Tuesday, July 31, 2012

38 weeks!

First up... slight delay in today's post because computer totally crapped out. More on that in a bit...

Bump shot!

It still looks like she's really high, which can't be helped with my torso :)

Yesterday was good after the appointment. DH was off so we headed to Target to take back the monitor my mom bought us and the shopping cart seat cover thing we bought and then purchased a few other things we still wanted to get.
Another changing pad fitted cover, couple of changing pad water proof things (we weren't sure if bassinet mattress was water proof so got these for it), erm... another 3 pack of burp clothes, a cute pair of Gamecocks onesies that were on clearance (DH wanted them), and another swaddle thing.
Also got the trash can for the diapers and a hook for the door to hang the diaper bags on. OH and one of those cheap plastic drawer container things for the closet to put the heavy blankets in. Won't need those any time soon and they were taking up space in drawers.

The nursery is good to go though. Spent a lot of time cleaning it up and throwing away stuff. Only thing that is out of place is the monitor whenever DH gets around to putting that in the bassinet.
Also washed all of the new stuff. Still need to fold it but that can wait.

Also got the hospital bag pretty much done. Only thing it will need is the camera and video camera and I think that's it. Oh and maybe a couple of books too.

So yeah... hearing the news that this little girl is coming in a week really kicked our butts in to action lol.

I'm still not having an urge to nest. The only reason I'm cleaning and whatnot is because well.. I need to. No maternal instinct to do it. That sucks b/c I sure could use that burst of motivation and some energy.

So.. my computer is just slowly but surely turning to shit.
The power flickered for whatever reason this morning. When I finally got up, came in to the comp room and my computer would not turn back on.
I finally just got around to opening it up. Thought maybe it was clogged full of dust and hair, but nope. There was some but not enough to hinder anything.
Sprayed it with some compressed air anyway and *shrugs* It turned back on so yeah, no idea what was wrong.

Really need to get a new computer though. SIGH! This one just has to hold out a little while longer though. Just long enough for us to get some $$ and get a new one :P lol
OOOOO isn't a tax free weekend coming up for back to school stuff? Hmmmmm....... may have to bug DH for that.
Should NOT be thinking about this right now with a LO coming along, but damnit.. I love my computer! rofl ;)

Oh last night was... painful. I laid in bed, usually start on my left side and I dunno what the hell triggered it but a spot on my left side started to hurt. Thought maybe baby girl was just laying on it weird or something so I rolled over and it got worse.
Of course DH started making jokes, making me laugh which made it worse :P
It did eventually fade though but lord, that felt awful!
Like a really bad side stitch x10.

I think that's it. Hmmm.... OOOOO I finally vacuumed some today! WOO! Have most of the house done. Been doing it a room at a time so I don't get too achy.
Just have the bedroom to do next and I think that's it. YAY :D

It's about time too. Good lord the floors were looking terrible. They still don't look all that great b/c of the dog hair. BLEH.

Monday, July 30, 2012

37.6w appointment

So today's appointment went pretty well for the most part.

Zoe is still looking great on the u/s. Still has short little legs hehe. The tech pointed out this snowy looking stuff in the amniotic fluid. She said it's the vernix and whatnot floating around.
Explained that back in the day, they used to think that it def meant baby was mature, but now... it's a 'maybe'.

Cervix check was meh. My cervix is doing a whole lot of nothing, BUT the OB did say that it felt softer and she could def feel the baby's head.

Oh and on the u/s..... Zoe has def dropped. She had to go WAY down to get head measurements.

What else what else... oh... I got my induction date! WOOOOOO!
Obviously they would prefer if I go in to labor naturally BUT, if not... then next Tuesday is when I go in :D
She did give me the option of waiting closer to 40w, but pffft..... don't think so! heh

Actually, depending on what my cervix is doing or not doing on Monday... I may have to go in Monday night to get some kind of thing in to help ripen my cervix.
But yeah... this baby girl is gonna be here no matter what in a week!! Holy... CRAP!

Oh and as for the pain I've been feeling. Mentioned it to the OB but she wasn't concerned with it at all. Just looked at me like "yep, that sounds about right" lol.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ouch :(

Lower bump/ab pain is back and comes and goes.

Started to become a bit more constant at around 5pm. It eases up every once in a while but is mostly a constant achy feeling.
Get sharp pain on my sides now too which sucks.
I'll def bring it up with OB tomorrow. I'm sure will be told "oh it's normal late pregnancy stuff" *grumble*

Does not feel good though. It's tolerable but it's made me gasp and flinch quite a few times.
No idea if this is just from the baby or what.

Check that off the list

Folded all of the baby stuff! WOO!
Good lord this child has more clothes than I do. Closet is running out of space! Need to get some cheap storage things to put in there for the crib sheets and such. Crammed all of that in to DH's old dresser but not much more will fit in there if we end up getting anything else.

I think we're def good on crib sheets. Don't need anymore of those.
We could probably use 1-2 more bassinet sheets and def need a few more changing pad covers.

Good on wash clothes and towels.
Use more burp clothes though. Think we only have 3 right now.

Uh what else what else.... I think that's it actually.
My body was not liking ANY of it though. Hell, I was sitting in the glider and was still getting BH contractions that I usually get when standing/walking. I can't flippin do anything right now.

Haven't even gotten around to vacuuming. SIGH! That's my own fault though. Was putting it off and meh.
It will get done eventually :P lol

Aching in lower uterus is back. It's ok when sitting but standing... it's like a sore ache feeling. Tolerable so not worried about it.

Saw my mom earlier for a little bit. She said I dropped some since she saw me a few days ago. I can't really tell but I wouldn't doubt it, especially with the achy lower feeling.

Man... it's just so.. surreal to think that in 2 weeks, maybe less... Zoe is gonna be here and we're gonna be parents O_O.
Holy.... Crap...

Feeling off

So I felt fine when I first woke up, but that has changed. Just started feeling off.
Nauseated feeling but also something else.
Just ate some lunch so hoping that helps with this.


Forgot to mention that I finished the Thank You image yesterday. WOO!
Actually finished it a few minutes right before bed. SO glad to have it done. It looks pretty good. May change one bit of it, but yeah, it's basically done.
Just hope it translates well to paper and doesn't lose a lot of detail. I'll post up a pic of it soon.

