Friday, July 29, 2016


Yeah... nothing was done today... at all.
Just not feeling up to do much of anything right now.
I got shaky last night at dinner time and while I'm not that bad right now.. it feels like things could go that way.
I've been snacking all day to hopefully keep that from happening again though.

I think it's also partially dehydration too. I've been using my little fan a lot today to help keep from sweating too much, but it's a tiny little thing that can only do so much lol. I replaced the battery in it 3 or 4 days ago and I can already tell that it's losing some juice heh.

Thankfully it seems as though swelling isn't as bad today. It usually starts up right after I wake up, but it's not as bad today. Probably b/c I haven't tried doing much of anything.

I can tell that my attitude has been pretty shitty though. Just really quick to get annoyed with the kids which I'm not happy about :( Sure... they've been really pushing their limits lately, but I don't like snapping at them as much as I have been. I'm just so hot and miserable and it really shows in my attitude sometimes. I try my best though.
Just need to try harder b/c with 3... yeah... I'm going to need to get a lot more patience. A LOT more lol.

Anywho.. just waiting for DH to get home already. Today has dragged, but thankfully I got in a nice little nap. Could've used a longer one, but a short one is better than nothing :)

It's finally Friday!!

Good lord this week went by so damn slow.
Next week is probably going to be worse!!
But I'm sure the weekend will go by nice and quick as usual -_-....

Not sure if anyone remembers, but there is a woman at DH's church that was pregnant, but they had found out that the baby wasn't going to survive once it was born.
DH didn't remember what was wrong with it, but he told me yesterday that the baby was born yesterday or the day before and died almost immediately after the birth :(
UGH.... I feel so bad for them and I really hope that she and her husband and family really cherished the few months they had with their baby while she was pregnant.
I can't even imagine going through something like that :(

Really makes me feel guilty for complaining so much. I know I shouldn't feel guilty, but ya know...

Speaking of complaining though...
The aches are increasing it seems.
Doesn't seem to be getting worse just lasting longer and occurring more often. Ok so I guess that is worse... I meant not worse in respect to the actual discomfort/pain lol.
Think it's all just having to do where the baby is positioned. At least that's what I'm guessing lol.

Baby's movements have definitely turned to the slower pushing and turning feeling. Still get kicked and whatnot too, but most of the time it's pushing out.
Can't wait to finally have baby here. Find out the sex and find out how big baby is! I'm gonna guess.... 8lbs 4oz.

Going to try my best to start getting our room cleaned up. Might not be everything I want done, but I can do a little bit. Like cleaning off the top of my dresser and cleaning off the bassinet.

We'll see what happens though!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Well that's not gonna happen

I WAS feeling pretty good. And sitting here now, I feel fine.
But I went through Zoe's toys earlier. Just sat on the floor digging through her bins and taking out the toys she's not playing with and picking up the toys I could reach.
That was it. Nothing strenuous at all.....
You would've thought I had run a marathon with the way I was aching when I got up. Good lord....
No way in hell I'm gonna be able to clean the carpets like I want. Still going to vacuum, but that will be it.
Sigh.. this sucks.

FINALLY getting that nesting thing going and I can't frickin do what I want :\

Oh well.... I can at least try to look up some freezer meals to make.
I know I want to do a chicken pot pie. The one I made a while ago was SO frickin delicious and I think that would keep and heat up well.
Pasta something would obviously be a good idea. Maybe make a homemade hamburger helper type of dish. That sounds good.
Other than that though.. /shrugs
I think DH wanted me to make chili too. We'll see.
I got a lot of cooking that needs to be done though.
Thank goodness we have our new fridge and a lot more freezer space :D

Anywho.... going to try to clear the dishwasher so I can get some bottles and things washed.
Take it from there and see if my body cooperates and lets me do anything else.

SO achy!!

I sound like a broken record, but this is my life right now.
Not sure if baby was just laying really low or what, but all night long I was SO achy really far down. I HAD to lay on my left side b/c laying on my right made the aching worse.
Thankfully I feel fine now, but that was a long night.
Pretty sure it wasn't contractions or anything like that though... although that thought did cross my mind lol.

Also had to sleep in just my undies last night.
Oh so attractive :\
I was SO hot and sweaty though that even with my shirt hiked up to my boobs, it was still too much.
This sweating is ridiculous though.
If I didn't wear panty liners... I wouldn't know if I was just sweating, peeing myself, water broke, or what. That's how much I'm sweating. It's gross and feeling constantly wet is disgusting. I'd be going through all of my panties every day just to not be sitting in wetness.

Anyway.... enough of that...

Going to try to start getting my hospital bag together.. or well.. as together as I can get it and clean up our room today.
Not going to overdo it, but I do need to at least vacuum. May try to carpet clean too depending on how I'm feeling. The bed is right there though if I feel like I need to take a break :)

No pics today. DH took the camera to work. Oh well... tomorrow..... maybe :P lol

Oren is in a throwing phase right now it seems. Awesome :\
Thankfully he can't throw very far, but telling him no isn't cutting it lol.

Zoe is doing well and boy is that little attitude getting bigger rofl. It's frustrating to deal with but also kind of funny sometimes. But she's learning that mommy doesn't  tolerate that mess and she's learning that pitching an attitude isn't going to get her what she wants.

Like last night, she kept blowing this wooden whistle thing. I told her that if she wanted to blow it to please take it to her room and do it. I wasn't being mean or anything. Well the girl got a little attitude like she does and started pouting and giving me the silent treatment.
I ask her if she's done with her food b/c I WAS going to get her a popsicle if she was done. She didn't answer so I straight up told her, if she didn't answer me, she wasn't going to get one.
She wanted to continue her little silent treatment so... no popsicle.
Whatever.. her loss.
I start cleaning up and 5min later, she comes out and says that she's done. But nope.. too late little miss. Cue the whining and crying.
I explained to her that she can't pull attitude and then still expect what she wants.
Sigh.... really hope the message gets through to her eventually lol.

Her and Oren are starting to fight over toys more. Joy :\
They're usually pretty good with sharing... but then they'll both get it in to their heads to play with something the other one has and the screaming and whining starts.
Oh I know it's just the start of this...... I'm going to be responsible for tylenol staying in business lol.

Think that's all for now. Just still trying to wake up some more so I can get up enough energy and motivation to do something productive. May not be what I'm hoping to do, but I want to do something. Not just sit here sweating :\

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Little walking disaster movies

That's what kids are. I swear lol...
I cleaned up in the living room again. Not a total clean up, but enough that it looked clean.... and now? Not even a day later..... yeah... disaster area once again. There's just no winning with this and the hell if I'm gonna spend the little bit of energy I do have cleaning it all up constantly. Pffft

I vacuumed the nursery so I could lay out the rug we bought before going through the 2 bins of clothes. Oren goes out... I hear him messing with something so I call him back to the room... and in he comes trailing in potting soil behind him. SIGH.....
He's going to kill my poor coffee bean plant. Would put it in baby's room, but we're getting blackout curtains so it wouldn't be getting the sun it needed.
Hopefully once we clean out the dining room area, there will be room in there to put it that he can't reach.

I smell so bad. Or well.. I did before my shower.
I sweat almost 24 hours a day. There's just no stopping it. It's hot as Satan's balls and I'm right at the taint.
DH and I haven't DTD in a while b/c I just feel so gross all the time now (nevermind the aching).
I'm making use of the tiny handheld battery powered fan that I bought from Walmart. Think it was 3 or 4 dollars and worth every dang penny. Wish the little foam blades were slightly bigger, but it's helping.

And I'm so sorry to all of those faceless women out there that I scoffed at for complaining about not being able to bend over. I had no problems with that with Zoe and Oren, but this one... this one has shown me to be humble and not be so damn bitchy lol. Ok.. so I am still pretty bitchy, but at least I understand now :P lol
I seriously have to stop and think about if something I dropped is worth bending over to pick up or if I just want to leave it.
It's funny but also frustrating and a bit pathetic :P lol

Sigh... just have to wait a little bit longer. Just a little longer!!! And then I can look back and remember everything fondly while wishing we could go back out of the exhausting newborn stage lol.

I am so excited to see what we're having though. Was convinced it was a girl before, but now.... I really have no clue. DH is still hoping for another boy, but I really don't care either way. Ok so I kinda wish for another girl, but then for the reasons DH wants another boy.. I start wishing for a boy. Just really want baby out and healthy lol.

Great... new neighbors wife is super fit and cute..... bitch.
Lol.. just kidding just kidding.
Heard my dogs barking so I went to get them in b/c I know how annoying that sound is and of course, I was looking busted from head to toe. No bra, tank top hiked up a little showing off my tiger striped bump, hair a mess.... and there she was on her back porch with her daughter looking all put together and gorgeous. SIGH!
A little embarrassed but I really can't bring myself to care that much rofl. I know I'm a giant pregnant mess right now and I just don't care.
Just glad I thought to pull my tank top down a little bit. Usually have it tucked right up under my boobs to help try to keep cool (it doesn't work) and I usually let the dogs in and out like that. lol
Glad I didn't give her an eye full of giant baby bump and saggy boobs.

No photos today. Shocker I know.
Just feeling extra tired atm and hot and miserable.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Yay for normal!
Just got a call back and my labs came back totally normal. WOO!
Now I wouldn't have objected to doing the c-sec this Friday, but I'm also really happy that everything came back normal.
I already have a ton of crap wrong.. don't need to tack on anything else lol.

