Friday, October 9, 2015

Yeah.... I suck

So someone just posted their before and after weight loss photos. You know who you are if you still come here and read this.
Seriously... she looks frickin AMAZING.
It just shows me though how uncommitted I've been to losing weight... or well.. for the most part. I know it's all a personal struggle journey and I really shouldn't compare myself to others, but still... it just depressed the hell out of me. I should be closer to my goal by now but no... I'm so flip floppy with everything and make SO many excuses to be bad.
UGH.... I suck :\

I'm still determined though. We've been pretty bad this week. Mostly from laziness but also b/c we're still under boil water advisory and the thought of washing dishes even in boiled water grosses me out. So we've been eating lots of sandwiches.
I should still be exercising though. I'm mostly done with my big project (need to add some details but meh....).... so I have no excuse other than just being lazy.

Nope... not again. I need to start back up. I need to take this awesome woman's success, use it as inspiration. She can do it and so do many others out there.... so can I!!! I'm not perfect... I'm going to have some shitty moments... some lasting longer than others, but I'm going to get to my goal!!

REALLY hoping our water is safe to use again by next week, but even if it's not and we're still eating junk... we're going to start exercising again. I wanted to finish up p90, but with how long we haven't exercised, DH convinced me that we should just start over from the beginning again. It makes since and that's what we're going to do.
I think if we started from the last 30 days.. it would burn us out and we wouldn't continue.
Also, I need to get bck in the habit of making a  meal plan again.
Again, DH suggested that we eat the same things every week with maybe a day of something different. That way it will be much easier to get whatever we need and less chance of cheating.
We can try it for a little bit and see what happens. Just need to figure out what to eat though.

SO yeah..... seeing this woman's success just showed me that... I need to stop with the excuses.. stop sabotaging my efforts and just keep it up. And I definitely can't let set backs keep me from continuing on. I'm not perfect.. I'm going to cheat.. there will be times I don't exercise b/c of laziness, but I'm going to keep going..... I'm going to be a success!! For my kids, for my vanity.... for my health.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


So yeah, I haven't washed dishes since Sunday when the flooding happened and the dishes REALLY need to be washed. But with the boil water advisory going on.... I don't want to lol. I will tomorrow though. Will just have to suck it up, boil a ton of water and get the dishes done b/c BOY is the sink stank right now. *barf*

In other news... Zoe had an accident in her bed today. It's only the 2nd time it has happened and she has a one of those crib mattresses that have the water resistant layer outside so meh... just have to wash everything and it's all good.
She's been really good with going potty though. Usually don't have to ask her if she has to go anymore. She just does it. I do wish the potty depth was a bit deeper b/c the girl has some HUGE poops and it ends up brushing against her butt so it makes a huge mess lol... ew.

Had to go to the store yesterday for formula. We've been ordering Oren's Baby's Only stuff off of amazon b/c it's cheaper. But b/c of the bad weather it was delayed. I thought Baby's Only was more expensive, but no.... frickin Enfamil is like $5 more per can. YEESH.
It's giving Oren some gross loose poop now too, but whatever. It's feeding him and that is what matters.
We did get the package last night though so yay for that.

I think I'm ovulating today. I had some EWCM yesterday and was.... *ahem*... super 'in the mood'. DH was tired though so we didn't DTD. We haven't for a few days so I don't think there's any chance for pregnancy. Good for DH... boo for me lol. Oh well :P

Speaking of the bad weather... thankfully the sun came out on Tuesday and it's been clear skies since, but it has given people a false sense of safety. There are a lot of roads partially washed away and still threats of dams failing.
Frickin MORONS out on the road completely ignoring and going around barricades, then getting themselves killed or putting rescue workers in danger b/c they need to be saved.
Anyway... just morons thinking they're invincible. :\

And yeah... really nothing much going on. The house is a MESS right now. Dishes be funky, kids are good and so are we so.. yeah... we're good here for the most part :) heh

Monday, October 5, 2015

Let this be a lesson... prepare for emergencies!!!

So Zoe spent the night with aunt again. I was going to pick her up this morning, but MiL didn't want me driving or whatever. Fine... DH could get Zoe after work.
Get a call a couple of hours later saying that they're going to the store and I can get her there.
That's fine too.

So I go and holy crap.... there are SOOOOOOOO many people at the store trying to get supplies it is RIDICULOUS.
Seriously people?? It's not like this came as a surprise... we were warned for a week give or take a day that this was going to happen, yet people STILL didn't bother to get any kind of supplies.

Yes, the weather can change at the drop of a hat, and they warn things are going to happen and nothing major does. It happens a lot, but even in those situations, you should still take the warning seriously and prepare!

But nope.. these same people aren't going to do anything the next time either. They'll be the same ones rushing to the store, crowding it and panicking to buy any supply they can.

