Sunday, November 30, 2014

Poor Zoe

Poor girl is stuck in the house with her hermit of a mother. SIGH!
She always asks if we're going to go "Bye bye in the car".
Ok from this moment on... I'm going to make serious efforts to go out with her more. Stop being a recluse and just go somewhere. Even if it's just walking around a store aimlessly... that will still be something.
Have got to get her out of this house more often even if I don't feel up to it.

Can't say anything much is going on right now mostly b/c of the reason of me being lazy and not wanting to go anywhere.
Uhm... making progress on Zoe's crochet project.
Took some time yesterday to make a cute little baby frog hat though for my VBS person. Took a lot longer than I expected it to but oh well, it still came out cute.
Need to put all that stuff in a box and mail it off already while DH has some days off. Hate having to go to the post office with Zoe b/c she is not that mindful child any longer lol.

Dh took the suv to work today. Not sure why... probably just to test it out some more.
Should ask my mom for the last bill so we can see just how much is left on it.

UGH I love Netflix, but also hate it. SO many weeks where nothing good is released on Sunday (when they post their new releases). I guess it's a good thing we don't watch the movies right away. We'd run out of items on our queue.
Such a first world problem lol

Saturday, November 29, 2014

More stuff

More car chat incoming....

So looking at used gmc terrains of the same year.. we'd only be getting a slightly better 'deal' if we took my mom's car. Meh.... still something at least.
It's just such a big deal and we're still not sure if we're going to keep it or trade it in. DH wants to see how much is left on it before we decide anything which I understand.

I'm usually totally fine staying home but I am getting some cabin fever right about now. BUT knowing how traffic will be out there is keeping me home. I know Zoe would appreciate going out too. Maybe I'll take a quick trip to the grocery store to help lol.

Progress on the crochet doll I've been working on. Decided to make the legs on whatever it's going to be kind of stumpy so that saved a lot of time and I think I may turn it in to a dragon if I can figure out a good design for it. Just don't want to try to make a mane for a pony and then have her pulling the yarn out b/c I just know she'd figure it out lol. I'll post photos of it when I'm done :)

No work on the nursery yet. We did buy some cheap blinds for it to replace the crap ones that are in here. These were kind of expensive too, but they totally suck balls.

We ended up buying some curtains for the sunroom doors. Seems to be working pretty well I think.

When is viability week? Is it 24? I'm 25 today so.... guess I'm at that point? YAY! Well technically I'm still 24wsomething but still at that point :D I had wondered about it before but just never gave it too much thought until I saw it mentioned... somewhere (can't remember).
Kind of relieving to know that baby boy would have a good chance if, gawd forbid, anything were to happen.

Still no name. We haven't really talked about it in the last couple of days. I think DH really is going to want to give him an O name w/ Bishop for a middle name so he can have "Obie" as a nickname.

There are a couple that I wouldn't mind but most of the O names that I've seen are just.... weird. At least weird in America. I'll talk to him more about it tonight. Would really like to be able to tell people a name.

Right now SiL (dh's sister) calls him Franklin after FiL and MiL calls him Conner.... just b/c she likes the name lol.
Still plenty of time I know, but..... I just want a name picked out. Seems so much more difficult choosing a good boy name than a girl. So much more you have to worry about.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Oops, my appointment

Forgot to mention how it went.

The orange drink is a lot better when it's cold. Room temp it's just too sweet. Cold on the other hand, it just tasted like sightly too sweet koolade. Not sure why women get all huffy over it.
I chugged it down in less than a minute and the nurse? receptionist? started cracking up b/c she's never seen anyone drink it so fast :P lol

The wait wasn't bad either b/c they filled it with other shit like making my appointments for the rest of my pregnancy O_O
After this 28w one (which will be on Dec 16th), I start going in every 2 weeks.
Holy crap.... am I really that far along already??

So yeah, that was.... weird and also exciting to think about.

Then I saw one of the doctors for all of 2 minutes lol. She measured my bump and then checked for the HB and yeah... that was it. Didn't have any questions so no point in prolonging anything.

Then had to wait for about 10mins and got my blood taken to check TSH level and glucose.

The drink did make me feel off about 20min after I drank it, but that passed in about 5min and I felt fine after.

I did end up getting headaches that didn't want to go away later in the day and think it was caused by too much sugar (I had eaten a couple of other sugary/carby things).

Should be getting results on Monday which meant I could eat everything I wanted without guilt on Thanksgiving. MUAHAHAHAHAHA ;) lol

I don't expect to pass it which I'm fine with. Just need to get a new battery for my glucose checker thing... and new needles and strip things. Man those things are expensive, but at least we eventually get reimbursed for them.

Happy Late Thanksgiving!!

To everyone that celebrates it :) And if ya don't... hope you had a great day :D

Thanksgiving was interesting but mostly not.
We went over to my mom's house. I had wanted her to fix some eggrolls when I was still having some cravings and she only just had time to do them yesterday. SO GOOD lol. Worth the wait.
Anywho, she's really pressuring us to take her gold GMC and since I do need to drive it, I drove it to DH's inlaw's place.
It's certainly a very nice car. All of the bells and whistles that you could want with it, but MAN is it still expensive. Plus it has that flex fuel thing going on which still only puts it at 20mpg city which sucks but I guess is good for a big suv.
Oh and b/c of the flex fuel thing... the acceleration lags a bit which I don't like.
It would be something I got used to though. Just right now, I'm so used to driving my car that gets up and goes.
I shouldn't complain though. Even though it is expensive, it's still going to be a 13k car we're getting pretty much which isn't a bad deal at all. Just not sure it's the car we really want. We'll probably just keep it though.

Anyway.... we went to return it last night and my mom REALLY insisted that we just go ahead and take it so she got most of their important things out of it. SIGH. She is a pushy one. So yeah... it's sitting in our driveway right now and apparently she's going to be sending us the car payment bill when it comes. /facepalm
BUT she plans on keeping it on her insurance for however long it takes to pay it off, so that's taking a huge chunk of money off of our shoulders for a little while at least.
Well... so much for thinking about it a bit more :P
Yeah we could always tell her no but I dunno.... I'll have to talk to DH about it some more. We're probably just keeping it.

