Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ruh Roh Shaggy!

So... I'm probably going to be buying some pregnancy tests in the next couple of weeks if my period doesn't start.

I noticed some CM on the tp a couple of days ago and warned DH when he was getting frisky. So we put it off for a couple of days and had sex last night.
Thing is.... I noticed EWCM yesterday that I told DH about when he was getting frisky again and well... we did it anyway /facepalm.
That's not to say we're definitely going to get pregnant by any means, but yeah... there's a possibility.
If I don't end up pregnant... we really need to be more careful until we are ready to try again (if that happens).
I just think both of us threw caution to the wind b/c it took so long to have Zoe and Oren so we're not expecting anything to happen.
We'll see though.
The thought of having another baby right now makes me want to sob from exhaustion LOL... but I'd be lying if I said it also wasn't a nice thought too. I do really want another and if it happens sooner than we were hoping.. then that's what was supposed to happen and we'll be happy and get through it as best we can :)
Man... we'd have to trade in one of the cars for something that could fit 3 carseats.... and figure out where the heck the baby's room was going to be. We have a dining room, but my big 125g tank is in it and a family room, but we have a ton of exercise stuff in that one....
Anyway... getting ahead of myself.
If I am fertile and I do ovulate... then in 10 days give or take.. AF should be showing. So next Saturday if I ovulate today. If nothing by the 10th... I'll go buy some tests.


Speaking of pregnancy... SiL's is going great and I'm so happy for her!! She had a NT scan done since she is older and had the m/c before and everything looked great. YAY! Everyone says they think she's gonna have a boy. Yeah... everyone said that for Zoe too lol.
Going by the heart rate they first saw, if you believe in old wives tales.. it's a girl.
They're finding out the gender in early Sept I think. :)
Just so happy for her and her husband. They're going to make excellent nerdy parents :D hehe

OOOOOOOO we went to Kohl's on Saturday to look for a Birthday Girl shirt for Zoe. They didn't have any, but we can't resist looking through their clearance racks for great deals. And BOY did they have some good ones. Lots of $1-3 stuff that we got for Zoe. A lot of it too big, but she'll grow in to them obviously.
Well as I was looking... she started to whine saying "Wear Anna."
I didn't know what she was talking about until I saw the wall of PJs/nightgowns. They had one that looked like Anna's (from Frozen) costume. I got DH to get it down along with another frozen gown. We weren't sure on what the prices would be so I took them to a price check..... the Anna one came up as 2.80.... the other one as 3.00.
Uhm... What???? Disney stuff is NEVER on clearance for that cheap at Kohls!!
I rescanned them a few more times and yep... every time they both came up those prices.
So we found an employee to check the prices for us and yep... they rang up for that and she put the 90% off sticker on them.
WOOOO!! I'm sure it was probably an error, but we made sure to check and still got the deal and Zoe got her some new PJ gowns :D

Which reminds me... holy crap.... Zoe's birthday is next Saturday! Where the hell has the time gone??
I knew her birthday was coming up soon, just didn't realize it was this soon lol.
She's not getting any toys from us. Oh wait no.. that's wrong. We already bought her a lot of fake plastic food for her kitchen. Other than that... no toys.
We bought her a full length mirror and need to get a few more things.
I want to get her a stepping stool for the bathroom and I think we were talking about getting her a tricycle, but that may wait until Christmas. Need to sit DH down and figure things out and figure out where the heck we're throwing her party. Think he still wants to do it at the local state park. I just worry b/c it could rain and it's definitely going to be SUPER hot, but DH is determined to have it somewhere other than our nice AC'd house :\

Anywho.. Oren is getting fussy!... Gotta put him down for a nap :D

Monday, July 27, 2015

I need a schedule

Ok, I need specific days to post on so I can remember to post. Maybe Mondays and Fridays.
We'll see.

Anyway... I'm on week 3 of exercising and it's going good so far. Weighed myself today and I'm a 204. That's an 8lb loss. Weigh in day is friday though so we'll see what it is officially then :)

Potty training has been going ok. Been some accidents... a really gross poo one the other day though. Zoe was sitting on the recliner and suddenly she starts whining as she's climbing down and sure enough... there's a smooshed turd where she was sitting and then another smooshed one where she was sliding off the chair. BLEH! lol She quickly ran to her potty where she deposited another little turd :P lol
So yeah... we still have to remind her to go and if we don't.. well... pee and poo everywhere.

