Thursday, March 31, 2016

Torturers.. that's what they are!

UGH... today's teeth cleaning was a WHOLE LOT WORSE than before.
It was a different woman doing it and boy.. she was not gentle or careful with the cleaning. She actually did scrape off some gums in spots (that got stuck in between my teeth... gross), and just was not gentle.
My frickin gums hurt :(

Also had the oral surgeon consult today. THought they would take the tooth out but no... just a consult.. duh.
Talked to the doctor for literally 5 minutes... and then got charged $95 for it. And people wonder why folks have fucked up teeth. It's b/c no one can frickin afford this shit!!!
Anyway... scheduled the tooth extraction for next Thrusday morning and that's going to be another $250 which isn't too bad I guess. At least something is actually going to be done then.
Also was told that I'd of course have to wait until after having the baby to get my 2 wisdom teeth taken out and to start the procedure to get the fake tooth stuff started. He said they have to drill in to the jaw, then put in some kind of titanium thing and let that heal for 3 months, blahblahblah.
I'd also have to wait until after BFing/Pumping to do all of this b/c of the meds. I'm not too worried about it though. My wisdom teeth rarely bother me.. it's usually when food gets stuck under the flap of gums that is covering the left one and it causes the gums to get irritated.
AND I'm gonna be getting fillings for all of my glorious cavities in 2 weeks I think. Sigh.....
I'm going to be the reason my children take darn good care of their teeth. Don't be like mommy and put it off! Don't be like mommy and be lazy with taking care of your teeth!
I mean it could be worse... which I'm thankful that it's not.
Thankfully Zoe actually likes brushing her teeth though so yay for that :)
Just need to start brushing Oren's teeth.

Speaking of his teeth... not just my imagination, but I think his upper teeth are already looking better since we took away the pacifier.
They were really in that thumb sucker shape before.. and still is now, but not quite as bad.
If you're wondering what that looks like.. just google thumb sucker teeth lol.
His weren't quite as drastic as a lot of the photos, but if we had allowed him to keep the pacifier, I'm sure they would've been.
Really hoping his teeth keep straightening up some more.

This is going to make me sound awful, but my kids teeth will NOT end up like their cousins.
Both girls one is 12 the other is 10 this year... already ruined their permanent teeth b/c their parents don't ever make them brush. AND b/c my brother is a moron and can't hold down a decent job when he gets one... never holds on to good dental insurance.
They had to get shiny SILVER crowns on a few of their front teeth. Plus the 10yo has a front tooth that has grown in sideways. Poor child already has body image issues.. now tack that on :(
Just... UGH. I'm angry for them b/c they're still so damn young and already have permanent problems with their teeth that will probably only get worse.
Both my brother and his wife don't take care of their teeth either. Well, my SiL took advantage of the dental insurance they used to have and did go, but since he lost that job, she hasn't been back since and her teeth are fucked. Multiple ones have broken and just look awful. And my brother... don't even get me started on his teeth. He used to have naturally beautiful straight teeth. The kind of teeth everyone wishes they had.... and then his lazy ass never brushed them either. Add in smoking and all that mess and his teeth have rotted out of his head. They have meth mouth minus the meth.

So yeah.... this was my wakeup call.... I didn't take care of my teeth like I should have, but at least I had enough sense to brush my teeth and get Zoe in to the habit of doing it too. I will not let bad teeth be a reason for self esteem issues in my kids.
I know that probably sounds terrible, but people get picked on for everything.. I don't want my kids to be easy targets for something that can be prevented/helped.

Oren is going through some tantruming hell right now.
Holy crap...... when he's not happy... you'll know it! The boy has a good set of lungs on him and he is not afraid to use them!
He would not calm down starting at around 6, so I finally just had enough of it and put him to bed. He cried for all of a minute and went right to sleep. He refuses to take a 2nd nap now, but my goodness, does he still need it most days.

Thankfully though, he has been STTN!!! WOOOOOOO!
Every once in a while he'll wake up crying for some reason, or I'll hear him fussing just a little over the monitor, but I'll take it over his twice a night wakes. Now that he doesn't have the pacifier, I just let him whine or whatever b/c I know going in to his room will just escalate things.

I dunno what got in to Zoe's head yesterday, but the girl bit my leg! HARD!
It was only just a pinch of skin, but we all know how painful a frickin pinch can be, now add in teeth to the mix.

Oren also bit me the other day too. He was wanting to be picked up and I didn't do it fast enough I guess and he bit the crap out of my arm. I popped his hand and told him no. Of course my loud sudden OUCH and the pop and NO startled him and made him cry. Yeah.. not sorry that time. He is not going to end up a biter damnit!! If he ends up biting when he's older... boy is going to get his cute little butt bitten back. Momma don't play that mess.

And there was something else, but I let my venting/ranting take over lol...

OH! I've been feeling baby move a lot more :D Can't remember if I mentioned this. It's like a switch was turned on since my appointment and baby just suddenly decided to make themselves known more lol. It's still not a lot of movement, but it's definitely baby :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Well that was a nice dream

So last night, I had the most pleasant dream about Chris Pratt. Him and Paul Rudd are totally my celebrity crushes lol. They just both seem like such great people IRL and funny too.
Anywho... no... it wasn't a sexual dream.. although that would've been nice too :P lol
I dreamt that he was filming a movie locally so I convinced DH to go to the area in hopes of spotting him. And we did! So I shyly go up all star struck and ask if I can take a picture with him.
We get a group photo with him and then I get some pics with him alone. The camera on the phone was going so slow, but that was ok b/c he was totally cool in the dream and even joked around and put my hand on his butt.

Sigh... it was a nice dream lol. Totally fangirling over it :D

Oren is still not happy about no paci for sleep. He's not crying for as long, but MAN is it some angry crying. Poor boy, but he's gotta learn to live without it.

OH! And his first official word is..... Yogurt. ROFL
Seriously.... I was feeding it to him last week and kept telling him it was yogurt and all of a sudden he repeated it back to me.
Of course it comes out more like "Yo-geh!" It's so stinking cute :D I'll try to get video of it one day.
I'm pretty sure he does say words.. or at least.. his own version of words :P lol
He'll sometimes say Dada. Only seems like he says that when looking for daddy and he'll say it in a questioning way wondering where he is. Dada? DADA?? heh

He's good though... other than his constantly runny nose. Pretty sure it's just the pollen, but sucks that he is being affected by it. It could be worse though.

So come to find out that the Tresemme Naturals conditioner was discontinued. It figures :\
BUT they have 2 other conditioners that are silicone free that I'm trying. One smells like coconuts which I hate, but can live with and the other seems to be more for wavy/curly hair. Not sure how that will be with my hair and hope there's no funky buildup.

Gotta go back to the dentist tomorrow. Joy :\ Actually have to go back to the regular dentist, then to a surgeon to hopefully get the broken tooth removed and talk about getting a replacement. UGH the replacement is going to be so darn expensive. DOn't even want to think about how much it's going to cost.
Dental work just costs too damn much!!!

I've abandoned flossing a few areas of my mouth... like between my 2 front upper teeth. They must have cut something while scraping under the gums b/c it hurts... HURTS like hell when I floss in that area. I mean hurts to the point of instant cussing and doubling over. It doesn't bother me any other time though thankfully.

And the gums in the back are still pretty achy after flossing and ache for a little while afterward. Frickin flossing.... flossing sucks.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Photos as promised a bazillion times lol

Man... it's like I think that I took a lot of photos but really didn't. Oh well.. here are some anyway :D

This one was actually just a few minutes ago. He got in to some uneaten grits that Zoe didn't finish and thought smearing them all over the table and himself while eating it was a good idea lol.

And the peach tree out back. It has the prettiest blossoms on it! The picture really doesn't do it justice. It's so pretty and pink. If you're looking for a pretty, fast growing flowering tree with a bonus of possibly producing some fruit.. get a peach tree!

Yay little baby! :D

SO my 20w appointment was yesterday and it went really well :D
Didn't have a peek at the bits. She didn't even go near that area when she was looking at everything lol. OH well.
Before I go further... pic!

Actually got a really good profile shot for once! YAY!
Just so amazing what you can see on the u/s. Baby seemed to be sleeping. He/she would move a little, but not much.
BPM was 148, but she couldn't get a good visual on the heart so I'll be getting another u/s before I take the glucose test at my next appointment. Hey... another chance to see baby? Yes please!
But other than that, she said everything looked great and baby was measuring a little ahead and already weighed about 1lb :D
It was so cool when she was trying to look at the nose/mouth. Just so cool how clear that image was and baby was moving its mouth so awwwwwww.

Oh... my weight did jump up 6lbs!!! YIKES lol. Not that surprising considering my increased appetite, but still.... YIKES lol. Need to put down the carbs and pick up some damn veggies instead rofl.

Zoe fell off our bed this morning. Lol.. I mean... awwww :P
She woke up, but I wasn't ready to get up so brought her to bed with me. She usually doesn't move too much if she falls asleep, but I guess she did this time b/c all of a sudden, I hear a THUMP and then her crying rofl. Our bed is pretty high, but she was fine, just startled.

Oren has also figured out how to go up the pet steps that go up to the bed. Went in to our room yesterday and saw him happy as can be up on our bed going after the cat lol. He was so happy and proud of himself lol. Stopped my heart for a moment though :P

Apparently DH promised Zoe that we'd go to the zoo next Monday lol. He took her to the DMV and Home Depot and for some reason she thought they were going to the zoo and started talking about all the animals she was going to see. Awwww. Guess he felt guilty so told her we would go :P
That's cool with me though. Hopefully it will be a nice day and not too busy.

