Friday, November 30, 2012

One year ago

One year ago today... I got the shock of my life after going through another early miscarriage.

I remember the excitement and the terror that came along with that faint faint line like it was yesterday.
Gosh.... it's still so hard to believe that this FINALLY happened for us and so unexpectedly too.
I always read those "We got pregnant when on a break" posts and I'd scoff or snicker and think how lucky they were. Never did I imagine that I'd be one of them.

Seems like just yesterday, but also like an eternity has passed.

I just got done writing future Zoe a letter. Plan on writing a lot more of those as she grows and as her personality develops. I can't wait.

I'll tell her that to celebrate this very special day... she decided it was a good idea to wake up at 3am and not go back to sleep until 4:30 :P It's all good though even though I couldn't really get back to sleep.

Oh and I almost forgot.
Almost no bewb pain this morning. That was kinda surprising, but eh not really.
At least it shouldn't take long for my milk to dry up... hopefully with as little pain as possible.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Almost mine again

Pump has to be turned in next week so I decided yesterday to reduce pumping to once a day.
My boobs were KILLING ME this morning, but that should only last for another day... at least I hope so.
I still didn't get that much out of them even though they hurt like hell. Damn bewbs.
Anyway... soon enough, my boobs will be just for show again :P

Still trying to figure out when I'm actually going to go turn the pump in. If I should get someone to watch Zoe for a little bit or take her with me. Think I'll get someone to watch her. I just can't carry her carrier around along with a big case w/ the pump in it.

Forgot to mention yesterday that Zoe is vocalizing more. It's mostly "OOOOOOs" but it's still adorable!!
We were watching Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter the other night and she was watching it with us on her daddy's lap and she kept OOOing at the tv lol.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What we use most/like now...

Figured I should update the list of the things we're using the most now.

Infant bathtub- Yep, we use it every other day to bath Zoe. It's still a big awkward plastic thing, but oh well.

Wipes Warmer- Still love it, BUT it does have a bad habit of drying out the top wipes so we have to open it up and flip the stack so we can get to the wet ones.

Footie PJs- ONLY the ones w/ buttons going down both legs. Whoever thought that a zipper down one leg, or buttons down one leg is an IDIOT. It is annoying and frustrating as hell trying to get a squirming baby's leg back in to one of those things. I'm about to go through all of them and give away all of those.
So yeah, if you're buying for your future baby or someone elses... buy footie pjs w/ buttons down both legs. Remember that.. BOTH legs! No matter how cute it is.... BOTH LEGS lol

Bibs & Burp Clothes- We go through them like crazy. With her drool and the spit up... yeah... we have a drawer just for all of the ones we have.

Activity mat- LOVE it!! Now that Zoe has an exersaucer & jumper now, we don't use it as much, but she still loves laying there and playing with her toys.

Crib Mobile- It doesn't hold her attention like it did when we first got it, but Zoe still does love watching it. There are flaws with the one we bought but oh well.

Sleep sack- Not the ones w/ the elastic hole at the bottom, but an actual closed sac with sleeves or arm holes. Zoe will often kick off or squirm out from under her blanket which isn't good b/c it's cold so having the sleep sack on her helps to keep her warm if that happens.

Rock N Play- Still using it for her naps. We did have to buy another boppy head pillow thing for it b/c the RnP is pretty hard and wasn't helping her flat head any.

Blankets- When we were gifted all of the blankets for her... we didn't think we'd ever use them all. But we were wrong. We've used them all at least a few times each. Having a few too many comes in handy when there is spit up or drool all over a couple of them that need to be washed.

White noise machine- No idea if it helps her, but we use it anyway heh. We don't really use the projection thing w/ it any longer though.

Humidifier- With all of the windows closed and the heater going, it is usually super dry in the house. We have one going in her room every night.

I'm sure there are a few things I'm forgetting....

Things we don't use/like now...

The swing- Honestly we haven't used it in a while. Zoe may enjoy it if we did..... hmm I may try her in it again soon just to see.

Bouncy chair- Again, haven't tried her in it in a while. I just don't see it holding her attention for too long though.

