Monday, March 26, 2012

Today's the day!!

That I hope we find out the gender!!!
Come on LO, don't be shy! lol

It's not until 3pm though. UGH! It's gonna be such a long day.
I woke up early and boo that's gonna make it even longer.
Thankfully DH wants to do a few things while we're here. And I may go ahead and start taping up the nursery so we can paint.

I think DH is leaning more towards that peachy color we picked out. If we do end up with a girl, AND still want the grey furniture.. then I think the lavender would go really well and would look great.

Anywho... DH wants to go out to the store after we find out so may be a bit before we get home, but I'll post right away what the results were :)


unaffected said...

Can't wait for an update later!!! EEEEEE!!!

Shari said...

Can't wait to hear!!!

socialite_baby said...

Yay!! I'm so excited! I usually have a feeling about the sex for certain people, but you I'm stumped!

LisaL said...

Thanks everyone!
And I meant once we get home, I'll post right away. Neither of our phones have internet so yeah...

Time is going by SO frickin slow. It's currently 11:40... I swear 30mins ago it was 11:30! ARGH!! lol