Thursday, May 31, 2012

Holy moly!

Woke up at around 4:30 this morning for no reason.
All of a sudden, sharp shooting pain down below b/c apparently this little girl was putting pressure on my cervix. Holy hell that hurt!! Lasted for maybe hmm... 1-2seconds but that was enough. YOUCH.

Last night she was moving like crazy. Wish I had the camera b/c I would've recorded it.
I was hiding out in the bedroom watching tv and started to feel some pretty big kicks. So lifted up my shirt to get a better look and boy.. I thought my stomach was lopsided before... last night was CRAZY lopsided lol. She was kinda in the middle but more to the left and all up front. This HUGE bulge right where she decided to hang out. It was so cool being able to see it so clearly. I'm sure if I was skinnier, I may have been able to actually tell what part of her body I was looking at heh.
Anywho, she was moving around, kicking, and I'm fairly certain got the hiccups at one point.
I'll never get tired of experiencing that.

Forgot to mention.... tried making pudding w/ the almond milk.
It does not work. Not sure why, but it never sets and gets that pudding consistancy. The taste is fine though *shrugs* Oh well. I'll just hve to continue using milk.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fast but good

That's how my appointment went.
Quick but good. I guess I could've prolonged it a bit if I ever had anything to ask but my mind goes completely blank.

I pointed out my high fasting numbers but the OB said so long as about 80% of my numbers are within range, then I'm fine and shouldn't need meds. So yay for that :)

LO's heartbeat was at 150something and next appointment, which is on the 14th, I get an ultrasound! YAY! I'm so excited to see Zoe again! She's gonna be so big and I really hope we get a profile shot of her face this time.

Just a little to the left

That's where lil Zoe is right now. Noticed it when I was taking a shower. So weird and cool.
It's not really that obvious, or else I would be taking a photo of it to share :D

I'm so bad. I procrastinated like hell yesterday and barely did any cleaning. Now I have a TON to do today. Bad bad bad me.
Got about half of the vacuuming done, but still have almost all of the general straightening up and dusting to do... and man.. is there A LOT of dust! Who knew that 3 dogs, 1 cat and 2 humans could produce that much! BLEH lol
Well, I'm sure it didn't help when we had the windows open when there was pollen blowing everywhere either.
Oh well, most if not all of it will get done once I get back from the docs. Not about to start up cleaning again just to get all sweaty after my shower.

I did finally finish R2D2 yesterday though! YAY! Well almost finished, I already stuck him on the wall and just need to paint the shadow and that's it.

I started C3PO last night as well and thankfully it seems the new yellow I picked up goes on a lot better than what I have. So hopefully it won't be as bad as I thought.

Also put up some of the glow in the dark stickers we bought and OMG it looks SO neat with the lights off. It's going to look so cool once I get all of the stickers up there. May go out and buy more to put on the rest of the room.

I think we also picked out the ceiling fan we're gonna get for the room. It's ultra girly, but really cute. It's this one from Home Depot
You can turn the blades over so it's just a pale pink color too which I really like.

DH really likes this one though. And so do I.
But... I dunno.... I think Zoe will like the girly one a bit better once she gets older. Even though this one would be PERFECT for the theme, I think it's just a tad bit too... boyish. Plus it's frickin $40 more than the girly one :P lol
It is cool though. Sigh.....

Just chowed down on a golden delicious apple and a peach. MMMMMM so happy peaches are finally in season!! OMG they've been soooooooooooooo good.

My sugar has been ok. My fasting numbers have still been high though which sucks. I'll bring in my chart to see what the doc says about it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Just one more week before I reach my random goal of 30 weeks lol.
Still not sure why reaching that point would be comforting to me. I guess b/c so many women give birth when they're in their 30 weeks.. like 38, 39 etc.

Anywho.. bump photo... today vs 22w

I'm wearing the same shirt so figured it would be a good comparison heh.

I'm about to talk about my various bodily functions so... just warning ahead of time for anyone that doesn't want to read about it. You can skip to the next segment heh.

Man... pregnancy is starting to get uncomfortable! Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant and wouldn't trade it for anything, but yesterday sucked.
I'm not entirely certain if it was just b/c Zoe was positioned weird in there or what, but yesterday was painful walking around.
It felt like she was laying right against my cervix and my urethra. The urethra pain is the worst. It's like someone taking tiny thorns and stabbing me with them in that area.

And then, I had terrible stomach cramps right after dinner. Not sure why b/c I knew I hadn't eaten anything that would upset my stomach like that. I did have a BM, but that sucked b/c it felt like my bumhole (I know I could use a better word but meh), was having these sharp painful spasms in it.
Thankfully they stopped a few minutes after the BM but it was painful during. If you've never felt that feeling before, be thankful!

I'm also starting to get to the point where I'm going to need help getting up off of our couch. Everywhere else, I can stand up just fine from a sitting position, but the couch... the couch I have to scoot to the edge and then grunt my way up. It's terrible trying to stand up when I have a full bladder too b/c I can't bend over at all without the baby pressing on the bladder making the feeling worse.
I'm gonna start peeing on myself soon :P hehe

Even with all of the aches and pains though... totally worth it and I can not wait to do it all over again :)

Photos time!!

DH is totally fascinated by the bunny that gets in to our yard. He took a ton of photos of it yesterday.
I thought this one was the cutest. There were a bunch of birds eating out of the feeds and dropping seeds on to the rabbit's back.
It's a pretty big bun if you couldn't tell from the photo. Surprised b/c the ones we usually see around here are pretty small.

And photos of my gardens!
They're 2 raised bed gardens next to eachother. DH disassembled the 2 giant ones we had and made a much more manageable size for me to take care of.

This one has the cucumbers and the pepper plants

And this one the zucchini and tomatoes. As you can see, the zucchini plants are struggling. We bought some marigolds in hopes that it would repel the squish bugs away. We used an organic pesticide on them last week, but it didn't do anything. They DID look nice before the bugs got on them. Hopefully they're not completely dead and will still produce.
If not... oh well.
I'm really excited about the tomatoes though. I just ended up buying some plants from Home Depot a few weeks ago. They're different variety that I've never tried before so really interested to see how they do. Growing tomatoes is easy, but for some reason, I can never get the tomatoes to grow right. They usually always end up with some kind of fruit rot.

And finally, just some of the work DH has been doing. It's the back of our fence and he's planted blackberries, raspberries, and blueberry bushes. Oh and a grape :P DH wanted the grape but I don't think it's going to do much heh.
He also finally planted the banana tree back there and a few other plants that really needed to go out that have been stuck in pots for over a year now heh. He got a lot of work done these past few weekends *nodnod*

I want our backyard to be filled with fruiting trees too. We have the peach one planted and the asian pear. But that's it so far.
I really want a regular pear tree and then maybe a persimmon. Still have an apple that we need to plant too.
We really don't have a lot of room back there though so not sure where all of this is going to go hehe. Just wanna be able to go out there in a couple of years and pick fruit off of the trees with the family. Would be so fun. I remember doing it as a kid w/ the pear tree we had. OMG those pears were the biggest and best.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lazy lazy day

DH is off playing paintball with coworkers and I'm at home... doing nada. MUAHAHAHA
Well, I'm getting ready to go paint some more, but other than that, nothing.

Hope all of you US ladies are taking advantage of some Memorial Day sale today. Tempted to go to Target when DH gets home (he took my car), just to see if they have any baby clothes on sale. But probably won't since we've been spending a lot lately.

DH has been trying to fix up our back and front yard and man... that stuff takes A LOT of money to do. He's mostly done though so yeah... thankfully no more money going in to that for a while.
Front yard still needs some work, but backyard is done I think.

I dunno WTH I ate yesterday but something did not agree with me at all and wanted OUT. Thankfully only wanted out one way, but still... that was not fun.
Not sure what it was either b/c DH ate the same stuff and he felt fine *shrugs*

I think b/c of that, not much got to LO b/c she hasn't been moving a lot. Probably helped that I was painting a lot last night and hunched over so not a lot of room for her to move around in there.
Worries me still, probably even more now.
I'll have to eat something good for her *nodnod*

OOOOO we're finally getting cucumbers! YAY! They were lagging a bit at first b/c the weather was so screwed up for a while, but my cucumber plants are growing like crazy right now. Bunch of small cucumbers that should be ready in a few days. Will probably have one ready tomorrow! So excited!
A fresh right off the plant cucumber is SO good. The giant flavorless things you get at the store do not even compare.

I highly recommend everyone try to grow some if you have even a little bit of room. They do grow quite a lot, but you can get a trellis or just something that the plant can grow vertical on, so you really don't need that much room.
They're super easy to grow and yield quite a lot.

We have zucchini planted as well, but damn squish bugs have gotten to the plants and totally destroyed them.

Also have a few tomato and some pepper plants. Can't remember which kind I got.. poblano maybe?

Love having a garden even if it does make me feel like a hobbit hehe.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sleep damnit!

I want to go back to sleep but nope, I'm wide awake :(
Woke up at around 4:30 and been up since. It's almost 6:30 now and just UUUUUUUUGH.
I know I'm gonna be a zombie later.

We went to one of DH's friend's birthday party yesterday. Boy.. talk about awkward.
This was my first time meeting his friends and they're all really nice and funny, but good lord. I am just the worst combination when it comes to shy.
I'm shy, awkward, and uninteresting. Plus I'm one of those types that is just a second too slow to be witty. I think of something clever to say AFTER I've already responded. SIGH.
Really need to make sure Zoe doesn't end up like me. Make sure she has the social skills to succeed, make friends, etc.

