Sunday, October 1, 2017

I keep forgetting!

At least I think I keep forgetting.
We finally heard back from Ezra's heart scan and everything is perfectly fine with his heart. Thank goodness!!!

All the kids are doing well. Zoe got in trouble at school. They send home folders with their homework assignments and whatnot every day along with either a green, yellow, or red lightouse to symbolize if they were good, kinda bad, or teacher needs to seriously talk to the parents bad.
Zoe got herself a yellow lighthouse the other day for not following the rules and not listening.
She was not happy about not having her kindle for the day, being made to clean up, and being stuck in her room.
Told her that if she did it again, she wouldn't get her kindle back and I'd make her throw a toy away along with cleaning the rest of the house. Yeah... she got that green lighthouse the next day.
Going to have to keep reminding her for a while to behave herself in school.

Oren is good. Talking more... and tantrums tantrums tantrums. I make him go to his room to scream and cry and carry on. He goes on and on and on and it drives me up the damn wall when he does it. He'll usually calm if I threaten to put him down for a nap if he doesn't calm down, but sometimes he won't.. so in to his room and in to bed he goes to cry and scream and carry on while I cling on to the little bit of sanity I have left in me.

DH lost in on him today which pissed me off though b/c he had the nerve to get a tone with me when I zoned out something Zoe was trying to tell me. Like dude... if you heard her.. get your ass up and go see what she's talking about. I'm not the only fucking parent in this house. Just b/c they say Mommy all the time doesn't mean you get off the hook and can ignore them. And yes... I am DAMN good at zoning them out.. something HE needs to get good at b/c he gets short tempered with them too damn often and it just ends up putting everyone else in a shitty mood.
I love DH and he is a good father, but he is the type of person that can not admit to being wrong. Oh... he knows when he's wrong... he will just never say it and I can probably count on my hands how many times he's apologized.
Just frustrating shit that I'm sure pretty much all married folks go through. Not a huge deal... just every day BS that we'll get over and then complain about again down the road lol.

We're starting back up with better eating again. Not AS strict again. Like... we'll be having some rice or tortilla shells or something every once in a while, but more controlled portions with that stuff.
Not looking forward to it b/c I loves me some sweets, but I want to lose weight before we go to Disney.

Have I mentioned that yet?
SiLs want to go to Disney in Feb. It was for November of next year, but DH's grandfather doesn't think he's gonna be alive for that long so the trip was bumped up to Feb.
I wanted to save more money before we went to Disney. Also wanted to wait at least a couple more years for our other 2 to get a little older, but whatever.
Oh... I still want to go again though when they open up that Star Wars luxury hotel. Hell yes I want to go to that!!

What else what else...
My brother and his family moved out of their house. Their dumbasses weren't paying rent. So when MiL and them asked them to pay some of it. Not even all of it, just start paying some of it again... nope. They moved.
Good lord my brother is such a fucking LOSER and ya know what.. so is his wife. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt so many damn times, but she's just as bad. She could've easily have gotten her license so she wasn't stuck at home all the time. Could've made sure my brother wasn't such a GD dumbass at his jobs so he would stop quitting or getting fired, but nope. She was content and let that shit happen and kept letting it happen.
DH's family took them all in like they were their own. Thought and still thinks of them like family and all they ever did was shit all over that and take advantage.
Their rent was only $500 a month... and without even talking to anyone about it, they decided to only pay $400. DH's grandpa wasn't happy about it, but they're basically family so he let it slide b/c they're not rich and need a place to live.
 They RUINED that house by smoking in it and letting their pets shit and piss ALL the time all over the wood floors and never cleaning it up. SiL was home ALL OF THE TIME and never picked up after the animals and never made her children clean up after themselves either.
Now they've moved out in to apartments that won't allow animals and they left their dogs at the house. MiL and them found their abandoned pets at the house with a bunch of furniture and no water. I'm sure my brother lied to SiL and told her he was feeding them or some shit.
And I dunno what they're going to do when they can't pay rent at the apartment when he quits or loses his current job too.
UGH he's just a fucking dumbass. I can't stand him. I'm just done. There's only so much you can take from people and I'm just done with their bullshit.
If SiL came to us and said she was leaving him.. I'd help her then... but if she's staying.. nope.
Leave me and my family out of your bullshit.

Phew.. end of rant. Didn't intend to rant about that, but well.. there it is.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Time to get crafty!

So I've been in a creative rut now for... forever. I'll get bursts of inspiration as I'm sure anyone who has regularly read my blog would know, but then it will slowly but surely die.
I need to get back to it though.
DH pretty much volunteered me for a ballerina shoe painting auction thing. I can decorate a ballerina shoe however I want and it will be auctioned off when the local play does Dracula. I basically have a little less than a month to finish it.
I just need inspiration now. I'm not sure how gruesome/gory I can go with it, or if they want to keep things more pg or what. All I was told was...  just do whatever!... sigh
Along with that, there are a few more things I'd like to start doing too. Like getting my sewing skills up a bit more. We have an anime convention we're going to in November and I would love to make some costumes for the kids.
Plus I just want to start drawing again. Our walls need more artwork on them! :)

So yeah.. we'll see. It's difficult to really do anything though when Ezra is awake. He wants to be part of everything and gets in to everything.

