Saturday, October 25, 2014

So excited!!

So excited for tonight! It's gonna be cold but hopefully it will be worth it going to Boo at the Zoo.
Thank goodness DH's friend told us we needed to buy the tickets in advance b/c they are sold out. Think DH said they had about 2000 tickets for a few nights so maybe more for tonight since it's a weekend? But still... WOW. That's not even counting all of the under 2 kiddies that will be there too.
It's going to be so fun. I can't wait to dress Zoe up and get dressed in our shirts too heh. Will be taking pics and posting them :)

Zoe seems to be coming down with a cold. She just seems to have a runny nose right now. Not surprising. We have windows open and it's been getting pretty cold at night. Her pjs should keep her warm and the window in her room is never open, but guess that wasn't enough to keep a cold away.

Anywho.... Monday will be here shortly!
Thought Dh took the day off but he only took off enough time for the appointment which is fine.
So excited to find out what we're having! Just hope the baby cooperates.
Just had a baby brain moment there. Took a good few seconds to think of the word cooperate :P lol

Felt baby a lot last night when laying on either side. Lots of kicks to the bed :) I can't wait until I can feel it more just sitting there or even just on my back.
Speaking of my back.. I've still been sleeping on it a lot. I just get so uncomfortable laying any other way I end up on my back. I try not to stay on it for too long.
I just wish I could get some decent sleep. I don't know what else I can do to help. Maybe just say F it and buy myself a snoogle for my Christmas present lol. Doubt that would help as much as I would want though.

As for intuition on what the gender is.
I really have no idea. I THINK I'm leaning more towards girl, but there's no real reason to it. Ok maybe b/c of the highish heartrate, but that's it. I really don't know.
We are still hoping for a little boy, but I just want a healthy baby. It will be fun if Zoe gets a little brother or sister.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

3 more days!

The end of Thursday so just 3 more days to go for my appointment. Thankfully it's in the morning so I won't have to wait all day Monday for it.
OMG I'm so excited and nervous and happy and scared. Just want everything to be ok, finding out the gender is just a big bonus.
Saw on one site, a woman just had her 20w u/s and everything looked fine to her, but turns out her baby boy never developed a brain. So heartbreaking :( Just so scary that there are still so many things that could be wrong or go wrong.

Anyway, I think I'm feeling more movement. It's still only bubbles though and only if I'm sitting in my computer chair hunched over. I'll sometimes feel kicks when laying on my side but those don't happen frequently. I'm sure baby enjoys when it's bedtime though. All of that tossing and turning I do must rock him/her to sleep lol.

Feeling ok though. Food is ALWAYS on my mind. Going to have to start eating better since I won't be on metformin for much longer. Have to try to control blood sugars through diet so... bye bye sweets and bad carbs *cry*
I am eating my weight in dressing on Thanksgiving though. I LOVE MiL's dressing and could eat the entire tray she cooks up.
Might save some metformin just for that occasion lol..... seriously.
I am having some cravings right now.
Dr pepper and corn dogs are at the top of the list. Might go to the store tomorrow morning and get some. OMG I want a corn dog so damn bad. Crispy cornbready outside with that hot delicious dog in the middle. NOMNOMNOMNOM

I did fix some really tasty last minute alfredo tonight. Wanted to do regular spaghetti but we didn't have any canned tomatoes and DH had to take he car. We had heavy cream and butter though so decided to make alfredo sauce instead and it surprisingly came out really tasty. Used about 1/2c butter, 1 or so cups of heavy cream, garlic salt, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, 1c Parmesan cheese.
I then browned some ground pork w/ breakfast sausage type of seasoning. Didn't want to leave it plain and thought the flavor of breakfast sausage would be good and it surprisingly went pretty well with it.
*pats self on back* lol

So excited for Saturday too. I think Zoe is going to have so much fun trick or treating at the zoo :D
It's also our anniversary (which we both completely forgot about LOL) so we'll go out to eat beforehand. Not sure where, but it will be fun if we do it all dressed up! Will have to throw that idea at DH hehe.

Anywho.... this week has gone by pretty quick. Well... most of the mornings have been slow but it picks up at noon. Haven't crocheted anything yet like I had planned, but I've been keeping busy in other ways.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I guess Zoe is going through a "I don't want to sleep even though I'm tired!!!" phase. Nap today was started off with the same crying and so was bedtime tonight.
She goes in fine when you tell her it's night night time, but as soon as you close the door, the waterworks start.
Hell, she even tried to pull the "I'm thirsty!" trick... not in that many words.. but she was crying "Water! Water!" before she did finally go to sleep. I know she wasn't thirsty though b/c I had just filled one of her cups and it was already almost all gone.
Hope she grows out of this soon. If not... she's gonna be doing a lot of crying b/c we don't fall for that stuff anymore (besides the mommy thing this morning lol).

I did manage to get in a nap too! WOO! Didn't bother playing around on my kindle, just went in to the bedroom and went to sleep. Bliss!
It was so so needed and I woke up before she did. It was only a couple of minutes before she did but still.... woot!


