Tuesday, October 21, 2014

So much easier

No nap today. I went to lay down when Zoe finally stopped screaming and went to sleep, but never felt like actually sleeping. Probably the Dr pepper I drank this morning LOL. I'm feeling it now though. BLEH!
Anywho, before getting up, decided to doppler.
I had been laying on my left side so checked there first and BAM, there he/she was :)
So much easier finding LO that way hehe. May have to try it again. Lay on whichever side for a little bit and then bust out the doppler.

But yep, hopefully the lack of a nap this afternoon means I'll sleep better tonight.

So early!!

Zoe woke up at 6:50 yesterday. Not too much earlier than usual.
Well today, she woke up at 6. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
Wasn't her fault. DH was shutting the door to the computer room and it slammed shut (we have windows open.. you know how that goes).
I let her cry for a bit but it was obvious she wasn't going back to bed after a while so I went in, changed her diaper and sat in the glider with her.
Damn I wish that thing reclined.
It was nice though. Just sitting there with her and snuggling under a blanket. Think she may have fallen asleep but it was only a light sleep.

Anywho, this is going to be a LONG day.

Thankfully yesterday wasn't too bad. The morning dragged but after noon, it went by fairly quick.
Actually have the car today so planning on taking a trip to Target. Maybe the grocery store too.
Dang, I really could've used that sleep though :( Maybe I can get a quick snooze later today.

On a better note... I definitely felt some pokes/kicks this morning.
Was laying on my right side waiting for Zoe to go back to sleep and kept feeling the kicks on my right side :)
LO is active in there, just can't feel anything most of the time.

I'm still achy but not constantly. There's an area on my right hip/ovary area that keeps hurting every once in a while. Not sure what that's about.
And yep, nothing much else to report on just yet... oh other than this happened yesterday...

Who knew that crayons colored so well on skin o_O

Monday, October 20, 2014


Here's an embarrassing TMI moment to share.

So I was feeling the need to trim the bush the other day. I had plugged in the electric razor we bought just for that purpose and did random crap for 2 hrs. I thought that that would be enough charging to at least get most of the job done.
Nope, I turned it on and it died a second later. Awesome :\
So not wanting to just give up, I decide to bust out the razors. Boy, I wish I hadn't.
With the amount of hair I had down there.... razors were only shaving off a little bit at a time, so I would have to keep going over the same area over and over again.

BAD BAD decision! I'm now suffering from rubbed raw cooter... and not in a good way :P It's just one section thankfully b/c I would've been in the shower for a good 2 hrs if I wanted to try to get everything (with how slow the process was going).
Still... it hurts like a MOFO!

I've learned my lesson. I'll just wait until the electric razor is charged before trimming anything.

1 more week!!

So excited :D Just one more long week to go before the anatomy scan! WOO!

I'm going to try to finish the big plushie that I started. Not sure what I'm gonna do with it yet. Thinking of making it in to a giant My Little Pony. I'm making it up as I go though so we'll see what happens.
It will take up a lot of time to do which I'm counting on.

Looking up possible toy ideas for Christmas. I want to get Zoe one or 2 Lalaloopsy dolls. Those things are so cute. Expensive but cute. I think she would like them. I do remember them being really hard and heavy though when my nieces were in to them. We'll see.

Was going to go to Target this morning. The batman shirt we bought for DH shrunk A LOT after we washed it. It was a regular large size men's shirt and it shrank to a small/medium size. WTF? You wouldn't expect that much shrinkage in this day and age :\
So we have to get him another one. We'll save the shrunken one for Zoe or something when she gets older. She can wear it as a night shirt.

Anyway, I WAS going to go but DH had to take the car b/c his truck is acting up again. He really needs to stop taking his truck in to the dealership place. I swear, every time he takes it there, maybe a week to a month later, something goes wrong with his truck. And I'm not exaggerating. EVERY damn time he's taken it something else goes wrong. That crap is not coincidence.

DH is wanting a new mattress. Both of our backs are starting to get really screwed up by the one we have. It's just not good. Oh it was expensive as shite, but you can't flip it so help even out the indentations, you can't really turn it b/c it's not a perfect square... and pillow tops man... pillow tops are a scam. What happens to your pillow after using it over and over and over again? Yeah. same thing happens to damn pillow top mattresses.
He's going to ask his friend what they think of the mattress they have. They went to some specialty place that makes a custom mattress to what you want. Sounds expensive but hey, if they still love it after all this time then it may be worth investing a bit more money in to getting.

And so on and so forth. Last night was another crap night of sleep. So frustrating. I sleep great when I am actually asleep, it's just staying asleep and then falling back to sleep once 2-3am hits. *grumble*

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's clean... CLEAN!!!

Zoe's room is finally clean and straightened up for the first time in... hell, probably since she was born lol.

