Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 3

Forgot to post yesterday! Oops...

So, no exercise. I went and visited my mom for a while and just honestly didn't feel like doing anything when I got back home.
Rest days are Sunday, but I'll count yesterday as it and just exercise like I should.

Zoe is well. She always has this cough though. It's not like a chesty cough or anything. I'd say it's more like just a random hair/tickle in your throat type. But she does it a lot. Not a lot a lot that I think she's getting a cold, but still makes me a little concerned why.

She spit up ALL over my yesterday. BLEH! It's the first time she's spit up like that in a long time. Gross though.

OMG... So I always thought FiL would be the one we'd have to worry about giving Zoe something bad.
NOPE, that would be my mom.
We were all on her floor, playing with Zoe, when my mom got up and started giggling like a school girl.
She went and grabbed a bag of gummy lifesavers, pulled one out and then gave one to Zoe (she was still holding it).
I was laughing but mostly b/c it was SO unexpected.
Zoe licked it a few times and of course frickin LOVED it lol.
She didn't let her but lick it a few times, but still... WTH is it with grandparents wanting to give baby's crap?? SIGH!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 2

Did some strength stuff today.
Not sure how affective it all is though since I always have to stop to check on Zoe, but I did something at least. Has to be better than nothing.

I did squats, lifted light weights, wall pushups and hopped around to some music like an idiot hehe.
It was good though. Felt that burn.
Taking it easy to start with since I am so out of shape, but next week, I really need to step it up... A LOT. What I'm doing now is bare minimum.

Zoe's sleep has been a lot better.
She'll sometimes wake during the night, but it's her usual still asleep sort of cry and a pacifier solves it.
I have been getting up to give her her pacifier again. If she cries again (which has only happened once), then let her cry a little then go in a soothe her if she needs it.
But so far so good.
She actually slept in a bit later today. She usually wakes around 6am, but today she woke at 6:40 :D YAY!
It's crazy how excited you get for those extra minutes of sleep! ROFL

She is producing some tears now lol.
Thought she was before, but guess not? *shrugs*
It's def real now though. It's not full on tearful crying, but she'll have that glisten on the sides of her eyes.

Her poor booty is so red and raw. SIGH! Not sure what to do to keep it from happening again and again. We already use sensitive wipes, but I guess it must just be the rubbing that causes the problem. *shrugs*

Monday, February 25, 2013

Day One

So, today is day one and it's going well.
Did Just Dance for about 40mins. My first time playing it so yeah.. to say I wasn't any good is an understatement lol. I just hve no coordination :P
I would've played longer, but Zoe started to fuss. Life of Mommy I guess.

It's fun though and I'll do it again on Wed when I do cardio stuff again. Tomorrow is strength training stuff.

I'm SO out of shape but I gotta stick with this. Sigh.. I've said this all before, but hopefully this time I'll actually stick with it.
Would really love to be 10lbs lighter by the end of March.
And I managed to get a little bit of juice out of the dying battery in the scale and weighed myself. Not good! What I feared was correct.... almost 20lbs to get back under 200 again :( Damnit, why can't losing the weight be just as easy as gaining it???

I NEED to lose this weight if we're ever going to have more kids. Fat is my infertility and it needs to be addressed and corrected already.
I can't just keep sitting here hoping something will happen while I do nothing. While I would rather be doing anything other than exercising, I gotta do it. I want Zoe to have siblings and welp.... mommy needs to get her fat ass up and start working on it harder!!

Speaking of siblings.... I've been thinking about it a lot, and I think after we have 1, maybe 2 more. Depending on our financial situation and how we're feeling. I think I would like to adopt. I say this now, but who knows how I'll feel in the future about it.
Before having Zoe, I was really on the fence about adoption. Would I be able to love a child that didn't come from me or DH?
Thinking about it now though.... I think I would and there are so many kids out there that need loving homes. We'll see what happens. This won't be for a long long time though but just something to think about in the meantime.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


First up...

Poor Zoe could not get in a good nap today. My poor baby kept getting woken up since we came home from grocery shopping at 10:30 this morning.
In total, she probably only got maybe 30mins of nap time.

She got SUPER grumpy starting around 3pm and would not stay settled unless I sat next to her on the floor while she sucked on her pacifier and played with whatever toy she could reach lol. I didn't mind but my back sure did! hehe
I fed her some peas at 5:30, turned her towards the fish tank to keep her from fussing while I checked on dinner and washed dishes so I could give her a bath.

Everything was great. Washed the dishes, got all of her bath stuff ready, went to go get her...

Aww, look.. she loves those fish!
( the fish aren't swimming in a soup of algae, I swear lol.)

Wait.... awww, no. She just completely zonked out after eating.

I felt so bad having to wake her up lol. She had to get a bath and a bottle though.
She was ok being woken up, I gave her a nice warm bath (which she absolutely loves!), and a bottle, got her ready for bed after that and she went right to sleep.

Anywho, my sweet little baby girl. Love her so much!