I'm sure though that if my BP is still high on my next appointment, they may still want to do the c-sec on the 5th.
I'm fine with it. It will suck being in the hospital for Zoe's birthday, but celebrating it a little late shouldn't be a big problem... even if I'm drugged up to hell and back and exhausted lol.

At least this gives us more time to prepare for baby again though! And so long as baby stays put on its own.. we should still be good to go for that concert :)

So YAY for nothing being wrong! Still though... possibly only 1.5 weeks until baby #3 arrives! O_O

Oh and I managed to go through the 2 storage bins that SiL gave back to us.
We're all set for sleep gowns and all of that lol. Most of it is girly stuff, but oh well. I'm really not worried about putting a boy in girly pjs and whatnot. And hey.. if this is a girl.. she is so set on clothes it's not even funny. SO many cute girly clothes.

I dunno who bought SiL all of the newborn footie pjs though. There were around 5 or 6 of them. None of them are from us. Not sure if she bought them or someone else did. Can't imagine she got much use out of them. Oh well. They're so cute and small though. No idea if we'll even be using them. Depends on how big this lil one is :)

Still need to take pics but will try to get some and post tomorrow :D

Nothing yet

So... after googling some more... looks like this is kind of common. Gestational hypertension. No protein in urine but high bp.
I'm really not too worried about it to be honest. I mean, I'm not brushing it off or anything and know it can cause problems, but it's not freaking me out.
If I was experiencing really bad other symptoms, THEN I would freak out.
Seems like swelling is a common companion of this though so that explains the feet and ankles swelling up.
Nothing else seems to be getting swollen though so far so thank goodness for that.
Need to buy more compression socks. No idea where mine are lol.

Anywho... no news yet. It's only 11:20 though. I just hope to hear something back today. Kind of doubting I will, but hoping lol.

I dunno... just the thought of possibly delivering a little earlier is getting me excited... and nervous and a bit frustrated lol. There's still so much to do, but I just can't do a lot of it.
I managed to vacuum a little bit this morning, but had to stop b/c I was getting short of breath.
Still need to clean up our room and clear the bassinet off and clean off my dresser to make room for all the baby crap.
Just so much to do.

I know DH is hoping for next Friday. The concert we want to go to is on Wednesday lol. Thank goodness we bought insurance on those tickets. Money well spent it seems.
If we are able to go... that means the kids will be spending the night Wednesday-whenever I get home from the hospital.
Hate doing that to MiL and hate that I'll be away from them for that long. We can always see them on that Thursday of course.. but they'd still be spending the night with MiL of course.
All I gotta say is that SiL better not pawn off niece on MiL during whatever weekend I'm in the hospital. I want my kids to meet their sibling WITHOUT niece there distracting them. Going to need DH to talk to his mom about that.

Booo won't be able to see Suicide Squad though.... lol. Oh well. Just gotta wait a few months to watch it on dvd I guess. Not a huge deal or anything, was just looking forward to seeing it in theaters :)

Got to sleep in today! WOO!
But only b/c someone forgot to turn Oren's monitor on. Oops.
Poor little guy. I'm sure he probably woke up at his usual time but since I couldn't hear him... well.....
At around 8:30, I went and checked on him which is when I saw that his monitor wasn't on. He had fallen back to sleep, but who knows how long he probably cried for :(

I'll post again later if I get results back. If not, then will post tomorrow unless something happens.
Will also try to get some photos of the nursery up and maybe some of the kids too if I get any good ones. :)


It's 4:30 and I've been up since 3. Sigh...

At least it's not like the other night when I woke at 1 and didn't get back to sleep until 4 or 5.

So... even if my blood work comes back fine... I think they might wait to see what my BP is at the next appointment (Monday) and go from there. If it's still high, they'll probably want to go ahead and reschedule the c-sec for the 5th.
I was kinda getting excited thinking that maybe they'd do it this Friday lol.

Totally selfish, but I just want baby here. I want to get this c-sec recovery done and over with as quick as possible. I want the newborn exhaustion to start and get it done and over with already... but I just really don't want to be in the hospital for Zoe's birthday.
Started thinking about it on the way home from my appointment and cried a little.
I know Zoe wouldn't really care if we celebrated it a little late, but I dunno... it still upsets me.

Anyway.... this Friday... next Friday.... we still have a lot of work to do!
Need to clean our room up and clean all the bassinet stuff.
Need to rent a breast pump. Actually make sure they have one to rent.
Need to clean all the bottles and pumping stuff.
Need to go through all of the baby clothes and get out the size appropriate stuff (will do that later today).
Need to prepare some freezer meals.

etc etc etc.
Mostly it's just needing to clean.

Nervous and excited. The 12th is right around the corner, but it still felt far enough away that I could procrastinate... this however... yikes! lol Just shows how much still needs to be done.
Will get on it later today.
Do as much as I can while waiting to hear back from doc office.

I still can't believe I forgot to mention the crotch feeling. That's all I could think about when it started and then here's my appointment and it doesn't even cross my mind once!
I could use the excuse of the BP and possibly having baby earlier as an excuse, but no... I didn't know any of that until after I had already asked the other questions that I did.
My brain just decided to NOPE! on that subject :\

Alright... it's almost 5.... going to go lay down and hope I can snooze a little before Oren wakes up.
Not sure what is going on with him. Some kind of sleep regression or something. He woke up at 5am yesterday.
We didn't check on him and he did eventually go back to sleep after lots of whining.
Anyway.... I'm sure I'll be running on nerves today anyway... hoping to hear back something.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Could be the 5th afterall

So I had my appointment this afternoon.
My BP was elevated again. Nothing in urine though, but the OB wanted some blood work done and if anything comes back 'weird' then they're going to move my c-sec to the 5th. At least I think she meant the 5th. She said NEXT Friday but then said 38w which would be this Friday /shrugs.
I guess if anything does come back, they'll tell me what's gonna happen.

I dunno... I don't think there will be anything. Think it's just my anxiety mixed with the heat and whatnot that causes my BP to go up, but hey.. ya never know. Better to be safe than sorry :)

I mentioned the lack of hiccups to her and she said that it's perfectly fine and nothing to worry about.
Also mentioned the shortness of breath and she didn't seem worried. Just said that it's probably baby pushing up against my diaphragm making it hard for me to breath.

I actually forgot to mention the numbness in my feet. SIGH! I'm not really worried about it (now) to be honest. Since putting my feet up helps the swelling.. I think it's just 'normal' end of pregnancy crap going on.
And I just now remembered that I forgot to mention the punched in the crotch feeling when I roll. SIGH! Thanks brain! :\

So yeah.... just gotta wait for the blood results to get back in and go from there. May be delivering when I had originally wanted.
A bit upset that I'll be in the hospital for Zoe's birthday, but can't really do anything about that :(

We did go to Build A Bear today for part of her birthday... thing lol.
She had wanted an Ironman bear. Ever since we brought it up to her weeks ago, she's been going on about wanting that particular one.... we got there... she spotted a Peppa Pig one and that is the one she wanted. Screw Ironman! lol
They were both part of a 2 for $35 though so she got Peppa and Oren got Ironman :)

We ate lunch at the food court (it was in a mall) and spent $10 letting her ride the carousel they have there. Oren did ride it the first time and was TERRIFIED. LOL
It was so stinking cute. DH rode it with them and Oren had a death grip on him and his face buried in his side. I know it's awful, but the look of horror on Oren's face was hilarious and cute :P lol
Should've gotten some photos and video of it hehe

Zoe had a blast though :)

I had wanted to go to buybuybaby or babies r us while we were there, but we didn't leave the mall until 1pm and my appointment was at 2:45 so.. yeah. Oh well. We really didn't need anything, but it would've been nice to look some heh.

So yep... baby could be arriving next week! O_O

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Damn you google!

Ok, so my right foot and ankle have been swelling a bit quicker as soon as I get up and of course I just HAD to google about it.
And of course it had me freaked out b/c OMG blood clot maybe???
Lol... I don't think it is though. It's not painful or hot/warm to the touch or anything like that and it's not even swelling up THAT much.
Anyway, I put my feet up (reclined) for a while and the swelling did go down so.. yeah.. think it's just normal pregnancy junk going on along with not really getting in enough fluids still. Trying to remedy the water intake today though. Don't want to go in tomorrow with the same problem I had last week.

I am still going to ask about the lack of baby hiccups though. Baby is moving around like normal, so I don't suspect anything is wrong, but it's just weird that I haven't really felt them very much.

Oh I am going to mention the tingly feet. I'm sure I'll just get the usual "Raise your feet" response though.

Today has been ok though. Picked up some toys.... only for other ones to take their place... sigh.
Didn't clean the carpets though. Put Oren down at 11am and he didn't get up until 2! It's almost 3 now and HOT.

Just sketched out a couple of plushie frame ideas that I want to get started on. Keeping the designs simple, so hopefully I can get them done kind of quick... although I'm sure that won't be the case w/ the kids wanting to mess with everything lol.

Really doubting I'll get the painting done before baby arrives. It's just all touching/cleaning up the rough spots really so it's not a HUGE deal if I don't finish it right now. And it's not like baby is going straight to the nursery. May just say screw it and leave it until after baby has arrived and when I feel better.
I just don't want to spend that much time on my feet... not with the swelling and tingling.
So yeah... it can wait.

