Monday, February 8, 2016

Well that was boring

I don't usually watch football. I don't hate it, but also don't follow it either. I'll watch a couple of games if DH puts it on but other than that.. meh.
We do watch the Super Bowl though.. well.. sometimes lol.
Did last night and SNOOOOOOOOOZE.
Good grief that was a boring game. I'm not expecting touchdowns all over the place, but dang... that was just a giant snoozefest.

In other news... I had a violent morning sickness incident yesterday. Just got done eating brunch and got that all too familiar feeling. I thought I would throw up some of what I had just eaten, but nope.. it wasn't going anywhere, so I kept retching and retching and retching. I did it so hard that my head felt like I had had it in a vice and my eyes were all puffy like I had been crying all day and I got that gawd awful feeling of my nerves just all feeling ablaze b/c of the strain my body was going through trying to throw up.
It was awful.
This morning sickness can kiss my ass and leave already.

B/c of that.. I woke up with a headache and still have it right now.
BUT b/c of the headache and not wanting to make it worse... I've been keeping my cool with Zoe and niece lol.
There have been a couple of moments where I needed to raise my voice, but overall, it's been a pretty calm day. Both of them are kind of behaving.... as much as a 3 and 4yo can lol.

And finally... still working on my project. it's coming along, but I think if I want to sell these things.. I'm going to have to simplify the designs a bit... or at least how I make them. I have to sew it all by hand which is taking forever since I have to stop to do mom stuff ;) heh
I may try using some fabric glue to see if that is a quicker option to add on details and whatnot. We'll see what happens. This is the first one I'm making so there's going to be a lot of trial and error before I come up with a solid way to create these things that don't take forever.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Yay for SiL! :D

She had her little girl yesterday :D She's so cute but look so big in the photos! lol
She was 7lbs 3oz and just over 20inches long. You can tell she's a long baby. She looks just like SiL.. at least in the nose area. DH's family have some strong genes lol. Well except for my other niece.. she looks exactly like her father except for the nose.

But yeah... so happy for SiL. Sounds like her induction went great. Sounds like she pushed for a while but in the end it all turned out fine.

Seeing my new little niece really made me long for another and I dunno... made me even more excited for this one.
If I'm being honest.. I've been feeling a little disconnected from this pregnancy. Probably b/c I'm not obsessing over it like I did with the previous 2. I'm so busy taking care of Oren and Zoe that there's not a lot of time to just sit back and really think about a new LO coming in to our lives. I'm sure once I'm bigger and start feeling the baby it will start feeling a bit more.... real.
I know that's kind of stupid since I've been having worse morning sickness and whatnot. Oh well.

Speaking of Oren and Zoe...

Oren gives high fives now :D Just taught it to him a couple days ago and he gets so happy to do it. He's so darn cute and yep, I do still remember that I need to post pics of him off the camera. Really need to remember to do that already!
He's good though... just growing up so quick and getting a lot more annoyed by Zoe lol.

Zoe is doing well and just in full on annoying toddler mode. I love her to death but holy smokes does she get on my nerves too.
I'm waiting for DH to get home from the store b/c little miss Zoe thought it would be a great idea to go in to Oren's room and play with the diaper rash cream. She got it all over one of his bottles and all over his carpet. SO yeah... I get to carpet clean when DH gets home... really need to text him to hurry up.
Oh and I had to throw the bottle away b/c she put a play pickle in it and now it's stuck. Awesome.....
She's such a trip though. There are the rare moments when she turns back in to my sweet funny little girl :P lol
Like today DH called MiL just to ask what was going on etc... and after the call ended Zoe said "I love her." Awww, right? Then she said " Aww, that was sweet." ROFL.
And she started watching some cartoon on netflix where the main character's name is Johnny so now she's pretending her name is Johnny. Before this... she wanted us to call her either Anna or Elsa depending on which costume dress she had on... and before that.. she wanted us to call her a Ninja. :P
Really love that she's having fun with that.. although it gets a little annoying when she won't answer to her name lol.

