Friday, January 30, 2015

Braxton Hicks

99% positive that I actually felt and recognized some BH contractions last night.
Oren was moving around a lot, so I was paying attention whenever I felt him move, but then it felt like he would press his whole body out. When it happened again, I looked down, saw no movement and yeah... figured it was a BH.
Weird thing though is that I only felt it on the right side. I could feel one starting, then it would get that tight feeling everyone describes. Didn't hurt at all and wasn't uncomfortable either... just a tightness... but only on the right side of my bump. *shrugs*
It happened a couple more times after I finally realized what it was. They all lasted maybe 10seconds give or take some.

Just thought it was neat that I FINALLY felt some and actually realized what it was lol. Took me long enough :P

I'm not one to really care how my hair looks but damn... I had a great hair day yesterday! lol
Took a shower the night before so I wouldn't have to worry about waking up early to shower before my appointment.
I've also been using Zoe's hair/body wash on my hair. Saw something that recommended using baby shampoo during the winter to help prevent dandruff so figured I'd give it a try since winter and pregnancy have been making it snow from my head.. bleh.
Anyway... I woke up Monday morning with just awesome hair. Bouncy and voluminous :D It's what pregnancy hair SHOULD look like lol. I usually wear something in my hair, but not yesterday. I wore it as it was. It got all up in my face but I didn't care.. it looked good :P rofl

Got the little hallway between the 2 nurseries shampooed yesterday. May do our room today... or the dining room. Probably the dining room since that area has never been shampooed before and could use it. We don't use that room really. I have my big 125gal aquarium in it but that's it.
Going to hold off on doing anything to the living room since the puppy uses it as his toilet. Just pisses me off when I spend all that time cleaning it up only to turn around and oh look.... another piss spot. Grrr
I visited my mom yesterday and put his little ass outside. Didn't want him going in to the hallway that I just cleaned and pissing in it.
We're probably going to have to keep doing that or  get him a crate so we can have some peace of mind while we're not home.
Anywho... DH is wanting to do guy's night here this coming Tuesday so the carpets in most of the house will be clean by then. Like I said though, the high traffic living room area will be last.

Going to work on the last little wall decor thing today. I'm sure it will be a pain cutting out but I want to get it done and over with so I can start on something crochet.
Have a few crochet patterns saved on my ravelry account. Just have to figure out which ones to do. Doubt I'll be able to get them all done before Oren arrives.

DH visited his grandpa in the hospital after work. Said that he has definitely been physically effected by the strokes. His speech is a little slurred, he can't think as quick, you can see it in his face, and he failed some swallow test they had him do.
DH also said that the stroke is right near his brain stem which isn't good. Not sure what the doctors are going to do about it.
We'll see what happens I guess. Hopefully some good news along with proper treatment and medication to prevent another stroke from happening.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


NST this morning and Oren was not cooperating. I even drank a diet dr pepper this morning too, but it didn't do anything. He was determined not to move very much.
Thankfully what he did do was enough though so I didn't have to stay any longer. :D

Went to the store and bought myself a rotisserie chicken and I'm eating the hell out of it right now :P
Also had to buy more granola bars b/c 2 other ppl in this house can't keep their hands off of them *glare* lol

Wore some new used maternity pants that aunt got for me. They're a size large and they fit, but they also start drooping like crazy. Not sure what's going on there, but they did not want to stay up on my butt.

Zoe did well at the appointment. She did get a bit bored b/c my phone froze and I couldn't figure out how to open it to take the battery out to reset it (figured it out once we got home). But she still did good :)

Oh and went to Michaels. Bought more xacto knife blades and some glow in the dark fabric paint. DH wants to try it on one of the emblems and on the batman signal. Really surprised they don't offer more options in regular paint. Oh well. We'll see if this works out.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Waiting for paint and glue to dry is BORING. Zoe is in her crib playing and I'm in the living room.... waiting. Going to watch some Netflix in a minute.

Have 3 of the emblems done. Just waiting for the other 2 to dry... which they probably are now and need to glue them together and then have to wait for that to dry. So fun :\
But it has to be done so... yeah.

