Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh thank goodness!

Was afraid that at dinner last night, we'd be bombarded by the inlaws trying to invite themselves to my scan on Monday.
Thankfully that didn't happen! WOO! lol
They had some church thing to go to that night so were in a bit of a rush YAY!
FiL and SiL did ask when my scan was and told us to make sure to call them by a certain time though lol.
FiL is REALLY hoping it's a boy, but he along with the rest of them love any and all babies so they won't care. Even if there is some disappointment, it will be quickly gone.

My body was not liking the Chinese food we got yesterday though. I got some lo mein and put some chili oil on it like I always do. Pffft, BAD choice! Upset stomach and in and out of the bathroom a couple of times.

It is a damn lie (for myself at least) that your nails get stronger during pregnancy. BULL CRAP! Yeah they do seem to grow slightly faster, but that's it. They actually feel weaker to me. Having a lot of problems with them breaking down low or splitting. Strong nails my ass.

My hair is growing faster and has gotten thicker though. I guess that happens when you're not pulling out handfuls of hair. Need to get it cut. Will probably just do it at home. Don't need anything fancy... specially since I have NO idea what kind of hair style/cut I'd want.

OOOOO we're gonna go strawberry picking today! WOO! I've been waiting for the season to get here! OMG fresh picked strawberries are the best *drooooooools*

Hoping after we'll go out and look at baby furniture too. Not sure what DH wants to do today. We have all week thankfully but I'd rather get everything picked out sooner rather than later.

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