Monday, March 31, 2014

Beware! Ranting F-bombs ahead!!!

UGH, a certain post has just royally pissed me off.

It's on PCOS forum and this woman found out she was pregnant. WOO for her! But she started cramping and having light old blood spotting so queue the freak out. She gets a beta and progesterone checked. Beta comes back awesome, but progesterone is a little low (not super but a little lower than normal range). So people are telling her she needs to demand from her doctor a script for progest. It's not going to hurt anything to take it.

Now the post that pissed me off didn't mean for it to come off as anything but supportive but I just want to shake this heifer.

Her post basically says that the OP should calm down and trust her body. If she can't get the progest, then she should trust that her body knows what to do b/c women have been having babies for forever!

Really bitch... really????
YOU have PCOS. YOU know that our bodies do NOT fucking do what they're supposed to fucking do!!! And you're going to say that bullshit???

Nevermind that the OP and hell, pretty much every single woman on that site that has ever been pregnant has had at least one m/c (early or late).
And don't get me started on the countless number of women still trying to get pregnant with their first. But I guess they should just calm down and let their bodies do what comes natural right?? Right???

Again, she wasn't trying to be mean AT ALL and was trying to be helpful, but telling women with PCOS that we should trust our fucked up bodies to do what they're meant to do is just plain old FUCKED UP.

Shut up and take my money!!!

How awesome is that phrase BTW?? I think it was on Futurama first.

Anyway, I really want to get Zoe some sort of playhouse for the backyard (as soon as we get the pooper scooper I ordered).
I don't want some plastic thing though. Would LOVE to make her her own.
Googled it last night and OMG, this video along w/ the results is AMAZING!!

It's pricey, especially if you don't have all the tools.
But still... how F-ing adorable is that???

And from the comments, I found this woman's blog where she built her daughter's playhouse.

I would totally do that if we have the money to. We wouldn't be able to buy everything we needed up front so would have to buy some here, buy some there, etc etc, but still.... what little girl/boy wouldn't just love that?

We really need to get the yard cleaned up first. Too much dog poop to do much of anything. It looks terrible now. Probably b/c we don't have to mow in the winter. Spring, Summer & fall, every weekend DH is out there mowing down the grass/poop so there aren't turd mounds everywhere.

Anyway, that's not going to be a fun afternoon, but it's gotta be done.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Any day now

Think I'm on cd16? now and nothin.
OPKs are still very very negative and yeah.... diddly squat is going on.

Why couldn't there be an easier way to determine ovulation. A built in OPK so to speak :P lol
Like a dot on our stomachs. It turns purple, you're ovulating or going to! WOO! :P
Or hell, like some primates...
Giant flaming red ass? It means you're fertile now so BD BD BD!
I'd be stuck with a regular ass while seeing women walking around with pretty red butts... ROFL


No puppy :( I think DH is this close to saying yes, but he's being stubborn and with how cute and how small the dog would stay, I'm sure it's going to be gone soon which I'm sure he's counting on lol.

Here's a photo of the pup I'm wanting...
They say it's a cocker spaniel/ dachshund mix

Whatever it is, it's 100% adorable!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

It's torture!!!

This no kill shelter is having some over crowding issues and needs to get rid of a lot of their cats and dogs so they have their prices at $25 for a non fixed cat/dog and $50 for fixed.
That's an insane drop from 200+ for a puppy!!!

They have this one puppy that I would LOOOOOOOOOVE to get for our family. It's a cocker spaniel dachshund mix and it's SO damn cute.

If only I could get DH to agree to it.  I'm sure with all of the dicks out there not getting their pets fixed or neglecting their pets in general these kind of prices will happen again but still.... I want that dog damnit!!

Bad mommy moments

I'm sure we all have them and will have more in the future...

One happened yesterday though that I feel guilty about... but can't help but laugh at.

We have one of those pet steps for our bed for our dog that sleeps with us. Zoe LOVES climbing on to the bed using it and we let her when we're in the room with her.
Our bed is pretty high so we''re usually pretty cautious when she's on the bed with us.

