Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thank goodness for Ibuprofen!!

Yesterday was MISERABLE. I developed a headache that would NOT go away. Usually Tylenol would take care of it, but not this time.
After my 2nd dose of Tylenol failed to do anything, I finally had to take some ibuprofen. I took a shower which helped a little and went to bed. Woke up b/c Zoe started fussing at around 11pm and still had a headache, but thankfully it was gone when I woke again later.
Just terrible. It must've been something hormonal going on to have caused it.

And as for Zoe. Poor girl was MISERABLE by 5pm. She was so tired and cranky b/c she didn't get in good naps.
DH was lowering her mattress while I watched her in the living room. She actually started to fall asleep on me. That hasn't happened in what seems like forever.
I felt so bad for her, but it was sweet that she fell asleep on me lol.
Funny thing though, once her crib was all done and we put her in it, the girl stayed up for another hour and a half!!
I think it was a classic case of " too tired to sleep".

I do love the crib, but it only has 2 levels.... the up high one, and now, the almost to the floor one. I'm short and have short arms, I have to get on my tiptoes to reach her.... not joking lol. And if her pacifier is on the back of the crib, pffft forget about it b/c I can't reach it.
My back was killing me this morning b/c of having to reach and strain reaching her when she woke.
AND she woke up A LOT. She was so restless the entire night. I'm so drained and pooped today.
Hoping that she'll sleep better tonight since she'll actually have some decent naps today.

Monday, April 29, 2013


Not because of Zoe but she sure isn't helping it lol.
It's not her fault though. She started pulling herself up yesterday on the couch. Didn't even think about her crib.
DH mentioned it last night but it was already late and it would've taken a while to lower everything.
Well today, I change her, put her in her crib w/ a bottle and then go out. She would've usually laid in there for a while and taken her first nap of the day. So I go to check on her after a few minutes and find her standing up hanging on to the crib rails. UUUUUGH lol
I can't lower it and I'm not going to leave her in there to potentially fall out so.... no naps!!
She's had 2 very very short ones. I went and saw my mom today and Zoe zonked out in the car there and baack, but that's only maybe 5-10mins of sleep that she got for each nap.
She is beinig pretty fussy right now and it is NOT helping my headache. Tried sitting in her room with her but it just gave her more reason to pull up, look at me and give me a big grin lol.

Oh well though, that's what they make Tylenol for :D

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Everywhere but....

I swear, one minute Zoe was just figuring out how to army crawl, the next, she's already figured out how to hand/knee crawl!! Seriously, one day she was struggling to move hand/knee, now she is gone in a flash.
We were watching tv last night while we ate, I looked away for maybe 10 seconds, she had already moved out of sight! (behind the couch)
This is going to be an adjustment! lol So used to being able to set her down and her staying put.
And I swear, she wants everything except her nice brightly colored toys! She especially wants the dogs nasty dirty chewed up slobber encrusted toys! And don't get me started on chasing after the tumble fur we have going on that she LOVES crawling for to promptly pick up and put in to her mouth.
One of our dogs (the oldest one) is shedding like CRAZY. Big clumps of fur all over the damn place, and Zoe zones in on those damn things. Guess I can't be lazy with vacuuming any longer lol.

We're having to actually block her in to the living room area so she can't wander away :P
And she had a TOTAL cliché baby moment last night too. She went for the outlet. Thankfully we had already bought and put in safety things so she wouldn't have hurt herself anyway, but still.... really?? What is so fascinating about 2 slits in the wall? Well never mind, guess everything is new and exciting for a baby that can move around on their own now.

I used another FRER this morning. Someone in my due date group said I should test again and yeah... that was all I needed to go use another one ROFL.
BFN again like I thought it would be, but of course I was still hoping for that 2nd pink line to show up.
I believe it will eventually. Hopefully later this year *nodnod* Just gotta get my butt up off of this couch and do something about the weight.
I exercised some this morning.
I'm starting over with the exercise routine thing I was SUPPOSED to have started 2 weeks ago. I couldn't do all of it today. Feeling really bloated right now and when I started exercising, I automatically got that gross gagging almost throwing up feeling. Rested a bit and it went away, but came back as soon as I strained. I'll do more tomorrow though.
I have to keep telling myself... procrastination does NOT work with weight loss!!

