Thursday, October 30, 2014

Making himself known...

It's like the movement went from "Is that the baby?" to "Stop hitting my bladder!" in just a couple of days. Feels like just yesterday I was sitting here wondering when the heck I was going to feel movement and now here I am wishing he would hit something other than my bladder lol.
Oh I remember Zoe rubbing her giant head on my bladder in those last couple of months. That was not fun lol.
I wouldn't change it for anything though. I may say stop but I do love feeling him in there.


Yay tomorrow is Halloween! WOO! Can't wait :D Just can't wait to see Zoe out there getting us... er... I mean HER some candy ;)
She's going to love it for sure.
It's supposed to be cold though so have to remember to bundle her up.

Put her to bed (naptime) early today b/c caught her scribbling on the walls again. Thankfully it was on a painted part so the crayon washed off but still..... I guess walls are just too tempting. All that empty area has to have some color to it! lol
Couple of swats to her heavily diapered butt and off to nap time she went. I know some people are against spanking... to each their own and seriously... her behind is so padded that it didn't hurt her in the least.


About to go nap myself or at least lay down for a bit. Zoe's new "lets wake up at 6am!" routine is wearing me out!
Thankfully my throat/mouth doesn't hurt anymore. My nose didn't get quite as stuffy last night so I didn't have to mouth breath and it gave my mouth a chance to heal. Yay :)

And I know that's not it but my brain refuses to work with me.... 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Still hasn't quite sunk in yet...

Waited all this time... counted down the days... it finally happened and we finally found out and I'm still sitting here in disbelief lol.
It just hasn't sunk in yet but I know it will.

As for a name... I still think we'll be going with Bishop for the first name, but the middle name is still up in the air.
DH wants to buy a baby name book, but with all the online resources available for free.. I don't think we need to. If it helps him decide though then whatever.
I still like the name Ezra too and DH suggested the name Orin when he was joking around about giving him the initials B.O.S. lol
I thought that was pretty cute plus Orin sounds nice and isn't common. Plus it would be a cute nickname to call him Boss-man or something like that ;) heh
We'll see what happens though. Still a lot of time to pick out a good name :)

We're going to have to pick a crib soon. We have money saved up, BUT with DH's truck messing up and no telling what is wrong with it AND us planning on getting a new car next year.. we need to keep saving while paying off whatever crib/dresser we decide to get.

Plus we're going to have to find a carseat that fits the car. Don't think we're going to be so lucky with this car seat and only get away with spending $20 on one lol.
Just a lot of things here and there that's going to add up. Best to start now and slowly spend rather than doing it in one huge chunk.

We really shouldn't need a lot of clothes at first. Hit up Once Upon a Child to find a couple of cute things, like his take home outfit, but I don't think we'll need too much at first. He'll probably be snuggled up in PJs for the first few months since it will still be cold/cool.

Anywho.... symptoms... my nose getting stuffy at night really sucks b/c I have to mouth breath. My mouth is getting SO dry that it starts to hurt. I have to constantly get up to take sips of water to keep it hydrated and now the upper back part of my mouth is sore. Probably b/c I try to swallow while it's all dry so now it's irritated.

I'm not gagging as much as before thank goodness. It still hits every once in a while but it's few and far between.

Still achy but the sciatic pain seems to have let up for now.

I'm feeling baby boy a little more frequently. Still not a lot though but I feel him at least once or twice a day. It's still a very faint feeling and it's usually the feeling of him playing Punch the bladder!

I've been SO tired. Even though I am waking up a lot, I feel like I've been sleeping better, but just feeling so worn out lately.

Still craving Dr Pepper like no ones business. Was going to go out and get some today but of course DH's truck just had to mess up so he took the car. Boooo lol.
I think that's been it for cravings though... at least within the last few days. All food still sounds good, but nothing in particular stands out.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Other information

So excited over the Boy news that I forgot everything else lol.

So my doctor (the one that performed my first c-sec) asked me if I was going to try for vbac or just do a repeat. I told her I was leaning more towards just doing a repeat. She was perfectly fine with it. I'm sure it makes it easier on everyone knowing exactly when baby is going to arrive heh.
I'm fine with that decision too. Don't really look forward to being sliced open again but meh... not like I could feel it and hopefully recovery will be easier.

Also, she told me that my next appointment is the 1hr glucose test... kinda bleh, but she did tell me that if I fail it, that I don't have to do the 3hr one if I don't want to and would just start monitoring my sugars right away. WOO!
I mean obviously I don't want to get GD, but I probably will have it. It's just nice to know that I won't have to do that dang 3hr test again if I don't want to. I also asked if I would have to take that stupid diet class again. She didn't seem to fully know what I was talking about but she said probably not.
I really hope not.

