Friday, March 30, 2012


Today has been a very busy day. We were home for a little bit to eat some lunch and then we went out again.

No crib today. Boo lol
The place didn't have one of them that we were wanting to look at, but they are getting it either next week or the week after so hoping to see it then.
We've narrowed down our picks though between that one and this other that we really like. DH just wants to look at the other one before making a final decision.

We got the dresser today
Honestly, it's not the greatest quality. Like something you'd buy from Walmart. Not bad, but not great.
We'll def be replacing this within the next few years lol. It's not a bad dresser or anything, it's just not the best quality.
But yeah, dresser really doesn't matter too much anyway. It will hold clothes and possibly diapers and the changing pad on top and that's all that matters lol.

We have another dresser. This one is DH's childhood one that he's had since well.. childhood lol. He doesn't even remember when he got it so it could be older than him.
It needs some repairs to it, but it should be pretty simple.... hopefully :P
The color on it seems to just be painted on. I'd like to paint it, but really, it doesn't matter if it stays the way it is.

We went to the clearance part of the furniture place today. They had a lot of nice stuff marked down hundreds of dollars, but nothing that we really wanted. We're just being picky.
We did buy a crib set though :D
It was $120 which is a bit pricy, but that was for 9 pieces.
Lemme see.. there's the blanket, sheet, dust ruffle, 2 curtain things, an accent pillow, bumper, toy bag, diaper bag.... erm yeah that's it heh...
It's the perfect color and matches the room spot on.
Also, it's not too girly other than the color which I really like and the design is very simple.
Here's a photo of the blanket and the pillow. It all looks like that so no point in pulling it all out of the bag lol.
It has dragonflies on it <3... Love dragonflies. Plus I still get that 'dragon' kind of thing in there for the Chinese zodiac too hehe well.. at least in name :P

Just gotta wash it or spray it down with something b/c it was the one on the floor. Who knows how many grubby hands have touched it! lol Ew

And finally, we bought a glider/ottoman online. It's backordered though until the end of April which sucks, but hopefully it's nice. It didn't cost too much thankfully and shipping was free so woo! heh I'll post photos when we eventually get it.

This little girl is moving up a storm right now. Was pretty quiet for most of the day and she is just moving all around right now. Started a couple of hours ago and she's been going since.
I'm starting to feel her kicks above my waist line now. Seems like just yesterday that I was saying how I could feel the top of my uterus below my waist.
Wonder what she's doing when I get the weird bubbly feeling. It's down further and from the u/s I had, she's head down... maybe it's her little hands moving around?

Oh and before I finally stop... I had to post this video up. It's SO frickin cool and sorta weird.
It also makes me want to jump in and soothe the poor little crying baby.
It's not anything terrible lol, just neat.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Woot!! 1 thing down

We bought a dresser! YAY!
We went to a locally owned furniture place we saw listed on craigslist.
There was a particular white dresser I wanted to look at. They didn't have it there though, but we bit the bullet and went ahead and bought it.
We'll be picking it up tomorrow! We got there just in time since they were leaving tomorrow to pick up their orders. YAAAAAY! I'm so excited to get it :D
On their website they have it listed for 220, but we paid 202 plus tax. A LOT cheaper than expensive overpriced nursery stuff.

Now we just have to get the crib, and hopefully a glider w/ ottoman too heh. Found some really nice cheapish ones online. May have to convince DH to go back to the terrible traffic side of town tomorrow.
It's gonna be a very busy day.
Going back to the baby furniture place, gotta go to pick up the dresser, have to go to this health food store to get a 5gal water thing and yeah, whatever else that we can come up with.

"Are you showing yet?"

UGH... it's so insensitive.
I know I go on about being fat and such, but just to be asked that just rubs me the wrong way.
Yes, I know I'm fat, but damn, I wasn't THIS big before was I? Geeze...

Thankfully it doesn't bother me a huge amount, it's just irritating.

Oh I can not sleep on my back. I was laying in bed with DH trying to feel LO move, and my lower back started to ache like crazy. Guess that's a good thing considering how I'm not supposed to sleep on my back (which I havent been).

LO was being a stubborn little girl last night though. I'd feel a kick or 2, DH would hurry in and put his hand where I felt it, and nothin....
It happened a few times too. Just bad timing heh.
Made him talk to me while he had his head in my lap. NO not going anything pervs! lol
I just wanted him to talk so she could hear him close.

DH is working outside right now trying to finish up the frame to the gardens. We decided to do them smaller since before they were just a tad too large.
Really need to start planting very soon. We have a long warm period though so starting things a bit late shouldn't be a problem. Going to have to remember to put down some sort of insecticide though. I know it's not great to use, but we really need it. Last year I didn't put any down and the plants all looked terrible and the cucumber plants that usually overproduce barely did anything.
So yeah, something will have to be put down for all of the grubs and whatnot, and then spray every once in a while if things start looking bad.
Can't wait to hve some fresh veggies though!

Wow.... it's hard to believe that in just over 4 months... we're gonna have a baby and that's if she stays put the entire time.
Looking at it that way, it seems like time has flown by. Weird how that works lol.
Wow... 4 months... pregnancy really doesn't last very long does it.
Living through these months feels like forever, but thinking about the time that has passed and how quickly the end is approaching... just wow.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I remembered! hehe

I asked DH the other day who he thought the baby was going to look like.
He paused for a min so I spoke up and said that I think she's gonna look like him, and he totally agreed.

Ya know those people with really strong genetics? Well that is DH's family.
I think it's b/c they have pretty distinctive features.
Like his mother has a shortish nose that kind of points up a little and a very strong and low lying brow.
DH and his 2 sisters look just like his mom. Well, the older sister does favor the FiL, but looking at them all together, you can tell who they really take after though and it's MiL.
MiL's brother that has 2 kids... both of his kids look like him, especially his son and both kids are tall like the dad too.

I'm sure if DH's aunt and other uncle were able to have children, their kids would've looked exactly like them as well.

And now SiL with her little girl. Seriously her LO looks just like her. The brow isn't as strong, but the nose and everything else def resembles momma more than daddy.

I think that's how it's going to be with our girl and hopefully whatever other kids we have.
I don't mind at all b/c of course I think DH is a handsome devil lol.

AND.... I'm pretty sure baby was using my bladder as a pillow earlier. Just SO frickin uncomfortable and the feeling of having to pee every 10min was very strong even though I really hadn't had much to drink.
The tech at my last scan mentioned that LO was resting right on my bladder, but I never really noticed.

I mean I'd have times when I'd have the urge to go and only a trickle would come out. And then 10min later, have the urge to go again and have a full flow, but didn't think much of it I guess.
Maybe it was her resting on my bladder causing that to happen? *shrugs*

It was one reason other than just wanting to feel her move, why I drank the lemonade. I wanted to try to get her off of my bladder b/c it was really starting to ache.


Lets get the negative post off the top, shall we.

So other than the frustration at DH today, it's been ok.
I've been feeling pretty tired lately though. Just have not been sleeping well.
I get to sleep fine, but staying asleep, and getting back to sleep has been a big problem lately.
Just feel drained. I just want to sleep better!
Went to visit DH's grandfather in the hospital today. Nothing serious or anything.
Of course my pregnancy and baby came up. That's totally fine and all, but then the person (grandfather's girlfriend's daughter) started to go on and on about all of her grandchildren... her most recent one which is only a few weeks old and how that daughter is SO fertile.
I do not want to hear how fertile your family is lady.

