Monday, July 29, 2013

Few photos

Wha??? Yeah I know... lol...
Zoe is on the verge of waking so gotta be quick...

My mom went and bought Zoe her little Korean 1yo fancy dress thing. Really should have asked her what it's called lol.
I wanted this so bad for Zoe b/c I remember growing up and LOVING looking at photos of myself in the outfit. Just thought it was cool and wanted that for Zoe.
She had to go to Atlanta to get he dress... and yeah, don't even ask how much it was. Surprised my mom even bought it considering the fabric of the outfit feels REALLY cheap boo.
But it's super cute anyway.

Here are a couple of photos from yesterday when we tried it on her. Photos suck ass b/c of the glare from the window messing with the camera.
So here's more of a sneak peak heh.... better photos of her will of course be posted when she's wearing it for her birthday :)

And some bonus photos! heh

We keep her trapped in the living room :P It's just easier that way b/c girl gets in to EVERYTHING when she's roaming around.
So out ghetto solution is to block her ways out with things. One of those ways is blocked by a laundry basket with a storage bin and weights in it. It's to keep her from pushing it out of her way and from climbing out. Welp, she tried to one day and got stuck....... my phone was right there so I had to take a photo before coming to the rescue :P lol She only just started to fuss b/c I was laughing at her hehe

And here are a few photos from SiL a few weeks ago. We took her girl and Zoe to this kiddie garden. Her toddler of course was ALL over the place and Zoe refused to smile lol
This one is my fav. Niece looks adorable and I LOVE how serious Zoe looks in contrast hehehe

Zoe put everything in to her mouth when on the ground...

And everyone else's fav. They all say that Zoe looks like a babydoll in this one.

I'll try to get some videos uploaded later.

Well, it's AF, but...

So it took a while for this to get started it seemed. BUt it is def AF. It turned heavy yesterday.
BUT... it's not exactly... normal. Usually, if I bear down, I can ya know... push some out, but not with this one. Most of the stuff making its way out is coming out when I use the bathroom.
I know that's a lot of tmi about my period lol.
This is too heavy to be an anov AF though so I'm about... 80% confident that I did ovulate again which makes me happy. Just have to catch it next time!
Went ahead and bought 100 more opks. And going to make sure we BD a lot more.

Speaking of that.... I have NOT gotten my libido back at all. There have been a handful... hell not even a handful of times when I've wanted to have sex and that's it.
I feel like a stereotypical married couple right now, he wants sex and I don't. Makes me feel bad b/c I deny him sex..... A LOT now. Thank goodness DH is a good guy though. He should be happy with this cycle at least b/c yeah, we're gonna have a lot of sex damnit! If I miss O with OPK again then at least we'll have a chance with the amount of BDing.

Ok so just put in stats.... and last cycle was 44 days. YIKES. That's not completely terrible I guess, but hopefully with continued weight loss, this one will be shorter, or well, better yet... get pregnant :D

As for the weight loss. It's stalled. It goes up and down b/c of bloat.
We have been a bit bad with diet. We haven't bought junk food, but we have been fixing more meals w/ pasta, rice etc than we should. So we're cutting those for a little bit to help.
DH is losing weight like a mad man though. You can really tell that he's slimming down and looking all sexy :D
Helps that he's actually exercising. I just can't.... I can't. Or no.... I won't. I HATE it so much. If there was an exercise I actually enjoyed doing, I would do it, but.... I just can't lol.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


So, the bleeding did pick up a little. It's light right now. Not an actual flow, just... light.
Doesn't seem like it's going to get any heavier, but who knows. I'm feeling more tired than usual which is a AF sign, BUT.... if the bleeding doesn't pick up, then I'm gonna guess this is an anov AF.

Convinced DH to take us to the Once Upon a Child across town. It's been there longer and it's right next to Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and a richer older part of town so I figured if I ever wanted that kitchen thing for Zoe, then that was where to look.
And yep, they had it!! AND it was only $12!!!! BUT we didn't get it. I did still kind of want it b/c it was cute, but it had almost the same activities on it as the door we got her, so other than just wanting it... it wouldn't have brought anything new to the table so to speak so we didn't get it for her. Kinda bummed that DH talked me out of it, but meh. Not a big loss.

Still wondering why it's $300 on amazon. Maybe it's discontinued and people think that's a reason to jack up the price?? It's cute, but not 300 dollars cute.

We ended up buying her some more clothes and a little vacuum toy she can push around whenever she starts walking.