Healing up ok. Face is swollen and tighter and a little sore, but I'm ok overall.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Well that was an experience

Had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday.
I've never been put under before so was really curious to see how that was.
Felt myself getting a little light headed feeling and then the next thing I know, I'm blinking awake slowly. I don't think they were completely done though b/c they were still using a drill or some cleaning tool maybe for something and stitching me up which I felt. I woke up thinking that I hadn't been put under yet lol.
No funny youtube reaction though. Other than the left side hurting, I felt fine.
Did have to get bone graft done for the implant. Implant was not put in yet b/c there wasn't enough bone there for a proper implant to be placed so they had to use donor bone stuff and have to let that grow in over about 6 or so months.
That tacked on an extra 1500 or so to the bill. Yikes.
This is why people let their teeth go to shit... it's stupidly expensive to go to the dentist!
Anywho... I'm good though. Woozy b/c of the pain meds, but i'm feeling ok so far.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sorry for nott posting so much!

I swear, I always mean to post, but then I get distracted with other things and just completely forget to.

Things are still good here though.
Zoe loves school and had her first birthday invite this past Sunday.
We went even though DH and I both really didn't want to, but it really wasn't bad.
The parents of the boy are really nice and I could see us being friend with them if they ever wanted that.
Making friends as an adult sucks... seriously.

Anyway, the part went really well. The kids had a lot of fun just running around and playing.
Oren played a bit too much b/c he threw up shortly after we left. Oops lol.
It was so cute though. The birthday boy was the first friend Zoe talked about and when we got there, he kept telling Zoe to follow him and then suddenly "Zoe, I love you." Awwwwwwwwwwww
Kids are so darn cute and innocent and pure!

Zoe also had her first little "concert" thing at school last night. She was so darn cute up on stage with the other kindergartners. MiL, FiL, and aunt came to see it too. She finally spotted them and waved enthusiastically at them. OMG seriously... it was so cute that I actually started to tear up. Love my baby so much.

Oren is doing well, but holy crap I'm so tired of his little hissy crying fits. 3 is going to be even worse.....
I love his little ass, but good googly moogly he gets on my nerves when he starts his whining/crying tantrums. Thankfully asking him if he wants to take a nap usually gets him to calm down b/c he knows if he doesn't, I'll make him go lay down in bed.
Oh and we switched him to his toddler bed finally :)
He wasn't climbing out, but he'd climb in when he was playing with Zoe.
He's been pretty good about staying in bed so far though. Gotta enjoy that while it lasts lol.

Ezra is doing well too. Still not walking on his own, but meh.. I'm not in any hurry for it to happen. He cruises perfectly fine and he can definitely stand on his own, but he's just like Zoe was and doesn't like letting go.
He HATES going in to his carseat. We definitely have the "stiff as a board w/ a twisting action bonus" child when trying to put him in... along with some crying and screaming. UGH lol. We're still using an infant carrier with him. Keep talking about needing to buy an upgrade and then we never do.
Something always comes up and we forget.

What else.....
I'm getting my bottom wisdom teeth (the only ones I have) removed and the implant started on Friday. That's going to suck, but gotta get it done. Should've gotten it done before school started, but I just never thought about it and when it was brought up, I just procrastinated until I forgot.
Hopefully healing goes well and fast.

My birthday is tomorrow. 38.... frickin 38 years old! Mentally I certainly don't feel that old... and don't act that old lol, but physically, I feel about 80 lol.
38 though.. geeze.
Need to get back on track to losing weight. I fell off the wagon and that wagon kept on going and going and is now settled down and created a city without me. lol
I don't even know how much I weigh now. But the thing is.. I'm not THAT upset about it. It's... weird. I mean.. obviously I don't like that I fell back in to bad habits, but I'm also good... not happy that I can't fit in to some clothes once again, but.. meh. lol
Once I'm feeling better though, it's back on track to losing weight /nodnod.
Hoping that we'll be back to losing weight and getting healthy by Oct 1st :)

I'm sure there's a bunch more stuff, but I'll save that for later :D

Monday, September 11, 2017

It's all good here

Thankfully Hurricane Irma has calmed her giant ass down to tropical storm status now. We're still going to get rain, but hopefully it won't be worse than the normal summer thunder storms that go through here.
So far it hasn't been too bad.

Things have been good here though. I've been SO tired lately.
Getting up to take Zoe to school isn't so bad, but I can definitely feel it sometimes. I just NEED that extra sleep.
Thankfully school was cancelled for today so I didn't get to sleep in anyway... :\
Dog Rocco had to be kept in since it was raining and I don't trust him in the house by himself. He's still destructive as hell and I'm sure would've found something to destroy, so I had to get up once DH left. He's gonna have to be kept in tonight too since it's supposed to rain overnight. That's gonna be shitty.. probably literally.
Need to clean up the sunroom so there's nothing in there he can chew up.

