Wednesday, December 7, 2016


So DH had his E,N,&M appointment this morning. Haven't seen him, but he texted that the doctor says he has allergies that is probably causing some problems.
They didn't do an actual allergy test, but I guess with how things looked in his nose, the doc could tell that he is allergic to something. DH said they gave him a decongestant so they could see better and he could tell that he was breathing better just by using it.
So he got prescribed some flonase.
Also, he's getting a sleep study done tomorrow night.
That kind of sucks b/c this is going to be 4 nights in a row with just me and the kids.... actually 5 nights with just me and at least 2 of them.
Lol... I'll live of course... it's just nice not being the only one having to put them all to bed.
Anything to get him breathing better at night though. That magical unicorn position is getting smaller and smaller and his snoring wakes me up and keeps me up. I hate shoving him to get him to move.. only for him to either not move and continue snoring or to move and continue snoring. :\
I've been SO tired lately b/c I haven't been getting good long restful sleep b/c I get constantly woken up during the night :(

Also.... it would be nice if my body would stop peeing itself a little randomly.
I won't even have the feeling like I have to go, but suddenly will feel discharge. Or what I thought was vaginal discharge at first, but quickly realized it was pee.
It's so damn gross.

Pumping 5x a day is still going pretty well.
Having to pump just a little longer to make sure I'm getting enough, but only for maybe 5-10more mins so it's not a big deal or anything.
Really happy about that :D

Kids are driving me crazy! After I'm done pumping, going to get some cleaning done. Same old story..... trash and toys everywhere.
Need to stop procrastinating and pack up the toys we're going to donate. I just don't have the energy to do it right now though. Sigh.....

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Day 3

Day 3 of pumping only 5x. Didn't plan on starting already, but since I only did it on Friday and it worked out to only 5x Saturday. Figured I'd just stick with it and see how it goes.
So far so good though.
So long as I get at least 100ml or close to it for 3 of them and the first 2 of the day are higher, then my supply should stay the same. We'll see though.
It may try to drop.
It really counts on the first 2 pumps remaining high. First pump is the one in the middle of the night and 2nd is when I get up for the day, but for the past 2 days that's been at 930.
Dh has let me sleep in until 9 and oh it's been glorious lol.
Ezra will usually fuss around 7, so I bring him to bed with me. Plop him on my body pillow, make sure no blankets are around him and my arm is nearby, then I go back to sleep.
Seems Ezra has been enjoying it too bc he sleeps until 9 right along with me. Bed sleep even longer, but his siblings came in to the room or knocked and screamed at the door until he woke up lol.
Not gonna happen now that the weekdays have come again lol. Oh well., it was nice while it lasted.

Alrighty... Off to bed!! And for the heck of it, photos off my phone!!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Tis the season to be bitchy!

Apparently DH thinks my bitching at him in the car about his driving makes him drive bad. Lol... no... just no.
Trying to put blame on me for his shitty driving habits... NOPE!
Oh, I'll point out if he's driving stupid, but I don't bitch about it and never have. Ok no.. I may have once or twice, but my comments are usually.. "You're too close." or something like that b/c he has a really bad habit of riding the ass of the car in front of us. I frickin hate it and yes.. I will tell him to back off b/c it's dangerous. That is hardly 'bitching'.
And he tries to tell me that he only drives bad when I'm in the car with him. Again.. LOL no.
That's why he got pulled over and recieved a warning when he was going to work for riding someone's ass. And also why the people at his work were like "Oh, YOU'RE the guy that drives the orange truck!" when they found out which car he drove (when he did still drive it), b/c he would always ride their asses on the way to work. So yeah... I don't think so dude. Own up to your own shitty ways.
My state is 6th is the crappiest drivers list...  and DH is not helping with that ranking.
Oh we do have some gawd awful HORRIBLE drivers here that make you want to rip your hair out and make you want to yell out every swear you know and don't know, but still.... don't be part of the problem.

Is it bad that I really don't want to see my SiL and brother? With the shit he pulled with my mom.... I don't have any desire to interact with them. ONly reason I will though is b/c of their kids.
I don't think SiL really knew about it.. or well.. knew the specifics about it, but she had to have known something was going on and just chose to ignore it.
Money didn't rain from the sky :\
I don't think anyone invited them for Thanksgiving either... probably b/c we all knew they'd make some excuse not to come. And YEP! They sure did.
Same one they used last year (their son was sick). We all know it's bullshit.
I know the only reason they'll show up for Christmas is to get the kids' presents. SiL always says that it's always b/c of my brother, but no.. she's had more than enough time to go get her license and to visit.. but she doesn't.
I'm not the most sociable person and lord knows I don't always want to go to family functions, but I do b/c there's no point in living this close to family if you never see them.
Just really REALLY hope their kids don't end up learning their bad habits.

In not to bitchy vents...

We're going to go see Christmas lights tonight! YAY! :D
It's over in the horrible traffic part of town, but damnit.. we're going! This is one of the only weekends we have free. Next week DH is helping with his church's nativity thing they do every year and the weekend after that... may be free but we still have to take the kids to see Santa and wwe gotta  see Star Wars :P lol

Gotta cut this short b/c Ez is being super fussy

Friday, December 2, 2016

We've made a deal

Ok first... do you have to make an appointment with Sears photography for a family photo? I just want one of the kids, but I wasn't sure if it was something that you just show up for or if you have to call in to reserve a time.
Asked DH this and he didn't know either, but then brought up that we really need a family photo done.
Our one and only family photo was done last year when we were headed out to the local comic con.
Now that our family is done and complete... we really need a family portrait.
With that being said though, both of us really want to lose weight. I just don't like seeing myself at any weight b/c I'm not photogenic at all, but I agreed with him that when we both lose 50lbs.... we'll get a family photo done.
We shook on it and yep.... 50lbs. I have more than that I have to lose.. especially now that my weight has gone up some.
But I think it's doable. Just gotta get to that point where I can actually take some time to exercise with little interruption. 
Losing weight is mostly eating right, but exercising certainly helps... specially with just overall health. Plus I don't really want to go super super strict so exercising will help me when I want to eat something that's not so healthy lol.

