Sunday, November 29, 2015

Quick post

Ok, so raise your hand if you thought I'd be able to wait until Monday to test...
*raises hand*
Well I was wrong... sigh.
Just the amount of twinges and aches I've been feeling... I thought I'd for sure see something today. And there is something, but it's the same shadow BS line that has popped up the last couple of cycles.
Here's a photo... I messed with contrast/brightness to get the 2nd line to show up better. Folks with line-o-vision such as myself would see it right away IRL. But since it's so light, there's no telling if there is color or not.
Oh well...

I'm going to try my best to not test again until Tuesday. AF should be showing up tomorrow or Tuesday.. maybe Wednesday... not entirely certain when ovulation occurred but know AF should be showing soon.
So yeah.... we'll see. I have some distractions.... like kids and my secret santa thing I need to work on so will be doing that in hopes of distracting myself until Tuesday lol.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

So tired

Just so tired this morning even though DH got up with Oren.
Also... kind of suspecting possible pregnancy. I've been getting definite twinges and aches in the uterus region. It's down low and twingy and achy. It always started aching whenever I laid on my back which I thought was kind of weird.
We went to Walmart this morning and I picked up 2 of those 88c tests. I know they're not sensitive at all and with how any dpo I possibly am... nothing would show up, but it still helped to ease that urge of wanting to pee on something without paying an arm and a leg for some FRERs.
We did pass a box of opened FRERs in the back of the store though.... sigh... frickin ppl man.

Just got done buying some Xmas outfits for the kids. Bought them off of Sears b/c it's the only place that had decently priced Xmas outfits that I liked.
Zoe and Oren will be elves. At first I wanted Zoe to be Santa and Oren an elf, but thought it would be cuter if they were both elves when they went to see Santa :)
Should be getting those next week (not this week coming up but the week after). Hoping they'll get here sooner.

And yeah... we came home after grocery shopping, ate, I tested (BFN) and then took a nap then did what I just posted above lol.
Lazy day.
We were supposed to go get a Christmas tree but we'll be doing that tomorrow once the fam is back from church. Will be fun picking one out and decorating :) So exciting!

Friday, November 27, 2015

It was meh, but still good :)

Thanksgiving was good. The food wasn't as good as it normally is, but oh well. It was a gorgeous day and not as cold as it had been so a few of us went outside and ate at the picnic table.

While MiL and aunt were still cooking their stuff, Zoe's great grandpa was watching his FOXnews... yes.. he's a stereotypical old white guy in that respect. I swear it's all he watches and it frickin drives me up the damn wall.
Anyway, Trump was on it and UGH... I'm not political but I couldn't help but say "I don't see how anyone can support him with a straight face." B/c frickin seriously????
And then MiL and aunt chime in that they support him.
The man is a frickin TOOL. He will ruin this country b/c he has no GD idea of what he is doing. But hell, that's most of the guys that run for president so WTF do I know :\

Anyway, we reluctantly let Zoe spend the night with whoever (probably aunt). I told DH in all seriousness last night that he is going to have to talk to his aunt b/c I am sick and tired of Zoe coming home with a dozen or more flea bites all over her body. That shit is unacceptable. You can afford to go to the beach? You can afford to go out to eat? Then your ass can afford some Frontline or Advantage. Just so beyond pissed and annoyed that this shit is still happening when aunt has the money to fix the problem.

UGH Aunt annoyed the shit out of me yesterday. She had Oren and let him stand on the floor. Ok, that's fine. Well she had to get up and instead of picking him up and giving him to someone else, she put him on the floor and let him crawl. I love MiL but their house is FILTHY and Oren is still a baby that puts everything in to his mouth, including his hands that he's now putting on the disgusting floor. UGH so frickin grossed out by that nasty shit.

Anyway... other than that really, it was a good day. Oren was in hog heaven being held so much lol.

Oh here are those drawings Zoe did that I mentioned a while back.

Hehe... so cute in a slightly weird way :D

And here's another photo taken at my mom's house.
Love this picture

And another of Oren when he got ahold of an oreo Zoe didn't finish eating.
Yeah...... Not sure how much he actually got in to his mouth....

Sigh, love my munchkins.