Didn't vacuum yesterday. Just spent the day working on the photo.
Need to put up and fold the baby laundry and straighten up the nursery. Tired of it looking like a mess in there.
We're going to Target again tomorrow to take back one of the monitors (probably the one my mom bought us), and I'll probably pick up a few more changing pad covers and whatever other misc items.
We also still need to get a trash can for the diapers and I want to get a hook thing for the closet to hang the diaper bags on.
Still need to wash the one SiL and my brother got for us. Smells like frickin cig smoke. BLEH.

So yeah... that's the plan for today... along with hopefully vacuuming. I swear, I keep saying I want to do it and then don't. Gotta just get it done and over with already *nodnod*

Sweet glorious sleep!

I actually slept damn well last night for a change! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *happy dance*
Not sure why, but I am not complaining!

I had an awesome dream as well.  SO yeah, it was just a good night *nodnodnod*

Did go to bed w/ lower ab/uterus aching again. It wasn't too bad though.. just a sore feeling.
Also got slightly nauseated too. That was annoying, but thankfully didn't keep me awake.

Really nothing to report on. Just sorta in limbo until tomorrow. Hopefully will get some answers at least to what my body is doing and if I'll get an induction date.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Short break

Taking a short break from coloring the pic.

Just had an overwhelming feeling of excitement.
I just can't wait for this little lady to arrive. I know it could be any day now and just that fact is making me SO frickin excited.

I keep wondering about so many things.

What will she look like? How much hair will she have? Will she get my freckles?

I keep imagining her with a head full of hair (even though I know from u/s she doesn't have that much). Color is dark brown and eye color... I have no idea.

Will she BF well? Hell, will I tolerate BFing?

My nipples have been bothering me a little lately. Itching every once in a while, but they've also been a little sore too.  With them being slightly sore.. what's it gonna be like with a baby attached to them? heh

I wonder what kind of noises she'll make when sleeping.

Been watching a few newborn videos online over the last couple of weeks. Most are just regular women talking about their experiences, and of course it's usually when their LO is sleeping and it's SO fricking adorable the little noises newborns make in their sleep. Just didn't realize how noisy the little suckers are heh.

Will she recognize my voice? Will she recognize DH's?

She's probably going to pop out thinking dubstep music is her momma! lol I crank it up in the car and working on the thank you pic... that's what I've been listening to as well.
I'm sure she'll recognize my voice, but just worried that she won't DH although I'm sure that won't be a problem.

And of course I wonder and fantasize about a bajillion other things. Like TTC our 2nd. I REALLY hope we don't have the problems we did trying to get this little lady. I hope I'm one of those lucky PCOSers who have decreased symptoms after this. I think going back to a bit more primal (after I splurge on all the goodies I've been wanting first of course), will help.
I know that by the time we do actively start TTC again, I want to be at least 10-20lbs lighter than when I got pregnant.
So that would be 175-185. Still overweight obviously but gotta start somewhere. Don't want to set some stupidly high goal for myself and feel like a failure if I don't come close to it, ya know?
Although some aspects of gestational diabetes sucks... I think it's helped to show me that this way of eating is actually really good for my body and it's really not that difficult to start it back up again. Sure I'm not super strict and will have some flour, rice, etc here and there, but that just proves that this is a solid, healthy, sustainable way of eating.
I really don't want to get diabetes down the road and with my increased risk, wanting more children, wanting to be here and healthy for those children.... I just have to start taking better care of myself.

And finally.... since last night... my lower uterus? has been pretty achy. I'm pretty sure it's just the way she's positioning herself in there causing it. When I got up last night/this morning, I sorta lifts up on that area, and she was def down there. Maybe it means she's dropped a little?
It's a pretty mild ache now that I don't even notice, but last night in bed, it was bothering me.

Anywho... gotta get back to work!


Went back to bed at 5am. DH's alarm started going off soon after, but thankfully by then I was pretty tired again so fell asleep easily. Slept in until 10am.
Could've slept a lot longer but didn't want to waste away the morning.

Have quite a bit to do today so need to get that started :)

Can't sleep

It's currently 3am and I can't get back to sleep.
Woke up at around 1:30 to pee and tossed and turned until my left hip started bothering me so bad that I had to get up.
Hoping to get tired again soon. Go recline on the couch and try to get some sleep.

Baby's laundry is done! Well... washed and dried at least. Need to fold everything and organize. I may do that later today along with the vacuuming.

Really need to pick up the pace w/ the Thank You card image. Hoping to have the majority of it finished today. Will work on that after I ramble a bit here.

Family dinner night was so... bleh.
First... we went to a shitty Chinese buffet. We were the only ones there at first so none of the food out was fresh.
Then, when they did start bringing out freshly cooked stuff... it was crap and didn't taste right. I wanted to punch BiL for picking that place.
I've never been to a buffet... gotten up FOUR times for food and still been hungry after. They're def not staying open much longer.

And then.... inlaws started hounding me for info on the pregnancy.
Told them dilation and effacement and they got all excited like I was about to spread eagle and pop Zoe out right there.
Geezus.... chill out!
Then they started telling me WHEN to have the baby... as if I have any control over that. I know they were only joking but it still got on my nerves.
THEN it was advice on how to go in to labor. UUUUUUUUGH... just let me eat my crappy food in peace!!!!
Love that they tell me to go walking... yeah b/c it's SO damn easy for me to do. I don't complain to them so I know they don't realize that I really can't walk for long, but yeah.... I was already pissed off at the shitty food and their comments were not helping my mood.
I need to get used to the unsolicited advice now though. B/c lord knows I'm going to hear it nonstop when she arrives.

Oh and DH informed me that  his aunt bought a used carseat.
Uhm... why?
First off.... HUGE no no to a used frickin car seat... especially buying it from someone you don't even know....
And 2nd... who the hell does she think is going in to that carseat because it sure as hell isn't going to be Zoe.

I hold my tongue quite a bit around the inlaws... but yeah, that's going to change once Zoe is here. I just know they're going to have 101 opinions on everything and I'm going to have to start speaking up finally.

