Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Happy Holidays!

Whatever you celebrate or don't... I hope you all are having a great December so far :)

Things are ok here. Tired.. like... ALL the time, but it's ok.
We're done shopping for the kids. Only have 2 more people to get something for, but that shouldn't be a big deal.
We've been passing around illness after illness.
I'm still coughing from the last one and I think I'm getting sick again. Zoe finally caught it and has started to cough and sneeze more. Thankfully she only has a couple more days of school before winter break.
Looking forward to being able to sleep in... for like 10 more minutes than usual :\

We bought her (and kind of her brothers) a dollhouse. It's mostly for her obviously, but the boys will enjoy playing with it too. Just have to set it up though which is going to be tricky. DH will have to do it in the garage and try to hide it from the kids.

In not so great news... DH's grandfather is in the hospital with pneumonia. He was complaining about not being able to breath well so MiL took him in and they admitted him. DH said he was in bad shape when he went to visit yesterday. No one could understand what he was saying.
Hopefully the docs and nurses will get him better and get him home in time for Christmas.
Will not be visiting or taking the kids while we're sick though. Lord knows he doesn't need to catch anything from them.

In better news... had my annual and all is well. Well. I did learn that I'm up to almost 230lbs... yeesh. But other than that, I'm ok. Need to find a GP but meh.. I'll worry about that next year.

I've been trying to fade the color in my hair. Used 2 bottles of stuff called Color Oops! It's supposed to help get the dye out of your hair, but it did all of nothing for mine. I think my hair is just stained at this point lol. Oh well.
It did make it smell like I soak my hair in sulfur/rotten eggs though. Holy crap does my hair stink!
Part of the instructions is that you're supposed to shampoo and then rinse for a long stretch of time 4 times. So wash rinse repeat 4x.
I did that, then I oiled then shampooed then conditioned and my hair still stinks to high heaven and feels awful.
Just sprayed some old ass body spray in to my hair to try to cover the funk. Going to do a loooong condition this weekend too.
Just took a look at my hair and it did fade it some, but not enough. Oh well. I plan on putting dark blue in it anyway so not a huge deal.

Zoe is doing ok in school. I do not have the patience for homework though. Holy crap... I've lost my shit a few times. Not proud of that. She has a problem listening and sitting still and it drives me up the wall. She's not ADD or anything, she just wants to go play and gets bored with her homework.
She keeps getting in trouble at school for not listening too. It's minor things like playing with her lunch or throwing mulch in the air, but it's still things she shouldn't be doing.

Oren is doing well too. He's talking a lot, but still not potty trained. His frustration with Ezra has come out as hitting and pushing though. He doesn't do it to hurt.. at least.. I don't think so. When I've caught him doing it, it's more of getting Ezra to leave him alone. There's definitely some jealousy issues going on.

Ezra is good. Walking like crazy and pretty much running around nonstop. He's a little sweetie and loves giving hugs. He LOVES Rocco and lays all over the dog. THankfully Roc doesn't mind.
Ezra is destruction on 2 legs though. Good lord, he is too clever for his own good and just chaos.

THis momma is tired. TIRED

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My back!!

Welp... I was doing something random last night. Nothing strenuous... just turning around in the kitchen when my back decided to just give up on me.
Started off as just a bad twinge, but then it got worse and didn't go away.
Having lower back spasms and it's so damn painful.
Thankfully tylenol along with lots of ibuprofin has helped take the edge off the pain, but it still hurts and it's very stiff.
DH is getting off early to take Ez to his appointment and getting off a little sooner to pick Zoe up.
Sleeping sucked last night too. Thought laying down would help, but nope. It was just as bad, if not worse. So a night with trying to roll in to a better position so my back wouldn't hurt but failing miserably.
It would be one thing if it had happened when I was trying to exercise or something, but I literally just turned around to walk in the opposite direction and my back just gave me a big ole middle finger.

BUT the pain has subsided some. Maybe b/c of the pain meds I took, but probably not just that since I took some last night too and they did jack shit.

Monday, November 13, 2017

He keeps getting hurt

I swear.. Ezra is a walking disaster. lol
Poor kid keeps getting knocked over, bonking his head.. whatever. He's still kickin though and going strong. He also wants to eat almost all the time, but he's picky. Boy.. you're only 1yo.. you're not supposed to be picky yet!!