Anywho, a few of them are coming over on Wed, so maybe I'll crack this shell of mine a bit since I'll be on home turf. Doubtful since I can just retreat to the bedroom though lol.

Only got to take sugar yesterday twice. Fasting and then lunch.
Skipped breakfast.
We were out doing some light shopping so got Chick-fil-A. I had a combo #1.... ate about half my fries, but that was still too much in combo with the bun. Sugar was 135.
If we ever end up going back, going to see if maybe just eliminating the bun would help. Get nuggets or strips instead of the sandwich.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A change

Just noticed a change in my bump today. The upper portion is starting to take over and starting to get a lot larger. Or well, maybe not A LOT...

Noticed only b/c my fleshy fatty fanny pack is a lot looser and flabbier than it has been. Before, I guess my uterus was causing it to tighten up a little bit, but now... it's back to being flabby again. I can still feel my uterus behind it, but it's def not as noticeable.

Hmmm.. hope I don't get some weird baby bump with a gross huge tumor looking flabby sack of fat hanging off the bottom of it. BLEH.

Nice weekend

At least I hope it's going to be.

We're gonna be paying a little more off on the crib today. YAY! :D SO happy about that. I need to get my butt in to gear though and get the nursery painting thing done before we get it.
Worked on it all last night when we got home from dinner. My back was killing me but I got a lot of R2D2 done. Still have a lot more though so need to start on that again soon.

I had a really complex dream last night.
Dreamt that there was a group of kids that were all trying to solve these different puzzles that a teacher created for them.
You would think it being my dream and all that I'd be awesome at it... NOPE. In the dream, I had to get help from the other people in my dream... well.. I guess they're me too, but I just thought that was kinda strange heh.
They weren't easy puzzles and clues to solve either. Why can't I be that creative IRL o_O

Had Mexican for dinner last night. I did pretty well I think. Had a yummy shrimp quesadilla w/ guac salad & shared some refried beans with DH. I would usually tear up the free chips and salsa they give, but I only had 2 of them.
Sugar was 112 so.. I did pretty good.

I did get dizzy again after dinner though. It wasn't as bad and didn't last for nearly as long. Wonder WTH is going on there? Maybe I'm not eating enough for lunch or maybe I need to snack a bit more. I dunno.

Fasting numbers are still high. Wonder if they're going to have me take something for it. *shrugs* We'll see on Wed I guess.

Friday, May 25, 2012

I dunno.... stuff

This post is just gonna be a bunch of random things. Nothing much since nothing is going on heh.
Just waiting for the frickin Kawaii website to restock so I can buy more diapers already.
Can't even get the ones I really want because they NEVER get them in when they say. Pissing me off, but whatever.

It's so neat being able to tell where Zoe is now in there. Was reading yesterday and my bump would go slightly lopsided b/c she kept wanting to rest on the right side. Then she'd go towards the middle, back to the right, etc.
I wish I could tell what part of her I'm seeing/feeling though. I'm fairly certain it's probably her bottom but difficult to be certain.

She hasn't really been kicking a lot. It's more just general movements, like what I just explained. Her moving her whole body or whatnot. I still feel a lot of that gurgly/bubbling feeling down low still. Always makes me wonder what she's doing in there to create that sensation. Almost like she's doing raspberries in there heh.

Totally offtopic.... So You Think You Can Dance premiered last night! YAY! I LOOOOOOOVE that show so much. I dunno why b/c I can't dance at all. I just love it though and am so excited that it's back on!

OOOO I'm so glad that my sugar wasn't high after dinner last night.
I fixed frank & beans and well.. beans + the sugary sauce they're in... yeah, I was afraid my sugar was going to be through the roof.
PLUS I had about a cup of popcorn. I wanted more but knew I shouldn't....
I got dizzy right after eating too which was weird. It wasn't bad, just an off center feeling. Lasted for about an hour and a half.
Anyway... sugar was fine though at 112. I thought the dizziness might've been caused by the food, but don't think it would've affected me that quickly. Maybe the LO was just sitting on a blood vessel or something *shrugs*

Gotta finish R2D2 today. I've only finished the top part the dome shaped part. THAT was the easy bit... the body is going to be a PAIN. The bottom portion is white... the white I have does not cover well and tends to clump up and just looks like a mess. So, I'm going to have to basically use a grey first and then go over it with the white and hope that it helps to cover it a bit better and doesn't make it look so.. meh.

I still have C3PO left to do... and he's all yellow, or well, gold whatever.
And the yellow paint SUCKS BALLS. I dunno wth I'm going to do there.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Public Speaking

Not for myself.... I hate being the center of attention.
DH last night gave a presentation at a church. A coworker asked him to do it and he did such a great job too :D So proud of him.
I actually got to wear that new maternity dress I bought too! heh
It's great for showing off the bump standing up, but hid it sitting down.. wth? lol

Met the coworker for the first time. She was really nice, just one of those outspoken personalities. And she went straight for the belly and rubbed away lol.
It actually wasn't that weird. Probably b/c I knew at least DH knew her. Now I'd probably freak if a total stranger did that :P

Sugar this morning was kinda high at 92. *shrugs* It's under the limit but only just so.

Erm.... OH... had 3 people give me pity yesterday too.
The nurse chick that came by for the insurance stuff. She asked when I was due, and said her first born was born in August as well and she sympathized b/c of the heat.
And then 2 other people at the church thing did the same lol
Yeah, they don't need to tell me that... I'm already sweating buckets if I go out now, and it's not even close to being as hot as it's going to get.
Why my sweaty butt is staying indoors as much as possible!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

GD causing high blood pressure?

The nurse or whoever she was just left. Took my blood pressure 3 times and they were AWESOME! WTH?
Was the undiagnosed/ untreated (no change in diet) causing my BP to be higher?

Or maybe b/c we were just in my own home and she was really nice so I felt relaxed? I dunno but happy that my blood pressure wasn't through the roof! WOO!

I have noticed that I'm not getting that pounding BP feeling after I eat any longer. So heck... who knows. Maybe the diet change is helping it. We'll see when I go in next Wed what it is in the doc office.

Also, LOVED her scale lol...
I weighed myself before taking a shower and it was 208. That's still down from what it was before.
Her scale.. 204! Awesome... rofl.

Anywho, about to eat finally, YAY!. Just waiting for it to cool down a bit more. OOO I'm gonna tear it up!


Sugar after lunch is 113.
I fixed myself some dumpling soup and added a few more dumplings b/c I was hungry. So yeah, 113 isn't surprising, BUT it's still under the 120 limit so YAY! :D
Bout to go eat a peach now for a snack. Mmmmmm peach........ *drools*

Grrr, stupid body!

Well, if I didn't know I was insulin resistant or had GD before, I do now.
I haven't eaten anything since about 8:30-9 last night and my fasting number this morning is 104!! Pretty much nothing I can do about that too.

I go back in next Wed for an appointment. Gotta bring along my chart that I've been keeping and I guess they'll tell me then if I'm going to have to start taking anything.
Thankfully the OB last time said that it would be a pill first, and then if that doesn't do anything, then it's insulin shots.
So... yeah... I mean other than the fasting and the few hiccups I've had w/ food... I think the GD is being managed by diet.

Pretty sure why eggs have the effect they do on me... I'm allergic to them.
DUnno why I never googled it before, but that is the #1 reason that comes up for why eggs cause diarrhea.
They never bothered me before when I was younger, but for some reason, I guess my body wants to freak out whenever I eat some.
I don't swell up or start itching or anything, it's just the diarrhea, OR sometimes just gas, or actually nothing at all I guess if I eat enough of something else to dillute the eggs. Grrrr, dumb body!!!
I love eggs :(

Is it weird that I want to get back to losing weight again?
It's not that I want to diet... but I enjoyed getting on the scale and seeing that my efforts, no matter how small caused the number to go down.
PLUS, now that I actually have some proof that the weight was causing some of my infertile problems... I'm excited to lose even more weight in hopes that when we start TTC again that it won't be a problem and will happen quickly.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Not too shabby :D

Just wanted to post once more before I go back to painting (and then to bed).

I know me talking about what I'm eating and my sugar levels isn't exactly exciting or interesting. It's just a way for me to help me keep on track.

Anywho... blood sugar level tonight after dinner is 97! WOO!

Dinner tonight was pretty yummy too. Thought that for sure it would be higher.

Made brats w/ sauted onions and green pepper. I had some saurkraut(sp?) with mine.
Also baked a sweet potato. THAT was awesome. I only had 1/3 of it, but boy... did I enjoy that small bit of it! I usually would drown it in brown sugar and marshmallows lol, but it really didn't need it at all. I just put a little bit of butter and YUM.
Also fixed a salad, and then after, had a few bites of some sugar free butterscotch pudding. Made that w/ whole milk so didn't want to eat too much of it.

So yep.... good stuff good stuff :D

I have to fast again though. BLEH!
Have someone coming over tomorrow to take blood and urine and all that crap b/c we increased my life insurance and she's not coming until frickin 12:30! UGH I'm gonna be starving!

I love my preggo belly!!!

I just felt the need to post this.
I guess having a giant belly is a shock to skinny chicks who were never fat before.

But man... it is totally liberating for myself.
Constantly worried if my fat gut is showing, trying to hide it under baggy loose shirts.... it gets tiring.

