Saturday, February 28, 2015

Almost there

Boy I still have a lot to do still before Oren arrives.
Finally remembered to dig out the nursing cover that I never used with Zoe. Will be bringing it to the hospital with me this time.
I didn't with Zoe (didn't think about it) and honestly didn't care who saw my boobs when I was trying to BF her, but this time.. yeah... I'm not going to be flashing my bewbs around lol.

Also got a nice cheap dollar toothbrush to bring. Just need a travel size toothpaste to go with it. Will probably end up just bringing the aveeno baby shampoo/wash that I've been using. Will be easier to just use that all over instead of having to bring seperate body wash and shampoo.
Just need to buy another bottle of it though. May try something else.

Also bought a few things for freezer meals although.... I'm probably not going to end up making anything. Why? B/c we have NO room in the freezer right now for anything else. Need to clean it out. Throw away things that have been forgotten about in there to make room. May do that tomorrow when DH and Zoe are at church.

We also went mattress shopping today. Went to a place that's pretty close to us and spent a good hour or so in there trying out all the firm ones.
Sure the plush ones are comfortable at first, but they just don't have the support we really need. And if in the future we do want something softer, they make those pillow top things you can put on your mattress.
Anyway... it took up what we had left from tax returns, but it should be money well spent. At least I hope so. You know you can't really determine how a mattress will feel until you've slept on it for a little while. Thankfully this place has a 100 day return policy so long as there isn't any damage to the mattress.
We should be getting it next Saturday.

In bigger news though.... DH finally transitioned Zoe's crib to the toddler bed.
Zoe was SO excited about it too. So cute :D When he was done, she kept climbing in it and pretending to go to sleep... even wanted the lights off. Heh
She actually didn't do bad for her actual bedtime though. As soon as we were out the door, I heard her messing with her doorknob (it has a child safety thing on the inside lol)... and when DH got the monitor (video monitor), he saw her climb in and out of her bed twice, but that was it. She stayed in it after that. He did have to go in there to cover her back up with her blankets, but she stayed put and eventually went to sleep.
We'll see how she does tomorrow morning. That will be the true test. I suspect I'll be waking up to her clothes ALL over her floor quite often :P
All of her furniture is anchored to the wall though so.. whatever. I'll just have to deal with her making a huge mess so long as she is safe.
OO this means we can move some of her toys in there though. Won't be as cluttered out in the living room. Although it's really not that bad so long as we get her to pick up her stuff.

And yeah, that's pretty much it. We or I will need to make a few trips out to pick up the last few things I want to get but yeah.... we're ready... or as ready as we'll ever be :D

Friday, February 27, 2015

Ouch damnit!!

Baby boy's movement HURTS. Not everything but everything down low when he moves, turns whatever hurts like hell.
Thankfully most of it is really quick, but it's sharp and takes my breath away every time it happens.

And I'm not constipated right now but BOY the gas is terrible and I feel more bloated now than I did when I was constipated. WTH?

I've also been experiencing nausea at night the last 3 or so nights when going to bed. I'll feel totally fine, but as soon as I lay down... in comes the nausea and it's bad too. Like 2 steps away from actually needing to throw up.

So yeah.... uncomfortable.... Heck yes!

It's kind of funny too though b/c every time I do feel any kind of pain... my mind always goes in to semi-panic/excited mode that I'm going in to labor rofl. I really would not be surprised if it did happen, but I'm sure he'll be staying put until the c-sec.

Poor DH's back. He's resorted to sleeping on the floor the last 2 nights and it hasn't helped.
I think we're going to go mattress shopping tomorrow. It's a lot of money, but it needs to be spent.

Other than pain from Oren pressing against my back... mine has been fine though which I'm surprised about since it takes me a while to get comfortable in the 2 positions I can sleep in lol.

Anywho... I really hope we'll be able to find a good one to help his back... and one that won't break the bank.

I finally cleaned the top of my dresser and organized my drawers a bit better. WOO! lol
I waited until right before bed to do it, but hey... I did it :P
Actually didn't take as long as I thought it would. Just had to reorganize and actually have more space now.

Oh AND I found that I actually have 2 nursing tanks instead of just the one blue one that I thought I had lol. I also found an awesome sports bra looking nursing bra that I completely do not remember. Woo! heh
I do want to buy one more nursing bra to replace one that lost a clasp in the back. Not a huge deal if I don't get another... just annoying when that happens and that little unclasped flap keeps folding in and you feel it. Bleh.

I have a couple of things still on the top of the dresser for the hospital bag. The blue nursing tank, robe, nursing bra.
Definitely going to bring one of the maxi skirts instead of pants to go home in. They're stretchier plus you won't be able to see my oh so sexy diaper I'll be wearing. ;) lol

Now I just need to build up enough energy to spot clean some of the gross spots on the carpet and do water changes in the fish tanks.
Fish tanks can wait until it warms up in a few days.... carpet...... sigh......... carpet is always going to be an ongoing battle :(
If I did it today.... I'm sure one of the animals would get sick tomorrow all over a different spot :\

Zoe is so frickin cute!!! She loves watching the few Disney movies on DH's tablet. She's on a Wall-E kick right now and keeps wanting to recreate the scene where Wall-E gets reset and Eve thinks he's gone forever and intertwines her fingers with his and leans her head on to his.
She wants to intertwine her fingers with mine and then gets this serious slightly angry look on her face (she hasn't totally mastered the fake worried look lol), and leans in a bit too fast to my head.
It's so cute.... sometimes painful :P hehe

Girl really needs to sleep longer in the morning though. She's been wanting to wake up just after 6 and UUUUUUUUUGH. Momma needs her sleep :(

She might be getting a cold though. I hope not, but her nose has been runny. Not constantly so hopefully it's just a really minor blip that goes quick but it could be another big one that's building up.
UGH I hope not!

Thursday, February 26, 2015


So had my NST this morning and Oren totally failed it.
Oh, on the way there he was moving and kicking around like crazy, but as soon as I parked... apparently that was a great time to go to sleep.

He would not move. He moved maybe twice that I definitely knew was him... there were a few other things that I mistook the start of BH for him moving.

I ended up getting an u/s after 30mins on the NST monitor and even then, it took him a good 10mins to move enough to satisfy the tech.
His heart rate and breathing and fluid were all fine, he just did not want to wake up to move.

I poked and prodded and did everything I could to try to wake him, but NOPE.

During the NST, I was having pretty regular BH contractions too. They were coming about every 3 mins and lasting about 20-30sec.  As soon as I got up though they stopped or well.. not stopped completely but stopped being regular and went back to sporadic.

Anywho.... I really hope he sleeps that well when he's out :P lol
And I hope he cooperates for the last NST. I knew everything was ok, but it still made me worried too.
He's moving around right now of course. No one is trying to monitor him so it's PARTY TIME! :\


Went to Joanns and Hobby Lobby after. Wasn't planning on going to Hobby Lobby but Joanns didn't have anything I needed. No toddler size shirts and no transfer paper. Well they had weird colored transfer paper but that was it.
Was just going to go home and order off of Amazon but Hobby Lobby was right there so decided to stop.
Picked up a black shirt and a pack of the paper. Now just need to figure out where I put the velcro and figure out a design for the shirt. :)
Might get some fabric paint too to add glitter to it or something. We'll see.

Pretty sure he is still low or is moving from low to high. Last night I kept getting some sharp painful quick bladder & everything connected to that pains when he would grind his head on the area.
I've also been getting butt pain too from him pressing against all of that.
He's using that giant head to cause some pain to his momma!

UGH, so annoyed with MiL and aunt.
They've taught Zoe to be afraid of spiders...... :\

We get decent size wolf spiders around the house. We usually only see them when they're dying and I don't mind them since they're keeping the other bugs controlled.

Zoe sees one now and runs away saying "Scary spider!" Before she would just look at it and say "Oh, Spider!"
Just UGH. I don't want her to be afraid of bugs. She doesn't have to love them... I sure don't, but I don't want her screaming like a banshee when she sees one either (like her cousins do).

Few years ago when I was babysitting her cousins... one of them started shrieking. I mean like someone was being murdered. Why? B/c there was a tiny little flea on her (a flea that they brought over...... but that's another matter)....
She was absolutely terrified and would not move until I got it off of her.
That is not going to be Zoe... at least I really hope not.