Bumbo seat- The last time I put her in to it, she did the stretch thing in it and almost tipped herself over lol. She was on the floor so she didn't have far to go :P But yeah, we just don't use it.

The big oversized stroller- To be fair, there were a few instances where we probably should've used it, but that was only 2 times and we got by without it just fine. We do want to sell it at the consignment place and find a smaller one.

16 weeks

Really?? 4 months already?
Hmmm nothing really going on from the last time I posted.
Zoe still fights her naps tooth and nail. I have to let her cry for a min or so and then give her her pacifier and usually she'll calm and go to sleep. She is one stubborn little girl lol.

Her diapers have been leaking at night too. I think it's jsut because she's peeing so much. Even doubling stuffing her diapers isn't working. Not sure what we can do since she's been sleeping through the night. Def dont want her to wake up.
Maybe using one of the larger diapers would help. We'll see.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Night out

With the baby :P
We haven't gotten a night out by ourselves yet.

We went to the zoo last night to look at the Christmas lights. Zoe could've cared less lol. She did stay quiet for most of it though so I guess the lights were at least somewhat entertaining to her hehe.

She also got to see Santa! YAY! We didn't have her in her outfit. Too cold for that so she'll have to see him again to get better photos ;)

Here are a couple photos

See how excited she was??

And Santa.... I swear he was really nice, but this photo makes it look like he was snarling lol. Just a bad photo :P

Zoe could've cared less though, she was too focused on her Grandpa

And yeah that's it.... most of the animals were put up and Zoe slept for most of it so we didn't get too many photos.

Some bonus photos :D

Had to get a photo of Zoe in this cute outfit. It's a hand-me-down from one of DH's coworkers. Zoe was almost too big for it.

Saddest cuddly bear. It's a thick outfit and Zoe was not liking it at all :P She's gonna have to get over that though when it gets colder and we put her in it again. MUAHAHAHA

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Anyone want a cat?

I want to get rid of our cat SO bad. I love his fat ass, but I can not take his random pissing and shitting everywhere any longer.
Other than being fat and lazy, there is nothing wrong with him other than his attitude.
He frickin pissed on our old couch and now it smells like cat piss from the front door all the way to the back. It's nasty as hell and yeah, I wish we could give him away, but only to someone that we know would take care of him right... which is like none of our family.... so we're stuck with him.... sigh. He used to be such a great cat too :(
I hate feeling this way about him, but this is getting out of hand now with the pissing on furniture.

I keep forgetting to mention that I'm only pumping twice a day now.It's almost time for me to stop.
It's working out as I hoped it would.
Zoe is eating 5-6oz and that's just way more than I produce so she is starting to get more formula now.
Kinda bitter sweet, but I'll be glad to not have to pump any longer.

Oh and we also bought one of Zoe's Christmas presents. Of course we already gave it to her hehe. We're gonna have to wrap empty boxes or something just so we can take photos of her in front of a bunch of "presents". lol


She's not even a year old... hell, she's not even half a year old yet and she's already spoiled rotten :P
She doesn't know it yet of course, but whatever :P

Boy... do not let DH and I in to the baby section of a store because we go CRAZY.
We went to Old Navy yesterday. It's right by Home Depot and I wanted to look at their cute knit baby hats.
Welp... this is what we bought there.

And of course all of the accessories that matched... hat, socks and pants

I blame DH for those. Yes I wanted the hat, but then he saw the matching outfits and just HAD to get them.

So today, we went to Babies R Us. I wanted to go to of course look at all of the clothes, but mostly wanted to go b/c they have a big selection of bottles and we needed to get larger bottles.
Anywho... we got some bottles... along with...

4 Long sleeve onesies... that DH picked out

A 6m size PJs that I picked
DH pick

DH again... with both of them... I couldn't say no to the Piglet outfit. We already have her Xmas stocking which has Piglet on it as well. If you're wondering why Piglet.... it's b/c she snorts when she cries so she's our little Piglet hehe

Some shoes.... we would not normally buy shoes since we think they're a waste of money, but they were buy 1 get one free and we were buying a pair for her Christmas outfit

And finally, her Christmas outfit. Don't even try to guess how much it was. It pains me to think about lol. It was on sale but yeah.... still.. just... ugh.
I picked out the furry cute jacket, DH picked the dress, we both like the beret and DH picked the shoes.
She's only going to wear this probably twice and that's it. Oh well... it's her first Christmas so we figured we could splurge on it all heh.
It's a lot cuter in person than it is in the photo.

