Wednesday, August 23, 2017

First day of school

Zoe's first day of school was yesterday :)
Everything seems ok so far. She's still not wanting to go to bed early and when I got her up this morning and told her she had to get up for school, her reply to me was "again?" lol
Child.. you have at least 12 more years of school.. and then you're going to always have dreams and nightmares about it forever and ever.
Seriously.. I still have dreams about not remembering my locker combination or not doing homework. WTH?? lol

Seems like a nice school too. Only thing that's a little bad about it is that they're trying to be a "health conscious" school. I mean that's not a bad thing, but not allowing parents to make cookies or cupcakes etc for the kids or not allowing certain snacks & lunches to be sent. MEH lol
I do have to park to get Zoe. We switched her from the 5point harness carseat to the regular one. Her seat still has a back on it, it's just the regular lap and shoulder strap now. She can unbuckle herself, but she can't buckle herself in so I have to park and get her.
Not a huge deal really since not that many parents do it and the parents that park actually get out of the area quicker than the line of cars waiting to get their kids.
Also drop her off early in the morning for school breakfast.
Girl needs to eat, but her picky butt comes home saying that she's only eaten some fruit and had milk. These school lunches and breakfasts are not cheap!! lol She really needs to get over her pickiness.

She's also in a class with someone that the family knows.... but doesn't really like for some reason.
I never got the hate that the inlaws show them. They talk SO much shit about them. I hate hearing it b/c what I've seen of them.. they seem like really decent people.
Like SiL was saying that the mom always compares her child to SiL's and other kids and she'll do the same with Zoe.
Yeah... So? Pretty much all parents compare. And dogging on them for "working with" the child to get them ready for school.
Again... so? I was doing that with Zoe. Granted I wasn't doing it a lot lol... but I bought her workbooks and stuff and encouraged her to write. Nothing wrong with that.
Hell... maybe we should rag on SiL and her husband for not doing anything to prepare their child for school. I bet they wouldn't like that shit now would they??
Just get tired of them talking shit about people that don't deserve it. Just shows their insecurities.

Oh and that solar eclipse was Monday... in case anyone was living under a rock lol.
We got the full eclipse here and it was pretty darn cool.
The clouds were kept at bay at home, but unfortunately for DH, at work, it was pouring rain. Sad that he didn't get to see it, but also happy that we did.
The kids thought it was neat.
And yes... Oren is wearing a skirt b/c according to Zoe.. he was a rockstar... /shrugs lol


What else....
I have no idea lol. Just living life :)

Friday, August 11, 2017

1 year old!

So... Ezra is now one. Can't believe it's been a year already! Feels like just yesterday that I was pregnant with him.
Gosh time flew by.
Took him to his 12m appointment yesterday and his ped heard a heart murmur :(
I knew something was wrong when she was taking a bit longer checking his heart beat.
She didn't seem too concerned with it, but I'm sure that's just her training kicking in to not show any worry so the parents don't freak out, but yeah.. I freaked out internally.
We're supposed to be getting a call from a cardiologist to get him an ultrasound done to check him out. Please don't let it be anything serious :(

He's perfect though. Demanding little turd lol, but he's adorable and such a happy little long as he's not hungry lol.
He's been kind of self weaning off of formula. He only gets around 4 bottles a day now and much prefers normal food.
Just having a problem getting him to drink from a sippy cup. Need to find one that he likes so we can completely ditch the bottle.

I love the serious picture. Every time I see it.. I always hear that one song.. "Hello Darkness, My old friend...." rofl

He desperately needs a haircut. I'm gonna miss his hair though whenever that happens :( It's so crazy and awesome.

Zoe did a kindergarten sneak peak yesterday. She seemed to have fun.
Not sure how much fun she'll have when she needs to wake up before 7 though. Hell.. same here. Can't wait for her to start though. Make friends, learn, just get out of the house instead of being cooped up in here all day every day.

That's it for now. Just wanted to post about Ezra before I forgot to update.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

MIA... sorry!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.
Honestly, just needed a little break from posting. Nothing major has been going on. Just life as usual :)

Today is Zoe's birthday though. She has a stomach bug. Seems to hit her in the morning, but she's fine after a little while for the rest of the day.

Can't believe my baby girl is 5yo today.
Five years old. Man..... they really do grow up so fast.

We're having hers and Ezra's birthday parties on Saturday. Gave her a few of her presents today and she's getting the bigger stuff Saturday. Also letting her cousin spend the night Friday night.

Tomorrow is Ezra's birthday. I'll post some photos of him tomorrow once I take some :)
He's not walking, but he is crawling. He can crawl crawl, but he still mostly does this army crawl thing. He gets around perfectly fine. He does pull up, but not fully on to his feet yet. I think he's only done that once and that was today lol.

