Wednesday, October 31, 2012

12 weeks

So is Zoe technically 3 months today or is that next week? I have no frickin idea anymore lol.
But 12 weeks! Gosh....

Anywho.... pics pics pics!!!

First up her nice simple Halloween costume heh.... The mustache is just liquid eyeliner :P She started moving and it smudged but oh well... still adorable! hehe

Starting to get unhappy... even devils may cry.

Wearing her Xmas pjs and looking ADORABLE. Looks like she's trying to bust out some dance moves :P

Snuggled in mommy's lap

Loving her gloworm thing

Her enjoying Gangham style... me wishing it was the end :P
It's such a cute view though, especially when she starts pushing off and all I see is booty

And making a funny face in her bumbo :D No idea what she was doing and didn't realize I had gotten this shot until I just checked the card heh

FYI... if you buy a bumbo, don't even bother with the straps. There is absolutely no point to them. The baby is wedged in there really good and it's baffling to me that one would fall out of it unless the parent was a moron (which probably was the case and the reason for them being recalled to include the straps).

Why Zoe?? WHHHYYYY??

I dunno what happened but she was not sleeping well last night at all :(
I mean it's still better than some get I guess, but it's bad for her.
She was super tired when we put her to bed at her usual time. DH had to wake her a few times to get her to finish her bottle and there was absolutely no fussing when he put her in her bassinet.
Everything seemed good, and then at 1... she woke up. Well it wasn't fully awake, it was her making her "I'm waking up" noises.
She took her pacifier, but she just kept spitting it out and fussing even more so I gave in and got up with her at 2.
Fed her and put her back to sleep by 2:30... and she woke again at 5:30..... fed her and put her back no problem.... and she woke at 8..... UUUUUUUUGH
I'm so frickin worn out. Thankfully at 5:30 I fell back to sleep pretty fast, but that 2:30 one killed me. I stayed up to pump so got back in to bed a little after 3... and then couldn't get comfortable so never got in to that deep restful sleep.
Hopefully last night was just a fluke and she sleeps better tonight.
My brother and his family are coming over to trick or treat in our neighborhood so she'll probably be up past her bedtime so they can visit with her a little.

We'll see what happens...

I'll be back later w/ the 12w post :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quick quick

About to head to bed....
Wondering how I'm going to dry up my breastmilk. I've been going about every 3-4hours between pumps... guess I should go longer and probably pump in a shorter amount of time. Only do 10 or so minutes instead of the 30 that I've been doing. *nodnod*
I'll have to ask DH when the rental thing is over with. I'll stop then so we get our moneys worth at least.

Oh I forgot to mention.... the tv remote in the nursery turns off the crib mobile! lol
When it first started happening, I didn't realize what was causing the mobile to stop and then I finally paid attention.
It's so weird b/c it's any of the buttons on the remote will turn it off. *shrugs* Not a big deal or anything, just weird.

Put Zoe in her X-mas pjs tonight. Her dumbdumb momma bought it in 3m size. SIGH... don't ask what I was thinking b/c I have NO idea :P
It's adorable though. heh I'll get photos and post tomorrow... also will post pics of her in her simple first Halloween costume. Of course going to take a bajillion photos!
I wish we would've gotten a pumpkin too or something but we were a bit lazy this year. Oh well.
We'll make up for it on Christmas. I want to buy more decorations for outside and indoors and of course dress her up like crazy :D

It's cold

Yep... it has gotten cold here and I'm loving it!!
So much easier to get warm than get cool.
I think Zoe is enjoying the cool weather too when she's napping. She looks so snuggly. She actually had a great nap yesterday for a few hours... and so did I..muahahaha.
But, she didn't sttn though...booo. Not sure if it was because she had a good nap or maybe b/c we put her to bed earlier or what. I need to remember to feed her at 4. That should space things out perfectly so she will eat right before bed. Hopefully that will encourage her to sttn again.

I only have another week or so of pumping, so when I stop, she's going to start sleeping in her crib. Kinda sad and happy about it. Sad because she'll be across the house, happy for the same reason. I wont get woken up by every little sound she makes in her sleep... although I'm sure that first week I'll be up often to check on her.

Monday, October 29, 2012


OT first....
I hate it when something ruins that disconnect with meat. Something that has to remind you of the animal you're eating.
I know that's so 1st world problem... but... it's just so bleh.
I had some leftover chicken wings. LOVE chicken wings... but some of them still had tiny feathers stuck to them. BLEH! It's just so unappetizing :(

Anywho, obviously back from my trip to Walmart. Went to buy some Halloween candy to pass out on Wed. Yep, I've already cheated rofl. I lasted oh... 30mins before ripping open one of the bags and grabbing some chocolate. SIGH!
Well, at least they're little pieces of candy... I guess lol.
After Wed won't have to worry about it anymore thankfully. So yeah, first week starting back isn't looking good hehe
I know DH is going to cheat too, we'll see though. He may surprise me and actually resist the urge.
I did buy a big bag of candy that we both won't want (jolly rancher things and twizzlers)... so thankfully we don't have too much to tempt us.