Oh and the 3 outfits that we got from the consignment shop.

And bonus Zoe photos

Oh and I forgot to mention...
She STTN again last night! WOOOOO!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving miracle!!

I forgot to mention that Zoe slept ALL night last night! WOOO! She didn't wake until, I think almost 7am!
I dunno if it's a miracle or it was just b/c family kept waking her up yesterday so she was just too pooped to wake :P lol
But MAN was it nice nice NICE.

Come on baby girl.... sleep through the night again for mommy!

Black Friday

We went out today.
Thankfully it wasn't that bad, but still more people than I care to be around.

We first went to Home Depot and got a new washer and dryer. Will have that on Thursday, WOO!
But that was A LOT of money... ouch.
Then we went to Michaels so I could pick up some more embroidery thread... that was only a few dollars so not a big deal...
THEN, we went to Verizon to upgrade our phones. Now that was a BIG ouch. I swear these damn phone companies rip us off. Charges to change your plan, charges to change your phone, charges just for the hell of it. Good lord they suck every single frickin penny out of you for no damn reason.
I don't see how people can upgrade their phones every damn time a new one comes out, it's ridiculous how expensive it is.
No wonder I had the same phone for over 5 years.

We also went to a couple other places, but Home Depot and Verizon were the big ones. Good god I want to gag thinking how much more dept we just put ourselves in to.
Damn you Black Friday savings.... or well more like non-savings!!!!
We spent all of this money today and it was all for ourselves.. MUAHAHAHA :P

Anywho.... I def needed a phone upgrade... now I just have to figure out exactly how to use my phone. I can use my comp no problem but a smartphone? PFFFFT... I feel like an old geezer that has to get her grandkids to come and show her how to get on that internet thing :P

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stupid bird!!

Ok first off...

Happy Thanksgiving!!
I'm so thankful for the people in my life and the little miracle in my arms (well in her bed technically but you get it :P)

Anyway, on to the bitching!
Stupid frickin turkey was dry again, AND even though I brined it for THREE days... it didn't pick up ANY of the flavor. WTF???
Stupid ass meat themometer I have must not work b/c we took the turkey out even though it read that the turkey was NOT ready yet.
So yeah, gotta pick up a new one of those and run over the old one. Er well no.. it does have a big spike in it.. I'll just smash the damn thing with a hammer.

Damnit, I was so looking forward to this turkey too.. and to have it ruined like that.... BOOOOOOOO
The dark meat was fine though. But that damn breast meat was dry as hell :(

Sigh... other than that though and Zoe having a bit poo that I had to clean :P It was a nice day :) Tiring as usual with any family function, but fun.

DH is off tomorrow and I think we're gonna be going out. EEEEEEP. I don't want to deal with the traffic, but we're gonna try to get a new washer and dryer. We REALLY need some new ones. Our dryer is totally crapping out on us. NM it eating up my cloth diapers... it's starting to not completely dry our clothes. Nothing like opening up the door and smelling moldy musky grossness.

I think DH wants to get new phones too. BLEH we're gonna be spending so much frickin money. It's fun getting new things and all, but yeah, not when you have to spend a fortune to get them.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

15 weeks

15 weeks...
Has it really been that long? It's weird to think it's only been 15 weeks... I know I've said it before, but on one hand.. it has gone by quickly, and then in the other it feels like an eternity.

DH woke up with her last night. WOO! I still woke up when she did, but thankfully went back to sleep. Poor DH though. Baby girl is still fighting going back to sleep. I think since being in her nursery, there were 2 maybe 3 nights where she went back to sleep quickly....
She woke up at 2 and DH didn't get back in to bed until 3:40.
I really couldn't sleep in today. I think I got in 30 extra minutes. Oh well.

