Wednesday, March 22, 2017


So DH looked at the gymnastics stuff and I think we may go ahead and put them in it. We're gonna go around one weekend to some of the local martial arts places to get info to compare prices.
That or we're gonna try going to the free gymnastics class to see if it's something we want the kids in.
It's so expensive though.
For 1 45min class a week.. it's $64 a month. Or if we want a 60min class, that's just a few dollars more at $69.
If we want 2 classes a week... 45min classes are $104 a month.
That's not including the $60 annual fee.... which thankfully is only annual, but still... GEEZE.

We want the kids in something, but damn.. whys it gotta be so expensive?? lol

DH said we can afford it, but we'd have to cut back on our grocery bill. I dunno how the hell he thinks we're going to do that. We really don't buy unnecessary items. I mean sure, some things go to waste as I'm sure they do in every home, but it's not a lot of stuff.
If red meat just didn't cost so damn much. Heck, we don't even buy beef that often b/c it's so expensive and usually only buy it if it's discounted or on a special occasion.
And then he wants to eat healthier which for us is low carb.. which means... MEAT. I don't know what the heck he's expecting us to cut back on.
It's frustrating.
We'll figure it out.... maybe.

Puppy did MUCH better last night. He did pee in front of our door this morning though. Giant long pee spot so I think he may have held it in almost all night b/c I was up a lot b/c of Ezra and it wasn't there at 4.
There was one other spot this morning, but I think he did it when I got up. Not sure though.
Not sure if there was poop too. Probably?

He's getting there though. Soon we'll have a pee and poo free house again. Well.. other than the cat's :\

Poor Pippin (the chihuahua) hasn't warmed up to the pup yet. I get it.. he doesn't like the newcomer, but I wish he understood that he needs to chill the F out and just tolerate it already. So tired of him baring his teeth at the puppy and hearing his little yappy snappy barks when the pup tries to play with him.
I try to keep the pup from bothering him too much, but sometimes I just let it happen. Puppy isn't trying to be dominant or anything.. just trying to play.

Cid is still Cid and just lets the puppy jump all over him while he goes to his happy place.. far far away rofl.

Rocko is still a good puppers. He's an odd one though. I think he's in that super young pup phasing in to the more hyperactive phase. He's so chill when you pick him up. Doesn't squirm at all and is happy being loved on.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

So much better!!

Grrr, stupid phone... well.. First pic up there is Zoe after she stole my nose! She gave it back to me though ;)

And here are some photos of the completed play house :D
Love this thing so much and the kids love it too. Just need to get some containers for the plant holders :)

DH is still working on the border. He glued them together but is drilling a hole and staking them in place too.

Rocko. Last night was MUCH better. We just let him roam at night. Didn't bother with the crate. Much much better. He did freak out a little when I got up at around 11:30 b/c Ezra was fussing. He whined some at our door but settled down within a minute.
Of course there was pee spots everywhere, but oh well. Nothing a carpet cleaning won't take care of.
Maybe we should invest in one of those spot cleaners. That would really help with the pee spots.
We're thinking that he's definitely some percentage of pitbull. His front area is very sturdy and just has that wide strong look that pitbulls have. Plus he has those small beady type of eyes they have too.
But what else is he mixed with? No idea.

Baby Ez chilling after his bottle. So many photos of him in the rock n play. He's getting too big for it though.
See.. he's not always in it lol. He figured out he can get around a lot more yesterday. He went all around the kitchen area. It's SO GD cute watching his little legs walk and watching him try to reach for all of the new stuff lol.

It's supposed to be hot today. UGH, but it's supposed to get cool again later in the week.. YAY :D
Finally got a reply back from the gymnastics place. It's expensive, but the schedule is at least doable. Just have to wait for DH to get home to look at the information to see if we can afford it or not.
Showed Zoe a video of some girls doing some gymnastics stuff and she got excited about it b/c she wants to do it and be a ninja lol.
Would love to put her and Oren in to it, but we'll see if we can actually afford to or not.

Monday, March 20, 2017


First up... crating puppy at night was the wrong choice!!
We did it again last night and it was even worse than the first one.
I eventually got tired of it (at around 2:30am) and picked up the cage with him still in it and put it in the sunroom and closed the door except for a crack.
Thankfully putting him in there drowned out the noise enough for us to get to sleep and stay asleep.
I didn't want a hound dog or hound dog mix b/c I know the kind of barks they have.
Well.. I think little Mr Rocko beats any hound dog any day of the week with his sounds. Holy crap that pupper is LOUD and frickin persistent as heck. Heck, he could have hound in him and it's coming out in his vocals. lol
I'll have to get some video of him making a fuss outside. Trying to get him to not be so attached to me. I have to stand outside with him or else he'll stand at the door and whine/howl/bark.

He's a smart little guy though. Think he's only about 2mo and he seems to understand sit already. Need to learn how to teach him how to do other things lol. Sit is the only one that I know :P
I taught Cid how to shake and we taught him how to lay down, but that was it.

