Saturday, June 30, 2012


Forgot to mention...

I'm so proud of DH!
He's been trying SO hard to lose weight and it is finally showing on the scale.
I could tell he was losing weight just by looking at him, but you know how that is. You want to see some proof on the scale and now he finally has that.
He was stuck at 212 for a while... a loooooong while and is finally down to about 200! YAY!
Just so happy for him :)

Speaking of weight.... I think I'm still losing weight. Weighed myself yesterday and I was at 208. Day before was 207.
I have plenty of chunk to lose so I'm not worried about that, but just hope that Zoe is getting what she needs still.
It will be interesting to see what my weight is after she arrives. I know I shouldn't be worrying about it, but I hope it's less than what it was when I got pregnant lol. With all of the junk food I want to eat after giving birth... even if I do end up lighter.. I'll probably end up gaining it back hehe.

Holy hot as hell Batman!!!

It is a frickin scorcher outside!!! Poor plants out there have actually started to wither from the heat. Holy crap!!
I feel sorry for any animal or person that has to be out in this heat.

DH took my car to work today since the AC in his truck isn't working right.
He came home yesterday completely drenched in sweat. His clothes seriously looked like he had just stood in the path of some sprinklers.

Gosh, I hope it cools off some. At least get back in to the 90's instead of the 100's. And RAIN DAMNIT.

Other than the hot weather. Nothing really eventful going on here. Still working on the same crap I have been.
It's just taking me FOREVER to finish it. Long long long process getting it done.
Oh well, I'm not going anywhere so what else do I have to do right? heh

The moons I made for the nursery are so... so.... janky looking. Just... yeah, they're not exactly high quality rofl. Trying to think of ways to hide flaws on them but I can't come up with anything. Hmmm, maybe get some kind of glow in the dark things I can stick on it. That may work. But.... I don't have my car and don't feel comfy taking DH's truck out.

Took it out the other day and it's so strange driving it. I'm so used to driving low to the ground, that driving up a bit is disconcerting.

Meh, I can wait.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sneaking up on me!

Gosh, everything is just really hitting me to how close the end is!
34 weeks next tuesday! YIKES!
It's like the 3rd tri started off SOOOOOOO slow, and then BAM! It sped up like crazy! I feel so prepared but SO unprepared too.

Think I'm going to start getting my hospital bag together. Not going to be much in it since I don't have to worry about a laptop, ipad or any of that expensive mess. Geeze... we wanted to buy a new camera before she was born. Not sure if that's gonna happen now. Nothing wrong with the camera we have, it's just a few years old and doesn't take great quality photos. Sad when an actual camera is worse than a camera on a iphone heh.

The cameras we've been looking at aren't that expensive, but add that in with the recliner we also want to get, and the ceiling fan and whatever else we still want to get.... EEP... it's gonna add up!

Just man.... feels like we still have so much to do!

Zoe had a taste of some caffeine last night. Been having a craving for some Dr. Pepper. So we bought a case of diet Dr. K (kroger brand). I finally had one last night and when I went to bed, she was just an active little monkey in there lol.
May have to chug down another one before my appointment on Monday or Thursday :P Probably be best for thursday since the NST is to test her heartrate etc when she's active I think. We'll see.

Alrighty... while I'm waiting for my lunch to cook, gonna go work on nursery stuff. Worked on it ALL day yesterday and barely got anything done. It's just so time consuming what I'm attempting to do.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Why does this topic get SO heated??

And it's usually from the anti-circ crowd that starts this shit too. The ones that want to throw out words like "torture" to describe it.

If you don't want to do it, FRICKIN AWESOME.... then don't do it to your baby! Seriously... no one cares except for you!
But don't you fucking dare tell parents that choose to get it done to their little men that they're torturing their baby. That it's immoral or blahblahhighhorseblah.

Just please.... SHUT UP.
YOUR way is not the only way!
YOUR way is not the RIGHT way.
YOUR way is YOUR way, NOT everyone elses!!!!!


Just a quick post...

Think I may have one of those vertical lines on my belly. It's pretty faint so I'm not sure if it's actually pigment or maybe just the hair on my stomach or what.

If a website had a neck, I would strangle it!!!

The Kawaii diapers website that is.
I've been waiting how long now for those Little green baby bamboo diapers?? I think AT LEAST 2 months.
Contacted them and always got, "End of the month" when they were supposed to get more in.
FINALLY they had an actual date to get more in on the 25th. More of the ones they already had and more color options.
So they changed the date to the 27th. Ok not that bad, but it would've been nice to know that before wasting my day waiting.
Yesterday arrived...... nothing nothing nothing until a bit after 1pm. A new photo is posted of a black diaper. Ok that's a new color.. but where are the others? AND you can't even choose the black diaper when ordering so WTF?
So I wait and wait and wait.....Nothing once again. Just the same old fabric that they've had all along.
DH comes home, talk to him about it and we decide to just order some.
Well thank frickin gawd I did b/c they're now SOLD OUT.
Hell even when I was ordering.. I wanted 18 diapers... but had a message come up saying that they didn't have that many in stock!!
What.... the.... FUCK.

How is that ANY way to run a fucking business???
Promising more colors, posting up ONE and then not even giving an option to pick it.
Delaying delaying delaying with absolutely NO explanation.

I'm not ordering anymore. We're gonna be 6 shy from what we wanted total, but I don't care. I'm not ordering anything else from them.

In other news... while waiting for that crap yesterday... worked on some nursery decor. Got a lot done w/ what I was doing but still have SOOOOOO much more to do. I'm enjoying it though. Just need to stop neglecting cleaning the rest of the house to do it lol.

Med is working well. Sugar this morning was 78. Need to remember to eat a larger snack at night. I remember to at the last minute and I don't want to eat too much before going to bed so have only been having a spoonful of peanut butter.
Hopefully I'll remember to eat something tonight. Not sure if we actually have anything though. Maybe some nuts, but meh. I'm getting all nutted out. Hmmmm.... hope that didn't sound as pervy as DH's voice in my head made it sound :P

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crocheting etc and stuff

Tried my hand at crocheting yesterday and MAN! I am so uncoordinated! I FINALLY got the basics down, but my stitches are really tight and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong since they're not supposed to be.
Def going to be a long learning process but I'm determined to learn it.

Think I'm going to make some cute little felt Star Wars figures.
We gave MiL the amigurumi patterns for star wars stuff, but there is no telling when she'll get around to doing them. Not expecting her to drop EVERYTHING to do them, but it would've been nice to learn that she had taken the damn patterns out of the car and NOT spilled shit all over them :\

Anyway... I figured in the meantime, make some felt figures and look up how to make your own mobile.
DH wants to just buy one and replace the dolls or whatever they have on it, but I don't think we need all that. Sure it would be nice if it spun or played a cute soft little tune, but meh... just something stationary that spins manually would be ok with me.

Don't have much time to make all this stuff so gotta get to it!

Pretty sure Zoe was laying almost completely sideways this morning. Rolled over on to my back before getting up and felt her across the bump. Think she moves around too much for her to stay like that, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't worry me a little.

Also, early this morning after I laid back down from fixing breakfast. I think she may have kicked me in my ribs. Or well, not really sure if it was a rib kick b/c it didn't hurt at all, but it felt really strong and actually made me jump. *shrugs*

Looks like the med is working. Sugar this morning was 87 so WOO! :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

33 weeks!

Ok... time has started to feel like it's flying by now! Kinda scary since it feels like we still have SO much to do.

Anywho... bump photo

Was actually taken yesterday morning but meh... one day isn't gonna change anything. Plus I was wearing a bra which I'm not currently so thought that would be a bit better lol.

Feeling like I need to start cleaning all the baby stuff. Not sure if it's really nesting or not b/c I have absolutely NO urge to clean anything else hehe.
Still need to wash the carseat cover, stroller covers, and all of the diapers. Still need to order 18 more of the smaller size ones too. EEP.

Damn Kawaii diapers. I get that they have to wait for their shipment to come in, but come on.... at least tell your customers that have been waiting all damn day that things have been delayed. Don't just leave people hanging, wasting their day away hoping something will get updated.