Speaking of weight loss though or lack there of heh... I've been craving chocolate something fierce lately and found a really easy delicious brownie recipe I had to share!!
I dunno how to copy and paste on this laptop so I'll just say where I got it.
I found the recipe on allrecipes.com. Just look for MMMMM brownies

Ingredients needed.
2 tbs butter
2tbs water
1/2 cup white sugar
1 1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2/3 cup all purpose flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

Preheat Oven to 325. Grease a 8x8 baking dish

In a saucepan, add sugar, butter, & water. Over medium heat, bring to a boil.

Remove from heat and stir in the chocolate chips until melted.

Whisk in eggs and vanilla until just mixed and smooth.

Add in flour, baking soda, & salt. Mix with a rubber spatula until just mixed.

Pour and spread evenly in pan.

Bake 25-30 minutes. Do NOT overbake.

A few of my notes.....
When I added in the chocolate chips, I was expecting typical smooth liquid melted chocolate, but it didn't happen like that. Not sure why, but the chocolate formed an almost melted ball of chocolate. Closest thing I can compare it to is clay or playdoh. I thought I had done something wrong, but no... it was just how it melted for whatever reason. Adding in the eggs turned it in to that liquidy goodness.
Also, you do not want to over mix the dry ingredients with the wet. I don't think it would really be too much of a problem with this particular recipe since there isn't that much flour, but with other brownie recipes.... over mixing will lead to a more cake like brownie.
And finally, the toothpick thing does NOT work on these brownies. I baked for 25minutes at first. Did the toothpick thing and it came out with lots of stuff on it.
Baked for 5 more minutes and while not as much, still had stuff on the toothpick. That's just how these brownies are supposed to be though. 30 minutes was perfect for the brownies I made.

These brownies were AWESOME!! Gooey without it having that gross undercooked feel to it. Rich without it being that too rich chocolate thing that can happen sometimes.
These would be excellent for Hot Fudge Cake Sundaes, or just with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Whenever I make them again, we're definitely having some icecream with it. I HATE ice cream with cake b/c the cake usually ends up super soggy and disgusting from the melted ice cream, but these brownies would be perfect with some.
Anywho, I need to stop talking about them so much lol. If anyone makes them, tell me how you like or hate them! hehe

While obviously not a healthy recipe, I liked it b/c the ingredients were simple and there was no gross veggie oil involved. (I greased the pan with butter). OH and I just used a regular ole square glass baking dish. It's all we have and it worked fine.

Ok, now that I've gotten that food craving out of the way, back to eating healthy again :D

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Damnit faulty tests!!!!

Took my usual IC tests this morning. My opks are expiring in 2 months and I've been taking them every once in a while when I remember to.
So anywho, I took an opk and hpt.
Not expecting much. About 10mins go by... well past the time limit. I remember to look at them, and WTF, there's another line on the HPT!!!
BUT the HPT is really streaky w/ a lot of the red dye all over the strip.

I race to the bathroom and pull out an FRER. I still had the same pee in a cup (just in case), used the FRER.
Holy shit... a 2nd line is on it! BUT WAIT.... it's half a line?? Yep... the test line came up as half the line but VERY pink and clear, but the control line... half of it is faded out. UGH... I still hold out some hope and race back to use another FRER. I was already getting flashes of taking a trip to Walmart for more tests and how I was going to tell DH and all of that good stuff and.....
BFN..... SIGH.....
Stupid frickin faulty tests!!!!!!
I took photos of the FRER, but can't post them.
I can forgive the IC test. They're cheap and looking at it now, it seems it was just extra dye or something making its way across, but the FRER... man.... that sucks :(
That really made my heart sink... sigh.

Anyway, enough of that drama...

Zoe is doing great and wants to get in to EVERYTHING now that she is mobile (and getting better at it).
We try to keep her in the living room, since we cleared out that area, but oh no... she wants to explore!
Whenever I see her crawling away, I try to call her back (as if she's a dog or something lol). She'll stop and look at me with this half grin and then continues on.
It's going to be... UUUUGH constant headaches when she has mastered crawling and I don't even want to think about when she starts walking.

She is getting SO big. Put up all of her 3-6m old clothes and will probably have to do the same with her 6m stuff soon. Just looking at her, I can tell her legs have gotten so much longer.

She's also 'talking' a lot more. No real words or anything, but she makes a lot of different sounds.

I know I keep saying it, but she is growing so dang fast.
We're already starting to think about what to do for her birthday.
I don't want to do anything big, but DH wants to do something a little, big... big as in a lot of people.
He's been trying to find out if we can rent the swimming pool for a day at the front of our neighborhood.