Zoe was good for my outting. Yay. Made sure she was fed and sleepy heh.

Think there was something else I wanted to mention but the monster.. I mean munchkin is awake :)

So maybe...

... she is starting to get in to the sttn phase. She did it again last night! YAY!
I woke up a couple times b/c of the noises she was making. Thought she was going to wake, but nope, she stayed asleep until 7:40.
Not sure why she did it but I am not complaining at all.

Alrighty, gotta get ready to go to the store on my own for the first time heh. Shouldn't be too bad hopefully. It's just my weak ass trying to carry her in her carrier that I've been dreading.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Such a tease

She didn't sttn last night. Booooo
Oh well.... DH got up with her though so yay for that at least heh. She didn't wake until 4? I think and then again at 7:30 so it's not too bad of a stretch. It could be worse. Could be one of those poor moms w/ LOs that want to wake up every 2 hours.
Thank goodness Zoe was a decent sleeper from the start. Hopefully it will get better to sttn though.

She does NOT like going to bed at 7:30. She screams her head off and it breaks my heart :( I wouldn't want to be forced to go to sleep either, but we're trying to keep her on this schedule.
She eventually gives up and falls asleep, but not after at least 10-15mins of screaming sobs.

I swear, it sounded like she tried saying " I love you" yesterday to DH.
We've been saying it to her a lot. Pronouncing each word slowly and she'll watch our mouth as we say it to her. DH was saying it to her when he was changing her... I had my head in the closet for some reason, and all of a sudden I hear
"Ah, Oh, Ooooo"...
I wish I could've seen her say it.
She does try to imitate some of the words/sounds we say to her. I think the easiest ones are

Good- Goo for her
You- Ooo

She's becoming a lot more talkative which is just adorable!

I'm having a rare burst of inspiration right now.
I'm already hand embroidering her a design on a onesie (I'll post photos when I'm done)....
but I want to make her something for when she's crawling.
I have all of this left over foam I never got to use for a Halloween thing... and yeah.. it's just taking up space and being wasted.
I have absolutely NO idea what to make her though. I guess I could do a chalk board thing like I did for SiL's girl

This thing... imagine it w/ a chalkboard in the middle

But... I dunno.... I just don't like doing the same thing twice. I mean it wouldn't be exactly the same, but it's the same idea.

Sucks sucks sucks..... I have the worst possible artist's block EVER. All the excitement and want to do something and I can't frickin think of anything :(

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Zoe SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dunno why and I don't care... I'm just frickin THRILLED that she did! lol
It may have been b/c she didn't sleep well during the day and had a lot of stimulation from the inlaws during dinner, but whatever.... we put her to bed when we got home. She fussed some, but was asleep a little after 8, and my munchkin didn't wake up until 7:40!!! And I'm sure she only woke because she worked a hand out of her swaddle and kept messing w/ her face.

I woke up a few times during the night since that's what I've gotten used to. My boobs were KILLING ME this morning but I was afraid to go pump. Thought she'd sense that I was awake and then wake herself heh. That's actually happened a couple of times :P
So I just dealt with the achy boobs and went back to sleep hehe.

When she woke at 7:40, I fed her, played with her for about 10min and she was ready to go back to sleep again. I fell asleep with her in my lap for about 5 min, but she kept waking herself up again so I swaddled her and laid her down in her bassinet. She slept until 9:30.
Gosh.... SO frickin nice.

I dunno if she's gonna keep this up but I hope so! heh The achy boobs will be worth it! Or if I knew she wasn't going to wake, I'd wake up pump then go back to sleep.

I want to slap MiL.
Her comment last night just ugh. It's not even that it was a bad comment, more annoying than anything and it doesn't help that this is the 2nd time she's said it.

It went something like...

... to Zoe, " You need to tell your momma to make loud noises while you sleep."

Because Zoe didn't sleep for very long in her carseat and got SUPER fussy.

Seriously?? I have the tv on, usually louder than it needs to be b/c I'm deaf :P Our dogs aren't exactly quiet when they come inside from being out. I'm not quiet with the things I do when she's asleep, like washing dishes, doing laundry etc.
So what else am I supposed to do exactly? Hold the vacuum right up by her ear while she sleeps? Yell and shout at random moments like a crazy person??
She didn't sleep long in her carseat b/c she wasn't frickin comfortable so she woke up fussy.
Just UGH..... there is helpful advice and then there is the "I know better" 'advice', which that comment totally was.

Thankfully MiL isn't all that bad.... just her remark really ticked me off.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Velcro sucks

So we've gone back to cloth diapers. Actually started back about a week ago.
I've given up on the little green baby bamboo ones. The dryer velcro tabs were sewn in too close so weren't securing correctly when washed. So the velcro on almost all of them is screwed up and wont stick any longer. I'll eventually replace the messed up velcro for the next LO but for now... they're getting put away.
Zoe is still a little too small for the larger diapers so we're just using the pure and naturals and washing them a lot.

