Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Aches, Pains, Dizzy

That's what I got to wake up to this morning.
Started waking at around 1:30 last night feeling like my head was stuck in a vice. So not fun. It's like as soon as I lay down, my body decides to use all of the water I've had to make snot. My nose was SO stuffy and drippy last night. I must've been trying to breath through my nose while I was sleeping which resulted in the vice feeling.

I don't feel sick right this second. Just feel dizzy and off balance for some reason. Thought maybe blood sugar issue, but it was perfectly fine this morning. Maybe just something pregnancy related.

Also, sitting here, I feel fine.. no aches... but as soon as I get up... I feel all of Oren's weight way down there. I'm not having contractions or anything. It's just his weight causing aches.
I still can not see how that one woman was carrying around a 10lb baby and didn't know. There is just NO WAY. Even if she wasn't showing b/c she was overweight... she still would've felt movement. There is no way she felt nothing at all.

Anywho.... just here counting down the days still. It's only Wednesday... *cry*

Still on the fence about how I feel. On one hand.. I'm so ready to have Oren. But on the other... it's still intimidating and scary that we're going to have another baby.

Really hoping that this isn't a cold. If it is.. going to be requesting some face masks. I know I'll forget NOT to kiss him all over his precious face when he's here. W/ a mask on at least it will block some of the germs from getting to him. Do not want to know what it's like having a newborn w/ a cold :(

Got SOME of the dishes done. So many in there that I couldn't fit all of them in to the dish rack and the dishwasher. Yeah.. there were that many that I had let build up. Given I didn't fully load the dishwasher. It doesn't clean as well when it's full.
Had to chisel off the burnt on crap on one of the dishes... that was actually kind of therapeutic hacking at it with a butter knife heh. I still have to finish scrubbing it though which won't be fun.

Still have so much to clean. I still need to do water changes in the 3 fish tanks which is going to be a PITA. Not that it's difficult, just a little messy and will be a bit difficult in one tank that has a ton of baby fish in it. Have to watch it carefully so I don't suck any of them up and send them to their dirt death outside where the water drains.
I'll get it done today though.

OH and finally... Here's the shirt I made for Zoe :D It's not totally done yet. Need to let it set up for another day or so and wash it.

I put the glitter on Incredible and some glow in the dark paint on sister. The stars are just iron on things.
I should've cut it a bit better than I did, but oh well. It turned out ok.
Just need to find that velcro and sew that on after it's washed.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Less than a week now

Didn't want to leave a rant post as the only thing I posted today lol.

Really need to get Zoe's shirt done. I bought some pretty glitter and fabric glue for it. It needs 3 days to set so I really need to get it done b/c DH wants her to wear it to the hospital when she sees her brother heh.

We picked out Oren's go home outfits last night. We actually don't have a lot of NB size stuff which I'm fine with since they usually grow out of those so quick and we'll probably just have him in PJs and whatnot most of the time anyway.

Now just need DH to go get the luggage from the FROG (finished room over garage). I could go get it I guess but with how achy I've been feeling.... nah. I'll just wait for him to get it :P lol

Other than crap I use every day like my phone and the charger.. I think we're good to go with the hospital bag stuff.

I don't think Zoe really understands that she can climb out of her bed at night or in the morning lol. She's so cute, but it was a bit frustrating this morning. She woke up at 5:30 for some reason. I got up to check on her... changed her diaper, put her back in bed and she was ready to get up and go out in to the living room. NOPE!
Wasn't going to happen. She was asking for her My Little Pony dolls so I shut the door and went to get them. She thought I was just leaving her in her room and pitched a monster fit until I came back a minute later. She did go back to bed though. Woke up at 7:30 and again... she didn't bother getting out of her bed.
She just stood up in it, went to the right side (close to the door) and started her whining cry to get up.  Oh well... at least she went back to sleep for a little bit :P Better than nothing.

Although since I'm not having a daily diet dr pepper like I was before.. I am definitely more tired throughout the day now. I could really use better sleep.
I think my nose started dripping last night. Pretty sure I caught whatever Zoe has.
Her "cold" hasn't turned in to anything... just a slightly runny nose every once in a while, so I'm hoping that's all I'll experience too. But the extra stuffy nose with the feeling of your nose leaking is.... bleh. Hard enough trying to get used to ear plugs and having to listen to my heartbeat and just..... yeah....

