Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bunch of thieving bastards

So we were thinking about changing our internet provider from Time Warner to At&T.
BUT come to find out, at&t isn't available in our area for some reason even though we're in one of the busiest most densely populated areas. But whatever.
So DH is looking at a brochure that we got in the mail from Time Warner that has listed some payment plans for different internet speeds.
But what he doesn't see is the plan we have which is just a basic cable internet thing.
He calls them and apparently, the plan we were paying for no longer exists AND the price we were paying is actually for a better plan that we weren't even getting and won't even be available in our area until later this year MAYBE.
So... basically, they were charging us premium price for shitty internet access (it had been going out for a couple of hours every day for about a month) and didn't bother informing us of this AND we're not getting reimbursed anything either.
Just take this as a warning folks... look over your plans and make sure you are actually getting what you're paying for.
Bunch of lying thieving pieces of shit.
Really makes you wonder how many other people out there are being ripped off and how much money they're raking in b/c of it.

DH and FiL got the door up to the room last night! YAY! :)
So happy to not have to worry about the cat getting in there anymore. Just gotta clean the carpet a few more times to hopefully get rid of the lingering cat pee smell.

Neighbors got an earful yesterday. I wasn't cussing them out... I was cussing out one of our stupid dogs. He went under the porch and THOUGHT he was stuck so wouldn't come out from under it.
There was a big carpenter bee where he went in, so as soon as he sniffed it, he refused to come out that way, THEN after I moved the bee out of the way, he still wouldn't come out so I had to break a trellis we have sitting there and even then, his dumbass wouldn't come out. I eventually just started spraying the porch with water and that got his stupid self out from under the porch really quick.
I love that dog to pieces but damn.... just annoying lol.

And Oren and Zoe are both having a meltdown.
Zoe.. b/c she thinks her blanket is dirty (it's not) and Oren b/c I said OW when he was digging his little talon in to my leg and now he's crying more b/c I told him NO when he was reaching for the yogurt.
Child... I just cleaned yesterday, you've already destroyed part of a granola bar on to the floor... you're not getting a yogurt cup to help your little spot of destruction.
Sigh... and it's not even 10 yet! lol

We got most of the folding done yesterday.
There's still more to do, but most of it is done. Thank goodness!!
Found most of the matches for the kids' socks... still have a handful with no matches though, but did have a load in the dryer so hoping that we'll find the rest.

Just need to put a few more pants/shorts and shirts and Oren will be done for the trip.
Thank goodness we bought more undies for Zoe b/c we're needing to take almost all of them. Enough for 2 weeks plus a few extra for accidents.

Still a mix of emotions for this trip, but mostly excitement. I'm just worried about the pets and the garden.
Don't want to come home to a garden of dead plants b/c they over-watered or didn't water enough and don't want to come in to a house that smells like poo and pee.
Hopefully MiL and FiL come over twice a day like we asked them to do. We gave them some money too and are hoping that helps to get them to take a bit better care rofl.

The dogs will be in during the day but we've asked them to put them out at night. No telling when MiL will come over in the mornings.

Anywho.. DH and his friend don't want me to post photos on FB during the trip before yellowstone. His friend wants to keep us a secret from his kids... for some reason.
I guess that's a fun idea, IF we were actually close to the kids... but we're not. We see them.. what.. every 5 years? And even then... it's not like we're in contact with them and all close and whatnot.
I dunno...I just don't see the point in keeping us a surprise since I'm sure their kids aren't going to care.
It will be like...
"Oh hey.. WTH are they doing here?"
"Ha ha.... ok then....."

and yeah... that's about it :\
But whatever. Not like I MUST post photos as soon as we take them or anything and if they want it to be some anticlimactic surprise.. then meh....

Alrighty, gotta eat and continue cleaning!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

It's Saturday!

Just today and tomorrow to get this house cleaned!
I did a whole lot of nothing yesterday. Woops. It's that getting started thing that gets me all the time.
I did finish up most of the dishes. Have some pots and pans to clean up, but everything else was washed. Well... there's more to be cleaned now, but nothing that should take too long.
I was going to tackle some of the laundry yesterday and fold, but I felt like hell. Just an overall blah feeling w/ a headache coming on, plus the kids wanted to come join in. So we just all hung out on my bed until DH got home lol.
I love doing that.....
It gives me a mini heart attack every time Oren gets near the edge of the bed, but I love spending time w/ both kids in there. It's just so... comforting and cozy and just feels like one of those really nice family moments :) It's even better when DH is home and in there with us too :)

Anyway... so I have a ton of cleaning to do today since I got almost nothing done yesterday. I'm putting it off a little longer to post here, but yeah... can't put it off for too much longer. Would like to focus on packing tomorrow and only needing to clean up just a little.

Oren has himself a little attitude.
Trying to get him to be a bit more gentle when he's playing with Zoe... like not pulling her hair. He doesn't seem to do it on purpose, he just grabs and pulls her to him or him to her.
So I tell him to be gentle and the boy does not like being told what to do or being told "No". He'll say "No" and will then swing his hand to hit. Or if he's holding something, and is told no.. he'll say no then will throw the toy.
Sigh..... just gotta keep it up with him so he doesn't turn in to a little terror once he's bigger/older.
He's currently playing  the empty storage bin that I'm planning on putting some unplayed toys in lol. Silly kids. All these awesome toys.. and they want to play with the mundane things.

Take for instance the big 5g buckets that the cat litter comes in that we're saving (for next year's container gardening). They're sitting in the sun room right now and Zoe plays with them like they're giant blocks and stacks them. Have to keep her from doing it since they have fallen on both her and Oren, but still... really? Awesome toys everywhere and you want to play with empty buckets.
Alrighty then....

We went to Kohls last night after dinner. We had some Kohl's cash to use and a coupon DH printed.
Not sure why DH wanted to go, but off we went and we went a bit crazy on the children's clearance section lol.
I'm sorry... but I can NOT resist buying those $1 items!!! We bought SO much stuff and I have no regrets! lol
It all came out to be just over $30 worth of stuff and that was with $10 off too :P
All of it except the 2 $5 stuffed animals we bought was clearance stuff. Love it!
Bought them both a ton of dollar sock packs. Think all of the socks had at least 4 per pack and that was an awesome deal, specially since they're character socks too. Peanuts, Star Wars, Disney Princesses, Paw Patrol.
Zoe definitely needed more socks. She HAD plenty before, but since she's started going through her drawers and wanting to dress herself... we've lost SO many.
Also bought Oren a few t-shirts and Zoe some panda pjs that were 3.50. Oh and some of those floofy slipper socks things for both of them for like 1.50 a piece along w/ a storm trooper ski cap w/ mittens for a dollar something.
 Sigh..... clearance section... why you so addictive!?
Frickin love Kohls!! Not their regular jacked up priced stuff, but for the clearance. It's all about the clearance!

Alrighty, gotta get baby boy to bed, eat a popcicle or 2 and then start cleaning. Got a long achy day ahead of me!

Friday, May 27, 2016

That switch has been... uh... swutched? o_O

All day yesterday, Oren kept standing and taking steps. He was so proud of himself and whenever he caught me looking at him, he'd get a huge proud smile on his face :)
So happy for my little guy. I feel more tired already, but that just comes with the territory lol.
And Zoe is helping to encourage him too which is just too dang sweet! I know I always say it, but she's such a great big sister!

Zoe just keeps getting more and more defiant and good grief is that tiring too. I absolutely hate getting frustrated and annoyed with her and I try my best to keep my cool when she doesn't listen or talks back, but UGH is that difficult!
She's such a good child, it's just sometimes... not so much rofl.
It could be worse though so not going to complain too much heh.

So I cleaned up Zoe's room and went through all of her clothes. Well.. the clothes that are currently folded lol.
Good lord she has a ton! Absolutely no trouble finding her enough clothes and then some for the trip.

Also cleaned Oren's room and went through his clothes. That took all of 10mins b/c the boy has no clothes rofl. Well he does.. just not a lot. We'll probably be bringing the majority of them with us.
Definitely need to start buying him more clothes now that he can fit in to some 2T stuff. Should stay in that size for at least a little while.
Wish there was more to pass down to him from Zoe's stash, but most of her clothes are super girly lol.
Oh well....

On today's cleaning agenda..... the kitchen! I'm not planning on doing a ton of cooking. At least nothing that is going to require a lot of dishes to be dirtied up. Going to put things away, wipe everything off and yeah.. just declutter it all basically.
It shouldn't take too long. Just some dishes and things that need to be put up and thrown away.
Just need to find the motivation to get started lol.
Once I start, I'm good.. it's just the getting started part that takes a bit of work :P

Also need to do water changes in one tank and top off the other. That shouldn't take too long, but need to do it when Oren is sleeping. Have to run the water changing hose out the back door and do not need him going back there adventuring around. Bad enough that Zoe is gonna be back there with all the dog poop.

Still have a mountain of clothes that need to be folded too. Ugh.. I hate laundry. I hate it more than dishes. At least there's a dishwasher I can use and I don't need to fold anything after.

Oh AND... the living room is in even a bigger mess. Zoe got it in to her head to look for something and just needed to empty out both of the toy bins in the living room. Sigh... See... this is why I'm not bothering to clean it just yet. She picked up most of it... MOST of it. That still leaves a good messy bit on the floor.
Oh well.. day in the life of mom :)

So we have to return the ceiling fan we bought for the nursery :\
It's one that you have to use a remote control for. WTH? I mean I guess that would be good if you have it in a high ceiling area or something, but not for a bedroom.. with a normal bedroom height ceiling.
Oh AND it has this weird light bulb that we've never seen before. /shrugs It has a teeny tiny screw in and it's a tiny rectangle.
We're going to have to wait until after the trip to buy another one online... along with door knobs that match what we have in the house. Still need to buy the floor molding stuff too and whatever racks for the closets.
Oh and paint..... lol.. yeah.. still a good bit to buy.

