Friday, September 27, 2013

WTF body??

I slept like total shite last night.
I got about 4 hours total of sleep.
Feeling ok for now, but I'm sure I'll be the walking dead later.

Did have a surprise when I went to the bathroom at 1am though. Wiped away some blood. WTF??
I'm on cd19. I've been taking OPKs multiple times a day (actually remembering to so I haven't skipped any days).... and just yeah... WTF?

Wonky hormones I guess. Thinking the hormone problem is the cause for the sleep and lack of weight loss too. Not sure what my body is doing.

On this current path though, I think January is going to be the earliest we're actually going to have a real chance at TTC. Hell, maybe even later than that.
I am going to start exercising next week so hopefully that helps whatever is going on. Obviously I'd rather be pregnant right now, but if we have to wait a LITTLE bit longer, then I'm ok with it.... but just so long as my body keeps doing what it should be doing, like losing weight, getting more regular, etc.

Need to finish up some of the baby shower and gift stuff I want to do. Have the baby shower planned for Oct 19th. It's not going to be a lot of people, going to basically just be a family get together, but still.. I want it nice for SiL.

Zoe last night.... man. I dunno what crawled up her booty but damn.
She spent 45min crying her eyes out when we put her to bed. I don't mean minor fussing... no sir. This was full on nuclear meltdown mode she was in.
Her window was open too. I was afraid someone was going to hear her and think we were abusing her or something.
I checked on her 3 times and as soon as I picked her up, the crying stopped and she'd be pointing to things as if nothing was wrong. As soon as I put her back in her crib though... it was the end of the world. SIGH!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ya know what...

I want to be able to wear a sweater dress without it looking like a moomoo or me looking pregnant in it. Does anyone other than young girls/babies and skinny girls look good in them? I dunno, but they're damn cute (the dresses).

My weight is really annoying me right now. Other than a very small dessert which is homemade so no extra junk... my weight is being stubborn as hell and not moving at all.
It went back up after being bad during my birthday and the weekend, then went back down a couple pounds, and now.... nothin.

And it's like, one day, my ring feels loose, then the next, it's snug again.
I wish my body would make up its mind already.
One thing that has improved is my #2 activity.
I'm trying out eliminating certain foods that may trigger my digestion issues. Eggs, peppers, mushrooms, and broccoli.
So far so good.
The broccoli is the newest one I've stopped since it caused diarrhea a few hours later.
Well it's only the floret part. I'm ok if I eat the stem.

Anyway.... so that's going well, but it sucks b/c I love all of those things :(
Going to try to add back egg yolks next week and see what my body does.


Zoe is doing well. She was NOT happy with either of her naps today though. Screamed her cute little head off for about 5-10min and then finally went to sleep. It's warm in her room now since we have the AC off and I'm too paranoid to keep her window open. Now if there were some security bars on the window I'd keep it open but ya know lol.

She's been dairy free now and... not really sure if it's improving anything. Not sure if it is, how long it would take to actually see an improvement. We'll stick with it a couple more weeks and then go from there. She loves her almond milk though.

Still no walking from her. She's gonna be 14m soon. I know I shouldn't worry but I do a little. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Almond milk

Forgot to mention that we have taken Zoe off of dairy for a little bit.
It's just to see if dairy may be the cause of her skin problems.
Switched to Almond milk and almond & coconut yogurt. Didn't even know they made yogurt out of those :D
She really likes the milk though. It's unsweetened of course.
Hoping that we'll start seeing some improvement soon.
She's started getting some eczema spots again on her legs. Guess it's b/c the weather is starting to get cooler and dryer.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Forgot to post again...

The concert was great!! Not a whole lot of people, but that's not really surprising. STP is an old-ish band. I'm sure if it had been someone a bit more current the teens would've filled that place to the brim.

Anyway, it was still a great concert. Both bands sounded amazing.

We came home and got a bit drunk. Well, I was just a little drunk but DH.. man, he drank WAY too much and paid for it w/ throwing up, dry heaves and a hangover the next morning lol.

I missed Zoe the entire time though. It just didn't feel right her not being here with us.
Even though it was nice being able to sleep in or not getting woken during the night.... I wanted her here.