So tomorrow is the day we start back on a healthier path.
We went completely crazy this weekend with the cheat food and good lord. We feel like CRAP. Upset stomachs, TERRIBLE gas that makes your nose burn lol, just an overall BLAH feeling.
We are not doing that again.

Anyway, DH made us both charts that has what we're doing on what days and leaves a space for us to write down what we did.
I'm gonna try out my new game tomorrow :D He set the Wii back up in the living room and I'm ready to get stupid!
Thank goodness it's only Zoe here to witness my spaztic moves. Hopefully she doesn't get distressed b/c she thinks I'm hurt or anything :P ROFL

Our scale battery is dead so can't weigh myself. Haven't weighed myself in a week or 2. Can't remember.
Kinda scared to do it actually b/c I know I've gained A LOT of weight back. I probably need to lose 20lbs just to get back to below 200 again.
We'll see what it is as soon as we get another battery.

I would really like to be down at least 10 lbs before the wedding at the beginning of April that we're going to. I know that's a pretty big goal though. Especially with how my body is trying to hold on to all of this jiggly fat.
Just gotta do my best and hope that I'll start losing something :)

Ok, so..... does anyone cosleep? Not the baby is in the room, but cosleep as in bedsharing?

Now, I can understand why parents would want to do this while the baby is still a baby. Easier to soothe etc etc.
It's not something for DH and I b/c we like our space and I just think it's dangerous, but whatever floats other people's boats... do it.
It makes me wonder though when I read these moms SO proud of cosleeping when their children are much older. Like 2, 3, 4+ years old.
WTF? I dunno, but I can't imagine that a husband would be happy with that arrangement?
A child coming in to sleep with you every once in a while, sure, that's totally fine and Im sure all kids do it, but... doing that every night??
Like I said, to each their own, but MAN, I can't imagine! lol

Friday, February 22, 2013

Did I forget??

Zoe was developing a rash not too long ago b/c of pooing a lot. The poo with the constant wiping was causing her poor little booty cheeks to get all raw and red.

She had just gotten over her last rash/thrush not that long ago and both DH and I REALLY didn't want to have to go out and get disposables again. Nothing wrong with disposables, but we were feeling like that's all we were using after having to use them for I think 2weeks, give or a take a day.

Anywho, read online about rash creams that are OK to use with cloth diapers. Was thinking about getting some, but then I came across lots of CD moms saying they use coconut oil or olive oil on their baby when they get a rash.
Went out and bought olive oil (we usually have some but had run out), used it on her little butt (cotton ball dipped in it, then dabbed on the raw spots), and well... it worked.
It probably didn't heal the rash as quickly as a cream that has medicine or something in it, but it did help it. I think it healed up in a few days, maybe 3 or so. AND it didn't mess up the absorbancy of the diapers which was my concern.
I was paranoid and did an extra "stripping" wash. Just basically washed the clean & dried diapers again w/ some color safe bleach, and haven't had any problems with them leaking b/c of the oil.
So... WOOO! lol

Love cloth diapers!! Just wish we could finally use the larger ones!! While I do absolutely LOVE the Pure and Natural kawaii ones, it would just be nice to have a wider variety to use.... and not panicking b/c there are only 1 or 2 of those clean lol.
DD just doesn't have those chunk thighs so she leaks at the leg holes. Might try her in some tomorrow. See how it goes, but I'm sure we'll be dealing with a leak or 10.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Well little Miss Fussy Face!

Boy, Zoe was just not having any of it today! Hardly any smiles for me until DH got home lol.
She always smiles more if you're not the one holding her. *shrugs*
She has terrible naps today too but that wasn't so bad.

She went right to bed b/c of it though so WOOT!

Oh and last night... not a single peep out of her the entire night!! YAY! She woke up at 6am which still kinda sucks, but I'll take that over waking multiple times any day!
FX that she sleeps well again tonight :D

I've been stuffing my face with as much junk food as I've been craving. And damnit, I do not feel guilty about it at all!!
Probably shouldn't be doing it, but meh. I'm getting back on the healthy train on Sunday.... until then, I'll have fun being bad MUAHAHA.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh winter

I love the cold weather!!
Nevermind that it gives you the oppurtunity to get all warm and snuggly.

I love that I don't have to put a bra on when I go out! MUAHAHAHAHA!
Wearing a thick jacket is enough to hide the fact that the twins are hanging free.
Yes... notice I said hanging and not bouncing.... SIGH

STTN again?

Gosh I hope so!!
Zoe did sttn last night. She fussed just a little, and I got up to check on her, but she would've been fine if I hadn't.
She woke up at 6am this morning and WOO! lol
She unfortunatly didn't go back to sleep, but she played in her crib until 7 so that was still nice.

She is taking her time learning how to crawl. Is there anything you can do to help? *shrugs*
She seems to enjoy tummy time a lot more now though. Think since she's figured out she can at least rotate and play with her toys that way, she's good on her stomach heh.

