Tuesday, May 24, 2016

One step closer

FiL and MiL came back over yesterday. FiL to help with the room and MiL just b/c :)
Zoe was happy. We were just about to put her to bed... like literally walking her to her room, when they showed up lol.
FiL helped to drill a hole in the ceiling for a fan/light and wired up the switches for it :D YAY! It's coming along! Hoping to have the door to the room up soon to really keep the cat out of it and not have to worry about that room at least.

I think I'm definitely nesting. It's not super strong instinct or anything, but finding myself needing to straighten up and clean.
Oh the house is still a giant mess lol, but oh well. Can't always give in to instinct! :P lol
Going through those bags in DH's closet and sorting through donate-able clothing and stuff that just needs to be thrown away. Will be tackling my drawers too. I know I have some shirts that I need to get rid of.

I should be doing more straightening up in the rest of the house, but keep putting it off for the last minute. I do have a reason though. There would just be no point to doing it now b/c it WILL get messed up before we leave. Just want to take care of it Saturday and Sunday.

Oh, we also think we know which stove we'll be getting when we get back. Going to be a lot of money since we're not going for super cheap like we have. Sigh... I'm sure there will be something else expensive that screws up soon too :\ There's always something....

Ate the cucumber I picked the other day. Salt & peppered it up and YUM! Even Zoe was eating it up and the girl is a little junkie (junk food junkie).

Something else.. but forgot... again...

Monday, May 23, 2016

Still searching

Yep... I'm still searching for those damn car decals. SIGH! I've been kind of searching DH's closet a bit more and still only scratched the surface.
Did finally take a look at some bags of clothes in there and found that some of them have frickin baby clothes in them! Clothes that could have gone to SiL /facepalm.
From the clothes I     saw, they were newborn to 6m size so probably too small for SiL's baby now.
Oh well... we can use them for this one when it comes :) Looks like mostly girly stuff, but I don't care.

But yeah.. the search is still on. Going to pull out all of the books DH put away and shake them all out. That's going to be a giant pain but I'm determined to find these dang things.

Saw a pretty big bunny in our front yard this morning. Actually surprised it was out there b/c it was after 7. Just figured they'd hide then, and especially in an area with not a lot of hiding spots.
Don't think it will mess with any of the plants though. When we had that one in our backyard, it did go in to the garden, but I don't think it ever actually ate any of the plants.

My frickin itchy hands woke me up last night. SO damn annoying. I trimmed back my plants yesterday so I'm sure that helped to inflame the eczema a bit more. Sigh... oh well.. going to have to live with it and try to help it as much as possible I guess.

Alrighty, time for some food! Leftover alfredo shrimp pasta... YUM!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The bad guy

So Friday night dinner came along. We packed up some clothes for Zoe just in case MiL or aunt wanted her to spend the night. Just wanted to be prepared.
Apparently they had planned on taking Zoe and niece that weekend.
Welp... both girls were acting up like crazy during dinner. So.. finally fed up.. I told Zoe "If you misbehave one more time, you're not going. No more warnings."
2 mins later, she's taking her jacket off. I tell her not to b/c it's cold outside. She completely ignores me so.... I had to. I had to crush her little dream of spending the night at aunt's house.

She got SO many warnings during dinner. I hate being the bad guy, but as I said before... my child is going to grow up knowing there are consequences to her actions.
I'm not BiL, I'm not SiL.... I don't make empty threats. I don't threaten and then in the same breath go back on what I said.

I hated doing it... I hated making her cry, but this is the part of parenting that sucks balls but has to be done.
I'm not super strict although it feels like that sometimes... especially when niece is running around doing whatever the hell she wants. Actually no... seeing that just makes me realize that what we're doing is right for our kids.

