Friday, January 29, 2016

Not so bad.....

So yesterday was the first day I had to watch my niece. It went down how I thought it would, but wasn't too bad. She and Zoe both got in trouble some, but overall, they both did ok.
Good lord is my niece hard headed though and she has ignoring down to a damn science.
I wanted to bash my head against a brick wall trying to get her to pick up after herself. Zoe did great and did as she was told, but her cousin... UUUUUGH. I had to stand over her and constantly repeat for her to pick up the toys she wasn't playing with. Girl is going to get it that her Aunt aint playing around and isn't gonna take her crap lol.

It's past 10:30 now and she is sleeping on the couch. Once her mom left, she said her tummy hurt and kinda faceplanted on to the couch. I put a blanket over her and she went right to sleep. Not complaining at all. She can sleep for however long she wants. Had to keep Oren from pulling her hair but Zoe has been good at keeping quiet and letting her sleep :)

Did I mention that Oren is clapping a little now? I know I mentioned the waving, but he's kind of figured out clapping now too. :) It's so cute watching him grow up. I just love it. Loved it with Zoe, love it with him and will love it with this new one. It's just so fun watching your kids discover all of these things that you just don't notice any longer.

Have I mentioned that if all goes well... my kids are going to be spaced out exactly (by month) how DH and his siblings are spaced out AND if this is a girl.. then that will be the same too.. girl, boy, girl. lol I think that's kind of fun and neat :)
I do kind of want another girl b/c I just love my Zoe so much, but gosh.. another boy would be just as awesome too. Plus having another boy would balance the girl/boy ratio a bit lol. Well... not really. My brother has 2 girls and 1 boy. Sil has 1 girl, older SiL is having a girl.... I have a girl, and then Oren.... so yeah... 5/2 right now :P
I know older SiL wants more. When she was going through Zoe's old clothes she said she was going to hold on to the boy stuff just in case she has a boy (after this one).
Anywho... DH wants another boy b/c he doesn't want Oren to go through what he did. Most of his cousins are girls so he was kind of alone and not as close to them as his sisters were. I don't want that for Oren :( Even if this is another girl, I just hope all my kids are really close.

UGH.... I'm about to unfollow one of the women in Oren's DD group. She is an anti-vaxxer and keeps posting up stupid ass anti-vax BS 'facts'. Really wish I could call her out on her bullshit, but people like that are so far in to that crap that you could show them the undeniable truth about something and they wouldn't listen. Just.... UGH...

I threw up yesterday. I had just gotten done eating and went to check on the girls b/c they had been in the bathroom for a while. That was a HUGE mistake b/c niece had just gotten done taking a poop in the potty and boy did it stink! I instantly started gagging while trying to make sure she wiped her butt and ran out and threw up in the kitchen sink. Even thinking about it now is making me gag.
Yeah... morning sickness still here strong.
It's funny though b/c it doesn't usually start until I start making my breakfast. I get hungry... get up to start cooking, start getting whatever and that's when the nausea starts. WTF? o_O
So going by that and how strong it still is... I think baby is doing ok in there. I am still worried though.
I know I said I wasn't going to use doppler again but I have a couple more times. Not as much as I was before, but I still use it to try to find baby. I think baby might be just under my giant fat roll so that's not going to help finding baby lol.
Gosh, I just hope this little peanut is ok in there. Please be ok.

And finally....
I still haven't gotten photos off the camera yet. I remembered that I still needed to post photos of Oren in that stitch outfit and those are on the camera. I'm gonna be busy sewing this weekend so may not get the chance, but if I have a minute I'll try to remember to do that :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Uuuuuugh, 2 weeks!!!!

MiL and FiL are flying out to Cali today to visit with SiL and be there when she gives birth. Since she has GD, they're not letting her go over 40w so if nothing by Sunday, she'll be induced then, so her baby should be born sometimes between now and probably Monday or Tuesday. SO happy for her and can't wait to see what her little girl looks like :D SHe's going to be such an amazing mom.

Her and her husband were supposed to be moving to Chicago on Feb 12th. Yeah.... that soon after the baby and she was going to be driving. Yikes. Not sure if that's still going to happen. I think his transfer was delayed b/c he failed sometime so it's not going to be that soon, but still too soon after she gives birth. Just hope however the baby comes.. she heals up quick so the trip there isn't so bad.

