Thursday, March 15, 2018

At it again

Ok, so Ezra did finally go to sleep last night after crying for over an hour. Felt SO bad and wanted to go in there to comfort him, but this had to be done.
Thankfully he just went down for a nap with no problem. THANK GOODNESS.
My sanity and blood pressure couldn't have handled another day of screaming/crying kids.

IN other news... we started back with healthy eating this week. Ya know... I'm cool. I'm still getting over that want/urge to have something sweet after dinner, but overall, I'm good. It sucks not having a variety of snacks I can pick from, but I know the snacky stage will pass soon too.
My weight has gotten to around 225 give or take, but I feel the fattest I've ever been. Like all this weight gained has gone right to my stomach, arms and double chin.  I have the body of a very unhealthy 70yo woman right now and I am not happy about it.
Only have myself to blame though. I should've stuck with it when we started back up again before, but I let holiday stuff get me off track. I made excuses and then didn't bother getting back to better eating again.
My downfall is that... I just love junk food. I love the food that isn't good for me. I love the food that makes me gain weight like no ones business. And I LOOOOOOOOVE to eat it! Oh and I'm lazy as shit too. SO.... LAZY.... and I enjoy being lazy. I enjoy not getting up and doing. I enjoy lounging around. I don't have the spare energy to exercise or go out for a walk b/c pfft.. NOPE... that's why.
I should do it though. I know the kids would enjoy walking around the neighborhood.
So off on this weight loss journey I go again. I still have that feeling of this being different some how. Like.... I mean... I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I've kind of accepted myself. I'm not happy with my weight, but I'm good overall. Does that make sense?
I'm also not obsessing over my weight. At least not right now. I've weighed myself maybe 3 times in the last month.... and before, I would've completely stripped off my clothes and weighed myself lol, but now.... pfft. Aint no one got time for that lol. Helps that I have kids to distract me, but I just haven't had the urge to weigh myself like I have before.

Anyway..... as it was before.... plan is to eat low carb. Friday dinner will be a cheat and yep... we'll take it from there. I think right now we need to be strict other than Friday dinner.
Get back in to it and then once we're used to it again and are losing weight, maybe introduce one carby meal every other week. Like something with fries, rice, noodles/pasta whatever.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Someone send margaritas!!

GD daylight saving time!!!
Ezra has been screaming his head off at bedtime since DLST b/c we're trying to keep their normal bedtimes at the new time and it's just not working b/c it's still fucking daylight outside when it was getting dark.
This sucks.
Plus today... he decided he wants to scream and carry on instead of nap, so yeah.. he's extra fussy and this SUCKS.
I want to go comfort him, but I know it's only going to prolong this hell.

Zoe also hasn't been wanting to go to bed at her usual time obviously. So she's SUPER frickin whiny in the morning when it's time to get up for school.
I don't want to get up either baby girl... me either. BOOO DLST.
Frickin politicians need to pick a fucking time and STICK WITH IT. Stop this spring forward and fall back bullshit. 99% of the population hates it!!!

Please Ezra.... go ... to.... SLEEP.


Oren and Ezra are both on a destructive streak right now too. Both of them are wanting to mess with my fish tank and that's not cool. No the fish does not want to try scrambled eggs, or a catalog, or crayons, or stuffing from the dog toy. Please stop.
And whenever Oren is done eating, he starts playing with his food which means if it's something soupy, he pours it out and splashes in it, or if it's not, he pours it out and smooshes it.

Thankfully other than the whiny bit in the morning, Zoe has been ok.

This momma is exhausted, has no patience left, done with it. I just want it to be the weekend so we can all sleep in and DH can be here to help. I don't wanna sound like a lush, but damn... a good mixed drink would be nice right now.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Disney trip... the good and the bad

So we got back from our Disney trip Thursday afternoon. Took the weekend to just unwind from it all b/c boy was it a very tiring and hectic trip.

We left Saturday early morning. Around 2am.
Foggy and we saw deer grazing on the side of the roads so it made it a bit scary at times. Nothing like the threat of a deer running out in front of you to keep you awake lol.

