Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Half way point! WOO!
Hoping now that the time will fly by. I can't wait to hold my little girl :)

Here's my 20w belly shot compared to 18w

Looks about the same to me... maybe even a little smaller? Think it's b/c I'm rounding out.

Uterus has def made it to my waist now, think maybe above it a little bit.
I've felt a few kicks up that high.

No furniture shopping today. Boooo :( Well at least not for the big items.
DH wants to wait until Friday since the clearance warehouse is open then. I get it, but I'm so impatient to pick something out rofl.
Hoping to get at least some small stuff today though. We have SO much to buy we need to start.

I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't just a teeny bit disappointed... well.. WAS disappointed.
Now don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to have a healthy baby girl, but there was that part of me hoping for a little boy.
I hated hearing this when we were still trying, but now, I totally understand gender disappointment.
People can say they don't care either way, and that's fine, but there is that small part of you that does wish for one over the other no matter what you say. And when it's the opposite, there's gonna be at least an inkling of disappointment... and ya know what... no matter how disappointed you are.. it's totally fine and normal! 
My own didn't last very long. Once it sank in just a little more yesterday that we were having a girl, I started to feel let down a bit. Knew that others were disappointed, but then it passed. I'm good now and excited to start buying some girly stuff and figuring out how to make Star Wars girly lol :)

And I know DH is going to be wrapped around those little fingers when she's born. Heck, probably even before then lol.
He's gonna be a wonderful daddy to his little Zoe :D

And finally... last but not least....

Thanks everyone for the congrats yesterday :) You're all awesome!


Shari said...

Gender disappointment is totally normal and those that tell you, you are horrible because of it are dead wrong! I was the same way as you and it quickly passed! Now I can't imagine not having a girl!

SLESE1014 said...

You are not horrible for feeling a little disappointment. Once you hold your baby in your arms it won't matter that for a few minutes you wished you had one or the other. She will crawl into your heart and none of this will matter....trust me.... I'm with Shari, I can't even imagine not having a little girl.

LisaL said...

Thanks ladies :)

LisaB/lisabttc said...

I think that's a normal feeling for a lot of ladies. I bet you guys will forget all about it before long though :-) I can definitely see a difference in your bump! Cuuute!