And something else, but brain not functioning anymore....

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lightening crotch!!

MAN! Baby must be grinding her/his head down there often b/c OUCH!
Thankfully it doesn't last long, but still.. holy moly does it hurt!

I will admit though.. there's still a big disconnect with this pregnancy. I'm thinking that b/c Zoe and Oren keep me so busy and distracted.. I can't obsess over this pregnancy like I did with them. Doesn't mean I won't love this little baby just as much.. it's just that this pregnancy just doesn't feel as significant as theirs did to me.  Makes me a little sad actually. Oh well I guess... it's such a small (although big at the same time) part of the big picture. :)

Oren is walking a little more on his own. Still only a couple of steps, but it's pretty big progress from the nothing he was doing lol.

We're also getting in to the 'fighting over toys' phase here. Well, we've been there for a while, but it's getting worse lol. Sigh....

I'm gonna be SO damn tired when this new LO arrives lol.

So our new minivan almost got backed in to yesterday. That was fun.
Just... seriously you frickin morons out there. Is it just a thing you always do?? Backing out of a spot without bothering to make sure no one is behind you???
And then the F-ing morons that decide they want to drive through parking spots RIGHT BESIDE YOU when you're putting groceries or your children away and have your door wide open.
Really??? Just BACK OUT. Don't be a giant dickbag and try to squeeze by to drive through a parking spot!!
I can see doing it if no one is around... fine.. go for it, but not when you're trying to do it right beside someone that is RIGHT THERE. Stop being a dick!

I just really hate people sometimes and really wish I could ram in to them... over and over again. Don't want to hurt the people (although smacking them upside the head would be satisfying)... I just want to total their car and hopefully teach them to not be a jerkwad on the road.

I really want to get some dash cameras for the van. With hit & runs being on the news all the time now... I want to make sure that IF anything were to happen and some douchebag ran.. we'd have the license plate on camera to give to police.
Plus it would be nice to post that crap all over youtube so people could see just how awful the drivers are here. There's already a youtuber that posts vids from the state, but he mostly does downtown stuff.
Still though.... I'm sure every state has a plethora of assholes. Makes my blood boil at how inconsiderate and just plain stupid our society has gotten.

Had more to write, but I've gotten side tracked lol

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's a start!

First up... Oren walked some yesterday all on his own! YAY!
He's been standing on his own for a couple of days, so yesterday when he started, I started cheering him on to encourage him. He got so excited that he'd take a step and then fall, but would get right back up again.
He eventually decided he wanted to walk from the couch all the way to where the slide is which is abut 5 or 6 steps. :D
Go little dude go!

I also threw up a little yesterday morning. Ate some leftover pasta. Felt totally fine until I drank something and it hit my stomach. Almost instantaneous nausea and I upchucked right back in to the bowl I had used. Gross.
It wasn't all of it, just a little and I felt fine after.

DH is off today so we went shopping early this morning to buy junk for the trip.
Needing to buy 2 weeks worth of stuff is... stressful lol. It's also a lot of stuff too and I'm sure we're still going to run out of some things.
Bought just a couple more comfy stretchy capri pants and a couple of t-shirts. Needed to mostly go to get Oren more socks and Zoe some undies along w/ the snacks.
We also scored a couple of hooded towels for the kids that were on clearance. One of them is a ninja turtle and the other is winnie the pooh. ONly $2 each. Not too shabby considering those things usually go for a lot more :D

We spent too much though.... doesn't help that we did buy the ceiling fan for the nursery. We went w/ a pretty modern looking one to go with the modern looking furniture lol. I really don't care what it looks like though so long as it's not hideous and so long as the light is bright enough.

Alrighty... need to stop screwing around and start going through more clothes. Didn't do it yesterday as I had intended.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

One step closer

FiL and MiL came back over yesterday. FiL to help with the room and MiL just b/c :)
Zoe was happy. We were just about to put her to bed... like literally walking her to her room, when they showed up lol.
FiL helped to drill a hole in the ceiling for a fan/light and wired up the switches for it :D YAY! It's coming along! Hoping to have the door to the room up soon to really keep the cat out of it and not have to worry about that room at least.

I think I'm definitely nesting. It's not super strong instinct or anything, but finding myself needing to straighten up and clean.
Oh the house is still a giant mess lol, but oh well. Can't always give in to instinct! :P lol
Going through those bags in DH's closet and sorting through donate-able clothing and stuff that just needs to be thrown away. Will be tackling my drawers too. I know I have some shirts that I need to get rid of.

I should be doing more straightening up in the rest of the house, but keep putting it off for the last minute. I do have a reason though. There would just be no point to doing it now b/c it WILL get messed up before we leave. Just want to take care of it Saturday and Sunday.

Oh, we also think we know which stove we'll be getting when we get back. Going to be a lot of money since we're not going for super cheap like we have. Sigh... I'm sure there will be something else expensive that screws up soon too :\ There's always something....

Ate the cucumber I picked the other day. Salt & peppered it up and YUM! Even Zoe was eating it up and the girl is a little junkie (junk food junkie).

Something else.. but forgot... again...

Monday, May 23, 2016

Still searching

Yep... I'm still searching for those damn car decals. SIGH! I've been kind of searching DH's closet a bit more and still only scratched the surface.
Did finally take a look at some bags of clothes in there and found that some of them have frickin baby clothes in them! Clothes that could have gone to SiL /facepalm.
From the clothes I     saw, they were newborn to 6m size so probably too small for SiL's baby now.
Oh well... we can use them for this one when it comes :) Looks like mostly girly stuff, but I don't care.

But yeah.. the search is still on. Going to pull out all of the books DH put away and shake them all out. That's going to be a giant pain but I'm determined to find these dang things.

Saw a pretty big bunny in our front yard this morning. Actually surprised it was out there b/c it was after 7. Just figured they'd hide then, and especially in an area with not a lot of hiding spots.
Don't think it will mess with any of the plants though. When we had that one in our backyard, it did go in to the garden, but I don't think it ever actually ate any of the plants.

My frickin itchy hands woke me up last night. SO damn annoying. I trimmed back my plants yesterday so I'm sure that helped to inflame the eczema a bit more. Sigh... oh well.. going to have to live with it and try to help it as much as possible I guess.

Alrighty, time for some food! Leftover alfredo shrimp pasta... YUM!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The bad guy

So Friday night dinner came along. We packed up some clothes for Zoe just in case MiL or aunt wanted her to spend the night. Just wanted to be prepared.
Apparently they had planned on taking Zoe and niece that weekend.
Welp... both girls were acting up like crazy during dinner. So.. finally fed up.. I told Zoe "If you misbehave one more time, you're not going. No more warnings."
2 mins later, she's taking her jacket off. I tell her not to b/c it's cold outside. She completely ignores me so.... I had to. I had to crush her little dream of spending the night at aunt's house.

She got SO many warnings during dinner. I hate being the bad guy, but as I said before... my child is going to grow up knowing there are consequences to her actions.
I'm not BiL, I'm not SiL.... I don't make empty threats. I don't threaten and then in the same breath go back on what I said.

I hated doing it... I hated making her cry, but this is the part of parenting that sucks balls but has to be done.
I'm not super strict although it feels like that sometimes... especially when niece is running around doing whatever the hell she wants. Actually no... seeing that just makes me realize that what we're doing is right for our kids.

Did get Zoe to clean up some yesterday before aunt and MiL came and picked her up. She didn't spend the night Friday night, but if she behaved Saturday, she could go. And for the most part, she actually did behave :) She even picked up most of the trash and toys in the living room like I asked her to do.
Leaves me less work to do now lol.
Really need to go through all of their toys again and put stuff up that they're not playing with. We really need to just donate a ton of them though. We're guilty of adding to the pile of toys, but so is MiL and aunt too lol. Everyone just spoils the kids rotten and the kids love it!
We're hoarding a bit right now though since there is another LO coming and Oren is at the point now of wanting toys. Just don't want to get rid of anything just yet until all of them are done with them, ya know? heh

DH put up more drywall in the closet and then put that dry wall putty stuff up to fill in cracks and whatnot. The room is coming along though :) Think I'm going to clean the carpets again this week just to try to get as much cat pee smell out of it as possible.
I don't think it works that well, but going to spray the spots and all along the wall w/ nature's miracle and cross my fingers that it does something.
He's definitely peed in the dining room area somewhere. BUT thankfully, it looks like he's started using his litterboxes again. Guess now that his access to the room has been cut off, he decided to stop being a giant asshole.

Got myself 2 new bras! And yep... nice and expensive too.
Just.... why??? I mean.... I know why. B/c people are greedy and know women pretty much need bras, but damn... why does a little bra need to cost so damn much???
See... this is why I needed bras to begin with. They're so damn expensive that I didn't want to fork over the money to buy more :\

Anyway... I'm still gonna need to bring along all of my crappy bras too for the trip lol. I have 4 good bras and then the rest are.... meh.... they'll do :P lol

Picked my first cucumber today! WOO!
I threw away the seed packet that I had so no idea what kind it is. Didn't want it getting too big and the middle getting too full of the seed part. Wanted it to stay nice and crisp and crunchy.
So happy to have it though. That same plant currently has 3 more nice looking ones that will be ready to be picked later in the week. YAY! The other cucumber plants are looking really good too. Starting to get little cucumbers on them. Hopefully the bugs are doing their job and pollinating like they should. I manually did them on the plant that I picked from today.
Tomato plants are getting blooms, but no tomatoes yet. Need to prune them back some. Just mostly the bottom portion of the plants and thin the stems out a little.
But yeah... my little container garden is coming along great :D So much easier taking care of these plants. Helps that it's only like 9 of them to :)
Well, there are going to be a few new ones added from the tomato clippings and a new tomato plant I got last night from Home Depot lol, but still a nice manageable number :D

Bought a lot of junk food for the trip lol. Spent a good chunk of change but we're essentially buying for 2 weeks. Just lots of chips and some candy.
Really hoping this is gonna be fun. Looking forward to driving through mountains and seeing the rocky mountains for the first time :)
Still a mixture of excited and dread rofl.