My hips and knees KILL me at night sleeping on our mattress.
If you're looking to buy a new one... do NOT buy a pillow top mattress!!!!
You need to be able to flip your mattress every once in a while and with a pillow top, you can't. So DH and I are sinking in our sides of the bed and my side sinks in at the ass b/c I guess that's the heaviest part of me lol.
Anyway b/c of that it puts just enough pressure on my hips and knees now that I wake up with them aching like crazy.
I'll have to talk to DH... see if we can still try to flip it b/c this just isn't gonna work any longer.

Gotta finish up some of the nursery things I've been working on. I THINK I have what I need for it, and it really shouldn't take me too long to finish them up.
I still need to figure out what the heck I want over the crib on the wall.
Was thinking I could do her name, but I dunno.... I'm really not a huge fan of putting baby's name on the wall. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but was hoping I or DH could come up with something else but PFFFFT nothin!
So yeah... I'll probably end up putting Zoe up there :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Twice a week

So, had another doc appointment today and learned that I'm now going to have to come in TWICE a week. Good lord lol.
BUT good thing... one of the appointments (Mondays) is for an ultrasound to check the baby! So that's a very big plus lol.
The other appointment (thursdays) is for a NST... non stress test. Had to look it up because I didn't know what was done with that.
Basically they strap those belt things to my bump to check the baby for about 20-30mins.
So yep.... I start that next Monday up until the day I deliver. YIKES, but whatever it takes.

Also, got put on Glyburide b/c of my fasting numbers. I have to eat a snack and then take 1 pill before bed. Not too bad. Hopefully it works.
Got scolded for not taking my sugar levels 4x a day too :P lol
I only LOL b/c I felt like I was back in school or being scolded by a parent. So yeah, even though I don't want to, gonna start checking that again 4x a day. Or well... 3x most days since I rarely eat breakfast.

Erm what else..... I had my BP taken twice. First time it was frickin 150/80. Cue the freakout!
After talking to the doc, got it taken again and thankfully it had dropped to 120something over erm... something 70something I think, I can't remember.
PHEW!!! Was frickin scared that it had gone up again. I wasn't feeling anxious or anything, but I guess that doesn't matter b/c it was up there!

Uh I think that was it. The major news being the twice a week monitoring now. I mean it sucks that I'm gonna have to go out there that much... gonna be like my fert treatment every other day appointments sorta lol, but as I said.... get to see the LO weekly until she's here so that's awesome :)

Pics!!! Lots of them!

Bought this and something else that I can't remember when I got DH t-shirts for father's day.

We got this from Toys R Us this weekend when we went to go get another lightsaber for the wall. It was another 40% off of the clearance stuff and yeah, this thing was too cute to pass up! She's gonna be an adorable warm pink teddybear when it gets cold!
And the hats we got b/c she's probably gonna need something for when we leave the hospital. It's middle of summer and more than likely gonna be bright and sunny. Frickin LOOOOOVE the darker purple one!

A few things MiL bought for Zoe at a flea market. The striped blanket... just no. It feels like a really old bad cheap kitchen wash cloth. It's rough as hell and yeah... baby is NOT using it. I'm sure it was all bought in a bundle b/c I know she wouldn't have gotten it otherwise.

And we bought these today. MiL keeps going on and on about Kohl's having cute baby clothes. So of course I wanted to go look.
Verdict... yes... yes they absolutely frickin do have ADORABLE baby clothes!!!
Even DH, the one that says we're not buying anymore picked out 2 things lol. I'm tellin ya, he's just as bad as I am even though he'll never admit to it.

I picked these 2 out

And DH picked out these 2
Well, the Pooh one came w/ 2 onesies

They had SOOOOOOOOOOO many adorable ADORABLE clothes. Screw Macy's.... I'm gonna go to Kohl's when I want to buy a baby dress *nodnod*

So stubborn!

Zoe that is lol.
Went to DH's aunts house last night. She just invited a few family over to eat.
Zoe was moving around a little, consistant enough that I thought that others would be able to feel it.
And of course as soon as MiL put her hand on the bump, she stopped and as soon as she took it off, she started again :P

It's so funny and weird that it seems like she can sense it heh.

I thought I wouldn't want anyone touching my bump except for DH, but I honestly didn't mind at all. Now if they felt the need to glue their hand there for more than a few minutes that would annoy me lol.

MiL said that SiL wouldn't let anyone touch her bump. I thought that was weird. I mean I can understand strangers.. I still don't want that, but her own mom? Eh whatever.

Still no photos of the baby stuff yet. I swear I'll get photos today. It's nothing spectacular or anything, but I still like showing it off hehe.
We're headed to a couple of stores today and hoping we'll pick up a couple more outfits! MUAHAHAH
I know I know... I'm pathetic, but so is DH! He sees a bunch of stuff and just starts grabbing and then asks me if we should get it and I have to be the grown up and say no... or weed it down to just one heh.

It's weird... the bigger my bump gets, the less I'm worried about how I actually look. Or no.. that's not right.. the more I want to accentuate the bump.. even if that means wearing girlier clothes.
Like right now... I'm wearing a women's t-shirt from old navy.
NEVER would've happened before b/c I hate showing off my fat arms.
I'm still not comfy with it now, but the shirt is so nice and snug around my bump and it looks cute.... even with the huge jelly arms :P
It is a pretty darn comfy t-shirt though. One of those thin cloth ones that are nice and light weight. Perfect for this hot ass weather.
Wish I had some better shorts to wear. Been living in yoga capri pants whenever we go out. Always feel like I'm camel toeing in these things even though I know I'm not since I have on undies and a panty liner.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wide awake

It's 5:20 at the moment and I've been up since hmm... 3?
Tried getting back to sleep but have an upset stomach again. NOTHING like it was the other day thank goodness.
This is just standard upset stomach territory here.

I don't know why the heck I'm craving spicy food b/c my body can not handle it.
Ate some of these spicy peppers I bought from the Korean store last night and I've been paying for it since an hour after I ate them.
That's what is causing my upset stomach now. I THINK it has all been evicted out of my body b/c I'm feeling a bit better and don't have the urge to go any longer. May try getting back to sleep soon now that I can actually get somewhat comfy again.

We went looking at recliners yesterday at Rooms to Go.
MAN do I hate going in to furniture stores. Frickin sales people are too damn pushy and just make you feel so awkward being followed around and watched like a hawk.
I understand they work on commission which has got to suck, but give potential customers some damn room!! No one wants to feel like they have someone breathing down their necks! Especially when it comes to making a BIG expensive purchase!

Anyway, we did find one that we like. We're just debating on it along with some other stuff right now.

The coworker of DH's that is giving us the bassinet also has a bouncer and a small swing that I guess she wants to part with. Not sure if these 2 other things will be for free, but hell.... discount whatever.. I'll take it.
The less we have to spend, the better!!
Sparkly new stuff is always awesome, but not when you have SO many other things you need to buy.

I'll get photos of the baby loot we bought yesterday along with some stuff that MiL gave us last week. Need to wash that stuff first.

Anywho... gonna try to get back to sleep before the pets start to wake up.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Feeling a bit better as the day goes on. Bump is still sore, but not nearly as bad. We've been out and about (bought some more baby stuff that I'll take photos of later), and I think the walking around has helped stretch things a bit and loosen it up.
Thank goodness. Sore bump is NOT fun.


Laying or not moving in one position... I feel fine, but if I have to move... my poor bump is sore :(
Mostly on my right side and down a bit lower.
Feels like I've strained a muscle or something. Or like when you first start up doing crunches or something and then the next couple of days you can't move b/c your abs hurt so much. That's what this feels like.

Zoe still seems to be good though. Moving around as normal. I actually wanted her on the right side to see if her movements would help to massage the area lol. Didn't work well but eh, it was a thought heh.

Hope I'll feel better as the day goes on. Think I'm gonna take some tylenol to see if that helps w/ it any.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hmmm.. something going on

I'm not sure what that was earlier.
It felt like a REALLY bad stomach ache and I'm pretty sure it was causing me to have a lot of BH.
I also started getting this really bad aching low low low down where my right leg meets my pelvis that would come and go.
Didn't time it b/c well.. I just didn't feel up to it. I was in pain and didn't want to do anything.
Laid down on the couch on my left side and slowly... very very slowly the pains went away.
My lower back now is starting to ache and I have a headache.
The stomach ache feeling is gone, but I'm still getting that low right side ache. It's not anywhere near as bad as it was, but it's still there.
Also, as soon as I stand up, my bump gets hard.