And OT..... was anyone else totally disappointed with the Olympics opening ceremony? How.... boring.
Didn't watch all of it, went to bed when all of the nations were coming out so no idea if anything happened after that.
But before? Good lord that was such a snoozefest and frickin pretentious as hell.
Meh whatever...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Looking good

NST went well today. Had to stay an extra 20mins but I guess that was enough.
Of course though, sitting in the waiting room.... Zoe was moving like crazy, as soon as we're in the room for the NST she quiets down. SIGH! She is such a stubborn LO without realizing it lol.

Like last night when DH was being all sweet. He was trying to feel her move and nada. As soon as he rolled back on to his side of the bed, she starts moving :\
I swear it's like they just know and do it all on purpose heh.

Next appointment is on Monday. Ultrasound of course and see the OB. Wonder if they're going to give me an induction date since I'll be a day shy of 38w then? Maybe give me one but still hope that things happen naturally? We'll see I guess.

Alrighty, gotta get back to work.

Wasting time

... before my appointment this morning.
It's not until 9 so have abou 40 more minutes to waste before I head out... and get some breakfast! Muahahaha

I usually eat a yogurt and banana, but that didn't seem to do much to get her to move last time so going to get something a bit more substantial.

Almost no pain yesterday. WOO! Went the entire day without anything, and then right when going to bed is when it started up lol. My left side started to ache as I was waddling to the bedroom so thankfully didn't have to deal with it for too long.

I def need to get some house chores done today. Do either the baby laundry or vacuum. May put off the vacuuming until this weekend just to give my body some extra rest and do the laundry today. *nodnod*

Spent most of the day yesterday working on the 'Thank you' card. I work SO frickin slow. Wish I was one of these artists that could bust out a masterpiece in a couple hours lol. Pfft... wish I could just bust out a damn masterpiece. Surprised I actually thought of something to do for the card to begin with.
My imagination is not what it used to be... sigh :(

DH was so sweet last night. We stayed up a little bit and talked in bed since he wasn't tired. He kept kissing my belly and talking to little Zoe. I know he feels so awkward doing it, but he did it anyway.
She is going to be SO spoiled by him.
Getting all sappy here.... I just feel so lucky to have him in my life.

HA! While laying there with him.. he mentioned that I farted the night before and it stank.
Damnit... I was awake for that and thought he had been sleeping. Told him that and he accused me of trying to kill him in his sleep. Ehehehehe
I can't help it though! Not sure WTH is going on with my gut but.. I swear, something crawled up it, took a dump, rolled around in that dump, and then died in it.
Thankfully I'm usually home when it strikes so no embarassing public crop dusting going on.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


So, DH goes out on Wednesdays to one of his friend's homes. They rotate which ones and it's just a bunch of nerdy guys hanging out heh.
Anywho.... last night, it was at the home of his one friend that he works with and introduced him to everyone else.
ALSO this guy and his wife just had their first little baby boy a few months ago.
They're not well off or anything and DH has only known him for hmm.. maybe a year?
Welp, DH comes home with a gift bag.
Wasn't expecting anything from them, but was touched that they thought to get us anything for the baby.
I take the bag, it's kinda heavy. Go to the kitchen and look in and my heart drops.
It's the expensive ass Angelcare Deluxe baby monitor we were looking at!!! The one with not one, but TWO recievers.... bought at target so they spent $150 on it!
Now I am very grateful for any gift, but I dunno... that just seems absolutely insane to me that they would buy that for us!
It would be different if say, they were well off and didn't have kids yet, but seriously... they should've spent most of that on themselves... not us!
I dunno why but it just made me feel like shit that they bought that for us.
DH feels the same way as well. It's like...... WOW, but then I dunno... it just feels SO wrong that they would buy us something like that. Difficult to explain. Sigh.

Anyway... they better be expecting some kick ass gifts on Xmas from us *nodnod*

Still was very much in pain yesterday that lasted through the night.
Last night's sleep was.... ok and then bad.
Woke up feeling extremely nauseated. Teetering on the brink of throwing up or not.
Thankfully I didn't but I was very close to upchucking.
Not sure what caused it.
Pain is gone today and hopefully stays that way. Still going to take it easy so no laundry just yet.
I am feeling off though. Like I'm on the verge of getting a really bad headache.
About to go eat something and hope it helps.

Thankfully I do have a plan for today though. I'm making the Thank You card! Talked to DH about it last night. I drew something for the wedding gifts thank you card.... DH thinks it would be a good idea to do the same for this one so yep I'll be working on that most of the day and hopefully will have it finished by at least Monday if not sooner.
Couldn't get to sleep last night so got up at around 11:30 to sketch out an idea I had. Went to bed around 12:30. Not a big deal since I usually don't get to sleep until about 11:30-12 anyway.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gotta love grandma!

Just got back from my mom's place. Of course she had to feed me before I left which I wasn't about to pass up.
Delicious Korean food? Yes please!
Seriously... if you've never had Korean BBQ before... find yourself a Korean friend... preferably one that has a mother that likes cooking, or find a Korean restaraunt, whatever... and GET SOME. It's the best stuff you'll ever put in to your mouth. Well.. if the place is any good that is ;)

Anywho, had some of that along with seaweed soup. I know that sounds gross to those that aren't used to eating it heh. Apparently it's tradition for Korean women to eat A LOT of it after giving birth *shrugs* I'm fine with that b/c it's awesome.

Anyway.... the trip to Target wasn't that bad. Tylenol helped some. Didn't take away all of the pain, but made it a bit more tolerable. It's def worn out now though... ouchie :( And baby kicking at the spot is not helping!

Scored more blankets, 2 crib sheets, 1 changing pad cover and a baby monitor. WOO! Don't think it's the exact one we wanted, but it's an Angelcare sound and movement one. Think the Angelcare we were looking at was the deluxe edition. They had one w/ 2 monitor things, but it was A LOT more expensive. *shrugs* If DH wants to exchange it then I have the receipt. I think this one will be just fine though.

Oh back to the pain..... I have the absolute worst gas in the world right now. I'm trumpeting out of my butt and yes.. it smells like roses... if those roses were dipped in shit and then slathered with gooey roadkill.  I'm surprised I haven't driven DH and our pets out of the house yet.
What makes it worse is that if I strain even a little it makes the left side pain worse. UUUUGH.

I just wanted to share that with ya. Class up your day some ;)

Ow ow ow!