Zoe is on a no phone or kindle restriction today lol. She can watch tv while I'm working on crafts but that's it.
She's been totally addicted to the phone and kindle lately.
I don't mind it so much most of the time, but girl needs to play with her toys and build up that imagination.

Also... I really wish she would eat a normal meal! I cook, put the food in front of her and maybe 20% of the time she'll actually eat it, the rest? NOPE. She'll eat maybe a bite (from something she would've gobbled up before) and that's it. She only wants snacky foods like cheese cubes or granola bars. I give it to her though b/c girl needs to eat :\
Where did my non picky baby go?

Baby boy seems to be doing well. Think he's enjoying his new position in there b/c I'm feeling a lot more movement everywhere. Guess I worried about that for nothing before.

Going to be doing some major carpet cleaning this weekend. Or Friday depending on how I'm feeling.
The hose part on the crap carpet cleaner works so it's going to take me FOREVER to finish up a room and my poor back already hurts just thinking about it, but it needs to be done. These floors look so gross.
With dog ass stains, food stains, cat blood (from his paw), dog puke, and who the hell knows what else... yeah... it needs to be done very badly. Not looking forward to it, but also kind of am. Like I said before... I actually do enjoy shampooing the carpets... it's just not being able to use the entire vacuum and limited to just using the hose part that has me putting it off.
Not sure why I even bother though. One of the dogs will come in and use the carpet as their own personal toilet paper once again. Or get sick and puke everywhere, and the poor cat's paws can't decide if they want to heal or open back up again. It's a never ending cycle :(

Learned that Dh's grandfather had a CT scan and they could see the stroke/bloodclots. Supposed to be talking to a surgeon or something to see what can be done.
Really hoping something good can/will be done.
I won't know anything until DH is home and even then, he may not get any news until he texts someone. We'll see. Hoping for good news.

Alrighty, guess I've wasted enough time. Need to go eat something and get back to work.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


About to head to bed (at a little past 9pm, woo!).... just wanted to ramble a bit.

I actually got some work done today! WOO! Cut out 5 emblems. Couldn't do much else b/c that took forever and was SUCH a pain. My little Xacto knife sucks ass. Need to get a better one and new blades if I ever want to do something else. Was so frustrating trying to cut out the symbols from the foam board stuff b/c the blade kept slipping out. And b/c of that none of it cut very clean, so I had to sand it a little which was a HUGE mess. I'm sure I inhaled too much paper/foam particles.
Hopefully these things look ok once painted and put together. If not... oh well! Momma aint doing this again lol.
I do still need to make one more thing out of this stuff that I'm just now remembering. I need to make one of those POW, ZAP, etc etc exclamation comic symbols for Oren's name. Totally forgot about that.
Might take a trip to Michael's.... may do that after my appointment on Thursday.

So yeah... just have that and some painting to do. Oh and glue once the paint dries.
Then it's on to trying to find some cute amigurumi crochet patterns.

DH got a text from his mom that his grandfather was back in the ER b/c he had another stroke. Not surprising at all. I blame them and I blame his doctors for not doing anything. He was obviously having more strokes after his first one and his children didn't do shit about it. And his doctors haven't done anything. Like increase his medication to prevent another stroke from happening.

Just stupid on everyone's part IMO. They're all to blame for this continued idiocy.

And not to leave this post on a rant....

The aching I was having finally went away by mid day. It came and went and just sucked ass. Not contractions... just... pain. It felt exactly like a stitch you would get if you were exercising while dehydrated.

Oh and I do definitely have a faint linea nigra on my upper belly. I always thought it was just the hair, but today I could finally see that it's not the hair creating the line. It stops just before it reaches my belly button.
Not sure why but just find it so... cool :P lol


Guess this is my body screaming at me to drink more. Went most of the night without drinking any water. Amazing what happens when you don't have to breath through your mouth all the time.
But my sugar was up a little this morning at 92 and I have a gawd awful stitch on my right side that will not go away. Thankfully now that I've sat down and ate something it's not as painful, but it's still there.
So yeah, going to relax and take it easy and drink plenty of liquids... including this diet dr pepper b/c Zoe woke up early this morning :P lol

She thankfully was happy playing in her crib for about an hour so I lightly snoozed a little, but of course last night was pretty rough. Woke up with my left hip hurting whenever I laid on it and not being able to get comfortable. Nevermind a stinky butt dog that was letting out some noxious gas.