Thanksgiving at inlaws was how it usually goes. Lots of people, lots of noise, lots of food.
SiL gave me part of her cloth diaper stash. She says she can't use them anymore b/c of arthritis in her hands makes it difficult to use the snaps. Sucks for them, but I guess good for us. May not have to buy any new diapers for a while which will save us a good bit of money.

No black friday shopping for us. Well.. at least not going out to places. I do not even want to see the craziness going on. No deal is worth that headache.
Anyone that is going out though.... hope you get what you're looking for without too much hassle :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Back ordered

Forgot to mention yesterday that the baby furniture place called and told us that the crib and dresser that we want are on back order until HOPEFULLY January.
Really not a big deal IF they actually get them in then. Not like baby will be going right in to his crib so we can wait a little longer if we need to. Sucks but meh.. not really a huge deal either... if they get it in then.

OMG I slept like SHIT last night. Couldn't get comfortable and w/ the back of my mouth sore from mouth breathing & swallowing so much, it kept waking me up too.
Think I'm going to try sleeping on the recliner tonight if it's still bad again. Just can't toss and turn like that again.

Appointment tomorrow morning. Glucose test and see doctor after.
Next appointment should be fun though since I'll be getting another u/s to make sure baby boy is growing as he should. Really hoping they'll be able to get me in before Christmas. Have that little present before, but it will probably be after.
Oh well, either way will be awesome since we get to see him again :D Just hope they can get a good profile shot of him. I know he's in there growing well b/c his movements are becoming a lot stronger. Still not super consistent. Like yesterday, I barely felt him all day, but that night he was kicking the bed and rolling all over the place.

We're still not decided on a name yet.
DH really likes the nickname Obi.... as in Obi Wan from Star Wars lol. I don't know why he got that in to his head but he has. I told him if he could find a cute name that we could make in to the nickname Obi, then we could use it but nothing so far.
Also told him I guess we could pick an O first name and have Bishop for the middle... but I really love Bishop as his first name. Oh well.... think I'll let DH make the final decision in the end... so long as it's not something stupid like his joking "Qurrie" creative spelling name of Cory. lol

DH wants me to drive my mom's cars to see if I like them. If not, then I guess we'll still take one and then trade it in for something we do want. UGH, I do not want to drive those tanks around. I'm just not used to it and the thought makes me so nervous. I'm sure they both drive like a dream though... it's just they're SO big.
I'm already a crappy parker.. which is why I usually park further away from the store than I need to most of the time lol, I can't imagine parking one of those things.

And finally... still using DH's computer until monday. We have to get the outlet thing in the living room activated and can set up everything there so we shouldn't need a wireless thing for my computer and monday is when they're coming out to do it. We were afraid it would be like a month from now but thankfully no lol.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Too much drama for my momma

So I get a call today from my mom asking if we wanted to take over payments for one of her cars. Now I know why she was so persistent about it though.
Her husband is wanting to go back to Korea and if he does, she doesn't want him coming back. Even if he doesn't go, she's planning on kicking him out anyway.
Blahblah happened and she said she's too old to deal with all of it. So since she has 2 cars and won't be needing both of them any longer, she wants us to take one of them.
There's that new one that is over $600 a month and then another that is just over 500 and has 2 years left to pay on it.
She could just sell one of them, but she knows we're eventually going to want another car so keeps insisting that we take one of them. BLEH!!!!
I just don't know.

Texted DH about it and he said if we do take her up on her offer, we could always trade it in for something else which isn't that bad I guess, but it's going to be another bill added on and more insurance to pay. Insurance would've been a given anyway when we got a car, but not the extra car payment on top of what we're already paying. It would've just been one since our car would've been paid off.

This wouldn't be such a problem if she didn't have such expensive taste in cars to begin with and if we didn't have so many other things to buy and pay off right now.

AND it just sucks that her marriage didn't work out this time. He seems like a nice guy, but I guess they just have their problems and she doesn't want to deal with all of the drama. Her choice, but I hate that she's going to be alone again.
It's not even like the marriage was based on love or anything (as bad as that is to say)... more just companionship. I dunno... just a shit situation for her.
She's a strong woman though and will get through it.

In much lighter news....
DH finally got things hooked up in the living room, computer apparently doesn't have wireless internet so he's stopping by the store after work to pick whatever up. Using his computer while he's at work to get on when I have the time.

After we got back home from lunch (after he went to church), he was working on it almost the entire time. Who knew hooking up cables would take up so much time lol. Granted there are a lot of wires and cables to hook up.

Still not really sure where his desk is going. He said to just put it in the sunroom but I was kind of hoping he'd be in the living room too. Sunroom is right there though so it's not a huge deal.
Just have to figure out where the giant coffee table is going along with my desk.

Woke up at 1:50 last night to pee. Couldn't get back to sleep until almost 4 b/c I kept thinking about how I couldn't take in a deep breath so of course thinking about it, I kept trying so it kept me awake.

Now I have a whole new something to worry about tonight with what I mentioned above. Awesome

Sunday, November 23, 2014

One thing done, a lot more to go

So I think the living room is now situated how we're going to keep it. It's not the best, but it will work.
Now I just need to clean my desk off like I said I was going to do a couple of weeks ago so DH can hook my computer up to the tv. We're still not sure where DH's computer is going though. We need to figure it out so we can determine if we need to buy a smaller desk or not.
We also need to buy a whole lot of other stuff.
We would like to keep a door to the sunroom open, but still want to keep the breeze our so we're thinking maybe buying a heavy curtain to put over the opening would be a good idea. We also need to buy curtains for all of the windows in the sunroom to help keep the heat/cold out and curtains for the new nursery and new blinds.
The blinds will just be some cheapy ones like we have in Zoe's room... so that's not a big purchase at least.

UGH just a lot of stuff to do still.
Then we still need to buy a fan/light for the nursery and paint aaaaaaaand probably some more of that blue tape aaaaaaaaand.... yeah... just a lot of stuff. BLEH!
I can see where all of our tax return is going to go next year... paying off the dang credit card bill.

