Saturday, June 29, 2013

Foiled again...

We WERE going to go blueberry picking, that is until DH just found out that he has to help his parents clean up the house they were supposed to have cleaned months ago.... no no, make that years ago.
AND don't forget all of SiL's shit that is still there too.

His dad isn't supposed to lift anything heavy, my brother can't lift anything heavy, and SiL's husband can't lift anything heavy... Hmmm, wonder who is left then, oh yeah, DH. :\

Now I don't mind that he is asked to help. They're family and that's what family does for one another, but I'll still bitch and moan about it when it fudges our plans. And I'll moan about it more when Zoe is being difficult and screaming her cute little head off b/c she's tired but doesn't want to nap!

I can feel the nibbles of a headache starting.

On a lighter note....

I taught Zoe how to high five! WOO! HIGH FIVE! lol
I actually have video of it but we'll see how long it takes for me to post it :P heh I have lots and lots and lots of stuff I really need to get done. Lots....... and lots....................

Friday, June 28, 2013

This is why I don't open the door....

I guess people just don't bother to read signs anymore.
Most of the people in this neighborhood think the stop signs here are optional, and the nice big NO SOLICITORS sign at the entrance to the neighborhood is ignored.... awesome.

I hate it when salesmen knock on the door. I don't want what you're selling dude. I don't want my carpets cleaned, I don't want pest control, I don't want you to mow my lawn, I don't want any of it. If I did, I would've already contacted someone about it!!

Answered the door a little while ago and UGH. Nice guy doing pest control. Mostly talking about spiders. When he asked if I hated spiders, I just said, " Eh, no not really. I don't mind them." And he looked at me like I was crazy. What, am I supposed to be some typical shriek woman that's terrified of every bug?
Roaches, yes, spiders? Nope... I just don't mind them b/c they eat other more annoying bugs. Black widows are insta-death sentence if we spot one, but the very numerous wolf spiders are more than welcome to eat all the bugs they want around here.

Anyway, I feel bad for these people. I know they're just trying to make a living, but damn... knocking on people's doors is annoying as shit!

And some RUDE termite guys today. We called them 3 months ago b/c we had an invasion of termites. So they came out and sprayed and looked at the minor damage that was done. They're supposed to repair the damage which was only some molding inside, nothing much. That was THREE months ago and after multiple calls, they finally came back to fix it.
Well, there were 2 guys, they came in did their thing. I didn't talk to them b/c I didn't want to for one, and b/c I didn't want to distract them from their job.
Well I get up to go get Zoe b/c she had woken from her nap, I come back out and they're gone. All of their tools gone, their truck gone and the work done.
Really??? Not even a "We're done and we're leaving." NAH??? They left the door wide open (we do have a glass 'screen' door) and everything. WTF??
I know we didn't exchange more than a few sentences with eachother but damn. Come on.

AnYWHO... enough of my bitching...

OMG, I went to give Zoe a bottle b/c she had just woken and was fussing for one.
I go in, look at her and the girl is nekkid from the waist down!
She got off her diaper (it was a Velcro one) and THEN decided she was going to take the wet peed in insert out! I know she probably put it in her mouth too which totally grosses me out. LOL
Thankfully it was just pee and not that wet. I would've gagged and turned in to that shrieky woman if it had been poo :P

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Promises shmomises

I swear, I'll get photos and video of Zoe up eventually!! I'm just being super lazy about it! When she is down for a nap, I just don't feel like doing anything productive lol.

So, what's been going on since.. what.. yesterday?

DH took Zoe out to a farewell residents dinner thing last night. His coworkers wanted to see her and I didn't want to go. He would usually try to pressure me in to going but I wasn't having any of it and he was OK with me staying home. WOO! lol
Gotta say, it was kinda weird not having Zoe in the house with me. Obviously I've been away from her before, but it's always weird when I'm at home without her. Just feels wrong and worrying.
Anywho, apparently she did great though.
Sometimes it takes her a while to warm up to strangers (or family), but apparently she was in a very good mood and was all scrunchy faced smiles last night heh.