I can't remember exactly what time we got to the Disney resort we were staying in. It was the Disney All Stars Movie resort. The outside was nice enough. Had giant decorations. Our section had the army men from Toy story on the building and in the middle of them giant Woody and Buzz Lightyear.
That was pretty cool.

We got to the resort early though. Before everyone else even though they had all left earlier than us. And our room wasn't going to be done until 3pm at least AND other than Zoe's ticket... the rest of our tickets were bought by SiL (for her military discount) so we had to wait for her to get in to any of the parks... so yeah.. we were stuck in the lobby waiting on everyone.
SiL eventually shows up at around 10 or so..... aaaaand we're stuck waiting again.
We wasted half the day just sitting around the frickin hotel lobby b/c apparently FiL and MiL can't follow directions to save their lives and ended up getting lost.
It was SO GD frustrating b/c DH and I had wanted to get to the parks early to ride all of the busy rides... but nope.
We ended up buying Zoe and Oren some hats in the store while we waited.

We eventually got to Magic Kingdom and holy shit were they busy.
We had to once again stand in line for some reason b/c of the tickets. That was another hour of wasted time.
When we FINALLY got in to the park.... we took the kids to ride on the carousel and walked around. I think we had fast passes for something else, but I can't remember what. Maybe some toy story ride? We had wasted so much of the day on bullshit that we were all just defeated and wanted to go back to the hotel.
Oh and if you want to go to Disney.. make sure to add name tags ALL over your stroller. Twice... TWICE our stroller was almost stolen.
One was from a woman that said that it looked just like her stroller. DH caught her plopping her drink cups right in to it and trying to walk off.
The next time.. we were coming off of some ride (can't remember which one) and once again... caught some guy pulling our stroller along with another one. When DH went and grabbed it out of his hands, the guy made a BIG show about how it looked just like his stroller (oh look.. the same excuse!).... nevermind that our kids sippy cups were in the cup holders and there was no other stroller in that area that looked like ours. But the guy made a BIG show to everyone around the area about how he thought it was his stroller and oh Ha ha... bullshit.
SO yeah..... put your name on EVERYTHING if you have to have a stroller in the park. You have to park your stroller in designated areas if you want to go on rides with your kids.
Also, if you have kids that are too small to ride, you can get a fast pass for the adult that has to wait their turn. That way when the other parent or whoever finishes their ride, the other adult can just use the fast pass to get on quicker and I think most of those are good for 3 people too.

Anyway... we left Magic Kingdom too early that first day b/c we were beat. Hotel room was finally done and... boy was it small. We got one with 2 beds and it was supposed to have a pack n play for Ezra, but that was forgotten.
The AC sucked too and only went to 68 and barely cooled the room when it got hot out. Also.. the rooms desperately needed updating. No outlets in convenient places to plug up chargers. The least they could've done was put in a newer alarm clock that has plugins on it or something.
B/c of that, we had to pull the nightstand out a little to plug up my charger... which either got stolen by the cleaner or was thrown away on purpose. The front desk tried to claim that it was probably an accident, but I had my charger plugged up in that spot for multiple days and it wasn't touched, but on the last day we were there... it was suddenly accidentally thrown away? Uh huh.. bullshit. Also whoever cleaned our room did a shitty job that day too b/c there were still crumbs (kids had chicken strips and got the breading on the floor) all over the damn floor.
Oh and also... since we were staying at a Disney resort.. we got to use their buses to go to the parks. THat was nice. Saved us from needing to drive the entire time we were there.

And yeah.. we went to Hollywood studios the next day. Not as busy, but also, not as much to do there. SiL (the younger one) was being a complete bitch. For some reason, she and her stupid husband didn't realize they had to get their tickets from whoever had them. They didn't realize this until they were on the bus to the park. SiL starts bitching out her husband on a bus full of other people. I didn't hear all of it, but heard this gem "I don't like you... no.. I HATE you right now." Yeah.. that bitch said that shit to her husband on a bus full of people b/c she's a giant fucking drama queen.
Then when we got off the bus, she bitches him out some more and stomps off.
We then hear a screech and oh yep... that was SiL and her dumbass.
DH and I weren't having any of it and left all that shit and took our kids in to the park b/c ya know what...fuck her and their dumbasses. Trip wasn't about them and we weren't going to wait around for them to get their shit together.
Oh no no... we road the toy story thing at this park. It was the ride everyone was going for.
Much better day other than the stupid SiL drama.