Ok... time to stop screwing around and get some of this cleaning done... which includes myself.
Sweated yesterday b/c the weather warmed up. Not to the point of hot or anything but my body didn't know the difference and I was miserable! lol Had to finally just say screw it and turn the AC back on.
Sigh.... it was nice while it lasted, but looks like the true hot weather will be incoming later this week.
Anyway.. the BO is trying to creep up on me so time to go take a shower!

Friday, May 20, 2016

2 posts?

Why yes.. yes there are 2 posts today b/c why the heck not :D

So I took a shower once Oren was down for a nap and after I inhaled almost an entire box of mac & cheese.
Grab one of my new shirts I bought from
It's a nice shirt, but I'm gonna have to buy a white tank top to wear under it. It's WAY too sheer. That wouldn't be a problem IF the shirt had been intended to be something to wear over, but no.. it's just a shirt.
Sigh... WHY.... WHY is this problem so damn common with women's clothing??
Women get hot too.. meaning we don't want to NEED to wear multiple layers just so we're not showing off our bras!
And it's very possible to make a light weight shirt that isn't see through. I and DH have a lot of great MEN's t-shirts that are comfy and oh look.... not sheer at all!

Anyway... I told DH that we're gonna have to go to Kohls so I can pick up a couple more bras. I doubt they have cheaper than Walmart tanks but I'll look while there.

I really need more pants. No way I have enough to last 2 weeks, but I'm really hoping we come across at least one hotel w/ a laundry mat.

Definitely in that phase of needing to pee ALL the time.
I am still carrying high, but lower too.
Had to reflux yesterday after eating dinner and whenever I get up, I always have the urge to go pee. Always....
I'm feeling good though. Kinda same old same old really.

Oh and even though I did eat all of that mac & cheese.. my number was 130. Slightly higher than it should be but still.. that's not too bad for one meal out of many :)
And man was that mac and cheese good /drool

Wanted to post something else, but.... I forgotted.....

Wow, so soon??

First.. this keyboard is pissing me off. Just... annoying as hell trying to type anything out with this thing and it not screwing up.

But anyway!

DH really has a fire under his butt to work on the room. He put up more drywall yesterday and FiL came over and helped him put in the closet door :)
There really isn't a whole lot to do, it's just him finding the time to do it.
Really proud of him though and what he's done so far :)

Now I need to get that same fire and come up with some designs. First need to figure out where the furniture is going to go and then take it from there.

Zoe's workbooks came in yesterday and BOY was she excited to try them out. We did letters up until K and she did so well. She gets a bit impatient w/ the rounded letters like D, C, so kind of rushes doing those, but overall, I think she traced really well :D Just going to keep working with her on it all.

It would be nice if she could write by the time she went in to kindergarten.
Just sort of difficult to concentrate when you have a little 1yo grabbing on to the table and banging it b/c he wants to participate too lol. Crazy munchkin.

DH has to work next weekend, and then that Monday... we're off on our trip. Holy crap... I mean.. It did and didn't sneak up on me. I dunno.. just for some reason I was thinking it was further off than it was.
We'll be buying more snacks and whatnot on Weds for the trip.
So excited but still also dreading it too lol.

I know Zoe will be fine... just more worried about Oren. Oh well.. we'll deal with whatever when it happens. FX everything goes well though lol.

I do need to clean before we go. I know there are going to be some doggy accidents. With them only being checked on twice a day (hopefully), there are bound to be messes.
Not going to bother shampooing the carpets. No point in getting them THAT clean when they're just gonna be peed and pooped all over.
Just need to pick up toys, trash, and vacuum. Clean up the clutter.
I'll worry about that next weekend though. No point in trying to do it now. Well.. obviously I still need to clean... just not clean up as well :P lol

Alright... Oren needs a nap and I need some mac & cheese. Screw diabetes damnit! I'm hungry and that cheap box of processed goodness is calling to me.
My sugars have been really good lately. Even my morning ones have been in really good range. So yeah.... bring it carbs! BRING IT!!!!... in to my mouth hole!!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Feeling lucky

Yikes man...
So DH has been taking Zoe to a church kids thing on Wednesdays and yesterday was their little graduation thing.
So of course I went and it was so cute and fun watching all the kids go up on stage to get their award.
Zoe was called first and she was just so cute... She's not really shy, but you can tell that she had no idea what was going on lol.

Anywho... DH pointed out another pregnant woman there and that something was wrong with her baby. :( He said they're not sure what exactly is wrong, but that they just know something is.

THEN at the end.. the church was honoring one of their volunteers who was going to have to stop the next year.

And on the way home, DH tells me that he is the husband of a woman that died the year before after finishing a marathon. It was all over the news here when it happened. I think she had just finished a 5k and then basically dropped dead. I THINK it was from an undiagnosed heart condition. They had 3 or 4 kids.

Just... damn. I mean.. I was happy to go to the event but geeze.. talk about depressing too :( Just made me feel so lucky to have the current life that I have. If my biggest problem is not getting enough sleep... I'll take it.

And baby has in fact dropped a little. I actually stopped and examined my bump and it's definitely not as high. It is still high, just not as much. Probably explains why I've been feeling a lot of pain and pressure in my booty and lower back.

Woke up last night at around 12:30 b/c my stomach was upset and my body felt the need to flush itself out. Went to grab my phone since I was fully awake by then and well.. I wanted something to do while I sat on the toilet lol.
Saw a stranger cat on our front porch :\
I'm sure it was just looking for some critters to munch on... or at least, that better be the only thing it was trying to do and not marking anything.
Thought to myself that maybe this was why our cat started going outside the litterbox, but no. Our cat was oblivious to this other one. Our cat is just an asshole.

Another Oren meltdown b/c he couldn't continue gnawing on the cat spray bottle.... sigh. Child... you need to get over it.
He also showed some attitude yesterday when I told him not to chew on one of Zoe's hot wheel cars. He looked at me, then tossed the car on the floor, then looked at me and said "No"... and then refused to play with it. Sigh...........

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pictures! But not good ones....

Yep.. pics of my plants! Muahahahahahaha lol

My container garden plants YAY! :D

Just so happy with how everything is turning out. Pretty sure I've been overwatering some of the tomato plants though. The leaves are starting to curl which is an indication of that. Oops.
But overall, I think all of the plants are coming along well and really looking forward to getting some fresh produce!

Next year, if the backyard still isn't done, I think I'll container garden again. We're saving all of the kitty litter 5g containers. Just need to drill holes in them and they'll make great planters and I can plant a bunch more :)

It's the minivan! YAY! lol Yeah...... looks like a minivan..... :P

And the baby's room so far. Helped DH put up one of the dry wall last night after the kids went to bed actually so it's a little more complete lol. DH put up a sheet in the spot where the door is going in hopes of discouraging the cat from jumping in there. No idea if it worked.
There's still no piss in his litterbox since it was cleaned so he's definitely been going somewhere. It's been cloudy so can't really see if there are new pee spots. Sigh...
Seriously going to start putting his ass outside or in to the crate and putting the crate in the garage at night. Tired of this shit... just tired of it.

Anyway... as soon as the room is completely closed off (hoping for this weekend), the carpet is getting cleaned at least 2 more times. Just want to make sure any lingering pee is cleaned up as good as I can get it.
Oh and the things on the carpet are just fuzz/hairballs from the carpet cleaner gathering up all the loose stuff. Probably should have vacuumed beforehand. Oops lol

I dunno if it's hormones making me hate him more right now, but I swear... if BiL shares one more damn link for his fap material.. I'm gonna call him out on that shit.
I dunno who the hell he's sharing the links for other than himself. He's done it before, but I just rolled my eyes and keep scrolling.
Yesterday.. it was a link for hot moms in nylon stockings. Seriously dude.... just fucking STOP already. No one needs to know what gets your rocks off.
Just UGH! The more that I actually pay attention to this shit, the more disgusted I am by his nasty ass.
Screw it, I'm just going to unfollow him. Just so sick of seeing anything he shares or posts and tired of it pissing me off. Better to just ignore it.

I'm definitely obsessed with finding the decals. Actually had a dream about it the other night. Dreamt that I found them in some obscure spot in the house that I kept overlooking. Started waking up and getting excited, but then I fully woke and realized that that place in the house doesn't exist lol.
The search is still on though!

And I think I'm gonna try cleaning our bedroom carpet. It REALLY needs a good vacuuming and cleaning. It's pretty funny... there's a big clean spot where I cleaned up the poop, while the rest of the carpet is all gross and dingy still :P

Just need a little more caffeine in me first.

I've actually been sleeping pretty well for the most part for the last week. I mean there have been a couple of nights where it's the same old crap, but the majority of the time, I've been able to get back to sleep quick. BUT I'm waking up more tired now for some reason. WTH?

OH! AND I realized last night that I haven't had any reflux problems at night for a little while now. From what I can tell.. everything is still pushed pretty far up, so I'm not sure why the reflux has stopped. I still get some reflux during the day still so it's not completely gone. /shrugs
No complaining here.