But.... now I'm stuck babysitting my demon niece that MiL usually watches for the 2w while they're gone. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

She's coming over tomorrow and I'm dreading it already. Zoe's going to love it, but uuuuuuuuuuuuugh. I'm going to have to watch them like a hawk. Zoe knows what she's not supposed to get in to, but my niece... she doesn't give a shit. From the stories MiL tells of what she does.... I'm not going to have a moments rest.
This is going to suck..... SUCK!!!!!
Need to clean up. Or more like put stuff up that she could get her hands on.

OOO bought my first couple of swathes of reduced price fabric yesterday lol. We went out to eat with inlaws and then went to Walmart after. Had to look at their fabric and found just 2 that I liked. This super pink stuff and some soft greyish colored stuff. Now I need to come up with a design for what I wanted to do so I can try to create it :D
If I can figure it out and make a bunch of different designs... I'm going to start selling them on etsy. Would love to bring in a little bit of income to help out.

Oren started waving :D It only started just a couple days ago. He only does it sometimes, but gets so happy when he does do it. It's adorable :D He clapped a couple of times today too. Yay :D
He's getting so big.
Need to get him off his paci so much though. Can already tell that his teeth shape is growing in to that thumbsucker shape. Zoe's was doing the same too, but we started weaning her off of her paci a bit more before taking it away cold turkey. He likes his paci and uses it all the time, but also doesn't seem like he really needs it to fall asleep. He just likes it.... if that makes any sense.

Also got him down to 2 bottles of 3oz at night. He doesn't get upset anymore when that amount is gone so I think it's time to reduce it again to 2.5. Slowly but surely.
I fed him once last night. He woke up again at around 4am, but for some reason I got it in to my head to just give him his paci instead. He cried for about 30sec then went back to sleep and didn't wake again until 7am. I think that's a win in my book :D lol

Alrighty... gonna screw around a bit more on the net and then finish up these curtain things for DH.
Frickin didn't send us our entire order. DH ordered something like 36yards of fabric and they only sent half. He had to call them and get them to send more, but it probably won't be sent until Thursday at the earliest. That's why we went to Walmart. He needed something cheap to use in place of the fabric until that came in. So we bought some cheap sheets. lol... 
Did I mention why he needs it?
Him and a few others are doing interviews starting Friday and there will be 4 interviews going on at the same time in one giant room. He wanted them all to be seperated and as private as possible so he bought some pipe and the fabric to make barriers.
All I gotta say is that his job better pay him back for all of the crap he bought for this. It was NOT cheap.

Monday, January 25, 2016

No more morning sickness please

Uuuuuuugh... this morning was rough and it came out of nowhere.
Morning sickness has been getting better, but not today it seems. Just the thought.. the THOUGHT of something smelling bad triggered it hard and I started to wretch in the kitchen sink. Thankfully I hadn't eaten anything yet (was just about to cook), but that sucks too b/c my body just kept trying to make something/anything come up.

Ya know.... I had sympathy for women that had morning sickness before, but now... I get it. I get how miserable it can get. And heck.. mine is still mild in comparison to what a lot of women go through. It's just now.. I've gotten a glimpse of it and it SUCKS lol

But on a more positive note...

Oren slept almost through the night last night! WOO!! Put him down at 6:30, and he didn't wake up until just after 5!! I kept waking up at the times he usually wakes, but being able to go back to sleep was so so nice lol. And it was close enough to when DH gets up for work so he got up and fed him. Yeeeeeeees.
Now if Oren would just keep doing this... that would be great! But I'm sure this was a fluke and he'll be back to his usual sleep habits... /sob

Alrighty.. going to try to catch a quick nap while Oren naps. Even though I got more sleep last night.. I woke up super tired.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Before I forget again

Here are some pics before I forget to post them again lol... I'm sure there are some that I'm still forgetting that I said I would post... but oh well... these are the ones off my phone... will do the camera later :P

First up... Zoe with her MLP puzzle she completed all on her own :)

Outside with the kids and Oren not looking very amused lol

Sweet moment with the kiddos. Zoe is getting a little more annoyed with him sometimes.. and vice versa, but man do they love eachother. Hope they adore their new sibling just as much :)

And finally Oren in his Big Brother onesie that I made him. I just took a comic poster I found on google and added the letters over it in an art program then erased the background. Wasn't that difficult and really happy with ho it came out :)


Morning sickness is a little better. It's worse some days and better others.
It's getting a lot more achy laying slightly on my stomach. I haven't actually slept on my stomach in... gosh... 2? 3? years now, but I do hug up on a pillow and kinda lean and that is causing some serious aching in the uterus region.