Procrastination SUCKS.
I keep putting off exercising, as if losing weight can be put off until the last minute or something. I ALWAYS end up doing this too. It's so stupid, but I always do it. I finally realized it yesterday and just want to smack myself. Weight loss is going to take effort and can NOT be held off until the last minute. Doesn't work like that and my brain needs to finally learn that.

And totally off topic...
Does anyone watch that show Girls?
SiL is letting us use her HBOGo account to watch Game of Thrones and I decided to check out the other show.
Good lord, these are about the most annoying characters EVER!!!
The British one and the main girl are the worst!
The main girl though, I want to punch her in her throat.
I know people get hung up on how she looks, that's not my problem, it's her stank narcissistic attitude problem. Lets get on her appearance. I don't care if she is a little overweight, what gets me though is that they purposely put her character in the dumpiest most unflattering outfits. This is a character that has issues with her appearance and she dresses like THAT? Most of her dresses make her look like she is about 5m pregnant... NM some of the other things she wears.
But like I said, that's not the main issue, I just hate her personality. She is SO self-centered and just not likeable AT ALL.

I still watched ALL of the episodes though.... LOL

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Phantom movement

So, apparently after birth, when your uterus contracts, it feels like a tiny baby moving around in there.
I've been experiencing this for the last few months. Only notice it when I'm laying in bed though. I used to think it was just gas, and I'm sure some of it was, but it's gotta be uterine contractions too.
It's pretty weird and def something that you don't read about anywhere.
I know I'm not the only one that gets this b/c it was brought up in my due date group.
Just one of those weird things.

I keep having dreams about getting surprise BFPs. They're nice dreams but damn such a tease :( I keep using my cheapy IC tests hoping that they'll show me a surprise, but nope. Same ole same ole.

OH, I think Zoe is figuring out how to wave!!
I first noticed it on Saturday when we went to a birthday party. She saw the birthday boy and started flailing her little arm. I mentioned that it looked like waving but just thought it was excited flailing.
Welp, yesterday, DH was holding her, she looked at me and started doing the same thing. I said HI to her and waved, and she waved her little arm back!! It was def on purpose and she knew what she was doing. SO frickin cute!!!!
I cant believe how quickly she is growing.
It still amazes me every day when I see her and realize that she's my little girl.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Posting from the new laptop. So much easier :D

So what has been going on.
We've been giving Zoe those little baby puff finger food things and tried her on mum mums again. She LOVES them both and hasn't gagged on anything.
She still isn't great at feeding herself, but the dogs are benefitting from that lol.
Zoe has been getting rashes though. They go away pretty quick, not even a day, but makes me concerned.
We went to DH's friend's son's first birthday party on Saturday. Zoe had mac & cheese for the first time and loved it heh. She also had a taste of some frosting from a cupcake :P
She ended up getting just a splotch of  a rash on her leg though. No idea what would've caused it and it was gone by the end of the day.

She still doesn't have any teeth poking through. She'll get some eventually I guess hehe.

Her crawling is getting better. She's still doing an army crawl, but she's trying to do it the traditional hands and knees way.
Of course already trying to get in to everything. Surrounded by toys and she goes for the broken off dog toenail in the corner. SIGH and bleh lol.

I'm ok. I only exercised ONCE last week. How embarrassing :(
I was sore which was a good reason not to, but then things just kept coming up and I used them as an excuse not to do anything. Need to stop letting myself make excuses like that.
I'm going to be starting over with week one again. Hopefully this time I won't be too sore to exercise for a few days so I won't get in to that lazy state of mind all over again.

I had a spot of blood last night rght before bed. Well not even a spot, a smudge. Not sure what that is about. Maybe another anov AF? We'll see I guess.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

New laptop

We just bought it today. Or rather, we just paid for it on out bestbuy card lol.
It's nothing special, but it's better than nothing nd ill be so much easier to post here again.
Not that i have anything super interesting to say hehe.

Plus we have it hooked  to our tv so i get to mess with it while watching Zoe, muahahahaha.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We're in trouble...

Havent posted bc its a pain in the ass to on the kindle. It keeps eleting shit i type and is just annoying.
so pleaee excuse the lack of capital letters and apostrophes etc.