It's so nice and clean in there now. But more importantly, straightened up. Her crib still looks like Santa's sack exploded in it (that sounds so wrong), but oh well. She's happy sleeping in there with her bazillion toys.

I want to tackle this room next. Or more like the closet. We could empty some of the stuff in Zoe's closet in to this one for the new LO. We definitely do not need anymore burp clothes or bibs.

Also have some crochet patterns I'm going to start soon. Debating if I want to wait for one of them.
It's this one
If you don't want to click, it's a blanket in the shape of a web. They have 2 pictured, one in blue and red (like spiderman colors) and one in black w/ white webs like Venom.
Debating if I want to go ahead and do it in Spiderman colors or maybe wait until we know gender. Then I could make it in Spiderwoman colors of red and yellow.
Good lord... she looks like a giant Spiderwhore o_O I mean, I don't care if female super heroes are drawn sexy and seductively, but holy shit they went a bit overboard with her.
Whatever though....
Also have an amigurumi Batman I can do.. which Zoe would steal. Another baby blanket, which I would want to wait to know gender to pick colors, and a cute little newborn Batman hat and cape I can do.
I'll probably start on the hat and cape to keep myself busy this week and try to find a lot more other cute things to make.

This week is going to DRAG.

Oh I do still have the giant thing I'm making too. Been taking a break from that b/c it's just SO boring working on it lol.

Feeling better today. There's still that slight off feeling, but nothing major. Even though I did do a lot of cleaning, I've been taking it slow and easy so I don't overdo anything.

And finally... DH was outside in the backyard straightening up. Zoe was coloring and I told her to go show 'daddy' her drawing. She looks out the window and yells DH's name! ROFL. It was so funny :D

Come on body!!

Get with the program body. Baby isn't going to be coming out for another 19 or 20w. Stop aching so damn much already!!!

I'm SO damn tired. Didn't help that I stayed up a bit later last night and DH wasn't exactly quiet when he went to bed (right when I fell asleep).
When I was asleep, I slept well, but it's still a struggle finding a comfortable position.

Then, Zoe decides she wants to wake up at 6:30 (maybe a little earlier, my clock is fast). She did go back to sleep, but still ended up waking at 7. DH got up with her so I dozed back off, until he came back in with her and woke me up again at 7:30.

And this damn right sciatic pain SUCKS ASS when trying to sleep. I have to lay a certain way or else it flares up and takes forever to calm down.

And finally, I'm still getting that crampy right side feeling this morning. A sharp pain like I was trying to run while dehydrated. Must be left over from yesterday's 1 second of slightly faster walking *grumble*

Holy moly though. You would think since your body has gone through this once that it would adjust to it better the 2nd time around. Hells no it doesn't! It's like it let out a long drawn out teenage angsty sigh and said "Not this shit again?!" And is only doing what it should begrudgingly.

Anyway... enough of my pity party. Need to go fold a mini mountain of toddler clothes and finish cleaning her room up.
I'm getting this house straightened up damnit! I am definitely having some nesting urges going on... just have to find the energy and motivation to actually do them.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Well... this needs to stop

So I've been achy as I've complained about here.
It was the same today except it was occurring a bit more often. Nothing major though.
We go out to eat w/ inlaws at 3. I can't finish my meal and get the usual gagging b/c I ate too much feeling.
We go to a couple of places and I start feeling that all too familiar feeling I had with Zoe in the 3rd tri. Whenever I was on my feet for more than 10 or so minutes, my bump would feel like it weighed a ton. Would just feel like someone laid a ton of bricks on me.
I started getting that feeling in the middle of Petsmart and it sucked!
Thankfully it didn't last very long though, but it did leave me feeling very blah.
We then headed over to Home Depot.
Decided to let Zoe walk with us and while we were waiting on DH to find what he was looking for, she wanted to play the oh so wonderful "I'm gonna run away and think it's HILARIOUS" thing.
I chase her down and cue the right side cramping. It felt like I was trying to run while dehydrated... that kind of cramping.
And it did not want to go away...
Then, we get home and cue the dizzy spell.
Thankfully not a really strong one, but still... I'm feeling very off. That stared at around 5pm and it's 10pm now and while it's not as bad, I'm still feeling... bleh.

Not sure what the heck set it off. Maybe baby just smooshed something wrong.. I don't know but... I hope this doesn't happen again.

I got a bit paranoid and used the doppler and picked up a very strong heartbeat as soon as I put the probe thing on my stomach. It was so strong that I almost didn't think it was the baby other than the fact that it was really fast lol. There he/she was though and there he/she went in the next second :P

I've been chugging water in case it's being caused by dehydration. Don't think it is though.
Hope that I feel better tomorrow I guess. I mean I feel fine other than the dizzy feeling. Not even aching anymore.