I did try the Doppler a couple of times since I last posted and still can't find anything. Boo. Little worried but trying to remind myself that baby is still tiny, I'm still fat and that doesn't add up to finding the heartbeat easy lol. Ill be 12w this coming Friday and appointment is on the following Tuesday. Come on baby... be ok!

It snowed a little bit on Saturday morning. YAY. I know that's not a big deal, especially for those up north lol, but here it's always a big deal. It didn't stick in this area at all, but it was still so pretty to see.
Just annoyed that this winter has been so warm and it's supposed to be warming up some this week and maybe next. Think one day it's supposed to get to 70. WTF??? So we got like... 2 weeks total worth of actual semi winter weather. Booooo
I don't like cold feet, but it's so nice to snuggle up under a blanket to get warm.
Guess I shouldn't complain too much... poor Oren is getting sick again b/c he keeps kicking his blanket off and his room gets super cold. SO I supposed warmer weather will be good for him.

OO I got a sewing machine! YAY!
Only got it b/c DH wanted me to sew him some curtain things for work (using them as barriers so they can do multiple interviews in the same room). BUt hey... once I'm done with that... I can use it for whatever I want. So excited to come up with stuff to make.
Already have a great idea that I think could sell well if I think up some cute designs. Muahahaha Would be great for kids rooms and nurseries :D I'm sure it's already been done, but oh well.. I'll just pretend for now that I'm the first to think of it :P lol
Will have to buy more fabric, but looks like most places have those little precut things which would work fine. Plus I could work with felt at first and that stuff is dirt cheap.

Think there may have been something else I wanted to mention but can't remember now.
Oh well.. this has already been a long post. If I think of it, I'll post again :D

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Freaking out some....

Still no heartbeat on the doppler. Yes, I know I'm still pretty early and I am fat so that's not helping matters, but it's freaking me out a little too.
I'm sure they'll probably do doppler on my next appointment but that's still 2 weeks away.
I think I'm going to stop using the doppler until after the appointment b/c all it's doing is stressing me out.
There was a weird moment when I used it today. I was pressing on an area that I thought I was hearing something and suddenly, I felt and heard a quick tap on the doppler probe. Not sure what that was, but maybe it was the baby?  Not sure how possible that is since baby is pretty tiny though lol... so it could've been... who knows what.

Anyway, so yeah.... putting away the aloe and the doppler until after the appointment.
Just really hoping everything is ok.

Oh I didn't mention that the doctor's office had me sign something new this time. Apparently, a lot of women are going in and wanting to do homebirth (UGH).... so they're now having women sign a form saying that they understand that none of the OBs work with ANY midwives or do homebirths and something else I can't remember.
Just... wow. It actually makes me a little upset that so many risk it for some stupid birth fantasy they've read about on the internet. But whatever.... I just hope that the women who do choose to do it have a very uncomplicated birth and mom and baby come out unscathed and healthy.

  U G H, I wante d to type out more but asy ou ca n seehere, my      keyboard i s  act ing up an d is  a piece o f shit.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

We broke the news

We told everyone on Friday that I'm pregnant again. We bought some printer ink on Amazon so I was waiting to get that so I could print off the letters and whatnot so I could make Oren's onesie that says Big Brother on it (I'll post some photos later....... I promise! heh)
That came in like an hour before DH got home so I had to really hurry with cutting them all out with an Xacto knife.
Anyway... it turned out cute.
It's cold out though so we obviously put a jacket on him figuring that when we went out to dinner, someone would take it off as they usually do.
NOPE not this time lol. Figures.
MiL was holding him and asked who got him the jacket. She couldn't remember if she got it or if aunt did. She did unzip it but didn't actually look at the onesie. /facepalm
DH played it cool and eventually asked "Who got him that onesie?" which of course made MiL open the jacket up more and she read what it said. She just got a look of pure shock on her face and looked at us and asked "Really?" Aunt was right over her shoulder and totally didn't get it until MiL actually asked us if we're pregnant again lol.
It was a cute moment all around though. :)