We also went to babies R us. Bought a new stroller. We took out her infant carrier and put in a new carseat, so since no carrier, we couldn't use that universal carrier/stroller thing anymore (frickin love that thing... best purchase!)... so we were going to use one of those uber cheap umbrella strollers... that is until we actually used it some and one of the wheel things didn't work right on it. Piece of crap, but you get what you pay for I guess.
So we bought a new stroller. It's a little bigger, has a storage thing on the bottom, better wheels etc. So far it's been a good buy. Hopefully it holds up better than the $10 thing....

We also went to Kohls to look for a first birthday outfit. They didn't really have anything. All of their stuff is online for that... boo. When we got home I did buy her a shirt that says "Bring on the cake!" or something like that online. I thought that was cute :)
Did buy SiL some cute outfits for her boy though. Super awesome sale on them and they were adorable so couldn't resist :D Funny how I LOOOOOOOOOVE shopping for baby clothes, but I hate it for myself. Probably b/c babies look cute in everything so it's easy. While me?? Yeah not so much lol.
Oh well......

Friday, July 26, 2013

What now?

So, I started spotting just a little yesterday. Have some this morning too. Only there when I use the bathroom, but this is how AF started last time too.
I'm good if this is AF. If this all turns in to another regular AF, then it means that I'm ovulating. Ovulating late as all hell, but it's still happening.
BUT it sucks b/c I totally missed it with OPKs. 99% of the time I only tested once a day. I guess I'll have to do it more than that which means more money. Bleh. Oh well.

We have half a can of formula left and I don't think we're buying anymore.
Thankfully Zoe doesn't seem to be having any poosplosion reactions to cows milk. Probably helps that we've been introducing her to dairy stuff for a while.
She likes milk though. Maybe we'll try giving her a bottle of it tonight.

Gandalf and the dorf outfits are a nogo for THIS Halloween. Zoe is probably only going to be just walking by then. I'd rather wait for next Halloween so she can walk around as tiny Gandalf lol.
I think this time, just buy some cute outfit for her.

Zoe is obsessed with the Itsy Bitsy damn spider! lol
MiL is to thank for that.
I don't mind singing it to her at all and teaching her the hand gestures that go along with it. She tries doing it and tries singing too.
The singing comes out more of a hum but it's still cute hehe.
MiL does this annoying ass thing at the end though that I refuse to do.
After the song, she'll fist pump and say " Go spider, go spider". It doesn't sound bad, but when she does it over and over and over and over again, yeah.... it's bad.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baby shower

So since SiL (brother's wife) and I are good friends and pretty close, I'm pretty much tasked with throwing her a baby shower.
She is CRAZY about Doctor Who and wants to do the nursery in that theme and of course, she's asked me and I've volunteered to make some stuff for it.
I'm looking forward to it and all... just gotta figure out times to actually do the stuff.

Anyway... A baby shower though... bleh. I don't plan on doing anything super special, as in games. That's just not how I roll.
BUT I do want to make it Doctor Who themed as well.... which again means most likely making a lot of shit by hand.
I'm just not sure WHAT to make though. I saw these awesomely cute cupcakes on Pinterest that would be amazing, but doubt I'd be able to do anything super detailed like that.
So that's one idea....

Then what??

Lots of blue since she is having a boy and the Tardis is blue, aaaaand yeah....... maybe stars too I guess. I have no idea. I'll have to brainstorm a bit and make a list.

Same with her nursery. I already know I want to make a mobile. I've seen a few homemade ones and it looks pretty simple. Felt, wire, string. Not that hard and not that expensive which is a HUGE bonus lol.

And I know they'll want some sort of thing painted on the wall. I saw a decal that would be cool that I could TOTALLY rip off and paint on their wall for them lol. *shrugs* We'll see.

Now to just get DH's mom to clean out the frickin house already though. Only have 20 weeks left. Or well, not even that long. I don't exactly have the time needed any longer to spend creating this kind of stuff so need all the time I can get to start.
I just don't understand what the hold up is. Most of the crap is already in boxes. Just pack that shit up in to their one of MANY trucks or small trailers and take it away. It can be gone through later or left to rot somewhere. Just GET IT OUT already!!
Now I see where DH gets his procrastination from.

We're going out to get Zoe's first birthday outfits. Depending on the price, I would like to get her a 'fancy' dress and then a onesie. We really need to figure out what we're doing if we can't do it at the pool.

