Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Driving me crazy!!!

Holy crap... I can not eat in peace if Oren is awake. The child is worse than a dog with his begging b/c he'll start throwing his little baby tantrum and grabbing at my food.
I've been eating a lot of spicy food lately and I can't feed him most of it so I try to have some kind of baby friendly option nearby, but he's starting to figure it out lol.
It's SO flipping annoying though. I want to eat in peace!

And holy crap do I want to eat and eat everything!! I want savory and spicy most of the time. Pretty sure I've gained a few pounds already. I'm the heaviest I've been in a long time and that sucks.
We're going back strict again when DH goes back to work. That's fine with me w/ my cravings right now.

Still can't believe my first appointment is still 2 weeks away. TWO! Geeze. I think they underestimated how far along I am. We'll see though. Just hope everything is ok.

Lets see... I'm still tired, morning sickness hasn't been too bad. Still just gagging and some nausea. My face is breaking out a bit more. My appetite has increased a considerable amount. I think that's about it. Nothing much going on really.

Ok this may make me sound terrible, but ..... even though I wanted another.... now that I'm unexpectedly pregnant with the 3rd... I'm not very excited about it.
Ok so there is some excitement...and of course I'm gonna love this baby as much as Zoe & Oren, but the thought of having another..... just kinda makes me more tired lol. I guess that fantasy we all have when we're first pregnant has finally worn off for me. I know what having another is gonna be like.... and with all 3 kids so young....... just.... ugh lol. I'm tired just thinking about it.
Don't get me wrong though, I want this baby.
We've been talking about names and I think we've 90% settled on Ezra if it's a boy. Girl name is still up in the air. I do like Penelope still, but it's too long. We both agreed that the name should be shorter since we have a longish last name.
I looked up some short names and saw Paige and mentioned it to DH and he kinda liked it. I like it too. I also liked Joy, but he wasn't too fond of it. Oh well.
Still a long time before we have to make a decision so it's not like there's a rush.
I'm gonna have to wear some seriously baggy clothes though b/c my stomach has already grown. Mostly b/c of everything I'm shoveling in my mouth though, but it's definitely bigger than before. Need to hide this until DH is ready to share the news.

I think we both want a minivan. At least I do. We just don't want another car payment since we got that one from my mom recently. I keep mentioning trade in to DH but we both don't know how all of that works. Will have to look in to it.

Zoe is also driving me crazy with her little attitude. She's now getting in to lying. Yeah.....
I dunno if it's true lying or just her imagination type of thing, but it's really annoying.
Plus her talking back has gotten so much worse now. There are going to be a lot of pops to her little behind in her future.

And we're pretty sure Oren is going to be a hitter and a biter when he gets bigger too. He already does both things, but of course doesn't understand yet. That's gonna be fun to deal with.... NOT.

Anyway... I've forgotten what else I wanted to mention.
As soon as I mentioned being tired up above.... Ive been quickly getting more and more tired lol.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Day after Christmas!

Hope everyone had a great holiday :)

Zoe of course made out like a bandit. Just so... much..... stuff.
This 3rd child is going to get nothing but 2nd hand stuff. There's just not going to be any need to buy anything ever until they're much older and actually need their own stuff. Hey whatever... that's the life they'll know so they'll be ok with it :D

Oren got a couple of things. Not a lot. Really wasn't expecting much since he's just a baby.
DH went to Target Christmas Eve to spend the money my mom gave us to get the kids something. DH bought Oren some clothes and some trucks and stuff that Zoe likes playing with lol. Oren is just happy to play with all of Zoe's stuff. He follows her around everywhere. She's getting a bit more annoyed by him, but meh.. kinda figured it would happen heh.

It was a good Christmas though :) Spending the day at MiL's and just hanging out and talking with everyone.
I did experience some morning sickness though... like ALL day. At first I'm sure it started b/c I hadn't eaten, but I got nauseated after eating too. Had to hide or make excuses until the feeling passed.

Did get to see the 4D ultrasound photos that SiL got. She got some really cute face ones too. :D That baby is gonna be here in about a month, then they're gonna have to move just a couple weeks later. Yikes.