Was a little tempted to test today but no... I'm holding out until Monday.
I was feeling some slight aches in the uterus area last night and have been getting slight aches on the right O too. The uterine aches could just be intestinal though since I did eat a lot for Thanksgiving so not really putting my thought in to that.
I just don't want to waste tests again and have to buy more. Sure it's all fun and stuff when Christmas isn't right around the corner. I'd much rather spend that money on presents than on more tests to waste, ya know? So yeah... b/c of that, I'm waiting. I have an unopened pack of 3 so should be enough :)

Think there was something else I wanted to mention, but Oren is fussing some and my mind just blanked lol. Oh well. I'll think of it later.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Ok so it's not Thanksgiving just yet, but almost :P
Hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving and if you don't celebrate it, well then I just hope you have a flippin awesome Thursday!

Made 2 pies today for tomorrow. Pumpkin praline and a sour cream lemon custard. First time making the lemon one. Right after making the custard.... it wasn't very lemony even though I added more zest and more lemon juice than the recipe called for. Hoping that it sitting overnight helps to bring the flavor out more. It tastes good, but if it's lemon, I want lots of lemon.
Also making a mac and cheese for tomorrow. First time using the recipe so I'm hoping it will be good. Sounds good which is why I picked it heh.
Just so looking forward to some good food :)

Saw my mom yesterday. She's headed to Florida today to go fishing so went to see her before she left.
Learned that she got a facelift and some lipo to get rid of her double chin a couple weeks ago lol. Yeah.. I didn't even know until she brought it up :P
She does look good though. When you think of a face lift you think of that extreme pulled back face look lol. But she doesn't look like that. Just refreshed.
Hey..whatever makes her happy.
She dropped the thing about the house. I do kind of wish we could've helped her get it, but her 'friend' wanted the money too quick. If she had just waited a little longer, my mom could've gotten a mortgage for the amount she needed. Oh well... maybe there will be another opportunity in the future.

Ok TMI incoming...
I wear panty liners ALL the time... and I'm out of the ones I always use. Had to dig under my sink to find about half a dozen ones that I didn't like just so I could have something.
It's just that.... I get a lot of watery discharge and that crap is gross to feel on panties... plus even if I didn't.... my cycles are still irregular and not knowing when my period will arrive, panty liners are a life saver.
And of course my lazy butt didn't want to go to the store when I found out I was out. So I'll have to wait until Saturday to get more /cry

Speaking of period....I could be about 6dpo today. 5 or 6. Which means AF could be showing Sunday or Monday. Perfect time to test I think :D I have an unopened box of FRER calling me to pee all over them! :P lol

I love love LOVE it when babies start to talk! Oren is starting to babble a lot more and it is the cutest darn thing ever. I keep trying to get video of him doing it but  he always stops right when I start heh.

And Zoe man... Zoe is SOOOOO good with him. Of course there have been a couple of times when she underestimates her own enthusiasm and strength and bonks him or something, but nothing major. And she just loves playing with him and helping out.
We really lucked out with her and how accepting of it all she has been. I remember being so worried that she was going to be so jealous (which she can be sometimes, but subtly).... and hate her brother etc etc, but that is not the case at all.
YAY Zoe for being an awesome big sister!

Sorry, I had to brag a little about that ;) I'm just so proud of her.

We have to go hunting for some adorably cute Christmas outfits for them. I really want a Santa dress for Zoe and an elf outfit for Oren. SQUEEEEE it's gonna be so cute!!

And I think we're going with a real tree this year too. DH wants to set it up right behind the couch. That way we can actually see and enjoy it instead of right when we're about to leave. It's usually set up by the front b/c of that whole tradition of putting it by the window to show off basically lol, but we can't see it from the living room. Anywho... I'm sure Zoe and the cat will love it.
Will be a constant battle to keep her away from presents under the tree too. Will probably have to wait to put them all under until like the week that Christmas falls on :P lol

Anywho, I've blabbed long enough. I do remember that I need to post some photos I said I was going to upload a while back. Will try to get that done soon..... hopefully.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Good grief

Where the heck has this year gone? Sure, a few months of it was spent in newborn sleepless zombie zone, but still... where did the other months go??
Can't believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner, then Christmas. GEEZE!
Well, I hope everyone has a great end of the year.

Oren's poor little butt is so sore and rashy right now. We've been giving him more solids so it's making him poop more. More wiping=sore raw butt. Poor little guy is in so much pain when we have to wipe him.
Other than that though he's doing well. SUPER clingy, but he's moving around well and loves playing with Zoe.