She keeps messing with her girly bits though. Even with panties on.. her hand is always down there. She's not irritated or anything so I guess it's just curiosity and whatnot? Wish she would stop b/c she's still very orally fixated and puts everything in her mouth. BLEH. I'm sure that was the reason why she got sick for a little bit. She kept putting her hand in her butt. :\

But yeah.. no more hands in the butt, but she still has them all over everything else. Sigh....

Oren is good. He has his 4m appointment on Thusday. It's almost a month late, but it's all they had I guess. He's gonna be getting some shots. Not looking forward to those screams.

We moved him to his room this weekend. I had been putting him in his crib for naps so the transition went pretty well. Just need to get him to sleep through the night.
Last night was a really good night. He only woke up once.... HEAVEN! lol
Hopefully this trend continues.

And yeah... really nothing much else going on. Just the usual stuff :)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

So much poo!

Potty training is in full effect.
I started yesterday and there was so much pee.
The first time I asked her if she needed to pee.. right after I asked her, I mean I was still looking at her and hadn't turned away or anything... she peed herself. SIGH.
Then... Zoe had been constipated for a few days so needless to say.. what was in her was BIG and she did not want to push it out b/c it was hurting her.
So I gave her juice mixed with Miralax. She did eventually poop... right in her diaper. And she was sharting ALL day. Skid marks all over the place. BLEH!
She pooped a few more times in her diaper and peed a few more times all over the floor. But she did eventually, right before bed.. pooped and peed in the potty.
She was so proud of herself too for doing it. She got lots of hugs and high fives for doing it too! :D

This morning so far.. she pooped in her undies not even 5 minutes after I put them on her. No pee yet, but I can feel it coming. She did poop once in the potty too though so that's good :)

She's just so darn stubborn. Ask her if she has to go... "No" 2 seconds later and there's a puddle on the floor -_-

Exercise is going well. I'm so out of shape but I'm trying my best. I know the more I do it, the better I'll get. I'm still feeling determined and just done with being this fat.
Unfortunately, weight loss has stalled. Seems to be normal though for those just starting so I'm not worried about it. I know the scale will start moving again.
SO darn close to the 100's!

I did start spotting yesterday. Didn't last long and wasn't a lot but not really sure what that was about. Also got a dull headache that lasted throughout the day and would not go away after taking Tylenol. Had to take an ibuprofen as well before it finally subsided.
Must be something hormonal going on. What? I have no flippin clue.

Oren's night time sleep is still terrible. I think he's ready to come out of his swaddle. He's been struggling with it for a while. Going to try to keep him unswaddled tonight. Will probably be rough for the next few days but pfft, it's been rough the last couple of weeks so not really a big change.
He's napping in his crib right now all sprawled out and comfy.

Feels like I wanted to mention something else but... shrugs...

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sorry sorry!

GAH! I keep forgetting to post here. I'm posting on the blog option over at sparkpeople and just completely forget to do it here too.

Things have been pretty good.

Diet has been going well. I do end up craving sweets still, but since I'm not being super strict.. just watching portions... it hasn't been too bad.
What that means is that, if I want a cookie, I'm having a cookie. I'm just not going to eat a bazillion of them like I would have before.

I started exercising yesterday finally. After looking in to it, DH agreed to ordering the new P90 program. It's basically a much needed updated version of the original one that we have. And let me say... it's A LOT harder too.

I'm still feeling more determined than ever to get this weight off once and for all. My weight is still kind of stuck but I think with the exercise included now.. it will start dropping better along with the inches.


We let Zoe go to the beach with MiL and aunt (along w/ 2 of Zoe's cousins).
They're supposed to be coming back today. Must say, it's been nice to have some one on one time with Oren & not having to deal with her toddler drama lol, but I can't wait to see my baby girl.
I'm sure she had a great time.

Oren is doing well. Looked like he was getting a cold, but it was just a runny nose and some coughing and that was it. He's still having some coughing but I think it might be reflux causing it b/c it only seems to happen after he's eaten.

