Saturday, March 24, 2012


DH and I have expensive taste.
We went to a baby furniture shop this afternoon.
BIG mistake!! We're now in love with all of the most expensive cribs. Damnit damnit damnit.
We're not jumping in to anything just yet... gonna wait to find out gender before deciding on anything, but one thing is certain... we're gonna be spending a TON of money.
Thankfully this place has layaway so we could do payments on whatever we get.
They had some absolutely beautiful stuff though.
I'm in love with this one Romina crib. It comes in grey (which they had). Didn't think I would like it until I saw it and *drools* It's so nice.... and sooooooooo damn expensive.
There are other cheaper ones we like, but we really like the grey color. Guess we could always just paint whatever though heh.
We'll continue looking obviously though.

I spoke too soon.
We saw inlaws this afternoon. We picked them up to go strawberry picking with us and after we were done and taking them home... OF COURSE they had to bring up the scan once again and how they weren't invited.
I wish they would just shut the hell up about it already. Geezus. Well thankfully won't have to hear about it for too much longer. Shouldn't see them tomorrow so.. yay for that lol.

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