She did NOT do well at MiL's when it was bedtime. I think that's mainly b/c they didn't want to let her cry.
They said they put her in the pack n play they had and she would start crying so they would pick her up. Sigh....
So... first half of the night (until 3am), FiL slept w/ Zoe on his lap in a recliner in the living room. Then, MiL took over and did the same thing lol.

I know some of that was Zoe not being in a familiar environment, but I'm sure she would've fallen asleep if they had just let her cry a bit.

Zoe was VERY happy to come home though. We didn't get home until her bedtime and she went right to sleep and didn't wake once. Woke up after 9am which isn't normal for her now.
THEN she kept dozing off until her 2nd nap which DH had to go wake her up at 4pm b/c she was still sound asleep.

Poor baby.... the inlaws weren't the only ones that didn't get much sleep it seems.

She's gone right back to her old sleep schedule though so it's all good :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Old woman

That's what I feel like anyway.
And old woman that didn't want her baby to spend the night away yet LOL.
I can just see myself now when Zoe is ready to move out..... UUUUUUUUGH, I'm gonna be that blubbering mess.
Even though I enjoy some Me time, I want my baby near me at all times too.

Sigh.... I'm sure everything will be ok though. Zoe enjoys her time w/ the inlaws.

We went apple picking yesterday in the mountains. Boy... I would love to live somewhere that had a view of the mountains in the background. Gorgeous and just so.... serene.  I wouldn't want to live on one though. The roads are a bit too much for my nerves lol.

It was a good day though. Bad for diet, but good for the soul :) Well... not counting the steep hills that we had to climb in the orchard. Really surprised I'm not sore today.

I'll post some photos of that later.

We went to a steak house for lunch. Meh.... we were going to go to a bakery too but we had MiL with us along with SiL's toddler and yeah, it wasn't going to happen b/c apparently, we were MiL's taxi for the day too. :\
Whatever. I didn't mind having to take her somewhere, but it would've been nice if we could've stopped at the bakery as we had planned to do instead of making it all about where she needed to go.

Also, I think if we ever have a boy.... we've settled on a first name for him.
We both do still like the name Ziggy and while as a child and possibly a teen it would be a good name, it's not really a great adult professional name lol.

So, while on the way home from apple picking.... I came up with Bishop :D
It's not common but not out there, and it sounds like a nice STRONG name. DH really liked it too so yep heh. Now to just ovulate again so we can actually have a chance damnit!

I've been feeling something from the right side. Hopefully it's something growing.

Anyway, gonna relax some before we go get our eardrums blown out at the concert. Can't wait!

Oh and I forgot another sexay momma that made me do the head swivel GURL to.
LisaB! I saw that photo you posted on FB! GUUUUUUUUURL. Makin me all jealous! lol

Damn you ladies for doing the right thing and losing the baby weight! *fist shake* ;)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Babies are gross

Ehehehe, one of my DD group ppl reminded me just how gross our LO's are.
Her LO found cat kibble to be mighty tasty.
I have to laugh b/c Zoe has more than once gone after the dog food. She did manage to put some of it in to her mouth but she spit it out right as I got to her to do a finger sweep.

She's still a gross one. More than once she'll be crawling around and I'll see her pick some mystery something up, pop it in to her mouth and then say "mmmmm" *barf*
I don't even want to know...... well I do, but I don't.
I can imagine that this is only going to get worse as she gets more mobile and can reach more things.

Girl has had some NASTY poop today. I swear... all but 3 diapers were poop diapers!! It's kinda funny seeing whole foods in them. Like cut up grapes or entire black eye peas lol.

She's wanting to talk so much! Her Star Wars is getting better. Got her to say Yogurt today too :D
I'm sure she says a lot of things, we just haven't figured it out yet heh.
Love her stinky little ass so much!

Started OPKs today. Probably could wait a while longer. I'm only on cd10 right now and with how my body hasn't been doing much... yeah.

OH!! I busted out the thermometer when I started spotting.
I managed to take my temp twice then and both were high 98's.... *shrugs* That's pretty high for not ovulating? So..... holding out a little hope that I could have?

Temp today was usual pre-O stuff though... 97.6. I had to take it at 3:30 am though. Woke up needing to pee so had to take it b/c I knew I wasn't going to get another solid 4 more hours.