Zoe got a few new things today... or well, a few new used things :D
We went to Once Upon a Child (consignment shop) and bought her a few things. We went to look for a different exersaucer. We decided to just wait a little bit on getting another. Wait until she has a bit more control and then see what they have.

We ended up getting her 3 new outfits... well, 1 outfit and 2 PJs. And one of those door frame jumpers that was brand new. Love it!
My new fav store hehe

Alrighty, photos!

I'm getting my money's worth and then some out of her minnie mouse outfit lol

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quick post

Once again, just posting really quick before I head to bed.
DH is off until Monday THANK GOODNESS. I can FINALLY get some much needed sleep.
I love my baby girl, but I SO need a small break right now lol even if it's just one night or sleeping in an hour.

We went and saw her grandma today (my mom). I'm tellin ya... they both just LOVE eachother. My mom goes CRAZY when Zoe smiles at her and Zoe just smiles and smiles and smiles some more at my mom. It's so frickin cute and just warms my heart thinking about it.
Zoe did show her ugly fussy cranky side today though at grandmas :P My mom finally got to witness Zoe's baby ' I'm sleepy but don't want to sleep damnit!' tantrums lol.

I just don't understand why Zoe fights sleep so much. Poor girl doesn't know what she wants.

Stopped using her boppy pillow in her crib tonight. She does sleep w/ her head from side to side sometimes, but her fave is straight ahead and I think her head rubbing on the pillow was causing her hair to come out. There was a little circle of hair on her sheet and you can def see that she has lost some hair on the back of her head lol. Oh well, it will grow back..... sooner or later.

Oh, and I think she did a half roll today! I only caught the tail end of it, but I swear I saw her rolling back on to her back from her side when she was in her crib.
I'm sure she'll be rolling over in front of us soon enough..... and from there... walking around and getting in to everything :P lol
With the way she enjoys standing on her legs.... she's ToTALLY going to be an early walker.
We're gonna have to baby proof the shit out of this house :P
She already wants to put everything in to her mouth... add in her being more mobile and it's gonna be a slobbery disaster waiting to happen.

Monday, November 19, 2012


I really like cloth diapering, but I also hate some of it too.
On one hand.... we're not having to spend a ton of money on disposables, but on the other... it is GROSS spraying out the poop.
The poo water gets EVERYWHERE and you gotta get over really quick that you're gonna be touching poop and where the poop just was when spraying. BLEH.

I dunno how something so cute and small can produce something so gross and STANK lol.

We've been giving Zoe juice for the last couple of days since starting the rice cereal to help keep her a bit regular and good lord... it makes her poo stank 10x worse than it was.

Went grocery shopping today. I hated going alone when we didn't have a baby, and it's worse with.
Mostly because I'm just a huge weakling that can barely carry around Zoe in her carseat lol.
Can't wait until she's sitting up on her own so we can just take her out of her carseat and put her in to the cart's seat.
Will make things a lot easier I think.

Diet is gone out the window for now.
I just got totally frickin fed up with not losing any weight so just said screw it until after thanksgiving.
I just don't understand what is keeping the weight on other than possibly the pumping. Maybe when that stops, the weight will start to come off. Good lord I hope so.
And then I could start taking metformin again too and I know that will help.

There was something else but I forgot...

Come on already

My body needs to get used to sleeping as little as possible because sleep is just not happening right now.
The other night Zoe woke up at 11:30 and didn't get back to sleep until 1:30.
To say I was tired would be an understatement.
I just haven't gotten used to Zoe being in her crib yet and hearing her on the monitor.
I imagine or dream I hear her and it keeps me up or wakes me ALL night long.
Hopefully I'll get used to it all soon because I am running on fumes here.

I'll post more later, fussy-butt is well... fussing :P

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Big skinny baby

I weighed Zoe earlier today and she was 14lbs 3oz!
Is that normal for 14w? Or well.. just over 14w.
I guess it is.. I have no idea.
She doesn't look that big though. She's a pretty lean looking baby. Definetly not a chunky one. She still has the chunky baby legs and arms, but that's about it. Her torso isn't really that large. If I remember I'll get a photo of her in just some diapers tomorrow.

