Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Post before bed....

Dh just got the biggest smile from Ezra just a min ago. Awwwww
Ez is supposed to be going to sleep, so we're not supposed to be stimulating him, but that was worth it to see. So cute :)

Can't believe dh is going back to work next week... 😢.
I'm going to be the walking dead mom for a while until I adjust. Gosh I hope that happens quick.

Feel so bad when Oren tries to love on his brother. He just wants to give Ez hugs and stuff, but doesn't realize he can't lay on him or lean on him or anything so we have to tell him to stop. Of course we try to say it as gentle as possible, but it makes us feel so bad bc he's not meaning to be potentially harmful.

Oren is such a little cutie. Dh had the radio going while he was putting up curtain rods in the nursery. Of course Oren and Zoe were both in there too. Both of them were dancing and Oren was actually trying to sing along lol. First time for that and holy crap was it adorable lol. Tried getting video of it, but he stopped when he saw dh pointing his phone at him lol.
He's sung before... At least we think he has, but not sung along while a song is going.

Zoe has started her church thing again. Not sure what it's actually called. She was a puggle last year and this year will be a cubby. She got to bring home their little mascot teddy bear last week. She dragged that thing around everywhere and just loves dressing it up.

Took some Percocet a little while ago. We went shopping today. Just a quick trip to Lowe's for something for the curtain rods and I wanted to see if they had seeds still (they did..woo!!)
We weren't there for long and I had been feeling pretty ok up until,that point. It was still too much for my body though bc I started aching like crazy after. Ibuprofin just didn't do anything for it so in comes the other stuff. Sigh.....
I have 2 more pills left. After that... Gotta hope Tylenol will do,the trick. Hoping I won't need anything though. Just want to feel better already.
I will say this though... The Percocet is awesome for mynipple pain. It almost gets rid of it entirely. Pumping right now and I'm feeling almost no pain. That's amazing considering the raw state that they're in.
Wish there was something better than lanolin to use on them.

Pumping is going... Meh. Staying about the same for the most part. I just have to stay vigilant with the loose schedule.
We need to find bottles for milk storage. We'll be heading to target tomorrow. I don't think im producing enough to freeze anything, so we need more bottles for regular storage. Of course medela doesn't sell just their caps though. Oh no... You gotta buy their box of bottles and baggiea and all the other crap to get the caps. So Damn annoying. I just want the caps!! This wouldn't be a problem though if sil had bothered giving us back everything we gave to her.
Now I realize just how much I did slack,off with pumping for Oren. Only had 5 caps with him and it was almost never a problem. Oh well...

Hmm,there was,more I wanted to mention, but exhaustion and druggy brain,are kicking in lol.
So I'll end the post with more photos!! Yay!!

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Not sure what I did yesterday, but apparently it was too much bc I'm in pain today that ibuprofen alone wasn't touching.
Ended up taking one Percocet earlier and just took 2 a few minutes ago bc the pain in my right ovary area was just feeling bad.
Dh only has one more week off. I NEED to get better this week bc it's only going to be me. Need to be able to pick Oren up when he needs a change and get him in and out of his crib.
I would pick csection over and over again, but Damn does recovery suck major balls.

Zoe is so darn cute.
She calls Ezra her baby. Not baby brother... But HER baby lol. She wants to be around him and look at him all the time.
She's such a sweet child. Oh, she has her bratty moments..... A lot of them actually lol, but she's a good girl :)

She's getting so darn big. Been taking photos of the kids and my gosh, she looks so grown in the pics.
Can't bel8eve she's gonna be starting school next year. Have no idea what we're supposed to do for all of that. Need to look in to it.
I just know that I'm gonna be taking her and picking her up. That's gonna be rough since I have to drag along the other 2, but I just don't trust buses and I definitely don't trust her to get off on the right stop lol.
I'm just paranoid really. Too many psychos out there and I wanna make sure she gets to where she needs to be safely.

Oren wants to be around the baby a lot too. Maybe not as much as zoe though lol.
Gosh.... Just feeling so lucky to have my munchkins. Love my loud little rugrats so Damn much.
Even when they're driving me crazy with their whining and crying hehe.
I knew what love was when I fell for dh, but loving your kids is just on a whole other level. There is just nothing like it and it's amazing.

Ok, enough sappy stuff lol... Want to work on a small crochet project. My hands are feeling a little better now that swelling isn't as bad. Still not 100percent, but good enough for me to be able to crochet some :)

Woot!! Uploading from phone actually didn't take that long. Will have to take more photos and post more :)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dont fail me now!

Pumping has been going pretty ok. Have had 2 lower amount days, but still overall getting a decent amount.

Haven't been taking fenugreek on,the regular. I'm good,for 2 days then,just end up forgetting.
Going to try to be better at remembering to take it though.

My nipples are so raw and sore. It's so gross. My nips are normally really dark, but,the putter layer of skin has rubbed off so,now they're this pink color in those raw areas. I,know... Tmi, but it's all part of the process.
Boobs thankfully haven't been too sore. They'll get a little sore at night when I haven't pumped for a while, but it's really not bad at all.
Let down,hurts though. Don't remember it,feeling this way. Its just an intense burning/tingling sensation.
Oh nipples,also hurt after pumping when the swelling starts to,go,down. That sucks.

Bleeding has turned to,mostly brown discharge. Can't wait to stop bleeding already. 9 months of no,period spoils you lol.

Ezra has,been waking twice a night. Nooooooo, we had it so,good before. 😢
He wakes,around 1 or 2...,then again at 5. Sigh.....
Thankfully dh has been getting up with him,the 2nd,time, but once he starts back at work... Its probably gonna be all me. That and taking care of 2 youngins? Uuuuuuugh

I'm going to be in screaming toddler hell for a while until I adjust to it.
Dh wants to get off of sodas.... Yeah, that's not gonna happen for a while.
Momma is gonna need her caffeine.

And yadda yadda... Just making the most out of the time dh has off. Only one more week though.
Just hope I'm feeling a bit better by then. Walking too much along with the few times I've picked Oren up have reignited some pain. It's still not too bad, but bad enough that I still have to be careful how I move.

Friday, August 26, 2016

I need to pump!!

It's almost 8am and I really need to pump. Letting dh sleep in some though since Ez woke up a lot last night/this morning and dh took care of him. Ez usually only wakes once and I take care of him while I pump so dh can sleep....then dh lets me sleep in.
Anywho, it's been a while since I pumped and these boobies need to be drained asap.
Waiting until 8 to do it and then I gotta.
Kids are gonna end up following which is why I'm waiting a little bit longer.

