Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Awesome :D

So today got even better.
Oh it started off pretty crappy. Other than having to get up and pee 4 or 5 times last night. I woke up at 3 and could not get back to sleep. That is I couldn't get back to sleep until around 5:40 and of course Zoe woke up at 6am. UGH lol

After the appointment, let Z stay up for a while until around noon and put her down for a nap. I also went down for a nap. About an hour later, OF COURSE we get someone ringing the GD doorbell and the dogs start going crazy.

After I answer it and shut the dogs up. Zoe starts crying, but thankfully only for a minute before she goes back to sleep. WOOT!
I lay back down and promptly go back to sleep and we both slept in until 2:30!!!
I'm lucky if Z sleeps for more than 30minutes!!!
OMG I so needed that. Best nap ever... even w/ it being interrupted and almost ruined.

Anywho... I'm so excited to tell everyone. Few days before the appointment, I asked DH when he wanted to tell everyone if things looked ok and he said.. "Uhm... that Friday?" o_O lol
But yeah, we're just waiting until Z's party.
I think they suspect something though b/c they keep being nosy about my appointment, asking DH how much time he took off etc etc. They know we're not telling them the truth but don't want to actually say it.
I just know when we tell they're going to be like "I knew it!" Oh well.

I think it's good that we'll be telling them then though. I'll be 8w then, or well according to the OB office, I'll be 9w then and I think I'm going to be bigger by then. I can already tell that the bloat is starting to settle in for the long haul until it's replaced by baby.
They could just think I'm getting fatter which I guess would technically be true? :P lol But I definitely think I'll be looking mighty huge in not that long.

There's a baby!!! :D

SO flipping relieved and so happy right now.
Baby is measuring right on with when I ovulated at 6w4d, but since it's not more than 7 days from what my LMP says I should be at, they're still saying I'm 7w3d so my due date to them will be March 14th.
I'm still going to go by when I ovulated though since I'm sure baby will measure more closely to then instead of LMP.
Also got to see the new little heart just a pumping at 144bpm :)
So surreal.
She also looked and saw the nice gigantic corpus luteam cyst on my right ovary.
And see that black almost outline at the top of the sac in the photo? There's a little bit of blood there from when it implanted. She said I'll either reabsorb it or could spot some so don't freak out if I do.

So incredibly happy and just felt a weight come off. Oh I'm still going to be freaking out though lol.

Before the appointment was terrible. I was SO nervous that I was giving myself morning sickness. Thankfully just gagging but it was still bad.

My next appointment will be on Sept 8th I think (DH took the schedule sheet so he could get the time off to go to the u/s appointments). It's my 12w scan (I'll be 13w according to them though) and will be getting another u/s then to check everything out.

They also told me all of the regular stuff. I asked about the GD screening and they said I would be taking it when I normally would at 28? weeks. That kind of surprised me but oh well.
Had blood drawn for prenatal stuff. No idea WTH they test for though. I guess STDs and uhm..... *shrugs*

Sunday, July 27, 2014

This weekend has taught me...

... that I have almost no patience for other people's children.

For the most part my nephew has been good, but I can not take his crying at all. I have no sympathy for it, it just annoys me.
I feel awful saying that since he's only 8m old and crying is his only way of getting attention but... it's getting on my last nerve that he doesn't want to take a GD nap when he's tired. Instead he just wants to scream and cry and carry on b/c he's not being held 24/7. Sorry kid, I have to pee too damn much to hold you all the damn time.
So how about shutting up and going to sleep because we all know you're tired.