Oren and Zoe are SO damn cute together!!! Think I have photos of them on my phone. Will need to get those off and post them. But MAN are they adorable! Yesterday, Oren kept wanting to hug and lean on Zoe and then Zoe just loves playing with her brother. A little bit too rough sometimes and she doesn't know when to stop when he starts getting upset, but overall, they just love playing and loving on eachother so much.
I just really hope this new LO is just as loved by them both.
Not really worried about Zoe. She always kisses my belly and I get her to talk to her 'sister' when she does it. I'm more worried about Oren since he's so attached to me right now. Hoping that since he's used to being around Zoe and his cousins that once this LO is old enough to participate in play that he'll love him/her just as much :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Toddler Logic

Every time Zoe spends the weekend with her cousin we have to do some serious deprogramming of bad behavior she's picked up. Mostly the not listening part.
Good grief.
She was fine for most of the day yesterday, then it slowly devolved in to her ignoring and me getting more and more frustrated.

And then bedtime... it's always something.
We tell her, don't get up, don't cry. You don't have to go to sleep right away, but you're not getting up either.
First time she cried.. she was at the door b/c she wanted tissue and needed to pee. That was our fault for not making sure she peed before bed.
2nd time... she started crying b/c her Robin little people toy fell out of bed.... and she didn't want to get out of bed to get it. Sigh..... :\

I overdid it yesterday.
Think I'm going in to semi-nesting mode right now. I'm still obsessed with finding those damn car decals and I needed to clean that baby's room of the pee.
So tired of smelling it and the cat definitely peed a lot more than we first saw in there.
So frickin disgusting.  There were pee marks all along the wall.
I love the carpet cleaner but it is not good w/ edges so I had to use the hose attachment to clean up the wall pee spots as best as I could.
Not sure if what I did helped or not and not sure if the cat remarked any spots in there. Need to wait until later when I can see a bit better.
That room doesn't have an overhead light so it's difficult to see pee spots.

I'm sure he's still going in the area though. Maybe not that room since DH put the baby gate up to block him, but definitely in the adjacent dining room area that's full of junk.

And thankfully no poo smell in our room. It actually dissipated pretty quick after I cleaned it up. I still had lingering phantom smell in my nose, but that was it.

Anywho... after I was done.. MAN was there some aching! And I woke up in the middle of the night to my vag aching too. That was weird lol.

Speaking of waking... I woke up at 3:30 and didn't get back to sleep until almost 6. Sigh....
At first it was because I was so paranoid about the dog crapping in the room again. Every sound I heard, I thought it was the dog getting up to poo again. Finally let her outside at around 4:30, but still couldn't get back to sleep.
I'm so tired :(

I was ok until 7am yesterday lol. And then I needed caffeine to help me stay awake. Hate that I have to have caff now, but gotta do what ya gotta do.

Oren is having a meltdown right now. He had majorly gross poop and I gave him the fingernail clipper to keep him distracted. Took it away once done and of course it's the end of the world in his eyes now. Sigh....

I did call the OB yesterday. Told them everything and the nurse eventually called back after speaking with one of the doctors. Doc said that if about 85% of my morning fasting numbers are below 95 then everything should be ok and I shouldn't need to go on anything. Just to keep eating the way I do, check levels and get back to them if my numbers in the morning start to be higher more than what it is now.
So yay for that :) Hopefully my morning fastings keep staying within a good level. Past 2 days they've been below 90. Really wish I knew why, but I'll take what I can get. FX that I won't need to be put on anything!

Alrighty... need to look up more vacation crap b/c apparently I'm the only one in charge of this shit even though this whole thing wasn't my plan.
Yes, if you couldn't tell, I'm annoyed as hell by that.
It was DH's friend's idea to begin with... so you would think that they would have a plan on what to do in Yellowstone when we get there right? NOPE! Seriously????
Why am I the only one wanting to go in with any kind of plan for the couple of days we're there? WTF were they going to do? Sit in the trailer all day long and hope something comes to them??


OH and how weird... where they are... it's frickin snowing!! WTH nature? And it's been in the low 80's to high 70's here. That is unheard of. It should be 90's and sweltering here already, but nope.. we're enjoying some nice cooler weather with our windows wide open. I'm not complaining.... it's just... weird.
Figured we'd have a horrible hot spring and summer this year b/c of the mild winter we had, but that is not the case so far.
Just some strange shit going on.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Well that was a shitty way to wake up

It's 6am and I've been awake since just after 5. Why? B/c the stupid ass dog decided she needed to diarrhea all on our bedroom floor.
I was already half awake and instantly smelled it when it happened. No whining to go out, no pacing around... nothing. Nope.... she just shit.
Our room doesn't get great circulation either so it's going to smell all day.
I carpet cleaned the hell out of the area w/ the new pet cleaner and it worked great. There's still a slight shitty smell, but thankfully that overwhelming smell is gone.
So frickin pissed. Unless it's raining... she's not sleeping in our room anymore and sleeping outside.

I will usually wake up when she moves b/c I'm paranoid about this exact scenario happening b/c of our other old dog (that died). When she got older, she would get sick easier and shit or puke would happen often.
But I will say... even though shit smell is GD awful... it's still so much easier to clean than frickin cat piss :\
I wish there was that one miracle product out there that 100% got rid of the smell and deters cats from peeing in the spot again. I know Nature's Miracle is supposed to work great, but nope. It only seems to intensify the smell whenever we've used it in the past.

DH blocked off that room w/ the baby gate we had in the living room. Hoping the cat hasn't been jumping in there to pee anymore. But I'm sure he's probably found himself a new spot to go in now.

UGH... now all I can smell is dog shit. Not sure if it's just up my nose or if I'm actually smelling the remnants.
AND we don't have any nice smelling air freshener so I'm just sitting here stuck having to get whiffs of poop. Awesome....

My mom brought back the car yesterday. Thankfully it all looks to be in one piece lol.
Glad to have been able to help her though.
She keeps bugging us to sell her the car. Pfft, nope. DH loves that car and so do I... even though I don't drive it much anymore.
I dunno why she wants it anyway. She doesn't like small cars. She just wants to score a nice car for cheap is what I think lol. She said she'd give us cash for it, but never actually said how much :P lol
Not that we're selling it or anything.

And the oven elements didn't work which means we need to buy a new oven. SIGH!
Seriously?? Why does this always happen? You make a big purchase (the van) and then everything else around you decides to go to shit. Or you're about to go on vacation and oh look.. something big happens and you need to spend money you've been saving up!
I'm not sure what we're gonna do. Maybe wait until after the trip. I'd rather just get one now so we can get it all done and over with beforehand. One less thing to worry about when we get home. We'll see though.
I know I've said it before but... thank goodness for savings b/c lord knows we need it right now.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Yay DH and FiL!

They both got so much done yesterday in the new baby's room :)
Haven't put up the drywall yet, but they got the frames put up and have the wiring put in for the new switch closer to where the door is going.
No idea if the cat has returned to pee back in there.

Did get all of the pet cleaning stuff yesterday so as soon as they're done and the room is closed.. I'll be cleaning the heck out of the carpet.

Ugh.... BiL is so GD gross.
So I'm not a prude, but I know what to share/like on FB b/c I'm not a gross idiot.
BiL shared a meme pic. It was of Justin Bieber on stage looking all frazzled and sweaty. He had a dancer's crotch pointed up towards his face and she was spread eagle.
The caption on the photo.... "When you been eating her out for half an hour."
Dude.... GROSS.
No one... and I mean NO ONE wants that mental image in their head of you and SiL. Just... yuck....
I mean.. just WTF?? You can find it funny.. but why would you share that shit on FB where you're friends with your wife's parents and siblings???
Seriously.. if I was still in first tri and experiencing morning sickness.. I would've gagged. That's how disgusted I was when I saw that.

In non-disgusting news....
DH still hasn't installed the new oven things yet. Booo lol
Oh well. I just really really hope that that was the problem.

The Terrain is fixed AND it was still under warranty so it was free! WOO! lol
I'm not sure exactly what was wrong, but hey.. if it's fixed now then yay :D

And my mom got her car back last week too so we can go get our Mazda back :D I know DH will be really happy about that.

I'm gonna call doc office tomorrow about my morning fasting level. Sigh... really hoping they don't want me to come in. Oren love being snuggled but he's also in adventure mode right now too.
UUUUUUUGH.. I don't wanna do twice a week appointments again!!! :(

OO I bought some clothes from Mostly a lot of women's shirts on clearance. They're all super sheer which sucks, BUT with it being so damn hot.. I don't care. I'll show my bra off lol.
I also bought a cute maternity top that I really like and makes my bump look HUGE lol... and I bought a maternity dress that is not flattering at all.
Looked nice in the photo, but actually getting it.. it's a giant moomoo. Plus it's a normal length maxi dress so that means I"m gonna have to hem it up about 3 or 4 inches lol.
I'll still wear it so long as it doesn't make me sweat :D
Bring on the moomoo! Plus it will probably be a good option for after birth too since it's so loose fitting. We'll see.

Started working on those letters again. Finished putting the images on them. Now I just need to make them look a bit better and fix up some raggedy spots. I want to do something else to make them look prettier, but I'm all out of ideas. Sigh. Just going to be so embarrassed giving SiL these things. They don't look terrible, but just not what I was hoping for.
I'll get a pic of them once I'm done.

I need to start on the design for the nursery. Going to keep it simple and cute with pops of color. Do what I had planned for Oren's room. Panda w/ bamboo w/ pops of either fuchsia or a teal... or both :) Not sure what the pops of color should be though. Maybe just stripes or something?

