Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yeah, definitely dehydration

Our drinking water is in 2 5 gallon jugs that we have to pump water out of in to pitchers (just to make it easier access).
Didn't feel like filling up the pitcher last night so went to bed w/ no water.
Woke up all night long w/ a headache and feeling really bleh today I think b/c of it.

Just.... bleh.

Anywho... baby bump is right below belly button. It's def moved up and I'm hoping that in another week or sooner it will be at my belly button :D I didn't doppler yesterday (will a little later)... and having baby up a bit more would make it so much easier to find the LO.

Is it Friday yet? :P


Ugh... DH told me on Monday that his mom is taking Zoe this weekend... AND that his aunt wants her too so Z will be gone all weekend :(
I mean... the break will be nice, but ya know.... asking me instead of TELLING me would've been nice :\
I just don't like her being gone that long since she doesn't sleep well when she is gone.
Plus she's going to be spending the night on Tuesday too b/c we have a concert.
Sigh... Oh well. I'll get over it and Zoe will love hanging out with her granny and aunt.

We'll be going to the fair on Wednesday. Pretty sure we'll be taking MiL and niece with us too. Not crazy about that idea, but it will be fun. May need to bring the stroller along though b/c Zoe's going to be tired and probably won't feel like doing a lot of walking heh.
PLUS we're going out on Thursday to apple picking :D Dh wants to mention it to MiL to see if maybe SiL can take her daughter to work with her (like she's done before), but I dunno... that's up to DH.
Just happy to have DH off of work and doing lots of stuff with our little family :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Ok, so I am a LITTLE dehydrated, but with the way I've been feeling these last couple of days, it's like I haven't had more than a sip of water here and there all day. Phlegmy throat, just an overall awful feeling of dehydration even though I'm drinking. Maybe not enough, but enough to where I shouldn't be feeling this. BLAH!
Other than that I've been feeling ok though... *shrugs*
Guess I'll just have to chug a lot of water today and see if that helps get rid of this blah.

This week is going by pretty fast. Before I knew it yesterday, it was time to go to bed lol. Helps to waste your free time watching Project Runway on hulu LOL.

I really wish I could get video of Zoe doing her head tilt when she asks something. It's SO stinkin cute and she knows it.... mostly b/c I always squee and tell her how cute she is after she does it ROFL.

UGH! Going to have to shampoo the carpet today. Came out of the bedroom this morning and all I smelled was piss from the living room. BLEH!
Not cat piss either.... which I have been getting a whiff of from our sunroom now.
These animals man... our house doesn't look like a pigsty, but it certainly smells like one.
Will have to do it when Zoe gets up from her nap that she doesn't want to take lol.

Feels like I'm forgetting something but oh well... I'll think of it later... maybe :D

Monday, September 29, 2014

Such a drama queen

Man, Zoe is cute as hell but EVERYTHING is a travesty to her ROFL.
I know that's probably just how most, if not all, toddlers are. It's just a bit overwhelming sometimes to have this little person that freaks the F out over everything. Ok so she's not THAT bad but she breaks in to tears at just some ridiculous things :P
For example, I have some of those fuzzy colored pipe cleaners. She had one so I made it in to a heart shape. Well she bends it out of shape even a little... cue the meltdown.

She is a trip though. When she asks for food... I'm not sure what she is saying or what she thinks she's saying. But it sounds like eyes, rice, or something kinda rhymey with that lol. Obviously figured it out what she was wanting but still not really sure why she says it when she's hungry b/c she knows the word Food.

Also when she asks a question, she cocks her head to one side. It's SO stinking cute!

I really need to sit down and play/teach with her more though. I've been slacking a bit in that area of mommyhood. Bad me.
She is in little sponge mode right now and is picking up words and everything so quickly now. She needs me to be there to help her learn.

Pregnancy so far has been ok. Sciatica pain hasn't been too bad. Still get woken up by the pain, but it's been staying pretty mild.
Still having trouble sleeping. Just can not stay in a comfortable position and it's difficult finding that position.
I passed out last night though thank goodness. Slept great for the first half of the night but at around 3 or 4, I woke up and couldn't get back in to that deep sleep.

Having some diarrhea issues once again. I think it's just what I've been eating though. Lots of spicy food which does not sit well in my stomach. I can't help it though, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE spicy and crave it.

Cravings.... coffee. I had a cup o some instant decaff yesterday and it was awesome :D Let Zoe taste it and she loved it too lol. I only had some Dunkin Donuts sweetened creamer in it. It's barely sweet but was sweet enough that I didn't have to add any sugar or anything.
Gave Zoe the last teaspoon worth of it and she really enjoyed it. DH was kind of mad at me, but it's decaff... I don't see a problem with it. It was coffee, not a beer. lol

I am still shocked at how rounded my top belly is. I am still sporting the oh so lovely B belly, but all of my shirts make it look like I have a nice rounded preggo one so I'm cool with that hehe.
Just... dang... baby isn't even at my belly button yet.
I tried looking for the HB yesterday and couldn't find it. Bleh. May try again in just a few minutes.