And then I had to hear how everyone thought I was having a boy. UGH. The ONLY reason people thought that was b/c SiL just had her girl, and my brother has 2 girls. So I guess DH's sperm and my egg didn't get the memo that we were SUPPOSED to have a boy :\
Even though I know they're happy about this, I still get a HUGE sense of disappointment from the inlaws.
I mean hell, we're not the only couple on that side. Geezus, they act like DH's 2 other sisters will NEVER have children (or more children) so they will never get a boy!

UGH that just annoyed the shit out of me!

DH and I should be going to a furniture place tomorrow. They have a dresser for a little over $200 that we want to check out along with whatever else they may have.
REALLY hoping it's nice b/c, even though that's still 200... it's a whole lot cheaper than buying the expensive shit in a baby store/section.
I swear that stuff is so damn overpriced it's ridiculous.
So yeah... FX!

Need to get a protractor. The painting I want to do is so precise and I need one to make sure the angles are equal everywhere etc. Gonna be such a pain but hopefully worth it in the end.
DH wants to put down the base coat. He's already painted the rest of the room the lavender.
I was afraid it was going to be too light, but it's def not lol. It's SO frickin girly looking hehe I'll get a photo onces all of the tape has come off.

Figured out how I can get baby to move heh.
I was worried b/c baby wasn't really moving last night or this morning and I remembered that she gets pretty active after I drink something sugary.
So I had a glass of lemonade (YUM), and about 30min later, she started kicking and whatever else in there heh.
Wondering what she's gonna do with that glucose drink at my next appointment lol.

I'm still not really used to feeling the movement yet. It doesn't weird me out as much, but sometimes when it's a very strong movement.. it's still just really strange.

I have NO frickin idea what the hell to put on our registries. I made one for target, buy buy baby, babies r us, & walmart.
I have no clue what to put on there.
I put on crib sheets, shampoos and washes etc, but pfft... we don't know anyone rich so can't exactly put expensive stuff on our lists as well, ya know?
Not that I expect anyone to buy us something expensive or anything, and I will be more than thrilled if someone got us baby shampoo, wipes etc.... it's just difficult when you can't put on the pricier things, ya know?
I'm trying to add only things under $30. I think most of what I do have listed is under 20 actually.

There was something else I wanted to yammer on about but I can't remember now... oh well... I'm sure it will come back to me later


I want to strangle DH right now! Well... not strangle, just shake him until his brain rattles! lol
Complete opposite of what I was feeling yesterday :P

We were just looking at baby furniture again and I wanted to check out craigslist.
Found this used white dresser. Has a drawer problem where some of them don't close flush, probably just a really simple fix AND DH knows someone at work that does wood working stuff.
And did I mention that the dresser is FREE??
And DH doesn't even want to get it. WTH?
I get the whole appeal of getting something brand new.. ooo it's new, never been used before, etc etc.
But come on... when the damn dressers we've been looking at are well over $500 dollars at the cheapest... free sounds really frickin good to me!
It's not like this dresser was completely worn down and had a huge amount of problems or anything, ya know?
PLUS if we got it, that would mean more money to go to a crib that we really want, like the expensive ass grey one that we love.
But oh no... the dresser isn't new, and the drawers could require some minimum work to be done on it to get it fixed and blahblahblah.

And then... there was a woman selling her baby furniture. It's the same stuff we saw at the expensive furniture place. She's selling a crib (which I don't want), and 2 dressers. At least in the photo, they look almost brand new and it's something I know we would want.
Now these are a bit more expensive, but still a couple hundred dollars cheaper than buying it brand new....
But once again... NOPE from DH.

I just don't understand why he's resisting buying used stuff. It's not like we MUST buy it. If we go there and there's more wrong with it.... we're not required to take it, ya know?
Just UGH I'm so frustrated with him right now.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Money money... so out of money!

We spent soooooooo much money today. I'm so glad I put at least some money away for baby stuff b/c it is def helping.

We bought a lot and nothing at the same time lol.

And lemme say this before I post photos... I am not the one to worry about when buying baby stuff!!
DH went pretty shop crazy when we got to the baby clothes and he was wanting EVERYTHING!! rofl
He kept picking out stuff (expensive stuff) asking if I liked it etc. HE wanted to get so much stuff, but I didn't want to pay full price for anything. Heck, even some of the sales stuff we ended up with I didn't want to spend that much on.

He was so cute though looking at all of the ultra girly baby clothes and wanting to buy it all. Dawwwwww
Love him so much... I actually started to get teary eyed in the store watching him lol.

So anyway....
We bought some frames for the prints we bought. No point in posting that.

Bought a crib/toddler mattress and a changing pad thing

Bought a nifty lightsaber light thing

Nifty glow-in-the-dark stars & planets

A cute little sleep sack thing. I know it's blue but it has stars all over it which goes with the nursery heh.

And now... for all of the clothes. I don't think we bought any newborn stuff. Most of it is 3 months +

First I'll post up what I picked out on my own.

That's it... These are the ones that DH picked out....
Just the bee on the butt

Yep... all of that AND he would've gotten much much much more if I had let him :P
I wanted a lot more too but I controlled myself heh.
The star wars shirt is for 24mo and it was gotten in the boy section but still.... we couldn't resist it heh.

Anywho... I could've watched DH look at the baby clothes all day. He was just SO adorable going all gooey over the cute stuff :)

I already sorta know what I want the take home outfit to be for the baby. Some kind of onsie that says something to do with Daddy.
I don't really want something that says Princess on it, but something like I love (heart) Daddy, Daddy's Little girl, etc... something like that.... I want that. I'll pay full price to get that :)

We've been out almost all day long and I am TIRED and just drained. My lower back is killing me and my ab/uterus aches like crazy.

We also went to a store called Earth Fare or something like that. Lots of organic stuff... WAY expensive and they didn't even have what we went there for. Bleh.

Then we went to Home Depot to get the paint etc etc. Loooooooooong day

Oh I forgot to mention yesterday... LO was measuring about 13 ounces! The tech said it was normal, but to me that just seemed big lol. That's just 3ounces shy of a pound! Already! I know 3 ounces is a lot for a baby though.

Anyway, my brain wants to stop functioning right now so I'll stop before I start typing out nonsense.


Half way point! WOO!
Hoping now that the time will fly by. I can't wait to hold my little girl :)

Here's my 20w belly shot compared to 18w

Looks about the same to me... maybe even a little smaller? Think it's b/c I'm rounding out.

Uterus has def made it to my waist now, think maybe above it a little bit.
I've felt a few kicks up that high.

No furniture shopping today. Boooo :( Well at least not for the big items.
DH wants to wait until Friday since the clearance warehouse is open then. I get it, but I'm so impatient to pick something out rofl.
Hoping to get at least some small stuff today though. We have SO much to buy we need to start.

I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't just a teeny bit disappointed... well.. WAS disappointed.
Now don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to have a healthy baby girl, but there was that part of me hoping for a little boy.
I hated hearing this when we were still trying, but now, I totally understand gender disappointment.
People can say they don't care either way, and that's fine, but there is that small part of you that does wish for one over the other no matter what you say. And when it's the opposite, there's gonna be at least an inkling of disappointment... and ya know what... no matter how disappointed you are.. it's totally fine and normal! 
My own didn't last very long. Once it sank in just a little more yesterday that we were having a girl, I started to feel let down a bit. Knew that others were disappointed, but then it passed. I'm good now and excited to start buying some girly stuff and figuring out how to make Star Wars girly lol :)

And I know DH is going to be wrapped around those little fingers when she's born. Heck, probably even before then lol.
He's gonna be a wonderful daddy to his little Zoe :D

And finally... last but not least....

Thanks everyone for the congrats yesterday :) You're all awesome!

Monday, March 26, 2012

We are team.....

