Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poor DH

He just can't catch a break right now.
He has hand foot and mouth now. He said he was feeling bad when he was out of town, but didn't think too much of it.
He got home yesterday and mentioned that he had spots on his feet and sure enough, he now has spots on his hands and starting to get some around his mouth too.
His immune system is just all jacked up right now.
Poor poor DH.

All this mess b/c a stupid doctor told a mom that her daughter wasn't contagious.

Thankfully I haven't shown any signs of having it and hope it stays that way. Lord knows I have the kids all over me all day so it wouldn't have surprised me if I did get it lol.

Today should be busy. We have a few places we need to go.
Pay on baby furniture.
Buy some tomato cages and other stuff for the nursery.
Grocery shopping
And possibly going to the local fair that's right up the road. Not sure if DH will be up to doing it though. I really want to take Zoe though. Maybe let her ride some rides.

Alrighty, DH is out of the shower... need to get this day going!

Friday, April 29, 2016

And that happened...

So we have to keep the babygate to our room closed all the time when Oren is up. He loves going in there and LOVES going on to the bed via the pet steps.
So I was a little distracted yesterday and didn't realize that Zoe had left the gate opened and both of them were playing on the bed.
I go in there and as soon as the bed comes in to view.. all I see is a blur of movement falling first on to DH's nightstand and then rolling off with a plunk on to the floor.
Seriously... just a blur.
Yeah.. the boy fell off our bed.
Thankfully the nightstand did prevent him from falling straight off b/c our bed is pretty high.
He started fussing a little, but not really crying.
The boy just loves going up on the bed though. He loves all the pillows and plopping and rolling all over them lol.

UGH, I forgot to call my mom yesterday!
I'm such a bad daughter. Sigh!!
I did call when I finally did remember, but no answer since I'm sure she was at work. Will remember to call today though.

Oren is on this weirdly cute kick of sitting on the stepper and rocking back and forth while playing with something and babbling the whole time. It's so cute! Not sure why he started doing it but who cares.. it's adorable  and looks to make him happy lol.

The boy's poops need to solidify again though. His poor butt is all red and sore once again b/c he's been having gross poops 3x a day and all the wiping is irritating his skin. Poor little booty.
Thank goodness Zoe doesn't have that problem anymore.
But now we're going to have 2 in diapers and I'm sure this LO will have the same problem too. SIGH!

Yep... living room is already a disaster area. Pizza sauce stains everywhere. ANOTHER puke spot.... ugh. We're definitely getting our money's worth out of the expensive carpet cleaner we bought.

Can't wait for DH to get home today. Won't be until late but whatever. Momma just needs a small break.
I need to get the letters for SiL finished and looking how I want. Need to clean the living room and other rooms once again.
Just need to have a moment to myself and sleep in.
I did manage to read a little bit before bed last night but I was feeling SO bloated and uncomfortable that I couldn't really relax, so that sucked.
Just want to sleep in though..... even if it's just 30min- an hour.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thanks a lot DH...

So last night ended with a bad surprise.
Getting ready to go to bed... go to take an antacid and oh look.... DH took them all!!!!
There was another bottle, BUT he didn't bother actually looking in it b/c if he had, he would've seen that it had other meds in it (tylenol and ibuprofin from a trip we took).
Thankfully reflux wasn't too bad last night, but I did have to mostly stay on my left side. Sleeping on my right seems to let the bile creep up to my throat easier.
Still though... grrrr

Went to Wally World this morning to get some more. Can't have another night of possible reflux lol.       

Not sure what's going on with Oren but he woke up 3 or 4 times last night. He did go back to sleep, but still not sure why he woke to begin with. I'd wake up to hear him either slightly fussing some or babbling to himself.

Zoe went right to sleep though and slept through the night as usual. Man... she really didn't prepare us for the hard stuff LOL. She was and is such an easy child most of the time.
Not that Oren is horrible or anything.

I still slept pretty well though. I did wake a lot b/c I was a bit paranoid and paranoid about the reflux too, but still managed to sleep well. Now to just fast forward today so I can sleep some more.... sleep..... sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I neeeeeeeeeds it!

Also bought a few other things from Walmart. I would've bought more but controlled myself. Zoe is on this big Spiderman kick. Whenever she sees him.. she says "Look! It's me!" rofl. She's Spiderman and Oren is Batman :P
It's so darn cute and funny. I had to get her a couple of Spidey things at the store.
She's also saying things are "So cool!" or "Awesome!" rofl.... it's just such a trip hearing her saying those things.
Love my girl so much and yes.. I spoil her every chance I get. I'll do it for Oren and this LO too when they're a little older :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What next??

I'm probably going to be posting a lot since DH isn't home b/c I'm gonna get bored and need someone/think to talk to when the kids are in bed lol.

Anyway... the oven isn't working now. Awesome.
Bought some ribs when I went to the store. Ribs aren't DH's favorite, they're on sale, so I figured it would make a great dinner. Preheat the oven.. didn't think much of it.
A couple hours later... wondering why I'm not smelling anything. Kind of push it in the back of my mind.... hour later... wondering the same thing.
I finally check on it when it should've been done and it's stone cold. SIGH!!!!
I just refroze the ribs. They were still frozen when I put them first in so even though it had been a few hours, they were still cool to the touch. Should be ok.
The stove top still works thankfully.
Was really looking forward to those ribs... /sniffles lol

Oren's rash looks better. Looks like the blisters are drying up which is great.
Zoe has a few blisters on her hands that still look juicy.
They're both still acting perfectly normal though so yay for that :)
Just glad this is one of those childhood illnesses that shouldn't reoccur. Kind of like chickenpox. Rare to get it again if you had it once.

I'm sick of seeing this Beyonce Lemonade shit everywhere.... the end....

Also sick of this bathroom bill bullshit. Are people just that stupid to think this is an issue?
Like all of a sudden, transgender people have all become sexual predators?? Like this bill is going to somehow make it more difficult for actual sexual predators to attack people if they wanted?
What a load of HORSESHIT.
And such a GD waste of frickin time and money debating this stupid crap. UGH just royally pisses me off that people are making this some HUGE deal like everyone is going to be vulnerable now. Just stupid ass ignorance and fear mongering BS.
It's why Trump is so damn popular......
Gotta love the south /smirk

Hmm... think I'm gonna go read some before going to bed. Weird not having DH here. Was thinking about letting Zoe sleep with me lol. Maybe tomorrow night if she's good lol.
Will have to barricade her in on the bed though so she doesn't roll off at night lol.

Oh forgot to mention that the doc office gave me a print off of safe bug spray to use. Guess a lot of women are freaking out over the Zika virus thing. Guess I would be too if I was earlier in my pregnancy.

Speaking of bugs... frickin flies have invaded the house now. Annoying ass little bastards!!!
Had one last week fly right at my face, go AROUND my glasses and flew right in to my eye. WTF??? UGH... can't stand flies. Don't know where the fly swatter is. Need to find it or get a new one and go hunting.

I've made the mistake of letting Oren play with my phone. Now when he sees it, he screams and fusses at me. I don't give in to that crap, but damn.. would it be easy to just to have some peace... and working ears.
He's also actually started to point at something he wants. He was pointing a lot before, but it was kind of random. Now.. totally not random and he definitely uses that finger a lot. Including digging in his ear and then popping that finger right in to his mouth after /gag
He better not be a booger eater. Yuck...

And finally...
Still really excited and dreading this trip coming up. Had to schedule one of my appointments for the day after we get back. That's going to suck. I'm sure I'm not gonna want to go anywhere, but oh well lol.
But just for the experience, even if it isn't all good will be a fun memory to have. May not be so fun while it's happening, but down the road.. hopefully lol.
I'll really try to remember to take loads of photos. Get so lazy when taking photos and usually end up only taking 1 or 2 that I like and end up posting here.
The few of you that do read my ramblings will be bombarded with photos!!


So I'll just go in order of things that have happened.

DH and I went to bed at 8pm last night and it was GLORIOUS! Don't think my brain or body knew what to do so I did keep waking up last night, but thankfully got back to sleep quick too. So nice to wake up feeling rested lol.

Appointment was at 7:30 this morning.
Got to see baby again and he/she looks great. Looked to be asleep b/c not moving much, but heart was visible and looked nice and healthy :)
Baby was weighing in at 1lb 14oz already! So crazy. Asked about how big the baby could be if it continued to grow at this pace and the tech said about 8lbs or so. Not too bad really. Just gotta make sure my sugars are under control so baby doesn't get too big.
My weight has gone crazy though. Up to frickin 224lbs! YIKES. I've gained about 13-14lbs so far. Holy fat rolls Batman!
Drank the orange drink and it's really not that bad. I dunno why women try to make it sound worse than it is. Is it sweet? Yes, of course.. but it doesn't taste bad. Just tastes like someone put in a little too much koolaid.
Should know results within a couple of days.