It's funny how I can lift her up no problem, but say I try to lift up anything else that's 14lbs and I'd be grunting and struggling lol. Good lord I'm such a weakling!

Big smooches!!

That's what I would give the Sandman if he was real.
Zoe napped for FIVE HOURS this afternoon!!!
She had been asleep for about an hour when I decided I'd better try to nap before she woke.
I kept waking up and she was still asleep. She'd squirm some every once in a while, but a pacifier back in to her mouth would put her right back to sleep.
FIVE HOURS! OMG it was nice lol.
I hope I don't sound like a bad mom or anything. I love my baby girl more than anything.
It's just nice to be able to rest that much.
It is still an adjustment some days. I went almost 33 years with resting and relaxing whenever I wanted and now I can't do that.

But anyway, I still feel tired b/c I didn't nap that well but I'm not complaining at all.
Hopefully I'll still be able to sleep tonight and she'll sleep as normal or through the night (ha! yeah right heh).

She enjoyed her exersaucer today :D
She doesn't know how it works quite yet, but I'm sure she'll learn quickly.

I'm breaking down

At least that's what my body feels like sometimes.
Last night for instance. I started to get exhausted by around 7pm when we were out with family for dinner.
We went to Target after to pick up some rice cereal and new nipples. Well we spent at least an hour in Target looking at baby stuff and picking up some presents for my neices (brother's girls).
That about killed me! I was ready to lay down in the store and snooze.
Well we got home at a little past 8:30. We fed Zoe some breastmilk with half a tablespoon of rice cereal mixed in. She had only eaten an hour before so she only drank half of it.
Zoe did NOT want to go to bed. She fought tooth and nail until she finally cried herself to sleep at 9:30.
Thankfully DH was taking care of it, but still, hearing her fuss that much just drained the life out of me even more.
We went to bed at 10... and I woke up at 11:30 with my head pounding. Took some tylenol and thankfully that worked after a while.

I thought Zoe would sleep at least until 4, maybe 5 since she went to bed later. PFFFFT nope!
Girl woke up at frickin 1:30! UUUUUUGH I put a pacifier in her mouth while I went to make her a bottle. Came back and she was fast asleep. WOO!
Yeah right.... she woke up again at 2, then 2:30 when I gave up and just fed her.
Thankfully she went to sleep after kinda quick so it wasn't that bad.
She woke up at 7:30 so that was nice... I put the pacifier in her mouth again and laid back down. It was only 30 more minutes before she woke again but it was nice to at least have that.

I am SO pooped right now though and I've only been up for 2 hours.

In other better news though....
DH's friend's wife just stopped by and dropped off their son's exersaucer! WOOOOO!
That saves up 50+ dollars! YAY!
He's a few months older than Zoe and has outgrown it so now we have it. SO happy! I know Zoe is gonna love it. She's resisting a nap right now, but after she naps some she'll go in to it.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Stupid fat needs to start dropping off already!!!
This is frustrating the hell out of me and I dunno what to do.
No I'm not exercising, but I should still be losing SOMETHING by now. I haven't been cheating, eating what I should, NOT overeating even on the good stuff and still frickin NOTHING.
I'm so disheartened right now and it sucks :(

Some women said that our screwy pregnancy and post partum hormones could cause weight gain or loss and once normalized might help. Yeah, that's IF mine normalize.... damn PCOS.
This sucks......

Oh and in other news that I forgot to mention... I'm starting to get less when pumping now. It takes A LOT of work to get close to what I was getting before. There isn't going to be any problem drying up my supply.
I dunno... it kinda makes me sad. While I can't wait to stop pumping, it is nice to be able to provide for my LO and it makes me sad that my supply is dwindling slowly.
Well, gonna be more than slowly once I start weaning from it even more.

I saw on that show The Doctors.. some woman has the world record for the most breastmilk donated. This woman donated I think it was 86 GALLONS of breastmilk in 14months. WHAAA?? Now that is supply +++++++
Good lord... I would be pumping like a mad woman if I had supply like that. Hell, Zoe would be enough BM stored to last her until she was a teenager! :P lol

Not too bad

So Zoe slept unswaddled last night... and she slept until 4. So not too shabby.
 It did suck when trying to get her back to sleep though. She would keep rubbing her eyes and waking herself up. An hour later, I had to hold her and rock her to sleep because she was getting frustrated and started to cry...poor thing.
But it went a lot better than I thought it would so YAY!