Getting distracted... oh small rant...
DH surprised me with a women's star wars shirt he saw on clearance when he went to Target. So sweet.... but the thing is.. the frickin shirt is SO damned thin. Like WTF is up with clothing companies thinking women want to have sheer shirts to show off their bras, OR want deep necklines to show off cleavage. Just... so GD frustrating. I just want a GD nerdy women's sized t-shirt. Is that too much to frickin ask? I don't want tiny sleeves. I don't want super thin fabric that shows everyone what color my bra is. I don't want the neckline deep to show off my boobs. Oh and please make the shirts longer than my waistline.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Before I forget!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!! I hope everyone has a great Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate (or don't). Just hope everyone is doing well and being surrounded by love.

Before I forget again, here are some Christmas photos that I've been forgetting to post :)

Zoe posing with the Christmas tree. And then Oren not being so happy that I put him down to get a picture. Lol There are presents under it now and Zoe has been really good at not messing with them :D

The present DH made for Zoe's birthday last year that I've been meaning to post for a while. I want it to look a bit more kitcheny on the inside, but it's still pretty cool. The 'fridge' part was even painted using magnetic paint. Who knew that that was even a thing? It's not strong though so weak magnets don't stick to it very well.
 One half of the outside decorations. Other side has inflatable Santa a little reindeer and erm...... yeah.. some other stuff o_o...... I like the tinsel? decorations but such a pain trying to find room to store them... so think we'll be sticking to inflatables.... unless there is the other kind that I just can't resist lol.

And finally Santa pics. Zoe was so excited to see Santa, but she kind of shut down once she saw all the people looking at her lol. And Oren didn't know what to make of Santa. He did end up grabbing his beard at one point. Guess he wanted to make sure it was the REAL Santa and not an imposter ;)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mmm... homemade donuts

Yeah, we're not bothering being good with diet for now. Waiting until probably the new year before we start eating healthy again.
But mmmmm fresh made donuts at home. YUM! Really easy recipe too..

I did half the batch in the sugar/cin mixture and then the other in powdered sugar. I like the powdered sugar better. Just not a fan of that sugar crystal crunch... bleh.

Oren is getting sick again. SIGH! It would be nice if we could stop getting eachother sick.
At least I think I got him sick again. It could've been his cousin when MiL watched him while we went to the movie. She did have a cold and I'm sure she got all up in his face like she normally does.

It could've been me though too. I've been trying not to give him kisses on his face, but I did forget a couple of times.
Oh well...hopefully it doesn't end up being a bad cold and he gets over it quick.

Speaking of cold.. or lack there of...
It's supposed to get up to frickin 80 on Christmas Eve and Christmas! WTF?
I know some people would love that, but no...not this girl. I want the cold weather back dangit! Plus it's been raining and it's going to be cloudy so it's not only going to be warm, but super humid too. BLEH!

Still coughing up a lung here. So gross and annoying. Just that wall of mucus that doesn't want to budge keeps irritating my throat. I haven't thrown up, but I have kind of gagged up a little mucus. Nope... doesn't come from the wall, it's just other stuff that is being forced out. :\

Actually kind of worried that I don't have any symptoms yet. That nausea and gagging before must've been just from the cold/coughing b/c I haven't really had it since then. Well no, that's not true. I do sometimes get nauseous if I haven't eaten anything in a while, but that's been it really other than the coughing stuff.
I know I shouldn't worry. I think it took a while to get symptoms with my other 2. Plenty of time to get morning sickness and whatnot.

OH... I have been exhausted. Going to bed earlier and getting to sleep much much faster than I normally do. That's actually been pretty nice to actually get a good deep sleep in and falling asleep faster.

Anywho... time to get the Zoenator to bed :)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

No more coughing please!

Ok, this cough needs to go away already. I have that wall of mucus stuck in the back of my throat that is making me constantly cough and gag. I'm coughing so much that I'm constantly peeing myself and my chest, abs, sides are aching b/c of the coughing.
I better not get Oren sick again with this. Poor guy took forever to get over this cold.
Zoe is almost over hers though thankfully.