UGH, so apparently, DH is planning for us to take a family trip to Europe next summer. Just love how he discusses this shit with me :\
We've been having money put directly in to a savings account, so thankfully, we'll actually have the money to go, BUT... I just don't want to.
We have SOOOOOOOO many other things we could use that money on. Like gutters. We desperately need gutters on the house in certain spots.
Or a back porch. Not as important, but it's one of the things we've wanted to do since moving in to this house.
Or, paying off the credit card bill. Or paying off a large chunk for the car or reducing our mortgage. Just anything other than a damn trip to Europe.

I know there could be worse things to complain about. Most people would be thrilled to even have a European vacation as an option, but I honestly don't think we are one of those people that have it as an option. Especially since we have so many other things that NEED that money to be spent on, ya know?
But since his friends aren't going to be stationed in Europe for much longer and probably won't be sent there ever again, then this is our last chance to go with them there and blahblahblah. Ugh....
All I know is that I better be pregnant.... and Zoe is HIS responsibility on the plane trip there and back since this is HIS trip lol.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I feel like Zoe is a little behind with some of her development. Now she does babble, A LOT, but she really doesn't say any words.
She has def said dada, kitty, doggy, good doggy, and probably a few more that I've forgotten atm (in context, she's said other things but I think it's just babbling), but I just watched a vid of one of my DD group baby's saying hat, clear as day.
I know every child will develop at their own rate, but once again, even though you try your hardest, you can't help but compare. It's the absolute worst thing you can do but I'm sure every parent out there ends up doing it. GAH, parenting makes you feel so inadequate sometimes and it really sucks (that feeling, not parenting).

On a lighter note.... so I was thinking about True Blood and all of those shows and movies that put in gratuitous sex.
Whenever one of those come on, my husband and I just can't help but laugh b/c it's just SO unrealistic.
Come on now, when's the last time, if ever your husband was able to just start pumping, no adjusting/guiding the missile required. Yeah, NEVER.
DH and I always joke that he's going to 'Dexter' me when we're getting frisky.
It was that season with the British woman in it. The psycho slug lipped annoying woman that he ends up having sex with. There is one part where she is laying there, he comes up and from like 10 miles away thrusts in to her. HAHAHAHAHAHA

And then there was a part in this season of True Blood. Where that vampire Lillith meets Warlow for the first time in the flashback. She's sniffing him, and then the next second, she has a leg up and all of a sudden they're screwing. WTF??

Penises... Peni?..... *shrugs* aren't frickin heat seeking missiles. They def don't hit their intended target like... almost ever... as I said, at least not without some guidance.
But yeah.... just one of those random weirdness. I get why they don't do it a bit more realistic. But some of it is just SO comically ridiculous.

Oh and just got a text from DH that he still hasn't heard back from HOA so we're most likely NOT going to have Zoe's party at the neighborhood pool.
He's been trying to get in touch with this bitch for over a month now. If you don't want to do a position that you fucking volunteered for, how about NOT volunteering for it!!
UGH just pisses me off so much.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Have I said..

... how much I love Once Upon a Child?? LOVE that frickin store!!!!
So I wanted to get Zoe the Fisher Price Doorway toy..

On amazon right now it's $85.80, originally 89.99. YIKES......
So, off to Once Upon a Child we went. Found one without all of the loose bits (shapes, key, mail) for only $12!!!! And we can buy the replacement parts on amazon for only$13 total. How cool is that!
Man,... God bless the people that buy these things new, then sell them to consignment shops lol.

I saw this cute kitchen one that one of my DD group members got 2nd hand.

This one..

Yeah, you read that price right.... that thing is $300!!!!! I dunno who the hell would buy that, but hoping someone does and then resells it to OUaC lol.

Holy crap, in a little over 2 weeks, we're gonna have a 1yo! WHAT??
We still don't know if it's going to happen at the pool. The president of our neighborhood HOA hasn't gotten back in touch with us yet, AND we found out they had planned on some stupid parents only pool party for the same damn day.

Anyway, DH is determined to have some big thing for her. I would be more than happy if it was just us, or a couple of family but not him. Sigh.
We still need to get her a birthday outfit.
OO my mom got her her traditional Korean first birthday outfit. Gotta take Zoe over to get it and ask my mom exactly what I should do lol. Now that is going to be a small get together thing.

Zoe is good. Girl loves to dance. She's getting better at dancing to the beat it seems. And she's started bobbing her head to music too. It's so frickin cute. I posted some vids on facebook. I'll have to upload them to here when I get the chance.

Her sleep hasn't been the greatest. She still only has 3 teeth but it looks like more will be coming through soon enough.
Those 3 teeth are adorable though! Her 2 little bottom teeth and that one little snaggletooth up top! lol. Need to get more photos of it before she gets more.