Zoe seems to be ok. She's been moving around in there like normal. Not sure what to make of this.

Was it just a really bad stomach ache that caused BH contractions? B/c of that.... am I now just sore from it?
If it happens again or anything gets worse... will def head to the hospital and get checked out.

That really sucked whatever it was. I can remember 2 times I've ever felt that helpless and miserable. Once when I was really young and woke up with a terrible fever. 2nd time, also when young and I ate poison mushrooms and had to get my stomach pumped. Long story, but short version, my mom and aunt went and picked them at the local fort. I guess they thought they were a different mushroom. They cooked them up that night, myself, my mom, aunt, and 2 cousins ate some and we all had to be rushed to the hospital b/c we started puking up everything.

Anyway.... yeah... just to repeat.. whatever that was SUCKED.

Oh yeah.... it's raging

If the quicker to tear up wasn't a sign... my rage a few minutes ago sure was the ultimate sign of hormonal pregnant rage!

It actually started early this morning.
We've been feeding the cat less to try to get him to lose some weight. Well, he's learned what time DH gets up and will come in to the room and start meowing.  I gently patted him on his side when he wouldn't stop which bought us at least a few minutes of silence from it.
It annoyed the ever living hell out of me though and I seriously wanted to push the cat off the bed.

Anyway, fast forward and our black dog Kiwi has been getting on my nerves all damn day for no reason. Just the sight of her is making me angry for whatever reason that's totally not her fault.

Our pets know when it's time for their afternoon food and she along with the other dogs and cat get excited. Well this totally pissed me off and I yelled at them. :(

The cat is sitting on the table giving me his annoying "feed me" meow even though he has food in his dish and man.... that set me off. I slammed his food in to his food dish and a lot of it scattered all over the table.

Thankfully I realized how completely stupid and hormonal I was being, and even though I was still pissed, I managed to feed the dogs with no incidents of absolute RAGE.
UGH... I don't like feeling like this :(

My pets.. while annoying sometimes aren't doing anything wrong and these stupid hormones are making me SO angry at them for no reason.
Cooled off a bit now but angry at myself for doing what I did.

And to top it all off. My stomach hurts like hell right now.
Had some pork sausage earlier for lunch. I knew I shouldn't have but I wanted to get rid of it.
It's totally not agreeing with my gut right now and it hurts. About to down some tums and hope it helps...

Hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable

Yeah that explains how I've been feeling lately lol.

Even with that though, I must say that I'm still not 'over' being pregnant yet. Even with all of the discomforts.... I'm still loving it :D

Yesterday afternoon was pretty cool.
Was sitting on the couch reading and felt LO stretch out a leg right on top of my ribs.
THAT was pretty weird b/c I dunno, just thought that wasn't possible to go on top of them? *shrugs*
Anyway, I placed my hand there to feel and she quickly snatched her leg back.
I'm pretty sure I startled/scared her lol.
She was not happy about it afterwards either and started to move around and kick me a lot hehe. So cute!
I'm certain it was a leg though which was really cool.

I don't think I've actually had any rib kicks yet though. I THINK she's had instances where she's put pressure on the bottom ribs, b/c I'll get this ache in the area, but other than tha... nothin.
Watch, now that I said something she'll start kicking the crap out of them lol.

Oh I forgot to mention that we got in our order of Chinese cloth diapers the other day. YAY! They came in a lot quicker than the last batch. Totally forgot we had even purchased more lol

Buying cloth diapers is VERY addictive *nodnod*

There was something else I wanted to mention but.. blahblah.. you know how it goes by now ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Really quick

I HATE GD right now!!!!!!

Looked at America's Test Kitchen website and made the mistake of going to the dessert section. Holy crap.... I want almost everything listed!!!
Thank goodness the recipes aren't viewable (unless you sign up), or else I'd be in the kitchen right now trying to make something rofl.

I am totally frickin making the triple chocolate mousse cake though after this little one comes out. Just... GAH! I am making it along with about a bajillion other things!!!!

It's so HOT!!!!

Summer sucks.... suckity suck suck SUCKS!!!!

It's been hotter here lately and you can def feel it in the house.
The AC is on constantly, fans are all on but you can still feel the temp difference. I hate the summer so much.
I don't know how anyone could love hot weather. BLEH!!!!!!
It took me FOREVER last night to get to sleep b/c I was so damn hot.

Took my bp one more time yesterday, and it was still a lot lower than it is at the doc's office.
It was 117/68.
So either my BP monitor sucks and it's totally off and not accurate, or I do get worked up at the doctor's office.
I'll point it out when I see the OB on Monday.
I thought maybe it could be an accuracy thing, but with the nurse that came here getting the same results as I'm getting now, AND she checked my pulse w/ her fingers as well and got the same results...
It makes me feel A LOT better about my BP. Just wish I could calm my nerves enough to get these results in the doctor's office.

I'm not super hormonal/emotional or anything, but I can tell that I'm quicker to cry though.
We started watching Man, Woman, Wild on netflix the other day.
There's an episode where they're on a tropical island. They're scavenging for food and notice this white bird that lays their egg right on the branch of trees... no nest.
Well that's easy pickings for the 2 people and OMG it upset me so much.
Thinking about the poor momma bird losing her egg and then these 2 idiots eating them when they didn't have to. And one of them contained an almost fully developed baby bird.
Hell, even thinking about it now is making me teary eyed and wanting to cry.

And then yesterday, I started watching videos on taking care of newborns and good lord... seeing those cute little newborns made me burst in to tears.
I also watched a couple of birth videos and as soon as the baby is out... flood gates were open.

Other than the baby bird thing... just glad I can cry in an empty house b/c DH would totally look at me like I was crazy if he saw me crying at all of the things that set off the water works.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cucumber maybe?

Thinking about it... the only thing added to my diet now on a regular basis has been cucumbers.
I eat at least 1 or half of one every day since we started to get them in the garden.

Damnit... if it is the cucumber causing the loose stool/diarrhea problem..... well shit.
Is there anything I CAN eat??? Geeze...

Hmmm... maybe..

Maybe I do get that "White coat syndrome" whenever I go to the doctor. I am usually anxious when I go, but it never felt like my heart rate went up any.

I just busted out our BP monitor. TOTALLY forgot we even had it.
Checked my BP twice and it's totally "normal". First time was 111/69, next time was 112/69.
And when the nurse came over from the insurance thing... my BP was also in that same range as well.
But at the doctor's office, it's always in the 130/70-80 range.

Now that I actually remember that we have it, I'll keep an eye on my BP, especially those instances where it feels like it's pounding. Will write it all down too and take it in w/ my fasting numbers on Monday.

Speaking of fasting number or well, checking my sugar. I hope they don't make a fuss about me not checking my sugar after meals. There hasn't been a reason to IMO. I've still been eating really healthy. Haven't loaded up on carbs or sugary crap at all so just haven't seen a point in it.
Now on Fridays when we go out to eat, if I order something questionable, I'll check then, but home-cooked meals... meh.
I'll probably start checking randomly though. Just to make sure my body is handling the healthy stuff just fine still. No telling what my body is gonna do next.

I've been having loose stools lately too. It's switched from loose to normal poops.
I thought at first it was something I ate, but now... *shrugs* I have no idea what would be causing it.
I'm not eating anything that irritates my stomach. Not getting any kind of stomach aches that would warn me that I'm about to have to use the bathroom.
I get a normal urge to go #2... go and it's either loose or normal.
No idea.. hopefully not a sign that something is wrong.

Embarassing to admit to but I've been dribbling a little bit of PP after going to the bathroom.
Can never seem to empty my bladder completely. So after going and wiping, I stand to pull up my undies and more times than I want to admit, I've felt a trickle of pee going down my thigh.
It's only been a little bit thank goodness but still gross and embarassing lol.

Jinxed myself

I knew I shouldn't have mentioned sleeping well.
I slept like total crap last night! I was up all night peeing and couldn't get in to a comfy position at all. BLEH!
Oh well... hopefully good sleep will come easier tonight.

