Friday, January 31, 2014

Randomness quickie

Anyone else get annoyed by the vague FB phishing posts??
I never noticed them before since I never was on FB much, but now that I am.... I hate that crap so damn much!!

Stop being vague in hopes of getting comments and just frickin say something.

And don't even get me started again on those guilt trip "repost this if you care" kind of things. Repost this if you REALLY care about curing cancer.
Or.. Comment if you're REALLY my friend. or.... Repost if you don't want this puppy to die!!

Just SHUT UP. And people still fall for that bullshit.

I can't even count how many times I've seen that "I want to see who my real friends are and who actually reads this so post a comment. If you don't comment, then I'll know you don't care and will delete you from my friends." And guess what... I don't post and oh look.. still friends.



I think our cat just clawed Zoe's lip. Zoe started crying a little and she waddles in with blood on her lip. Poor girl. She is OBSESSED with our cat for some reason even though the cat has made it pretty clear to her a few times that he doesn't want anything to do with her :P

Also, the cat's paws are still bad. We don't think the pills we're giving him are doing anything to help. We need to find a cat specialist who knows how to treat this.

What else what else....

Zoe is spending the night w/ her granny tonight (MiL). We're going to a 2 day concert (same one we went to when I was pregnant, except now it's 2 days long), and well... Zoe has to stay somewhere. So MiL wants Zoe to spend the night a bit more to get used to being over there.
I understand that and it's a good idea, but UUUUGH, I still do not like being away from Zoe.
Yes, I like some ME time, but that's with Zoe being in the house with us. I know where she is, I know she's ok. I don't like her being away from us.
It's gotta happen though... I don't like it, but... it is what it is.

Well crap!

We thought we were doing pretty well with the eggs we were buying. Cage free (I know those chickens are probably still in a large overcrowded building but still)... healthy, blahblahblah...
that is until I saw that the chickens are being fed soy beans. WTF?
I know it's bad for people, but... it's still ok for us to eat the chickens and their eggs right?
Apparently those phytoestrogens go right in to their meat and eggs.

Why the hell is soy in frickin EVERYTHING????
So anyway, we now have to find a different one.. probably much more expensive ones.
Need to talk to DH about buying his parents more chickens and then giving them money for good quality feed that doesn't contain soy.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Any day now weather!

Guess the snow has been pushed back to about 3 now. What a let down :( Was hoping it would start and be built up a bit on the ground by the time DH got home.
Not that I would want him driving in it though.
But still, by the time it does start it's gonna be Zoe's bedtime so she won't be able to enjoy it at all. Boooo
It should stick around during the night since it's getting cold, but not sure how long it will be here tomorrow.

It really doesn't even look like it's going to snow or anything here. Just looks like a typical dreary cloudy day.

So disappointing.

Zoe is so stinkin cute, even when she's being SUPER annoying lol.

She's in the habit of throwing everything out of her crib when she wants out. So we'll go in and put everything back when we get her and will usually have trouble finding her paci. So we'll talk to her and ask "Where is it?"
She's started copying us and saying the same thing.
Sometimes it's "Is it?" and other times it sounds like she actually tries to say the "Where" part heh.

Not today

Appointment has been rescheduled since it is supposed to sleet and snow today.
I was looking forward to her appointment to get an official weigh in for her, but glad I don't have to drive in bad weather.
I hope it does snow though (so long as DH is safe coming home in it).
I love that silence it brings with it. All of that outside sound just sort of gets absorbed and it's so quiet and peaceful. Plus this will be Zoe's first look at some snow so that will be fun to see her reaction to it.

It's supposed to start around noon, but we'll see. It's cloudy out there but looks pretty calm so far.

Monday, January 27, 2014

What's that smell?? Smells like a bunch of 2014 babies!!

Just heard that someone awesome is pregnant again!! You know who you are.
A few of the women (actually a lot of them now that I think about it lol) are also pregnant in one of the groups I'm in.. wait no.. in BOTH of the groups I'm in.... 2014 is going to be filled with lots and lots of babies.