So I'm on the bed with her while DH is picking some work clothes out. I pull her in to the center of the bed a little more b/c she's flopping on to her back and getting too close to the edge.
After pulling her in more, I turn away and suddenly DH yells "Watch her!"
I turn back around quickly only to see her little legs and feet going over the edge.

Now my very first thought was of concern, but a split second later... I start CRACKING UP.
She's already started crying at this point and DH is there comforting and I can not help but just laugh like an insane woman b/c all I can picture are her little legs and feet going over the edge of the bed.

Zoe was/is fine. She had a red mark on her forehead where she bumped it, but it's not even bruised now, and she was fine after about 5mins of fussing.
But still... I can still picture seeing her legs and feet going over and it still cracks me up.
I feel a bit guilty about it, but I can't help it. It was such a comical looking moment and I can't help but find it hilarious :P
Of course it would be different if she had hurt herself seriously, but since she didn't... AHAHAHAHAH :P

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Small victory today.. was back down to 200.8lbs :D WOO!
Took less time than expected to recover from the terrible cheat weekend thank goodness.

My body is still acting pretty wonky though.
Stuffy nose, headaches, constipation.... *shrugs* Who the hell knows what my body is doing.

Been thinking about what I'm going to ask/request from my ob/gyn.
Maybe an increase in metformin? And as for the clomid... I would have to ask for a dose of over 100 since I didn't respond to 100 before maybe?
Just afraid she's going to shoot down my requests. Maybe she's more willing to give out femara now than she was a few years ago.
SIGH..... April 10th needs to hurry up and get here. Never thought I'd be so eager to go to my annual LOL.

Welp, it's happened.... Zoe has eaten dog food. o_o
She enjoys playing with it and I know she has tasted it before but spit it back out. Not yesterday though. I heard her playing w/ some. Being the good mom that I am.. I ignored it.. :P lol
That is until I heard a crunch.
I didn't know what to think at first so didn't do anything. Just looked at her while she walked by.
Well, she walks back to the dog food, starts walking away and I hear another crunch.

And really... WHY are there toddler toys? I mean other than to waste our money on... there is NO point in them.
Because they seem to want to play with everything BUT their toys. At least that's how Zoe is.
The girl has toys ALL over the place and what does she go for? The non-toy items. Like an old magazine. or the plastic fork/spoon. Or the old pill bottle.
Really child?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Me time! WOO!

Zoe is with Dh and church and I'm home all alone and LOVING IT!!!
It's only for about 2 hrs but good lordy I need this ME time to just do whatever the hell I want.
To eat and go to the bathroom in peace.
I mostly try to get some tricky housework done though lol. Like doing water changes in aquariums. Something I can't do while Zoe is awake.
I need to do that though, they'll be home soon!

You really just don't appreciate your alone time until you rarely have it anymore *nodnod* Not that I would trade being a mommy for it or anything. I loves my little Zoe and can't wait to have another :)

Now to just get my body on board.

This weekend has not been good for diet. Family get togethers ALWAYS end up w/ bad food and that's how this weekend played out.
Saw my mom b/c she bought us a persimmon tree. She asked if we had eaten anything and that led to us going to a buffet.

I'm up 5lbs!!! I hate that my body gets derailed so damn easily :(
Anyway, going to try a mostly meat diet this week (basically low low carb) in hopes of dropping the extra weight and getting my body back on the weight loss train.

We have a concert in the middle of next week which means another night of bad food then. Would like to at least be back to what I was at.. 201 or better yet 200.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Oh well

Tests from yesterday were just flukes or fluctuation or something b/c today's test is pretty faint.
Oh well. Got my hopes up but there's still plenty of time for something to happen.