Anywho.... need to cool off some and get started on the frame things :)

Well that sucked!!

Got Zoe back yesterday :)
She was a big ole chatter box when we were going home. Missed my baby girl and glad she's back home safe and sound.
It's almost 8:30 now and she's still sleeping. Not surprised.
I'm sure this is the most, restful sleep she's gotten.
Sounds like she had a lot of fun though which I'm happy about.

So we got home around 8 after eating dinner and getting Zoe back.
Kids went right to bed and by then it was around 8:30. I was tired and wanted to lay down.
Of course DH had to just say something and whine about it.
Dude.... shut up.
I think he doesn't believe just how much pain and discomfort I'm actually in. I'm sure he thinks I'm just exaggerating it all sometimes.
He's not dumb enough to actually say anything to my face, but some of his comments and attitude sometimes does give that impression. Or maybe it's just me looking in to things too much and being overly sensitive lol. /shrugs
Sigh... if only men could feel what this was like. I'm not moving like an 80yo for shits and giggles here. I'm not grunting every time I move b/c I like the way it sounds. I'm not letting the house go to hell b/c I like the mess and stains everywhere :\

Anyway... I had to get up about 10min later after laying down b/c I started getting an AWFUL stomach ache. Something I ate was not agreeing with me and needed to come out.
Holy hell that was awful.
That terrible gut wrenching stomach ache feeling along with the baby moving along with BH contractions. That was not a fun hour of my life... on the toilet. Yes... an hour.

Zoe is finally awake and Oren is attacking her with hugs and kisses... and sitting and laying all over her ROFL.
Oh my gosh it's so cute and funny. He really didn't seem to mind when she was gone, but it's obvious now that he's so happy that she's home. She's going to have a little shadow for a while I think heh.
SQUEEEE... just melt my heart.
Maybe I can get a little bit done today :D
I'm feeling ok right now.
That punched in the crotch feeling seems to be intensifying during the night, but other than that.. I feel ok.
I just want to clean up these nasty stains. I hate seeing them along with the nasty clumps of dog fur.
Other than yorkies... what are some other dogs that don't shed? I think it's yorkies that don't right?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Complaining some more

So most of yesterday was spent just sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing.
I was one grumpy momma though. Just having to wake up early and feeling so uncomfortable... It just got to me and I was so snappy.

My right foot and ankle still got swollen though. Guess that's just going to be a thing that happens now for whatever reason.

I felt off for a good portion of the day, but by the time DH got home, I actually felt somewhat normal.
We went out to dinner and... it was nice :)

Woke up this morning feeling pretty good too and decided to go to Walmart and then grocery shopping.
Wanted to get another night shirt from Walmart along with a few other things. Didn't get one thing I had wanted, but meh... not really worried about it.

Grocery shopping sucked though. Just started feeling extremely achy and had to move very very slow.
By the time I got out of there and started putting stuff up, I was moving at a snail's pace and my right hip along w/ c-sec area were throbbing :(

Hip feels fine now, but c-sec area still aches something fierce when I stand up. Picking Oren up to change his diaper or just for some snuggles has been a challenge so far today.
About to go lay down for a bit while he naps.

I'm experiencing some bad insomnia right now.
Woke up around 11:30 to pee. Decided I wanted to lay on my right side so I rolled over after getting back in to bed.
Felt totally fine, was just about to fall back to sleep and then SLOSH... a throat FULL of bile. Absolutely no warning that it was going to happen. YUCK!
Then, I couldn't get back to sleep and got SUPER hot. I didn't get back to sleep until 4:30-5am :(
And then of course Oren started making noise just before 6:30. Sigh........
So yeah.... going to hurry up with this post so I can try to get in a nap.

Rolling over sucks. Think that's common with SPD? At least from what I've read. When I try to roll over in bed, that bruised punched in the crotch feeling happens.
Read that doing kegels could help with it, but not really sure I'm doing those right and I never really actually remember to do them.
AND when I do remember to do some.. I do 2 or 3 and then get distracted lol.
Just boring and annoying having to focus on doing something like that. I guess if I'm having trouble getting back to sleep again, I'll try doing more kegels in the meantime lol.

I'm seriously seriously doubting I'll be making it to my due date. I know I've been saying that a lot lately, but with just the way I've been feeling.... I don't know how my body is going to handle 3 more weeks of this.

Friday, July 22, 2016


Ok, so I did try to work on the nursery some more.
Spent about 15min on my feet painting and had to sit down b/c my feet started up with the tingling/numbness again.
So I sat and worked on what I could while sitting.
After a bit, I felt fine so got back up and did some more stuff while standing. Only lasted about 10mins before the sensation started again.
Said screw it and just did what I could while sitting down.
At one point, I sat on the floor to work on the bottom part of a section I was on and I was hunched over a little. Baby wasn't happy and I could feel him/her squirming quite a bit. I THINK maybe baby was pushing up again my lungs b/c suddenly I was breathing really heavy and my heartbeat was fast. Like I had just ran a mile or something.
Well, I don't think the increase in my pulse was from baby....
Anyway, that freaked me out a bit so I called it quits on doing anymore and went and laid down at around 8:30.
Off and on, it felt like I couldn't catch my breath. Thinking that was just the baby b/c he/she was moving around like crazy when I did lay down.

I still felt really off though. Maybe just nerves from worrying.

I just need to rest as much as I can today. Need to go to the store since DH works this weekend, but that's going to have to wait.
I don't want to aggravate whatever is causing all of this even more and hoping that resting today will make me feel a bit more normal. Or as normal as a 9m pregnant woman can lol.

Sigh.... hate feeling this way, but I still want baby to stay put too. Wish I could just go lay down and spend the day in bed, but that's not the life of momma.

That Bar Keepers Friend stuff works great on the glass top stove. I fixed pasta last night w/ some homemade tomato sauce.
Still figuring out the temps of the numbers. A 5 on our old stove gave a good strong simmer... a 5 on this one still boils. I had to reduce it down all the way to a 2 before it finally stopped sputtering all over the place.
But all that sputtering caused a lot of the sauce to come out of the pot right on to the stove.
If you cook, you know how difficult that burnt on stuff can be to clean off.

Was a little afraid to use the BFK on it b/c I wasn't sure if it would scratch the surface, but it didn't. It took a good bit of scrubbing but it took off all the burnt areas. YAY! :D

We also bought some new pots and pans off amazon. That's what I used last night too.
T-Fal? Professional. They seem pretty good so far. The burnt on bits from the sauce that were on the pan came off with just the faucet running over it. Thought I was going to have to scrub it too, but nope :D

Damn iron pill with water chugging does not equal a happy stomach. BLEH! Need to eat something really soon or else I'm going to start gagging.

 And finally.... Oren woke up at 6:30 this morning. Good gawd I hope we don't have the same day we did yesterday.
He was SO damn whiny about everything. I just couldn't take it anymore by the time DH got home. Hell.. before then.
Seriously, everything I said to the child would make him start whining and crying. Nothing I did calmed him down. I know he was just overly tired, but it was too late to put him down for a 2nd nap and too early for bed.
I was just beyond my breaking point. I kept it together mostly though.
Did tell him to " please shut up" a few times. Not my proudest moment... sigh. Just glad Zoe wasn't here to hear me say that.

Going to put him down for a nap a little later today and hope that helps with his mood later.
Not sure what is going on with his sleep, but he keeps waking up during the night for some reason. He goes right back to sleep though thankfully. He could be getting cold. He's in a shirt and pants, but may just need to put him in some footie pjs again to make sure he's all covered and not getting cold.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hmm, should I be worried?

So I started painting some more in the room.
I was on my feet for maybe.... 30min? And my feet started tingling and going numb.
And now.. my right foot and ankle are once again swelling a little.
The tingling and numbness are new.... this is starting to worry me.

Think I'm going to rest up and not worry about painting (at least nothing that involves me being on my feet for longer than a few minutes) for a few days. Maybe my body just needs to rest a little more and I know I definitely need more fluids. I'm not drinking nearly what I should especially since I'm pretty much sweating and peeing the entire day.

I'll be bringing this up at my appointment though along with my concern about baby hiccups.
It's just that with Oren and Zoe.. I felt their hiccups really well and ALL the time and with this one... maybe once or twice a week.
He/she moves all over the place so I don't think anything is wrong, but I'll be asking about it anyway.

Just worrying a bit more now b/c it feels like my body is just in NOPE mode.

YAY productivity!!

I actually got stuff done yesterday! WOO!
I cleaned up all the mess in the living room. Put toys away, cleaned up the little bit of trash, picked up the hats and gloves that the kids threw everywhere AND vacuumed! WOO! The floors still look like shit, but at least it's not cluttered shit now.
It's just stained to hell from food stuffs from the kids lol. I hate the stains and do plan on shampooing the carpets at least one more time before baby arrives. Really need to do our room too and spots in Oren's room and Zoe's. Got a lot of work to do in just 3 weeks (if that long).

Anyway.... doing all of that made me ache like crazy though and I had to rest after.