Talked to doc and asked about getting tubes tied and she explained what they do etc. Kind of sad that it's going to happen. I dunno if 3 would be the magic number if we were younger.. and richer lol, but it definitely is now. Still sad, but also ready for it too. I dunno... a part of me would love to keep popping out babies b/c it's just such an experience... but then the sane part of me mentally slaps that other part and calls it a crazy bitch :P lol

Had to stop by the store afterwards to pick DH up some anti-diarrhea meds and gatorade. Poor guy has had it for 2 days now. He thinks it's b/c of the antibiotic he took killing all the good bacteria and a bad one has taken up residence. Of course this would happen when he has to go out of town for a couple of days for work. Hopefully the meds help to calm his gut some. Going to be embarrassing if it doesn't b/c he's having to share a room w/ someone.

And finally... my mom called and apparently she got in to a wreck. Sounded like she rear-ended someone pretty hard. Sounded like she hit her chest in to the steering wheel. She always wears her seatbelt so hopefully it's not too bad and hope she goes to the doctor to get checked out. She said she was going to wait until tomorrow, but she really needs to go today and I will insist on it.
She needs to borrow one of our cars. Good thing we have some extras. Could've given her back the terrain but DH drove it to work, so she'll have to take the mazda.
Just glad she or the other driver weren't seriously hurt though.

And that's been my morning so far! o_O


And there goes the car. Yep.. she rear-ended someone. Sounds like she had a brain fart moment and hit the gas instead of the brakes and slammed in to the person. Kept telling her to stop being stubborn and just go to the doctor but noooooo... sigh.
She better end up going. I'm sure she's fine and it's probably just some bruising, but better to get it looked at.
Kind of afraid for the car now though. My mom isn't exactly the best driver in the world. She's not terrible, but also... not great either. Just....... yeah.......she doesn't help the bad Asian driver stereotype sometimes.
It's just a car though. Just want to make sure she's ok.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

One more day...

... one more day of guilt free eating... ROFL.
Really should have been eating healthier to begin with but pfft.. carbs are damn tasty and tasty meat is expensive.
Oh well... just 14 more weeks to go. And it's not like I have to give up everything. I just have to portion control BIG TIME.
Not looking forward to sticking my fingers again, but gotta do what ya gotta do :)
I get to see LO again tomorrow morning so that's a plus too :) Hope everything is ok and they can make sure the heart looks ok.

DH is watching the kids while I go. He's going out of town for work until Friday and leaving tomorrow. Going to be a pain, but meh... not too bad either.
I just get super paranoid when I'm home alone at night. Hell.. I'm paranoid now b/c we still have our windows open. Every little sound I hear at night when I'm trying to get me to sleep has me convinced some crazy serial killer is breaking in to the home lol.

Think the HFM disease is causing some diarrhea issues in Oren. He's had no eggs recently, but his poops are loose again.
Great :\
BUT his rash is looking better today. Not as severe and not as spread out. So that's a good sign at least :)

All I want to do is sleep. I've actually been sleeping fairly well now that DH isn't snoring the roof off the house. He actually hasn't been snoring much at all thankfully.
But even with the better sleep.. I'm waking up feeling more tired.
I just need one day where I can sleep in until 10... or noon.. ya know.. whichever :P lol
Last night I did wake up to pee, but when I laid down.. super bad stomach ache. Thought I was going to throw up but thankfully I didn't.
Did eventually sit up and go sit on the toilet for a bit.
I swear.. I've never heard my stomach growl that loud and that aggressively ever before ROFL. It seriously shocked me how loud it was and I'm really surprised baby didn't jump when it happened.
It's pretty crazy and also not all that shocking how far up my stomach is right now too.
I felt the growl right under my boobs. It's no wonder why I have reflux all the dang time.

Will be needing to go shoe shopping this weekend o next weekend. Guess it depends on if we're comfortable taking the kids out.
We'll see what happens.
Trip is at the end of May so there's still time to get some shoes and break them in.
I just hate shoes.... I want my flip flops!

Alrighty... that's all for now I think. Oren is napping and I want to try to relax and possibly get in a nap too before he wakes.

Monday, April 25, 2016


Oren has learned how to climb down from my lap.. and sometimes from the slide too. He also likes climbing up on to Zoe's little desk. But that's only if he has a step up to help him.
Thank goodness he has short little legs or else he would be able to do it from the floor lol.
He's also saying 'No' now. He likes repeating it when we tell him No. It's so darn cute!! He definitely knows what it means.
According to MiL and aunt, Oren actually took some steps on Saturday before we picked them up. YAY little dude :D

His rash still looks terrible. Not expecting it to go away in a night or anything, just wish it would go away. The marks are bright red and angry looking. But they still don't appear to be bothering him at all.
Zoe hasn't gotten any worse either.
It's just all a waiting game and hoping this passes quick.

It's funny... normal week.. we don't go anywhere anyway... but now that we shouldn't go anywhere.. I want to rofl. What's up with that?

Zoe still tries to delay her night night time... every single night. It could be worse, but what she does is still annoying.
And she's starting to get all defiant and argumentative when I ask her to pick up after herself now too. /cry
I want my good little helper back! She's still a good helper sometimes... but it's slowly going. I just want her to learn how to clean up after herself. Mommy or daddy isn't going to do it for her all the time.

SiL was supposed to come over this coming weekend to redo her hair. Kind of glad that I have to cancel on her now.
Found out from MiL (who found out from my niece) that they have bed bugs.

I think it's a bit disturbing that they didn't realize they had them before. The last trip they went on was to ComicCon which I'm sure is where they picked the bugs up.. so they've had the problem for at least a year.
It's not too surprising though b/c their house is filthy and I know they don't treat their pets for fleas. They probably thought the bug bites were from fleas or something.
I remember SiL mentioning that one of her girls was getting bitten up by something a while ago but they didn't know what b/c their room was filthy.
Uh... maybe that should've been a nonsubtle hint to clean it the hell up.
Her girls are old enough to know better.
This is why I'm on Zoe to pick up after herself... or when I clean up her room, she is right there with me picking up too.

I know I shit talk about my brother and his family a lot. I love them to pieces and know they could do so much better, but they don't and it's infuriating.  They can do their own thing, but damn... be some good role models for your kids. Not perfect... just good.

In other news... my plants are doing so much better now that I can leave them outside. YAY!
BUT that means the weather is getting warmer which BLOWS. Our power bill has been nice and low, but with the temps increasing.. that's going to change very soon. Heck, there are 2 days in a row coming up where it's going to get to 90!! Nooooooooooooooooo
One of the downfalls of living in the south.
Anyway... hopefully the plants start to grow nice and big now so we can finally start getting some food already from them. Really need to buy some more tomato cages though. Think all of the ones we used to have got thrown away.
Need to get some photos of everything b/c ya know.. everyone wants to see photos of my boring plants :D
Also need to get pics of the new van too and post them up!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Good news... and bad news

First, the good news!

We got our van yesterday! (saturday)
It's so nice and man... love that new car smell :D I actually drove it for the first time today to the store.
It's SO nice. You can really tell the difference in the power of the engine compared to the Terrain we have. The van actually has some power behind it while the Terrain always felt like it struggled to get going.
Took us FOREVER to actually get it though.
We got there around 10:40am... didn't leave until 3pm. Oh we got approved for it very quick since DH's credit is great, but they were so dang busy that it took them forever and a day to get it clean... that's it... just to clean it. And they didn't even do a good job of it lol. Oh well.
We've already taken advantage of the entertainment system in it and Zoe loves it! She got to watch Minions and barely said anything while it was on lol. We'll have to dig out all the kid appropriate dvds for the trip.

Bad news... both kids have hand, foot and mouth disease.... sigh.
The rash started showing up on Friday on both of them. Zoe had a couple of red dots around her mouth and Oren got them on his legs, his buttcrack and around his mouth.
I thought it was just from the eggs and figured he was getting the ones around his mouth b/c of the throwing up and the ones on his butt I thought was thrush again. Wasn't sure about the ones on his leg.
Welp... when we picked them up after getting the car, his rash was A LOT worse. Zoe had a few more spots around her mouth and just a few on her arms, but nothing super bad looking.
Oren looks terrible though from his butt to the soles of his feet. Ugly red blister spots that look painful, but thankfully don't seem to be. The ones around his mouth haven't gotten worse thankfully but he does have a few blisters on his arms and hands.
I think both are past the fever stage of it thankfully and thankfully they're both acting totally normal.
Oh and Zoe also has a few blister looking bumps in the back of her mouth. Couldn't get a good look at Oren's mouth but I'm sure he probably has some too since his rash is worse.

We're pretty sure that they caught it from someone at their church. MiL mentioned a mother that goes there posted on FB that her daughter was diagnosed with it, BUT she was told by the doctor that the girl wasn't contagious any longer so took her to church last Sunday. Well.. apparently that doctor needs to go back to medical school b/c my kids and at least one other from the church have it now.
I don't blame the mom... she trusted the doctor. :\

We had planned on going to a birthday party this weekend, but yeah.. not gonna happen. I did my internet research! :P lol Don't want my kids to spread it to others. Although we did take them out to dinner on Friday and on Saturday... oops.
Just really hoping that I had it as a child so hopefully my chances of getting it now is reduced.
It's not common for adults to catch it, but not impossible either. Read that adults usually don't get the rash, but can get the blisters in the mouth. OR they can get it, but just be carriers of it.
Will just have to make sure to wash my hands and not cough or anything when I go to my appointment on Wednesday.

