Thursday, June 30, 2016

You little bastards!!!

No pics yet.
I've been watching my plants since this morning.
Went out to water my crappy looking plants and saw that one of my tomatoes had its top leaves stripped. WTF??
We have some deer that roam around the neighborhood so I thought that maybe a really brave deer got itself a snack during the night.
Then I looked closer....
Nope... not deer..... nasty frickin tomato hornworms!!!
Giant greet fat juicy caterpillars.
There was one on that plant and a bigger one on the one next to it.
So gross and I'm so pissed too.
It's insane how much damage was done in such a short period of time by these things.
Hoping the plant still produces and I've been going in and out all day to check for more.
Did find another one on a different plant. Threw them all out in to the road in hopes that they'll get run over or some hungry birds will make a meal out of them.
Had to throw the first 2 out AGAIN b/c the bigger one had already made its way back when I checked again and the smaller one was crawling on the driveway.

I would chop them or squish them, but they gross me out so dang much. I feel so.. bleh.. when it comes to big juicy wormy things. Small little caterpillars don't bother me... it's when they get huge and fat that it just gives me the willies.

AND Oren decided he was going to wake up before 6am today. Awesome....
He did quiet down until around 6:30 when he just fussed and fussed for 10min until I finally gave in and got up. He probably would have gone back to sleep, but I was tired of hearing him cry.

I went to bed earlier last night, but it wasn't enough. I'm still SO tired right now and caffeine isn't doing anything :(

Maybe if I'm lucky and the kids behave.. I'll be able to sneak in a couple of catnaps lol. Just a couple min ones would be nice :P lol

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lazy Procrastinator!

That should be my middle name.....
I WILL have photos up tomorrow... just gotta force myself to do it already and stop putting it off.

Yesterday was not a good day though. Good lord Oren was a little terror.
Don't he felt well and he decided that if I wasn't snuggling him, then he'd just roll all over the floor screaming his head off.
You just don't realize how draining and annoying and frustrating that is until it's happening to you.
I love him to pieces, but HOLY SHIT CHILD.... SHUT UP for a MIN!!!
He completely drained me yesterday.

Also, he decided to poop and then stick his hand down his diaper. Good times......

Thankfully after a nice long bath for him and Zoe, he seemed to be feeling better and of course was all smiles when DH got home. I mean... good for DH for not having to go through what I did but still.... lol

Also forgot to ask DH about where we want to put the furniture. Really need to clean the room first. It's full of tools, tape, painting trash, etc etc. May do that later if I'm feeling up to it.

Had a few small dizzy spells yesterday and again this morning.
Definitely not b/c I'm dehydrated. I've been drinking plenty... so thinking it's just baby laying on a blood vessel weird or something like that.
Other than usual pregnancy related stuff, I feel fine and as I said before.. the dizziness isn't severe. It's just a slight off balance feeling that takes a couple of minutes to resolve.

About to go lay down and read and hopefully get in a quick nap before Oren wakes from his.
He woke up at 6:30 this morning and MAN.. I really needed some extra sleep.
It's my fault though. I was reading last night and stayed up until 11. I know that's not late for some, but it is for me lol :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Well... so much for that lol

Rescheduled my dentist appointment to the 12th of next month and I called up the closest dermatologist office to make an appointment.
They had an opening this afternoon AND one early early tomorrow morning.. but of course... I have 2 kids. I couldn't take advantage of either. I wish I could have though b/c I want this gross mole gone already.
But nope.. so I made an appointment for the 9th.... AUGUST 9th. ROFL...... I just went ahead and made it, but I'm sure I'll be cancelling it :P Oh well
So yeah.... I'm probably gonna be stuck with this mole for at least another 3 or 4 months maybe. Not sure how willing they would be to remove a mole while I'm pumping. We'll see though. I'll ask when I cancel/reschedule.

I'm SO hot and sweaty!!
I couldn't take it anymore yesterday afternoon. Stripped off my sweat soaked shirt and put on a sports bra. It made my nips itch like crazy, but it helped. I bought tank tops to help with this, but I think even those would be too much.

I was not this hot when pregnant with Zoe. This is just ridiculous.