The larger ones will take some getting used to because they're snaps. Gonna be a pain in the middle of the night,but like I said just have to get used to it.

Can't wait to dress Zoe up for Halloween. It's nothing elaborate or anything... just a cute onesie and a cap I bought from Old Navy last

So I thought this year would be cheap for Christmas....nope.
Seeing Zoe more interested in her toys makes me want to buy a TON for her to play with lol.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

4 year anniversary

We went out to dinner tonight and it was nice. Gorged myself on awfully tasty bad shit lol.
We've decided to go strict strict again though.
Apparently not going super strict again is causing us to constantly cheat. lol
So yeah, starting on Sunday or Monday... it's gonna be another month of strict Primal eating.
Well, I'm still having banana chips, but I don't eat them that often, maybe a half a palm full during the day.
And I plan on having corn at least once b/c I want some beef stew when it gets cooler.
But yeah, other than that.... BLEH strict! heh
OH other than on Thanksgiving that is. I already told DH that we're def cheating on Thanksgiving.
And not cheating, but still being gluttonous... I want a turkey all to ourselves. DROOOOOOOOLS

I love making turkey wings for my lunch. You just can't really overcook them since there isn't a lot of meat on them. I bake them in the oven for about 2 hours or so, flipping in the middle. It gets the skin super crispy and delicious!
Hopefully the turkey I make will be the same. I always have a problem with the breast meat drying out. Gonna brine the shit out of it though to hopefully help.

Oh and I'm def making a pumpkin pie. They have an awesome recipe on Cook's Country website.
It has a pecan brown sugar crust on the top of it and it's frickin YUMMY. I made that at the beginning of the week b/c I was craving it (points back to the cheating comment at the beginning).
We tore that sucker up and DH doesn't even like pecans.

Anyway, that's not for a while though.
Gotta come up with some side dishes for our month of strict primal eating. DH is a bit picky when it comes to veggies so it's gonna be a lot of the same thing. Lots of stir fry veggies probably. Oh well... we did it once and lost a bunch of weight.... and damnit, we're gonna do it again!
We have to do it or else it's just gonna be cheating cheating cheating and our weight is just gonna go up even more.

I absolutely love watching Zoe grow. It's so fun watching her become more interested in her toys and everything around her. Seeing her little head whip around everywhere wanting to take in everything heh.
I can't believe how quickly it's all happening.

She slept really well last night.
Well the first part.. she woke up at 1:30 which sucked, but then she slept until 7!!! And then went right back to sleep and woke up at 9:30. HEAVEN! lol
Gosh I hope she sleeps well again tonight.

Oh she did the cutest thing today. I just got done feeding her and was playing with her a bit. Sat her on the boppy pillow facing me and she was just in a great mood.
She started smiling and talking to me. SOOOOOOOOOOO frickin adorable. It took everything in me to keep from just smooshing her. lol
I dunno what she was trying to say, not even sure she knew, but it was adorable and I can't wait to hear more :D

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

11 weeks

Sorry for the late post for the 2 of you that read it and care :P hehe
Internet has been screwed up all day here and I'm just now able to get on at 9:30, or well 9:44.. whatever.

So anywho.... Zoe is 11 weeks today! 1 day shy of our anniversary tomorrow :)

Lets see....
What's new with Zoe....

She's staying up for longer. She's still a decent sleeper at night, but her naps during the day have gotten worse. Short little 30min naps, maybe an hour if I'm lucky but that's been rare.

She looooooooves her mobile. She'll talk to it and laugh and smile. Makes me a little jealous actually lol. How sad is that :P But if it's making her happy then YAY :) I wish the music on it was better. Dunno why companies insist on dumbing down classical music for babies. Just play the real thing or at least something better than the crap that's on there.

She is also loving her hands and anything else that gets close to her mouth. Lick lick lick lick droooooooool.

She's talking a little more. It's still not a ton yet, but it's SO frickin adorable. I love hearing her little "goos" "guhs" etc.

Feels like I'm forgetting something else. It's late though and I need to get to bed, so... PICS!

Wanted to get a close up of her eczema on her cheek.
One minute, you can't even notice it, then the next, it's all red and bumpy. Poor girl.


Cute tummy time!

And VIDEO . It's not the one of her licking her toy. That one has really loud music in the background. I'll get her doing it again eventually.
Mommy needs to clean that crib out too. Boy it's messy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gimme that toy!!...sorta

Zoe is starting to reach for her toys. Or at least she was yesterday on her playmat.
She still hasn't figured it out completely but I'm sure that will happen soon enough.
I have video of it along with her licking the rattle part hehe.
I'll post it tomorrow.