Hope I'll at least be able to join in as pregnant ^_^

It really is amazing how that first one can take SO long to make, and for some, it just sort of "fixes" them and they get pregnant super easy/quick after. Very cool and amazing how the body works.
Too bad it can't work like that for all of us :P Sigh...

Ok ok no being a Debby Downer!!
I really am happy for them all :D


Poor Zoe. Her butt is bothering her AGAIN. She must have pooped pretty early on last night and slept in it. Woke up to her in different diapers (DH changed her), and even then she had poop and the start of a baboon red behind.
And then of course she pooped again and it irritated it even more. She CRIED and cried and cried even before I touched anything b/c she knew it was going to hurt.
Feel so bad b/c there's nothing we can do to prevent it from happening.
Poor baby.
Hopefully a nice long soak in the tub will help soothe it. I'm sure it will still be irritated tomorrow at her appointment so will ask her doctor about it. Afraid she's going to tell us a layer of rash cream......
Can't use that on cloth diapers..... maybe a layer of oil would work.

Weigh in today

1 week of Primal Whole30.

Starting weight was 212.4...

Today's weight *drumroll*


WOW! I know a lot of that is water weight, but still... that's a 6.2lb drop in a week! That's frickin Biggest Loser a few weeks in weight loss :P lol
Too bad that won't keep up but still... WOO!
That much close to being under 200 again and I can't wait!!

Also ordered more OPKs, even though I didn't need any. There was an unopened package that has been sitting in the bathroom for.. who knows how long now that had OPKs in them lol. Oops. Well, now I have more so yeah heh.
I doubt I'll be ovulating any time soon.
Even when I was down to 180, my cycles hadn't returned yet. It took some time for my body to finally regulate itself to get a couple of cycles on it's own in a decent amount of time.
I'm taking it as a good sign that I am getting a period eventually though. That's more than I would've gotten a few years ago.

Zoe has her 18m appointment tomorrow. Shouldn't be too eventful. I hate it when her doc asks about Zoe's words b/c I'm not sure what constitutes as a word.
Zoe has said a lot of stuff once or twice, but that's it. So do those count or are the ones she says on a regular basis count?
Oh well...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Feeling good :D

This is what.. day 4 of the Whole30 and I'm feeling good.
Getting hungry, BUT the cravings for sugar and junk has reduced a significant amount. Really happy about that.
I told myself I would only weigh once a week, but that may have to wait until NEXT week lol.
With that being said though, the scale is going down :D
On monday it was 212.something and today it was 209.2 :)
I know my body is letting go of a lot of bloat. These last few days have been filled with bathroom trips.
Getting woken in the middle of the night to pee is annoying, but hey.. whatever my body has to do to get healthy.

Still no exercise though. That's always been a struggle and it's even moreso now that Zoe is here taking up so much of my time and energy when she's awake. All I want to do is just relax and do a whole lot of nothing when she's napping.

Zoe is doing great. She doesn't really crawl anymore. She'll do it every once in a while, but most of the time she's up walking around. It's so cute.

Her vocabulary is coming along slowly. I think she's saying more than we understand if that makes sense.
Anyway, things are decent here. Not too bad of a start for 2014 :) Hope this year brings lots of joy and happiness for everyone.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

She's growing so fast!!

Just want her to stay a baby for a little bit longer, but I also can't wait for her to grow up too.

She keeps reminding us that she's growing up and it's exciting and heartbreaking at the same time.
It's so amazing just how excited YOU get at watching them do something simple for the first time.
Like watching Zoe make her dolls dance and play w/ them.
And asking her to do something (like putting her sippy cup back on the table) and then she does it.
She'll always be our baby, but she's not a baby anymore *sniffles*

It is so so fun watching her do new things though. She's been trying to sing here and there for a while now but today was the first time she's tried to sing along to a song that was playing. We were grocery shopping and some song came on. No idea what song it was, but Zoe wanted to jam out to it and started singing offkey and loud. It was hilarious and adorable.