Learned yesterday that SiL (DH's older sister) is only going to be here for a day and a half before going to Disney World w/ her DH.
That's a little disappointing but they should at least be able to spend some time with Oren :)
He's only going to be what..... 4 days old then. Can't wait :D

Really hoping that now that her DH is home (he was gone for 8? 9? months) they'll get busy and get their sticky baby. SO hoping the femara i gave her works. Keeping everything crossed for them.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Not for me but for a couple more women in my DD group.

2 are being induced today. One is pregnant with twins, the other b/c her bp was high and protein in urine. That part sucks but she's 38+w pregnant so her LO should be good to go.
Just so exciting to see all of these babies being born now that March is not so quickly approaching. Or well.. it feels that way at least lol.

I really hope both of their inductions go quick and easy for them. Can't wait to see baby spam :)

I was wrong... Amazon does have some cheaper plain t-shirts. I must've just overlooked them earlier. Still not super cheap, especially for being just a plain shirt. Will hold off and wait and see what the hobby stores have tomorrow.
Not sure which to hit up first. Maybe Michaels, but they're usually the more expensive store compared to Hobby Lobby. But Hobby Lobby is in the wrong direction from where I'll be coming from. Meh... few dollars won't make much of a difference. We'll see :D


I really need to get these last little bits of cleaning done around the house. Like cleaning up the fresh puke spots (thanks dog....).... and cleaning off the top of my dresser.
I'd take a photo of it, but it's embarrassing lol.
We have 4 dressers in our room and every drawer is full. I need to go through mine and get rid of crap I don't wear so I can put up the clothes I do wear.
Just sounds like sooooo much work though *cry* lol
I'll do that today though. I've been telling myself I was going to get it done for a week now and still nada :P


Pretty sure Oren has come back up some. I don't feel as much pressure down load as I was before. Either that or my body just got used to it *shrugs*

Going to wait until tomorrow to go to the store to pick up the stuff to make Zoe's shirt. Was going to go today but... yeah... as the title to this post says... lazy.
Looked on amazon for plain toddler t-shirts. Frickin nothing cheap available for prime shipping. WTF?? Was hoping I could just order something but noooooooo :\

It's not helping that I'm having to get up every hour to 2hrs to pee at night. I'm sleeping pretty well inbetween, but I know it would be such a bit help if I could sleep for a longer stretch without waking.
Also not helping that I'm having to wear earplugs to try to drown out DH's snoring.
I know he can't help it, but in those moments when I'm trying to get back to sleep and I can still hear him clear as day through the earplugs... I want to punch him.. or just smack him in the face with my pillow.

And then one of our dogs always has to wake up and start making the most disgusting LOUD slurping/licking sounds. There are some things I'm patient with, but other things.. no.... and one of those is the sounds of loud licking from a dog. It's one of those things that just drives me up the wall (same with barking or watching a dog scratch themselves raw).

Just one of those things that isn't a huge deal but sure as heck feels like it when you're feeling sleep deprived lol.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


So I'm all about DIY.. didnt even think to do that with a Big sis shirt for Zoe but I'm totally going to. Just need to go out and buy everything which I'll do tomorrow.

Can't find a Super Big Sister shirt w/ a cape? Damnit, I'm going to make one then! I can even just detach one of the capes from a shirt Zoe already has, add the velcro strips to the new shirt and voila! No need to buy fabric to make a new cape. Woot!

Just watched a tutorial on how to do it an things needed and doesn't seem that hard. Just have to come up with the graphic for the shirt. Will probably just kind of copy the super little brother shirt graphics.. just change colors or something. Nothing super fancy or anything.

This should be fun :D

OOO was having some lower abdomen pain earlier. It wasn't bad, but a light sharp pain really far down (where his head is).
Think I was just dehydrated once again b/c I'm not feeling it any longer after drinking a little more.

It didn't start snowing until this morning.. and even then not that much. Not that we were expected to get a lot, but it would've been nice to have more than we got. Think other than shaded areas, it's gone. I got a few photos though b/c that's what we do here... take photos of the dusting of snow when we get it hehe

Zoe was so cute when it was snowing. Stood on the porch with her and she kept saying "It's Elsa, It's Snow!" Lol awww.

Not so aww, girl resisted taking a nap even though she was tired. She did finally go to sleep after screaming and crying for a half hour. So fun having to listen to that.... not stressful at all -_-

Feeling kind of off right now. My sugar was a little high for lunch (pork and beans), but it shouldn't have me feeling like this. Will eat something else in a little bit to see if it helps and again really need to make sure I'm drinking enough. I've been avoiding getting up to get something b/c those first few moments after standing are uncomfortable lol.

Monday, February 23, 2015


So... appointment this afternoon went well.
Lost my blood sugar sheet. Pretty sure Zoe must have taken it out and dropped it somewhere in the office. Oh well. OB wasn't too worried about it.

Ultrasound went well. Got a nice extended look at our little Obi b/c he was fast asleep and was not moving lol.
Oh he moved while we waited in the waiting room, but as soon as we were in the u/s room... nap time!
He's actually measuring 37w2d now and his weight has jumped up to an estimated 6lb 10oz. O_O
That's a 1lb gain since last ultrasound.
I mentioned it to the doctor but she just said that of course there's always the margin of error and he could be a little smaller than that.
But his percentile has jumped up to almost 50% now when he was hanging around the 30th percentile.
So *shrugs* The tech is either way off on measurements or he's had quite the growth spurt.

Also, my amniotic fluid levels have dropped to normal range again. She measured it 4 times to make sure. It was still on the high end of normal, but still normal. She even asked me if I had had any leaking. o_O

And finally.... he has definitely dropped... A LOT more than I had thought. She had to put that u/s probe down VERY low. Like right at my c-sec scar. I knew he had dropped some, just didn't realize it was that low though.

I can tell now b/c the boy is taking his giant head and grinding it on everything attached to the ladybits and brown eye below and it does NOT feel pleasant. Can't even explain the sensation. It hurts, it's sharp and... yeah.. it just doesn't feel good.

It really wouldn't surprise me if he were to make an unexpected early appearance. Part of me kind of hopes so... but most of me just hopes he stays put until his due date lol.

It's supposed to snow tonight. Only like a half inch worth IF we do get any. And it's not really supposed to stick. It will be fun to see... just hope it's not accompanied by ice or anything that will make it dangerous on the roads since DH will have to drive in it.

Zoe's imagination just keeps growing and it's so cute and fun to watch. She plays with her little people and talks for them and makes up her own songs and.. just UGH! I want to smoosh her! lol

She's also started a "nuh uh" thing. Not sure where she got that from... maybe Talking Tom app since he'll make that noise. It's cute but I can see it getting annoying too lol.

Really wish she would keep the little clips in her hair. If she doesn't... will seriously consider cutting her bangs. They're always in her eyes now. She's sporting some Daryl from The Walking Dead hair right now.... and while it's cute... she's always brushing it out of her eyes. I've tried putting clips in to her hair but she always.. ALWAYS takes them out.

That's a problem b/c she's started having an oral fixation again. I'm still fairly positive she's getting her molars in still which is causing this, but UGH. It scares me when she sticks everything in to her mouth. She has a lot more freedom now and a lot more smaller objects in her reach that could cause problems if she were to swallow something. I really do need those eyes in the back of my head to grow :P lol

I just want to sleep!

Thankfully my sleep hasn't been that bad, but I'm having to get up to pee a lot more often it seems.
He still doesn't feel THAT low, but laying down, it def feels like he snuggles up right on my bladder and puts some major pressure on it so it feels like I have to go all the dang time.

And then I try to get back to sleep while poor DH is snoring his ass off. I can't poke him to get him to move... or at least I try not to do it that often now b/c constantly making him change positions is screwing with his back.
Put in some ear plugs last night which helped some, but I kept dreaming that my ears had wax buildup that I couldn't relieve and it would actually wake me up lol.
Also didn't help that our little shit eater dog woke me up last night puking on the floor and of course had to come out in to the living room to puke even more.... on the floor that was nice and clean.
Oh yes sorry... boohoo, poor dog..... Poor dog my ass. If he would stop eating shit, he wouldn't get an upset stomach all the damn time. Nasty....

Also, did I mention that the cat pissed on the floor again? I think I did mention it already.
And I can still F-ing smell it. I'm about to pour some vinegar over the area. I'd rather smell vinegar than cat piss.

Anyway... enough bitching lol....

Holy crap.. have any of you tried that Reese's spread? It's like spreadable reese's cup!!! It's damn expensive for a little container (or what I think is expensive) but holy shit is it delicious!! Nomnomnomnomnom

Have my u/s and doc appointment this afternoon. Only 4 more appointments left before the big day! I think these next 2 weeks are going to DRAG. Not looking forward to that, but need to spend this little bit of time making sure we do actually have everything ready to go.... which I'm pretty sure we do for the most part.