Ok... something is seriously wrong with my nephew. He's 2yo and just.... super anti-social. Like seriously anti-social to the point of freaking the F out around people he doesn't know.
I mostly blame it on his parents b/c they never take their kids anywhere. Never expose him to anyone else ya know. I love my SiL and she's so sweet, but I dunno WTF her problem is with not getting her license. If she would just go get it, she could take her kids places and not be so reliant on my lazy ass brother. She knows how to drive... she's a good driver, but for some damn reason, she won't get her license. It's frickin frustrating.

So I went over to my mom's this afternoon. She's not planning on being here this Christmas and wanted to give us money to get the kids something for her.
So I'm over there with Zoe and Oren and my brother shows up with his boy. I open the door and the kid instantly starts freaking out. My brother pushes him in and he starts SCREAMING and banging his head against the door.
My brother kind of pushes him in more but the boy is still just totally having a meltdown and again.. full on starts to run and bang head first in to the door. Not lightly, but full force with his head. WTF?
That shit can't be normal can it?
I could see if he did it by accident, but he was doing it on purpose and HARD. If my brother hadn't stopped him, I have no doubt that he would've knocked himself out. That's how hard he was hitting his head on the door.
I dunno... just something is not right here. Obviously he needs to be socialized a lot more but the tantrum he pulled today was extremely worrying.

On a lighter note... have most of the presents wrapped :D DH just needs to wrap the bigger ones b/c I don't want to and we're good to go lol.
We're leaving a few of Zoe's unwrapped that we'll just bring out on Christmas.
So excited for her. Really hope she likes what she gets :)
This will be the first year where she's really understood what is going on and is excited. Shopping for kids on Christmas is so much dang fun!!!
You get to experience that wonder and excitement again through them. It's awesome!

We got to see Star Wars on Friday morning! YAY! Dropped Oren off with MiL and DH, Zoe and myself went to the 9am showing :D Lots of people there in their Star Wars shirts (us included).
It was a great fun movie. It kept Zoe's attention for about half of it lol. She was good overall though. Kept quiet even when she got bored lol.

I think that's been it so far.
Oh I told my mom the news. I had to. I was dying to tell someone else. Heck, I would tell everyone, but DH wants to wait :\
I would say we could tell his mom, but his mom really loves to gossip and can't keep a secret to save her life lol.
I think DH wants to wait until Oren's birthday to share the news... pretty much exactly how I was thinking we could... (having him in a Big Brother shirt).
Man..... Can't believe Oren is going to be 1 in just a few months.
Time sure does fly by.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Results of 3rd beta

Just got a call back for the beta and result was 6800. It was 6800smething but the phone kind of cut out for a sec while she was saying it.
So... YAY :)
She transferred me to setup my appointment but no one answered so left a message. Will probably call back in just a second though.

*hours later*

Aw crap. I thought I had posted this and I didn't. Crapola... Sorry everyone for making you wait!

I ended up calling not too long after I thought I had posted and my first appointment is Jan 12th at 1:30 :)
I think by then I'm going to be past the gummy bear stage and in to tiny baby one lol. Gummy bear stage is so darn cute too ;) hehe

FX everything remains to be just fine!

Oh yeah.... I live in the south. That explains a lot

It's early, haven't gotten results back yet but I'll post again when I do.

Lets talk for a moment about how fucking racist people are though. Holy shitballs.
My state got 2... TWO refugees and people are losing their GD racist shit over that.
Seriously people???
And of course these racist assholes spouting off their fear and hate.. their go to argument when confronted about their racist comments is usually... "Well give them your address and let them move in with you then."
Seriously...... that is their best argument?? Bitch.. I'm not giving anyone my address other than Amazon.

Anyway... I'm sure it's the same everywhere, but it just makes my blood boil seeing so much fear and hate towards a group of people. Just... is this 2015??
These people are on FB so I can assume that they look at the news and from what I see...all of the crimes committed in this state so far are from Americans so.... yeah. Should be just go ahead and assume ALL Americans are murderers, thieves, rapists, etc? No?