I Stink post partum apparently.
Thankfully I'm not a giant sweaty mess, but the moments when I do sweat... Yuck!!
We had to get Oren some diapers ywsterday, it's still hot out so I sweat a little. Holy crap the funk. My bra smelled like someone dipped it in vinegar....bleh and wtf.
And it's not like I'm not bathing. Its just that my sweat is super funky.
So gross.

My face is also breaking out again. It actually started before Ez was born. So much for that glow.

Pain still there. Especially after walking around too long. Was hurting yesterday after the store trips. Itsnot too bad though.

My ab muscles seem to be working a bit better. Still having some constipation, but pooping is easier now that my muscles are actually working some.
Again... You don't realize how much you use them until you can't.

Anywho... It's pumping time.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Oh, you fickle boobs...

Yesterday was a meh day for pumping. Not a bad amount, but less than what it should've been.
Oh well. Making up for it today. My boobs are so touchy with pumping. I have one bad day of pumping inconsistently and it screws up my supply.
If you couldn't tell, I'm a bit obsessed with pumping and keeping track of the amount.
I just really like seeing the progress.
Plus it's helping to keep me on a semi regular schedule.

Sil and her fam left today. They came over for a little bit before leaving.
So sad. They're planning on eventually moving down here, but not sure when that's going to happen.
Can't wait for them to move back. I know sil is homesick and would love for her DD to grow up around her cousins and vice versa.

If you haven't seen it, would recommend watching the show limitless. It's on instant on Netflix. It's a bit episodic, but it's a fun show :)

Monday, August 22, 2016

A little better

I'm managing to pump a little more each day. Got 550ml today and I really didn't pump enough but still got 43 more than I did yesterday. Happy about that.
I know it won't be enough when he's older, but for now, it's plenty :)
Nipples are still so sore and bleeding a little around the bottom part and areola that gets sucked in to the flange. Always makes my whole body cringe the first few seconds when I start pumping bc it's so sensitive and hurts.

Incision area is sore, but getting better. Kind of walked a bit too much today so it's more sore, but it's good for healing to get up and move around within reason.
I wasn't doing laps or anything lol, we just went to a couple of stores. Needed more nursing pads and other misc items.
Felt good getting out of the house even though it's hot as he'll outside.

Thankfully I'm not hot as he'll indoors any longer. It's so Damn nice not being a giant sweaty mess any longer. I'm actually getting a little cold every now and then at night and snuggle under my blanket that I haven't used in months lol.
Woooooo for not being hot and miserable!!

Bleeding has really let up. I still get small gushes every once in a while, especially after I've pumped and I'm washing everything, but that's about it. I could probably get away with just wearing panty liners. I used up my last diaper yesterday and started using pads today.
I'm sure it will drag out though like it did after Oren.

Weight and bloating seem to be going down slowly. Weighed myself today. Scale was messing up, but think the last 2 weights it showed were correct at 224. That's the heaviest I've been outside of pregnancy in a while. Hoping the scale will go down more, but I'm not going to worry about it too much just yet.
I know some of the weight is bc I am still bloated and swelling some.
But getting healthier and thinner will eventually be my goal. I want to be here a long time for my family.

The kids are doing well.
Zoe spent the weekend with the in-laws. They went to the mountains for the weekend and since they came back late last night, decided to keep her an extra night.
It always seems like she comes back bigger when she's gone for more than a night. Can't believe she's going to be in school next year. Also need to call around to the local martial arts places to see bout getting her in one of those classes.
I think she'll really enjoy doing that. Plus I just want her to be able to defend herself,if she ever needed to.
Unfortunately it seems like our world just keeps getting more and more fucked up and I want to make sure she (and the boys when too) can take care of herself.

Oren was a giant crying mess this weekend. Holy tantrum hell. He is soooooo much more dramatic than Zoe ever was. Meltdowns over absolutely nothing all weekend long.
He's still my sweet little guy though. He wants to hug his baby brother every chance he gets. It's sweet, but his hugs are him resting his head against you... His giant heavy head. Too heavy for a little newborn lol.
He's also,fascinated by Ezra's eyes for some reason. We have to always keep him from poking Ez in the eyeball. But it's been a good way to,teach him the name of all the face parts hehe.
Can't wait to snuggle with him more again.

Ezra is doing...,meh. He fights sleep like a toddler and it's so frustrating lol. I think it might be gas though. That and the fact that he keeps spitting out his pacifier and then getting upset bc he doesn't have it any longer. It's so nice when,they get to that stage where they can put the paci back in to their mouth lol.
He's also getting some pimples on his face. Hoping it's not eczema already and just normal,newborn acne.
I'm sure we'll be dealing with another bumpy eczema child though.
So sorry kiddos.... Both of your parents have it to some extent... You were screwed from the start.
And I swear I got some quick on purpose smiles today from him. He's staying awake just a little more and I was talking to him and got a quick big open mouth gummy smile.
Well... It might've been gas or something, but I'll just say it was on purpose.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Nooo...ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch

So pumping has been going fine. Thought I got away from the extremely sore nipples since I didn't really try to bf Ezra.
Nope!! It just took longer to get to the sore nips.... 😢
I'm pumping on the low setting that it starts off and it's still killing my nips. It gets ok in the middle, but by the end, they're on stabby fire!

I'm getting decent amounts of milk though. Nowhere near the 700-1000 that this paper says I should be getting, but oh well. What I'm making is plenty for now... Yay :)

Feeling a little less sore. Haven't needed a Percocet in 2 days. The ibuprofen has been enough to help with the pain.... And I could sleep actually laying down last night... Woooo
I've been sleeping sitting up since getting home and using a neck pillow. Whenever I tried laying down... I couldn't get back up on my own without pulling something down there that sent sharp pain through the area and laying on my side caused my right side to ache really bad.
Since that pain has settled some, I tried sleeping flat last night on my side and felt mostly fine and could get up by myself too.

Just need to continue to go slow and not do anything to make the pain come back. I hate not being able to pick Oren up though. I have pull him on to the couch or lift him just slightly, but that is it.

You really don't know how much you use your and until you can't use them.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Better, but not great

Currently pumping before bed. Been keeping track of just how much I'm getting and it has increased the last couple days. Still not anywhere close to what this sheet of paper says it should be at, but oh well.
I do need to pump a little more though. Maybe try every 2.5 hours and see how that goes and if I can get these boobs to produce a little more. Just difficult to do when you have little kids and not wanting to feel like you're living your life by when you need to pump again.
It's been pretty,good So far, but I can see this becoming a burden quick when dh goes back to work and it's just me.