Keep asking DH to come up with some cute short girl names.
I think he likes the idea of the baby having his initials so told him to come up with girl names that start with an E.
He named off a few, but one in particular.. I really like. Ella. I think it's short and cute and not one you hear that frequently. Well.. he did say there was a girl at his church that Zoe is friends with named that, but still.... is it that common? It probably is, but I don't care. I like it a lot :D
Not really sure he does and it's not like we don't have a ton of time to find something else.

Alrighty, gotta get back to working on this project that I'm determined to get going. I think I could make at least a little bit of money if I can just figure out how to make it look clean and neat.
First one I'm making is going to be for SiL.... just hope I can figure it out soon.
Other SiL is planning on visiting them in a couple of weeks and I want to send this with her to give to them.
And yes... I'm being vague on what it is lol. I want to keep it secret bc I don't think I've found anything quit like what I'm envisioning :D

Friday, February 5, 2016

Nothing yet

SiL was induced yesterday and as far as I know, no baby just yet. DH got a text last night before bed saying that she was 5cm, so yeah..... maybe something will happen soon, maybe not. Hope something does. Long labor sucks!

I did have a dream about her last night lol. I dreamt that she was in a HUGE room in the hospital. Bouncing on her birthing ball. Her mom and dad were there, along with every single member of her husbands family lol.
I was home with DH and he wanted me to go there and keep him updated, so he totally Bewitches me over to the room :P
That's pretty much the whole dream lol.

I threw up on myself just a little while ago. Was eating my brunch.... drank some water like a fool and felt it. But for some reason I didn't get up to get to a toilet or at least a sink. Oh no... I thought I could hold it back until the feeling left. NOPE!
I threw up all over my shirt and pants. Gross.....

And WTH... My boobs hurt!!! WTF is going on?? Shouldn't I have gotten this at the beginning?? Why is it happening now?

And yep.... nieces dumbass father picked her up late. No excuse... no GD reason he should have picked her up late.
I just want to scream in their face and repeatedly punch him and SiL in their stupid faces. But ya know.. you can't do that with family... but apparently it's totally ok to take advantage of them NP. Frickin assholes.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Today has got to be better right?

First... I really hope SiL's induction goes smooth and quick for her. From what I've heard, she was only at 1cm dilated and baby wasn't down at all. So yeah... thinking it's going to end up a lot like my own induction. Long and boring. Hope that's not the case though and things progress quick.
Whatever the outcome... just hope she and baby are happy and healthy :)

Niece has been here for almost 2 hours now and she's already tried to bite Zoe. I caught her right before she did it and she had the nerve to say she wasn't going to do it.
Then, she decided to scream whine when Zoe got a book she HAD been playing with.
I'm going to try to keep my cool today though.... I just can't keep up this amount of stress for another week.
It's going to be difficult today b/c I'm already fighting a caffeine withdrawal headache (need to take tylenol before it gets worse) and morning sickness feels like it's going to be bad today.

Deep breathes..... lots and lots of deep breathes.......


I'm not positive, but think I may have felt some baby movements the other night.
I'm not sure though. It was in the right area and felt fizzy. I guess that's the 'bubbles' feeling some people feel? Or maybe not.. I dunno. It was a very mild feeling though and I would have missed it any other time of day.
It could've just been gas too though so... who knows.

My uterus still feels achy. I made sure to drink plenty of water yesterday. Could definitely tell I was dehydrated though b/c even though I drank a lot.. I didn't have a lot of bathroom trips.
It's not super painful or anything. A very dull ache every once in a while.

Oren has been sleeping a little better. He's had 1 or 2 nights where he slept through or almost did. And a few nights where he's only woken up once.
We went down to 2oz of formula in each of his night time bottles now. He seems ok with the decrease so far.
I think this weekend.. I may try to just give him a paci instead of feeding him. We'll see what happens.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Uuuuuuugh... is it next Thursday yet??? (ranting and cursing ahead)

I don't know if my sanity will be able to last another week of watching my niece.
It's not just her... b/c Zoe starts acting up too, which just.... UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH

Zoe is learning some bad habits and she's also learning that her momma isn't going to take any of that crap. There were SO many time outs and taking away toys and pops on their butts today.... and today wasn't even that bad. Just small incidents like not listening (that was the theme of the day it seems), and talking back and doing things they both know they shouldn't do. Sprinkle in a ton.. A TON of whining and yeah..... today SUCKED BALLS.