Oh so not all white people are KKK racists that like hanging black folk? Not all black folk riot and are gang members? Not all Mexicans are drug dealers? Oh saying they are is racist and ignorant?
But it's ok to say Muslims and Syrian refugees are all terrorists?

If I could pick a superpower right now.. it would be to slap the shit out of people over the internet. I'd never get to sleep, but damn... I'd be making this world a better place one slap at a time.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I spoke too soon! Karma is getting me!

Ok so I think karma is kicking my ass right now for thinking that some of the women in my DD group were lying about symptoms lol. OK so I still think some of them were just looking too much in to things like most women do when pregnant..... but yeah.... morning sickness has started here.
Thankfully for now it only seems to happen in the morning, but that could change at the drop of a hat.
Doesn't help that I'm coughing too so coughing plus that gagging feeling.... YUCK.
Every time it happens it feels like I'm going to upchuck a lung.

This feels like it's starting a lot sooner than it did with Zoe or Oren. I can't really remember when it did with them though. Guess I could look through my posts but **LAZY**

Oh and also nothing like sneeze-peeing yourself.... snizzing? Spizzing? Well...whatever.... I cough hard and a little comes out. Awesome....

UUUGH, ok so against my better judgement, I've been hanging around the DD group b/c there weren't a lot of eyeroll posts.... that is until I ran across multiple ones by the unassisted birth moron spouting off how she knows better than doctors and big evil pharma companies. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH.
Oh and how she monitored herself through her pregnancies b/c she knew what was best and blahblah bullshit more bullshit and even more bullshit.
No... more like you're a GD nutcase with control issues.
And of course this woman posts on every single thing on the board too. Ugh......
If I want to stay there even just a little, I'm going to have to check names before reading the post and just skip over her shit.

On a more lighthearted rant.
FINALLY found some place that sells chestnuts!
YAY the Korean grocery store!!!!
I saw them and practically made a fool out of myself by doing a happy jump then dance after. Yes... I'm serious.. I did it lol.
But.... I don't remember chestnuts being so damn hard to frickin deshell. The outer shell is pretty flimsy and peels off kind of easily, but then you have that skin on the nut that does not want to come off.
I roasted some in the oven the other day and it sounded like all of that should've come right off afterwards, but nope! Wasted half of the nuts b/c I can't get the dang skin off the nut and when it's cooked the nut gets soft so it makes it even more difficult.
Just think of trying to deshell a boiled egg when all of the white wants to come off with the shell. That's what it's like.
WIll have to look something up. There has to be something I'm missing.

Zoe is definitely getting more greedy with toys around her brother. I brought down the bigger xylophone the other day and she will not let him play with it. She's going to get her butt popped if she keeps snatching it away from him.
Kinda knew this was going to happen, but it's still a bit annoying when it does. She still loves him to pieces though.

Was thinking about how we were going to reveal this pregnancy to everyone. Maybe do it similar to how we revealed when pregnant with Oren.
Zoe will wear her Big Sister shirt and we can get Oren a Big Brother shirt :)

And we could always wait to reveal it on Oren's birthday like we did with Zoe's. But I would be maybe around 15-17w then. Not sure if we could sit on the secret for that long. lol
We'll see what happens :)

I'm thinking way ahead right now. Right now.. I just hope tomorrow's blood draw comes back ok and the baby is fine when we do the first u/s.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bored before bed

It's 11:13 and I need to get to bed but I'm wired on caffeine right now. Grocery store had a sale on Dr Pepper and I wanted some!!! On my third one right now. HAhahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......*twitch*

Lol seriously though.. it is going to keep me up for at least a little while longer. Doesn't help that it's warm in here and sleeping in warm weather sucks balls.

I have definitely caught my kids' colds. Started coughing more today. Just a dullish tickle in the back of my throat. Sigh.... Going to have to be strict about them smooches. Can't keep passing around these darn colds over and over again.