... zoe has figured out how to army crawl. first thing she did was go for these little pieces of ever on the floor and my scissors.... uuuuuugh lol
i think dh wants to move the coffee table out of the living room to give her more room. thats fine with . we just need some barricades to keep her in the area lol.

i ercised n monday, it is wednesday right now and im still feeling it in my legs. so much for  itbeing every other day this week heh. i plan on doing it tomorrow. hopefully wont get  sore again so i can do at least one more time.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Reformat, or.. whatever it's called.

About to do this again. Just delete everything and hopefully get rid of any kind of trojan, spyware, etc.

THEN I'm gonna have to go and redo every password to every site. Such a pain in the butt.

Anyway, we got another visit from FedEx. Them trying to pick up the package. Have I explained that yet?
Oh wait no I haven't.

So DH got home and called the credit card company.
Welp, apparently, right after we got our March bill is when whoever started using the card.
They were having a good ole time buying whatever the hell they wanted all over the net.
NOT counting the $600 box of pills... they charged over $1000 on the card on various websites.

I'm still not sure where they actually got the information.
We do have some of our credit card info saved on some websites, like paypal and amazon, BUT even if they had the passwords to those sites, they can't actually see the numbers of the credit card. They're all X'd out except for the last 4 digits (I think that's the case on paypal? I know it is on Amazon).
We haven't actually entered all of the digits to the credit card in a long time. So I guess maybe my comp was compromised before, and once the info was gotten, they sat on the information until just recently? *shrugs*

I don't go to weird/suspect websites but this shit could be anywhere. So check your computers people! We use norton antivirus on our computers and it didn't protect shit.
Use different ones and go to the microsoft website and use their spyware/virus detector thing.

Well, this is an interesting start.

DH texted me and asked me to put some mail in the mailbox. Went out and found a baby turtle on our driveway! Awwwww. Poor thing.

I found another in the middle of the road. Didn't want it to get squished.
Once Zoe wakes back up, going to go take them to the neighborhood lake at the front of the neighborhood.
There are small lakes scattered throughout but they're all privately owned so you can't just walk to them.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


So, other than the stolen credit information and possible virus/trojan whatever on my computer that I'm still scanning for...

This morning was ok.
Woke up around 8 and waited until 8:30 to take Zoe out for a walk. It was really cool and misty outside. Felt FANTASTIC.
Zoe still isn't used to being strolled around facing out, but she calms down after a few minutes and enjoys the walk.
 My calves started burning and aching like crazy. Frickin hills lol.

I got my stepper today :D Amazon Prime does pay off every once in a while heh. I do wish their instant watch thing was better though. Feels so unorganized and sloppy compared to Netflix.

On the identity theft...
Not sure if whoever purchased anything else.
DH tried looking up his account at work, but the site wouldn't let him. Thinking they might have spotted the weird almost $600 purchase and froze the account.
He's busy at work today so will be calling when he gets home.
Frickin sucks.
We're trying to pay off the credit card. We used pretty much all of the tax return to pay it off which would take us down to about 1300 left to pay.
And we wanted to do that by the end of the year.
Just sucks that now we have to deal with this shit... and who knows what else.

I'm not sure what to do with my computer. I don't think it's DH's b/c he really doesn't do anything on his computer, and it's screwed up now so it's not like we can even check.

My computer has been screwy for a while. I don't purposely go to weird sites and I certainly don't click on suspect links so *shrugs* Beats the hell out of me where I would've picked up a virus/bug/trojan/whatever.

I may just reformat my computer again if doing a full scan w/ norton doesn't work to find anything.
Some photos I need to save first, but other than that, meh. Everything else can get deleted.


I think my computer has a virus on it that has let some ASSHOLE to steal out credit card number.
Just got in the mail a box of at least a dozen diet pills and the bill.... almost $600!!! WTF???

UGH I'm so pissed right now.
Called up DH and told him he needs to call his CC company ASAP.

Also, it looks like someone tried to log in to my FB page from Norway.

So... sigh.... I'm looking up what to do right now. If anything weird gets posted... I'm sorry, it wasn't me!
Hopefully I can find whatever program is on my computer to stop them, and then I get the fun job of changing all my passwords.

This sucks.....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cut short but still good

So I did go out for a walk with Zoe today.
She's not really used to being in a stroller where she can't see us, so she started fussing some. She only did it twice and then seemed to enjoy herself after a while.
BUT the walk was cut a little short b/c I didn't even think about putting sunscreen on Zoe and the sun was out and BLAZING.
From her waist up was shaded by the stroller, but her poor little legs and feet were in the sun at almost every angle. When I finally realized this, I decided to go back home. I didn't want to risk her getting a sun burn.
So yep... gotta remember some sunblock next time :D
I still managed a 25min walk so not bad :)
And I swear, you really don't realize how hilly your neighborhood is until after you've had to walk it lol.