To torture just a bit... muahaha

Here are some shots of our LO.
LO did not want to cooperate and we didn't get a really good profile shot b/c he/she was face down and didn't want to move. Oh well
We did get a good alien baby shot though hehe.
And a foot/feet? one.

Everything was measuring just as it should though. Nothing weird, nothing out of the ordinary. WOO!
Heartbeat was 149 and it looked good as well :)

And finally... the potty shot....

We are officially Team Pink :)

DH was a little disappointed but happy and myself... I haven't stopped smiling :)

That's our little Zoe Addison

Today's the day!!

That I hope we find out the gender!!!
Come on LO, don't be shy! lol

It's not until 3pm though. UGH! It's gonna be such a long day.
I woke up early and boo that's gonna make it even longer.
Thankfully DH wants to do a few things while we're here. And I may go ahead and start taping up the nursery so we can paint.

I think DH is leaning more towards that peachy color we picked out. If we do end up with a girl, AND still want the grey furniture.. then I think the lavender would go really well and would look great.

Anywho... DH wants to go out to the store after we find out so may be a bit before we get home, but I'll post right away what the results were :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

To splurge or not to splurge

Someone brought up a very good point.
We've been trying for this for SO long... why not splurge on the furniture.

The stuff we want would be used indefinatly and the quality of it would certainly ensure that it lasted that long as well.
So we'd basically be getting furniture our child is going to use throughout their time living with us.
Looking at it that way.... yeah the expense is still HUGE right now, but in the long run it would be worth it.

We're gonna go back Tuesday I think to really REALLY look at everything and probably make a decision.
I'll post pics of whatever we pick if they have photos online of it heh.

One more day before the big reveal!!! Hope the LO isn't shy tomorrow. Would suck to wait all this time and then baby has their legs crossed and won't budge lol.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


DH and I have expensive taste.
We went to a baby furniture shop this afternoon.
BIG mistake!! We're now in love with all of the most expensive cribs. Damnit damnit damnit.
We're not jumping in to anything just yet... gonna wait to find out gender before deciding on anything, but one thing is certain... we're gonna be spending a TON of money.
Thankfully this place has layaway so we could do payments on whatever we get.
They had some absolutely beautiful stuff though.
I'm in love with this one Romina crib. It comes in grey (which they had). Didn't think I would like it until I saw it and *drools* It's so nice.... and sooooooooo damn expensive.
There are other cheaper ones we like, but we really like the grey color. Guess we could always just paint whatever though heh.
We'll continue looking obviously though.

I spoke too soon.
We saw inlaws this afternoon. We picked them up to go strawberry picking with us and after we were done and taking them home... OF COURSE they had to bring up the scan once again and how they weren't invited.
I wish they would just shut the hell up about it already. Geezus. Well thankfully won't have to hear about it for too much longer. Shouldn't see them tomorrow so.. yay for that lol.

Oh thank goodness!

Was afraid that at dinner last night, we'd be bombarded by the inlaws trying to invite themselves to my scan on Monday.
Thankfully that didn't happen! WOO! lol
They had some church thing to go to that night so were in a bit of a rush YAY!
FiL and SiL did ask when my scan was and told us to make sure to call them by a certain time though lol.
FiL is REALLY hoping it's a boy, but he along with the rest of them love any and all babies so they won't care. Even if there is some disappointment, it will be quickly gone.

My body was not liking the Chinese food we got yesterday though. I got some lo mein and put some chili oil on it like I always do. Pffft, BAD choice! Upset stomach and in and out of the bathroom a couple of times.

It is a damn lie (for myself at least) that your nails get stronger during pregnancy. BULL CRAP! Yeah they do seem to grow slightly faster, but that's it. They actually feel weaker to me. Having a lot of problems with them breaking down low or splitting. Strong nails my ass.

My hair is growing faster and has gotten thicker though. I guess that happens when you're not pulling out handfuls of hair. Need to get it cut. Will probably just do it at home. Don't need anything fancy... specially since I have NO idea what kind of hair style/cut I'd want.

OOOOO we're gonna go strawberry picking today! WOO! I've been waiting for the season to get here! OMG fresh picked strawberries are the best *drooooooools*

Hoping after we'll go out and look at baby furniture too. Not sure what DH wants to do today. We have all week thankfully but I'd rather get everything picked out sooner rather than later.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Kicks, aches & poo??

I thought feeling kicks and movement would calm me down but pffft, it's done the opposite. Now when I don't feel anything for a while, I panic. I mean damn, I JUST started feeling what is def the baby and I'm already freaking out. SIGH!

I spent most of last night pressing lightly on my lower ab trying to get a response. FINALLY did and boy it was a relief lol.
Feel so stupid for panicking but *shrugs* I don't think that will ever stop.

Oh LO does NOT like being squished lol. I went to lay on my right stomach/side last night/this morning and almost instantly felt kicks and movement in that area. LO was not happy about it at all and kept moving around. I finally flipped over b/c I wanted to feel it, and it stopped almost just as quick lol.
So cute <3

This morning I had a really strange ache. I mean just took my breath away and had me doubled over in bed. It only lasted for maybe 2-3 seconds but that was plenty.
I dunno WTH it was, but it was coming from my vag/cervix. I don't think it was the baby, but it could've been I guess.
It was most likely just the muscles stretching and doing their thing but holy crap that was terrible!
Like a sharp raw pain.

Now this is embarassing and gross as hell. Just want to warn before hand.
I promised myself I would post everything here no matter what so.. here goes.

So yesterday... I felt the urge to use the bathroom. Just to pee, nothing more, nothing unusual about that.
So I go to the bathroom, do my thing, wipe, and WTH there's brown stuff on the tp?
I think to myself... did I poo? Then I freak out and think maybe it's blood.
But then I keep wiping and no... it's poo. WTF?
I didn't have any gas so couldn't have sharted myself.... didn't feel anything weird beforehand, no smell, no funny feeling down below, nothing.
Nothing snuck out while I was peeing, and nothing was on my undies either.
Frickin mystery poo smears.. and it was A LOT too. o_O

Now I did poop earlier in the day, BUT I'm an adult and know how to wipe my ass lol. PLUS we use flushable wet wipes to make sure we're extra clean after.

So the question is..... what the hell happened? Did I just leak and not realize it? If so.... Ew...... seriously.... Ew.....
Thank goodness I was at home at least.

And on that note..... WOOOOOOO It's FRIDAY!!!!
So close to monday I can taste it!!!
DH is off all next week and YAY! It's gonna be so great :D

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Feel better now

Just went and tried to find baby's hb on doppler. Couldn't find it, but I did hear a lot of movement.
So I abandoned the doppler and just laid there with my hands on my lower ab.
Didn't feel anything at first, so decided to press in a little and really quick... and there it was... a kick back :D
I did it a couple more times and LO 'responded' to each one lol

I get why I haven't been feeling anything now. The kicks are pretty low and when I felt them happen with my hand, I didn't feel anything other than that. Just in an area where I guess I can't feel it very well.

PHEW! It's nice to actually feel the movement now. Have that worry and reassurance instead of having to rely on the doppler.

When I was walking back to the comp room, just the thought that I was gonna be someone's momma struck me.
I'm gonna be Mommy. Man that is strange! I know it's not that way for a lot of women, but for myself... it's just weird.
It's like even though I'v wanted this for a while now... to actually have this reality finally... just weird.. lol

And finally before I get off so I can stop procrastinating about everything....
I really hope I get all teary at the scan on Monday. Only b/c I know if I do, DH will and I SO want to see that. hehe
I dunno if I will though. I kinda go in to 'awe' mode... at least I did with my previous ultrasounds.... so it's sort of a surreal moment that doesn't feel like it's happening to me. That make sense?

