Friday, October 31, 2014

What the heck??

So our night got off to a slow start. We were waiting on MiL and my brother and his family to get over here. I was anxious to get out there thinking that there was going to be a lot of homes to hit up.
WTF happened to Halloween??
There were MAYBE a dozen houses scattered around the neighborhood that were giving out candy... MAYBE that many. And there were hardly any trick or treaters too. Where the F was everyone??
Our neighborhood used to be one of the good places to hit up. We'd always have tons of cars here w/ parents following their kids around to all the houses but this year... NOPE. No one giving candy and no one wanting it.

The few trick or treaters we got... I really wish we had given them handfuls of candy. Even if we had, we still would've had a ton left over. It was a nice night out for the most part.
Just wondering where the hell everyone was?? Was there some giant Halloween event we didn't hear about that everyone went to?

It just makes me sad. I want it to be like it used to when I was younger. Lots of people giving candy out, lots of trick or treaters getting it. I want Zoe to have memories like that.
I think next year we're probably just going to do trunk or treats b/c damn... this was disappointing. :(


Ok since I don't like leaving rants at the top....

I bought some cloth diapers yesterday!! :D
Trying sunbaby size 1 microfiber diapers. Bought the pack of 12.
SiL says that she loved them, so... we'll see. Wish some of the fabric prints were a little cuter but oh well... going to be hidden under clothes anyway so not a big deal.
It was a good deal on them though so just bit the bullet and bought them since it takes so long to actually get them.

Would be nice if we didn't have to buy more diapers and just use the ones we have, but Zoe is nowhere close to wanting to potty train yet. She still tells us most of the time when she has pooped, but that's it.

Speaking of Zoe. She's trying her hardest to not nap right now. I know she's tired waking up so early every morning and she woke up last nght at around 1:30 and stayed up until 2.... at least that was when I turned the monitor back on and she was finally quiet :P
She's tired but she is fighting these naps like no ones business.
I wish babies and kids knew just how awesome naps are.... would make this parenting thing a lot easier ;) hehe

So excited for tonight! It's gonna get cold quick, but that's what layering is for :D
I can't wait for Halloween to be over too. Get rid of all this tempting candy!!

I really need to make a better effort in eating healthier. Give this baby boy some good protein and lots of food stuff from good food instead of the junk I've been wanting/eating.
And I am going to save 4 of my metformin for thanksgiving LOL. I know that's so pathetic but damnit... I am eating my weight in dressing! I don't care about the desserts... I just want that dressing w/ gravy! *droooooool*

Oh.... no more cries! She must've finally given up! WOOT! lol Now time for me to go lay down and relax before I have to get up and clean the carpets again :P

Stop being so damn sensitive!

I shouldn't care, but seeing topic after topic of women complaining about people telling them how small or big they are gets on my last damn nerve.
Seriously... stop being so damn sensitive to those comments already!!!!
Just b/c someone says how big you are while pregnant doesn't mean they're calling you a blubbery fat pig!!
Just b/c someone asks if you're sure it's not twins in there doesn't mean they think you look like a beached whale!
And on the flipside. Someone saying that you're so small doesn't mean anything either!

They're just comments ALL pregnant women get and 99% of the time the person making the comment isn't doing so to be a cruel dickface, so PLEASE stop being so gawd damn sensitive to these comments already!!!
How about just embracing those comments and running with them.

"You're so small for soandso weeks!"
"Oh I know!  I can still wear a lot of my regular clothes!"

"You're so big for soandso weeks!"
"Oh I know! My body just wanted to give baby extra room to grow."

But noooooo... the overly sensitive women have to run to all the message boards to say how people are so rude and mean and how they shouldn't say that to pregnant women, or better yet when they say they had a truly insulting come back for the comment insulting the person that said it.

Ok..... rant over! lol.... I just need to stop clicking on those threads or anything titled "rude/mean comments/remarks" and the like b/c it's usually always about this.

Anyway..... time to go crochet until my eyes start to cross. Going to need SOOOOOO much yarn for this darn pony toy. Going to be a lot of trial and error making it too. Wish I had worked on it more before this but... oh well.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Making himself known...

It's like the movement went from "Is that the baby?" to "Stop hitting my bladder!" in just a couple of days. Feels like just yesterday I was sitting here wondering when the heck I was going to feel movement and now here I am wishing he would hit something other than my bladder lol.
Oh I remember Zoe rubbing her giant head on my bladder in those last couple of months. That was not fun lol.
I wouldn't change it for anything though. I may say stop but I do love feeling him in there.


Yay tomorrow is Halloween! WOO! Can't wait :D Just can't wait to see Zoe out there getting us... er... I mean HER some candy ;)
She's going to love it for sure.
It's supposed to be cold though so have to remember to bundle her up.

Put her to bed (naptime) early today b/c caught her scribbling on the walls again. Thankfully it was on a painted part so the crayon washed off but still..... I guess walls are just too tempting. All that empty area has to have some color to it! lol
Couple of swats to her heavily diapered butt and off to nap time she went. I know some people are against spanking... to each their own and seriously... her behind is so padded that it didn't hurt her in the least.


About to go nap myself or at least lay down for a bit. Zoe's new "lets wake up at 6am!" routine is wearing me out!
Thankfully my throat/mouth doesn't hurt anymore. My nose didn't get quite as stuffy last night so I didn't have to mouth breath and it gave my mouth a chance to heal. Yay :)

And I know that's not it but my brain refuses to work with me.... 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Still hasn't quite sunk in yet...

Waited all this time... counted down the days... it finally happened and we finally found out and I'm still sitting here in disbelief lol.
It just hasn't sunk in yet but I know it will.

As for a name... I still think we'll be going with Bishop for the first name, but the middle name is still up in the air.
DH wants to buy a baby name book, but with all the online resources available for free.. I don't think we need to. If it helps him decide though then whatever.
I still like the name Ezra too and DH suggested the name Orin when he was joking around about giving him the initials B.O.S. lol
I thought that was pretty cute plus Orin sounds nice and isn't common. Plus it would be a cute nickname to call him Boss-man or something like that ;) heh
We'll see what happens though. Still a lot of time to pick out a good name :)

We're going to have to pick a crib soon. We have money saved up, BUT with DH's truck messing up and no telling what is wrong with it AND us planning on getting a new car next year.. we need to keep saving while paying off whatever crib/dresser we decide to get.

Plus we're going to have to find a carseat that fits the car. Don't think we're going to be so lucky with this car seat and only get away with spending $20 on one lol.
Just a lot of things here and there that's going to add up. Best to start now and slowly spend rather than doing it in one huge chunk.

We really shouldn't need a lot of clothes at first. Hit up Once Upon a Child to find a couple of cute things, like his take home outfit, but I don't think we'll need too much at first. He'll probably be snuggled up in PJs for the first few months since it will still be cold/cool.

Anywho.... symptoms... my nose getting stuffy at night really sucks b/c I have to mouth breath. My mouth is getting SO dry that it starts to hurt. I have to constantly get up to take sips of water to keep it hydrated and now the upper back part of my mouth is sore. Probably b/c I try to swallow while it's all dry so now it's irritated.

I'm not gagging as much as before thank goodness. It still hits every once in a while but it's few and far between.