So, Monday is going to be the day we start exercising again. I don't really like starting anything in the middle of the week so Monday it is.
I'm getting myself motivated and it's actually working heh.
We're gonna go back to a stricter Primal eating diet like we were just doing (we've slacked just a little, but not too much), and will be starting our exercise routines. Need to make a calender so we can keep track of what we need to do. Maybe write down what we did on those days and try to do a little more the next time. I think that might be good to push us a little more. *nodnod*
Excited to start it. Hopefully this feeling sticks around until Monday :P hehe

Updated list

Of useful and not so useful items. Well, this one will be not so useful.

Swing- It's not really that Zoe didn't like it, it's just that there were easier things to use.
When you're tired and worn out and just need to put baby down, dealing with all of those straps (even though they're really not that difficult), is the last thing you want to deal with. At least that was the case for us.
Once we got the Rock N Play, the swing just became something that collected dust in the background. I think for the next baby, it may be a bit more useful. Having to deal with a toddler (or a child if it takes a while to concieve again)... I can see the swing coming in very handy.

Bumbo seat- I know some moms love this thing. Personally, it's the biggest waste of money... not counting the crib bedding sets.

Speaking of it....

The Crib Bedding set- Oh sure, it's ADORABLE in the store and when you first set it up in the nursery, but then you start reading about how bumpers aren't safe. And that cute little quilt? Also not safe. So basically you just spent 100+ dollars for ONE sheet. You know where that cute dragonfly set we bought is? Collecting dust in Zoe's closet.
Good lord it was such a huge waste of money!! But I'm sure almost every new parent gets suckered in to buying it.

And again a few items that are worth getting...

Boppy pillow- I always list it, like I always list the worst items. It is AWESOME. We don't use it so much now when holding Zoe, but it's great for putting behind her while she's on the floor. She gets super upset when she topples backwards, so having it behind her now really helps with that. If you have some sewing skills or know someone that does.... make your own! You could probably do it for more than half the price of a what a boppy costs. OR buy the pillow and make your own covers for it! If I knew how to sew, I totally would :) Hell, you could probably sell them too if you're good at it heh.

Rock N Play Sleeper- I know there was that recall thing, but making sure that it doesn't have the mold issue.... it's another fantastic buy! Zoe still naps in it now. She's probably going to outgrow it soon which is gonna suck, but we've gotten our money's worth and then some out of it and it will be great for the next LO to come along.

Exersaucer & Jumperoo- We did get the exersaucer for free. Well, it was on loan really. If we had bought one, it still would've been a fantastic investment b/c Zoe LOVED hers. She probably would still be super happy with it if we had kept it.
Jumperoo is great too though and will grow with her a bit longer than the exersaucer would have. It's a good thing we waited to buy the jumperoo though b/c Zoe's feet touch tip toe to the floor (how it's supposed to be) on the lowest setting now. So I wouldn't recommend a jumperoo for a really young or small baby. Not until they're bigger :)
The door jumper was also a good buy, but I wouldn't buy an expensive one. We got ours at the consignment shop for I think $14? Somewhere around there and it's worth that. Zoe will still play in it happily, but not for as long as she used to.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First chance

First chance today I've gotten to come on and post! She has been keeping me busy all day! Especially the last few hours when she was clearly tired but didn't want to sleep. Got her 2nd wind and then got tired again. SIGH!
She's finally asleep now but probably won't be for long lol.

So what's been going on...

Her waking at night has become a lot better. I'll sometimes get woken by her fussing, but she's getting herself back to sleep within a minute.
She did wake really early this morning so I fed her, but it was technically sttn by the time she woke up and I knew feeding her would get me back to bed quicker :P lol

I'm still such a terrible sleeper though. You would think being tired all the time would help, but it doesn't. I get to sleep a lot quicker now. But that still means I could be laying in bed for 20mins instead of 30min-1hour.
I wake up ALL the time, and by around 3am, I'll wake up and can't get back in to a good deep restful sleep. I think my body got so used to waking up with her. Sucks but gotta just deal with it.

Lil Miss Zoe is going to be a handful when she becomes mobile. I can honestly say that while I can't wait for her to start crawling, I also dread it! lol
She already wants to get her hands on EVERYTHING which I'm sure is just natural for all babies, but I am so not used to that.
I find myself telling her to stop and saying "No" lol.

Bought myself Just Dance 3 for the Wii. Gotta get DH to set the Wii back up in the living room.
Can't dance for shit, but I'm gonna sweat my ass off doing it, hopefully literally.
It was only $20 on amazon so figured I'd just get it. Not that much money 'wasted' if I don't use it :P lol
Was thinking about getting the Zumba one, but reading what the songs are and not recognizing any of them... no. Even though I'm sure a lot of the Just Dance ones will be stuff I haven't heard of... at least I'll be able to understand them. I just don't speak Spanish and I like singing along damnit!
Anyway, I may try the Zumba thing eventually, just not right now.
So yep, FX that it helps with this weight problem.