Nothin much

...going on today.
Going to start on some of the drawings for the nursery. Wanna get those done so we can go to Kinkos or wherever next week to get them printed.
Also need to sketch out the big painting I'm gonna do so I'll know what colors I need to get. I think I have most of them, but may just need a few more since it's gonna be bit. *shrugs* We'll see.

Haven't really felt baby move today. I know when you first start feeling it, it's very irregular, but it should would make me feel better if I felt something today. Baby could just be in a position to where the movements are being cushioned or something *shrugs* I'll have to bust out the doppler in a min to take a listen lol. See if I can record it too :)

Was in some pain last night. You know when you keep your arm or leg straight for too long, sometimes you'll get this weird pain in the joint to where it hurts if you try to bend your limb? But once you do finally manage to bend it, it's ok. Not sure if I explained that right but hopefully you all know what I mean lol.
Well anyway, I was getting that last night with my legs. I'd wake up in agony b/c I had slept with my leg straightened for too long and when I tried to bend it, it would hurt like hell.

UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH... I want to smack the hell out of DH's friends! Not for anything major, just b/c one of them has a pregnant wife and they're the ones that told him the damn 8hr class was worth it.
DH knows how I feel about it, but he's frickin determined to go to this damn thing.
I don't know why b/c it sounds like a bunch of BS to me.
Take a tour of the labor and delivery ward. Ok that's fine, but we could do that for free....
Prepare us for the birth experience. Uhm..... I can read that on the internet.... for free (in a sense).... next?
Watch films on childbirth and infant care.....
Soooo... lemme get this straight... I'm gonna be spending 8 hours, PLUS $50 to do at least 2 things I could do for free, and then have to sit around, probably in uncomfortable chairs and watch movies on things I could yeah, probably find on the net........ awesome :\

I just don't understand why he feels the need to go to this. If he's nervous about the labor, I get that, but HE doesn't really have to do anything now does he. Yes, him being informed is awesome, but ya know... that's what internet is for :P lol OR hell, I'm sure we could find cheaper books on the matter. My pregnancy books go in to detail about it all too so... yeah.... SIGH
I just don't want to spend frickin 8 hours in a hospital when we don't have to damnit!
But of course I will b/c I love the bastard and he wants to do it. UGH ;) lol

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GAH, it is just so strange

Feeling the baby move. It's still pretty sporadic, but it's just so weird when it does happen.
Just a minute ago, baby was moving big time and I felt it right in the middle pretty far down actually. Felt like baby was kicking out with legs and arms just doing a whole body thing or something lol.
Need to go lay down so I can feel it from the outside which will be even weirder :P
Don't get me wrong, it's very awesome, but like nothing I've ever experienced before or could've imagined.

SiL just keeps telling me to wait until I can actually SEE the baby moving and how it will freak me out lol. She loves telling me about when she was pregnant w/ my oldest niece. How she was laying down one day and could see my niece rolling over in her. SO strange! lol

I am not a shopper, but after buying all of that baby stuff... I can not wait to buy more!!!!!
And I am aching to buy some more cloth diapers already too!
I need to remind DH to tell his family NOT to buy us any diapers. Maybe some newborns just in case, but other than that, NO. I'm sure they're gonna scoff when they learn we're gonna cloth but I don't give a crap.
And UGH, I know my BiL will have something to say about it like he did before when they asked if SiL (the bitchy one) was going to.
He kept going on and on and on about how his sister CD'd and how it always stank in her house and blahblahblah.
Oh STFU dude, geezus.
Seriously, he is a nice guy, but he has bullshit stories about every damn topic imaginable. Yeah, he's one of those annoying people!


I knew DH would have a problem with the stroller.
It's a BIG stroller, but I still really like it, but of course he had to rain on my parade and ask why I got it and make a face. BOOO DH :P lol
We are going to baby wear hopefully as much as possible, but we'll still get a use out of it, hell, at least $60 worth I think *nodnod*
He did seem to like all of the clothes that I got though so at least there's that. Sigh.....
See... THIS is why he should've taken me. He could've talked me out of buying something that he didn't like or feel was necessary. Mmmhmm.. I blame him! :P

Anywho, in other news.... LO seems to have worked their way to the middle now. I feel some kicks at my waste, but most are still just below my belly button.
Not feeling too often right now anyway. Seems to occur in small clusters. I'm sure LO is moving a lot more than what I'm able to feel.
MAN I can't wait!!!! I want to know what we're having already damnit!

As you all know, I have a HUGE problem with bad drivers as I'm sure everyone does.
Today was F-ing terrible.
Traffic over on the other side of town was just... good lord.. already horrible. You would think those people would be used to it and would know how to drive in it, but hells no they don't.
Coming home... I swear people just completely go brainless when switching lanes. Their brains just shut off and they're left drooling on their steering wheels as they try to get over or whatever.

And it's common sense that when you're getting on to a highway... you speed up so you're going the speed of the traffic right? Well PFFT not this one dipshit who almost came to a complete frickin stop almost causing the guy behind him, and me to ram in to him, NM the people trying to get over from hitting us.
I swear..... I'm glad the driving test was easy for myself, but sometimes wish it were harder so morons like that would not be able to get their license.

Consignment stuff

So headed out to the consignment thing this morning. Good lord traffic is TERRIBLE in the morning!!
Got there and it wasn't all that busy, BUT there also wasn't that much big stuff either, booo :(
They only had maybe 4 changing tables. 2 were white, one was still pretty damn expensive and the other was only $35, but it was 35 for a reason... sigh.

I wanted to buy something though so started to look through the baby clothes and picked out quite a few things.
All of the neutral looking stuff was with the boy clothes. The girl stuff was either pink, or REALLY frilly girly stuff... so off to the boy section it was! heh

I dunno what it is with camo baby stuff, but I LOVE IT!
It looks boyish, but I don't care. If this LO is a girl, she's gonna be rockin it! heh

And these 2 sets.... I absolutely 100% had to buy the koala outfit. Other than it just being adorable, DH's fav animal is the koala. I know he's gonna love it heh
And the rocket. Come on... how frickin adorable is it?? Plus it will go great with the whole nursery theme (Star Wars/ Space)

And the rest.... some is a bit more boyish than neutral, but I really don't care about that. Our baby is gonna look adorable in whatever they're wearing hehe ;)

And, I did buy a stroller. It's a Laura Ashley? *shrugs* Apparently that's a good brand? I have no idea, but I did really, REALLY like the stroller. This place didn't allow used car seats to be sold, so just the stroller.
It needs to be cleaned some, but it's in great condition. I paid $60 for it, but not sure if that was a good deal or not considering we'll have to buy a carseat seperate. If we end up going to this one class, we'll be able to get a carseat for something like 50% off, so hopefully what I paid for this, and what we end up paying for a carseat will still be cheaper than brand new whatever.

So yeah... kinda disappointing, but all in all, I'm glad I went.
There were a few other things I probably could've/should've gotten like burp clothes and such, but meh.

And before I forgot... just thought it was funny that now all of a sudden, I can feel LO a lot more. It's like a switch was turned on heh.
LO seemed to have turned last night b/c I kept feeling kicks on my left side instead of the right. Must've been why after DH felt him/her move, there wasn't anything else after that. Sneaky little monkey!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Before I head to bed

DH got to feel the baby move! YAY!
He just got done exercising. I went and laid on the couch, trying to get in to a good position to feel my uterus, finally got in a good angle and just rested my hand there waiting for him to get done completely (turning off music, cooling off etc).
I felt a pretty good kick right away and mentioned it to him when he could finally hear me.
 I told him to come over and feel to see if the LO would continue to cooperate and he/she did!
I could actually feel some of the baby moving around so knew when he could feel it too. It was such a great moment. DH was so excited and just kept his hand on me until it was obvious LO wasn't gonna move there any longer lol.
LO hasn't been very cooperative since but that's ok :) I know there's time for more later down the road.