 My weight is not wanting to budge. I think I need to eliminate possible foods that cause inflammation. Tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, hot sauce.... maybe dairy too.
Get rid of those for a bit to see how my body does. It sucks though b/c I LOVE those so much :( Figures that the foods I adore are ones that are causing possible problems.

And finally..... a GURL moment....

Saw your photo on FB Shari and GUUUUUUUURL *head swivel*... you look amazing!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Things are good

Well, not our monetary situation atm, but other than that... yeah.

My weight has stalled, but it's a bit like gestational diabetes.... just have to figure out what's going to work.
I'm still sticking with primal though. It's just been a lot easier this time FINALLY for some reason. I'm really not struggling w/ wanting junk food... although a soda sounds really good right now lol. Water gets boring!

Zoe is doing well. Her hair seems to finally be thickening and getting longer. Still very very slowly, but it's getting there. One of these days I'll be able to put some pig tails on her head!

She's grinding her teeth though. She'll be crawling to wherever and that sound will suddenly start and UUUUGH, it makes my teeth hurt! I hope she doesn't keep doing it. Would hate for her to damage her teeth.

She's trying to talk which is ADORABLE!! Well, she's trying to say actual words that is. She does a lot of baby babbling.
I got her to say Star Wars earlier! lol
I'm wearing a star wars shirt and she kept pointing at it so I couldn't resist hehe.
DH got her to say pictures and yeah... she's just growing up so fast!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I should just stop making extra pages b/c I never keep up with them. SIGH!

Anyway... weight loss is going well I think. The scale isn't moving much atm, but I know it will eventually.
Really should have taken measurements at the beginning of this. It feels like I'm still losing even though the scale doesn't show it.

Anyway, going to head out shortly to target to look for some cute silicone molds for homemade fruit snacks. YUM! Found a recipe for them and they sound really good.

I know I've said it before (maybe), but I find it really fun to find all of these recipes and trying them out :D
Oh and I also plan on trying a homemade marshmallow recipe on that same website. Don't have marshmallow root, but it should still work. I think the root is just used to get whatever nutrients are in them.

Oh and I finished SiL's baby's blanket. It's not what I wanted though. I started it off WAAAAAAAY too big. If I had completed it the way I wanted to originally, it would probably end up being about 6ft long. Don't have enough yarn or time for that LOL. Maybe when he's older and if the blanket is still in decent condition I can slowly add on to it to make it longer for him. Right now though, I think it's a good size for a baby :)

Since he's being born when it's cold out, making him some cute hats too. Also going to make Zoe some new hats. Love it! Love crocheting and creating stuff :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Before bed

Just a few Zoe spammages before bed :)

Pretty and happy in one of her many birthday gift outfits :)

Loving her birthday rocking bug thing!

DH having a Beavis and Butthead flashback moment

Taken just a few minutes ago. She loves her blankets :)

Taking a break!

Good lord, Zoe has been FUSSY this morning.
Just laid her down for her 2nd nap b/c she was screaming the roof off. Good lord, my ears and sanity couldn't handle it for too much longer.
Thankfully it seems a nap is just what she needs b/c all is quiet again. Lordy.... that child has some lungs on her.

She is my oinkette too heh. She wants to eat almost constantly!! I don't know how someone so tiny can pack away ALL of that food.
Yesterday, I fed her 2 eggs w/ a sausage patty. We then went to my mom's where she ate strawberries, seaweed wraps (like for sushi or if you're Korean, kimbap), rice & cucumbers. Her belly felt SO hard and full but she still wanted more.
Then for dinner, DH's family fed her grits, eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, part of a biscuit and who knows what else.
Bottomless pit is what she is LOL.

Read somewhere that about now is when their appetites should reduce some but that doesn't seem to be the case for her. Not yet at least.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stuff and junk

Period picked back up a little yesterday. turned in to a mostly medium slightly heavy at times flow.
Still not totally normal though.
Seems to have tapered off again today... well, at least for now.
Whatever... my body is doing what it needs to I guess. Just hope it's not some long drawn out thing.

Weight has also dropped back down. It's not where it was, but at least it's not going UP again. BAH!

Diet has been good though. Been HUNGRY as hell probably b/c of hormones so it feels like I've been eating a lot lately. But eating this way is pretty darn easy and so far, I'm feeling good.