And finally.. to end on some positive news... I finally cleaned the living room! YAY! Over half a bag of trash just in the living room area was thrown away. I swear, under the furniture is a magnet for loose trash!
But it's all cleaned up now..... No more puke spot and the carpets... at least in this area... are nice and clean :D Still stained to hell just from use, but... clean stained lo1. I don't like emptying the dirty water.. but man.. I do love cleaning the carpets. It's so nice watching the stains being cleaned.
Too bad my body didn't like the extra work I put it through, but oh well lol.

Oh look... it's already a mess where Zoe hangs out.... surprise surprise.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Thanks a lot reflux!

It's just past 3:30am and I'm wide awake thanks to reflux. Awesome :\
Took an antacid, but it is not helping at all. Tried elevating myself with an extra pillow, but I could still feel the bile wanting to come up.
Good times!

Figures it would happen tonight when both kids are spending the night with granny (or Zoe might be with aunt).

Yep... this is Oren's first sleepover!
Not as upset over it like I was with Zoe lol, but I am worried about him not sleeping well and keeping his granny and grampy up all night like Zoe did when she first stayed over.
We'll have to treat them to dinner or something if it does happen.
Oren was not in a good mood today b/c the boy refused to take a good nap once again.
Thought he would the 2nd time I put him down b/c he quieted down pretty quick, but nope.. 20min later he started crying again.

Hoping he's not getting sick again. His legs have rashes on them (on top of the eczema he has) and his butt is looking awful again and he has some red bumps around his mouth. I think it's still just from the eggs and throwing up, but we'll see. If he gets worse we'll take him in to get checked out. FX that won't be necessary.

Anywho... we're definitely going car shopping tomorrow. Hoping to actually get it since we're only looking at the Honda. Just nothing else seems to fit what we want and damnit.. I love that vacuum that comes in their minivan! How awesome and convenient will that be for this long trip coming up and just in general?? Plus it's like the best rated minivan and well... new car smell.. duh! :P lol

I just don't want to test drive it. I already don't like driving if another adult is in the car. Have a stupid notion that I'm being judged on how I drive if I'm driving with someone else other than the kids rofl.
DH better not push the matter. I trust his judgement on this so he's gonna be doing the test drive.
Just really hoping we're not disappointed in it.

UGH.... so found out that after yellowstone, we're going to be staying with DH's friends for a few days in their home. BLEH!
Just didn't even think about that when DH brought all of this up for some reason. They live in a city we'll would've been passing through to get to yellowstone (we're taking a slightly longer route).
UGH again. Just am not looking forward to it.
I like the friends and their kids... it's just that they're SO outgoing and I'm.... not. That's why I call them HIS friends and not mine b/c well... I don't think they like me very much b/c I am so damn awkward around people. I'm not talkative irl... I'm not charismatic... I have a boring life (That I love), I'm super awkward and... yeah. That's me.
I do warm up around people eventually and become a little less introverted and awkward, but I'm far far far from being a social butterfly.
This is going to be fun :\

Bleh... I really want to get my ugly croc game on but nooooooooo.... DH thinks we're gonna be doing some hiking or some shit in Yellowstone. Dude... seriously? I barely want to walk to the bathroom and you think I'm going to be up for a hike? He's not talking about a hike hike.. just going on some paths that might be bumpy and uncomfortable if I'm not in tennis shoes.
I just dread shoe shopping and then having to break in said shoes. As I've mentioned numerous times...
Tennis shoes just never fit my feet right. I don't have super wide duck feet or anything... but they are wide and my toes usually always end up being smooshed together in regular shoes b/c for some reason shoe makers think all of our feet taper in at the toes or some shit. And I always end up getting super painful blisters and the balls of my feet always end up becoming so painful that I can barely walk.
But... it's gonna have to happen I guess. I'm cool if I have to buy men's shoes. With how bright and colorful shoes are nowadays for some damn reason.. not like anyone is going to be able to tell anyway.

Sigh... can't think of anything else to babble about..... probably a good thing lol.
Time to waste away the night on the internet and hope this reflux calms down some so I can get back to sleep.

Friday, April 22, 2016

So far so good... and getting quite sappy too

Both kiddos acting normal. Oren did refuse to nap earlier, but just put him down again and he seems to have settled in for a nap finally.

Zoe did wake up still feeling bad, but she seems fine now. Maybe not as energetic as usual, but normal otherwise.

YAY :)

I'm gonna have to take a before and after and then a progress in to destruction photo series to see just how long it takes for the mess in the living room to build back up.

Waiting until tomorrow to clean the carpet and all the mess.
It's humid and raining today so don't want to leave the floors damp. They won't dry fast and it's just gross walking on a wet carpeted floor... even if it is cleaned.
Shouldn't take too long.. it's just annoying how much trash builds up out of seemingly nowhere.
And no matter how hard I try to keep it clean, it ALWAYS ends up like this. SIGH!

24 weeks today. Drinking some Diet Dr Pepper. Wasn't going to drink any today, but with both kids waking up last night and going to bed late... I'm pooped and need the caffeine right now.

Zoe is so cute.. she says that I'm having a baby sister and she's having a baby brother lol. When I was asking her about it, she came over and gave my belly a big hug and kiss saying that she loved her baby sister.
OMG how frickin cute is she?? I know I say it a lot, but I just feel like the luckiest momma ever to have such a sweet caring little girl.
I could never imagine raising a little girl before having kids.. but now that I have my Zoe.. I could not imagine life without my little ray of sunshine.

And Oren... my goodness do I love his little snuggles. Sure.. it's probably going to be a giant pain when the new LO arrives and some jealousy issues will probably come up, but I love me some Oren cuddles.
It does get a little tiring when he only wants me, but also makes me feel so loved too lol. I have to enjoy it all now while he still wants to snuggle with his momma :)
Oh and he's definitely still saying yogurt.
I was getting him one yesterday and when he saw it, he started saying "yo-guh?" lol so cute!
Let him play with my phone a little today too and he would put it right up against his face and say "Dada??"
My gosh do they grow up so darn fast! They do not stay little for long... which is so bittersweet.

Yep.. last night sucked

No more fever for Zoe thankfully, but her tummy still hurts. Giving her some miralax and some apple prune juice in hopes of it helping her finally poop.
Her normal schedule is about every other to every 2 days. Think this will be the 3rd day of no pooping.

Oren is better this morning too. He did throw up in his sleep last night though.
Went to bed late waiting up for DH to get home. Went to bed and was trying to get to sleep when I heard him throw up on the monitor. Wasn't sure what I heard at first, but figured I should check on him just in case and sure enough, he had thrown up and was sleeping soundly in it. BLEH!
Had to wake DH up to help clean everything up.
Definitely no more eggs for little man.
This would explain why he's getting gross poop too.

Anywho... It doesn't seem to be an allergy.. it just upsets his stomach, so we won't take away things that have egg in it, like cake or bread or whatever.
He definitely gets this from me, but I didn't develop a sensitivity to eggs until I was an adult. I never had a problem with eggs when I was a child.

But yeah... I just wiped him off last night as best as I could. They both need a good long soak in a nice warm bath.
Just going to wait for it to warm up a little before doing that.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Well crap...

Both kids seem to be sick. Zoe complained yesterday that her stomach hurt, but she's said that before when she had gas or just had to poop. She woke up complaining about it today so thought she just had to poop, but still no poo and she napped for most of the day. She's running a fever too.
THEN... Oren threw up today as well. I think his was just triggered by me holding him and rocking in the chair and him eating eggs again this morning. Bought egg cheese and ham croisanwich thing from Burger king. I had fed him grits and egg the day before and he was fine so figured he'd be eating other things with the egg so should be ok.
Yeah, apparently not. Just going to have to stop giving him eggs and talk to his doctor about a possible egg sensitivity. He doesn't seem to be allergic, it just upsets his stomach.
Anyway... he napped for maybe.. 20mins today and was so tired after he got sick. I picked him up and held him and he fell asleep on me. Awww...
DH took him to bed at around 5:30.... an hour early.
Also put Zoe to bed an hour early too. Just checked on them both b/c Oren was making noise. Gave him a bottle of milk since he hadn't had much to drink after he threw up and then went and checked on Zoe. Not sure if she was already awake or if me opening her door woke her. She still feels warm.

Sigh... hope they both feel better tomorrow. My poor babies.