And blahblah... we did all the parks and had a good time for the most part. It was HOT though. Too hot and Ezra had quite a few SCREAMING fits b/c he was hot and tired and ugh, those sucked.

One thing though. A lot of the rides were too damn short. You stand in line for over an hour sometimes and the ride is like literally not even 2min long. There was some little rollar coaster that I rode with Zoe and it was seriously like only a minute long. And the dumbo/magic carpet/spaceships are all SUPER short too. Just not worth the wait other than to say you've gone on them.
Also, a lot of the rides I thought were too dim. Haunted Mansion, erm... some other ones I can't remember. Really really dim. You couldn't even make out what the hell you were supposed to be looking at most of the time.
And in Magic Kingdom... don't waste your time waiting in line for that test track ride. The one with the little go karts basically. If you have a 7+ yo... they might think it's worth it, but if you have to end up steering... it's just driving... that's it. There's nothing special about it and it's just not worth waiting to ride IMO.

Anyway... here are some more photos while I think of other shit to say...

 Just yeah.... I mean.. I'm glad we went, but it was SO damn busy at every place we went that it made it borderline unfun. Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom were the worst when it came to crowds and obviously times to ride everything. The main ride in Animal Kingdom is some Avatar Banshee simulator thing. We got there when it opened and the wait to ride it was still about an hour and a half. It was a cool "ride", but I wouldn't do it again if I had to stand in that line again. I'd definitely try to get a fast pass for it whenever we go again.
the wait time for everything interesting was ridiculous. The prices were even worse. We knew things were going to be expensive... but holy shit. See the Minnie Mouse ears Zoe is wearing? $25. Frickin $25!!!
And I really wish Zoe had gotten to meet Darth Vader. They had a little show with him and Kylo and there were kids participating. We didn't learn that you had to sign the kids up at the front of the park until later. Wish we had known that sooner.

Yadda yadda.... We would like to eventually go back.... YEARS down the road when all of the kids are big enough to ride everything and when they open up that luxury Star Wars hotel experience thing.

Oh but good thing if you want to try to save some money... you can bring your own drinks and food in to the parks. We brought in water and the kids sippy cups and bags of chips and whatnot for snacks. All of that usually got eaten up by noon though so we'd still end up having to buy drinks and food lol.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Assholes... assholes everywhere!

So.. as I'm sure we've all heard... there was another mass shooting at a school.
RIP to all of the innocent victims.
IMO that young kid (young man.. young crazy douchebag psycho.. whatever you want to call him) shouldn't have been able to buy that gun. With all of the trouble he was getting in to and how young he was. Why was he allowed to buy such a strong weapon or hell any gun for that matter?
And also.. where the fuck did he get the money to buy it to begin with? Did he have a job? If my child was getting in to that kind of trouble, the hell if I'd be giving them money for anything. That gun is not fucking cheap and neither are bullets.
With that being said though.. folks want to talk about how people with mental issues shouldn't be able to purchase a gun. Ok.... but regular folks can snap. What would people suggest? Everyone that owns a gun or wants to own one has to go see a therapist and get a written note from them or some shit?
Other than taking all guns away (b/c that shit is never going to happen)... what do people suggest happen? Background checks already happen.What else should be included with background checks? Make guns more expensive so kids can't buy them? Again.. how the hell could he even afford it?
Just... what??

And FUCK people that have a problem with folks saying "Thoughts and Prayers." Since when is that fucking bad to say? FUCK YOU if you have a problem with people saying it.
"Oh you can keep your thoughts and prayers to yourself. How about actually DOING something!" Oh.. like you're doing? Oh wait no.. you're not fucking doing anything except for bitching and moaning. Or you'll get the asshole atheist with comments like "You can keep your pretend stuff to yourself." or whatever the hell they say. Again.. FUCK OFF ASSHOLE. WTF are you doing other than bitching??? Are you coming up with an actual solution?? No? Then keep your asshole opinions to your asshole self!!!
Like the total shitheads who were saying things like "Look how well thoughts and prayers worked." when people in churches were killed.
Really?? REALLY??? I'm not a fan of church either, but maybe.. just maybe you can stop being a fucking asshole for 2 damn seconds and NOT post shit like that when people are killed??