After Oren went to bed.. I actually got some painting done too! WOO! :)
I finished up the lighter colored bamboo parts on the wall and went back over some of the pink spots that needed it. I'll have to touch up parts, but overall, at least that little bit is done.
Just need to finish up the darker green areas. Still a good bit of that left, but I plan on working on it today. That color needs a couple of layers so need to get the first on and dried so I can touch it up as it needs.
Then after that, it will be cleaning up the rough spots and yeah... should be good to go.
I still want to make SO much for the room. I doubt it will happen before baby arrives, but I'm gonna try. At least the things I want to make, I can do it sitting down lol.

Oren decided to wake just before 6am this morning. Sigh....
It's currently just past 8 and he's being a whiny butt right now. Awesome......
I was already awake b/c I had to pee, but I could've still used the extra time in bed to relax and possibly get back to sleep /cry. Might try to nap when he's napping if I'm feeling tired.

He got to see his daddy before DH went off to work though. And then he promptly started to cry when DH left lol. I know that made DH feel good... well.. not that he was crying, but that Oren wanted him. So sweet :)

Aunt called yesterday so I could talk to Zoe.
We haven't bothered calling them :P lol
It really wasn't anything special. Had me on speaker and all I could hear was niece in the background.
Oh well.. sounded like Zoe was having fun.

We got her toys in from Amazon yesterday. Some imaginext superhero figures that includes a little Flash. A Teen Titan Robin w/ a car and a Flash mask w/ cape. Think we're going to save the Teen Titan thing for Christmas.

They're not getting a ton for Christmas. We're still wanting to get them the motorized car which will be around $400. They'll get plenty of crap from everyone else :P lol

DH is off on Monday. I want to go to Build a Bear early for Zoe. Figured going on a Monday to the area that it's at would be better than waiting until the weekend before her birthday. That area of town is SO horrible with traffic. You want to see the worst of the worst drivers here? You go to that area. It's like everyone's brains just stop functioning there.

Anyway... would also like to go get a few more crib sheets while we're over there too ;) heh

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sucky start

Yikes... the iron pills really screwed me over this morning.
Actually threw up what little I had to drink this morning.
Also got a bad dizzy spell this morning too. Yeesh... what next???

Made a quick microwave pizza to share with Oren and I'm feeling better now thankfully. Just need to drink more once my stomach settles down a little.
Poor Oren freaked out a bit when I was getting sick though. Such a sweet little guy :)

He's a walking tornado and the living room is a disaster area, but he's my little sweety.
REALLY need to clean up today. I just can't ignore the mess any longer. It's driving me up the wall.
Just have to find the will to do it. I have the energy. I'm not exhausted or anything... it's just I'm SO damn uncomfortable and just don't want to move lol.
It's the same reason why I haven't worked on the nursery again. I have the energy, but I don't want to get up to do it.

It's also why I'm getting dehydrated. I finish my drink... get thirsty, but don't want to get up to get more.

End of pregnancy sucks. There... I said it. IT SUCKS!!!!
As I've said before... I'll miss it once it's all over.... but right now... IT SUCKITY SUCK SUCK SUCKS.

Even if I did want more... I think the way this pregnancy has gone and how my body is reacting to it would make me go "Ya know... I'm good with 3."
I seriously don't think my body could handle being pregnant again. I dunno how the hell women have more than 4 kids... well women my age. I could see some young chick popping them out no problem, but an older woman? Pffft..... nope.

I'm gonna have to take a photo of the living room mess just to show how awful it is and to show how much destruction a 16mo can do lol.
I do plan on cleaning it today though and going through all the toys. Putting crap away that they're not playing with. Really need to donate a lot of it, but I hate giving anything away when there is another LO coming and they could play with it.... Sigh. But man.. they really have too many toys. It's our fault for spoiling the heck out of them, but I love getting them stuff.
I need more self control in the toy departments! lol

I miss my Zoe! /cry
Still a few days before she gets home. Hope she's having fun.
I'm sure she is since she's with her cousin, granny, and aunt.
Sure, she drives me crazy with her attitude and whining, but man.. I miss my baby girl.
Can't believe she's going to be 4 in 2.5 weeks! Holy crap.... this last month of pregnancy is going by a lot faster than I realized.

Still want to take Zoe to Build A Bear, but other than that and getting her a birthday cake... we're done buying her stuff for her birthday. Just waiting to get some of the things in the mail (should be getting it today).
Hmmm.... ya know... I think all of it is superhero stuff lol. /shrugs...
It's what she's in to right now though so.. whatever :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More!! With pictures!!!!!

Finally thought to upload some photos!
It's not from the entire trip. DH did something with that card and I dunno where it is. So will just have to settle for these few lol.

The ones from the trip are from our short stay with SiL. We walked to her neighborhood park to let the kids play and they had a blast there. Wish I could be that easily entertained lol.
And also from our trip with her to some castle cheese place in Wisconsin.

And here are some photos from home :)
And yes... Oren is in a tutu dress thing that DH put on him.... probably b/c Zoe wanted him in it lol.
And the one of Oren on the floor is one of the many instances of a mini-tantrum :P

And here are 2 photos of the new baby furniture. Obviously doesn't have everything set up like it's going to be just yet, but you can see the colors... at least on the dresser. Didn't really get a good shot of the crib for some reason.

And finally... the gross shots of the before and after using Bar Keepers Friend on that baking sheet.
I know the after shot isn't all that impressive, but I had already spent too long on my feet and didn't feel like scrubbing it any longer lol. You can still see that it got A LOT of the grossness off of it though.

That's all the photos for now :)

Oh, I forgot that it wasn't a butt swab this time. It was just a vaginal one.. still sucks having to get anything done down there, but meh... gotta do what ya gotta do.

Finally remembered to reschedule my dermatologist appointment today. Got it rescheduled to Oct 4th. Figured Oct would be far enough ahead to get anything done. Not that I need anything that would be harmful to baby done though.
I just want this gross mole taken off and possibly talk about ways to lighten the skin on my armpits.

Debating if I want to try breastfeeding again.
UGH... the thought of the baby chewing my nipple up like Oren did makes me cringe... but I dunno... there's still that appeal of it. The possibility of it FINALLY working with this baby.
I don't think it will though. Even if baby has an awesome latch.. my boobs just don't produce enough milk and pumping and actually seeing the amount being given is comforting to know.
I dunno though.... feels like I need to give it a shot, but the pain... UGH the PAIN!!!

DH didn't think I'd even want to pump at all. Honestly.. I have mixed emotions about it, but again have a need to do it at least for a little while.
Not that I think giving formula right from the start is bad by any means b/c we'll have to supplement like we did with Zoe and Oren. It's just this feeling of NEEDING to do it.
I do not look forward to actually doing it though. Feeling like I'm trapped in the house and living the days by 2 hour increments is going to suck. And the painful sore nipples.... UGGH!
No idea if I'll be able to handle doing it for the short amount of time I did it before, but we'll see what happens.

Lol... my belly button looks so damn weird.
Ever see the movie Dune?? Remember that giant fetus looking thing with the weird vagina mouth? Yeah... that's what my belly button looks like.
DH said it looks like it's whistling! LOL It's still an inny, but the skin around it is puckered out some giving it that puckered whistling lips look :P Too funny.

I think that's it for now... I'm sure there was something else, but it can wait :)

That was quick

So I had my appointment at 3 yesterday. Turns out... my appointment was actually for 2:15. OOPS!
I dunno how I convinced myself that it was at 3. I had a feeling that I should double check the time, but I KNEW it was at 3 so didn't bother... :P lol
Won't be making that mistake again.
I'm on weekly appointments now.
Next one is next monday and at 2:45. /nodnod

Appointment went well though. I'm sure they're used to pregnancy brain there so they didn't make a big deal over it.
I did have something in my urine though. Doctor said it was most likely b/c I was a little dehydrated (which was probably true b/c I hadn't really had a lot to drink)... and to just be sure to drink more.
My BP was high too though, but again... I do have white coat syndrome AND some anxiety issues that I know bump my BP up when I get even a little nervous.
I haven't felt my BP going all crazy though. I mean sometimes after I'm done actually doing something mildly active, it gets my blood pumping, but other than that... I feel normal in terms of that.
They didn't make a big deal of it though, but I'm sure they will if it happens again.

OO, so we bought some of that Bar Keepers Friend at Walmart the other day. It cost just under 2 dollars for the powder.
Used it on an old baking sheet that really needed to be cleaned. Had that gross cooked on grease that is frickin impossible to clean off. BKF  got that shit off ASAP! I don't use regular sponges... the ones w/ the rough side and the soft side. What I use is just the rough side. It doesn't scratch and doesn't hold in the moisture so you don't have to worry about that gross stink that sponges can get.
Anyway... I used that w/ BKF on the sheet and it worked like a charm. You just wet the surface a little, sprinkle some of the powder on and start scrubbing. No need to let it sit or anything.
It's not perfect though. There are big black cooked on spots on the bottom of the baking sheet that it really couldn't get off. Maybe with a rougher scrubber it could, but everything else.. it cleaned off fairly easily.
I highly recommend trying it out. It's cheap and easy to get and definitely works on those tough to get out cooked on spots. Just make sure to wear gloves when you're using it. I didn't and my hands feel so rough and gross and it gets under your nails. BLEH! lol

I took some before and after photos to show how well it worked. Will try to get those posted... eventually :P

Did not work on the nursery yesterday. Shocker lol.
Started watching that new Netflix series Stranger Things. Thankfully at least that only has 8 episodes so at least we can't procrastinate like we did when watching Agents of Shield (which has over 20ep per season lol).
We stopped on ep 5? yesterday. It's pretty good so far. Really like that 80's movie feel of it with the kids trying to solve the mystery of their friend.
Can't wait to see where the story goes next :D

Welp, guess that's my cue to stop... Oren grunting trying to get a poop out and then stopping and wandering off. lol

Monday, July 18, 2016


So DH went to the bank and called me after.

