Friday, November 28, 2014

Oops, my appointment

Forgot to mention how it went.

The orange drink is a lot better when it's cold. Room temp it's just too sweet. Cold on the other hand, it just tasted like sightly too sweet koolade. Not sure why women get all huffy over it.
I chugged it down in less than a minute and the nurse? receptionist? started cracking up b/c she's never seen anyone drink it so fast :P lol

The wait wasn't bad either b/c they filled it with other shit like making my appointments for the rest of my pregnancy O_O
After this 28w one (which will be on Dec 16th), I start going in every 2 weeks.
Holy crap.... am I really that far along already??

So yeah, that was.... weird and also exciting to think about.

Then I saw one of the doctors for all of 2 minutes lol. She measured my bump and then checked for the HB and yeah... that was it. Didn't have any questions so no point in prolonging anything.

Then had to wait for about 10mins and got my blood taken to check TSH level and glucose.

The drink did make me feel off about 20min after I drank it, but that passed in about 5min and I felt fine after.

I did end up getting headaches that didn't want to go away later in the day and think it was caused by too much sugar (I had eaten a couple of other sugary/carby things).

Should be getting results on Monday which meant I could eat everything I wanted without guilt on Thanksgiving. MUAHAHAHAHAHA ;) lol

I don't expect to pass it which I'm fine with. Just need to get a new battery for my glucose checker thing... and new needles and strip things. Man those things are expensive, but at least we eventually get reimbursed for them.

Happy Late Thanksgiving!!

To everyone that celebrates it :) And if ya don't... hope you had a great day :D

Thanksgiving was interesting but mostly not.
We went over to my mom's house. I had wanted her to fix some eggrolls when I was still having some cravings and she only just had time to do them yesterday. SO GOOD lol. Worth the wait.
Anywho, she's really pressuring us to take her gold GMC and since I do need to drive it, I drove it to DH's inlaw's place.
It's certainly a very nice car. All of the bells and whistles that you could want with it, but MAN is it still expensive. Plus it has that flex fuel thing going on which still only puts it at 20mpg city which sucks but I guess is good for a big suv.
Oh and b/c of the flex fuel thing... the acceleration lags a bit which I don't like.
It would be something I got used to though. Just right now, I'm so used to driving my car that gets up and goes.
I shouldn't complain though. Even though it is expensive, it's still going to be a 13k car we're getting pretty much which isn't a bad deal at all. Just not sure it's the car we really want. We'll probably just keep it though.

Anyway.... we went to return it last night and my mom REALLY insisted that we just go ahead and take it so she got most of their important things out of it. SIGH. She is a pushy one. So yeah... it's sitting in our driveway right now and apparently she's going to be sending us the car payment bill when it comes. /facepalm
BUT she plans on keeping it on her insurance for however long it takes to pay it off, so that's taking a huge chunk of money off of our shoulders for a little while at least.
Well... so much for thinking about it a bit more :P
Yeah we could always tell her no but I dunno.... I'll have to talk to DH about it some more. We're probably just keeping it.

Thanksgiving at inlaws was how it usually goes. Lots of people, lots of noise, lots of food.
SiL gave me part of her cloth diaper stash. She says she can't use them anymore b/c of arthritis in her hands makes it difficult to use the snaps. Sucks for them, but I guess good for us. May not have to buy any new diapers for a while which will save us a good bit of money.

No black friday shopping for us. Well.. at least not going out to places. I do not even want to see the craziness going on. No deal is worth that headache.
Anyone that is going out though.... hope you get what you're looking for without too much hassle :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Back ordered

Forgot to mention yesterday that the baby furniture place called and told us that the crib and dresser that we want are on back order until HOPEFULLY January.
Really not a big deal IF they actually get them in then. Not like baby will be going right in to his crib so we can wait a little longer if we need to. Sucks but meh.. not really a huge deal either... if they get it in then.

OMG I slept like SHIT last night. Couldn't get comfortable and w/ the back of my mouth sore from mouth breathing & swallowing so much, it kept waking me up too.
Think I'm going to try sleeping on the recliner tonight if it's still bad again. Just can't toss and turn like that again.

Appointment tomorrow morning. Glucose test and see doctor after.
Next appointment should be fun though since I'll be getting another u/s to make sure baby boy is growing as he should. Really hoping they'll be able to get me in before Christmas. Have that little present before, but it will probably be after.
Oh well, either way will be awesome since we get to see him again :D Just hope they can get a good profile shot of him. I know he's in there growing well b/c his movements are becoming a lot stronger. Still not super consistent. Like yesterday, I barely felt him all day, but that night he was kicking the bed and rolling all over the place.