Do still need to make some freezer meals. Bought stuff for the spaghetti sauce... and DH wants me to make chili too. Just have to figure out what else.
Think I'm going to buy some jarred alfredo sauce. I SO want some alfredo.... will just have to spruce it up a bit with more parmesean in it heh.
And yeah... will figure out what else to do these next couple of weeks.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Alone and loving it!!

So DH's plans to help his dad happened a bit later than he thought. I told him that he probably wouldn't even be over there until noon.
His family is notorious for starting crap late... and yep.. noon rolled around, 1 rolled around.
I finally told him he needs to call to see what's going on and finally, he left to go help at around 1:30 or so.
Thankfully MiL was also going to be home since she has to watch her other grandchild today, so DH took Zoe with him so she could go visit and fight with her cousin :P
Zoe and her cousin love eachother but they are also very typical toddlers too who fight. It's kind of cute in a no one really gets hurt kind of way lol.

Anywho, I'm sitting here alone, drinking my 2nd diet dr pepper and loving it. Piece and quiet and can do or watch whatever I want. WOOT! lol

I love DH and Zoe more than anything in this world, but it is so nice to have some alone time too especially now with Oren on the way... I won't get these moments this often for a very long time.

I think Oren may have dropped a little. Not a whole lot though.

37w today. Was going to take a bump shot but... I'm just feeling too lazy to do it lol.
Boy... what a difference a 2nd pregnancy makes. I was taking bump shots religiously with Zoe... but this one? MEH.... lol

I did manage to poop twice yesterday. WOO! But I can still feel that it wasn't all of it. Gross TMI incoming..... even though I can't poop... every time I go to the bathroom... I'm having to wipe a bit extra b/c the poop is right there and smearing on the tp. So I'm constantly wiping my ass b/c well.. that's all I can do at this point.

AH crap... and that just reminded me that I totally forgot to get stool softeners when we went grocery shopping *cry*

So Dh went through Zoe's toys the other day. Put some up and then put some in to another bin for Oren.
He took out a Tigger security blanket for Oren but Zoe ended up stealing it again.

DH told me yesterday that while his friends were over (I hide in the bedroom b/c I'm antisocial lol)... she took it out to show off and was telling them "Baby Oren's"
*heart melts*
How frickin cute is that???
I still don't believe she knows fully what is going on but some part of her does.
I can't wait to see how she is with him. I kind of dread it too just b/c she's in that toddler selfish thing, but I think she's going to be an amazing big sister :)

We've been so lucky with her. Great sleeper and she doesn't hit or bite or anything like that. Yes, she has her flaws of course.. like telling us no, drama queen, whining, etc... but she's such a sweet girl too. Love my little munchkin.

And the opposite of love... so much for feeling bad about the cat b/c the fucker pissed on the carpet again.
Kept smelling cat pee yesterday but didn't see anything where he's gone before.
But I ended up shining a flash light in the area and yep... sure enough, there was that discolored piss spot where he had went..... RIGHT BESIDE the boxes w/ the unused pee pads in them.
Now all I can smell is fucking cat piss. Going to clean the spot in a little bit after I soak it with some more Nature's Miracle.
So sick and tired of this cat. Yes.... it's sad that his paws bother him, but damn.... all he had to do was scoot over 2 fucking inches to pee in his designated pee box (which there are 4 of them... so he has more options).

Just ugh..... never ever want another cat after he dies.

Friday, February 20, 2015


Quick post.... but I'm feeling like hell right now.
Started getting that low blood sugar shaky feeling even though I've been eating.
Just ate some toast and wolfed down 2 pudding cups. It's a bit too much carbs/sugar but I don't care. Feels like my body needed it.

Also, since Zoe woke up earlier than normal, I put her down for a nap. Girl was NOT happy about it and started with her whine crying.
You parents know what I'm talking about.
UUUUUUUUGH..... was already feeling bad and tack on that. I wanted to rip my hair out.
Thankfully she seems to have finally gone to sleep.

Just waiting for the food I ate to kick in already to get rid of this blah feeling.


Baby boy is doing something in there and it does not feel good. Trying to stretch or something... I don't know but OUCH! Just pushing and putting pressure on all the wrong spots.
It is still neat to see my belly going crazy though with his movements lol.
Wish I knew what I was pressing on when I rub my belly. If he's still head down then it means I'm rubbing on some baby butt heh.


I really need to stay off of some of these pregnancy boards. Some of the comments just annoy me so GD much I want to rip hair out (not my own).

Like women being SO against being induced. Thinking it's the worst thing possible to be induced and blahblahblah... and then in the same breath go on to say how they want to try to induce labor at home with some shit like castor oil.
Are you F-ing kidding me??
So medical induction, in a safe environment with staff that is there to monitor you and baby equals the devil reincarnate, but trying to induce labor at home using something like castor oil equals totally fine!

And then the whole "My doctor only wants to do a c-section and/or induce for their OWN convenience!" bullshit that spews out of some mouths. Again... are you F-ing kidding me with this shit?
Nevermind that the person JUST posted how their baby is in a weird position AND the mother also is considered high risk b/c of XYZ reason. Oh no.. just ignore all of that.. the doctor only wants to cut you open or induce you b/c they have their golf game/vacation to go to! B/c ya know... all doctors play golf b/c that's the rich person/doctor thing to do!
*insert the biggest eyeroll ever*
Then you have all of the idiots who chime in agreeing that c-section and or inducing shouldn't be done even with those very real risks.

I could go on, but I won't. You get my point.

It never fails..... day after cleaning the carpets.... the cat pukes on it again. Awesome......
Wish they made a much much smaller shampooer for spots like that. Like a handheld vaccuum but a shampooer so you can clean up small spots and not have to wheel out the giant piece of shit to clean it up.

DH's grandfather is supposed to be going home this coming Wednesday. Sounds like he's doing better, but obviously not even close to 100%.
Dh is going over to the house tomorrow to help his dad build a ramp.

His grandfather COULD be doing better than he is, but DH's family...... I love them but they are so F-ing frustrating.
They're a loving bunch. No denying that, but they do not push his grandfather to continue his physical therapy outside of what is forced on him in the place. They could be helping him, at least reminding him to practice everything they're teaching him to do, but they don't. They just sit back and do nothing and it's annoying as shit.
His grandfather is having trouble swallowing thin liquids, so they want him to do some kind of swallowing exercise to help. Does he do it himself? NOPE.... does his family (other than DH) remind him to do it? NOPE.
And b/c of the swallowing issues... he's supposed to eat small bites and drink a thickened liquid after each time. Do they make sure he's doing that? NOPE. They let him shovel food in to his mouth like he's starving and then complain when he starts choking on it.
DH wants to visit and get updates on how he's doing, but every single time he talks to them, all he ends up getting is just as frustrated as me b/c they're just not doing what they should to get him better.

And don't get me started on their listening skills. It's in one ear and right out the other with minimal information kept... or more like selective information retained.

Anywho... I'm probably just annoyed with everything right now b/c Zoe woke up a bit earlier today... and I'm having that out of breath feeling right now which always sucks.
I'm good though... just had to get those rants out :P hehe

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Meh, not that bad...

Thought it was going to be freezing outside this morning.
Meh... it really wasn't that bad. Yes, it was cold, but it wasn't unbearable. Not even any frost on the car.
There was some ice on the road though from the stupid automatic sprinkler systems that no one ever bothers to turn off. Those patches were just SO fun to drive over.
Nothing quite gets your heart pumping like the feeling of your car losing control for those moments.


Appointment went nice and quick. They were short on nurses this morning so I had a quick ultrasound instead. Wish they could do those all the time. SO much faster than an NST lol.
Don't have to wait to feel baby move since you can just see it happen.
Everything was fine though. Baby boy was still head down, practicing his breathing, heart rate was good, amniotic fluid is still about the same I think, and he moved enough to satisfy whatever criteria they needed.

Poor DH came home early yesterday from work b/c he was feeling sick. Nauseated, headache, hot flashes. He came home and went right to bed and slept for a good 3 or so hours.
Of course it got super windy outside and the power went off for a little over an hour then. You just never realize how reliant on technology you are until you can't access it lol.

Anywho... DH was fine though. He still felt a bit blah, but he's a tough guy. Not one to turn in to a giant baby when he's not feeling well.