And now... I don't hide my baby bump for anything and display it proudly under my shirts *nodnod*
I'm not going to show off bare skin or anything lol, but having it poking out... I love it.
Even though I do hate the uncomfortable aches that comes w/ walking or standing for very long... I do like actually walking w/ the bump if that makes any sense. Even w/ the discomforts, I enjoy having to waddle, and standing a certain way to get comfy etc b/c of the bump. And I just love looking down and seeing it.

Sure it would be nice to have the classic round bump instead of the double thing that's going on, but take what you get, ya know?

I see so many comments from women complaining that they feel like a cow, and I get it... I feel huge too, but in a positive way now.
I'm just totally enjoying being this big and not having to worry about hiding any fat or worrying about it! WOOT!

I hope all of that made sense. Obviously I have no writing skills :P


MAN, time has slowed back down damnit! lol

Anyway, 28w today, woot woot!
You know the drill... bump photo first
I dunno... I look smaller maybe? Not a great photo so difficult to tell I guess.
I'm sure it will start ballooning out soon though.

Early this morning was the first time a kick/movement has woken me up.
Woke up w/ a start actually b/c in my sleep mind I thought a child had just punched me in my lower ab.
Woke up thinking it was just a dream until lil Zoe kicked or punched or whtever she was doing in there again and it felt lighter but the same.
So yep... that was kinda strange heh.

Sugar this morning is up a little at 93. That's still below the cut off though. Not really surprised since my sugar after dinner last night was a bit much.
At least now I know how my body reacts to potatoes. I don't really eat potatoes that much anyway so won't be difficult to extremely limit or just give them up.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mmmmm Chinese food

DH took the day off today (to work on the yard mostly), so we got some Chinese food. If you're in the US, then you know US Chinese food= sugary sauces.
I got shrimp w/ broccoli, pork fried rice, & a small hot & sour soup.

Tore up the soup. MAN it's so good. I've never put those crunchie noodles in my soups so that wasn't a temptation or anything.

Ate all of the shrimp w/ broccoli and had like 2 or 3 small spoons of the rice. Not much b/c it wasn't that good lol.

We'll see what my sugar is later though. I don't think the hot & sour soup is anything to worry about, but the sauce w/ the shrimp... that worries me. We'll see... we'll see.

Man... I hate being on my feet now. It gets SO frickin uncomfortable and there's nothing I can do except sit down to relieve the aching.
I dunno if it's just how she's laying in there or what, but my bump gets this really heavy heavy feeling. It's actually a mildish feeling but leaves me feeling SO uncomfortable it's not funny.
And then, I think b/c she's kinda low, her head? is pressing on something down there and that starts to ache really bad.

While I would do this over again in a heartbeat w/ added symptoms or whatever b/c it's worth it... yeah, not all bits about pregnancy are fun.

Late night EDIT:

Lunch sugar was great at 92. WOO!

Dinner sugar on the other hand.... yikes.
I've been REALLY wanting a hamburger, so DH complied and we went to 5 Guys hamburger joint.
Got myself a big hamburger which probably wasn't the problem, and of course, if you've ever been to this place, you know they give you a TON of fries. They put some in a cup, and then scoop even more in to the bag.
Well, I had WAY too many fries apparently. I also had some blackberries after too which aren't terrible, but combined with the fries and the bun... my sugar was 137. YIKES.
I'm sure we'll have hamburgers again one day, but no fries for me. *nodnod*
Should've known better, but I let my craving get the better of me.

Same old

Same old here.
Well, for the most part.
I think I've lost some weight already watching my carb intake. Not surprising I guess. I can just tell a difference in my bump size. It doesn't look as big to me any longer. Could just be my imagination.

Sugars yesterday were good. Hope they don't get on to me about not eating breakfast though. Just feel like I wake up too late to eat it, and I'm usually not hungry, so IMO no point in eating it. I have when I was hungry before, but yeah, just don't want to force myself to eat just so I can take my BS 2hrs later. Ya know?

Dinner last night was pretty tasty. Had some fresh sauted green beans, and grilled chicken. Kinda got the recipe from America's Test Kitchen. Don't think it's on their website any longer though.
You take a whole chicken, cut out the spine, and split the chicken in half. I make sure the leg joint is popped so no nasty blood pockets are there after you cook.
Brine the chicken. Last night I did, 2/3 cup soy sauce, 1c beef broth, about 3-4 tablespoons of salt, and 1-2c of water. Brined the chicken halves in a ziplock for about 2 hours.
Not sure if DH grills them on direct low heat (charcoal) or if he does indirect.
Anywho, remove chicken from the brine. Add freshly ground pepper, paprika, little bit of cayenne, garlic powder.
Grill skin side down for 40m. Flip the birds meat/bone side down, cook for another 15-20mins or until breast meat reaches 165.
Now see, I don't trust that temp, specially when there's still dark meat attached to it.
Even still, we followed the directions and our chickens overcooked a bit to a temp of 200 lol. BUT, b/c of the brining, it wasn't dry at all and damn tasty.

A bit off topic... not that that has ever stopped me before lol.

DH and I watched this documentary last night and boy.... it really pisses you off!
The Future of Food.
It's on netflix instant watch if you have it.
I HIGHLY recommend watching it b/c it will def make you think and get angry.

Also, Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead is another we watched. It was actually really good. I've had it on our queue for a while, but never wanted to watch it b/c it was about juicing which I think is ridiculous to do for an extended amount of time.
BUT nonetheless, it was a good watch and seemed to benefit the people in it who tried it.

Back on the baby front....
DH and I both are kinda hoping I'll be induced.
Me b/c it would be nice to have a set date and well, him too since he would know exactly when to take off.

Boy that's a big change from what I was saying before lol. Before, I didn't want to be induced, just wanted everything to happen naturally, blahblahblah....
Now... I don't really care how LO comes in to this world, just so long as she and I are healthy and happy in the end *nodnod*

Sunday, May 20, 2012


That was an interesting start to the morning heh.
Woke up and rolled on to my back b/c I could feel her punching/kicking.
And man..... she's getting big b/c it was VERY obvious that she was laying on the right side lol. My bump was lopsided and you could see it even back out and go lopsided again as she moved. So weird and awesome. I'll try to get a photo or video of it one of these days.

Sugar after dinner last night was... meh... high. It was just over the limit at 126.
Surprised me when I saw the number, but not surprising after thinking about what I had eaten.
I had about 2/3c of rice, which I had had before w/ no problem, BUT I had some Korean BBQ which has A LOT of sugar in it. I'm sure that, along w/ the rice brought my level up to what it was. So yeah, def have to adjust if we ever have that again.
126 still isn't all that bad since 120 is the limit, but still...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Poke ya in the butt!

First up... photos of the loot from yesterday.
The cute little star wars toys

And the outfit.... I was debating on it at first
But then I flipped it over and saw the ruffle butt
Tempted to see if DH wants to go to the Target near his work just so I can see what they have on clearance there lol.
See if I can score any other cute outfits :D

Last night was good w/ after dinner sugar. We went to a steak house. I had myself a nice big ribeye (we don't go often so I splurged), some green beans which were meh, a salad, and I had 1 roll.
Those rolls just looked too good to pass up. I'd usually have at least 2-3 along with a loaded sweet potato or steak fries, but yeah... can't do that now.. probably. Don't want to risk it at least.
But sugars were only 96 after so WOO! :D
Not difficult at all to do this. Just gotta figure out what's going to work for you. *nodnod*

Guess I should actually eat some breakfast now while I'm home and thinking about it.

Before dinner, DH and I were watching netflix on the couch. I started poking my stomach and baby girl was all over on my right side. It's so neat b/c my left side was super soft and squishy, and the right was really hard where she was resting.
We started poking what I can only assume was her butt lol. Just wanted to see if it really was her and yep. She'd kinda squirm a little and turn slightly. Gosh, it was so neat and DH said the sweetest thing
"I can't wait until she's here." Dawwwww, but really not as sweet as you think.... he can't wait so he can torture her :P
Ok that sounds bad lol... not in an abusive way or anything like that. He just enjoys I guess.. annoying? babies lol. He did it with my youngest neice and is doing it with his sister's child as well.
Once they get to a certain age, he LOVES feeding them certain foods just to see the reaction on their face. Like lemons for instance.
It's just his lack of being around babies I guess... he starts giggling like crazy at the cute faces they make when he does these things. He's such a kid heh.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ok, so that didn't work

Tried the milk thing last night.
Had a glass of milk about a half hour before bed.
Fasting sugar this morning... 101. So yeah... no snack or anything carb related before bed.
That's ok though, don't usually eat anything that late anyway.

Skipped breakfast this morning b/c we had to meet w/ the life insurance dude. BORING as hell and insurance is confusing. Things didn't even go in to one ear. It all just passed right over my head lol.
Well not all of it. Got the jist of some of the info. Anyway...yeah.... exciting morning :\

Went and picked up the fabric for the plushie moons, then went to Target to see if they had the cute little plushie Star Wars figures. They had these small ones for $5 each. We got Darth Vader, Yoda, & Chewie.

Of course I had to look in the clearance section and found a super cute Harajuku outfit on clearance. If you've ever looked at that line at Target, you know it's expensive as hell. This one was 6m old size and only $6. I scooped it up! heh
I'll post pics later.