2017..... bring it!!

I would really like to try that beachbody thing they have now where you pay 30something dollars 4x? a year or 3 a week and you can watch any video that they've ever released. That would be awesome! the workouts wouldn't get stale and boring since you could switch it up with a different workout.

Enough of that...

Ezra's gas STANKS!!
Holy moly... he's been so gassy since he hasn't been pooping as much and good googly moogly do they reek.
It's so gross lol. We'll be holding him and he'll fart. Won't think anything of it until the smell hits you.
Boy just needs to poop already. Get that gross diaper over with lol.

Ez also needs to stop waking up before his siblings in the morning damnit! lol
Zoe sleeps in until after 8 if Oren doesn't wake her, and Oren usually wakes up at around 7:30.
Awesome until Ez started up with this regression and wants to wake up at 6am fussing and carrying on. I've just been bringing him to bed with me. He'll squirm but will usually go back to sleep. It's not a restful sleep though so he'll move around a lot which keeps me from going back in to that nice deep sleep. Sigh. It's something, but wish he would just stay asleep in his bassinet.
It's gonna be such a PITA when we eventually move him to his crib. At least his room is right beside ours lol.

Ez is currently in the exersaucer heh. He's still too little for it so we have to help him out by putting a pillow under him and a blanket behind him hehe.
He seems to be enjoying it now though. Before, he just sorta sat there staring, but now he's actually pushing off w/ his feet and wiggling around all over the place. He's still not playing with anything on it, but he'll get there eventually.

Need more sleep

Not that I need a test to tell me the obvious, but thinking about the questions that dh was asked made me realize that I really need more sleep.
I can't count how many times I've dozed off while pumping during the day.
Caffeine is a must for me now... And even it doesn't do the job...or just barely does.

It's currently just after 4am and I just got done pumping. While I want to continue pumping for as long as my sanity can stand it, I also can't wait until I don't have to wake up to do it any longer lol.
I think next week I'm going to try dropping a pump. Hopefully my supply will stay the same. Fx.

Short post.... Need to clean all this stuff and hopefully get back to sleep asap.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Few pics

Had to get some photos off the camera... so here they are to share :D

And how perfect is this ornament considering the nursery theme? :D

Vinegar baby!

Anyone elses baby sweat like crazy when they cry? I think I remember Oren being like that... and Ezra.. oh heck yes.. he sweats when he cries and he ends up smelling like he was dipped in vinegar. Bleh!

I think Oren smelled more of neck cheese... not vinegar lol. He was a lot chunkier and his drool and spit up always got trapped in his neck fat.

Oh and I was mistaken. Ezra's appointment is next week. Not sure how I got a week ahead of myself here.

So DH's appointment went ok I guess.
His doctor had him answer a sheet that was basically seeing if he was getting enough sleep.
Questions like "Is he falling asleep while watching tv, driving, etc etc".
Things like that. Based on that, he's getting plenty of sleep, but I know for a fact that his snoring/snorting/apnea wakes him up enough that he's constantly adjusting when the snoring is bad. That is not restful.

Anyway... that doctor is referring him to a Ear, Nose, Throat specialist to see if there's anything physically wrong that's causing the snoring... other than weight I guess.
DH did have that problem with his tonsils a bit ago, but that's been better and they're fine now.
Dunno why they just don't send him to get the sleep study done, but I guess this is a step in the right direction.

DH seems to be really supportive with my wanting to make and sell the frames :D He just worries that I won't be able to make them fast enough.
I think that will be ok once I make some solid designs and just get used to creating them. See what works and what doesn't.
More practice making them, the more I'll get used to doing it all so sewing them up will go quicker :)
I think it's sweet that he thinks they'll be popular enough that I'll have to make a bunch of them lol. I hope they will be.
Extra income would be nice. Specially since DH isn't going to be bringing home as much money. Since he's not supposed to be working holidays any longer and not as many weekends (unless he volunteers).. his pay won't be nearly as much.
That sucks, but we'll manage with what we're given :)

Oren has himself a little attitude problem. Seems like pretty typical toddler behavior but damn is it annoying lol.
I love my little booger, but holy crap.. his whining and screaming tantrums need to frickin stop already.
Mocking his whining gets him to stop, but then he'll say "No" and will hit and/or throw something.
Sigh....... Ezra better not be like this too.

TMI about sex incoming. Nothing too intimate really....
It's just that.... my sex drive has driven off a damn cliff and is dead at the bottom.
I have zero desire for sex now.
Oh we've done it... a few times and I enjoy it during, but at this moment... I'd be perfectly fine with never having sex. I don't even have the urge to masturbate.
Helps that baby is in the room and Zoe keeps coming and sleeping with me when DH gets up for work so I never really have a moment alone. But even if I did... I still wouldn't have the urge to do it.
I'm sure this feeling has a lot to do with just being exhausted and that it will eventually resurrect itself.
In the meantime though.... I'll still do it... but only b/c I know it makes DH happy and I want him to be happy.

Alrighty... pumping and  Ez is awake and being adorable