We're still not decided on a name yet.
DH really likes the nickname Obi.... as in Obi Wan from Star Wars lol. I don't know why he got that in to his head but he has. I told him if he could find a cute name that we could make in to the nickname Obi, then we could use it but nothing so far.
Also told him I guess we could pick an O first name and have Bishop for the middle... but I really love Bishop as his first name. Oh well.... think I'll let DH make the final decision in the end... so long as it's not something stupid like his joking "Qurrie" creative spelling name of Cory. lol

DH wants me to drive my mom's cars to see if I like them. If not, then I guess we'll still take one and then trade it in for something we do want. UGH, I do not want to drive those tanks around. I'm just not used to it and the thought makes me so nervous. I'm sure they both drive like a dream though... it's just they're SO big.
I'm already a crappy parker.. which is why I usually park further away from the store than I need to most of the time lol, I can't imagine parking one of those things.

And finally... still using DH's computer until monday. We have to get the outlet thing in the living room activated and can set up everything there so we shouldn't need a wireless thing for my computer and monday is when they're coming out to do it. We were afraid it would be like a month from now but thankfully no lol.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Too much drama for my momma

So I get a call today from my mom asking if we wanted to take over payments for one of her cars. Now I know why she was so persistent about it though.
Her husband is wanting to go back to Korea and if he does, she doesn't want him coming back. Even if he doesn't go, she's planning on kicking him out anyway.
Blahblah happened and she said she's too old to deal with all of it. So since she has 2 cars and won't be needing both of them any longer, she wants us to take one of them.
There's that new one that is over $600 a month and then another that is just over 500 and has 2 years left to pay on it.
She could just sell one of them, but she knows we're eventually going to want another car so keeps insisting that we take one of them. BLEH!!!!
I just don't know.

Texted DH about it and he said if we do take her up on her offer, we could always trade it in for something else which isn't that bad I guess, but it's going to be another bill added on and more insurance to pay. Insurance would've been a given anyway when we got a car, but not the extra car payment on top of what we're already paying. It would've just been one since our car would've been paid off.

This wouldn't be such a problem if she didn't have such expensive taste in cars to begin with and if we didn't have so many other things to buy and pay off right now.

AND it just sucks that her marriage didn't work out this time. He seems like a nice guy, but I guess they just have their problems and she doesn't want to deal with all of the drama. Her choice, but I hate that she's going to be alone again.
It's not even like the marriage was based on love or anything (as bad as that is to say)... more just companionship. I dunno... just a shit situation for her.
She's a strong woman though and will get through it.

In much lighter news....
DH finally got things hooked up in the living room, computer apparently doesn't have wireless internet so he's stopping by the store after work to pick whatever up. Using his computer while he's at work to get on when I have the time.

After we got back home from lunch (after he went to church), he was working on it almost the entire time. Who knew hooking up cables would take up so much time lol. Granted there are a lot of wires and cables to hook up.

Still not really sure where his desk is going. He said to just put it in the sunroom but I was kind of hoping he'd be in the living room too. Sunroom is right there though so it's not a huge deal.
Just have to figure out where the giant coffee table is going along with my desk.

Woke up at 1:50 last night to pee. Couldn't get back to sleep until almost 4 b/c I kept thinking about how I couldn't take in a deep breath so of course thinking about it, I kept trying so it kept me awake.

Now I have a whole new something to worry about tonight with what I mentioned above. Awesome

Sunday, November 23, 2014

One thing done, a lot more to go

So I think the living room is now situated how we're going to keep it. It's not the best, but it will work.
Now I just need to clean my desk off like I said I was going to do a couple of weeks ago so DH can hook my computer up to the tv. We're still not sure where DH's computer is going though. We need to figure it out so we can determine if we need to buy a smaller desk or not.
We also need to buy a whole lot of other stuff.
We would like to keep a door to the sunroom open, but still want to keep the breeze our so we're thinking maybe buying a heavy curtain to put over the opening would be a good idea. We also need to buy curtains for all of the windows in the sunroom to help keep the heat/cold out and curtains for the new nursery and new blinds.
The blinds will just be some cheapy ones like we have in Zoe's room... so that's not a big purchase at least.