Had some fried chicken and a few fries for lunch... sugar level is 97, so YAY! I can still have that at least! hehe

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eggs and me...

We just can not see eye to brown eye here.

I had eggs twice yesterday. For breakfast and then for dinner. Absolutely no problems.

Fast forward to today.... ate some eggs again for breakfast, and some hard boiled for lunch. Well that apparently was too much and I've been paying for it.
Damnit... and I love eggs too :(
Maybe I could just have them once a day? Or maybe every other day. Space it out a bit more and hope that it doesn't aggrivate my stomach I guess.

Now something that did bother my stomach yesterday, but just w/ gas was the cabbage I ate for lunch. Holy stanky farts!
Gas actually hasn't been THAT bad with this pregnancy. When I do get it, it's usually right before a BM and normally they don't smell.
Last night though... MAN. You know how you can tolerate your own funk. Like a fart, or when you go #2, etc etc. I mean it's not pleasant by any means, but it's just different than if it was a smell coming from another person, ya know?
Well, these were so bad, they were almost too much for myself.
Cabbage gas= BAD!

Ok enough w/ the bodily functions heh

Damnit...... now I forgot what I was going to say again! BAH!

There's a party in my stomach

Zoe was REALLY active last night. It was so fun and cool to feel. She didn't rub any wrong areas so I could just enjoy it all.
There was one instance where I leaned back and put my hand on my stomach, and she kicked it so hard that my hand came off. It didn't hurt at all, but that was a really strong kick.
For a person that only weighs what.. 2? pounds.. she's a strong little monkey!
I hope she's just as active again today. She's had 2 quiet days... it's time to get moving!

Sugar this morning was 91. I just dont get it.
I'll try drinking a glass of milk tonight before bed (thanks for the suggestion Shari), and see if that helps.

Other than the high fasting number, every other one has been good so far.
Even after my semi-cheat dinner last night.
I made myself a dumpling soup. Made sure to only have the serving size amount which still equaled to around 40g carbs. 2hrs later, sugar was at 110. So yay :)

I did have some chocolate after that as well. Ate half (serving size) of my sugar free chocolate bar. I must say, it was pretty damn tasty. I don't think anyone would guess that it's sugar free.

I'm starting to get that itch again... not the nipple itch.. but the itch to buy baby clothes!!! lol
I've been so good and haven't gotten anything... but... I want to buy MORE!
Frickin Kawaii diapers need to hurry up and restock so I can finish buying those. Getting damn annoyed with their website.
They WERE supposed to be getting more of this one type in last month but never did. Now it's the end of this month when they're supposed to be getting it.
They better or I'm gonna be pissed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


GD is expensive!
After a bit of a mix up. DH picked up my prescription for more lancets and test strips for my glucometer.
Frickin $52!!!! Holy... shit.....
And they want me to test 4x a day???
Of course we'll pay it to keep LO safe, but DAMN.
It wasn't the lancets.. it was the damn test strips! Good grief...

And yeah.. 45g of carbs per meal, 25g per snack is just too damn much. I may get that w/ some snacks w/ the way I go through nuts, but in a meal, there's just no way.
I've been reading blogs from Primal preggos, reading one now where the woman is actually diabetic, and they all did just fine with a slight increase in carbs and staying primal.
I think maybe 100g a day should be just fine considering I had to go REALLY low in carbs before to even lose any weight.
We'll see how it goes and what my blood says is and isn't working. I'll increase or decrease the carbs.
Whatever it takes *nodnod*

Speaking of the LO. She's been doing a lot of smaller movements today. About an hour ago, was leaning back in the chair reading a blog and could feel her constantly moving around in there. Just really small movements that I could feel on the outside.
I'll never get sick of that.

Almond Milk

I bought some chocolate almond milk before and didn't care for the texture of it. It was too thick and just I dunno... I didn't like it. The flavor was really good, but that's it.

So decided to try again with a different brand. Bought Blue Diamond, unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk and ya know... it's not bad at all.
I don't really taste the vanilla, but I can def tell it's almonds and the texture of it is more like regular milk so a lot easier for myself to drink down.
Plus it only has 1carb per serving and a lot of calcium in it so... yep. It's not sweet at all though. So if you're thinking about trying it, don't expect the unsweetened version to be naturally sweet in any way.
Think it would be REALLY good with some cereal.

DH has a coworker that has a bassinet that she barely used that she offered to give to us. WOO!
Was wondering where LO was going to sleep at first, so that solves this problem.
Just got a photo of it and it's super cute. Blue Winnie the Pooh fabric on it. It's adorable and FREE! MUAHAHAHA lol

Hmmm.... once again.... can't remember what I wanted to say...

EDIT: Remembered finally!
I dunno how the heck I forgot considering I was JUST watching what I'm about to comment about.. sigh.

Anywho... on they have videos of women giving birth. Like all up in the crotch shot videos lol.
I am SO frickin glad I don't have to be at that end :P
All of the women in those videos were so well manicured down below... no hair at all.
PFFFT it is not gonna be like that for me.
I am a hairy beast and it's gonna look like chewbacca is trying to come out of my vajangle.
Of course I'll try to trim as much as I can like I usually do, but still... hairs get missed and trimming only does so much.

But yeah... of course almost all of them made me cry. I can't wait to be in their position. Obviously don't want a c-sec, but at this point... I don't care how lil Zoe comes in to this world, so long as she is healthy. I can't wait!!!

I dunno..

What to write about here....

Hmmm, taking my blood sugar level every 2 hours after I eat a meal is a bit annoying, but gotta do what I gotta do.
Levels seem to be fine so far. My fasting level this morning was kinda high though.
It's supposed to be under 95, and mine was at 90.
BUT my level 2hrs after eating breakfast (kiwi, 3 eggs cooked in half a tbs of butter), was only 94. Yeah that's not a lot of carbs, but would think it would be more than that *shrugs*
I think the reason my fasting level is so high is b/c I had some popcorn last night at around 8-8:30. Even still.. wouldn't think it would cause a problem after that long though. Oh well... we'll see what it is tomorrow I guess... no popcorn tonight.

Did go to the store and picked up some more apples and some sugar free things.
Bought some sugar free chocolate pudding and sugar free chocolate bar. They still have a good bit of carbs in them though so not like I can just inhale them down without having to worry about it heh. But still.. just glad there are sugar free options out there so I can have at least something sweet other than fruit every once in a while.

The LO was having a party in there this morning.
Was laying on my right side and all I could feel was a constant bubbly feeling with a few kicks or punches thrown in there lol.
Hmm good way to describe the feeling. It was like if I had a straw attached to me and someone was blowing in to it like they would a drink. That make sense?
It wasn't a little bubbles feeling, but like a big bubbly er.. thing *shrugs*

DH made me exercise yesterday. Well, didn't MAKE me. I only did about 7min on the eliptical.
So sad, but that's all I could manage at a slow pace. My lower ab right above pubic bone on the left side started to ache like crazy and wouldn't go away.
It's still bothering me today actually. Walking around the grocery store was... not pleasant.

I'll keep it up though. Well, not today.... maybe do it every other day and I'm sure once my body is used to it, I'll be able to actually stick with it for longer.
I guess serves me right for being such a couch potato heh.

Well ya know... for not knowing what to write about at first.. I sure did end up writing a long post :P

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


First off.... bump photos

Just today's photo :)
I think I look about the same. Maybe filling out the B bump a bit more *shrugs*

Appointment was VERY quick but went well. My blood pressure actually went DOWN which surprised the hell out of me. Thank goodness though!!
Last appointment it was something like 148/100. Yeah... high... it dropped to 138/85 today. I mean that's still not great, but better than before!
I read that GD can cause high blood pressure. Didn't know that so hoping w/ the change in diet, it will help keep my BP under control too.

My official weigh in was 213. BLEH. They really shouldn't weigh after someone has eaten lunch *nodnod* heh

Talked to the doctor for all of 10min... and that was it. Was sent on my way with a prescription for more test strips and lancet things.

Appointments are now going to be every 2 weeks. Hurray :\
BUT I may be getting more u/s so there could be an upside to it heh.

Man... bras are my enemy right now!! Frickin bras are irritating the heck out of my boobs and under my boobs. Think it's b/c of the sweat that accumulates there as well that's causing the itching and irritation.

And don't get me started on the sweating!!!
I swear, if it's even mildly warm outside, I am sweating like a pig!!
I was hot natured before pregnancy, so it's going to SUCK when it starts getting in to and staying in the 90's and 100's.


Worked on the nursery very little yesterday. Put up Miss Piggy & Kermit, and had to tape them down a bit b/c the sides keep curling up. Not done with that yet though. Need to touch up Miss Piggy quite a bit and need to add in some shading on the wall. Shouldn't take too long to do that though.
Trying to flatten out the 2 other figures before I work on them. Should be good to go by tomorrow. If not... oh well.. I'll deal with it heh.

Not so bad

Back home for now.
Wasn't about to sit in the car or in the waiting room for an hour and a half so came home and eating some lunch.

The class wasn't so bad. Time went by pretty quickly and one of the women brought her husband along who gave us all Babies R Us coupons (he works there). So YAY! lol

Got my glucometer (need more strips for it though), and the suggested meal plan from the dietician.

Most of the info I already knew, but there was some new stuff.
Apparently according to her, liquid margarine is healthier than evil butter. Cue the big *EYEROLL*
I didn't do that of course, but just ridiculous.