Oh I also ordered this cute Not-Stitch costume thing for SiL's baby. But I ordered it in 18m so I could put it on Oren plus when her baby is that big it should be cold where they are so she'll get use out of it.
It's SO frickin cute!! I say Not-Stitch b/c it looks like Stitch from Lilo & Stitch but it's not official Disney gear.
It's just so cute though. Cutest part is this little nub on the butt that's the tail and holy crap it's adorable!! Will have to get some photos and post those along with everything else I've been meaning to post but haven't yet :P lol

Oren has figured out our little janky 'fence' to keep him in the living room and keeps pulling it up and out of his way so he can escape and explore lol. I wouldn't mind if he roamed around, but there are too many unsafe things we need to move before that happens. Plus don't need him playing in the pets' water like Zoe did and still does :P

Morning sickness has been staying pretty steady. It's worse than previous 2 pregnancies, but still not too bad in comparison to a lot of women. Saturday.. I definitely would've thrown up before we went grocery shopping if I had eaten something. Sucks when your body wants to vomit, but there's nothing there to come out so your body just keeps heaving.

I've been trying to find the HB on the doppler. No luck so far. Boo :( I'm sure my giant fat pooch doesn't help anything.
I'm pretty sure I've found the placenta, but no baby yet. That's ok, but I'll be a lot more relieved once I am able to find it.
I dunno why, but I'm feeling a lot more paranoid this time around. Well, I was paranoid with Zoe since it was my first, but this time...there's that feeling that something could be wrong and I just want to make sure everything is ok.
Told DH that I want to get the blood test done. He's ok with it. They're going to be taking blood for everything else, might as well get this done too. It won't change anything, but I just want it done for peace of mind and to be prepared just in case.

Anywho, cutting this short... gotta go out :D

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More stuff

I have appointments up until I'm 24w scheduled already.
My next at 12w is Feb 2nd. Think that one is just talking with the doctor and getting some bloodwork done. DH thinks we're gonna have to tell people sooner since I'll have to take the kids to granny's.
Oh and I have to do the glucose test at my 24w appointment. Feels like it's sooner this time? I can't even remember. At least they do other stuff to pass that hour scheduling the rest of my appointments. EEP! Just makes it feel like there's not that much time left even though there is.

Just so relieved that baby is ok. I kinda want to do that blood genetic testing thing. We didn't do it the 2 previous times, but I dunno.... I just want to make sure everything is ok and if it's not.. I want to be prepared.
Will have to talk to DH about that some more.

Morning sickness has gotten a little worse. No actual vomiting but the nausea is worse and I just stay nauseous for a good chunk of the morning and it comes back at night sometimes now too. It's still not too bad though so I can't complain too much about it. Could be a lot worse :)
Also starting to get more aches down below. Guess it's RLP. Also still not bad though. Usually only happens at night when I'm turning in bed or I get up too quick.

But yeah... overall I feel ok. Just ok..... heh. Wish my sleep was better, but that's not a pregnancy thing.. that's just my own problem with sleep.

I think once I am in 2nd tri... we're going to have to start seriously planning on what we're gonna do. If we're going to trade in to get a mini-van... start moving the crap from the room we're going to make in to the baby's room... etc.
Right now that room is full of exercise equipment. One of them being this big giant thing I wanted with a 100lb punching bag on it. Yeah... that's gonna be fun for DH to move.... not. I think we should store it at his parent's land (they have a big building they hoard crap in.... seriously).... but DH wants to keep it bc he says he'll use it. Uh huh... we'll see.
He has started exercising again though which I'm really proud of him for doing. It hasn't been consistent since his job is making him work overtime but he does it when he can.