So excited! Finally started some seeds for the garden!
Cucumber as usual, tomato, jalapeno, bell pepper, daikon radish, and going to try for some watermelons this year.
Going to have to figure out a good spot for them though since they're ground vines.
AND we bought 2 asian pear trees! WOO! SUPER excited for those :D We already have one but since it was grown from a seed we're not sure if it's compatible which is why we bought 2 more. I still want a persimmon and a regular pear. We don't have a huge yard though so something's gonna have to go up front heh.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Took another OPK and wasn't expecting it to be this dark.
It does have more dye in it than the previous test, but that still looks pretty dark
Not a positive obviously, but... *shrugs*
The waiting game sucks... especially when you have NO idea what your body is going to do or not do :\

For the heck of it

Here's the OPK I just took.
It's a little darker than the photo shows.
Surprised by how dark it turned out. Nowhere near to being a + but hopefully it's a start to a +

While I'm not super optimistic that this cycle will end up being anything other than another anovulatory cycle, I'm still getting my hopes up for it.

Hmm, something going on downtown

Downtown as in, my vagina :P ehehehe Sorry,  had this picture in my head of some super cheesy person saying that, and then saying what everyone obviously knew what it meant.


So some TMI incoming if you couldn't tell already....

So my periods can be a bit mucusy at times and this time was no different.
However, my period stopped yesterday FINALLY (it was just very light spotting)... and I'm still having mucus.
That is not normal for me.
My CM is usually that white thin lotiony looking stuff. No EWCM or even a stickier clear type.

So.. yeah.
Not really sure what to make of this, but maybe the inositol or the better diet is helping with something.
Going to start taking OPKs today or tomorrow and hope for the best.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Inositol, jealousy and other junk

This crap better work!!
I've been taking it for a month now and haven't noticed any changes to my PCOS symptoms.
I know herbal crap can take a while to work, but I just have a feeling it isn't going to.

We'll see though.
I'm on cd7 of this cycle and my period is down to spotting. Should be gone completely by tomorrow.
7 day long periods SUUUUUUUUCK, but I'd happily suffer through them if I could just get them naturally b/c I ovulated 2 weeks before. That would be awesome.
Hear that body?? Are you listening?? Yeah, didn't think so.....

I'm totally experiencing some major jealousy towards women that ovulate. So, the majority of the fertile female population basically lol.
I just want the CHANCE to get pregnant. Is that too much to ask for?? I know ovulating and still not getting pregnant brings it's own plethora of frustrations too, but still... just to have the chance every month would be nice.

Zoe has got to be teething. She woke up SOOOOO much last night. After her waking up for the umpteenth time at around 1pm, I just couldn't take it anymore and let her cry it out. Think I woke back up a couple hours later to turn the monitor back on and all was silent thankfully with no more wake ups.
I think she starts waking up and for some reason her body just easily gets in to the habit of waking all through the night.
Crying it out unfortunately is the only thing that fixes it. She just seems to forget that she can get herself back to sleep. Wish there was some other way, b/c it does still make me feel a little guilty for doing it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Poor girl

Zoe ended up developing a mild fever. Gave her some ibuprofen and that seemed to help. She was a bit somber for a while but then perked up to her normal destructive self once she felt better and no more fever.
She must be teething.
She also had some horrendously gross sticky poops yesterday. She'll usually go once, maybe twice a day. Yesterday was 3 times. All of them were just nasty sticky gross poop that did NOT want to spray off her diapers. BLEH! Her poor little booty was so red from having to be wiped so dang much.

She is a trip though. Zippered PJs are a source of great amusement for her. I wouldn't care if she ran around half nekkid but it has been pretty chilly lately so undoing her PJs in a chilly house would be a good way for her to get really sick.
Didn't help matter when I put her in some velcro diapers. Yeah, those ended up coming off of her too :P
She would actually run and hide by the dining table to do it b/c she knew she wasn't supposed to. I'd tell her to come over (I could see her under the table) and she'd start giggling like crazy. It was so cute and somewhat frustrating :P heh
Oh and when she got the diaper off, she'd grab a napkin and act like she was wiping herself (all thanks to watching mommy and daddy use the bathroom...).
She's hilarious and I love her little butt so much.