Some photos of Zoe.
She is SO stinkin cute now. As soon as the camera comes out and she sees that red light come on she is all smiles for the camera. Such a ham :)

She is absolutely fascinated by our dog Cid. Future best friends :)

and video

Sunday, February 17, 2013

So far so good

I think Zoe is doing well with her CIO.
Is it CIO or is it CC (controlled crying?).
I didn't know there was a difference but there is?
CIO is when you just let the baby cry no matter how upset they get. You don't check on them.
And CC is when you let them cry for soandso many minutes and then check and soothe them, and then put them back down etc etc.

So I guess we're doing CC? I dunno... I'm just gonna call it CIO b/c it's easier. *nodnod*

Anyway, Zoe is doing well with it and seems to be getting herself back to sleep pretty easily. Last night she woke a couple of times, but got back to sleep on her own within minutes. I think once, she cried for about 20 seconds and then was asleep again.
So glad she's learning.

And like I said before, I can understand why some women wouldn't want to try CIO or CC.... but MAN, there are some frickin judemental bitches out there!
I totally admit that I judge. We ALL do whether if people want to admit it or not.
Now with that being said, I know how to hold my tongue if I don't agree with something someone does. That's why I have my blog to vent everything :P lol
Anyway, good lord some people, especially holier-than-thou moms do not have a filter and def think their way is the ONLY way to do things.
It shouldn't surprise me by now, and it really doesn't, but it still does piss me off. These idiots are the reason so many people don't share their actual views on things because they don't want to deal with assholes telling them they're wrong.
I think now with the internet..... it should be mandatory for people to take debate classes in school. That way they learn how to DISCUSS, subjects without it turning in to "I'm right and you're wrong." BS.

I've been slacking off on taking Zoe photos! Really need to start back up again and take a bazillion photos of her! She's not gonna be a baby for much longer and I need as many photos as I can get to remember her like this :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Night something...

Frickin lost track of how long it has been already.

Anywho, last night went FANTASTIC! I did get up to reinsert Zoe's pacifier twice, but after that I was done so let her fuss.
Well she did and only did it for maybe a minute or 2 before falling back to sleep. WOOO!

I remember her crying and fussing around 3 when she wake wakes, but she must've gone right back to sleep b/c I went back to sleep soon after too.

FX that Zoe won't even wake tonight, but if she does, let it be like last night!

Went out to dinner last night with inlaws.
Zoe saw her cousin again that she hasn't seen in a while, and WOW... I never realized just how small her cousin is.
SiL's girl is TINY. Seriously, Zoe is almost as big as her and she is 18m old now. I think Zoe is only 2lbs lighter too.
Anyway, Zoe was so cute and got SO excited to see her. It was adorable. Her cousin was excited too but kept stealing Zoe's pacifier lol. She doesn't actually use a pacifier, just like to play with it and chew on it :P lol
Zoe didn't care though. It was just so cute seeing them together. They are going to be so cute growing up with eachother. So glad they're close in age.

Now to just pop out a couple more!... yeah as if it's that easy for us. SIGH

On that note.... my body is still doing a whole lot of nothing other than GAINING weight. WTF???????
I haven't weighed myself in a while but did yesterday and I've frickin gained 2 damn pounds!!! WTH?
I can tell I've gained too in my face. My double chin is getting bigger :(
Anyway, no more dragging my feet. I'm gonna start exercising on Monday. Force myself to do something.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 3....

Or well, should be titled night 3... but whatever.

So Zoe did her usual routine last night until she finally woke at 2:30. She cried and fussed for about 15 minutes and then went to sleep. Nice.
Thankfully her cries aren't her red in the face, sweating up a storm, super cries. Now if she were crying like that... UGH, I dunno if I could hold out. Those are the type that make kids vomit b/c they're so worked up.

Anyway.... when she cries at night, it's more of a just fussy, tired sporadic type of deal. I still hate not being able to comfort her, but thankfully it's not too bad.

I think we need to start weening her off of her pacifier. That way she won't need it to get herself to sleep during the day and such. We'll see what DH thinks. Not even sure where to start with that.

Oh, I finished my crochet thing yesterday! WOO!
You can view it here and if you have a ravelry account, you can get the free pattern too :)

Dragon Clock Tapestry

I think it came out pretty decent, especially for my first original. Reading the pattern will make your eyes cross, but it's ok heh.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 2...

Zoe kept doing her little not waking fully fussy thing last night until she finally woke up at around 4.
I wonder when you can count it as sttn. Like if she woke at 5am hungry and crying, would that be considered sttn even though I don't usually get up then (DH gets up at 5:30 for work).
Technically it is since she goes to bed at 7pm most nights.

Anyway.... we let her cry a bit. It was easier to listen to her crying, but still not fun.
She was very slowly winding herself down.
Think it was 10 or 15min before DH got up and checked on her and I guess he gave her her pacifier and she didn't wake again until 7am.

So yeah... it's not too bad, and of course she is totally fine and all smiles in the morning, but it still makes me feel so bad/guilty for doing it. Can totally understand why some parents don't/can't.

