Sunday, November 23, 2014

One thing done, a lot more to go

So I think the living room is now situated how we're going to keep it. It's not the best, but it will work.
Now I just need to clean my desk off like I said I was going to do a couple of weeks ago so DH can hook my computer up to the tv. We're still not sure where DH's computer is going though. We need to figure it out so we can determine if we need to buy a smaller desk or not.
We also need to buy a whole lot of other stuff.
We would like to keep a door to the sunroom open, but still want to keep the breeze our so we're thinking maybe buying a heavy curtain to put over the opening would be a good idea. We also need to buy curtains for all of the windows in the sunroom to help keep the heat/cold out and curtains for the new nursery and new blinds.
The blinds will just be some cheapy ones like we have in Zoe's room... so that's not a big purchase at least.

UGH just a lot of stuff to do still.
Then we still need to buy a fan/light for the nursery and paint aaaaaaaand probably some more of that blue tape aaaaaaaaand.... yeah... just a lot of stuff. BLEH!
I can see where all of our tax return is going to go next year... paying off the dang credit card bill.

My mom is crazy. She bought herself a new SUV a couple of months ago. Well it's not new new, it was previously owned but only has like 17k miles on it.
It's a giant buick SUV that even used is 38k!!! She wants us to trade our car for hers, she would take over our car payment and we would take hers.... nevermind that we're only paying about $300 a month for ours while she's paying $650 for hers.
Uhm.... no.
Plus, it's HUGE. It's super nice and all but we want a much smaller suv... not a dang luxury tank.
I'm so used to driving my little car that it's going to be weird even upgrading to a small suv.
Oh AND, it's white. We don't want a basic color like that. Colors that everyone else has. Just makes it easier for a thief to steal cars that all look the same ya know. Plus.. white, black, gray.. it's all boring.
Not really a lot of options when it comes to colors for suvs but meh.. we'll see what's out there when the time comes.
Probably won't be until a year from now when we're seriously looking or even in 2016 so plenty of time for new things to come out by then.

So yeah... she's crazy lol.
She did go ahead and get us a Christmas present though lol. She had a new little space heater that was pretty nice and worked really well. So she bought us one :D YAY MOM! heh
We can definitely use it in areas.
I wouldn't mind using it in Zoe's room, BUT I just don't trust space heaters that much to put it in there. It needs to be in a room that I'm in if it's in use.

I think that's about it. Need to get started w/ cleaning. Finish shampooing the floor out in the living room and cleaning off my desk and whatnot. Also need to figure out what I'm going to get my virtual baby shower person :D
Love shopping for other people! Need to take a trip to Target to see what they have.

Friday, November 21, 2014

I forgot again!

Bleh.... there was one particular thing I wanted to mention in this post and I've forgotten what it was. SIGH!

Oh well... lets talk about some more random stuff :D

Got our sunbaby diapers yesterday :D Bought a pack of 12 of them in the size one. Look pretty good as far as I can tell. I always see good reviews for them so we'll see if they live up to their reputation.
Will order some regular size ones probably after Christmas. Gotta spend this credit card money on presents first :P

Feeling guilty. I don't want to go anywhere and I know Zoe is getting a bit stir crazy sitting in the house all day long. Didn't help that it was cold as hell outside for a little while there.
Will have to make more of an effort to go out with her. Get her out of the house.

No wonder why she's always so eager to spend the night with her granny or aunt. I don't mind her going over there, but she's getting in to the mindset that she's going to spend the night every weekend and that's not going to fly.
The break is nice, but I want some weekends with her. Especially want her to spend time with her daddy.

Anywho... going to go over to her grandma's house today (my mom). We haven't seen her in gosh... a couple of months. I'm such a good daughter :\ Seriously though, she's been busy and me.. like I said, I haven't wanted to go out. We'll see her today though and Zoe can go wreak some havoc over there lol

Zoe is getting so good at drawing smiley faces. Will have to come up with something else to show her how to draw. She's so eager to do it and learn. She is SO going to love the chalk board easel we got for her. Can't wait for Christmas!!!


Nope... still can't remember wth I was wanting to mention... darn it.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


So constipation seems to be one of those things that's going to come and go... well... hopefully. Haven't gone in 2 days again. Have that feeling like it might happen today but... we'll see.
Gas b/c of it has been AWFUL. Puppy had a death wish last night sleeping next to my ass. Surprised I didn't kill him with the toxic fumes.

Also getting that out of breath and can't take in a deep breath feeling. SUCKS BALLS.  It's like almost orgasming and then not. When you almost reach that peak, but then it falls flat. I just can't get in that good refreshing deep breath so I keep half yawning.

Gagging is still occurring. Not anywhere near as bad as it was. I can actually change poo diapers and pick poo up without going in to a gagging fit, but it still happens every once in a while if I smell something rank or eat too much and the breathing problem also seems to cause some gagging.
Oh AND, I definitely pee myself a little if the gagging lasts for more than just a couple of seconds. Awesome.