Also, it was a lot frickin hotter today than what they said it was going to be! I was sweating like crazy! BLEH! That wasn't gonna stop me from doing it, but damn... I hate hot weather :(
Walks outside are totally not going to happen when the weather warms up more LOL. I just can't deal with the heat and needs my AC.

But in the meantime, I'll take Zoe out for walks. I think I'll do it in the morning while it's still a little cool out.
I'll be doing that while I wait to start the exercise thing.

I've been watching before & after weight loss videos on youtube.
I dunno...
While it is motivating seeing that everyday people can and do lose weight and keep it off. It makes me kinda depressed.
It's like, I know they worked hard to achieve their success, but it makes me feel like I will have to work twice as hard to get even half of that.
It's ridiculous but it is what it is. Just something else I need to work on :)

Ok, gotta get motivated!!

So.... I'm feeling like I need to force myself to get motivated to exercise.

I can't help it. I fully admit that I am SUPER lazy. I hate exercising and now that it's warming up, I hate the thought of it even more.

BUT I know it needs to be done. If we have any chance of TTC seriously this year, I need to start exercising to get this weight OFF ASAP.

So, to motivate myself... I'm going to try this workout thing I found on youtube.
This is the first video...... clicky clicky
Basically, it's a 30 day workout.
You do the exercises in that first video the first week. 2nd week, there is a 2nd video with different workouts, etc etc.

I think leaving it up to myself to figure out what to do when it comes to exercise isn't the way to go to keep me doing it.
Having something a bit structured and laid out like that gives me something to follow so I don't have to think about it, all I have to do is just do it.

I just ordered a stepper off of amazon. Will get that on Friday and I'll be starting this on Monday.
I know I know... just start it today! Or whenever...
I like starting things at the beginning of the week, not the middle.

I am however about to go for a walk with Zoe. The weather is nice now so there isn't any excuse (other than my laziness) to do it.
She's awake from her nap, so yep... gotta go put some appropiate pants on and get going :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So awkward

Had my annual today. BLEH!
It went quick though thankfully. Wasn't sat there for half an hour waiting for my doctor. It was actually pretty fast today.
And my SiL and brother were there for her first prenatal appointment. Got to see her ultrasound pics.
There's a little bean in there :)

Still don't think SiL is too happy about it, but it seems like it's slowly growing on her.
I know my brother is really excited about it though even though he keeps making remarks on how he's not looking forward to the crying etc etc lol. He's such a dork.

Anywho.... I really like my doctor *nodnod* She's nice and seems kinda goofy.

I asked her about the weight gain when off of metformin and she said it was just how insulin resistance is and once the weight gain starts, it makes it harder to lose etc etc.

I got a new prescrip for metformin. Still the same dose, but with actual refills now. Had my thyroid levels checked again since they haven't been in a while.
Uhm, she said they were going to do a beta since I haven't gotten my period yet.
I told them I hadn't (even though I still think that last bleed was an anov AF).
She also gave me a prescrip for provera. Told me to wait about 2 months and if AF still hasn't come to take it. And to take it every 3 months if no AF on my own to just help flush out the old lining.

So yep....

Zoe seemed to do well with my mom watching her. Hopefully she's not gonna catch the cold that my mom had. SIGH! I know it's only a matter of time before Zoe gets sick... just going to suck balls when it does happen!

I think that's it.......... I think.......... hmmm...............

Monday, April 8, 2013

Something isn't right

Yesterday and today, I was getting random gagging episodes.
And just started a little bit ago, but I all of a sudden got dizzy.

I'm NOT pregnant. I've been using my cheapy tests and there isn't even a hint of a 2nd line on any of them. And just to be sure, I used a FRER and nada.
No positive ovulation either... so *shrugs*

Gonna go chug down some water and see if that helps. Just relax a bit more and hopefully this goes away.

Zoe... sigh... girl is determined to wake up during the night. She woke at 3am this morning. It was just light fussing at first, that soon turned in to her screechy crying. She's getting good at that lol.

DH changed her and I rocked with her a little. Laid her back down, she fussed for about a min longer after I left and went to sleep.
I'm determined not to give her a bottle before 4am even though I know it would make things a lot easier to do it.