My mom is crazy. She bought herself a new SUV a couple of months ago. Well it's not new new, it was previously owned but only has like 17k miles on it.
It's a giant buick SUV that even used is 38k!!! She wants us to trade our car for hers, she would take over our car payment and we would take hers.... nevermind that we're only paying about $300 a month for ours while she's paying $650 for hers.
Uhm.... no.
Plus, it's HUGE. It's super nice and all but we want a much smaller suv... not a dang luxury tank.
I'm so used to driving my little car that it's going to be weird even upgrading to a small suv.
Oh AND, it's white. We don't want a basic color like that. Colors that everyone else has. Just makes it easier for a thief to steal cars that all look the same ya know. Plus.. white, black, gray.. it's all boring.
Not really a lot of options when it comes to colors for suvs but meh.. we'll see what's out there when the time comes.
Probably won't be until a year from now when we're seriously looking or even in 2016 so plenty of time for new things to come out by then.

So yeah... she's crazy lol.
She did go ahead and get us a Christmas present though lol. She had a new little space heater that was pretty nice and worked really well. So she bought us one :D YAY MOM! heh
We can definitely use it in areas.
I wouldn't mind using it in Zoe's room, BUT I just don't trust space heaters that much to put it in there. It needs to be in a room that I'm in if it's in use.

I think that's about it. Need to get started w/ cleaning. Finish shampooing the floor out in the living room and cleaning off my desk and whatnot. Also need to figure out what I'm going to get my virtual baby shower person :D
Love shopping for other people! Need to take a trip to Target to see what they have.

Friday, November 21, 2014

I forgot again!

Bleh.... there was one particular thing I wanted to mention in this post and I've forgotten what it was. SIGH!

Oh well... lets talk about some more random stuff :D

Got our sunbaby diapers yesterday :D Bought a pack of 12 of them in the size one. Look pretty good as far as I can tell. I always see good reviews for them so we'll see if they live up to their reputation.
Will order some regular size ones probably after Christmas. Gotta spend this credit card money on presents first :P

Feeling guilty. I don't want to go anywhere and I know Zoe is getting a bit stir crazy sitting in the house all day long. Didn't help that it was cold as hell outside for a little while there.
Will have to make more of an effort to go out with her. Get her out of the house.

No wonder why she's always so eager to spend the night with her granny or aunt. I don't mind her going over there, but she's getting in to the mindset that she's going to spend the night every weekend and that's not going to fly.
The break is nice, but I want some weekends with her. Especially want her to spend time with her daddy.

Anywho... going to go over to her grandma's house today (my mom). We haven't seen her in gosh... a couple of months. I'm such a good daughter :\ Seriously though, she's been busy and me.. like I said, I haven't wanted to go out. We'll see her today though and Zoe can go wreak some havoc over there lol

Zoe is getting so good at drawing smiley faces. Will have to come up with something else to show her how to draw. She's so eager to do it and learn. She is SO going to love the chalk board easel we got for her. Can't wait for Christmas!!!


Nope... still can't remember wth I was wanting to mention... darn it.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


So constipation seems to be one of those things that's going to come and go... well... hopefully. Haven't gone in 2 days again. Have that feeling like it might happen today but... we'll see.
Gas b/c of it has been AWFUL. Puppy had a death wish last night sleeping next to my ass. Surprised I didn't kill him with the toxic fumes.

Also getting that out of breath and can't take in a deep breath feeling. SUCKS BALLS.  It's like almost orgasming and then not. When you almost reach that peak, but then it falls flat. I just can't get in that good refreshing deep breath so I keep half yawning.

Gagging is still occurring. Not anywhere near as bad as it was. I can actually change poo diapers and pick poo up without going in to a gagging fit, but it still happens every once in a while if I smell something rank or eat too much and the breathing problem also seems to cause some gagging.
Oh AND, I definitely pee myself a little if the gagging lasts for more than just a couple of seconds. Awesome.

Sleep has been better. I still toss and turn quite a bit but I'm able to go right back to sleep most of the time. So that's a plus at least. My hips start killing me if I lay on one side for too long though which is why I have to toss and turn a lot.

And I realized a few days ago that I'm not aching as much as I was before. WOO! lol

I think that's about it as far as symptoms changing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yay Christmas stuff!!

Bought Zoe a couple more Christmas presents last night.
Got her a Fisher Price Little people disney princess castle.
We've been wanting to get her that for a while and well.. it's almost Christmas. We'll get her the princesses that don't come with it as stocking stuffers.

Also got her this awesome Hello Kitty play tent w/ tunnel. She's going to LOVE it! Plus it was only $20. The others that are exactly like it just different character (Bubble Guppies, Frozen, etc) are $30.
Zoe loves Hello Kitty stuff so hey.... win win for everyone :D
I think that's all the big stuff we're getting her.
The rest will be just small things like those little people princesses.

So excited though. Christmas is so much fun when you get to buy stuff for your LO :)

Baby boy was moving all over the place yesterday. More than made up for the non-movement the day before.
The movement still isn't super strong but eh, I guess that's to be expected.
I keep wondering what exactly I'm feeling when I do feel movement.
I always picture him laying horizontal in there for some reason. Difficult to imagine him always laying head down if he does stay that way all the time.
Just can't wait to meet him though. It's gonna be here in the blink of an eye and I can't wait!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

He's so sweet!

Dh got home a little late yesterday. Didn't think anything of it b/c work has been busy and he's needed to stay a little late a few times.
Well turns out, he took a trip to World Market and bought us some yummy sweet treats!
He said he went b/c he knows after next weeks appointment, I won't be able to eat anything like this so he wanted to get me some. Awwww.
He bought my fav Happy Hippos! MAN those things are so good. If you've never had them before, TRY THEM NOW! lol
He also bought a few other things that were really good too. Love him :D

Baby boy freaked me out yesterday with the lack of movement for the majority of the day. Really had me worried which is why I used the doppler 3 separate times just to make sure I could still hear a heartbeat.
He was super active at bedtime though which was a huge reassurance.
Damn anterior placenta. I know it probably contributed to not feeling movement *grumble*


Still looking for one more big present for Zoe for Christmas. Really want to get her a play tent w/ tunnel. She will LOVE it if we manage to get one. They have some cute ones on amazon but will have to talk to DH about it when he gets home. I know baby boy will love it too once he's on the move.

I ate something that did NOT agree with my yesterday. Double edged sword... I don't want to be constipated but I also don't want to have diarrhea either. Well it wasn't really diarrhea, just soft and slightly loose.
Not fun on my aching ass though. Hemorrhoids are no f-ing joke man. I know I keep talking about it, but OUCH! Will probably be buying my first ever tube of prep H.