I think it's actually kind of fun finding different ways to making common foods.
Like BLT for instance. We had BLTs the other day but instead of bread, we just wrapped bacon and tomato in a leaf of romaine lettuce and it was delicious!
Also found a recipe for a primal lasagna that uses zucchini or squash as the layers that I really want to try out.

I also made some cheesy bread that was gluten free.
This recipe Flourless Cheesy Bread. Used it for homemade pizza! It was a little higher carb than what I usually eat, but it was still flourless and awesome!

And for dessert?
Pumpkin Pie Custard with some homemade whipped cream! YUM!
The first batch of that I made wasn't sweet... at all. Made it a 2nd time and used more stevia along with about 3tbs of honey and BOY was that good! Sweet but not too sweet and just delicious! Next time I may try candying some pecans w/ honey and adding that to it! Of course with all of that honey though it won't be a common dish I make, but at least I know it's a healthier treat than what I normally would go for.
Plan on trying my hand at making a chocolate custard next :D


We've expanded Zoe's prison.. I mean... play area a little :P heh
We had to buy 2 gates off of amazon. We also had to move our 2 book cases which we did yesterday so Zoe finally had more room to explore :D
Now she has the sunroom and ALL of the living room (instead of just the area in front of the tv).
It's great for her, but MAN.. nothing is safe from her little hands! She knows how to open drawers so we've had to block one of them that has nail clippers and other small objects.
And nothing is safe on the table by the chair any longer. Oh well.
She's starting to understand that NO or our NO sound means just that. Doesn't mean she listens all the time, or she'll listen for a minute and go back to trying to do whatever.
Girl is gonna give me grey hair.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I should know better by now not to read anti-c section threads but nooooo I get sucked in and then pissed the hell off after reading comments.

I'm just so sick of these natural birthing NUT JOBS thinking that their way is the ONLY way to do things and oh poor stupid women for choosing or having to get c-sections.

If you want a natural drug free birth. You are awesome and I applaud you.

If you want to be drugged up and not feel anything. If you want or end up having a c-section, you are also awesome and should be applauded!

When are people going to get it through their damn heads that their way is NOT the only frickin way to do things and ya know what.... not everyone's body is made to give birth vaginally.
Can't remember if I mentioned it here or somewhere else... but my husband's friend.
She has 3 children, all c-sections. Why? Because her pelvis is WAY too small to give birth vaginally so c-section was the only way for her to birth her children.
And even if she didn't have that problem and wanted the c-section just because, that is her own choice. If you don't agree with it, that's fine.
I don't agree with homebirth, but I know that is what some women want and they are more than welcome to fucking do it.
See how that works?? Apparently some people don't.

I know I need to take my own advice on a few issues.... just this one... UGH this one just really pisses me off so much b/c it's usually (not always but usually), the natural birth ASSHOLES that start spewing off totally false made up BULLSHIT lies to try to make their point and to try to shame women for wanting drugs or wanting a c-sec or hell, even wanting a damn hospital birth.

PHEW.... rant over lol.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This is definitely not a normal AF. It was about medium flow yesterday, and today has turned in to medium light... more on the light side.
It does suck, but I'm still going to take it as a good sign that my body did SOMETHING once I started doing primal again.

I am bloated as all get out though. It's not so bad right this second, but as soon as I eat something, it feels like I've just downed an entire turkey w/ the dressing, w/ the desserts.
B/c of that my weight has gone back up to 212 give or take depending on my body. I know this is only temporary, but it still sucks to see the scale show that again.

I've been getting a lot of twinges in the right ovary area. I'm fairly certain that is is my ovary. Maybe a cyst or something is/was there.

Ordered more OPKs. I still have some left, but it's only about.. 20 if that.
Only got 50 this time though so hopefully it will be enough. Again, now that the weight is coming off, FX that this cycle won't be as long and I'll actually ovulate.

Zoe wants to absorb everything. She started pointing at everything. For now, it's pretty adorable when she does it out in public. She'll lock on to someone and then will point at them LOL. It usually makes the person smile if they see her hehe.

Still no walking. We're trying to walk with her a bit more just to get her used to doing the motion. She still hasn't really shown that she's ready to try it on her own though.