I'll post tomorrow when I get home from the whatchamacallit.

Good/vague news!

So... I finally got my results back from quad screen, and according to the woman that called my results were "normal"...... yeah, that's all that was said.
I would've asked for more information, but I could tell that she did not want to be on the phone, plus my appointment is now less than a week away so can always ask about it then I guess.

Even though I know the quad screen can be inaccurate.. it was still nice to get a 'normal' result back.

So excited and nervous to go to the consignment thing tomorrow. Going to be taking a large chunk of the money we have saved to it and just hope I can at least buy a couple of things for an awesome price.

We SO need to be able to buy a few of these things on the cheap.
I want so many things, but think I'm going to have to sacrifice what I want for what we actually will need.
Thankfully a lot of what I do want, won't be needed for at least a few months though so hopefully can still get it later heh.
Plus this consignment thing happens twice a year, spring/summer & fall/winter, so hopefully whatever we don't buy now will be able to be purchased later :)

Only nervous b/c of the side of town it's on. Like I said... the traffic is F-ing terrible. TERRIBLE. I would totally go to it today if it weren't for the traffic but there's just no way in hell.


Wish I could say where did the time go but pffft.... it's still dragging quite a bit lol.

Anyway, here is my 19w bump shot compared to last week

Things are rounding out up top. Wow.... too bad that's still all fat up there b/c I def know where baby is. He/she is moving up slowly but yeah... all that is still just fat.
Oh well... at least I'm rounding out a bit though which will hopefully eventually make me look pregnant instead of a fat cow :P lol

Please excuse the soap scummy mirror. I didn't notice it until afterwards, but hey... at least I remembered to brush my hair before taking the photo! lol

OOOO I have the coolest news! Well, cool for me at least heh.

So I woke up at around 2:40 to use the bathroom. Laid back down on my left side and slightly leaned back some on to a pillow.
In that position, DH and I can really feel the top of my uterus on my right side. The fat sorta falls towards the bed leaving it more exposed heh.
Anyway, I'm laying there trying to get back to sleep, and I feel a really quick gurgle right in that area.
So I place my hand there just b/c I like feeling how firm it is, and HOLY SHIT... I just felt the baby move under my hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have NO idea what parts I was feeling, but it was SO frickin cool and weird.
Whatever parts they were, it was right under my hand and moving/turning/something slowly.
It only lasted for maybe 10 seconds (not all continuous, would feel something, then it would stop, then it would start again, etc)...
It was just such a strange and magical experience all at the same time heh.
Funny thing is though... I know I would not have even realized it was happening if I hadn't placed my hand there. I had no sensation of the movement other than what I was feeling under my hand.

MAN! I hope it happens again tonight. I'm now more confident that what I've been feeling is in fact the baby and he/she does get active after dinner. So hoping that they'll act up some so DH can feel it too. I want him to so much.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Since when did brown become a good color to decorate a baby's room with?
Now dont get me wrong, I do like some of the stuff, but brown?? Really? Why?

Whatever happened to brighter more festive colors? I'm looking at star themed nursery stuff, and seriously... brown stars? WTH? Or stars in a brown theme? What?

And why is all girly themed pink stuff now pink and brown? Some of it does look nice, but damn... where's the variety in color? Pink does go with other colors!

Brown just seems so.... I dunno... dull to me.

And I didn't nap. I went and ready the couple of pages I had left in a book, and closed my eyes and laid there for a bit, but that was it. I can't sleep now or else I'd be up tossing and turning at bed time.


I need better sleeeeep.
Last night was such a pain... literally.
I could not sleep on my right side b/c of my ear. If I stayed on that side for too long, my ear would start up with the throbbing pain that is just terrible.

And on my left, my hip started to ache really bad AND my dog was farting up a storm. BLEH.

So I tried laying partially on my back some (propped up slightly on a pillow so I wasn't flat on my back), and that was a little better on my hip but not much, and it made my lower back ache.

So I then tried laying partially on my stomach that is usually really comfy, but nope... lower back wanted to ache like crazy if I stayed that way for too long.

Feeling so tired and worn out right now. Gonna go lay on the couch and relax some. Probably end up taking a nap.

1 more week!!!

WOOOO! I just hope this week goes by quickly. I can't wait!
Just one more week before we find out the gender! YAY! I'm so ready to know!
I dunno what to expect... I think I'm starting to lean more towards this baby being a girl. DH's influence, plus all of those old wive's tale gender prediction things lol.
Even though the baking soda one and the ring/needle test say boy, but everything else points towards girl. Like the heartbeat, where the placenta is (always pick up that swooshing on the left), chinese gender chart.. think that's it actually lol.

Either way.... we are going to be so happy and SQUEEEEEEEE I just can't wait!!!

I think this week will go by quick since I plan on going to the consignment thing on Wed, and SiL wants to go see Hunger Games this weekend, so may go with her on Friday to see that.
I've never read the books, but heard it was pretty good so meh. heh
So yeah... have some stuff planned so hoping b/c of that, things will feel like it's going by faster.

Went to babies r us website yesterday and looked up all of the biggish items I'd like to get at the consignment thing. Wrote down minimum prices so I'd know if something was a good deal or not. I really want to at least get a changing table. If we can save a good chunk on that then we'd have more to spend on other stuff :)

Man, just saw a photo of myself on FB that SiL posted from the party on Sat.... YIKES. I look HUGE. Good lord, I am just not a photogenic person at all. I was when I was little. I am not ashamed to say that I was a damn cute baby and child....
And then puberty hit with a vengence and just took that all away rofl.

Def can see things changing in the bellybutton area. It's not a big difference but it's noticeable to me. Things are def expanding. I'm gonna be HUGE. Bring it on though! I may complain about just looking fat, but I'm ready for it all!

Oh forgot to mention (of course) that while we were relaxing at home for a little bit before we went to the party... I busted out the doppler to listen for the hb with DH. We were laying on the bed cooling off so figured why not :D
It took a while to finally find where the LO was hiding. I could hear him/her moving, but no heartbeat, and then finally found it way over to the right.
It was nice and strong too. Wish I could pick it up that clearly all the time heh.

And finally... I think I'm feeling more movement than I realize.
It's still pretty sporadic even though it seems to happen more frequently during the night.
I say more than I realize though b/c I don't realize that it just happened until after the fact. It's still really quick and kinda light still so if I'm doing something or my attention is focused on something, then I don't notice it until after it has already happened.
Hope that made sense heh.

Haven't really felt anymore thumps.. it's mostly been sort of a gurgly feeling. Like when you're really hungry and your stomach starts grumbling.... kinda like that but further down and no sound :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Just want to get my awful comment off the top here lol... plus forgot to mention what we did end up doing when DH got home.

When DH finally got home from helping his parents out (they had to put the dog to sleep :( ) we went to Michaels and bought 4 white square picture frames. I plan on drawing some cute versions of Star Wars chars to put in them like those cute animal face ones in animal themed nurseries.

Then, we went toHome Depot to pick out the colors we want for the nursery.
Pick one color out for boy and girl, and then a neutral.
It's the middle color on all of the swatches that we like.
I really like the aqua blue color. The violet is nice and I just absolutely love the orange creamy color.
Don't really think the aqua or orange would go all that great w/ star wars theme but oh well hehe


Think I'm gonna go to the consignment thing. We've spent A LOT of money this month (on glasses mostly), and I just didn't want to spend more, nm where it's located, but think I'm just gonna bite the bullet and go.
Going to have to do some more research though to make sure what whatever I do pick out is a good deal.