What else... tomorrow I have to take Zoe to her school to get a quick test thing done for her. Not sure what they're doing.
Then on Thursday, she has a short 2hour day... preview kind of thing and parents and kids have a chance at "practicing" pickup.
I know she's gonna love school and I can't wait to hear all about her days once she starts :)

Oren is great too. Not potty trained at all, but we might start soon... ish.
He's such an emotional little toddler though. MAN.... terrible twos are no joke.
And he looks up to Zoe so so much. It's the cutest watching him with her. He wants to do everything she does... and wants everything she has/wants lol.
So much whining though... So.... Much... Whining..... like right now b/c he tried to grab something Zoe was looking at and she wouldn't give it to him. Sigh... lol

DH and I are good too. Tired but good :)
He started building his shed out back and almost has it done.

I've been doing a whole lot of nothing really. Taking care of my fish tanks and trying to keep the house from looking like a total disaster... which is a struggle lol.

We're having houseguests coming to stay with us next week. It's the friends we visited in Yellowstone. They're moving and need somewhere to stay before they can go to their new place and DH volunteered our house for them to stay in.
Hope they enjoy the smell of cat pee b/c that's what the FROG smells like b/c of the stupid cat. And the sunroom smells like a giant litterbox b/c he's an idiot that scratches the wall instead of his actual litter so his poo never gets covered and ends up stinking up the whole room.
We need to invest in an automatic litterbox thing but DH doesn't want to for some damn reason.

And I think that's about it for now.
I'm sure there are a few other things I've skipped over that I'm forgetting but that can be left for another day :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Living life

Sorry I haven't been posting much. Just haven't felt up to it.
I think that's b/c I was unknowingly taking benadryl and woo boy it was knocking me out.
I'm not used to having allergies, so I was just taking the allergy pills that I saw on our fridge. Didn't think much of it really until DH asked which bottle I was taking it from. (they're generic fyi)....
Well when I told him, he said oh.. that's benadryl.. it makes you drowsy.

Well shit.. that explains SO much then! I had been getting SO tired after taking some. I thought it was just because, but nope... the meds were kicking in and sapping me of my energy.
So yeah.... now I know lol.
I was seriously getting concerned that my thyroid was getting all wonky or something b/c I couldn't keep my eyes open no matter what I did. So phew!

In other news... the garden is coming along :D Getting lots of cucumbers off of it and the first tomatoes are starting to finally ripen. Slowly but surely!
Pic of the kids after they helped me pick some :)

Oh and as you can see... Oren got himself a haircut!
Boy did he need it! His hair was getting so long. I loved it. He has such pretty hair, but it needed to be cut. He looks so cute with his new 'do :)

Ezra is going to need a haircut soon too.

Erm what else.... weight loss is going ok. Not the greatest atm, but I'm still in it and determined :)
I did exercise yesterday finally, but holy god my lower back couldn't take it and I'm resting today. Disappointed, but I'd rather rest than hurt myself even more.
I'm gonna get back to it tomorrow though. Hopefully it won't get any worse.

Frickin dog.. Rocco (Rocko.. however you want to spell it lol) keeps wanting to chew up my shoes and it's ticking me off!!
He's already destroyed a pair of my flip flops that were expensive and I loved them!
And he keeps taking my other shoes off of the shelves they're on. Grrrrr
Stupid hard headed puppy! lol
He is still a puppy though. He's just started to lose his puppy teeth.

I cleaned the carpets in the living room and the sunroom.
I had did half of the sunroom before, but ran out of the carpet shampoo. I finally got around to cleaning it all again and yuck. That sunroom was just straight up gross.
Our backyard is just mostly weeds and dirt and of course everyone that goes back there tracks it in. The carpet was SO discolored and stained and just bleh.
Thankfully I have my big green machine and a fresh bottle of carpet shampoo.

Here's the spot in front of the backdoor. It has an all-weather mat in front of it to try to help to keep it somewhat clean, but as you can see from the before shot.. all it does it remind us how gross the rest of the floor looks lol.

And then after. You can still see the outline of where the mat goes, but BOY does my carpet cleaner do a fantastic job!!
Love it love it love it!
I love cleaning the carpets. I love seeing the stains getting sucked up. I just hate pouring out the nasty dirty water. Plus it's SUPER loud and it scares the baby, but I think he's finally getting used to the noise it makes lol.

And what else... I still haven't finished DH's father's day gift. Oops. I was going to finish it up on Friday, but he took the day off so I couldn't work on it. It's the Tuesday after Father's day and I still haven't worked on it at all. Lol... oh well. I plan on doing it tomorrow though. He has a resident party to do after work so he won't be home until probably close to 10 or so.
Hopefully the kids wont be too needy so I can spend the day finishing it up lol

Monday, June 12, 2017

I'm so tired!

Ya know what.... being a sahm is frickin tiring. Sure.. I'm not on my feet all day and I'm not having to deal with customers or any of that other crappola that others have to do... but having to deal with a 4yo and a 2yo that are super whiny is... tiring. My soul is tired and I just want to sleep for the next week straight.