Speaking of, dh tweaked his back again today. Its not as bad he says, but still bad. Poor guy.
He goes back to work in 2 weeks. Sigh... Not sure how ready ill be for that, but not much Choice and we're lucky that he could take off for 4 weeks.

Ezra is still good. Was fighting sleep tonight for some reason. I held him when,i wouldn't settle and of course he went right to sleep. Awww.... Wish i,could hold him longer, but gotta pump and not safe to hold him while I sleep.
Can definitely see why people bed share. We did a few times with Oren, but it's just not safe which,is why,it was only a few times when,we were desperate.

I think he's gonna be purposefully smiling soon. At least i hope so lol

Definitely think he's gonna have brown,eyes like the,other 2. His eyes are already pretty dark like theirs were. MiL was hoping for another blue eyed baby, but that's not gonna come from us lol. Dh's genes are strong, but not that one.

Hmmm, looks like I could upload photos from my phone to here, but the files are too big and it would take forever. Will try to get some more photos posted soon...ish.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

700ml? Yeah right...

According do this pumping log I have... I should be pumping at least 700no by the 32nd of week 2.
yeah, I wish. Maybe if my left boob worked a bit better I could get that much, but I'll be lucky to get half that amount.
Well, I did get half that yesterday.

It's just frustrating to,not have boobs that work like they should, but at least I can get something. More than I'm sure a lot of women can get and would love to have, so I can't complain too much about it.

In some tmi news... Pooping still sucks. My poor butt feels like someone took a razor blade to it. And I'm sure I'm giving myself hemorrhoids by trying pathetically to push it out. Did manage to get some out, but my gosh, did it hurt like hell. Really should have taken the miralax and stool softeners more often.

Ezra is still doing well. Still sleeping a ton like newborns do. Getting lots of sleep smiles and he has a cute dimple on his left cheek. Still can't tell if he also has one on his right. Kind of neat that Zoe and oren have left cheek,ones and Ezra could be right only.

Zoe and oren are just completely smitten with Ezra. My gosh, so they just love him. Zoe really enjoys helping out as much as we let her and you can tell oren can't wait for Ezra to be able to play with him.

Oren is getting better at communicating what he wants. He'll point, then point again. With sil and her little baby, he kept pointing at the floor,wanting sil to sit the baby on,the floor with him. When she did, he would sit there with her and want to play. So darn cute. Just love the way kids are just drawn to each other naturally. Wish it was like,that as adults.
How much better would the world be if we all just wanted to be near one another and play.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Oh please just f- off

Seriously...are people just that stupid.
Woman told her birth story... She had,4th degree tears and had to get an episiotomy...
I know some gals that had bad gets like that and it took them months to heal up right.
But according to one woman who replied... Its better than a csec!!!
Seriously?? Fuck,off with that bullshit.
I will just never understand that mindset.

Oh And apparently someone I don't know messages me on Facebook with ' lol you fat honkey. You blocked.'
Uh... Ok. Again... Someone I don't even know felt the need to throw a racial slur my way for whatever reason and block me bc... Why the hell not I guess?


OUCH!! And some tmi...

So I did the silly thing of sitting on the couch And reclining back. Bc apparently my body just wasn't ready for that impossible position, now it's punishing me by causing some seriously awful pain on my right side.
I don't think it's anything serious.... Just pulled the wrong muscles in the area...and it sucks.

Also.... I can't Frickin poop. I did some yesterday, thank goodness, but today.... That turd does not want to leave.
Bc of the recliner incident, I can't bare down like I need to to get it out So it keeps ground hogging.
Going to be popping stool softeners and Miralax like they're going out of style.

Bleeding is pretty light most of the time. Nothing as bad as it was after having zoe. I'm sure it will still take forever to finally stop though like it did after Oren.

Pumping is going well. Left boob still isn't producing much, but a little is better than nothing.
Nipples are sore, but much much better than previous times. Helps that I'm using the right size cups and didnt get them chewed up trying to breastfeed.
Boobs really haven't gotten too sore either.
Varies how much I have been getting. It's not a great mount, but it's ok for now. So yay for all of that :)

Ezra is doing well. Can't remember if I updated after his appointment... If not....
It went well according to dh. He weighed 9lbs exactly.
Had dh ask about a mark on his head that I noticed. Thankfully ped just thinks it's a birthmark which is what I figured it was since it's not raised or anything.
I have no idea who he looks like. He still has that newborn look to him, so it's difficult to say which of us he takes after more. He definitely does not look like Oren at this point though.
I also keep wanting to call him a her lol. Guess that's what happens when you wait to find out the gender lol.
Really need to take more pics. He has the longest cutest toes. Hehe

Dh's back is better. Still hurting, but a lot better. But he has a cold along with Oren. I'm sure the rest of us will be getting sick soon too. Bleh.....

And finally... My brain needs to stop sabotaging my sleep. Sleeping fine and suddenly having some realistic freaky scary ass dreams that wake me up freaked out.
Nothing overtly scary really, but those type of dreams that just scare the shit out of you anyway.
One i just had.... I roll over in bed and see Zoe's little head beside me and she says that she's hungry and lays her head next to me. Again, nothing really scary about that, but still got a feeling of pure dread and terror from it.
Damn brain... Stop betraying me!! Lol

Alrighty, enough for now. Need sleeeeeeep

Monday, August 15, 2016

Details part 2

Forgot to mention, before DH and Ezra were gone to get his measurements and whatnot... Ezra kept sucking on his bottom lip making a very loud sucking sound in the OR. Everyone got a good giggle out of it.
It was so cute :D

Anywho... in recovery... I was pretty out of it. Just tired and on a high from just having a baby. It all kind of went by in a blur. Learned about a different way to bottle feed. The name is escaping me right now but you basically let baby suck on the bottle 2-5 times and then take the bottle away to let the swallow and whatever. It's supposed to help prevent so much spitting up. It seems to work though.
Ezra has spit up, but not nearly as much as Oren did.
Pace feeding? Think that's it....
We were eventually taken to my room and yeah. Just basic after c-sec care really. Again.. everything is a bit of a blur.
The lactation consultant that came in to talk to me was really nice though. Not pushy at all with breastfeeding and just really non-judgemental when I told her we'd be supplementing and I'd be pumping.
Of course she had to spout of all of those 'benefits' of breastmilk, but whatever. Other than that, she was really nice.
See... THAT is what baby friendly hospitals should be like. Yes.. you can promote breastfeeding.. nothing wrong with that, but do it in a manner that doesn't make moms feel bad if they don't want to or can't.