We did want to take her to Frozen on Ice. Yeah... don't frickin think so after seeing the prices of good seats!! It would cost us over $200 for the 3 of us to sit in a decent row. What the F ever. We are not paying that much on that mess. Not unless it comes with a giant bag of goodies for everyone... yeah right. That is just ridiculous.
Zoe would love it, but we'll wait until she actually asks to go to MAYBE go.

And finally... DH bought some wood and the door to the room yesterday. He said we're probably going to be spending about 200-500 more on the room. I don't think that's too bad. It's converting an unused space in to another room which will add a lot of value to the house IMO. Not that we'll be moving anytime soon :P lol
But come on... who the heck uses a formal living room for that purpose anymore??
Heck, before we put in exercise equipment in to the room, it was getting used for storage.
It's the 'adult' space in all of those HGTV shows that always look so pretty and everyone says they want, but probably never end up using... or well.. it's used after they plop a nice big TV in to the room lol.

Also cleaned out my closet and took down the racks. Have a lot of stuff to go through, but still don't think there was that much in there. Just a lot of craft items which takes up a ton of room. Need more of those plastic storage drawers to help organize it all once he sections the closet off. I liked my closet... nice big walk in that most folks would love to have, but I really didn't need ALL of that room.

Oh and I promise to post photos hopefully later today. Just being lazy and not entirely sure where the camera is atm lol.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Just sittin here

Yesterday was nice. Hanging out with family and eating good food. Well... we had steak and my steak had bone shards in parts of it. :\
Always so nice to bite in to a bit of bone.

But other than that.. and being trapped in a room by my 12yo niece that is a total Japanophile..... it was good lol.

It rained yesterday all day long so we hid eggs in the living room area for Zoe to find. They came home from church, ate some, put Oren to bed for a nap and locked Zoe in her room while we hid. DH hid most of them.

Zoe had a blast though. After every single egg (seriously... every single one), she'd say "I found one!" lol It was so cute and she had so much fun :)
I thought we spoiled her with what we bought, but we actually didn't get a lot once it was all said and done.
Not that there's anything wrong with spoiling your kids though if that's what you wanna do. Hate it when people make a huge deal about what other people buy their kids. Ok, sure, some of it is over the top but, not your money.. not your kids. If they want to buy their 9mo an ipad for some reason.. go for it. If they want to buy them a kiddie pool full of stuff for Easter, have at it!


MiL is determined to know what this baby is lol. She wants us to get the tech to write the gender down in an envelope and give it to her :P lol Not gonna happen, but still funny heh.
These first 20w went by pretty fast.... the next 19w will go by just as quick I'm sure :) It's a relatively short amount of time so everyone can wait /nodnod

Gotta wait until 3 this afternoon until my appointment. BLEH! Gonna be a long wait.

And finally..... crap... I can't remember what it was..... there definitely was something else I was going to mention but it just totally left my brain. Well poop...........

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Sunday/Easter!!

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Sitting at home like the heathen I am and damn happy to have some peace for a couple of hours lol.

Sorry religions... you're just not for me, but all the candy and stuff is fun :P

We did take Zoe to the Easter egg hunt at their church. It was a bit chaotic, but they did a good job making sure everyone got equal amounts of everything. They did this little religious scavenger hunt thing and had a basket of eggs at each spot that the kids would take 1 egg out of. So all the kids got 8 eggs each and then traded them in for candy and goodies.
Much much much much better than just hiding them and the older kids hogging everything.
It was a lot of work getting the kids to quiet down though... and a lot of walking around everywhere to find all the baskets lol.

I did get to meet one of Zoe's little friends that she plays with at her Wednesday night thing at the church. An adorable little 2yo girl that is being raised by her grandmother. Grandmother decided to share that her daughter is a drug addict and the father is in jail. Yikes. At least that girl has a wonderful granny to take care of her though.
She told DH that the girl used to be super shy but since bringing her to the Wed night thing and since Zoe befriended her, she's opened up quite a bit. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Just really happy that Zoe has a friend and is possibly helping the little girl come out of her shell. Really hope they grow up and stay friends :)

It's a bit wet outside so don't think we'll be hiding the eggs outside. We dyed some boiled eggs last night. I definitely over boiled them b/c holy hell does the fridge smell like a giant fart!! Every time you open the fridge, it smells like someone stuff their asshole right on your nose and farted. It's SO dang gross.
Didn't think I had overcooked them, but guess I did /barf

Oh well... there are a bunch of plastic eggs for Zoe to find :)
I just need to clean up a little bit before they get home.

So on Friday.. we decided to take Oren's pacifiers away. Don't think I've mentioned that yet. DH and I started talking about the way his teeth are coming in and just decided that we should take them away cold turkey now before more damage is done.
Oren definitely has that thumb sucker look to his teeth and we're hoping that taking the paci's away now will help his teeth come in a bit straighter. If not.. it's not a huge deal or anything, just means he'll need braces which will suck for him and our wallet lol.
That first night sucked and naps have been sucking too.

 Day 2 of no paci was rough. He cried for about 20 minutes before finally falling asleep.
Put him down for the night and miraculously he only whined for a few seconds and went to sleep. WOO! Victory!!!! Or so we thought.
He started fussing at around 11. I got up and checked on him to make sure he was covered. Yeah... that was the wrong thing to do b/c he woke up and was NOT happy that he had no paci.
He cried for 24mins straight. That was torture.
I literally got a headache and felt nauseous b/c of his crying. It was making me sick.... almost to the point of needing to throw up. UGH it was awful and I felt so bad :( Knew that if I went and checked on him though, it would only make matters worse and drag it out more.

He is SO stubborn and we (I) didn't really prepare him for less/no paci so this is going to be a tough time with a not so happy baby boy.

Speaking of baby boy.... he had himself a nice big poosplosion on Friday!!
I picked him up and we all were having such a nice giggly family moment. He was on one side of my lap, Zoe was on the other. I was tickling them and giving them kisses. Just a really sweet moment.
Then I smelled poop. Ok.. so he pooped his diaper. No big deal.
I shift my hand a little about to get up to change him... and oh no... it was a big deal. I shifted my hand right in to the poop that was going up his back. Knew exactly what it was the instant my hand touched it.
Cue the freakout!!!
I was trying so hard not to smear it more on him and on myself. Finally just had to say screw it and had to put my hand directly on to it to keep him from slipping.
Oh.. and there was definitely a nice biggish spot of poop on the chair where he had been leaning. Thank goodness for leather chairs b/c it was easy to wash off.
Got Zoe to grab a towel that was thankfully right on the floor and off we went to his room so I could clean him up for a bath.
Taking a poo covered shirt off a big headed baby..... not something I particularly want to do again. I tried my best not to get more poop on him, but it was impossible. It smeared the rest of the way up his back and on to his arms /vomit
THEN!! As I was cleaning him up with his diaper under him... baby boy decided that then would be a good time to start grabbing for his diaper and promptly stuck his hand right in to poo and rub it on himself.
He was covered from thigh to head in poo....... SO MUCH POO.
My first instinct was to swat his hand away which I did (Not soon enough) and of course he didn't like that so started crying.
Zoe lectured me and told me not to spank her brother lol, awww. I did feel bad for doing it, but it was just a quick light tap on his hand to get him to let go of the diaper.
I cleaned up as much as possible, plopped his naked butt on the floor and cleaned up all the other poo messes while the tub filled.
Just..... ew.... ew ew ew ew ew.

And yesterday, we started payments on the crib and dresser. We went with the modern looking one we were eyeballing before (I'll find some photos of it later). But this time, they had gotten more colors in so yay for more options :D lol
You can get the crib all in one color, but there's an option to make it 2 different ones and that's what we did.
We got the main parts of the crib in a darkish wood tone. Since it's a convertible crib, we wanted the wood tone for when the baby grows up and it's switched to a regular bed. The headboard and footboard will be 'normal' colors. It will be more neutral and not so funky.
And the side parts in this pretty olive green color :D
But for the dresser, we did the main part in the green and the drawers in the wood tone.
And part of the sale they were having, we got a free changing table tray and got that in wood tone too.
OH and also got a toddler rail for free and got it in wood tone too. :)
It was..... so expensive. SO SO expensive and we had to put 30% down on it which was a huge chunk of change. But at least we'll have 3 months to pay on it and it takes about 12 weeks to actually get the pieces in. I guess they make them to order?
That's not a big deal though since baby will be rooming with us to begin with anyway. So even if there is a delay and it comes after... meh.

Now just to figure out the colors for the room. Originally wanted maybe a light green color since DH still wants to do a bamboo/panda theme, but with the crib being partially green... I'm not sure that would look good.
We'll see. Plenty of time to think of all that since nothing is going to be painted until the room is actually complete anyway.

With that big purchase, the room, all the backyard stuff..... we're going to go through all of our savings. I mean, that's what it's there for but still... ouch!
DH said to wave byebye to Disney lol.
Disney isn't going to happen for at least another 4 years so I'm not worried about saving up for it.  Plus I know he wants to wait for all the other kids to be old enough to enjoy it too, so realistically, I think Disney may not happen until 5years from now. New niece and this baby will be 4 and 5, all the other kids will definitely be old enough to enjoy it and hopefully will give everyone a chance to save up enough money to make it one giant family fun vacation :D
We just need to tell everyone so they can start saving or planning for it or something.
I'm still determined and want to stay in a hotel in one of the parks. DH wants to stay in one at the Animal Kingdom. Think the balconies face in to their wilderness areas where you can see the animals? Or at least that's what some of the photos looked like. If so.. that would be really cool :D
But yeah.. that's just a ton of money we'll have to save for that experience.