And.. it's a no go to the Stanley Hotel. We cancelled the reservation.
I really should have read reviews about it instead of being sucked in by the coolness factor rofl.
I read reviews today and turns out.. none of their rooms have AC. Uhm... that's not going to cut it for a giant pregnant lady.
Plus just a lot of reviews saying that the rooms are really worn down and it's usually full of tourists. I mean it also has a ton of good reviews too, but that no AC thing just turned me off.
I did look at other cheaper hotels in the area, but DH made a good point that we're probably going to be getting there late and won't be able to enjoy any kind of view if there was one so we just ended up picking a cheap hotel on the way to the final yellowstone destination.
A bit disappointed b/c I do kinda want to drive through the big park and the mountains, but it would add an extra hour and a half and I'm sure by then we won't want to drive more than we have to lol.
It's ok though... the Rocky Mountains aren't going anywhere and we may visit them again in the future :)
Plus, now that we're staying somewhere cheaper.. this leaves more money for souvenirs :D

Half done.. other half to go

OOOOO we're staying at the Stanley Hotel!!!!!! I had no idea that it was in CO and we're going to be passing right by the area.

If you're not familiar with the hotel, it inspired Stephen King to write The Shining and it's where the movie was filmed. It's supposed to be haunted too (which is what inspired him).

It was expensive though, but it's a splurge that hopefully will be worth it. We're not doing anything in a few states so hopefully it evens out lol.

We just now have to hope that there aren't any accidents or road work or anything that delays us any. We're already going to be showing up at a few places later in the day.

Oren is so stinking cute!! I swear he's saying more words than we previously thought. He's definitely saying "yeah"... and I swear earlier I heard him say "Look!" while pointing at the humidifier.

His poops have gone loose again. Boooooo.
No idea WTH is causing it but I wish I did so I could avoid it.

I fixed bacon for a salad last night.. he ate 3 pieces. Thick cut bacon...THEN I fixed some clam chowder. The boy ate over half the can of clams and ate them like a bird would lol. I'd give him a spoon full of the clams and he'd throw his head back and gulp them down rofl.
They were baby clams so nice and small so I wasn't worried about him choking or anything.
Still can't believe how much food he eats. He's not super chunk or anything either.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

He won...

Yeah... Oren won yesterday. He didn't go back to sleep and I got him up. Sigh....
Thankfully he wasn't in a pissy mood for the rest of the day though so yay for that small victory lol.

Baby was worrying me some since I hadn't felt a lot of movement for the last few days.
But baby made up for it last night when I was trying to go to sleep. Had itself a nice kick party in there and seems to have started it back up this morning too.
I can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or a girl.
We still haven't finalized names yet and of course that means family is now starting to give us their unsolicited suggestions. At least MiL knows we want an E name... but aunt.. nope.. she just suggests whatever the heck she likes.
She actually suggested we name the baby Xena if it's a girl. Saying how cute it would be to have a Zoe and Xena.... just kind of forgetting about Oren I guess.
No..... just no....

Anyway, they can suggest all they want... I still think we have picked names, we just need to confirm it.

Poor Oren is going to be bored as heck when we take this road trip. Zoe will have the entertainment thing to watch, but Oren is still rearfacing so has the seats to look at lol. I think we'll have to purchase one of those mirrors and angle it towards the monitor so he can watch it too.

We're gonna be on the road A LOT though. UGH.
We have a couple of places in Tennessee we want to visit that will be pretty fun, but other than that.. meh. Think there's a BBQ place in Kansas City we want to go to as well, but really nothing strikes our fancy when it comes to attractions.
We got as far as Kansas City with looking for hotels and attractions. Still have Denver and then the back trip to look up stuff for.
But hey.. we made progress last night which is cool and needed to be done. We haven't booked any hotels yet but that will happen soon.
I'm dreading all of this but I think overall it will be a fun experience :) Really excited to see mountains and to just visit places I've never been before :)

Grrr, my plants aren't doing well at all. I started some tomato and cucumber seeds inside when it was still cold and this prolonged cool weather has just screwed that all up. My plants aren't doing as well as they should and it's frustrating!!
I want my fresh cucumbers and tomatoes damnit! lol
Think I'm just going to have to buy some cucumber plants from a store. Other than not getting as much sun as they really need which shouldn't have caused a huge problem yet... I dunno WTH is wrong with them. I water regularly making sure the soil isn't dried out and I fertilized pretty darn well too. The plants are just... weak.

I'm gonna have to buy more clothes for this trip. On the road... I don't think 2 pairs of stretchy comfy shorts is going to cut it lol. I have my maxi skirts too, but again... we're going to be gone for 2 weeks. I'm sure one of the hotels will have a laundry to use, but still.... just in case nothing does.. I'm gonna need more bottoms. Thankfully I'm not picky and I'm cheap so Walmart or Target clothes is fine with me if I can find something that looks halfway decent. Think I may actually get a maxi dress or 2 if I can find some that don't make me look like a toddler putting on her mommy's clothes (I'm short).
Also need to find some good tennis shoes for my wide ass fat feet that I need to break in before we go.
I'm actually tempted to say F it and get me some ugly ass crocs. Maybe I will anyway along with some regular shoes :D

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Go to sleep!!

I feel like a lot of my posts are titled that or something similar lol.

I put Oren down for a nap about 40mins ago, he woke up about 10 or so and has been crying to get up since. No sir little dude. You better get your butt back to sleep b/c I am not dealing w/ a grumpy baby for the rest of the day.

And he's also been either waking up soon after we put him down for the night or taking forever to go to sleep. UUUUUUGH.... I hate hearing him cry but checking on him will only make things worse.

DH and I are going to have to both sit down and find attractions to visit on the road trip. I can't do this on my own b/c I have no idea how far out of the way he wants to go or anything.
I did find this cool Parthenon replica in Nashville that sounds interesting. Just someplace to go to stretch our legs some plus it just looked pretty neat.

Other than that though /shrugs

Oh but some good news. DH's friend was able to rent another trailer for us. Only for 2 nights so we'll have to stay in the $300 hotel for a night, but hey... that's better than having to stay there for all 3 nights.
We just have to bring our own sheets and blankets and stuff, but that won't be a problem.
So yay for that at least :)

I had more to say but Oren's refusal to go back to sleep has pushed everything else out of my head...... If he's still not asleep in another 10min.. I guess I'll get him. Sleep little dude...... SLEEP!!!

Monday, April 18, 2016


So no car shopping yesterday b/c DH didn't do what I asked him to do.
Asked him repeatedly to call his mom to see if she would/could watch the kids for us after church.
But no... he didn't do it b/c... who the hell knows why.
And oh look... they didn't go to church and he didn't want to drive the kids over to their house even though it still would've given us plenty of time to go LOOK at the damn van. It's not even like we were going to frickin buy one. We were just going to look and a couple of hours would've been plenty of time.
But noooooooo..... lets sit at home and waste the day away.
UUUUUGH.... was so pissed off and still am. But ya know... WTH am I going to do about it except get over it :\

We better go this weekend. I'm tired of putting this crap off. He better call his mom when I ask him to b/c I don't want any kind of surprise last minute crap coming up that's going to delay this for even longer.
There is never going to be a good time to buy it. It's always going to be a lot of money and it's always going to hurt our wallets. Might as well just get it done and over with like I have been wanting to do.

Our Yellowstone trip is going to be such a PITA. I do really want to go... but the thought of having to drive that much and for that long... then having to get both kids to adjust to sleeping in a bed with either one of us? UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH lol
BUT I also think this will be a really fun experience that we may not have again.

We just need to find somewhere to stay once there though. DH's friend is military, so they're renting some trailer thing only available to military for about $80 a night. And the closet hotel near them has rooms for almost $300 a night. YIKES. That hotel does have a new thing with cabins for 70something a night which is awesome... if you don't mind no electricity, no running water... and having to share bathroom facilities with the rest of the cabins.
I already have some intestinal issues AND I'm pregnant and will have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, multiple times. Hells no... We'll be spending that $300 a night or finding a place that is much much further away.
His friend is trying to see if he can reserve another trailer for us and of course we'd pay for it. We'll see what happens. Hopefully that comes through.. if not... byebye money.

OOO Zoe got in trouble yesterday.
DH goes to some Sunday night service at his church. I think it's annoying, but whatever.. he's born again or whatever the heck he wants to call it. Thankfully they have an activity thing for kids so he takes Zoe with him.
Well they were playing some game and Zoe got bored so she went to the nursery to play.
Apparently girl got in to her brain that pushing a 1yo was a good idea. They put her in time out and she got her butt chewed out when she got home too.
She does that crap with Oren. She doesn't really shove... but she'll get in his way and sort of move in to him to push him out of the way. It upsets him b/c he'll usually lose his balance or just get mad that he can't play with whatever she's blocking him from.
It doesn't happen that often thankfully, but still a bit upset that she would do that or something else to another child.
She is only 3 though so hopefully she'll learn quick that that is not acceptable behavior and yes.. she does get in trouble when I spot her doing it.

UUUUGH, it's supposed to be in the 80's this week. Frickin 88 tomorrow. WTF???
I just wanted the nights to warm up more so I could finally leave my plants outside and stop having to bring them in and take them back out again.
That is such a pain in the butt, but I am determined to have some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers damnit! lol

Taking them out today was a bit of a pain though. I totally got short of breath and it took a good 10mins before my heart stopped pounding. Yikes. I felt fine... didn't feel like I was going to pass out or anything.. could just feel my pulse pounding away.
I really need to get in to shape once this baby arrives (and I have energy to do something). I should've done it a lot sooner and kept putting it off b/c well.. losing weight sucks, but... I need to. I NEED to be here for my kids and hubs.
I want to be a good role model for them :)

Oren still isn't walking, but I'm cool with that lol. In no hurry at all for him to start running around everywhere. Sure.. it would be easier, but... the chaos........ the chaos.....