Is it August yet? :P

Also the dizziness came and went yesterday. It never got super bad or anything. Think I just didn't drink enough yesterday. Need to make sure to drink enough today.

Made fried bone-in chicken breasts yesterday :D YUM!
Pretty much my first time doing it. Actually..I may have before, but oh well.. I'll just say first time lol.
Turned out pretty well, but it needed a lot more seasoning.
I put them in a milk/water/seasoning marinade for a few hours. Thought I put in plenty of seasoning, but nope. Also put in salt and pepper to the flour too, but it still wasn't enough.
Oh well... live and learn for next time :) The breasts came out nice and juicy though. Think I may have overcooked just a tad bit, but they were still really juicy :D
Will have to do that again. Store usually had some discounted stuff so we'll see what happens.

Also bought some cheese curds to make fried cheese curds. Just need to strain out the oil first and look up a good breading recipe. Looking forward to that! :D

I sketched out some panda designs yesterday. I pretty much just copied some I saw on google and added my own style to it.
Meh.... not like I'm trying to sell something... it's just for my baby's room :)
Just need to start cleaning up the room, tape up molding on the bottom, finish the grey paint, then I can start sketching out everything on the walls. Still no idea where the furniture is going.
Will have to talk to DH about that tonight.

And yeah.... think that's it for now :D

Monday, June 27, 2016


I've been getting dizzy. Not to the point to where I think I'm gonna pass out or fall or anything, just slight dizziness.
That's not good.
Maybe it's the slight anemia I have? /shrugs
My iron level did go up a little and I wasn't taking the pills religiously while on our trip (I know.. dumb of me)... so I would think that with me actually taking them every day as I should that it wouldn't be that causing the dizziness.
Maybe baby is just laying on some blood vessel or something weird and it's causing the dizziness... who knows. If it gets worse, I'll call up the doc office.

I've also had a couple of nights where I strip off all my clothes except for my undies to sleep. DH thinks it's awesome lol, but I'm just laying there trying not to sweat to death :P
I would seriously walk around the house almost naked all day long if there wasn't any chance someone outside would see. I'm SO hot and sweaty most of the time... it's ridiculous.

And I swear this baby is a little night owl. From around 7 or 8.. it's pretty much non-stop movement. I love feeling baby move, but it does keep me awake while baby is having itself a good ole time in there lol. And of course baby stops just long enough that DH doesn't feel anything and as soon as he's asleep..

And while I'm more on this baby being a girl side... I have no intuition about it at all. Nothing is screaming at me that this is a girl or a boy. Only a few more weeks left, so we'll see :)
Little Evie or a little Ezra.


Crap... there was more but I've forgotten again b/c I had to go get Oren up from his nap. SIGH... thanks for working brain.... :P

Feeling SO LAZY!!!

Seriously... I want to do so much, but I just can't get my butt up to do it.


Saturday... we went to Home Depot and grocery shopping. We picked out the paint for the baby's room :)  A nice grey for the walls. 2 shades of green, 1 teal, and 1 magenta. We already have some black leftover so didn't need that.
Now i just need to battle the lazy and draw up some designs. Need to figure out where the crib and dresser are going though. Don't want to paint anything anywhere just for it to get covered up.
DH spent the weekend working on the room. He painted most of the walls grey. Just need to take up the floor boards and paint the rest of it.
He's also been trying to patch up spots that don't look that great.
His new wall doesn't look all that spectacular lol, but ya know.. it will work for us and with some strategically placed pics on the wall, the flaws will be hidden :)

After he's cleaned up all the tools and whatnot in the room, I need to clean those carpets again. At least once... maybe 2 more times.
The living room floors have already been stained by yogurt, cranberry sauce, and cat vomit..... sigh. That's not even counting all of the tufts of dog fur.  Sigh... it was nice for the one day it looked clean lol.

SiL and family came over Saturday too to get her hair done. Bleached it and colored it. The bleaching was great. She has a dark dirty blonde/brown hair and one bleaching brought it to platinum blonde. Just what you want for coloring. I totally messed up coloring her hair though. It didn't look bad or anything, but not what I was hoping it would look like.