Took kids to see Santa today :D They were both so cute in their elf outfits. Too bad it was warm out and their outfits were thick so couldn't keep them in it for long.
Zoe smiled for maybe 2 seconds and then wouldn't smile again. She got all shy. And of course Oren wasn't smiling. He's in the "Who the hell are you?" phase right now, but did pull Santa's beard which was cute. Wish we could've picked more than one photo b/c I would've liked that one too, but we picked the very first one where Zoe is kinda smiling and Oren is looking forward. The rest were either just her looking off or him looking off. SIGH lol The Santa was really photogenic though lol.

Don't think I have symptoms yet.
I'm so skeptical... I've been kind of lurking in the August DD group and they have a symptoms thread up and all I can think of when they post their symptoms is "mm hm.... bullshit." I'm such a bitch lol.

I do think I'm having a spicy food craving maybe. And MAYBE hungrier than normal, but not sure if that one is more psychological than pregnancy :P
"Oh I'm pregnant now... that means I should be more hungry." And then thinking about food makes me hungry so.... yeah... I dunno... just overanalyzing things as usual.

I am getting that sharp pain in the uterus area when I twist/turn wrong or too quick when laying down more often now. It still doesn't happen a lot, but more than it was.
That's about it though. Nothing special going on yet.

Oh and I don't think I'll really participate in the new DD group. There are just too many woo believing women in it patting themselves on the back for going med free and pushing the baby out of their vaginas for my liking. Just way WAY too much emphasis on the whole natural thing to the point of it being NCB fantatic.
Plus there's one that is proud of the fact that she's had 3 unassisted pregnancies AND homebirths. I don't like homebirth as I've made pretty clear before, but at least get yourself a qualified midwife (CNM) to be there just in case.
She's also mentioned that she's supposedly had 11 m/c and NOW has finally found a m/w that she likes. No.. more like she finally found one that is stupidly willing to take on someone that clearly NEEDS to be in the hospital giving birth b/c she's high risk.
This woman has also mentioned loving labor, being addicted to it, and viewing it like it's her hobby. Just... no... no.
And then having women calling her super mom b/c of her stupid ass choices. Again.. just no.
I can't be active in this group b/c I don't think my eyes could stand to roll that much.
I'll lurk some and maybe post every once in a while, but it won't be like the 3 I'm already in.
At least the crunchies in those groups are crunch-lite :P They're crunchy but don't feel the need to advertise it ALL the time and remind people about it b/c they're not attention whores.

Ok so that rant was longer than expected.

Had something else I had wanted to mention but I can't remember. Think that's going to be a pretty common theme this pregnancy. The pregnancy brain is going to hit HARD b/c I'm already exhausted from my 2 kiddos lol

Friday, December 11, 2015

Crap! I Forgot!

Sorry everyone! I totally forgot to post yesterday with the results. They didn't call until 2:30 and I was stressed out the entire time waiting for the call.

My hcg level came back 782 :D
Put it in a beta doubling calculator thing and it says it's a doubling time of about 50 hours. That's normal I think. Doubling averages between 2 days to... something. I don't remember.
I have to go back in on Wednesday for ANOTHER beta though. WTH? Not sure why the doctor is wanting me to come in again and not just scheduling my appointment already. I mean damn... someone with a regular cycle more than likely wouldn't have a number that high when they first get a positive and call it in would they?
Anyway... just hope the next number is nice and high and they'll finally schedule the appointment. Really want to see the peanut or maybe the gummi bear depending on when I get in heh.
DH is off the week after Christmas so hoping to get in then.
FX all goes well.

I think the lady that took my blood last time thinks I'm some kind of drug addict or something.
I have very hard to find veins in my arms... and there's one spot on my left arm that is super easy to get blood from so that's where I usually point the tech person to to draw blood. I'm not a needle phobe or anything but do not like being stuck more than once.
So I point her to that spot and there's a little scar there and she asks if I had blood drawn.
Uhm... yeah.........
I'm sure she saw my blue/green hair and just assumed some bad shit too.
Then... I'm sure I didn't help anything when Zoe wanted to watch and when the blood started to go in to the vial, I said... "That's cool huh?"
I was just trying to make Zoe not scared of needles, but as soon as I said it I just kind of cringed to myself at how weird that probably just sounded.
Sigh again........