Awww Zoe was so cute yesterday. I went to pee and of course she was right on my heels in to the bathroom. I was fine, but was thinking about the aching coming from down there while I was going. I must've had a look on my face or something b/c Zoe turned to look at me (after closing the door) and said
"Mommy, what's wrong?" with the cutest worried look on her face. OMG *heart melts*
That's exactly what my reaction was. I kind of gasped and then let out a long awww, snagging her to bring her in for a hug.... while I sat on the toilet peeing :P lol

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ouch, my butthole!!

Yep, if you didn't guess it before... I'm talking about hemorrhoids.
I did actually manage to poop yesterday finally and did again this morning too! WOO!
But it was very obvious that things aren't quite right in the brown eye area. It hurt when it was coming out. Not excruciating or anything thankfully.
And now... it kinda hurts (again, not too bad, just more of an ache) when I go to pee.
Oh the joys. MAN I had it so good my first pregnancy. Not that I'm having a terrible pregnancy this time or anything but it is definitely a little more difficult.

Haven't felt baby boy a lot this morning. It kinda freaked me out some so I dopplered. Barely heard his heartbeat for just a second before he moved. Hearing it for that little bit was enough though. He must just be turned to where I can't feel the movement much.

We picked out the wall colors for the nursery! :D No gray. Decided we liked blue hues better to do everything in.
Now just need to stop procrastinating and get things moved. Well, I guess since we got the car seat and all that, we can focus on this now.

SO looking forward to some Thanksgiving food next week!

Zoe is getting better and better at drawing her smiley faces :) She draws them with unibrows for some reason though o_O

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Remembered one of the things! heh

So was talking with DH yesterday while we were all over the place and mentioned the name. He thinks that the name is more than likely definitely going to be Bishop Oren.... Oren spelled like that.
It really doesn't matter how it's spelled to me, I just always saw it spelled Orin, but with an E instead of the I.. not a huge deal.
If we do end up going with this name... his initials wil be B.O.S :D
Told DH that his nickname could be boss or bossman or something along those lines heh.
They had a cute shirt at BRU that said something like "I'm the boss" on it that I would've liked to have gotten except that they only had it in toddler sizes. Guess we could've still gotten it but meh... I'm sure we'll come across something similar again later on.

Okedoke, got a ton of baby crap to wash and need to wash some dishes too... joy :\

Stuff and junk

Photo spammage time :D

Love it! Baby clothes are too addictive damnit. We would've gotten a lot more if I hadn't of stopped us lol. Doesn't help that they were on clearance too so that made them all the more tempting.
We splurged a bit on the Superman onesie and socks and the football one. DH absolutely fell in love with the football one when he saw it in Buy Buy Baby so we just had to get it heh.
And of course, sticking with the whole superhero thing, I saw a section dedicated to Superman, Batman & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Debated on which to get.. Batman or Superman, but Zoe is Batman/girl so baby boy can be Superman... plus those socks were just too cute to pass up!

Wanted this adorable onesie from BRU, but they only had size newborn, then 6m, then 12. We would've gotten the 6m, but it was long sleeve and by the time he can wear it, it would be blazing hot outside. It said something like "Cool little Bro" on it. Awwwwwww.

So... I haven't pooped in 2 days going on 3 and I'm pretty sure I felt a hemorrhoid while taking a shower yesterday. Awesome. It was like a really small/slight bump/bulge and started to feel itchy as soon as I touched it.
Thankfully it hasn't been itching any other time though... would drive me crazy.. and ew :P lol

This pregnancy is wreaking havoc on my body though. I was extremely lucky when pregnant with Zoe... not this time..... not this time.

I really hope I poop soon. I can feel things starting to feel just bleh in there b/c of the constipation and really don't want to rip my ass apart trying to crap out a gigantic turd.

Felt a roll last night. Pretty sure I've felt rolls before but this was definitely him rolling over. I couldn't see it though which sucked but I definitely felt it :)

Crud.... there were a couple other things I wanted to mention but now I can't remember. Maybe it will come to me later. Until then..... *waves*

Saturday, November 15, 2014

So busy! So much stuff!

Ok, so we didn't get around to rearranging the living room.
We went out super early to grocery shop and once we got home and put that all away, we went out to Babies R Us and Buy Buy and all that jazz. That area gets super busy w/ horrible traffic really quick so we wanted to go early.

We really didn't see a whole lot at BRU that we liked. There were some cute Christmas outfits that I would've liked to have gotten Zoe if they didn't cost so dang much. We did buy a couple of things, just a Minnie Mouse shirt for Zoe and some warm camo stuff for her and for baby boy to eventually grow in to heh.

We also got a cute superman bib w/ cape. BUT we saw the same one at Buy Buy Baby but that one came with socks. Boooo. We could've returned the other but meh.

Anywho... the Once Upon a Child across town was SO damn busy and their prices were a little higher. Good lord that place was so busy though. Think the cold weather took a lot of people by surprise b/c a lot of parents were there browsing all of the coats.
Anywho, we snagged a few cute outfits for baby boy and a bassinet for $50 :D If I remember right, the one we bought would've been $89 new. It looks almost new so I think we got a really good deal on it.
I'll get photos once I wash all the stuff and we set it up.

We also bought the infant carrier and an extra base. Spent A LOT on it too. YEESH. It wasn't that super expensive Cybex Aton one, although they did have one. Ours was only about $90 less but that's still 90 we didn't have to spend.
Still though... YEESH! Considering we only spent $10 on the one we used for Zoe... this was a big purchase for us lol.
Anywho, we ended up going with a Graco Snugride click connect 35 LX. It's in a grey w/ orange trim color. We liked it b/c it wasn't that heavy and was VERY easy to get in and out of the base. It still didn't fit super well in our car but it will work.

We also bought Zoe another Christmas present :D Well, we bought her some more pajamas and the Minnie Mouse shirt will be saved for Christmas too. But bigger purchase, we bought her a double sided easel. Has chalk board on one side and dry erase on the other and comes with magnet letters and shapes. Really cute and she's going to love it. Won't be buying her markers any time soon for it though. Don't think that would wash off the walls as easily as crayon lol.