Apparently I can't do anything right now without injuring myself.

Yesterday, just did a quick couple of household chores. Nothing strenuous, nothing long.
Just put some bird seed in to the feeders outside and watered the house plants.
Things I've done many many times before with no problem.

Well.... nice painful problem occured after. I'm pretty sure I aggrivated a round ligament on my left side by doing it b/c it started hurting like hell after.
At first I thought it was just the LO in a bad position since she likes hanging out on my left side a lot. Nope, not her.
Sitting sorta kinda helps, but not much. I couldn't even roll over in bed last night b/c it made it worse.
Thankfully after slowly slowly slowly making my way to my right side, the pain eased up, but it's back this morning.
Just took some tylenol and hoping that it helps.

Going out shopping with my mom... so yeah, hope the tylenol does its job... quickly!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

37 weeks

First up... bump photo!

Looks the same. Don't think it's going to change much more.
I def think she's gotten lower, but she's still pretty high still as well. I can feel her punching my butt and bladder so.. she's def down there.

My appointment today was... annoying.
First was the u/s which went well. Zoe is still looking good and coming in an estimated 6lb 12oz. So even if it's off a pound and she's heavier, that's still not too bad.

Annoying part came after when DH and I were sat in a room... me nekkid from the waste down waiting for the damn doctor for almost 50 damn minutes.
I'm not too fond of this particular doctor b/c even when she is actually there and on time to do her job, she takes her sweet ass time to do anything.
AND she has a really condescending tone to her.
She looked over my blood sugar chart, and right away asked what happened this weekend. I said we were out of the house so that's why there were TWO missing numbers for lunches on Saturday and Sunday.
Well miss fucking attitude decides that I must be an idiot and tells me that I need to take along the whole kit whenever I go out.
First.... Fuck off bitch and do not talk to me like I'm a damn child.
Yeah, I know I can bring that shit along but I chose not to. Why? Because I'm not about to pull that shit out in the middle of a store just so I can check my sugar level.
I'm not out and about stuffing my fucking face with donuts and other awfully delicious crap so get off my damn back.
Plus... it's TWO frickin readings. Not a big damn deal! Especially considering that all of my other sugar levels have been awesome.
Anyway.... just her attitude after making me and I'm sure others wait that damn long really pissed me off if you couldn't tell :P

She checked my cervix and.... no progress. Damnit! I know women can sit at this for a while, but that was still disheartening to hear.
I never thought I'd be saying it, but I am just SO ready to not be pregnant anymore.... well that is until we're trying for the next one ;)
Plus, I just want my baby girl here already. I know that's going to bring its own set of troubles, worries etc, but bring it!
So yeah..... we'll see what happens I guess. Not going to do anything to try to bring on labor other than eating pineapple... but that's only b/c I'm craving it! That and watermelon... yum!

So yeah... annoying, aggrivating doc's appointment. OH I forgot... I'm GBS negative, so WOOO! One less thing to worry about! Was afraid I'd be one of those freak first timers that have a fast labor so wouldn't get the antibiotics if I was positive for it, but nope... don't have to worry about that now. Woot woot!

FINALLY remember what I keep forgetting to share.
I have 2 new stretch marks. Booooooo :(

Thought I'd get lucky any and not get any, but nope. Spotted them a few days ago after a shower. They're about an inch or 2 from my belly button right on my waist line.
They're small, so it's not totally awful, but it still sucks. Hoping that they'll fade once I give birth and HOPEFULLY shrink back down some.

We also got the car seat checked today. DH installed it wrong. Well... it was correct according to our car manual, but I guess in mazda 3's you can't use some strap and have to use seat belts and blahblahblah.
Anyway, the guy that inspected it put it in correctly so yay for getting that taken care of.

Uh what else...... still need to wash baby stuff. Took everything that needs to be washed still out of their packages etc. Just washing our clothes first and waiting to do the baby stuff last. Still have to straighten up the nursery. Put some things away last night, but it's still pretty messy in there.

Water is giving me heartburn. It's not bad heartburn thankfully and it doesn't happen all the time. Just usually after I eat.
Bananas aren't causing it any longer though WOO! Good thing since I'm craving bananas right now. I could eat around 4 or 5 a day (probably more) if we bought enough to support that lol.

My mom wants to take me out tomorrow to buy baby stuff. She hasn't gotten her anything yet. Wish she would've said that before this weekend when we went and bought pretty much everything else :P

Or it would be nice if some place had the monitor we wanted in store so she could get that for us. Oh well.
I'll snag some crib sheets from her heh. Other than those 2 things... don't think there is anything else *shrugs*

Blahblah... that's it from me for now. Sorry for not posting sooner. I'm tired and didn't feel like sitting at the computer long enough to make a post. Bad me.

37 weeks though..... full term!!! WOOOOOoooOOooooooooooooooOOOOOOiiiIiBHHoOOOOO

Monday, July 23, 2012

Other stuff I forgot...

... and probably will forget again before I can post it....

Ok so we went shopping, blahblah.... I was feeling totally fine.. that is until we were in Target. I hadn't had much to drink the entire day so I'm sure that didn't help, but good googly moogly was I in some pain and uncomfortable!!!

As I've mentioned before, I get really uncomfortable BH contractions when I'm on my feet. Well, I started to get those and while uncomfortable, not a big deal b/c I knew what to expect.
Welp, that wasn't all... my lower back started to ache like crazy. It probably looked like I couldn't control my limbs b/c I was doing all sorts of stretching, trying to get in to different positions etc to alleviate the pain and none of it worked!
DH actually started laughing at me at one point when I stuck my leg out and kinda swiveled my hips a bit. Sigh...
THEN! I started getting A LOT of pressure on my bladder and erm... peehole area.  It wasn't a 'gotta pee' feeling, it just felt like I had about 4 or 5 bricks resting right on the area putting pressure on it. SO frickin uncomfortable, along with the back pain along with the BH contractions.

That really really sucked!