Thankfully the sleep I am getting is good though. It's just sometimes getting back to sleep that is the problem.

Ok so I do have a bit of a rant....
Zoe makes a HUGE mess during the day with all of her toys. I really don't care b/c the hell if I'm going to try picking it all up just for her to make a mess again.
So at night before bed, we help her pick up her toys (after a lot of frustration trying to get her to listen to us that is :P heh).
The thing I want to rant about is DH looking at me like I'm supposed to bend down and pick up all of her toys. Uhm.... no dude... just no. I have a hard enough time right now just sitting down and getting up from the dang couch.

Dh has been a huge help this pregnancy, but he just does not understand sometimes, or forgets just how uncomfortable and achy this process is. No I'm not totally helpless here, but if I don't have to sumo squat to pick up some tiny ass toy off the floor.. I'm not going to.

Which reminds me that I really need to do the dishes. Do not want to come home from the hospital to a sink full of stinky gross dishes. Have one that's been sitting in there for a while b/c it has burnt on crust that does not want to come off. BLEH!

People are assholes...

So I headed out this morning to Target and Michaels. Picked up the crap from Michaels and walked slowly over to Target b/c I started aching really bad. I was doing full blown pregnancy waddle b/c it was the only stride that felt comfortable lol.
Anyway... I'm right at the doors to go in to Target when this couple w/ their boy in tow come barging in right in front of me. Clearly seeing me, but not giving a shit.
Whatever.. it was misting outside so they just wanted to get out of the weather.
Well then said woman of the couple takes her sweet ass time at the shopping carts completely blocking the area and clearly seeing that I needed to get by to get my own cart. She didn't give a flying fuck though.

Well I go about my business and pick up a couple of things.... and this target didn't have a couple of other things in stock that I wanted to get *grumble*
Anyway... I head to check out and oh look.. it's that same couple who see me and seriously race in front of me to get in line before me.
Whatever... they only had like 1 or 2 things like I did, so not a big deal.

We're both waiting in the same line when a cashier for the returns/checkout line comes through and tells me she can check me out.

Oh hells no for the asshole couple. They pitch a gawd damn tantrum and LOUDLY ask this poor underpaid employee why she ignored them and blahblahblah. Nevermind that the ONE person in front of them was just grabbing their bags in to their cart so they were literally just about to get checked out themselves.

Just UGH.... seriously. OMG I was this close to turning around and bitching them out. I was hurting, I was pissed that the store didn't have some of the things I wanted to get in stock and I felt bad for the poor cashier just doing her job.

People SUCK.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Stubborn child

Someone is paying attention! Time to go to sleep!.... at least that's what I imagine Oren thinking to himself whenever I go in for my appointments :P lol

NST this morning was a big ole unsuccessful mess again. He did move a couple of times, but for some reason the monitor kept losing his heartbeat. It sounded like it was picking mine up over his.
Anyway... I ended up just getting another u/s. He moved a bit more with this one thankfully and everything looked perfect. Just a stubborn little guy in there.

Only one more appointment though! WOO!

Man our printer sucks. With the help of DH, we made a shirt design for Zoe's big sis shirt. It did not print off very well on to the transfer paper. Boo.
Will be going to Michaels tomorrow to look for some fabric paint to make it look better.

Could've went to Joanns today but I didn't feel like it. Went to Walmart to pick up some things and just ugh... Walmart...

I did pick up another nursing tank. The nursing bras they had were just... no.... hideous things. Not comfortable looking like the ones I have. I'd rather have an annoying flap in the back than get what they had.
Also bought some snacks to take to the hospital (if they last that long) and a few other small things we were wanting to get.
I did forget my bottle of baby shampoo/wash though. But Michaels is right beside Target so I can just get that tomorrow.