Speaking of my hair.... the color is taking FOREVER to fade! I haven't been doing anything special to fade it, just shampooing like normal. It's taken out a lot of color and it looks royally jacked up and gross right now, but there is still SO much pigment left.
Pravana blue and green are no dang joke. They're semi-permanent colors and they are worth the money b/c they're lasting for forever!!

I know I can dye my hair again w/ a funky color, but not sure about bleaching. Will have to ask whichever doc I end up seeing about it. I wanted to bleach my hair one more time... maybe my roots too but mostly just the length.

Both kids are sick again. Just colds, but still. Well, I think Oren is slowly getting over his cold while Zoe is getting another one.
She thinks it's the end of the world when her nose runs. You would think the way she carries on about it that it's going to kill her to have boogers. SO dramatic! lol

They're both doing great though.
Oren is worse than a dog when it comes to begging for food lol. And him begging is making the dogs think it's ok for them to stat begging again too. It's pretty funny looking down to see your baby and your dogs all giving you puppy eyes lol.

Oren is loving him some solid foods though. Got him those little yogurt crisp things for babies and he loves though.... so does Zoe.
Need to get more :)

And letting him CIO that one day seems to have fixed whatever problem he was having. If he wakes up crying, he'll only do it for a few seconds before falling back to sleep. No more wailing like the roof is caving in thank goodness.

Zoe is good. She's starting to get a little more stingy with her toys when Oren goes for them. Oh well. Knew it was going to happen heh. Not a huge deal really b/c she still adores him.
She's my little munchkin though. Love my Zoe. I just need to get off my lazy ass and start teaching her things though.
Maybe next year we'll put her in to preschool.

One of the cat's back paws is getting puffy again. NOOOOOOOO
Noticed that he hadn't moved from the loveseat all day. Didn't think too much of it, but then when he did finally move and went to jump back on it, he couldn't jump and more or less just clawed his way up the leather couch. Yeah... there are nice big scratches in it now... awesome.
DH thinks that maybe the bad litter that he used caused some irritation. DOn't know why the hell DH used that shit. Didn't have any kind of odor control in it so as soon as the cat used it, the whole room smelled like cat piss.
But yeah... it probably did irritate is toebeans. DUnno if the swelling is going to go back down or if we're going to be faced with another $700 vet bill to get surgery on his feet again.

EDIT: Sorry for all the typos and whatnot. Don't feel like fixing anything :P

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

405...that's good right?

I really don't know how many dpo I am. Anywho, nurse called today and gave me my results. Said that I was early.... uhm... ok. I actually had to ask for the number and it was 405. I think that's good? I go back in tomorrow for a repeat. FX that the numbers rise like they should.
It would really help if I did know how far along I was. I think I was adding on a couple of days so I may only be 16? 17? dpo based on when I remember seeing some ewcm. I dunno though.....
See... this is what happens when you don't keep track of things! lol

I'll be back on Thursday with hopefully a good number to share :)

Monday, December 7, 2015


So I called the doctor's office this morning and of course got asked what my LMP was. Then I said my cycles are irregular which I guess starts sirens going off at the office or something b/c the receptionist got all flustered and said I needed to talk to someone else. Then she comes back and said that since I have irregular cycles, I have to get a beta done to determine about how far along I am.
She didn't normally work in that area so didn't know what to do.... sent me to the wrong voice mail to the wrong doctor so I had to hang up and call back lol.
THEN the nurse that called me back said that usually since I did know my LMP they didn't do betas, but after I explained that my cycles are irregular and this one was long, she said it was ok to come in for a beta and I went in with the kiddos and got that done.
Should hear back from them tomorrow from what I was told. Really curious to know what the number is. Hope it's nice, high and normal. No idea what DPO I am. Maybe 18? 19? 17? No flippin idea.

