Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I remembered! hehe

I asked DH the other day who he thought the baby was going to look like.
He paused for a min so I spoke up and said that I think she's gonna look like him, and he totally agreed.

Ya know those people with really strong genetics? Well that is DH's family.
I think it's b/c they have pretty distinctive features.
Like his mother has a shortish nose that kind of points up a little and a very strong and low lying brow.
DH and his 2 sisters look just like his mom. Well, the older sister does favor the FiL, but looking at them all together, you can tell who they really take after though and it's MiL.
MiL's brother that has 2 kids... both of his kids look like him, especially his son and both kids are tall like the dad too.

I'm sure if DH's aunt and other uncle were able to have children, their kids would've looked exactly like them as well.

And now SiL with her little girl. Seriously her LO looks just like her. The brow isn't as strong, but the nose and everything else def resembles momma more than daddy.

I think that's how it's going to be with our girl and hopefully whatever other kids we have.
I don't mind at all b/c of course I think DH is a handsome devil lol.

AND.... I'm pretty sure baby was using my bladder as a pillow earlier. Just SO frickin uncomfortable and the feeling of having to pee every 10min was very strong even though I really hadn't had much to drink.
The tech at my last scan mentioned that LO was resting right on my bladder, but I never really noticed.

I mean I'd have times when I'd have the urge to go and only a trickle would come out. And then 10min later, have the urge to go again and have a full flow, but didn't think much of it I guess.
Maybe it was her resting on my bladder causing that to happen? *shrugs*

It was one reason other than just wanting to feel her move, why I drank the lemonade. I wanted to try to get her off of my bladder b/c it was really starting to ache.


LisaB/lisabttc said...

Interesting!! I'm so curious now to see what she will look like. Do you plan on getting a 4D scan later on?
Ugh about having to pee like that! That really sucks!

LisaL said...

Not sure if I want the 4D.
They're super frickin neat, but costts $150. YIKES. They do it at 28-32weeks and I figured I'd be close enough to the end anyway so I could just wait lol.
We'll just have to settle for being surprised when she's born :)

Shari said...

Sometimes you can get discounts for the elective scans. In our case if we traveled more than 40 miles it was $20 off and if brought a pack of diapers it was another $20 off. We had 2 elective scans and never paid more than $100.