Holy crap, I haven't been this stressed out in a while.
I would seriously be taking a few shots to calm my nerves down if I wasn't pregnant and I am not a big drinker at all.
I texted DH and told him I wasn't cooking. I just... no..... I was not cooking. I'd rather starve than just have to deal with anything else today.

I did bake cookies earlier (before I got to my F- it point)..... I totally stress baked b/c I needed some kind of sweet comfort to get me through the rest of the time niece was here.

THEN her GD dad didn't show up until almost 5:30. The bastard gets off before 4 and has gotten here at just after 4 to pick her up. There was NO FUCKING REASON for him to be late. But his excuse? He stopped home to let their dogs out and to play some.
Dude.... WTF??? What the flying fuck?? Your dogs couldn't wait another 30 fucking minutes??
UGH Gawd that really fucking ticked me off (if you couldn't tell by the F bombs... sorry for them all but UGH!).
But it's not surprising from him or SiL. They take advantage of MiL ALL the damn time and pick their daughter up late on a very regular basis for absolute bullshit reasons... if they even bother giving a reason.
Hell, they've even left their daughter with MiL and not picked her up at all and tell MiL nothing. Like oh... she's gonna spend the night with you and we're not going to bother telling you that or ask if it's ok.

Just... ugh.... I want it to be next Thursday already so I don't have to do this anymore. I want my days back with ONLY my kids.

Seriously... Kudos to people out there who take care of someone elses children or work with kids... b/c I sure as hell wouldn't be able to do it. I would go insane if I had to do this on a regular basis.

Oh I love my niece.. but I love her from afar.... just go home and stay there.

I am not a 'love other people's kids!' person at all.. even if they are related to me.

!2w appointment

Sorry I didn't post yesterday after my appointment.

My appointment went well though :) Had to do the usual. Pee in a cup, weighed, blood pressure. Then I got a surprise ultrasound so they could check the baby's heart and everything was fine as far as that :)
Baby was wiggling around and kicking out its legs and heartrate was 169 :)
SO relieved!!
Didn't get any good shots of the baby. She was having trouble getting a good view b/c baby is right at the point of being under my giant fat pooch. Oh well. What I saw was enough to help put my mind at ease.
I then went and talked with the doc for a quick second and learned that the genetic testing wouldn't be done until next visit (16w). That's kind of disappointing b/c I was hoping to just get it out of the way, but oh well.
Then I went and got blood taken... think it was about 6 or 7 vials. Just all the standard stuff including the thyroid thing.
So yeah, pretty standard appointment I think. Was in and out really quick b/c I was one of the only people there.

Think I've been dehydrated these last few days and finally felt it yesterday. My whole uterus area was aching like crazy and I'm still feeling it a bit on the right side. Need to make sure to drink plenty of water today.

Frickin niece..... She's a biter and good lord does it piss me off when she does it. Last time she did it, she almost broke the skin on Zoe's fingers. I spanked her little butt and bit her back :\
I hate spanking and lord knows I don't bite on a normal basis lol, but it just felt like that needed to be done to teach her to not do it.
She didn't bite yesterday so... maybe it worked a little? But while I was at my appointment yesterday, DH says Zoe tried to bite her cousin. UGH... yeah.... learning some great frickin habits there. :\
I can't wait until this is over with though. No more added stress... and deprogramming Zoe to get rid of all the new habits she picks up from her cousin :\

And finally... in better more exciting news....
SiL is going to be induced Thursday morning! :D She had an appointment yesterday or MOnday and baby's heartrate was a bit high so they're not going to let her go any further pretty much. SO happy and excited for her. I hope it goes smooth and quick. Can't wait to see what her lil girl will look like! She's gonna be such a little cutey!

