Tuesday, September 16, 2014


So I just barfed up half of my breakfast.
I usually gag after eating it. I don't overeat or anything, it's just one of those things.
Well this time, the gagging wouldn't stop and sure enough.... BARF. Couldn't even make it to the toilet or sink so had to do it in to the bowl I had just eaten from. BLEH

Throwing up sucks! So glad that my morning sickness isn't bad enough to throw up the other 99% of the time.

Well, that didn't go as I had hoped

So I talked to DH last night about the possibility of having more kids.
His response...... was disappointing.
He said that if we have another girl, then we're done having kids b/c he doesn't want to risk having a 3rd girl. WTF? He tried to give some lame ass excuse of not wanting to deal with 3 teenage girls and all that mess and I had to remind him that uhm... teen boys aren't exactly always sunshine.
He said that if we have a boy, then MAYBE we could try again.... but that's a big maybe.
Just ugh... so disappointed with his attitude. If it was just a "Oh I just don't want to have a 3rd. It will be too expensive... etc" that would've sucked too but I would've at least understood that, but to say not wanting the possibility of having a 3rd girl? WTF kind of sexist answer is that, and yes I did say that to him.
So yeah.... there ya go.
I'll probably bring this up with him again, especially if this does end up being another girl, but with his attitude.... looks like this will be our last.

UGH I just don't get it. He adores DD and he's not some weird macho sexist guy at all, so his response just totally caught me off guard and like I said just made me really disappointed in him.

Monday, September 15, 2014


So, when I got pregnant, I was pretty sure I'd just go in for a repeat c-sec. Now.... eh, I'm not sure.
I would really like to have another baby after this one if we're lucky enough and I know with multiple c-secs, especially ones spaced pretty close together like ours would be could be problematic.

So yeah, now I'm debating if trying for a VBAC would be the way to go. I'll have to talk to DH first. Every time I've brought up wanting 1 more after this, he always gives me a look lol. It's a "Are you crazy??" joking type of look and he's never said no... so I think that if we agree that we might have another.... I may try for the VBAC. Of course this may all change a week from now and I may go back to just wanting the repeat lol.
I dunno... it's all still up in the air. I'll talk to DH and at my next appointment talk to my doctor about it too.

So apparently it wasn't the roofing company screwing us over. Nope... it's our insurance company being cheap ass fuckers.
Apparently our insurance company (Farm Bureau) is trying to pay out as little as they possibly can for everyone's roofing/siding damage.
Why the roofing people couldn't tell us this shit a month ago though.... ugh.
So now we have 2 options.
1, the roofing company will hire a lawyer to basically try to get the insurance company to pay the extra $$ that they're requesting. From what they said, the usually pay up, but sometimes will take it to court.
2, the roofing company will null our contract, give us back the money we gave them and then we find someone else that can fix the roof/siding for the amount the insurance will give us. BUT the problem is that some of the places that will do it for their price may do a shit job and could devalue our house b/c of it. OR come to find out they'll need more $$ and we'll be in this same situation all over again.

Just so pissed off at everyone right now b/c of this crap. Insurance company for being a bunch of tight-wad jackasses
Roofing company for not dealing with this shit sooner.
And DH for not fucking calling either one of them more often to get answers sooner. Ok not really pissed off at DH, just annoyed with him.


Anyway, we're having a different roofing company come out to check the roof today to see what they say. They told DH that they've had problems w/ Farm Bureau with this as well, but they'll see what they could possibly do. They've done a lot of houses in our neighborhood so... I dunno... we'll see I guess.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Well that was expensive

Damn you Target for having cute crap that we want!!! *shakes fist*

So, they have the little Batman dress that I wanted to get Zoe last year but they sold out of.
Well they had them again and we finally went back today to get one since they're not selling them online. Had to get a 3T one though AND it was frickin $18. UUUUUUGH.
That's a lot of money for something she'll be outgrowing in a few months :\
But it's super cute and damnit, I'm going to put her in that dress as much as possible lol.
It's going to be part of her Halloween costume too :D Going to get her a child size batman face mask that she won't wear, put her hair in pigtails and she'll go around and be the cutest Batman out there.
Plus DH bought himself a Batman shit that has a cape attached to it to wear with her hehe. It's so cute and I can't wait!
Wish they had a Robin shirt. How adorable would that have been? Her as Batman and DH as her sidekick :D

Anywho.... off to bed I go! Hopefully to have a better night sleep than I've been getting.

I was wrong

I just busted out the doppler for a second.
I was wrong. Baby is still just an inch above my c-sec scar. Well, I didn't actually hear the baby but I heard the placenta. So what I felt the other day must've just been bloat or something.
I'm still not peeing as much though which I'm happy about so I think it has moved up a little, just not as much as I thought.

I really dislike....

Forum police.
You know the types... the ones that have to post threads on how they don't like soandso behavior and then try to dictate how everyone is supposed to post.
Bitches please....
You're on a forum full of hormonal pregnant women that aren't always going to agree with eachother and will want to express their own opinions on whatever subject matter.
To expect everyone to be all sunshine and rainbows is absolutely ridiculous.
I'm not saying people should just be allowed to cuss everyone out or something, but the place I go to, with the sheer amount of people that are on there... I'm amazed there aren't more negative posts.

In fact, the number of negative posts that I do see are very few and far between unless it's on a hot button topic like vaccines, circumcising, etc. Or if someone creates a thread just being plain stupid like someone posting a topic complaining about not wanting a big belly or wanting to get fat and saying she's not going to gain ANY weight other than baby. The first couple of posts on that thread were actually trying to be helpful and supportive to her. Giving her advice on eating well, continuing exercise etc.... and then she had to come back and attack the supportive people like a psycho, so she got her ass handed to her after that.

Anyway... just a minor annoyance really. I'll post how I want to within reason even if it is something negative.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

So hot

So DH got home around 2 and we left soon after to go to that birthday party. Again, I'm not sure why we went. Hell, they're DH's family and even he only knew who maybe half of the people were lol.
The food was good though... especially the pickles. lol
It was just regular ole jarred pickles you buy at the store but holy shit they were delicious.
Yes, I've become the stereotypical pregnant woman. I'm not dipping a pickle in to some icecream or some nasty crap like that, but pickles are F-ing delicious and I can't get enough of them. Tomorrow, I'm buying more so I can gorge on them!! I wish they still sold these awesome jalapeno spicy regular pickles. I remember they came out when I was a child and I F-ing LOVED them. I could only eat half at a time b/c they were so spicy but man, I would tear those things up now.

This pregnancy has been so different when it comes to cravings. Seriously, every time some kind of food pops in to my head, the next words out of my mouth are "*soandsofood* sounds really good right now." It doesn't matter if I've already eaten. Almost everything sounds good lol.

Oh the party wasn't terrible, but it was hot as hell. They used DH's uncle's work place to hold it at b/c it's basically just a big warehouse. Lots of room, but absolutely no central air or even a little window AC unit. Muggy, humid and hard to breathe. BLEH.

SiL wants Zoe to spend the night for their DD's birthday. She's going to have a sleep over. I know Zoe's older cousins will be there, but... I hesitate to let Zoe stay.
Oh she would absolutely LOVE it.. it's just the sleep issue. She has enough trouble sleeping over at MiL's or aunt's house. Her w/ her little cousins to play with?? Yikes.
But hey... if SiL and her husband want to deal with it... whatever. Zoe will just zonk out when she gets home as she usually does.
Anyway, if it does happen, it will be good for Zoe to hang out with other kids and play.