Gosh, it's just so amazing watching her grow and develop. Gave her a bath and gave her 2 bath toys as usual for her to play with. It was a killer whale and a sting ray.
I kept repeating what they were, whale and ray. And I swear she repeated what I said.
She clearly said ray, and for whale, she would say something like wha.... lol
so cute!!!
Not sure she fully understood but it's something :)

ATm she is fighting taking a nap like crazy. Poor girl is in her crib crying and fussing. I know she's tired but she does not want to nap!! If she's still at it in the next 30min I'll go get her.

Looks like her other front side tooth (whatever it's called...) might be the next tooth to come through. Doesn't look close yet, but looks closer than any others.

OOOO totally going to make DH takes us blueberry picking this weekend! Can't wait! I'm totally going to cheat like hell though b/c I'm going to make a cobbler and a cake recipe that I found.
I LOATHE cooked fruit, but blueberries are the exception. It's the only one that I'll tolerate and I can't wait to cook some up in some deliciously bad stuff! lol

Blueberry season is pretty short though. Only a couple of months.
We'll have to go a couple of times *nodnod*

Speaking of growing stuff, our garden looks HORRIBLE right now :(
The peppers and some of the tomato plants are ok, but the cucumbers... I don't know what the hell happened.
They got stunted and are just now starting to grow, BUT are getting those damn yellow spots on the leaves. No idea what the hell it is. Doesn't look like aphids, so maybe something in the soil. Sucks b/c I was so looking forward to some fresh cucumbers.

Oh and we have moles! UGH! We haven't actually seen any, but walking around in the back, you step on where they've tunneled all over the damn place. It's ALL around my gardens. Not sure if that would cause the problems we have or not.
Damn things.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Doggy!!! (get your minds out of the gutter!)

I think Zoe has said doggy now! DH was off yesterday, so we had MiL watch Zoe so we could go to the movie.
When we went and picked her up, Zoe was on my lap talking some and she kept saying something along the lines of doggy. I didn't realize what it was until MiL pointed it out, doh! lol
But it definitely was her saying it! WOO!

I'm sure it will be like all of the other words she has said though, she'll say them whenever the hell SHE feels like it and not any time sooner! lol

With that being said though... ok so she has had her first words now.... but what do I count??
She's been saying Dada for a while, but I don't think it's been in context until just recently.
I know for a fact that she says Kitty kitty in context b/c she was looking and heading for the cat when she said it.
And doggy def was too but that wasn't first word. She also says byebye a lot, but don't think that's in context either.

So... *shrugs* I think kitty was her first. 

I think she's starting to enjoy it at MiL's house. From the report on when we get her back, she does nap there kinda well so I'm happy about that.
Just wish she could crawl around there like she wants to do, but no, floor is way too dirty. Def going to have to wait until she's walking and not putting everything in to her mouth before she spends the night.

Oh we saw World War Z.
Absolutely nothing like the book, BUT it was still a good movie if you enjoy zombie-esk flicks.

In other news... I'm still spotting, WTF? It's not a lot thankfully. Mostly just there when I use the bathroom every other time, but still.... annoying!
Just reminds me that even though I did get AF, my body is far from being fixed.
Hopefully I'll still ovulate again though..... soon. Going to have to start charting again, minus the temps.
NO way I could temp now even if I wanted to, so I'm relying on these OPKs to tell me something.