Still achy but the sciatic pain seems to have let up for now.

I'm feeling baby boy a little more frequently. Still not a lot though but I feel him at least once or twice a day. It's still a very faint feeling and it's usually the feeling of him playing Punch the bladder!

I've been SO tired. Even though I am waking up a lot, I feel like I've been sleeping better, but just feeling so worn out lately.

Still craving Dr Pepper like no ones business. Was going to go out and get some today but of course DH's truck just had to mess up so he took the car. Boooo lol.
I think that's been it for cravings though... at least within the last few days. All food still sounds good, but nothing in particular stands out.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Other information

So excited over the Boy news that I forgot everything else lol.

So my doctor (the one that performed my first c-sec) asked me if I was going to try for vbac or just do a repeat. I told her I was leaning more towards just doing a repeat. She was perfectly fine with it. I'm sure it makes it easier on everyone knowing exactly when baby is going to arrive heh.
I'm fine with that decision too. Don't really look forward to being sliced open again but meh... not like I could feel it and hopefully recovery will be easier.

Also, she told me that my next appointment is the 1hr glucose test... kinda bleh, but she did tell me that if I fail it, that I don't have to do the 3hr one if I don't want to and would just start monitoring my sugars right away. WOO!
I mean obviously I don't want to get GD, but I probably will have it. It's just nice to know that I won't have to do that dang 3hr test again if I don't want to. I also asked if I would have to take that stupid diet class again. She didn't seem to fully know what I was talking about but she said probably not.
I really hope not.

Uuuuhm what else.... baby boy was head down. I guess that's a good thing even though I'm sure he probably changes positions a lot since he's still tiny and has a lot of room.
He was weighing in at about 11oz.
Like the doctor said, he was a little behind in size... from what I saw when she was measuring his femurs, he was coming in at 19w5d. IF we were going by my ovulation date... I would've only been 19w3d yesterday so he would've been right on track. Again, I'm not that worried about it since I know there is that difference.
It does make me wonder if they'll want to wait to do the c-section closer to 40w if he continues to measure a little behind my LMP like that.
We'll see.
The doctor did tell me that it could just be they caught him right before a growth spurt *shrugs* I really wish they would put in my medical history that I ovulated late so they wouldn't be so concerned with it, but I guess better safe than sorry.

UGH, my weight was 208!! That is up a whopping 8lbs from my last appointment. We did eat breakfast before we went but still... 8lbs!! WTF? Oh well... just have to keep an eye on that.

Uuuuhm.. and I think that was it.
I'm still in shock that we're having a boy (hell still can't believe i'm pregnant again sometimes lol). Just feel so lucky that everything is ok and that we even have this again.

So... now that we know... time to start crafting some stuff up! Have a lot of work to do and not that much time to do it!

Monday, October 27, 2014

More u/s photos

No loot from Old Navy. I couldn't tell what was on sale and what wasn't :\ May order some stuff online.

Did I mention that I burst in to tears as soon as she confirmed it was a boy? lol As soon as she said it, I looked over at DH, saw his huge smile and then the waterworks started lol

Anywho, here are some more photos. No fantastic shots but oh well. He's healthy in there which is all that matters.

Frontal face shot... duh ;)

Thought this was pretty cool when she was doing it. Wish she had gotten a better shot of it though b/c you could see his nose and mouth in really great detail. That's his ribcage below the mouth/chin.

Almost a profile... oh well :P

He didn't want to cooperate getting his heart rate measured. The tech eventually got it though :)

And another potty shot ;)

And the results are *drumroll*


Excuse my French but...


She put the probe on my stomach and as soon as I saw those legs, I saw the turtle. I wasn't sure at first though, but she confirmed it with a really good potty shot.
He's looking great though.
He is measuring a little behind for my LMP, but going by ovulation he would be measuring a couple of days ahead.
I'm not worried about it and they weren't either. BUT b/c of that I am getting another ultrasound at my 28w appointment. Not complaining... another chance to see our little dude :)
Everything else looked great. 

Still though... HOLY CRAP!! lol We had just convinced ourselves it was another girl and then BAM! There's a penis! O_O
Can't believe we're having a boy.... oh my goodness.

Didn't get great shots during the u/s. Have them on a disk. Will look through it later. About to head to Old Navy to look some baby clothes! ;)

Today's the day!

I'd still be sleeping right now if it wasn't for that darn dog!
HA how much did that sound like a Scooby Do (doo?) villain :P

Seriously though, DH got up, let them out then decided to pop his headphones on to exercise. Nevermind that one of our stupid dogs was outside barking at 5:30am.
So pissed off b/c 1... I was trying to get back to sleep and 2... that's all we would need is one of our neighbors complaining about our dog barking that early.

Anyway so it's 6:45 right now and yeah... just waiting. My appointment isn't until 9 this morning. May go lay down... hopefully Zoe sleeps in a little bit or maybe I can snooze on the way there. We'll see.
So nervous and excited though.

We're both leaning towards this one being a girl. I still don't have a strong intuition or anything.. maybe a slight gut feeling now, but that could just be excitement.

This LO was having fun kicking the hell out of my bladder last night though. Those were the strongest kicks I've felt so far. Was laying on my left side and I needed to pee but didn't want to get up. Guess baby didn't like a full bladder resting on them and they started going to town on it until I got up lol.

SQUEEEE ok... gonna go lay down. I'll be back with results!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Boo at the zoo

Last night was pretty fun, but I doubt we'll do it again unless Zoe asks to go when she's older.

SO many people. You think.. 2000... ok that's a lot but not THAT many. No... it's a lot.... and all of those people congregating in a few areas.... it's too much lol.
It wasn't bad though but disappointing. I was expecting there to be a lot more going on w/ a lot more booths and whatnot handing out candy and stuff for the kids, but they were very few and far between. I did like that they were giving out stuff other than candy. Found that nice and Zoe will have fun coloring the stuff she got, but for the price everyone pays to get it and the booths being sponsored... they could afford to give out just a little more.

Anyway, Zoe had fun which is what really matters. She loved going up to the booths and getting stuff, especially the candy. She is a candy junkie. Every day she asks for candy and every day I have to tell her no lol.
She really liked seeing all of the kids and people. Think she was a little overwhelmed but she was still enjoying herself.

So glad we didn't go with the obvious Halloween costume for her. There were a couple of super hero girls which I thought was great, but there were SOOOOOOOOOO many princesses and Elsas. SOOOOOOO MANY! lol

Anywho, overall it was fun but like I said, I don't think we'll go back unless she asks to go. Just not really worth the money to drive all the way out there and the limited amount of things to do in the place.
She would've had just as much fun at the trunk or treat thing DH's aunt's church was doing.

She's going to have a blast on Halloween though. She was not shy about getting that candy!

Anywho... here are some photos from last night :)
Oh DH and I decided not to wear our masks last night. The eyeholes in mine are way too small and he still can't figure out how to work his mask w/ his glasses.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

So excited!!