She slept so well last night. Just a little longer, but I could tell a difference when I woke up with her. Not so grumpy...hehe.

Hopefully soon, she'll sleep through the night.

What else what else....

Oh forgot to post my weight yesterday. It was back up to 202. Well.... at least I know it's water weight. At least I hope it is hehe.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Soooo grumpy

And for once, I'm not talking about Zoe.
I am so damn grumpy when I wake up with her lol. First time is ok... it's the 2nd time that wakes the beast.
I am not happy when it happens because usually I've only just gotten to sleep an hour before.
Oh well. We can't all be perky when we wake hehe.

Been trying to get more photos and video of Zoe smiling, but as soon as she sees the camera, she gets all serious and will not smile for anything...sigh.
Gonna have to sneak attack to get some good shots now.

She's starting to eat more. She probably would have sooner, but she always seemed satisfied with what we gave her so didn't give her more.
We are now though. Having to bust out more of her larger bottles.
Think she may be going through a growth spurt or is about to.
She's getting so big.

So DH's friend is stationed in the Netherlands right now and DH wants to visit him before he gets moved again in a couple years.
I would like to go as well, but DH wants to go next summer.
With tickets being as much as they are and Zoe being her age AND hopefully I'll be pregnant by then....I dunno.
If we wanted to go... it would be the time to do it, but traveling with a child that young, possibly being pregnant...the expense, I think DH is now considering going alone.
Not sure if I'm fine with that though. Not that I have a problem with him going's that he would want to spend 2 weeks there....and it would still be a lot of money that we could spend on more important things... especially if we're expecting another.
The 2 weeks away though....uuuuugh. Zoe isn't even all that demanding right now and the thought of not getting a break for 2 weeks makes me want to cry lol.
Sigh... I dunno. We'll see what happens.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another of many more

Had another
"I'm gonna KILL DH." moments this morning when he got up with Zoe, fed her, and then right after plopped her back in her bassinet while he took a shower.
Wouldn't be so bad if she had gone back to sleep, but oh no... that wasn't happening.
Little Miss Grumpy face wanted to cry and squirm and keep mommy awake while daddy took his sweet ass time in the shower.
I wanted to throw something at DH, but no... can't do that. Not worth it.
I'm sure there will be many many MANY more moments just like that. Just have to remember to deep breath and glare at him for a while until I get over it lol.

I swear, she is going to keep me from sleeping any length of time for a while if she keeps getting out of her swaddle! Grrrrr, can't blame anyone but myself for last night's escape though. Thought I had swaddled her good but nope... 11:30 I get woken up to her grunts and sure enough, she was working on getting that 2nd arm out. I reswaddled her, and she acted like she was going back to sleep... for 30mins at a time until I finally just said screw it and got up with her at about 1:30. Fed, changed, and rocked her a bit and she went back to sleep. Of course I didn't get back to sleep until 2:30 b/c of that damn pumping.

Enough chatter... more pics!

The mess that was on the nursery floor for a while. One of DH's corworkers gave us a giant trashbag full of baby clothes. I washed it all but just hadn't gotten around to sorting it all out. Some of that is our stuff but most is the stuff she gave us.
I finally got around to finishing it up last night.

Zoe enjoying her new mobile for the first time. It's not the best mobile, but she likes it and will laugh and talk to it for about 30mins at the most heh.
The mobile turns off randomly though, and it doesn't fit the crib very well. Oh well.

Random sunbeams shot and Zoe looking like I just told her something shocking :P

And a video. Was trying to get her to smile. She kinda does. I'll capture her in a great mood one of these days heh.
Took this when her eczema was starting to get bad.
Good lord I hate hearing my own voice.

Hope the link works, tried uploading the video but it was taking forever...


OH forgot to mention, her thrush has pretty much cleared completely up. We're gonna treat for 4 more days to make sure it's all gone. Thank goodness that stuff worked.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Seriously MiL??

Ok so we went out as usual last night with DH's family.
MiL told him that she was sick and for most of the dinner, she stayed away.
THEN, she asks DH if she can hold Zoe if she washes her hands. I wasn't too comfy with the idea but just holding her at arms length hopefully shouldn't be too bad right?
Well, apparently MiL forgot she was sick or something b/c she held Zoe (sitting on the table) about 5 inches away from her face as she talked to her, and THEN snuck in some kisses on her head. WTF???
Doing all of this shit after just discussing with everyone about how fucking contagious whatever it is that she has is (started with neice and spread to her parents, then DH's aunt, then MiL etc etc).
I should've spoken up but what are you supposed to say without seeming like a total asshole??
I wanted to punch DH for even letting her hold Zoe to begin with. Damn myself for being shy too. Sigh...
Zoe better not get sick or I'm going to be super fucking pissed.