HA something quick and gross to share :P
Apparently I ate something my body did not like. So I had a bit of diarrhea last night.
Not a huge deal, just meh, gross. Well as I'm sitting on the toilet, my stomach starts to let out these LOUD growls and grumbles.
One of them was super loud and it must've scared Zoe b/c all of a sudden I feel my entire bump jump like I've never felt before.
All I could do was laugh and then 'awwww' and pat my belly after :P Poor baby hehe
Oh she's gonna get used to it though. I am not shy (at home) when it comes to letting the bodily noises out. And with our new furniture.. it amplifies it considerably lol.
Gosh, I'm such a classy gal ;)

Crap, forgot what else I wanted to mention... sigh. I'll edit when/if I think of it!


DH and I went shopping yesterday for a good chunk of the remaining baby stuff we'd like to have. WOO!
Before I post photos. DH can't say ANYTHING to me when it comes to buying baby stuff. Sure, he doesn't go out of his way to look at baby stuff online, but once in a store... he's just as bad if not worse than I am. lol
I think it's adorable, and he's already spoiling this little girl hehe

First, the Buy Buy Baby store stuff....

We have a 12m shirt in this, but they had onesies as well and of course both of us had to snatch one up ;)

Adorable baby dragon toy! This is year of the dragon so it seemed fitting.

DH's diaper bag. Think it's Diaper Dude brand? DH picked it out himself hehe. Dunno why but just think that's adorable of him!

We also bought a few 99c hats for Zoe and SiL's girl. No photos of those b/c I'm too lazy to get any :P

We then hit up Target.
I HATE the Target near us b/c they never restock their baby stuff and yep, this time was no different. Didn't get nearly as much as we were hoping but oh well.

Splurged a little on the boppy pillow. I had it picked out for a while and of course it's one of the more expensive ones :P

And the little play mat thing that's sitting in the closet :)

We would've gotten A LOT more crib sheets but they didn't have any of the ones I wanted in stock. Bastards.

We still have to get the baby monitor and at least 4 more crib sheets. We also bought more baby wipes and some lanolen(sp?) cream from the grocery store.
So overall, we're good but just have a few more things to purchase.

During that long ass class on Sat... learned that when I'm admitted to the hospital... I can't eat OR drink anything. WTH??
Ice chips apparently are the only thing. Not sure how that's ok, but I can't have some regular water? Whatever though.
DH bought himself some snacks to take along. Just a variety pack of crackers and I think we'll probably pick up some more stuff tomorrow at the health food place.

Erm what else what else..... DH installed the car seat. Going to take it in tomorrow to make sure it's in there right.... well if the person I called ever calls back. If not, then I'll ring up someone else. Apparently the coroner's office inspects car seats. How morbid is that??

That's it for now.... only because my brain just farted everything out and I can't remember what else I wanted to ramble on about.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Class and junk

So we had that long class yesterday.
Meh, really wasn't as bad as I thought. Lots of stops to help break up the hours and learned a lot of info about what the hospital procedures are.
Lots of info I'm sure most of the women already knew too, but whatever.
The hospital stuff was the best part. Just learning what they'll do in whatever situation, what to expect if soandso happens etc.

And the birth video it showed was so disappointing. BOOOO
Like flashes of it and then poop... there's the baby. :\
Oh well, I've watched enough to know that I'm glad I don't have to be at that end :P

Overall, meh... still think it doesn't have to be an all day thing but whatever.

Uuuuuuuuuhm.... nothing much going on. Need to wash some clothes.... REALLY bad and vacuum.  Dogs are shedding all over the place leaving patches of hair. BLEH.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Has she or hasn't she?

To get my emotional rant off the top....

Wondering if this little lady has actually dropped any.
I def know it sure felt like it the other day but now... not so much. It's weird.
Def having to pee a lot more now.
At around 1 last night, I started waking up every hour on the hour needing to pee. Actually had a few dreams where I had to pee SOOOO bad, would wake up and yep.. had to go lol.
BUT I'm not feeling that same achy pressure I was before. Feeling eh, some things... but def not like it was.
And to me, my stomach doesn't look any different so *shrugs*
Maybe she just liked that position for a few days and then went back up. Heh I have no idea how it works.

About to go pick out a couple outfits for going home in for her.
Glad I didn't buy many NB sizes b/c... I dunno... have a feeling she's gonna be too big for them. Going to bring some along anyway just in case.
I'll post up photos of what I decide on.

WTF is wrong with people

I'm sure as we're waking up, we're probably all hearing about that terrible shooting at a midnight showing of the new Dark Knight movie.

First... WTF. I feel so frickin terrible for all of the victims. I just can't imagine. Being so excited to go see a movie, and then have some psycho asshole come and bring hell to everyone there.

And even though I'd want to see the asshole that did that burn....

What gets me are the people that seem fixated on the parents that brought their children to a midnight rated R showing.
Seriously people??? Because THAT is the big fucking deal here??

Listen, I don't like that people take their small children out that late either, but to make THAT the big issue and try to put any kind of blame on the parents??? Are you fucking kidding me right now?
These people took their children to a MOVIE.... they didn't take them to a gawd damn crack house or some other dangerous location/event. It was a MOVIE THEATER.
It makes me fucking sick that in the wake of this terrible tragedy that anyone... anyone would try to make the victims out to be the bad person... like they should've some how seen this shit coming.

I just don't understand why people feel the need to try to make these poor innocent people out to be the real monsters here. Seriously... who the hell cares what time it was.
Would this incident have been somehow less tragic if there weren't children there too? What if this asshole had done this at an afternoon showing?? I bet there still would be people pissing and moaning at parents who brought their children to see a *gasps* rated R movie.. OMG.

Sigh.... I'm sorry but that really upset me. Probably hormones making me more upset over it but I just don't understand why anyone would be blaming the victims in this.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shit just got realer...

Yes, I know that's not a real word but pffft :P

One of the twin mommas in my DD group gave birth not long ago.
And today... another LO was born... and tomorrow another is being induced! Holy.. crap!

The end of July is busy busy!!

Man... it's gonna be everyone else's turn in no time. I'll be posting up my birth story along with a ton of photo spam of Zoe and.... just... HOLY CRAP.

Finally home

NST done... finally!!
Baby girl was being stubborn!! Of course she moved around in the waiting room, but as soon as I was in the NST room... she decided to take a nap.
The nurse trying to find the heartbeat couldn't for a good 10mins. Kept getting it and then it would fade.
Then for the first 20 or so mins while I laid there... I felt her move only 3 times and she wanted to hang out all on my left side, so it started to ache like crazy.
Pretty much nothing came up on the graph so was given a fruit bar thing and some water to see if that would get her moving.
Meh, really didn't. She moved a little more, but not much. Thankfully it was still enough so I could leave.... and use the bathroom!
Was seriously going to pee my pants if they didn't let me get up soon lol.