And yeah... I think that's all for now. Next appointment is this Friday and I can't wait.
Thankfully these past few weeks haven't been dragging that much. I think the ones leading up to the anatomy scan will though. lol Can't wait to find out what we're having and hope baby is healthy in there :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Change of plan

I think if this LO is a boy, I want to do a super hero theme. Gotta stick to the nerdy nursery themes :P hehe
May do it for a girl too or just go with the original idea of panda.

But, I wouldn't want to do just the hero emblems. Maybe on the wall the crib would be on, do like a simple city scape and have the bat signal in the clouds or something *shrugs*
I'll look online for some inspiration.

Discussed names with DH again. He still has no ideas for girl names. He says he has to look through a book again for ideas lol. I told him I still like his suggestion of Penelope. Not sure if he's sold on the name but the more I think about it, the more I just fall in love with it.
It's such a pretty name that you don't hear often and of course has a super cute nickname.
We'll see once we find out what we're having. I'm sure once we get closer to that date he'll start looking more.

Bishop is still a go for a boy. No ideas for a middle name just yet.

Definitely think my doctor is going to tell me to stop metformin my next appointment. I'm fine with that, but it means I'm not going to be able to eat the junk I've been inhaling lol. That's probably a good thing but I know the weight is going to start piling on if I don't start up with a strict diet again. It's going to be hard, but just have to keep reminding myself that I'm not eating for just myself right now.

Bought our Halloween costumes today. Or well, bought the rest of DH's and Zoe's and found something for me online :D
DH is Batman, Zoe is Batgirl (although not pink or purple.. may glitter up her mask though), and I finally found a caped Robin shirt w/ a mask for myself :D Oh and I bought myself some Robin socks (with capes heh) to wear too.
Bought the shirt in XL lol. I wear large in mens usually, but not sure how big I'll be by then and I'd rather the shirt be too big rather than too small.
I would love to do this every year. Have our costumes match eachother (in theme) At least until Zoe starts picking out her own costume. So fun!!


Well last night wasn't fun.
Woke up multiple times with a terrible stomach ache. We went to this lodge thing for the inlaws. It was pancakes and these spongy sausages. Not what we were hoping for but meh. Afterwards we went to Wendys. I got a crispy chicken sandwich, and we split a 6 piece nuggets.
I think it was the sandwich or maybe just all of it that contributed to the upset stomach.
Just sucked though. I couldn't get back to sleep b/c laying on either side made it worse, and laying on my back kept making my ass and legs hurt, which usually doesn't happen but my body was extra bitchy last night.
Feeling fine now though thankfully. Bloated but ok.

Yep, at the dinner last night... just proved my point w/ my niece. The entire time she was running around like crazy and not listening to anyone. It would be 10x worse at an apple orchard. I want MiL to go, but ONLY her which isn't going to happen. Oh well.
Guess it will be a nice family trip with just the 3 of us.

Friday, September 26, 2014


Ok so... I'm having a weird 'craving'.
Ever since DH bought some beer, I've had this really really strong craving to smell it. Just stick my nose in the bottle top and inhale deeply o_O
I absolutely LOATHE beer and do NOT want to drink it... just to be clear... I just want to smell it.
How weird is that?
DH isn't really a beer drinker either. He only bought some b/c it was limited time pumpkin something or other. There are 4 left and I just wish he would drink them already so I'd stop seeing them every time I open the fridge.

Feeling creative so I'm gonna try my hand at making a giant crochet bear.
First one is going to be a big pink one for Zoe and if it turns out well, will make another (panda) for the new LO :)
Can't wait to find out what we're having so I can start making more stuff w/ the appropriate colors :D

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Quick story

So we bought Zoe these foam letters and numbers to play with. She LOVES them and seems to be learning her alphabet really well.
DH and I were eating dinner and watching tv while Zoe played with her letters. She brought over one and said "Z" and yep, it was the Z. So I praise her, tell her good job etc.
She does this a couple more times with different letters and gets it right each time. WOOT! Go Zoe! :D
Well by pure coincidence, she puts down an O w/ a couple of others and I swear it spelled Z-O-E
The E was a 6 or a 9 but it was turned so it looked similar to a lower case E.
Like I said, pure coincidence but I thought it was just the coolest thing hehe and Zoe sure got a kick out of DH and I going a bit too crazy over it :P hehe
Wish I had taken a photo of it now but oh well.