I'm so worried about my BP now. Damnit.
Just afraid they're going to want to put me in the hospital to monitor things. Of course I'd do it, but I don't want this little girl coming out sooner than she needs to b/c of my crap body. :(
I don't want her first month or however long in life to be in a hospital b/c she came early.. ya know?
Sigh... I hope it's not a problem. Maybe if it is high again they'll put me on a BP med? I dunno.....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

32 weeks

Wow.... it's like a snail's pace but also fast as well.

Here's the bump shot
I'm not gonna be able to wear a lot of my shirts any longer soon enough. I can't wait! lol

It makes it look like I'm carrying SO high. I guess a lot of her is pretty high even though I can feel her hiccups and I'm guessing hand and arm movement low.

It was pretty weird last night. Was laying in bed with DH and I was just messing with my stomach during commercials. Was laying on my back just to see her a bit better in there. She didn't cooperate too much but I could feel her mostly on my left side.
So I started pressing on there, and could actually feel her move over.
I mean I've felt that before, but I'm usually sitting up and I guess laying on my back just made the sensation a little different.
She didn't seem to care at first, but started to kick a little after I did it a couple more times lol.
Such a bad momma not letting her sleep :P hehe

My next appointment is on Monday. DH is gonna go with me. Not sure why though *shrugs* I'm still able to drive so that's not a problem. Glad to have him there though. He'll get to hear whatever the docs say instead of me trying to tell him after.

I'm afraid my BP is getting faster though. Most of the time I don't notice it, but it's starting to feel like it did before w/ moments where it feels like it's pounding.
Not sure what sets it off but it's such a worrying feeling.
My BP was high last appointment, but I chalked that up to just being excited about the u/s. We'll see what it is on MOnday.
Guessing if it's high again the OB will mention it, if not, I will.

My fasting sugar also isn't doing what it should. Ate more nuts last night and sugar this morning was still 100 so yeah, eating isn't cutting it.
I'm good with going on something, but it still sucks that at least that part can't be controled by diet.
Oh well oh well...

Oh I forgot to mention this.
On Sunday we always go grocery shopping. Ran in to a family friend there. Some old woman that I can't even remember her name.
She's sweet... most of the time.
We stop quickly to say hello to her. She asks how I'm doing and I say good.
It's all innocent until she says
"Girl, right?"
DH and I both nod.
" Oh well.... boy next time then."
We both sort of chuckle, but she gets this serious look on her face and says
" No really, have a boy next time."

Seriously?? Now I would love to have a boy next, but it's not like we can actually control that shit and to just blow off having a girl with an "Oh well". UGH.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I want money

Lots and lots of money....

and however else that song goes....

We have almost nothing to last us the week. Thank goodness we're homebodies b/c we'd be hurting even more right now.
Dang bills.
And thank goodness we didn't need any meat from the grocery store or we'd be in the red. EEP.
DH gets paid on friday, so just gotta last until then. Won't be difficult but neither one of us like getting this far down in the $$ department, ya know?
It's scary when you see how much you have, and then start thinking "What if!?"

We did go blueberry picking yesterday. That was nice at least and we got a TON of blueberries.
I highly recommend doing it if you have somewhere close to you :) Fresh blueberries are awesome, and there's just that satisfaction of picking your food.
We froze most of them. I plan on making some kind of cobbler once LO is born. OOOO just thinking about it makes me hungry. But then again thinking about any good food makes me hungry lol.
Maybe I'll make some for the baby shower. Won't be able to have more than a spoon of it, but experiment first that way I'll know if I need to change recipes or not heh

OMG DH said the cutest thing yesterday.
We were leaving and passed a family w/ their little toddler girl. I really wasn't paying attention to them b/c I had to pee REALLY bad and was just trying to focus on not wetting myself lol.
DH turned around after we passed them with a huge smile on his face and said
DH: "Man! I can't wait to do that."
Me: " Do what?"
DH: " Take our kids blueberry picking or wherever. So they can pick and eat right off the bushes."
Me: *melting inside* " Awwwww, yeah."

Come on!  If it was physically possible, I would've melted in to a puddle of goo after he said that, and just the huge smile on his face when he said it.
I still wonder how he ever thought he would be nothing but a fantastic father.

Have I mentioned that my baby shower is going to be July 15th??? Cutting it really frickin close!
I dunno why the hell they want to wait THAT long.
It doesn't give us any time to actually buy anything either. I highly doubt I'm going to get anything off of my registry, and most of it is stuff that we would really like to have/need.
If the shower happened sooner, we'd have at least the rest of the time to spread out what we need to buy.. ya know?
Sigh.... not sure what the hell we're gonna do.

Sugar this morning was 90. I ate A LOT of nuts starting at about 9 last night. Thought maybe just eating nuts would be better than peanut butter. *shrugs*
Could just be coincidence. I'll do it again tonight so we'll see if my sugar tomorrow morning is lower again.

Alrighty, gotta go fix something to eat and shower. SiL needs me to drive her a few places today. Hope she doesn't have my neices with her.
I know that sounds SO mean, but yeah.... if you spent any time with them, you'd hope for that too rofl.
I love them to death, but can only take so much of them right now :P

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not a good start

Dizzy last night that is still here today.
Not sure what set it off either. I felt totally fine and then at around 8:30-9, I suddenly felt dizzy. Been drinking a lot of water, but it doesn't do much.
Ate something and that seemed to help a little, but not much.
My BP feels fine too so it's not b/c of a sudden high BP issue or anything. *shrugs*
Zoe is moving as usual too so.. yeah, I dunno what's going on.
I hope this feeling goes away soon though. I hate feeling so off.
Going to chug down as much water as I can today. Snack a lot too on some almonds to see if that helps.

OH on a good note... my stuffy nose isn't nearly as bad. YAY! I can actually breath through my nose most of the time now. When I lay down it stuffs up a little so I have to mouth breath some, but for the most part, breathing through my nose is ok.
SO frickin happy about that. Was worried that I'd be stuffed up until the end.

Sugar this morning was 100. BLEH.
So yeah... maybe the peanut butter didn't work. I dunno. Gonna keep trying though. Maybe something will work. I'm good if I do have to go on some sort of med though. Not the end of the world and it will just be another med to add to my growing list.

Grrr, DH did the bills and saw that I spent money at Target. I think he thinks that I bought baby clothes (which I did), but $50 worth? Pfft. I'm sure he knows I bought him something too.
Oh well.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Holy crap

Was looking on facebook really quick as I usually do just to see what's going on etc.

See from one of my DD buddies (also a long time friend from a buddy group so we were friends on FB already)..... she's given birth!!!!
She was only 2 weeks ahead of me, pregnant with twin girls. HOLY CRAP.
The photos of each of them are SO adorable though and they look good.
I hope she and her girls are doing great!

It just came as a complete shock. I saw her name, saw the photos and my eyes bugged out of my head.
Boy, that really makes this whole thing a lot more real and makes me realize that... August is not that far away! Hell, that's IF I make it to August.
I don't think I'll be giving birth super early, but I still feel that she's going to come earlier than my due date.
I'm sure that's a common feeling though..... maybe? *shrugs*

Party of one

That's what it felt like Zoe was having in there this morning.
Was trying to get back to sleep after fixing DH some breakfast and she was having a ball in there. Twisting, turning, hiccups galore, punches, kicks.. the works lol. Loved every minute of it too :)

I can't wait to meet our little monkey!
I still can't believe she's already 4lbs or estimated around that.
SiL's little girl was only just under 6lb when she was born and my baby is pfft, almost there lol.
Hopefully my GD won't cause her to get any larger than she should be.
If she sticks by the half pound a week gain, she should be about 8lbs at birth which would be great and perfect :)

It's still SO weird to be talking about this stuff. Feels like I've been pregnant for forever now and it still really hasn't sunkin in completely.
Was talking to DH last night in bed and said "Our daughter".... it was surreal saying it out loud.

3 coworkers of DH gave us a Target gift card. $60! YAY! I can't wait to buy stuff with it :D
Gonna wait until after the baby shower of course.
It's a really cool gift card too. Scratch and sniff.. it smells like soap hehe

Anywho, that was really unexpected but I'm so thankful and grateful to them for the gift :)

I mentioned my high fasting numbers to the OB yesterday and she said that if they continue to run high then they'll probably want to put me on something to help with it.

I asked if there was anything I could do to try to get it to lower some and she suggested eating a protein snack right before bed.
I think when I drank milk that one time, I did it too early, or maybe milk just wasn't enough.

