Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ranting and other junk

I can't stand my BiL.
Overall, there's nothing wrong with him really, but he's just one of those types of people who just rubs everyone the wrong way.
He's a know-it-all, but doesn't actually know shit and he's just annoying as heck to be around.
I really don't understand how SiL got with him other than him being a total pushover when it comes to her. That's not a bad thing, but everything else about his personality sucks. Ok.. not everything else.. but like I said.. he's just not someone that you want to hang out with if you had a choice.
I dunno.. it's difficult to explain but I'm sure we all have that family member that's like that. Just someone that just rubs you the wrong way and you're not entirely sure why.
Just... I want to punch him in the face every time he posts on FB.

We'll definitely be helping to pay to get the Terrain fixed. Really glad about that. I just feel so bad that it broke down right when they got it. Even though we never had a problem with it, it still makes me feel guilty.. like we caused it somehow lol.
Hopefully it's nothing too serious and an easy quick fix.

I definitely have GD again.. it's just not as severe. I fixed steak and mac and cheese last night. I was able to eat a serving of the mac and cheese (sharing it with Oren) and my blood sugar was 115. Right under the max number. (pretty sure max is 120)
Really not sure how I passed the 1hr test. I must've been right under the max or something.
Anyway... for now, I think I'm going to try to just take my blood sugar in the morning and then after I eat something questionable. I'll continue that until my next appointment and then take it from there.
Glad that I had some leftover strips and stuff to test with.
Do not want to end up on the news b/c I gave birth to a giant baby LOL.

Zoe is so darn cute.
Her infatuation with Spiderman is over.... now it's all about Robin. DH started watching Young Justice yesterday and she was totally hooked. Every time Robin wasn't on she'd ask "Where's Robin??" And now she's calling herself Robin.
Love it :D

Oren is also just so cute!
He was playing with one of DH's old phones yesterday. Put it up to his ear and said "Hello?" in to it. Clear as day. Shocked the heck out of me lol. He did it again after I did it and handed it back to him too :D
My big little guy!
Now he just needs to stop waking up in the middle of the night crying :\
He's still not walking on his own, but he is letting go more often now. Totally not worried at all about it. He'll walk when he's ready and that's the day when I never get to relax ever again lol.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wow, that's bad luck

So we gave the Terrain to inlaws the other day... DH got a call from FiL yesterday saying that it keeps cutting off.
We never had a problem with it before and all of a sudden this shit happens to them? UGH.

Makes me feel terrible that we're giving them a messed up car. Just some seriously bad luck. Hopefully it's nothing too serious and I think we should help them with the cost of repair.

They came over last night to check the oven for us. FiL has some thing to check to see if the switch on the oven still worked. I guess it did b/c they were saying it was the elements that were bad. Going to cost us about 150 to replace them both, but DH is skeptical if it is what is wrong since both the broiler and the other one stopped working at the same time.
Not sure what DH wants to do about it.

DH did go to work today. Thankfully his rash hasn't bubbled up to blisters.. they just look like bright red spots.

We gotta take the van in this saturday. Wanted to see Civil War then, but may not be able to. We'll see.
Anywho, we're getting the seat covers and the auto dimming rear view mirror. Hoping that since we made an appointment and time to come in that we won't be stuck there ALL day long.

Let the kids stay up last night to visit with inlaws. They don't get a lot of alone time with them so we let them stay up. Was hoping that they would sleep in but pfft... dunno what fantasy land I was hoping I'd be in. Oren woke up around 2am screaming bloody murder. I went and checked on him and that only made him cry/scream harder.
He must've had a bad dream or something.
Anywho... he still woke up his usual time... sigh.

Just got a call back from my OB office and well... apparently I don't have GD this time around? Uhm.... what????
I'm still going to check my sugar for a while b/c I think they're going to be concerned about my fasting level if they keep coming back higher than it should be. It was only 91 this morning but that's still elevated.
But still too... WOO!
I did eat a BIG bowl of cereal this morning so I could check my sugar level after. Did screw up some b/c I took one of my prenatals just a few mins ago. It's gummi and I'm sure full of sugar. Oops. We'll see.

The only thing that came back a little off was my iron level. It was a little low so they're calling in a prescription for iron pills.
Looks like I'm gonna be trying to eat more iron rich foods too for an extra boost.

But still... this is some really unexpected news. Who the hell knew that this was even a possibility. Figured if you had GD once, you'd always get it again.. especially with my medical history too.

