Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I want to strangle DH right now! Well... not strangle, just shake him until his brain rattles! lol
Complete opposite of what I was feeling yesterday :P

We were just looking at baby furniture again and I wanted to check out craigslist.
Found this used white dresser. Has a drawer problem where some of them don't close flush, probably just a really simple fix AND DH knows someone at work that does wood working stuff.
And did I mention that the dresser is FREE??
And DH doesn't even want to get it. WTH?
I get the whole appeal of getting something brand new.. ooo it's new, never been used before, etc etc.
But come on... when the damn dressers we've been looking at are well over $500 dollars at the cheapest... free sounds really frickin good to me!
It's not like this dresser was completely worn down and had a huge amount of problems or anything, ya know?
PLUS if we got it, that would mean more money to go to a crib that we really want, like the expensive ass grey one that we love.
But oh no... the dresser isn't new, and the drawers could require some minimum work to be done on it to get it fixed and blahblahblah.

And then... there was a woman selling her baby furniture. It's the same stuff we saw at the expensive furniture place. She's selling a crib (which I don't want), and 2 dressers. At least in the photo, they look almost brand new and it's something I know we would want.
Now these are a bit more expensive, but still a couple hundred dollars cheaper than buying it brand new....
But once again... NOPE from DH.

I just don't understand why he's resisting buying used stuff. It's not like we MUST buy it. If we go there and there's more wrong with it.... we're not required to take it, ya know?
Just UGH I'm so frustrated with him right now.

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