Monday, February 1, 2016

I wants it!!! Give to me!!!!

I wanted to go to the Korean store this weekend and since the baby furniture place is over in that area we went there too. DH gravitated towards this one pretty modern looking set as soon as he saw it.

The crib can be 2 different colors too like the dresser. The one in the store had the back and front of the crib this pretty blue color and the sides were white.
DH liked this 'oiled' finished look that was on another crib that we could get on this if we wanted. Not really sure how it would look. It's hard to tell from the photo but the crib looks very contemporary so not sure how a natural looking finish would look. He also liked this weird black one w/ a red distressed look under the black... if that makes any sense. Like imagine if something had originally been painted red and then someone came and painted over that with black. And over the years, the edges wore down to reveal the red again..... that's how it looked. I didn't really like it, but honestly don't care too much on the colors so long as they're not totally hideous lol.

But.... what else I saw in the store.... I wants it... I wants it for Zoe!!!
It was flipped the other way around, but holy... crap... I want it for Zoe SO damn much!!!! The little doors by the stairs leads in to this adorable little hidey hole spot that actually wraps around to behind the desk and it's lit inside too so it's not like the child would be sitting in the dark in there. And it has a ton of storage space w/ the stairs being drawers and the ones on the sides and the ones at the desk.
I love it! I want it! I wish I was young again so it could be mine! rofl
It was $3100 though... on sale! YIKES. But... we'd be spending that much on that crib/dresser set if we end up getting it.... so if we just got this for Zoe and gave the new baby Zoe's crib and dresser... it would work out to about the same.
DH doesn't wanna do it though... boo :( He says she's too young for it.. and she probably is. I don't think I would trust her too much to come down the steps without injuring herself lol. She was fine doing it at the place (after she busted her lip open playing with a drawer on another piece)... but I was also right there to watch her. Could you imagine a toddler having unsupervised access to stairs all the time? UGH..... Danger.. Danger!!!!!
So maybe in a couple of years this will be something we could get her... not sure what we would do with her crib though, so I doubt this will ever happen :(
I told DH to ask his coworker that does enjoys working with wood how much it would cost him to make it for us lol. And hey, if it's cheaper, that could be an option :D
Anywho.. isn't that so cool?

UUUUGH, Zoe is being so damn whiny this morning. She's trying to do things her cousin is and can't and so the whining starts... lots and lots of whining.
Driving me frickin crazy and it's only 10am.

Oh last Friday when BiL came to pick up niece... good lord he is such an awkward frickin weirdo. I'm weird, but in a good nerdy shy way. He's weird in just a... I dunno... awkward creeper kind of way. Just pick up your child and frickin leave. Don't hang around here to socialize b/c I don't frickin want to. Go away. I'm not saying he's trying to get with me or anything stupid like that... he's just that type of awkward personality that butts their way in to a conversation and then makes the entire conversation extremely uncomfortable for everyone.. ya know?
Anyway... I really hope he just picks her up and leaves.... just take your child and GO.

And apparently MiL was wrong... as usual. I don't want to paint MiL in a bad light b/c she's really not a bad person... she just does some really annoying shit.
Like not listening or half listening.
She's the type to ask you a question a bazillion times and every single time won't listen or will only half listen to the answer.
So SiL was not induced yesterday. She has another ultrasound today and from what MiL says, will have a doctor appointment tomorrow.... but who knows if that's true or not.. or the whole truth.
I'm sure SiL won't be allowed to go too much longer though. Not sure how many weeks she is but I'm fairly sure she's in her 39th.
So yeah... no new niece yet, but soon.

I have my next appointment tomorrow afternoon. I'll report back with whatever goes on. Hopefully with some good news. I just can't shake the worry that I'm feeling.
Doesn't help going on to the August DD board and seeing a few women leaving b/c of miscarriage or finding out they have a blighted ovum :(