Just let this be a lesson people. PLEASE get yourselves a small stash of food and water and a few first aid items for a just in case emergency. Even if nothing ever happens, at least you have peace of mind b/c you'll know that you can just hunker down and won't need to go out in the mess and fight the crowd for supplies.
You never know when the next emergency is going to be... so start buying ASAP. Doesn't have to be all at once.
Just an extra pack of bottled water, few canned goods, maybe some rubbing alcohol and peroxide on your next grocery trip. And buy a little more every grocery trip. Things you'll eat before it expires, things that you don't need to use water for (or at least not a lot of water), and things you can eat straight out of the can. These things aren't expensive at all and can be stashed under your bed or in the back of your closet and out of the way.

Anyway.... just a friendly reminder to take warnings seriously and start your stash up.
You want enough supplies for at least a few days, but a week or more is best.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Looks like my state is getting hit pretty hard by rain right now. Lots of flooding around this area. Thankfully we're ok here and outside looks like any other rainy day.
It rained here almost the entire week, then this weekend we got hit with just constant heavy rains which is causing flooding.
Pretty crazy, this doesn't happen here... or at least I don't remember this happening other than when we got hit by Hurricane Hugo years and years ago.

Thankfully though, it wasn't too bad yesterday and we were still able to go to the comic con. It was pretty fun, but we didn't stay that long. Just WAY crowded and my feet were getting torn up b/c I'm not used to wearing regular shoes and both kids were soaked b/c while we were waiting to cross the street, a truck rolled on up and splashed all of us pretty good lol. Poor Zoe and Oren were just soaked, but Oren was in a great mood anyway and Zoe got over it and really enjoyed seeing everyone in costume. We wanted to get her a balloon super hero that this guy was making but the line didn't move at all for the 30min we stood in it and Zoe was getting really restless. Oh well...

Here's a photo of us at home before we left :)
We bought Zoe a Darth Vader costume, but she didn't want to wear it at first so I put her Darth V shirt on w/ the skirt and leggings. Plus the costume was a bit too long for her anyway. Need to figure out how to shorten it a little. May cut the faux boot part off.
Oh and we took the cape from the costume and just safety pinned it to her shirt lol. It was just a simple look, but a lot of people at the con kept complimenting her and how cute she looked.
DH's costume is just a big pajama thing from Target lol. The mask is a paper mask from Target too. It came in a pack of 2 for $3.
You can't tell from this photo but Oren is Han Solo. I made his vest (it looks so crap up close lol), and we bought a button up white onesie for him and I added the red stripe to some sweat pants. He looked SO stinkin cute. :D
Really proud of my dress too. I don't think anyone realized what it was supposed to be but oh well. Wanted to keep it more simplistic, but guess I do need to add a few more details to it so it looks more like a Stormtrooper heh.
And I must say.... my hair didn't cooperate, but I was really happy with how my makeup turned out.
I haven't worn makeup in YEARS..or well, this amount. I seriously had makeup from when I was a teenager... a TEENAGER.... I'm 36!!! lol I threw away 90% of the makeup I had b/c it was so old lol.
Anyway... I bought a few things and managed to do it all pretty well following some youtube videos :) Managed a pretty winged liner with a smoky eye.

Here's a photo of Oren and DH at the con. You can see Oren's costume  bit better.

We'll be going to the Boo at the Zoo dressed up too and some trunk or treat things at Dh's church and aunts church. Will be having lots of fun :D

Already planning our costumes for next year's con/Halloween.
I want to do metal versions of Nightmare Before Christmas Characters. DH wants to do something goofy and dress as Saved By The Bell characters which I think would be hilarious lol. We'll see what happens :D
It was all fun though. It's mostly just a bunch of vendors selling their stuff. We bought some nice geeky car decals, but nothing else. Next year we'll spend more time at the event and enjoy it more..... hopefully with no threat of flooding ruining the mood heh.
And seeing all of the really cool cosplaying and how rewarding it felt to make my dress is making me want to get in to sewing more.
Doing it by hand kind of sucked, but it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be and I would really like to make more clothes/costumes.

And DH finally went to see a doc. He went before the con to an Urgent Care.  His rash was an allergic reaction to something. No idea what, but he's looking a lot better now. So yay for that too :)

And my CM is definitely turning to EWCM and yep... we DTD last night for the first time in weeks :P It wasn't b/c I had cm or anything....we were just both wanting it since we hadn't done it in forever and his rash and other whatnots cleared up.
So yep.... let the TWW obsession start! I'm not sure I've ovulated just yet, but I think we're DTD close enough to it for there to be potential for some baby making going on.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Booo weather!!!

So it seems that we're supposed to be getting an obscene amount of rain tomorrow... ya know.. the day of the convention I made the dress for... sigh.
Not sure if we're going to be able to go if it does rain how they're saying it's supposed to. We'll see.

DH is in Atlanta right now for work. He should be getting back later tonight.
I still haven't convinced him that we should have another baby lol. I just can't shake the feeling. I want another.... I love my babies so much... I just want one more. Really wish it hadn't taken us so long to have kids, but I know it's what was the best thing. We weren't ready to have kids when we were younger, and well.... we have 2 great kids now :)
But... it wouldn't have felt like such a rush to have more kids and we could've spaced them out more.

Oh well....