In other news... after mentioning to DH that Zoe needs extra strength swaddling.
He swaddled her nice and tight last night and she woke at 2am... her usual time. Thank goodness!!
She was super SUPER fussy though. I hate it when she's that way late at night, it's only b/c she's hungry so having to wait for her bottle to warm up feels like it takes ages.
Since it's cooler now, her nursery window is wide open and her changing pad is right by the window. I know her cries have to travel a good bit.
Oh well, can't really do much about it.

Did I ever mention the dreams DH kept having when Zoe was born?
Can't remember if I did or not.

When she was born and once we were home, every single night, he had dreams that she was in the bed with us and that he would lose her or would be sleeping on her or just something to cause him to panick.
Awwwwww lol
He would actually wake him or half wake, and look around for her on the bed, or would ask me where she was.
I remember one time he did that, and when I told him she was in her bassinet, he kept asking me "Are you sure?" lol
So sweet and hilarious :P

Friday, October 19, 2012


Damn swaddles!! We have to make her swaddles super tight or else she'll get out of it and will wake herself up. Something she's done the last 2 nights... waking up at midnight... sigh.
I wish we could take her out of the swaddles to sleep, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

As for the yeast infection/thrush whatever you want to call it, it's cleared up a considerable amount after just one use of some antifungal cream. Thank goodness.

Zoe still has some bumps on her cheeks bc of her eczema. Thinking it's bc it's starting to get cooler. Not sure what else would be causing it other than the weather.
She gets her nightly bath and is lotioned up at least twice a day with the mustela stuff so yeah... not much more we can do.

Weighed myself this morning out of curiosity.
Came in at 198.....wha???
I must've been carrying around a lot of water weight I guess??
Haven't been peeing more than usual... so.... yeah
I'll take it though.... heh
I haven't been all that great diet-wise. Better than it was, but still not great. Had chocolate milk 3 times this week...potatoes twice and some rice yesterday.
Hmmmm, guess that doesn't sound too bad..... oh wait... also had 3 cornbread muffins twice this week too... ok that makes it sound worse...hehe.

Anywho, official weighin is Monday. FX that my weight will be down still.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10 weeks

Welp..... 10 weeks old today. Geeze, few more weeks and she'll be 3m old. I mean it's such a short amount of time really, but this first year, so much happens that while it does feel short, it also feels like an eternity too. Hope that makes sense.

Zoe is ok. Sticking to the schedule pretty well since that's what she's been doing naturally anyway. She's been waking up a bit earlier though which sucks but hopefully she'll start sleeping longer soon, especially in the morning. After she wakes the first time, she only sleeps about 2-3hrs then wakes again.... sucks for me since as I've said before, I don't get to sleep easily and with the pumping...

Also, the issue with her 'diaper rash', may actually be a yeast infection from what I can gather. Slathering it with rash cream has done absolutely nothing to help it. It doesn't actually look like a rash either.
It looks like tiny little whitehead pimples in her buttcrack and in a skin/fat fold where her leg meets her groin area. It also feels really gross. Bumpy and kinda hard.
Poor girl just has one problem after another :(
Gonna try some over the counter stuff first and if it doesn't clear up, call her doc.
Also will start letting her butt air out a bit more before putting on another diaper. Maybe let her have some tummy time on one of the waterproof mats or something. We'll see.

Anywho... photos!

She looks so worried in her sleep. Probably because mommy just flashed a camera in her face :P
You can see the small red dot next to her chin. That's where I accidently scratched her :(

I thought she looked a little more like me in this photo. Onesie her auntie (DH's older sis) got her :)

Wearing the footie pjs same auntie gave to her w/ cap this time since it's colder outside.

Baby butt!! Because parents can't have enough blackmail photos *nodnod*

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


That's what those crib things are called.
Looked it up last night...heh
Pretty much only 2 types.... ocean or jungle themed...wth??
I ended up buying a mobile... the Fisher-Price lil laugh and learn sweet moondreams mobile.
A bit pricey, but I thought it looked cute and it's not jungle or ocean so that's a plus. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those themes. It's just not what I want to get her.
Hopefully she'll like it. She likes the boring pink flowers on her swing so she should like the mobile...hehe.

Will probably end up getting her a crib toy. Not a soother since that's what the sound machine is.... just something she can play with once she's a bit more coordinated or sitting up on her own and in her crib more often.

Only a few more weeks of pumping. WOOOO!!
I'm starting to go longer between pumps to help reduce my supply, so when I do stop, hopefully it wont be painful.
Gosh I can't wait!!
Pumping just sucks sooooo much. There are 2 pros.... I can actually see how much I'm producing so know exactly how much Zoe is getting. And it is free other than the rental cost of the pump.
But those 2 reasons are not enough to keep it up imo. She'll do just fine on formula.
Can't wait for my nipples to return to normal.

Monday, October 15, 2012


So we've decided to start giving Zoe a routine at night.
Not so much during the day yet, but at night, she gets a bath, gets fed, then she's swaddled and put in to her bassinet between 7:30-8:30. Preferably 8 but just depends on when we're able to get things done.
That's about the time she starts to get sleepy, but actually saying it's a routine now will help us stick with it a bit better heh.

