Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nothin much

...going on today.
Going to start on some of the drawings for the nursery. Wanna get those done so we can go to Kinkos or wherever next week to get them printed.
Also need to sketch out the big painting I'm gonna do so I'll know what colors I need to get. I think I have most of them, but may just need a few more since it's gonna be bit. *shrugs* We'll see.

Haven't really felt baby move today. I know when you first start feeling it, it's very irregular, but it should would make me feel better if I felt something today. Baby could just be in a position to where the movements are being cushioned or something *shrugs* I'll have to bust out the doppler in a min to take a listen lol. See if I can record it too :)

Was in some pain last night. You know when you keep your arm or leg straight for too long, sometimes you'll get this weird pain in the joint to where it hurts if you try to bend your limb? But once you do finally manage to bend it, it's ok. Not sure if I explained that right but hopefully you all know what I mean lol.
Well anyway, I was getting that last night with my legs. I'd wake up in agony b/c I had slept with my leg straightened for too long and when I tried to bend it, it would hurt like hell.

UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH... I want to smack the hell out of DH's friends! Not for anything major, just b/c one of them has a pregnant wife and they're the ones that told him the damn 8hr class was worth it.
DH knows how I feel about it, but he's frickin determined to go to this damn thing.
I don't know why b/c it sounds like a bunch of BS to me.
Take a tour of the labor and delivery ward. Ok that's fine, but we could do that for free....
Prepare us for the birth experience. Uhm..... I can read that on the internet.... for free (in a sense).... next?
Watch films on childbirth and infant care.....
Soooo... lemme get this straight... I'm gonna be spending 8 hours, PLUS $50 to do at least 2 things I could do for free, and then have to sit around, probably in uncomfortable chairs and watch movies on things I could yeah, probably find on the net........ awesome :\

I just don't understand why he feels the need to go to this. If he's nervous about the labor, I get that, but HE doesn't really have to do anything now does he. Yes, him being informed is awesome, but ya know... that's what internet is for :P lol OR hell, I'm sure we could find cheaper books on the matter. My pregnancy books go in to detail about it all too so... yeah.... SIGH
I just don't want to spend frickin 8 hours in a hospital when we don't have to damnit!
But of course I will b/c I love the bastard and he wants to do it. UGH ;) lol

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