The house is a mess and I don't wanna clean, but I have to! /cry

Grr, my retouched spots on my hair have already faded quite a bit. Seemed to fade a lot faster this time than it did before. Sigh....
Don't want to mess with it again. Not right now at least. My hair is still running a little bit of color when I shower, but not rubbing off on anything anymore. Don't want to worry about that so close to the road trip. Did buy some cheap hand towels for the car though so it wouldn't be that big of a deal, just more of an annoyance.
Will probably try to rebleach once we're home.

We have one more food spot we're hoping to go to in Kansas City. Some Chinese food place that was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show. Looked SO good. That's if we reach that area in time. No telling how often we're gonna have to stop and stretch our legs.
Just really wish we had found more places to stop and visit. Just nothing interested us. :\
Already warned DH that when we are in Yellowstone.. that everyone better be prepared to carry on without me or sit and wait while I rest. I've been getting SO out of breath lately.
Don't know how it's possible but everything feels like it's been pushed up even more in to my lungs.
I sounds like I just ran a marathon if I'm on my feet for too long or if I'm trying to do some light work. Heck, even just sitting here sometimes.
I hope I grow OUT more and not UP.

Alright.... I really should start cleaning. The house is seriously a mess. Like more than it has been in about... a week :P lol Kidding... but seriously.... it's gross in here.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Where the heck is it???

So we went to that little comic convention last year and bought some car decals. Now.... they're nowhere to be found and it's driving me flippin crazy!! Going to hunt for them in DH's closet today. I'm determined to find those dang things. We bought 2 for ourselves and 1 for SiL.. or was it 2.... either way.... where the hell are they??

And let me clarify.
I am NOT ragging on parents that don't spank. If that is the way they want to parent, then that is awesome. Go for it!
What I'm ragging on are folks that do not discipline their children AT ALL when the child does something that needs it. Or, threatening to do something, but then in the same breath, going back on what they just said. Like BiL does.
If you're trying to explain to your child over and over and over again why they need to behave or not do something, and the child STILL misbehaves.. maybe it's time to discipline. Again.. no spanking if that's your way... but timeout, taking a toy away, whatever.
Show your kids that there are consequences to bad behavior and then STICK WITH IT. Kids are smart and will very quickly pick up on the fact that mommy or daddy are just throwing out a bunch of bullshit.
Is that too much to ask for?? I thought this was ya know... parenting 101 stuff.

UGH, looking through dusty crap for those decals is irritating the eczema!

I really need to stop procrastinating and finish those dang letters too. Those things just sucked all of my creativity out of me though. UGH. But I WILL get them done before the trip so we can give them to SiL. Going to start working on them again today. Forcing myself to do it, but I'm gonna make them as purdy as possible lol.

And finally.. one of DH's friends is doing injection treatments. Wish them all the luck in the world and hope it works for them.
The wife is really nice and so is the husband. They're going to make great parents :)
I just really hope that it happens for them soon! Sending all the positive vibes I can their way.

It's kind of interesting though that the 3 friends that DH hangs out with... all of the couples have fertility problems.
One of them has a son (that had the birthday at the fire station), but the husband has a sperm problem so they had to do IUI. Think he produces sperm, it just doesn't come out as it should.
Then the other guy... he and his wife are separated now, but when they were together were having problems conceiving. She did get pregnant, but ended up having a m/c at 8 or 9w.
And then the other couple I mentioned. From what it sounds like, the wife has PCOS and doesn't ovulate regularly.

Kind of heartbreaking that so many struggle with this. Good, responsible people struggling to have kids, while the scum of the earth can pop them out just by looking at the opposite sex.


OOh I forgot!
So DH kind of likes torturing Zoe. Not in a bad way.. lol. He likes to sort of act like she's getting in to trouble and then will tickle her or do something goofy with her. His tone is always joking, but she being 3 doesn't always understand tone. So anyway, he was acting like she was in trouble yesterday and Zoe started freaking out a bit thinking she was in trouble. That's until he grabbed her hand and started to swing her a little and just play with her. She starts cracking up and having a good time.
Well, Oren didn't really understand and still thought Zoe was getting in to trouble and just started BAWLING his eyes out. It was just so darn cute and sweet!!
Just reminded me of when he was getting his shots and crying and Zoe looking on telling the nurse not to hurt her brother. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww /heart explodes

Looked a bit more for those stupid car decal things and can't find them! Grrrrrrrrrrr
DH's closet is just too full of crap and I can't look through everything very well. Not that I'd really have to since a lot of the stuff has gone undisturbed for a while now.
I started getting seriously out of breath and had to lay down a few times to rest.... from basically doing nothing. Baby must've been pushing up in to my lungs or something.

Anyway... I have no idea where else to look. Maybe in the boxes of books DH put away. Would think he would've noticed them but who knows. Will have to dig those out and go through them. Well. that's if I can actually pick them up. Books are darn heavy when bunched together lol.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Toddler drama & I'm being a giant bitch

So I can't be the only one that gets sick of the toddler drama right? Of course that's right. Who the hell loves drama from a toddler... especially when it's NON drama.
Like right now.. Zoe is in her room bawling her eyes out b/c I won't let her get up to get her Arial little people toy.
Nope... not gonna happen little missy. I told you to get everything you wanted. I even let you drag your feet a little and you still didn't pick it up? Too bad, so sad. Momma is a big meanie.
Listening to her go on and on about it is irritating the crud out of me though.

Sounds so mean, but when it's the end of the day and you've had to hear meltdowns like this all day long.... yeah.. you get irritated lol.

Oh and to add to the irritation, F-ing cat pissed in the room again. DH was leaving to go to his friend's house. Zoe pointed out that the cat was stuck on the other side of the gate... the other side where the room is and sure enough, fresh new pee spot.
So I picked his ass up, marched him right over to the spot and proceeded to spray him right in his face with water. He's going to get it through his head or he's going to be a permanent resident of the backyard. I don't like outdoor cats b/c they're destructive to the native wildlife, but as I pointed out before.. he's too fat to get over the fence so he'd only be able to wander in our backyard.
And just FYI.. his litter boxes are clean. And he does actually use them for poop multiple times a day, so it's not like he's completely ignoring them or refuses to use them completely. It's just the peeing part that he's being an asshole about.

Sigh.... I sound like such a bitch when I talk about the cat :( I know I do, but I'm just so tired of this mess. I felt bad for it before since it was his paws bothering him, but now.. there's nothing wrong with him. I think he smelled the wood that was over there and decided that YEP, that's where I'm gonna pee now! /grumble

UGH... I wanted to post a big ole "Oh go F yourself" towards BiL today. He shared some bullshit article about the damages of what spanking, timeouts and blahblahblah can do on children. Dude... coddling them and not disciplining them can also cause problems.. just take a look at your own brat that you're raising.
I get it... not everyone spanks and that's cool. You parent your way and others do their thing. Whatever works for you.
But when there is absolutely NO consequence for bad behavior or empty threats?? That aint good... Aint good at all! :P
It's why you're going to have problems with her when she starts school b/c she's going to bite someone, or hit someone and not listen to the teacher b/c she thinks she's boss.
But whatever dude. You're the one that has to live with her... not me... thank goodness.

Baby was moving around like crazy earlier today. Could feel it really well from the outside. As soon as I waved Zoe over and put her hand on my belly..... nothing! lol
I swear.. how do they always know?? I had already been talking so it's not like I suddenly said something and that's what caused baby to stop and listen. Zoe didn't say anything when she came over so that wasn't it. Baby just knew and stopped. SIGH! lol
DH still hasn't felt baby move yet. There's still plenty of time for that of course. It's just baby is so random at the times it moves right now.. or well.. moves to where you can feel it from the outside.

Oh and UPS guy finally showed up at 2pm. Took my butt to the store right after to pick up a couple of things.
I really hate going to the store later in the day. Even on a weekday... it's still too many people :P lol I just like that empty feeling of early morning shopping. No one there except for a couple of other folks like myself and employees restocking the shelves. So nice.... so quiet.

And can I say again.... I love the van! I hate parking it with a passion, but I love driving it! lol

Oh and the container gardening is going pretty well :D Wind from a storm blew over one of them earlier, but not a huge deal. Plant didn't look damaged thankfully.
Still no tomatoes popping up, but looks like the plants are getting some flower buds.
Do have some tiny cucumbers popping up though! YAY! Been trying to hand fertilize them just in case the bugs aren't doing their job. Just picking off the male flowers, peeling off the petals and then sticking the middle part in to the female flowers. Boy that sounds kinda dirty :P lol
OOOOO I can't wait to have some fresh veggies!!
Especially tomatoes (yes I know they're technically fruit). There is nothing better than fresh tomato. The flavor is just.... amazing! And damnit.. I am determined to grow them right this time. Give them some nice nitrogen rich fert so hopefully they don't get blossom end rot again. FX!

And can I say that I really love all of the women in Oren's DD group. The ones from Zoe's group are a great bunch of women too, but they're all usually so busy with their own lives right now that they don't post much in the group. Which is all good. Not trying to rag on them at all for that.
But the ladies in Oren's group are super social and just the sweetest bunch. :D

Can't say I'll be getting in to another good group w/ this LO though. There are a couple of women in it that seem really nice, but just aren't very social. Oh well.. already in those 2 groups so it's all good :)

OOO I can feel reflux coming on... but I'm hungry.... but it's late. Screw it! I'm eating something.. along with an antacid lol.

Come on now...