He's so darn cute!!! He's started trying to grab my mouth :P lol Hurts like hell w/ his raptor claws and him not knowing his own strength so he grips really hard, but it's so cute too. I had his pacifier in my mouth and he was so amused by it and reached for it to put in to his own mouth. Awwwww

He's still going through a bad leap though. Catnapping most of the time during the day and still waking up every 2hrs at night. UGH, I'm so damn tired!
Just gotta keep truckin on though.

Period stopped a few days ago. Wasn't really all that heavy. Thank goodness. I think I remember my first period after having Zoe being super heavy.

Just kind of curious what my body is going to do now. Will it start working right... or at least as right as it can... or will it still be all wonky and off. We'll see.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

No doubt about it

All the doubt I had before was gone this morning when I used the bathroom.
This is definitely my period. It's gotten a lot heavier and BOY the bloat feeling down there is flippin terrible.

Oren is definitely going through sleep regression. The first stretch is about 4 hours... and then the rest of the night is every 2-3hrs.
I'm so damn tired :(
If I could just go to sleep when he does at 7-7:30... that would be awesome :P lol
Oren has rolling to his side down... he hasn't rolled to his stomach yet though. Not really worried about that or anything. Zoe took forever to do it and did it very rarely.

We discussed some about Zoe's birthday. We know we want to get her a rug for her room, a mirror, and we saw these cool Star Wars wall lights that we would like to get for her room. DH liked some fake food pack that I found on Amazon so we'll probably get that too.
And yeah... other than that.... *shrugs*
As for where... DH was disappointed that I didn't want to do it at the local park. Dude... seriously.... it's probably going to be 100 out... and if not 100, it sure as heck going to feel that hot. No one, other than the kids, will want to stay out in that kind of weather. If he can come up with a way to keep everyone cool.. then I'm fine doing it outside.

Anyway....  period means that I may actually ovulate which means.... DH better be careful when he wants to get freaky :P

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Period? No Period?

I just don't even know anymore so I'm going to say.. period.
This is heavier than spotting but still pretty light. Most makes an appearance when I use the bathroom and is only spotting any other time.
Also, my uterus does feel slightly achy so I'm just going to vote for a light first post partum period.
So... boooo... and woot! too lol. Boo b/c's a period and no one wants that.... but woo! For my body working (maybe) too.

Oren is doing well, but he is congested. He's going through some kind of growth spurt too b/c he's waking up more at night now which SUUUUUUUCKS.
I'm so darn tired b/c DH is also sick and snoring like crazy.

He's growing so fast though. Trying to fit his whole fist in to his mouth...playing with toys, smiling, laughing, etc etc.
And BOY is he chunky! I think his next appointment is at the end of the month so we won't know how big he's gotten until then. I just know we need to go up a diaper size. We still have a lot of 1's left that we need to get through lol. Maybe we could just save them and give them to SiL when she has her LO :)

We really need to start planning for Zoe's birthday. There are so many things I would like to get her. Just need to shorten that list a bit and pick a couple of things off of it. We're not rich so can't go buying everything lol.
DH is determined to have it somewhere special. It's going to be too damn hot to have it anywhere but indoors somewhere... like home. But he doesn't want to have it here.... no idea why. Really need to just sit down and plan it out already.

The presents though.... I think that's going to be the most difficult to figure out. She just likes so many things. That's a good thing b/c it gives us a lot of choices, but also bad b/c it gives us too many choices heh.
Thinking of maybe playdoh. She loves LOVES playing with it. Get her some along w/ some kind of playdoh gadget. But she always ends up ruining the playdoh by getting it everywhere and not putting it up. Meh... not a huge deal since it's fairly cheap.

Anyway... other than the lack of sleep... things are pretty good here :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Potty training? Pfft

I'm so damn lazy. I'm supposed to be potty training Zoe and it's just not happening.
She has gone a couple more times, but it's been a very lazy lazy effort to get her to do it. I know she's ready, but just have no energy to commit to it. Mom of the year moment :\
I'll get my shit together soon though.

Poor Oren is so congested. He's constantly squirming at night and it always wakes me up. Now DH is sick and with his snoring and Oren's squirming... I'm getting only a couple of hours of sleep. To say I'm tired is an understatement.