Zoe is SO wanting to crawl. It's adorable.
Tummy time isn't her favorite, but she's getting used to it and trying so hard to move.
She can turn herself pretty well, but she hasn't quite learned how to get those knees up under her just yet.
She tries, but then ends up pushing herself backwards lol. She gets so frustrated and will usually do her, flailing face in the floor frustrated cry :P heh
I'll have to remember to get video of her doing it. And will eventually get her doing her whine cry.
Grabbing the camera when she is crying is the last thing on my mind though.

Hope everyone had a great V-Day!
I got to spend it with my baby girl and didn't have to cook. WOOT! lol
Well, I did bake some cupcakes, but other than that, no cooking :) Yes, we totally cheated and it was frickin DELICOUS! ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CIO sucks :(

Last night was the first time for it and boy did it SUCK!
It did work though. Zoe started fussing. I checked on her at first, got DH to check on her b/c I think she leaked (she did), and then after that..... yeah.
She started crying again. I went to check on her after about 2 minutes of it. DH of course had to object and I understand why, but I didn't want to hear it.
When I came back, he said something that just royally pissed me off. It wasn't that he was being mean or anything like that, it's just that I knew he was right and I just knew what needed to come next.
So... we let her cry. I'm not sure for how long. Think it was between only 10-15mins.
10-15mins of pure frickin torture. All of my instincts were to check on her after a couple of minutes but no.
I just kept getting more angry at DH even though he hadn't really done anything to deserve it. He rolled over and was trying to make the situation a bit lighter. He put his arm around me and I shoved it off.
Irrationally pissed off at him is saying it mildly. I almost started crying too b/c I wanted to go to her so bad.
Anyway, a few minutes after that.... and she went to sleep.
I gave it a few more minutes to see if she was going to start back up and then went and checked on her b/c I knew with all of that crying, she probably kicked her blanket off.
I'm sure DH wasn't happy that I went and checked, but I wasn't about to let her stay cold for the rest of the night if she was uncovered... which she was.
She was fast asleep though so, it worked.
I'm sure we're gonna have to do this a few more times before she gets the hang of soothing herself to sleep.
Still feeling bad for letting her CIO. It's weird b/c I don't mind it during the day so much. I've let her cry if she's resisting a nap with no problems. *shrugs*
Feeling really guilty for getting angry at DH too. Sigh.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Forgot to update yesterday.

Zoe's 6m checkup went well.
She is 26.2 inches long, 16.4 lbs, and head circ is 42.6.
She's growing perfectly :)

She got 3 vaccinations and took them well. She always cries with the shots but it was only for a second and then she was fine.
Zoe really seems to love her ped. She started cracking up when the doctor was checking her nostrils lol.

It was recommended to me that we let Zoe cry during the night and hopefully self soothe herself back to sleep instead of me feeding her.
Sigh, I know I shouldn't have started doing it, but the thought of listening to her cry for who knows how long... BLEH! lol
And also, to put a few pacifiers in to her crib. That way we don't have to keep getting up to put one back in to her mouth and hopefully she will find one and do it and put herself back to sleep.

We were gonna start all of this last night, but Zoe sttn lol. She usually sleeps well after her vaccinations, so we'll see what happens tonight. It's gonna be rough for the next few days.
I'm not against crying it out, it's just difficult doing it.

Haven't had anymore bleeding or spotting or even light smudges. Not sure what that was about.

I've been getting some aching on my right ovary area. Maybe it's a cyst or a follicle. Who knows.

Monday, February 11, 2013


So I went to the bathroom a few minutes ago and when I wiped, slight smudge of blood on the tp.
Maybe the metformin is helping things, OR, maybe this is going to be another annoying episode of spotting that leads to a whole bunch of nothing.
Really hoping it's the start of AF b/c yeah... I just need it to be so I can feel at least somewhat normal.

I don't have any of my usual pre-AF symptoms though. We'll see what happens.

OMG I was SOOOOO frickin tired this morning.

Last night, I think I got about 2 hours of continuous sleep before Zoe started waking up or fussing enough that I had to go check on her. In total, I probably got about 5 hour of sleep. What's bad is that I went to bed at 10... and she didn't wake wake until 5am. So it was ALL NIGHT LONG that I had to get up with her.
The thought of smacking DH with my pillow to wake him up did cross my mind a few times :P lol

Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's about time!

Zoe literally just rolled from stomach to back a few minutes ago. She did it 3 times too. I think they were all accidents, but hey, that's a start hehe.
We've been doing a lot more tummy/floor time lately and I guess it has finally paid off.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Oh Zoe...

Her new little whining thing is SO hilarious and cute. Good lord I hope she doesn't keep it up when she is older though.
My oldest niece whines and it is SO annoying.
I'll try to get some video of Zoe doing it tomorrow heh.