Oh and apparently DH has some kind of pharmaceutical conference thing in Vegas this Dec. Yeah........
And once that's over with, he wants to go visit with his friend who lives in..... Wisconsin? i think for like a week. Seriously dude?
I mean, I'll probably be fine with 3 kids, but for 2 weeks alone? UUUUUUUUUUUGH. Just the thought of it makes me ill. I'm going to be SO GD tired and irritated by the time he gets home if he does decide to visit then. He's gonna owe me BIG.

Anyway.... I lost track of what I wanted to say. Lol oops..... so yeah... hope everyone is having a great week so far! Is it Friday yet?? Not that that makes much difference when you have kids..... :P

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

First appointment!

Finally... the day has come! lol

Lets just cut to the chase here...

Everything looked great :) WHEW!
Baby was measuring 9w4d which puts my due date at August 12th. The exact date that I estimated lol.
Baby's heartrate was 183 so.. going by old wives tale... it's another girl. DH has been saying it's another girl for a while now... so we'll see..... in 30w. Ugh!
Time to start looking up more girl names though ;)

Baby looked great though. It's head down in the pic :)

One we reveal the news to everyone... I'm def going to hav to drop the kids off at granny's. Zoe was just all over the place there and with the usual long waits... her 3yo patience can't handle it lol.

Okedoke... gotta cut this short. Oren is being a fussy butt :)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Rambles and such

Seems as though right after I posted the last time, the morning sickness kicked up a notch lol. Not a whole lot. It's still pretty mild, but random things are making me nauseated. Also liquid right after eating is still causing me problems and I have to fight very hard not to vomit.
Like I had some cereal today. Felt totally fine while eating it, but as soon as I started drinking the milk after... I couldn't finish b/c I was going to upchuck everything if I did. And I can't remember to not drink immediately after eating b/c that's what I always do so I do it out of habit. SIGH!

I also woke up last night feeling like I was going to throw up and the nausea hasn't let up since. Thankfully no puking so far, but yeah, there have been a few close calls.

Oren had his appointment today. Got one shot and he did great with it. Cried for not even a second then just gave the nurse a dirty look lol.

I can't remember exacts and don't have the paper in front of me, but he's growing great. Short but chunk with a big head lol.
33% for height, 89% for head circumference, and 85% for weight :)
He's chunky, but he doesn't look that chunk to me. Well... his legs are pretty chubby and adorable, but overall, he's not a little Michelin man running around or anything :P lol

His sleep has been kinda crappy the last 2 nights. Waking up a little more than usual. Still reducing the amount of formula he's getting in the middle of the night. At 3.5oz right now. Will stick with that for a few more days then go down again. Just really hope it works. He wasn't really happy about the 3.5 last night but only whined just for a few seconds before going to sleep.
Just think I need to give it a few more days inbetween reductions.

Zoe was so proud of herself today and so am I. She put together her MLP puzzle all by herself. I did have to help her out in figuring out what comes next and to look back at the box to look at the picture, but once she understood, along with lots of whining, she put it all together :)
I took a photo of her laying next to it lol. Will post that later. She wanted to leave it until DH got home so she could show him :)

Ok looking back at when I could've ovulated... I think I'm about 9w along which means due date will be around August 12th give or take a few days. Will get that answer tomorrow if everything looks ok. Really hope so. Even though the thought of having a 3rd freaks me out (even though I wanted it)... having something wrong scares me more. Just want a healthy little gummy bear.

Ok... started on The Leftovers.... someone tell me this show gets better b/c damn is it super frickin annoying and boring so far. Well, the whole premise is interesting which is why we've made it to episode 4 or 5, but overall the characters just really suck. Especially that bratty emo daughter and all of her asshole POS friends that like playing screwed up version of spin the bottle. And that white wearing crazy smoking cult. Now...what happened to that one woman was awful, but dang do they all suck so far. If you want to be all uninterested and don't want to waste their breath caring... fine, but breaking in to people's homes and doing their BS protesting. Come on now.
I'll watch the rest, but only b/c I'm really hoping for some answers.... or just something good to happen..... like that daughter getting a swift smack across her head.....

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Just a couple more days...

Uuuuugh... just a couple more days for the appointment. I just want to know everything is ok and I would really like to know my due date and just how far along I am. It's actually kind of surprising how I'm not obsessing that much about it. I guess having 2 small children already REALLY helps with distracting from it.