And parents are not joking when they say you'll never pee/poop alone again. I tried closing the bathroom door for a little bit of privacy (DH was home so thought she'd go to him). Girl was NOT having it and started screaming and pounding on the door lol.
Couldn't help but laugh :P

She's walking so great. She'll trip up every once in a while, but you can really tell that she's getting more and more confident with it. Need to take her to her grandma's house (my mom) so she can show off her new skills :D

DH and I decided to do a strict Whole30 primal diet.
It's 30 days of primal foods, but no dairy, no rice, no white potato, no beans.
That will even be on Fridays to the best of our ability (depending on where we go).
We just keep falling back to old bad eating habits and we both feel like a strict month is what we need to kick our butts back in to healthier eating shape.

Need to look up some salad dressing recipes. Already do a GREAT ginger dressing recipe.
 Of course I change it to be a bit more primal and I changed it even more this last time b/c I didn't have some of the items.

minced onion- I used red onion. I think it is a bit milder so it didn't have that bite a yellow onion does.
peanut oil- light flavor olive oil
rice wine vinegar- white wine vinegar. Also I omitted the water and just added more vinegar.
minced celery- didn't have it so added celery seed instead.
ketchup- used that simply ketchup or whatever it's called. Next time I'm going to try it with tomato paste.
soy sauce- tamari soy sauce which is gluten free. Added a little more salt since I find tamari to be a little less salty.
white sugar- honey

add it all to a food processor (I have a tiny $10 one that barely held it all but still did it). Grind it all up until it's well blended.
It's also a good idea to make it a few hours before you plan on using it. It will help w/ the flavor.

Anyway... yeah.. that's the only dressing recipe I have so far heh.

It's time to get this fat burning party started already!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ew ew ew

Our sewage backed up last night! It was gurgling out of the ground and right in to our yard! *barfs* Thankfully it's towards the side where we don't really go, but still... GROSS.
The plumber guy that came out to look at it last night said he didn't see any "solids" so he just put some lime out to help..... UGH... how gross.

He said it happened b/c of grease build up.
Come on people! Everyone should know by now that you're not supposed to dump your grease down the sink.
I admit that we used to years ago when we didn't know, but it was like a big thing on the news a while back.

And why's it gotta be OUR yard that was getting all of the crap pumped in to it???

Maybe there's a reason the original builder backed out of buying it at the last minute :\

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jealousy man... it's an ugly thing.

Finding myself becoming jealous towards my SiL (brother's wife). She just posted that she's down 3 pant sizes and in a large size shirt.
Now I am very happy for her. She's been struggling with her weight for a while now, BUT I know she isn't actually doing anything to lose it too. It's the metformin doing the work for her.

But still... can't help but feel jealous at whatever success she has. Maybe jealous isn't the right word... maybe more envious than jealous? She first lost 20lbs, got pregnant instantly, and now.... is losing weight with no effort while I sit here eating right (not exercising yet but it's gonna happen) and fucking nothing!

Sigh, just pisses me off. No not pissed off at her, just pissed off at my own situation.
Oh well, I'll get over it. I just need to vent.
I really am happy for her though.
She seems to be getting more self confidence and hopefully healthier (ignore the smoking though.. :\)

I'm also feeling envious towards DD buddies and TTC buddies. They're all such amazing women and all so damn fertile it seems lol.
I KNOW our time will come again and we'll be blessed with another little miracle, but there are a lot of obstacles I have to get over that this shitty body has put in to place.

Oh this shitty body gave us Zoe and I love that little monster with every ounce of my soul... but I just don't feel finished yet when it comes to our family.

There's still time and I just need to get up off my ass and work at this.
I'll take time to feel sorry for myself every once in a while, but I can't just wallow in self pity.

TY for reading.... I'm done now :P hehe

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Well, not full time or anything, but she did it!
She's been doing a couple of steps here and there for the past few days, but tonight... dunno what got in to her, but she was walking all over the place :D
Go Zoe GO! (but not too fast :P)
It was so cute. DH and I were so excited. She walked to DH and I couldn't help but tear up.
She's a little hesitant, but really not wobbly at all.