Zoe is doing well too. She's been waking up early for some reason which is kinda annoying when I want to sleep more lol.
Girl has some serious freakouts over nothing.
Lets see.....
Yesterday she freaked out over

Getting the hiccups
It started raining
Having a runny nose

I'm talking about tears and breathing heavy and acting like the world was going to end freak outs.
Toddlers man..... grown drama queens have nothing on toddlers.

I really wish she would stop being so whiny though. Holy crap... the whine is too strong with her. And she whines about EVERYTHING. I never knew just how grating it could be.
And, girl is hungry all the way up until dinner. But when it's time to eat dinner... nope.. not hungry anymore. WTF child. lol

So I think I may have ovulated last night. If not last night then today.
Go woken up in the middle of the night by a really bad pain on my right O area. Like a really bad gut punch cramp. It didn't last long, maybe just a 10 or so seconds.
It was not a pleasant feeling so I'm not positive it was ovulation since I can't remember it ever being painful like that. Maybe it was a cyst rupturing or something... I dunno.

SiL failed her GD testings. Boo :( GD isn't too terrible, but when you're craving carbs or sweets while pregnant... yeah.. it sucks.
She's not overweight and didn't have a problem with diabetes or anything before getting pregnant so yeah... it sucks but heck, if I could do it twice with no prob, then she should too.
Plus, if she follows a proper diet, she may actually lose some weight too lol.

Monday, November 16, 2015

It's been a while

UGH, it's been a while since I posted last. I guess that's what happens when you have a toddler and a clingy baby lol. I'm not complaining though... well ok...yes I am a little bit :P

Baby boy is definitely in that "OMG, why are you leaving me forever!?!?!" when we get up to go to the bathroom, or to the kitchen... or anywhere out of his sight. Clingy is an understatement right now lol.
I do love it when he wants to snuggle though. When he lays his head down on my chest and just rests there. It's so dang sweet and I really cherish those moments.
Now for him to just sleep through the night already and stop waking up so darn early. Zoe woke up just before 6am this morning and pitched a damn fit about something. I'm sure that woke Oren up and uuuuuuuuugh. It was too early!!!

Zoe is doing well too. Well both of them are still sick. I think they got over that bad cold and then caught a minor little cold. Mostly just stuffy runny noses thankfully. A little bit of a cough but I think that's just drainage.
She's good though with her toddler tantruming self. She doesn't do it too often thank goodness, but when she does... YIKES.

I definitely want to put her in to a martial arts class next year. Maybe by mid summer. Will have to phone up some of these local places to see what's out there, what we need, etc etc.
 I think she'll enjoy it and it will be good for her to be around other kids and to listen to adults and their instructions.
Get her ready for some school.

Feels weird that every other mom in the mommy groups have already put their kids in to pre-k and here we are.......  Makes me feel like we're not doing enough for her, but then I think... meh... she's going to be going to kindergarten in just a couple more years anyway.
I do want to start teaching her how to write her alphabet and learn her numbers and letters a little better. She's pretty good at identifying them now, but it could be better, plus she'll have fun while I'm internally pulling my hair out out of frustration :P lol

Her drawing skills are getting better and I'm so proud of her! heh I'll post a photo of it later, but she drew a person with a body and arms and legs. That's a new one for her. She also drew a face on her balloon that has ears and glasses on it. Only reason I knew she did that was b/c she brought it in to the bathroom (where I was doing my business.... ah privacy.....)... and started telling me exactly what she was drawing.
The full figure one... it's all crinkled up and dirty, but I'm totally going to frame that sucker heh.

I'm on cycle day 27 and I'm pretty sure I'm going to ovulate within the next couple of days. I had that disgusting giant blob of cm come out of me a couple of days ago.
Wiped after peeing and noticed the tp felt super slick down there when I wiped and of course it came up with a bunch of cm on it. Wiped again and giant gross vagina booger was on the toilet paper. BLEH!
Of course my gross curiosity got the better of me and I had to feel it to see what the consistency was and it was GROSS. You know how silly putty feels after it's been left to sit out and starts to dry up. It felt like that.. slicker but that tough and strong. Just... ew. Ok it's not super gross to me, more weird and disturbing than anything. Just not prepared for that texture to come out of my body rofl.