Just uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. Events like this can bring out the best in people, but gawd damn it brings out the assholes too. So. Many. Assholes!!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

So annoying (venting my frustrations)

Anyone else have annoying ass FB friends that are part of pyramid schemes? There's one woman that's part of one of the mom groups I'm in and she keeps trying to promote some weight loss thing. Like.. no... no one has $400 frickin dollars a month to buy your shit.
What was really annoying before was when her other friends would ask her what she was doing and she'd post "I'll message you." No heifer. Just be honest and tell them you're trying to sell them shit. That you bought in to this scheme and are trying to make money.
I'd be a lot more inclined  to even  think about it if these folks were just honest about it.

And that one 'friend' posts at least once a week about Chester Bennington (Linkin Park singer that killed himself). I have yet to see her post a photo of her and her supposed BFF that she keeps going on and on about. And every single one of those posts.. no one ever likes or comments about it which makes me think her RL friends knows it's a bunch of crazy ass bullshit.
And before anyone is like "Ugh.. you're just jealous." LOL.. no. If she did actually know him.. oh that's cool. But no... this woman was not BFFs with him. Just no.

Also part of a pretty big aquarium hobby group. I enjoy it and like chatting about it with other folks or getting info etc. But UUUUUGH, there are so many assholes in the group. SO MANY. Like damn... can we just not be total twats for one fucking minute here? Can you tone down the asshole for one freaking second?? There are people in that group that literally go in and post gifs that have absolutely nothing to do with what the original post was about. They just go in to spam their random gif... and that's it.
And the pretentious know-it-all assholes that have nothing better to do than to rag on people's tanks b/c it has colored gravel or some shit they see as inferior. Just UGH.. SHUT UP.

Also assholes in comment sections that have to make every GD post political.
This comes from both sides too. Both sides are fucking terrible at this shit and it's so fucking ANNOYING. No one wants to read about some heartwarming or cute thing and then see your dumbass come in with what you think is a witty remark about politics. SHUT IT!!! Save that shit for your friends who I'm sure are tired of your stupid shit too!


Ok.. just had to get some of that off my chest. Kids have been really REALLY annoying the last 2 days and I just needed to vent about something.

Friday, February 9, 2018

So.. what's up?

Just kind of trying not to lose my shit constantly here.
Good lordy. Kids drive you up the frickin wall sometimes. And how is whining a thing?? WHY does that even fucking start??
Holy shit.. I never knew something could be as annoying as whining. That is about 90% of what comes out of Zoe's mouth and I just want to rip my damn hair out every time.
I will make them ask/tell me whatever they just said, but without whining b/c I just can't and do not want to encourage them to keep it up. Holy hell, I hope this phase passes quick.. even though I'm sure it won't.

Oren's little hissy fits are soul draining too. I shouldn't call them little. Everything triggers him to cry. I don't get it b/c it's not like we encouraged him by giving him attention when he does it. He's just sensitive I guess. He needs to get over it though.
He's lucky he's cute... ;P lol
Can't believe he's gonna be 3 in a month! Holy moly where has the time gone. On one hand it seems like it's gone by so fast and then on the other... seems like he's always been here... if that makes any sense.

Zoe is doing well.... except for the whining. Homework tests my patience though..... and boy does it fail. This is why I'm not a teacher b/c just nope. NOPE.
Getting annoyed with her school. I mean.. there's really nothing wrong with it. It's a good school and doesn't have a lot of kids which is great. I just don't like the "healthy" thing they have going lol.
I was just hoping they'd have more little parties where they could exchange candies or a parent could bring cupcakes or something, but nope.... healthy snacks only! And even for Valentine's day (which I think they're calling Friendship day)... no valentines with candy can be given out :\
Lol.... like I said... it's really not a big deal and I really shouldn't complain.
But here's another complaint anyway.
They got visited by firemen yesterday  and they all got little plastic firemen hats. Except Zoe came out and didn't have one on. I figured she just had it in her backpack, but nope. Her teacher took hers away b/c she was playing with it... as I'm sure they probably all were. I don't think the teacher is targeting Zoe or anything like that... just annoyed that she didn't get her gift back at the end of school.