Oren has a double ear infection. The other day he woke up SUPER grumpy. We just thought it was b/c he was still tired and b/c he had a cold, but later that day, he pointed to his ear crying and said it hurt :(
DH was off so he took him to the doctor. Thankfully antibiotics seem to work fast b/c he's been ok since he was started on them.

He's such a sweet lil dude. Oh.. I want him to get over this whiny crying crap, but last night.. he was looking at my wedding ring. I asked... "Is it pretty?" and he said yeah. THen he pointed at me and said "You're pretty too."
OMG my heart melted. Sweet lil munchkin!

After working more with Zoe on her target words and alphabet. I still don't understand why they say she's behind. She has some problem identifying like 2 letters and she gets most of the words and points them out regularly. Maybe she doesn't do it in school. I dunno.
Just going to keep working on everything with her.

Still concerned about my BP but not as much. I've been making more of an attempt to stay calmer in situations that would normally stress me out.. like the kids screaming/crying/not listening. Definitely think it's stress along with just being unhealthy.
I've been making christmas decorations which helps to distract me too. Not a lot when the kids are up and bothering me lol, but when I get a moment to myself so I can work on it.
Still going to mention it at my appointment and keep an eye on my bp.

Oh Ezra... he's also a lot more demanding than the other 2 were at this age. It took a while for the kids to actually want stuff from the store, but him... he does his little hand grabby "want" motion at the store and gets upset if we don't give him something. He's such a lil stinker lol.
He's walking better and better. Still looks like he's been riding a horse all day when he walks, but he's getting a lot steadier on his feet :)
Think he has an appointment tomorrow that we forgot about until SUnday lol.

Can't wait for THanksgiving!! Kroger (grocery store) had turkeys on sale and we bought 2. 1 for THanksgiving and the other for whenever. Going to dry brine it and smother it in butter. Going to be so dang good!!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fucking seriously people?

I'm not religious... I'm open to praying and whatever and I don't mind my kids going to church with DH, but religion in general just isn't for me.
With that being said though. FUCK people who are attacking those saying "thoughts and prayers". Especially those assholes who want to use their views and say shit like "They were in a church praying and look where it got them" about the recent victims in Texas. Ya know what... FUCK YOU if you thought that shit.
Just fucking seriously??
If someone wants to say Thoughts and prayers and you're not religious or think it's stupid or whatever... keep your fucking thoughts to yourself b/c ya know what.... saying how pointless and stupid it is on FB or any other social media isn't doing shit either but showing how much of a dickface you are.
"Oh instead of saying thoughts and prayers.. how about doing something?"
Oh like you assholes are doing by posting stupid messages like that on the net? It's only serving to make your egos even bigger b/c you think you're somehow better than the "thoughts and prayers" folks.
Just ugh.. so fucking pissed off at shit like this.

Anywho... still feeling off. Been checking BP every once in a while and top number is a little high but DH says it's not in the danger zone and my bottom number is ok too.
I'm still going to bring it up at my doc appointment next month and still going to check it randomly through the day when I think to do it.
Must... Start.... Exercising!
Already been cooking at home more. Just need to cut down on the carbs some, but that's ok. My big problem is the exercising part.
I'm just SO low energy though. I think once I start and get in to the groove of it, it will help. Just have to do it.

We went to an anime convention this past weekend.
Used to be in to anime when I was younger, but not so much any longer. I like some recent things that I've seen, but I just can't deal with the typical BS that a lot of animes have.
Like stupid over dramatic long drawn out scenes. JUST GET ON WITH IT!! Stop wasting half the episode b/c some character needs to have a 30min monologue about how they feel about something.
Just a waste of damn time and my grumpy old ass can't deal with it anymore rofl.
I want to make the kids some cosplay costumes for it next year though. It was so fun seeing all of the awesome costumes everyone was wearing :)
I think Zoe in particular would really enjoy being able to dress up :)

Started on some easy DIY christmas things last night. Painting paper plates to look like giant lollypops. Was supposed to do it for last year, but procrastinating and laziness kept me from doing it lol. Got it started though and I'll have it done soon. Just need to find the sticks that I bought.
Have some other plans too. Want to start putting them up NOW.
I know a lot of people think it's too early and "What about Thanksgiving!" If Thanksgiving had the decorations that Christmas had... sure... but it doesn't... so bring on the Christmas stuff!!!
Thanksgiving isn't being forgotten b/c I am looking forward to that stuffing and turkey too :D
I'll get some photos of everything I do. Hopefully I'll have a lot of cute DIY stuff to share :)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Feel so off...