Anyway, I've been swiping away EWCM today so I should be ovulating soonish.
We're definitely having sex. Not to make a baby, but just to do it.
We haven't done it in a while for various reasons and we're both itching for some lovin :P lol
Plus... even though my libido is still MIA most of the time... I don't like going too long between DTD again.
If we wait too long, once we finally do it.. I'm all raw and irritated down there for at least a day after.

Anyway.... this was a whole lot of TMI! lol
So yeah.... this will be an 'interesting' tww. Thankfully I have a lot of things to distract me... like crocheting my secret santa gift and playing some Fallout 4 :D

Yep... I'm totally playing it and loving it. I usually dislike first person shooters. Not b/c I don't like the playstyle, but b/c I FREAK OUT and panic when getting attacked in games. I still do in this game too. I forget which buttons do what and get all flustered. Thankfully this game isn't too difficult most of the time so my doofy ass can get it together enough to kill some mutants and whatnots ;)

But yeah... this momma is tired and ready for bed. It's 9pm and I am done for the day!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Where the heck is the sun??

Not joking... we've seen the sun all of maybe 5 minutes total this entire week.
Good grief man.... come on nature... ease up a little and give us a little bit of sunshine. SHEESH.
From what I saw, it should let up by Wednesday but who knows if something is going to change :\
Just so tired of this gloomy weather. I usually don't mind a day or 2 of some rain, but this has gotten ridiculous. It has just totally sapped all of my energy and it was warmish so it was making it extremely humid and just disgusting feeling. The kind of weather that you sweat for no reason and it feels like you have a gross film all over your skin. Like you need a shower even though you just showered.

Anyway, so yeah.... just want some sunshine already. Gloomy weather always saps my energy add on top of that getting over a cold.... yeah.. I haven't exactly been a great mom this week.

But thankfully we're all slowly but surely getting over these dang colds. Man, this cold has been a bitch though and it seems to be pretty darn contagious b/c we kinda sorta gave it to everyone else. Oops.
Thankfully DH never got as sick as the 3 of us did. Hope that's the same for everyone else.
Doubt that though b/c they always get sick.

It's still so dang weird that we have 2 kids. I know I should be over that feeling by now... but I'm not.
The more Zoe starts to actually talk and make sense.. it's just weird that we made this person and boy is she starting to talk a lot more.
She still talks gibberish a lot... but she's also talking clear (to us) sentences too.
Like when I put Oren in his room really quick on the floor. He made his way out in to the hallway. She went over to him and exclaimed to him.. "Welcome to the party zone!!!" LOL just... Where the heck did she learn that??
She just makes us laugh so much with her actions and what she says (that we understand lol). Love my munchkin so much.

Oren is starting to pull up. We had to lower his mattress yesterday. He will sometimes pull up to his feet, but it's mostly just to his knees, then he can't figure out what to do next most of the time so either starts crying, or falls backward or to the side..... and starts crying :P
Gosh... can't believe he's doing this already though. They really do grow up so darn fast.

He's been SUPER needy lately though. I don't mind snuggling with him, but then he'll start squirming and will start trying to grab everything so it gets a bit frustrating. Just want him to sit content and let me snuggle with him while I watch tv :P lol

We're still trying to figure out what to get Zoe for Christmas. I want to get her so much, but also not too much b/c she really doesn't need a lot.
We're not planning on getting Oren much. I want to get a little basket ball hoop for both of them. That can be his present, but other than that.... yeah, he's not going to get anything. He'll get plenty from everyone else.
Zoe... we  still have to get her a tricycle, helmet and I want to get a basket and bell for it too.
I want to get her something else, but can't decide what. We'll def get her some of those mystery/blind bag things that are really popular right now, but that's stocking stuffers. *shrugs* we'll figure it out.
It's so fun shopping for kids on Xmas.. and even better now that Zoe is actually excited for it and knows what's going on heh.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How about no....

UGH.... ok this is going to make me come off as a huge bitch but... here goes...

One of DH's cousins wants to move to NY. She likes doing stage acting stuff and was offered a small part on some off broadway production so she wants to move to NY.
Great right? Well, problem is is that she has no money to move and so decided to start a GoFundMe donation page.