SO I had a nice heaping spoon of peanut butter last night literally right before I laid down to go to sleep.
OMG it was delicious! rofl...
My sugar this morning was only 86 too so hey.. it may have worked.
I def won't mind having some peanut butter before bed to keep my fasting level down. YUM.

I'm still not going to check sugar after every meal. I just don't see the point when I know that the something I eat isn't going to cause problems. *shrugs* After questionable meals, absolutely, but when I eat a salad w/ a meat.. then.. nah.
Saying that probably makes me sound like such an idiot... sigh.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good and meh

So just got back from my appointment.
It was good to see the LO again, not complaining about that, BUT the quality of the images we got to see were just... meh.. not impressive which is a bit disappointing.
I wasn't expecting super awesome 3D quality stuff, but it would've been nice to get something a bit better than we did.

Anyway... here are some face shots.

Profile view
It looked like she was sucking on her fingers or something. And baby girl has a BIG forehead! lol I think it's just the shadows or something but still heh.

And a face shot. The upper part of her face is in shadow

Heh, so cute. It looks like she has a big mouth lips. I'm sure it's probably just b/c she's squished in there, but if not... dunno where she would get that from. Certainly not me or DH :P lol

Everything looked good though. Amniotic fluids looked good. She's head down which I figured as much.
Erm... her little thigh bones are measuring right on track and she weighs in at 4lbs :)
Gosh.. 4lbs!!! There is a little 4lb baby in there..... so weird and cool.

OH and the u/s tech said that she's bald, or well, not bald, but she could only see a few wisps of hair hehe. So we're gonna have a cute little slightly fuzzy headed baby.
And speaking of her head.... while her body seemed to measure on time, her head was measuring 2 weeks ahead!! O_O
I do have a pretty big head so I guess she's gonna get that from me, but still.... my ladybits are already protesting!

I asked the OB about going back on metformin after giving birth and she said that after 4-6w when my hormones have stopped going wonky, then that's usually when they say it's ok.

I also asked about being induced. She said that they don't induce before 39w unless it's medically needed.
But if I want to be induced then 39w would be the earliest and would be a possibility.

Ouch! My butthole!!!

Ehehehehe, sorry, immature moment there but it does cover what I'm about to talk about.

This has been going on for a while now pre-preg, but it actually stopped and has now started up again.

I'm talking about butthole spasms. Yes I could've used a different word than butthole but I'm having a 10yo maturity level moment.

I get them almost every time I have a period. Dunno WHY, but they hurt like hell and it seems I'm getting them now.

They're not as bad, but still... it's not exactly a pleasant sensation feeling like your dark side is having a muscle cramp.

Alrighty, enough about my brown eye..... gotta start getting ready to leave soon! Will be back with hopefully some great u/s photos to share :)

Father's Day

I just got back from Target.
I HAD to get DH something for Father's day since well, this is his first (I guess not technically yet, but we're counting it heh).
He said he didn't want anything, but I know he was secretly hoping to get something.

SO yep, off to Target I went. I didn't get him anything special, just 3 t-shirts that I hope he likes.

And of course while there I had to look at the clearance baby stuff lol.
I bought this cute onesie/shirt/diaper cover combo that says "Daddy Loves me" on it. Dawwww, Gosh I love those so much!
Also bought a 3m jacket since it should be getting cooler by the time she's that old, and also another cute harajuku mini onesie 6m.

I can't wait to give him his t-shirts :)

Appointment isn't until 4 this afternoon, but leaving at 2 to get seen earlier.. and beat any kind of terrible traffic on the way home. I hope everything is ok.

Going to ask about going back on metformin ASAP after LO is born, and maybe about being induced as well.

I'm def going to speak up when getting the u/s as well to get that profile shot of her face! Hopefully Zoe cooperates unlike last time when she had her face buried :P

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Have I said how much I dislike facebook???
Well I REALLY dislike facebook!
I go on every day for a couple of minutes just to see what's going on with my due date group and if any fam posted any new photos.
I never used to go on it though. Only created an account for.. well actually I have no idea why. Just because I guess.

Just a few minutes and then I'm off doing something better.

Still... the amount of CRAP people post just pisses me the hell off.
WTF is up with the "Repost this if you REALLY care about me/this cause." bullshit???
Or the "Reply with one word so I can see who really reads this and cares about me."
Seriously??? This shit is getting posted by GROWN ADULTS. I can see an immature needy teenager posting crap like that, but a 30something?? Are you frickin joking?



I dunno why the heck I want spicy food... especially a spicy soup.
Considering how hot I am almost all the time... you would think wanting to make that worse would be the last thing I wanted, but spicy spicy spicy is all I want right now!

I want to make some kind of Korean spicy fish stew, but I know DH would never eat it. May pick up some of the stuff to make it next week and just fix it for my lunches. That will be yummy in my tummy!

Made a decision to stop testing my blood sugar so damn much.
I'm still going to check it after if-y meals... ones where I'm not sure if I've had too many carbs, but everything else, I'm not going to bother.
I already know that the majority of the time, my fasting is a little higher than it should be... and I know what I can and can't eat.
It's just like on Friday's or something.. I'll keep an eye on it to make sure.

OOOO I can't wait for my scan tomorrow!! I'm so frickin excited to see lil Zoe again!! Man, I hope they get a profile look at her. I SO want that image. It will tell us so much on who she's gonna look like/favor.
Of course she's gonna be adorable in our eyes either way hehe

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


What am I dreading???
The baby shower

I know I've mentioned it before but UUUUUUGH.... the closer to when it COULD happen (slackers planning it so no idea when it's supposed to occur)... the more I dread it!

Getting free stuff is AWESOME, but having to entertain people... yeah not so much.

I don't want a large group of people at our house. I don't want to worry about cleaning up before or after.
I don't want games, I don't want to pretend that I like some OOGLY or pointless gift, or hell, even remember who the heck gave the gift.

I just wanna be left alone... if ya wanna give us free stuff... awesome, but a baby shower shouldn't be required to get them IMO.
Baby showers are for women that WANT the attention and as I've made clear time and time again.. I do not!

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH I don't want it, but I'm being forced to anyway and it SUCKS.
Yes yes, free stuff... that's the only reason why I'll put on a fake smile (That will probably end up just looking like I'm in pain).... play the stupid ass games, answer the bajillion questions that get repeated... and then pretend to love every single thing given.

Now let me say, I'll be grateful for everything that is given.. I'm not that much of a bitch... but doesn't mean I have to like it all.

31 weeks!


These weeks are DRAGGING. Geeze.
I thought the first tri was bad.... well no I take that back.. the first tri was AWFUL... this is a cake walk compared to that.

Anywho.... bump photos!
Comparing today 31w with 26w since I'm wearing the same top in them both
I tucked the shirt under my bewbs a bit to get a better shot of the bump.
It's a bit bigger but really not by much.

I'm sure the modified diet I've had to go on is helping w/ that. She's gaining weight (hopefully), while I'm losing.
Weighed this morning and down to 208 when I was up to about 212.

I know I shouldn't be worrying about this, but I hope this means I'll get back down to pre-preg and then some weight after giving birth. Well not RIGHT after... you know what I mean :P
Everything is good here so far. Going to work on some nursery stuff today. Hopefully get the 2 moons finished. Start thinking of the other wall thing I want to do, but have absolutely NO ideas for lol.

Erm what else.... feeling ok. Sleeping pretty well. It still takes me a while to get to sleep, but it's a restful sleep for the most part. Can tell that I'm starting to become a bit more tired though. Just that feeling of not wanting to get up, eyelids heavy etc.

Shortness of breath sucks. Getting that a lot more often now which isn't fun. If I recline back any wherever I'm sitting... I guess she takes the oppurtunity to stretch out, or my internal organs do or something, I dunno, b/c that's when the breathing problems start and I start breathing like I just got done exercising.

I wish I were a bit thinner. That way when she pokes her butt up against the front of my stomach, we'd be able to see the outline of it lol.
GAH I love it when she does that. This big lopsided hard lump... I love rubbing it and feeling her move.

I can not wait until she's here!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Grrrr... damnit... as soon as I typed in the title of the post I completely forgot one of the things I wanted to mention!
Lets see if it will come back.....