I asked for formula right away. I did start pumping, but I wasn't even getting droplets for the first day and a half, and after that it was just a droplet... if that much. Baby boy went without eating for about 12 or so hours which broke my heart b/c they said they were out of formula. WTF??
I kept asking for it and getting updates on where the hell it was and finally.. FINALLY they brought us some... and Ezra hated it at first. lol
He barely ate during his first day of life outside of the womb.
Thankfully his appetite did pick up the 2nd day though.
And... he never developed jaundice! WOO!
He was getting yellow.... don't care what that pediatrician says... but I think giving him formula helped to keep it away.
So happy about that.
MiL and aunt came by with the kids later in the first day. Zoe was happy.... Oren didn't know what was going on. He did keep pointing at Ezra and saying 'baby' though which was really cute lol.

And yeah... my stay in the hospital was really uneventful. Well... there was a family a door down from us that had their toddler spending the night with them. A toddler that they let run up and down the hallway screaming at the top of their lungs.

We got discharged on Thursday and well.. here we are.
DH has been doing most of everything. I was pretty helpless the first few days and still am right now. Recovery is going better, but still have to take it very slow and gotta make sure to take my pain meds.
Percocet has been knocking me out as usual. Can't wait to not need it anymore. Just when I think I can stop using it.. I start getting super sore again. Soon though.... I'll be stopping it soon.

I've been sleeping a ton. THink a lot of it is just my body needing the sleep to heal, but it's also the percocet. Bleh.
Ezra has been sleeping ok. He's been gassy since we switch from BM and formula, so he'll sleep like crap sometimes, but most of the time he's been good.

Oh... Oren is getting in to crap so gotta cut it off here :)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

This is going to suck

Going to try to make a post on my phone lol. Not a details one. Just too much for me to,spend forever trying to type all that out on here lol.

Anywho.... I'm on my own tonight. In-laws came over tonight and dh got it in to his head to show off how he tosses Oren in to the air. Well... Oren,loves it... Dh's back? Not so much. He tweaked the crap out of it and by bed time, could barely move.
So yeah... He's sleeping out on the recliner and I'm here taking care of Ezra who is sleeping like shit and waking up every 20,or so,minutes for some reason.
It's going to be a very long, shitty night.

Dunno what we're gonna do tomorrow if his back is still bothering him. I shouldn't be picking up anything heavier than ezra, but we have Oren that needs taking care of. We're both gonna be in a world of hurt.
Oh... And... Ezra has his first appointment tomorrow. I was supposed to stay home while dh takes him in, but who,knows if that's going to,happen.


Anyway... It's been tiring,but good up until this point.
Pumping is going pretty ok. Still don't produce a lot, but thank goodness for formula and being able to give him that when there isn't enough boob juice.
Still in some pain, but feeling like this recovery is going better than the last 2 did.
Wish I could take the ibuprofen more often. Just hate that by the time I can take another, I'm walking around hunched over and in pain.

Still haven't pooped even though I've been popping stool softeners like there is no tomorrow. That's going to suck when it finally does,happen. If he's feeling ok..., should get dh to get me some prune juice. Need to get things moving along.

And blah blah. It's 2am and I need to focus on,massaging boobs while I pump lol. Will try to,post more. Going to be some weird typos and random commas since it will be from my phone, so bare with,me here :)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Details... part 1

DH took the kids to the store. We needed a bottle brush. Oops. Could've sworn that we had one, but oh well.

So details details....
Contractions for me really weren't that bad. Kind of wish I had gotten my cervix checked to see how dilated I was, but really didn't want to go through that uncomfortable experience again if I didn't have to.
When a contraction started, it just felt like I had to poop or had some trapped gas. Uncomfortable, but not painful at all. It would start in my bump. I could feel it tighten, then I'd get that tremendous amount of pressure in my butt.
SiL called and suggested that I take a warm bath to see if it helped ease them up. If it didn't, then I was in labor.
That was a fun experience lol. Or well... fun for the kids.
Cleaned out our garden tub and the kids were super excited to take a bath in it with mommy. Yep.... I had to share my bath with them :P lol
They are such little water rats heh.
Contractions were getting a little stronger. Not painful still, but seemed to space out just a little bit.
Decided that kids should just go to inlaws while DH and I waited to see what happened.
Can't remember when but I eventually decided to just call the hospital and go in. Contractions were coming about every 3-4mins and lasting around 40-50sec each. Still not painful, but getting more uncomfortable.
On the way to the hospital was when they started getting painful, but really not all that bad. Just like cramps that I've gotten at the start of a period. It was still the bump tightening and pressure in the butt sensation, but w/ an added twisted kind of pain to it.
Think it was around 11pm when we got to the hospital.
Thought I was just going to get monitored for a little while, but nope. Signed in and got all of the pre csec stuff going. Lots of paper signing, and uncomfortable IV fluid crap and being shaved. So awkward.

It didn't take too long though b/c some time after midnight, they wheeled me in to the OR. Got the epidural put in which sucked balls. I remember it hurting with Oren, but this one seemed worse. He hit some nerve at one point that made me jump.
Thankfully that didn't last too long though and it quickly numbed me right up.
Still super awkward knowing that you're naked from your chest down under some super bright lights lol.
Everyone was really nice though.
While everyone was chit chatting... I was just trying not to throw up all over everything. Wasn't expecting to go in to labor so I hadn't fasted at all. Throughout the procedure, they had to keep giving me meds to control the nausea. Thankfully it worked, but there were a few moments where I thought I was going to throw up, especially when they were tugging Ezra out.
Was expecting the tugging, but it also felt like they were pushing him up too which caused me to gag.

Also when he was being born, heard the OB say that there was copious amounts of meconium. That really scared me, but thankfully it seems that maybe it just happened b/c he cried right away and their suctioning of him cleaned him right out.
But anywho... when they said that baby was a boy.. DH and I both just burst in to tears. I would've either way lol. I'm just glad that DH got what he wanted. Not that he wouldn't have loved a little girl though. He just didn't want Oren growing up without another little boy in the family to play with like he did.
Anyway... it was an amazing moment. Once Ezra was cleaned up some, they gave him to DH and we all just sort of snuggled together while they tied my tubes and sewed me back up.
OB mentioned that I had a lot of scar tissue so it was a great idea that I was getting my tubes tied. Not sure what that means, but I guess the scar tissue would've made any pregnancy after this one more difficult and high risk?
Anywho.. DH and Ezra were whisked away while they finished me up.
Once done, they wheeled me in to the recovery area where DH and Ez were waiting. That's where I heard how much Ez weighed. Shocked the heck out of me lol. 9lbs 1.2oz. I was expecting bigger than the other 2... but not that much bigger heh.
He really doesn't look huge to me though. His cheeks are really chunky, but he's not a little butterball. You can definitely tell he's heavy when you pick him up though :)

Oh... gotta go for now... baby boy is crying and needs to be fed :) Will try to add more details later.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

So... I had a baby and junk...