I'll be sticking with my primal diet w/ added carbs in it. I may have to get some whole wheat though or start eating A LOT of fruit.
Even though I won't be chowing down on some of the things she listed, I do plan on sticking with the carb amount I'm going to need per meal which is about 45g.
That's a lot when you're not eating very carby things, and we're not supposed to count most veggies. Other than corn, potato and sweet potato, everything else is a free food so even if it does have a good amount in it like a tomato, it's considered ok to eat as much as you want. So yeah, it's gonna be difficult to get that many carbs in a meal without consuming A LOT of the healthier stuff such as fruit.

Totally doable though, just hope my body responds well to it so I won't have to go on insulin.
Going to ask my OB about possibly starting metformin again to also help. That will help if I do have a cheat or eat a little more than I should... IF I go back on it again that is.

Got a card yesterday from the RE's office. Just the 2 nurses and RE saying how happy they are for us and thanking us for the card we sent them. It's really sweet and I can't wait to send them photos of little Zoe when she arrives :)
Even though this happened naturally, I def believe that they had a big part in our overall success.
Hopefully we'll never have to use their services again though ;)

Ya know, maybe there is a silver lining to having GD as a buddy said on a forum I go to.
Maybe b/c of the GD, I'll get more u/s done. It's always nice to see the LO!
And since I have GD, I may be induced, so will have an actual date for the birth which would be nice.
I'm sure the excitement of not knowing is awesome and going in to labor naturally is great and all, but I am def a planner and having a set date would be very cool. No guessing or wondering :D
We'll see what happens.

Alrighty, think I had something else I wanted to mention but ya know... baby brain...
About to head back out anyway! I'll post again once home.

EDIT: AH HA! I remembered! heh
I'll post up my weekly 27w post after I get back along w/ baby bump photo.

Monday, May 14, 2012

GD class

Yay :\
I have to go to a GD class tomorrow morning. So much for sleeping in.
I complain but of course I'll go and listen to what's said etc etc. Thankfully it's in the same building as my OB office, just different floor. Thank goodness b/c hospitals are too damn confusing to navigate!
But yeah, I'm gonna be spending my entire morning and a good chunk of the afternoon at the hospital. Awesome....
The class is from 9-12, and I was planning on getting to my appointment early, earliest for that was 1:30. Guess I'll bring along a good book to read while I wait for that or well, just read over what they give to me. Also bring along something to eat before my appointment. I'm sure I'll be pretty hungry after it's over.

GD.... damn you GD! *shakes fist*


That's that then.
Just got a call back from the nurse and yep.... I have GD.
2 out of the 4 blood tests were abnormal so... yeah.
She's calling in for a glucometer now at my pharmacy and I have to keep track of my blood sugar 4x a day.

And I'm crying.
It's not the end of the world or anything, but no one really wants anything to be wrong with them especially when it could have a negative effect on your LO, ya know.

Sigh. Was hoping it would come back ok, but really not surprised that it came back this way.
Welp, other than the ice cream from last night... I've been doing well on the modified primal so just stick with that and hope it's working. I guess checking my blood sugar 4x a day will answer that for me.

Other than the crying part, I'm ok though. Just gotta keep truckin along and do what I have to to make sure this LO and myself are OK.


I feel so stupid for still getting jealous at women getting pregnant.
On FB, yesterday saw a post from an old HS friend that she's having identical twins, due in November.
I know she didn't struggle to concieve them and yeah.... cue the jealousy washing over me.
It's so ridiculous since I'm pregnant, but I guess once an infertile always an infertile... for myself at least.
It's not that I want other women to struggle or anything though and it's not that I'm not happy for their miracles....*shrugs* I dunno.
Just a strange set of emotions.

On another emotional note....
I feel SO bad for DH's older sister.
She's I think 35? Maybe older. Just got married last year and really hasn't spent any time with her new husband b/c they're both in the Navy.
She's leaving on June 3rd? and he's coming in June 4th! How shitty is that??
Plus she has endo. I don't know how severe it is, but I do know she's had a lap for it before and her periods are really painful.
She wants to have children so bad, but it's like everything is working against her.
She would make such an excellent mom and I really want it for her.
I think when she's done her 2? 3? months on the ship, they'll have a little bit of time before she goes back out again for almost a year.
I just really hope they'll get lucky and get their miracle.
Would be very cool to have cousins that are so close in age growing up together.

And finally, called the nurse at around 10:30?... Probably won't hear back until this afternoon. Man, I hoped I passed it!

Feel... decent

Even though I slept like crap last night, I'm feeling ok for now.
Kept waking up last night, and then finally woke at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep. Just laid there hoping I would until DH's alarm went off at 5:30. UGH.
I did manage to fall back to sleep after I made him breakfast though so yay.

I hope everyone had a good day yesterday.
We were out and about for most of the afternoon. Grocery shopping, getting some fish for my mom etc heh.
She just redid her 55gal tank and yeah, other than just giving her money which is never any fun, I wanted to buy her some fish.
While at Petsmart... DH surprised me and bought me a new fishtank. Dawwww

The little 5 gallon hexagon tank I had wasn't working as it should any longer. The filter sucked in it and it was leaking all over the place. SO he bought me a cute little rectangle 5.5gal tank to replace it.
I know that's not a huge deal for most, but it is for him. He knows how crazy I get with fish tanks lol.
It's just housing my anniversary present from last year. My pretty little betta....
We also had to go to the health food grocery store to fill up our 5gal jugs.
While there, he busted out the coupon for $10 orchid and bought me one of those too.
I wish they had blue, but I'm not about to be picky about it lol. It's gonna go in to the nursery once that room is done :)

And finally... FiL popped up at 7:30 bringing me a potted hanging plant. Dawwww. I was not expecting that at all and was really surprised by it. Sounded like he got something for SiL as well.
So sweet.
Think I'm gonna hang it outside if I can just figure out where and what to use.

My mom took us out to eat. We would've paid but before we knew it, she was sending her husband to pay the bill. *shrugs* Felt bad about that since it was HER day yesterday, not mine... yet.
Anywho, we ate at 3pm, so DH and I weren't hungry by the time dinner rolled around. We did want some dessert though so splurged a little and went out for some ice cream. SO good! lol

All in all, even though it rained all day yesterday... it was nice.

Zoe was having a quiet day yesterday. Not much movement at all which of course always freaks me out.
She moved like crazy once in bed though and the middle of the night. All of my tossing and turning made her have to keep adjusting in there so she wouldn't be too squished heh.

Didn't work on nursery yesterday, but I am today. Need to head to Michaels really quick to pick up a few more paint colors. When I get back, going to call up the nurse and leave a message about my 3hr test and yep... get to work after that :)

Oh and the plushie moon things. DH has some ideas about it. I asked about the old t-shirts but he just wants to buy regular fabric for them *shrugs* I don't wanna go to the fabric store by myself so will wait until this weekend before we get anything for it. I'm fine with that. Need to figure out exactly what I'm gonna do for it anyway, how big etc.

And finally.... DH said we'll be getting the crib in a month. Which makes sense since he pays on it when he gets paid every other week. Soooooooo. yep!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

So easily amused

Man, DH and I live a very simple life, lemme tell ya.
We're both just tickled pink that we discovered that a bunny has started to come in to our backyard.
DH mowed the lawn yesterday and spotted the piles of bunny poop.
We found the spot that one could get in to our yard from, and sure enough, and 8:30 I looked out my window by my desk and saw the furry little wabbit munching on bird seed that had fallen to the ground.

Just came as a shock to us both since our backyard has a privacy fence around it, along w/ the neighbors fence that the rabbit is coming from *shrugs* And also surprising since we do have 3 dogs w/ pretty good prey drives.

Anywho, enough about our simple amusements...

DH said I have either until the end of the month or a month to finish the nursery. Not exactly sure which one he said.
Planning on getting the crib then and set everything up. It should be done before then. I'm just slacking off a little right now b/c as I've said multiple times... it's just been a PITA to do and I keep putting it off.
 It's gonna get done though. After we're done doing everything today, then I plan on working on it. Will probably have to head to Michael's tomorrow to buy more paint.

May go to the fabric store to make something too.
They have these really cute homemade moon & star hanging plushies at the baby furniture store w/ a teddy bear holding on to the moon (the moon is crescent shaped).
Anyway, these crazy bastards want $100 for them.... yeah, I don't F-ing think so. Not when the whole design is VERY simple, even for someone like myself to do.
So yeah, either I'm gonna make them or get DH's family to do it.
Have an idea for it. Since it's Star Wars theme.... have one of the moons black, and put a cute Darth Vader plushie on it (dark side of the moon, dark side.. you get it :P)
And then have the other moon white and have a yoda plushie or something on it. It's really cute in my head lol.
Could probably do it with some old t-shirts that aren't worn any longer. Hmmm, may do that to save some money. Just gotta buy the plushie filling and the star wars plushies.
We'll see we'll see.

Dernit, this seems to be happening more frequently now. Wanted to mention something else and I've completely forgotten.

Well... anyway, I'll post again if I remember.