We're definitely going to have to pinch pennies now though. Reduce our spending a good bit.
Family of 5 (holy crap that's happening) and a new car payment... we're not gonna be able to spend money like we have been. Not that we spend money all care free, but we do sometimes get things we don't need. Just have to step back and think "Do we really need this or need it right now?"
It shouldn't be too hard though. Like I said.. we've reduced our spending a lot from what we used to spend before so taking it down another notch or 2 shouldn't be a big deal.

Anywho.... enough of all that. Really need to gets to cleaning while I'm thinking about it :) Will take and post pictures hopefully some time this week. lol
Probably not tomorrow.... DH is off and I have my appointment. So yeah... photos of baby and my other 2 babies will all get posted at once :D Really hope we get some good shots tomorrow!!!
SQUEEEEEE I can't wait to see my new LO!!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hope today is better

Man.... everything the kids did yesterday that was even slightly annoying got on my last dang nerve. I was not the best mom yesterday and just hoping that my attitude today is better. Or at least, I'm going to try to be better.
Do not like being so snippy with my kiddos when they're really not doing anything that bad. Makes me feel so guilty.
Oh mom guilt..... you dirty bitch.

Need to boil some eggs. After the church egg hunt tomorrow and then nursery furniture shopping, we plan on dying some eggs for Sunday :) OH yeah.. we also have to grocery shop tomorrow too. Bleh.
It's gonna be a full day but hopefully relaxing and fun once we get home to dye some eggs :)
Not really sure how many to dye... maybe 2 dozen. Not sure if family wants to do anything special on Sunday. Should be seeing them tonight so will ask then.

I really want to make Prime Rib for everyone. The meat is just so darn expensive though. BUT with 2 failed attempts by aunt and DH's uncle... I want to try it myself.
I knew both were doing it wrong without actually knowing how to make it myself lol. But logic and even a tiny amount of cooking knowledge would tell you that cooking a big hunk of meat low and slow is going to equal pot roast and that's exactly what we got both times.
You would think in this day and age that they would've bothered to look up the directions online somewhere. Especially since the cut of meat is so damn expensive.
It took me all of 30 seconds to find instructions and every one that I've come across is the same exact as the last one.
Bring meat to room temp. Add seasoning to the outside.
Cook it in a 500 degree oven for 5min per pound (for medium rare doneness). Once that time is done... turn the oven off and leave in the oven for 2 hours. TADA! Nice and easy.

Doubt I'll be making it though... like I keep saying.. the cut of meat is SO dang expensive and not sure we'll want to spend that after having to put 30% down on the furniture. lol OH well... maybe one day :)

Still not feeling consistent or very strong movement. I feel it more now when I'm sitting in the living room but usually only if the baby hits my bladder or in that general area. Haven't felt much of anything when laying down to sleep. Will rarely feel it if I wake in the night and I'm trying to get back to sleep.
Kind of sucks but also meh.. not that much. Just figured that with a 3rd.. I'd be feeling movement super early and would be able to recognize it etc, but nope... not the case at all lol. Oh well... I'll be feeling those strong kicks and movements soon enough on a regular basis and wishing baby would stop using my bladder as a punching bag lol.

So excited for Monday! Can not wait to see baby again. Feels like it has been forever. Just want to make sure everything is ok. Again... 3rd time around.. figured I wouldn't be so paranoid, but feels like I'm more paranoid now than I was before.
Plus... I am feeling a little disconnected this time around too and think seeing our baby again will really help the bonding.
I'm not afraid that I'll have trouble bonding once baby is here or anything, just right now... it's just hard to get that connection when you have 2 other kids to look after. Hope that doesn't make me sound like a horrible person.

We told everyone our name choices. Not sure why but aunt keeps calling the baby by one of the girl middle names (Felicity). Ok.... baby could be a girl, but that would be the middle name.. not the first name. She did that shit with Oren too. She didn't like his name so was going to call him something else /majoreyeroll....
She can suck it up like everyone else. We're going to name this baby what we want and they can go suck an egg if they don't like it.

Washed and dried the shorts and capri that I bought from Walmart. Looks more like something you wear around the house, but I don't care. I'm gonna wear them out and be comfortable! My big pregnant ass does not care what anyone thinks lol. Oh and they are oh so comfortable /love.
I do wish I could have found some more flowy light skirts too, but oh well...get what you can get :)

I'll have to do a bump shot soon. I'm 20w today and showing like I'm about 6 or 7m along lol. I feel HUGE this time. Most of the time it's from bloat b/c all I want to do is eat eat eat.
Even when I'm full and have bad heartburn (ooo maybe that means baby will have a lot of hair).... I still want to eat! So all of that eating is causing some major bloat. But hey... at least it actually looks like I'm pregnant now instead of just fat so yay :D

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Finally some pics

Here are some photos before I forget again. Really didn't get that many of him eating his cake... oh well. All of the photos were taken the same day though... his hair just fell flat by the time of his party. He was pretty cute with his little mohawk though lol.


With that said.... these kids are driving me damn crazy today!!!
Oren took a very very short first nap so I figured he'd take a 2nd nap right? HA! How wrong I am.
The boy did nothing but scream cry until I got him up for a bath. Decided to try a combo bath for him and Zoe for the first time.... yeah... that sucked too. Oh they were having the time of their life while mommy got soaking wet from all their splashing.... sigh.
THEN both of them just destroyed Zoe's room with a giant mess of toys everywhere.
I'm sure it's hormonal right now too bc typing all that out, it doesn't seem like such a big deal... but uuuuuuuuuugh. Just driving me up the wall.
Just need to take some deep breaths and remember to not yell so much.... and count down the minutes until DH gets home and can give me a minute to myself so I can take a shower.... a nice looooooong hot shower.

Zoe's DC superhero girl dolls just came in today! YAY! Bought 3 of the big ones for her since the big ones were the only ones available online. Wanted to get them quick before they sold out.
Got her Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Harley Quin :D
Not sure how Harley is a superhero but ok lol. It's a cute doll :P
I think she'll love them for her birthday :)

Zoe is so sweet when it comes to this baby. She wants a sister so bad, but really think she'll be happy with either boy or girl. She's just so happy to be getting another sibling :D
Even if this wasn't planned... just feel so happy and lucky to have this little family of ours. Sure... they drive me crazy.... a lot... but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Love my munchkins.

Oh yeah... hormonal... typing that out made me teary eyed.. LOL.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sleep children! SLEEEEEEEP

So I did finally get to sleep this morning... at 5:30. I laid back down at around 4:30, but one of our dogs needed to go outside and I really didn't want to deal with hershey squirts in the house. So I guess it was a good thing that I was awake to catch that and let him out.
Zoe woke up right after DH did for some reason so he brought her to our bed and she went to sleep. She woke up at around 7something. I didn't want to get up so let her go watch the laptop while I snoozed some more lol.
She finally woke me up around 7:40 b/c she was hungry. Figured I should get up even though I still didn't want to lol.
Oren had woken up but DH thankfully fed him and O went back to sleep. He didn't wake up until 8:30. Oh it would've been so nice to sleep in until then.... sigh. I'm totally going to take a nap when he does.

Did go to Wally World this morning. Wanted to check out their cheap shorts and I found 2 that I purchased. Some shorts and capris. Both nice and elasticy and look comfy! Just need to wash them and then try them on and hope they live up to my expectation lol.
Didn't see any nice light skirts. Still just the maxi ones.. which are fine, but I don't really need anymore.

My mouth aches a little. Not surprising with the amount of scraping they did yesterday. Uncomfortable to brush my teeth too, but meh.. mouth heals up pretty quick and it doesn't really hurt that bad so it's all good.

Pretty sure we're going to pick out the crib and dresser this weekend. The baby furniture place is having a sale on the particular brand we wanted and the sale ends on Monday. We hadn't planned on getting it this soon, but can't pass up the chance to save a little.
Thankfully it's the same place we got Zoe's and Oren's stuff so we'll have 3 months to pay it off. Just have to put down 30% of the total... yikes.
It's the reason why I did go to the store this morning. We're going to have a busy Saturday with DH's church's easter egg hunt and then having to go get the nursery furniture and DH taking forever to pick out colors for it.
I'm just going to let him pick b/c I don't care that much about it. Really hope this poor LO doesn't feel neglected b/c mommy didn't feel like doing up the nursery like the 2 other kids. Not that the room will be ugly or anything... I just have no motivation to do anything for it.
All I want to do right now is fart, eat, and sleep.

And yes... pics are incoming soon!

I'm so dramatic lol

It's 3am and I'm wide awake. Partially thanks to DH's snoring and part b/c of my own annoying inability to sleep like a normal human being :(
So yeah... here I am to post.....

So my dentist appointment wasn't that bad. Xrays, getting lectured on how to properly take care of my teeth lol and a deep cleaning.
Felt like a child being told how to brush their teeth, but oh well... that's their job. It's not that I don't know how to do it.... just that.. well... laziness got the better of me for many years so I just didn't.

The deep cleaning was an oh so fun experience.
They couldn't do much on my left upper teeth b/c of the broken sensitive tooth but everything else got some excruciatingly fun picking. Used this vibrating gadget that sprays water with it to get most of the plaque off first, then had to get really in there with the normal pick. Nothing like the pain of them scraping the hell out of your teeth under your gums. But it was only moments of pain for a good reason so I wore my big girl pants and toughed it out :D lol It was a long painful in spots process though. OUCH. What I get for not doing what I should have though.
My teeth thankfully and surprisingly aren't in terrible shape. I do have cavities obviously, 2 bottom wisdom teeth that really need to come out, and that top tooth that needs to come out too, but other than that, they didn't see anything majorly wrong. Think I dodged a bullet there.
Was lazy about it before, but will definitely start flossing now. Thankfully I have pretty easy teeth to floss b/c a lot of my front ones have small gaps that are easy to go inbetween.