Lol.. gotta keep this short b/c I'm in some pain.
Really should have logged in to blogger on my phone so I could've updated sooner! OOPs!

To keep a long story short for now... those feelings I was getting were contractions. Kind of figured it out eventually before my afternoon appointment.
Asked OB abut it and she confirmed. Asked if I wanted to move my c-sec up to tuesday.... I said.. nah like a moron.
Contractions kept coming though. Didn't really hurt at first. Felt like tightening and pressure in my butt, but no pain. Didn't start hurting until later that night when I decided to just go to the hospital.
Contractions were coming every 3-4mins and were getting stronger. Oh and lasting about 40-50sec.
Uncomfortable but still not painful.
DH dropped Oren and Zoe off with MiL.
We got everything ready and headed to the hospital. Had to swing by DH's work so he could put in his leave. That's when contractions started to become painful.
Still not too bad though. Just like period cramps that I've gotten before.
Went to the hospital and thought that they were just going to monitor me, but nope... they got me prepped for the c-sec.
Can't remember the exact time we got in.. maybe just after 11pm? And then wheeled to the OR and had my baby at 1:17am on August 9th :)

It's a...........


His name is Ezra Franklin and he came in to the world weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 1.2oz and 20inches long :)
He has lots of hair and is just so darn cute and chunky. He did poop in me and had to be deep suctioned, but thankfully there weren't any complications from that. He cried right away and was perfect :)
It's 8/11 right now and we just got home this afternoon.
We've both been great. He has newborn rash, but other than that has been very healthy. No jaundice and only lost 3oz before we left the hospital.
I'm in a bit of pain, but that's to be expected :)
I'll update some more later... need to go pump! 
In the meantime... photos! :D


Monday, August 8, 2016


Finally! :P

Some birthday photos of Zoe. Finally got her all cleaned up and dried off lol. Her granny bought her the dress. It's so stinkin cute! :D

A couple of photos from the small get together...

And finally.. some photos off the nursery. :)

Do I just need to poop??

I either need to poop, or this baby is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on that area.
Started happening at around 5am. Just feeling this pressure in my butt that lasts for about 10seconds. Haven't been timing anything even though it's coming and going not on a regular basis.
It doesn't hurt.. just super frickin uncomfortable when it starts.

Also yesterday.... I experienced that vaginal pressure again. Lasted a little longer this time, but still wasn't painful.. just uncomfortable and unexpected.

DH and I were actually productive yesterday! WOO!
Him more than myself lol.
He washed all the clothes and I helped with the folding. Seriously... it took all day lol.
But we had the Olympics on and the kids were running in and out of the room.
Even though folding clothes sucks... it was all nice.
Also nice to have clean folded clothes too :P lol
Er well.. the kids don't have that. THeir clothes are still piled in a basket lol. I'm gonna work on that tonight though. Need to get their stuff together for when I'm in the hospital :)

OOOO but with the clean clothes... I was able to start packing a hospital bag! YAY!
Still needs all of the toiletries and whatnots, but baby clothes, my clothes and DH clothes and blanket have been packed :)
Can't believe it's almost time to welcome our 3rd LO in to the world.

Also can't believe it's Zoe's 4th birthday today! Holy moly... time sure does fly!
Waiting for DH to get home this afternoon to give her her presents. Well.. I might give her one or 2 of the smaller ones in the mean time. We'll see.
But 4 already. SHEESH
My little girl isn't going to be little for much longer...... yay and /cry lol.

I'll post some photos later. Want to get some today after I scrub off the dirt and put her in something cute :)

Oh learned that SiL is staying for 10 days. Yay :D Was afraid that their whole visit.. I was going to be stuck in the hospital. At least I hope I won't be if everything goes ok.
I'm just happy that she's gonna have a nice long vacation to visit with family and her baby is going to be spoiled rotten :)

This hand pain needs to stop already. It was just at night, but it's now hurting during the day too. Not as bad, but still there. AND it's gotten in to my left hand now too. Not as painful as the right one though thankfully.
Sigh... really hope this is one of those things that quickly go away once baby arrives.
I'll be on some good pain meds though so hope that helps lol.

Speaking of pain meds... realized this weekend that I won't be able to have my beer like I wanted right after birth... /cry
Feel like such a lush for being upset over that rofl.
Didn't even think about being on percocet and not being able to drink while on it. Well.. I guess if I was a dumbass I could, but ya know.. I'm not THAT much of a dumbass :P lol

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Ok... mostly these granny panties are nice, but the waist is cutting in to my bump if I try pulling them up lol. Sigh.... I'm sure they'll be much more comfy once I'm not so giant.

Ok update on that woman and her LO.
She is still in the hospital b/c she can't urinate and she can't walk. Yeah... she's either leaving something out or she really needs to look in to WTF her caregivers didn't tell her during the labor process.
Again.. I'm sure that 8hrs of pushing caused the problems going on with her and her LO.
Just something is not right, obviously.
She says her little boy is doing just a little better. Still having seizures and has a bleed in his brain. She was told that his injury could've happened on the way out but it's a rare occurrence.
I think that's a load of shit myself. Sounds more like a doctor or someone trying to cover their ass. B/c again... EIGHT hours of pushing.
Sigh... I really hope she and her boy recover from this as well as they can.

IN more lighthearted news...
Had Zoe's little party last night. Got some Marco's Pizza (which was frickin delicious), gave Zoe  couple of her presents from us and she got a bunch of stuff from inlaws.
She had a blast, everyone ate well and it was just a good night :)
Did take some photos. Just need to stop being lazy and post them eventually lol.

Think I'm taking the kids with me to my appointment tomorrow. Bleh lol
Oh well....
Not worried about Zoe. It's Oren that gets restless since he has to sit in the stroller. He doesn't walk well when you hold his hand. He wants his freedom and run around all over the place.
Lol Not yet little man.... not yet.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hooray for granny panties!!

Bought a pack of cotton granny panties and damn are they comfortable! They're huge and soft and I wear them proudly!

