Thursday, March 26, 2015

Quick post

Oren smiled at me today! :D
He was on the bed wide awake, so I leaned over him and was doing that sort of soothing higher pitched voice to him. Just saying his name, telling him Hi, etc. He was looking right at me and gave me a gummy smile. *heart melt*

We went to the local state park today for a little while. Mainly for Zoe. Get her out of the house a bit. She LOVED it. Had so much fun playing with her daddy :)

I have a stitch poking out of my incision area :\ The outside of my incision was closed w/ those steristrips or whatever they're called.
I had looked at my incision a while ago and saw this white circular spot. Thought maybe it was just lint or something. Spotted it again yesterday and poked at it and it was hard so I scratched and grabbed it with my nails and yep... it's a stitch poking through. Gross. Want DH to cut it for me.
It doesn't hurt or anything, just kinda weirds me out that it's there lol.

I'm down to about 2 ibuprofin a day now for the pain. I could probably take more b/c my pooch does still ache a bit, but it's not bad enough that I NEED to take something for it all the time.
Sigh.. I really want to lipo and tummy tuck it away. I don't think it's going to go away at all even if I do lose a lot of weight. Going to be one of those things that I always have and always loath.

Dern, there was something else I wanted to mention but I can't remember. Oh well..... it might come to me later :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Newborn photos :D

DH finally sent me the newborn pics that were taken in the hospital :D
SO expensive to get them, but they turned out so great.. we couldn't resist :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Little bit of this and that

Been meaning to post for a couple of days now but always get side tracked.
Sorry if I repeat something I've already said. Too tired to remember whats what :P lol

PP recovery is still kind of rough right now. Not too terrible, but still sore and tender in areas. Like the tops of my feet are tender, so are my shins and my pooch.
Wish I could be one of those women that bounce back a week after but nope. Thank goodness for a great DH that is doing more than his fair share.

I've also been getting bad headaches for the last few days. Tylenol or ibuprofin w/ a percocet helps, but as soon as the meds wears off, the headaches pops right back up. Was hoping it was maybe just dehydration or something but no. It's gotta be hormonal.

I'm still swollen but not nearly as bad as it was. It's slowly going away.... very slowly.

Bleeding has been off and on. Not bad though. I'll get a small gush every once in a while, but nothing heavy.

I'm tired ALL the time. Not sure what's going on b/c I'm getting somewhat decent sleep. Thinking it's probably just b/c my body is still in heal mode right now and needs the extra rest.

Pumping has been going ok. Still struggling to get my supply up. Think I need to drink more water. Oren is getting fed though so that's all that matters to me. It's about 50/50 w/ my milk and formula.

Oren is doing well. He has a gunky right eye. Same thing happened with Zoe. Can't remember why it happened with her though. Just one of those things. It's nothing serious, just kinda gross when it gets all caked around his eye. Nothing that a warm damp wash cloth can't fix :)

He is a little oinker. He takes 3oz of BM or formula at each feeding usually. Zoe only got up to 4oz, maybe 5 at the most. He needs more meat on his bones anyway. He's so tiny still with his little chicken legs. OMG they're so cute and scrawny. Love his little old man baby face too.
He gets the funniest cutest little expressions on his face.
AND b/c of his sleepy time smiles... I'm pretty sure he has a dimple on his right cheek. Not sure if he has one on the other side.

He sleeps pretty well. He wakes up about every 2-3hrs to eat at night. Not too bad.

He is suffering from some reflux issues though. Poor boy gags quite a bit and has spit up a few times. Some of those times we think was just b/c he got a bit too greedy w/ food and ate too much, but other times, it's from an upset tummy.

Zoe has been SO amazing with him. It's so adorable when she calls him baby brother. Awwwww
We put him in the bouncer chair for the first time today to see if he liked it. He didn't mind, but got a bit fussy. She went over and put his blanket back over him, tried giving him his pacifier that he spit out and then gently rubbed his head. Awwwwwwwwww
Also when he starts to cry, she'll ask "What's wrong?" then will say "It's ok. You're ok." Double awwwwwwwwww

Oh we did give Oren a paci the other day. He's taken to it pretty well. He doesn't suck on it for as long as Zoe did, but it does seem to help soothe him a bit when he gets fussy.

Tried out the new carpet cleaner the other day. Totally paid for it w/ an extra sore pooch and sore incision area, but man... that thing can clean a carpet. Pulled up a ton of dirt and even though I couldn't go over spots as many times as I wanted... it still got up old stains. Carpet doesn't look as dingy anymore, especially in the high traffic areas.