Maybe the lack of sleep is causing some of the dizziness. I didn't really sleep well after she woke up. *shrugs*
She's good though...
I have a feeling like she's bored of me though :(
I'm sure she probably is since she sees me ALL the time every single day, but it still hurts a little when she smiles at DH more than me lol.
It's silly I know... just one of those things.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

So much for the weekends

The weekends this month are screwed when it comes to dieting lol.
That's ok though. So long as I'm good for the rest of the week then hopefully that will be enough to keep me losing.

The wedding was nice. A TON of people showed up to it. Zoe was great during it. Had 1 moment of her fussing b/c we took away something from her but other than that, she was really good.

Here are some photos of her in her dress.
Headband ones were taken before, the ones w/out it were when we got home.

DH found a new way to pose her by propping her up on the back of her crib. She didn't know what to make of it and got fussy shortly after hehe.

And here are some photos of her in her adorable little preppy looking outfit! It's SO frickin adorable!!

That's my little diva.

She was terrible last night. Woke up at around... 2 I think and she was NOT happy.
We were trying to let her cry herself back to sleep, but she wasn't having any of it!!
She started screechy crying and man it was awful.
DH went in and started changing her, didn't quiet her down at all. She was not happy and was making sure we both knew it!
I went in there and when he was done changing her, I rocked with her a little and we finally put her back down after about 5-10mins and she went to sleep.

Some nights, she is a great sleeper... and then nights like that... she's hell bent on waking up the neighbors.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Little Miss Attitude!

Oh boy... DH and I are going to have our hands full with Zoe.

So, she's still doing her twists and turns while I'm trying to change her.
She started today when I was trying to get her diaper put on her. And I kept putting her back on her back. Well after about the 2nd or 3rd time of me doing that...
She actually FUSSED at me! LOL
Like a frustrated screechy cry aimed right at momma.
It was HILARIOUS and I couldn't help but crack up while I had to keep doing it.
I would push her back on to her back, she would fuss and then twist again trying to grab at whatever.
Girl has a serious attitude and temper hehe
It's cute now, but boy, she's gonna learn soon enough who is Queen Bee up in this house *nodnod* ;) hehe

Oh I bought her some super cute dresses today at Once Upon a Child. Needed something for the wedding tomorrow. Found an absolutely adorable dress that is white and pink. She's gonna be so cute and of course I'll post photos.
I wanted something that was gonna go w/ the pink headband she wore on Easter. Yes.. I was being lazy :P lol

Plus I bought her some other really cute dresses. One with ladybugs, and 2 that are yellow and very Springy.
I'll get photos of all of them later.

Up and Down

So... yesterday started off TERRIBLE!
DH had his boys night on Wed. I decided to stay up since the times I went to bed early, the dogs ended up waking me w/ their barking when he got home anyway.
So I stayed up, DH got home, we went to bed. At 11:30, right as I was drifting off to sleep, Zoe woke up.
The girl did not go back to sleep until 1:10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DH and I were miserable.

This is when CC or CIO is a must b/c whenever we went in to check on her, she cried even harder and woke herself up even more.
Most of her crying was just frustrated wanting to go back to sleep cries so whenever we bothered her, she'd have to start all over again. UUUUUGH it was still terrible.
THEN, I had an upset stomach so had multiple trips to the bathroom. Awesome.
Zoe woke up at 4:30, I fed her and she went back to sleep only to wake up at 7:30. Which wouldn't be bad any other day, but when I had no more than an hour and a half (if that) of consecutive sleep... it sucked balls!

But there was a cheer up. I checked my email and saw that I won a prize on
http://www.neatorama.com/ Woot woot!!
They had a Doctor Who contest. All you had to do was take a look at their Dr Who merchandise and post a message on the prize you would like that was $50 or less.. and I won something! YAY!
I picked this :D
So that was awesome! Really lifted my mood even though I was still tired.

Last night was MUCH better. Zoe woke up I think 3 times. The first time I checked on her. But the other 2 times, she cried once or twice and went back to sleep. NICE.
She still woke up at 4:30, and then woke at 7, but it makes a WORLD of difference to get long continuous sleep. I feel SO much better today than yesterday.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Not too bad

So today was weigh in day for me.

And I'm down another pound. Woot woot!!

