Thursday, July 28, 2016

Well that's not gonna happen

I WAS feeling pretty good. And sitting here now, I feel fine.
But I went through Zoe's toys earlier. Just sat on the floor digging through her bins and taking out the toys she's not playing with and picking up the toys I could reach.
That was it. Nothing strenuous at all.....
You would've thought I had run a marathon with the way I was aching when I got up. Good lord....
No way in hell I'm gonna be able to clean the carpets like I want. Still going to vacuum, but that will be it.
Sigh.. this sucks.

FINALLY getting that nesting thing going and I can't frickin do what I want :\

Oh well.... I can at least try to look up some freezer meals to make.
I know I want to do a chicken pot pie. The one I made a while ago was SO frickin delicious and I think that would keep and heat up well.
Pasta something would obviously be a good idea. Maybe make a homemade hamburger helper type of dish. That sounds good.
Other than that though.. /shrugs
I think DH wanted me to make chili too. We'll see.
I got a lot of cooking that needs to be done though.
Thank goodness we have our new fridge and a lot more freezer space :D

Anywho.... going to try to clear the dishwasher so I can get some bottles and things washed.
Take it from there and see if my body cooperates and lets me do anything else.

SO achy!!

I sound like a broken record, but this is my life right now.
Not sure if baby was just laying really low or what, but all night long I was SO achy really far down. I HAD to lay on my left side b/c laying on my right made the aching worse.
Thankfully I feel fine now, but that was a long night.
Pretty sure it wasn't contractions or anything like that though... although that thought did cross my mind lol.

Also had to sleep in just my undies last night.
Oh so attractive :\
I was SO hot and sweaty though that even with my shirt hiked up to my boobs, it was still too much.
This sweating is ridiculous though.
If I didn't wear panty liners... I wouldn't know if I was just sweating, peeing myself, water broke, or what. That's how much I'm sweating. It's gross and feeling constantly wet is disgusting. I'd be going through all of my panties every day just to not be sitting in wetness.

Anyway.... enough of that...

Going to try to start getting my hospital bag together.. or well.. as together as I can get it and clean up our room today.
Not going to overdo it, but I do need to at least vacuum. May try to carpet clean too depending on how I'm feeling. The bed is right there though if I feel like I need to take a break :)

No pics today. DH took the camera to work. Oh well... tomorrow..... maybe :P lol

Oren is in a throwing phase right now it seems. Awesome :\
Thankfully he can't throw very far, but telling him no isn't cutting it lol.

Zoe is doing well and boy is that little attitude getting bigger rofl. It's frustrating to deal with but also kind of funny sometimes. But she's learning that mommy doesn't  tolerate that mess and she's learning that pitching an attitude isn't going to get her what she wants.

Like last night, she kept blowing this wooden whistle thing. I told her that if she wanted to blow it to please take it to her room and do it. I wasn't being mean or anything. Well the girl got a little attitude like she does and started pouting and giving me the silent treatment.
I ask her if she's done with her food b/c I WAS going to get her a popsicle if she was done. She didn't answer so I straight up told her, if she didn't answer me, she wasn't going to get one.
She wanted to continue her little silent treatment so... no popsicle.
Whatever.. her loss.
I start cleaning up and 5min later, she comes out and says that she's done. But nope.. too late little miss. Cue the whining and crying.
I explained to her that she can't pull attitude and then still expect what she wants.
Sigh.... really hope the message gets through to her eventually lol.

Her and Oren are starting to fight over toys more. Joy :\
They're usually pretty good with sharing... but then they'll both get it in to their heads to play with something the other one has and the screaming and whining starts.
Oh I know it's just the start of this...... I'm going to be responsible for tylenol staying in business lol.

Think that's all for now. Just still trying to wake up some more so I can get up enough energy and motivation to do something productive. May not be what I'm hoping to do, but I want to do something. Not just sit here sweating :\

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Little walking disaster movies

That's what kids are. I swear lol...
I cleaned up in the living room again. Not a total clean up, but enough that it looked clean.... and now? Not even a day later..... yeah... disaster area once again. There's just no winning with this and the hell if I'm gonna spend the little bit of energy I do have cleaning it all up constantly. Pffft

I vacuumed the nursery so I could lay out the rug we bought before going through the 2 bins of clothes. Oren goes out... I hear him messing with something so I call him back to the room... and in he comes trailing in potting soil behind him. SIGH.....
He's going to kill my poor coffee bean plant. Would put it in baby's room, but we're getting blackout curtains so it wouldn't be getting the sun it needed.
Hopefully once we clean out the dining room area, there will be room in there to put it that he can't reach.

I smell so bad. Or well.. I did before my shower.
I sweat almost 24 hours a day. There's just no stopping it. It's hot as Satan's balls and I'm right at the taint.
DH and I haven't DTD in a while b/c I just feel so gross all the time now (nevermind the aching).
I'm making use of the tiny handheld battery powered fan that I bought from Walmart. Think it was 3 or 4 dollars and worth every dang penny. Wish the little foam blades were slightly bigger, but it's helping.

