Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GAH, it is just so strange

Feeling the baby move. It's still pretty sporadic, but it's just so weird when it does happen.
Just a minute ago, baby was moving big time and I felt it right in the middle pretty far down actually. Felt like baby was kicking out with legs and arms just doing a whole body thing or something lol.
Need to go lay down so I can feel it from the outside which will be even weirder :P
Don't get me wrong, it's very awesome, but like nothing I've ever experienced before or could've imagined.

SiL just keeps telling me to wait until I can actually SEE the baby moving and how it will freak me out lol. She loves telling me about when she was pregnant w/ my oldest niece. How she was laying down one day and could see my niece rolling over in her. SO strange! lol

I am not a shopper, but after buying all of that baby stuff... I can not wait to buy more!!!!!
And I am aching to buy some more cloth diapers already too!
I need to remind DH to tell his family NOT to buy us any diapers. Maybe some newborns just in case, but other than that, NO. I'm sure they're gonna scoff when they learn we're gonna cloth but I don't give a crap.
And UGH, I know my BiL will have something to say about it like he did before when they asked if SiL (the bitchy one) was going to.
He kept going on and on and on about how his sister CD'd and how it always stank in her house and blahblahblah.
Oh STFU dude, geezus.
Seriously, he is a nice guy, but he has bullshit stories about every damn topic imaginable. Yeah, he's one of those annoying people!

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