AND she actually stood on her own too. That hasn't happened at all until tonight! Gosh... I knew she had it in her. Just so proud of our little monster :)


So it is an AF.... or something like AF at least.
Hopefully it doesn't drag out longer than normal.

Not sure if it's my funky hormones causing it or the weather, but I am in dandruff HELL right now. It's embarrassing as shit and frustrating. I get out of the shower and can see little flakes near my scalp.
So in addition to my hair falling out like crazy, I now have dandruff problems. AWESOME :\

I dunno how my forehead can be greasy as hell and not even an inch up it's flaking off like it hasn't seen water in a month.

Anyone like Big Bang Theory? I know it's popular, and I'm sure there are funny jokes in the show, but I can not stand frickin live audience sitcoms!!
I tried watching that show a couple of times and the laughter at every single damn thing said is SO F-ing annoying and makes whatever they did say unfunny.

Says something remotely nerdy *audience hoots and hollers like it's the funniest damn thing EVER*
Just no.... no

It's the same with that 2 and a half men. I've caught bits and pieces of that show before and anything remotely sleezy or pervy gets the most laughter EVER and just UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH.
It's like canned laughter.

I hate it b/c it just feels like they have to have the laughs in there b/c they think the audience at home are too stupid to know when to laugh or something.

Monday, January 13, 2014

What now....

Ok so the spotting is starting to get a little heavier now.
Pretty sure I won't have to take the provera. I'll have it for my next 3 month long cycle I guess *grumble*
It's still pretty light still and not an actual flow yet, but this morning there have been a couple of small clots so it should be getting heavier.

I was going to start exercising today, but that will wait until hopefully tomorrow. I dunno WTF I've done to my right arm but it has this constant pain in it that will not go the F away!
It started last night and kept waking me and keeping me awake ALL last night.
It's just the dullish aching that I dunno how to explain it.
Anyway, I didn't want to do anything to make it worse so I'm hoping it will be gone by tomorrow so I can start using the punching bag.

With that being said and the slight delay... I'm going to hope for an early 2015 baby. I think by the time I'm down to a decent weight again to where HOPEFULLY my cycles start regulating a bit more, it's going to be a few months in to this year already.

Eating is going to be a lot better. We bought some dark chocolate and I got myself some apples to help w/ the sugar cravings.
So yeah, better diet is back on track, now just have to add in the exercise and get this party started :D


I think we're planning on a beach trip in May.
Mostly I just want Zoe to experience it :) Hopefully by then she'll actually be walking so we can take a nice long sunrise and sunset walks as a family. That would be nice :)

Just have to figure out what we would do with our pets though. The cat, I'm not so worried about, but the dogs. UGH
I hate getting someone to look after them b/c most of the time, they don't stay over here and only check on them maybe twice a day so there is bound to be poop and pee in the house... on our off white carpet.
We're SOOOOOO going to have to replace it within the next few years. BLEH!

Oh and speaking of the ocean.... now I know everyone doesn't pay attention to conspiracy stuff, but I would highly recommend people to think twice about eating ANY seafood coming out of the Pacific Ocean.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Well, I think that explains it

I've been wondering WTH was wrong with me these last few days. Got another headache today and just felt terrible until the tylenol FINALLY kicked in.

Went to the bathroom not that long ago.. and... SPOTTING! OMG, I never thought I'd be so happy to see frickin spotting lol.
I'm actually very surprised that I haven't been spotting sooner. I'm on day 65!!! of this very long, very unproductive cycle.
When I went to get my metformin today, I even asked them to fill my provera for me.

Hopefully this turns in to an actual AF and won't just be annoying light spotting that doesn't go away. If it doesn't turn in to AF by... I'll give it until Wed, then I'll start the provera.

Anyway.. WHEW!!! Hope these dang headaches and head in a vice feeling will go away now.


Have you ever looked at your DH and just wanted to smack the hell out of them b/c they're acting like a tool??