Unfortunately though... it's still not hardcore enough to defeat cat piss. Damn cat pissed in a new spot and after soaking up as much as possible and spraying it with some pet spray preclean stuff.... nope.... living room still smells like nasty ass cat piss. He may have peed in a new spot we just haven't found yet too.
So GD tired of this cat. We're seriously thinking about buying a dog house and tossing him in the backyard. He can't go anywhere bc of his paws and it definitely would save us a lot of headache w/ the pissing and shitting all over the house. Just wish we knew someone responsible that would take him for us. We want to get rid of him, but so long as it's to a good home.

Oh AND we just saw today that he's been using the back of the loveseat as a scratching post. Sigh...............

Anywho.... other than the cat issue... things have been pretty good here.
Can't wait until I'm pain free. I know it's only been 2 weeks, but I'm just ready to feel better already. Get some energy back so I'm not dozing off all day.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Should be asleep

Should be sleeping right now but decided to stay up a little bit longer to mess around on the net a little.
Thankfully I had a good nap earlier today. DH was watching a movie, Oren was soundly sleeping and Zoe was happily watching netflix on the tablet :P lol
Plus Zoe is unexpectedly spending the night with her granny and we don't have anything planned for tomorrow so I can sleep in a little or get in another decent nap :D

Things have been good though. Oren is one little piglet. He does eat a lot but I think some of his rooting is just him wanting to comfort suck. Not sure why Dh is so against him having a pacifier though. Whenever either of us bring it up, he just says something like "Eh he doesn't need it" or the subject gets dropped. I'd much rather him be on a pacifier than suck his thumb which he's been doing... at least when he manages to get the hand up to his mouth lol. You can't take away the thumbs :\

Zoe is doing pretty well. She's wanting to interact with Oren a little more. Not much more, but I think she realizes that he can't do much of anything right now so interactions are limited lol.
I think jealousy has shown a little. Nothing too bad though. Like after Oren is done eating, if we leave the bottle out, she's grabbed it a couple of times and starts sucking on it. He didn't finish one of those small premixed 2oz bottles of formula, she snuck it to her play tent and I'm guessing was trying it out for herself. She did bring it back out and kind of showed off that she was sucking on it (not actually drinking it, just chewing/sucking on the nipple). We're not getting mad at her when she does it or anything though. Just telling her that the bottles are for the baby.
We do feel bad that we haven't done much with Zoe though. Well we did take her to the little playground, but once I'm feeling a bit better, we're planning a trip to the zoo soon too for her.
Plus with Easter coming up, we'll be taking her on church egg hunts. So that will be fun.
She better enjoy all of this while she can though b/c when it's just me taking care of everything... we aren't going anywhere :P lol The hell if I'm going out with an infant and a toddler by myself if I don't have to. YIKES.
Lol, I know that's terrible to say but just... ugh.. I don't even want to think about that right now.

Speaking of doing things by myself... DH only has 2 more weeks left :( Boooo
I'm really happy and so thankful that he had 4 weeks off, but man... I wish it was longer. He's the best husband and daddy.

Recovery is slowly but surely getting better. Not having to take pain meds so often is nice. I've cut the percocet down to one pill whenever I take it now.. which isn't often. Thankfully at that dose, it doesn't knock me out.
My feet and legs are A LOT less swollen now. I can sort of see my ankles now :P lol They're still a little swollen but keeping them up has helped tremendously.
My pooch hurts like hell still though. It's swollen like crazy and hurts. It's not discolored or hot to the touch or anything, just something from the c-sec that still needs time to heal. It's the main reason why I still have to take the pain meds.

Looked at my c-sec incision area today and it's looking pretty good. A lot more noticeable now. Has that puffy scar look, but it's not red or anything. Just looks like a normal scar. Still kind of paranoid and weirded out about touching it though. Wish it were smaller too. Read women describing theirs and they always say how small/short it is. Mine is from one side of my body to the other. It is not a small scar. Don't get me wrong.. I do wear it proudly, but I know the reason why it's so big is b/c of my gigantic pooch that covers the area and they probably had to cut it that wide b/c of the fat.

Speaking of fat.... I weighed myself today. I knew it would be a lot since I am still swollen all over, but damn.. I'm weighing more now that I did at my last appointment.
DH wants to start eating better soon and while the thought of fixing food from scratch makes me want to go hide in the closet... I'm also looking forward to eating better and losing weight.