Anywho... what else....
Picking up Zoe hasn't been too bad either. Thought I would hate it, but the parents that pick up their kids usually get out of the area much faster than the ones lining up in the car line to pick up.
Not sure how that will all be next year once she's let out at the same time as everyone else though. Kindergarteners are let out just a little early.

And lemme tell ya... I am one of the hot mess moms and I don't give a damn. I'd walk up and pick her up in the same outfit multiple days in a row, but I do at least change my shirt every day lol.
Some moms are up there all dressed up and pfft.. good for them for putting themselves together. Not this momma though. Lucky I even brushed my hair.
I try not to judge the other parents though... but there was one woman who was picking up her preschooler. The mom was wearing straight up booty shorts. The bottom of her flabby butt was hanging out of the shorts. SO damn inappropriate and of course she was waiting right at the front so all of the rest of us parents got a nice look at her butt.
Just come on now. What on earth are you thinking woman? Wear those somewhere else.. not to an elementary school lol. But kudos to her for being confident enough to wear them I guess lol.

So... SiLs were planning on going to Disney next year in November or October. But their grandfather thinks he's going to die soon for some reason and he wants to go so he wanted to go sooner.
So now.. the trip is set for February which means Zoe will be missing a week of school.
I mean right now it's not a big deal since it's just kindergarten, but we're still not too happy about it.
Plus the money... UUUUGH the money to go to Disney is ridiculous. Nevermind having to find someone to watch our pets. We'll probably have to board them somewhere which is going to be even more money and ugh... just ugh.

What else what else....
I don't even know. It's been so long since I posted anything that I can't remember everything that's happened lol.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Well crud

So school for Zoe has been going well. She's not really shy shy, but it does take her a while to open up which is what's happening. She goes silent when she's around a lot of other kids.
There's a parent teacher night tomorrow that we'll be going to so hopefully we'll get better insight on what is going on.
She seems to enjoy school though so yay :)
Getting up hasn't been too bad either. It's just the drive to school that I hate. It's right at the start of morning rush hour and the road out of the neighborhood is busy as heck. Just hate having to turn left off of it and then left on to another super busy road.

In other news... Hurricane Irma is probably going to hit us early next week. Awesome :\
Hopefully a miracle happens and it dissipates before it gets to us.
Going to go out tomorrow morning to buy more water and diapers and all that good stuff though. Can't be too prepared.

Things are good here otherwise though. House is messy as heck.. I'm tired... kids are being kids and yep... life is pretty good. Tiring and gives me a headache a lot of times... but good :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

First day of school

Zoe's first day of school was yesterday :)
Everything seems ok so far. She's still not wanting to go to bed early and when I got her up this morning and told her she had to get up for school, her reply to me was "again?" lol
Child.. you have at least 12 more years of school.. and then you're going to always have dreams and nightmares about it forever and ever.
Seriously.. I still have dreams about not remembering my locker combination or not doing homework. WTH?? lol

Seems like a nice school too. Only thing that's a little bad about it is that they're trying to be a "health conscious" school. I mean that's not a bad thing, but not allowing parents to make cookies or cupcakes etc for the kids or not allowing certain snacks & lunches to be sent. MEH lol
I do have to park to get Zoe. We switched her from the 5point harness carseat to the regular one. Her seat still has a back on it, it's just the regular lap and shoulder strap now. She can unbuckle herself, but she can't buckle herself in so I have to park and get her.
Not a huge deal really since not that many parents do it and the parents that park actually get out of the area quicker than the line of cars waiting to get their kids.
Also drop her off early in the morning for school breakfast.
Girl needs to eat, but her picky butt comes home saying that she's only eaten some fruit and had milk. These school lunches and breakfasts are not cheap!! lol She really needs to get over her pickiness.

She's also in a class with someone that the family knows.... but doesn't really like for some reason.
I never got the hate that the inlaws show them. They talk SO much shit about them. I hate hearing it b/c what I've seen of them.. they seem like really decent people.
Like SiL was saying that the mom always compares her child to SiL's and other kids and she'll do the same with Zoe.
Yeah... So? Pretty much all parents compare. And dogging on them for "working with" the child to get them ready for school.
Again... so? I was doing that with Zoe. Granted I wasn't doing it a lot lol... but I bought her workbooks and stuff and encouraged her to write. Nothing wrong with that.
Hell... maybe we should rag on SiL and her husband for not doing anything to prepare their child for school. I bet they wouldn't like that shit now would they??
Just get tired of them talking shit about people that don't deserve it. Just shows their insecurities.

Oh and that solar eclipse was Monday... in case anyone was living under a rock lol.
We got the full eclipse here and it was pretty darn cool.
The clouds were kept at bay at home, but unfortunately for DH, at work, it was pouring rain. Sad that he didn't get to see it, but also happy that we did.
The kids thought it was neat.
And yes... Oren is wearing a skirt b/c according to Zoe.. he was a rockstar... /shrugs lol


What else....
I have no idea lol. Just living life :)