UGH, she's getting in to the tantrum thing full swing. Girl has a meltdown if she doesn't get what she wants. I don't give in to her and it just pisses her off even more w/ more screams and shrieks and UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
She does it SO much now too. I am not ashamed to say that I am happy when DH gets home or when she takes a nap so I can have a quiet moment. I know this is only going to get worse before it gets better.
I love her screaming little butt though heh.
I cant help but laugh at her some of the times she starts b/c it's obvious when she's trying to get that certain shriek going that she thinks is going to work. I try not to actually laugh in her face so I usually end up having to cover my face w/ my shirt heh.

We've been slacking on taking her photo. Need to get back on that! She's not going to stay this little for too much longer! We're already getting comments from family asking if she's thinned out some. And she has b/c she's getting longer and losing that 'baby' look :(

Monday, September 9, 2013

Gestational Diabetes and my SiL

So I saw preggo SiL yesterday when she came to pick up her girls.

First.. her bump is SO cute! It's so round and adorable :D Honestly, I thought she'd be A LOT bigger since this is her 3rd... not that that would be a bad thing. She looks great pregnant :D

Anyway, so she tells me that she had to be put on insulin... and A LOT of it.
Then she tells me how she ate half a sub sandwich and chips and had high sugar after it. Uhm... DUH?

GRRR I'm just so frustrated with her.
She was on a low carb diet before getting pregnant. That's how she lost something like 28lbs in 2 months!
I've told her NUMEROUS times how if I had listened to the dietician and eaten as many carbs as they said I could have, my sugar levels would've been THROUGH THE ROOF when I was pregnant with Zoe.
And yet.... she listened to the dietician anyway.
When I gave her a look and said, that the sub and chips were her problem, she just gave me a sheepish smile and said "Well my dietician said I could have it."
It's like talking to a BRICK WALL.

You can't have your cake and have a normal weight baby too! Or however that saying goes ;)
I just can not express how totally frickin frustrated I am with her. I just want to shake some sense in to her.
I know going low carb isn't for everyone and that sub and chips would've been fine for others, but obviously, that is not the case for her and she knows it!

It really reminds me of my brother (her husband). He's diabetic and still eats SHIT food b/c he expects the insulin shots to do all of the work. And when it doesn't... well just increase the amount of insulin and still eat the same ole carby sugary shit as before.
I will be shocked if her baby is less than 9lbs.

Anyway, I really need to text her to see when she wants a baby shower. She's probably going to get her c-sec late Nov and well, that's not that far away LOL. Need to get a date so I can light a fire under my ass to get shit done for it.

It's def AF.
Not sure if it's going to be a normal AF though. It is encouraging that it started when I went to slightly stricter primal eating. Could be coincidence, but I'll take it as a sign that this is what my body likes and needs to regulate.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Wanted to post really quick.

Spotting is slowly but surely getting heavier so I'm sure AF will be in full swing soon. It's a little more than just spotting right now.

Weight today was back up to 209, but I haven't pooped in 2 days. Not sure why the heck I'm constipated.

Zoe is adorable as usual :D
Got her to say Bear! Well... it's more like Bee-ah lol.
She wants to eat ALL the time. She calls all food 'nana now. Banana is like the only thing she can really say so she just uses it for all food :P hehe It's pretty awesome and cute. We def know when she's hungry now. Although she does say it just to say it sometimes too.

Uhhm.. and yeah, things are good. :)
Really hoping that now that I'm actually losing weight my body is going to start ovulating again, or ovulating in a timely manner. Would be nice to be pregnant by the end of the year. I wouldn't mind another August baby, but I'll hope for July :D hehe

Friday, September 6, 2013

2 weeks

In 2 weeks, I am going to be a 34yo woman. WHAAA??
Good lord, am I really that old. Geeze.

This year has gone by SO quick. Blink and it's already almost Fall.

Zoe is doing great. She wants to learn SO much and is just becoming her own little person. She def does not like it when we try to pick boogers out of her nose and unfortunatly has learned that her finger fits perfectly in to her nostrils LOL
She doesn't pick, she just pokes the finger up there and stays that way. It's HILARIOUS, but we're def going to have to watch her and make sure she doesn't become a booger eater. BLEH.