EDIT: Took blood sugar and it was 130. So I think I do have GD still, it's just that this time, my body is tolerating carbs and whatnot a bit more.
So while I can have a sandwich or something if I wanted.. I can't go all out or anything. I still have to portion control.. just not be AS strict.
Still... I'll take it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I still haven't heard back from the doc office yet. I just started taking my blood sugar levels yesterday and so far.. after eating it's been fine, but the morning fasting is doing what it did before.
It was frickin 102 this morning! Grrrr
I don't want to take glyburide again damnit! Nothing against taking the pill, I just don't want to go in twice a frickin week once again. It was easy with none... ok with Zoe... and now with 2?? UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH. Just a giant PITA.
And of course there's nothing I can really do to help the fasting level. BLEH

In somewhat better news.. for dinner, I had tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Thought b/c of the sugar in the tomatoes and then the bread that my sugar would be a little high, but nope.. it was only 90! YAY! Going to have to play around with some stuff to see just how much of something I can have. Potatoes, rice and bread mostly. Hoping I'll actually be able to have a serving of something and still be within an OK range.

Terrain is almost signed over to inlaws. Just glad we're able to help them out a little since the whole wreck happened.

DH is home again today. He still feels ok, but his rash is still very angry looking in spots. HFM is making its way through everyone who hasn't had it before. Niece's father has it now too.
Again... thankfully it's not terrible in general. Just more of a nuisance once the fever passes.

I don't see how you can prevent this from spreading. I've read that people can stay contagious for up to a few weeks after the signs of it have passed. I mean obviously washing your hands, not coughing in to them, etc will help, but who really remembers to do that ALL the time. I'm sure everyone touches their face at some point or quickly sneezes or coughs in to their hand even if they usually don't.

Again though.. thankfully it looks like I probably already had this strain of it when I was little. No symptoms of it thankfully.

There's a concert we want to go to..... 3 days before I'm hoping to have my c-sec done lol. It's Blink 182 and A Day To Remember. I wanna go! There are seats at the venue so I wouldn't be standing or anything... and I've never had preterm labor or anything like that before so I think it would be ok. Uncomfortable, but ok.
We'll see I guess lol.
That is cutting it pretty darn close heh

Monday, May 2, 2016


Poor DH just can't catch a break. His HFM rash isn't that bad, but still causing some sensitivity issues on his hands and feet. Some areas look like they're getting a little worse, but overall he looks and feels fine.
He didn't go to work today and may not go tomorrow.

Sucks that this mess is so contagious, but at least it's not too bad. Just a day of a fever and that's it really.

Thankfully I haven't had any symptoms of it. Every time my foot or hand itches though I think I'm getting it lol.

We didn't go to the fair on Saturday. Boo :( Zoe was really looking forward to it, but DH wasn't up for it which is understandable. Oh well.. there's always the state fair in Oct and this fair will come around again next year where we'll hopefully be able to go... with 3 kids O_O

Did get myself some new shoes though.
Turns out I don't have wide feet. Or well... my toes still don't taper in like a lot of tennis shoes do, but that's it.
Regular shoes still feel tight on my feet, but that's probably just b/c I'm not used to wearing them. Need to break them in and get used to it before the trip.
They're ugly adidas ones. Dark blue and a bright pink. All the shoes that I actually liked the look of either didn't feel right or they didn't have my size. Figures. :\
Oh well... they don't have to be pretty.. they just gotta keep my feet comfy.

DH's dad got in to an accident 2 days after my mom did. He's ok. The airbag ripped up his arm, but he's ok thankfully.
Some a-hole douchebag cut off a car or 2 in front of him causing the guy he cut off to brake suddenly which caused a domino effect. That asshole was hit, but sped off along with the guy that rearended FiL.
Just.. WTF is wrong with people. Sigh...
Of course their truck was the most messed up out of the bunch and they don't have the right insurance to get it fixed. I guess it's a good thing they wanted the terrain bc they def need it now.
Oh and to top it all off.. the cop that showed up gave the victims the tickets since the other assholes ran. Seriously???
Makes me want to get a dashcam.
Could get a lot of views showing the sheer stupidity and assholery of the drivers here. Like this one woman that pulled out in to the opposite traffic in front of us. She had barely any room, but enough to get out of the way... that's IF she hadn't had her frickin nose stuck in her phone and SLOWED DOWN once she started pulling out causing us to need to brake hard to keep from hitting her stupid ass.

Anyway, in other news... still haven't heard back from doc office yet. Think we're going out to get Zoe some shoes today... so I'm sure they'll call when we're gone :\
I'm sure the news is gonna be what I expect it to be. I took my fasting blood this morning and it was 98... it's not supposed to be above 90. Sigh... GD.. you bastard!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poor DH

He just can't catch a break right now.
He has hand foot and mouth now. He said he was feeling bad when he was out of town, but didn't think too much of it.
He got home yesterday and mentioned that he had spots on his feet and sure enough, he now has spots on his hands and starting to get some around his mouth too.
His immune system is just all jacked up right now.
Poor poor DH.