Also... I'm spotting again today. It's a bit heavier than it has been, but still not a lot. Just want my body to do whatever it's going to do already. If AF is going to start, just start.
Actually had myself convinced yesterday that pregnancy was a possibility lol. I'll just chalk that lunacy up to hormones :P lol

But..... even though I am so exhausted.... I do want another lol. I'd like to get healthier first before another pregnancy though. I'll be 36 this year so there's still plenty of time if we do decide on having another... or it happening by accident so I'm not too worried about trying for another super quick.

As for getting healthy. July 4th food wasn't all that healthy (think I mentioned that already?), but I did really old back on how much of it I ate.
I'm at 208.8 this morning. So darn close to seeing that 100 weight but so far away too. It's like the closer I get to it, the more my body starts to resist losing weight. Darn body.
I'm still committed to this though. This time next year... I WILL be at are really damn close to my goal.
Don't think I've ever felt this motivated and committed to losing weight before. I just hope it keeps up. Trying my best to do everything I can to stay motivated.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Great news!

SiL is pregnant! DH's older sister. SO happy for her! Think MiL said she's about 8 weeks along. She had her first ultrasound and they saw the heartbeat (180) and everything looked good so far :)
I really really hope this is it for her. She's going to make a fantastic mom.
She called MiL last night and MiL had her on speaker phone while she messed with her tablet. And when baby stuff came up, you could just hear it in her voice that she was so excited.
I'm just so ridiculously happy for her and I'm hoping, praying, keeping my fingers crossed, everything that this is it... that that little gummi bear in there is their take home baby and everything is nice and healthy.
This baby will be due early February too. Seems to be the pattern for us. One gets pregnant, gives birth... and shortly after another gets pregnant lol. Really happy that all of the cousins on DH's side are so close in age. Hoping this means they'll be close when they grow up.
So YAY!!!

In other news... my body is still doing something weird. What exactly? I have no frickin clue. I started spotting yesterday right before we left for the inlaws for the 4th of July get together so I put on a pad just in case.
It felt like it was getting heavier, but every time I went to the bathroom, there was only very light spotting still and barely anything on the tp. And it wasn't bright red.. more of that orangy color.
But still.. all night long it felt like I was getting small gushes... and I know it wasn't me peeing a little or anything lol. It had to have been CM.
Came home and changed the pad and hardly anything was on it. *shrugs* Dunno WTH my body is doing but the spotting thing needs to stop. So annoying!

The 4th was good though. Hope everyone that celebrates it had a great time, and if you don't, well I hope you had a great Saturday :)

DH had to work so I was left at home. I had to make stuff for the BBQ anyway. Prebaked some ribs and made some homemade bread. Used a different recipe than I had before. Texture was really good. Crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle, but there was absolutely NO flavor to the bread. It needed a lot more salt to it. So disappointed.

I did eat stuff that I shouldn't have due to my low carb diet, but I held back on it so it shouldn't be too bad.

OH! Stupid DH and his relative. Not sure what his title would be to DH... he's DH's mom's cousin.
Anyway... the cousin bought bout 20lbs of this explosive crap to blow up. They (cousin, his step father, SiL, her husband, DH, FiL) went down to where they usually target practice to blow it up.
First explosion was LOUD and shook the house. Oh it was nothing compared to the 2nd explosion. Even louder and shook the house even more. I'm shocked that they all came back with their hearing intact. The 2nd explosion scared the crap out of all of us still in the house and even knocked down a photo over MiL. Also shocked that no one called the police b/c I'm sure everyone around the area heard and felt it..... sigh.. morons.

And Zoe.... UGH Zoe with her cousin last night was a whole lot of fighting, whining, screaming and hitting. Oh... Zoe doesn't hit us, but she sure as shit hits her cousin. They were both tired so it made everything 100x worse. 2 toddlers told to share toys= disaster. Zoe definitely got in trouble b/c she kept hitting her cousin (not hard, but not the point) to get her away from some playdoh she had claimed. UGH But at least there were others there to discipline her. So glad inlaws don't shy away from disciplining too like I know some families do. They're all involved and won't let Zoe get away with anything.

And finally... I keep forgetting to update on our cat.
He's doing so much better that he's actually acting like a normal cat again. His paw pads still aren't normal size, but they don't seem to be hurting him as much as they were.
He's actually been playing, running around, jumping up on stuff, etc. Accidents on the floor have been minimal, but he has done it a couple of times.
But yeah... he's feeling a lot better now which I'm happy about.... damn cat :P lol

I'll try to remember to get some photos uploaded soon.