Ugh this damn puppy is getting on my damn nerves. He's so cute and is a really sweet dog but he does not want to frickin house break. I keep the dogs outside most of the dang day... mostly b/c it's really nice but also b/c of him so he won't piss or shit in the house.
I had them out for a good portion of the morning. Let them in to eat... not 7 mins had passed and he frickin shit on the carpet!!!!
THEN, after dinner, let the dogs in. They're all running around trying to snarf up whatever crumbs they can find like all dogs do.
He's all excited and whatnot.
He finally calms down some and goes to sleep on my lap.
Well we have to get up to put Zoe to bed.... we get her ready, turn around and he fucking shit right behind us!!! WTF???
Nevermind the piss stain on the living room carpet that he also did.
The thing is, he's not a dumb dog either. Oh he's SUPER hyper, but he seems to pick up things pretty quick. I really hope he grows out of this b/c it's really pissing me off.
The piss angers me more than the shit b/c it seeps down in to the padding and there's nothing you can do about it. Going to have to soak the entire living room to try to get rid of the lingering piss smell. *grumble*

Randomness and ranting

Rant first...

Holy crap people are STUPID.
A woman asked if anyone has had a successful vbac after having 2 c-sections. I think in most part and most doctors wouldn't agree to it b/c there is an even higher risk of rupture.
Well in comes miss "I need to brag and promote dangerous homebirth practices!"
Siting how she did it with 2 midwives. Nevermind that those midwives should have NEVER taken her on a client to begin with. But then this IDIOT says how she's more afraid of complications from a c-sec than complications from a vbac... specifically a rupture.
Uhm... what? Are you kidding me??
So lets see.... complication from a c-sec.. you're already in a hospital surrounded by doctors and technology that will help you.
Complications from attempting vbac rupturing uterus at home... you and your baby DIE.... or at the very very least, you make it to the hospital in time and you lose your uterus.
I'm not trying to say c-secs don't have any complications, but if one was to happen during the procedure, you're already where you need to be.
It's just so incredibly insane to me that women can be this stupid.
Oh, I get the appeal of home birth. Hell when pregnant with Zoe, I was sucked in to all that shit for a while (not home birth but birth center). And yes, while most LOW RISK women have absolutely no problems giving birth at home... again, that is for LOW RISK WOMEN. Not a woman that has had 2 damn c-sections already.
UUUGH, it's just so irresponsible and so damn dangerous.

Anyway, rant over.
Sleep last night was... meh. I got to sleep quicker, but that was about it.
Same ole issues arose though with added bonus of diarrhea! Awesome.  And Zoe's schedule is all screwed up now and she woke early again. *yawn*
I let her cry it out. She stopped a couple of times but whenever DH made any noise she would wake back up.
Was just going to let her continue but she started the " Mommy! Moooooommmmyyy!!" OMG it melted my heart and I had to get her lol. It won't work again though.... maybe :P

She is being really needy right now. Always wants to be on my lap. I don't mind that at all, but then she wants me to color her stuff for her. Again, I don't mind that... up to a point.
Going to try to calm my slight annoyance down some when she starts handing me stuff b/c I do enjoy snuggling her. She's growing up so fast and I have to cherish these moments.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

So much easier

No nap today. I went to lay down when Zoe finally stopped screaming and went to sleep, but never felt like actually sleeping. Probably the Dr pepper I drank this morning LOL. I'm feeling it now though. BLEH!
Anywho, before getting up, decided to doppler.
I had been laying on my left side so checked there first and BAM, there he/she was :)
So much easier finding LO that way hehe. May have to try it again. Lay on whichever side for a little bit and then bust out the doppler.

But yep, hopefully the lack of a nap this afternoon means I'll sleep better tonight.

So early!!

Zoe woke up at 6:50 yesterday. Not too much earlier than usual.
Well today, she woke up at 6. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
Wasn't her fault. DH was shutting the door to the computer room and it slammed shut (we have windows open.. you know how that goes).
I let her cry for a bit but it was obvious she wasn't going back to bed after a while so I went in, changed her diaper and sat in the glider with her.
Damn I wish that thing reclined.
It was nice though. Just sitting there with her and snuggling under a blanket. Think she may have fallen asleep but it was only a light sleep.

Anywho, this is going to be a LONG day.

Thankfully yesterday wasn't too bad. The morning dragged but after noon, it went by fairly quick.
Actually have the car today so planning on taking a trip to Target. Maybe the grocery store too.
Dang, I really could've used that sleep though :( Maybe I can get a quick snooze later today.

On a better note... I definitely felt some pokes/kicks this morning.
Was laying on my right side waiting for Zoe to go back to sleep and kept feeling the kicks on my right side :)
LO is active in there, just can't feel anything most of the time.

I'm still achy but not constantly. There's an area on my right hip/ovary area that keeps hurting every once in a while. Not sure what that's about.
And yep, nothing much else to report on just yet... oh other than this happened yesterday...

Who knew that crayons colored so well on skin o_O

Monday, October 20, 2014


Here's an embarrassing TMI moment to share.

So I was feeling the need to trim the bush the other day. I had plugged in the electric razor we bought just for that purpose and did random crap for 2 hrs. I thought that that would be enough charging to at least get most of the job done.
Nope, I turned it on and it died a second later. Awesome :\
So not wanting to just give up, I decide to bust out the razors. Boy, I wish I hadn't.
With the amount of hair I had down there.... razors were only shaving off a little bit at a time, so I would have to keep going over the same area over and over again.

BAD BAD decision! I'm now suffering from rubbed raw cooter... and not in a good way :P It's just one section thankfully b/c I would've been in the shower for a good 2 hrs if I wanted to try to get everything (with how slow the process was going).
Still... it hurts like a MOFO!

I've learned my lesson. I'll just wait until the electric razor is charged before trimming anything.