All this mess b/c a stupid doctor told a mom that her daughter wasn't contagious.

Thankfully I haven't shown any signs of having it and hope it stays that way. Lord knows I have the kids all over me all day so it wouldn't have surprised me if I did get it lol.

Today should be busy. We have a few places we need to go.
Pay on baby furniture.
Buy some tomato cages and other stuff for the nursery.
Grocery shopping
And possibly going to the local fair that's right up the road. Not sure if DH will be up to doing it though. I really want to take Zoe though. Maybe let her ride some rides.

Alrighty, DH is out of the shower... need to get this day going!

Friday, April 29, 2016

And that happened...

So we have to keep the babygate to our room closed all the time when Oren is up. He loves going in there and LOVES going on to the bed via the pet steps.
So I was a little distracted yesterday and didn't realize that Zoe had left the gate opened and both of them were playing on the bed.
I go in there and as soon as the bed comes in to view.. all I see is a blur of movement falling first on to DH's nightstand and then rolling off with a plunk on to the floor.
Seriously... just a blur.
Yeah.. the boy fell off our bed.
Thankfully the nightstand did prevent him from falling straight off b/c our bed is pretty high.
He started fussing a little, but not really crying.
The boy just loves going up on the bed though. He loves all the pillows and plopping and rolling all over them lol.

UGH, I forgot to call my mom yesterday!
I'm such a bad daughter. Sigh!!
I did call when I finally did remember, but no answer since I'm sure she was at work. Will remember to call today though.

Oren is on this weirdly cute kick of sitting on the stepper and rocking back and forth while playing with something and babbling the whole time. It's so cute! Not sure why he started doing it but who cares.. it's adorable  and looks to make him happy lol.

The boy's poops need to solidify again though. His poor butt is all red and sore once again b/c he's been having gross poops 3x a day and all the wiping is irritating his skin. Poor little booty.
Thank goodness Zoe doesn't have that problem anymore.
But now we're going to have 2 in diapers and I'm sure this LO will have the same problem too. SIGH!

Yep... living room is already a disaster area. Pizza sauce stains everywhere. ANOTHER puke spot.... ugh. We're definitely getting our money's worth out of the expensive carpet cleaner we bought.

Can't wait for DH to get home today. Won't be until late but whatever. Momma just needs a small break.
I need to get the letters for SiL finished and looking how I want. Need to clean the living room and other rooms once again.
Just need to have a moment to myself and sleep in.
I did manage to read a little bit before bed last night but I was feeling SO bloated and uncomfortable that I couldn't really relax, so that sucked.
Just want to sleep in though..... even if it's just 30min- an hour.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thanks a lot DH...

So last night ended with a bad surprise.
Getting ready to go to bed... go to take an antacid and oh look.... DH took them all!!!!
There was another bottle, BUT he didn't bother actually looking in it b/c if he had, he would've seen that it had other meds in it (tylenol and ibuprofin from a trip we took).
Thankfully reflux wasn't too bad last night, but I did have to mostly stay on my left side. Sleeping on my right seems to let the bile creep up to my throat easier.
Still though... grrrr

Went to Wally World this morning to get some more. Can't have another night of possible reflux lol.       

Not sure what's going on with Oren but he woke up 3 or 4 times last night. He did go back to sleep, but still not sure why he woke to begin with. I'd wake up to hear him either slightly fussing some or babbling to himself.

Zoe went right to sleep though and slept through the night as usual. Man... she really didn't prepare us for the hard stuff LOL. She was and is such an easy child most of the time.
Not that Oren is horrible or anything.

I still slept pretty well though. I did wake a lot b/c I was a bit paranoid and paranoid about the reflux too, but still managed to sleep well. Now to just fast forward today so I can sleep some more.... sleep..... sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I neeeeeeeeeds it!

Also bought a few other things from Walmart. I would've bought more but controlled myself. Zoe is on this big Spiderman kick. Whenever she sees him.. she says "Look! It's me!" rofl. She's Spiderman and Oren is Batman :P
It's so darn cute and funny. I had to get her a couple of Spidey things at the store.
She's also saying things are "So cool!" or "Awesome!" rofl.... it's just such a trip hearing her saying those things.
Love my girl so much and yes.. I spoil her every chance I get. I'll do it for Oren and this LO too when they're a little older :)