And walking out to the car... not even 5mins later.. I had to pee again! Geeze.
Thankfully this time it wasn't so urgent.

Anywho... of course now baby girl is nice and active :P

Next u/s is next Tuesday. DH gets to go with me this time. YAY. But he has to work the weekend... boo :(
Oh, he gets to witness the joys of cervical checks. I'm sure I'll hear some nice pervy comments from him after. :P

OOOO I got my 2 wet bags I ordered off of amazon. They're soooo nice and exactly what we need. They're HUGE and will fit in to a nice cheap trash can. Don't need a special expensive diaper pail.
Only thing bad about them is that after about 4-5years, they start to degrade which sucks, but meh.

Now to get the wet bag off ebay to see how that one is.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Went to the bathroom a little while ago and noticed some blood on the panty liner I was wearing.
Rusty colored, but leaning more towards brown than red so it's def old blood.
I know it wasn't there earlier this morning though.

When I wiped, there was a very very slight tint on the tp that was peachy colored.

I feel fine and baby was moving around like crazy earlier.
I'm sure it's probably nothing but left a message w/ nurse anyway. Just waiting to hear back.


Just heard from the nurse and she said it was probably nothing but cervix being irritated.
Nothing really to worry about since I'm not cramping and baby is still moving around.
But of course call back if I'm still worried about it or it gets heavier accompanied w/ cramps etc.

It seems to have stopped though... at least last time I went to the bathroom. Had a BM so figured if there was still something there, a BM would help push it out and nope... nada.

Was getting kinda scared/excited there for a min lol... but I figured it wasn't anything to worry about since I'm not hving any contractions or anything :)

Meat!! & ranting....

First... I am seriously craving meat right now. Still not home cooked chicken, but steak, pork, etc... HELLS YES!!!

Just got back from the grocery store and bought about $40 worth of stuff. They have crab legs on sale so bought some of those. That was the majority of the total price lol. We'll have that tomorrow night.
Also bought 2 giant pork shoulder roasts on sale for over half off b/c the exp date is today. Pfft, I don't care. They still look great and are gonna be frozen anyway so no biggie.

Also bought myself a nice cheap little ham steak for lunch today. YAY!

I would've gotten steak too but didn't see anything that looked good for the price. Oh well.

Now for the rant.
I'm going to strangle my frickin dad..
This is going to be mean, but he is a GD loser and I hate having any kind of communication with him.
BUT he has all of the old photo albums that I want. I asked him MONTHS ago to send me at least a few photos.... hell, even scanning them in and sending me the files over email would be fine. And here I am, still with nothing. Frickin pissing me off.
Good lord I want to punch him in his neck....

/end rant

Any day

This little lady just has to wait until next tuesday *nodnod* But other than that, she can come any day now!
Good lord, that's exciting and scary.

Just want to her to be at least 37w along so we can be elligible to get a couplet care room (baby stays in room with us).

It's so crazy to think that this is all finally coming to an end. Well, this part is and then a whole new experience is about to begin! My mind can not wrap around that just yet lol.

Infant CPR class was great last night. Really informative and I learned a lot. Those infant CPR dolls were HUGE though.
When we were practicing on dislodging something if they're choking.. felt like I was beating the crap out of that thing. Yeesh. I'm sure it's different on an actual baby.... hopefully will never ever have to experience that though.

They showed short little PSA videos on SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome too.
Apparently where SiL gave birth, they make new moms watch a video on Shaken baby too that's more graphic or something. Not sure if this hospital does it too but I wouldn't doubt it.
Really screwed up stuff.

Anywho, just one more class on Sat and that's it. Man I hope that one isn't a huge waste of time. DH has to work next weekend, he has plans after the class on Sat, so yeah.. this Sunday and Tuesday (when he's off) are going to be busy as hell getting last minute stuff.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

36 weeks!! O_O

Bump photo.... lets compare it to last weeks to see if there's a difference.
Hmmm... don't really see a difference when it comes to position, but I def look bigger now I think.
I have a short torso anyway so it's not like she can move down much more than she was heh.

Some photos of the loot we got on Sunday. Didn't feel like taking individual shots of things. Lazy lazy

Amigurumi dolls, clothes, needed items, couple sheets, diaper bag, etc etc :)

And here's the bassinet that we got from DH's coworker. The Eeyore needs another string to hang it up, but other than that, it's good. Already in position to be used heh

Made a list of things we still need and it's not much.
We still need the baby monitor. DH wants to get the motion/sound kind which I'm fine with. His friend has one so at least he knows it works and comes recommended.
Need to get a few more crib sheets, mittens, burp clothes, trash can for diapers, breastmilk storage bags, diaper sprayer. And yeah, think that's it for the need items. Diaper sprayer can probably wait to be gotten, but I'd rather get it now than wait.

I'd also like to get a boppy pillow and a bumbo seat, but those aren't needed... just wants :)

Feeling pretty good right now. Keep getting a really small stabbing sort of pain in the lady bits. Not really sure where it's located. Figured it's from her head being down there. *shrugs*

Spotted brown after appointment yesterday until a couple hours before bed. OB said it was normal so wasn't worried about it. Still a little disconcerting to see it whenever I went to the bathroom though.

I actually slept really well last night! WOO! Didn't take me as long to get comfy and when I finally did, I went right to sleep.
I'm sure my crap night of sleep the day before helped with that, but meh, I'll take it!
Went to bed with a mild headache hoping it would go away, but no... so I did wake with a headache in the middle of the night. But nothing that a couple tylenol couldn't get rid of.
And yep... just feeling somewhat decent this morning :P

We have infant CPR class tonight.
Have that 8hour thing this Saturday. BLEH. Only thing I'm looking forward to is the tour of the L&D... but UGH EIGHT HOURS!!!! I just can't get over that. WTH are they going to talk about for EIGHT HOURS???
Oh well... just gonna hve to suck it up.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Just shove it right on in there

Holy crap O_O

See.... these are things people just do not tell you about!!