So excited for tonight! It's gonna be cold but hopefully it will be worth it going to Boo at the Zoo.
Thank goodness DH's friend told us we needed to buy the tickets in advance b/c they are sold out. Think DH said they had about 2000 tickets for a few nights so maybe more for tonight since it's a weekend? But still... WOW. That's not even counting all of the under 2 kiddies that will be there too.
It's going to be so fun. I can't wait to dress Zoe up and get dressed in our shirts too heh. Will be taking pics and posting them :)

Zoe seems to be coming down with a cold. She just seems to have a runny nose right now. Not surprising. We have windows open and it's been getting pretty cold at night. Her pjs should keep her warm and the window in her room is never open, but guess that wasn't enough to keep a cold away.

Anywho.... Monday will be here shortly!
Thought Dh took the day off but he only took off enough time for the appointment which is fine.
So excited to find out what we're having! Just hope the baby cooperates.
Just had a baby brain moment there. Took a good few seconds to think of the word cooperate :P lol

Felt baby a lot last night when laying on either side. Lots of kicks to the bed :) I can't wait until I can feel it more just sitting there or even just on my back.
Speaking of my back.. I've still been sleeping on it a lot. I just get so uncomfortable laying any other way I end up on my back. I try not to stay on it for too long.
I just wish I could get some decent sleep. I don't know what else I can do to help. Maybe just say F it and buy myself a snoogle for my Christmas present lol. Doubt that would help as much as I would want though.

As for intuition on what the gender is.
I really have no idea. I THINK I'm leaning more towards girl, but there's no real reason to it. Ok maybe b/c of the highish heartrate, but that's it. I really don't know.
We are still hoping for a little boy, but I just want a healthy baby. It will be fun if Zoe gets a little brother or sister.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

3 more days!

The end of Thursday so just 3 more days to go for my appointment. Thankfully it's in the morning so I won't have to wait all day Monday for it.
OMG I'm so excited and nervous and happy and scared. Just want everything to be ok, finding out the gender is just a big bonus.
Saw on one site, a woman just had her 20w u/s and everything looked fine to her, but turns out her baby boy never developed a brain. So heartbreaking :( Just so scary that there are still so many things that could be wrong or go wrong.

Anyway, I think I'm feeling more movement. It's still only bubbles though and only if I'm sitting in my computer chair hunched over. I'll sometimes feel kicks when laying on my side but those don't happen frequently. I'm sure baby enjoys when it's bedtime though. All of that tossing and turning I do must rock him/her to sleep lol.

Feeling ok though. Food is ALWAYS on my mind. Going to have to start eating better since I won't be on metformin for much longer. Have to try to control blood sugars through diet so... bye bye sweets and bad carbs *cry*
I am eating my weight in dressing on Thanksgiving though. I LOVE MiL's dressing and could eat the entire tray she cooks up.
Might save some metformin just for that occasion lol..... seriously.
I am having some cravings right now.
Dr pepper and corn dogs are at the top of the list. Might go to the store tomorrow morning and get some. OMG I want a corn dog so damn bad. Crispy cornbready outside with that hot delicious dog in the middle. NOMNOMNOMNOM

I did fix some really tasty last minute alfredo tonight. Wanted to do regular spaghetti but we didn't have any canned tomatoes and DH had to take he car. We had heavy cream and butter though so decided to make alfredo sauce instead and it surprisingly came out really tasty. Used about 1/2c butter, 1 or so cups of heavy cream, garlic salt, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, 1c Parmesan cheese.
I then browned some ground pork w/ breakfast sausage type of seasoning. Didn't want to leave it plain and thought the flavor of breakfast sausage would be good and it surprisingly went pretty well with it.
*pats self on back* lol

So excited for Saturday too. I think Zoe is going to have so much fun trick or treating at the zoo :D
It's also our anniversary (which we both completely forgot about LOL) so we'll go out to eat beforehand. Not sure where, but it will be fun if we do it all dressed up! Will have to throw that idea at DH hehe.

Anywho.... this week has gone by pretty quick. Well... most of the mornings have been slow but it picks up at noon. Haven't crocheted anything yet like I had planned, but I've been keeping busy in other ways.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I guess Zoe is going through a "I don't want to sleep even though I'm tired!!!" phase. Nap today was started off with the same crying and so was bedtime tonight.
She goes in fine when you tell her it's night night time, but as soon as you close the door, the waterworks start.
Hell, she even tried to pull the "I'm thirsty!" trick... not in that many words.. but she was crying "Water! Water!" before she did finally go to sleep. I know she wasn't thirsty though b/c I had just filled one of her cups and it was already almost all gone.
Hope she grows out of this soon. If not... she's gonna be doing a lot of crying b/c we don't fall for that stuff anymore (besides the mommy thing this morning lol).

I did manage to get in a nap too! WOO! Didn't bother playing around on my kindle, just went in to the bedroom and went to sleep. Bliss!
It was so so needed and I woke up before she did. It was only a couple of minutes before she did but still.... woot!


Ugh this damn puppy is getting on my damn nerves. He's so cute and is a really sweet dog but he does not want to frickin house break. I keep the dogs outside most of the dang day... mostly b/c it's really nice but also b/c of him so he won't piss or shit in the house.
I had them out for a good portion of the morning. Let them in to eat... not 7 mins had passed and he frickin shit on the carpet!!!!
THEN, after dinner, let the dogs in. They're all running around trying to snarf up whatever crumbs they can find like all dogs do.
He's all excited and whatnot.
He finally calms down some and goes to sleep on my lap.
Well we have to get up to put Zoe to bed.... we get her ready, turn around and he fucking shit right behind us!!! WTF???
Nevermind the piss stain on the living room carpet that he also did.
The thing is, he's not a dumb dog either. Oh he's SUPER hyper, but he seems to pick up things pretty quick. I really hope he grows out of this b/c it's really pissing me off.
The piss angers me more than the shit b/c it seeps down in to the padding and there's nothing you can do about it. Going to have to soak the entire living room to try to get rid of the lingering piss smell. *grumble*

Randomness and ranting

Rant first...

Holy crap people are STUPID.
A woman asked if anyone has had a successful vbac after having 2 c-sections. I think in most part and most doctors wouldn't agree to it b/c there is an even higher risk of rupture.
Well in comes miss "I need to brag and promote dangerous homebirth practices!"
Siting how she did it with 2 midwives. Nevermind that those midwives should have NEVER taken her on a client to begin with. But then this IDIOT says how she's more afraid of complications from a c-sec than complications from a vbac... specifically a rupture.
Uhm... what? Are you kidding me??
So lets see.... complication from a c-sec.. you're already in a hospital surrounded by doctors and technology that will help you.
Complications from attempting vbac rupturing uterus at home... you and your baby DIE.... or at the very very least, you make it to the hospital in time and you lose your uterus.
I'm not trying to say c-secs don't have any complications, but if one was to happen during the procedure, you're already where you need to be.
It's just so incredibly insane to me that women can be this stupid.
Oh, I get the appeal of home birth. Hell when pregnant with Zoe, I was sucked in to all that shit for a while (not home birth but birth center). And yes, while most LOW RISK women have absolutely no problems giving birth at home... again, that is for LOW RISK WOMEN. Not a woman that has had 2 damn c-sections already.
UUUGH, it's just so irresponsible and so damn dangerous.