So far nothing going on with them. Same ole faint line that I usually get.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

So tired

I dunno what crawled up Zoe's butt this morning but she decided 7am was a good time to start waking up. NOOOOOOOOOOOzzzzzzzz
UGH, I am POOPED b/c I could not get back to sleep after her 5:30am wake.
I'd drift in and out of sleep b/c I kept getting too hot.
I'd be the perfect or the worst ghost hunter b/c my ass would stand right in any cold spots found LOL.
I'd egg the ghosts on to get them to make it colder :P

Anyway, just as I was getting back to sleep, she started waking, BUT she wanted to go right back to sleep 20mins later... of course just long enough that I was wide awake.... or well... tired but awake... too awake to get back to sleep, there.

 THEN she woke at 8:20, and is now down for her first nap of the day. SIGH! It will be ROUGH with a newborn, but I'll just have to suck it up b/c oh yes... it's going to happen *nodnod*

Just took my 2nd opk (forgot to take one yesterday, not that it matters).... and not anywhere close to being +. Kinda worried that IF I do ovulate, I'm going to miss it. I'm trying to only use 1 a day since I don't want to spend more on tests if I don't have to. Maybe start doing twice a day a week from now *shrugs*

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Zoe had her first taste of pizza last night and she LOVED it!! lol
We gave her a small slice of pizza and the girl ate almost the entire thing.
If she keeps up her appetite, we are def going to have to put her in to some physical activities when she's older. Don't want her having the weight issues DH and I, and hell, most of the population has.
We want to put her in to some kind of martial arts. Teach her how to kick some ass if the need arises. I never want her or any future children to be someone's victim ya know?

I also bought her some Ritz(sp?) crackers today and she loves those things too. It's so fun giving her new things to try out :D
Really want to give her some watermelon... mostly because I want some lol. It's not on sale yet though, booooooo

Hmm, there was something else I wanted to mention but I can't think of it now as usual. SIGH!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Wait... what?

Weighed myself this morning and it was 211.... wha??????
Nevermind that it was 217 on Monday after the bad weekend we had! Just goes to show how much water weight and whatnot we can hold on to. Geeze.

I know what has helped though.... smoothie dinner days. We went and picked more strawberries and have been doing smoothies a couple of days a week.
We had 2 this week. Just 3 ingredients.... frozen strawberries & bananas and whole milk. That's it. We're gonna run out of fresh strawberries eventually, so need to come up with different kinds.
It's good though. One batch is enough to give DH and I a big glass full plus some and it's surprisingly filling and satisfying.

I did have a bad night just the other night. Not sure if it was something I ate, but I woke up at 3am feeling nauseated. Thought it would go away, but nope so I figured might as well get it over with and went in to the bathroom and threw up a lung.
I had eaten some pork ribs for dinner. Something I fix once a month... not sure if it's what caused it or if it was something else.
I've been afraid to eat the leftovers lol. DH took some to work today so we'll see if he gets sick or not I guess lol.

Anywho, I hope this weightloss continues. Would be nice to get under 200 before falling pregnant again. Although getting pregnant anytime would be nice :)
I would def have to go straight on to the diet I was on with Zoe though. More than likely I'll have GD again and I'm sure baby would benefit from all of the healthy food it would be getting from the start. So I'm sure eating well would also help with some weight loss during. At least for a little while and would help keep weight gain to a healthy amount.

So... yep. Gonna start taking OPKs soon. I don't expect to ovulate in a normal timeframe but hey, my body could surprise me.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dancin machine!

Or well, more like a baby wiggle lol.
Trying to find music Zoe likes is kinda difficult. She likes Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes. But that's so short. Same with ABC song.
Tried showing her some 80's music today heh. She seemed more interested in watching the videos than dancing to them, but she did a little bit. Anything upbeat and happy sounding she enjoys. She started clapping to one of them (can't remember which one). SO cute!! :D

We pretty much have Zoe's birthday invitations ready. We just picked one of the ones they have at The pink one where you can put in 12 photos of your baby's first year. We both liked that idea so picked it.
It's only going to be a small party. We're hoping to get the neighborhood pool and then have pizza by the playground. Can only reserve the pool for 2 hours, but that's ok. Take a dip to cool off some then go eat :D

Kinda doubt a lot of the people we invited will even go swimming though. Oh well.