Overall she's good though. Getting so big, and clever.

Ok, so I've been watching True Blood (thanks SiL for letting me use her HBOGo account!).... and I swear!... (contains spoilers)
While this season has been pretty good so far, I swear these are some of the most bipolar people EVER.
One sec, they're trying to be all good, then at the drop of a hat they change.

Like Alcede or however you spell his name. WTF crawled up his muscular ass?? He used to be cool, but now he's a giant douche! And telling Sam to never return? WTF? Dude, chill....

And Sookie. Good lord woman. How about keeping the panties ON for a change. Now, she can screw whoever, but damn, get to know them first at least. She's been around Warlow for all of a day total pretty much and decided, pfft ok time to hump? Really?? Sure sure, she feels something for him.... so how about waiting at least one more day before jumping his bones.

And the whole Jessica killing Andy's daughters. Come on show!!! Are they going to kill Jessica now b/c I sure as hell don't see how they're going to make it ok that she killed 3 girls.

And finally.... did they really need to kill Terry?? What the hell is wrong with at least ONE couple in this show being happy. His death was just so pointless. It's like the writers were like.. " Well we introduced a bunch of new characters, we gotta kill some of the old ones."

Oh wait, one more thing.... If they're going to have SO SO SO SO SO many fully naked women running around, how about some equal time for the men? Not saying the twig and berries are actually attractive to look at but, it's ridiculous that the women can show it all, but as soon as a guy is naked, pan up to the waist or just do a butt shot. The show is already pretty damn raunchy, I don't think anyone will bat an eye at some full frontal manly meat nekkidness.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Just a sec

SiL thinks they might have a name picked already. Both her and my brother could not agree on ANY name so it's good that they are in agreement finally about something heh.

Zoe is doing well. She's fussing right now. Just woke up from her first nap.
UGH she had the WORST poo just before though. I haven't seen it this bad in a while. Now, I don't gag easily, but this one had me going when I had to spray it. BLEH!

BUT it wasn't a blowout. Surprisingly enough, she hasn't had one yet. I think that's not common?? I dunno. It's been close a few times with poo up her back to the very top of the diaper, but no actual blow outs yet.

I'm sure it's coming though...... UGH lol

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MIA for a bit there

So sorry I haven't posted. No real reason why I haven't, I just... haven't.

So anyway, found out yesterday that SiL is having a boy! YAY! :D SO excited and happy for her and my brother. I know my brother really wanted a boy and since this is going to be their last, welp, it's perfect heh.

I have to admit that I'm a little jealous. Obviously jealous that she is pregnant, but also jealous that they're having the first boy too. I know it's so stupid, but it's there.
Thankfully it's not that all consuming type of feeling though. I'm a little jealous, but it's not hindering my ability to be thrilled for them.

What else is going on.
Oh UGH, so on Sunday, we went out to lunch with DH's family like we'll do sometimes. We get there and DH's aunt takes Zoe as she or MiL usually does.
She starts feeding her... nothing unusual.
She starts giving her some eggs.... this is the jist of how the convo went...

Aunt: Does mommy feed you eggs??
( she looks at me and asks)
Do you give her eggs a lot because she likes them.

Me: No not really.
(she gives me a look of disgust like I just told her I never feed Zoe)

Aunt: Really??
(starts feeding Zoe more eggs)
Well here you go Zoe, since mommy doesn't know how to make you eggs.

Me: -_-

I was FUMING inside. It's just the type of person she is though. Thinks it's her right to be a giant BITCH and don't you dare say anything back b/c she will make a HUGE stink over it. So yeah, I held my tongue b/c it is not worth getting in to it with her.

But on a lighter note, I have been meaning to start fixing Zoe eggs lol. But when she's fussing to get up in the morning and I'm still half asleep, cooking is the last thing on my mind.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1 more month

One more month and we're going to have a One year old O_O
MAN that is so weird to say out loud or hell, even type. All of those years trying, all of those failed cycles, I could fantasize all I wanted, but the reality is still so strange sometimes heh. Looking at her, it's just so amazing that she came from DH and I.

Anywho... enough with that....

Zoe has learned how to suck through a straw! We've been trying to give her sippy cups b/c she hasn't been wanting formula that much recently.
She doesn't do that well with sippy cups b/c she doesn't know how to tip it while sitting to drink.
We have a cup with a built in straw that we tried giving her yesterday. I couldn't get her to drink from it right, but whatever DH did, did the trick b/c yep, she has it down now.
Gosh, she's growing so fast!

