and Oren were done by the time we left a few hours later.
Next year we'll remember to prepare for sun better so we can make a longer day of it. Get her the unlimited rides pass so she can go ride whatever she wants however many time she wants.

It's such a great fair though. The first time we went, it was more like a very small community fair with only a couple of rides and only a couple of stalls of food that only had like hot dogs and chips. Nothing fancy. They've since gotten a lot more popular and busier so it's become a lot more like the state fair with food carts set up and more local eatery places that are selling a wider variety of foods along with a few fair food staples and more rides now too along with all of that small fair stuff that made it nice before.
Only cost $5 a car to get in and you can bring whatever you want. Bring your own drinks, bring your leashed doggo, etc.

Zoe LOOOOOVED her pony ride. Said it was the best ride EVER! lol

Those were all at the beginning of the fair... before Ezra, myself and DH got sunburned lol. Poor Ezra was miserable yesterday and is all red and miserable today. Thankfully it's not a horrible sunburn, but I'm sure he's not feeling good either.
Mommy and Daddy will have to do better next time.

My cold is still alive and kicking. Congested more now and have a nasty chesty juicy cough to go along with it. Fun.
Apparently I hold my tongue weird when I cough b/c that little flappy part under my tongue is sore and hurts whenever I cough now. :\
Also my ribs hurt b/c of all the coughing and just..... I just want to get better already :(

Safe to say we didn't eat well while at the fair... It's back to it again today though. None of us were feeling well when we left so we didn't go grocery shopping. We need to, but don't actually need too much. At least, we shouldn't need too much. Some veggies and then small things here and there.

The house is a GD disaster area. It's SO gross and messy and it's driving me crazy. Need to shower and then clean clean clean today. Don't feel like doing it b/c I'm still feeling a bit blah, but well.. momma don't get that much time off for being sick.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

And the tables have turned

Mommy is the one to get the kids sick for once!  MUAHAHAHAHA
Yeah joke is on me b/c I gotta take care of them while I'm still sick too... sigh.
So far it's just Oren, but I'm sure it will be all of them soon enough. Sigh. He woke up crying at 6am this morning and his coughs sounded so chesty and bad. Poor guy. Feel so bad for getting him sick :(

I'm feeling meh still. Sweaty still and a bit more stuffy but my nose isn't stuffed up. It's weird b/c the feeling is still making me mouth breathe and I can't smell that well or taste that well.
Coughing is still awful. It's a little more mucousy but it's still mostly just that damn tickle making me cough.
You would think our immune systems would be able to combat this shit in no time lol.
Oh well.. it could be worse.
 It's still pretty shitty though...

This cold has been a good distraction from food, so diet has been going well :D
Do crave something tangy/tart and sweet after dinner, but it's not a huge craving or anything thankfully.
At the beginning of the week, I weighed Monday night. Forgot to weigh in the morning. I was something like 227.something. Weighed again Tuesday and was at 226 or so.. I can't remember.
This morning it's at 221.7.
Only weighed just to get a starting point really. Still plan on doing my clothes idea I had earlier. Go by how my clothes are fitting instead of the scale. I just have to pick out some clothes. Shouldn't be a problem... I have drawers full of pants that my ass can't fit in any longer :(
One day though! Oh yes.. One day and I'll fit in to those clothes and my fat clothes will get packed up and donated!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Miserable and sweaty. I'm not feverish, but with the way I'm sweating, you would think I was. Good lord.
Last night I do think I had a mild fever. Took my temp when I was feeling a little better and it was up to 99.something.
Really hoping I don't get the kids sick again. They've sneezed a couple of times, but other than that look ok lol. FX
Thankfully I'm not as snotty and stuffed up as I was before, but I'm coughing just as much now b/c of that damn annoying tickle in the throat.
Thank goodness for pantyliners is all I can say. I'd be changing my britches after every cough if I wasn't wearing some protection down there.

That 3 day nail growth stuff is total shit. I mean.. I wasn't really expecting it to work, but I was hoping it would. It's just a shiny clear nail polish. It might help strengthen, but as for growing.. nope.