What else what else... OH!
I got my new toy today!! My new almost $500 toy. The price makes me want to throw up but it was desperately needed.
We bought a new professional grade carpet cleaner. After doing some research on it, we decided that it was pointless buying cheap but still expensive pieces of crap that didn't do anything or broke... so we bit the bullet and bought a nicer higher grade one that got really good reviews.
It's the same thing we did with our vacuum a few years ago. We went through SO many cheap ones, we finally broke down and got a dyson.
Anyway... if I'm feeling up to it, I may use it tomorrow while Zoe is at her granny's.

Speaking of which.. that was not planned. We went out to dinner with them tonight and as always, Zoe pitched a fit when it was time to leave. She loves spending the night anywhere but home and always starts crying when we take her home. She only cries for maybe a minute or 2 and gets over it, but man.... granny and aunt fall for it every damn time. Tonight was no different.
DH and I have been so tired lately though with Oren and her getting up early that we just let her go.
The other day, she woke up at 6am. DH went and got her and laid her down with us. Hey it worked b/c she went back to sleep and we all got another hour and a half sleep out of it. So yay! lol

Oh and finally.... pumping has been going ok. It's taking a while but I think my supply has gone up a little. A couple more days of pumping every 2-3hrs will really help my supply go up even more hopefully.
I also put Oren to boob a couple of times. It was mostly for comfort though. He was a bit confused at first and it took a few tries to get him to latch, but he did and the boy did not want to get off. Like I said, it was mostly for comfort so he'd end up falling asleep while doing it, but would be awake just enough to do the small little suckles.... so cute but my nipple (only put him on my right boob) was starting to feel the pain from it lol.
Not really sure if doing that helped my supply or not.
I will say that I really wish my left boob produced like the right one did. If it did, I wouldn't have supply issues at all. My left one is crap. It doesn't even produce half of what the right one does. Nothing I'm doing is improving matters either. Might try just leaving the pump on that side for a lot longer to see if that helps.

Anyway, I've posted enough and it's bedtime. Hell, actually it's almost time to pump again. Bleh! lol

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


My body doesn't know what the heck it wants to do anymore.
My feet and legs swelled back to elephant size again last night. I think I just need to take it a lot easier for a while. We've been going out a lot. Ive been fine with that since I thought moving around and getting out would do my body some good, but it appears to be doing the opposite.. at least when it comes to the swelling.

And then last night, I woke up shivering. Almost uncontrollably. So I covered up, and then woke up a couple hours later sweating. I didn't have a fever or anything thank goodness but still... WTH? I remember waking up shivering after having Zoe too so... *shrugs*

Pumping every 2 hours today and probably for the next couple of days to try to get my supply up. Just hope it works b/c it's pathetic right now.

Zoe, DH and Oren are doing great for the most part.
I wish Zoe would nap b/c good lord does she become a huge asshole when she doesn't :P lol
Her mouth/chin area have broken out with something. One second it was fine, the next, there are red bumps all over. Doesn't seem to be bothering her, but no idea where the heck it came from or what caused it.

DH is being amazing as usual. Just sucks that his time off is going by so quick.

Oren's tummy can not handle similac apparently. Posted a while ago about getting that similac sampler free package in the mail (that I never signed up for). We were low on enfamil and breastmilk so decided to use the similac stuff until we could buy more enfamil today. He spit up every time we gave it to him. Poor little guy.
Other than that, he's good. Diaper changes are so different with him. Zoe's were easy compared to his. When he poops.. it gets all up under his baby balls. You would think it would be easier to clean, but it's not.
Oh, he did pee on himself when I changed him earlier :P I was a split second from getting his new diaper put on him and there goes the pee fountain up over his head lol.

Anywho, here are some more photos! :D I still need to get the newborn photo shoot ones up to share. Will do that soon hopefully.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Things are going pretty good here so far.
Boobs still aren't producing a lot of milk. Lucky if I get 2oz. Need to start pumping on more of a schedule to try to get my supply up.

We went and got Oren's birth certificate today. So fun? :P Why are government buildings, or at least the outside of them always so... so... dingy feeling. I dunno... just always feels like things are dirty to me for some reason. *shrugs*

Oren is doing well. His billiruben(sp?) number was at 11 so we were told we could take him off the light. Just put him in to some indirect sunlight for a little bit and it should all clear up on its own.
Also, he weighed in at 6lbs 15oz again, but they said the weekend office place's scale usually runs heavy so nothing to worry about b/c his weight didn't go up from that appointment to this one.