Uuuhm and yeah, just bought lots of baby clothes here and there along with other stuff.
We got a car seat which was the main goal and secondary goal was the bassinet which we also got :D

I'll post some photos of the stuff when I have more energy. We started at 8am and finally got home at 2:30pm.
I am SO dang tired and sore. Going to go lay down, relax... play on my kindle.. and then zonk the hell out.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Baby kicks!

He's definitely growing. I can feel the movement a lot more often and he seems to be staying awake for longer stretches.
Saw and actually felt one kick. Was about an inch and a half above my waistline. I had felt a couple of kicks so put my hand there. Waited for about 2mins and he did it again.
I swear.. how the heck do they know when you're trying to feel them?? At least that's what it seems like lol.

Anywho, I can feel him right now and he's having himself a little party in there. He must've really liked the porkchops I ate earlier lol.

Slept like hell last night. Wondering if maybe it was b/c I had a bit more carbs than I was having these last few days.
Had a baked potato w/ some corn.... MAN was it good lol. *shrugs* Probably nothing that caused the tossing and turning.

Oh we're going to look at carseats this weekend! So excited :D
Also going to check out the Once Upon a Child across town to see if they have bassinets. That particular store has been open a lot longer and it's in a wealthier part of town. They usually have a lot more stuff in there. We'll see though.
Just hope we don't have to spend an arm and a leg on a car seat.

UGH, the downfall of composting. We save the scraps of veggies and fruit (everything but meat) to throw out in to the compost bins outside. Well, we get a bit slack sometimes in throwing out the buckets and fruit flies swarm. We took the bucket out finally and our kitchen is now filled with fruit flies all over the damn place. We've been trying to suck as many of them up in to the vacuum.
So gross. I actually am afraid to breath in too heavily b/c I don't want to breath in any of them. BLEH!


UGH, this pooping situation man.... metformin spoiled me with the regular easy pooping.
I don't like feeling like I'm struggling to poop.
And it's always the same... that one last little piece that doesn't want to come out and if you relax for even a second, it turdles back in and you have to make the choice of starting over or just saying F- it.
Not fun... not fun at all!

Zoe is on her way to becoming an artist lol.

All of her awesome little smiley faces :D

Especially like this one. She drew a great smiley face! :D

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baby loot and name

Baby loot first :D

Baby clothes are so damn addictive!! Nevermind discounted baby clothes! lol And they're all like new since they're mostly 0-3m sizes. All of us BTDT mommas know at that age, you're lucky if you put them in an outfit more than once lol.
 They're just so cute and tiny. Girl clothes are cuter though.

And a shot of Zoe's closet that is filled with bags and bins of her outgrown clothes. We really need to do something with all of this.
We still need to go through it all to get the neutral stuff out, but that's still going to leave us with A LOT of baby clothes. Maybe if we have another we'll be able to use them again :D

As for a name... DH was looking through the baby book again last night and asked me if I actually said the baby's name out loud to make sure it sounded right and that I still liked it. I told him that baby doesn't have a name yet and if he means Bishop... which I have said and it sounds fine.
But he was talking about the FULL name, which again, we haven't picked out, but apparently, if he doesn't find anything that stands out in the name book, baby boy's middle name will be Orin/Orren/Orrin... however we want to spell it.
That was news to me lol.
I'm happy we have a possible name though. I think DH is only on the J names right now so something could still stand out and things could change. We'll see.

Alrighty, time to put Zoe down for a nap.

Worry and movement

Nothing super serious or anything but baby boy had me a little worried yesterday.
He was probably just in a position where I couldn't feel his movement for most of the day but he more than made up for it at bedtime.
I was a little worried that I hadn't felt much of anything for most of the day so dopplered. HIs little heart sounded loud and healthy though.
And like I said, at bedtime, he was moving ALL over the place just having a good ole time in here.

The metformin was definitely keeping things regular. I still am so far, but I can see it changing very quickly very soon. I had so much trouble last night going #2 that I was actually grunting. So attractive lol.
Not looking forward to constipation. BLEH!

I am a milk fiend right now. I already finished off one carton of milk so far and already a glass and a half in to the other one. It's all I want to drink. I don't obviously b/c we'd be going through like 7 gallons a week lol, but SHEESH... milk milk milk. I just want it! This baby boy should have some nice healthy bones by the time he's born.

Bad thing about this diet... I keep watching shows like cupcake wars and MAN do I want a cupcake!
Good thing... my weight has already dropped a little.. and I weighed AFTER I had eaten a good size breakfast too.
I must've been carrying some serious water weight from all of that sugar and carbs I was inhaling.
I haven't been super strict. I've eaten some chocolate or whatever small thing here and there. I'm just not eating as much as I was before. Instead of a couple portion sizes, I'm now eating just one or half of one lol.
So doing it this way, I should be able to eat that dressing at thanksgiving and have some for leftovers so long as I keep the portion size down.
It sucks that I have to worry about this, but it's such a small small price to pay for this little miracle. I'm lucky to have one, let alone carrying a 2nd. I'll do whatever it takes to keep this little guy happy and healthy in there.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Names names names

DH is still going through the baby book looking at names.
He asked me last night if we were going to tell everyone the name when we had one. I said "yeah why not?"
He just kind of shrugged and I asked if he was worried about people's reactions/opinions and he said yeah.
We're telling and if people don't like it, they can go suck on a bag of dicks for all I care. I'm pretty sure his family won't like it if we stick with Bishop, but again, I really don't give a shit. I see so many women on forums get SO upset and stressed out over family not liking the name they've chosen. Yes, it would be nice if they loved the name just as much, but if they don't, that's their own problem and they're gonna have to just get over it.

I had 3 glasses of milk yesterday and I wanted more. I wasn't even craving milk until I had a sip of some of DH's. Then, it's all I could think about. Not complaining. Could be some worse junky craving I guess.

We're clearing out this room this weekend. At least according to DH we are. Lol, we'll see. We do need to get it done so we can start cleaning and painting. Get that done before I'm so uncomfortable that I don't want to do it.
Need to go back to Home depot and look at more paint swatches. The ones I have are nice, but just want to see if they have anything that stands out more.

Body and head shapes are pretty much done on the Zoe crochet project! WOO! Still need to do details for the head but that won't take any time.
Now I just need to go buy more stuffing, do the legs and figure out things from there. Thank goodness it's not taking as long as I feared it would. Should have it done in hopefully a week or less so I can start on some other things.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So hungry!!!!