Finally got enough glue on to my broken nail that it's staying put. Another week or so and hopefully I'll be able to cut it. It's so annoying b/c all I want to do is pick at it lol. I definitely am not helping matters :P

Bought some charcoil teeth cleaning powder stuff. Saw a buzzfeed video on it and thought it looked interesting.
Tuxedo Charcoal Teeth Whitener

It's a little pricey, but you only use a little bit of it once a day. I've only been using it for 2 days now so I can't say if there is a different in my teeth color or not.
We'll see if there is a difference after the 30days is over though :)
I just didn't want to use those teeth whitening trays again. Those are ok, but if you've never used them... they can temporarily make your teeth sensitive and I absolutely hate that sensation.

It is weird brushing with it though. You look like a zombie when you use it and you quickly learn that you splatter saliva everywhere when brushing b/c there will be black specks all over the place lol. It cleans up easy though so it's np :)

Thinking about getting in to tattooing. I'm all over the place with what I want to do.. I know.
This wouldn't be a profession though.. just a hobby. I don't have the social skills to work with strangers. Having to small talk with them.. bleh.. no.
Tattoo kits aren't that expensive though and of course I would practice practice practice to make sure I was confident enough to work on someone.
People have always told me that I need to get in to it and it has always interested me. Watching a tattoo show on Netflix (think it's called Bondi Ink) renewed my interest and then seeing how cheap the kits are really got me interested lol.
So yeah.... we'll see where that goes. I'm not buying anything yet. Maybe for my birthday or something, DH will get me a nice kit :D
In the mean time... I'm watching all tattoo videos that I can to get as much information I can.
Again.. I know that doing an apprenticeship somewhere would probably be better, but I'm socially awkward so I'd rather just take my chances with youtube videos rofl

First up though.. I really need to start drawing again. Try to get the creative juices flowing. I know it's still in me, but it gets blocked so easily. I need to just sketch and sketch and sketch some more. Design work was never my strong point and that's really what tattooing relies on.. good designs.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What??? Nooooooooooooooo.......

I'm fucking sick again! WTF???
I felt blah yesterday. My throat/roof of my mouth was feeling a little achy yesterday. Not that razor blade feeling, just slightly achy when I swallowed. I figured it was b/c my mouth and throat were once again getting super dry during the night (that should've been my first clue).
But then I just started getting this overall blah feeling and a headache.
Took tylenol. Didn't get rid of the headache, but I guess, it kept me from feeling worse.

So I go to bed and have one of the worst nights of sleep ever.
I'd just get to sleep and I'd either snort or snore b/c I have mucus stuck right up in my sinus area that I seem to want to solely use when I sleep, so when I do finally sleep.. I snort/snore and it wakes me up.
All, frickin, night.
Also all night.. I had to keep drinking b/c I was mouth breathing b/c my nose started to stuff up. And b/c I'm drinking more.. I had to get up and pee more.
I should've known something was going on when I was still coughing while everyone else stopped.

Also started waking up with a headache. Was hoping it was possibly allergies even though I don't really have bad allergies, so I took a pill for that. NOPE! My nose keeps getting more stuffy and I keep feeling sicker and sicker.
Frickin awesome.

Just... where the hell did I get a cold again??
The kids seem ok so far.
Ezra is a bit more restless at night b/c he's teething and Oren has a boogery nose, but it's not running.
Maybe I walked in to someone's sneeze or cough or something at the store :\

One thing I don't like about Zoe spending more than one night away from home..... she doesn't sleep well anywhere else, so when she gets home, she's always SUPER grumpy and moody and whiny and annoying. :\
She got home with attitude and a half yesterday.
Oh well..

Alrighty, gotta change a baby diaper before he leaks all over the place again.
Had a bad mommy moment the other day. Left him in a diaper for WAY too long. Just did not think about changing him at all. Kept walking around and stepping in random wet spots. When I finally got it in to my head to change him... it revealed what those wet spots were lol. Oops...

Monday, April 24, 2017

Unreasonable? Maybe

So Zoe went to spend the night with aunt Saturday night. That's fine. Nothing unusual about that.
She usually drops her off or we go pick her up from somewhere closeby.
Not this time. Apparently aunt went to DH's church and I dunno how it happened, but it was agreed that Zoe could spend the night with her granny.
Now, I wouldn't have a problem with this IF we knew how she was getting home. I know MiL isn't going to go out if she doesn't have to, so she's not going to bring her home. I don't think I should have to since it wasn't my frickin idea to let her spend the night.
I wouldn't have a problem if all parties involved came to a decision before she was allowed to go. Is DH going to pick her up after work? Ok..... Is MiL going to bring her home? Ok..... but no... no one ever thinks these things through.