I can't be the only one. I mean obviously, you don't smack them b/c you're not an abusive dick, but the thought does come to you to do it lol.

UGH DH's road rage just really ticks me off. He's not flipping people off or yelling out the window bad or anything.... he's not THAT ragey, but he gets very frustrated and angry when he drives and does very reckless things that scares me. And yes, I do point it out to him.
He was getting better with his driving but seems to have gone back to his old ways.

Now... I will give him this... there are A LOT of idiots here that do not know how to drive. South Carolina earned it's place as the 2nd worst drivers in the US. I'm surprised it's not #1. Seriously, the drivers here are TERRIBLE and you are reminded of it every single day if you go out in to it and I'm not even exaggerating.

BUT... knowing this... you still have to keep somewhat cool. Like if I get pissed, I just curse a lot (something I need to get a handle on since Zoe is a little sponge now)... but I don't start driving stupid.
DH on the other hand...
Take for example... someone in front of us is going painfully slow or is just driving like an idiot...
He doesn't just curse and change lanes to get in front. Nope... he curses and speeds up and rides their ass until he can change lanes to get in front, then he'll speed some more b/c I guess he thinks the people in the other car will know that he's mad or whatever. I dunno. I hate it though and I'm always mentioning it to him which I dislike doing b/c no one likes a backseat driver.

Sigh, just one of those things though.... I'm not going to give up in trying to get him to drive a bit less aggressive.
Yes there are a boatload of morons on the road, but he doesn't need to be one of them.

Friday, January 10, 2014

What now?

For the last 2 days, my head has just been feeling... blah.
It's hard to explain b/c I dunno what the hell this is.
It started off as if I was dehydrated and had heat stroke, but it's been cold as hell and I've gone outside for maybe a minute at the most lol.
My water intake could be better, but I'm not dehydrated.

I'm not having any kind of withdrawal like from caffeine or anything so..... *shrugs*
I could say carb flu, but my carbs this week, while not as high as before, are still more than they usually are when I'm eating better.
So... WTH??

The best way I can describe this feeling is most of the time, it feels like my head is in a vice, but without any kind of headache.
And you know that warm feeling you get when you get a cold? I'm feeling that as well even though I'm also cold. I don't feel like I'm sick other than mild headache feelings (that started late yesterday).

*shrugs* I dunno wth my body is doing... not that I usually do anyway.

As for my diet, it's been a transition back to better eating this week. Whenever we do bad and then go back to healthy stuff... I ALWAYS crave sweets. It was the same this week and it has been a battle.
It's frustrating b/c even if I'm stuffed to the gills, my body/mind still tells me that I want/need something sweet to finish it all off.

Will purchase some dark chocolate for next week. Have that on hand to nibble on so I won't go for the giant tin of butter cookies that my mom gave us (thanks mom :\ )

I've checked my weight a couple of times, it has FINALLY started to come down... for a little while there, it was going up up and up!! Was scaring me a bit b/c I didn't know why. Hell, I still don't know why.
My body just wanted to bloat like crazy.
Next week will hopefully be better w/ the weight issue going down even more. Need to start exercising.
We have the new punching bag up and have some gloves and everything. I'm excited to try it, but with my head feeling this way... I don't want to do much.

OH! I almost forgot... Zoe stood by herself yesterday. She was walking along w/ her walker while I was reading. I looked up and she was just standing there. I didn't say anything b/c I thought she would plop down if I did.
Then suddenly, she took 2 very stable easy steps over to her chair and plopped down.
I knew she could do it!!! The girl is just stubborn!
It's not much but at least it's something :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Just chatting

Just wanted to post really quick before I head off to do... whatever.

Zoe is taking her 2nd nap and.. yeah. Seems like we're going through a "I'm gonna scream until I give up" phase right now. Hoping it ends quick but I doubt it lol.
She is just on full resist mode and automatically knows what's up when we put her in there. She does the legs kicking out thing and all. It's cute and funny but also pretty frustrating and makes me feel terrible.
She looks so hurt and betrayed and UGH it tears me up but I know if she doesn't get her naps she's going to be cranky and yawning every minute.