Apparently the dipshit he talked to on Saturday didn't know WTF he was talking about. The thieves didn't get our account number, they were just using our old debit card information, so DH doesn't need to change any of the account number stuff thankfully and the woman he talked with today fixed it all.
PLUS... the dipshit didn't even freeze my debit card like he was supposed to do when DH told him to do it, PLUS didn't do some other shit like he was supposed to do (I can't remember everything that DH told me, just that whoever he talked to needs to be fired).
DH unfortunately didn't remember the guy's name, but I'm sure if they wanted, they could look up who was working at the time to see who it was.

Oh and our old debit cards were in fact NOT deactivated. Some bullshit about since our new ones have the chip thing in it and was different from the old ones, that we needed to call in to deactivate them.
Load of BULLSHIT IMO to keep them from being accountable for this crap happening.

And also... there had been another charge that the bank stopped from happening.... a hotel reservation to some place in the Bahamas. Guess the assholes thought they were gonna be getting a nice vacation! :\

We really should have been told about this crap so we could have kept an eye on things too so we could notify them when something suspicious came up.

Butt swab... tmi post incoming if you couldn't tell lol.

I get to have my butt swabbed today..... yay? :\
Well, she's gonna have to fight through all the butt hair to get a good sample b/c I am not even worried about that shit anymore.
It's embarrassing since women are supposed to be hairless like a baby (which is a bit disturbing once you think about it lol), but I DGaF. I'm hairy.... I'm giant and I don't feel like blindly shaving anything right now.
I'll trim things up soon since I don't want full bush there when PP bleeding starts. Don't need the pubes catching and holding on to all of that... bleh.
But right now.... MEH!

Debating if I should mention the pressure and heaviness along w/ the weird bruised crotch feeling. The bruised crotch... I usually only notice that sensation when I'm laying down in bed and roll over. /shrugs

I'm sure it's all normal late 3rd tri discomforts.

We went to Target and Once Upon a Child yesterday.
Decided to just bring my purse instead of the diaper bag. Sigh... wrong choice! Baby boy pooped his pants and holy crap did it STINK.
It stunk more than it usually does... of course.

Didn't get to look around as much as I wanted since we didn't want to leave him sitting in his poop for too long.
Did pick up a couple of footie pjs and a Batman play house thingamajig for Zoe's birthday from Once Upon a Child.

We rushed over to Target... got some more diapers for Oren and some newborn and size one for this LO. Also bought another changing pad and a couple of blind packs for Zoe. Oh and also another storage drawer thing for the nursery.
Doesn't sound like much, but damn if it didn't add up at the register.

I wanted to get Oren a few more shirts and maybe even some onesies too (to keep him from sticking his hands down his diaper), but with the funk emanating from him.. that wasn't going to happen so we hurried back home after it all. And boy... was it a funky poop!!

Didn't work on the nursery at all. DH and I have been binge watching Agents of Shield on Netflix and we only had a few more episodes left and wanted to finish them lol. Oh well.
Should work on it today, but meh again. I'll probably do some more on it tonight though once Oren is in bed.
Or maybe even after my appointment. We'll see.

So I'm now considered 9m pregnant right? It's all weird how that works...
B/c you think... Oh I'm only pregnant for 9m when in fact you're giving birth at 10m? Or a I wrong there lol....

Really need to go through all of the baby clothes and sort out some gender neutral stuff along with a few other things. Just need to get some shit done before it's too late!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016


So DH finally sat down and did some bills yesterday.
I'm finally in the nursery painting more of the wall stuff.
Awesome right?
Well, here comes DH asking if I've used the debit card to purchase anything online.
Uh.. no. I've never used the debit card to buy anything online. It's only ever been the credit card and usually through Amazon or paypal.
Welp, turns out our bank account information was stolen from... somewhere. Who the hell knows where. I'm sure it's one of the bajillion places that always have some kind of information hacked.
The thing is.... one of the purchases was with our OLD debit card information. Information that should have been cancelled b/c we have since gotten new debit cards and when you activate them, the old ones are supposed to deactivate.
Yeah... apparently not. Load of horseshit right there.
Also.. another purchase was made right with our actual bank account number. WTF???
Oh and both purchases made to some Chinese company... not surprising.
How the hell they got any of this information is beyond us.. but just... UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
Again with this shit???
The bank definitely has some explaining to do with the debit card one b/c that shit should not have happened with old card information that should NOT have worked.
Just... be careful people. When you read about information being compromised from big chains like Target or whatever... take that shit seriously or else you'll end up in our situation.
We have to wait until tomorrow to dispute the purchases made and blahblahblah. DH is also going to have to change all of the auto-pay stuff that is set up once our account number is changed too.
Just a giant pain in the ass!!!

Speaking of pain... baby has definitely dropped. I didn't notice it at all, but MiL, aunt and SiL definitely did. All of them asked if I dropped on Friday and.. I dunno.... I guess so. I just didn't notice since I see myself every day and always feel like crap now lol.
But yeah.. thinking about all of the aches down low I've been getting... this baby is sitting lower and it sucks.
Feels like someone has kicked me right in my crotch too. Doesn't hurt to touch or using the bathroom, it's just that every once in a while, it feels really bruised down there.
Guessing that's b/c baby dropped.

And there's SO much pressure at my c-sec area. SO... MUCH.... PRESSURE. Especially right when I stand up. I have to wait, then go very slow at first b/c it's so uncomfortable and a little painful.

There is no way I'm making it to the 12th. If I do.. I'll be shocked.

And I'm getting a ton more stretchmarks now. I really don't care. Just kind of shocking to see them appear out of nowhere all of a sudden lol.

Have more to talk about but think we're going to the store to pick up a few more baby things and Zoe b-day stuff.

She's only been gone for 2 days and I already miss my little miss attitude. lol

Friday, July 15, 2016

HE washers suck

There... I said it. HE washers are shit. Just sitting here thinking about the clothes that I washed for Zoe and how I could have probably have done it in one batch, but I didn't b/c I didn't want to overload the washer b/c it's HE and  it wouldn't clean the clothes thoroughly.
Just not a fan of HE washers. We always get detergent stains on our clothes and like I said.. if we put just a little too many clothes in the wash... not all of them will get cleaned properly.
Oh well... at least we have a washer.

After I'm done posting, I'll be rummaging through the clean clothes for Zoe's stuff. Other than washing the dirty stuff.. I haven't folded anything and haven't packed up anything for her. Meh.... I still don't want to now but whatever.
I'm just not thrilled that she's going to be gone for a week. Sigh.....

DH is off Monday so don't have to worry about him needing to take time off for my appointment.
But that means he has to work next weekend. Boo. He's not supposed to be working any weekends anymore since he took his new position (unless he wants to) or holidays but oh look... he's already had to work a few holidays and a few weekends now.
Whatever.. he gets paid a little more if he does do it and we could def use the money right now.

We managed to rack up a 6k bill on the credit card. The vacation along with the furniture and buying the supplies to build the nursery... it adds up quick.
Thankfully we have savings to help pay it off, but I hate digging in to savings when we have other things we're going to need to get down the road.
That sounds stupid... we have savings for things like this.. it's just that 6k is such a HUGE chunk of money and it's going to take a long time to build that back up which is going to delay a few home improvements we've been wanting to do (like the backyard shed and porch).
Nevermind any possible emergency situations that we may need $$ for. Sigh....

Really hate worrying about money. I know we're lucky to have what we do, but it still never feels like enough sometimes.

Baby is moving around a little right now. Doesn't feel like big movements, but damn... whatever it was doing down low HURT. Maybe it was turning and just ground its head in a bad spot. OUCH LO!
I know you don't have a lot of room in there, but dang child! lol

I'm feeling ok. Same old same old really. Tired all the time, no energy, aching, and just bleh. But really... overall... ok. I get out of breath so easily now and I'm really tired of the reflux and having to pop tums all the time.

Thankfully the dizziness I was having doesn't seem to be worse and a little better. I'll get a little lightheaded if I bend weird or something, but other than that, nothing.

Is it bad that I like getting looks out in public b/c I am SO incredibly huge and pregnant?? lol
I really don't like attention focused on myself, but I dunno... there's this part of me that thinks it's funny when people stare at me.

I know I've found myself unintentionally looking at very pregnant women before, but it's just b/c it's not a very common sight.

I am paranoid though. I know it's just curiosity, but I hate it when people ask me how much longer I have. There's that paranoid side that thinks they're only asking b/c they want to cut my baby out and steal my baby lol. Just some crazy ass people out there and you can't tell who is who.

And that's enough for now. Need to get this party started already and get it over with!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I'm so lazy!!

UUUGH... I'm making myself sick with my laziness, but at least there's a good reason for it? lol
I have been feeling bleh these last few days.
Reflux has come back with a damn vengeance, I can't get in a good breathe, overall I'm just loooooow energy, and I'm achy if I'm too active.
And I still have a month left /cry
I'll endure it all, but I need to complain about it too.
Thank goodness for my bitchy blog ;)

I still need to find and pack up Zoe some clothes for her beach trip. Did manage to wash her clothes, but that has been it.