I have to go to an oral surgeon next week to talk about my broken tooth and my wisdom teeth. The dentist definitely wants the broken one out while I'm still pregnant b/c it is? was? infected and is causing me pain, but I'll have to get a fake tooth for the spot since it's apparently an important area for chewing and whatnot. So.... yay :\ Also have to go back to them in a week to get a checkup to make sure everything is healing well and to clean up the spots they couldn't get before. Need to reschedule it though. Not sure why they did it, but they scheduled that appointment an hour before the surgeon one.... *shrugs*

So yeah, overall it wasn't that bad and of course I made it out to be horrible in my head. lol

Also learned today that other than my cheapo capri yoga pants, my maxi skirts and my around the house shorts... none of my button/zipper capris fit me. Not even the ones that are 18w size. I had to dig down deep to find a pair that fit tight when standing up but really dug in to me when I sat down. Poor baby got squished yesterday. So yeah... gonna have to take a trip to Wally World to pick up a few pairs of nice stretchy elasticy shorts and/or capris. Not looking for anything fancy, but would prefer something with pockets at least.
Maybe some light weight skirts too... we'll see.

Zoe did extremely well with her appointment or so I was told by everyone lol. They loved her. I was telling her all day leading up to her appointment about what they were going to want her to do. Plus she was in a good mood when she went so that helped. They loved her though and she cooperated with them so yay :D They didn't do much since well.. she's 3 and doesn't have any problems with her teeth. We just need to brush her teeth more and start flossing them. Joy :\

What else what else...... apparently DH has had a sore ear for a little bit now and it hurts to swallow. I swear... could we go a week without one of us getting sick? Told him he just needs to go get it looked at but of course he's going to put it off for at least another day. Hopefully it's nothing serious but with our recent track record.. would not be surprised if it's an ear infection.

Aaaand I think that's it. Time to waste some time and hopefully get back to bed soon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Before the storm

(this first chunk is from yesterday. Decided to just wait until today to post it and add more )

Dopplered this morning b/c I've been worried about movement. I'm pretty sure I've been feeling faint movement for the last couple of days, but I dunno.. I was still worried that it wasn't actually the baby.
Freaked myself out b/c I checked where I had heard the HB last and heard absolutely nothing. Moved it all around the area and angled down on the pooch and still nothing. Was about to give up until I just decided WTH and stuck the probe right above my waistline and there it was, clear as day. That beautiful little heartbeat.
Think baby was sleeping b/c I didn't hear any movement, but that's ok lol. Scared me for a moment there LO!

Just so surprised that baby is that high up already. I mean obviously baby still has some room in there to move, just thought everything was still lower.

So nervous for my dental appointment. Just dreading to hear all of the things wrong with my teeth, but also relieved too.
I just want that one tooth removed and that area patched up so it's not so sensitive anymore. And I know my wisdom teeth will have to wait to be removed until after birth... not sure about while I'm pumping, but if so, then that won't happen until probably December or even early 2017.
And uuuuugh, the money. I know there are a ton of people out there that haven't gone to the dentist for as long or longer than myself b/c it's just so damn expensive and even if you do have dental insurance (which we do), it sucks balls and doesn't cover shit (which ours doesn't).
I'll report back probably tomorrow with what went on.

Even though I am nervous.... it didn't have any impact on my sleep. I slept heavy and great last night. Well... I did wake up quite a few times to pee, but I got back to sleep pretty quick. It was great! Just wish the kids would sleep in so I could too lol.
Still feels like I could sleep another couple hours. Oh that would be heaven.
Need to get used to this b/c I'll never sleep well again until these kids are much much older....... /sob

So I co-wash (conditioner wash) my hair. I've been using Tresemme natural conditioner which has been working out great, but frickin grocery store has stopped carrying it for some reason.
Couldn't find it at the grocery store or at Wal Mart or at Target. SO I saw some Garnier Pure Clean conditioner that was silicone free.. just what you need to co-wash.
Side note... if there are silicones, they will build up in your hair and make it feel very weighed down and gross.
Anywho... was excited to find something and... after using it a total of 3 times... it's getting thrown away.
That stuff is SHIT. It smells nice and that's about the only good thing I can say about it.
With something being silicone free... I don't expect it to condition as well as something that has that in it.... this stuff is so thin that you might as well just use water to try to condition your hair.
BUT that's if the water was full of greasy oily waxy gunk that gets stuck in your hair.
Yeah.... that Pure Clean shit made my hair feel like I hadn't washed it for a week. It left it clumpy and greasy feeling. It was SO frickin gross.
I at first thought I just hadn't rinsed it out enough, but no.... it's that stuff just being shit.
So yeah... Don't get that stuff people!!!
And if you know of a cheap silicone free conditioner that doesn't smell like coconuts.. please do share :D Preferably something that is normally available everywhere and not just online.

Mister Booger face is awake. Gotta go get him before he starts getting upset lol
And I swear... the pics are gonna be posted soon!

Monday, March 21, 2016

No pics just yet

Sorry for the delay in photos. Feeling like total crap this morning.
Ate WAY too much last night and I'm totally paying for it this morning.
Had a gag attack b/c of coughing which led to throwing up a little bit of water and my nose started bleeding too. Awesome....
My nose only bled b/c I've been blowing it a lot.
Plus... Oren pitched a damn fit this morning b/c I left him in his crib to go take my pills. And when I say pitched a fit.. I mean it.
It's like a switch has been flipped and he is in full on angry tantruming baby mode sometimes. Yikes.


We've had the windows open for a little while and of course it being spring now.. there is pollen everywhere. Pollen usually doesn't bother me at all, but apparently it is now. Not as much as some folks, but I'm fairly certain the coughing, the extra boogers and eye boogers I've been having is b/c of it. It could be worse so I'm not complaining about it.

Did have to close the windows today though and turn the heater back on. Temps have dropped back down and while I'd be fine with no heater on and just snuggling up under a blanket... the kids need heat. DH can kiss my butt about that.
It was fine to freeze when it was just the 2 of us, but we have kids now and they don't need to live in extreme conditions if they don't have to, so the heater is on.

No one can tell me that sugar doesn't make kids hyper. That is TOTAL BS. Gave Zoe some cake and ice cream last night. Girl was bouncing off the dang walls lol. I'm surprised she actually went to bed b/c she was still SUPER hyper.

Oren hasn't had formula in a little over a day. Think there is enough for one more 4oz bottle, but that's it.
He's kind of used to the milk. He doesn't like that it's cold and will push it away at first, but after pushing it on him a couple of times, he drinks it.
Now just need to get him used to not getting a bottle.
He only gets 3 or 4 bottles a day now, but just need to keep pushing the sippy cup on him.
I do not remember how we did it with Zoe. Don't remember it being this difficult, but meh... lol

Ok... need to eat. Even though my stomach is upset.. I'm still hungry... WTH? lol

Sunday, March 20, 2016

A party afterall :)

It was kind of decided for us Friday night that we were going to have a party for Oren lol. Inlaws were a bit upset that we weren't going to do anything, so we decided to just go ahead and do something.
Not like we had anything extravagant planned anyway so not that difficult to pull off :)
It was fun though and all the kids and family seemed to have a great time.
We didn't get him his own smash cake. DH cut out his name from the cake we got and gave that piece to him.
Absolutely no hesitation on Oren's part. He dug right in to it and chowed down lol. He really didn't eat a lot of it though. Just had a few tiny fist full and played with the rest until he got distracted by someone lol.
I did get some pictures which I'll probably post tomorrow :)

I am HUNGRY. My appetite has increased significantly and I want to eat a lot so long as it's not super heavy/fatty food.
Friday we went to Chinese buffet and as most Americans know... Chinese US buffet equals a lot of fried super sweet sauces and whatnot. Yeah... that really didn't matter that night... I had 2 plates, plus a plate and bowl of dessert and I could've eaten more. I did have a lot of lighter options like broccoli and mushrooms, but I still could've eaten at least 1 more plate of food. I didn't want to push my luck though and eat too much so I stopped myself lol.