I did throw up yesterday. It was only just a tiny amount. I had just finished eating, felt fine, drank some water. Felt fine and then that feeling suddenly appeared out of nowhere and BOOM! I wretched right back in to the bowl I was using (gross I know but there wasn't any time to get to the bathroom), and threw up the water I had just drank. I heaved one more time, but felt fine after that. Yuck.

I wouldn't say morning sickness is worse this time since I feel fine most of the time, but when that feeling hits, it hits pretty hard. I'm having some aversions to food. It's nothing in particular, but anything at that moment I feel is gross makes me seriously have a gag attack. Like today, it was the leftover steak in the fridge... and of course once DH found out, he started waving it around teasing me with it making me gag even more. Bleh lol.


Alrighty, cutting this short. Gotta start binge watching The Leftovers now that we can watch it.
We're finally caught up on Game of Thrones and if they keep HBONow.. we'll be able to watch it along with everyone else so don't have to avoid spoilers that long lol. YAY!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

When was the last time?

I can't even remember the last time I posted. Sorry for the few who still pop in every once in a while lol.

We're letting Zoe watch videos on the laptop b/c little Miss Butterfingers dropped my kindle on the kitchen floor and it totally shattered the screen. Can't touch it without fear of it cutting you :\
So yeah.... we're not letting her touch DH's tablet. It was bound to happen, still sucks though. We need a kid friendly case for these things. Lesson learned.
And yeah... I blog on here since the wireless keyboard for my PC is a POS. First time I've been able to get on... or well... first time when I got on and wasn't binge watching something.

SiL and my brother got HBONow and shared their pw with us. WOO! We have 2 seasons of GoT to catch up on. Only have a few more episodes left to be caught up and glad we'll be able to see it when it comes out too. I've had everything pretty much spoiled for me already so meh. Hard to stay away from spoilers when it's for something a year or more old lol.

I threw up the other day. I ate a ramen on Sunday for breakfast. Absolutely no warning that I was going to be sick before I could feel it coming up. Threw up half of it. Yuck. Also got that gawd awful feeling when I wretched where it felt like every nerve in my body was on fire. It doesn't happen every time thank goodness, but on a particularly strong heave it does.

Symptoms have been pretty mild though. I haven't been sleeping that well. Just can't get and stay comfortable, but don't think that's pregnancy related. Just shitty sleep.
Morning sickness seems to have let up just a little. I do get nauseated if I don't eat or if I eat too much, but it's been pretty mild. No constant gagging or anything. SO yeah... I can't complain too much.
It does have me a little worried to be honest. I just want the appointment to get here already.

Oren and Zoe are good. Both have a cold AGAIN. Thankfully it doesn't seem to be as bad as the ones before it. And I try to avoid being coughed in the face, but with kids this young, that's almost impossible lol.

Oren hasn't stood/walked on his own yet. He likes cruising, but still hasn't built up the courage or confidence or whatever to try walking. That is totally fine with me. His appointment is on Monday. Can't wait to see how much he weighs. :D Poor guy is probably going to get a few vaccinations though. Not gonna be fun.

Zoe is well. My munchkin keeps getting bigger with a bigger attitude lol. She is a good kid though. She's not perfect obviously, but we lucked out with her ;) lol I think Oren is going to be a much bigger handful than she was/is.
She's good though... just wish she would stop being such a picky eater though. Girl is tiny b/c she doesn't want real food. I can't starve the girl so I just end up giving her the best option we have. She does like apples and broccoli, so there's that at least lol.

Binge watching Nurse Jackie on Netflix right now. Really good show but dang... the main character is really hard to like. Just the constant lying is just... UGH.
I don't understand how people can get addicted to Percocet(sp?). I hated the way it knocked me out. I don't see how people can take it and be like "Ooo yeah.. I like getting all woozy and getting knocked out and not being able to do shit." Just no. It took away the pain so yay, but ugh.. just the way it made me feel was not pleasant IMO.

Anywho... I've been rambling long enough. I doubt I'll have much to report on before my appointment so I'll probably be back next Tuesday. Maybe sooner if I feel like babbling :D