Learned that SiL is coming in on Friday with her family. Thought she'd wait at least until we were home to visit, but guess she really wants to be here when baby is born lol.
I mean I don't really have a problem with it. Just hate that I'll be stuck in the hospital while they're here. Not that I'd be much entertainment at home either though :P lol
Plus I guess it's ok b/c MiL thinks that SiL is going to help watch Zoe and Oren while here. Yeah... don't think so. SiL has her 6mo baby to watch. But I'm sure MiL will be holding that LO every chance she gets too so.. we'll see lol.

It's 330am right now. Woke up at 2 needing to use the bathroom and couldn't get back to sleep. Got hot and then just couldn't get comfortable again. Sigh....

Going to go lay back down at 4 or 430. Try to get some more sleep hopefully.

I wanted to kick DH in the balls so GD much at dinner today. He was only joking around, but there comes a point when you stop joking and just STFU. Especially when you're dealing with an extremely uncomfortable, very pregnant wife.

He wanted me... just me to decide what we were gonna do for Zoe's birthday. Dude.. I'm not the only fucking parent.
So I said that to him.. minus the F bomb. So WE decided to have a little family get together Sat night for her birthday. And of course he had to start in on the "You're cleaning everything. I'm not doing anything." Jokes and just kept at them. Holy shit did it piss me right off. I knew he was joking... but good lord I wanted to ball punch him SO bad just to shut him up.

Guess I'm just hormonal right now or something? B/c that usually wouldn't bother me lol.
We've been together long enough that I can just ignore him b/c I'm used to it.

We're supposed to be seeing Suicide Squad in the morning after we drop the kids off. Going to need lots of buttery popcorn to keep me awake during it. I know the reviews for it haven't been good, but I don't care. We're seeing it anyway!

That woman that had her baby and baby is in NICU updated some. Said that her poor baby boy is having seizures and they can't cool him down as much as they would like b/c it makes his heart rate drop too much.
Feel so bad for her and that little baby.
But makes me really question WTF went wrong b/c her scans never showed anything and I find it hard to believe that he never showed signs of distress during labor (like she claims.. think she's just in denial at this point though). Especially with EIGHT hours of pushing. She did mention that he pooped while still in her... so I'm thinking all of this was brought on by meconium aspiration and he's now having these problems b/c he went too long without oxygen.

And of course the idiot homebirther in the group had to come in and comment about how "At least you got your VBAC! That counts for something right?" That's not word for word but it is basically what she posted.
Bitch... if I could reach through my computer to bitch slap your stupid ass.. I would.
At least NOTHING.
Oh yeah sure... at least you got to push your baby out of your vagina b/c ya know.. that's what is important right now! :\

I don't blame the mom for wanting a VBAC and trying for it (although her stupid antics to get labor started royally pissed me off). It sounded like everything was going perfectly and well.... this happened. BUT.... 8 hours of pushing does not sound normal to me at all. I dunno if maybe she's mistaken with her time or what, but if she really was pushing off and on for 8 damn hours.... someone needs to investigate the doctor or midwife or whoever that let it go on for THAT long. There is no damn way that baby was not showing signs of distress if they were monitoring her/baby constantly.

I know SiL was pushing for about 3 or 4 hours according to MiL and her doctors were very close to taking her in for a c-sec if she couldn't get baby out.

Sigh..... I just really hope her baby is going to be ok. Please let him be ok :(

Friday, August 5, 2016

Too much drama!

I almost forgot all about the inlaw drama going on.
So back when kids were graduating HS, one of DH's cousin's kids had a party for it.
Welp.. the beef between MiL and aunt with their brother was still going on and of course, they all had to go to this party.
DH and I didn't go b/c DH had to work that weekend and I wasn't going to go by myself lol.

Well at that party, the grandfather of course had to open his mouth and start shit b/c ya know... why not at someone's celebration right? :\
Well the brother (we'll call him uncle since that's what he is to DH)... didn't take his dad's comments very well and of course.. aunt being who she is, just had to butt in and speak her mind.
They had a big screaming match and started spitting on eachother like adults do........ /cough
And somehow uncle got a hold of aunt's glasses and stomped on them..... ya know.... like grown ass adults do..................... o_o..........

I guess police were called and yesterday, they along with MiL had to go to court for it.
They got fined and uncle and aunt had to spend the night in jail. From what MiL said, the judge did that to I guess.. scare them straight? Get them to cut the bullshit before something worse happens?
I dunno, but it's not going to do anything except make them hate eachother even more.
Both aunt and uncle have this uncanny ability to hold on to grudges for A LOT longer than people should. And the thing is... neither of them have actually done anything to eachother to deserve the amount of hate that they're throwing at one another.
It's all stupid little petty ass shit that should've been let go, but no.... they both hold on to it for dear life b/c both of them thrive off of drama.
And yeah... they both have to go to counseling too. Hoping that helps, but I doubt it.
With their personalities.... I highly doubt it.

Uncle.... I think him and his wife have some mental issues going on that neither of them want to address. I dunno if it's depression or something else, but they both feed off eachother and are in their bubble to fester in their inability to let shit go.

And aunt.. well.. she's just a busy body that doesn't know when to butt out of things that don't concern her. She thinks she MUST stick her nose in to something and MUST make a comment about whatever.
She's also the type of person to take offense when there was nothing to be offended by. She's the customer in a store that you roll your eyes at when you hear them demanding that they want to see a manager or that they'll never shop there again. Just a giant drama creator basically.

This is all just shit that didn't ever need to reach the level that it did. Grown ass adult siblings that can't let their petty ass grudges go and at least tolerate eachother.

Hell.. I don't like a lot of shit that my brother does (that I've posted here), but I'm an adult and know how to mind my own business. Oh... I have my opinion on things... which is why I post here lol.. but I'm not going to open my mouth and give him a piece of my mind when he didn't ask for it. Why? B/c it's not worth it.
If it was something huge... sure... but it's not which is why I bitch about it here instead of saying shit to him.
Hope that made sense lol.

Sigh..... just a damn shame b/c uncle and his wife really aren't terrible people. Just like aunt isn't a terrible person. They have their flaws and unfortunately, those flaws have butted heads with eachother causing this bullshit.

That woman I posted about a while go had her baby yesterday. The one that was trying to get labor started at 36w (actually before 36w b/c she started doing those 'natural' methods before then).
She was a couple of days overdue.
She got her vbac, but her baby boy was not doing well and had to be airlifted to a NICU.
Mixed feelings here....
Sounds like she was monitored, but... at what cost? She said they don't know why he's doing so poorly, but then goes on to say that she was pushing off and on for EIGHT hours. That does not seem normal to me?
Poor boy, but yay she got her vbac??  :\
That's what her post seemed like and what others are replying to her. Just seems so... stupid. Now of course I have no idea if the labor was the cause of the baby's problems. I doubt she would even confess that if it was proven that the vbac was somehow the cause of the baby's distress. She was just so SO set in her need to do it that nothing else mattered.
Anyway... I really hope her little baby boy makes a full recovery from whatever happened and she gets to take him home soon. The photo of him all hooked up to tubes is so heartbreaking :(

39 weeks!!!