UGH just a lot of stuff to do still.
Then we still need to buy a fan/light for the nursery and paint aaaaaaaand probably some more of that blue tape aaaaaaaaand.... yeah... just a lot of stuff. BLEH!
I can see where all of our tax return is going to go next year... paying off the dang credit card bill.

My mom is crazy. She bought herself a new SUV a couple of months ago. Well it's not new new, it was previously owned but only has like 17k miles on it.
It's a giant buick SUV that even used is 38k!!! She wants us to trade our car for hers, she would take over our car payment and we would take hers.... nevermind that we're only paying about $300 a month for ours while she's paying $650 for hers.
Uhm.... no.
Plus, it's HUGE. It's super nice and all but we want a much smaller suv... not a dang luxury tank.
I'm so used to driving my little car that it's going to be weird even upgrading to a small suv.
Oh AND, it's white. We don't want a basic color like that. Colors that everyone else has. Just makes it easier for a thief to steal cars that all look the same ya know. Plus.. white, black, gray.. it's all boring.
Not really a lot of options when it comes to colors for suvs but meh.. we'll see what's out there when the time comes.
Probably won't be until a year from now when we're seriously looking or even in 2016 so plenty of time for new things to come out by then.

So yeah... she's crazy lol.
She did go ahead and get us a Christmas present though lol. She had a new little space heater that was pretty nice and worked really well. So she bought us one :D YAY MOM! heh
We can definitely use it in areas.
I wouldn't mind using it in Zoe's room, BUT I just don't trust space heaters that much to put it in there. It needs to be in a room that I'm in if it's in use.

I think that's about it. Need to get started w/ cleaning. Finish shampooing the floor out in the living room and cleaning off my desk and whatnot. Also need to figure out what I'm going to get my virtual baby shower person :D
Love shopping for other people! Need to take a trip to Target to see what they have.

Friday, November 21, 2014

I forgot again!

Bleh.... there was one particular thing I wanted to mention in this post and I've forgotten what it was. SIGH!

Oh well... lets talk about some more random stuff :D

Got our sunbaby diapers yesterday :D Bought a pack of 12 of them in the size one. Look pretty good as far as I can tell. I always see good reviews for them so we'll see if they live up to their reputation.
Will order some regular size ones probably after Christmas. Gotta spend this credit card money on presents first :P

Feeling guilty. I don't want to go anywhere and I know Zoe is getting a bit stir crazy sitting in the house all day long. Didn't help that it was cold as hell outside for a little while there.
Will have to make more of an effort to go out with her. Get her out of the house.

No wonder why she's always so eager to spend the night with her granny or aunt. I don't mind her going over there, but she's getting in to the mindset that she's going to spend the night every weekend and that's not going to fly.
The break is nice, but I want some weekends with her. Especially want her to spend time with her daddy.

Anywho... going to go over to her grandma's house today (my mom). We haven't seen her in gosh... a couple of months. I'm such a good daughter :\ Seriously though, she's been busy and me.. like I said, I haven't wanted to go out. We'll see her today though and Zoe can go wreak some havoc over there lol

Zoe is getting so good at drawing smiley faces. Will have to come up with something else to show her how to draw. She's so eager to do it and learn. She is SO going to love the chalk board easel we got for her. Can't wait for Christmas!!!


Nope... still can't remember wth I was wanting to mention... darn it.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


So constipation seems to be one of those things that's going to come and go... well... hopefully. Haven't gone in 2 days again. Have that feeling like it might happen today but... we'll see.
Gas b/c of it has been AWFUL. Puppy had a death wish last night sleeping next to my ass. Surprised I didn't kill him with the toxic fumes.

Also getting that out of breath and can't take in a deep breath feeling. SUCKS BALLS.  It's like almost orgasming and then not. When you almost reach that peak, but then it falls flat. I just can't get in that good refreshing deep breath so I keep half yawning.

Gagging is still occurring. Not anywhere near as bad as it was. I can actually change poo diapers and pick poo up without going in to a gagging fit, but it still happens every once in a while if I smell something rank or eat too much and the breathing problem also seems to cause some gagging.
Oh AND, I definitely pee myself a little if the gagging lasts for more than just a couple of seconds. Awesome.

Sleep has been better. I still toss and turn quite a bit but I'm able to go right back to sleep most of the time. So that's a plus at least. My hips start killing me if I lay on one side for too long though which is why I have to toss and turn a lot.

And I realized a few days ago that I'm not aching as much as I was before. WOO! lol

I think that's about it as far as symptoms changing.