Anyway.... so as I mentioned.... I'm becoming jealous of women that are giving birth or close to giving birth to their LOs. It's so ridiculous b/c I know I'm gonna get there eventually, but MAN!! I just want my healthy baby girl already!!

BUT with that being said... my oh so 'mature' side comes out and I see women that aren't as far along as myself and feel like I want to point and laugh at them b/c well.. they're not as far along as I am :P rofl
I feel SOOOO frickin juvenile right now about all of this.

I feel like Eddie Murphy in his old comedy joke where he's a kid and taunting the other one "I got some ice cream and you don't got none."
Except mine would be more of "I'm further along than you and you got to wait longer..."
Well.. mine doesn't flow very well, but you get the point ;)

Ah yes... not a shining moment for myself *hangs head in shame*

I haven't done anything today... woo! That only deserves a little woo.... *nodnod*

Our cat gets it in to his head to crap on the rug outside of his litterbox. And since it's in the sunroom where all of my craft stuff is set up and I'm having to mouth breath.. yeah... I'm not going in there to possibly taste cat shit in the air. BLARGH!

I couldn't pick it up even if I wanted to. W/ the pet gate, and where it is... I wouldn't be able to reach it. I would pick it up if he had done it closer to the gate though.

Just glad he's stopped crapping on the actual carpet though.. and no more pee spots which really makes me happy. Damn cat.
DH and I are both in agreement that this will be our last cat (at least for a very long time).

Don't get me wrong... we both love cats to death, but the way this cat is... and him not even being a 'bad' cat... we just don't want to deal with another that could possibly be worse. One that sprays everywhere or tears up the furniture or something... ya know.
Dogs are so much easier! Well.. most of the time!

I really need a kindle. I want to buy SO many books, but they're all SO expensive!
Should try to convince DH that a kindle would be like cloth diapers. Expensive up front but well worth it to save money in the end hehe.
Maybe eventually after LO is born.
We still need to get a recliner... NM all of the baby stuff.
Not sure when DH wants to get the recliner. Not this week since we just finished paying for the crib (and he doesn't get paid this week). Maybe not next either... so would probably be in a month maybe?
I'll ask him.

I wish I knew how to knit!
We bought some Star Wars amigurumi patterns off etsy to give to MiL to make for us. If she can make them, I'd like to make our own mobile out of them. That would save a little money for us in the long run and would def fit with the room too and just be plain adorable!
GAH I love those Amigurumi things! If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, just google it. They're SO frickin adorable!
I'm seriously going to have to learn. Look up how tos on the net or buy a book or something.
I'd be making those things all day long... well.. while LO is sleeping or something hehe

Grrr... I still can't remember what I forgot :( Maybe it will come to me by tomorrow at least. I really need to carry around a notepad or something and just write down reminders or something b/c I seriously forget SO many things right now it's not funny.... ok so well it sorta is sometimes.. but still frustrating!

Hospital bag

Don't have one yet, just wanted to mention my surprise as to how many women actually want to pack up their makeup, blow dryer, straighteners with them in their hospital bags lol.

Don't get me wrong, I love makeup and used to wear it ALL the time. I'm just too lazy to do it now :P
I love blow drying and sometimes straightening my hair... once again when I'm not too lazy to do it.

*shrugs* I guess if I was a bit more girly I'd be bringing it too.
But yeah... I'm not. I'll just look totally jacked up in the photos that are taken rofl.
All of the photos will look like I should be calling the underside of bridges my home... and I stop everyone that wants to pass until they answer my riddles :P lol

It's all good though so long as DH and little Zoe are in them looking adorable :D

Made some chili last night and YUMMO!
It's Primal Chili... er well.. the base of it is at least heh
I use the all of the spice measurements, but then change everything else.

Some of the changes...
4 cans of diced tomato
4 cans of organic kidney beans, drained
1 can of tomato paste
salt salt salt
1 onion
jalapenos (6-8) instead of pasilla peppers if the pasilla's aren't available
green bellpepper instead of red (cheaper)
No cinammon
No beer
No chipolte chilis
No vinegar

Cooking instructions are the same though.
Dice up the peppers & onion. Saute in coconut oil (or olive if you prefer) until soft.
Add in garlic.
Add in meat & brown.
I don't bother draining so once browned, add in spices, tomatoes, beans. Stir well.
Cover and simmer for 1.5hrs.
Well actually, I cook covered for around 30mins, go to stir and then just leave it uncovered the rest of the time. It helps to eliminate some of the extra juice so the chili isn't as soupy.

Anyway... YUM! I'm usually not a big fan of chili. I mostly just fix it b/c DH really likes it, but MAN... I tore it up last night lol.
Had 2 big bowls of it and just ate some left overs for lunch.
It makes a ton too (w/ my modifications) so you can eat left overs or freeze and save whatever you have left for further down the road :D
I'm totally going to be paying for it though. The last bowl I had last night and leftovers today... I added in some pickled jalapenos and.. man.. they tear up my stomach. I love them, but my body does not! rofl
So I fully expect to be making quite a few visits to the bathroom later.

Yesterday was good and bad.
Good b/c we got to go see a movie (Prometheus), and I got some movie theater popcorn... YAY!
Good b/c I loved working on the nursery some more and seeing DH so excited by working on it too....

Bad though b/c almost the entire day... I felt out of breath. Everything getting pushed up, taking away from the lung space...... I was seriously huffing and puffing for most of the day. My stuffed up nose also didn't help much with that so yeah.

I also started to get what I guess is bad RLP again. Was doing some random household chores.. can't remember exactly what.. and it started on my right side. It was terrible too b/c no amount of rubbing made it ease up.
I finally sat down and it still took a good 20mins for the pain to subside.
I'm sure I was a little dehydrated too so that probably aggrivated it some.
*shrugs* Oh well... I'm sure all of the discomforts will only get worse. Just gotta suck it up.

Even with all of the unpleasant parts though... I still love being pregnant.

Gosh... I am SO ready to meet our little Zoe though. I'm starting to get jealous of women that are giving birth lol. Not that I don't want to be pregnant, I just want Zoe here already!! Or well... here after she's done baking for a bit longer :P

I had a dream last night that I was going in to labor and had her. I started to show photos of her to everyone and she was SO tiny. It was a wonderful dream though!
Now why can't I have more of those.... grr stupid brain ;)

Finally updating!

Sorry for the delay. I don't like getting on the computer much when DH is home for some reason *shrugs*
Helped that we were in and out of the house and busy doing things when we were here.

Anywho.... photos time!!!

First up, the cute onesie SiL (brother's wife) bought for Zoe that I kept forgetting to get a pic of...

And the adorable Pooh toy that MiL bought. DH and I frickin love this thing. I mean come on, you know a guy loves it when he uses the word adorable to describe a TOY rofl
It's not even anything special, but *shrugs*

And nursery shots! YAY!
It's not done yet. We still need to add some details and ceiling fan, eventually put in the glider/ottoman etc, but overall it's pretty complete.

View from the door

Dressers. The white one we bought, the brown one DH has had his entire life

We bought the shelves at Kmart and added them to the dresser to store some of the cloth diapers in. Only put the smaller sized ones in there for now. The larger diapers are in the bottom drawers :)

Closet. I washed all of the NB-3m sized clothes and put them in the drawers and hung up all of the larger stuff.
We def do NOT need anymore 3m old clothes lol. That's the majority of what we've bought heh

The mural again. Photo turned out blurry for some reason but meh.
We bought some spray glue to see if that would work and it seems to be so far thank goodness. Need to go in and touch up a few spots. We also need to buy another lightsaber for the right side of the wall.

And the crib. It's HUGE!! It looks so small in the store, and then get it home and yeah, it's humongous lol.
It's so awesome though and so nice!
I'll get a better photo of it again eventually. Just wanted to put the blanket, bumper etc in there to see how it looked.
It's a Baby's Dream Sugar crib. We spent a frickin ass ton on it, but hopefully w/ the convert railings we bought for it too, it should last her until she's moving out of the house.

Heh... DH went a bit crazy buying more cloth diapers! lol
He helped me organize the diapers a little bit and yeah, I guess the bug bit him and he wanted to look at all of the chinese diapers on ebay.
He did and welp... we should be getting about 5 or 6 more in in a month or so lol.