His poop has turned back to turds for the most part thankfully. YAY! lol
I'm guessing it was a combo of him being sick, the antibiotics and the teething that was causing the horrendously gross poos he was having.

He's saying a little more now. He'll say Uh Oh every once in a while. Daddy, but usually only when DH leaves the room lol. And it will sometimes sound like he's trying to repeat things we say too. He's growing up so much and so fast!

DH is getting better. He has a cough, but it's not terrible and thankfully he's not in pain any longer. So glad the 2nd antibiotics worked.

Baby seems to have shifted in to a position where I can't feel movement as much as I was. Every once in a while, I'll feel a little bit.
I'm not worried or anything though. I know baby still has a lot of room in there to do somersaults and whatnot so movement isn't always going to be felt as strong :)

My appointment is next Wed. THought it was Thursday but I was mistaken. I have to be there at 7:30 to get another u/s done which I'm excited for, then do the dreaded glucose test lol. I'm not worried about it. I know what's going to happen and I'm prepared for it.
Getting my fill of all the yummy carbs and sweets while I can guilt free :P lol
We did have nice big healthy salads last night for dinner... and that nice big salad caused me some awful indigestion too lol.
UGH... still don't know what the heck we're gonna do for snacks on the road trip. That's going to be a giant PITA. I may just say screw it and do as best as I can, but not worry about it too much. I'm not going to inhale candy bars or anything crazy like that... just if I want a few chips or a small piece of candy.. I'll have it. Nothing crazy and in moderation :)

This house is never going to be clean ever again... EVER AGAIN. I just do not understand how it can get this dirty when we're constantly throwing trash away. It's like I'll throw all the trash I can find away, and magically more of it shows up out of frickin nowhere.
Where the hell is it coming from???

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Birthday Party and puke!

So yesterday started off weird. I hadn't eaten anything, which really wasn't abnormal, but it was morning sickness all over again b/c of it. I gagged and threw up the tiny bit of water I had had earlier that morning. That came out of nowhere but my own fault for not eating sooner.

DH went and picked up Zoe eventually since she spent the night w/ aunt. Bathed her really quick and off to the birthday party we all went.
On the way... Oren threw up all over himself again. Thankfully it wasn't as much as it was that first time he did it before we went strawberry picking, but it was still enough.
We did feed him an egg that morning so I'm thinking eggs alone might be upsetting his stomach b/c he had an egg before the first incident too.
I've given him egg mixed in with grits and he's had eggs in other things and doesn't seem to have a problem with it. /shrugs

Thankfully I did learn from that first time and had packed a clean set of clothes lol

The birthday party was great though. DH's friends had it at a fire station. Who the hell knew you could do that??? That was very cool and after everyone ate the snacks they had, the firemen drove 2 firetrucks in to their back parking area and let the kids go in the trucks and everything.
Zoe had a blast!
How cool is that though that that is even a possibility??
Wish Oren was walking so he could've participated a little more but oh well.

We MIGHT be looking at vans today after DH gets home from church. It all depends on if MiL can watch the kids or not.

DH wants to look at the Nissan and Honda, but IMO... looking at the options and their ratings... I just don't even want to bother with the Nissan.
For what we want... we'd pay more for the Nissan and still get less than what we would get w/ a Honda.
Plus... purely cosmetic, but Nissans only come in boring greys, white and black. /snooze
The Honda isn't much better, but at least they do give the option of blue and red too.
I just do not want boring grey white or black.

Lol, everyone freaked out when we told them about the Yellowstone trip b/c of how far along I'm gonna be.
I'm sure I'll be fine. Uncomfortable, but I'd be that at home too :P lol

Just not looking forward to 3 or 4 days o driving there and then the same driving back. Nevermind all of the walking we'll probably be doing.
Need to find some good shoes and break them in before we go.
My feet are so wide though that women's wide aren't big enough. Will have to probably get men's. I'm fine with that, but it's just annoying. This is why I wear flipflops all the time. Comfortable and my wide feet have no restrictions and can breath :D

Friday, April 15, 2016

That came out of nowhere

So DH could go to Vegas in December? this year for some pharmacy thing. I know he did really want to go to it and to visit his friend that lives kinda nearby. He would be gone for 2 weeks though and with a new LO... just do not know if that's going to happen.
Probably not and I'm sure he'll be able to find a replacement easily lol.

He has in the past talked about visiting this friend. It's the same one that we went to visit in Italy when he and his family were stationed there.
He's now in..... actually.. I have no idea where.. somewhere in the midwest.
Anywho... DH texted me earlier asking if I wanted to go to Yellowstone w/ the kids in early June.
Uh.... ok.
Then of course he elaborated saying that this friend was planning a trip then and I guess asked if DH and fam wanted to come along too.

So yeah.... looks like we are getting a family vacation this year.
Kinda don't want to go b/c it's going to be so expensive, but also do want to go b/c I've never been to Yellowstone or really off the eastern coast of the US.

But this means DH can't really put off minivan shopping any longer. Flying would be too expensive and not really sure on the whole carseat issue we'd run in to too. How awkward would that be to take along the carseats?
But mostly it's the expense. Cheapest tickets would be around $1500.. that's with Oren sitting in our laps.
BUT.... driving is probably going to take us at least 2 days so of course we'd have to spend money on gas, food, hotel room, etc which will add up too. And have to think about the trip back.... that's going to suck balls.
Just gotta see how much that will be in comparison I guess.

Either way is going to be expensive and shitty. One is just a quicker shittier expensive option than the other rofl.
We'll see though I guess. Either way.. we need that van.

Now to find a route to Yellowstone and then try to find good stop areas along the way. The scenic but still fast route lol.

THEN..... this isn't even mentioning that I'm going to be 7m pregnant. Huge, uncomfortable and frickin diabetic rofl. That's going to suck balls.
And the kids..... uuuuuuuuugh lol.
Zoe would be ok... especially if we had the van and it has the entertainment system in it. Oren... maybe. He really does not like being in his carseat, plus he'd be rearfacing so wouldn't exactly be able to watch anything on the system lol.

I dunno... We'd make it work obviously, but still...... already not looking forward to that possibility or flying.

But ya know.. it could all be worth it to get to see one of our great national parks :) I'll endure all the suckiness and penny pinching to come after, to get to say that I've been there. Would definitely have to get some more vacation clothes though.... mmhmm..... HAVE TO ;)

Yeah... that's what I thought

After talking with DH when he got home.. yeah... it's safe to say that the dentist forgot to give me the numbing shot.
I really should have spoken up as soon as it hurt. Feel like a moron for not doing it when obviously it shouldn't have hurt the way it did and I'm really upset with myself.
Upset with the dentist too, but mistakes happen and again... I should have spoken up about it.
I definitely will next time if this crap happens again.
Seriously though... traumatized...... if you don't have sensitive teeth, then you'll have no idea what I'm talking about.
But that feeling of when she was using the drill.... HORRIBLE. Straight up horrible and I'm shocked that I didn't at least make some kind of noise.

Anyway... over and done with. The cheek and gums in the area still aches some but thankfully nothing else.

DH is feeling a little better thankfully. Guess the new antibiotic is working for him.
So glad too. I know he was feeling miserable before.
He is still getting chills though which I still find hilarious when he comes out all decked out like it's freezing outside lol.
I do sympathize b/c I know how weird that feeling is so I don't give him too much shit for it ;) lol

Zoe is so cute...
So MiL watched her and Oren for me yesterday. She had to bring niece over too which of course, Zoe LOVED.
I got home and Zoe wanted to go over to her granny's house, so I told her "You're going to see granny and everyone tomorrow."
So she turns around to me and says .... "I'll see you tomorrow." In that goodbye tone lol.
She wanted to go play with her cousin more and her cousin didn't want to leave either.
I just hope they both stay this close as they get older.
I used to be really close to some of my cousins when I was little too and that all changed once pre-teens hit. Also didn't help that I lived in a different state than the rest of them.

Kind of dreading the birthday party tomorrow. I don't really know any of the people since they're DH's friends. The few times I've met them before, they're all really nice and friendly though.

But what I'm dreading is showing up pregnant... very obviously pregnant.
One of his friends has been TTC with his wife for years now with no luck. I know they've been going to fertility clinics, but not sure how extensive their treatment has been so far.
DH and I had our own struggles of course, but it still makes me feel a bit guilty showing up pregnant with 2 other kids while they're still struggling. I dunno... I know it's not our fault or anything, but I know that feeling of want and know jealousy too. Just don't want anyone feeling bad and me being a reminder... ya know?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Uh.. I don't think that went how it should have

So I'm back from my dental appointment and holy shit....

I just got a filling. I didn't think it would be a big deal.. b/c it's just a filling right? I've never had one done before so didn't know what to expect.