The kids like the puppy. Oren more than Zoe. Zoe likes him, but she's scared of him b/c when we first got him, he would pull on her pants (which we would stop right away and tried telling her how to get him to stop). But now all she does is whine and back away from him, which makes the pup think she's playing. Keep trying to tell her he's not going to hurt her but she's 4 and hard headed lol.

zoe <---- she just typed that out lol

Back to eating healthy again. I'm afraid to get on the scale. My wedding ring is getting tight and XL shirts are actually starting to fit a little more tight than I want to admit to.

I'm ready though. Well.. ready enough. Just need to clean up so I have room to exercise. That or wait to do it at night which I don't want to do.
 Exercise is not happening this week. Not with a puppy that is going to be under my feet every step, but hoping that by next week. Even if he's not completely, I'm still planning on next week.
This week is just going to be focused on cleaning up, taking care of kids and puppers and getting back on track with diet.

Oren and Zoe are constantly annoying eachother. SO. MUCH. WHINING!
So much crying and whining and bickering and yelling and screaming and UUUUUUUUUGH.
If I liked alcohol.. I'd be having an afternoon drink. Seriously....
Or hell, if MJ was legal.. I'd certainly be tempted to smoke up a joint to calm my stress levels.
They're not even doing anything horrible to eachother, but by their reactions, you would think they were trying to kill one another.
I'm going to lose all of my hair when Ezra joins the mix.

DH finished the play house :D
He's slowly but surely working on the entire play area. It's slow going but getting done.
No new pics. I'll get some tomorrow though.

Cat has been peeing outside of his litterbox in protest of the puppy. Stupid cat.

Zoe keeps saying that she wants a kitty. Twins to be exact lol. I always tell her that once she moves out, she can get however many cats she wants, but mommy and daddy are never getting another one.
Well.... I'd change my mind if we were given a munchkin :P lol

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Woo boy.. that was....... Ruff.....

Thanks folks.. I'll be here all night......

Seriously though... I forgot about the adjustment period for puppies. First night without it's littermates and in a new home.
We put him in to the crate we have and he was not having it. We didn't push him in or anything. Lured him in with food. Didn't do it as slowly as we should though and lordy. You would've thought we were killing him with the ruckus he was making.
Rocko is one LOUD puppers.
I'm shocked that the kids weren't woken up by him.
Hell, I'm surprised we didn't get the cops called on us or something.

He whined, howled and barked in a total of 4? incidents. And of course with puppies, you're not supposed to go and comfort them b/c then they think doing all of that will get them what they want. So you have to let them keep at it until they wear themselves out.
It was a very long night to say the least lol

We don't plan on crating him at night all the time. It's just until he's a little older and is house broken.
He has this really annoying habit of just peeing a little. Looking like he's done, but not.. and will pee again a couple minutes later in a different spot lol. Tiny pee spots everywhere.
Need to buy more spray.
Thankfully he does seem to realize outside is for doing his business. Just need to make him realize inside isn't.

He's a good little puppers though. Really young still, so we have a lot of work to do. Or I should say.. I have a lot of work to do since I'm the one that wanted to get a puppy :)

Our dogs are split on liking him. The older dog Cid doesn't really care. He's such a good laid back dog.
Pippin, our little mutt chihuahua is apprehensive. Poor dog doesn't know what to think. He could have a fun little companion, but since we didn't socialize him like we should have, he's just a nervous little thing that doesn't like the new guy. Hopefully he'll warm up to him soon though.
The cat also isn't sure about the new one. He's been hiding out in our room. He better not pee/poop in there.

It's gonna be a long couple of weeks, but hopefully we got a smart little doggo that learns quick so at least there won't be more pee and poop in the house.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Rocko's modern life

So... we got a puppy this morning :P lol
It's not the one that I initially wanted, but I'm glad we got this little fella anyway.
I wore DH down lol.
Went to the pound early early. We got there like 14mins after they opened and the puppy that I had wanted was already being adopted. SHEESH.
This was the little guy that I had wanted...

They said english bulldog mix only based on the fact that they had very sturdy little legs. But the woman we talked to said that the person who brought them in said they were pitbull and something.
Anywho.. that pup along with 2 others from the same litter that I had wanted were also being adopted. Everyone got there early to get the pups they wanted lol. And these pup's photos were only posted yesterday afternoon. They were just fixed so weren't ready yesterday.
DH saw another litter and saw this little fella. It was between him or one of the black puppies from the above one. I didn't want another black lab looking dog that those were probably end up going to look like, so we chose this little guy.
He was super nervous being held. Didn't really interact much, but came to life once we were home.
Absolutely LOVES the kids and is exploring everywhere and everything.
Oh and we named him Rocko if you didn't figure that out. :D
No idea what he's mixed with. It said Lab mix, but everything is lab mix lol. Lab or pitbull.
His face almost looks like a german shepard, but difficult to say. His paws arent too large so he probably wont be huge. Maybe 60lbs at the most. I don't think he'll get that big, but we'll see :)

Oh AND the shelter was still having their $17 St Patrick's day special so that is what we got him for. WOO :D
So happy we got him. He's already peed like 4x in the house though lol. House training is going to suck and teaching him not to beg or snatch food from the kids is going to be frustrating.
But glad theyre going to have a pup to grow up with that actually likes them :)

Friday, March 17, 2017

I want a puppy!!!!