Anyway, rant over.
Sleep last night was... meh. I got to sleep quicker, but that was about it.
Same ole issues arose though with added bonus of diarrhea! Awesome.  And Zoe's schedule is all screwed up now and she woke early again. *yawn*
I let her cry it out. She stopped a couple of times but whenever DH made any noise she would wake back up.
Was just going to let her continue but she started the " Mommy! Moooooommmmyyy!!" OMG it melted my heart and I had to get her lol. It won't work again though.... maybe :P

She is being really needy right now. Always wants to be on my lap. I don't mind that at all, but then she wants me to color her stuff for her. Again, I don't mind that... up to a point.
Going to try to calm my slight annoyance down some when she starts handing me stuff b/c I do enjoy snuggling her. She's growing up so fast and I have to cherish these moments.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

So much easier

No nap today. I went to lay down when Zoe finally stopped screaming and went to sleep, but never felt like actually sleeping. Probably the Dr pepper I drank this morning LOL. I'm feeling it now though. BLEH!
Anywho, before getting up, decided to doppler.
I had been laying on my left side so checked there first and BAM, there he/she was :)
So much easier finding LO that way hehe. May have to try it again. Lay on whichever side for a little bit and then bust out the doppler.

But yep, hopefully the lack of a nap this afternoon means I'll sleep better tonight.

So early!!

Zoe woke up at 6:50 yesterday. Not too much earlier than usual.
Well today, she woke up at 6. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
Wasn't her fault. DH was shutting the door to the computer room and it slammed shut (we have windows open.. you know how that goes).
I let her cry for a bit but it was obvious she wasn't going back to bed after a while so I went in, changed her diaper and sat in the glider with her.
Damn I wish that thing reclined.
It was nice though. Just sitting there with her and snuggling under a blanket. Think she may have fallen asleep but it was only a light sleep.

Anywho, this is going to be a LONG day.

Thankfully yesterday wasn't too bad. The morning dragged but after noon, it went by fairly quick.
Actually have the car today so planning on taking a trip to Target. Maybe the grocery store too.
Dang, I really could've used that sleep though :( Maybe I can get a quick snooze later today.

On a better note... I definitely felt some pokes/kicks this morning.
Was laying on my right side waiting for Zoe to go back to sleep and kept feeling the kicks on my right side :)
LO is active in there, just can't feel anything most of the time.

I'm still achy but not constantly. There's an area on my right hip/ovary area that keeps hurting every once in a while. Not sure what that's about.
And yep, nothing much else to report on just yet... oh other than this happened yesterday...

Who knew that crayons colored so well on skin o_O

Monday, October 20, 2014


Here's an embarrassing TMI moment to share.

So I was feeling the need to trim the bush the other day. I had plugged in the electric razor we bought just for that purpose and did random crap for 2 hrs. I thought that that would be enough charging to at least get most of the job done.
Nope, I turned it on and it died a second later. Awesome :\
So not wanting to just give up, I decide to bust out the razors. Boy, I wish I hadn't.
With the amount of hair I had down there.... razors were only shaving off a little bit at a time, so I would have to keep going over the same area over and over again.

BAD BAD decision! I'm now suffering from rubbed raw cooter... and not in a good way :P It's just one section thankfully b/c I would've been in the shower for a good 2 hrs if I wanted to try to get everything (with how slow the process was going).
Still... it hurts like a MOFO!

I've learned my lesson. I'll just wait until the electric razor is charged before trimming anything.

1 more week!!

So excited :D Just one more long week to go before the anatomy scan! WOO!

I'm going to try to finish the big plushie that I started. Not sure what I'm gonna do with it yet. Thinking of making it in to a giant My Little Pony. I'm making it up as I go though so we'll see what happens.
It will take up a lot of time to do which I'm counting on.

Looking up possible toy ideas for Christmas. I want to get Zoe one or 2 Lalaloopsy dolls. Those things are so cute. Expensive but cute. I think she would like them. I do remember them being really hard and heavy though when my nieces were in to them. We'll see.

Was going to go to Target this morning. The batman shirt we bought for DH shrunk A LOT after we washed it. It was a regular large size men's shirt and it shrank to a small/medium size. WTF? You wouldn't expect that much shrinkage in this day and age :\
So we have to get him another one. We'll save the shrunken one for Zoe or something when she gets older. She can wear it as a night shirt.

Anyway, I WAS going to go but DH had to take the car b/c his truck is acting up again. He really needs to stop taking his truck in to the dealership place. I swear, every time he takes it there, maybe a week to a month later, something goes wrong with his truck. And I'm not exaggerating. EVERY damn time he's taken it something else goes wrong. That crap is not coincidence.

DH is wanting a new mattress. Both of our backs are starting to get really screwed up by the one we have. It's just not good. Oh it was expensive as shite, but you can't flip it so help even out the indentations, you can't really turn it b/c it's not a perfect square... and pillow tops man... pillow tops are a scam. What happens to your pillow after using it over and over and over again? Yeah. same thing happens to damn pillow top mattresses.
He's going to ask his friend what they think of the mattress they have. They went to some specialty place that makes a custom mattress to what you want. Sounds expensive but hey, if they still love it after all this time then it may be worth investing a bit more money in to getting.

And so on and so forth. Last night was another crap night of sleep. So frustrating. I sleep great when I am actually asleep, it's just staying asleep and then falling back to sleep once 2-3am hits. *grumble*

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's clean... CLEAN!!!

Zoe's room is finally clean and straightened up for the first time in... hell, probably since she was born lol.

It's so nice and clean in there now. But more importantly, straightened up. Her crib still looks like Santa's sack exploded in it (that sounds so wrong), but oh well. She's happy sleeping in there with her bazillion toys.

I want to tackle this room next. Or more like the closet. We could empty some of the stuff in Zoe's closet in to this one for the new LO. We definitely do not need anymore burp clothes or bibs.

Also have some crochet patterns I'm going to start soon. Debating if I want to wait for one of them.
It's this one
If you don't want to click, it's a blanket in the shape of a web. They have 2 pictured, one in blue and red (like spiderman colors) and one in black w/ white webs like Venom.
Debating if I want to go ahead and do it in Spiderman colors or maybe wait until we know gender. Then I could make it in Spiderwoman colors of red and yellow.
Good lord... she looks like a giant Spiderwhore o_O I mean, I don't care if female super heroes are drawn sexy and seductively, but holy shit they went a bit overboard with her.
Whatever though....
Also have an amigurumi Batman I can do.. which Zoe would steal. Another baby blanket, which I would want to wait to know gender to pick colors, and a cute little newborn Batman hat and cape I can do.
I'll probably start on the hat and cape to keep myself busy this week and try to find a lot more other cute things to make.

This week is going to DRAG.

Oh I do still have the giant thing I'm making too. Been taking a break from that b/c it's just SO boring working on it lol.

Feeling better today. There's still that slight off feeling, but nothing major. Even though I did do a lot of cleaning, I've been taking it slow and easy so I don't overdo anything.

And finally... DH was outside in the backyard straightening up. Zoe was coloring and I told her to go show 'daddy' her drawing. She looks out the window and yells DH's name! ROFL. It was so funny :D

Come on body!!

Get with the program body. Baby isn't going to be coming out for another 19 or 20w. Stop aching so damn much already!!!