We decided to go with white furniture as well to help w/ the Star Wars thing. The big painting I'm going to do on the wall.. there's a good bit of white in it b/c of the inside of the space ship thing they're in so thought it would fit in better if we got white stuff for the nursery. Hopefully that decision won't come back to bite us in the butt (trying to keep it looking clean).

OOO I think Kroger may carry a cloth diaper friendly laundry detergent. They had one that was a baby detergent, but not really sure if what was in it was ok or not. Going to have to remember next time to bring along a piece of paper and a pen and write it all down to look up later.
They had a couple of brands that are ok to use though if that one doesn't check out. Just glad we won't have to buy online since that would probably get pretty expensive w/ shipping.

A whole lot of congrats

So Dh's grandfather's birthday was yesterday. It was fun.. or well, more fun b/c it was free good food :P lol
A WHOLE lot of people came to it though. That's gotta feel good to know all of those people came for you... and the food :P heh

A lot of people heard about DH's and I's news so lots of people coming up and congradulating us.
Just so awkward though, for me at least. I remember faces, but I do NOT remember names well at all.

Anywho, it was nice.

Ok, so this is gonna be so mean.... just to warn ya before I say it.

There are some butt ugly babies out there. There was someone last night with a 10w old baby and just... man.....
Like I said... it's SOOOO mean and terrible of me to say, but come on... we have to have all thought that before.

Yes babies are adorable b/c they're babies, but physically.. some are just not all that cute. Not to say they won't be cuter when they grow up though....

Sigh... I feel bad now for saying it and thinking it but.... oh well. Bad me.... bad bad me

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Well.. while I'm waiting...

Might as well have a small bitchfest heh.
It's not gonna be about much... just DH's aunt.

I swear.. the woman does NOT know how to hold a baby even though she practically helped raise DH and his 2 sisters (his dad was in the military and away a lot).

You would THINK she'd know how to handle and hold a baby correctly, but NOPE.

I watch her with my baby niece,  trying to soothe her, she will rock her REALLY FAST and kinda too forcefully... like that's supposed to soothe her back to sleep or something. Uh.. what?? It's not so bad now that the baby is older and used to her, but aunt was doing this when the baby was still in that newborn sort of stage.
And then she would wonder why the baby would cry more. Really??
So she'll then hand the baby off to someone else so they can try to properly soothe... and the baby ends up spitting up. Hmmm I wonder why... it was only just shaken like crazy (not in the abusive dangerous manner). No wonder it just spit up.

AND she's one of the annoying types that thinks that her niece and this LO is HER baby. MiL says it too. "Oh you're having another LO for us?" Uh... no.....
At SiL's baby shower... it was ALL about the aunt. How excited SHE was about getting HER baby.

And finally... she invited herself to SiL's gender scan. She fully admitted it and was actually proud of it and said it defiantly like no one could've stopped her (not like SiL tried but still).
Thankfully aunt has to work the day of mine so no chance of her just popping up and inviting herself.

And just like that...

We're gonna have to postpone some of the things I wanted to get done today... sigh.
DH is being a good son and helping out his mom.
One of their dogs is ALWAYS sick and ALWAYS needs to go to the vet... of course this dog doesn't walk on a leash, is HUGE and stinks to high heaven. His dad can't pick the pup up b/c he's not supposed to and his mom sure can't either... so who do they call......
I mean I don't mind helping them, but damnit.... I had this all planned out. Leave early so we could be back home in time to leave once again to help them out with setting up for DH's grandfather's birthday party thing they're having tonight.

Stuff and whatnot

Well, if it wasn't obvious from my weekly photos that I was getting bigger, my pants told me last night. SIGH....
It's getting warm here so I busted out my capri pants to wear out to dinner last night.
Of course I bought a ton of new ones last year b/c of my weight loss... and now none of them fit. Awesome. I had to really dig for a pair of my bigger size and even it is a little too tight. I'll have to search around to find some other pairs that are a bit looser.

Because of that, I want to go to Babies R Us today. I'm still debating on if I want to go to the consignment thing, but if I do, then I wanna get prices on things we'd like so I'll know if what they have is a good deal or not.
Plus I want to get one of those belly band things. Just something so I can continue wearing my old pants for as long as possible.

UGH MiL keeps asking when the gender scan is. She knows she's not invited to come and thankfully she hasn't invited herself, but everyone can obviously tell that she wants to though and I feel like she keeps trying to guilt trip us in to inviting her which isn't gonna happen.
If my own mom isn't invited, she sure as hell isn't.
MiL really isn't a bad person or anything and I do love her a lot, but just like with anyone, she does things that annoys me :P lol

If we buy anything today I'll post up photos :) Mostly plan on just looking but may buy some things we know we'll need new like a crib mattress.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Heh.. just had to share

Just went and took a shower and saw this fella chilling out in the bathroom
Same type of spider I almost smooshed w/ my bare foot that one night. A little larger than that one, but def not the largest I've seen.
Looks kinda scary but they're really not bad. They usually run and hide when they get a chance, not this one though. Probably close to death or pulling a roach (ya know... pause and hope that you didn't spot it).

And please excuse the hair on the floor. Our dogs are shedding like crazy and the whole house is covered in it. I swear I vacuumed and right after there were already clumps of dog fur all over the floor. Sigh...

O non spider related news...
My nips are def getting larger. Noticed the other day that my aereolas are a little larger than usual, and now the actual nipple is bigger too. Probably why they still itch and are now tender. Thankfully they're not really flaky any longer though.

I really need to watch how much I eat. I ate a little too much today at lunch and gagged b/c of it, and my heart is pounding in my ears. This has happened before when I've eaten too much (post preg)... not sure what that's about.. hopefully nothing bad. I feel totally fine *shrugs*

Can't sleep

Or more like it, I can't get back to sleep which is suprising since I really didn't sleep all that well last night.
Took forever to get to sleep and when I did, I kept waking up with hip pains so I'd have to find a comfy position again.

And then this morning when I woke up to fix DH breakfast... I was wide awake and still am. Tried getting back to sleep but it's not gonna happen.
I think b/c.. pretty sure I felt kicks and movement :D
About 90% sure that's what it was that I was feeling.
Was in a stomach propped up position where it's like half of my stomach was propped up off the bed b/c of my leg position.
And the part that was smooshed in to the bed.. that's where I felt it. I wasn't sure at first, but then it kept happening. At first it just felt like a gentle tap and some movement right after. Then a couple minutes later, it was a single thump feeling, few mins later.. another thump.
I guess LO wanted me to change position b/c they wanted more room or something.
Just so cool.
GAH, DH just keeps doing things that makes me melt.
Last night we were laying in bed talking as we usually do before going to sleep.
He starts rubbing my stomach and I start laughing b/c it is still mostly fat he's rubbing :P
He says something along the lines of "That's my baby in there." *heart melts*
And then, he put his mouth right up against my stomach and said "Hey baby..." It was all muffled b/c he had his mouth pressed up against my stomach. He jokingly asked if that's what he's supposed to be doing so baby can hear him lol. Melt my heart again. Just so sweet.
I dunno why he thinks he's not gonna be a good daddy.
Ya know.... other than last night b/c I had some beans... I really haven't had bad gas.
Maybe that comes later in pregnancy?
I did have a burping problem in first trimester and still burp a bit more than usual, but thankfully it really hasn't been coming out the other end as much lol.
It usually starts up after a couple of days of constipation when I actually have to do a #2, but really, other than that, it hasn't been bad at all. YAY lol.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh you tempting bitch

How I love and hate you!
Talking to hot sauce of course lol.
I had to have it if I didn't want to waste the chicken, and yeah, it came back to bite me in my ass big time this morning.
Thankfully the gut pains started and everything kinda passed quickly though so didn't have to suffer for too long.
I'll never learn.