Did get Zoe to clean up some yesterday before aunt and MiL came and picked her up. She didn't spend the night Friday night, but if she behaved Saturday, she could go. And for the most part, she actually did behave :) She even picked up most of the trash and toys in the living room like I asked her to do.
Leaves me less work to do now lol.
Really need to go through all of their toys again and put stuff up that they're not playing with. We really need to just donate a ton of them though. We're guilty of adding to the pile of toys, but so is MiL and aunt too lol. Everyone just spoils the kids rotten and the kids love it!
We're hoarding a bit right now though since there is another LO coming and Oren is at the point now of wanting toys. Just don't want to get rid of anything just yet until all of them are done with them, ya know? heh

DH put up more drywall in the closet and then put that dry wall putty stuff up to fill in cracks and whatnot. The room is coming along though :) Think I'm going to clean the carpets again this week just to try to get as much cat pee smell out of it as possible.
I don't think it works that well, but going to spray the spots and all along the wall w/ nature's miracle and cross my fingers that it does something.
He's definitely peed in the dining room area somewhere. BUT thankfully, it looks like he's started using his litterboxes again. Guess now that his access to the room has been cut off, he decided to stop being a giant asshole.

Got myself 2 new bras! And yep... nice and expensive too.
Just.... why??? I mean.... I know why. B/c people are greedy and know women pretty much need bras, but damn... why does a little bra need to cost so damn much???
See... this is why I needed bras to begin with. They're so damn expensive that I didn't want to fork over the money to buy more :\

Anyway... I'm still gonna need to bring along all of my crappy bras too for the trip lol. I have 4 good bras and then the rest are.... meh.... they'll do :P lol

Picked my first cucumber today! WOO!
I threw away the seed packet that I had so no idea what kind it is. Didn't want it getting too big and the middle getting too full of the seed part. Wanted it to stay nice and crisp and crunchy.
So happy to have it though. That same plant currently has 3 more nice looking ones that will be ready to be picked later in the week. YAY! The other cucumber plants are looking really good too. Starting to get little cucumbers on them. Hopefully the bugs are doing their job and pollinating like they should. I manually did them on the plant that I picked from today.
Tomato plants are getting blooms, but no tomatoes yet. Need to prune them back some. Just mostly the bottom portion of the plants and thin the stems out a little.
But yeah... my little container garden is coming along great :D So much easier taking care of these plants. Helps that it's only like 9 of them to :)
Well, there are going to be a few new ones added from the tomato clippings and a new tomato plant I got last night from Home Depot lol, but still a nice manageable number :D

Bought a lot of junk food for the trip lol. Spent a good chunk of change but we're essentially buying for 2 weeks. Just lots of chips and some candy.
Really hoping this is gonna be fun. Looking forward to driving through mountains and seeing the rocky mountains for the first time :)
Still a mixture of excited and dread rofl.

Ok... time to stop screwing around and get some of this cleaning done... which includes myself.
Sweated yesterday b/c the weather warmed up. Not to the point of hot or anything but my body didn't know the difference and I was miserable! lol Had to finally just say screw it and turn the AC back on.
Sigh.... it was nice while it lasted, but looks like the true hot weather will be incoming later this week.
Anyway.. the BO is trying to creep up on me so time to go take a shower!

Friday, May 20, 2016

2 posts?

Why yes.. yes there are 2 posts today b/c why the heck not :D

So I took a shower once Oren was down for a nap and after I inhaled almost an entire box of mac & cheese.
Grab one of my new shirts I bought from walmart.com.
It's a nice shirt, but I'm gonna have to buy a white tank top to wear under it. It's WAY too sheer. That wouldn't be a problem IF the shirt had been intended to be something to wear over, but no.. it's just a shirt.
Sigh... WHY.... WHY is this problem so damn common with women's clothing??
Women get hot too.. meaning we don't want to NEED to wear multiple layers just so we're not showing off our bras!
And it's very possible to make a light weight shirt that isn't see through. I and DH have a lot of great MEN's t-shirts that are comfy and oh look.... not sheer at all!

Anyway... I told DH that we're gonna have to go to Kohls so I can pick up a couple more bras. I doubt they have cheaper than Walmart tanks but I'll look while there.

I really need more pants. No way I have enough to last 2 weeks, but I'm really hoping we come across at least one hotel w/ a laundry mat.

Definitely in that phase of needing to pee ALL the time.
I am still carrying high, but lower too.
Had to reflux yesterday after eating dinner and whenever I get up, I always have the urge to go pee. Always....
I'm feeling good though. Kinda same old same old really.