We're not sure what we're going to do for her birthday. We wanted to reserve the pool area in our neighborhood, but the HOA (home owners association) president hasn't gotten back in touch with us so yeah, we're not sure if that's going to happen. If it isn't then... I dunno.
There's a children's park that isn't too far from us that could be an option.
I wouldn't mind just doing it at home with just a few people, but DH wants some big thing. Or well, he doesn't think it will be big, but with how many people he wants to invite, yeah... it's going to be.
His and my family alone are almost 20 people, then add in other family members and friends.... that's a big ass party.
I'd be happy with maybe, 10 people, that's it... or hell, just something with DH and I.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

cd 24 already

I've been trying to keep up with this cycle, but it has been failing.
Checked fertilityfriend and I'm already on cd 24. GEEZE...
I guess IF I do ovulate again, it's not gonna be in a more timely manner :P
Oh well, so long as it does happen eventually.

Have I mentioned that Zoe knows how to fake cough? She's been doing it for a while now. You can fake cough at her and she'll do it right back at you. It's pretty funny.

Last night we went to IHoP with the family. She was sat by her grandpa and he LOVES to feed babies. He did it with my brother's girls, he did it with SiL's girl. He gave Zoe so much she actually got full. This is only the 2nd time I've ever seen Zoe NOT want to eat LOL.
She enjoyed it all though. Eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, waffles, grits etc.
Dreading the poop she's gonna have but oh well.

I don't think she's any closer to standing on her own yet. Whenever we try to get her to do it, she buckles those knees and falls to the floor. I'm sure as soon as she gets the confidence to do it though, she's gonna be off and running. UGH lol

Still no Mama. She can say M sound, but as soon as we say Mama to her.... her response is ... Dada! LOL

Me: Mama, Mama, Mama

Zoe: Dadadadada


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Whatever, just keep going!

Not sure what the hell my body is doing, but I hope it keeps it up.
The spotting seems to have stopped for now. Not sure what set that off.
BUT even with that weirdness, I'm losing weight. Wha???
I haven't seen that 211 I did before. It jumped back up to 214 the next day and stayed there for a while.
Just saw 212 this morning though. So yeah.... losing weight very slowly, but I'll take slow over nothing or gaining *nodnod*

It's weird though b/c I have NOT been sticking with primal. We've been buying Zoe vanilla wafers and butter crackers to snack on. And ya know, every once in a while I'll eat one or 2 here and there. It's no more than that.
I also baked some delicious blueberry muffins yesterday that I ate 3 of *hangs head in delicious shame*... but the weight is still coming off. Not complaining at all.

Keep at it body! Not sure what has changed but keep it up!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Well poo

So I was going to come in here and say that the spotting had stopped a few days ago. Welp, I went to the bathroom this morning and OH look.... spotting. SIGH!!!


I forgot to take an OPK yesterday. Not that I think it would've shown anything though. Still hopeful that we'll catch something.

Not sure what is going on, but Zoe woke for her early morning bottle at 6 instead of 5, and now... she's just starting to wake at 9!!! I actually woke up before she did (and managed to get in a much needed shower too.)... WOO! lol
I'm sure she'll go back to her usual sleep schedule, but it was nice this morning *nodnd*

We went out yesterday with DH's sister so she could get photos of the girls together. She posted them on facebook. SOme of them came out so cute, but none of them are of both smiling at the same time lol. Actually, none are of Zoe smiling. She didn't warm up to it until we were walking to the cars. Go fig lol.
There's one where they're both seated at a small kiddie bench and Zoe has the most serious expression. It's hilarious.

I'll see if I can steal some of the photos to post here.

OOOO I uploaded and edited some photos last night before bed. Didn't get to upload to photobucket or anything, so still no photos, but I'm slowly making my way to that :D
I just need to get some videos off my phone and then I'll post all of that Zoe spammage.

We went blueberry picking. It was a good day to pic b/c it was clouded over for the most part, but when the sun came out. Fried our brains, especially poor Zoe lol.
You can't beat fresh picked blueberries though. Like strawberries, fresh put store bought ones to shame!

I tried out a cobbler recipe. Didn't turn out how I had hoped. It was more cakey and weird. The blueberry part was good, but the rest just had a strange taste. Oh well.
Going to try muffins next if I can find a good recipe.
And maybe a pie later.
Also have a cake recipe that I want to try out.
We plan on going picking again before the season is over so we're gonna have plenty.