Oh and last week, we bought a sound machine that also has this little slide thing that projects the images on to wherever.
This thing
We bought it from Target and BOY was it a GREAT buy. We'll need the white noise for when we're not using the fans in the room any longer (when it gets colder), but the projection is the real seller. Zoe absolutely LOOOOOOVES staring at it on the ceiling.
Not having anything to look at before, she would fuss and squirm and just be totally unhappy, but with this thing... she'll stare at it until she falls asleep most of the time. AWESOME...
Highly recommend getting something like it.

We still need to get her one of those Fisher-Price crib things. Targets here don't carry them. They had them at Buybuy baby and Babies R Us, but those are across town in terrible traffic....... thank goodness for online buying *nodnod*


So we skipped a few days of lotioning her and bathing her. I know, bad bad us. And because of that, some of her skin issues on her face and on the top of her chest came back.
No more being lazy and forgetful though.
Learned our lesson that we can't be lazy when it comes to her sensitive skin. She NEEDS her bathes and NEEDS her lotion.
We used the Selsun Blue yesterday (actually spelled it right this time lol), and the California Baby today. Will use the selsun again... probably Thursday.
That stuff is not cheap and makes her smell like a man :P rofl

Oh I accidently scratched Zoe on her jawline earlier today.
I was swaddling her in a blanket, and just as I was moving my hand to tighten it up a bit, she jerked her head over and caught my pinky nail.
I feel so bad about it b/c it drew blood :(
It's just a small knick, but I still feel terrible about it. That surprised look she gave me just before she cried just breaks my heart every time I think about it.

Her diaper rash looks so bad and feels even worse. So bumpy and just bleh. It spread a little. DH wanted to try that Butt Paste stuff so we're using that right now.
And since rash cream isn't good for cloth diapers, we switched to disposables until it clears up. Hopefully it clears soon b/c disposables aren't cheap. Easier sure... especially when it comes to dealing with poop, but I'd rather not spend money on disposables since we spent so much on the clothes to begin with heh.

And thinking about the next nursery....
Maybe not white.... Black definitely.... but it could be with another color. Maybe Black and a pretty light green color. OOO and then do some kind of tribal Panda/Bamboo theme in the room. Or just something whimsical. Possibilities are endless :)
Sigh... I just hope we'll have to start thinking about a new nursery soon after we start TTC again.

Alrighty... here goes...

My weight this morning....


How embarassing :( It was steady at 195 for a while and welp.... carbs and sugar have made me gain 7lbs in a month. Awesome :\

Today's the start of a healthier diet though. It's gonna be difficult, but it's gonna be worth it when the weight starts coming off.
Gotta get healthy for myself, DH, Zoe and FX future kids.

I'm not feeling really all that motivated, but that doesn't matter. I MUST do this.

And on a slightly random note...

Next nursery, which will more than likely be this computer room..... Black & White color scheme all the way.
That's all Zoe wants to look at and I'm sure that's how it is for most babies.
Of course I'll have to come up with some kind of design to put up, but it's all going to be black & white.
Was thinking, maybe if it's a boy... do like a neat tribal tattoo sort of designs on the walls. *shrugs*
That's not for a while though, so plenty of time to think about it :)

We have come in to the fussy for no reason phase right now and boy is it tiring!
I feel bad b/c I can't console her, but it's so frustrating when you know there's no reason for her to be crying lol.
Poor poor us :P hehe
She cried SOOOOOO much yesterday for no reason. Or well, maybe she had her reasons but they weren't obvious to DH or I.
Hopefully it's better today... please please let it be lol.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Getting fatter

Yep... that's me. I've been giving in BIG TIME to my sweet cravings and I'm sure I've probably gained back at least 5lbs. BLEH!!!

We're def starting back on Monday though. Both DH and I know we've been bad and well... we've had our fill. We're still not going to be super strict, like on Friday's and probably Saturday dinner, but the rest of the week is going to be strict. It has to be if either of us want to start losing weight again and with this year quickly approaching its end, well... that means we'll be trying again and I want to be healthier/thinner.
Even if that wasn't the reason why my cycles started back up again and how we finally got our miracle... the weight lost will still help with my overall health.

I have to get the little bit of willpower I have and say no to the sweets and carbs.
I'll start posting stats starting monday...... UGH I'm already embarrassed about my weight and I don't even know what it is yet.


Zoe has discovered her arms and hands!
It started a few days ago. She started to lick her arms during tummy time... now she wants to put her hands in her mouth too.
She's also VERY drooly and often blows spit bubbles
Funny how that's adorable on a baby but would be disgusting if anyone else did it :P heh

She hasn't shown any sort of reaction to the vaccinations. YAY! So glad about that. We were so afraid she'd get a fever or something, but nope.