Oh and even though I did eat all of that mac & cheese.. my number was 130. Slightly higher than it should be but still.. that's not too bad for one meal out of many :)
And man was that mac and cheese good /drool

Wanted to post something else, but.... I forgotted.....

Wow, so soon??

First.. this keyboard is pissing me off. Just... annoying as hell trying to type anything out with this thing and it not screwing up.

But anyway!

DH really has a fire under his butt to work on the room. He put up more drywall yesterday and FiL came over and helped him put in the closet door :)
There really isn't a whole lot to do, it's just him finding the time to do it.
Really proud of him though and what he's done so far :)

Now I need to get that same fire and come up with some designs. First need to figure out where the furniture is going to go and then take it from there.

Zoe's workbooks came in yesterday and BOY was she excited to try them out. We did letters up until K and she did so well. She gets a bit impatient w/ the rounded letters like D, C, so kind of rushes doing those, but overall, I think she traced really well :D Just going to keep working with her on it all.

It would be nice if she could write by the time she went in to kindergarten.
Just sort of difficult to concentrate when you have a little 1yo grabbing on to the table and banging it b/c he wants to participate too lol. Crazy munchkin.

DH has to work next weekend, and then that Monday... we're off on our trip. Holy crap... I mean.. It did and didn't sneak up on me. I dunno.. just for some reason I was thinking it was further off than it was.
We'll be buying more snacks and whatnot on Weds for the trip.
So excited but still also dreading it too lol.

I know Zoe will be fine... just more worried about Oren. Oh well.. we'll deal with whatever when it happens. FX everything goes well though lol.

I do need to clean before we go. I know there are going to be some doggy accidents. With them only being checked on twice a day (hopefully), there are bound to be messes.
Not going to bother shampooing the carpets. No point in getting them THAT clean when they're just gonna be peed and pooped all over.
Just need to pick up toys, trash, and vacuum. Clean up the clutter.
I'll worry about that next weekend though. No point in trying to do it now. Well.. obviously I still need to clean... just not clean up as well :P lol

Alright... Oren needs a nap and I need some mac & cheese. Screw diabetes damnit! I'm hungry and that cheap box of processed goodness is calling to me.
My sugars have been really good lately. Even my morning ones have been in really good range. So yeah.... bring it carbs! BRING IT!!!!... in to my mouth hole!!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Feeling lucky

Yikes man...
So DH has been taking Zoe to a church kids thing on Wednesdays and yesterday was their little graduation thing.
So of course I went and it was so cute and fun watching all the kids go up on stage to get their award.
Zoe was called first and she was just so cute... She's not really shy, but you can tell that she had no idea what was going on lol.

Anywho... DH pointed out another pregnant woman there and that something was wrong with her baby. :( He said they're not sure what exactly is wrong, but that they just know something is.

THEN at the end.. the church was honoring one of their volunteers who was going to have to stop the next year.

And on the way home, DH tells me that he is the husband of a woman that died the year before after finishing a marathon. It was all over the news here when it happened. I think she had just finished a 5k and then basically dropped dead. I THINK it was from an undiagnosed heart condition. They had 3 or 4 kids.

Just... damn. I mean.. I was happy to go to the event but geeze.. talk about depressing too :( Just made me feel so lucky to have the current life that I have. If my biggest problem is not getting enough sleep... I'll take it.

And baby has in fact dropped a little. I actually stopped and examined my bump and it's definitely not as high. It is still high, just not as much. Probably explains why I've been feeling a lot of pain and pressure in my booty and lower back.

Woke up last night at around 12:30 b/c my stomach was upset and my body felt the need to flush itself out. Went to grab my phone since I was fully awake by then and well.. I wanted something to do while I sat on the toilet lol.
Saw a stranger cat on our front porch :\
I'm sure it was just looking for some critters to munch on... or at least, that better be the only thing it was trying to do and not marking anything.
Thought to myself that maybe this was why our cat started going outside the litterbox, but no. Our cat was oblivious to this other one. Our cat is just an asshole.

