Monday, September 1, 2014

Random before bed

I should make that a regular thing... when I actually remember to do it lol.

Went to MiL's house today for dinner. I could've eaten all of this homemade dumpling stuff she made. Holy crap it was good, but they needed it for leftovers the next day lol.
Zoe was so animated there. Her cousin (the oldest one from my brother) was there and Zoe was glued to her. When the cousin went to use the bathroom and closed the door, Zoe stood outside the door and kept yelling her name. ROFL. It was calm at first and then when she didn't get an answer she sort of shrieked it :P lol

If I had any doubt before... that doubt has been put to rest. My stomach has definitely "popped". Sometimes it's a little smaller, but most of the time, yeah... it's looking like I'm pregnant. May start doing belly shots soon.
I frickin love it though. I know it's going to cause discomfort like it did with Zoe, but... bring it. I love having a giant pregnant belly :D
Bought my first ever maternity shirt online. Just hope it fits though. It's a women's t-shirt so I got it in XL, but they always tend to run small.

Went to Target today to look for a maternity maxi skirt. They had jack crap. I actually had a moment when I was feeling myself get teary eyed over it LOL. Just mad b/c I really wanted a skirt to wear so I could wear that instead of my short shorts out. I probably have maybe 2 capri shorts that still fit me comfortably now (b/c they're super stretchy, woot!) so just wanted more options. I do have my 3 yoga capris I can wear too.
Oh well. Maybe Walmart has something.... Need to go soon though before they change all of their clothes to fall stuff.

OH! My MiL did end up taking the other puppy from my brother. It's a female and SiL always said that she was bigger than the male that we have.
Didn't realize just HOW big she is though. She's at least double the size of our puppy O_O
We definitely ended up with the runt... yay :D
It was still shocking though to see how huge she was. Interested to see how big she gets since the pups are only just over 2m old now.

As for our pup, he's a sweet little thing. Not as many accidents in the house thankfully since he enjoys being outside (when it's not hotter than the fires of hell). So that is helping to keep our carpets a little more pee and poop free... at least from the puppy *glares at the cat*
I do wish he would stop trying to lay on my chest at night though. When I say he is a snuggler... he totally glues himself to and on me. If I'm laying on my back, he's either on my chest right at my neck, or is laying on my shoulder w/ his head on my neck.
If I'm on my side facing away from him, he'll hop on to my pillow and wrap himself around my head like a puppy mohawk. I even woke up to his nose in the crook of my nose/eyesocket.
My hair is SO tangled in the morning now from him 'nesting' in it for a good chunk of the night (since I mostly sleep on my sides).

2 toddlers don't go together

So DH was told that Zoe and her cousins were outside playing and that if whoever hadn't stepped in, Zoe and her other toddler cousin (who is about 10m older) would've gotten in to a fight.
I can't help but LOL. Of course they wouldn't fight fight, would probably be someone gets pushed down and they start crying :P
But still... yeah, not sure what his family expected.
The other toddler is in full blown terrible 2's going in to terrible 3's. She's the epitome of a toddler. She doesn't listen, discipline (at least what they do) doesn't work, her and Zoe are possessive, so yeah... not surprising in the least.
I'm sure they'll be buddies when they're older, but right now... pfffft.

I'm feeling so off right now.
It's like I'm constantly dehydrated even though I THINK I'm drinking enough. Plus I've gotten headaches the last 2 days.
Going to try to drink more to see if it helps.

Checked w/ doppler just a little bit ago and after a little bit of searching found our little choochoo train chugging along. He/she must've moved though b/c we (DH and I) didn't hear it for long. Oh well... just keep doing your thing LO :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I'm so HOT!!!

And not in the good looking way lol.
It's hot as hell outside and even with the AC on, it's like my body can still feel the heat and I'm sweating like crazy. BLEH!
All I have to say is, thank goodness for AC. I do not know how people survived before AC lol.

Oh and correction... Zoe only weighed in at 26lbs, not 28. So kind of tiny but in proportion as her doctor said heh.
Someone from that DD group mentioned hearing that if you double the height at 2years, it tells you how tall they'll be as adults. Which means if that's true, Zoe will be 5'6". Not too shabby :) But then again it doesn't matter too much for girls. Just hope if we have a boy, he'll be on the taller side so that won't hang over his head when he gets older since women like taller men. Oh well... short, tall, whatever.. just so long as he/she is healthy.

Feeling good though. Yesterday the morning sickness kicked up a bit after I had posted. Gagging at anything and everything nasty. Gagging after eating etc etc. Thankfully it stopped by mid afternoon though.

Zoe went to go spend the night with her aunt (DH's aunt). I dunno... I don't mind Zoe spending the night with her, but I don't like it. This aunt is the one that hogs Zoe whenever we go out to dinner while MiL barely gets to hold her. It's like she thinks that just b/c there's already one grandchild (that is pretty attached to MiL) that it's ok for her to monopolize all of Zoe's attention. It makes me angry b/c MiL is granny... NOT this aunt.
But I dunno.... I guess Zoe is just lucky to have so many people in her life that loves her so much... which is why I don't say anything.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

2yr checkup

Zoe had her 2yr checkup yesterday and all is great :)
She was 28lbs, 33inches and head circ... not sure but it was average as it has been the entire time.
She had to get her finger pricked, didn't cry at all, and had to get one shot... again, didn't even cry.
I make DH hold her when she gets a shot and he said she just flinched a little and that was it. So proud of her :D

We go back and 2.5 years in February. I can't remember if they said she was getting another shot then. I think so? But I'm not sure.

