Thursday, March 29, 2012

Woot!! 1 thing down

We bought a dresser! YAY!
We went to a locally owned furniture place we saw listed on craigslist.
There was a particular white dresser I wanted to look at. They didn't have it there though, but we bit the bullet and went ahead and bought it.
We'll be picking it up tomorrow! We got there just in time since they were leaving tomorrow to pick up their orders. YAAAAAY! I'm so excited to get it :D
On their website they have it listed for 220, but we paid 202 plus tax. A LOT cheaper than expensive overpriced nursery stuff.

Now we just have to get the crib, and hopefully a glider w/ ottoman too heh. Found some really nice cheapish ones online. May have to convince DH to go back to the terrible traffic side of town tomorrow.
It's gonna be a very busy day.
Going back to the baby furniture place, gotta go to pick up the dresser, have to go to this health food store to get a 5gal water thing and yeah, whatever else that we can come up with.


Shannon said...

That's beautiful! Love it!

Jen said...

Oh I love it!! We are doing a dresser/changing table too. :o)