OOO I lost my temper with her yesterday and I yelled at her. Not proud of that moment but it is what it is.
She wasn't phased at all by it though thankfully. Glad I didn't make her cry or scared in any way. That really would have broken my heart if I did.
She gets in to the pet water bowl... and it was FULL yesterday when she did. And of course it was cold and she was soaked and just.. ugh.
Just one of those things.
I know it's one of those moments you don't think you'll do, but it's going to happen eventually and damn does it make you feel guilty as hell for doing it.

Set up Zoe's 18m appointment for the 28th. It's a bit early but whatever. Doubt Zoe will be walking on her own then. DH and I are at a loss for what to do to get her to walk.
SiL and her husband keep trying to tell us what they did to get their girl to walk and it's just not going to work for Zoe. She gets around VERY well crawling and she's happy doing it. She also gets around well w/ her walkers too and *shrugs* She seems content.
Trying to get her to even stand on her own is impossible b/c she'll bring her legs up and do this bouncy thing like she's in an invisible bouncer lol.
I'm sure her ped will have advice or we'll reluctantly finally see the physical therapist we were supposed to call about sooner *innocent whistle*
I'm telling ya.... she CAN do it... she just doesn't want to.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Damnit Wondfo!!

And most other pregnancy tests out there.
Is it too much to ask for the test line to NOT show up if you're not pregnant?
Yes, I've taken more hpts. More out of curiosity than anything. I'm still 99% sure that I'm not pregnant, but I still wanted to see if the wondfo tests would come up with something on them, and sure enough.. they are.
I say I'm 99% sure b/c I've also been using OPKs as well and the opks are lighter, darker, all over the place like they usually do for me. When I was pregnant with Zoe and testing, the OPKs progressively got darker.

Anyway... every test has had something pop up, usually after the time limit. Now I know we're not supposed to look at the test after the limit but come on... I think most do and seeing that faint something there could give a lot of women false hope.

I do still enjoy me some wondfo tests though, but always always will back it up with a better one.... even though that false alarm before when I went and bought FRERs gave me faint crap negative but there lines too.
You pay that much for a pee stick, they better be QUALITY and not the shit they've turned in to.

DH is NOT used to Zoe's outbursts. His patience was wearing thin when she was doing her screaming "I'm tired but don't want to sleep" fits.
I think that's why he changed her that one night. He got flustered and just didn't know what to do.
Maybe now he appreciates what I go through during the day. Sure, I may get to watch tv and mess around on the computer a little bit, but it's not all fun and games, especially when you have a little girl screaming in your ear lol.

Oh I think I forgot to mention SiL? She seemed to be doing ok going through her m/c. She seemed pretty open talking about it. She and her mom, aunt etc are close though so it's not surprising really. She has a great support team so I'm sure that really helped along with her just being a strong person in general.

I could see the longing though whenever she looked and held Zoe. I just hope it happens for them very soon. She and her husband are going to make really great parents.
Zoe LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES SiL's husband. I mean.. just LOVES him. DH and I disappeared whenever he was around and she just wanted everything to do with him lol. It was really cute :)

Oh yes.... Zoe is a big flirt. Women, men, children, everyone it seems. She wants to get to know them and loves baby talking to them. It's funny b/c we'll pass someone in the grocery store and all of a sudden she'll yell out "DADA" to them (she calls everyone dada). It usually gets a chuckle and smile from the person.
I remember when she did that to a little girl, the girl turned to her mom and said "That baby just called me daddy!" lol
We really need to teach her to say HI or Hello instead of that hehe.
If she keeps this up... she's def not going to be a wall flower. She's going to be in the middle of the crowd getting to know everyone.
Good... I don't want her to be painfully shy like I am/was.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Zoe had a meltdown at bedtime. The girl did NOT want to go to bed!!
She had poop near the beginning which I changed.... but she wasn't giving up and screamed and screamed and screamed some more.
We'd let her go but would check on her after about 5-10min. Big mistake b/c it only reinforced her tantrum.