So.. what's been up?
A whole lot of nothing. That's what lol.
Oh, I did make 2 grocery bags :D Busted out the sewing machine. Figured out what was wrong with it before and cut up some of the left over fabric that DH had from work. Think we have enough for 1, maybe 2 more bags.
 Here's Zoe posing with the first one I made... and Oren getting upset b/c I didn't have another for him to model lol.

Ezra is finally crawling. It's still just army crawling right now, but he's doing it. YAY! :) I have to vacuum all the time to pick up all the little things he'll put in to his mouth, but that's the work of mom.

Kids are doing well. Whiny but well lol.

And yeah... really nothing much else has been going on lately. Just been feeling tired and worn out.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Are you kidding me...

So this woman in one of my mommy groups gave birth a few days ago. A home VBAC. MORON.
She just posted her birth story and I really can't with this bullshit.
She starts talking about feeling vindicated and in a different post, how this birth was a healing experience from her first one.
But she starts saying how she was getting annoyed with her midwives (nurse midwives thankfully who seemed like they knew what they were doing).... b/c they kept wanting to check the baby's vitals and were getting concerned etc.
Sounds like she was planning a water birth too which is all sorts of stupid as well, but when they broke her water (which she was also annoyed about), there was meconium in the fluids so they made her get out and called an ambulance (bc they're responsible midwives unlike the "professional" ones we have in the states).
She did push the baby out at home and thankfully baby was fine... but she couldn't deliver her placenta.
They gave her some kind of shot that I think is supposed to help deliver the placenta and of course... more annoyance at her midwives who know what the hell they're doing.
Then turns out... she had had A LOT to drink while in labor, but she hadn't peed at all so her bladder was super full which may have been causing problems. But she had refused the catheter at home and then was hesitant to get it in the hospital until she finally agreed.
Then she has the nerve to put the blame on the midwives for not realizing that she hadn't peed.
Bitch... they didn't get to you until the final hours of your labor AND you were in the pool of water. How were they supposed to know?
How about you should've taken your dumb ass to the hospital and given birth like a SANE fucking person that doesn't make birth all about some stupid "healing" experience.

I know I sound harsh and I really don't have a problem with women wanting vbacs... but a home vbac and then getting pissed off at the professionals for doing their job and not spotting a problem when.. how the hell were they supposed to know about it? FUCK OFF with that horseshit.
Just so tired of women wanting these fantasy fucking births and putting their baby and themselves at risk for a "healing" experience.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hmm... that was suspicious

Oh I forgot to mention.
A new Petco opened up near where my mom lives that I wanted to check out.
So we went there Saturday morning. Think we got there at around 9:30am.
It was only us, the employees and then 2 other guys came in.

We were looking around the store. DH started going crazy over some star wars themed leashes and collars for Rocko and I wandered off to look at other stuff.
I was looking at their betta fish (which were GORGEOUS and I want one! lol) and turned around to go back to DH who was now in the dog toy lane.
That's when the 2 other customers in the store decided they too needed to go over and look at the bettas. I heard one of them say something like "Oh hey, look at these fish here."
I didn't think much of it at first. That is until a minute later... there they were right behind me.. looking at the dog toys as well.
I scooted over in case I was in the way and they lingered for a moment longer.
It creeped me out but I figured it was just coincidence and chalked my reaction up to just me not being social.

That is until we left. When we got to the car... DH asked if it was just him or if those 2 guys had been following us.
Apparently, they had been following DH around as well in the store. DH didn't think anything of it at first too since they seemed to be getting a leash and collar too, but then he noticed that they kept trailing him and he could smell alcohol on one of them.

Just... yeah. It could've been coincidence of course, but they could have been following us too.
Just be aware of your surroundings folks b/c you never know.
That still bothers me though. Those 2 men could've easily have done something... especially when we weren't together in the store and Zoe and Ezra were with me (I was pushing him around in the stroller).
This is why I don't like going out by myself with the kids. Taking them out of the van and especially putting them back in. It leaves us all wide open for anyone that could want to do us harm.
Just ugh....

In lighter news....
Gymnastics today! And........ the kids are sick again.
They're acting normal, but they both have diarrhea. Oren's is especially bad. He got up at 6 and said he threw up. It was just a little bit of wetness on his pillow and blanket.
But by 10am.. I had already changed his diaper 5x b/c of diarrhea AND he threw up a few times. Just liquid and it didn't phase him at all, but it still happened.

I dunno what the hell keeps making them sick. Wish I could just douse the house in bleach to kill all the germs.

I dunno if it's something the dogs are bringing in. Or if it's something the kids keep reinfecting themselves with or what.

They're going to gymnastics though. They're not acting sick... so they're going! Will just have to make sure to wash their hands really well and keep them from putting them in their mouths. Try to keep them from getting the other children sick.

Sigh..... so.. there were about 4 days there of no sickness...... 4 days....................