DH took 3 days off, so he was off yesterday, monday and tuesday. He does have to work this coming weekend, but he took the 9th off for my appointment :D Hopefully that goes well. Dunno why it shouldn't but ya never know.

It's almost 7am right now and the puppy woke me up just after 6 needing to pee. UGH. I mean it's good that he seems to be learning to hold it all night, but since DH isn't getting up when he normally does... I'm left having to get up to let him pee. And of course he doesn't want to lay back down and sleep. Oh no... it's super awesome playtime hour! :\

We need to start eating better again. If not for myself, then definitely for DH. He's so unhappy that he's gained weight back and I'm feeling guilty about it too.
We're going grocery shopping today (instead of Sundays since we don't want to feel hurried to get home so DH can go to church)... so will be getting healthy stuff instead of all of the junky cravings crap I've been wanting.
It will be good for everyone *nodnod*

UGH family questions starting to annoy me already.
Got "So how's the baby doing?" Last night.... WTH? Do I have Xray vision? Are pieces of paper w/ notes from the baby w/ updates on it's development coming out of my vag? No? Then how the hell am I supposed to know? Yeah I use the doppler, but that's not telling me much of anything.
Just stupid. Of course I just say "Ok as far as I know." That seems to satisfy them.
I know I'm being overly sensitive about it, so just have to suck it up and stop my internal bitch from rolling her eyes. Going to be dealing with it until March.

FiL SO wants a boy. I know they all do, but since it seems like we're the only ones successfully conceiving, they're relying on us to have them a boy. I really want a boy too, but obviously, we'll all love another little girl just as much. If all goes well, I can't wait to see what he/she looks like. If they'll look like Zoe or if they'll look totally different like my nieces w/ one being light colored (blue eyes, blonde hair) and the other being dark (dark brown hair and eyes).
So exciting :D

What's new... aching. I'm SO damn achy in my pelvic region. It's so uncomfortable and persistent. It's not cramping or RLP, just an overall ache that won't go away. Reminds me of how I felt the last tri w/ Zoe. UGH, I don't want to imagine what that's going to be like if I already feel this way lol.

Morning sickness seems to have let up. I still gag around poop... like a lot, but overall it's been slowly getting better.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Showing?? Yeah....

So, what I thought was just bloat... no.. turns out it's more than likely me just showing. It's still mostly fat unfortunately, but it's not going down even when the bloat feeling goes away. My stomach has now surpassed my boobs in the amount they stick out. Given that it wasn't a difficult task to achieve but still lol.
Yikes... I seriously look like I'm about 6m along. Oh well. Ya know what... I'm going to pop this sucker out and enjoy the hell out of my giant pregnant belly. It'll be better when it's actually mostly baby but.. meh... whatever hehe.


Had to pee so decided to check for the heartbeat again. Got a decent video this time instead of it sounding like a psycho breathing heavy in to the mic lol.

Found the heartbeat center this time instead of to the left. Our little choo choo train is moving all around in there. :D

My lower back is killing me right now. Not sure if it was b/c I was hunched over making her clock yesterday (probably) or what, but MAN.... I couldn't get in to any comfortable position to sleep. Lower back is still hurting some. Thankfully it's only a mild pain so it's bearable at least.

Speaking of the clock... I painted it gold and no.... just no. Looks so cheap and ugly. Thought gold would look interesting but no... it looks so tacky and bleh. I'll probably do it in some girly colors. Was thinking black and another color, but it would clash too much w/ the rest of her thing.


Oh and I finally dug around in our electronics hoarder closet and pulled out another keyboard. WOO! YAY number buttons and exclamation points!!!! ;)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I definitely felt flutters earlier. BUT I had also just had a BM so it could've been gas or more stuff moving along in my intestine. I think it's too early to feel movement though right? Even for a 2nd child? I dunno...

Working on a clock for Zoe's thing. I've totally been slacking on it and really need to get all of the details finished so I can take some photos. She plays with it a little bit, but I think she'll be more in to it once she's a little older.

Anywho, the clock is coming along pretty good. I'm using a cork coaster thing you use to put houseplants on. Has cork glued to a board. Would be a lot easier if it wasn't glued but oh well. It's not taking as long as I thought it would. But I haven't spent a lot of time w/ Zoe today though which makes me feel bad. As soon as I get off here I'll go bug her ;D hehe

UGH this puppy is crapping ALL over the place and it's turned mushy. Probably b/c we switched his food but still... GROSS.
Grrr, just ticks me off b/c seriously, we'll let him outside for at least 10 or so minutes. He's pooped out there before so we know he knows what to do out there. As soon as we let him in, within 5 minutes he'll crap somewhere.

Thankfully Zoe will run and tell us and knows not to step in it heh.

So.... DH did have a friend who used to go to the guy's night thing.
As soon as this friend got married... he stopped going and doesn't even text DH back... the few times DH did text him.
I mean we even got him a Christmas present, which is what DH was texting him about wondering if he was ever going to show up at guy's night again to get it, but nope... nothing.
Now I get that newlyweds want to spend a lot of time with eachother but I get the feeling that his wife is the reason behind his sudden absence.
The thing is, I'm not sure why. It's not like the group of guys are a bad bunch. They're a bunch of religious great guys that usually just hang out and do like a bible study kind of thing during their guy's nights. Sometimes they'll play poker too. That's it.
I dunno.... just think it sucks that he.. the friend.... pretty much cut all ties with his friends.