I think I'm having problems with my blood pressure. Need to see a doctor about it, but in the mean time I'm going to check my bp during the day.
Feeling so off lately though and when going to bed noticed that my heart rate just seems too fast.
If this isn't a wake up call that I need to start exercising, then I don't know what is.

Having this feeling for the last week or so.... it's really scared me. I want to be here to help raise and watch my kids grow and that's not going to happen if I keep procrastinating about getting healthy. I'm not 20something anymore.. I'm almost 40. While 38 isn't old... Plenty of folks are dying at my age from heart problems.
I can't fuck around anymore b/c nature is a bitch and isn't going to do me any favors.

Starting tomorrow.. I'm going to start. Need to clear out the area around the elliptical b/c I'll be doing that along with whatever else I can find on youtube.

In other news.. kids had fun on Halloween. We walked all around our very hilly neighborhood. Not many houses giving out candy, but they still managed to get a good bit. Mostly b/c we also took them to 2 different trunk or treats on different nights.

DH wants to participate in the trunk or treat at his church next year and I want to give our candy. Went discount Halloween stuff shopping the day after and bought mostly lights and some projector decorations.
Just want my kids and everyone else's kids to have the same experience we used to back in the day.

Zoe got in her report card. Says that she's not up to their level in identifying her upper and lower case letters and she needs to work on her "popcorn" words (specific words that they learn each week).
Load of bullshit.
Now.. I'm definitely not one that thinks my kids are perfect, but Zoe knows her alphabet and knows the words she learns b/c she always points them out if she sees them out and about. And if she hears us say them just in every day talk, she always points out that it's a popcorn word.
Maybe she's not doing that in school so they think she doesn't know it... I dunno.
Put up some alphabet stickers that I had bought last year and definitely will be going over her words more often now.

She also got her first school picture and... it's...... ok lol. The girl is scrawny, but she somehow managed to give herself double chin in the photo and this sheepish little half smile lol. She's adorable though and while I'm not totally happy with it, I'm happy to have it.
I'll take ugly ones, average ones, pretty ones.. whatever. I want them all!! :D

And Ezra has finally started walking!! He's really started to let go and walk more within the last couple of days and it's adorable :D

Sunday, October 29, 2017

2 new posts? Nah.. not really

I just forgot to actually post the other one so it has been sitting there collecting virtual dust this entire time. Oops...
Not sure what was in it other than the title.
Ezra still has a slight bump to his head from where he bonked it, but he's been fine.
He just fell off his changing table (aka his dresser w/ the changing pad on it) though. Thank goodness for diaper boxes b/c that's what he landed on until he tumbled to the floor.
He's a squirmer and does not like staying still for a diaper change. He's usually been ok at not falling off lol, but this time.. he went for it. While I was standing right there pulling out a shirt for him.. it took him all of 2 seconds to flip to his stomach and race right off.
Child is going to give me a heartattack.

Kids are sick which means we'll all be sick until next May.
Thankfully it's just minor colds and congestion right now.

My jaw sometimes still hurts. Specially if I get food stuck back in the wisdom teeth holes that I can't get out right away. Makes my whole jaw on that side hurt.
Scheduled to go back in in March to continue with my implant thing though. Just want all of this done and over with. Will be nice being able to chew on that side of my mouth again though lol.

Zoe's school is one of those progressive healthy schools. Don't get me wrong.. it's a really great school, but their policy on no sweet treats and not celebrating Halloween sucks balls. The kids still kinda sorta get to dress up, but it's Career week (like elementary school kids need to be thinking about that shit?)... so they can dress up as a real life career they want to be when they grow up.
I keep asking Zoe what she wants to be and her response every time is "a Rockstar!!!"
Yeah, she likes singing and making up her own songs, but not anymore than any other kid I would imagine lol. Just so random.
I dunno what the heck to put her in. May need to go out and buy her an outfit to wear.
Maybe like a doctor costume or something.

