Friday, March 23, 2012

Kicks, aches & poo??

I thought feeling kicks and movement would calm me down but pffft, it's done the opposite. Now when I don't feel anything for a while, I panic. I mean damn, I JUST started feeling what is def the baby and I'm already freaking out. SIGH!

I spent most of last night pressing lightly on my lower ab trying to get a response. FINALLY did and boy it was a relief lol.
Feel so stupid for panicking but *shrugs* I don't think that will ever stop.

Oh LO does NOT like being squished lol. I went to lay on my right stomach/side last night/this morning and almost instantly felt kicks and movement in that area. LO was not happy about it at all and kept moving around. I finally flipped over b/c I wanted to feel it, and it stopped almost just as quick lol.
So cute <3

This morning I had a really strange ache. I mean just took my breath away and had me doubled over in bed. It only lasted for maybe 2-3 seconds but that was plenty.
I dunno WTH it was, but it was coming from my vag/cervix. I don't think it was the baby, but it could've been I guess.
It was most likely just the muscles stretching and doing their thing but holy crap that was terrible!
Like a sharp raw pain.

Now this is embarassing and gross as hell. Just want to warn before hand.
I promised myself I would post everything here no matter what so.. here goes.

So yesterday... I felt the urge to use the bathroom. Just to pee, nothing more, nothing unusual about that.
So I go to the bathroom, do my thing, wipe, and WTH there's brown stuff on the tp?
I think to myself... did I poo? Then I freak out and think maybe it's blood.
But then I keep wiping and no... it's poo. WTF?
I didn't have any gas so couldn't have sharted myself.... didn't feel anything weird beforehand, no smell, no funny feeling down below, nothing.
Nothing snuck out while I was peeing, and nothing was on my undies either.
Frickin mystery poo smears.. and it was A LOT too. o_O

Now I did poop earlier in the day, BUT I'm an adult and know how to wipe my ass lol. PLUS we use flushable wet wipes to make sure we're extra clean after.

So the question is..... what the hell happened? Did I just leak and not realize it? If so.... Ew...... seriously.... Ew.....
Thank goodness I was at home at least.

And on that note..... WOOOOOOO It's FRIDAY!!!!
So close to monday I can taste it!!!
DH is off all next week and YAY! It's gonna be so great :D

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LisaB/lisabttc said...

OMG LOL @ the strange, mystery poo! That is weird! IDK!

Aw, it's ok to have the panicky feeling. You've been through a lot. I hope your lil babe starts moving up a storm soon, so that you'll feel more at ease.

Yikes about the pain! That sucks. Must be stretching. I hope that doesn't become a regular thing!

Yay for DH being off next week! Have fun!!! :-D