I'm SO constipated :(
Wasn't having much of a problem going up until this point. I tried going last night and only managed like a rabbit pellet... not even a human sized one... but an actual tiny tic tac sized nothing. So frustrating.
Going to get some stool softeners this weekend. In the mean time... maybe just drown my foods in hot sauce and hope my body reacts to it how it usually does.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's cold!

Ok, so not as cold as some places, but cold for here.
It's supposed to be super chilly tomorrow morning... awesome. Hopefully there won't be any ice on the road.

DH had guy's night here last night so most of the day was spent cleaning. I had to finish the living room. Started off well but lack of hydration and food started making me irritable and SO achy.  I half assed most of the main part, but still looks better than it did at least. I can tell the areas that I went over a couple of times vs the ones I only went over once lol.
Oh well.
At least there aren't any new pee spots being produced... now we just have bloody cat spots and dog ass drag spots :\
Pets are just.... so fun sometimes. lol

We did get the nursery straightened up even more though :D I stuffed most of his diapers. Still have about half a dozen or so left to do (didn't want to get up to grab more inserts lol).
Thanks to SiL giving me her stash of cloth diapers, we shouldn't have to buy any new ones. Yay :D
DH also finally cleaned out his closet and we washed the covers for the swing, rock n play and bouncer seat.
Ugh..... I'm pretty sure a mouse has been having fun in the rock n play. DH handed me the cover for it... nothing wrong.... that is until he yells EW! and tells me to bring the vacuum back in to the room. I get in there and there are mouse turds everywhere *barf*
I know it didn't come from the bouncer. That was in Zoe's closet... and there was nothing from the swing cover when he took it off so it def came from the rock n play. Going to have to drown the parts we can't wash in lysol.


Anyway... last night.. it hit me. Next Monday... we only have 2 weeks before we meet our little man. Holy... Shit. O_O
Yeah this last month is going by slow but still... HOLY SHIT!
I just feel so overwhelmed with every emotion possible. Heck, even now just thinking about it I want to start crying. Not happy or sad tears... just overwhelmed tears.
After infertility and everything we've been through, it's still a bit surreal that we're going to have 2 kids now.
I can't wait to meet our new little dude. Can't wait to see what he looks like and compare that to what Zoe looked like. I CAN wait for those sleepless nights though lol.

Speaking of sleep. I've actually been sleeping really well recently. Still haven't get up to pee all the time or roll over b/c of some kind of ache, but I've been able to get back to sleep with minimal problems. I've now probably jinxed myself but oh well... it was nice while it lasted at least hehe.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Few photos

Was messing around with the new camera the other day and got some pretty good shots of Zoe that I just wanted to share.

These were taken right before her bedtime. Her daddy was being most entertaining b/c she was all smiles for him :)

GAH! Looking at these photos... I see her growing up and looking like a little girl, but my heart still wants to see her as a baby.

And a photo of our tiny Pippin. This is going to sound so bad, but I'm loving him a bit more now that I don't have to clean up piss or poop off the carpet every day :P
Even though he's just over 3lbs.. he makes one heck of a good snuggle buddy at night.
And finally...
Just took this a few mins ago... 36w2d (by LMP)....

And just for comparison sake... here I am at 36w with Zoe..

Hmm.... looks about the same I think?


Appointment went well this morning. Nice and quick. Was afraid it was going to be super busy like it usually is, but thankfully it wasn't.

Oren is chugging along. Growing as he should. I do still have a little more than normal amniotic fluid but nothing to worry about. Apparently it's giving him lots of room though b/c he has flipped back to head down once again lol. Just think it's funny that he keeps flip flopping all over the place.
I haven't felt it at all so he must do it when I'm asleep.
Not surprising since he seems to think it's party time every time I'm trying to get to sleep.
His weight is estimated at 5lbs 10oz, so still on track to being about 7lbs when he's born. :)

Just so glad I don't have to get cervical checks though. SO glad. I remember how uncomfortable they were with Zoe so being able to avoid them now b/c I'm having a repeat is AWESOME :D

Speaking of Zoe. She's getting so used to going to the doctor's office now lol. She's usually a little shy when she meets new people, but now, she's trying to show off to them and talk to them. It's so cute heh. Although not so cute when she doesn't want to hold my hand and tries to pull away in the parking garage. About gives me a heart attack every time she tries to pull away or is actually successful at it.

Poor cat is sick. He threw up yesterday and seemed to be having trouble pooping. It was definitely a "something is wrong/sick" puke.. not a hairball type.
He did manage to get some  poop out and DH says he's been having to clean some up in the morning as usual so not really sure what's wrong with him.
Just watching him today to make sure he's not acting lethargic or anything. He's been eating so *shrugs* Guess that's a good sign.

Really need to watch what I'm eating. Other than the brownies that I made.. I really haven't been eating terrible or anything, but I think the GD is getting a little worse at the end here so I'm not able to be as lenient w/ the carbs as I was before. Just have to adjust things and remember to not eat as much bad things as I was.
I'll start after this lunch though. Fixed some pork and beans and pretty much ate all of it..... yeah... I don't think I'll be having a good sugar level this time. Oops.

Think DH wants to go to the beach this summer.
He asked if I would want to take Oren to the beach when he's 2-3m old. I have no idea how I'll feel then but I think it would be ok.
We really haven't been on a good vacation in a while so the thought of going to the beach is nice. Just lounge around and get a tan and do a whole lot of nothing for a few days sounds dreamy. He would want to invite family though. That doesn't really appeal to me other than extra eyes watching Zoe, but staying in a space with them... who are all snorers.... BLEH.
We'll see what happens and if it happens.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


I had a rough day yesterday. Just felt like total crap and was SO hot. I would've run around nekkid if we had some curtains on the windows by the door.
I think I may have been dehydrated. I know I haven't been drinking enough lately b/c I've been lazy and don't like getting up if I don't have to. Guess I kinda have to now though.
I felt so bad though and am still feeling it today.
Also, to spin this... I drank too much last night before bed and that mixed with what I had eaten left me nauseated. On a scale of 1 being not nauseated and 10 being my head in the toilet bowl puking.. I was at an 8. I was so close to throwing up b/c everything was just sitting in my stomach and not moving and being smooshed by baby and BH contractions.

I sat up for a while b/c laying down only made it worse. That seemed to help get things moving b/c I had a nice emptying BM and felt 100x better after.
I'm not really all that constipated. I'll go maybe 1 or 2 days max. Oh I'll have some HORRIBLE smelly gas before going, but it's never made me feel backed up, ya know? So *shrugs*

Those brownies weren't very good :( Only made them b/c they got good reviews but something did not go right. I followed the directions so it wasn't anything on my end. Just not a very good recipe I guess. It wasn't peanut buttery enough or chocolatey enough. Just... meh.

Went to the grocery store and Target this morning. Wanted to get some discount V day candy but it wasn't discounted enough for my taste. I did buy Zoe a cute little Minnie Mouse fuzzy purse w/ some candy hearts in it. Not really on sale for a lot less but oh well.
I'll just have to stock up on Easter candy :P
Mmmmm Easter candy..... *drool*

And finally... another March momma gave birth!! Her little girl was 37w and a little over 6lbs :D So exciting. I'm sure there will be more to come before the month is over :D

Saturday, February 14, 2015

F diabetes!!!

Well, ok not completely :P
I just made some chocolate peanut butter brownies. Just pulled them out of the oven so don't know if they're any good. They sure smell good.
I am going to tear some up though!! Damnit, I've been doing awesome so far controlling my diet and controlling GD..... I'm going to eat me 1 or 2 nice big chunks of this brownie today and not give a SHIT. Baby boy will enjoy it :P lol

Speaking of baby boy.... I dunno if maybe he rammed a foot down there, but holy lightening crotch!! Actually made me gasp and double over (well as much as I can double over).

Weirdness (TMI)

So I had a weird dream last night that I need to share.
DH and I were for some reason sleeping inside of a Target.
It's early morning and DH wakes me up wanting to get his freak on. So we start going at it... and that's when our cat that was sleeping in the bed with us starts to moan... like a man having sex. Why? B/c he wants to lure people over to our area so we'd be too embarrassed to continue so we'd have to feed him.

o_O WTF?

Just...... what?? LOL

Way to ruin a completely pleasant dream brain! SIGH!