Not sure if I felt anymore kicks yesterday. I thought I may have late last night, but I was so distracted that I really didn't pay much attention when it happened. So *shrugs* I may or may not have.
I told DH about it the other maybe kick and he got so excited. When he came home last night he asked if I had felt anything else.
He always want to rub my belly now too and just man.... reminds me every moment why I love him so much.
He may have doubts about him being a father, but I have none. I know I always say it, but he's gonna be so wonderful.

He had a baby dream a couple days ago. He couldn't remember exactly what it was about, but did remember that we had a baby girl in it. I think he's convinced himself that this LO is going to be a girl.
Even though both of us would like a boy, I think the closer the reveal comes... the less important it is what gender.
I know for myself... I'm back to the point of really not caring either way. I'm just going to be so happy with whatever we end up with and I know he will be too.
Either gender... they're gonna have mommy and daddy wrapped around their fingers lol.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Overcoming an aversion

Not really but I'm trying heh.
This past weekend, we went by Dunkin Donuts (didn't get anything), and it's right near a fried chicken place. It smelled SOOOOO good and I've been wanting it but not wanting it since then.
It's like I want it b/c it smelled awesome, BUT I'm still not craving it at all. I was actually thinking about it last night and the thought of getting some fried chicken made my stomach turn.
BUT I bit the bullet and went out and got some for lunch today (and will have some tonight for dinner as well).
It sitting in front of me is just so unappetizing, but drench it in some hot sauce and I'm good lol. It was tasty, but yeah, I still don't really want it lol.

Also... I can not get enough of cutie oranges or whatever the hell they are. Not sure if my body is craving it or if it's just b/c they're AWESOMLY DELICIOUS! They're a pain in the ass to peel though. Sure the skin on them is really thin, but b/c it's so thin, it doesn't come off in big chunks.. it likes breaking off and just a pain. Oh well... they're so good they're worth it!


I THINK I may have felt a kick yesterday. It was only once, but I dunno what else it could've been. It was def in the correct area. Felt just like someone thumping their finger in me. Didn't hurt and was very quick.
Don't think I've ever felt that before so *shrugs* It could've been.
I guess once I start feeling baby move a bit more, it will become apparent if it was or not... maybe heh.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tot trade!

Making plans to go to it next Wed with Sil (bro's wife).
Think I mentioned that they have a First time mom's thing for Tuesday, but not sure if SiL would be allowed in so can just wait until Wed to go with her when it's open to the public.
Just have to figure out where the hell this place is now though.
If it's where I think it is..... UGH, it's over on the terrible traffic side of town. BLEH

I did do the doppler earlier, but LO was not cooperating. When I finally picked up the heartbeat, it was faint and as soon as I reached for the camera to record, it moved away and I couldn't find it again. Oh well..

Have the window open b/c it's a nice day out.. and I can yell at the dogs easier if they get in to anything lol. Something outside smells like pork. Not sure if it smells good or gross ROFL.


Wow.... it's so weird to almost be at the mid-way point.
It's like you wish for it for SO long and when it finally happens, you still really can't believe it.
I mean although I can talk about it now without feeling weird, it's still strange to REALLY think about lol.

Anyway... here is my 18w belly shot compared to last week's.

My upper stomach is getting HUGE and there's no baby up there yet! *cry* I just look like I'm getting fatter booo. Was hoping I'd fill out a bit to get rid of the B belly thing going on. Still time for that but... meh. I just want to LOOK pregnant, not just fatter :P lol
Uterus is still just right below my bellybutton. It feels like it's larger on the left side than it is on the right. *shrugs*
Sleep last night was difficult. I've been trying to stay on my left side more, but that hip is still bothering me. It's not constant thank goodness, but it did go numb last night along with some of my upper/outter thigh area. SO uncomfortable and achy when I started to get feeling back, and then I had this restless leg feeling start up.
I couldn't get comfy for anything. The only position I was comfy in was on my back and well.. that wasn't gonna happen.

I haven't listed symptoms in a while.

I don't gag for random reasons any longer but it is still more sensitive than it used to be. I gag very easily if I smell something bad.

Hip discomforts as mentioned above

Wake up a lot at night to my uterus aching like crazy. Not sure if it's RLP or what. Usually don't feel too much during the day most of the time.

Nipples are still itchy and they're def darker. Some days they're darker than others though which is kinda weird lol. Also itching has started on the rest of my bewbs. It's not a lot though thankfully.

I can tell when I don't drink enough b/c my bladder or uterus, not sure which one starts feeling weird and I'll get this weird ache when I use the bathroom. Not really sure if it's a UTI or a UTI trying to take hold or what. It goes away as soon as I do get more liquid in to me though. I'll have to see if they've been checking for it, and if not ask them to next time I go in.

I think that's about it. I'll try to get vid of the HB again later today after I eat.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Star Wars

Oh I am gonna have SOOOOO much fun with this Star Wars theme.
I'm not even that big of a fan of it. I mean yeah I like it, and I enjoy the original 3 movies, but I'm not totally geeked out on it or anything lol.
But I'm totally geeking out for this nursery!
The only thing I see as a problem is finding suitable toys/plushies for a baby b/c most of it seems to be mostly for collecting... not something that's going to be chewed and slobbered all over :P lol
It's just gonna be difficult trying to find suitable items to decorate the room with.

Maybe could get DH's mom and aunt to make a few dolls or something. We'll see what happens.

Also, apparently we're doing either Star Wars or The Muppets. We watched the documentary Being Elmo on netflix and I mentioned to DH in passing that maybe we could do Muppets if fantasy didn't work. I'm surprised he even remembered me saying that :P
Maybe do a mashup... muppets meet star wars heh...
There is one piece of artwork that I absolutely just LOVE LOVE LOVE. I want it for myself, BUT he can't get permission to sell prints of it which just plain SUUUUUUUUCKS.
I have this weird obsession with Kermits skinny little legs. They're just SO cute, and man, that picture... I wants it so much!

EDIT: Well apparently a couple of places do/did have prints and they're expensive as shit!!


I got my new glasses today! YAY!
They're making me dizzy though b/c I'm not used to the style and the way they sit on my face so it's making me get dizzy which is making me a bit nauseated.
I'll keep wearing them though to get used to them. They're so cool and nice though. Other than adjusting the nose pad things... nothing else needs to be done to them.
Here's photos so you can see.
Very thin and bendy and hug your head (but not in an uncomfy way).
It's going to be weird not having to adjust my glasses b/c they're sliding off my head lol.

Yep, still annoyed

I didn't mention the really good/annoying thing we found yesterday.

Someone has DH's tattoo... the catfish one I made just for him. Thankfully this guy's looks like shit and is just the outline, but still.. pisses me off.
Sigh... I've learned my lesson though. Can't frickin post anything.

And another something annoying... the cat has found a new place to crap. Awesome....... :\

On not so annoying news.....
I think I have the idea for the nursery. For the big wall... it's going to look like the end of the 2nd (or 5th however you want to look at it) movie w/ them inside of the space ship looking out at the stars and whatnot.
Minus them... that's what I want to do. Maybe replace them with someone else.. like Yoda or something. It will still kinda be boyish but I think ambiguous enough to go either way.
At least I hope so lol.
Just 2 more weeks before we find out what we're having. SO looking forward to that and just seeing the baby again :)
Listening (or trying) to the heartbeat is awesome but I wanna see that LO wiggling all around in there.