One more week to go! WOO!
Thankfully this week went by quick. Hope the next one goes by quick too. Well... quick enough to not feel like it's dragging.
 I think this weekend is going to go by quick. We still need to get a monitor and get Zoe a cake.

Still have so much cleaning to do and hoping to get SOME of it done in the coming week.

UGH, feeling sick again right now and I didn't even take an iron pill this morning.
Baby is moving around so it must be LO pushing against my stomach or something.

Really don't have much to post right now. Just excited to have one week left :)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Poor baby

Going to a loud ass rock concert at 38w5d pregnant may not have been the best idea ever. Rofl
We got there a little late and the first band was already singing their last song. WTF? They were on for 15mins if the concert started when it said it would. First band usually plays for at least 30min.
Oh well. Wasn't really interested in seeing them anyway.

Then the 2nd band (A Day to Remember) played. They were the ones I wanted to see and were good as expected :D

Then the main attraction (Blink 182) came on and were great too. Was almost nonstop songs with a lot of very loud pyrotechnics that scared the bejeebus out of the baby the first time.

Poor lil Baby E didn't get a moment of rest the entire time.
I sat for most of the concert. Thankfully we were at the end of a row and I could still see most of the stage even when sitting.

And the antacid I took before we left didn't last the entire night. On the way home, I started feeling SO sick b/c of the horrible reflux and add in nausea too.

But overall it was a good night I think. :) Just hope baby's hearing wasn't harmed b/c of the loud music.

I wasn't able to sleep in this morning like I was hoping.
MiL forgot that she had to take her father to the doctor this morning so I had to wake up when I usually do to go pick up the kiddos.
Sigh.... oh well. lol

Of course it was storming like crazy this morning so the drive to get them was a little scary, but we're all good :D

Could tell that Oren didn't get enough sleep when we got home. SO whiny. Just put him down for a nap. He cried for 2 seconds and hopefully passed out. He better get in a nice looooooong nap.

Oh... driving home last night was scary too. Rained super hard. Not fun to drive in in the middle of the night.

Sigh.. can already tell today is going to be rough.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Such an old woman lol... (boring rambling coming up)

I love gardening. Well.. I love it other than the part where I need to go out in the heat :P Or dealing with bugs.
Part of a gardening group on FB and MAN.. I just love seeing the amazing harvests people get from their gardens. It makes me jealous since my success this year has been crap, but also happy b/c I know how happy those people must be to get such a good haul in lol.
Feel like such an old woman for getting excited about that, but oh well.
It's just fun growing your own stuff and then being able to eat it!
The few tomatoes we've gotten have been AMAZING in flavor.
You just don't know what you're missing if you've never had a freshly picked tomato. The flavor is insanely different than the tasteless ones you get in the store.

My plants have been seriously struggling this year. Decided to container garden since I was pregnant and knew I'd be heavily pregnant when it was time to harvest.
I didn't read enough in to it and the plants have been struggling. Nevermind the insane amount of bugs and this crazy ass heat.
Ordered some liquid fertilizer to see if it helps the indeterminate tomatoes out. Indeterminate means that they'll keep growing and producing until frost kills them.
I was using that slow release pellet stuff in their containers, but it's just not the right type of fertilizer for container growing. Since I have to water so often, it's diluting all of the nutrients out.
So yeah... we'll see what happens.
FX that we'll get more yummy tomatoes.

I've pretty much given up on the cucumber plants though. It's just too hot for them and the damn bugs are sucking the life out of them. Only reason I keep watering them is that they are still flowering and I want to give the few bees that show up something to collect.

Anywho... this year has been disappointing, but I've learned a lot and hoping next growing season will be a lot better :)

Oh... Oren is up. He's not crying yet so still have a little time to ramble some more! MUAHAHAHA

I swear... DH and I need to start making those blind bag/surprise eggs, etc etc videos for youtube and make millions. I dunno how the heck those videos got so popular, but damn... Zoe watches them all the time and most of the videos have millions of views. It's insane how popular they are!!
Add in a couple of finger song videos and we'd be set for life :P lol

And finally.. I need to drink more today. Only had some diet dr pepper and that's been in. Feeling really achy b/c of it I think. Anywho.. gotta go get my munchkin up :)

Almost forgot!

Almost forgot that we have a concert to go to tonight. Lol... oops
Dropping the kids off this afternoon with granny.
Need to give both of their dirty butts a bath first. I have been seriously slacking in that department with them. Mommy's little dirt goblins lol.
Thankfully they don't stink and it's just food smudges on their face usually :P
I just can't get down on the floor to give them a bath in their tub and I like taking showers on my own, specially since I'm huge and our shower isn't that big :P lol
That's how I've been doing it though. Just pop them in the shower with me. Thankfully they both like water so it's not much of a struggle getting them clean.

Anyway... after dropping them off, I'm gonna wrap Zoe's birthday presents :D Finally see everything we bought her.. and then shake my head at how much we spoil her rofl.

Oh bath is done :D Oren had poop and I figured it would be a good time to just get it done and over with lol. Fitting all 3 of us in the shower is a challenge, but it works and I don't have to get on the floor or anything.

HA! Oren and I match and I didn't even realize it until just now. Both wearing black shorts and a camo print tank top rofl.

I think this baby has moved back up a little. I'm still getting some aches down low, but not nearly as much and reflux has kicked back up too. Also feeling more pushing up in to my lungs which is causing some shortness of breath. Down low... up high... it all sucks at this point :\

I'm gonna have to stop taking these iron pills too b/c they are causing some seriously bad nausea now. Eating first, eating after... neither works to relieve it. Just have to wait it out and hope it passes quick.

I'm feeling mostly fine though. Didn't really get the cleaning done that I wanted yesterday. Did the dishes and washed some laundry, but that was it.
Kids started acting up and it sucked the life right out of me lol.... sigh.

Man.. the storms here have been rough the past couple of days. Thankfully my area has been spared the worst of it, but other areas haven't been so lucky. Flooding, lightening strikes. Scary as heck.
Thought we were going to get blasted by a bad storm last night. Lightening like crazy with almost no pause in between the flashes. Some close hits, but nothing too close.