Sleep has been better. I still toss and turn quite a bit but I'm able to go right back to sleep most of the time. So that's a plus at least. My hips start killing me if I lay on one side for too long though which is why I have to toss and turn a lot.

And I realized a few days ago that I'm not aching as much as I was before. WOO! lol

I think that's about it as far as symptoms changing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yay Christmas stuff!!

Bought Zoe a couple more Christmas presents last night.
Got her a Fisher Price Little people disney princess castle.
We've been wanting to get her that for a while and well.. it's almost Christmas. We'll get her the princesses that don't come with it as stocking stuffers.

Also got her this awesome Hello Kitty play tent w/ tunnel. She's going to LOVE it! Plus it was only $20. The others that are exactly like it just different character (Bubble Guppies, Frozen, etc) are $30.
Zoe loves Hello Kitty stuff so hey.... win win for everyone :D
I think that's all the big stuff we're getting her.
The rest will be just small things like those little people princesses.

So excited though. Christmas is so much fun when you get to buy stuff for your LO :)

Baby boy was moving all over the place yesterday. More than made up for the non-movement the day before.
The movement still isn't super strong but eh, I guess that's to be expected.
I keep wondering what exactly I'm feeling when I do feel movement.
I always picture him laying horizontal in there for some reason. Difficult to imagine him always laying head down if he does stay that way all the time.
Just can't wait to meet him though. It's gonna be here in the blink of an eye and I can't wait!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

He's so sweet!

Dh got home a little late yesterday. Didn't think anything of it b/c work has been busy and he's needed to stay a little late a few times.
Well turns out, he took a trip to World Market and bought us some yummy sweet treats!
He said he went b/c he knows after next weeks appointment, I won't be able to eat anything like this so he wanted to get me some. Awwww.
He bought my fav Happy Hippos! MAN those things are so good. If you've never had them before, TRY THEM NOW! lol
He also bought a few other things that were really good too. Love him :D

Baby boy freaked me out yesterday with the lack of movement for the majority of the day. Really had me worried which is why I used the doppler 3 separate times just to make sure I could still hear a heartbeat.
He was super active at bedtime though which was a huge reassurance.
Damn anterior placenta. I know it probably contributed to not feeling movement *grumble*


Still looking for one more big present for Zoe for Christmas. Really want to get her a play tent w/ tunnel. She will LOVE it if we manage to get one. They have some cute ones on amazon but will have to talk to DH about it when he gets home. I know baby boy will love it too once he's on the move.

I ate something that did NOT agree with my yesterday. Double edged sword... I don't want to be constipated but I also don't want to have diarrhea either. Well it wasn't really diarrhea, just soft and slightly loose.
Not fun on my aching ass though. Hemorrhoids are no f-ing joke man. I know I keep talking about it, but OUCH! Will probably be buying my first ever tube of prep H.

Awww Zoe was so cute yesterday. I went to pee and of course she was right on my heels in to the bathroom. I was fine, but was thinking about the aching coming from down there while I was going. I must've had a look on my face or something b/c Zoe turned to look at me (after closing the door) and said
"Mommy, what's wrong?" with the cutest worried look on her face. OMG *heart melts*
That's exactly what my reaction was. I kind of gasped and then let out a long awww, snagging her to bring her in for a hug.... while I sat on the toilet peeing :P lol

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ouch, my butthole!!

Yep, if you didn't guess it before... I'm talking about hemorrhoids.
I did actually manage to poop yesterday finally and did again this morning too! WOO!
But it was very obvious that things aren't quite right in the brown eye area. It hurt when it was coming out. Not excruciating or anything thankfully.
And now... it kinda hurts (again, not too bad, just more of an ache) when I go to pee.
Oh the joys. MAN I had it so good my first pregnancy. Not that I'm having a terrible pregnancy this time or anything but it is definitely a little more difficult.

Haven't felt baby boy a lot this morning. It kinda freaked me out some so I dopplered. Barely heard his heartbeat for just a second before he moved. Hearing it for that little bit was enough though. He must just be turned to where I can't feel the movement much.

We picked out the wall colors for the nursery! :D No gray. Decided we liked blue hues better to do everything in.
Now just need to stop procrastinating and get things moved. Well, I guess since we got the car seat and all that, we can focus on this now.

SO looking forward to some Thanksgiving food next week!

Zoe is getting better and better at drawing her smiley faces :) She draws them with unibrows for some reason though o_O

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Remembered one of the things! heh

So was talking with DH yesterday while we were all over the place and mentioned the name. He thinks that the name is more than likely definitely going to be Bishop Oren.... Oren spelled like that.
It really doesn't matter how it's spelled to me, I just always saw it spelled Orin, but with an E instead of the I.. not a huge deal.
If we do end up going with this name... his initials wil be B.O.S :D
Told DH that his nickname could be boss or bossman or something along those lines heh.
They had a cute shirt at BRU that said something like "I'm the boss" on it that I would've liked to have gotten except that they only had it in toddler sizes. Guess we could've still gotten it but meh... I'm sure we'll come across something similar again later on.

Okedoke, got a ton of baby crap to wash and need to wash some dishes too... joy :\