We're thinking about giving her a little bit of rice cereal at night in her bottle before bed. See if it would help her sleep better. I dunno though. I mean I want her to sleep through the night, but the cereal really isn't bringing anything nutritionally.... sigh.... dilemma.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Make up your mind girl

Zoe just can't seem to make her mind up on how long she sleeps at night.

She woke at 2 last night then woke again at 6. UUUUUUUUGH
I mean, that's not terrible, but I slept like shit last night so I was a zombie the 2nd time she woke.
I put her back down after the second time, but she only slept about another 40 min.
Oh well

I think we could probably completely unswaddle her arms now. I think we may try it soon. Maybe that would keep her asleep longer.....*shrugs*

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

14 weeks

I think it's 14 right? lol
Zoe is starting to 'talk' so much more now. It's so frickin adorable. It's still mostly just the 4 sounds she's making, but she lets something new out every once in a while. It's so crazy how quickly she is developing. It is like she wakes up with a new development.

Sleep last night wasn't bad. She did wake up at 2, but she slept until almost 8 this morning. I think her arm got cold again. The pjs I put her in... the arms rolled up. Will put her in to a different one tonight.

Uhm that's it for now. Gotta finish pumping.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thumbs up

So lat night w/ an arm unswaddled went pretty well. Not sure if it was b/c of the arm being unswaddled but she slept until 5 this morning! WOO!
I actually woke up a few times. I seem to do that now... like I'm expecting her to wake and start fussing any moment heh.

She only slept until 7:30 though so that kinda sucks, but DH woke up with her then since he didn't have to work today.

She doesn't seem bothered at all about being in her nursery though which is awesome.
I think she likes looking at her mobile while she's dozing.

We do have to cradle her some while she's falling asleep though. I think we're gonna have a problem there. I hate hearing her cry so I want either myself or DH to hold her until she starts to fall asleep. I need to get over that b/c I want her to be able to go to sleep on her own.

Hmm what else... oh, she was talking up a storm today!!
Sure.. she only has 4 'words' in her vocabulary right now, but I'm sure she thinks she was saying a lot! hehe Her little 'boo' 'goo' 'ooo' and 'pffft' are just too cute and I always giggle like a maniac when she does it.

Anywho! Time to go relax some before bed...

Oh and here are some adorable photos!!!

Please ignore the unwashed hair....

This outfit was her cousin's. Zoe has another just like it (except it's grey w/ bats) that we bought her.

And an ADORABLE outfit I bought online from Target. LOVE IT!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

So far so good

Zoe slept in her crib for the first time last night and it went well. She woke up at her usual time so that's at least kinda ok. I mean so long as the change in scenery isn't messing her sleep up any then her usual is fine. Now lets hope her usual is sttn again. Please please please please

We're also trying her with 1 arm out of the swaddle tonight too. I think her startle reflex has gone down quite a bit so 1 arm for now should be ok. She likes rubbing on her face a lot though so that may be a problem when it comes time for both arms out b/c it may wake her. We'll see though.

Diet today was baaaad. We went out to eat for dinner for DH's aunt's birthday. It was supposed to be Outback, but I dunno WTH his family thinks is going to happen when they tell them that there are 14 people in our group. I mean seriously?? It's Outback... on Veteran's Day which is on a Sunday and it's also after church. Come on now.
So we ended up going to a Chinese buffet which I was fine with b/c I was craving it something fierce. I gorged myself on dumplings and calamari. SOOOO good.
DH and I figured since we already cheated, might as well finish it off so we went and got ice cream too :P hehe

Ok so bad of us for cheating, but it was a special occassion. Other than that and the holidays, oh and fridays, we should be ok on our diets.

I'm getting so frustrated with mine though. I dunno if I'm retaining water maybe or what but my weight is just not budging :( Hopefully I'm at least losing some inches. Dunno about that though since I haven't exactly been exercising. SIGH.