Oren is sick again. DOn't think he ever got a break from this cold and the one he had before. Poor guy. Sounds like some chest congestion and runny nose.
DUnno if it's that causing him to wake up at night or sleep regression, but the boy is getting on my nerves! So bad to say but it's SO frustrating b/c he keeps waking up and crying b/c the pacifier dropped out of his mouth. I'm doing some CIO today (right now actually). I just can't do another night of him waking up after 30mins of sleep. I already have enough trouble getting to sleep on my own.... and I'm either still trying to get back to sleep or just dosing off when he wakes up again.
He's got to learn how to self soothe and that he can find the pacifier on his own and put it back in his mouth.
I hate hearing him cry, but something has got to give.

He's ok when he's awake. Still in super clingy mode but good. He's just starting to move when he's pulled himself up. Only just a little though.
He's babbling a lot which I just love. It's so darn cute!

Zoe is good. Threenager is still kickin my ass with the tantrums and tude. Good grief....
Take for instance in the waiting room at the doctor's office today. I was letting her play on my phone to keep her quiet and entertained. I was asking her some questions about what she was playing and then....
"Don't talk to me."

Didn't look up, didn't stop what she was doing...... lol Crazy drama queen.

We put up Christmas decorations on Sunday. YAY! (I'll post pics later).
Zoe had so much fun seeing it all go up and then touching all the ornaments she could reach lol.
But she keeps making herself sad by saying that Christmas is over. o_O

No symptoms to speak of. Not surprised by that. Didn't really have early symptoms with the other 2. If I move wrong or too quick while laying down, I'll get that sharp pain down low, but that's not happening often at all.

DH mentioned yesterday if I wanted to find out or wait.
Uhm... if I could know the sex now... I would. He joked about wanting to wait and I dunno.... I think he really does.
We do have 1 of both and that surprise when they're born would be amazing, but I am SO impatient when it comes to this.
I'll seriously consider it if he's wanting to wait, but... man... I dunno if I can do it. I really like the idea of doing it, but just thinking about doing it is making me stressed out lol.

We also got on the topic of names lol. Yeah, we're jumping WAY ahead here heh. I think I mentioned something about finding out and finalizing a name or something which led to this convo.
Anyway.... I still really like Penelope and Ezra, but am totally open to changes if he comes up with something else that we both like.
Anyway, it was a sweet conversation to have with him though. Lots of joking around and laughing :)

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Taking a break

.....from crocheting. Making a slouchy kind of hat for my secret santa and it's just such a SLOOOOOOOW pattern and it's making my eyes cross lol.

We went Christmas shopping today. Started early with grocery shopping and it was already busy out. We went out right before lunch which was just the wrong decision b/c everyone else was out then too. I don't mind shopping, but I HATE it when the store is crowded b/c it's like they're filled with the most inconsiderate A-holes who can't be bothered to move their cart out of the way or scoot just a little over so you can get by.
And of course we have to go to the Target toy section b/c we needed to get some stuff and those isles are extra narrow for some damn reason. Or at least they seem like it, especially with half the store in that section and DH taking forever to pick between which frickin Ninja Turtle to buy for his angel kid (one of his church's 'adoptive' families this year. They put paper angels on to a tree and you can pick however many off and buy what's on it.) The kid is 6 and loves TMNT.... he'll love all of it so just pick one so we can get out of here!! DOn't get me wrong... I love that we were buying toys for some kids to help give them a better Christmas, but DH was just taking SO damn long to just pick something out.

I was wanting to sneak in some pregnancy tests, but half way through, I just wanted to leave.
Heck, I barely wanted to go get our Christmas tree.
We did it though. We just got one from Home Depot. Hey... $40something for a 7-8ft tall tree aint too shabby and it's a purdy tree :D
They had just undone them so the branches haven't fully settled yet so we haven't decorated it just yet.
It smells so good in our living room though. LOVE that smell. We're going to put wrapping paper on the wall and will probably need to move the loveseat up some to make room for it lol. It's a pretty wide tree. OH and paper on the wall to protect it from the sap. The oh so lovely smelling sap.
So happy to get a real tree this year.
As for presents... they are NOT getting put under the tree until.... heck, probably not until Xmas Eve when Zoe goes to sleep lol. If we put them under there sooner, I guarantee, Zoe would mess with them and open them up.