Ok another weirdness and a bit TMI.... I have montgomery glands on my areolas. No big deal and I've had them for forever.
Well sometimes, they'll get a build up of the oils so I'll squeeze them a bit to clean them out. I know that sounds so gross but it's not as gross as it sounds? lol
Anywho, I did that yesterday and I swear I can squeeze out a little bit of colostrum from some of them.
Again... WTF?
I thought that it was just the natural oil they make at first but no... it's definitely not that. It looks like colostrum.

Anywho... I'm not having any leaking issues, but seems as though my breasts are getting ready for baby boy b/c I can get a little bit of colostrum from my actual nips now. It's not a lot at all... maybe a drop lol.

And speaking of baby food.... I haven't signed up for any kind of free samples from anywhere, but last week, I got a big box of free similac stuff in the mail. Like a couple of premixed formula bottles, a can of powder stuff etc.
I'm not complaining about it... but ..... where the hell did they even get my information?? o_O

Zoe peed in the potty again last night! WOO!
After reading some helpful tips on potty training that we got from her doc office... we're trying to get on a potty time schedule. Or well... it's just right before bed atm, but I'll be adding in more once I figure out when some good times would be.
But we did it last night. Before putting her in her night night clothes & diaper, we let her sit on her potty and she peed in it a little bit at first. Then kept wanting to sit and play on it. I was playing around with her and telling her she has to push it out and making a scrunchy face. She started copying me and a couple minutes later... she peed again... A LOT more than the first time.
YAY Zoe! :D

I tried getting her to do some potty time this morning but she wasn't having any of it. Just wanted to get dressed again and be on her merry way lol. It's a work in progress :)

She's developing some bad habits though. She bites her nails. Not sure when b/c I never see her do it while I'm with her. She must do it after we put her down for the night or something.
Also, she's getting in to the gross habit of putting her hair in to her mouth and sucking on it. Like getting it wet and sucking the moisture off of it. BLEH!
She's been doing that with her shirts too. I always get her to stop when I see her do it b/c just... bleh... do not need her getting in to those bad habits.
The nail biting thing though.. not sure what to do since I never see her do it. Maybe buy some cute non toxic nail polish for her could help. But then she might be more compelled to do it.... I dunno. I'll probably try it out.

Friday, February 13, 2015


So we finally ordered the baby monitor and camera off of amazon. Got the package today and well... here.. I'll just let you see the state in which the box arrived...

Seriously??? The box was crushed AND the amazon prime tape they use to close it with was split on the bottom so you could very easily see what we ordered and if someone had been inclined, taken out what we had ordered with no problem.
I'm so F-ing pissed over this.
If it had been.. say the blankets we ordered, fine.... they're not breakable so a crushed box, while annoying, wouldn't have been a big deal.
But these are VERY breakable expensive items that could've been ruined by whoever mishandled the box.
Thankfully the stuff inside looks ok. Don't know if any of it works yet (waiting for DH to come home to check that out), but still. Obviously things could've turned out a lot worse.

Yeah... I think PP I'm going to be a giant ball of hormonal mess. I was weepy when I had Zoe, but it wasn't all that bad. I can just feel that it's going to be worse this time. My hormones right now are causing some anger and weepy issues. Thankfully it's still not weepy over nothing. Just things that would cause me to tear up before are making me ugly sob now lol.
And the anger isn't that bad.... it's more being annoyed with everything.
Oh well... I'll deal with it when the time comes.

Man... BH contractions SUCK when you have to pee. I really hate getting up to go pee now b/c it's a chore to stand up and those moments right after standing suck b/c it feels like he drops all of his weight right on to my bladder.
Add in some BH when I have to pee though.... it feels like it's squeezing my bladder right along with the uterus. Again, I do NOT remember having these with Zoe at all.
And other than that, they're starting to get uncomfortable. Not painful at all, just annoying when they happen.... mostly for the reason above.
Just something else I'll deal with. I complain a lot but I do still love being pregnant.

Been sleeping better. Still not great, but I'm still managing to get better sleep and for longer stretches.

Not sure we're going to do anything romantic this weekend. My idea of romance would be me sitting at home and DH bringing home a giant tub of fried chicken and fries LOL. So long as I don't have to cook, I'll be happy.
Will probably go out Sunday morning to snag some discount chocolate too. YUM! :D hehe

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Zoe had her wellness checkup yesterday.
She's 29lbs and developing normally. Her height was at something like 20something percentile, but it's on track w/ how she's been growing.
No shots, but she did have to get her finger pricked to check her iron levels which were fine too :) She was fascinated w/ the bandaid lol.
My little girl isn't so little anymore *sigh*
It really is something watching her grow up. You get to experience all of these things you're so used to for the first time with your LO and it just makes it more special. Really makes you stop for a moment to make you appreciate the little things this world has to offer :)
Her doctor did suggest looking in to getting some new Gold Bond lotion. Can't remember exactly what it's called... bumps and something....... *shrugs* But she said it has been getting good reviews when dealing w/ the skin issues Zoe has and may help reduce the bumps. Wanted DH to order some but think he said Target has it so I may take a trip to get some. Wish I had remembered that while I was out this morning so I could've stopped by and picked some up... but oh well heh.

DH was off yesterday since he has to work this weekend so we went and visited his grandfather in the PT building. He can move his leg and arm again. Still takes a lot of effort and it's only just a little, but that's still a lot better than how it was before. Hopefully all of the PT will help him at least be more independent again. Think they said he's going to be in there for at least 2-3w.

Had my NST this morning. Oren didn't want to cooperate but he eventually woke up enough to give some good readings.
Got a call last night saying that my appointment was pushed to 10:30, but then got a call this morning saying that I could still come in at 9.
They thought they were going to be short staffed, but nope.
It was a scramble to get ready. Thought I was going to be able to relax some but no heh.
Would've made it there on time, but there was a minor accident that had traffic going at a snail's pace for a few miles. No one was hurt from what I saw though so at least there was that. Just wish stupid people would learn how to frickin drive.
DH always gets so frustrated b/c he always seems to get stuck behind the morons on the road. I've explained to him that that's easy to do when the majority of the people driving are morons :P lol
Seriously.... people behind the wheel here just go brain dead. I just can't go on enough about it.

The first March DD buddy gave birth yesterday. At just over 36w, she was induced b/c of pre-e. Guessing she probably had GD too b/c her daughter was a whopping 9lbs!!!! Holy crap. That is HUGE for being almost 4w early!! lol Her baby is so so cute and chunky :D
Sounds like everything went well with her induction and other than some minor blood sugar issues w/ her baby, everything is great. So happy for her and it's so exciting that the group has its first baby.
I expect probably at least 1 or 2 more to come before March.

This month is still going SO slow though. UGH!

We've crated the puppy a few times now. He doesn't like it but we've been putting toys and treats in it with him so he at least has something to do. He hasn't peed or pooped in it at all which I'm happy about b/c that would've been ew to clean up.
But that also kinda ticks me off b/c that means he's been going on the carpet when we're gone for the hell of it I guess. I'm sure some of it is separation anxiety, but not all of it. He knows how to hold it, he just doesn't feel the need to. Grr.
Oh well... crating is working so that's all I care about. No more pee puddles to clean up and hopefully will be able to keep these carpets cleaner now.
Just hope he sees it as more of a positive area than being punished for something.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gonna get some stuff done!!

Ok so maybe not ALL of it, but some of it at least will be done today!
Our living room carpets are looking like a gross mess right now. Didn't help matters when Zoe dropped a few plops of chocolate pudding on the floor yesterday so now there are nice BIG brown stains to add to all of the other stains.
Oh off white carpet... how I loathe thee!

About to go finally start cleaning the carpets in the "dining room" aka the room w/ the big fish tank in it :P Hoping it won't take that long and hoping my back cooperates with all of the bending I have to do. Sure I'll be sitting doing it but it still wreaks havoc on my back.

Also really need to do the dishes. I've been slacking SO bad and it's piled up quite a bit. There are funny smells coming from the sink and that's just gross and embarrassing to admit to.
But no more! That will get done today too. Should've started on that earlier but oh well. Better late than never.

UGH, I feel like a terrible mom. Zoe doesn't want to eat anything I cook so all she really eats is junk.
The only thing she eats that is normal food is bacon and steak, but those are too expensive. We have steak maybe every other week and bacon.. maybe once a week if it was on sale and in stock.
I cook for her... she'll take one bite and then won't eat anymore.
I know it's not my fault b/c I do try, but it still makes me feel like a failure too. I just want her to eat damnit and not just survive off of things that should only be for snacking.

Toddler 1.... Mom 0.