I was afraid I'd actually be UP b/c of the weekend food frenzy, but nope. Thank goodness!
Still have a lot to go to get back to pre-pregnancy though. SIGH!
I'm still so angry at myself for letting it get to this point again.
I promised myself that I would never see a 2 at the beginning of my weight ever again, and PFFFFT here I am.

Have I mentioned that I have my annual exam on Tuesday? BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH
Good lord I hate it!!!!
Here, get totally nekkid and sit in this hot room for half an hour. Oh and by the time the doctor comes in, you're nice and sweaty! AWESOME!
Now show em your titties and spread them legs! YEHAW!
I know it's necessary but damn is it humiliating.
Yes yes, doctors have seen it all and blahblahblah... but that still doesn't take away the embarassment.
Gonna have to do some serious trimming down below. Most of my showers now-a-days do not allow time for any extra shaving.

Zoe is well. She's still doing that screechy cry. Not that I was expecting her to grow out of it in a day or anything lol.
I still find it pretty funny when she does it.
I think she actually got mad at me b/c I started laughing when she started up which only caused her to screech/cry louder ROFL.
She's my little banshee though and I love her.

She is getting so big though.
She can reach up and touch the top on her mobile. I remember when I would stand her up before, she could barely reach the toys that hung below it *sniffles* She's still tiny, but sigh, they don't stay that way for long. I know I keep saying that. It's just so true though.

What else. Hmmm.. we're trying her on yogurt. DH put some mushed up banana in to some and she frickin LOVES it. She's been eating really well recently. Can eat half a cup of whatever in a sitting.
We bought some ground chicken for her. Not sure how DH is going to fix that though. She's still not very good with large chunks. Small mushy ones are ok, but if too big, she gags and will usually puke everything up soon after. We probably need to start feeding her chunkier stuff though. Get her used to it. *shrugs* We'll see.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Grrrr, stay still!!!

And the headaches start.

It started with Zoe wanting to grab her feet during diaper changes, now it's her twisting and turning. Bonus is when she starts peeing when doing this and it gets everything soaked. AWESOME -_-

Footie pajamas SUCK right now b/c of that. Trying to button those damn things up while she's twisting and turning. UUUUUUUUGH. The ones I hate w/ the one leg that you have to fold them in half to get in to are barely any better. We have 1 we use b/c SiL bought it for Zoe and.... yeah... still just as much of a PiTA trying to get her leg in to that sleeve.

I don't even want to imagine what it's going to be like when she is mobile... or learns how to take her diapers off!! POO EVERYWHERE!!! O_O

Figured it out

I think I've figured out how to get Zoe to go to sleep quicker for naps.
Just plce her so her right side is up against the back board of the crib so she can't roll over.
For some reason, she doesn't roll the other way even though she'll go on to her side that way. lol
But keeping her from rolling gets her to sleep A LOT quicker with much less fussing. WOO!

She seems to be napping a lot better now too which I'm thrilled about.
We've been putting her in her crib for naps for a while now and she seems to sleep a lot better in there.
We only use her Rock N Play to prop her up a little for a bottle.

She is still waking some at night again. Not sure what is going on there.
She woke up wanting her pacifier around midnight. Then woke at 3:30. Small fusses at first that built up a bit.
I gave in at 4 or 4:30 and fed her lol. She went right to sleep after though so whatever. She was happy and so were we LOL
I just refuse to feed her sooner than that though. *shrugs*

Alrighty, gotta go get a shower before she wakes!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Obsession abated

Alrighty, so I broke down and bought some tests lol.
Peed in to a cup before i left and used that to test and BFN.
Cant say I'm not disappointed but I figured it would be that lol.
At least now I have some better  or future use :D

Damn you ICs!!

So finding out my SiL is pregnant and her telling everyone last night just has me more excited to try again.
I found some more tests that need to be used up before expiring so of course have been using them up.
Sigh.... damn IC hpts are such a tease!!
I think I can see the test strip, but I'm 99.9999999 % certain the test is stark white and I'm just seeing things lol.
I've got baby fever and it's making me hallucinate.
I may give in and go buy some FRERs later this week LOL. Well, if later tests are still showing anything.

HIGHLY highly doubt I'm pregnant. I stopped OPKing for a while but I don't think my body is ready to start working properly again just yet.

Zoe has a new cry now that makes it sound like she is dying or being abused or some other terrible horrible thing.
It's this screechy throaty raspy kind of cry. I swear she's throwing baby tantrums.
We are going to be in tantrum HELL when she's older.