Told DH that before I have my GD test done that I want to go to this southern food buffet called Golden Corral(sp?). It's actually not my fav place b/c it's SO damn busy and their set up is awful, but the food is good... well.... if you like southern comfort foods. We'd have to go on a day that wasn't busy but yeah... we're going damnit! lol

Bought the kids some shoes yesterday! YAY! Also bought them swimsuits and Zoe a book :)
All 2nd hand stuff.... still came out to just over $50. Yikes lol.
But still... they definitely needed the shoes. Oren not so much, but definitely Zoe.
Really didn't have a big selection of size 9 stuff, but we found some really cute shoes.
One pair.. we paid 6.50 for. They came from Old Navy, gold/light brown/tan color with a fox face on them. They're SO stinking cute and Zoe absolutely loves them. :)
Oren wasn't too happy with his shoes lol, but oh well ;)
I think he's in size 3's right now? Maybe 4.... I can't remember which size.
It was INSANE the shoes we saw in the boys section though. Brand spankin new baby Air Jordans, Nike, etc etc. People pay some ridiculous prices on those things... just for their baby not to wear them. Absolutely crazy.
There were some brand new hiking type looking baby boots that we would've loved to have gotten, except for the fact that they were way too tight and we couldn't get them on to Oren's chubby baby feet. I imagine that was the problem the original owner of the shoes had lol.
There is just no point in spending a ton on that stuff though. We all do it in one way or another though.... whether it be shoes or buying tons of clothes that they'll wear once or never before growing out of them lol.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Boy... you better stop with that nonsense

So Oren is still doing great. Never got sick again thank goodness.
He took a very long first nap and woke up a bit later than normal from it so decided not to put him down for a 2nd nap.
He started acting tired and fussy at around 4, so figured he'd go down NP for the night at his normal bedtime.
NOPE! The boy screamed and angry cried for an hour!! He hadn't had a bottle in a while. We haven't really been giving him once since we've been giving him more solids and getting him to drink water.
Decided to give him a bottle... he would drink a sip and then start wailing again.
Finally just let him cry for a good 20 minutes before DH tried giving him his bottle again which he FINALLY took.
He started crying again for another minute or so and eventually went to sleep.
Just.... UGH! lol

I just don't understand kids and their resistance to sleep when they're sleepy! Just sleep damnit! lol

I don't think I rinsed out the conditioner from Zoe's hair yesterday. Oops. Sent her to bed w/ wet hair... she woke up with some serious bed head.
Brushed it and it did nothing lol. Feeling it though... it definitely feels like I didn't rinse it enough.
Going to have to wash her hair again. Oh well. She likes the water so won't be a big deal lol.

DH definitely wants to start working on the baby's room this weekend. Excited to see that get started :D

Pretty sure I was feeling some little kicks last night against the bed. YAY baby! Keep getting stronger :D
19w today. Hard to believe that I'm already almost at the half way mark.
Well, looking at how big my belly is.. you'd think I was much further along lol.

We're going to have to go shoe shopping for Zoe this weekend too. Her feet are too big for the majority of her shoes now. Not looking forward to it, but can't let her run around barefoot everywhere either ;)

Dentist appointment on Tuesday. UUUUUUUUUUUUGH.... I am not looking forward to hearing about what is wrong with my teeth. I know there is a ton wrong, but just getting confirmation and hearing what will need to be done.... ugh.
My teeth don't bother me most of the time... it's just that one tooth that broke that is causing some problems and every once in a while, the gums around my wisdom teeth get irritated.
Oh I'm sure there's more wrong than that though.... so much more......
Wish my teeth luck!!

Zoe is also going on Tuesday for the first time :) Her teeth look fine except for that one she chipped when she was still a baby. It's only a tiny chip though and barely noticeable. I'm sure her appointment will go well.

Speaking of teeth... we really need to take away Oren's pacifier. His teeth definitely have that thumb sucker look to them which I'm not thrilled about. But he is more attached to his pacifiers now than he ever was. Just going to have to let him cry and not give it to him while he's awake.

Speaking of awake... hear him talking on the monitor. Momma's little monster is awake lol :D

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Yay, he's better :)

Oren is much better this morning. He had a rough night at the start. He woke up a few times between 11 and 1, but then slept through until 6am. Fed him a small bottle of formula and took his temp and thankfully he kept it down and temp was normal. PHEW!
He slept in until 8am and woke up happy and fine.
So glad that whatever was going on ran its course quickly. Dunno what the heck it was, but just glad it didn't linger. He was so miserable yesterday and I didn't want to see him suffering like that today.
Anywho! So yay for that :)

I did manage to clean up the puke spots this morning thankfully too. Had to... it reeked in his room even with the window open and the ceiling fan going.
Definitely had to clean the spots in the living room, but couldn't do the whole area like I wanted. Didn't realize that we were running low on the shampoo stuff. Oh well. I ordered more so will be able to do that once it comes in.

So yeah.. overall, it's been a good morning so far :D
No sick baby, no pukey smell!

Oh well.. the tub in their bathroom is clogged. That sucks. It never drained that well to begin with and now it's draining at a snail's pace. We don't have any drain cleaner stuff, so that's gonna have to be bought this weekend. Need to get DH to borrow a snake from his dad. See if that helps to clear out whatever is blocking it.

Alrighty... think I'm gonna make some brownies... well.. if we have enough stuff.
Should... although it will probably use up the rest of the eggs. Oh well.

Also need to start cleaning out my closet. I know DH is going to be itching to start doing whatever for that room very soon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Well that escalated quick

Oren woke up acting fine and playing like usual. That is until he threw up most of the formula I fed him. I was kinda in denial that he was sick... just thought it was a fluke and he ate too fast or something.
NOPE... all he wanted to do after was cuddle.
Put him down for his morning nap which he had been fighting but went down without a peep.
He woke up, seeming to be fine so I fed him a yogurt.
About 5min later... he burped and promptly threw up some of it. Thankfully not all of it.
He wanted to snuggle so we did even though he smelled awful. Fed him a little bit of milk in a bottle b/c he needs some liquid in him. He threw that up and it was just an unnatural pink color from the yogurt.
Did eventually get him in to the bath after that though b/c figured it would make him feel better, and it did seem to while he was in it. He was laughing and splashing around like he normally does.

But out of the bath.. he just started crying and getting fussy.
More snuggling, he fell asleep on me and I noticed he was feeling warmer. Took his temp and it was barely above normal... like almost 99.

Gave him a little bit of apple juice when he woke and he seemed to keep that down NP. Probably b/c he wasn't chugging it all down in one go.

DH got home early b/c he had a dentist appointment. He snuggled with DH for a bit b/c I had to pee and eat something.
Fell asleep on DH after he was giving a small amount of milk in a bottle. All seemed well until DH had to get up to go to church. Oren took that as a go ahead to throw up all over DH. (HAHA it wasn't me this time!)
Oh did also take his temp and it was at 101 something. Called his ped office, but they were already closed for the day. 

I sat Oren down in his room while I was doing something. Can't remember what... and he threw up a TON while he was on the floor. My poor baby boy looked SO freaked out b/c it just kept coming out. He looked at me to do something... just had that pleading look in his eyes and I couldn't do anything but try to comfort him until he was done :( Felt so horrible for him. I can imagine how scary that is for a baby/child that isn't used to vomiting and just has no idea what is going on :(
Had to run him another bath to clean him off b/c it was all over him and milk coming out of a feverish body is STANK.
He was not happy in this bath. He was still freaking out over the vomiting so basically just soaped him up, rinsed him off and that was it.
More snuggling in the chair and more apple juice which he kept down.
Gave him more tylenol (gave him some around noon or so) and put him to bed. Turned his fan up and didn't bother putting a shirt or anything on him. Just in a diaper.
His temp did come down to 100 when I last checked it so that's good. At least it didn't go up more.

Oh also opened up a window after spraying the vomit spot and putting a towel over it. Couldn't leave him alone to clean it up properly so yeah... that's gonna have to do for now. Hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow so I can clean up all the spots.

So yeah.. it's been a super fun day :( I love baby cuddles but not b/c he's this sick.
We're afraid that he got reinfected with his infection b/c we forgot to clean his pacifiers. Didn't even think about it :( Really hope not and hope it's just some quick 24hr thing that he somehow got.
Of course if he's still not feeling better tomorrow, I'll be taking him in to the doc or hoping they'll just call in another prescrip for antibiotics, but doubt that will happen.

Poor baby boy. Feel so bad for him. Gets better from his ear infections and now this happens.

Come on buddy

Oren is not getting used to daylight saving.. savings.. whatever it is. GAH this crap is such BS. Screw tradition.. that shit needs to end NOW.
Anyway.. he woke up just before 4am this morning. I go check on him when he starts fussing more and he did not like that I didn't have a bottle with me one bit lol. He cried for a couple of minutes but quieted down.
I fall back to sleep finally only to be woken up.. maybe 10mins later and the boy fusses and cries for the next HOUR. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
He would cry for a few minutes... then quiet down for a few.... wash, rinse, repeat.
I'm so worn out this morning b/c I didn't actually get back to sleep until after 5:30.
Sorry little dude, but you're not getting fed at night anymore. I did check on him again but it only made it worse, so I decided to just let him cry. If his cry had gotten worse, I would've checked, but it was more of the annoyed crying he was doing so I knew he was fine.

So.... TIRED.
Thankfully first nap today he went down with only a few seconds of crying. Sigh......

We talked about names some more last night.
Ezra is definitely the only name for a boy that we like. Asked DH if he liked anything else, but he likes it and so do I.
Middle name is still in the air though, but we've narrowed the choices down to 2... for now.
Franklin or Finn

For a girl... we still have a lot of girl names that we both like. I do still like Evie the best, but Ellie and Ella are still in the running. Think there's another name too that I'm not remembering lol.
As for a middle name.. still too many to pick from right now. Couple of them are Francine, Felicity, and er..... that's all I can remember off the top of my head.
I'm not too fond of Felicity... especially if we picked Evie. Just think there are too many E sounds in there.

Still, it's exciting that we're dwindling down the list :D

Ok... think I may try to nap or at least just completely veg out while Oren is napping. Maybe I can get in a cat nap before he wakes up... and before Zoe wakes me up lol.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


DH this morning... just ugh. Ok, so Oren started to fuss some starting at around 4:30 this morning. I went in to check on him, rolled him on his back and covered him up and put the paci in his mouth. He wasn't happy and cried for a few seconds but went back to sleep.
He wakes again a little after 5. DH's alarm clock starts going off, so I stay in bed. Oren isn't crying or anything so there wasn't a huge hurry to go check on him. DH gets up a little earlier than normal. I THOUGHT he was going to feed him b/c that's what we usually do when he wakes up at this time since he usually ends up getting up for the day an hour later.
NOPE.... He just does what I did and leaves him to cry.. which he does until I get fed up and grab a bottle.
Of course DH gets all pissy and says that he's not getting up with him again if I feed him.
Dude... STFU. You got up a whole 10-20minutes earlier than you normally do. Cry me a GD river.