BLEH! Just looked at my next appointment and it's at 9am. Booooo
Means I have to get up early dangit lol. At least it's just the NST though so hopefully I won't have to wait long to start it.

Also glanced at the rest of my doc appointments and I don't think I actually see the doctor doing my c-sec before the c-sec. I think I've only seen her once this entire time. I had to look up their website to make sure she was the person I thought she was lol. Oh well...
So long as she gets my boy out and we're both happy and healthy, that's all that matters to me.

Just opened the amazon orders I got in yesterday.
Think we got almost everything and I'm a little disappointed. I ordered 3 plushies. One is Iron Man which looks fine... one is Superman... also looks ok, but Oren won't be able to play with that one for quite some time since it has beads for eyes. And then a Super Grover doll that is TINY. He also won't be able to play with that one for a bit b/c it's a bean filled plushie.
Sure the Grover one was only just over $7 but it looks like it should be more in the 3-5 range. It's SUPER small. Boooooo
I still don't understand why it's so dang hard to find affordable superhero plushies.

The 2 blankets we got though are super cute. Have them in the washer right now... just haven't started it yet b/c lazy........

I've started on a cute little crochet superhero teddy bear pattern I found. It's turning out to be A LOT smaller than the photo made it look lol. Oh well. Should be adorable when it's finished though.

I was working on the ninja turtles one, but the pattern I printed off is incomplete. They used someone else's instructions and just link to it in a few spots instead of copying it to their own pattern. I want to watch other crap while I crochet... not have to have the crochet pattern up to look at while I'm doing it, ya know? BLEH!
So I think with what I've made so far (the head), I'm going to try to turn it in to a security blanket. Should come out ok I think.

Alrighty, wasted enough time... gotta get to work.

Monday, February 9, 2015


So, I had my appointment. It all went really quick thankfully.

Got my ultrasound and Oren is once again breech lol.
Was not expecting that :P He's been moving a lot but I can't say that I felt him turn. Guess that was why I didn't feel much yesterday b/c he was back to breech position.
Not that it matters but still... dang boy! heh He's enjoying the room while he still has it I guess.

He looked good though. No measurements this appointment, but they did check amniotic fluid again and it's back in normal range and of course checked his heartbeat & movement. Everything looked good. Looked like he was sleeping but he moved enough to satisfy the criteria.

Learned that I had to get the GBS swab today. Joy... :\
It was really quick but still humiliating lol. I mean it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but come on.. who the heck wants their butt swabbed. I was so tempted to warn the OB about the sasquatch I grow down below :P lol

Also asked about having to stop liquids when I fast before the c-sec. 8 hrs for solids, 2 hrs for clear liquids. But she said that I should stop liquids a bit sooner just in case they bump my appointment up earlier. So that's good to know. Was afraid I was going to have to stop drinking when I stopped eating and be all dehydrated when I went in. Glad that won't be the case.

Our poor dogs. I knew it was supposed to rain some today. Thought it was just sprinkles but nope. Drove home in super heavy down pour and felt SO bad b/c I thought I was going to come home to soaked puppies.
Thankfully b/c of the gutters, they had a small area that was still dry so huddle in and were only just sprinkled on lol. Oops.....

We did buy a little crate for the puppy to put him in. Will remember to use that next time if there's a chance for rain lol.

Photos and more

Before I forget to do it again, here are some photos!

First up, the 2 u/s photos from the last appointment on thursday.
First one is weird alien baby, 2nd is weird scary freaky mouth baby :P

Zoe photo!! Yep, that's yogurt all over her face once again. I gave her one thinking that maybe... just maybe she had grown out of doing this, but as you can see.. I was wrong.

The Iron Man doll I made. :D

And the nursery w/ stuff on the walls :D
The Captain America and Deadpool posters are actually printed on metal and are hung up using a strong magnet. DH saw it online somewhere and thought it was neat. The Deadpool one really doesn't match the room so we may put it somewhere else and get a different one. We'll see.

The emblems and Oren things I made along with the Thor hammer nightlight.

And the toy net. Not sure it really looks like Spiderman is shooting a web out to make it but oh well. Not perfect but it will do heh. Just need to fill it with more toys!

Everything is mostly done though. Just need to wash some stuff, like the swing, rock n play, etc covers and whatnot.
But yeah, I think we're good to go for new baby... at least on the decorative side of things hehe.

I think Zoe has caught another cold. Her nose was really runny a couple of days ago and she's been sneezing. UGH I hope not. It will mean I'm going to get it and I do not want to be sick for the last bit of my pregnancy. Already going to be uncomfortable as it is... don't need to tack on being sick.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Way to go pregnant brain

Not really having too many DUH pregnant brain moments..... I'm talking about while I sleep and the F-ed up dreams.
I don't remember many of them right now, but one last night was a bit weird.

For some reason, I dreamt that Angelina Jolie died. She was in a helicopter accident where the chopper somehow broke in half and crashed. She smacked her head as they were crashing.
There were pictures of doctor's doing brain surgery on her and I dreamt about reading about it online and seeing it all over FB and on the news and everything. And in the dream I was even thinking about how sorry I felt for her kids and Brad Pitt.

Just weirdly specific and graphic.

Wish I could have some better more happy dreams. I don't think I've dreamt about a baby or having a baby even once. It's usually sexual (not that common this pregnancy) or a nightmare.

Thanks brain! :\

We hung up some stuff in Oren's room :D DH was doing that while I put together the little end table.
We just need to clean out his closet. It's still a mess in there with a lot of crap that needs to come out.

Anywho, I'll post some photos of it tomorrow. I also got an Iron Man crochet doll done today :D It's not the greatest looking thing but it's cute enough hehe.
Going to work on a Ninja Turtle tomorrow.

Oren is moving a bit now, but I only felt him maybe twice the entire day. Was starting to get worried. I'm sure he was probably just in a position to where I couldn't feel him, but still... it was freaking me out a little.

I swear it feels like he's WAY down, but then I'll feel some feet movement right by my ribs. He's all over the place in here which is fine with me. Just wish he'd make his presence known so I wouldn't get freaked out when I don't feel him.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Little more than expected...

So I thought we were going to be able to get away with not spending a ton on the camera and monitor but nope.
We haven't bought either one yet, but the ones DH wants to get are a lot more expensive than I had anticipated.

The cheapy camera we were wanting didn't have good reviews at all so.. nope on that one. There's some other one that's a few hundred dollars that sounds like what we want and it has pretty good reviews too so we might bite the bullet and get it. Thank goodness for tax returns.

Also, DH wants to get a video monitor. Mostly to watch Zoe b/c he wants to go ahead and transition her to a toddler bed. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
I just can not imagine Zoe loose in her room when she's supposed to be sleeping. She likes her crib and doesn't try to climb out of it so... yeah. I am in NO hurry for her to be in a toddler bed and have that freedom to cause mischief lol.
But whatever... he wants to get her in it and used to it before Oren arrives so... guess we'll be doing that once he's decided on which monitor he wants to get.

We didn't buy laundry baskets. We couldn't find the same style ones we have for Zoe and I just don't want some big bulky one. We may still end up getting one of those mesh net ones, but right now we'll probably just put his dirty stuff with hers.

Same with the trash cans. Since we'll be changing them both on the one changing pad.. no point in getting another trash can.

We did buy a little storage shelf thing w/ those cloth baskets in it from Target. It was the only one they had. It's not the best looking thing but it doesn't need to be. Just has to be functional.

Also got the same cheap little side table that Zoe has in her room for the monitor and whatnot. Only $12 or $13 for it.

Also bought some clearance swaddle velcro blankets. These have some kind of thing at the bottom that opens up to make diaper changes easier. They only had one boy color one so we got that and one girly one too.

Erm what else.... bought a box of size 1 diapers, lanolin, we still need to get some infant formula. Target didn't have the smaller bottle of the premixed stuff that I wanted to get. Just big 8oz bottles.

And I think that's about it. I'm sure I'm leaving out some other small things we bought.

Speaking of Zoe, she peed in the potty today! It was only just once, but she did it.
We were both nekkid about to get in the shower and she pointed to the toilet and said pee in the potty. I said she could if she wanted thinking she just wanted to play, but she ran out in to the living room.
I didn't think much of it. She came back in, we hopped in the shower and that's when DH came in w/ the potty and said she peed A LOT in it lol.
Yay Zoe :D
I have to admit that I have been a bit lazy w/ attempting to potty train her. Will have to make an effort to try harder.