So we got the oven element yesterday. No knock on the door or doorbell.
I just happened to look out the door side window and saw it sitting there.
And oh look, the box is totally F-ed up and yep... sure enough, the element inside is all bent to shit.
So yeah.. now I can't go anywhere today (as I had planned on doing) b/c I have to wait for UPS to pick it up to return. Awesome.. :\

Oh AND to put some pee on that shit sandwich... looked in the cat boxes last night.. absolutely NO pee spots in them. Seriously you damn cat???
We couldn't spot where he was going in the room... just had that overwhelming stench coming from the spot we knew he had gone before.
DH carried him in to the room and proceeded to spray him w/ water a few times.
Checked his litterboxes this morning and oh look.. a pee spot in one of them. Damn cat.
If we're not going to put him out at night, maybe we should stick him in the crate for the night instead. I dunno what to do with him anymore....
Maybe getting sprayed in the face a few more times will get it through his little asshole head that he shouldn't be pissing anywhere other than his litterbox.

I know all of that sounds so mean, but I'm just sick of the cat. I'm sick of having to deal with this shit over and over again. He's lucky we're not monsters and spraying him with water is the worst he's getting.
This crap has definitely lit a fire under DH's butt to start on the room this weekend. We need that wall and door up to keep the cat out of the room so I can start the long process of cleaning the crap out of the carpet. Need to buy more pet carpet cleaning solution. The one I recently bought is just regular stuff.

In more light hearted news....
Usually give the kids a granola bar as part of their breakfast.
Gave one to Oren this morning and when he took it, I said "Say thank you!"
And I swear he said "Thank you!" back to me. Of course not that clearly.. it was more like "Thuh OO"  but he did say it and it was adorable! :D
He's growing and learning so fast. Still stubborn as all get out with the walking, but again... not in any hurry with that.

Zoe is still obsessed with superheroes and I'm good with that :D Robin and Spiderman are still her favorites right now. Poor Batman has been somewhat forgotten lol.
She wants to wear a cape all the time now (even though we don't have any other than the velcro ones that came with a couple of shirts) and wants to pretend that she's either Spiderman or Robin. Love it!
And I'm definitely not one to steer her away from Princess stuff. If she was really in to that, I would totally support that too :) But ya know.. superheroes are cooler ;) rofl

And now Oren is climbing in to one of the toy boxes in the living room. He did it yesterday and got stuck lol. He was happy until he wanted to get out and couldn't :P lol

Oh... I'm not sure, but Oren might be trying to bite Zoe. It's hard to tell b/c he does like to give kisses A LOT. So I'm not sure if it's biting or if he's just giving kisses. I know he's bitten me twice, but it didn't seem to be b/c he was doing it on purpose.
He better not bite... will have to nip that in the bud if he is trying to do it.

UGH!! Getting itchy frickin eczema bumps on my fingers. Not sure what's causing them. I got them last time (a while ago) when I pulled up weeds in the yard. I have done that recently, so maybe that caused this again. Or maybe messing w/ my container plants did it. Who knows.
What I do know is that it's annoying as heck! SO darn itchy and it spreads!!!! UUUUUUGH Time to start wearing gloves whenever I decide to pull more weeds again.

Ok.. so I like Game of Thrones. I haven't read the books at all b/c well.... I just don't want to. From what I've been told, there are more characters in the books than in the show and I do not want to have to make cliffnotes to look back on when I'm reading. Hell... I need cliff notes now just watching the show.
Anyone else always get confused when the characters mention some non-main character?? I can barely remember the names of the main characters of the show. The heck if I'm going to remember some character that appeared a couple of times a season ago.. heck.. an episode ago lol.
I dunno.. just had to throw this out there. I know I can't be the only one that can't remember all of those characters lol.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Splish Splash!

The water table came in yesterday and BOY did the kids enjoy the heck out of it :D Took me about 20mins to put it all together. Was pretty simple, just the screwing in the screws took forever b/c my arm got tired rofl.
Took it outside, filled it up, and let the kids have at it!
They LOVED it! Oren eventually lost interest after he soaked himself, but Zoe could've stayed out there for hours playing with it and playing w/ the water. They got the water completely filthy with grass and potting mix, but oh well lol. It's easy to spray off so not a big deal :)
I didn't get any good pics. They were both just too busy playing with it to look up and me and I'm too big and lazy to get to their level rofl.
Great great purchase IMO
Link to it on Amazon
I think for the price, it has the best activities on it.
Also, Zoe had no problem reaching anything and Oren had to get on his tiptoes to put balls in to the center funnel thing, but he could do it :)
Really happy with this purchase :D

The inside of my mouth is all jacked up from when I was trying to eat while still very numb lol.
Have a small raw patch on the inside of my lip where I chewed off the skin and my cheek is so sore and tight feeling from when I crunched down on to it. YOUCH!
I'm pregnant and only had a granola bar though so I was hungry! lol I'll have to remember this for next time though and be more careful. Maybe eat something that doesn't require me to chew :P lol

My GD seems to be ok.. except for that dang fasting number as usual. I'm just gonna wait until my appointment to bring it up... maybe. I don't want to call sooner and them tell me that they want me to come in sooner. While my morning fasting is a concern, IMO it's not a HUGE concern. THat sounds so stupid when I post it lol. But my numbers aren't that much higher than they should be and overall after eating, my numbers have been controlled.
We'll see how I'm feeling about this next week lol. I may change my mind and call them up to report the news.

Alrighty, need to go get Oren up and clean the oven like I should've done yesterday. Actually need to eat something first. Feeling indigestion but also hungry at the same time. Antacids.. here I come!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

MUCH better!

Well... now that I know what should and shouldn't be done during a filling.. this time went MUCH better lol. Actually remembered to numb me up this time. I'm actually really shocked that it was forgotten last time considering how much was involved with it and how long it took for it to numb the area.
Whatever though. Live and learn.
Left side of my jaw is still numb though. I had to eat something when I got home and... that was interesting.
Pretty sure I tried to eat a part of my cheek at one point b/c I heard a crunch lol.

It took a long time for the numbing stuff to spread and build up. It's more numb now than it was when I was getting the filling. /shrugs

Got to sleep in a whole 10mins this morning lol. Not much time at all, but it certainly helps.

DH finally ordered the burner element thing for the oven. Should be getting it THursday. Hopefully that is what is wrong with the oven. You don't realize how much you use it until you don't have it.
Anyway... I'm in the process of TRYING to clean it. Which just reminded me that I forgot to buy more baking soda... sigh.
But yeah... it's frickin gross and filthy in there. It's mostly just gunk and grease buildup on the inside of the door with some burnt crispies at the bottom. It's not as bad as I first thought it was going to be, but still pretty bad.. especially the door.
Let some baking soda, dish soap and water mixture sit on it over night. Going to spray it with some vinegar and hope it helps to get some of it off. Will probably have to do it a few times... but that's what I get for not cleaning like I should lol.
Heck, I'm not gonna really be able to clean it well now since I can't really reach in to the oven very well to clean the bottom and sides.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Aww, his hair changed

Oren's hair isn't poofing like it normally does. Was hoping it would go all rooster like it used to but no. Still laying flat this morning.
Sigh.. oh well. It's still cute :D

Forgot to mention that Zoe had a blast at the salon too. One of the hair stylists had her daughter there that looked to be around Zoe's age. She didn't talk much but was very happy to play with Zoe :)
The mom gave her daughter some highlighters and some paper and the little girl shared them with Zoe. They were both quietly scribbling when it was time to go. Zoe of course didn't want to go. Awwwww
It was just adorable.
Wish it was that easy to make friends as an adult. No talking needed. Just start playing and instant friends lol.

Think I'm gonna head back to Walmart soon and buy a few more of those t-shirts that I got on this last trip. Think it was just over $9 so not bad at all and it was nice and lightweight and comfortable. Not as long as I like, but that can't really be helped with my giant bump.
Don't think anything short of a dress is going to be long enough to cover this bump up soon lol.

Went to spray the cat pee spots in that room and oh look... a new cat piss spot. So tempted to rub his nose in it, but I know that won't do any good. Need to take him in there every day and spray him with the water bottle until he gets it in to his asshole head to not go in there any longer.
Going to have to buy some pet carpet cleaning stuff and clean the spots multiple times to make sure there's no smell left and then hope his stupid ass doesn't pee in there anymore.
Sigh.... anyone want a free fat asshole cat?
Tempted to throw him out at night. He's too fat to climb over the privacy fence and there is a nice big unused dog house in the backyard he can crawl his butt in to. Just don't want him mewling all night long and waking the neighbors up.

Have my next filling tomorrow morning. Yeah... now that I know what should happen, I will definitely be speaking up about that numbing shot lol. Still want to smack myself for not saying anything like a giant dumbass but oh well. Live and learn I guess.... that was just a really painful shitty lesson :P lol

Bought the kids one of those play water tables. They both love the water so much and love going out... figured it would be a good purchase. It's an early birthday present. Should be getting it Tuesday or Wednesday. Will get pics of them playing with it :)
It was just over $35 on amazon. Not too bad I think with the activities that are attached to it :)

Oren's new phrase now is "Uh Oh!" at everything lol. So cute!!

Not so cute was him screaming bloody murder last night for over an hour when we put him to bed. DH checked on him once and gave him some water. I checked on him again a little while later and just.. UGH!
I ended up taking a shower and DH went and put his headphones on while downloading music lol. Thankfully Oren was asleep by the time I got out.

And yep.... need to look up some F girl names now. I think Evie is pretty set in stone for a girl, just gotta find a good middle name.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Well that was awkward

First... I hope everyone had a great day today! :D
Mine was pretty darn good overall.