They put numbing ointment on the area and.... that was it. Uhm.. ok... I thought I would've gotten a numbing shot too but I guess not.
Dentist proceeds to start cleaning the cavity out and HOLY FUCKING SHIT.
Yes, the profanities are necessary b/c it HURT.
When she used the drill on the tooth, it vibrated the entire area obviously, but also made everything scream w/ horrible horrible painful sensitivity.
Never having had a filling done before.. I didn't know what was normal or not so just endured it, but my god.. I wanted to scream. That was frickin awful and I seriously feel like crying thinking about it.
Then, I dunno what the heck she was doing with the scraper thing, but it felt like she was aggressively pushing my gums back and that hurt like shit too.

Obviously I should've spoken up since I'm sure it's not supposed to hurt that much and I definitely will be bringing it up for the next filling.
Was going to request that they just do the remaining 2 and get it done and over with, but after this.. HELL NO. I'll just do one at a time.
Just... ugh.. this was awful and again.. I can see why people hate going to the dentist now :(

My next appointment is on the 10th of next month. I have to give my mouth some time to heal and rest after this shit.....

Going to drive me crazy!!

What the hell is it with children and playing in the pet water???
We went through it with Zoe and now Oren. Heck, every once in a while, Zoe gets it in to her head to play in it again too. Just SO aggravating.

BUT, Oren has started doing this adorable little smile when he does something 'bad'. It's just so cute that you can't stay mad or annoyed for too long.


DH went to work today. Not sure if he's feeling better or not. Meant to ask him before he left while I was still awake, but I fell asleep :P lol
He got a slightly stronger and broader range antibiotic yesterday. Hoping that it works and starts kicking in for him soon.

I get to go back to the dentist today. Ugh.
See kids.. this is what happens when you don't take care of your teeth! :\
I just have to start getting fillings. I'm not worried about it, but I do hate having to ask MiL to babysit. She already has so much on her plate already. She doesn't seem to mind, but it still feels like a burden that we're putting on her which I hate.

Speaking of kids brushing teeth.. we totally forgot to brush Oren's last night. Oops.
Now that he's over his teething aches.. he doesn't mind getting his teeth brushed. He doesn't chew on it a lot like Zoe did so we actually have to brush them.
Someone needs to invent a 360 toothbrush for infant/toddler brushing. Something they can chew on and no matter which way it's pointing, it gets upper and lower teeth.
There ya go folks... million dollar idea right there. Someone get to it and then send me a check :P lol

His bad breath went away though once we were able to start brushing his teeth regularly. Thank goodness.

Just got done taking a nice long hot shower after putting Oren to bed for his nap. Boy is going to be such a handful. He reminds me of a cat sometimes.
Have you seen this video?
It's exactly what this cat does lol. Tell him no... he'll look at me while his hand is still pushing whatever off the table. It's pretty funny and frustrating too :P

Yesterday, he got a taste for lollipops and enjoyed the heck out of it while becoming a giant sticky mess.
Well today, Zoe got one of her Easter ones and he had a meltdown b/c he couldn't have one too.

Zoe is already such a little clown and it's adorably awesome :D
If she does something silly... "just joking!"
And she loves pretending to be different characters and things. Right now it's Spiderman lol.

I would love to get her one of those small trampolines for Xmas. One that has a handle to hold on to. She loves jumping on her bed which is a nono since she could easily break it, but DH is so against trampolines... even the small ones. I don't like the big ones, but the smaller ones w/ the handle seems safe enough to me. Plus with Oren getting bigger and then another on the way... it's not like it won't get used.
There are just a ton of things I want to get the kids but money money money :\

Don't know if we'll be checking out vans this weekend. Have a birthday party on Saturday to go to for a little boy that's a few months older than Zoe. THink DH said they're doing it at a firestation so I'd love to take Zoe b/c I know she would love that. Getting to see a firetruck up close and playing with other kids. She's gonna love it :)

And my gas is no longer scentless..... I'll just leave it at that..... /crygag

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Poor DH

He has tonsillitis. His throat has been killing him for the last few days. He can't swallow without it hurting like crazy and his right ear hurts as well. He went to the Urgent Care place and the doc saw that his right tonsil is extremely swollen and inflamed and it's causing some blockage in his ear which is why that hurts too.
He's stayed home b/c it hasn't gotten any better even with the meds he got. He just left to go back to the doctor b/c it still hurts just as much as it did before.
Feel so bad for him. That tonsil looks terrible from what I can see. It blocked almost half of his throat. He doesn't have trouble breathing.. just swallowing though.
He could need his tonsils removed.
He's also been getting chills pretty bad.
The other night. I was actually sweating b/c it was warm in the house while he had put on a sweater, sweat pants, socks and had multiple blankets on b/c he was cold.
He doesn't have a fever or anything though. Guess it's just his body trying to fight off what is wrong.
He's ok otherwise though, but I know how bad a sore throat can make you feel so I feel so bad for him.

In other news....

Well, not much else going on really.
Both kids are doing well.
Oren just got bit by the stupid cat, but the cat has been pretty patient with him up til this point.
I dunno what it is with the cat and the kids obsession with it.
Zoe was the exact same way and she got bitten too....multiple times.

Ready for these stupid stitches to go away. One of them fell out a couple days ago. I could feel it dangling and feel it when I bit down.
It feels like the other stitch or stitches are almost at the point of falling out too, but they're hanging in there stubbornly.
It's just an annoying feeling being able to notice them.

The 2 teeth that  were against the broken one are a bit achy and the section of cheek that's up against that area can get achy as well. But overall it's ok :)

We took the little potties away and bought another of the seat ones for the other bathroom toilet for Zoe.
We were just getting tired of cleaning the little ones really lol. Plus she would use the regular toilets so we figured she was ready to just use the regular ones.
She's growing so fast. She's a total chatterbox now and it still just amazes me just how much she's grown and developed.
I do lose my patience with her sometimes though. Makes me feel SO guilty b/c most of the time, she's not doing anything bad... she's just nonstop ya know? And just it grates on your nerves.

Oren is good too. He babbles a lot which is always adorable.
Still not walking on his own but he walks with one hand held pretty well.
He's SO clingy though. I love all the snuggles I get from him, but it's almost impossible to get anything done b/c as soon as I get up to do anything, he's right on my heels. I imagine it's going to get a lot worse when he is walking.
Kind of worried how he's going to feel when the new sibling arrives. Really hope he doesn't become too jealous or feels left out or anything.

Pregnancy is going fine as far as I can tell. Just SUPER bloated and feel HUGE. Everything is already pushed up in to my lungs so I get short of breath already.
Baby is moving a lot though.

Oh... Zoe is so cute. She's still hoping for a sister, but either way, wants the baby to stay in her room with her. Awwwwww
And she'll hug me, then hug my belly and kiss it.
It's so SO sweet. These LOs are so lucky to have such an awesome loving big sister :)

I do wish I could frickin sleep all night long.
From my throat drying out, aches and pains and then needing to pee.... I just want a good 3 or 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep! I haven't had that in gosh.. probably close to a year and a half or longer.

And finally a minor rant....

Why the hell do women want to call a sexual partner "Daddy"??? How frickin creepy and wrong is that mess??

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Children in bed and I'm all alone...


And by party, I mean I'm sitting here in silence and enjoying the F out of it!
AND! I ate the last 2 popsicles and didn't have to share them! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Life is good :D rofl

Felt like posting again before I head off to do the nightly rituals before laying in bed and reading my book (The Girl with all the Gifts).

DH is off at his friend's house... kids are asleep and all is right with the world right now.

Mouth doesn't really hurt that bad. It aches and putting the gauze on the area makes it ache more so now that it's not bleeding as much... I'm not worrying about the gauze.
It's still such a weird feeling having that tooth gone. I keep wanting to tongue the area, but also not wanting to touch it b/c I don't want to touch a tender part and have it hurt lol.

Tylenol earlier worked just fine for the pain. It didn't take it completely away, but it worked well enough that it wasn't noticeable.
I did end up taking one of the prescription pills though.. generic version of Norco. Worked a lot better for a little while but starting to ache just a little. Will probably just stick with tylenol since it worked fine and the pain hopefully won't be as bad.
Just a little paranoid about taking the prescription stuff. It didn't make me feel all funky thank goodness as I've read some people experienced while on it. I still don't understand that appeal. /shrugs

Oren was a little better today. Not as cranky. He was having a hard time eating crunchy foods, but as the day went on, that didn't seem to be as big of a problem for him as it was in the morning. So yay for that :)

Oh I forgot to mention that he has a blister on his bottom lip. Just popped up out of nowhere the other night.
DH thought maybe he was fed something too hot, but he wasn't. The only warmed up things he ate was some oatmeal and something else that I can't remember, but I do know that it wasn't hot at all. So I'm pretty sure that wasn't the cause.
And neither myself or DH suffer from cold sores or have any type of herpes so that's not the cause of it unless he contracted it from someone else which I doubt.

Thinking it has something to do with the teething going on, but not sure why.