Ezra is also doing great. He is definitely a handful. He talks a lot more than the other 2 did at this age. He also has thicker hair than the other 2 do.
It's so funny. My kids got whiter, lighter hair, lighter eye color and also got thicker hair with each one.
His eyes are so pretty still. No idea if they'll change more, but right now they're still the same as they have been. A darkish brown in the middle with blue/gray on the outside.
Told DH that if we had had one more... maybe that one would've been a little blue eyed baby lol.

I do have moments of regret about not having more, but they're only moments :) I'll have to wait however many years for some grandbabies to love all over and then hand them back to my tired children.. and laugh and laugh while I get to sleep in and do whatever the hell I want. MUAHAHAHAHAHA lol

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Boo nature!

So school was cancelled yesterday b/c we were getting snow. It snowed for all of 30 minutes and none of it stuck :\
How is it that states south of us have gotten snow twice now that has stuck, but we got a frickin flurry of it that if you blinked.. you missed it??

Nothing too much going on here. Just being a mean mommy and ruining my children's childhood by making them clean up after themselves and do their homework. :\
I am NOT a teacher for a reason. I have zero patience with Zoe when we do her homework. She starts getting frustrated and not paying attention which makes me frustrated and angry. Not a good combination.
I need to try better to not snap at her though when she's obviously not paying attention. Don't want to give her anxiety or anything. Just want her to do her best.

And the house is a giant GD mess. Toys everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I'm so over it but there is no point in cleaning b/c it will all be back on the floor an hour later. I get the kids to clean after asking, asking, then yelling at them. I really hate yelling but I swear.. my kids don't think I'm serious unless I am yelling.
Like... WTH little people. Just b/c I'm not angry and yelling at your doesn't mean you get to ignore what I'm saying. Geezus.

This mommy needs a margarita.

School was delayed for 2 hours this morning too for potential icy road conditions. Great bc I got to sleep in for all of 10 more minutes than usual..... -_-

I can't wait until the other 2 are old enough to enjoy sleeping in too. I'll struggle getting them awake for school which is a hell on in its own, but being able to actually sleep in and have children that want to as well will be heaven. HEAVEN I say!!

What else.....
Was playing mahjong on my phone. It gets ads that pop up every once in a while for other games. Not a big deal.
A solitaire game popped up with a sexy chick looking lustily at me. Like.... what? What the hell is so sexy about solitaire? It's literally a game you play by yourself. lol

DH's grandpa is back in the hospital.
The nursing home he was rehabbing in was shit and he ended up catchign pneumonia again. Thankfully he's better this time around, but still. Would be nice if he'd just getting better and out of the hospital already.

Another random... have a doll with horribly tangled hair? Boiling hot water. Dip the hair for about 10 or so seconds a few times and gently brush the hair. At least that is what worked for me on Zoe's dolls.
We bought her a Rapunzel doll that has extremely long hair that got super tangled like the day after CHristmas. I looked up some techniques to get it untangled and did one that uses fabric softener.
The fabric softener made the hair softer, but it did not detangle. I finally dipped the hair in to boiling hot water and the hair finally loosened up.
Just did that method with another Rapunzel doll she has and the tangles came right out with brushing.

We have not really started dieting just yet. It's gonna happen, but when? I dunno.
We (mostly DH) cleaned out the exercise room so that's good for whenever we decide to exercise.
Not sure when I'm gonna start though. Ugh.... with my energy level... all I think about is sleeping. My bed is calling to me all day long.

Gotta get ready to pick Zoe up. Here are a couple of photos :D
 Got a new phone.. I call it a google phone b/c I guess they made it? /shrugs and all the photos I take get stored on google so should be easier to post stuff now :D

Taken yesterday. Kids dressing up and enjoying the little bit of snow that we got.