So day one of better eating is out of the way and holy crap was I hungry!!! I ate, but it never filled me up. At least not for very long.
Same thing always happens when I get back on to a lower carb diet, but I didn't even think about it happening this time.
I wanted to eat everything but I held back.
I wasn't totally strict though. I had 2 squares of some chocolate and 3 smarties :P lol Not really bad but not super strict.
I figure that that small amount of not so perfect stuff won't hurt anything and shouldn't make my sugar levels spike any.

We're also going to be back on store bought salad dressing. Since inlaws chickens aren't laying, I'm not going to use store bought eggs to make anything where they would be eaten raw. Not a huge deal, but I really wish they wouldn't use so many damn chemicals and frickin soybean oil.

SO tired lately. I had a nice nap yesterday while Zoe napped and I still went to bed at my usual time. It's a good thing that I am a SAHM. While I do have to take care of our rebellious, mischievous little toddler, I at least get to be in my own home and have a chance of napping. Can't really complain too much about it.

We heard back from the vet about our cat's ongoing paw problem. She had told us that dermatologists are more familiar with it and it's considered something they'd be more familiar in, so she called one for us to get their take on it.
Well according to the dermatologist that she talked to... in her experience, cats with the paw issue that ours has usually has an underlying issue that suppresses their immune system like Feline AIDS or leukemia (might be considered the same thing? Not really sure).  Even if our cat does have either, treatment would still be the same.
And yeah, we have to get a new prescription for some more steroids. Should keep him on it for a few months to see if it helps and if it does, then he'll be on it (at a lower, maintenance dose) for the rest of his life.
I'm not sure where he would've gotten sick from unless it was passed down from the momma cat. He's always been an indoor cat. Well, he does go out now but he's too big to move around and we don't get cats in our yard b/c of the dogs. He's never been in a fight with another cat.
We'll see though... hopefully the new steroids work. If not... oh well. Not like it's going to change much of what has already been going on.

Monday, November 10, 2014

He's growing up

At least I'm assuming so since I don't have X-Ray vision lol.
Last night I was sitting on the couch watching a movie with DH and felt some pretty strong kicked above my waistline. There were only about 4 of them, but out of the corner of my eye I could see my shirt move from them. Of course when I actually looked to see if I was actually seeing it, he stopped lol.
He seems to do that a lot. I'll feel him moving and kicking around and as soon as I put my hand on the area, he stops. Just like Zoe.... they just know when you're trying to feel them.
Anyway, makes me happy b/c I am feeling him a lot more often now it seems.

Still not as much as with Zoe, but it's slowly getting there :)

First day of no metformin. I have exactly one days worth left and yep, it's being saved for Thanksgiving lol.
I'm gonna miss all of those carbs and junky foods, but will be better off not eating them.
Gotta do it for myself and this little guy.

I don't know how DH is wanting to rearrange the living room. He's talking about putting the tv in the corner? Wha?? I just can't see what he's wanting to do.... we'll see I guess but.... I dunno.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Junk and stuff

MAN! We've wasted a lot of money on dvds. Some of them I have watched  a lot but others... eh, not so much. A lot of what we do own is now on netflix instant so there's no point in having the dvd laying around really.
Whenever we do have a yard sale, we'll certainly have plenty to get rid of. Just hope people would show up since we're all the way in the back of the neighborhood.

Anywho, just cleaning off some shelves in the living room. We need to rearrange it a little bit so we can put DH's desk in there.... somewhere. I know where I'd like to put it but Zoe has her little bookshelf and desk in the spot. It's not a small living room, but it's limited in where we can put everything.

UGH The cat has peed in the sunroom and I can't figure out where exactly. It hasn't been recent. It's an old spot but it stinks to high heaven in there. We've been keeping the doors to it shut but would actually like to start using the room and that's not going to happen until the cat piss smell is taken care of.
Oh the joys of having a cat w/ fucked up paws :\
At least we don't have to bother with cat litter anymore since he won't use that :\

Going to go drown suspected spots in Nature's Miracle again and hope it hits the right spot. I'm pretty sure I poured it on the correct areas, but it didn't help. *shrugs*

My last day of eating whatever. Sigh... buy buy sugar... hello cravings I can't indulge in *cry*

We went and saw Interstellar yesterday. Zoe is spending the weekend w/ granny and aunt.
That was a fantastic movie. The reviews I watched of it were kind of mediocre, so I was debating if we should go, but I'm glad we did. Fantastic movie. Not sure why it's getting such harsh criticism.
Anywho, there were some parts that were VERY loud and rumbly and baby boy was getting aggitated by them lol.
It was pretty nice actually to feel him that well and that often. I felt some really good kicks a little above my waist line (belly button). I'm sure if I had a hand resting there I could've felt them from the outside.

And yeah... think that's about it so far. Have more cleaning up to do. Have all the movies and video games off the shelves... now just need to figure out what to do with all of the nicknacks. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Feel so....

Ever since it did dawn on me that we only have 4 months left.... I'm feeling SO incredibly unprepared for this 2nd baby.
Not emotionally or anything... just that it feels like we have so much to do any no time to do it.

I am definitely not going to get all of the art projects I want done. Especially Zoe's giant pony. Ugh, it's so tedious to do, but I've been working on it for the last few days. I'm going to finish it but it may not be in time for Christmas.

Then I have a blanket/rug I want to do for the nursery along with the mobile and whatever else. Was hoping for a giant stuffed crocheted superhero doll but I guess that can wait. Not like a newborn or anything before a year old needs that anyway lol.

It's not that we even need a lot, but it still feels like we don't have enough if that makes sense.
Yeah... I'm in panic mode atm lol. I think I'll feel better once we actually start on the nursery walls. It will be a lot of work, but at least then it will mean we have the room cleared out and things in motion. Right now it's at a bit of a stand still.

Terrible 2s? Hell yes!

MAN! It was slowly building up.. slowly slowly.
But the terrible 2s is earning its name. Holy crap Zoe is becoming a little holy terror!
Defiant, fussy, total drama queen.
Toddlers man......... toddlers......