I dunno WTH DH's mom and aunt are smoking but they're starting to ask us when we're gonna let Zoe spend the night with them. Uhm... WHAT??
Zoe is 6 months old... chill the hell out with the spend the night BS. SHEESH.
And of course they ask this right after telling me that their dogs killed one of their goats. Uhm... and you want our BABY over there? I don't frickin think so.
Yeah they cleaned it for Christmas, but I can guarantee that there is still probably Christmas trash all over the place still b/c none of them cleaned it up yet.... or will clean it up later.
Have I mentioned that MiL is a total hoarder? And that FiL and MiL are oblivious to the poo, pee, and general funkiness of their home?

Just no way. I makes my stomach twist in a knot even thinking about Zoe over there for the night.

And MiL is passive aggressively trying to make us feel guilty b/c Zoe only sees her once a week and how "Zoe should see her granny more often!"
Bitch please....
I do love MiL, even with all of her problems, but come on now... just stop.
Hell, my own mom sees Zoe maybe once every 2 weeks so MiL is lucky she sees her more often.

I can't even imagine what it's going to be like whenever we have another. The non-subtle hints about letting Zoe stay over there while we take care of the new baby, etc etc.
Thanks for the offer, but that's not gonna happen until your house is clean.
How the heck do you say that to someone without hurting their feelings? Sigh...

Oh and don't even get me started on how sick they are ALL the damn time!! I swear, one of them is sick every other week.
Last week it was FiL, this week it's MiL and SiL's girl.
Next week, I'm sure it will be DH's aunt and someone else.
They are the sickest bunch of people I've ever met. How the hell do you get sick that often?
Now I can understand why I don't get sick since I'm home most of the time, but DH works with a lot of people and he had one cold last year. That was it.

So again.... Zoe is not spending the night over there until they change something. Clean their shit up.

Whew, that turned in to a long rambling rant! :P lol

OH I forgot, one of DH's friends gave us a bunch of frozen homemade baby food. Their own baby is now eating 'real' non-pureed food, so they gave us whatever they had left. NICE. Saves us some money and time spent making the stuff :D

Oh and Zoe is now sitting in the little kiddy chairs at restaurants now. Dawwww. When we went out with family on Friday, we put her in one and she loved it. Looking around at everyone, banging on the table.

*sniffles* She's growing up so fast.

Friday, February 8, 2013


It's 2:30am and I'm wide awake b/c of frickin acid reflux. GROSS.
Was kinda tossing and turning. Laying in bed trying to get back to sleep when suddenly, there was vomit in my throat.
Now I'm up coughing w/ vomit breath even though I brushed my teeth again and gargled mouth wash. AWesome.

DD didn't get to sleep until 9pm, figures when I'm wide awake, she is sound asleep lol.

She seems to have gotten over her stranger anxiety that she was having before. When I went to the doc to get my ear checked out, she had big smiles for the nurses and doc, and w/ family, she had big smiles for them too.
She frickin LOVES her older cousin (brother's oldest girl who is 8).
I dunno what it is about that particular cousin, but babies just seem to love her and can't take their eyes off of her.
SiL's little girl was exactly the same way towards her. Whenever she was around, she would stare at older cousin and laugh at her and just big smiles for her. We tell the cousin that she's a 'baby whisperer' hehe.
If it keeps up, she's gonna have a great career in baby sitting :P

Anywho, back to writing down a crochet pattern I'm working on. Muahahaha, hope it works out. First time I'm writing my own pattern. :) We'll see how it turns out.


Oh man... Zoe has learned a new sound.... whining.
It's this high pitched disapproving whine sound.
Cute now, but lord it's going to be annoying when she's older if she keeps doing it lol. I'll have to get video of it heh.

Oh and I've stopped taking my HPTs. Think I took all of the ones that were going to expire next month or in April. The rest now should be expires in August. So yep, gonna save im until hopefully I'll need them.

OPKs are still bleh, but not expecting much to happen until I start losing weight.

Zoe has her 6m checkup on Monday. Can't wait to see how much she weighs!

Uhm, ok she's awake from her nap.


So DH told me yesterday that we have a wedding to go to early April. Awesome. Now I get to show all of his friends how fat I've gotten!

I started metformin again. Starting off VERY slow. First 500mg I took made me feel sick for about an hour.
2nd one I took yesterday, I didn't have any reaction to it so yay.
Will stick with this for about 2 weeks and then increase to 1000. Going to have to call up my doc to get another prescription for it though. Which means I'll probably have to come in for my annual. BLEH!
I'm so tired of having my vag examined! lol
Really gotta start exercising again.
I know I keep saying that over and over again. Just need that motivation to finally do it and trust me, going to a wedding ISN'T that motivation. Hell, wanting another baby isn't even doing it.
Think that's just the exhaustion talking though. Just don't have the energy to want to do much of anything right now.

Think Zoe is asleep again. Gonna go try to catch a few more winks before she wakes back up in 10mins :P heh

Thursday, February 7, 2013


So, I took my butt to the doc this morning.
Just ear wax... a WHOLE LOT OF ear wax to be exact :P lol

Seriously... GROSS. They gave me the option of drops or they clean it out. I opted for them cleaning it out for me, and holy good god. I didn't get a close up look, just what it looked like as the nurse poured out the stuff in to the sink and *gag*
I dunno how I had ANY hearing in that ear!! There was SOOOOOOO much of it! BLARGH!