Speaking of teeth though. She's TOTALLY going to need braces. I think she is def inheriting DH's families' teeth.
Thank goodness for the little bit of dental insurance we have. It's gonna come in handy down the road.

Nothing much

Nothing much is going on.

Zoe threw up this morning. She started crying and DH was already up for work so he checked her. She started crying again while he was in the shower so I went to change her hoping maybe a dry diaper would get her back to sleep.
Picked her up, laid her down on the changing pad and she started gagging and gurgling. Sat her up quickly and she spewed all over the place. My first reaction was to try to catch it with my hand. BLEH. No idea WHY that was my first reaction but it was and... yeah. gross...
She's fine now though. Not sure what caused her to upchuck. She may have done it to herself.
Could be teething and she stuck her little hand in a bit too far in her mouth.

She was freaked out afterwards though. She's only thrown up once? twice? before.

Diet is going well again although my weight seems to have stalled once again *grr*
It's like one day, my wedding ring will be falling off all day, then the next, it's a perfect fit again.
Not sure what my body is doing but I wish it would stop already. Just lose weight like a normal body damnit!!

We have a concert to go to in a couple of weeks. I'm honestly not that excited about it but DH is. It's his fav band and they don't come to this area often. It's on a Wednesday though. WTH kind of day is that to have a concert?
Is it bad that I still don't like Zoe spending the night away from me?
Would think by now I'd be more than happy to have her go spend the night somewhere, but no... I hate it. I worry so much even though I know she's ok. I mean I was a worrywart before, but I dunno... just didn't think I'd be this way before having her.

Anyone watch Korean dramas? I enjoy them on netflix, but damn.... they get tiring. Why do the girls ALWAYS go for the dickhead??? And there is usually some poor nice guy left on the side lines that is cuter and treats the girl like a queen. But she totally ignores him or sticks him permanently in the friend zone.
GRR so frustrating!!

And then there was this stupid Korean movie I watched called Sunny. Now overall it was entertaining but the last part was SO frickin dumb.
The pretty girl ends up getting slashed in the face. Not a huge deal. So she'll probably have a scar on her cheek (where she got slashed)... MAYBE. Not the end of the world right?
Well apparently the characters in this movie thought it was and she tried killing herself.
Seriously???? I mean....... SERIOUSLY??? My eyes rolled so damn much during that crap. So stupid

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ok... you can go now

LOL, only day 2 and I'm ready for AF to be gone!
Feeling a little bloated and slightly ache so things aren't too bad, but it still sucks.
Not being able to sleep in whatever position you want, always worrying if you're leaking.

Tonight... I did leak and it's so damn embarassing.
We were at DH's parents house all afternoon. He wanted to go practice shooting at their land and dinner was a birthday celebration for his grandfather so I was stuck there.... w/ a heavy flow.

At the house, things were ok, but dinner time... that's when everything seemed to want to come out of me.
And of course, I felt that all too familiar to us all embarassing cool wetness where there shouldn't be any.
Yeah... I leaked.... it was ALMOST in a visible spot too which makes me even more embarrassed about it. SIGH!

Busted out one of the ginormous post delivery pads for tonight LOL. Not taking any chances dangit!
I only have 2 or 3 of them left though so I have to use them wisely!

Friday, March 14, 2014

What's going on??

DH told me yesterday that his boss hadn't come in to work.
Today was her 40w official DD.
They tried inducing her but it failed. Not sure what they tried though.
The thing is, they tried inducing her b/c she has low amniotic fluid and her baby girl wasn't showing signs of growing.
Hearing that would freak me the F out.
Anyway, I hope she and her baby are ok. I'm sure they are, but I can imagine how freaked out she and everyone else in their lives were.

And I really hope the other girl that had to deliver early is ok and finally w/ her baby girl.

DH couldn't help but question WTH is going on though. Both pregnant, and both having something go wrong.