Getting your cervix checked SUCKS. Well, maybe if your OB has nice long fingers, it's not so bad, but if they have tiny little petite fingers... be prepared to feel like they're shoving their entire hand up your vajangle!
That was just... unpleasant. I mean she was just ALL up in there! rofl Holy moly..... seriously... not what I was expecting at all.

Anyway... I also had the GBS swabs done. That's also pretty bleh. The vaginal one not so bad, but feeling the Q-tip being run along your ass... yeah... that's not cool ROFL. Thankfully it's only a second or 2, but still... not really something you read about often so you don't prepare for it :P
I'll get results for that next OB appointment.

Uhm what else..... oh my u/s went well so there's that at least.
Made sure to ask the tech to check gender again and yep... still a girl. Very obvious that Zoe is still a girl heh.
She's measuring great though. Still looks like she has short little legs, but everything else is measuring well.
Estimated weight is about 6lbs 6oz. She said that was in the 53rd percentile? I guess that's about average. Just glad she's growing like she should and not going to be huge.. well if it's correct.

What else what else....
Talked to OB about my fasting numbers. She wasn't that concerned since most of the higher ones aren't THAT high. Only a point or 2 above what it should be. Said that just going to watch to see what happens with that.
Also said that I may be getting induced between 39-40w. They don't let GD patients go over their DD, but they're hoping I'll go in to labor on my own so won't have to be induced or anything. I think I will... or well.. I'm hoping I will although getting a set date would be nice too heh.

Uhm.. oh, I'm about 50% effaced and a little less than 1cm dilated. Was told that I may bleed a little after cervix checks which would be a good thing b/c it means my cervix is doing what it should or something. Just so long as it's not gushing, then it's normal.

Finally... Zoe has most def moved down. The u/s tech had to move the whatchamacallit pretty low to measure her head and she hit a spot that hurt. Not sure what it was, probably my bladder being sandwiched by her and the LO.

Oh and I forgot.. I peed ALL over my hands at the OB office. Gross! I was seriously about to pee in my pants when I got there. I'm usually great with getting the PP in to the cup, but it was going all over the place and yeah.... just glad it was just my hand and nothing else. No wetspots on my pants or shirt I had to try to hide lol.

Yep... that's pretty much it I think.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meh... not bad

Not many showed up actually b/c they were all at the beach, so pretty much everyone that shows up for small family get togethers was there and that was it heh.
It still sucked opening the gifts... just having all eyes on me... BLEH.
Did get some nice stuff though which I'm really grateful for.
I'll get photos tomorrow.
This little girl is not going to be hurting for clothes :P

SiL really came through and got us a lot of useful items that we NEED. So yay :)

She made these awesome strawberry cupcakes. Sigh... I had a bite of one, and damnit... it was delicious! I wanted more but noooooo :(

Anywho, it wasn't that bad thankfully b/c it was everyone that I'm used to being here so didn't feel that much in the spotlight.

Bought a couple things for hospital bad. Small travel size shampoo and conditioner and a cheap pair of flip flops for taking a shower etc.
Still haven't packed anything though but will get that done very soon.

And yep... that's about it. I'll update w/ photos and stuff tomorrow along w/ how my appointment went.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yay DH!

He found the right setting and set up the big tripod and was able to get a shot of the glow-in-the-dark stickers.

First... here are the lightsabers lit up. They have multiple colors. You can pick just one or go on a setting that cycles through them all.
You can see some of the stickers glowing in the photos. The bright ones, I shined a flash light on to try to make them brighter.

And then just the stickers lit up :D
YAY! Love it hehe


Man... those little green baby bamboo diapers are a total pain in the ass to put the inserts in. The opening is MUCH smaller than the pure and natural diapers and my giant sausage fingers can't stuff them properly so I had to use cooking tongs lol. Even doing that though, the bamboo inserts are really slick and bump up SO frickin easily. UGH.
Oh well... I'll make them work damnit!

Nursery is pretty much done. Well, it has been for a while now heh. We still have a few more decorative things we want to get and we still need a diaper pail but other than that, yep, done!
Think DH is taking photos of it now so he can show them to his coworkers.

Speaking of coworkers... we picked up the bassinet today. YAY! It's like 5yo and all of the straps are dry rotted w/ age, but other than that it's good. Frame is metal so no worry there. Going to come in SO handy for however long we have her in our room. I'll get photos of it later.

I don't think we're going to be getting much at all tomorrow. From what it sounds like, a lot of the family that was invited are at the beach. Part of me is meh, kinda sad... only b/c we won't be getting as much, but then the other part of me is happy b/c not that many people will show and less attention on me.. the better :P

I def think Zoe has moved down a bit more. Not much but some.
Whenever I drink something, maybe 10-20mins later I have the need to pee. Even if it's just a little. Don't think I have a UTI or anything... hopefully. Just think it's her big little head putting more pressure on my bladder.
Dreading and interested to see if I'm dilated at all on Monday.

OH! Forgot.... bought some nursing bras and tanks at walmart today. Frickin expensive for nothing special but oh well.
There was a pack of 2 bras... got D cups since I read your boobs grow about a cup size? when milk comes in. Hopefully didn't waste money with that.
The other bra I got is more like a sports bra and just came in general large, XL, etc size so got an XL one.
I wasn't going to get the tanks b/c of the price, but DH thought it was a good idea *shrugs* Not gonna argue lol.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Adventures in down under...

This morning was.... scary. lol
Trimmed the hedges and while I could see the majority of what I was doing with a mirror... there were a few places where I had to go in blind.
I know I nicked myself at least twice, but other than that... it's all good lol. I'm sure I have patches that I totally missed but oh well. I'm sure OBs have seen it all.

So washed the microfiber diapers yesterday. I did do it 3 times, but will remember if/when we buy more that they only need 1 prewash.

I made a rookie laundry mistake though and now all of the inserts are a lovely shade of light pink. DOH! lol
Thankfully the covers came out looking normal though... for the most part. I have a cow print one that looks like a few spots may be slightly pink but meh... not worried about it.

Washing the bamboo stuff now.
Never thought I'd say this but I'm SO frickin excited to do laundry! rofl I'm just so excited to finally be getting this done and out of the way! *happy dance*
Going to put in inserts in all of the smaller size diapers later.