He is just getting cuter and cuter though. I went to the bathroom and heard him coming my way saying "Dada??? DADAAAA????"
And when DH got home and went outside for a moment... he was looking around for him and saying that too in that questioning manner. So darn adorable!
He still won't actually say it to our faces though. Whenever we try to get him to say it.. he'll start babbling.
Baby babbles are pretty darn cute :)

The boy loves playing in the dog water though. I have to always make sure to stop him before he starts making his way to it. Didn't do that earlier today though.
Heard the bowl being banged and yep... he dumped out the big bowl of water all on the floor. SIGH!
And I can not get him to stop eating the frickin dog food.
I had JUST gotten done feeding him so thought that he wouldn't go for the dog food when I fed them. NOPE! He still did.
Thank goodness our dogs don't have any kind of food aggression b/c he was helping himself to some of the kibble.
Zoe was the same way with both of those. Always wanted to play with the dog's water (and still does sometimes) and used to want to eat the dog food and did a few times.
Crazy children.

I think overall he is over the pacifier.... but naps are still screaming crying hell. Sometimes for night time too. He just hates going down for naps even though he's clearly tired. That's all this baby is going to recognize when it comes out. Mommy's sighs of exhaustion and brother's screaming crying fits lol. Oh and Zoe's whining crying fits :P lol

And what is it with kids and bandaids?? Zoe has an unhealthy obsession with them and I'm sure she's not the only one. Any little bump.. invisible or not needs a bandaid. The girl would be covered in them if we let her (and had enough in the house).
Just... I don't get it lol.

She is doing great though. Just so talkative and loves helping out. Taking full advantage of that now while she does still want to help out mommy rofl.
It's so fun watching her play and hearing her little stories she makes up for her dolls.

Told DH that we ARE buying her one of those water tables for her birthday too. They're not that expensive and the kids will love it. They both LOOOOOOOVE taking a bath so much so it's not like the water table thing would go to waste. It would get played with... a lot.

This baby is a strong little one in there. Feel most of the movement pretty low in the bladder area, but sometimes feel it much higher too. Must be rolling around or stretching its legs.

Oh and another sound it will be familiar with... mommy's farts.
Lots and lots of farts. Thankfully most of them don't stink... they're just usually super loud lol.
Zoe and I think they're hilarious :P Oren doesn't care and DH just looks at me in horror. rofl
I don't care though. I let them rip. Not holding that in and getting a cramp b/c of it. It would be different if they did smell bad, but they've been odorless for the most part.

What hasn't been odorless though have been my armpits. Holy BO Batman! Thankfully it's not super strong, but it's still gross.

My face is also breaking out too. I just feel... so attractive right now. :P
Anywho.... wrote a lot more than I thought I would. Too late to read now. It's only 9:30, but this is late for me and I'm tired!
Time to go snuggle up in bed and hopefully get to sleep nice and quick. Oh sleep..... how I love thee.

Well that was... unpleasant...

So the tooth extraction went pretty quick.
It was quite a weird experience. Can't say it's something I want to go through again lol.

They first put a gel on the area to numb it some. Then the dentist came in and injected the area to numb it more and left for a few minutes while it worked.

That's a bit strange, having part of your mouth go numb.

They then came in and started the procedure and... yeah. There wasn't any pain, but the tugging on the tooth was still..... uncomfortable. The tooth didn't want to come out and I was afraid it would give way quick and they'd smash in to my bottom teeth lol.
That didn't happen, but my gosh.. the tugging on the tooth was just such a weird sensation.
THEN.... during the 4th or 5th tug...the tooth broke. Now that was a sound I could've lived without experiencing. I'm not really squeamish about dental work. Sure I was worried about what was wrong, but that whole drilling sound etc doesn't bother me.
BUT hearing the tooth break... not once, but twice.... yikes. That's just not a sound you want to hear lol.

Anywho... it was quick work after that. There was a little shard left that they got out, got in a stitch or 2 and yep.. that was it.
Went and picked up the prescriptions and feeling achy.
Started feeling achy waiting for the meds which sucks.
Was really hoping the numbness would last a lot longer, but nope.

I haven't actually taken the pain meds they gave me yet. They said it was ok, but to talk to my doctor if I was worried about it and it was probably best if I could not take as much of it and try to stick with tylenol which is what I did when I got home.
Asked the pharmacist that filled it if it was ok to take, and it's like every other med out there. It's mostly safe to take, but of course with no one wanting to experiment on pregnant women.. there's not definite answer to it.
I'm sure it's fine though and if the tylenol doesn't work, I'll take it.

Feels weird not having a tooth there anymore. I'm glad it's gone b/c I don't want that sensitivity issue anymore, but replacing the gauze in the area and running my tongue along the empty spot... it's such a weird sensation. lol

In other news... Poor Oren is miserable. His teeth are bothering him so much and he's in a teeth grinding phase right now too (Zoe did it too), which is not helping at all.
Brushed his teeth for the first time last night and tried to be as gentle as possible but it still hurt him some and there was a little bit of blood.

He's also struggling to eat anything crunchy which should be a bit obvious. Need to stick with soft foods for now until he's done teething.

OH and also.... he has thrush on his little butt crack. All up and down his butt crack. Thought it was just another rash, but then these gross feeling white pimple like bumps came up and yeah.. definitely not just a rash. But thankfully the cream is helping that and it didn't seem to really bother him that much anyway. Still glad it's clearing up though.

And I don't think we're getting the van this weekend. Grrrrrr
Inlaws aren't sure if they can take over the payment for the Terrain and also not sure if they can watch the kids this weekend b/c of some lodge thing they have. Sigh.
I mean it's not a huge deal, just more of an annoyance since I was looking forward to it and just want to get this over and done with. Need to get used to driving a van.

DH and myself have agreed that we really need to start eating better ASAP lol.
I've been on such a carb binge lately and our waists have shown it.
With my previous 2 pregnancies.. I could easily fit in to my fat pants still (18w). Now? I can button them up when standing, but they would dig in to me if I sat down.
I'm just gaining way too much and so is DH.
So we're planning on going stricter again starting next week. Just need to figure out what we'll be eating, but once that's set.. we should be good to go.
I may still have a bagel or something for lunch, but the rest will be more low carb friendly foods lol.

Woke up last night with awful indigestion at around 1:30 and DH snoring in my ear. Shook him awake and unfortunately he was having indigestion too and it kept him awake as well.
THEN a quick thunderstorm rolled over us and it hailed. Nothing like what happened a couple years ago. Just pea size hail this time, but still... that crap sounds like someone is throwing marbles at your house as hard as they can.
Surprised the kids didn't wake up.
It passed us really fast though so not a huge issue.
I still couldn't get back to sleep until around 4:30 though.
Just... sucked....
Hate this stupid insomnia crap. Every night, whether if it's for a reason or not.. I wake up usually between 2-3 and can't get back to sleep for a good hour or so. I NEED that sleep, but nooooooooo :\

Anywho... I'm done... need to find something soft that I can nom on.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Growing so fast :D

Oops... correction... it was UPS that picked up the package, not USPS.
Still though... UPS showed up, rang the doorbell twice quickly, then knocked right after. I was literally opening the door and the dude was already writing up their little "Missed you!" note. Seriously dude??? You waited a whole 30 frickin seconds before you were about to give up and leave???
Just... ugh.
Anyway... that's over and done with though so whatever.
I am still glad that that is even an option though.

I think we are probably going to get the van this weekend. YAY!
Liike DH, not looking forward to the new car payment, but am looking forward to a new car lol.
OOOOO new car smell!
Oh and after the big vomit incident on Monday... we're definitely going to need some seat protectors. In the Terrain... it's leather so it was easy to clean up the stuff that got on the seat.. but with the van.. it will probably be cloth and vomit would soak in to that quick and just... bleh. We need seat protectors.
Thankfully I think the Honda offers those. Kinda expensive, but will be worth it.

Oren is growing up so fast!
Before... he didn't even want to walk when holding on to both of his hands. Now, he's a little unsteady, but will walk when holding just one of his hands.
AND over the weekend, he started saying Tickle :D It sounds like 'wiggle' most of the time, but oh well lol.
Also yesterday, he started doing the hand thing for Itsy Bitsy Spider and tried singing it too. It was more of just him humming while trying to do the hand gestures, but still... SO CUTE!!
Also, he's been standing on his own a little more lately too. Not a whole lot and he'll only do it if he's a little distracted, but he's getting there :)

He is definitely getting some more teeth in. He's been SO drooly lately and it's so gross lol. That mixed with his constantly runny nose... yuck. I'm hoping once the teeth finally cut through, his poops will firm back up. Tired of him almost having blowouts on a daily basis.

Don't think he's feeling good today. He woke up so cranky and it didn't get any better. All he wanted to do was snuggle and eat. Hope it's not another ear infection or anything. He didn't feel warm or anything.

Zoe is doing well too. She woke up this morning freaked out b/c Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was playing from somewhere and she didn't know where it was coming from lol. Learned something new though... the monitor/camera for her room plays music o_O
Had no idea until I finally figured out where the music was coming from too lol.