Sorry that was so disjointed but I don't know what else to say about it other than... UGH! lol
Zoe will be my sweet loving baby girl and then a switch flips and she turns in to this tiny cute little asshole :P
Well she's gonna be SUPER grumpy for a while b/c DH just took all of the leftover candy to work with him. She's not gonna like not having anymore candy :P

I actually slept well last night! Only woke up twice to pee and didn't wake up once b/c I was achy and uncomfortable. WOO! Could still use a few more hours of sleep, but this is such a rare occurrence now.. I had to share it lol.

I was hoping I'd avoid getting any new stretch marks this pregnancy... PFFT NOPE!
I saw a new one the other day right smack dab center on my belly.
It's only about an inch long but I'm sure it will get bigger and/or be joined by some buddies. BOOOO

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Little bit of this and that

Took a photo yesterday... 21w4d
I'm huge and I love it! :D
Sure most of that bump is fat and all of the organs pushed up but meh.. I'll take it hehe

Our camera is SCREWED. It's not focusing any longer so yeah... we're def needing to get a new one now. Oops. Hopefully we can find a good one for not that much.

I need to stop giving Zoe yogurt. She doesn't even bother eating it any longer. As soon as I turn my back, she has herself covered in it.

TMI..... had sex last night and it was pretty intense. Afterwards I had some bad bad RLP. I've cramped after before, but this wasn't cramping, just RLP and it lasted for a while after too. Yeesh!

Also got woken up last night with terrible gut cramps. My groggy brain actually thought I might be in labor lol, but that thought only lasted for a split second. I know gut cramps when I feel them. *grumble*

Have to take puppy and cat back in to the vet today... joy :\ Puppy gets his 2nd set of shots and the cat... no idea. The meds we were giving him didn't do anything for him so.. back to the drawing board. I doubt anything we do will help his paws.
We'll just have to live with him pooping and peeing on puppy pads... which I'm fine with so long as he doesn't do it straight on the carpet any longer. Just wish he had picked a different spot. He picked the area right beside Zoe's play kitchen.

Holy crap, that reminds me... did I ever post photos of the play kitchen DH built for Zoe? I don't think I did! OOPS! We're still not done with it actually... again... OOPS. I'll try to remember to get some photos of it soon.

And a bigger HOLY CRAP.... Our baby boy is going to be here in just FOUR MONTHS!!! WTH?? I don't know what I was thinking but for some reason... I thought we had longer. Now it really feels like we need to rush to complete everything and that we don't have enough time.
Sure the nursery really doesn't need to be done before he is born but pffft, like I'm going to want to do anything with it after he is.
Holy shit though... 4 months... that's it!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

So much junk!!!

Ok, I THINK I'm just about done with throwing away all the junk from my closet.
Holy hell do I have a lot of unused sketchbooks (gifted to me). I have at least a dozen+. Going to have to start drawing again. Can't get too rusty and I do want to draw a few things, like a Zoe portrait.
But that's for later...
Now to figure out what else is going in there. I know some of the stuff from the computer closet will be put in there and some of the junk off my desk will find a home in there too.
We really need to have a yard sale. I could probably clear out half of what is still in there. Like all of the wedding undergarments. May just donate those though.
Which reminds me that I need to go through my dresser too. So much to do!

This is my last week of eating whatever I want. My metformin is dwindling down and I was serious about saving some for Thanksgiving lol.
No more sweet sweet Dr pepper, no more candy (which I'm sick of anyway), no more sugar. Just good healthy foods.
I need it though. All of this sugar I've been eating has really been sticking to my ass lately and the scale keeps going up up up.

Love that I can feel baby boy every day now. It's not all the time, but he does seem to get active in the morning. The movement is still light, but there's no denying that it's him. I doubt I'll be able to feel movement from the outside until.. hell, MUCH later. Have the placenta and a nice thick layer of fat to block it all lol.
It shouldn't be a problem when it comes to NST time though right? He should be big enough by then that fat & placenta shouldn't matter.

Feels like I wanted to mention something else but I can't remember what now.
Kind of in a sleep deprived caffeine haze. Tired but also kind of wired feeling.
Sleep has been AWFUL.
It's colder and we haven't turned the heater on yet (I do when I take a shower though.. MUAHAHAHA). So it's cold at night and I finally have to use a blanket. Well the blanket gets all tangled in the sheet and my tossing and turning doesn't help and BLAH! It's so frustrating :( I just want to sleep well damnit!
I'm SO tempted to just sleep in one of the recliners, but I know the sound of the aquarium (water trickling) would drive me crazy.

DH turned the mattress so we weren't sleeping in the giant indentations any longer, but it hasn't really helped. I wake up with my knees hurting b/c of the way I was laying was putting pressure on them, or I wake with my arm, shoulders, back, whatever aching.

MAN! I thought everything said boy pregnancies were supposed to be a breeze compared to girl ones lol.

Monday, November 3, 2014


Just had to share really quick.
Zoe was obviously very tired. It's around her nap time and she was displaying her usual "I'm tired" signs like rubbing her eyes and being fussy.

Girl did NOT want to go to bed though. Whenever I said it was , night night time, she would run off and say "No! TV!" and sit down and watch the tv she had been ignoring before lol.
I finally said "No, it's night night time." She did it again, I took her hand and started walking her to her room and that's when the tantrum started. Just a mild one, but it was HILARIOUS!
I couldn't help but laugh.
She did the limp noodle move.
Just totally limp and not cooperating at all. I could barely pick her up b/c I was laughing so hard. Kinda of cruel considering she was crying the entire time, but I couldn't help it... it was funny :P

She quieted down just a few minutes ago. Now time for me to stop being lazy and go clean that closet up already!

Boooo, but yay too!

So we forgot to bring any overnight stuff for Zoe. That was ok though b/c it gave MiL and aunt a reason to go shopping at Goodwill heh.
Well DH gets a call and hands me the phone. It's aunt asking if I needed maternity pants and if I could fit in to XL.
Women's clothes usually run small on me so I said sure! I needed some and could probably wear XL.
She gives them to DH the next day after church and I get excited to put them on (she washed them).
Welp... they're too big.... WAY too big.
I decided to wear them out anyway and the entire time I have to keep pulling them up... nevermind that the maternity panel started making my stomach itch like crazy.
So bummed out that they don't fit me, but also kind of happy that XL is too big lol.

Also, I think the majority of my pants are size 18's. I wore one of them and it fit great. Was also a little too big (not as bad as the maternity ones) which also made me happy hehe. Hopefully this means I won't have to buy anything new... although I would really like some sweatpants.