I did not get around to packing my hospital bag yesterday. Was too focused on washing the diapers and watching videos on it that I just totally forgot.

About midafternoon... started feeling like whenever I had to pee, there was A LOT of pressure on my bladder, uncomfortable, almost to the point of painful.
Happened all night long as well.  *shrugs*
Doesn't look like she's dropped any but maybe she's slowly making her way down? Or maybe she just thinks laying on a nice big sack filled w/ pee is comfortable :P

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Washing washing washing

Washing the cloth diapers today! Finally! lol
Got in the last shipment of diapers in. Bought 12 (+1 was free).
These were the ones I've been waiting for... except they were supposed to have a lot more fabric options, but I think I read that they were made in the wrong size so they only had the black available along w/ the purple ones that they didn't list.
So I just got 5 black and 7 of the purples.
I'm washing the microfiber diapers first. Going to wash them probably about 3 times to make sure all of the chemicals and whatnot are off and that they're absorbant.
I just hope I'm doing it correctly lol.

Then I'll do the bamboos. I may put that off until tomorrow since I don't think you're supposed to dry the covers in the dryer. Don't have a rack or anything to line dry so have very limited room to dry everything.
But WOO for getting it started!!

Took down the tower of diapers and there was a surprise in there!
It's a little jedi yoda costume!! It's pretty big so don't expect her to wear it any time soon lol. But still... awesome and adorable! hehe

I took all of the disposables and put them in a bottom drawer. Lots of diapers that won't go to waste.
But like I said in previous post.... I hope no one else buys us any more, but I'm sure someone will. *shrugs*

Just feeling good to finally be getting the finishing touches done. I don't want to be caught unprepared in case she decides to come a little early so this really eases some anxiety I've been having.

2nd NST

Done and done.
Took a bit longer b/c the nurse forgot about me lol, but it all worked out b/c apparently, even though lil Zoe was moving like crazy at the beginning, her heartrate wasn't reacting as it should have, but near the end it was.
So even if the nurse had checked on me sooner, I would've had to be monitored a little longer anyway.

Treated myself to Chic-Fil-A for breakfast this morning and had a diet Dr. Pepper. Good to know that she hasn't gotten used to caffeine b/c seriously... she was SUPER active at the beginning. I mean so much so that she was causing the bed I was laying on to shake with her kicks and movements.
I don't have caff often so although I do feel a little guilty for having the tiny bit I had... I'm not worried about it.

I want to SLEEEEEEP.
I did actually sleep pretty well last night when I actually fell asleep. It's just that falling asleep part that takes forever! Lay there for a good hour or more trying to fall asleep. And then whenever I wake up to pee, it takes at least 10-15min to fall back to sleep.
Wanted to get up at 6:30 this morning, but woke up with DH's alarm at 5:30 and was wide awake.
Tired now but yeah, best not to take a nap b/c it will screw up trying to get to bed at a decent hour tonight.

OOO we've been getting thunderstorms for the last couple of days off an on. It's cooling the weather some though. Only supposed to get up to 88 today! YAY! Not that it's been hot in the house or anything, but still.... it's gonna be nice not feeling like your walking in to an oven whenever I open the door to let the dogs in or out :P

Plan for today is to get one of the suitcases and start packing the hospital bag. Can't pack everything right now obviously, but whatever clothes for myself and baby, etc will go in.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

YAY coworkers!! *photo spam*

DH's coworkers that is since ya know... I'm a lazy unemployed bum :P

They threw him a mini-baby shower today :D
He said only 3 people were there waiting but that's not surprising considering how busy everyone is at his work hehe.
But they all pitched in to get us a few things.
And here are the photos!

Tiered diaper thing.
That had THIS on the top of it! Holy crap... best gift EVER!! lol
The pink bows on it are just regular clip on things, but SO frickin cute. Hat is a bit big so she won't be able to wear it for a while. Doesn't mean I'm not gonna put it on her anyway though! muahahahaha

Also got this baby tub full of stuff
The stuff

And the big item they pitched in for
YAY! And it's plug in too! WOO!
I put it together by myself and while easy enough.. man.. my body wasn't handling ANY of it well. It's not like it was difficult either, but I just started to feel weird and bleh. Thankfully I finally got it done though.

So yep... a few things to mark off our list. YAY! So SO appreciative of them getting us all of this loot.

While I'm at it, here are some nursery photos... nothing special really.

The glider/ottoman. I don't mind it being kinda squished in there. It still rocks no problem, but going to need to move the crib over a little so I can access the pockets on the arms.

Old tv w/ the stand it was on on the floor. It has the humidifier along w/ the tv digital box thing and the wii (for netflix).

The 2 moons I made. Not sure where they'll be hung in the room. Think DH wants to put them up by the mural on either side.

And a tie fighter I made that was supposed to be hanging from the dark side moon, but I made it WAY too big lol.
If we can figure out a way, may make it in to the top part of a mobile. We'll see.

Oh and the exciting ceiling fan. OOOOOOO, AHHHHHHH
The globe part totally looks like a boob w/ nip.


The loot SiL brought over on the 4th. Just got around to washing it all heh.
Think it's all NB to 3m stuff. Yeah think so b/c SiL keeps saying how her girl can still wear some 3m old stuff.

Furniture we got today. We have it situated now, but the photos were taken before. Meh... heh
It's SO frickin comfy and keeps you so cool. Great for this hot weather. Going to be interesting come winter though heh.

And finally... some oversharing. I'll just warn ya right now. This may be tmi for some, but I don't see why honestly. Not like I'm showing where it came out of lol.

I've become a bit obsessed w/ what's coming out of my bewbies. I don't do it all the time or anything. Just every once in a while I want to see how much colostrum I can get out. It's not much before I end up getting bored lol and I dunno... just wanted to share what it looks like I guess heh.
This is out of the left one.
Not sure if it's supposed to look like that. I've read it's supposed to be clear and well.. that is not clear.
Actually from that bewb... it comes out as what you see in the photo... Opaque, yellow and thick.
And then another spot it comes out transparent, yellowish and also thick/slick.
My right one doesn't give up the colostrum as easily but when it does, it also comes out clear, yellowish and thick/slick. So yeah... not sure if the opaque stuff is normal or not.