This crap isn't as uncommon as we're led to believe I guess.


Af has finally arrived.
It's about time :D
Now to start wishing that she goes away :P hehe

Still saw that 200 weight this morning. WOOT :D
Keeping my FX that Monday's WI will be in the 100's!! Going to try to avoid the scale until then. All my luck though, I'll WI and see a higher number. SIGH

Diet is going well though, but I will admit that I hope we go somewhere extra bad tonight. It's probably PMS talking but I just want some bad for me food tonight!! A giant pizza, some Captain D's fish & hushpuppies, ice cream.... everything bad. I wants it!!!!
OH! We got coupons for an ice cream place too. We're SO going after dinner. Yes we are damnit and I'm getting me some cookies n cream ice cream *nodnod*

Zoe is taking a long ass nap right now. Put her down at around 9:30. She woke up a couple of times, but seems to have gone back to sleep and it's now 12:15.
Pfft whatever... sleep child, sleeeeeeeeeeep :P lol

I really need to clean the house.
Holy toddler terror.... it's like a tornado came through. I'm not exaggerating. It looks SO bad right now and attempts to keep it clean just results in it looking like this again.
Oh well.. no one ever comes over anyway so.. pfft. Whatever

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Keep going!!

So I've gotten back in to the weighing myself obsessively thing.
I know it's not totally healthy, but it's keeping me motivated.

Well today I saw 200.4!!! OMG SOOOOO F-ing close to 100's!!
Just a little bit more!


One of DH's coworker's wife had their baby a few days ago. She was only 34w, but from the sounds of it, she developed preeclampsia  so they had to deliver their LO early by c-sec.
BUT the thing is, at the hospital they delivered at, they don't have a NICU or at least a good enough one to help a 34w old. So the baby was transferred to a different hospital (the one I delivered in).
BUT, their insurance is refusing to cover the transfer of the mother to the hospital b/c they don't deem it "medically necessary". So she is stuck at the other hospital until they release her while her husband and baby are at the other hospital.
WTF kind of messed up shit is that???
And I'm sure with all of her ramped up emotions to go along with this? UGH, I feel for them.
Other than that messed up crap, it sounds like baby and mom are ok.

DH's boss should be giving birth soon too. I think he said she's going to be 40w this week.
Exciting times for them :)

No AF yet. No spotting or anything actually.
Hopefully things will start today.

I did take a HPT and OPK.... you know me.. or any other POASaholic. Any or hell, even no excuse to test and we will :P lol
The first HPT, I didn't check on it until well after the time limit and there is def a faint something there.
So I took another along w/ an OPK and both look pretty negative. OPK has a line on it but that's normal for me, HPT looks BFN.
Wish wondfos weren't so hit or miss. You get what you pay for though.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tired and bored

Zoe will probably be waking from her nap soon.

We've decided to just keep her up until 7 now since that was her normal bedtime before Spring forward.
Why the hell do we still practice day light savings again?? UGH

Anyway, we were putting her to bed at the new 6pm time, but she was not happy with that at all. She'd end up waking up multiple times during the night. Thankfully she'd only talk/play but still.. not good.

This way though, DH will be able to spend more time with her. So it all works out.
BUT she woke up at the new usual time. Before, she'd wake up around 7:30. SO figured.... spring forward, she should wake up at around 8:30 then right?

She woke up today at 7:30 and I am SO frackin tired :( Didn't sleep well at all and really could have used that extra hour.

DH's weight is down to 194!! WOOT! Go DH!
While I am so happy for him and want him to succeed, it ticks me off too. Not at him, just at my body.
He cheats way more than I do and he's still losing weight consistently!
Why does my body have to be such a greedy heifer and have to hold on to all of this fat damnit?? lol
I have ONE bad thing and suddenly my weight loss completely stalls or actually GOES UP. UUUUUUUGH

Just sometimes it feels like I can't win.