Hmmm... changed it. Rather than wishing everyone a happy's mother day. I'll jsut wish everyone a Happy Sunday :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Almost there

Hard to believe I'm going to be in the 3rd trimester soon!
Even though that's hard to believe... it still feels like I've been pregnant for FOREVER lol.
I just want it to hurry up already!! I want my little girl and I want to not have to worry any longer! Or well... not worry about pregnancy related issues.
For some reason, I see getting to 30w as a mile stone lol. *shrugs*

Baby girl was turning all over the place last night. It's SO cool feeling those big slower movements, hell any movement actually.
Felt like she was hitting that painful spot again, but there wasn't that sharp quick pain, it was more like a residual feeling if that makes any sense.
I don't think it was cervix pain. Felt more forward like towards my erm... PP spot for lack of a better way to describe it lol.
*shrugs* I feel fine though and it never hurt when I used the bathroom.

No payment on the crib this week. BOOOOO
DH wants to wait until the end of the month to pay on it again. Think he's wanting to spend the money right now on other things that need to get done.
I understand, but just means no crib for a while longer. BAH! lol
Not that the nursery is ready for it anyway :P

Speaking of the nursery, the mural thing is coming along slowly. Have 2 figures done, or mostly done.
It's such a pain in the ass painting the vinyl things. The quality paint isn't the best that I'm using and it takes a bajillion coats to make it look not so crappy.

R2D2 and C3PO are going to SUCK painting b/c of their colors!! Especially C3PO...... UGH not looking forward to that but gotta do it!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ouch ouch ouch!!!!

Last night, I dunno what this baby girl did in there, but HOLY CRAP.

Was sitting on the couch watching tv. Sorta in a lounged back position.
Well I felt her moving, felt like she may have been rolling over, then all of a sudden PAIN!
Super sharp pain down low and near my vajangle. It only lasted for a split second, but it made me about jump out of my skin and caused me to double over and yelp.
WTH was that?
Never felt anything remotely close to that before, and I'm sure she must've just rubbed up against something wrong, but still... WOW.
I hope that doesn't happen again.

Oh I forgot to mention that the Uni here is doing a study on PCOS and diet.
Saw their flier in the bathroom at OB's office. They want PCOS women that are TTC 18-35. Some will be put on a low GI diet, and the others will be put on a vegan diet (bleh).
It sounds really interesting.... but I couldn't do it.
Low GI sure, but I would have to quit if I were one to have to go on a vegan diet.
Even though some meat isn't my friend right now... I am a meat eater and just no way would I ever be able to go vegan.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Ah, just woke from a nap. Needed that so much.
Not sleeping well and early morning appointments do not mix well.
It wasn't a super restful nap since my dog was crowding all on me making me hot, but it seems to have done the trick and I feel 20x better.
Feels like I need to just drink more now. I drank the entire time during the 3hour thing, but I guess the empty stomach didn't help anything.

Done and done

So... 3 hour is done.
Had to get blood taken 4 times. First one before given the drink, then blood taken every hour.
Thankfully doing it this way helped the time go by a lot quicker.

Felt totally fine until I was on my way home.
My stomach had started to grumble REALLY LOUD the last 30mins, but I felt fine. ON the way home though, I started to get that all too familiar shaky feeling I've gotten before when I don't eat anything for a while (pre-preg, haven't had it since getting preg).
I felt like total shit by the time I actually got home and inhaled a banana while I waited for my lunch to heat up.
Ate a banana, my lunch, drank a fruit smoothie thing and then ate another banana.
Taking a while for my body to absorb what it needs, but finally starting to feel better now.
Going to go chug down some more water and lay down in a min. Feeling so pooped right now.

Hmm what else. They couldn't reschedule my appointment on the 15th, but did say that I could come in as early as 1:30pm for it (appointment is at 4pm) and said that if I come in that early, I should be seen right away.
So YAY! for that. Def going to be going in early so  won't have to worry about rush hour.

Oh that orange glucose drink is gross when it's warm! Their fridge was broken, so warm is all they had.
It's still not terrible, but warm... it had that gross orange medicine chalky flavor to it. BLEH
Bad though b/c I was hungry when I went in and was actually looking forward to drinking it! ROFL
Not for the taste or anything, but b/c I knew it would help to get rid of the hungry feeling which it did.

Anywho... that's all for now. Gonna go lay down and probably take a nap or something.

Heading out

Just wanted to post really quick.
About to head out to my 3hr thing. Wanna get there early to beat some of the morning rush hour traffic and to get this crap over with.
Have my book and yeah, that's it for entertainment. BLEH.
Too bad we don't have better DS games or I would take that heh.
A laptop or iPad would be good right about now... but this would be like the only time I ever actually used those so nope... waste of money.
I still want a kindle though.... I'd def get my money's worth out of one of those.

Anywho.... FX that I pass! Won't know that until Monday, but yeah....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


She's moving around a lot this morning and I guess decided she needed to stretch out.

Still feeling a lot of lower movements, but she's moving quite a bit up high too. About an inch or so above my waist.
Feels like a lot of turning and slower movements, few kicks/hits in there too.

Alrighty, I'm off to go work on nursery thing some more. Haven't worked on it in a while b/c my back was starting to really bother me hunched over working on the figures.

Down low

Kicks and movements that is....
Been feeling the LO very low for the last few days.
Yesterday she didn't move much, but what I did feel were still movements below my waist line.
Thinking maybe she's laying horizontal in there. Felt a big kick sorta movement early this morning where I felt it on my left and right side. Think it might've been her hands/arms and legs kicking out.
Not positive of course. *shrugs*
She can lay however she wants so long as she keeps moving around to reassure her momma!

Diet is going well. Found myself snackier than usual yesterday. Ate a lot of cashews and fruit.
Surprisingly, the banana I ate did not give me heartburn! WOO!

My mom bought me crab legs again. I'm not craving them any longer, but not gonna tell her that lol. Fixed them for dinner last night and SOOOOO good.
Even though it is a small amount of meat, there's just something about working hard to get to the food that makes it worth it. Helps that it's delicious.

Slight hiccup with lunch today. I had a few butter crackers. Not gonna beat myself up about it though. Not like I downed the entire pack or something or will later today.

3hour glucose test tomorrow. Yay :\
Was thinking about heading to the bookstore, but nah. I'll just take something we already have. Reread something that I haven't read in a while.
Just feeling lazy and don't really want to go really lol.

Was thinking about rescheduling the 3hr thing for the 15th when my next appointment is, but, yeah can't do that b/c appointment then is at 4pm. Bleh!! I'm gonna be coming home is the worst rush hour traffic! Think I'm gonna try to get it rescheduled along with a couple of other afternoon appointments. I'd rather wake up at the crack of dawn and fight morning rush hour than afternoon rush hour.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I have to rant

UGH, I'm just so angry right now at women and their right to refuse the glucose test.

WHY would you refuse to do it??? SO many of them say that "Oh I've done the research so I don't think I need to do it." Well if you really did the research, you would see that ANYONE can develop GD.
GD can happen in absolutely healthy women! It's not just for us fat lazy bitches out there!

UGH It makes my blood boil.
It is SUCH a frickin simple test. SUCH a simple test to at least reassure you that everything is ok!!
Yes, I complain about having to spend 3hours in my doc's office, but ya know what? My ass is gonna go and do it because I will do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to make sure my baby girl is ok!

I just don't understand why, WHY would a woman put her own child at risk like that? I've read SO many comments from women who were skinny, no diabetes in family (or very little), eats healthy, exercises, and they still ended up getting GD!


26 weeks

Wow, only 1 more week until I'm in the 3rd trimester. Geeze. Took long enough to get here! ;) heh

Alrighty, belly shot

26w compared to hmmm... lets go with 22w
I am curving my back a little which makes my stomach stick out.
Only doing it though b/c it's just more comfy to stand that way.
Sigh, I don't think I'll ever get that pretty round baby bump, but meh... I'll take what I can get :)

Primal yesterday was not that bad. Snacked constantly so I'm sure that helped heh.
Just got back from the store this morning actually to buy more snacks to have the rest of the week.
Bought some plain popcorn, more apples and some bananas. Popcorn isn't exactly primal since corn is supposed to be off limits, but meh... like I said before.. modified ;)
Also bought DH (and maybe myself) some sugar free jello. He struggles so much to eat well at first so I know this will help with his sweet tooth at least.

Uuuuuhm... hmm.. forgot...

Monday, May 7, 2012


I think my sensitivity to eggs has returned.
I was ok for a while there, no incidents from eating eggs, but the ones I had last night for dinner, and the ones I had for lunch today I think are causing me to have diarrhea.

They're from the inlaws so I know they're fresh and good.
So frustrating b/c I love eggs!
Maybe it's just the way I'm cooking them? I cook them through so no runny stuff, but that doesn't seem to be enough. Things w/ eggs in it like cakes and such never bother me.... hmm.. has to be how I'm cooking them maybe.
When I was doing primal before, I don't think boiled eggs ever bothered me. Not sure about that though. I'll test it out tomorrow and if I still get diarrhea, then sigh... guess I'll just have to give them up :(

Primal again

So today is our first official day back on the Primal plan.
Mine of course is going to be modified to include a lot more fruit and nuts.
I'm also adding in banana chips, maybe regular bananas too if I feel like I don't mind the heartburn heh
Uhm, also bought these 2 small fruit juices to try out. Those aren't going to be a regular part or anything, but it's something sweet for now without being too awful.

Gonna be tough at first to give up my junk food, but gotta do it just in case I do have GD. Plus well.. junk food isn't good for either of us anyway so might as well give that up while I feel motivated to do so heh.

For lunch today, I fixed myself a beef broth egg drop soup w/ mushrooms. Waiting for it to cool down right now.
Will have some nuts and probably an apple after too.