I'm SO damn tired. Didn't help that I stayed up a bit later last night and DH wasn't exactly quiet when he went to bed (right when I fell asleep).
When I was asleep, I slept well, but it's still a struggle finding a comfortable position.

Then, Zoe decides she wants to wake up at 6:30 (maybe a little earlier, my clock is fast). She did go back to sleep, but still ended up waking at 7. DH got up with her so I dozed back off, until he came back in with her and woke me up again at 7:30.

And this damn right sciatic pain SUCKS ASS when trying to sleep. I have to lay a certain way or else it flares up and takes forever to calm down.

And finally, I'm still getting that crampy right side feeling this morning. A sharp pain like I was trying to run while dehydrated. Must be left over from yesterday's 1 second of slightly faster walking *grumble*

Holy moly though. You would think since your body has gone through this once that it would adjust to it better the 2nd time around. Hells no it doesn't! It's like it let out a long drawn out teenage angsty sigh and said "Not this shit again?!" And is only doing what it should begrudgingly.

Anyway... enough of my pity party. Need to go fold a mini mountain of toddler clothes and finish cleaning her room up.
I'm getting this house straightened up damnit! I am definitely having some nesting urges going on... just have to find the energy and motivation to actually do them.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Well... this needs to stop

So I've been achy as I've complained about here.
It was the same today except it was occurring a bit more often. Nothing major though.
We go out to eat w/ inlaws at 3. I can't finish my meal and get the usual gagging b/c I ate too much feeling.
We go to a couple of places and I start feeling that all too familiar feeling I had with Zoe in the 3rd tri. Whenever I was on my feet for more than 10 or so minutes, my bump would feel like it weighed a ton. Would just feel like someone laid a ton of bricks on me.
I started getting that feeling in the middle of Petsmart and it sucked!
Thankfully it didn't last very long though, but it did leave me feeling very blah.
We then headed over to Home Depot.
Decided to let Zoe walk with us and while we were waiting on DH to find what he was looking for, she wanted to play the oh so wonderful "I'm gonna run away and think it's HILARIOUS" thing.
I chase her down and cue the right side cramping. It felt like I was trying to run while dehydrated... that kind of cramping.
And it did not want to go away...
Then, we get home and cue the dizzy spell.
Thankfully not a really strong one, but still... I'm feeling very off. That stared at around 5pm and it's 10pm now and while it's not as bad, I'm still feeling... bleh.

Not sure what the heck set it off. Maybe baby just smooshed something wrong.. I don't know but... I hope this doesn't happen again.

I got a bit paranoid and used the doppler and picked up a very strong heartbeat as soon as I put the probe thing on my stomach. It was so strong that I almost didn't think it was the baby other than the fact that it was really fast lol. There he/she was though and there he/she went in the next second :P

I've been chugging water in case it's being caused by dehydration. Don't think it is though.
Hope that I feel better tomorrow I guess. I mean I feel fine other than the dizzy feeling. Not even aching anymore.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Aches and pains

Getting more and more paranoid the closer my next appointment gets.
Every ache and pain I have (which happen frequently) makes me afraid something happens. I STILL to this day check for blood on the tp. Does that ever really stop during pregnancy?

Anyway, I did doppler again yesterday afternoon. DH was home and I decided to check really quick. Heard the heartbeat very briefly and faint too, but it was there along w/ the sounds of lots of movement :)
Just dopplered again since I had some aches during the night and found the heartbeat right away and again, heard lots of movement :)
Such a relief! Wish I could find the heartbeat that quick every time though.

But yeah.... I'm not really bothered by the aches most of the day, it's just at night when trying to get comfortable to sleep. I'll find a comfortable position but it only stays that way for a few minutes.

And I thought the sciatica pain had disappeared b/c I hadn't been feeling anything for about a week, but NOPE! It reared its ugly head again, but on my right side and it was not letting up last night either.
It's not even a terrible pain, but it's enough to bother you and keep you up.

Oh well though. It could be a lot worse and from the sounds of things baby is doing good in there :)

I am totally addicted to watching gender scans and surprise twin scan videos lol.
Absolutely LOVE the twin ones. Just the reactions are priceless and usually pretty identical. Hysterical laughing, "Are you serious??" or "Are you joking??", lots of OMGs lol... it's awesome :)

Zoe better nap today. With the way I've been sleeping, I NEED a nap. Yesterday all she did was play in her crib, which is fine, but she only did it for maybe 40mins. It gave me just enough time to lay down and just start falling asleep before she started crying to get up. UGH.
And then she was pissy for the rest of the day b/c she didn't nap.
Just nap damnit! lol Napping is awesome!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


My nipples are getting itchy!!! NOOOOOOOO *sob*

This happened when pregnant with Zoe and it drove me frackin crazy!!
They don't look dry but I guess they are. About to go steal some of Zoe's lotion. Itchy nipples man..... BLEH!

Tried doppler this afternoon for just a few minutes. Couldn't pick up anything other than what sounded like movement. Oh and the placenta/cord whatever the swooshing thing is.
Sucks but I'm not too worried about it. I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me worry at all, but ya know... can't really do much.
May try again tonight... we'll see.

My weight is staying up at 205. Yikes. That's a lot of weight to gain in just a week. Can't say I'm too surprised, but it still sucks.

We'll be taking Zoe to the Boo at the Zoo next Saturday. Was hoping for this weekend but maybe we can go do something else instead. No idea where to look for events online. I'll have to search around a bit more. Find a maze, pumpkin patch.... something.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Look at that...

Old navy has almost the same exact maternity sweater that I have for double the amount I paid. WOOT! Go zulily!! Sure.. it took like 2 weeks to get the sweater but meh... I'm gonna be pregnant for a while so not that it matters much.


Today is DH's birthday! Didn't get him anything. Well, I did order him some Batman socks w/ attached capes for his Halloween costume lol. He saw my Robin ones and wanted a pair lol. Should be getting those today. Will give it to him as a mini birthday present.

*WARNING about to get a little sexually graphic*

I wish I could give him a little extra birthday something something if you know what I mean. *winkwinkhinthintBJ* :P
But just the thought of doing it makes me gag. It's not that I find it nasty (not that I particularly enjoy it either)... it's the thought of having something uh... big in my mouth for that long. I'm still gagging when I brush my tongue.. can't imagine how uncontrollable the gagging would be doing... that.

Oh well... he better be happy with his socks :P hehe

Zoe is such a trip right now.
She'll see you and say "HI" but it's the way she says it that's hilarous. Also, she's getting really in to pretending too. Like pretending she's a dragon and nomnoming on our legs o_O Or pretending she's a frog and hopping around on all 4's. Also whenever she asks a question.. she'll say "huh?" after... and still doing her head tilt.
Also, she's developed this new thing of saying OUCH and OW to everything.
It's just so fun watching her grow even though it does still make me a little sad too heh.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Had to call my OB office to see if the results from the quad screen was available.
Got a call back a few minutes ago and was told everything was negative for anything being wrong.
PHEW!! Thank goodness :)

A little less than 2 weeks for the anatomy scan! SQUEEEEEEE I can't wait!!!

Oh also I think we may go to Boo at the Zoo this weekend (trick or treating at the zoo.. duh heh).
Need to find a pumpkin patch, corn maze... something else to take Zoe to.