Feels like I'm not doing enough to help her develpment.
I guess I probably am, but I dunno... just feels like I should be doing something more. Playing with her more, talking to her, letting her listen to music more often, etc etc. I'm sure most if not all parents feel this way at some point though.

Anywho... more photos of my little munchkin.

Testing her out in the stroller. The stroller suggests not putting them in it until they can sit up on their own. She's not there yet, but it was fine.
We bought the stroller from Target for $15.
Blinding her in the sun at the fair lol. We don't ride rides or anything. It's too expensive. We just walk around and enjoy the food and whatnot.

She got fussy so DH held her. I posted before how she loves being held like this and welp, this time was no different except that she fell asleep. It was SO cute and everyone just Ooo'd and aww'd when they saw her asleep in his arms lol.

And photos taken a few mins ago of her new fav position when she's awake. She loves doing some tummy time on DH and I like this. It's so cute watching the back of her head as she looks around, drools all over the pillow/arm, etc.
She's getting so good at holding her head up now. Still not able to hold it up for too long while on the tummy, but it's getting there.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Zoe had her 2month checkup this morning and she is 12lbs exactly and 22.8in long. She's getting so big. Still tiny but big. She also got a few more vaccinations. Poor baby. Hopefully she wont feel bad from them.

Her doc also recommended selson blue for the bumps on her skin. Said she should outgrow it though.
So yep... everything looks good. We go back at the beginning of Dec for her 4m checkup.
May get her ears pierced then.

We went to the fair yesterday. We only really go for the food....hehe.
There is this awesome Japanese/Chinese food stall that we crave all year.
It was a fun day though. Zoe was adorable and was ok for most of it. I'll post photos later.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

9 weeks

Oh she's growing up so fast!!
It amazes me looking at SiL's baby girl who turned one and then looking at Zoe and just how quick Zoe is going to grow up.
I can't wait but also want her to stay this tiny too heh.

She's still a fussy little booger. She wants what she wants and RIGHT NOW DAMNIT! lol
She's starting to coo and 'talk' to us a little. Love it when she talks. She loves it when we 'talk' to her back. The goo's and gah's. She gets this big smile on her face and starts doing it again.

Her cheeks look SOOOOOOOO much better. Almost look and feel like how they should. They're peeling some so have flakes of skin coming off but other than that... they look almost normal. So frickin glad that we bought the new stuff.

Think we may be going to the state fair tomorrow. Not sure what we're gonna do about carrying around Zoe. Maybe try the carrier, but when we tried it before, she HATED it and screamed her head off. Eep..... we'll see what happens I guess.

Alrighty gotta get... Master Z has woken!

Monday, October 8, 2012

My little bunny

Today has been pretty chilly out. One of those colder fall, wet/raining outside days. A good day to stay in all day and just relax.
So nice....

Oh I forgot to mention the 'best' thing that happened yesterday.
Some frickin random stranger came up to DH's aunt who was holding Zoe at the time going on about how cute Zoe is.
Ok that's fine, don't have a problem with that.....
Welp... this stranger then asks if she can hold Zoe. UUUUUUHM.... hells no!
I was so caught off guard by it and trying to think of a polite way to say no. Thankfully Zoe took care of it and used that oppurtunity to spit up :P lol WOO!
But I mean come on... what kind of crazy ass person would ask to hold a strangers baby???
I didn't know this woman. She could've been the sweetest person in the world, but I don't know that. UGH.... just kinda makes me mad and also creeps me out.

The mustela and I guess the california baby stuff seems to be working already. Not imagining it this time lol. Her cheeks aren't as red and not as raised as they were before. They're actually starting to feel soft again. Not what they should be quite yet, but hopefully with time they'll get back to being baby soft again :)


Zoe yesterday all pooped out at the party wearing a hat way too big for her heh.

And photos today. DH pulled out one of her cute caps. Think this is the only animal type one we have. Boooo.. gonna have to buy more to fix that problem ;)

She was not amused by momma going crazy about how cute she is heh.

All snuggly....

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I take it back...

Aveeno wasn't working. Actually seemed to be making things worse :(
Zoe's face was SO red and gross looking today and she started to get more spots on her tummy where we had started to put it. So rather than wait to see if it would eventually work... off to Target we went.
We bought some Mustela Stelatopia(sp?) cream that was recommended and we also bought some California Baby eczema body wash.
Man... I hope it works. Both of those things are so expensive but worth a try for our baby girl.

So Zoe's cousin had her first birthday party today. It was fun and cute.
Such a gorgeous day out too.
Makes me wonder what we're gonna do for Zoe's first. Still a long ways to go before we really have to figure that stuff out.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


We bought some Aveeno baby eczema cream and started using it right away yesterday. Seriously think it's already working.
Zoe's face was looking terrible and feeling even worse. Dry, raised, flaking, peeling, etc.
Her cheeks are still red, but it's a lot softer now, the peeling is almost gone, and it doesn't feel raised any longer.
Hopefully I'm not just imagining the improvement and it continues.