Really need to go do some dishes too. Just need to empty the dish washer and load it up. I'll do that later....

Living room is just in a constant state of disaster. There is just no point in cleaning it up b/c the kids tear it apart the same day lol. It does need to be cleaned though b/c there are new stains that need to be cleaned. Not sure if that's going to happen. We'll see though.

Thankfully the carpet in the nursery is good to go. No more cat pee smell and most stains have been cleaned. Now just need to stop procrastinating about finishing it. Sigh... so much to do!!!

Soooo much to do and I think I'm gonna take a nap while Oren is napping. He woke up at 6am and uuuugh... too early!!!

Fixed fried chicken breasts last night again and they came out a lot better than before. The brining still didn't really penetrate the meat very much though. I brined it all day long. The flour mixture was good though and really helped bring in the saltiness that it needed.
New oven is going to take some getting used to. Medium on our old oven was a lot weaker than it is on the new one and baking is going to be a lot of trial and error. It's a lot more efficient and cooks things quicker.

Cleaning it is also going to be a challenge. Seems to hold on to those cooked on spots really easy. I've been cleaning it after it cools off some which helps, but there are still spots that won't come up.
Saw some product called Bar Keeper's Friend? or something like that that I want to try out that seems like it works well.

So much for the nap... baby boy is crying. Hoping he'll go back to sleep.... sigh...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


So we got a security system yesterday. That was unexpected.
Someone knocked on the door around 5pm last night. DH went and answered it. I went to finish cooking and in he comes w/ the dude at the door. Uh... ok...
And yep... we got a security system set up o_O
Took forever and all I wanted to do was eat, but the hell if I'm going to eat dinner in front of people I don't know in my home lol.

I don't think we really need a security system. Our neighborhood is a good area and as I've mentioned in the past.. it's a big dead end neighborhood. There aren't any through roads so if you come in to the neighborhood, you're either lost, or you're meant to be here.
And we live in the very back of the neighborhood. You'd have to be a very stupid person to want to rob the very back of the neighborhood. But well... criminals aren't known to be smart so.....

Anyway... it wasn't a bad monthly deal and will give us that extra sense of security so yay for that :)

We also have a camera that we're going to be using in Oren's room so... I guess we don't need a baby monitor now lol.

UGH... so my dad is going to be in town for 11 frickin days. I PM'd SiL and asked her if she would refrain from telling him my address and/or bringing him over here lol. She gets it, but not sure my brother will.

He's already called the house wanting to see the kids and no. That shit is not happening if I can help it. Zoe's not even gonna be here come Saturday anyway.

My filling appointment went well I guess lol. I didn't chew the crap out of the inside of my mouth but I did bite a few spots that are sore today. Nothing nearly as bad as before.
Dentist did do 2 teeth instead of one. The tooth above the one that was meant to be done needed it too so she just went ahead and did it.
Not a big deal or anything :)
Just glad to have this crap done for now. I'm sure I'll need more fillings down the road, but at least for now, it's not something I need to worry about :D

Will still need to get the implant process going and get my 2 wisdom teeth out though. But that probably won't happen until the end of the year at the earliest.

And yeah... think that's it for now. The house is a mess... I still haven't worked anymore on the nursery and I don't give a crud right now.
Think it's the iron pills causing this nausea and overall, I just have no energy.
Things will get done.. just gotta build up the energy and willpower to do them lol.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A new day

Suddenly all of our problems just don't seem so important.

I've been feeling a lot of pressure and aching down low by my c-sec scar. Maybe LO has dropped some?
It's extremely uncomfortable and a little painful.

Also.. I've been getting nauseated lately too. That sucks. I'm hungry, but eating is making the nausea worse.
Thankfully it's not an all day thing. Just every once in a while I get that feeling.

Dizzy/light headed still happening but not as frequent as it was. Not that it was very frequent before. Now watch it pick back up b/c I mentioned it. Sigh...

Didn't work on the room at all yesterday. Just didn't feel up to doing much of anything.
Wish we had started on the room sooner when I actually had some energy, but oh well. Can't change that now lol.

I'll work on it today though... after my dentist appointment. Have my last filling to do at 2 this afternoon. Don't want to get all sweaty before then, so I'm not doing crap until after.

There's still so much I want to do for the room, but I think a lot of it may have to wait until after baby arrives. Just hope I have the motivation then to get some stuff done. I know it won't happen immediately or anything lol
Just hope that it does eventually happen so the room is decorated like I want :)

I really need to watch my language in front of Zoe now. she's repeated some curse words before, but she's doing it more now and yeah... that's not good for cursing :P
I try my best not to, but sometimes it slips out.
Last night, I called one of the dogs an ass and the next second, she yelled it out too lol.

Oren's language skills seem to be getting better and better. Like this morning, he was pointing to the Batman on his wall. Told him it was Batman and he repeated it. Well.. it sounded more like "Bahmah" but still, he did repeat it :D
He's growing up so fast. Now just wish his poops would stop being so damn gross.
And he REALLY needs to stop sticking his hands down his diaper.. especially when he has poop. That's always.... fun.. bleh.

Did I mention before... that he was kissing the dog's butthole???
I can't remember if I did or not, but yeah.... that was gross!!
It's the dog w/ the jacked up tail. The dog basically doesn't have a tail so his butthole is nice and exposed.
I was just sitting in the chair as usual, watching something. I hear "Mmmmm,aaaah" The sound Oren makes when he's giving kisses.
I didn't think anything of it at first... but by the 2nd one, I looked over and sure enough... he was open mouth kissing all up on that dog's asshole! BLARGH!!!
I freak out and scream OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... I get Zoe to go run and grab his toothbrush and proceed to wash his mouth out as best as I can.
Ew ew ew ew ew

Lol.... he's such a sweet child though. Can get seriously whiny, but he's my sweet boy :)

Monday, July 11, 2016

So sad :(

I had to make another post about this b/c... it's too heartbreaking.

A mod from TWW website lost one of her twins on Friday. She had boy/girl twins 4 months ago and.. from what I've heard, they think the boy died of SIDS.
She announced the news on FB on Saturday and..... my heart is absolutely broken for her and her family.

I just kept reading the post... thinking I was reading it wrong... thinking that all of the people replying were getting it wrong.....
But no.... I just didn't want to believe that what I was reading was true.
It couldn't be. She posted photos of her family all the time. She looked so happy, they looked so happy....
A happy healthy 4mo little baby boy... and now he's gone and his family is mourning.

Just can not imagine.... this should not be a thing. Baby size coffins should not be a thing. A parent should never have to bury their child. :(

I can't get them all out of my mind. I just hope that they're all going to be ok. Obviously not right now, but with time and lots of love from their friends and family... that they're going to be ok.

Sweet precious little baby boy... if there is an after life... watch over your family.


So we got a good bit done this weekend. YAY :)

Picked up the baby furniture. I painted some. Not as much as I was hoping, but I'm so limited with how much I can do right now.
DH moved the baby gate that was blocking the foyer area since that's where the door is to go to the nursery. He also installed the new locks on the front door, garage, and back door so we don't have to worry about Zoe opening them.
Once I got done with painting the one wall, DH set up the furniture.
It's definitely modern looking. The colors look very military to me, but it's nice and different. Not too out there lol.
I'll get photos later :)

We also got our new fridge and stove in! YAY!
Both fridges are set up in the kitchen now and both look SO empty lol. We went from not enough room in our old one to both looking like there's nothing in them :P lol
Oh well, that will change once we go grocery shopping again and again. Build up on stuff :)
Definitely going to take full advantage of the amount of freezer space we have now too. That was always seriously lacking.

Used the stove for the first time last night.
We definitely need new pots. I think most of them... the bottom has rounded off which just doesn''t work well with glass top stoves.
The pan we have is still nice and flat, but the nonstick surface is shit now, so we need to replace that too.
BUT it worked fantastic. Heated up super quick and evenly. That's a new one for me lol. So used to the middle being the hottest point and having to shift things around. Plan on using the oven for the first time tonight :D

Hmm... that doesn't sound like we did much, but we really did do a lot lol. My back and shoulders are killing me.

Thankfully we only had Oren to worry about this weekend. MiL and aunt took Zoe. Sounds like Zoe was a royal pain though. Zoe gets SUPER cranky when she doesn't get enough sleep and they always let her stay up until.... gawd knows when. But she'll usually wake up early even if she goes to sleep late.
She's already a stubborn child when she gets enough sleep.... take away a few hours and yeah... demon child! lol
They know this but still keep her up anyway. Whatever.... they're the ones that have to deal with it I guess.
I hate getting her back with giant dark circles under her eyes though.
We didn't get her back until frickin 9pm last night. Brushed her teeth and put her right to bed where she passed out. It's 8:30 now and she's still sleeping. Will let her sleep for as long as her little body needs it.
They're going to have a rough time next week. They're supposed to be taking her to the beach with them.
I'm sure they'll be ready to give her back by the end of the week.. heck.. by the middle probably lol.

Going to miss my girl. I do not like that she's going to be gone for a week. They're not planning on going in the ocean since there have been so many warnings about bacteria and whatnot, but still.. they're going to have niece with them as well and MiL and aunt get distracted easily. I know they'll probably be going to the flea market down there and those 2 can stay at one booth for HOURS looking at junk and Zoe is going through a stage where she'll see something and wander off to go look at it.
I'm sure everything will be fine, but I worry... a lot lol.