My weight has gone up FOUR pounds. YIKES. I have been pretty bad this weekend but damn.. it shouldn't be going up that quickly in just a week. I haven't had a #2 in a couple of days so maybe that's adding to it a little.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


At my computer!
Grrrrr.... stupid things! I think something is wrong with the hardware on my computer.
I did a complete wipe and put the comp back to factory settings last night. Something that should've fixed any sort of virus or malware problem like I thought was wrong.
Pffffft, NOPE. I keep getting error messages that "Soandso has stopped working" and it is getting on my last frickin nerve!
I dunno WTH to do b/c I don't know what's wrong.
Think I need to open it up. I'm pretty sure it's probably nice and furry in there. That can't be helping much.
Really hope I can figure out WTH is wrong b/c if not... I'm screwed out of a computer.. or at least one that's going to work without any glitches and bugs.

UGH that consignment sale starts on Tuesday (next tuesday that is) for first time mommas.... at 9am.....
Which means I'd have to go alone or with someone other than DH. I know I know, not a HUGE deal, but this would require me driving to this place... that I have no idea where it is... and shopping by myself which I hate doing.
Maybe ask my SiL (brother's wife) to come with me. They had photos of the event from previous times and... WOW... seriously.... WOW.

Alrighty... gotta restart computer again for the bajillionth time..... sigh.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Final decision

On the nursery theme.....
It's not what I was expecting, but it is something I was thinking about.

It's not going to be fantasy any longer.
I know I know...

But... we're gonna do Star Wars. I still do plan on having some dragon stuff just b/c I like it though heh.
And yes, I know Star Wars is typically boyish, but we'll make it girly if we have to.
I had already bought last year this adorable little Star Wars alphabet booklet to use.. and we just bought a few prints to put on the wall from this place
When I saw those... I just couldn't resist. They're just too cute.

I may do it more of an outter space theme or something. I dunno yet.

I'll have to save the fantasy stuff for another child I guess heh. I'm happy with this decision though even though it's a bit of the opposite of what I had originally planned :P lol

Just some stuff

I think I had heartburn last night. I say THINK b/c I've only ever had heartburn once before and can't remember what it felt like lol.
Last night's was very mild though and seemed to get slightly worse if I ate anything else or drank anything. It wasn't really a problem though. Like I said, it was very mild.
In a weird way it still comforts me though. Just a reminder that I am pregnant and things are progressing.

I think I've found a new way to sleep that will help me stay on my left side.
Just flip around so my head is at the foot of the bed.
I think the big crater I've caused in our mattress is one of the reasons why I get so uncomfy (damn pillow tops). But just turn around the other way and it feels a lot better and b/c our dog likes sleeping by our heads at night, when I turn, he's by my feet and I have a lot more room to move around.
So yeah, I'll keep doing that until it's not working any longer.
Really should probably invest in a preg pillow.
DH is playing video games w/ his friend atm (online)... so will ask if he wants to go after to Babies R Us or something. UGH I dread going to that part of town, but meh. Gotta suck it up eventually.

I think those fluttery feelings I've been having is actually the baby moving. I can't feel it all the time. Seems like it's only when I'm sitting, and I actually have to be paying attention to it. Still wish it were more obvious.
I can't wait until it's obvious and DH can feel it too.

He actually rubbed my belly last night, it was sweet but also hilarious b/c come on.. it's still just fat for the most part rofl.
It really was sweet though. I know I keep repeating it, but he's gonna be such a great daddy.

Friday, March 9, 2012


There's going to be a big baby consignment event next weekend! SiL told us about it during dinner.
We're totally going to hit it up if I can find some more info about it.
Cheap used stuff? Yes please!

Diapers... again...

Think I'm going to wait to buy more cloth diapers until after we find out gender.
There are so many girly and boy ones I'd like to get, but of course, need to know what we're having first.
Alvababy have these 2 totally adorable diapers. One looks like spiderman, and the other looks like a ladybug pattern.
SO yeah.... just going to wait.
Well.. if kawaii gets their newborn sizes in sooner, I'll buy those up ASAP... but other than that.. everything else can wait :D

Flip Flopping

First... forgot to mention that my hips are bothering me again. Yay :\ lol

Now on to the subject... I can not decide on what I want to do with the nursery theme.
I do still want to do fantasy, but the thought of having to do a giant mural is REALLY daunting.
Guess I wouldn't be questioning it so much if I actually had a solid idea on what I wanted to do.
One min... I want to do this giant mural... the next.. I want to keep it a lot more simple... the next.. I want to do a simple giant mural lol.
And then other times, I want to completly scrap the idea and do something else. It's so frustrating!

I wish I could just come up with something. That way I'd have an idea... tweak it if I wanted and then just do it. No more of this flip flopping BS.

OO.... hmmm typing that out I just got an idea.
I LOVE butterflies.... if we have a girl... I could have some butterflies all around the room.. and then still do a nice mural on the wall w/ like butterfly dragons and whatnot. Hmmm.... we'll see what happens I guess. I could still do the butterfly dragons if it's a boy, just not the butterflies around the room though.

OH AND.... DH is going to paint over my sign that I drew on the wall. SIGH! It wasn't hard to draw on there, but I REALLY hate having to do something over again. I hate drawing the same thing twice. Such a pain but whatever.

Slow slow slow

It's probably b/c my sleep hasn't been the greatest. This week has gone by so slowly!
Boooooo lol
I expect week 18 and 19 to go by slow, but come on... this one can speed up a little! lol

You know how you look back and wonder where the time went? Yeah... that's not happening for me yet. Maybe eventually, but def not yet.

Listened for LOs hb this morning. Finally found it about a minute after trying. Beating away in there thankfully.

Only checked b/c when I woke up to fix breakfast for DH, I had this pretty bad ache that started from my bellybutton and went down to my vajay. It felt better once I laid back down but those kinds of aches always make me so nervous still.
Learned that Braxton Hick's contractions can start this early (actually earlier but you don't feel them). Never knew that. Always just assumed that they didn't start until near the end.
So maybe that's what it was? Or it was probably just RLP still... meh. Either way, everything seems to still be ok which is all that matters.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

One more post

Can't remember if I mentioned this or not....
My nieces are both REALLY in to this franchise called Monster High. The dolls are a bit skanky but it's overall pretty cute.
Anyway, these things are UBER popular and if you're looking to buy a doll for someone... if you see some in stock at your local store, BUY THEM.
I have never seen anything so popular like this before other than that Tickle Me Elmo thing years back.
It's frickin INSANE how popular and in demand these things are.
Seriously, next time you go in to a Target, or Walmart, or just anywhere with a toy section, look for the Monster High section. You'll see everything except for the dolls b/c stores can not keep them stocked.
And if you do happen upon one... as I said... BUY IT.

Birth classes and whatnot

Is it weird that I don't want to take any of those classes?
I just don't think they're necessary.
There is one I wouldn't mind about how to properly use carseats, BUT that's only b/c they give you a coupon for a discount on certain ones.

Lamaze, Bradley whatever.... I'm just not interested in it.

DH wants to take this one class his friend did with this wife. It's an ALL DAY class that lasts about 8 hours. WTH??? WTH are they going to tell me in 8 LONG hours? What to expect during labor & birth? Yeah, I know what to expect for the most part already.
And no matter what they do tell me... it's really not going to matter all that much in the moment b/c each labor/birth experience is different for everyone.
What to expect in the hospital? That's what taking a tour of the hospital is for and asking questions.

Just think it will be a waste of money, but of course DH wants to do it now and blahblahblah and my unhappy ass will be dragged along.
Don't know when the next ones will be, but we'll see how it goes. I'll come right back here and totally admit that I was wrong if they end up being awesome and helpful, but right now... I just think they'll be a waste of time & money.