And I'm so sorry to all of those faceless women out there that I scoffed at for complaining about not being able to bend over. I had no problems with that with Zoe and Oren, but this one... this one has shown me to be humble and not be so damn bitchy lol. Ok.. so I am still pretty bitchy, but at least I understand now :P lol
I seriously have to stop and think about if something I dropped is worth bending over to pick up or if I just want to leave it.
It's funny but also frustrating and a bit pathetic :P lol

Sigh... just have to wait a little bit longer. Just a little longer!!! And then I can look back and remember everything fondly while wishing we could go back out of the exhausting newborn stage lol.

I am so excited to see what we're having though. Was convinced it was a girl before, but now.... I really have no clue. DH is still hoping for another boy, but I really don't care either way. Ok so I kinda wish for another girl, but then for the reasons DH wants another boy.. I start wishing for a boy. Just really want baby out and healthy lol.

Great... new neighbors wife is super fit and cute..... bitch.
Lol.. just kidding just kidding.
Heard my dogs barking so I went to get them in b/c I know how annoying that sound is and of course, I was looking busted from head to toe. No bra, tank top hiked up a little showing off my tiger striped bump, hair a mess.... and there she was on her back porch with her daughter looking all put together and gorgeous. SIGH!
A little embarrassed but I really can't bring myself to care that much rofl. I know I'm a giant pregnant mess right now and I just don't care.
Just glad I thought to pull my tank top down a little bit. Usually have it tucked right up under my boobs to help try to keep cool (it doesn't work) and I usually let the dogs in and out like that. lol
Glad I didn't give her an eye full of giant baby bump and saggy boobs.

No photos today. Shocker I know.
Just feeling extra tired atm and hot and miserable.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Yay for normal!
Just got a call back and my labs came back totally normal. WOO!
Now I wouldn't have objected to doing the c-sec this Friday, but I'm also really happy that everything came back normal.
I already have a ton of crap wrong.. don't need to tack on anything else lol.

I'm sure though that if my BP is still high on my next appointment, they may still want to do the c-sec on the 5th.
I'm fine with it. It will suck being in the hospital for Zoe's birthday, but celebrating it a little late shouldn't be a big problem... even if I'm drugged up to hell and back and exhausted lol.

At least this gives us more time to prepare for baby again though! And so long as baby stays put on its own.. we should still be good to go for that concert :)

So YAY for nothing being wrong! Still though... possibly only 1.5 weeks until baby #3 arrives! O_O

Oh and I managed to go through the 2 storage bins that SiL gave back to us.
We're all set for sleep gowns and all of that lol. Most of it is girly stuff, but oh well. I'm really not worried about putting a boy in girly pjs and whatnot. And hey.. if this is a girl.. she is so set on clothes it's not even funny. SO many cute girly clothes.

I dunno who bought SiL all of the newborn footie pjs though. There were around 5 or 6 of them. None of them are from us. Not sure if she bought them or someone else did. Can't imagine she got much use out of them. Oh well. They're so cute and small though. No idea if we'll even be using them. Depends on how big this lil one is :)

Still need to take pics but will try to get some and post tomorrow :D

Nothing yet

So... after googling some more... looks like this is kind of common. Gestational hypertension. No protein in urine but high bp.
I'm really not too worried about it to be honest. I mean, I'm not brushing it off or anything and know it can cause problems, but it's not freaking me out.
If I was experiencing really bad other symptoms, THEN I would freak out.
Seems like swelling is a common companion of this though so that explains the feet and ankles swelling up.
Nothing else seems to be getting swollen though so far so thank goodness for that.
Need to buy more compression socks. No idea where mine are lol.

Anywho... no news yet. It's only 11:20 though. I just hope to hear something back today. Kind of doubting I will, but hoping lol.

I dunno... just the thought of possibly delivering a little earlier is getting me excited... and nervous and a bit frustrated lol. There's still so much to do, but I just can't do a lot of it.
I managed to vacuum a little bit this morning, but had to stop b/c I was getting short of breath.
Still need to clean up our room and clear the bassinet off and clean off my dresser to make room for all the baby crap.
Just so much to do.

I know DH is hoping for next Friday. The concert we want to go to is on Wednesday lol. Thank goodness we bought insurance on those tickets. Money well spent it seems.
If we are able to go... that means the kids will be spending the night Wednesday-whenever I get home from the hospital.
Hate doing that to MiL and hate that I'll be away from them for that long. We can always see them on that Thursday of course.. but they'd still be spending the night with MiL of course.
All I gotta say is that SiL better not pawn off niece on MiL during whatever weekend I'm in the hospital. I want my kids to meet their sibling WITHOUT niece there distracting them. Going to need DH to talk to his mom about that.