Just took this photo....
Tried on the maternity sweater that I bought. Love it but it needs to get A LOT colder before I'll wear it.

I still look huge, but at least I look pregnant now heh... well in this shirt at least. In reg clothes I'm still sure I just look fat.

Oh and here's a cute photo of Zoe going to church on Sunday in her pretty dress and 'monster' shoes ;)
And another one in her dress just b/c she's so pretty in it :D

Gosh, just looked through a folder w/ her photos and it's crazy how much she's grown from when she first started walking. I still look at her and see my baby, but looking at her when she was an actual baby... she looks like a little girl *cry*

Monday, October 13, 2014


Got to watch the season premiere of The Walking Dead since AMC put it up on their website. WOO!
Frackin love that show so much and holy crap that was a great first episode to the season! Can only imagine how intense the rest of it is going to be.
Now I just need to find somewhere I can watch the rest of the episodes. I don't mind not having cable... until things like this come out LOL.
I bet those channels like HBO, AMC, Showtime etc would make a lot of money if they charged a fee to watch whatever particular show for the season online.
For example... AMC could charge something like hell.. just $10 for access to watch the new season (the entire season, not just one episode) of The Walking Dead the day after it comes on and I bet they'd make a LOT of money. Or even a dollar an episode.... it would be cheap and you better believe a shit ton of people would buy it.
But... that's never going to happen *sob*

I'm SO achy. Feels like 3rd trimester already. While actual walking around is ok, I'm still huffing and puffing a lot and I definitely have that uncomfortable pregnant walk going on already lol.
The skinny women in my DD group make me look like a whale in comparison to how big they are.
They all have these cute flat stomachs w/ a slight bump and here I am looking like I only have single digit weeks left to go hehe.
Need to get an updated bump photo.

Think I'm definitely experiencing some nesting. I'm just having the urge to clean the house which is NOT like me at all ;) hehe
It's not a super urge, but the messes in the house are really annoying me.
Slowly working on Zoe's room right now. It's such a mess in there and it's all my fault.
Already bagged up 2 bags of clothes from her drawers and from an overflowing container behind the glider. Most of it is 18m size.
Need to fold and hang the clothes she's wearing now and just clean her messy ass room up. It's embarrassing in there.
And I really can't wait to clean this room out too. Still have to move things around in the living room for that though. Shouldn't be a problem, just have to pack some things away.

Just bought some enzyme cleaner off of amazon. The pee smell is still pretty strong in the living room. I'm sure it's b/c the little pisspooch's pee has soaked in to the padding down below from spots we haven't seen. He's a cute little bastard and we love him, just like our cat...but damn... I wish he would just housebreak already.

I must say.... I do enjoy shampooing the carpets though. It's a great satisfaction when you go over a stain and it cleans right up lol. Just hate walking on cold wet spots waiting for it to dry :P

Bought Zoe a bunch of warm PJs today and some size 7 shoes.... 2nd hand of course. The girl's feet are HUGE and growing fast. Plus she has wide feet too which makes finding the right shoes a bit difficult. MiL bought her some sneakers in a size 6, but b/c of the wide feet, we can't even get her foot in to the shoe.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Holy smokes

My weight has jumped up by about 5lbs in just these last few days!! O_O
Sure, we haven't exactly been eating well, but it hasn't been THAT bad either. WTH? I must be retaining some serious water or something. *shrugs*


Zoe had SOOOOO much fun at her cousin's birthday party yesterday. They don't always get along but still seem to enjoy being around eachother for the most part.

Zoe did get a bit upset when she couldn't play with the Elsa doll we bought for her cousin though.
We are NOT buying one of those things for Zoe. Maybe one that doesn't constantly sing that damn song... like the one we bought for the cousin. Muahahaha

We did buy Zoe a couple of things though so she wouldn't feel bad or left out. Bought her these cute "dragon" furry slippers from walmart that she absolutely LOVES. She wore them to the party yesterday and wanted to wear them to church this morning lol. They're only supposed to be for around the house but she loves them so much she wants to wear them everywhere :)

Oh and last night, we got a late dinner (take out Japanese), so didn't start eating until 6:30. Zoe's diaper was wet so we just decided to let her go nekkid instead of possibly dirtying up another diaper.
About every 5 mins... I'd tell her to go pee on the potty.

I just knew something was going to happen b/c she would run and hide behind the recliner DH was sitting in. She'd keep running over there and every time I'd tell her to go pee on the potty.
Well bedtime rolled around a little after 7 and sure enough.... a nice big pee spot on the carpet where she was hiding.
I guess it's kind of a step towards potty training. She definitely knew she needed to pee... just don't think she fully understood she had to do it in the potty... even though she did go sit on it once but didn't do anything *shrugs*

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Sorry I haven't posted in a bit.
We were go go going these last few days and finally have some down time.
Still have Zoe's cousin's birthday party to go to today but that's just family get together pretty much.

Lets see... on Wednesday we went to the state fair. I could've eaten everything all day long... especially the fried mushrooms. Holy shit those things are SO good!
Anyway, that was fun, just a lot of money spent. Spent way too much on a couple of games Zoe and her cousin could play. It was cute though, they were so proud of themselves (even w/ a little help from daddy and granny heh).

Then the next day we went apple picking. Holy crap I don't remember that place being THAT hilly ROFL. My feet just aren't made to be put in to tennis shoes. The ones I bought are supposed to be wide and they felt fine when I bought them, but wearing them there just about killed my poor feet. My pinky toe gets smooshed up under my other toes and it aches like crazy.
Oh AND, most of the apple trees had NO apples on them. WTF?? It's not that far in to the season. There were a lot on the ground but only a handful of trees scattered throughout the place had apples on them.
So disappointing especially since last year there were apples all over the place. We'll have to remember to do it earlier next year if we go again.
Poor MiL was struggling though. She's not in the best of shape and the steep hills were not kind to her. She took Zoe and went back up to the main building while DH and I picked apples.
It was still fun though and MiL got to spend some time with Zoe which was nice.

Yesterday we had to go buy my niece birthday presents. Holy crap toys are too damn expensive!
We also bought some Halloween candy. Again, too damn expensive!
End of the year is just a giant money sink.

Anyway... other than a trip to the store yesterday, the rest of it was spent doing a whole lot of nothing which was nice. My poor back and feet need the break.

And yeah, that's really been about all that's been going on. The roof is pretty much done so that's nice. Other than the puppy, our other 2 dogs didn't mess in the house at all the few days we weren't here all day. They're such good dogs.... sometimes ;) heh


Haven't really felt the baby much. I think I felt him/her this morning. Was laying on my left side and pretty sure I felt baby move against the bed on that side. That's been it leaves me worried sometimes, but I just remind myself that I have an anterior placenta and I'm sure everything is still ok in there.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Concert was fun last night.
It was at an outdoor place, thankfully we had seats this time and our seats were actually a lot closer to the stage than we thought. Really great location. Not too big and just a great not too chilly night too.

The bands were all to some degree scream metal bands. It's what people who don't listen to heavy metal usually think it sounds like. That kind of growly scream singing thing.
We really don't like it except for the band A Day to Remember. The other bands were good. Entertaining at least but not bands we'll be listening to again.