Oh sweet beautiful sleep

I guess the exhaustion of the concert has helped me sleep b/c last night was HEAVEN.
Even though I did wake up a couple of times, I still slept GREAT!! I didn't want to wake up this morning!
I had a weird dream where DH was 2 of 4 identical quadruplets and I was having sex with all of them.
No real point to sharing that other than to share it heh.
But yeah.... I feel great right now. Like I actually got in some good sleep, which I did! YAY!
I know it's not gonna last but damnit, I'm gonna take what I can get!

I think I felt a couple of Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday.
Not really sure if it was that or the baby. Thinking BH though.
At first I thought it was the baby. It felt like she had moved her whole body up to the top of my uterus. When I felt it, it was really hard, and slowly grew softer again.
Thinking it wasn't her b/c I didn't feel any kicks when I pressed down on it some and no lumps to indicate I was pressing on a little body.
It happened twice a few hours apart.
Wasn't painful or anything and still not sure if it really was BH or not.

Couple of photos to share of the concert

Small stage

The 2 big connected stages. This was when we first got there.

2nd band to play. First band played on the little stage. Can't remember their name. *shrugs*
Doesn't look so bad right? Can still see everything clearly, not a lot of people... well...

That's just b/c no one gave a crap about the first few bands....
This was when 5 Finger Death Punch went on
Yeah..... and that's only a SMALL portion of the people that were there and it only got worse as the day went by.

It was still fun though and I can't wait to go again next year if there are any good bands playing.
Think they're wanting to do it for 2-3 days instead of just one.
That kinda sucks since we wouldn't be able to go the entire time, but just going for one of the days would be fun.

If you're interested in looking up info on it.
TURN DOWN or MUTE your volume before you click on it!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Black snot

The title will become clear in a min heh.

We got back from the concert about 15mins ago which was just after 3am.

We left the house at 7, got there a little before 10.

It was fun and sucky at the same time.
I'll list good stuff first.

There were 3 stages. One was just a tiny little stage and the other 2 were the main stages and were connected.
First band went on at 11:30 or around that time, and it was almost continuous after that. A band would go on on the small stage, then one of the big ones, then the other big one. There was maybe a 15-30min break in between each band, but that was it so yeah, pretty continuous which was awesome if you wanted to get up and walk back and forth which neither of us did since we weren't interested in some of them.
We found a great spot to put down the blanket (or so we thought), and basically stayed there the entire time, other than going to the bathroom obviously).

Most of the bands sounded fantastic. There were a couple that were just meh, but most did not disappoint.
I was most excited to see Korn and they did not disappoint my expectations.

Overall it was really fun and I'm glad we went.

Now for the bad...

The bathrooms were porta-potties. GROSS & HOT. That's the only words to describe them. It is nasty as hell stepping in to one, feeling like a sauna and spotting the giant log someone left inside. You don't want to look but you can't help it. Thankfully most of them didn't stink, but some did and good lord.... GAG.
There were a ton of the bathrooms, but the thing is, they were all clumped together right at the entrance.... the opposite side of the festival from the main stage where we settled down on our blanket. And of couse being pregnant and it being hot as hell out, I had to drink water continuously which made me have to pee almost every 40mins. I took many many many unwanted trips to those gross poo cans.

And as I mentioned, it was HOT outside. I dunno why the hell these festivals insist on doing these things when it is definitely going to be hot. Hell, even doing it a month earlier, there's a chance of it being cool, or at least a little cooler. People were dropping all over the place, even though there was free water (which was located at the entrance so you had to take a trek back to there if you wanted a refill). The EMTs were def busy during the day.
I got a little sunburned. Thankfully it's not that bad, only hurts if I were to scratch the area for whatever reason.
SO glad I decided to wear a tank top instead of a regular t-shirt as I usually wear.
There were actually IDIOTS there wearing jeans and t-shirts. T-shirts, not that bad, but jeans?? Come on. And most of them were bigger folks and as a bigger person... we get hot easily so I know they had to be miserable VERY quickly. I don't care if you are goth or rocker or whatever... put on some damn shorts when you go out in hot weather!

Now the spot we did pick to put down our blanket was nice. We weren't super close to the main stages, but close enough to see both well anyway. There were a bunch of other blanket folk around us too.
It was all good until the bands started to play on those stages. Of course it seemed like in front of us was right where EVERYONE wanted to make a path. Most of the people were courteous and actually watched where they were walking, but there were some that didn't give a shirt and stepped ALL over everyone's blankets. I actually saw a guy step on a woman that was laying down. How the hell do you not see someone laying down?? And then he didn't even stop and apologize to her, just kept on going like he didn't even notice. WTH?
And me being pregnant, I just couldn't stand for very long. Even though I was drinking a lot of water, I was still getting a lot of aches in my abdomen so would have to sit down during a bands performance.... which meant most of the time, I couldn't see shit other than asses and people's legs walking by.
A few of those times, I actually had to sit b/c the heat was getting to me. Zoe didn't move until I got something cold in me, and even then, it was only a few movements and she would stop so I know LO was not happy with the heat. I'd pour water over my head to try to keep myself cooled off and DH bought us a lot of minute maid frozen treats they were selling to help try to cool us off as well.
UGH that sun was just brutal though.

Anywho! The people constantly passing by our blanket wouldn't have been so bad, except the ground was mostly dirt and dried up dead grass. You could not help but end up getting filthy. I was covered in sweat and dirt almost the entire time. It was pretty disgusting but there was absolutely no avoiding it.
When a band was done on one of the main stages, a lot of people would move to the smaller stage or go to the bathrooms or whatever. A HUGE dust cloud would follow.
When DH and I got home, we had to take a shower. Hoping my nose will produce some mucus for me here in a bit so I can blow it to clean it out. Black snot..... that's what's up there. I also have black ear wax too which is a new one for me. I also want to get the cig smoke smell out of my nose.

And speaking of cig smoke.... since this was an outdoor event... it was a free-for-all on the smoking and OF COURSE... the breeze always made us downwind of the chain smokers. It got so bad that it actually started to make me feel sick to my stomach. Thankfully I didn't puke or anything, but there was a few gagging moments b/c of it. Another thing you couldn't avoid at all even if you tried. It was like every damn smoker in SC and NC turned up for this concert and just HAD to stand right next to us.
And don't get me started on how inconsiderate most of the smokers were.
Like I said, in front of us seemed to be main traffic in and out of our area so a lot of smokers walking by with lit cigs. Now some of them did try to kind of shield their cigs with their hands so they didn't burn anyone. But most didn't give a flying shit and just held their cigs out to bump in to whoever was unfortunate enough... and trust me when I say that when a band was performing, people were packed tight in that area so I know people were getting burned by these assholes.
Also.... we seemed to be downwind of every damn weed smoker in our section too. Hell, there was an older couple that were standing in front of us that lit one up and.. yep.. smoke came right our way. :\
I'm not against smoking it if that's what you want to do, there are worse things out there people could be doing, but it's the same with cigs. The shit stinks to high heaven and being pregnant, yeah, not something I wanna have to smell or be in the vicinity of.

If you ever wonder if people are animals... yes... yes we are.
I feel sorry for whoever had to clean up that place after everyone left. DISGUSTING. That is what people are. A trashcan that is maybe 5 feet away and people would still throw their shit on the ground.
It's like how people treat public bathrooms. They do not give a shit so long as THEY'RE not the ones that have to clean it up.

This complaint isn't that bad... but Evanescence(sp?) was there as well. They sounded great. The singer was really good, and for the first couple of songs... YAY, but after that.. holy crap BORING. I'm just not a fan. I mean I like some of their songs (which they performed), but it dragged. They were only on for I think 50 something minutes and it felt like forever. Their songs are long and just boring as hell and everyone thought it which was bad. You could see a lot of people in our area moving out or sitting down after a couple of songs b/c yeah... it just wasn't entertaining at all after that unfortunatly.

And finally.. last complaint... getting out of the place was a damn nightmare. Shinedown was the last band, but by then, DH and I were already near the entrance b/c we had to pee. It was dark so we packed up all our stuff and moved that way to get away from the crowd. Well we left after a few songs (seemed like half the people left after Korn).
Now if you got to this place super early... you parked on the right side, if you got there a little later, you were waved over to the left to this big field.
Welp, apparently the MORON directing traffic out of this place didn't realize just how many cars were over on the left side b/c they let everyone on the right leave before the left side. We were stuck in the parking area for 2 HOURS. We would've been there longer, but people finally got fed up and found their own way out by driving through this lightly wooded field and driving over the little embankment. When we FINALLY got to that point, we said F it, took that option and was out in 10mins.
That was so frickin frustrating it's not even funny. We'd literally sit still for about 20minutes before we moved MAYBE a car length... and that was only if someone had managed to weasel their way in to the line of cars trying to get out.
So yeah, a big frickin F YOU to the idiots who didn't know WTF they were doing directing traffic. How hard is it to alternate each side? 10 from the right, 10 from the left. NOT THAT FRICKIN DIFFICULT.

Oh and one more thing... I have a smokers cough now. AWESOME. Forgot to mention that. I just couldn't help it after a while. I started to cough whenever I smelled it and it has completely screwed up my throat today.

Anyway... I know I had a lot to bitch about, but really OVERALL it was fun and hope we get to do it again. Of course not with the LO in tow any time soon though heh.