Speaking of that... this is some TMI grossness right here.
You know that slime goopy stuff you can buy for kids? Just gross slimy goo that stretches and feels kinda cold and wet.... well... I just used the bathroom and wiped away A LOT A LOT A WHOLE LOT of cm that was just like that stuff. I mean... just a whole frickin ton of it on the tp and some even plopped on to my hand as I was wiping (bleh). It was super duper thick too which I have never experienced before and felt just like that slime stuff kids play with. Just... yuck LOL.
So yeah... looks like my body is going to be ovulating soon. Don't think this is quite fertile CM.
Even if it was though... we can't do much bc DH has jock itch.... aka a yeast infection lol.
He'd be so mad if he knew I shared that bit of info but oh well. At least he thinks that's what it is. He's being a total guy about it and won't see a doctor... at least not yet.
He's had it for like, 2? weeks now and it's only getting worse and itchy and he's miserable. But noooo... lets wait and see what happens before just going to the damn doctor to get it checked out... sigh.
So yeah... unless it clears up within a few days... we won't be doing the deed or anything... not that we're actually trying though lol.

Alrighty.... still working on the costumes. I promise I won't forget to post photos when everything is done and we're all dressed up :)

Monday, September 28, 2015

MIA.. again

UGH I keep forgetting to post! I always mean to and I always get distracted somehow.
Figured I'd just do it this morning before I forgot again.

So I've been feeling really off lately. Had no idea what was going on, but thought I was getting sick.'s something hormonal going on with my body.
How do I know that? Well.. I started spotting a few days ago on CD20. Not just any spotting... but a dark dark dark brown old blood stuff.
Yeah.. BLEH!
I thought maybe it would brighten to fresh blood, but nope... it stayed that really dark old blood color. There wasn't any kind of smell or anything thank goodness... but still not sure what the heck was bleeding and why it seemed to take so long to finally come out.

Ok this is going to be gross so... yeah... TMI alert...
I first noticed the spotting after I had pooped and wiped. I wiped and thought at first that it was just poop, but after thinking about it and seeing the spotting afterwards.. no, it was definitely blood.

I dunno... it was just all really strange. I've never had spotting that dark before.
There wasn't a ton of it and today, it seems to have stopped or almost stopped.
SO yeah... no idea what all of that was about.

Zoe and Oren are both doing well. Zoe is whinier than ever and SO dramatic, but it amazes DH and I both just how smart she is. Before kids... thinking of a 3yo... you don't think that they'd be as smart as they are and then actually having one.... it's incredible and really eye opening.

Oren is moving around great doing it army crawl. Have to block off the living room area b/c he is ALL over the place and of course trying to put everything in to his mouth lol.

They're both getting so big and UUUUUGH I want another one!!!!! DH is happy with the 2 we have and so am I, but I just can't shake the feeling of wanting another.
I'm tired and stressed, but I love being a mom and I love my babies and want another.
If DH gets his way though... no more babies for us :(

Oh well I guess... but I know I'll always wonder about that 3rd LO.

Have a lot of work to do on a costume dress I'm making. Need to get working on it.... just wanted to mention it quick. Will post photos when it's done and once I'm all done up :D
We're going to a local new comic convention in town this weekend and we're going to geek it up!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Come on body... gimme a break.

So this week was supposed to be me exercising again. Yeah, that didn't work out. I've been feeling SO off this week and I'm not sure why. Not sure if I'm getting sick or if it's something else. I'm thinking maybe just something off hormonally b/c I'm breaking out a little here and there. I dunno... whatever is going on, I wish it would stop already.
Also, this week... I've realized just how much I comfort eat. I knew I did it to some extent, but not THIS bad.
Anyway... next week... I don't care if I have a full blown cold... I'm exercising and eating right no matter what. I got under 200lbs and my weight went back up again. I'm right at 200 and yeah.. I don't want to see a 200 weight again. I've come this far, I don't want to screw things up b/c I'm not feeling good and have a few off days.

Anywho... we're all doing pretty well here. Oren is still waking up twice at night which sucks, but not much we can do. If we let him cry, he'll just wake Zoe up and that just adds to the big headache. I'd rather just get up with him for that 10min or so while he gets a bottle and then get back to bed. It's really not that bad, but it would be nice to sleep through the night again with no interruption.
He's army crawling all over the place and does planks and downward dog yoga poses all the time lol. He's getting around SO well now. Still slow, but he gets to where he wants to go.

Zoe is doing great too. She's pretty much potty trained. Most of the time she'll go all on her own. She's had a few accidents here and there with pee and poo, but it hasn't been too bad. I think just sometimes she forgets that she's not in a diaper anymore and when she starts to pee, she feels that she's just in undies. She's rushed to the potty midstream a few times lol.

Threenager though.... she has earned that title and then some. Holy moly is she a drama queen and then some. It's just like a stereotypical angsty teenager that creates drama over nothing.

Oh, Oren does have a cold. It's just a minor one.. mostly just a lot of snot.

And yeah, not much has been happening here. My birthday is on Sunday. Can't believe it's the time of year again already. Man, where does the time go?