Doing her hair made me want to do mine, so after they left (around 7 or 8), I bleached my regrowth. Did NOT go thee same way as hers lol. My hair lifted to brown and a dark orange :\
I wouldn't normally do it, but I bleached again on Sunday. It brought it to a pale yellow which was enough for the blue I wanted to put on the area. I just didn't want to wait to bleach it again and put a color on the area that I didn't want. My hair is feeling a bit bleh right now b/c of all the processing but should feel better once my natural oils and stuff work itself back in to my hair.
So right now, my hair is blue, purple and pink. :)
Need to touch up some blue spots that didn't get quite enough dye on the spots so some of the yellow shows through lol. Oh well.

Also yesterday.. I tended to my poorly looking container garden. Just planting some new cucumber plants and a cherry tomato plant that we got at the store. Also adding fertilizer to everything and just hoping for the best really.

While I did that, I cleaned out a kiddie pool we had and filled that and the kids water table and let them play. It was just Zoe for a bit while Oren napped and boy did she have fun lol. Oren only really got to play in it for about an hour before we all went back in.
They're both such little water rats. :)

Anyway... I wanted to do so much more, but the heat and just feeling so uncomfortable and very pregnant... I barely got done what I did want to do. Something that should've only taken me... not even an hour, took me at least 4 to do.
I just had to keep taking breaks and then forcing myself to continue on even though every pregnant part of me refused lol.

Like right now... I desperately want to clean the mess up in the living room and I REALLY want to vacuum up all the gross dog hair. Also need to be putting Oren down for his nap. But here I am.... just staring at the mess and letting Oren run around and fussing.
I'm about to get up, but man... I don't want to!

There was something else, but kids are whining and I forgot.....

Friday, June 24, 2016

Taking a break

So I probably didn't get to sleep until 1am this morning. Then I woke at 5 and couldn't get back to sleep until 6 and then of course Oren woke up at 7 lol. Oh well. Thank goodness for caffeine.

I managed to clean up the living room, sunroom and vacuum. Holy crap the carpet looks TERRIBLE.
I'm taking a short breather before I carpet clean them. I was sweating like crazy cleaning what I did and just need to cool off.
So glad to not see the floor covered in toys and trash though.
Really just need to start cleaning everything up that same day so it doesn't build up and get overwhelming.

Anyway.... YAY for being productive :D
Still no photos. SO sorry :( It's just such a pain editing and blah. But I swear, they will be up by next week. Yall aren't missing anything anyway rofl.


UGH... ok so I have to complain about the drivers here again.
I was on my way to my mom's house yesterday. Stuck behind this UPS truck that was swerving ALL over the damn road and not checking the lanes for cars and would start to go in to the other lane with cars right beside him/her. THEN of course this idiot exits on the same one I do and gets in the wrong lane so pretty much forces its way in to the lane I was in and almost hits the car in front of me.
I wish there had been one of those "How is my driving" stickers b/c I would've called it in. I should've called 911 on it or something.

THEN... I leave my mom's a bit late and at the start of rush hour traffic. I usually take a back road home when I think the traffic is going to be bad, but this time I took the interstate. BAD choice. First...
this MORON exits off the interstate right in front of me. No problem IF there had been enough room for them to get in front of me and if they weren't GD idiots that don't know where their gas pedal is.
Just damn.... would it have killed them to wait another 2 damn seconds???
Then, merging on to the interstate.... some bitch speeds up when I'm trying to merge so I can't get over, so I brake and slow down and so does she. MAKE UP YOUR GD MIND!!!!
I swear.... it's 2 things when merging... you either get stuck behind some dipshit who thinks going 40mph is the right way to merge... or you're trying to merge on to a busy ass highway with assholes who won't let you in.

I love driving the van but holy hell.. I HATE driving here so GD much. SO MUCH.
Oh and that doesn't even count the asshole when I was leaving the house to go back to the party with the veggie trays.
The light outside of he neighborhood (and down the road) is notorious for red light runners and that time was no exception.
There will usually be 1-3 cars waiting to turn after the light turns red. Ok.. not a huge deal, but then they have to deal with the complete and total assholes who run the red AFTER it has been red for enough time for them to have stopped.
Not one, but TWO assholes ran the red light.... they could have easily have stopped like they should have, but oh no.. they gotta risk their and other people's lives bc they can't be bothered to sit at the light for a couple of minutes.