Well first... my pregnancy BO is INSANE... and not in any good way at all.
I smelled perfectly fine... that's until it was time to go and do something out in public.
As soon as I started sweating.. on came the armpit BO and I was wearing deodorant!!
And the worst part is is that we were taking Oren to get his first haircut and of course I was in charge of taking photos.
I know that poor hair stylist could smell me whenever I moved my arms. UUUUUUUGH.
Never showing my face back there ever again :(

But yep... Oren got his first haircut! :D
Before... and After :D

I forgot to take a photo of his hair in the salon, b/c I was so self conscious about my funk.  The after photo was taken after DH gave him a quick rinse off in the shower. His hair has been falling flat after it is washed but hoping it poofs up a bit tomorrow. I'll get more pics if it does lol.

But he did ok. Not at first though. He didn't like the hair catching cape thing.. he wanted to look at what the hair dresser was doing whenever she got close etc etc. BUT once I gave him a lollipop that thankfully the salon had at the front.. he was good to go lol.
I actually told her to make the cut a little 'emo' if she could LOL /facepalm. We just wanted to keep it similar to how it grew in since it looked so cute :)

Oh and we found out today that the cat has been using the lumber for the new room as his litter box... well.. a litter box for pee. Stupid asshole fucking cat. Sorry for the cussing but UUUUUUUUGH
There is nothing wrong with his paws now. Absolutely nothing since we got the surgery for them. He WAS using his litter boxes no problem again.
Then all of a sudden, he's able to move around more now and jump over the baby gates and oh look.... fucking fresh cat piss in the new baby's room.
I'm so F-ing pissed off.
Gawd damn cats. He was doing so well and then BAM... asshole cat that feels the need to piss on crap he's not supposed to.
It wouldn't be SO bad if cat piss wasn't so damn hard to clean up.
Just... I'm sick of the cat.
I love animals.. I do... and I love the cat.. or well.. loveD the cat. I just can't stand it anymore. I'm tired of having to deal with this shit over and over again. It was bad enough having to clean litter boxes, but ya know.. that's what you gotta do if you want an indoor cat.
But now with the newly found piss in the new baby's room. I'm so done. As I said when I was pregnant with Oren and we were having problems like this.... if we knew someone responsible and willing to take him.. we would get rid of him in a heartbeat and NEVER get a cat again. I'll enjoy cats from afar, but we will never have another one in this house.

Stupid Junior sizes!!

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH.... I had a nice long post and stupid keyboard deleted it all!!!!!!!!


Yesterday started off with taking the van in to get the auto dimming rear view mirror put in and also get the car seat covers put on.
DH struggled with Oren's carseat for a good half hour before we said screw it and put it forward facing. I'm uneasy about it since rear facing is so much safer, but we were planning on forward facing for the trip anyway and Oren seems to really like it.

That took about 2hrs total.

We then headed to Walmart down the road from the dealership.
Let the frustration commence!
I found the shirts that I wanted. Super light weight ones that go over tank tops. Great right?
NOPE! ALL of them were in frickin junior sizes!!!! WTF???
Not a single damn shirt in women size..... nope. Every single one they had was junior. And even the junior XL and XXL are too damn small for me!!
SO F-ing annoyed by that shit.
Why do juniors get all of these super cute light flowy clothes and women get all dumpy looking shit. Or if it's not dumpy then it's super expensive b/c they know there aren't any other options out there.
I just don't understand why they can't have the same shit but in women and junior sizes. Ya know... just b/c I'm old and bigger doesn't mean I don't want light clothes that don't make me look like an old school frumpy librarian.

Anyway... I did end up buying another tank top, shorts and a light t-shirt w/ butterflies on it. Not entirely what I wanted but whatever.

We (DH, Oren and myself... Zoe spent the night with granny)... then got lunch and headed home.

MiL and aunt did us a HUGE favor and came over so DH and I could go to the movies to see Capt America! YAY!
That movie was GREAT! Well.. if you like comic book movies :D

So that was really nice of them to do for us and I wanted to say thanks so we took them out to dinner at a hibachi place. Expensive but really good :)

So yeah... overall, yesterday was a pretty darn nice day. Some frustrations and whatnots, but it was a nice day :)

Zoe spent the night again with granny or aunt. They also have niece too. Why? B/c SiL has HFM now and SiL and BiL will use any frickin excuse (or no excuse at all) to get rid of niece.
They are just so damn annoying and thankfully MiL and aunt both share my disdain of BiL. lol

I know it's so juvenile to talk behind someone's back, but you just don't know BiL. Like I said... he's just an annoying idiot know it all that you want to punch in the face. UGH I don't even want to talk about him anymore b/c it makes my blood boil when I do.

Oh and finally.. my frickin calf muscles keep wanting to charlie horse on me when I'm stretching in bed. That's always a nice feeling :\
Middle of the night one night, I stretched and HOLY MOTHER OF SHIT PAIN! I had to hold in my yelp of pain so I wouldn't wake DH up. Thankfully I was able to get rid of it quick by moving my foot around some but still... OUCH!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Empty Threats

It's 3am and I've been up for an hour already trying to get back to sleep. UGH!
Really wish I would stop doing this already. It's been like this for... gosh..... over a month now?
Wake up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep for a couple of hours. Seriously don't know how I function during the day w/ no caffeine in me most of the time lol.

Anywho... on to the ranting..
So we went out to dinner tonight and of course annoying ass BiL is there next to niece. Niece and Zoe are sitting across from one another which I'm not a fan of but they don't see eachother that often so whatever.... at least they're not sitting next to eachother.
Niece does not have an inside voice and is constantly yelling while they play and eat.
She tosses the doll she had towards Zoe for some reason (think she was making it fly)... and it hits my hand just right for it to hurt, so I take it away from her.
Instant cry/yelling. Yeah... this momma don't play with that mess.
Fast Forward and the girl is constantly disobeying BiL. He finally gets fed up with her and tells her that she's not spending the night at her granny's house (something he didn't even bother to ask MiL btw until a few minutes before and even then it was just a passing "Oh, can she?"...asshole).

He sounds serious about it....
Yeah.. that's until it's time to leave and he practically throws niece in to their car and runs away. Seriously... he couldn't get her in to their car seat fast enough :\
Dude.... seriously???
This is why you're raising a GD brat that doesn't listen to a word you say and has 0 respect for your authority as a parent.
I really try not to judge as much as I used to (seriously.. I'm trying rofl)... but this crap pisses me right off especially b/c everyone can see that what you're doing is total bullshit that's turning your kid in to a little monster.

If I threaten Zoe with something.. like taking away a toy, time out, a pop on the butt or hand, etc... I'm following through with it if she keeps up her bad behavior.
I am lazy as shit and really do not like punishing her, but she knows not to push her luck too far b/c mommy doesn't do empty threats.
Just UUUUUUUUGH, it's so frustrating!!!!
Zoe and niece love eachother so much, but I'll be damned if niece's bad behavior rubs off on Zoe.

Damn you diabetes!!
We went to Mexican tonight. I had 2 shrimp quesadillas. It comes with a simple sour cream and guacamole salad and I usually order a side of refried beans.
Yeah.. I should've known better than to get the beans. My sugar after was 168!! Yikes.
Sigh... I was so hoping I'd be able to skip the extra monitoring, but it doesn't look like I'll be that lucky.

My feet will never be used to wearing regular shoes. I need to loosen up the shoe laces or something.
Wore them tonight to help break them in and my toes started falling asleep and my pinky toe on my left foot started to ache b/c it was getting squished.
Come on already feet! Cooperate!!!

OOF.... baby is awake and moving. Not big movements, but movements right on my bladder.
Pregnancy is going well. I'm 26w and still feel like I should be further along than I am lol. I just feel SO huge right now and can't imagine how big I'm going to be/feel when I am further.
I really do need to start walking. 1 to break in the shoes, and 2 b/c it will help with the diabetes.
But damnit... I just don't wanna! I want to blob out on the couch and not do anything.
Going to make more effort though. I know Zoe will enjoy going for a walk... not sure about Oren since he'll have to go in the stroller lol.

Really want to buy a few clothes. I hate spending money before this trip though even though it's kind of needed.
I need more bras. I switch between 2.... yeah... just 2. The rest of my bras are nursing bras or sports bras. I have 2 that actually make my boobs look decent and of course they're my more expensive ones which is why I only have 2 that I always wear. That's not gonna work for a 2 week trip where I can't wash clothes lol.
Could you imagine how funk they would be? And boy have I been having a lot of boob sweat.. lol.. YUCK.
I would also like some sort of sheer shirt or something to go over my tank tops. I'm at the point of saying F it and showing off my fat arms and dark armpits, but if I can find some good, cheap, light weight shirts to wear over them that won't make me sweat.. awesome!
It's just that cheap and good part that's going to be hard to find. Hoping to stop by Walmart and maybe Kohls to see what they have. I do need a couple more cheap shorts too and hoping for some slip on shoes. ;) hehe

Oh and has anyone checked out Walmarts dress selections online?? Looks like they're sporting a lot of super cut dresses! They're all really short, but they would totally work as a long shirt too. Just some really cute designs. Have my reservations about them though b/c they're all being modeled by a little Asian chick. That usually happens when it's being made by a Chinese company which whatever... they gotta eat... but the sizes could be off. Their idea of a size XL could actually be a size M here lol.

Guess I'll stop rambling... sigh. I'm not really tired yet, but maybe it will kick in soon......

Friday, May 6, 2016

Stop pooping so much!!

Good lord, this boy is a poop machine! And it's nasty loose poop too.
I guess we need to feed him more fiber foods to try to help with that. He's almost leaked poop for about 2? weeks now. It's so gross and I'm tired of his poor little butt looking terrible bc of it.

And of course he's in that exploratory phase right now and discovered he has a penis down there so always goes for a grab or tries grabbing his dirty disgusting diaper. Bleh.