Booo won't be able to see Suicide Squad though.... lol. Oh well. Just gotta wait a few months to watch it on dvd I guess. Not a huge deal or anything, was just looking forward to seeing it in theaters :)

Got to sleep in today! WOO!
But only b/c someone forgot to turn Oren's monitor on. Oops.
Poor little guy. I'm sure he probably woke up at his usual time but since I couldn't hear him... well.....
At around 8:30, I went and checked on him which is when I saw that his monitor wasn't on. He had fallen back to sleep, but who knows how long he probably cried for :(

I'll post again later if I get results back. If not, then will post tomorrow unless something happens.
Will also try to get some photos of the nursery up and maybe some of the kids too if I get any good ones. :)


It's 4:30 and I've been up since 3. Sigh...

At least it's not like the other night when I woke at 1 and didn't get back to sleep until 4 or 5.

So... even if my blood work comes back fine... I think they might wait to see what my BP is at the next appointment (Monday) and go from there. If it's still high, they'll probably want to go ahead and reschedule the c-sec for the 5th.
I was kinda getting excited thinking that maybe they'd do it this Friday lol.

Totally selfish, but I just want baby here. I want to get this c-sec recovery done and over with as quick as possible. I want the newborn exhaustion to start and get it done and over with already... but I just really don't want to be in the hospital for Zoe's birthday.
Started thinking about it on the way home from my appointment and cried a little.
I know Zoe wouldn't really care if we celebrated it a little late, but I dunno... it still upsets me.

Anyway.... this Friday... next Friday.... we still have a lot of work to do!
Need to clean our room up and clean all the bassinet stuff.
Need to rent a breast pump. Actually make sure they have one to rent.
Need to clean all the bottles and pumping stuff.
Need to go through all of the baby clothes and get out the size appropriate stuff (will do that later today).
Need to prepare some freezer meals.

etc etc etc.
Mostly it's just needing to clean.

Nervous and excited. The 12th is right around the corner, but it still felt far enough away that I could procrastinate... this however... yikes! lol Just shows how much still needs to be done.
Will get on it later today.
Do as much as I can while waiting to hear back from doc office.

I still can't believe I forgot to mention the crotch feeling. That's all I could think about when it started and then here's my appointment and it doesn't even cross my mind once!
I could use the excuse of the BP and possibly having baby earlier as an excuse, but no... I didn't know any of that until after I had already asked the other questions that I did.
My brain just decided to NOPE! on that subject :\

Alright... it's almost 5.... going to go lay down and hope I can snooze a little before Oren wakes up.
Not sure what is going on with him. Some kind of sleep regression or something. He woke up at 5am yesterday.
We didn't check on him and he did eventually go back to sleep after lots of whining.
Anyway.... I'm sure I'll be running on nerves today anyway... hoping to hear back something.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Could be the 5th afterall

So I had my appointment this afternoon.
My BP was elevated again. Nothing in urine though, but the OB wanted some blood work done and if anything comes back 'weird' then they're going to move my c-sec to the 5th. At least I think she meant the 5th. She said NEXT Friday but then said 38w which would be this Friday /shrugs.
I guess if anything does come back, they'll tell me what's gonna happen.

I dunno... I don't think there will be anything. Think it's just my anxiety mixed with the heat and whatnot that causes my BP to go up, but hey.. ya never know. Better to be safe than sorry :)

I mentioned the lack of hiccups to her and she said that it's perfectly fine and nothing to worry about.
Also mentioned the shortness of breath and she didn't seem worried. Just said that it's probably baby pushing up against my diaphragm making it hard for me to breath.

I actually forgot to mention the numbness in my feet. SIGH! I'm not really worried about it (now) to be honest. Since putting my feet up helps the swelling.. I think it's just 'normal' end of pregnancy crap going on.
And I just now remembered that I forgot to mention the punched in the crotch feeling when I roll. SIGH! Thanks brain! :\

So yeah.... just gotta wait for the blood results to get back in and go from there. May be delivering when I had originally wanted.
A bit upset that I'll be in the hospital for Zoe's birthday, but can't really do anything about that :(

We did go to Build A Bear today for part of her birthday... thing lol.
She had wanted an Ironman bear. Ever since we brought it up to her weeks ago, she's been going on about wanting that particular one.... we got there... she spotted a Peppa Pig one and that is the one she wanted. Screw Ironman! lol
They were both part of a 2 for $35 though so she got Peppa and Oren got Ironman :)

We ate lunch at the food court (it was in a mall) and spent $10 letting her ride the carousel they have there. Oren did ride it the first time and was TERRIFIED. LOL
It was so stinking cute. DH rode it with them and Oren had a death grip on him and his face buried in his side. I know it's awful, but the look of horror on Oren's face was hilarious and cute :P lol
Should've gotten some photos and video of it hehe

Zoe had a blast though :)

I had wanted to go to buybuybaby or babies r us while we were there, but we didn't leave the mall until 1pm and my appointment was at 2:45 so.. yeah. Oh well. We really didn't need anything, but it would've been nice to look some heh.

So yep... baby could be arriving next week! O_O