I have new respect for anyone with a daycare or teachers. Just anyone that deals with other people's children all the time. I would be bald by the first week from ripping all of my hair out from the frustration.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sex & spotting

So DH bugged me for sex and I finally gave in today.
Lol, I make it sound so awful. I'm just so damn tired that sex is the last thing on my mind.
Anyway, we DTD in the afternoon (Z is spending the night w/ MiL and nephew was happily drinking his bottle down in the living room)...
After we were done, I got up to change nephew's diaper. While changing him, I felt 2 very quick small gushes.
Now.. I thought maybe it was just 'leftovers' from sex, but it still had me paranoid so after I was done, I went to the bathroom and sure enough, there were 2 spots on the panty liner.
They looked very very watered down though and brown.
When I wiped, there was also a very very very light pinkish/peach tinge. I honestly probably wouldn't have even noticed it if I hadn't saw the spots on the liner.

Anyway... I freaked out a little, but that was all that I spotted so I'm positive it was just from DTD and nothing more than that.
Funny how that didn't freak me out nearly as bad as my boobs not hurting when I took my bra off did :\

I did have an attack of morning sickness. I went to the funeral and afterwards, there was a famnily get together w/ some food. We decided not to eat but did get some cake to munch on.
I was feeling totally fine.
When we were slowly leaving, I was holding nephew and he was kind of resting on my stomach and holy moly the nausea wave hit me.
I had to hand him to DH or else I would've probably puked.
The nausea did get a little worse, but w/ some deep breathing I managed not to do more than gag a couple of times. Thankfully no one noticed. If it had happened earlier... I think our secret would've been blown.


Ok so if all goes to plan.. we will be telling everyone on the 9th when we're having Zoe's birthday get together.
But instead of putting her in the shirt, we're going to give it as a gift and when she opens it, everyone will see what it says :D

That's if things go well though. Still so much could happen which.... blows.

I think people suspect something though. MiL asked me what my appointment was for. Apparently she didn't know I had hypothyroidism though so it looked like she bought my excuse that I just needed to get it checked :P
At the viewing (which was more just a get together of family since the deceased was cremated)... everyone kept telling us how we needed another. And how we needed to have a boy, or twin boys o_O
Not sure how twins even came up but...it did.

I just want ONE healthy little baby in there. Obviously we'd make it work if there were 2, but man.... I can't imagine how difficult it would be. Hell, I'm having trouble imagining how difficult things will be with 1 more added to the mix lol.

Thankfully Zoe has been pretty good. She has shown some jealousy, but overall she's been a really good older cousin.
She does NOT like it when he cries though and yells at him rofl. She yells at him "What's wrong??!!!" or "Stop crying!!!!" rofl which only makes him cry more.
Man.... my nephew is certainly a crier though. I know I've said it before but you can definitely tell that he gets his way EVERY SINGLE TIME he cries and gets SO upset when I don't immediately respond. Poor lil guy misses his mommy's attention.

Good god he's heavy though. Holy hell. I swear he's gained an extra 10lbs since he's been here LOL. I'm already a giant weakling so add in a 20something pound baby lump.... UUUUGH my poor back!

Anyway... I'm pretty sure SiL and my brother brought over fleas with them. So tired of this shit. We only have to put Advantage on our dogs maybe 2-4x a year and we're totally flea free.
I was getting bitten up last night and got bitten twice today.
Just pisses me off to no end. You want pets? Fine... you better have the money to F-ing take care of them then.

Friday, July 25, 2014

And another...

Someone from Zoe's DD group just found out that the baby stopped growing a couple of weeks ago and had no heartbeat. :(
I hate this. I don't understand why good women have to go through this while crackheads and losers can pop out babies at the drop of a hat.


So I gave nephew a bath w/ Zoe. Apparently they both really needed it.
Anyway, I was drying him off and then combed his hair and turns out those dark spots that SiL said was a birth mark? WRONG.... nothing but cradle cap.
Just large gooey chunks of dander started to come off in his hair as I was combing it. So gross. I got almost all of it off though. Need to lotion his head a little more. Wish we had some baby oil. Would rather put that on him for it.

Still though... how the hell did they not know it was cradle cap? That's what I had thought it was when I first saw it but took their word that it was a birth mark. I mean damn... it's their baby, they're the ones bathing him. They should've saw the large dandruff flakes in his hair and put 2 and 2 together.