Just.... what? And No..... Maybe just maybe she should've been saving her money to begin with. She lives with her grandmother and pays for nothing so where her money goes is beyond me. Oh.... AND she has no license any longer b/c bitch got pulled over twice for DWI so had it suspended b/c she's an idiot.... so she's not paying for gas to get around to wherever. And I say bitch b/c seriously... you are one if you decide to drive after frickin drinking.

And DH's sister keeps sharing the link to her GFM page and all I want to do is post a giant LOL NO.... on it every single time.

And I should mention that she's almost 30yo.... and while living with her grandmother.. makes her grandmother do everything for her. Cook, clean, do her laundry, etc etc. Her grandmother is not in the best of health and can't move around easily. So yeah.... it's really not that surprising that she wants other people to give her money to move.
Just the nerve of some people.

Speaking of nerve of some people... DH's grandfather is a giant royal pain in everyone's ass, especially his mother.
Poor MiL is the ONLY child of his that is taking care of him. Nevermind that 2 of his other kids live right across the street. Sure the other 2 do have jobs, but that doesn't mean they couldn't come over and help out every once in a while.
Anyway... DH's grandfather is just being a giant dickface since his stroke. They think the stroke changed his personality some and also made him depressed. I get the depressed part.... but damn dude... stop lashing out at the one fucking child that is taking care of your ass.
Seriously.... he's gotten some bug up his ass and keeps telling her that she's worthless and that he's going to change his will and leave her with nothing b/c he doesn't like the way she spends money.
MiL is a bit of a hoarder.... I'll give him that, but WTF does it matter what she spends any money on after he's dead? Like it's going to matter to him after he's gone.
Just UGH.... it's so GD frustrating b/c she takes care of him so well and then has to just be burdened by his verbal abuse now and can't really say anything back to him.

Told DH that we need to get her a really good Christmas present. With everything that she's been having to go through.... she deserves something good.

DH's other sister (the older one that is pregnant), took all of our old baby clothes. Did I mention that already?
You don't realize just how much you have until it's all in front of you and BOY was there a lot lol.
She looked through some of it while here, but took it all back to MiL's house to sort through. She bought her own bins and from what MiL said, spent hours going through it all and sorting it. She took all of the clothes up to 6m and plans on having the larger size stuff mailed to her. Just so happy to help her out. Heck, we would've given her the rock n play, swing, bouncy chair.... everything if we could have lol. A lot of those clothes were only worn once, maybe twice.
I did have to keep 3 things though. Should've kept more, but oh well. I had to keep my most fav outfit that I first got with Zoe, had to keep Oren's awesome little brother onesie and erm... there was another one that I can't remember now lol.
Anyway.... I think she and her husband are in Illinois right now, house hunting. They have to move in February.. you know... the month she is due. :\ She's going to have a newborn baby and have to DRIVE from California to Illinois. YIKES. Thankfully newborns sleep a lot........ that's still going to be rough on them.
Anyway.... can't wait for her to finally have her baby. She's going to be such an amazing mom.
When she was looking through all of the clothes she was already talking about saving the boy stuff for when she has a boy. Awwww.... really hope she does have another :) She'll probably have to have it not too long after her first since she has some issues with endometreosis(sp?). Not sure how quickly that starts becoming a problem again after birth.
Anywho.... just so happy Zoe and Oren are getting more cousins :)

Oh Halloween was fun. We didn't do anything most of the day lol. But we all got dressed up and took Zoe to DH's churches trunk or treat thing. That was really cute. DH wants us to participate next year. I'm cool with that, but we need to come up with a good idea for it.
We left there pretty early, so we went and got something to eat, then came home and took Zoe around the neighborhood to trick or treat. Thankfully there seemed to be more people giving out candy this year. Not as many people driving around the neighborhood trick or treating though. Probably b/c last year was so bad.
But there were a good bit of kids walking around.
Still not what Halloween used to be like when I was little. Man... those were the good old days. Going out with a pillowcase b/c you actually needed that much room for all of the candy you were going to get. Now... you're lucky to fill up one little bucket.
But anyway... Zoe had a lot of fun getting candy and treats so that's what matters.
She keeps pretending to go trick or treating. Gives me stuff to put in to her basket lol.

We're all still sick here. Just really bad colds. I haven't been this sick in years. We're getting better, but still sick. Stuffy noses and in to that uncontrollable coughing stage.
So fun :\

Anywho... I think that's about it.
We're all sick, but still doing ok.