No infection just a little irritated, but the doc smeared a little bit of ointment inside anyway just to be sure.
Just gross though. I figured it was blocked up, but not THAT much. They took this big syringe thing and filled it with warm water and peroxide and squirted the hell out of my ear 3 or 4 times. First time, a crap ton of gunk came out, 2nd time I didn't see, and then they kept at it until some stuff way in the back was flushed out finally.

Anyway... I can hear again! WOO!!!


Think poor Zoe may need to go back in to disposables. Looks like her little butt is getting irritated. Seems to happen if she has been pooping a lot so we have to go in and wipe it off which makes it sensitive. Poor baby girl :( May just try patting and using warm water next time she has poop. Just try not to rub.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


That's what I'm being right now by not going to the doctor yet about this damn ear.
I'm so hell bent on just waiting and seeing if it gets better even though... well, it hasn't.
Gonna have to talk myself in to just going tomorrow. Hopefully get my mom to look after Zoe while I go, but if not, then I'll just bring her along with me.

Anyway... so yeah, there's still that.

Zoe's sleeping is still all off. She sttn 2 nights in a row (she still woke up at around 5 but it's still technically sttn), then last night it was the same crud she's been doing. Waking up at midnight then 2, 3 etc.
FX she sttn again tonight.

During her naps, I've been letting her do it on the floor. She still likes her RnP, but the floor is working too. She can play and then just lean back on the boppy pillow and sleep lol.
Or well, she shimmied off of it in this photo but you get the point heh

Nothing much going on though. Just life stuff happening :)


No more sling in her baby bath. She has started to splash in the water now. It creates a huge wet mess, but it's so cute :D

Damn this ear!

Ok if it isn't any better by tomorrow, I'll be taking Zoe to spend some time with my mom and taking my partially deaf ass to the doctor.
I know my continued attempts to try to clear it up is only making it worse, so I'm doing nothing to it today.
MAYBE peroxide later tonight, but that's it. Sigh, still hoping it clears up on its own but doesn't look like that's going to happen.
Thankfully it doesn't hurt.

Alrighty, Zoe is fussing. Gotta go do the whole mommy thing I guess ;) hehe

Monday, February 4, 2013

100% now

Managed to squeeze a little bit out and took 3 more wondfos. 2 are from the same lot, and the other from a different one. 2 were the same b/c one of them had these horizontal lines on them. Didn't want any kind of confusion just in case another was faulty.

But yep... 100% NOT pregnant.
Now back to wondering if I'll ovulate ever again!!!


Oh heh, I forgot to mention this..

It was either yesterday or the day before.
DH went to change Zoe and I was doing something. He called for me to 'come here' and what did he want?
He wanted to show me Zoe's bright orange turd in the toilet! LOL His words...
"Look, she made playdoh!"

ROFL. It really did look like it (I'll never look at the stuff the same ever again).
It looked like the carrots we fed her went in one end and right out the other. That's how brightly colored her little turd was hehe.

Wow, faulty much??

So I just took my daily opk and HPT, and check out this hpt...

BLEH!! That line is totally not in the right spot. Oh sure, it's nice and pink and came up right away but just no.
I had already flushed the pee before seeing this or I would've taken another.
I'm about 99.9% positive that I'm not pregnant so just chalking it up to a faulty test. But still.... I'd be lying if my heart didn't skip a beat for a second lol.

I'll take another test later just to get rid of that .1% that isn't sure.

In other news... Zoe is sitting up SO well now. She will still topple over, but she could stay sitting for a good 30+ minutes with no problems. She's right behind me as I type this playing on the floor :D

Some photos I took today.

She is SO interested in the dogs and cat now. She wants to touch them so much. The only one that bothers with her is Cid... our spoiled Frenchie mutt :)

I can't wait until she is older and asks for a dog of her own (that I'll tell her to ask daddy for! lol).
This is going to sound SO bad...... by the time she is old enough to ask, our oldest dog will probably be dead then, so we'll be needing another one to take up that spot.


Zoe sttn last night. WOO! She still woke up at 5:20, but I'll take that over what she did the night before.
Did I mention that?
We went to bed at 9:30, I actually got to sleep rather quick. Got woken up a little after 10 by her making some noise and the girl did not go back to sleep until almost 12:30!!
I tried to not feed her for as long as possible, but I gave in and finally fed her and she pretty much went right back to sleep after that. SIGH.

Anywho, not sure what caused her to sttn last night but I'm happy about it. Of course she's just now going back to sleep... and I'm wide awake. Oh welp. Maybe I'll go lay down for a bit anyway just to relax :D

I will say this to all of those expectant moms out there. Roll your eyes at anyone telling you to get as much sleep as you can now. It's just a stupid suggestion, like you can bank sleep?
What I suggest..... ENJOY the sleep you get now. Even if pregnancy is causing insomnia, even if pregnancy is uncomfortable and causing you to wake up with every turn or you're waking up to pee all the time.
You're still waking up on YOUR time right now. Enjoy THAT. Because when baby arrives... no more. So enjoy that you get to wake up when you want. That you get to just lay in bed and relax when you want. That you can take a nap whenever you want. Enjoy all of that now while you can. *nodnod*

Having a baby is AMAZING, but damn is it tiring lol.