Sigh... my stomach needs to settle down already....

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ah.. napping is so nice!

Managed to get in an hour nap! WOO!
Apparently in that time, Zoe decided that she wanted to change out of her clothes and in to a Minnie Mouse swimsuit lol. Ok then.
Girl.. wear whatever you want. You let me sleep :P lol
She still needs to clean her room up though. Sigh...
When did I straighten it up? Last week? Well.. I guess a week to destroy it again isn't so bad. Better than 2 days it takes for the living room.
It's just getting her to clean for more than a minute that is challenging. Been getting her to pick up everything ALL day long. So frustrating but she's not even 4 yet. Her attention span isn't the best :P

Doing some cleaning today.
Went to the grocery store this morning to pick up some junk food. Yep.. seriously :P
The store has a buy 5 and save X amount deal going on. Wasn't sure when it ended and their new weekly deals starts on Wednesdays so I wanted to get more ice cream cone things while they were still on sale. :D
Just doing that little bit has caused some aching, but not too bad.
I'm going to aggravate it though b/c damnit.. I'm getting our room vacuumed at least and getting the bassinet cleaned off.
Need to wash everything on it.

I'm sure I'll be in some pain later, but I barely do anything and it's driving me crazy! I want to clean and straighten up!
Work with me body... work with me!

Carpal Tunnel?

So my right hand has been hurting at night for the last couple of days.
Didn't think much of it until this morning. Had thought I was just laying on it weird or something, but I'm thinking it's probably carpal tunnel?
My hands look fatter, but I think that's just b/c of the weight I've gained lol. I don't think they're swollen at all and during the day, that hand feels fine. It's just at night when I lay down that it starts to ache.
From what I've read, that's pretty normal b/c all of the extra fluid my body has been holding on to redistributes and can end up in my hand causing the aching.
And also, since I can't do much except sit here on my computer, I'm using that hand a lot to click on the mouse so I'm sure that's not helping matters either.
Think I'm going to have to start popping tylenol before bed to help with the pain.
Woke up this morning around 4 and couldn't get back to sleep b/c of the pain in my hand.

Also couldn't get back to sleep b/c I had a super hormonal mom moment and made myself cry lol.
Just started thinking about the movie Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. If you haven't seen it... I think it's on instant watch on Netflix. It's such a bittersweet movie and for some reason, my brain went to it and I just started thinking about what I would do if something like that happened.
How I'd feel so devastated that my kids wouldn't grow up and what I would want to do for them before the end and blahblahblah.
Yeah... thinking about all of that made me ugly cry in bed and prevented me from getting back to sleep lol.

Oh... Oren is awake. Gotta go.... will probably be back later to post about more random stuff ;) heh

Monday, August 1, 2016

Still a go!

For the 12th that is.
My BP was still high at 160something over 90something, but it really is just my nerves IMO. I feel totally fine in the BP department any other time, but as soon as I step in to the doc office, I can feel my anxiety go crazy which makes my BP go crazy.

Doctor wasn't too concerned though since I haven't been having any other symptoms that would indicate a problem.
And yeah.... that was it....

Feeling a little bummed but also happy too. Will still be shocked if baby stays put until then.

That was a new sensation

This weekend DRAGGED. Good thing though. I thought the weekend was going to go by quick lol.
Saturday sucked though. It started off fine enough, but we went to Sam's first to get our real membership cards. Took FOREVER b/c their computer system kept messing up.
That about killed me once that was finally done and we started walking around. Just ache city. Didn't even get to look around as much as we wanted :(

Then we went to Walmart to pick up some things I wanted. Didn't even get everything b/c I was so distracted by how much pain I was in.
We did find some good deals on some Monster High type of dolls though. They were on clearance for only $5!! That's super cheap for any toy nowadays. Bought 2 for Zoe for Christmas and 2 for niece. Of course Oren had to pull one out and Zoe saw it and kept asking for it. Thankfully she seems to have forgotten about it, so hopefully it will still be a surprise by Xmas :)

But yeah... I forgot to get more compression socks, lanolin, nursing pads and.... think there was something else too but.. brain not functioning.
We did get a lot of other stuff though so not a total waste of time lol.

THEN we had to go grocery shopping. Holy moly... I was beyond miserable by then. I had to keep going though b/c if I had sat down.. I don't think it would've made anything better.

By the time we got home.... I was just done. I was hurting so much and could barely move for the rest of the day. Should've taken some tylenol but oh well.

Oh we also got Oren another haircut after Sam's. Thankfully I could sit there though and it didn't take long. It's not a great haircut but he looks adorable anyway lol.

Thankfully Sunday.. I was feeling much better. Not being able to move much on Saturday so being forced to rest actually helped me recover.
But there was one moment when I got up to get some food.... tremendous amount of pressure right in my vag. It didn't hurt at all and wasn't even uncomfortable... it was just super low down pressure. I swear, it felt like if I pushed at all, baby would've come out. Or if I had felt down there, I would've felt the baby's head right there.
I'm sure it was actually the baby. It was just such a weird sensation, especially since there was no pain with it. It lasted for maybe only a minute before easing up and I haven't felt it since then.

Bought a lot of food just in case my c-sec is bumped up.
But I'm kind of doubting it will be.
I feel fine other than the normal aches and pains. My feet and ankles aren't getting as swollen as they were. I think from the knee down is actually getting swollen, it's just difficult to tell when it's that whole area and when it's not that bad.

Anyway... we'll see what happens today. My appointment isn't until 3 so it's gonna be a long wait.

Even if my c-sec is still on for the 12th... I still highly doubt baby is going to wait until then. But hey.. ya never know :)

In just a week... Zoe is going to be 4!! My goodness, time sure does fly. If I'm still in the hospital.. we'll probably do a little something the next weekend. If not, then we'll do something on the 6th or 7th with her :) Not sure if DH took it off or not.
We're not planning anything huge anyway. Just presents and some cake and maybe Mcdonalds since she loves getting happy meals like every other child out there lol.
Need to wrap all of her presents up that we're giving her. Think we're going to save a few of them for Christmas.
We're still planning on getting her and Oren a motorized car which is $400. DH is determined that that is going to be the only gift, but yeah... that's not the case so far lol. Now we're not going to be getting them a ton of other stuff, but we gotta get them a few other things.. like the Monster High dolls and whatever else. Definitely won't be anything else expensive.

Anywho... 4 years old. Gosh, she's getting so big and I'm sure that attitude is going to get bigger too lol. Oh well... she's a good child... even with the whining and tude ;) lol

And yeah... that's it for now. Will try to update on what's going to happen after my appointment.