For whatever reason DH changed her pjs in to a 2 piece. Sigh... not sure why since she doesn't sleep under her blankets so her feet are going to be ice in the morning if they're not already.
But anyway...
She FINALLY quieted down about 15mins ago.

Bad thing is.. I know the tantrums are only going to get worse lol.
She pulled a tiny one in the store today.
DH was walking her around and started walking her away from something she was looking at. MAN, she did not like that one bit and let out this quick yell and started babbling to us (I imagine she was fussing at us) and wanted to go back. It was pretty hilarious and cute. Took us off guard too b/c this is the first time she's been "bad" in public really.
Girl has 'tude hehe.

Oh update on the cat.
He thankfully eats his pills somewhat well. We got some pill pocket things that he seems to enjoy. He'll sometimes spit the pills out but it's not that bad.
His feet unfortunately do not look any better though. His paw pads are still very swollen.
Thankfully he hasn't pooped or peed outside of his area though so yay for that.
He's also lost a little bit of weight. We've cut down on his food slightly and that little bit seems to have worked. I don't think we fed him too much before though. Maybe b/c his activity level was so low that's why it was too much? *shrugs*

Damn IC tests.
I haven't used an OPK in a while and had the urge to tonight.
So I took an OPK and a HPT for the hell of it. I'm on cd 60 something with no end in sight.
OPK is a BFN, and the HPT... BFN BUT it has a very faint line on it that I noticed after the time limit.
I do not have my hopes up at all that it's the real deal. These ICs seem to have something there the majority of the time even though it's a BFN.
So yeah.. I'm 99% sure it's just the test line showing through like it usually does.

Oh well. Hoping that with some exercise and eating right again will get things moving along so we can get this 2014 or early 2015 baby :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Hyper child!

I dunno what has gotten in to Zoe these last 2 days but MAN! She's been in a great mood and she's been HYPER!!
Even when I had to wake her yesterday to go to my mom's house, she was fine and was all smiles and talking and running around w/ her walker when we were there.
And when the inlaws came over for dinner... same thing.
And today so far, same thing as well. It's just like someone gave her an energy drink w/ some happy pills lol.

BUT on a negative side... she does not want us brushing her teeth atm. Thinking her gums are hurting her. Will have to remember to give her some tylenol or something.
And she has pooped a lot today which always leads to a very sore little butt. I hate it when this happens b/c it hurts her so much but we HAVE to wipe her down.
Going to give her a nice bath and just let her play and soak in it for a while. Hope that helps so it's not so bad later.

Also these last couple of days, it seems like her hyperness is a tiny tiny bit making her a little less cautious so she's actually letting go and taking a step or 2.
She's only done it a couple of times, but it's something at least. During dinner, she let go of the loveseat and took 2 steps to her walker. And then this morning, she took a step from her walker to her chair.
It's all it is... she's just overly cautious. Will be interesting to see if she keeps that quality as she grows. May have to push her to try new things :)


We need to buy some mats for the new exercise thing we bought.. and need to put up the punching bag... but yeah.... by next week, "Time to get skinnier for #2" will be in full effect!
As far as I know, there is nothing coming up that involves food (family get togethers, birthdays, etc) so we should be ok for a little while at least.
I want my 2014 baby damnit!! lol
It may be at the very end of the year, but whatever... I'll take it! OK ok, so an early 2015 would be ok too. I just need to get healthier and get pregnant already.
Women are having children later in life nowadays, but a lot of those are HEALTHY women... I'm not. SO yeah... time is a ticking.

Oh DH was telling me about his coworkers that are having a baby. We went to their wedding when I was.. I think 12? weeks pregnant... somewhere around then.
Anyway, they found out they are having a girl, and they picked the name Georgia. It's a great name and they already have the cutest nickname to go with it.
What is Georgia known for? Peaches.... and that is the nickname... Peach, Peaches.... AWWWWW
So cute :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

So I don't like leaving a negative post at the top.