I mean, it's not a huge deal really, but more of an annoyance.... and DH is getting her after work which I'm really not happy about but whatever. I want my baby home.

Boy.. typing that out made me feel like such a helicopter parent. I don't think I am most of the time, but I know I can be sometimes. Or at least I feel like I'm too strict. /shrugs
I do the best I can.
This parenting gig is not easy at all. Not that I was expecting it to be, but we all have those oh so naive fantasies before having kids. We're all the perfect parent before we have children and we all have perfect children then too.
And then reality just comes along, smacks you in the face and gives you an atomic wedgie.

Today is the first day of strict low carb. Joy......
I am excited to get started, just not looking forward to the cravings. I'm fine right now. It's only been half a day lol.
Just need to get up off my ass and exercise now. Downloaded a 30 day challenge app. The easy workout is so easy and will take all of 2 seconds...... I just need to do it... and I haven't yet.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gymnastics? Not quite yet

So, we did go to the gymnastics place on Saturday to sign the kids up. Well, the classes we were hoping to get were not available.
The one for Oren was actually, but Zoe's was full. The girl helping us said that we could be put on a waiting list and if someone drops from the class, then whoever is next on the list could get in. There was one other person for the time slot we wanted, but she mentioned that there were 3 potential spots about to open for it in May.
So yeah.... we're on the list and haven't actually paid for anything yet, but hopefully will get it all started soon :)
Looked interesting. They have chairs set up in their little lobby and have all the parents sitting outside of the gym part.
The area for Oren's class was a little play area that looked like a castle and just looked like it would be fun for him.
So yeah.. that's where we're at right now. Just waiting to hear back on that time slot class and hoping to get a spot in it for Zoe.
Let Zoe watch some gymnastics videos and she got SUPER excited to start trying it. We got home (after grocery shopping after) and she kept trying to do tumbles and stuff on the floor. It was so cute. I can't wait for her to get in to the class.
Also can't wait for Oren to get in to class too. Get him interacting with more kids and other people that aren't family. Open him up more. Zoe was the same way when she was younger too though so I'm not too worried about him being super shy or anything. Still want him socialized more.

They also had some super cute leotards. Expensive as shit, but cute. Thankfully they don't have a dress code or anything, so we're not required to have the kids in anything special. Just something they can play in basically. Told Zoe that if she ends up liking it, maybe for her birthday, we'll buy her a leotard.
Woot.. just checked Amazon and they have a lot of cute ones for a good price. May go ahead and buy her one or 2 :)
Are they supposed to wear underwear under them or is it more like a bathing suit type of thing where you're not supposed to? Either way... will need to buy her shorts too. Just want a little more coverage down there anyway for her.

Stupid nails are breaking like crazy. Broke 3 of them when I was going through their toys. (which I'm still not done with).
Broke my ring fingernail on my right hand, but too far down where the skin is still attached under the nail so I bought some nail glue in hopes of keeping it together long enough for it to grow out more before I clip it off. That nail glue is shit! I've had to reapply 4 times already in just 2 days. Gotta use something though.
Also bought some polish that is supposed to help grow and I think strengthen nails. It better help strengthen. So tired of my nails breaking by just breathing on them.
Always amazes me seeing women with super long natural nails. How?? How do they get that strong??

I think that's about it.. at least for now. :)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

One room down.... All the others to go

I got the sunroom cleaned and straightened up today! WOO!

Here are the before. Yes.. that's a puppy pad on the floor. Thankfully it was unused at the time.

And here's the after. Still too much stuff in here, but I did manage to put up/put in to the donate bag enough stuff to get rid of the 2 bins of toys.
The storage drawers though need to be gone through again and more needs to come out. The middle drawer I'm not worried about. It's filled with blocks and shape things. It's the other 2 that have all the pointless small shit in them that needs to seriously be thinned down by a lot.

I did manage to go through Oren's room too. He doesn't have a lot in his room so it didn't take too long. Now I need to fill up his room with more of his toys to get them out of the living room area.

I still need to go through 1 bin in the living room and then tackle Zoe's room. Think I'll have to do some cleaning once the kids are in bed too to get rid of junk that they want to keep. Everything I asked Zoe about.... she wanted to keep. Stuff that I didn't even know she had and I'm sure she completely forgot about.