Friday, July 8, 2016

And here we go...

OH look... where are all the assholes yesterday proclaiming for the heads of all cops to be put on stakes?? Yeah, some of them probably feel like shit now, but there are still plenty spewing forth their vile saying that the cops in Dallas deserved it.

Fucking seriously people? SERIOUSLY?? You're PART OF THE PROBLEM and your venom is only keeping shit like this alive and well.

I commented on some Buzzfeed article about the poor guy that was shot in his car. Said that while it's frickin awful what happened to him and should NOT have happened b/c of the cops mistake, that it was not ok to generalize all cops as wanting to 'assassinate us' as the girlfriend stated.
Someone replied that b/c black people have been generalized, then now it's totally ok to do it to the police.

Are you kidding me with that shit??? Am I the only one that sees just how fucking STUPID that comment is and how that thought process is only fueling this shitfest further?

So I guess now... it's totally OK to go hate on a group of people b/c it was done before so pfft... might as well do it for everyone! Punish them ALL b/c a few of them are fuck ups or assholes.

And then.... someone in one of my mommy groups disagreed with something someone else posted. Just said that she was going to wait to form an opinion until more facts came out.
Holy hell, you would've thought she had posted a picture of a burning cross with a black person hanging in the background.
The first fucking comment she got was something along the lines of
"Oh look, a white woman coming to the defense of the cops." or some shit like that.
NOWHERE did she defend the cops. In fact, she stated over and over again that she was just waiting for the facts and that she hopes that if the cops were found guilty, that justice was served.
Pretty level headed right? You know... using your brain.
Oh hell no.... the IDIOTS replying to her were having none of it!
They had no other argument in them other than, she's white so her opinion doesn't matter b/c pfft.. obviously she's racist if she didn't want to automatically hate the cops.

I honestly don't know how she kept her cool when confronted with such idiocy. I had to reply and say something. I held back the nice curse words I had built up, but a few slipped out lol. Just.... UGH
I'm sure those assholes are probably jerking off to the cops killed in Dallas and are some of the ones saying how they deserved it.

Just UGH.........

Anyway... sorry for the ranting, but seeing just the stupidity, hate, hypocrisy, right now is just really pissing me right off.
I should know better than to read online comments. It always brings out the pieces of shit in humanity.

In other news.... I started painting last night! YAY! :D
It took a while b/c I just wasn't feeling all that well, but I did start. Only got 1.5 bamboos painting but hey... it's something :)
It's going to be a lot more work than I had anticipated. Should've saw that coming lol.
Just going to be a lot of clean up work bc apparently.. I don't like coloring in the lines :P lol
Plus I'm going to have to go back over everything for an even finish.

Need to get the crib spots done so that will at least be dried and finished when we pick up the furniture.
Will get that done today along with cleaning up the living room. SO MUCH FUR!!!
While I do want another big do.... I dunno if I want one that's going to leave giant clumps of hair everywhere, b/c.... gross. We really need to either find the dog brushes or just buy some new ones. Get all the clumps of fur off of her and hope that helps. That's not the only thing on the floor. Lots of little pieces of trash and toys.
I suck at housekeeping right now... I really do lol.

I love the age Oren is at. He's like a mix between baby and toddler and it's frickin adorable!
I still look at him most of the time and still see baby, but there are those moments when I can see the little boy he's growing in to. Sigh.... they really do grow up so fast.
Also, just the look in his eyes when he looks at me and his sister and daddy. Just that unconditional, untainted love. It's beautiful and I'm making myself all emotional just thinking about it lol. Love this age. It's loud and frustrating at times, but still so pure and innocent.

Something else, but it can wait.... when I actually remember what it was. Need to get this giant butt in to motion and start cleaning.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Can people just stop with the hate already

So I'm sure we're all being bombarded with the news of the recent police shootings.
They're tragic and it sucks, but can people stop generalizing and hating on ALL cops already??
I'm so GD tired of seeing comments like "All cops are scum!" "All cops are racist and only out to kill black people!" "All cops are blahblahblah"

Just SHUT UP! Is it ok to say shit like "All black people are criminals!!" or "All white people are racist hillbillies!" or "All Asians are prostitutes and money hungry!"

No??? Then stop saying shit like that about the police.
Police are human and hey... guess what.... some humans fucking suck. That doesn't mean they ALL do.
I'm so tired of the media fueling this shit.
Yes, police really do need to be trained better IMO and should be trained to use non lethal tactics first, but even with the best training, there's always going to be a fuck up b/c people FUCK UP whether if it's an honest mistake, panic, or something more sinister.

Not saying the media shouldn't report on events like this b/c it does show that our law enforcement needs better training and the ones that are trigger happy need to be held accountable for their actions, but how about not ALWAYS making it a fucking race bait bullshit thing huh? Just b/c the cops are white.... just b/c the victim is black does not automatically mean the cops were racist or vice versa that the victim was a 'thug'.

Just ugh... I'm just tired of the bullshit. Get angry at the particular people who royally fucked up.... but do NOT make "They're ALL soandso" kind of statements b/c it just makes you look stupid.

And can we pls hold on to some judgement until ALL the facts are out??? No?? Yeah... not surprising :\

Anyway... enough of that....

Oren actually slept in this morning. Until after 8!! I only slept in until 7:30 but hey... I'll take it! That's an extra hour that I haven't gotten in a while :D

DH had to take the pup in to the vet this morning so he didn't do his usual morning ritual. Thinking that has been waking Oren up.
I know DH isn't exactly super quiet, but he's also not banging stuff around or anything so not sure why it would be waking baby boy up. Oh well....

DH still isn't back yet from the vet. Just hope they have some kind of plan/solution to the tail problem.

Worked on the nursery some more. Only managed to draw a little more. Debating how much more to do.
Don't want all of the walls covered like Oren's room is w/ the cityscape. Want to keep things a lot more simple.. mostly b/c I just don't want to paint that much, but also b/c I don't think it would look good heh.
Think I have one more section to do and that's it. That will leave a small section and then the wall w/ the door out without anything on it. Still sounds like a lot on the other 2.5walls but it's really not.

I don't explain well, but it will be more apparent once I get photos and post them lol.

Hoping to get the drawings done today and HOPEFULLY get painting today too. We'll see how I'm feeling though. Been so low energy and bump has been extra heavy lately.

We still need to clean up the kitchen and possibly the living room too.
We're supposed to be getting our stove and fridge delivered on Saturday and need to make room for the new fridge and a path to get it in to the kitchen. Joy :\
It really shouldn't take too long though. Just get the crap off the fridge and clean up the racks we have set up.

UGH, so DH got home and here we go again with treatment for the tail. $50 treatment that will work for a short while until once again, something triggers the irritation and we go through this shit all over again.
Just wish they would fix the damn tail already instead of just putting a bandaid over it. JUST FIX IT.
$50 here, 50 there, 100 here, 100 there.... how about lets just spend the few hundred dollars and get it corrected instead of wasting money on shit that's not going to do anything but be temporary relief.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

You can't be serious

Ok another post really quick b/c... I just can't with the stupidity.

So I'm not super active in the new TWW August DD group. There are some nice women in it, but it's mostly a pretty inactive group.
This one particular woman posts a lot and she seems nice enough. A bit on the dramatic side, but nice.

Well, she just posted that she's trying to naturally induce at only 36w.
Why?? B/c she wants that VBAC and is afraid that if baby bakes further, it's going to be too big for a VBAC.
Are you fucking kidding me with this shit??
Of course she had to first say to not judge her.
Bitch.. you are risking your baby coming prematurely just b/c you want to push it out of your vagina. I'm going to judge and I'm not going to be quiet about it!!

She then says that she knows the risks (sure.. and all that risk it to her baby).... that she feels the baby practicing breathing, that baby is measuring ahead, that SHE was premature and spent soandso weeks in NICU and SHE is ok, so her baby will be too.


I get wanting a VBAC. I really do, but NOT at the expense of your child.
Sure, everything could be perfectly fine and baby could come out perfectly healthy and not needing any help... but what if it does need help? What if it needs to spend weeks in the NICU b/c your dumbass successfully induced labor early just b/c you wanted a VBAC?? Was that VBAC really worth it then? Is the thought of a c-section THAT horrible that you're willing to risk your baby's health to avoid it??

I just can't with this shit.
TWW is a supportive website, but I had to say something, b/c shit like that should not be supported.

Even though it's not that surprising, it does shock you sometimes how stupid people can be.
I really hope for that baby's sake that the mother's efforts to induce labor fails.

Give me a damn heartattack!

So first up... my appointment went ok. They were kind of busy so the wait to see the doc took a while and Oren was getting restless in the stroller. They behaved for the most part though.
I weigh 230lbs though! NOOOOOOOOOO /cry
I hated seeing that number but really.. I don't care at this point. I'll worry about it after baby arrives. Will be more work on my part to get the weight off, but again.. I'm not going to worry about it until later.