Have I said that Zoe is worse than a dog when it comes to begging for food?? Well, if I haven't yet... SHE IS!
And you can't say no or shoo her away! lol It sucks when we're eating something she can't have. Like something that is too spicy or something she's just not supposed to have yet. She wants everything we eat though. It's kinda annoying when she starts grabbing at the plate rofl.

AF is almost gone. Thought it was completely gone earlier today, but still spotting when I use the bathroom just a little.
Bought some wondfo OPKs today and should be getting those in in a couple of days. WOO! Can't wait :)
I'll have to ration them though. 50 tests sounds like a lot until you realize you have irregular cycles and don't know when the hell or IF you're going to ovulate.

I'll post some photos soon.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Diva in the making

Good lord, Zoe is going to be a diva and a half when she gets bigger if she keeps the same personality lol. She wants what she wants and she is not afraid to go for it and tell/show you.

And she already has mini-tantrums. Anyone that says that babies don't have tantrums is LIEING to you lol. I'm sure these are mild compared to ones she'll have in the future though... scary lol.

She's starting to say Woah and Wow now.... totally channeling 80's and 90's Keanu Reeves lol.

Also, she's baby dancing now :D It's mostly just sorta wiggling a little but it's still pretty darn cute hehe.

Sigh, another family get together weekend to totally ruin any progress I've had with weight loss lol.
I didn't help though. I made a strawberry cream cake. It was good, but it totally fell apart.
Went a bit too ambitious and made it 3 layer and it just fell apart. Looks like a complete mess but it tasted good.

I also made some homemade Tiger butter (peanut butter, white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate fudge) and regular fudge. SUPER easy to make.

Tiger butter...

1 cup peanut butter
About 1.5 cup white chocolate.

Melt both in a double boiler until smooth.

1/3 cup of peanut butter
1.5 cup of semi-sweet chocolate

In  a microwave safe bowl. Microwave 30 sec, mix, repeat until melted and mixed.

Line a 8x8 pan with foil, spray foil w/ oil, pour the 2 mixtures making sure to do it evenly so there isn't more than the other in any one spot. Take a butter knife and swirl. Put in the fridge for 2 hours.

That's it. Frickin DELICOUS!

The regular fudge is pretty easy too. I can't remember the exact measurements. I do remember it's...

Evaporated milk
 marshmallow fluff
 milk chocolate

I think that's it... maybe some butter too but I can't remember.

You melt the milk, fluff and possibly butter. Bring to boil over medium heat. Boil for 6 minutes stirring constantly.
Take off of heat, add the chocolate and blend together.
Same as the tiger butter.
Line a 8x8 with foil. No need to oil it... pour in the mixture. Fridge for 2 hours. A lot easier than people realize.

Anyway,.... so yeah.... all that to say that diet was SCREWED this weekend lol.
It's ok though. Just gotta get back on it :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

You know what this means...

So I was afraid that this AF was going to turn out like the previous non-AF AF... but nope. It's turning out to be the real deal this time.
Which means... I ovulated!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
And you know what that means... TTC!!!!
Obviously I'm still going to be focused on losing more weight, but still, just knowing that my body actually worked again is a great feeling.
You ladies with regular cycles are very lucky *nodnod*

Maybe this was the fire I needed under my butt to get the weight loss thing going b/c I'm feeling even more determined to shed the pounds now.

I need to buy some more OPKs though. Like... a boat load. Wish a 30day pack would be enough but who knows when the next one will happen.

Zoe is definitely a momma's girl. When I let her roam around, she'll mostly follow me wherever I go. It's kinda awesome right now I must admit heh. Thankfully she doesn't JUST want me, but it's nice to know that she wants me :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Well, Hello there!