We do need to buy a lot more of the smaller sized ones. Frickin Kawaii diapers though. I want to get a few more Little Green Baby Bamboos, but they're not getting them until the end of the month.
DH's words... "We need about 18 more".... me... O_O
He's right, but still.... it's SO much money up front when we've already spent a ton so far on them. I know in the end it's gonna save us money, but right now... it hurts buying them lol.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Well, we haven't actually gone out and gotten it yet lol.
I'm so excited by it that I woke up when DH did (our animals start to bug us b/c they're hungry and need to go out)... which was around 6:30-7. Could not get back to sleep so have been up since.
Think DH is taking a shower now. We should be leaving soon I think... I hope!!!
SO frickin excited to finally get the crib!!!
DH already shampooed the carpet so just gotta get that dry... vacuum up the hair clumps that the vac produces and yep.... get that damn crib! hehe

Yeah, I don't think I'm getting sick. I think this is exactly what happened before and it's probably hormone related.

I HATE having a stuffed up nose though when trying to get to sleep.
I'm a bit weird... if I can get at least a little air through my nose, then I'm ok.
But if it's completely blocked to where nothing is getting through, it freaks me the hell out.
I was never like this when younger. I could wear those swimming goggles that come over your nose with no problem at all, now... the thought of that just freaks me the hell out. I would never be able to go scuba diving if it was just the mouth piece providing the air.
So yeah... that happened last night. I grabbed another pillow to prop myself up a bit more and that worked well enough to at least keep the congestion down so at least a little air was making its way through my nose.

I'm drinking water like crazy too. It still amazes me just how dehydrated you get from mouth breathing!
I didn't get dizzy at all yesterday either so think it maybe was dehydration that was causing the slight dizziness.

So, I want to make something else for the nursery. There's a small wall right in the nursery that I want to put something on. Like Zoe's Room, or something like that, BUT I don't want to use the word room.
I'd like it to go with the theme of the room, but not sure what would sound ok.
Maybe Zoe's Starship? eh..... Spaceship? meh no....

Think DH may be done with his shower. Gotta go get dressed. Of course will post photos when we get things set up!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Colostrum? YAY!

So been sitting here massaging my boobs lol.
I dunno, just got it in to my head that maybe it would/could help with colostrum coming in.
Seems there's some in there though.
Read a helpful post while googling.
Massage boob for a bout a minute, then kinda slowly squeeze around your aereola and sure enough... some came out.

It's not the consistancy I imagined though.
It's yellowish and clear... and has the consistancy of EWCM almost.... maybe stickier. Very strange.

Anywho, it makes me feel SOOOOOO much better to know that there is something in there ready for the LO.

Sick or something

It's like acknowledging that I may be getting sick made it worse.
I felt like crud yesterday. You know that feeling when you can actually feel a cold coming on? I had that yesterday along with a dehydrated and just overall headachy blah feeling.

And I swear, someone turned the faucet on in my nose last night.
Oh AND... I was hot as hell. I could not get cooled off for anything.

Thankfully I'm feeling better today. Even though it feels like my BP might be up some though which scares me a little.

I did have to mouth breath last night. It's amazing how quickly your body dehydrates just by mouth breathing.
No sore mouth or throat though so yay. Nose is still stuffy, and I have some phlegm in my throat, but I'm feeling a lot better. Just going to try to relax today and drink a lot of water.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I think I may be getting sick, or whatever was wrong with me when my nose was extremely stuffed up before. Maybe it's just my hormones going crazy again in this final stretch.

But yeah... didn't think much of it before, but my nose is starting to get stuffed up again. Thankfully it's not too bad yet, but finding myself mouth breathing a lot. Bleh.

Like I said, it could just be my hormones b/c I'm finding myself kinda weepy. It's not super emotional or anything. I'm not bursting in to tears at commercials or anything like that, but just certain things will make me tear up a bit.

And not sure if I've mentioned this... I'm getting light headed. It's not really bad but it's starting to worry me. I don't really see a reason why it's happening. MAYBE dehydration? Only thing I can think of other than what I said above.. a hormonal thing.
If it continues I'll bring it up at my appointment next week.

Ok, what now?

Woke up the other morning with a sore throat. Thought at first that I had just slept with my mouth open and it dried out. But it remained sore throughout the day. It wasn't really all that bad, just a raw feeling like I had tried swallowing sandpaper or something.

Yesterday I thought it was getting better... well the throat part did... now today... it's the upper part of my mouth that feels raw. WTH?
Anyway, this one sucks b/c it's making swallowing hurt. Oh well, just gonna try to chug down a lot of water and hope that helps with whatever is going on.
I hope this isn't a cold or something trying to take hold.

Everything has been pretty good here. Well, except for the cleaning. I need to fold and do some laundry like crazy and one of us needs to do the dishes. It's getting ridiculous lol.

We have a mountain of clothes to do and just UGH.... I'd rather do that than do dishes though. I hate doing dishes.

I had a breastfeeding dream last night. Baby was supposed to be newborn, but she was BIG and started talking to me o_O
I tried to get her to latch on properly and she said something along the lines of "I don't need that much."... talking about how much nipple I was trying to get in to her mouth and she said it with SO much attitude lol

Thankfully didn't have any bad dreams last night. Did have a really neat one that was full of puzzles and riddles.

I am about 90% certain we're getting the crib this weekend. DH keeps talking about it like we are... so YAY if we do :D I can't wait to get everything set up!
Really need to add in the final shadows on the wall.  I'll do that later today.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bad start

Woke up crying today :(
Stupid hormones making me dream something upsetting!!

Was having a dream where DH was cleaning out a very old dusty dirty closet. For some reason, we started arguing, and he said something that just completely broke my heart.
I actually don't remember what it was now, but I remember in the dream asking him why he would say such a thing and him not answering.
I got so upset in the dream that it woke me up, and still being upset over it, I started crying :(

That's never happened before. I've had dreams that have caused some upset, but never one that actually made me cry. Sigh....

On a lighter hairier note... I also keep dreaming that I'm super hairy!
Last night it was my pubes. I was trimming them and kept clogging up the electric razor w/ hair :P
And then I dreamt that I had these SUPER long hairs growing out of the back of my knees that I couldn't pull out for the life of me. o_O

Oh I forgot to mention that DH has picked Olivia for the middle name :D
He eliminated all of the other names off his list and well, that was the only one left heh. I had a feeling it was going to be Olivia from the start, but think DH hesitated b/c it is such a popular name. It's just a middle name though so shouldn't be a problem with that.

Made the curtain things yesterday. Actually made 3 of them, but didn't like what I had done for the first one and it was too jacked up to salvage so just made 2 more heh.
They're nothing special and look SO SO bad up close, but meh... I don't think it's too bad for someone that can't really sew hehe

Going to work on the moons today.
I have SO many things I want to make.... but gonna get those moons done first before starting on anything else.

And finally... I THINK we may be getting the crib this weekend. I'm still not sure though. I think DH is as anxious to get it as myself, but I guess it depends on the bills we need to pay.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

30 weeks

YAY! Finally made it to my 30w inconsequential goal hehe.

Bump photo
Feel like I look about the same, just sorta filling out a bit more *shrugs*

Breastfeeding class was meh, ok. Learned some stuff but the woman teaching it.. I dunno... told us a lot of non-breastfeeding things.
She was really nice at least.

Things I learned.....
For some reason, I always thought that you spent at least an hour breastfeeding. Well according to her, you want to do it for 15-30min maximum. And pumping, you want to do it just 15mins. Info I totally didn't know *nodnod*
It makes sense though now that I think about it. Can't have women running around with a baby or pump perma-attached to the boob :P lol
And got to see a pump in action. Well... just turned on :P lol

She made it all sound so easy and simple, but with everything I've been told and read... it's anything but that at first.

I still can't wait to try it out though. And I def plan on pumping as well so DH can feed her. He'll be feeding while I take a bazillion photos of it hehe. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

Just got back from Michaels. Bought some grey, light orange, pink, & yellow felt along with some ribbon, glitter glue and velcro.
Going to make some star curtain tie hold things. Saw these adorable items called Curtain Critters. They're super cute and not expensive at all considering how large they are.
Of course they don't have the dragonfly in stock though.
So I figured since I'm gonna try making the moon and whatnot, I may as well try to make some curtain things too :)
It's not going to be anything fancy. Just a star w/ ribbon for the tie.