First up.... this morning was full of foot cream..... on Oren and whatever he touched.
The kids went in to his room and shut the door. Something they do often, but every single time, Oren starts crying b/c Zoe isn't sharing or whatever.
Not this time though. That should've alerted me and gotten me to check on them sooner, but NOPE! I was just enjoying the quiet.
Quiet... what every parent knows is dangerous.
Ezra wakes up, so I go get him, then check on the other 2 and yep... foot cream (That we use for his thrush) is all over him and his dresser and walls.
Thankfully it wasn't diaper cream... which he had also gotten his hands on. The tube is almost empty though so he wasn't able to get anything out.
He started crying as soon as I startled him when I asked what he was doing lol.
Notice the smear on the wall behind him :P
Even though it was all over his mouth, I don't think he ate much. I'm sure he probably tasted it but after finding out that it doesn't taste good, just decided to use it as lotion :P lol
He also took almost a full pack of wipes and pulled out almost every single one of them too. It's amazing how much they can get done in such a short amount of time.. when they're not supposed to be doing said stuff.

A pic of that puppy we had for a night lol
He was determined to get up on the furniture to sleep. Which we don't mind at all.
He was trying to get in to Zoe's lap first, but he was just too big for her lap.
So then he slept on me a bit, but I had to get up to mom so I put him in his own spot that he was happy to be in.
Sent the pic to DH and all he could say was "Get Robin off his junk!" rofl

What this has shown me though is that I want a GD puppy NOW!!
MUST be a puppy since we have 3 young/small kids and 2 small dogs. Just needs t be a puppers that will grow up used to being messed with the way the kids are going to mess with them.
I know there are so many adult dogs that need homes too, but just can not trust that they'd be cool with a few small kids hugging all over them and whatnot.

Anywho... so I've been on petfinder every single day. I've been dreaming about getting a puppy... literally dreaming about it almost every night.
It's been exhausting lol.
The city pound (which I guess you're not supposed to call it anymore?) is having a special today. St Patrick's Day. Only a $17 adoption fee. BUT according to petfinder, they don't have any puppies :(
BUT good thing... I think their normal adoption fee starting this year is only $35. So yeah. I've been checking every day to see if they have any new pups listed.
See a few being taken off, but no new ones :(
There is one rescue that has a ton of puppies that I would love to go check out, but their adoption fee is $300. I still don't think that's too much since it's going to be a puppers that will be with us for hopefully 12+ years. But DH just gives me a look lol. I want to visit it tomorrow.
Told DH he needs to get off of work early today so he can check out the pound... just in case they have new pups that aren't listed lol.

Blahblah etc..... I'm obsessed and we WILL be getting a dog damnit!
I've made peace with the fact that I won't have my corgi, but we'll be able to give a good chaotic home to another puppers in need. I'll be making a jar to save for my future corgi though. It's going to be years before we get one, so that's plenty of time to squirrel away enough money /nodnod

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bye Bye Puppers!

Got the call yesterday late morning from MiL that they found the owners (neighbors that lived a few doors down). FiL picked him up when he got off of work at around 5:30.
I gave the pup a bath before handing him over. Didn't want to send him home all funky lol.
He was a good pup though. Like I said.. Oren LOVED that dog. Climbed all over him and tried laying on him and that puppy didn't even resist at all. Super duper sweet dog and I'm glad he's home now where I'm sure his people are giving him lots of love and making sure he's not going to escape again lol.
And he was indeed an American bulldog :D I thought he was mixed since his ears looked to be a little smaller, but oh well.. my mistake.

And even though I know DH will deny it.. he was sad to see the pup go too. When he got home, all he did was play with and pet the puppy.
I keep telling him that we can go adopt a pup. Lots of them out there that need a home. Sure, it won't be the corgi that I want, but I can get one of those in the far distant future. ;)
He keeps resisting though.
I even looked up pups from local shelters and there are a lot of really cute ones out there. BIG dogs or will be as big as our 2 deceased ones. But if he was willing to say yes to the puppers, then he can say yes to another big one /nodnod

There was one place that had a couple of puppies that were German Shepard mixes. SUPER cute floofy puppies. Trying to sway him towards those, or to this one cute lab looking one that was white w/ at least one ice blue eye. heh

We'll see what happens. I think having the puppy in the house and seeing how happy it made everyone opened him up to the idea of getting another one sooner rather than later.

Oren was devastated when FiL left with the pup though. He kept saying "Puppy? Puppy?" Then when FiL drove off, he broke down in to sobs. Awww :( He got over it quick, but it was still heartbreaking.

And in TMI news... bleeding stopped a few days ago! WOO!

Actually pretty shocked that it did. Was expecting it to last a lot longer since it wasn't consistent flow. Thank goodness it didn't though :D

Diet has been... HA.... bad bad bad bad bad.
BUT we're getting back on the healthy food train next week.
I'm not going to fail at this damnit. It's going to be difficult, there will be hiccups, but I'm going to lose this weight. I'm going to get healthier. And I'm going to be happy with the body I see in the mirror.