The highlight of the night was while waiting for the last band to start... a couple decided to put on their own show and started having sex in their seat.
Yep... you read that right. The place was packed AND there was a higher area close by so people could look down on them.
Just ugh though... really?? Flashing... whatever... show your boobs all you want, but fucking in public... in front of a crowd like that?  Geezus people.... keep it in your damn pants.
We were kind of close, but far enough away that we didn't get splattered with anything *barf*

Anywhore..... thank goodness for those seats. I had to keep sitting down for a few minutes b/c my hips and back would start aching. I'm still achy today, but thankfully it's not too bad.

Speaking of achy, it kind of freaked me out some so I dopplered this morning. Took a while but finally found the LO and he/she was moving around like crazy in there. Heard lots of movement :) Baby has its own personal mosh pit in there ;)

Oh I keep forgetting to mention...
I've been getting that milk let down feeling in my boobs. I've squeezed them some like I used to do when pumping to get more milk, but nothing has come out so *shrugs* Just one of those things I guess.

We're going to the fair today and I am SOOOOO ridiculously excited for it. It doesn't open until noon (it's the first day) so that sucks but hey... opens just in time for lunch! NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I think? Yeah, pretty sure!!

So just a second ago, sitting at my desk and I sit cross leg in my chair. Well suddenly I feel gurgling/strong flutters and movement on the outside on my leg (was kind of leaning foward so stomach was on leg a little). Also felt a lot of the same strong flutter feeling afterwards too.
No way in hell that was gas!!
I'm pretty sure I just felt the baby from the outside for the first time! YAY! I guess b/c it was on the side is why I could feel it so well? It probably did some huge turn or something as well that helped.
That was so unexpected but awesome :)


Guys on the roof replacing it. Good lord.... it's like multiple giants trying to bust their way in to the house LOL.
Sucks b/c I can't let the dogs out while they're out there so... yeah, going to be doing another carpet shampooing tomorrow probably.
Need to start doing that once a week anyway... at least in the high traffic areas.

I still have to take a shower. I know the roofers wouldn't do anything, but it's still.... uncomfortable knowing they're out there while I'm nekkid and taking a bath.

I think my bump has shrunken down some. I dunno... just doesn't look as big to me anymore. Will get a photo after I'm nice and cleaned up lol.

Monday, October 6, 2014

So sleepy

Poor Zoe. She does love spending time at her granny's, but she gets such crappy sleep.

When I got her and came home, I put her down for a nap but she ended up having some seriously bad diarrhea which kept her up until bedtime.
She is SOOOOOOOO grumpy when she's tired. Poor girl. And I don't know WTF they fed her to cause the diarrhea. Hopefully that clears up some. It was pretty loose this morning too.

Anyway, we put her to bed a little early at 6:20 and she went right to sleep and slept until 8:30 this morning. AND when I went to go get her finally at almost 9 (she woke up, cried for a min and quieted back down)... she didn't even want to get out of her bed! lol.
I kept holding out my arms and telling her to come on and she would say "NO!" and plop back down while playing with her toys.
She was just happy and comfy in there.
I wanted to go to Target though and I hate waiting later when things get busy so got her up anyway. She was not happy about it.

She's home an well rested now... still feel bad when she gets that tired though. 2yos shouldn't have dark bags under their eyes.

Speaking of the Target trip.... they did have some maternity skirts and jeans but HOLY SHIT. I just can not justify spending that much money on a single pair of pants. Frickin $35 for a pair of jeans? Or $25 for a pair of yoga pants? I don't F-ing think so. Yes, I'm a total cheap ass.... it's just ridiculous how much they charge for that stuff.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Call me lazy but what is up with women putting on full makeup when they deliver a baby?? :P
I mean yeah, a lot of these women that I watch are youtubers but still.... I just don't understand the point of wasting time putting on THAT much makeup.
This one woman seriously looks like she even has on fake lashes. WTF?

I guess I just don't get it since I rarely put on makeup now. It just seems so... vain and unnecessary but hey.. whatever. At least they'll look beautiful in photos holding their cute little babies hehe.

Posting all over the place!

 This is what happens when there's not a toddler running around all over the place. I get bored and start posting more :P

In the process of cleaning and MAN these carpets are gross... nevermind the nicknacks that never get moved that have dusty hair growing on them. BLEH! lol

I'm hoping when DH is off next week and on the days where we don't have plans, that we can start moving things out of this room. I want to start decorating once we know the gender since that's probably going to take a while since I also have to watch Zoe.
I think I'm going to do a superhero room no matter the gender, kind of like what I did for Zoe's room (which I need to straighten up too while she's not here).
There are plenty of female superheroes I can use for the decor and heck, the regular popular guy ones too :) So fun! I can't wait til we know.

Will be have a Bishop or will we have a Penny (name to still be determined, but I'm just gonna use that one anyway ;) )

Don't pull that guilt shit on us

Oh I forgot to mention....
So MiL mentioned that she didn't say anything to SiL about us not wanting to take her girl apple picking with us.
Then her and aunt tried to tell us how mean we were and how well behaved she was when they went to Florida with her etc etc.
This is AFTER MiL told us a story about how the niece threw toys and refused to play with and threw tantrums with other kids. And after aunt told us how they lost her in a store once.
Then they try to guilt us and tell us that she's well behaved. AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Give me a damn break. We've been around her... we know damn well how well behaved she is.

Let me just say, I have absolutely NO delusions that Zoe is some perfect child and doesn't have a chance at being the same way.... it's just that right now, she isn't and we shouldn't have to put up with our niece that DH and I would end up having to watch on this trip.

Then they tried to tell us that she was great when they went strawberry picking. Uhm... again, not the same. Strawberry bushes are tiny little plants on the ground and you can see clear across the strawberry field, so even if she ran for it, you could still see exactly where she was. An apple orchard are frickin thick bushy trees that she could easily get lost in if you take your eyes off of her.

So yeah, it's just going to be a small family trip with just us which I am totally happy and fine with. 
They are not going to guilt us for not wanting to bring her and I was SO glad when she wasn't with us for dinner too.
I must sound so mean right now lol.
She is a really smart little girl that has her moments and she could very well be great and really well behaved during the trip, but no..... we would just rather not deal with any potential headaches.

We're taking her to the fair on Wed and we'll even let her play some games. That's good enough.

Photos can wait

I did take photos of my new shirts but they didn't come out well. Oh well.

I do like both of them though but they both have some problems.
One of them is this plaid shirt w/ a 3/4 length sleeve. The sleeve on the upper arm fits great which I usually have a problem with since I have HUGE batwing granny arms up there. But the fit on the forearms is tight and uncomfortable. My forearms aren't that big so for it to be tight kind of sucks.
Also, the boob area is too tight. It's weird b/c there is enough fabric but it fits weird so the boobage button area stretches in to that unflattering peek-a-boob thing going on when the bust is too big for a buttoned shirt.
I do still like it though, just going to have to use a safety pin on the front and not sure about the sleeves. I'll figure it out.