But.... I wish I could say she was totally great the rest of the day. Oh hells no she wasn't. She had a full on melt down in Target and in the grocery store.
She had some stickers on her jacket in the grocery store and freaked the F out when she ripped one by accident and a piece of it fell on the ground. Cue the meltdown.
You know that kid/baby you hear across the store? Yeah, that was us today.
Pretty sure she was like that b/c she was tired though. She didn't get to bed until probably 10 last night and still woke up when she usually does.

Man... we can't find frickin superhero plushies anywhere!!
Or at least any that aren't priced ridiculously. You would think that would be something that would sell well since superhero stuff is extremely popular right now w/ all the comic book movies coming out, but nope.
I printed off a couple of crochet instructions that I'll be making. It's the only way Oren will have any plushies to snuggle up with.

We did buy him an ugly but cool Hulk blanket though. It's like the Pooh bear one we bought Zoe that she absolutely loves.
Wish they had more options but at least they had this one. :\
An Ironman one would've been cool.
Anywho.... not like he'll be able to actually have it for a while though, but it will look cute in his room heh.

UGH, I was not happy while we were shopping though. I hadn't had enough to drink and holy hell was I achy. I was getting that heavy bump feeling I always had with Zoe and it was AWFUL. The only way it would let up was if I leaned on the shopping cart and just let my bump go completely loose and hang there. That doesn't make much sense but it's the best way I can describe it.
I was absolutely miserable and DH's need to look at every little thing we were hunting for didn't help.
Don't get me wrong... I'm glad he's usually not one to buy something in the spur of the moment. I like that he wants to compare and examine, but man.... I was not a happy camper.
I was so damn uncomfortable and in pain.


It's 3am and I've been up for an hour.
Woke up just before 2. Actually woke up feeling pretty well rested and like I had been asleep for forever, but nope.
Sigh..... hoping I'll get tired again in another hour or so, but until then... I have some time to waste.

Now, I know going to the dentist can be expensive. Hell, we have dental insurance and it's still F-ing expensive to go, but if your breath is so bad that you would kill kittens if you breathed on them.. how about popping in a piece of gum or a mint in to your mouth??

One of DH's aunts (not THE aunt that Zoe loves)... has the worst breath ever. She knows it smells, yet she mouth breathes and just enjoys talking SO much. She's not a totally bad person (she is pretty racist though which is just.. well.. that's a whole other matter) and I totally understand not being able to afford a trip to the dentist to get whatever is wrong fixed, but damn woman... I know you can smell your own breath!! Chew some damn gum or suck on a breath mint PLEASE!

We visited DH's grandpa in the hospital this evening and I had to sit by her and holy crap..... It took everything in me not to start gagging uncontrollably. I did actually gag once, but managed to hide the fact by pretending I was just clearing my throat. Probably shouldn't have hid it so she would know that she's gotta at least try to do something about it.
And I kept yawning continuously b/c I kept trying to breath very shallow so I wouldn't smell it.
Just imagine being downwind of some week old road kill that's been stewing in hot garbage juice. Yeah... THAT bad.

It's like BO.... there's just no easy way to tell someone they stink without coming off as a giant dick.
The person probably knows they stink, but everyone is too polite to point it out.

DH finally felt some good strong movements tonight. We just laid down to go to bed and Oren usually gets pretty active then. Tonight was no different and I mentioned that Oren was kicking Pippin's ass (the puppy half lays on my stomach and my hugging pillow). So DH scooted over and put his hand on my bump. Thought it was going to be like every other time where DH does it and baby boy would stop.
Well he did stop but then started kicking up a storm. Some REALLY good kicks in there right where DH had his hand. So glad he could feel him :)

We should be getting the rest of the crap we need in preparation for Oren today. The only expensive thing we need is another monitor and that shouldn't be too much.
We'll be using Zoe's motion sensing one for Oren and getting whatever regular hopefully cheapy one for her. Not sure what's out there now. DH is supposed to be looking in to it, but we got home so late tonight that he didn't have a chance.
Guess I could do some research in to that while I'm trying to waste some time.

DH's grandpa is doing better. They actually got him up and walking some today. He has little movement in his right side now which is better than it was before. He couldn't even lift his leg or his arm before, but he can a little bit now.
They're hoping he'll be able to get moved to the PT place today. Really hope so.

I started shampooing the carpets in front of the pantry today. Did that small area along w/ the carpet in the butler's pantry (fancy term for extra storage lol).... and that was it.
I was going to do more but got side tracked. Hoping I'll feel up to doing the dining room later. It's not too bad in there thankfully so I shouldn't have to go over too many spots multiple times.
There are some old dog stained spots. Think one of them is an old doggy diarrhea spot. Lovely.....
Just hope the stain will lift even though it's a few years old lol.

And that's it for now I guess. Just yawned so hopefully that's a good sign that I'll be back in bed snoozing soon.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Random again

Nothing much to report on but still feel the need to post something.

Dh visited his grandpa yesterday. Something else went wrong. He's having kidney problems now so wasn't able to do the PT that he was supposed to start.
DH thinks it's probably just dehydration since his grandfather isn't drinking nearly as much as he should be.
I don't doubt it. His grandfather is pigheaded and doesn't like eating or drinking a lot when he's in the hospital which obviously is not good for his health.
I remember the 2 times he was in the hospital getting his knees fixed, he lost A LOT of weight b/c he ate like a bird and of course had to stay longer b/c he wasn't healing up as quickly as he should have.

Some people... ya know.

Anyway, sounds like his family was a bit disappointed that I didn't bring Zoe over to visit. I honestly don't really care. Yes, it was selfish of me. I have no excuse for it.

My next appointment is in the afternoon too and again... if they're still in the hospital.. I'm not going to stop by then either. *shrugs*

I always feel like people are judging me when they see Zoe sitting in the waiting room w/ my phone or the kindle in her hands lol. I know so many people are so anti-technology for kids, or at least limited (while they have their noses in their own phone 24/7... *eyeroll*)... but if they saw how she acted without the distraction... they wouldn't judge at all. They'll learn.... oh yes.... they'll learn.

Oh my gosh... Zoe was letting out the LOUDEST farts ever the other day. I mean just house rattling ones. All I could do was sit there staring wide eyed at her and say "WOW" lol. It's crazy how someone so little could produce that kind of sound out of their booty rofl.

Zoe's being destructive right now. Taking one of her tattered coloring books and ripping up the really messed up pages. Sigh...
Is it bad that I'm letting her do it b/c she's being quiet? lol

Her next appointment is next Wed I think. Not sure if she's getting any shots. Not really sure what they'll be doing other than the usual. Just hope she doesn't catch anything while we wait like she did before. I do not want to get another cold at the end of this pregnancy.

I had a proud nerdy mom moment yesterday. Gave her her gummi Star Wars vitamin. There are 3 different ones. Black one is Darth Vader, Green one is Boba Fett, Yellow is Storm Trooper.
Gave her the green one and Zoe pointed to it and said "Boba Fett!" without any prompting or reminding of who it was. She's gonna grow up to be such a nerdy kid and I love it hehe.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Baby bobble head

So my appointment went well. Nice and quick for the most part thank goodness.
Ultrasound went well. Oren has himself a giant head though. It was measuring 37-38w while the rest of him is measuring on point or a little smaller.
They could only joke that thankfully I was getting a c-section :P lol
His abdomen measured fine, his thigh bone was a little short, but Zoe's was too so I'm not concerned about it. They get that from DH's side. His grandfather and one of his uncles have long torsos and short legs. Zoe is kinda like that too.
Plus I have to remember that our dates are off by almost a week too, so really I'm only 33w6d instead of 34w5d.

I do have slightly over normal amniotic fluid which they said can happen with gestational diabetes. They said high normal is about 25er... cm? Not sure which measurement they use... and I have 29. They weren't concerned but will be keeping an eye on it like they have been. Just said that it gives baby more room to potentially flip again but since I'm getting a c-sec it's not a big deal.
Just hope this doesn't mean Oren will have blood sugar issues when he's born.

Oh and his weight estimate is about 5lbs 2oz :D My big little guy!

He was wiggling all over the place and hiccuped a few times. The u/s tech got a really freaky looking profile shot of his head w/ his mouth open. Can't say it's cute.... just looks... not right :P lol

And yeah, everything else was routine stuff. My BP was high once again, but that dang white coat syndrome thing. I know that's all it is combined with worrying if Zoe is going to behave causes some anxiety issues. I'm really not worried about it since they haven't mentioned anything about protein or something being in my urine.