Anyway, it's 10 and I'm off to bed!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Zoe actually laughed more than just a "heh" tonight and it was ADORABLE!!!
DH was pretending to feed her pudding. She didn't care about the spoon but still found DH HILARIOUS and just started cracking up at him.
We tried to get the camera but she had already moved on and wasn't about to give up any more laughs or smiles for that matter lol.
I can't wait to hear her do it again and again. Baby laughs are the best :D


I bet THAT got your attention! lol

Not talking about anything sexual which I'm sure you're all happy about heh. I'm talking about my DH.

So I WAS excited to get some shit done today. Pack away movies we'll never watch again, put away old video games, etc.
Welp.... DH took over and when he takes over something, it has to be done HIS way and boy is he very very anal about it.
It just sucked all of the motivation I had and flushed it down the toilet... so I just sat on the rocker and soothed a fussy baby while he did it all.
He did it his way and... just whatever. I appreciate help, but dont start bossing me around and then redoing something I just did... ya know? Just annoying.

Anywho, I still have my clothes to sort out. Just got done throwing away lots of old undies and socks. Good times good times.

I'm hungry though and I want bad shit right now. Good news... we don't have anything bad in the house... bad news... we don't have anything good either. Our fridge looks pathetic right now. A fridge door full of condiments, and nothing else.

Well.... back to business. Want to get this done and over with.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Come on scale!!

Show me some love damnit!
I've been doing SO well this week with my diet. I've had some if-y items, like the sugar free pudding, tofu and banana chips, but that's hardly bad.
The scale has not budged at all :(
Hopefully it will start soon.

I did weigh myself with Zoe and she is almost 14lbs! Wow... my little big girl :D
She doesn't look like she's that big. She has the chunky baby arms and legs, but her body isn't very big *shrugs*

I'm giving up on trying to put her back to sleep with a pacifier at night. It's just not working and it's keeping me up longer than necessary.
She woke again at 12 last night... made it to 2 before I said screw it and got up with her.
She did sleep until 6:30 and BOY did I need that long stretch. I'm pooped right now though so going to go chug some diet dr pepper lol.

As for the possible dairy intolerance *shrugs* I dunno. She's been gassy before and it has never caused her sleep to be like this. Maybe it's just a natural change in her sleep habit. Hopefully it changes to something better soon :P lol
I'm gonna try swaddling her with one arm out. Maybe that little bit of freedom will help keep her calmer so she won't wake herself up so much.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Photo spam!!

First up... Zoe napped REALLY well today. So well that I managed to get in some much needed sleep as well. It was a light sleep but boy was it nice.
I think Zoe is a little constipated, or well, was. I gave her a little bit of prune/apple juice and yeah, it cleared things up it seems.
Thankfully I just got a couple nuggets... DH got the nice big splatterfest :P That's my girl! MUAHAHA

Anywho... most of these photos (the ones where she's wearing the pink striped pjs) were from tonight.
She was super smiley and actually smiled at me instead of getting camera shy so I had to take advantage of the oppurtunity heh.

Gosh, I just love her smile so much!
It looks like she's sporting some bottom teeth in some of these. It's just a little bit of formula residue.

Ehehe giant drool spot

And finally... how I felt last night


Not sure what is going on exactly, but I am just super motivated to clean and organize.
I never got that nesting thing, so maybe this is it, but just 3m late :P hehe
Have plans this weekend to clean and organize and I can't wait to do it. How sad is that? lol

OMG Zoe slept like shit last night which means I slept even worse.
It def wasn't her diaper causing problems. She kept kicking her legs out and waking up. I don't know what is going on. Maybe she's gassy or something.
Just uuuuuugh though... I probably only got 3 hours of sleep. I'm ok for now, but I'm sure I'll be feeling it later.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pics before I forget!

Not many... it's been chilly so she's bundled up most of the time heh

I think all of these were from this weekend

Napping in the sunbeams before she saw grandma and family

After we got home from dinner. She thinks daddy is the funniest person EVER!

All laughed out.... and showing her undies :P