The other shirt is just a simple horizontal striped shirt like most maternity shirts heh. It fits really well, kind of sheer, and although it's a thin fabric, it's warm so will be great for when it's cooler.
Also has this lacy part on the upper back area that you couldn't see in the photos when I bought it so that was a shock/surprise. Not bad though.
The only negative thing about it is that the neck hole area is REALLY big so either your bra straps are going to show or you have to wear your bra straps more outwards instead of centered on your shoulders.
It was really comfortable though and really hugged my bump well. Going to wear it to the concert if it's not too hot... just have to find the right bra to wear with it since I can't wear one of my comfy nursing bras.

Speaking of bras... my boobs have definitely gotten bigger.
They weren't even this big when I was pumping for Zoe. They're filling out my nursing bras SUPER well. Not complaining. Fuller boobs... yes please!


I am 100% positive I'm feeling the baby move. It's still really faint and it's usually only when I'm laying in bed, but I'm feeling it a bit right now too.
Just very light flutters down there :)
So exciting and I can't wait to eventually feel kicks, rolls, all that good stuff :)

Zoe is with her granny today and I guess tomorrow too. I'm such weirdo. I instantly miss her when she's gone.
I don't mind the break... but... I just miss my girl when she's not here... even when she's driving me batshit crazy lol ;)

Going to spend a lot of today cleaning though. The carpets in some of these rooms are filthy and really need to be cleaned. Wish I could go more in this room w/ the computers but can't b/c of the desks. It's going to need multiple cleanings to make it look at least somewhat presentable.

We really need to invest in some good rugs. That's not gonna happen until the cat and puppy stop pissing on everything though. I know if we got some now, both of them would pee all over them. Nevermind the cat using them for scratching.

Took the cat and puppy to the vet yesterday. Got some liquid med for the cat. Not sure what it's called but from what the vet has read, it could help his paws. We'll see. Thankfully it's not a lot of liquid. Not like the last time we tried liquid meds on him and he spit it all out :\ Gawd I hope it works. I don't want him suffering b/c of his paws, but damn... I don't want him pissing and pooping everywhere either.

Puppy got his first set of shots finally. He did great. Just did his little chihuahua shake a lot lol. We have to bring him back for his booster shots in a few weeks. And we can't get him fixed until he's 6m old which is fine. He's almost 4m now I think so not that much longer before we get his little balls snipped off.

And finally.... I was in such a dilemma last night.
We went to a buffet for dinner. I had gotten 2 plates of food. OMG I wanted more but I was so full already. I've never had that happen before. Full but still hungry... how the hell does that even happen?? LOL
My body was so conflicted. Still hungry but knowing that there wasn't any room left. Plus if I had eaten anything else, I would've started to gag.
Oh pregnancy.... you're such a tricky bitch sometimes.

Oh wait! I got my Halloween costume and 2 of the 3 maternity shirts within the last couple of days. YAY! :D I'll take some photos of everything once it's all washed.

Friday, October 3, 2014


I forgot to add that I did ask about still being on metformin and the doc told me it was perfectly fine to be on it. Now they want women to wait until about 20w and to stop then so it doesn't interfere with the glucose test later. But she said it was safe to take throughout so.. *shrugs*

16w appointment

So had my appointment today and it went well.
Baby was being very difficult and the doctor couldn't find the HB for anything. Would find it for a second and then baby would move heh.
First found the HB on the left and then it went completely to the right. Was being a feisty uncooperative little baby. :)
She said the HB was around 150something.

Also had blood taken for the quad screening. Should get those results in about a week or so. Not too worried about it.

And yeah, that was it. Nothing super special and it went pretty quick.
First time seeing this particular doctor and I really liked her. Really nice and funny.

Anatomy scan is a little over 3weeks away. UGH It's going to be a LONG wait after next week. I think some other fun Halloween stuff should have started by then so hopefully that will help the time pass quicker.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Just curious and looked up popular 2014 baby names and Penelope is number 5? Really?
Is that in the US? o_O
Ugh.. some of these other names though.... frickin Khaleesi... really??? I love Game of Thrones as much as the next person but damn people.... your child has to live with this name for the rest of their lives. Same with frickin Katniss or Elsa. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH

And then Ezra... another boy name that I like is #15? What??
I've seen one other person w/ that name for a boy (on a forum)... and have never seen it mentioned. What?

Just weird that names I had no idea were popular are o_O *shrugs* Oh well... not going to stop us from using what we like.

I think I'm feeling baby

Just a quick post.
For the last 10mins or so, off and on, I've been feeling that same fizzy feeling I felt last night. I think I'm feeling the baby or at least I really hope so :)

And I am SO flipping tired :(

There you are!

Last night before bed, had DH use the doppler to see if he could find the HB.
He squirted the aloe gel on my belly... turned the doppler on... put the probe thing on my belly and...... there it was. LOL
Seriously, the very first spot he put it on picked up the heartbeat :P
I was a bit shocked so wasn't positive it was the baby at first but it was a lot faster than my own HB and didn't have the swooshing sound to it, and after hearing it again after he found it again... it was our choo choo train.
It was kind of surprising how far left he found the HB, it was at least 2 inches from center. Baby must be laying sideways or something.

He kept moving the probe around so we eventually lost it and couldn't find it again. I swear during that time I felt fizz twice. I'm positive it was the baby. Just wish it was a bit more noticeable but oh well.

Still though, here I am trying to find the HB all the time and then he finds it the very first try heh.

It's not even 7am yet and I'm awake b/c Zoe started crying and DH just HAD to go check on her which made her wake up even more. UGH
I slept like total shit last night. If it wasn't my ass aching it was my damn right ear. And of course my right side is the side that I fall asleep on 99% of the time. I don't know WTF is wrong with that ear but I wake up after laying on that side and it is throbbing with pain.
Woke up at 2am and tossed and turned until 5. Dozed off a few times but would always wake back up not too long after.
Just an overall really shitty night.

REALLY hope Zoe takes a nap today b/c momma certainly could use a nap too.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yeah, definitely dehydration

Our drinking water is in 2 5 gallon jugs that we have to pump water out of in to pitchers (just to make it easier access).
Didn't feel like filling up the pitcher last night so went to bed w/ no water.
Woke up all night long w/ a headache and feeling really bleh today I think b/c of it.

Just.... bleh.

Anywho... baby bump is right below belly button. It's def moved up and I'm hoping that in another week or sooner it will be at my belly button :D I didn't doppler yesterday (will a little later)... and having baby up a bit more would make it so much easier to find the LO.

Is it Friday yet? :P


Ugh... DH told me on Monday that his mom is taking Zoe this weekend... AND that his aunt wants her too so Z will be gone all weekend :(
I mean... the break will be nice, but ya know.... asking me instead of TELLING me would've been nice :\
I just don't like her being gone that long since she doesn't sleep well when she is gone.
Plus she's going to be spending the night on Tuesday too b/c we have a concert.
Sigh... Oh well. I'll get over it and Zoe will love hanging out with her granny and aunt.

We'll be going to the fair on Wednesday. Pretty sure we'll be taking MiL and niece with us too. Not crazy about that idea, but it will be fun. May need to bring the stroller along though b/c Zoe's going to be tired and probably won't feel like doing a lot of walking heh.
PLUS we're going out on Thursday to apple picking :D Dh wants to mention it to MiL to see if maybe SiL can take her daughter to work with her (like she's done before), but I dunno... that's up to DH.
Just happy to have DH off of work and doing lots of stuff with our little family :)