She's getting a lot more rambunctious. She's not as gentle as she should be with Oren and just gets a bit too rough sometimes. She's just got SO much energy. I'm jealous. Wish I had half the energy she does.

She's also getting really good at not listening :\
Not too excited about this development rofl.
Have to repeat myself constantly to get her to pick up after herself. But.. she's still pretty good about it 50% of the time.
You wouldn't guess that looking at the living room though.
I cleaned it up just 3 days ago and looking at it now.. you would think that I haven't touched the vacuum in a month. It's a disaster area in here and there's just nothing I can do about it. Just a constant state of chaos.

And finally... I frickin love the show Fixer Upper!!! Wish Netflix had all of the episodes on there instead of just 2 seasons. How awesome is the couple?? Their relationship just seems to genuine and loving and they're both so funny together.
But what I really love is that the clients come in with nice middle class budgets AND for the reno budget... they get a lot for their money.
Now I do love the show Property Brothers too, but I always have to wonder WTF do those clients do to be able to afford half a million or more dollar shitty homes?? And it's like the majority of those people always want to live in or near the city so it's always those attached homes that are 100 years old that are WAY overpriced for a tiny house.
Plus... even if they have something like a 100k budget for reno.... somehow, they always still only get a kitchen and then one other room.... that's it.
But on Fixer Upper...there are nice big properties and even with smaller budgets... they get so much more done. They usually fix up the outside w/ landscaping, do multiple rooms, etc etc. It's just so much funner to watch when they can do more to the home.. ya know?
Anyway... love both shows... just like Fixer Upper more :D

I'm just addicted to HGTV shows. That channel and probably a couple others would be the only channels I ever watched if we had cable... which is why we don't have cable b/c that crap is not worth it *nodnod*

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Seriously USPS??

So Amazon sent me the wrong book so I chose the option of USPS picking it up. It would be nice if they gave a general time for when they were going to do it. This is the first time I've used this option and I thought they would just pick it up when they drop off the mail. NOPE!!!
Yesterday we were waiting for the windshield of the car to be replaced and then decided to go strawberry picking since that just opened and it was still relatively early (more on that in a minute).
On the way there, I noticed the mailman was coming down the road and mentioned it to DH. Didn't think much of it... b/c it was just after noon and our mail doesn't arrive until around 3-4.
We get home and there it is... the note on the door saying that they came and no one was home. SIGH!!!

Seriously... this option is good and all for folks like myself who don't want to drag 2 kids to the post office, but damn... some heads up so I'm not waiting all day or hoping I'm not in the shower or pooping when they arrive would be nice.
Guess it's a good thing they give 3 more chances to pick up the package.

So strawberry picking would've went well.... if Oren hadn't vomited all over himself on the way there. Guess that combo of applesauce and milk didn't sit too well in his stomach.
Poor guy.
And of course.... us being the unprepared parents we are.... didn't have a chance of clothes for him... or a towel.
Thankfully where was a roll of paper towels in the car though.
AND I was the one tasked to clean it all up since I'm giant and pregnant and can't bend down too easily any longer.
DH took Zoe to go pick while I was on cleanup duty. UGH.
Gross... just straight up gross.
Warm vomit is disgusting, but when it gets cold..... that's even worse.
 I cleaned up as much as possible, but he still had to sit in it on the way home. Poor guy.
He was fine though and enjoyed a couple of freshly picked strawberries.
I'm sure I looked weird with a nekkid baby sitting on my lap (he was in a diaper), but oh well.

THEN! After DH picks the first bucket.... he comes over to where I'm sitting to drop it off and I feel the rumble. I feel the bubbleguts.
Of course this place only has port-o-potties. Thankfully I was the first person to use it so didn't have to look in to a poo hole full of grossness. Still.. it's gross using one of those things, but I was literally about to crap my pants so there was no choice.
Didn't want the smell of vomit along with poo pants to fill the car on the way home :P lol

Good times... good times.

Speaking of port-o-potties.... I was sitting outside with the kids while DH demo'd the area where the closet door was going to go in the new room.
I started smelling something awful. Smelled just like something had died. I at first thought that it was maybe a dead bird or something in the bushes by the house, but then looked a bit further down the road towards the house that's being reno'd.....
Not a dead animal.. nope.. it was the port-o-potty being emptied /vomits. Of course it was a nice windy day... and we were downwind.

If you like thriller type of books and an easy read... I highly recommend Bird Box by Josh Malerman. I started it on Sunday and finished it that night. Thankfully Oren and then eventually Zoe (when she was brought home) were mostly well behaved so I could read it.
It's a bit horror too so keep that in mind.

I know DH is trying to put it off, but I really hope we do go look at vans this weekend.  Need to get him to call his parents to see if they're ready to take over payments of the Terrain.

And finally... I think....
I get to get my broken tooth pulled Thursday! YAY and UGH! lol
YAY b/c that area is sensitive and hoping that once it's pulled and sewed all up that it won't be any longer and I won't be afraid to chew on that side lol... ugh b/c well.. it's getting a tooth pulled. That's going to suck and I'm sure recovery isn't gonna be much fun either.
It's gotta be done though. It's been too long and I'm tired of having that area of my mouth sensitive to crunch and to temps.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


DH has to work this weekend. Oren is napping and Zoe is at her granny's house (or aunt's). Just kind of bored right now, but I did get 2 new books yesterday so may start reading one of those :D
It was supposed to be 3 but Amazon sent me the wrong book.
Some book series about an Amish girl o_O uh.... no thanks... send me my thriller that I ordered please.

Oh... speak of the little devil.. Oren is awake lol.
He's not crying yet so he can wait :P lol

Went to thee store this morning to pick up a couple of things since DH doesn't want to go grocery shopping until next weekend.

I keep asking him if he wants to go look at and possibly get the van this coming weekend. We're never going to be ready for that car payment, but it's gotta happen eventually and I'd rather get it done and over with while it is still cool outside. Do not want to be all sweaty and stank getting in a car with a salesman lol.

Don't think we're going to the zoo on Monday :( Windshield in the car cracked and havre to get it replaced and that's the day they're coming to do it. Booo, but maybe if they show up early enough we can still go... or at least take LOs to the park.

Weather is cooling off again.
I do not mind that at all, except for the plants. Was really hoping to finally be able to just leave the plants outside, but nope! Nature needs to make up its mind already! lol I'll just have to remember to put them out so they can get some sunlight.

I'm already grunting whenever I bend though.... like... a BIG grunt rofl. And I'm waddling like crazy b/c my lower back is starting to ache and already can't stand for too long without getting tired and achy. I do love being pregnant... even with all of the aches and pains, but man... it would be a lot more enjoyable without those though rofl. I'm still going to try to cherish it all though. Last baby.. last chance to experience all of this.
It's going to be kind of strange not worrying about TTC anymore. That has been my life for the last... 6 years. Just crazy, kind of a relief, and also a little sad that that part of my life is now over and I'm going to have 3 kids to show for it. :)

Ok.. he's starting to fuss a little.
Oh... Zoe taught Oren how to say Uh Oh! It's so frickin cute!! He's really trying to talk a lot more now and I love it!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Sleep child!! SLEEP!

I feel like a lot of my posts are about Oren and his shitty sleeping habits lol.
He's screaming his head off right now b/c he doesn't want to take a 2nd nap, but screw that noise... he's taking one if he likes it or not.
I made the mistake of going in there to give him a bottle of milk and that started the screaming fit all over again. UGH.
He is one stubborn child and is sucking the little bit of energy I have right now.
Children just do not understand what adults would do to get 1 or 2 naps a day and to go to bed nice and early and get in 8-12hours of sleep. How awesome and happy would that make us old folks??? lol

Can't stand April Fool's day. Some pranks are funny, but all of these fake news stories are just so annoying. It's like people that don't have a sense of humor got together and tried to think of something funny to post for this day and it just ends up lame. Uuuuuuuuuuugh.
I'm such a buzzkill lol

Thank goodness... he finally went to sleep!! Dogs and Zoe better keep their shit together and not wake him up damnit! lol

I swear... it is impossible... IMPOSSIBLE to keep this house clean for more than a couple of days. The living room once again looks like a bomb has gone off in it. The Tardis kitchen was looking like a hot mess until I cleaned that up today, but I'm sure it will look awful again tomorrow. It's never ending.....
It's like dishes and laundry..... it just never ends /sob

We're talking about getting another dog when the oldest one dies.
We're kind of debating if we want another large dog (or well.. I guess she's medium size at about 60lbs?) or just getting a small dog.
We would want another large dog to help keep the bad guys away. I wouldn't mind a mutt from a shelter.
But we want a small dog b/c well.. they're small and we kinda have our hearts set on getting a pug. Or well.... I have my heart set on a pug lol.
But that would be a lot more money getting a dog with possible health issues and having to find a reputable breeder which could be a pain.
We'll see.
It's not going to happen any time soon I don't think. Pretty sure our old dog has at least another couple of good years in her although she has slowed down quite a bit.

The itchy nipples are in full swing. Why pregnancy?? WHY??????
Out of all the crap you could do to my body... you give me gawd awful itchy frickin nipples!!!!!