He's still wanting to eat 3oz each time he feeds. He's gotta fill out those cute chicken legs. OMG I squee every time I see them. They're just so cute and scrawny. I know people love them some baby chubby rolls, but his little chicken legs are just too cute to resist. I just want to nom on them a little. :P lol

I'm doing ok. Incision doesn't really hurt in the same way. It's more of a bad bruised feeling now along with my giant pooch. Legs are also feeling bruised but pretty sure that's just from the swelling which still hasn't gone away yet.
Also the last 2 days I've been getting headaches that do not want to go away. Very frustrating since I am taking pain meds that SHOULD be taking care of that.
Must be something hormonal or the lack of some good long sleep... or heck, maybe both.

Other than that though, I've been ok. Wish I could help out a bit more, but I keep having to remind myself that it's only been a week since the c-sec. I've picked Zoe up a few times b/c I forget and paid for it later with an extra sore incision area. Just feel bad that DH has to do pretty much everything.
While that is nice.. don't get me wrong lol... I'd still like to feel like I'm contributing a little more.

Anyway... nothing else really going on. It's DH's grandfather's birthday today. Think everyone is going to IHoP tonight for it. Looking forward to some delicious pancakes lol. Oren will of course be passed around which is fine.. just hope none of them are sick.

Have to do a little research on this expensive carpet cleaner we may be buying. It has really good reviews and was voted best last year... but I want to look up more on it before we commit so much money to getting it.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Photos and such :D

DH took Oren to his checkup today. Poor baby has had his heels pricked so many times. It was the same thing with Zoe too. Damn you jaundice!

Hoping we won't have to have him on the billibed thing for much longer. He doesn't have that yellow tinge any longer so I think maybe anther day or so at the most.

Oren is a little piglet though. Man that boy can eat! And he is SO hard to burp. That gas does not want to come out of him.
He's good though. Other than when he's hungry and when he's being changed.. he's a pretty mellow baby. Sleeps really well and just loves being held and looking at everything.

Zoe has started to give him a little more attention too. 99% positive but once when he was crying she did tell him to shush LOL.
Love my baby girl so much and I'm so glad she's adjusting so well to it all so far.

As for myself. Still having some pain issues, but I can go longer and longer without taking pain meds which is nice b/c man.. that percocet still knocks me on my ass when I take it.
I don't see how people can become addicted to the stuff. I guess it's like with anything else though. Some people like the feeling it gives them.

The PP hormones/baby blues have definitely hit HARD lol. I'm not depressed thank goodness, but boy am I super sentimental about everything and it makes me want to ugly cry thinking about things.
Such as... we've been hanging out in our bedroom for the last week. It's just easier to hang out in there since everything is right there and comfortable. Thinking about it makes me want to cry b/c it's so nice to have us all in there and bonding as a family. It just feels right and even typing that out I have tears running down my face lol.
And then thinking about how wonderful DH has been... again... makes me want to ugly cry.
Sigh.... life is just good right now.

Pumping has been decent. Kind of figured out a good way to get more out of my boobs. My left one still doesn't produce a whole lot, but my right one is a champ at making milk lol.
I pump for about 5-10min on each side and then switch, then switch back after another 5-10. Seem to get more milk that way for some reason.
I'm still only managing about 2oz but hey.. it's better than nothing I guess.
I started fenugreek and yep... starting to smell like syrup :P
Going to get some gatorade or something like it to help with hydration. Someone in my DD group pumped for 19m with her previous child and posted some tips on what she did and she mentioned that drinking gatorade or powerade really helped.

Swelling is still pretty significant. Really wish it would go away already. I'm in cankle zone right now. Before was WAY beyond cankles... in to the elephant legs territory.

Anyway... I've rambled long enough. I know everyone just wants to see photos ;) heh

Zoe watching some Netflix on DH's tablet.

Zoe being a sweet big sister and giving Oren some smooches

Went to the little neighborhood playground. Zoe deserved some time out of the house for being such a great little girl.

 Oren's adorable little baby chicken legs. Couldn't resist taking a photo before his diaper change heh.
SQUEEE I just want to nom on those legs! DH calls them Kermit legs :P hehe

Just hanging out

Our 2nd little glow bug. FX that he won't be for much longer though