Just UGH! If Oren was waking up at 8 or later... I would have just let him cry, but like I said.. since it was so close to the time he normally wakes.. I didn't see a problem with giving him a bottle.
DH can kiss my ass. He can start getting pissy when he's the one that can't sleep and has to get up with the kids when they wake up.

Also another bitchy post... I really wish SiL's husband (DH's younger sister)... had a filter on what he posted on FB.
Dude posts every single picture he takes of his daughter (the niece that I babysat for 2 weeks). That's not bad.. but he even posts the ones that are almost pitch black.
Seriously?? Is he seeing something in these awful photos that no one else can see?
Like recently.. he posted a super dark blurry photo. If you didn't read the description, you would have NO guess on what the hell was actually in the photo.. that's how bad it was.
Just.. ugh... I know it's not a major concern or anything.. it's just annoying when I check FB and see his crappy ass photos that you can't tell WTF is going on.

And my cousin... I love my cousin to death but I swear if she posts another duckface picture of herself.. I'm going to scream.
She's also guilty of vague posting shit. Like cryptic little messages that maybe one person in her life will understand WTF is going on... so then everyone starts posting and asking WTF is going on but oh no.. she doesn't want to explain shit.
I never ask b/c I HATE that shit.
If you have something to say.. just frickin say it!! Don't go phishing for comments by posting vague ass messages.
I also have another cousin that vague-posts but she has an excuse... she's still in her early 20's. It's still annoying as hell, but she's still young.
The first cousin... no... no excuse. You're over 30 and a mother of 3.... stop with that juvenile shit!

Well this post ended up being a big ole bitchfest lol. I swear there was something more positive I wanted to post, but I can't think of it now. Lol... Oops

Monday, March 14, 2016

Stupid daylight savings

We really need to start transitioning the kids to get them back on their normal sleep times b/c them staying up an hour later isn't gonna work. Mommy and daddy need some quiet time! lol

Will probably try to do it slowly.. putting them to bed earlier and earlier until they're at their normal times again.
Stupid daylight savings. Why the hell are we even still doing that shit?

DH and I are thinking that we're just not going to do a party for Oren. It's not like we had anything super special planned anyway. We are still going to get a cake (MUAHAHAHA) b/c I do still want pics of Oren digging in to a piece lol.

Speaking of Oren... boy just had a mini poosplosion. Only up his back a little, but still.... ew.
Hopefully now that he's off the antibiotics, his poos will go back to being stinky turd bombs instead of liquid assplosions.

I really want to get the car thing done and over with.
1) b/c well.. getting a new car is always exciting.
2) just want to stop worrying about it
3) Need to get used to driving it
Mostly I just want to stop stressing about it though.

WTF weather!
It's getting to 82 today (not too bad), then 84 then 85. Then on friday, it's supposed to get back to 70. Come on! Don't do this hot shit then back to what it SHOULD be right now. Stupid southern weather.
I know lots of people would love it to be this warm, but no..... warm weather sucks balls. Hot natured, baby furnace and an AC that we shouldn't use until it's cleaned. UUUUUUUUUGH.
Well... good thing at least... it's nice out and I can actually let the kids run around out front a bit. Get them some Vit D and exercise instead of being cooped up indoors all day.
Only bad thing about having dogs... I would let the kids out back a lot more if it wasn't for all the poop. Sure.. I clean it as much as possible, but it's still a yard tainted with poop and pee.
Can't wait to have a deck or patio. At least then they'll have an area they can go out on to to play.

Oren figured out how to climb up his slide. He didn't quite figure out how to get down though. Gave me mini heart attacks every time. He did manage to get down twice, but they were all head first. :P He didn't hurt himself.. it was slow and on to a blanket I had put down lol.

Really wish Netflix would stop with this "collection" BS. Go back to what it used to be and put the entire show seasons on!! I'm totally addicted to all of those HGTV shows and it sucks that it's only a fraction of them! BOOOOOOOOO

Thought my throat was getting sore again. Or well.. it actually was pretty sore yesterday. Thought the strep had come back, but thankfully it feels fine today so far. I did have a bad coughing fit the night before and this continued dry throat mess isn't helping. PLus I had a couple of diet sodas and the fizz seems to irritate my throat so that wasn't helping.
Was dreading having to call up that doctor's office again b/c I didn't want to have to drag the kids in if they needed me to come back.
But thankfully it doesn't seem to be strep again so.. YAY :D

Found the heartbeat again last night and actually felt a kick too! It was a really like thumb when I was trying to find the HB, but I heard the sound of movement and felt the movement at the same time :)
So cool :D
Baby seems to have moved up even more too. Found the HB right at the top of my pooch and felt the movement at my waistline.
Same as it was the previous 2 pregnancies... it's going fast, but also slow too.
I still can't believe we're having another lol.
3..... 3 kids!! Wow....
Don't think I would've ever thought this was possible when we were struggling to get pregnant that first time.
Still freaking out a bit, but just so happy :)

Ok... I think I'm done rambling lol

Sunday, March 13, 2016


No photos of Oren digging in to his cake b/c the party has been postponed.
SiL posted on FB that her daughter had the flu, then DH called his mom and she's sick too. So yeah... we just decided to postpone the party until everyone was feeling better.
But then, on Saturday, SiL and her husband kept posting photos of their DD looking totally fine... so guess it wasn't the flu afterall. Still though, best to keep her away for now just in case whatever she has/had was contagious.

Anywho, not a huge deal to have the get together later. We weren't doing anything super special so it's really NP.

I managed to clean the kitchen for the most part. Just need to wipe down the counters. It's SO frickin nice to have a nice clean kitchen LOL. We actually have a pretty good size kitchen with a lot of counter space... and we still manage to clutter it up with a bunch of crap ALL the time. We cluttered it up so much that we barely had any usable space.
So yeah... it's nice going in to the kitchen now and actually seeing all of the counter space empty and clean and usable! lol
I really need to clean the oven. It's..... well... it's disgusting. Saw some DIY video a while ago on how to clean it. Need to find it again b/c it REALLY needs it.

I still have a lot left to clean. Need to dust like crazy and still have the living room and the carpets to clean. But hey... at least with the postponed party.. I'll have more time to do it all. Won't feel so rushed and won't push myself until I'm aching and can't move lol.

DH asked me again yesterday if I wanted to go to the beach or anything this year. Had to reiterate that we really will not have the money to go on a proper vacation. The beach and whatnot will always be there next year when hopefully we'll have our savings built up some again. Plus, I think day outings to places will be just as fun. Or hey... if he has a week off, just hanging out around the house and doing nothing. That's pretty awesome too and I'm sure a lot of people would love that kind of vacation lol.
Sure it would be nice to go to the beach again, but we need the money for more important things. New car/payment, making the baby room, crib & dresser, possibly his shed and back patio, etc etc. That's gonna be A LOT of $$.

 We're weaning Oren off of formula and hopefully the bottle too. He really likes milk and loves food, so hoping it all goes smooth.
He was used to getting a bottle before he went to sleep though, so he's been crying a little when we put him down without giving him a bottle first. He only cries for maybe a minute though so not a huge deal.
Also stopped giving him bottles at night when he wakes. Now.. I wait to see if he starts getting fussier, and if he does, I go give him his pacifier, cover him back up and that's it. That's been working out great though and I think he cried once the first night we did it and that was it :)
It's just the daytime bottle feedings that will be difficult to get him off of. He loves his straw sippy cups, but think he still associates the bottle as actually eating... if that makes sense. I think I just need to feed him more solids though. Actually start cooking him eggs and whatnot and stop being a lazy ass :P lol

This age is just SO frickin cute though. Even though Oren is a mini tornado right now that puts everything in his mouth.... holy crap is he adorable!! The baby babbles, the laughing, the cute awkward clapping and waving. It's just SO stinking cute!!

Only negative right now is that he's SO clingy. He absolutely loves to be held and wants to be picked up ALL the time. I don't mind picking him up, it's just that, being pregnant and having a toddler.. I get up quite a bit so always have to put him right back down.
Plus, Zoe is getting a bit more jealous and wants to be in my lap too if he is. That makes me feel so guilty b/c it makes me feel like I don't give her enough attention.
Really don't want her acting out b/c she feels like that's the only time she gets attention. Not that I ignore her or anything lol. I do my best to give them both lots of loving attention :) But ya know.. that mom guilt will get you even if you have nothing to feel guilty about lol.

Anywho.. so yeah... hopefully this coming weekend we'll have the get together so I'll have some photos to post then :)

In the meantime... I need to start cleaning out my closet! NO idea where all of that mess is going, but it needs to be done sooner rather than later :)

Friday, March 11, 2016

Taking a break

Started cleaning and taking a break.
There's just so much more to do /sob
It doesn't even look like I've done anything... that's the bad part! lol
Ok so it looks like I did clean some, but not nearly as much as what I have done.
Good grief... you don't realize how dirty your house is until you have company coming over :P lol

I let Oren roam around the house while I cleaned and the boy is destructive!! You're only one little dude.. you're not supposed to be this bad yet!
Thankfully most of his time was spent in Zoe's room playing with her toys, but when he got to wandering the rest of the house or following me.... frickin little path of destruction wherever he went.
He's gonna be a little tornado when he starts walking on his own and when he's older. Uuuuuugh, I can feel the headache now lol.