We're going to be putting Oren's car seat forward facing for the trip. I don't like it and would prefer to keep him rear facing, but the boy hates riding in the car and well... we're gonna be doing about 2 weeks worth of driving. With the entertainment system to hopefully keep him occupied, we're hoping that turning him around will help to keep him quiet and entertained. We bought one of those mirrors you can use to look at your LO when they're rearfacing. Tried to angle it so he could see the monitor but it didn't work lol. Oh well.

We have all of the hotels reserved though. We didn't really find a lot of places to stop though. Kind of disappointed in that, but whatever.

We're both dreading and excited about this trip. It's just SO much driving, but hopefully it will be a really great experience :)

Zoe is pretty much rash free now and has been for a while now. Her HFM rash never got really bad.
Oren's is mostly dried up, but he still has a few reddish spots on his knees.
I think DH's is going away now too. He still has some red spots on his elbows, but I think the stuff on his hands and feet are mostly gone.

Frickin love the van! lol It's just such a nice ride and I really enjoy driving it... minus the parking :P I'm still not used to how long it is and I'm always terrible at parking heh. I'm always paranoid that when I back out I'm going to hit the other parked cars b/c I can't judge properly how long the van is.
Other than that though.. WOO! New car! :D

I keep forgetting that Mother's day is right around the corner. Told DH that all I want is some Diet dr pepper and not having to cook lol.
Would love it if he tried to do some sort of homemade craft thing with the kids, but maybe another year. Doubt DH will do anything like that on his own without a push lol. Or maybe he'll surprise me! Yeah right lol.
I'm good though either way. I'm not picky or expect some jewelry or wasted flowers or anything like that. I just want some soda and meals cooked by someone else :D hehe
And maybe to not have to change poop too.... :P

OOO our Asian pear trees have some pears on them! YAY! I'm sure they've already been attacked by bugs though. There are a ton of peaches on the peach tree, but DH said all the ones he saw already look like they've been attacked by bugs. Not sure if it is bugs or maybe b/c it's not being pollinated by another peach tree so the fruit looks bad. *shrugs*

About to go out and try out the vacuum in the van. Zoe got crumbs everywhere and there's a little bit of dirt here and there. Hope it works well :D Gosh I love that van and how awesome is it that they thought enough to put in a vacuum. How great is that for families??

Oren is driving me crazy right now. About to put him down for a nap even though I'm sure he's going to cry/scream bloody murder. He's already crying at EVERYTHING right now.

Sorry my post is all over the place... trying to remember what the heck I wanted to post, but it's not coming to me. I'm sure it will later tonight and I'll forget all about it again tomorrow lol.

Morning fasting was once again higher than it should be this morning. 98.
I tried eating a granola bar in the middle of the night at around 2:30.
I know some pregnant women wake up hungry, but not this gal. I had to force it down.
It didn't help at all.
Maybe I should try it again but do it 2 hrs before I get up. That would feel like cheating though. Not really a fasting reading.

But other than that damn fasting number.. it's been pretty easy to portion control. Sure.. I want a little more of this or that, but at least I don't need to be so strict with limiting carbs and whatnot. Makes it a lot easier to eat better when you don't have to eliminate so much :)

Hmm.. I can't remember what the heck I wanted to post.... oh well....

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ranting and other junk

I can't stand my BiL.
Overall, there's nothing wrong with him really, but he's just one of those types of people who just rubs everyone the wrong way.
He's a know-it-all, but doesn't actually know shit and he's just annoying as heck to be around.
I really don't understand how SiL got with him other than him being a total pushover when it comes to her. That's not a bad thing, but everything else about his personality sucks. Ok.. not everything else.. but like I said.. he's just not someone that you want to hang out with if you had a choice.
I dunno.. it's difficult to explain but I'm sure we all have that family member that's like that. Just someone that just rubs you the wrong way and you're not entirely sure why.
Just... I want to punch him in the face every time he posts on FB.

We'll definitely be helping to pay to get the Terrain fixed. Really glad about that. I just feel so bad that it broke down right when they got it. Even though we never had a problem with it, it still makes me feel guilty.. like we caused it somehow lol.
Hopefully it's nothing too serious and an easy quick fix.

I definitely have GD again.. it's just not as severe. I fixed steak and mac and cheese last night. I was able to eat a serving of the mac and cheese (sharing it with Oren) and my blood sugar was 115. Right under the max number. (pretty sure max is 120)
Really not sure how I passed the 1hr test. I must've been right under the max or something.
Anyway... for now, I think I'm going to try to just take my blood sugar in the morning and then after I eat something questionable. I'll continue that until my next appointment and then take it from there.
Glad that I had some leftover strips and stuff to test with.
Do not want to end up on the news b/c I gave birth to a giant baby LOL.

Zoe is so darn cute.
Her infatuation with Spiderman is over.... now it's all about Robin. DH started watching Young Justice yesterday and she was totally hooked. Every time Robin wasn't on she'd ask "Where's Robin??" And now she's calling herself Robin.
Love it :D

Oren is also just so cute!
He was playing with one of DH's old phones yesterday. Put it up to his ear and said "Hello?" in to it. Clear as day. Shocked the heck out of me lol. He did it again after I did it and handed it back to him too :D
My big little guy!
Now he just needs to stop waking up in the middle of the night crying :\
He's still not walking on his own, but he is letting go more often now. Totally not worried at all about it. He'll walk when he's ready and that's the day when I never get to relax ever again lol.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wow, that's bad luck

So we gave the Terrain to inlaws the other day... DH got a call from FiL yesterday saying that it keeps cutting off.
We never had a problem with it before and all of a sudden this shit happens to them? UGH.

Makes me feel terrible that we're giving them a messed up car. Just some seriously bad luck. Hopefully it's nothing too serious and I think we should help them with the cost of repair.

They came over last night to check the oven for us. FiL has some thing to check to see if the switch on the oven still worked. I guess it did b/c they were saying it was the elements that were bad. Going to cost us about 150 to replace them both, but DH is skeptical if it is what is wrong since both the broiler and the other one stopped working at the same time.
Not sure what DH wants to do about it.

DH did go to work today. Thankfully his rash hasn't bubbled up to blisters.. they just look like bright red spots.

We gotta take the van in this saturday. Wanted to see Civil War then, but may not be able to. We'll see.
Anywho, we're getting the seat covers and the auto dimming rear view mirror. Hoping that since we made an appointment and time to come in that we won't be stuck there ALL day long.

Let the kids stay up last night to visit with inlaws. They don't get a lot of alone time with them so we let them stay up. Was hoping that they would sleep in but pfft... dunno what fantasy land I was hoping I'd be in. Oren woke up around 2am screaming bloody murder. I went and checked on him and that only made him cry/scream harder.
He must've had a bad dream or something.
Anywho... he still woke up his usual time... sigh.

Just got a call back from my OB office and well... apparently I don't have GD this time around? Uhm.... what????
I'm still going to check my sugar for a while b/c I think they're going to be concerned about my fasting level if they keep coming back higher than it should be. It was only 91 this morning but that's still elevated.
But still too... WOO!
I did eat a BIG bowl of cereal this morning so I could check my sugar level after. Did screw up some b/c I took one of my prenatals just a few mins ago. It's gummi and I'm sure full of sugar. Oops. We'll see.

The only thing that came back a little off was my iron level. It was a little low so they're calling in a prescription for iron pills.
Looks like I'm gonna be trying to eat more iron rich foods too for an extra boost.

But still... this is some really unexpected news. Who the hell knew that this was even a possibility. Figured if you had GD once, you'd always get it again.. especially with my medical history too.

EDIT: Took blood sugar and it was 130. So I think I do have GD still, it's just that this time, my body is tolerating carbs and whatnot a bit more.
So while I can have a sandwich or something if I wanted.. I can't go all out or anything. I still have to portion control.. just not be AS strict.
Still... I'll take it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I still haven't heard back from the doc office yet. I just started taking my blood sugar levels yesterday and so far.. after eating it's been fine, but the morning fasting is doing what it did before.
It was frickin 102 this morning! Grrrr
I don't want to take glyburide again damnit! Nothing against taking the pill, I just don't want to go in twice a frickin week once again. It was easy with none... ok with Zoe... and now with 2?? UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH. Just a giant PITA.
And of course there's nothing I can really do to help the fasting level. BLEH

In somewhat better news.. for dinner, I had tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Thought b/c of the sugar in the tomatoes and then the bread that my sugar would be a little high, but nope.. it was only 90! YAY! Going to have to play around with some stuff to see just how much of something I can have. Potatoes, rice and bread mostly. Hoping I'll actually be able to have a serving of something and still be within an OK range.

Terrain is almost signed over to inlaws. Just glad we're able to help them out a little since the whole wreck happened.

DH is home again today. He still feels ok, but his rash is still very angry looking in spots. HFM is making its way through everyone who hasn't had it before. Niece's father has it now too.
Again... thankfully it's not terrible in general. Just more of a nuisance once the fever passes.

I don't see how you can prevent this from spreading. I've read that people can stay contagious for up to a few weeks after the signs of it have passed. I mean obviously washing your hands, not coughing in to them, etc will help, but who really remembers to do that ALL the time. I'm sure everyone touches their face at some point or quickly sneezes or coughs in to their hand even if they usually don't.

Again though.. thankfully it looks like I probably already had this strain of it when I was little. No symptoms of it thankfully.

There's a concert we want to go to..... 3 days before I'm hoping to have my c-sec done lol. It's Blink 182 and A Day To Remember. I wanna go! There are seats at the venue so I wouldn't be standing or anything... and I've never had preterm labor or anything like that before so I think it would be ok. Uncomfortable, but ok.
We'll see I guess lol.
That is cutting it pretty darn close heh