My weight this morning was 207.4 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
That is 6 lbs gone since Sunday!
If you couldn't tell, I'm SO frickin happy about that! *happy dance*
Finally the weight is going in the right direction!! I doubt I'll be in the 100's again by my birthday but I'm gonna try damnit!
I already have a cheat planned for my birthday LOL. I know that's bad, but I think it's reasonable.
Really want to go to this local bakery (where we got Zoe's b-day cake) and buy a couple of treats there. This cream horn thing that is awesome and then 1 other thing. I think that would be a lot better than actually getting a giant cake that would take a few days to eat.

Oh I started spotting a little yesterday. It only happened a couple of times using the bathroom.
It's probably AF wanting to start.
I don't think I ovulated, so it will be interesting to see if this turns out to be a normal AF. If it is normal, then I have to question if I ovulated the other times.
Sucks if I didn't but hopefully with the weight finally coming off, my body will get back to it again :)

And finally... Congrats Shari on your cute little new baby girl!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Awww, that was sweet

So I went to the Korean store earlier. Was waiting at the register to pay and the owner came up and started playing with Zoe.
She then tells me that she's been telling her daughter that she is ready for some grandkids.
Well her daughter and her husband gave her a box w/ a piece of paper in it. One side said 'Mom', & and the other side said 'Grandma'.

I couldn't help but tear up. You could just see that she was SOOO happy for her daughter and SO happy to finally be getting a grandchild. It was just so sweet and I still have a huge smile on my face hours later.
She had only just been told yesterday and was told by her daughter that they weren't telling anyone else about it until they reach 13w. I guess grandma HAD to tell someone LOL. I'm sure I wasn't the only customer she told the news too hehe.
It was just so sweet though and just so nice to share in someone else's happiness.

Grumpy butt

MAN.. Zoe is one grumpy girl in the morning.
She gets a nice big banana all to herself, plus whatever else I decide to give her (this morning it was watermelon). So she's nice and full, but she is SOOOOOOOOO fussy.
I know she's still tired, but she gets up to eat. Maybe I should put her right back to bed after eating and see how she takes that.

She's not walking yet, but she's starting to let go and standing on her own finally. I want her to walk soon only b/c if she doesn't I would worry lol, but then another part of me is like.. meh.. take your time baby girl :P hehe

No sign of anything happening with my body. I've been forgetting to take OPKs. SIGH! But I don't think anything has been happening.
Going to have to remember to take the tests. If nothing still by next week then I'm going to use the provera that I still have to start a new cycle.

Dieting is going well... gotta update that pag, but I'm down to 209 this morning! WOO!
Would be nice to get back to the Onederlands again for my birthday!
Good lord I'm going to be 34 in a little over 2 weeks. Geezus. Mentally... yeah I'm nowhere near 34 ROFL, but physically, I'm probably closer to about 60+ HA!

Anywho, we're going to a concert on my birthday! YAY!! It's Stone Temple Pilots! W/ Chester Bennington (lead singer of Linkin Park) as the lead since the original singer is a giant druggy.
And the other band will be Filter which I'm excited about too. Really like a couple of their older songs! SQUEEE so excited :D

BUT that means Zoe will be having her first sleepover at grandma's house. DH and I both aren't too happy about that just yet, but it is what it is. I'm sure everything will be ok, but we'd still rather it not happen just yet lol.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


OMG baby clothes are so damn addictive to buy!!! They must spray them all with cocaine so when we brush against one it released it in to the air and we can't help but come back for more! lol

We went to Toys R Us yesterday to spend the gift card friends gave to us for Zoe's birthday.
We bought her this adorable stuffed turtle rocker, BUT the thing is a piece of CRAP.
It was a Mamas & Papas rocker. Stuffed bug turtle thing. Frickin $80 for basically a stuffed riding toy. The music box thing in it was CRAP where the wires were either not connected or a jiggle away from disconnected (which they did), and the wood rocker part is no more than cheap plywood that was already split. So yeah, we'll be taking that back.

Anyway, back to the clothes. They're having a GREAT sale right now on their clearance stuff. It's 50% off on the clearance price! WOO!
We bought Zoe some larger shoes but mostly bought my soon to be here nephew some baby clothes. :D
There was this cute sweater dress thing I would've loved to have gotten Zoe, but it wasn't clearance and no matter how cute it was, I couldn't justify spending $15 on it. Oh well.