We were going to start replacing his formula with milk..... yeah.. that worked once today b/c we don't have enough milk to do it again rofl. Oops. I had to open up another can of formula which I know DH didn't want to do, but oh well. Wasn't gonna let my baby starve.

Zoe's been my somewhat good little helper today :D Sure, I have to tell/ask her to do something a dozen times, but it's still something and hopefully teaching her something too. Just don't want her to grow up to be a slob... like me ;) lol
Ok I'm not totally a slob, but just want her to not be quite as lazy as I can be :D

Alrighty... gonna go heat up some leftovers, watch a little bit of netflix and then get back to work!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Will post more pics of Oren from his party... probably Sunday, maybe Monday.

Shots and whatnot

Oren's appointment went well. Well... for the most part.
He got 3 vaccinations and stuck in the toe to check his iron level. Oren is definitely a bleeder. He bled SO much from his toe. He didn't cry from it though.
He sure did cry from the vaccinations though. Poor Zoe got a bit traumatized by it. He started crying and she started getting all distressed and kept saying "Don't hurt him!" Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
She's such a great big sister! And it was so sweet that she didn't want him to get hurt. It was a little difficult to explain to her that the shots were a good thing, but I think she eventually got it once he stopped crying and she saw that he was ok.

We headed to Publix after to look at their cakes. We wanted to get the single number cake, but it only came in one size and it was way too small. Asked if it could be done larger, but nope.. just the one size. Seriously Publix?? You can't frickin cut out a larger number for a bigger cake??
We just decided that we're gonna get one of the premade cakes and get them to write, Happy Birthday, on it. Just gotta hope they have some when we go to buy it. There's another Publix not too far from the one we went to so we can always go check that one too if need be.

I also finally got a call from doctor's office and my quad screen came back normal. Didn't get specifics but with that test... can't really get too specific. A normal diagnosis is enough for me right now :)

And I found the heartbeat last night before bed! YAY! When I looked in the morning, I checked low down where I had found it before. This time, I checked right in the middle of my pooch... just pressed a bit hard and there it was. The little horse trot with some movement sounds :)
And I'm fairly certain I felt movement at my bellybutton too. :D


Got some cleaning done yesterday. Not everything, but a decent amount. Just need to clean the living room and clean some of the carpet. Not going to bother doing all of it. Not with all of the people coming over and the shoes being worn inside.
Just need to clean a couple of stains up from dropped food..... so many stains from dropped food lol.

Difficult to clean though when it's getting warm and we don't want to turn the AC on yet lol. It went from super cold to too frickin hot. Gotta love Southern weather *grumble*

Thursday, March 10, 2016

12m appointment today

Oren has his checkup this afternoon. Poor guy is gonna get some shots and it's not gonna be pretty. Really hoping his ears look better. Not sure why they wouldn't, so not too worried about that.

Afterwards, we're going to the store to put in the order for his cake :D So excited!

Tried to find the heartbeat this morning and couldn't find it. Couldn't even find the placenta so I was definitely looking in the wrong spots. Too low I think which means everything is right up under the fatpack.
Just wish I felt movement more. I haven't felt anything in a while and it's making me worry. I'm definitely getting bigger though. Actually look pregnant now (most of the time) instead of just looking fatter :P lol
Still.... I can't wait to feel movement more often. Will be such a relief.
I don't know how women claim to feel movement at 8w. I'm sorry, but that's just a load of horseshit. I don't care how skinny you are or how intune you think you are to your body... your baby is the size of a damn kidney bean then. You're not feeling shit!
Ok so that's a little mean, but really.... WTF would you be feeling when the baby is that small and still only wiggling around a little?? Don't even think you'd be feeling flutters or bubbles. Just wishful thinking IMO, but meh.. whatever. No harm in them thinking it I guess.

My throat hurts again *grumble* It's the left side this time. It's not bad yet... just notice it when I swallow, which has me worried that the infection wasn't all cleared up. That z-pack stuff according to them is supposed to last for 10 days so it should still be doing its thing. Hopefully this is just the result of my throat drying out at night and nothing more.

Well that was gross. Another nasty Oren poop.. but this time.. with gritty dirt in the mix b/c of his adventures in taste testing soil outside yesterday lol.
This loose poop needs to stop already though. It gets EVERYWHERE and smells so dang bad.
Well, his turds smell terrible too, but at least those are contained to a turd.

Zoe's been doing great going potty. She'll have very small dribble accidents every once in a while. Sometimes she'll wait too long to go, or she'll stand up after going too soon so it gets on her undies.
She freaks the heck out about it too. I mean... that's fine and all.. don't want her sitting around in wet undies, but boy..... she goes through them like crazy b/c of it lol. Also doesn't help that her clothes and ours are all mixed up together so trying to find her teeny tiny underwear in our pile of clean clothes is annoying.
I guess we could fold some clothes, but pfft.... like we're gonna do that :P

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Birthday Boy

Such a nice day out. Had to get some pics of him. Just wish the grass was green... and no weeds :P lol
He loved posing for the camera though... then loved shoving a fist full of dirt right in to his mouth when I wasnt looking. Sigh.... builds up immunity right?... uh... Right???? :P

Zoe's just in the background doing her thing hehe.

And I swear, that's how his hair grew in. My mom asked me yesterday why we cut his hair that way lol. He's just naturally emo I guess? hehe

Oh and before I forget to mention it. DH asked me yesterday if I wanted the tech to put the gender in to an envelope and we throw a party to reveal the gender. I actually told him no. Never thought that would come out of my mouth lol. But yeah... I'm committed to waiting until birth and darnit.. that is what we're gonna do. Just hope that I don't accidentally see the bits on my 20w appointment. lol

Happy Birthday Baby! :D

Can't believe this day has arrived already. Man... a year goes by super quick!
Can't believe my baby boy is already a year old. Geeze..
Anywho.... he's doing well. He slept like shit last night, but he was in a good mood this morning anyway :)

I'll post some photos later. Want to get a few of him outside once he wakes from his nap.

Oh, he is having some really gross loose stool. It's not quite diarrhea, but it's still mushy and disgusting. Thanks a lot antibiotics! lol
Think his last doses should be on Monday.

If we have enough stuff, think I'm gonna make a pound cake. We're not doing anything special today, but making a cake still sounds good heh.

Want to get another Publix cake for his birthday. We need to get that order put in soon. Think they said we only had to put it in the day before, but would feel better if we did it sooner just to be sure that it's ready.

FINALLY saw my mom yesterday. Haven't seen her in... gosh.. maybe 2 months b/c we've been sick and just forgetfulness.
Poor Oren didn't recognize her at all and cried when she picked him up. Felt so bad b/c it's my fault for not bringing him over to visit her more often.
But, the thing is... her husband came home... picked Oren up.. and he was totally fine. He even snuggled him some lol.
Then a little before we left.. my mom picked him up again and yep.. he cried again. Sigh.... he'll get over it I'm sure.

Zoe is a little jealous today. She keeps saying it's her Tigger's birthday too. Well.. she calls it Mim Mim (after some cartoon she likes).... and when I was singing a birthday song for Oren, she'd come in with "...and Mim Mim!" lol

She's been good though. Showing a little bit of jealousy here and there, but overall, she's been a great big sister.

UUUUGH. I really need to start cleaning up today. There's SOOOOOO much to do. When MiL came to watch the kids.. she had to bring niece with her and that just messed a whole lot of crap up that I still haven't cleaned yet lol. Plus I just need to declutter a lot of areas. Got a lot of work to do basically.
Family have seen the house dirty, not worried about that.. I'm just tired and getting irritated at seeing the mess.

DH has pretty much cleaned out that front room. Think I already mentioned that.
Anywho... there are some mystery stains in there. Yuck. I'm sure some of them came from our dogs... specifically our old dead one that would often get diarrhea in the house. Of course she'd have to find the cleanest part of the house to foul up too.
Anyway... just hope the carpet cleaner works on the spots. Overall though, it's a good size room. I still think we should build out a small closet, but DH thinks it won't be big enough. Whatever... like I said.. he's gonna be doing the work, so whatever he wants to do, I guess.

Speaking of DH..... I never wanted to smother him as much as I did last night lol.
I've been getting super tired lately even though I've been sleeping ok.
Guess it's just pregnancy related.
Anyway... I went to bed at 8pm last night. Didn't actually get to sleep until.. probably 8:30, but that's still about an hour early.
I wake up around 1am and can not get back in to that deep sleep that I desperately need b/c everything seemed to be against me.
Oren kept waking up and fussing.
My throat kept drying out.
I kept needing to pee bc I kept drinking to combat the dry throat...
And DH.... DH's snoring was extra bad last night. If he would just keep at a quiet soft snore... that would be fine and enough for me to ignore to get to sleep. But oh no.... he'll start off low and then quickly the volume gets ramped up and he's snorting and just letting out these loud ass snores that make me want to smother him with a pillow. Not until he dies... just until he stops snoring :P lol
was just SO frustrated last night b/c I was so SO tired but everything was keeping me awake :(

Anyway... hope tonight is better.

I did have a weird half awake/asleep dream this morning. I'm not sure how much of it was dream or real.
I put my hand on my baby bump and felt really light movement. That's the part that I'm not sure if it was real or not. The definite dream part though was when I moved my hand down a little and felt a gigantic baby head through the bump. Like.. the size of Oren's head now lol.
It was still a pretty neat dream though and made me happy in the dream :)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Just stupid... rant incoming

Why have women convinced themselves that getting a c-section is the worst possible outcome??? Have we just become so GD stupid that we forget that ya know... killing or injuring baby or hell, killing or injuring the mother is worse than having to get a c-section??
WHY do women put so much importance on pushing a baby out of their vaginas now? It doesn't make you more of a woman for doing it. It doesn't make you less of a woman if you need a c-section.