They had their first trunk or treat at aunt's church yesterday. Of course the kids had a lot of fun.
Everyone loves Oren's costume.
We got him a Groot costume at Target. Also bought a Rocket Racoon backpack when it was on sale and use it as part of his costume. We bought the backpack a while ago which is why we dressed him as Groot lol.
I'll have to post photos b/c he's frickin adorable in his costume. It fits him almost perfect and he looks adorable in it.
Zoe picked herself out an Ariel dress to wear. She wanted to go as some Shimmer & Shine character? No idea... but she saw the Ariel costume and wanted it. We didn't bother with a wig but did get her a little Ariel crown to go with it. She's happy with it and that's all that matters.
Ezra.. I bought Ezra's a while ago. IT's a teddy bear costume, but I also bought a brown men's shirt to go over his head so he can look like an Ewok :D
It's adorable! He could only wear it for a little bit bc it got too hot yesterday. Shouldn't be a problem tonight though when we do Trunk or treat at DH's church.
I'll get photos to post :)

Oren is talking a lot more. Can't understand him a lot, but he's trying.
Still not any closer to potty training. Just putting it off b/c I'm lazy and don't want to clean up pee and poop everywhere.

Already had to clean up Rocko dog crap 3 days in a row. We've been keeping our newest pup inside in the sunroom during the night since it started getting colder. We take everything he could chew out, including the trampoline every single night.
Not a huge deal, just a little annoying.
He was doing fine, but I guess the dog food or something is upsetting his stomach bc we kept waking up to soft poo piles. He had a couple of pee accidents too.
So frickin annoying having to carpet clean at 6am :\

Not feeding him at night anymore though. He'll get fed in the morning and have his night feedings given early afternoon.

What else what else....

Zoe is doing well in school. They get laps (walking around during recess) when they misbehave and Zoe usually has to do 1 or 2 for stupid things. Oh well... just so long as it's nothing serious.. I'm not gonna sweat it... although I keep telling her she needs to listen.
They get their first report cards on Thursday. Not sure what that's going to look like for kindergarten.
Can't wait to get her school picture in finally. Wish they gave parents previews of it like SiL's got. She could go online and look at the photo and also pick and choose which backgrounds she wants and in what size.
Us? Gotta wait and see, but oh of course we had to pay first before we get to see anything and don't have any customization options.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of stuff that has happened. It's just all life stuff as usual going on :)

Banged the hell out of his head!

Ezra is a climber. He was playing in the sunroom on their little slide thing. I can't see it from where I sit in the living room. Guessing he got to the top of it and I dunno if Oren pushed him or if he fell on his own, but he did fall off and smacked the crap out of his head on a wooden stool at the bottom.
It left a giant knot on his forehead that turned purple.
Thankfully after some crying and snuggling, he was acting normal. I did call his doc office, but they reassured me that so long as he's acting normal, not vomiting or anything like that, that they don't have to see him.
Made my heart stop though.

My teeth still hurts. Not enough to need strong pain meds, but I'm gonna have to go take some ibuprofin or tylenol in a second after I get done with this. It's just a dull ache that's also giving me headache. Probably b/c I can't keep the holes from the wisdom teeth cleaned out I'm sure. Need to take better care of things.

Zoe had her school pictures done last week. Can't wait to see how they look :D I let her pick out her own outfit, but I made her wear her hair in pigtails.
She wasn't happy about that b/c she likes wearing it down, but we compromised and she did 2 braided pigtails :)
Kindergarten is going on their first field trip this Thursday to the local state park, but Zoe won't be going.
We already paid for it, but forgot that we were going to the fair that day. I really want her to go on the field trip, but we decided to just go to the fair as planned.

Oren, myself, and Ezra have a cold. Started with Oren. Nothing bad. Just runny stuffy noses mostly.

I think that's about it. Or well... all that I can think of right now. DH is off today. I took Zoe to school so I made him go to pick her up lol.