Zoe spent the night w/ her auntie on Tuesday. They kept her up until midnight and well, they said she only woke up once during the night. Not surprised since she was giving all of her "I'm tired" cues since 5pm lol.
They did cosleep w/ her in their bed though. I'm not too happy about that. Both of them are pretty big and they only have a queen size bed. Bed sharing just scares me. Everything was fine obviously, but... I dunno...

We didn't see Zoe again until 7pm yesterday though. DH and I went to see the Hobbit finally, so that was 3 hours. Then his family were out shopping and whatnot until 6:30 when they called us to tell us they were finally heading home lol.
Zoe didn't really look all that excited to see us. She was clingy though so that told me she at least missed us some heh. She was SOOOOOOOOO tired though.
They kept telling us that she was falling asleep in the car and the girl had bags under her eyes. 17m olds are not supposed to have bags under their eyes! lol

She was so happy to be home though. BIG smiles and she got in to that sleepy hyper state when we were putting her to bed.
She woke up not too long ago but it was obvious she wanted to sleep more. SO now I'm up while she's still sleeping.
Would've been nice if I could've slept in too but oh well, I'm just glad she's home :)

Oh, and she has a cut over her right eye. They told me they don't know how she got it. Not sure what to make of it. I know she gets in to everything so... *shrugs*

DH and I rolled in the new year playing on the computer and then going to sleep.
We didn't leave their place until 10 or 11. Messed around on the computer a bit until after midnight and then went to bed.
We didn't get to sleep in though b/c one of our dogs had to go out. BOOO
Oh well...
Then we went to the movies the next day ( highly recommend seeing 2nd Hobbit movie if you haven't already), went to get a punching bag.. and then I spent the rest of the time making cookies for the inlaws.
Not how I wanted to spend my time but whatever.

Oh I have SO much cleaning to do today.
Inlaws are coming over for dinner and... the house is a mess. Or I should say, certain parts of it are. Take my desk for example. There's a Chick Fil A hash round box on it and I don't remember the last time I had that lol.
And the kitchen... UUUUUUUUUGH dishes dishes and more dishes!!
PLUS I have to cook! Thankfully it's a slow cooker thing but still... just one more thing to tack on to the already long list of things I need to do today.
Our clean house is only an illusion and damnit, we have to keep that facade up!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First rant of the year... and it's a doozy

So, we got home last night from visiting w/ inlaws b/c SiL and her husband just got in to town.
Went on facebook to look around some and saw that I had a message.
Now first, those of you who are FB friends with me know that I really don't post much. I'll post some Zoe photos, will like a few things and play a few games and that's it. I just don't really like posting up my own comments and all that stuff... that's what my blog is for lol.

Anyway... the message was from my oh so lovely dad who decided to inform me that he has unfriended me and DH b/c we never update him or talk to him on FB. Never sent him photos of Zoe, and basically just don't talk to him in general.
He has A LOT of nerve trying to pull a guilt trip on me.
The man ruined my childhood. He took my innocence and stomped it in to the dirt. I won't say specifics, but anyone with even a small imagination can guess.
He is lucky I even friended him to begin with and picked up the phone when he called (the 3 times within the last 2 years).
I've tried so hard to forgive the things that happened, but his actions and attitude have just shown me over and over again that he's not sorry for what he did.
He is lucky that I even allowed him to see photos of Zoe online.

Oh and the kicker?? He ended the message by saying... "Let Zoe have *DH's* parents as her grand folk." Are you fucking kidding me??
No no... we're not "letting" her have them, they ARE her grandparents who love her and would never do anything to hurt her, just like my mom and her husband.

I didn't even bother replying to him. Oh I wanted to cuss his ass out and tell him to shove that message up his ass, but I know that's what he wanted. I know he wanted me to reply to him with something, but I'll never give him the satisfaction.
I just blocked him....
Zoe has 2 sets of loving grandparents... and we're all very happy having it just that way.

Just ugh... the nerve of some people.