My ear is still all muffled and bleh.
It's a bit sore today. Think I overdid it a bit yesterday trying to declog it.
Can use the ear wax removal stuff twice a day, but think I'll hold off until tonight to use it again. Give my ear some time to heal a bit before doing anything else to it.

Hmmm, no more peeps from the nursery so I'm going to go lay down for a bit until my munchkin wakes back up :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dang ear!

Think I have some excessive ear wax build up in my left ear.
Tried cleaning it out and got some, but the hearing in that ear is still very fuzzy sounding. HATE IT!
It's not as bad as it was, so hopefully after a few more days of using the cleaning stuff it will be back to normal. Just don't want to get an ear infection.

Hope everyone is having a nice sunday! We're not huge on the super bowl, but we decided to cheat today for it anyway heh.
Bought some nice steaks that are now marinating. YUM...... steak tips!
Got the marinade recipe off of cooks country. It's pretty awesome.
Tablespoon of tomato paste, 1/3c of oil, 1/3c soy sauce, 3tbs of brown sugar, 5 garlic cloves minced, 1tbs paprika, 1/4tsp cayenne powder, 1/2 tsp black pepper.
Get about 2lbs of flank? steak. Stab it with a fork all over, then cut in to large 2 inch chunks.
Marinate, then grill until internal temp of the steak is 130-135. Let sit for 10 min tented loosely with foil.
Frickin DELICIOUS!!! It all depends on that cut of steak. You have to get a good cut or else the marinade just doesn't work right. But MM MM... it's so good and easy.

Anyway, we're having that along with... I dunno, maybe some mashed potatoes a salad and some tiger butter for dessert! YUM.
Tiger butter is so frickin easy to make. Melt white chocolate w/ peanut butter. Pour in to a pan lined w/ parchment paper. Melt semi sweet chocolate chips, pour that on to the white choco/pb mix and swirl. Stick it in the fridge until it firms back and and YUMMO!

So yeah.... we're being bad today :P

Saturday, February 2, 2013


So, we got a jumperoo today!
Frickin love consignment shops!! If they don't have something you want, just wait a week.
They had 5 jumperoos today when they had none last week. AWESOME.
2 of them were the same and we bought one of those. It was $40. Still a good bit of money, but that beats spending almost 90 for a brand new one.
Absolutely nothing wrong with the one we bought and it still has working batteries in it too. NICE lol.

Zoe did still enjoy her exersaucer, but she was getting bored of the toys. Hopefully she'll enjoy her jumperoo b/c the exersaucer is being returned to DH's friend.

We're thinking about getting her a walker as well. Maybe maybe not depending on how she likes the jumperoo I guess. They had a bunch of those, BUT they were only maybe 5 dollars cheaper than what you would pay for a new one so if we did get one, it will more than likely be new.
But like I said.... IF we buy her one. All just depends on how she takes to the jumperoo. We put her in it for a while today and she seemed ok except she couldn't quite do her little spazzy jumps in it b/c her feet barely touch the ground heh.

I'm SO tired of her waking at night! BLEEEEEH! It hasn't been too bad b/c I've just been giving in and feeding her as soon as I realize she isn't going back to sleep.
I feed her, lay her back down, insert pacifier, and luckily she's been going right back to sleep when I do that. *shrugs*
Don't mind feeding her, it just would be nice to go back to the sttn thing again :P heh

Friday, February 1, 2013


Forever to upload videos! Geeze lol

Video of Zoe dreaming. Sounds like sleep crying but hope not.

And one of her being a silly baby :D
Silly monkey

What's new

Nothing much other than Zoe dreaming again. CUTE!
It kinda freaked me out at first, but it turned cute shortly after heh.

OPK & HPT showing a bunch of nothing still. To repeat, not taking hpt b/c I think there's a possibility of being pregnant, just using them b/c they're expiring soon heh.

Want to start exercising soon. I should've already started but with Zoe's change in sleep, I was worn out for a while. I'm getting kinda used to it now so would like to start. Well, I don't really want to since exercising sucks, but yeah... eating right isn't doing anything so hopefully adding in some physical activity will help.
Would like to try something new but not sure what. Have a PS3 and a Wii, been thinking about maybe getting some kind of exercise thing for one of those but not sure.
Anyone have a recommendation? Maybe Zumba? Or one of those dance games *shrugs* Nothing too expensive is the aim. *nodnod*
I dunno... I have terrible coordination so maybe neither one of those would be a good idea lol.

Uhm, yeah, think that's about it for now. Think I'm gonna try to convince DH to go to Once Upon a Child across town to see if they have any jumperoos. Maybe the one by us got one in though. We'll see.