I'm not ragging on women just wanting to go for a natural birth. If that's what you want.. go for it and I hope it works out for you!

I'm talking about the ones that try absolutely stupid dangeous things to avoid a c-section. Like the dumbass in my new august DD group who had 3 unassisted births at home b/c she couldn't find a healthcare provider that agreed with what she was doing. UHM.... HELLO DUMBASS... there was probably some good frickin reasons why you couldn't even get a GD midwife to take you on as a client, but your dumbass self thought you knew better than trained people so you risked your life along with your children's lives to push a baby out of your vagina. Good job for being a dumbass, dumbass.
And of course everyone like her uses the same excuse for not wanting to birth in a hospital. How our bodies know what to do. How they want to avoid the "cascade of interventions" and blahblahblah.

It's just frustrating that these women are the ones that usually influence others to follow in their footsteps. That create such stupid ridiculous birth fantasies that they have blinders on to the very real dangers of what could happen just b/c they have vagina tunnel vision and MUST push that baby out of their vagina b/c it makes them feel more like a woman or some shit.

I know the Skeptical OB is a controversial figure, but she posted one story recently of a woman that had an unassisted homebirth. Her baby DIED, but there that woman was, still congratulating herself and her success at pushing the baby out of her vagina just like she wanted. Nevermind that her baby was dead or anything.
And I've actually seen a lot of women just like that woman. Dead or injured baby (most of the time avoidable), but hey... lets pat them on the back for birthing the baby vaginally!
And then you have  the dumbasses that spout off that the baby was meant to die or that they would've died in the hospital. WHAT????
Just ugh... plain and simple.... Just.... UGH.

C-sections are not the devil. Doctors and nurses are not Satan worshipers just looking to cut you open. Pain relief is not going to make you a junkie and not bond with your baby.
Just stop being a dumbass!

Better better :D

We're slowly but surely getting better. Oren was SUPER whiny and grumpy yesterday so I put him to bed an hour early. He went right to sleep and first time he woke up was at 5am. Took him a little bit to go bck to sleep but then he did and slept in until 7:30. NICE.
He's in a good mood this morning :D

Only time I took tylenol yesterday was right before bed. Started feeling a headache coming on and didn't want to go to sleep with it. But other than that.. my throat felt fine. It did dry out during the night though which was weird. My mouth was fine, it was just a spot in my throat that dried out. Probably where the infection was.
But hey... I'll take that over the pain any day.

Oh! I found the heartbeat the other night :D Was right before bed and I was moving the probe around trying to find it and BAM! There it was, nice and strong. Didn't even have the horse gallop or train sound to it. Just sounded like a nice strong heartbeat :) Baby must've been right there :) Heard it move too which is always really fun.

Every once in a while, we'll try to get Oren to stand on his own and he's been doing it sometimes. Only for a second or so, but it's something at least :) He could do it on his own and I'm not worried about it. He'll start running around here soon enough :D

Ya know... never thought I'd be the type of parent that spoils, but oh heck yes I am! lol
I mean we're strict when we need to be. We make Zoe pick up her mess and do things a toddler can do, but man.. she has a ton of toys! We don't need to buy Oren anything else for his birthday and will never need to buy any kind of toy for the new one b/c we already bought it for Zoe lol.
She may be spoiled in that sense, but she's such a good kid IMO. She has her moments of course, but I think overall, she's a good one ;) lol I say that now while she's being good :P Just wait until she starts up whining or something rofl.

DH moved almost everything out of the new baby's room. Will have to get some photos. It's actually a pretty decent sized room. Little bigger than Oren's room. I think we could get away with just building out a closet instead of building in to mine.
I really don't care if my closet gets smaller, just after seeing how big the room is, I think it would be easier to build a small closet out and there would still be plenty of room left. Wouldn't have to be anything huge... something about the size of our coat closet I think would be perfect.
We'll see. I think DH is determined to build in to mine to keep the room nice and square. Oh well. He's gonna be the one doing all of the work, so whatever he wants to do lol.

And finally... some of the tomatoes are finally coming up! YAY! So excited! 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Feeling better

Thank goodness!! My throat feels so much better today. There's still a little bit of soreness and swelling feeling, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was before.
So glad that the antibiotics are working for me.
Oren is feeling better too for the most part, but he's still being very whiny. Poor baby. I'm sure his meds will start to make him feel much better soon too. Thankfully he takes it with no problem. DH didn't get it flavored like we did with Zoe. I haven't actually tasted it but seems to be ok lol.

DH thinks he's getting sick again and I'm sure Zoe will probably end up sick again too.
She spent the night with her granny and probably aunt this weekend. Really happy she loves going over there and they love having her. We're really lucky I think to have the family we do. Not perfect by any means, but we all have our flaws :)

Anywho... with the weather getting warm again, we can open up the windows and let some fresh air in. I'm sure that will probably help to keep us from getting eachother sick over and over again.

Grrr, I wanted to buy Zoe some of those new DC superhero girl dolls that Target has. NONE of the stores in our area are carrying them and of course, they're instore purchases only. WTH Target??
With how much excitement people have for these things... they could make a TON of money by making more and ya know... letting folks buy them online, specially if not all the stores are getting them.
Really wanted to get them for her birthday but noooooooo.
Hopefully by then, they'll have more and online b/c I know she would love them.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Well shit....

Sorry for the late post. It's 1am and I'm waiting for tylenol to kick in.
DH stayed home b/c we needed to take Oren to the doctor today.
Oren threw up ALL over me yesterday afternoon. I mean.. just.... ALL OVER ME. I was feeding him teeny tiny bites of solid food b/c he hadn't had any the entire day. Wanted to give him something, but even the minuscule pieces I was giving him was too much and out came everything all over me.
He also slept terrible and kept waking up crying and was just miserable. Told DH he needed to stay home so he and I could go to the doctor.

I went to one of those Med Care places. They didn't even have a strep throat test strip things to test for it, but took blood to look at my white blood cell count. I could tell by the questions they were asking that they didn't think I had strep throat.
But... high normal cell count is 10 and my number was 13 so the doctor prescribed me zpack. I'm fairly certain I do have strep throat and not some other random infection causing the cell count lol. This shit just hurts too much and has lasted too long for it to be something else.

Of course I get home and tell DH and he gets a look on his face and says
"They gave you Zpack for strep throat? Strep throat can be resistant to that antibiotic. They should've known that."
Ugh... well shit. Wish I had known that :\ This crap better work b/c I'm tired of my throat feeling like this. It's AWFUL.

As for Oren.... we got him an appointment finally and took him in. He still looked unwell, but was eating solids fine and acting a lot more lively than he was.
Doctor asked questions and I think she was going to write it off as just a cold or something, but she checked his ears and literally said "WOAH" lol. Turns out Oren has a double ear infection and his throat is also a little red from what she could see so he probably has strep throat too. We were all pretty shocked b/c well... he really wasn't acting like his ears were bothering him.
My poor little guy.
At least we got him his meds though and hopefully it will start working ASAP for him.

Hope my med starts working quick too. This pain is terrible. You don't realize how much you swallow until you do it and it HURTS. And hell.. even breathing and the air passing through my throat hurts too when the tylenol starts to wear off. Plus.. I'm still taking tylenol like crazy and I hate doing it. I'm not going over the daily limit, but there are times when the tylenol stops working sooner than it should so I'm just stuck there in pain b/c I don't want to take more too soon.


And in other news.. I totally peed on myself just a little while ago. Not just a little.... AND of course my panty liner didn't catch it all. Awesome....
Nothing like having to change your undies and pants b/c you coughed too hard and have no bladder control.

I'm sucking down cough drops like they're going out of style. My blood will be replaced with cough drop fluid soon.
It is helping though. Too bad I can't use them while I sleep. I could take some other cold/cough med, but I'm already on enough shit right now and just..... I don't want to add something else to it. I'm already so paranoid that I'm doing damage to this baby :(
I will definitely be dopplering again tomorrow.


Lets see.... what else can I ramble about while I wait...

Some of the seeds we planted are starting to sprout :D Few of the cucumbers are coming up and one of the pumpkin seeds we got out of a pumpkin MiL got Zoe is growing too. So fun :D
I can't wait to have some home grown cucumbers and tomatoes to munch on!

Zoe is spending the night with her granny tonight. At least I hope it's with her granny and not Aunt. I don't know why they give in to her. She'd be just as happy spending the night with her granny but if she says she wants to stay with aunt... they just let her. And of course Aunt isn't going to say no even though she should b/c MiL would like to spend some time with her other grandchild. Just frustrating.

Our oldest dog is really slowing down. Poor thing looks to have arthritis really bad. She's still eating and all of that good stuff, but just struggling to get around like she used to. Think we need to start giving her tylenol or something to help.

Working on SiL's baby's name letter things. I hate it. I don't like how it's coming out and not sure what I can do to make it look better. They're just turning out ugly.

We still haven't figured out what we're doing for Oren's birthday.
It's so funny... with Zoe.. we had all that mess figured out. With Oren.. we're just like... Meh...
It's not that we don't care... it's just that I guess... we don't see it as a HUGE deal like we did with Zoe. Turning one is awesome, but just having some family over and eating cake is good enough now lol.
Mmmmmm cake.... I want to get him one with giant frosting flowers on it and damnit.. I want a corner! lol I'm not gonna be allowed this mess soon and need to enjoy it now!

Oren is making noise and feels like the pain med is finally starting to kick in. Good.... Momma is tired! Running on barely any sleep every day is taking its toll!