BUT today's weight did make me feel a little better. I haven't been weighing daily. Mostly b/c I've been feeling bloaty and just didn't want to see another increase.
So I stripped nekkid and got on the scale and 201.8! Few hours later and after a bathroom trip *blush*, it was down to 201!!!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PMS? Yep

My body is in full PMS mode. Thankfully the emotions are under control, but I'm having some serious acne, headaches, and oily skin issues. Oh AND bloating.

Just took the last provera so... hopefully AF will arrive within the next couple of days. Get AF done and over with and start losing weight again damnit!!

Thankfully yesterday's WI wasn't UP, but it wouldn't have surprised me one bit if it was.

Tried raw milk for the first time yesterday.
Tasted like.... milk :P Maybe a slightly creamier tasting milk, but that's about it.
I'm not a big milk drinker anyway though so meh.

Diet is going well though. I am craving some junky food but it's not some all consuming thing. Just a passing "OOOO *insert junk food name* sounds good right now." And that's it.

Our next allowed cheat is on the 24th. Not sure what I want though. I'm debating between milk and cookies or cookies & cream ice cream. Both sound SO good. Ok... so Oreos isn't a passing craving, I've been wanting some for a while. MMMM oreos. Damn you chocolate cookie creamy centered circles of delicousness!!!

Zoe is good. She hasn't adjusted to spring forward. Think we're just going to have to keep her up until 7, since that's her real bedtime. It will be good for DH at least. He's been wanting to exercise again but before he'd only have about 30min to spend w/ Zoe before bedtime.
So it should all work out :)

She's a typical toddler though. Gets in to EVERYTHING and when you see those little memes or parents commenting how they don't fear the noise, they fear the SILENCE. They are NOT joking.
Zoe making noise... I know where she is and about what she's doing.
Zoe silent= she's in to something she isn't supposed to be in lol.

Her speech still isn't the best. I'm not TOO worried about that, but seeing all of these awesome talkers in my DD group... it worries me sometimes.
She tries her best though and definitely tries to say things.

And totally off topic..... I swear I keep getting quick whiffs of weed in the computer room. Neither of the windows are open so... yeah, not sure where this smell would be coming from.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Not sure why I didn't rant about this before. It's not a new one though but one that keeps coming up and just annoys the ever loving crap out of me.

It's DH's aunt.
She loves Zoe so much, but I swear if she keeps trying to get Zoe to call me Lisa, I'm going to freak out on her.
I almost lost it when we went to SiL's little family get together on Sunday.
We were sitting in the living room and Zoe was looking past me at this play kitchen.
She still babbles a lot so she said something that KIND of sounded like "Lsssssss" That's it.

But here comes DH's aunt pointing to me and saying "Yeah, LISA!!!"

Are you F-ing kidding me with this crap woman?? You're STILL trying to get my daughter to call me by my name??
No, Zoe doesn't call me Momma YET, but that doesn't mean I want her calling me LISA either!

Good gawd it annoys me so much (if you couldn't tell).

Then she had the nerve to ask me "Oh does she call you Lisa??" No heifer, no she doesn't.
I couldn't hide my annoyance so just said a very loud, annoyed "NO" to her.

OH! AND this same aunt keeps trying to get Zoe to call earrings "Lisa". Seriously..... seriously????
For one, it's annoying that she's teaching Zoe the wrong word for something, nevermind that it's my damn name.
And just UGH! This aunt... man.....
She's one of those love/hate people. She can be a really great person to be around sometimes, and then others... others you just want to punch her in her boob.


Zoe did STTN last night thank goodness.
I stayed in bed until 7 then finally got up and took a shower while she was still content to hang out in her crib.
THEN, I put her down for her first nap and SCREAMS of protest.
She was so obviously tired but HELLS NOS HE WASN"T SLEEPING! :P lol

Tiring but what ya gonna do.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dairy.. why do you do the things you do???