Oh I almost forgot... Zoe had a little incident other than the toddler fighting.
We gave her a sparkler for the first time. Used a coffee filter so no stray sparks from it hit her hand while she waved it around....
She was on her 2nd one and everything was going fine until it went out and she reached up and grabbed it with her other hand.
Yeah... she burned herself pretty good. M poor girl :( The burns are a little blistered now and I'm sure still probably hurt a good bit.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Frickin idiots (a lot of cursing ahead)

Ok so I'm about to become a giant hypocrite. I know it... I've proven myself to be before lol...

But my brother and his wife.... royally piss me off sometimes.
They're going to comic con again this year. Awesome right? Well, that's until you realize that my brother hasn't had a job since the beginning of the year AND his wife doesn't work either. WTF?
And they were 2 months late on their rent! They rent DH's grandfather's old house so of course they can get away with being late b/c DH's grandfather is a good person and wouldn't kick them out.
Oh and I bet if anyone went over to their house, they'd be sporting some new computer stuff, gaming stuff, toys for their kids, etc etc... b/c priorities.

I got an IM from my brother on FB not that long ago. Just a HI b/c that's how he always starts his shit.... and I never answered b/c I just knew he was going to try some bullshit and ask us to watch their youngest. Bitch.. no. 1..... we have a baby and a toddler... so no. 2... that boy...b/c they don't take him out anywhere or get him used to other people knows NONE OF US so would be miserable if they left him with anyone.
So apparently they're leaving their 2 older girls with MiL and taking their youngest. Everyone knows they would dump him at MiL's house too if they could.

It just UUUUUUUUUUUUGH pisses me off so GD much how irresponsible they are. You have a fucking family you need to be providing for.... Going to comic con shouldn't be your top GD priority.
Then.. my brother has the nerve to say that he needs this vacation! What??? Bitch, you've been out of a job for how many months?? And trust me when I say... he hasn't been the one to take care of their kids other than driving them around.
Oh AND you can be 100% sure that HE was the reason why he has no job. He gets these great techie jobs that have great benefits for his family and then he totally fucks it up. He does ok at first then slowly but surely, he'll start calling in sick and will eventually get fired. Over and over and over again. Not sure where the hell he thinks he lives b/c these jobs are not just popping up all over the place here and I'm sure there are more qualified people applying for them.
Oh and he won't apply for a regular job at say.. a grocery store or Walmart/Target. Oh no... he's too good for those... nevermind that his family has NO FUCKING MONEY coming in and are apparently going through his wife's inheritance like it's a bottomless pit.

This is why I don't talk to them often b/c of shit like this. I want to scratch their eyes out and yell at them to be more responsible. I love them, but good frickin lord are they infuriatingly STUPID.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I'm sorry I haven't been posting a lot. Been so scatterbrained lately and so tired that I haven't remembered to do it and then forget that I haven't.

So anyway.... I think I could have ovulated. On thursday when we were still at the beach, I had more spotting. It was more than it was before so I thought AF was going to start and since we weren't going straight home, decided to use a tampon.
When we finally got home, I took the tampon out and while there was only a tiny bit of blood, there was a decent amount of EWCM on it.
Then I think on Saturday I started feeling aches coming from the right O area. Same on Sunday too and just a little bit today.
We did have sex on Sunday but I don't think there's any chance of an accident happening lol. We used regular lube and I got up right after and used the bathroom. That's if I did ovulate though.
We'll see. I'm not really looking forward to getting my period back, but it would be nice to know that my body is working as it should lol.
If... IF I were to end up pregnant again... DH better not even feign ignorance b/c I told him about the EWCM and even joked that if he wanted another baby we could have sex :P
But again, this all depends on if I did actually ovulate.

Oren is doing well. Still has his usual wake up schedule which is just making me exhausted. I don't mind him waking up once during the night b/c he goes right back to sleep after eating... it's the waking up early morning that is doing me in. The boy needs to sleep in damnit! He starts waking up around 5:30. I can usually get him back to sleep but it's usually a restless sleep where he squirms a lot so I can't get back to sleep.

He's fussy so I have to cut this short :D