DH cleaned out the computer room closet yesterday. Well it's not completely cleaned out just yet but 90% of it has been thrown away or put up. I'm working on my closet now so we can fill it with my items that were in there.
Never realized just how much useless crap I've accumulated over the years. And most of it is crap I've gotten for Christmas. You know when you get a present from someone that doesn't really know you? They learn one thing about you and go with it. Like my SiL loves horses and she ALWAYS used to get horse related stuff from people that never bothered learning any of her other interests.
Well that's what my closet is filled with. Art crap. I don't mind some of it, but a girl only needs so many pencils.

I already filled up one bag full of trash and crap.... I have another box to go through and then need to make some decisions on a few other things. If we ever have a yard sale, we'll have plenty of junk to sell.

Oh I did find a surprise in the closet! My last HPT with Zoe!! :D It was the one I took either right before or right after the last beta with her. So happy I saved it... didn't think I had. I put the last one I took with this little guy's in with hers. :) It will be kinda gross little reminders for when they're older heh.

It's exciting to finally start doing something with this room though. After I clean the closet... it's time to clean off this desk.

Looks like I accidently broke the camera. Oops. I was wanting to take pics of the other baby clothes that we bought and it fell on the floor. It still works, it's just the little protective thing that opens on the lense doesn't open/close right anymore.
We need to get a new camera anyway. Something we've talked about doing for years now but never have. Guess we'll have to sooner rather than later.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Things I forgot

So DH still isn't telling his parents what the name is. It's driving his mom crazy lol.
We went out to dinner with them last night and they asked him about it. He said we didn't have anything definite yet... which we don't.

Well this brought on a nice little montage of name suggestions from MiL and aunt.
They can suggest all they want, but their names.... no.
Nothing wrong with the names they did suggest, but a lot of them are SUPER popular right now. At least from what I've seen on some of the message boards I go to.

2 of them from MiL were Xander & Liam. I've seen at least half a dozen women that are using Liam, and a little less wanting to use Xander.
Nothing wrong with either name and it's not like we're against using something popular (ie Zoe)... I dunno... was just kind of surprised that she even suggested those *shrugs*

Then aunt chimed in with Zachary and calling him Zach. She was dead set on this name too for some reason. Again, it's not a bad name, but not something we want to use. MiL didn't like that name though and shot it down when aunt kept suggesting it lol.

So yeah... if we do end up using Bishop (which we most likely will), I highly doubt they're going to like it. But oh well, tough crap for them. They better get used to it.

We went to the bookstore so DH could get his baby name book. Kept telling him to just look online but he gets distracted by other stuff while on the computer lol. We'll have something picked out eventually :)

Zoe spent the night w/ aunt last night. When we were leaving the restaurant, DH went in to get some more hugs and Zoe actually started crying b/c she thought we were taking her home LOL.
Kinda makes me feel bad that she would rather go than come home, but also I'm glad that she's not scared to go spend the night somewhere else.
Mixed feelings.
I really need to take her out more. I just never feel like going anywhere after a certain time.
I'm happy to stay home, but her.... she's going to be a little social butterfly that's going to want to go out and about all the time.

Think that was it. I'm sure I forgot something else.
Gotta clean the carpets again and try to start clearing the closet out of this room. Going to be a HUGE PITA b/c I'm not sure where we're going to store all the junk in there.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Perfect :D

Well today started off COLD AS HELL!
Woke up to see people on FB that actually got A LOT of snow today too. That is absolutely INSANE for here. Saw on the news that in recorded history (just from 1800something) it has NEVER snowed here this early before.
We didn't get any in our area (thankfully), but it looks like maybe as little as 10-20miles from here got 3 inches.
Just so unheard of for this time of year, especially considering that it got to mid-80's just a few days ago.
We just got a lot of snow w/ just a tiny bit of sleet thrown in every once in a while. Cold cold and cold.

Didn't stop us from going out though. Talked DH in to going to look at cribs since he wants an expensive one and we would have to start payments on it very soon to keep costs from building up all at once.
So we went to the same place we got Zoe's crib and..... we found one and got the matching dresser to go with it! WOO! Or more like, we picked one and will be paying on it for the next few months lol ;)
It's so nice and just what we both were wanting. He wanted nice thick solid wood legs on it, and I just wanted gray lol. We did both want a solid back on it too.
It's called the Tillen collection in gray wash. Here's a link if you're interested in taking a look at it.
We decided to just go ahead and get the dresser too since we kind of regret going cheap on Zoe's dresser. Nothing wrong with it, but you can tell the difference in quality. Hers.. we'll have to eventually replace, his should last until he moves out and takes it with him. Just a good sturdy solid wood dresser.
Was not expecting to get anything but it was exactly what we were wanting. Just don't ask how much O_O There's a reason this place has their own little layaway plan.

We then went to lunch then grocery shopping. Once Upon a Child is right next to the grocery store so we wanted to go in to see if they might have a bassinet. Was talking to DH on the way there and told him that if we can get a bassinet used, I'd rather do that than get one new. Just not worth it to buy new if we're only going to use it for 2, maybe 3 months.
They didn't have any unfortunately but we looked around some more, bought more shoes for Zoe, a pretty new coat, couple of cheap toys and.... baby boy clothes! :D
Right next to the toys they had clearance half off stuff and I couldn't resist looking through it.
Bought a cute fuzzy overalls thing that we'll need a shirt for in 0-3, a cute rocket sleep sack in 0-3... but the best score? This cute little body suit in newborn.
It's PERFECT... especially with the theme of the nursery!
How awesome is that??
It looks a lot bigger than newborn and I hope it actually is so we can put him in it all the time lol.
WOOT! Just feel so lucky to have found it, plus half off it was only 1.25 :D

 It's just feeling a little more real now and also like we don't have any time lol. We'll probably be taking a trip across town to go to buybuybaby and babies r us to look for an infant carrier soon... and check out the once upon a child there as well for a bassinet. I told DH we could probably wait until January but he wants to get one sooner which is fine with me. But we have to go before all of the Christmas shopping traffic nightmare starts. That part of town is already terrible for traffic at any given time...add in everyone and their mother wanting to go to the shops and mall there.... holy headaches Batman!