Also got in the boppy head rest thing yesterday too and started using it. Not supposed to let them sleep on it but oh well. We'll see if it helps.

We bought her a Bumbo chair :) DH put her in it for a little bit. She couldn't decide if she was happy or sad lol. One sec she was laughing and smiling at DH and in the blink of an eye, she was crying. It was so funny and cute heh.

She's def smiling a lot more with more cooing and laughing. It's still not long laughs, more of a 'heh' kind of thing, but it's still super adorable. She was all smiles last night at dinner. Looking at me, and apparently mommy is HILARIOUS when I'm just sitting there eating :P lol

Erm, that's it for now. Gotta go take a shower.

Oh and no more anonymous posting. Getting WAY too much spam. Hopefully it stops.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Head support

Poor Zoe's head. The flat spot is only getting worse imo because she always sleeps with her head either looking straight forward or to the left. Plus sleeping and laying in the rock & play doesn't help either.
So I bought a boppy noggin head rest thing for her. Should get it saturday.
It was a decent price and got good reviews so hopefully using it will help her flat spots round back out.
I swear... they tell us to only let baby sleep on their back but don't warn you about this at all...sigh.

Well... it was nice

Zoe hasn't slept through the night again. Booooo...
She's back to her usual sleep habit which honestly isn't that bad. Just sucks for me still since my body refuses to get with the program and just go to sleep quickly. Oh well.

We have a viewing and a funeral to go to :(

DH's aunt's FIL was killed when he lost control of his moped and slammed in to the back of a van.
I only met him a handful of times, but he seemed nice.
This is going to come off insensitive but he should NOT have been, moped....everything.
His family thought it was hilarious that he was such a bad driver. Seriously, the first time we met him, he had a brand new pt in he had just gotten it the day before and he had already ran in to something and dented up the side and back of it.
Oh sure sooooooo funny until this happened. Very sad that he died, but thank goodness no one else was hurt.

Gave Zoe a bath for the first time with Aveeno stuff. It's supposed to be lightly scented....... lightly my ass. It's very very scented.
It smells nice and all but I hope it doesn't irritate her skin.

Oh and Zoe's dry areas... they feel just how eczema is explained to.
Dry, kinda raised, and like the skin is thickened in those spots.
 Sometimes it is barely noticeable.... others her cheeks will get bright red.
Get better damnit!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2 months old

Wow.... I can't believe she's 2 months old today... AND that it has only been 2 months lol.

I'll cut this short b/c I still need to eat before she wakes.... here's some Zoe spam :)

DH loves holding her like this heh. She loves it too. It always makes me laugh b/c she reminds me of an old lazy bulldog just laying around :P Hmmm.... that didn't really come out as a compliment did it? heh

She really does love that security blanket.

DH making her 'walk' :P and our dog Cid checking her out.

And lots of smiles this morning in her Halloween footie PJs.
You can see the eczema on her cheeks. Poor baby. I hope it clears up soon.

And I've come around on the footie PJs. I still don't use zipper ones (we only have 1 thankfully), but the snap/button ones aren't bad at all and keep her nice and warm.
We have a few from a coworker of DH's. I dunno who the hell designed the ones she bought but all I could do was think WTF? when I saw some of them.
Some have only buttons on one leg.... and others only have buttons to the crotch. Really???

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Zoe slept through the night!!!!! Well... until 5 at least, but still... WOOOO!!!!!
She then went back to sleep and slept until 8:30!!

I don't expect this to happen again, so I enjoyed it while I could...hehe.
Funny enough though... I was more tired when I woke up both times than usual. Go figure. sigh

Monday, October 1, 2012


Pretty sure Zoe has eczema :( My poor girl's cheeks are bumpy, dry, and just looks bad at times. I' ve been putting lotion on her to help. It has helped a little with the dryness. Thankfully it doesn't seem to bother her and she gets a giant smile when I put the lotion on her hehe.

She's been sleeping better during the day... for the most part. Some days are better than others.

We've been giving her diluted apple and prune juice to help with her constipation. Only a very small amount but it seems to be helping. Just changed the grossest poop yet. No blowout but it was close....yuck.

What else what else...

I gave my notice to DH. Told him that I'm only pumping until she's 3m old. My nips and sanity cant take it any longer. My nipples were ok for a while, but I think having to pump for longer to get the same amount as before is doing a number on them. They ares so damn sore and raw right now.
DH better not expect me to do this for the next one(s). I may try bfing but if that doesn't work out, formula it is!!! Can't even imagine trying to pump with a newborn and a 1 or however year old.

Diet is...meh. Difficult eating right when all you want is junk food lol. We haven't bought any so I've actually been trying my best not to bake anything bad rofl. It's a struggle.
My diet will eventually get on the right track. I WILL be thinner and healthier by the time we start ttc again.