I really wish there was a few cops always parked at the intersection. Get those assholes to stop treating the law like it's optional. We really need traffic light cameras in these areas. They would make SO much money from all the idiots. SO much money.

There was more I wanted to talk about but my rant side tracked me and made me forget lol.... oops.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wide awake

It's almost 11pm and I'm wide awake. UGH.
Had a pretty good nap today and some sweet sweet magical caffeine for dinner lol
I'm sure that's why I'm not tired just yet.

Was thinking as I laid in bed....
I really want to focus on losing weight once baby is here and we're past the exhausting newborn stage.
Sure we'll be in exhausting infant stage still lol, but maybe by then I'll have some energy to exercise.
It's going to be so difficult w/ 3 kids.. trying to find the time to do anything other than take care of them and rest, but I really feel like I NEED to put in the effort now.
My baby making days are over and I want to be here as long as possible for my family. AND I want to be a good role model for them.

Started thinking about it b/c I have a bit of an embarrassing situation going on under my belly flubber.
I've been using Monkey Butt powder under my fleshy fanny pack b/c it's been itching something fierce b/c of sweating (I think).
But I put it on after I take a shower so I'm not completely dry when I do apply it and I'm sure there's sweat too later on so it creates a paste.
Well that paste has adhered itself to me to create this layer that is stuck to me and peels off like a scab or like a bad sunburn. I can scrub some of it away in the shower, but still have a good bit left on me.
Actually got DH to help me some tonight to peel off some of this... stuff. So humiliating :(

I'm just sick of having the flubber there along with my giant flappy arms. And I just hate being fat. Sigh... I'd much rather have loose skin after losing weight than being fat still.. ya know?
Just hate that I'm so self conscious about it and let it get to me.
Plus I want to do this for DH too. If I'm eating bad... so is he and I know he's so unhappy with how much weight he's gained.

Anyway... it's going to take A LOT of willpower to lose weight and to stay away from bad food.
Thinking I do want to set a time limit goal.. like next Christmas or something, but I also kind of don't want to bc I don't want to disappoint myself if I don't reach it. I'll have to come up with something. Maybe not a time goal, but just a weight loss goal. We'll see....
I just need to do this finally.
After we're finally in the groove of having 3 kids.... I'm going to really focus on getting healthy. It's not gonna be perfect all the time and I'm sure we'll have set backs here and there, but I think if we both put our minds to it, we'll eventually reach our goals :)

I still haven't come up with panda & bamboo designs. Such a slacker.
Might do it tomorrow, but the main focus for tomorrow is going to be cleaning this pig pen up. It's SO gross in the living room right now. I can't stand it anymore.
I'm cleaning these dang carpets!!

I'm not a big drinker by any means, but holy hell.. I want some alcohol!!!
Was feeling so jealous of everyone at the party yesterday b/c they got to have margaritas lol.
I just want a couple of super girly drinks and I'd be happy. Ok.. maybe a few shots too. And even a beer or 2.. and I hate beer.
Not sure to call this a craving, but that's what it feels like sometimes.

I'm going to have to rip out all of the cucumber plants and restart them. SIGH!
At first I thought MiL and FiL just weren't watering them enough while we were gone, but no.. I think it's just this heat that is killing them.
It's SO damn hot out that it's just frying the poor plants. I moved the tomatoes that I could to the porch in hopes of that helping some. The porch sits in shade for most of the day and gets only a few hours of sun. Just hope it's enough sun.... should be I think.
Still though... BOO :( Was so hoping for some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. We got 1 edible cucumber and are just now starting to get a couple of tomatoes :\
Oh well.... live and learn.
I would definitely try container gardening again, but just need to take the heat in to account next time lol.

Alrighty.. it's 12:30. I'm still not really tired enough to sleep, but I need to try or else, I'll be up all night and zombie mom.