Monday, June 4, 2012


First up...... a photo of the painting thing I've been working on for forever now! lol
I finished C3PO last night and stuck him up! Well, it's Beaker as c3po but yah...

I still have to put in some shadow under him and R2D2, and need to find something to stick the damn stuff to the wall properly (it keeps wanting to curl up... you can see the blue tape I had to put on him)...
but yeah, other than that, it is DONE!
Almost all of the dots are glow in the dark stickers.
I'm gonna try to get a photo of it tonight, but I doubt our camera will pick it up.
It looks SO cool though!

Also, MiL came back from California the other day. Brought back a couple of goodies for the baby.

DH put it up somewhere so I couldn't get a photo of it. MiL bought this adorable soft Winnie the Pooh plushie w/ rattle inside. It's SO soft and adorable.

DH's older sister bought these 2 outfits

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this onesie!!
Too cute and fits in perfectly with the theme heh.

Now this outfit on the otherhand.
I know I come off SO ungrateful when I complain about it, but it's just SO damn ugly. Disney Princess stuff is not my favorite, but there are some decently cute things out there.
This is NOT one of them. It is the ugliest fabric I've ever seen.
Little Zoe will wear it though b/c her cousin has a matching outfit and no matter what it is, they'll look adorable together in it.

And finally, bought these plushie off Amazon. Not sure what we're gonna do with them yet.

Oh, we have a breastfeeding class to go to tonight!
DH completely forgot about it... and HE is the one that set all of these things up.
I remembered that something was coming up soon so asked him last night when our next class was.
He looked at the schedule and... yeah... "Oh shit..." came out of his mouth lol.
Glad I remembered to ask :P lol
Hopefully we'll learn some really good information.

I'm afraid that I won't be able to breastfeed though.
Not that I have any hesitation to formula feed... I will do it with absolutely no regrets if it comes to that, but I just really want to be able to give breastfeeding a shot.
Just don't know if my body is going to cooperate though. With the PCOS, insulin resistance, etc... who knows if I'll even produce, or produce enough.

We'll see I guess.

Gotta work on moon plushies now. YAY! So excited to start that!
Think I'm gonna head back to Michaels one of these days and buy some more felt. Make a few star plushies from that material *nodnod*

Sunday, June 3, 2012

BH? Not BH?

I think I've been getting BH contractions for a few weeks now, but never realized what they were.
They only seem to happen when I'm on my feet for a little while.
My bump gets really hard and feels like it weighs a ton. It is not really painful so to speak but it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings and I feel like I NEED to sit when it starts.
I mentioned this on my DD group and someone said that sounds like BH... so yeah.

Baby girl is SO active at night and early morning. Love feeling her moving all around when I'm trying to get to sleep heh. Always makes me so curious to know just what she's doing in there.
I know this morning she got the hiccups. Just feels like a rhythmic light thumping. She had them for what seemed like a while. She got them again when we were out grocery shopping too. So cute!


Nursery painting is almost done! YAY! I just have a little bit more, but I should have it done today. WOO! SO frickin excited to get that finished already so I can work on the stuffed plushie things. Need to look up some info on that to make sure I do it right though. Don't need wonky looking moons hanging up :P

And we may not be getting the crib next week. Have other bills that need to get paid, so it may be a couple more weeks before we get it. Boo, but oh well, gotta do the responsible adult thing heh.

Erm, we bought a curtain and a curtain rod yesterday and more glow-in-the-dark stickers, but that was it. Mostly just a lot of riding around to look at recliners. After the crib is paid off we're gonna save to get one. Pretty sure it will be one from Ashley furniture. That was the first place we went to and DH fell in love with 2. Both about the same price so either one would be good.

Hmmm, feels like I have something else to say but meh, I can't remember.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lets count.... (OT ranting)

... how many times we almost got seriously injured or died today shall we?

Well first... it's like every idiot that can't drive was out today. Awesome....
We were out looking for nursery stuff, just basically window shopping mostly.
We came home to get the truck b/c my brother needed help picking up a dresser they bought.
On the way there.... the road that leads out of our neighborhood area and on to the main road is just a 2 lane road. One lane goes one way, the other the other way... ya know what I mean.
Solid lines for both sides the entire length of the road b/c there are homes and blind turns on the road.
Well some MORON didn't like that fact and was apparently pissed off that the person in front of him was going the speed limit, so what do they do? Decide to wait until that one of the blind turns to pass.. and yep.. we were coming straight in to them. We didn't see them until just the last frickin minute and they swirved in to the other lane just at the last frickin second.

Oh it doesn't end there.... It's like DH and I were invisible to people trying to change lanes. NM that we're in a nice big ORANGE colored truck.
Multiple people tried to get in to our lane... when they were right next to us. Basically dumbasses that weren't checking their blind spots or hell, not even bothering to look over in to their mirrors at all before trying to get over. That occured I think 3 different times today.

THEN finally on our way home after being out almost the entire day... this wouldn't have injured us but still... people are DUMBASSES.
For some damn people, in our neighborhood.... people enjoy walking right smack dab in the middle of the road and then don't bother to pay attention for traffic.
So we're going down the road... AT the speed limit which is 25mph.
We see a guy and a small child in one of those kiddy cars moving right in the middle of the road. Dad or whoever the hell he is has his nose right in his phone not paying attention.
We obviously slow down b/c the guy doesn't fricking notice us inching forward until yep... the last damn minute. He pulls the car over w/ the kid in it, and then has the fucking nerve to say as we pass "You need to slow your ass down."
Really you dumbass??? So WE have to slow down even more because YOUR dumbass is too fucking stupid to pay attention to your surroundings when you and your child are playing in the middle of the road???? How about getting off your damn phone and playing with your kid? Or how about at least paying a little bit of attention when you decide it's a BRILLIANT idea to play in the street??

He better be glad I wasn't driving b/c I wouldn't given him an ear full. Oh I was NOT happy and I yelled out "Dumbass" out the window. Not a shining moment but it sure as hell felt good to say after the numerous close encounters we had today.

Just UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH... why are people such IDIOTS??? And not just idiots but inconsiderate ASSHOLES.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Uncomfy? Uhm... yeah

Well, when women tell ya that the end of pregnancy is uncomfortable, they are not joking.
I'm not even at the end and I'm already uncomfortable about 70% of the time.

I keep getting woken at night by the LO putting pressure on my cervix. That shit HURTS.
And going to bed... it takes FOREVER to get comfortable. For about 20-30mins... it feels like my bump won't settle, like it's just in a bad position or something, it's weird. After the 20-30 though it's fine and I can roll and whatnot all I want.

If LO gets in to certain positions in there, it's uncomfortable to even stand, and yeah, sometimes sit as well.
It was ok this morning b/c it felt like she was up high, but she's slowly gone back down again and it's causing some aching down below.

Eating is a PITA again b/c I guess from everything being pushed up, eating anything and having it sit in my stomach pushes in to my lungs making it feel like I can't take in a deep breath.

Thankfully I haven't felt any rib kicks yet though so there's at least that hehe.

I can't wait to do this all over again though. I don't care if the next pregnancy is worse, if I have morning sickness, swelling, aversions galore, headaches, whatever.... I can not wait to do this again b/c it's just so worth it.

Even with all of the aches and pains... I'm still enjoying this. Every time I feel her move... it makes me happy and I know she's gonna be here soon and it's going to change our lives.

This whole experience is still surreal and I'm sure it won't sink in for quite a while after she's born too heh.

OOOO I was bad this morning. Went and bought some Burger King. Yeah, my sugar was a little high from that bleh.

Last night was a surprise though. Had some Korean BBQ along w/ rice, cucumber kimchi and a whole mess of watermelon after.
If you've never had Korean BBQ, it's pretty sweet (and delicious), so I was expecting my sugar to be WAY up there b/c of that w/ the rice and the watermelon, but NOPE! It was only 104! YAY!
I think I just need to stay away from bread in general. I think that more than anything is what my body just can not handle right now.

Sucks b/c we're supposed to be going to Fazoli's(sp?) tonight for family dinner. BLEH! Yeah lemme see the menu, pasta, pasta, subs, pasta, more pasta oh and breadsticks..... SIGH