Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Lets get the negative post off the top, shall we.

So other than the frustration at DH today, it's been ok.
I've been feeling pretty tired lately though. Just have not been sleeping well.
I get to sleep fine, but staying asleep, and getting back to sleep has been a big problem lately.
Just feel drained. I just want to sleep better!
Went to visit DH's grandfather in the hospital today. Nothing serious or anything.
Of course my pregnancy and baby came up. That's totally fine and all, but then the person (grandfather's girlfriend's daughter) started to go on and on about all of her grandchildren... her most recent one which is only a few weeks old and how that daughter is SO fertile.
I do not want to hear how fertile your family is lady.

And then I had to hear how everyone thought I was having a boy. UGH. The ONLY reason people thought that was b/c SiL just had her girl, and my brother has 2 girls. So I guess DH's sperm and my egg didn't get the memo that we were SUPPOSED to have a boy :\
Even though I know they're happy about this, I still get a HUGE sense of disappointment from the inlaws.
I mean hell, we're not the only couple on that side. Geezus, they act like DH's 2 other sisters will NEVER have children (or more children) so they will never get a boy!

UGH that just annoyed the shit out of me!

DH and I should be going to a furniture place tomorrow. They have a dresser for a little over $200 that we want to check out along with whatever else they may have.
REALLY hoping it's nice b/c, even though that's still 200... it's a whole lot cheaper than buying the expensive shit in a baby store/section.
I swear that stuff is so damn overpriced it's ridiculous.
So yeah... FX!

Need to get a protractor. The painting I want to do is so precise and I need one to make sure the angles are equal everywhere etc. Gonna be such a pain but hopefully worth it in the end.
DH wants to put down the base coat. He's already painted the rest of the room the lavender.
I was afraid it was going to be too light, but it's def not lol. It's SO frickin girly looking hehe I'll get a photo onces all of the tape has come off.

Figured out how I can get baby to move heh.
I was worried b/c baby wasn't really moving last night or this morning and I remembered that she gets pretty active after I drink something sugary.
So I had a glass of lemonade (YUM), and about 30min later, she started kicking and whatever else in there heh.
Wondering what she's gonna do with that glucose drink at my next appointment lol.

I'm still not really used to feeling the movement yet. It doesn't weird me out as much, but sometimes when it's a very strong movement.. it's still just really strange.

I have NO frickin idea what the hell to put on our registries. I made one for target, buy buy baby, babies r us, & walmart.
I have no clue what to put on there.
I put on crib sheets, shampoos and washes etc, but pfft... we don't know anyone rich so can't exactly put expensive stuff on our lists as well, ya know?
Not that I expect anyone to buy us something expensive or anything, and I will be more than thrilled if someone got us baby shampoo, wipes etc.... it's just difficult when you can't put on the pricier things, ya know?
I'm trying to add only things under $30. I think most of what I do have listed is under 20 actually.

There was something else I wanted to yammer on about but I can't remember now... oh well... I'm sure it will come back to me later