Friday, May 4, 2012

A feeling

I have a feeling that this little munchkin is going to come early.
I've been having this thought for a couple of days now.
Not sure when, and hopefully not any time soon, but I don't think I'll make it to 40w whether if it's from me going in to labor naturally or being induced.
And I have a feeling that even though she does come early, she's gonna be normal newborn weight.

*shrugs* I'm usually wrong though so we'll see what happens heh.

Welp, looks like we'll be going back primal earlier than expected. Even if my 3hr comes back ok, we (especially me) def needs to start eating better. Less junk.
I think I'll still include some toast with meals though to make sure I'm getting enough carbs. I know they're not the 'good' carbs, but it's better than eating too little at this point. Don't want to go in to ketosis or anything while preggo.
So yeah, that's not going to start until next week since tomorrow we have that concert. YAY!

Zoe REALLY loved the sweet potato I had for dinner last night! Of course I had to sweeten it up a bit.. sigh, bad me.
But still... about an hour and a half after.. she was moving like crazy for a good 30-40mins.
Really big movements too.
Was working on one of the figures so was sat down and hunched over some. She rolled over, turned or something b/c it was a HUGE movement feeling that just felt super weird lol.
She was moving big like that a couple more times and kicking, punching all over the place.
She has def gotten stronger b/c those cute little bladder punches have become uncomfortable hits :P lol

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Welp... good and bad.

I failed my 1hr glucose test. Their cut off for norm is 130, my level was 160.
It sucks but I'm honestly not surprised by that at all.
What does suck is that I'm going to have to spend 3hrs in the office waiting to get blood drawn next Thursday.... awesome :\
I don't have a nifty phone or laptop or anything, so gonna have to bring a book along I guess.
I could actually go in tomorrow, but hoping that DH will be able to come with me next week to keep me company.... even though he just read stuff for work and barely talked to me last time :P lol

Now good news-
My iron and thyroid levels are normal. YAY!
So no increase or decrease with my synthroid and I don't have to worry about being anemic. So that's at least SOME good news lol.

Sigh.... I won't be surprised if I do have GD. If I do, then we'll just have to go back to being Primal a bit sooner than expected. Hopefully it will be GD controlled by diet and no injections. I mean I'll do them gladly to keep LO safe, but would much rather keep things under control by diet *nodnod*

Painting the figures for the nursery now. It's going to take a looooooooooooong time b/c the paint isn't the best quality stuff and the slick vinyl stuff doesn't hold it well. So lots and lots and lots of coats to make it look decent. Killing my upper back being hunched over painting but hopefully in the end it will look decent.

Waiting waiting waiting

Called nurse this morning and left a message asking about my lab results.
Hope to hear back from her soon.
They don't call if pap or thyroid results are ok, but you would think for at least the glucose test, they would call. I mean damn, a ton of women work there... not that difficult to get at least ONE of them to call people. Draw frickin straws or something, but just CALL.. or at least make sure someone is answering the damn lab results line!
So annoyed!
My results better be great or I'm gonna be super pissed that they didn't call to tell me that there was a problem.

Ate WAY too much last night and I'm still feeling it this morning. Stomach is so achy and I feel like my stomach is going to pop at any moment lol.
That's what I get for stuffing my face :P

DH had his guy's night last night. His one friend that just had a baby was there.
It's SO sweet when he gets to talk to him b/c it makes DH a lot more excited for our LO.
Can't remember if I posted this or not... if so, oops...
But DH saw a photo of his friend resting in a recliner with his son sleeping on him.
DH has been wanting a recliner for years now, but that really lit a fire under his butt about wanting one b/c he wants to be able to do that with our girl.

May talk him in to going on Sunday to look at some if we feel up for it.

Also last night, when we were laying in bed talking while trying to get to sleep. DH fell asleep with his hand resting on my bump.


Zoe was eh.. moderately active yesterday. She does NOT like it when her momma turns up the bass in the car :P lol
I had to pick my neices up from school yesterday and when I drive, I like getting my ghetto on and turn on loud bassy music to bump bump bump the car to. It's not loud loud like you hear custom systems have or anything, it's just loud enough to feel the seat bumping under your butt with the beat heh.
Anyway, whenever a new song would come on, she would start kicking.
Heh it's gonna be fun to feel what she does at the concert!

I'm excited but dreading it at the same time. I'm looking foward to all of the bands, but it's gonna be hot and uncomfortable having no seats or anything and I dread having to use the bathroom there!
With it probably being hot, I'm gonna have to constantly chug down water which is gonna make me sweat more and pee more. BLEH... those bathrooms are gonna be disgusting, I just know it!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And back to being ok

She's moving a bit more now. Guess the lemonade worked. YAY heh
No big kicks, just her moving/rolling? around in there. WHEW!

And just b/c it was so darn delicious.. Just had 2 tuna fish sandwiches. YUUUUUUUM. I've been wanting it for a while, but for some reason always just put it off. OMG so good. Load up the mayo, put on some lettuce and some pickled banana peppers.... HEAVEN lol.

Let me sleep damnit!!

I dunno WTH is wrong with me but I just can not get a good night's sleep in :(
It's not the bump or baby moving (which she didn't do much of last night.. more on that in a bit)...
I just can't ever seem to find that sweet spot, and if by chance I do... I can't actually STAY asleep for the life of me. It's not even having to pee all the time b/c before, I could fall right back to sleep after.
Woke up with a headache today too :(
Sigh, couldn't get back to sleep this morning so hoping that will help me fall asleep and stay asleep easier tonight.
Going to try to keep myself busy so I'm not tempted to take a nap.

But yeah as I mentioned.. Zoe was not moving much last night. Of course that has me worried now.
Logical part knows that it's not anything to worry about right now. I felt her move a little, just not much.
But every other part of me is worrying like crazy! SIGH
I imagine it's going to be like this all the time and when she's born... it's gonna be a whole new set of worries lol.
Oh well.... about to drink some lemonade to see if that will get her to perk up a bit.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Taking a break

From working on the nursery thing. If I don't my eyes are gonna start crossing lol
Plus I wanted some chocolate :P

I still can't believe bananas give me heartburn. It's just so strange. And even though it is mild, it lasted ALL night long.

Hmm... my next appointment is in 2 weeks. Not exactly 4 weeks between each, but meh... doesn't really matter too much.
I still haven't gotten a call back. They have a number to call to get lab results. Awesome right? Well it would be if anyone ever frickin answered the damn phone. I've called it 3 times now and it just rings and rings and rings some more.
If I still don't hear anything back by Thursday, gonna give the nurse a call and ask.

DH wants me to get the mole on my boob checked out. I've had it since.. well, since at least a teenager. But it has gotten larger since becoming pregnant. Googling... apparently that's pretty common.
It's not blotchy or anything, but it def has gotten larger. I don't think there's a problem, but will ask OB about it next appointment if I remember.

Zoe is a little more active today. Actually started last night while laying in bed. She was moving around a lot more which was such a relief.
And today, she's been moving and kicking or punching away in there every once in a while. Comes in bursts and then quiets down for a while.
Gosh, I can not wait to meet this little girl!

Alrighty, gotta get back to work, booo
Still have a little over half of the Millenium falcon to cut out and then have to do a bunch of touch ups and UUUUUUGH....
Have I mentioned how much of a pain in the butt this is? Yes? Well..... there's a reason I keep repeating it! lol

The figures are going to be SOOOOOOO much easier. Maybe not the painting part, but putting them on the wall is going to be easy peasy since they're one giant piece instead of a bunch of tiny little pieces that get all distorted and don't want to go together correctly! Grrrrrr


Wow... only 15 more weeks to go. IF LO stays in that long that is. Hope she stays in for most of that time.

Anywho... here is my bellyshot of the week.
Decided to try on my maternity dress again. It still fits really well which surprises me. Thought by now that it would be too snug heh
25w compared to 22w

Man I need a haircut :P

Since I'm gonna be posting up a lot of photos today as I said I would (and actually remembered to)... here are some random ones first.
Last week, we got in the pet gate that DH ordered.... and this is what the UPS guy did to conceal it outside...
I can barely see that box! It's so well hidden!......... -_-

Why we bought the pet gate. DH wanted to move the litterbox to keep the dogs out of it. Yes... our dogs are cat shit eaters as a lot are unfortunatly. Dunno wth it is with cat crap and dogs loving it. BLEH
Anyway, this is the setup DH did in the sunroom
We actually went out and bought those stools for the cat to jump on... and to help keep the gate propped up.
Cat seems to enjoy it though and dogs can't get in to it now, so YAY!
His royal fatness....

And finally... well I guess this isn't too random. It's my card table work station :P Where I'll be working most of the day today cutting out the nursery thing
The big black thing on the green pad is the Millenium Falcon I'm cutting out. Soooooo much work

Here's the glider & ottoman
They were covered up with blankets just in case the cat decided to take interest in them. He hasn't so far though so took them off to take the photo. Plus they really need to air out. The cushions have this funky turpentine smell to them
It's pretty comfy, but I want to get a thicker butt cushion for it. It's comfy for about maybe 10mins and my butt starts to hurt b/c there's not much there on the chair.

And finally here are the carseats.
The larger one just says Cosco on it *shrugs* And the smaller (the tan/plaid one) has an Evenflo booklet with it so I'm gonna step out on a limb here and say that's the brand it is lol
Like I said, they're nothing special, but they're gonna keep LO safe and sound and that's all that matters :D