She's spending the night with her cousin tonight. Lord help SiL and her husband.
They took the girls to a drive in to see The Good Dinosaur and Peanuts. Hope Zoe enjoyed it and behaved. She's going to be tired and grumpy as shit tomorrow.

Alrighty... break over. Need to crochet a little more then go to bed. MOmma be tired!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Last test..

Went ahead and used my last test this morning. Kicking myself in the butt for using that one test that gave a shadow line. Maybe that was the start of something. is the test and it is definitely darker. No denying it at all now... not that anyone was lol. Well maybe they were with the janky photos I posted before.
This one was taken with my phone... see how nice and clear the line comes up?? It's darker in person but still.. you can clearly see it and see that it got darker.

Now take a look at the photo my camera took of the same exact test.
Seriously?? It doesn't even look like it came from the same test.

Sorry about the formatting now. For some reason blogger won't let me switch to the one I was using. Think it's just this stupid laptop messing up. Oh well.
Oh AND I had to post it on my laptop b/c the new wireless keyboard for my computer is a total POS. It's the little USB receiver thing that is just junk. I'll type and it will take a minute for anything to come up THEN, I'm lucky if it comes up correctly. Lucky if I don't end up with about 5 or 6 lines of a single letter spamming and I can't do anything about it until it stops. So annoying.

Anywho.... enough complaining lol. Will be calling the doc next week. I'm sure they'll want me to come in way sooner than I should since my LMP says I should be further along than I am. SIGH.
I don't want that first ultrasound to not show a heartbeat b/c they did it too early.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

That went better than expected

Told DH over text the news. Took a photo of the test with my phone (line showed up better on it than it did on the better quality camera.. wth)...
And sent him a text.
I'm sure he was freaking out a bit at work.
He was just surprised that I got pregnant when we weren't trying and asked what changed. I guess having some babies and sticking with the 2k metformin has helped a lot.
Then he joked that I'm getting my tubes tied :P Heck, I'm all on board with that now. 3 is what I wanted, 3 is what I'm gonna get (well... maybe more if it's multiples but yeah.. NOT even going there right now lol).... so we are going to be done done done.
And since I'll be getting a c-sec anyway, might as well get it done then. It's kinda sad to think about and MAYBE if we were younger we'd consider more kids, but no... not now. 3 is a good number *nodnod* lol

He also joked that he was never going to be able to retire, especially if we ever wanted to go to Disney lol.
Yeah, he knows he's probably never gonna be able to retire anyway. Not with how prices for everything just keep increasing but most wages (especially his) don't.

So yeah, he was shocked and in disbelief, but he took it well.

Figured out that this is probably going to be another August baby. Thinking about that makes my heart skip a beat. Heck, thinking about another makes my heart skip a beat.
Shows you how prepared I was... I've taken a vitamin once, maybe twice since Oren was born. Need to get back on that... yikes.

Ok gotta cut this short. Oren is being a bit needy and trying to eat my knees lol.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


This happened this morning....

Same test, just 2 diff pics and not tweaked other than cut and resized.

And a tweak with contrast and brightness...
The photos don't show it well, but it's there and it's pink.
Holy... crap.
I mean I'm shocked, but also kind of not. It's not like we've been having safe sex here and I kind of knew when I was fertile, but it still wasn't planned and I honestly wasn't expecting much of anything.
But these twinges I had felt.... I remember having them with Oren (not this early, but it felt the same). I guess what I was feeling was maybe implantation?

Anyway... even though I do want another... I must admit that this freaks me the F out too. If everything goes well... holy crud we have a lot of work to do to prepare for another.... and I might as well get the idea of not sleeping through the night for a few more years in my head. lol

I actually didn't test yesterday like I had planned... for once lol. My mystery foot injury was distraction enough and I had really thought that AF was going to show up. Don't think this has quite sunk  in yet.
Going to wait until Thursday or Friday to test again since I only have 1 more left... We'll see if I can make it until then.