Uuuuhm what else.... baby boy was head down. I guess that's a good thing even though I'm sure he probably changes positions a lot since he's still tiny and has a lot of room.
He was weighing in at about 11oz.
Like the doctor said, he was a little behind in size... from what I saw when she was measuring his femurs, he was coming in at 19w5d. IF we were going by my ovulation date... I would've only been 19w3d yesterday so he would've been right on track. Again, I'm not that worried about it since I know there is that difference.
It does make me wonder if they'll want to wait to do the c-section closer to 40w if he continues to measure a little behind my LMP like that.
We'll see.
The doctor did tell me that it could just be they caught him right before a growth spurt *shrugs* I really wish they would put in my medical history that I ovulated late so they wouldn't be so concerned with it, but I guess better safe than sorry.

UGH, my weight was 208!! That is up a whopping 8lbs from my last appointment. We did eat breakfast before we went but still... 8lbs!! WTF? Oh well... just have to keep an eye on that.

Uuuuhm.. and I think that was it.
I'm still in shock that we're having a boy (hell still can't believe i'm pregnant again sometimes lol). Just feel so lucky that everything is ok and that we even have this again.

So... now that we know... time to start crafting some stuff up! Have a lot of work to do and not that much time to do it!

Monday, October 27, 2014

More u/s photos

No loot from Old Navy. I couldn't tell what was on sale and what wasn't :\ May order some stuff online.

Did I mention that I burst in to tears as soon as she confirmed it was a boy? lol As soon as she said it, I looked over at DH, saw his huge smile and then the waterworks started lol

Anywho, here are some more photos. No fantastic shots but oh well. He's healthy in there which is all that matters.

Frontal face shot... duh ;)

Thought this was pretty cool when she was doing it. Wish she had gotten a better shot of it though b/c you could see his nose and mouth in really great detail. That's his ribcage below the mouth/chin.

Almost a profile... oh well :P

He didn't want to cooperate getting his heart rate measured. The tech eventually got it though :)

And another potty shot ;)

And the results are *drumroll*


Excuse my French but...


She put the probe on my stomach and as soon as I saw those legs, I saw the turtle. I wasn't sure at first though, but she confirmed it with a really good potty shot.
He's looking great though.
He is measuring a little behind for my LMP, but going by ovulation he would be measuring a couple of days ahead.
I'm not worried about it and they weren't either. BUT b/c of that I am getting another ultrasound at my 28w appointment. Not complaining... another chance to see our little dude :)
Everything else looked great. 

Still though... HOLY CRAP!! lol We had just convinced ourselves it was another girl and then BAM! There's a penis! O_O
Can't believe we're having a boy.... oh my goodness.

Didn't get great shots during the u/s. Have them on a disk. Will look through it later. About to head to Old Navy to look some baby clothes! ;)

Today's the day!

I'd still be sleeping right now if it wasn't for that darn dog!
HA how much did that sound like a Scooby Do (doo?) villain :P

Seriously though, DH got up, let them out then decided to pop his headphones on to exercise. Nevermind that one of our stupid dogs was outside barking at 5:30am.
So pissed off b/c 1... I was trying to get back to sleep and 2... that's all we would need is one of our neighbors complaining about our dog barking that early.

Anyway so it's 6:45 right now and yeah... just waiting. My appointment isn't until 9 this morning. May go lay down... hopefully Zoe sleeps in a little bit or maybe I can snooze on the way there. We'll see.
So nervous and excited though.

We're both leaning towards this one being a girl. I still don't have a strong intuition or anything.. maybe a slight gut feeling now, but that could just be excitement.

This LO was having fun kicking the hell out of my bladder last night though. Those were the strongest kicks I've felt so far. Was laying on my left side and I needed to pee but didn't want to get up. Guess baby didn't like a full bladder resting on them and they started going to town on it until I got up lol.

SQUEEEE ok... gonna go lay down. I'll be back with results!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Boo at the zoo

Last night was pretty fun, but I doubt we'll do it again unless Zoe asks to go when she's older.

SO many people. You think.. 2000... ok that's a lot but not THAT many. No... it's a lot.... and all of those people congregating in a few areas.... it's too much lol.
It wasn't bad though but disappointing. I was expecting there to be a lot more going on w/ a lot more booths and whatnot handing out candy and stuff for the kids, but they were very few and far between. I did like that they were giving out stuff other than candy. Found that nice and Zoe will have fun coloring the stuff she got, but for the price everyone pays to get it and the booths being sponsored... they could afford to give out just a little more.

Anyway, Zoe had fun which is what really matters. She loved going up to the booths and getting stuff, especially the candy. She is a candy junkie. Every day she asks for candy and every day I have to tell her no lol.
She really liked seeing all of the kids and people. Think she was a little overwhelmed but she was still enjoying herself.

So glad we didn't go with the obvious Halloween costume for her. There were a couple of super hero girls which I thought was great, but there were SOOOOOOOOOO many princesses and Elsas. SOOOOOOO MANY! lol

Anywho, overall it was fun but like I said, I don't think we'll go back unless she asks to go. Just not really worth the money to drive all the way out there and the limited amount of things to do in the place.
She would've had just as much fun at the trunk or treat thing DH's aunt's church was doing.

She's going to have a blast on Halloween though. She was not shy about getting that candy!

Anywho... here are some photos from last night :)
Oh DH and I decided not to wear our masks last night. The eyeholes in mine are way too small and he still can't figure out how to work his mask w/ his glasses.