Welp, the spotting has turned in to frickin AF. This was unexpected. Hopefully this is a good sign though.
Wonder if I actually ovulated.
I did get some instances of light stabbing pains in the O area, but never thought anything of it b/c well... it's my body and it sucks.
Need to buy more OPKs though. If I am getting AF now, it means we actually have a chance of conceiving again soon! WOO! *happy dance*
Just can't let up on the good dieting.
There will be bad days... but I gotta make the good ones count.

Oh, and no overnight stays for Zoe just yet.
DH and I decided that we're not comfortable with her at MiL's house until Zoe can walk... and hopefully by then she'll have stopped putting things in to her mouth.
MiL's house is A LOT cleaner than it was.... but it's still nowhere near being clean enough for us to feel comfortable with Zoe crawling around. I know for a fact that one of their dogs marks their recliners and they don't catch it. Makes my skin crawl to think that Zoe could put her hand in to that and then hand in to mouth. BLEH.
Nevermind all of the poo filled dirt their dogs track in to the house. So yeah.... it's going to be a little while longer before Zoe stays over there.
So with all that being said.... MiL is babysitting for us so we can go see Superman, strawberry picking etc.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hmmm, ok

So, I started spotting. Well, it's only there when I use the bathroom.
Started last night right before bed. Just a single drop in the toilet.
Probably won't amount to anything but it would be nice if it did turn in to an actual AF.
I wonder why now though. Nothing really has changed.... *shrugs*
We'll see what happens.

UUUUUUGH, Zoe's poops have been SO disgusting lately. I want those little turdlettes back! Her poos.... just... BLEH. Big chunks of undigested carrots, smooshy and pastey. Almost like poo glue in her diaper. BLAAAARGH!

Also... she's developed this habit of shrieking when she's stuck in the living room without us.
It makes going to the bathroom a chore now. It wouldn't be so bad letting her roam about the house. I'd say 98% of it is baby proof, but I just don't feel comfortable letting her do it if I'm not watching her. So... I block her in the living room where all her toys are and go do my business as quickly as possible.
She is having NONE of it though and cries and shrieks and UGH. I can only imagine what she's going to be like older. I hope not like this lol.
Maybe she'll calm down a bit more by then hehe.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I keep forgetting to mention that we have mice! BLEH!
Thankfully we haven't seen them and I don't think they venture down to the main part of the house often... but still, they're up in the room above the garage and have probably made themselves an impressive nest in the insulation.
We at first thought it was just one mouse. Didn't worry about it too much, welp, if it was just one, that one called up some buddies. There is mouse poop all over the place. It's so gross.
Now, I'm not afraid of mice, but I sure as hell don't want them in my house!

LOL Zoe is looking at herself in her little flower mirror right now. It's so cute!! She's making this hiiiiiiiii sound and rubbing the mirror on her face ROFL.
Babies are so weird :P
SHe started doing a little baby dance yesterday. It wasn't much, just kinda flapping her arms, but she only did it when her doggy toy played music (which she kinda figured out how to do now too).
Not all her developments are awesome though, she's in the phase of wanting to drop and throw everything on to the floor.
That's not so bad until you give her something of yours to play with and *toss* there it goes.

As for the weight loss. Weighed again today and it's down 215. *shrugs*
I am eating less for some reason... just not as hungry as I usually am, BUT I do still eat. I'm not skipping meals or anything.
Meh... just another one of those things. I'm sure my appetite will be back to normal soon enough.

Monday, June 10, 2013

What's my body doing now

I have no frickin idea... that's what.
I weighed myself yesterday and was 214. That's down from what I was.
Weighed today.... 216.8. What??? Where the hell did that 2lbs of whatever come from?? Considering that we didn't have a dinner last night... you would think I'd be lighter. I did eat... lets see.. I ate 2 cheese snack sticks, a key lime yogurt, a pickle, sliced cheese... and that was it.
Didn't drink a lot of water... so... *shrugs*

Whatever... I'll keep remembering the 214 and know I'm doing something right at the moment.