Wasting time

Only bad thing about afternoon appointments (other than the possibility of getting stuck in rush hour traffic).... is the wait.

Just wasting time until I take a shower and get ready to go.

My BH contractions seem to be full bump now and has been for a couple of days. Usually notice them in the late evening.
I seriously do not remember ever having them with Zoe. I'm sure I probably did and just thought it was her pressing out.

UGH, DH told me that we may have to watch my niece this weekend..... the one that's 10m older than Zoe.
I know this is going to sound horrible, but GOOD GAWD I HOPE NOT!!!
Terrible 2's... no..... DEMON 3's is more like it. And get her with Zoe.... all hell breaks loose. They feed off of eachother's chaos.
It's one of the reasons why I was hoping my hospital stay would be on a weekend b/c MiL would've only had Zoe to watch for a couple of those days. But on a weekday.. she'll have them both and just... UGH.
Obviously we'll watch her if we must, but... pls pls pls I hope not!!!

Hmmm, something else I wanted to mention but I can't remember now. Oh well. I'm sure it will come to me when I'm trying to get back to sleep tonight lol.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Small change

Got a call yesterday saying that the OB that is going to do my c-sec has another surgery that morning so my c-sec was bumped to 12pm. Not a big deal IMO, but also sucks b/c I can't eat until after. Gotta be there at 10:30.
Meh... I'm good with that though. Means Zoe won't have to spend the night the night before and we can try to at least get a good night's rest. HA yeah right. At least DH might get a good night's rest. I know I'll be so nervous and excited. Like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Went to Walmart this morning. Had to wear my tight yoga pants, but thankfully my jacket and shirt were somewhat long enough so I wasn't showing off my ass. I understand yoga pants are supposed to be tight... I'm just not used to it is all.

Ended up buying another maxi skirt and some loose fitting knit pants. At least I hope they're loose fitting.
I'll be cycling through the 3-4 pairs of pants/skirts I can still wear until the end.
Think I'm just going to wear a skirt for my going home outfit. I'll be in a diaper and don't need to announce that to the world lol.

DH mentioned that I could leave for my appointment earlier tomorrow, drop Zoe off with MiL if his grandpa is still in the hospital. NOPE
Not that I wouldn't mind if they watched her... I just don't want to walk across the hospital to get to them.
Plus that would mean having to spend more time with them after my appointment.
I'm already going to be driving home in rush hour traffic. I just want to get in, get out and get home. I know that sounds terrible of me. If my appointment was earlier, I wouldn't mind so much, but rush hour traffic... no.... just no.

Everyone is hoping that his grandpa will be able to go home soon though. He was supposed to do physical therapy yesterday, but some med they put him on caused his heart rate to get really low, so they're hoping for the PT today.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lazy lazy

Was going to go to Walmart this morning but I don't feel like doing anything. Need to take a shower.... that can wait. Need to stuff some diapers... that can wait too. Need to wash dishes.... nope.
I just want to sit here and do nothing.
Walmart will be there tomorrow.... along with everything else. Well.. I will eventually get up to take a shower, but other than that.... LAZY WINS!

DH visited his grandpa again yesterday after work. Said he was doing better. Still can't really move his right side, but he said that his speech was a lot more clear. So that's good at least.
He's supposed to be trying some physical therapy today and I guess depending on how well he does, they'll determine how soon he can go home.

Slept well last night thank goodness.
I did wake up a few times, but I was able to get back to sleep pretty easily. So glad for that. I need to enjoy all the sleep I can get now before Oren arrives.
He's a little night owl right now... I can only imagine it will be the same when he arrives.

So cute.... during one of the moments I woke up... my stomach growled and it startled him. Heard the growl and instantly felt him jump lol. Poor little guy. hehe
You would think he'd be used to it b/c my stomach growls pretty often now.
Guess that's never a sound you'll hear on one of those soothing baby sound machines. :P

Zoe is so stinkin cute.
I was folding baby clothes on the floor the other day and she spotted one of her PJs.
She gasps, picks it up and says "Thank you! Thank you SO much!" and gives me a hug lol.

She's also been saying "Woah!" a lot which is hilarious and cute. My little girl is growing up so fast.

Right now she's dancing (to no music) with her stuffed sheep and koala.

We already have our federal tax returns back. We didn't get as much this year though. Not sure why.
Debating on how to spend it. Think a good chunk of it is going to pay on the car. DH mentioned using almost all of it to just pay off the car, but I think paying half would be good enough. That way we'll still have some money left to use on whatever else.
We'll see what happens.
We do need to get a new camera though. I don't want anything fancy. Just something easy to use that's a little better than the camera on our phones. That should only be maybe $100 give or take some.
Then we still need to get a baby monitor and a few more things here and there for the nursery. Such as laundry baskets, trash bins, side table, storage thing.

Sigh..... nothing hugely expensive, but it all adds up.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The incident

Oh I forgot!
Last night we had a bit of an incident. Nothing serious, just funny and unexpected:P
I had just finished eating dinner. DH was still working on his hamburgers.
Zoe comes over to me and says poo poo in the potty. It was only 10min til her bedtime so I thought... ok why not. So helped her take her pants off.
She starts to slowly unsnap her diaper off and again, I didn't think anything of it.
She puts her diaper on my leg and I pick it up b/c I don't want a giant pee stain on my leg. Welp, I pick it up and that's when the smell hit me. That all too familiar poop smell. So I open it up and sure enough, there is poo residue in the diaper, but no actual turds.
At first I thought maybe she had just let out a tiny turd that smeared or something.... but no.
I scoot forward, look down... and there it was by DH's feet.
My first reaction was to point at it and exclaim "There's a turd on the floor!!"
I start laughing, DH starts laughing, and then the smell from that hit me and I start gagging... while laughing.

Ah..... fun times with a toddler :)

Hot and cold

Last night sucked for sleep. BOOOOOO
When I slept, I slept well, it was just getting back to sleep that became a problem.
I woke up sweating so I kicked off the blankets, but then I'd get cold, so I'd put them back on and instantly get hot again. There was no balance. I had to pick one or the other.
Then, I had mild heartburn/indigestion which didn't help matters.
Just not a fun night at all.

Yesterday afternoon wasn't fun either. I felt AWFUL. Just an overall BLAH feeling. Thankfully that got better after I ate more. Guess my sugar was going down too low or something, I dunno.

My NST appointment went about the same as last time. Oren was a bit more active at first, but then went back to sleep after a while.
Thankfully it was still enough so I didn't have to stay too much longer. I was there an hour though lol. But could've been worse so I'm not complaining too much about it.

Going to have to retire my size large shirts... at least most of them. They are getting WAY too tight for comfort lol. Thankfully I do have a lot of XL ones still so I should be ok.

Pants on the otherhand will be a problem. I had picked some out to wear to my appointment this morning and there was a good 6 inch gap from buttoning them up LOL. Got another pair, nope... about a 4 inch gap. So I finally grabbed a skirt and wore it. It's almost too tight, but better than nothing.
I did put on the new yoga pants I bought, but they're definitely not loose fitting like my capri ones. With my too small size large shirt not covering anything... no one needs to see my dimpled ass in yoga pants :P

Good times....

Couple of pics of what I've been working on. Just got done with the Oren one yesterday and really happy with the way all of these came out. :)

The emblems are Xmen, Avengers, Spawn, Superman, Captain America
Just need to add the glow in the dark stuff to the Spawn eyes and should be good to go to hang them up. Well.. we still need to buy something to hang them with.
Also need to figure out where exactly to hang them heh.

And here's a bump photo from yesterday in one of my large shirts. Oh well.....
Want to post a photo when I was pregnant with Zoe but photobucket isn't working right now. Oh well.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Feeling blah!

Probably b/c I need to drink more, but still.. I feel so blah right now.
I did sleep A LOT better last night though.
Thought I was going to be in for a long night again when Zoe woke up wanting a diaper change for no reason, but nope.. I got back to sleep pretty quick thankfully and slept great.

Baby boy has been really active this morning. Lots of movement. It's so fun feeling him move... even when he's pressing down on my butt or my junk lol.
He was doing that last night and OUCH!! Felt like someone was taking a needle and trying to give my ladybits a piercing.

I'm feeling a lot more BH too. Now that I actually know what they feel like, I'm noticing them a lot more often now. I still don't remember ever feeling them with Zoe though.

Anywho, got some stuff to do. Just felt the need to post something. DH and Zoe went to church this morning and I still need to eat breakfast, take a shower and wash/fold some baby clothes.