DH brought home a big bag of baby boy clothes yesterday from one of his coworkers.
She had a baby a little over a month ago. BIG baby. Think he was almost? Or over 9lbs. He's 5w old and has already outgrown 0-3m clothing. WOW! lol
But hey, we're benefiting from it b/c now we have some cute sleepers and whatnot for Oren :D
Now we won't have to put him in the uber girly ones we have lol. Ok so I might still.. and might take some photos for future blackmailing........ but whatever :P

Ok, definitely going to work on some nursery stuff today. With a little more than a month to go... I need to stop procrastinating and start getting crap done already. Just have to look some stuff up and get to work.

Monday, January 26, 2015


I need to schedule all my appointments for this time b/c there was like maybe 2 other people there. Really quick which was nice b/c Zoe started to get a bit bored in the room waiting for the doctor.

She did really well though thanks to my phone and the kindle :P lol

Ultrasound was really quick. They were just checking amniotic fluid, heart rate, and breathing movements and all looked good. ANd surprise surprise, baby boy has flipped head down. That was surprising although not really thinking about the movement I was feeling while waiting.

My BP was a little high but I was really anxious about Zoe so it's not really surprising. They weren't really worried about it though so I'm not going to. I don't think it's a problem.. just the white coat thing and worried if Zoe is going to behave lol.

I asked about getting the c-section done on the 6th and it's a no go. Boo :(
There's some law here that prevents c-secs before 39w unless it's medically necessary. Also insurance in the state will not pay for c-sections before 39w unless medically necessary too. So.. oh well.
I went ahead and told them to schedule it for the 9th though. EEP!
Also the doc (same one that I saw last time), said that GD baby lungs usually take a bit longer to develop. First time I've heard this.. so that's also a reason they won't do a c-sec too early unless necessary.

Oh well... 3/9/15 sounds like a good birthday. All divisible by 3 :P heh
They'll be calling me with other info and probably sending me something about all of it.

So... yep.... little over a month O_O

Photos and stuff

HA! Finally remembering to post some photos :P Took me long enough... although I think I'm forgetting something I said I would post.... oh well.
All of that in a minute.

Have another doc/ultrasound appointment this afternoon. BLEH! Hoping it won't be super busy like it is in the mornings but I doubt it. Going to be getting our moneys worth and then some out of the backpack/leash thing we bought for Zoe lol. I think she'll be ok once we're in a room, but waiting out in the waiting room is when she starts getting bored and wanting to run around everywhere.
We'll see how it goes.
First appointment I'm going to without DH.

Pretty sure Zoe is finally getting her last set of molars in. Or was at least. She's been very mouthy and sticking her fingers in her mouth. She hasn't done that in a few days so maybe they've broken through. Will have to see.

Think it's pretty safe to say that baby boy isn't going to flip. He's found himself a comfy position in there and isn't going to move. Hey, whatever he's happy with in there I guess lol.
Can't believe it's almost time for him to be here. EEP!

Got most of the bottles back from SiL. You can tell she didn't use a single one of them b/c they were still in the original ziplock baggies I put them in. Whatever..... just have to defunk them all now which sucks.
They all stink of stale cig smoke. So disgusting.

And now on to the photos...

Just the changing pad covers. OOO Ahh, so exciting lol. They're SO stinkin soft though.

I went through all of Zoe's old clothes to get out all of the neutral and not so neutral pajamas out. Boy is going to be a pink mess when he's sleeping but oh well :P I know we had a lot more than this... forgot just how much I gave to SiL when she had her boy and I'm sure she didn''t use a damn thing out of what I gave her. Might as well kiss all of those clothes goodbye unless I want to bug them some more to get those back too.

And nursery photos! Still more we need to add like a little table for the monitor, some decor and whatnot, but it's mostly done :)