Anywho! Enough of me.... Zoe news :D

That one tooth is really starting to show. It's so cute seeing it when she smiles hehe. I THINK the one next to it has cut through too but I'm not sure.
She seems to be interacting with her toys and environment a bit more. She played with them before, but she's playing with them by herself more now. Hope that made sense.
She's also babbling a LOT and it's so cute! I'll try to get video of her doing it. Gotta be sneaky about it though or she'll stop.

Everyone thinks she's gonna be walking soon. I'd say probably by her birthday, she'll either have already taken her first steps or will be close to doing it. She's really good at moving along while holding on to stuff now.

We're still debating if we want her to spend the night with MiL. It's not that I don't trust MiL with her.... it's that I don't think Zoe will be able to sleep there.
Zoe has a very self set schedule she's on and her being in a different place, trying to be put down to sleep..... I imagine a very miserable night for everyone.

Plus, just the thought of her not here with us makes my heart race. We'll see.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Almost have all of the parts for my computer! OOOO I can't wait! :D Having the laptop is nice, but having a PC again... *happy dance*


Zoe is doing well.... other than her butt... AGAIN. I swear, just one night... if she poops early on and we don't catch it until the next morning totally messes up her poor butt. Hoping that as she grows her skin won't be so darn sensitive. Poor girl's ass looks horrible right now. Not the worst it's ever been but still bad.

Oh I swear Zoe said kitty kitty yesterday! It was SO cute!! It was baby version " Kee Kee" but she was totally saying kitty kitty b/c she spotted the cat and started saying it with a huge smile on her face. She wants to mess with the cat SO much and I have no idea why. Maybe because she doesn't see him as often as the dogs?? I dunno but she always goes after him whenever he's around.

She's also starting to say byebye. She hasn't done that one a lot yet.

Her other bottom front tooth has broken through. Not sure if the top one has or if it's still under the gums. It's so cute when she smiles and you can see the start of the teeth. I'm going to miss her gummy smiles though.

What else what else.....
I haven't started exercising yet *hangs head in shame*. It's just an ongoing battle with myself and laziness is winning. I fully intend to do it and then I let everything distract me.
I am down in weight though. Just a little bit. Back on low carb.
It's not as low as it was before though. I've been eating yogurt which is pretty high in it. Been having some sugar free pudding too and I eat part of the banana I give to Zoe almost every day lol. I do share my yogurts with her so I probably only get half or a little more than half.
So yeah.... diet is going well, but again... just have to get the exercise thing going.....

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Home alone

Not sure when DH is coming home today. Him and his friends were supposed to be staying up all night, but DH is used to going to bed at 10pm at the latest lol. Not sure how he held up.
Told him not to drive while sleepy so he's probably asleep over there. Oh welp... so long as he gets home safe.

Can I just say again that I am so happy DH isn't the type to go out drinking and doing stupid shit?? Read so many posts from women who have asshole husbands that pick druggy or drink buddy friends over their families and  just feel thankful that DH is not like that and would never be one of those types of people.

Last night was lonely and great at the same time. Lonely b/c I missed him but also great b/c I sprawled all out on our bed lol. I was a human X the whole night and AAAAHHHHHH it was nice to have room to move rofl.
We have a king size bed, but I have this tiny sliver of it while the dog, sometimes the cat, and DH take up the rest. And I'm sure my sliver will get reduced even more once Zoe starts wanting to sleep with us every once in a while heh.

Speaking of Zoe.... she's taking her first nap of the day. She wakes up, wants to eat, then an hour later wants to go back to sleep for about 30min to an hour lol.

Oh, she was in hog heaven last night at dinner. Someone gave her a roll to eat and OMG she ate almost the entire thing!!! The only reason she didn't eat it all was b/c she dropped some. AND she wanted MORE after that! Girl knows how to eat and frickin enjoys it lol.