Once this is all done, going to clean some carpets!! The sunroom carpets are disgusting. Doesn't help that the puppy has has multiple accidents in there. Also need to clean their hallway b/c he also likes using it for pooing. Nasty.
Ok, one good thing about cats... at least they're easy to house train. Pop them in a litter box and BAM.. done.

DH left for his overnight trip this morning. Kids aren't going to see him for 2 days. He's not getting home until late tomorrow night. Probably after 8 since I'm sure they'll be hitting some rush hour traffic on the way home.

Thankfully the kids weren't driving me crazy today. They actually wanted to help clean up. Of course their version of clean is just using up all the disinfectant wipes, but hey.. whatever. It kept them quiet and entertained so, pfft.. use them up kiddos!

And yeah.. that's been my day :P Not very exciting but I like it that way lol

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's so overwhelming

Started the toy purge today. Good lord it's so overwhelming.
I feel like a hoarder that wants to clean up, but just doesn't know where to start.... except that I have started.
There's just SO much. I know some stuff to give away, but really struggling with myself to get rid of more. I should do it, but then that little voice says "But don't you wanna save it for Ezra?" Uuuuuuuugh.
I'll probably be going through everything a 2nd time just to really get rid of everything. I'm hoping to get the toys out of the living room. At least the bins. Get their toys back in to their rooms and keep the living room free of their stuff except for whatever they bring out during the day that WILL be put back in to their room at night.

Taking a short break right now b/c I am overwhelmed with the task at hand. It's gotta be done though.

I'm so tired!

Forgot to post yesterday b/c I couldn't keep my eyes open. Was planning on posting once Oren went down for a nap, but I was just SO tired.
Was also planning on going through toys and figuring out what to donate.

SO many toys to go through. I've had it with this toy clutter and I want at least half of it gone. The kids don't even play with most of the crap they have. They don't need this much junk.

Oh... and Oren managed to climb out of his crib. It only happened once, but I'm sure he could do it again if he wanted.
We'll be switching him to a toddler bed soon I guess. Noooooooooo lol
Even more reason to get rid of a lot of this clutter. So when he gets out of bed and plays in his room, he has more room to do it and hopefully won't make a giant mess. Hahahaha yeah right.

Ezra finally popped a top tooth. It's not one of the front ones, but one beside those. His teeth are coming in like Zoe's did. All uneven. Oh well :P
Still no crawling, but meh.

Zoe is so damn dramatic. I have to remind myself that she is only 4 so everything is going to be over the top reaction from her.
She has a mosquito bite on her arm that she scratched last night. Cue the freak out! She didn't even draw blood or anything.. it just had that crusty clear 'scab' on it and her scratching made it ooze a little more. That was it. But holy crap, you would've thought her arm was about to fall off with how much she was crying and carrying on about it.
I get so annoyed and frustrated when she starts up, then feel guilty b/c again... she's only 4.
I need to do better with my patience.

She's still coming in to out bed every night. Funny how before, I hated being touched when I sleep. I still don't like it and would prefer not to be touched, but I've gotten used to it now. Other than getting knees and elbows in my back or my face.... I sleep fine when she gets in bed.
Again.. I'm going to enjoy the snuggles for now while she's still little and wants them b/c she's going to grow up and not want hugs or anything.

DH is going out of town tomorrow Thursday and won't be back until Friday night. Bleh. Not happy about it, but it's his job and he's only going to be about an hour or so away. Still.... BLEH! Just mostly worried about him being safe on the road. There's a reason why our state is always ranked as having the worst drivers and it scares me that he's gonna be out there. He's riding with other people though so that will at least make him drive safer.
I shouldn't complain. I know there are other families where one parent is gone for even longer b/c of work or separation.

I think that's about it for now. :D

Monday, April 17, 2017


Gotta be fast  b/c Ezra is getting fussy...

From Saturday.  Really didn't get a lot of good ones of the older 2... so Ezra has to pose his little pale butt off lol.

Just bonus Ezra wearing Oren's Batman mask heh

 Sunday before church I think. DH took them out while I was taking a nice long hot shower by myself heh. Yeah... typical photos with all 3.

 Looking for eggs at granny and grampy's house. SiL brought a ton of eggs. We also brought some too. There were so many that the kids actually started getting picky about which ones to pick up lol.

 How embarassing. They're wearing the same thing.

And finally.... a great photo of all 3 of them. FINALLY! If only they weren't sitting on our messy ass bed lol. Figures, but hey... I'll take it :D