Another Oren meltdown b/c he couldn't continue gnawing on the cat spray bottle.... sigh. Child... you need to get over it.
He also showed some attitude yesterday when I told him not to chew on one of Zoe's hot wheel cars. He looked at me, then tossed the car on the floor, then looked at me and said "No"... and then refused to play with it. Sigh...........

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pictures! But not good ones....

Yep.. pics of my plants! Muahahahahahaha lol

My container garden plants YAY! :D

Just so happy with how everything is turning out. Pretty sure I've been overwatering some of the tomato plants though. The leaves are starting to curl which is an indication of that. Oops.
But overall, I think all of the plants are coming along well and really looking forward to getting some fresh produce!

Next year, if the backyard still isn't done, I think I'll container garden again. We're saving all of the kitty litter 5g containers. Just need to drill holes in them and they'll make great planters and I can plant a bunch more :)

It's the minivan! YAY! lol Yeah...... looks like a minivan..... :P

And the baby's room so far. Helped DH put up one of the dry wall last night after the kids went to bed actually so it's a little more complete lol. DH put up a sheet in the spot where the door is going in hopes of discouraging the cat from jumping in there. No idea if it worked.
There's still no piss in his litterbox since it was cleaned so he's definitely been going somewhere. It's been cloudy so can't really see if there are new pee spots. Sigh...
Seriously going to start putting his ass outside or in to the crate and putting the crate in the garage at night. Tired of this shit... just tired of it.

Anyway... as soon as the room is completely closed off (hoping for this weekend), the carpet is getting cleaned at least 2 more times. Just want to make sure any lingering pee is cleaned up as good as I can get it.
Oh and the things on the carpet are just fuzz/hairballs from the carpet cleaner gathering up all the loose stuff. Probably should have vacuumed beforehand. Oops lol

I dunno if it's hormones making me hate him more right now, but I swear... if BiL shares one more damn link for his fap material.. I'm gonna call him out on that shit.
I dunno who the hell he's sharing the links for other than himself. He's done it before, but I just rolled my eyes and keep scrolling.
Yesterday.. it was a link for hot moms in nylon stockings. Seriously dude.... just fucking STOP already. No one needs to know what gets your rocks off.
Just UGH! The more that I actually pay attention to this shit, the more disgusted I am by his nasty ass.
Screw it, I'm just going to unfollow him. Just so sick of seeing anything he shares or posts and tired of it pissing me off. Better to just ignore it.

I'm definitely obsessed with finding the decals. Actually had a dream about it the other night. Dreamt that I found them in some obscure spot in the house that I kept overlooking. Started waking up and getting excited, but then I fully woke and realized that that place in the house doesn't exist lol.
The search is still on though!

And I think I'm gonna try cleaning our bedroom carpet. It REALLY needs a good vacuuming and cleaning. It's pretty funny... there's a big clean spot where I cleaned up the poop, while the rest of the carpet is all gross and dingy still :P

Just need a little more caffeine in me first.

I've actually been sleeping pretty well for the most part for the last week. I mean there have been a couple of nights where it's the same old crap, but the majority of the time, I've been able to get back to sleep quick. BUT I'm waking up more tired now for some reason. WTH?

OH! AND I realized last night that I haven't had any reflux problems at night for a little while now. From what I can tell.. everything is still pushed pretty far up, so I'm not sure why the reflux has stopped. I still get some reflux during the day still so it's not completely gone. /shrugs
No complaining here.

Oren and Zoe are SO damn cute together!!! Think I have photos of them on my phone. Will need to get those off and post them. But MAN are they adorable! Yesterday, Oren kept wanting to hug and lean on Zoe and then Zoe just loves playing with her brother. A little bit too rough sometimes and she doesn't know when to stop when he starts getting upset, but overall, they just love playing and loving on eachother so much.
I just really hope this new LO is just as loved by them both.
Not really worried about Zoe. She always kisses my belly and I get her to talk to her 'sister' when she does it. I'm more worried about Oren since he's so attached to me right now. Hoping that since he's used to being around Zoe and his cousins that once this LO is old enough to participate in play that he'll love him/her just as much :)