Had smoothies for dinner last night.
It consisted of

2 bags of organic berry blend (strawberry, blueberry?, raspberry, blackberry)
2 bananas
about 1/2-2/3c of heavy cream
1-1.5c of whole milk

I don't really measure so am guestimating on the liquids. It was just enough to make it like a delicious soft serve.

Anyway, about 2 hours later, gassy bloat!!! UGH. I'm still paying for it today too. SIGH!

So damn frustrating when EVERYTHING causes problems :\

We watched this documentary on Netflix last night called Hungry for Change. I HIGHLY recommend watching it. It's on instant so you could have it on while doing some chores or something. It's basically just saying how processed crap, sugar sugar sugar is making us fat and extremely unhealthy.
Can't remember if it was this one or the one we started to watch after that talked about Raw Milk. Made me curious about trying it but we really don't have dairy that often so.. meh.
Did make me wish that we could afford better meats. Which reminds me that I need to look that up.


Just took my 2nd dose of provera. Actually my third since I took 2 pills yesterday.
Sigh, still can't believe I did that lol.
It's b/c I take multiple Vit D pills. Guess I was spaced out or something so shook out the 2 provera like I do the D.
Oh well. Wouldn't think that it's going to cause problems.

I wanted to start exercising but I have NO energy. I'm SO frickin tired it's not even funny.
Doesn't help that I've been sleeping like this and Zoe has been going through a sleep regression. UGH
The night before last, starting at midnight, she woke up every hour. That SUCKED
Last night we had to let her cry it out after checking on her twice and nothing being wrong.
So draining being woken up from a deep sleep.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Ah crap...

So OPK is negative and also took an HPT for good measure... also negative.

Took my provera. 20 or so minutes, couldn't remember if I had taken it so counted the tablets and... WTH there's only 8 in the bottle!
I must've taken 2 by accident.
It probably won't do any harm but still...



FINALLY got Zoe's new diapers in! YAY!
Did I mention that I bought more? I always mean to come and post but never remember to then I get stuck in situations like this where I wonder if I did or didn't.
Oh well..

Anyway, they came in! WOO!
They're so cute and SO soft. I think they switched the inside fabric with something softer. Should be nice for Zoe's little booty.
Washing them right now. Can't wait!
Who knew that you could get so excited for something that is peed and pooped in.


I've decided to go ahead start provera this afternoon if OPKs are still negative which I'm sure they will be.
10 days of provera, w/ a week long period. I'll be cd 29 when my annual exam comes around. I want to give my body enough time to MAYBE ovulate if it's going to.
And if not, then I'll talk to my doc about possibly trying clomid or femara again.

Also, we have that concert on the 2nd and I do not want to be on my period then. :P

So yeah, that's the plan :)

And during all of this, I will of course be continuing with my healthier eating and losing weight.

Speaking of which, I had birthday cake yesterday :P LOL
It was one piece (still a pretty big one though) and MAN was it good.
It was for SiL and I don't think we have any other birthdays coming up so.. hopefully that was the last really bad cheat for a while.
I can already feel myself wanting more junk food though. Sugar is such a bitch man. Get a little taste of it and it's all downhill from there if you allow it.

Back on weight topic... my weight was a little up this morning but my body has shown me that I can't deviate much if I want to keep going the right way.
Hoping to lose at least 5 more pounds by my appointment. I'll be in the 100's then and yeah, hopefully my body ovulates on it's own. If not then hopefully clomid or femara if she prescribes either will work :)

Zoe got her first scraped knee yesterday :(
While at SiL's, she leaked through her diaper and pants so we decided to just let her run around w/ no pants on.
We took her outside and down she went right on the concrete. Scraped up her shin on one leg and the knee on the other. She didn't cry much though.

She did cry when her 2yo cousin bit her hand though. Her cousin is going through an extremely jealous phase right now and was not liking Zoe playing with her toys. So she took Zoe's hand and CHOMPED.
No blood or anything was drawn but I'm sure that didn't feel good either :P
Zoe still had a good time over there despite some injuries hehe.