Going to have to get someone to watch the kids for the next appointment. It's the dreaded butt swab. Guys just don't know how lucky they are. Oh boohoo.. they have to get their balls cupped and eventually a finger or 2 stuck up their butt.
Cry me a damn river you bunch of pansies! lol
This is a lot of TMI and embarrassing to admit to, but since the pregnancy with Oren.... my butt crack hair has gone INSANE. Rofl. It's just hair, but it's still embarrassing to admit to having it there as a woman.. ya know? I hate letting DH see my butt naked b/c I know those long ass hairs are poking out....waving to him :P lol
They're OBs though. I'm sure they've seen that and then some, so I'm not going to worry about it.. much heh ;)

Get home after my appointment and the store.. everything is fine. Dogs have been inside most of the day so I let them out for a little while.
Go to let them back in after about an hour or so b/c it's getting windy and I hear thunder. Chihuahua and cat are on the porch and come right in. Other 2 dogs are MIA. But that's not abnormal. They'll sometimes be around the corner doing whatever dogs do and won't hear me calling for them to come in.
So I close the door and go out front to check on my plants. Some of them fell over b/c of the wind, so I go out to pick them up and see the bigger dog come running towards me. WTF???
I let her in when she gets to me and go back out to check on the back gate which is wide open.
Cue heart dropping.
Our back gate is rarely opened by us and it's difficult to get open b/c it sticks. So someone (probably a meter reader) opened the gate and then didn't bother to fucking close it behind them so our dogs escaped.
I'm freaking out b/c our other dog is still missing.
I eventually gathered the kids up and went driving around the neighborhood a couple of times looking for him.
Didn't find him, so came home.
Had a feeling and went and checked the back porch and there he was.
He must have slipped back in to the backyard when I was letting the other dog in and obviously before I checked the gate and closed it back.
They must've JUST gotten out when I found out they had escaped.
Thank goodness they're both safe though and that the other animals didn't get out too.
I'm still super frickin pissed off that some idiot opened our back gate and then didn't close it back. DH came home and put a padlock on the gate. Fuck meter readers. You can't be bothered to close someone's gate? Then go fuck yourself.

Anyway, we have to take our dog (the one that reappeared on the back porch) to the vet tomorrow. Or more like DH has to. He keeps rubbing his ass b/c his tail bothers him and opens up a sore on his butt. We're seeing a different vet since the one we were seeing left. No idea what he's going to recommend, but we're just kind of done with treatments and want the problem fixed. So that's probably going to be a few hundred dollars for surgery to hopefully fix his tail problem once and for all. We should've had it done a few hundred dollars in treatments ago.

I do not think I'm going to make it to my c-sec date. Not with the aches I'm feeling. I'll be shocked but pleased if I do make it, but I dunno.... just with how low down I'm aching right now... I have some serious doubts.

Need to get the designs in the nursery drawn already so I can start painting. Would've had more done yesterday, but that whole missing dogs thing side tracked me :\
Think we're planning on getting the furniture this weekend so I really need to just get it done. Going to take me a while to do it since I have to rest so much and keep an eye on the kids too, but hopefully not too long.
Of course, I'll get pics of everything and will actually post them up lol

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 5th!

Yeah, didn't get a chance to post yesterday. I usually don't when DH is home anyway so not a huge deal.

We went to Walmart to pick up a couple of things... ended up spending WAY too much money.
Did manage to pick up some oh-so-sexy diapers for after giving birth. Woot! Not embarrassing at all to stand in front of that section and carry those to the cart lol.
Actually it really wasn't. I'm very obviously pregnant and I think any other woman that has ever been pregnant will know why I got them. I'm kind of beyond the point of feeling embarrassed at this point.

Also picked up a couple of things for the nurse box. Pens and chocolates. Still need to figure out what kind of 'healthy' snack to put in to the box... also need to get a box lol. Maybe some protein bars or something. Those things are expensive though. Need DH to help me pick them out since he eats them and knows which ones taste good.

Anywho... we went to MiL's. Good ole southern cooking.
Food was good... temperature in their house... not so much. With so many people, it got hot REALLY quick and I was miserable.
Doesn't help that the weather here is 100+ and that's going to stick until Sunday I think. Maybe longer.
Frickin crazy. Again... I dunno how anyone back in the days before AC survived. Screw the past.... hello technology!

Zoe and Oren had a blast. Zoe got to play with her cousin, Oren got lots of snuggles and attention.
Speaking of the cousin... apparently SiL needs to be on meds b/c apparently it's normal for her to have complete and total anxiety freakouts for no reason. I think it's a load of bullshit along with everyone else that knows her. She's a known drama queen that gets off on creating her own drama.
 So her husband (the BiL that I hate) dropped off cousin and then left. Only said that he MIGHT be back....
Seriously?? Fuck him and fuck her too.
She's an emotionally abusive drama queen and he's a disgusting greasy know-it-all.
I know that's not nice of me, but seriously... just fuck them both. Any chance they get they pawn off their daughter so they can both have free time.
Nevermind that MiL babysits their daughter ALL the damn time and they take full advantage of that shit when they can. Like BiL not picking up his daughter when he gets off of work. Instead he'll go home.. take a nap or just screw around, and then a few hours later will go and pick her up.
Or they'll have time off of work, but still drop off their daughter b/c.... just b/c.
I understand needing some time to yourself, but this happens ALL THE TIME.
It's a good thing they don't have more kids and don't want them. Both too selfish and self-centered to raise another. Or more like... too selfish to let MiL raise another one :\
And again.. I know parents need their me time... I wouldn't care if things like that happened every once in a while, but it's not that.. it's all the damn time with them.
Like last weekend? Or the weekend before... they had a party they were going to... BiL didn't bother picking up their daughter even though he knew damn well that they were taking her with them to this party. Nope.. he went home after work and went to sleep. Only bothered picking up his daughter when he kept getting calls from his wife, asking if he was going to get her and then had the nerve to pitch an attitude with MiL like it was her fault that he's an asshole.

Anyway... I'm positive that niece spent the night with MiL last night. We didn't leave until around 8:30 so it was already kind of late when we left.

But enough of that crap.....
I have an appointment today and both kids are coming with again. Hopefully they behave lol. They should.. they were pretty good last time and I think it's just a regular doctor visit. Should go pretty fast... hopefully. It's at 11 this morning so thankfully I won't be spending the entire day sweating or having to go out in the middle of the heatwave.

I'm feeling ok. Just achy down by my c-sec scar and hot... HOT HOT HOT.
Got DH to set up another fan in our room. One of those small industrial fans lol. It's SO nice. Actually got slightly chilled and put a blanket on over me.... but quickly kicked it back off when I got hot again lol.
Just nice not waking up sweating and miserable.

UGH... so my brother and his wife are going to comiccon again. Their kids are staying here and were supposed to be staying with my dad in Alabama, but apparently, my dad is living with one of his brothers who is a sex offender. (awesome family huh).. so no kids.
So my dad is coming up here to watch them.
Greeeeeat :\
I've cut him out of my life and I'm really hoping he's forgotten where I live. I know I'm not that lucky though and he's going to pop up. Uuuuuugh I hope not...... GAWD I hope not!! My kids and my nieces and nephew don't need to see me deny his access to the house... b/c that's exactly what is going to happen. The hell if I'm letting him step foot in my home.

So much bitchy drama in one post :P lol
Going to relax for a little bit before I gotta get us all ready.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Just a couple for now

Here are a couple of photos from the trip for now. I still need to get them off the camera and edit them all, but I'm being super lazy.

That red wagon thing was such a great purchase (think we bought it the year before to take on our beach trip) lol. We got it at a sporting good place called Academy. They have an even better one now that has better all terrain wheels on it. Think it's a little more expensive but good to get if you're planning on taking it to a lot of outdoorsy areas such as the beach.
I think Walmart carries their own version too for about the same price.

Anyway.... yeah that's all for now lol.
Isn't the Parthenon cool? It's so weird that something like that is in Tennessee, but awesome at the same time heh. So glad we went early. Even though we didn't get to go inside, we still had the entire outside part to ourselves (other than people walking/exercising).
Highly recommend going to it if you're in the area. It really was impressive and a really nice park.

I'll try my best to get more photos up... but as I keep saying.. I'm procrastinating HARD right now lol.

I did manage to tape up the molding in the nursery and paint some yesterday though. Took forever b/c I'd start and then just have all motivation sucked right out of me.
I just don't know what's wrong.
Have all this motivation to do stuff, but then I start and it all just goes. I just don't want to do anything but at the same time, want to do everything.

Got DH to make where the furniture is going and clean up all the crap off the floor. The carpet REALLY needs a good vacuum and cleaning.
There's drywall dust all over the place I'm sure. Going to take a lot to get that up.

Now I just need to sketch out the designs everywhere and then paint them. Think I'll clean the carpet first though just so I'm not sitting in gross old pee spots.

The room is going to look SO empty though. Dresser and crib... and probably a little nightstand and that's it. The room is pretty large.
Once baby is older, will start putting some of the suitable toys in there and let all the kids just go crazy in there. Lots of room for them to play.

I did buy a few things off Amazon for the room. Just some panda and non-panda related things. Not a lot really now that I think about it.
Oh well... not like decorating is top priority or anything.
Unfortunately though, some of the items are coming from China and estimated delivery isn't until August 12th. Uuuuuuuhm LOL
Hoping they get here sooner.. or at least until after we get home from the hospital lol.

Something else but blahblahblah.. I forgot as usual.
Need to get my butt working anyway.

I'm just so hot that I don't want to move lol