Zoe did well her 2nd night in her bed. She went right down to sleep. Didn't get up once :)
And this morning, she didn't get out of her bed until I went in to her room to get her.
FX it keeps up like this. We'll see what tomorrow morning brings when I don't have to get up so early lol.
Now if we could just get her to use her potty again :P She'll sit on it but that's about it.

Ugh.. I'm not sure who is going to bring Zoe to the hospital. With MiL having to wait on the grandfather ALL the time and her having to babysit her other grandchild.. she's not going to be able to bring Zoe to us which I'm not happy with. Baby and I aren't going anywhere, but it would be nice if Zoe could see him ASAP. I'm sure someone will bring her... when? I have no frickin idea.

And nevermind our dogs. NO idea who the heck is going to watch them for us. Will have to hash all this out with DH.
If the weather is supposed to be nice next week (it's supposed to be as of right now).... then they'll be outside for most of the time and DH can come home at night after that first night.
*shrugs* We'll see..... I just don't want to come home to giant piles of crap or puddles of pee on the carpet.
We really do need to buy ANOTHER new carpet cleaner :\

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Photos :D

Photos! :D

Zoe wanting me to take a photo of her toys... have a half dozen more of these with her putting a different one in front of the camera heh.

With her master.... or is she the master? *gasp*

And enjoying her bed :D

And finally... my 38w1d photo I just took before hopping in the shower.

Compared to 38w with Zoe

Wow.... you can definitely tell that I'm carrying A LOT lower with him than I did with her.
Here's another photo w/ Zoe at 38w3d
Yeesh... I knew he was low, but just looking at myself in the mirror.. it didn't look this obvious.

I love Sundays

Mostly b/c DH lets me sleep in and then he and Zoe go off to church leaving me home alone for a couple of hours.
Not sure if he's going next Sunday so I need to enjoy this time while I still have it lol.

About to go take a shower and do a bit of trimming down below. It's a jungle down there again and I want it to be as short as possible (without being bald) for recovery. Nothing grosser than having shag carpet down there while bleeding. BLEH
Sorry to get all graphic but...yeah.. just not ideal to keep it untamed.

I did eventually go back to bed last night. Think it was at 5. And surprisingly I got back to sleep and slept great too even though I couldn't get my earplugs in correctly.

Oh I forgot to mention that I kept having dreams that I was bleeding the other night. Just kept dreaming that I'd go to the bathroom and see mucusy bloody discharge on the tp and in the toilet and I'd tell DH that it was go time lol.
I really haven't had a lot of pregnancy dreams this time around.... or sex dreams either. Well no.. I have had a few sex dreams, but not nearly as much as I had with Zoe. Not that that matters at all lol.

Used the new spray cleaner stuff on the cat pee spot and it seems to have worked. I had to spray it like crazy and then spray it again, but I haven't smelled cat pee since. Thank goodness.

Now to just spot clean the ass drag spots and vomit. I'll probably leave that until next weekend. No point in doing it now only for one of the pets to fuck up the carpet the day after :\

DH took the monitor this morning to let me sleep in. He said Zoe got up... tried the doorknob, then just sort of wandered around her room a bit before he got her lol. I'll get to see this tomorrow morning but it sounds pretty good. Going to figure out which toys (other than the ones on her bed) to put in there for her that she may enjoy playing with when she wakes up.
Nothing she can be destructive with though....
We took some photos of her enjoying her bed. I'll post some after I get done showering :D


It's 3:40 am and I'm wide awake. Awesome.....
Got up to pee and that was it.... couldn't get back to sleep. I was tired, but then not being able to breath through my nose caused me to mouth breath, which caused my mouth to dry out, which caused me to drink more.... had to pee more... etc etc.
Apparently my body doesn't understand how to use the water I'm drinking b/c as soon as I do drink something... my nose instantly makes more mucus so I have to mouth breath even more which dries me out etc etc etc etc.....
SO frickin annoying.
THEN... even with the earplugs in.. I can still hear DH snoring the house down. Just frustrating from every angle.

I laid in bed for about an hour and a half before just finally saying F-it and getting up. No point in laying there with a stuffy nose, needing to pee, and needing to drink more.

Sigh.. just want to get back to bed soon. I'm sure that won't happen until 5am or so :\