Thursday, April 30, 2015

Well that went downhill fast

So not even 10 minutes after I posted, I smelled poop so went around my bed to check Zoe's diaper to see if she had pooped (she was on DH's side).
I smelled it even stronger, glanced down and see poo on DH's sheet. Check her and sure enough... there's poop coming out of the top of her disposable training diaper. It's all over her pants and all over her shirt. BLEH!
Didn't know what she had gotten poop on, so other than my blanket and the pillows, everything else got washed.
I guess I can't complain too much... 2 and a half years and this is the first time she's had a blow out and it wasn't even that bad.
Still though, I'm not sure what she's eating that is causing such nasty poop, but hope whatever is causing it has stopped. I long for the days of nice clean turds.

Thankfully her cold symptoms so far have been pretty mild. No more runny or stuffy nose as far as I can tell. She was coughing a little yesterday but that cleared up.
However... whatever she had, she's passed on to Oren. Poor boy's nose sounds so congested.
He's thankfully napping right now, but not restfully. Poor baby :(

Well, DH is happy. Since I got the go ahead to exercise, have sex, etc... DH was ALL over that. He's been bugging me since about week 3 lol.
OUCH is about all I can say about the experience :P Guess that's what happens when you don't have sex for a couple of months.

DH picked up my metformin yesterday. Well... the doctor called in extended release instead of regular. Not a problem right? Well, that's if you don't mind spending $70 AFTER insurance on a month supply. WHA??
Why the hell is the ER so much more expensive? Insurance paid $470 of it!! Good lord..
I'll take these, but will be calling the doc office to get a regular met prescrip called in for the next refill.

And finally... keep forgetting to post about this, but we've figured out at least one thing that makes Zoe's face break out.
She had gotten all of these red bumps around her mouth. We had no idea what caused it.
Well that's until we went to Chick-Fil-A one weekend for some lunch. DH gave her some ketchup to have with her fries and sure enough... when DH was putting her in her car seat..he saw that she was getting the red spots around her mouth again.
Not sure what In the ketchup is causing the problem, but no more for her. Won't be a problem though since we don't really have it at home and rarely when we go out too.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Oh the joys

So I finally had my 6w PP checkup today. No pelvic exam. WOO! YAY for C-sections! :P lol
And.... the doctor OK'd and called in a metformin order for me. WOOHOO! Didn't even bring up any problems with me taking it or anything. So happy about that. Now just need to pick it up.
Oh wait, she did say that I should take my glucose levels here and there after starting it to make sure my sugar isn't getting too low. But other than that... it's ok.
And yeah, just a pretty uneventful appointment which I'm good with :)

Zoe man... when she's good, she's great, when she gets in to that todder mode though... holy shit.

Pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but she's gotten in to the habit of delaying bedtime by getting up after we've put her down, turning on her light and then knocking on the door saying she wants out and to open the door. She's even done the little count thing like parents do to threaten their kid in to good behavior. lol
Anyway, it's cute but we're not putting up with it anymore and she is not having that.
We turned off her light from the fan so the light switch doesn't do anything and ignore her knocking and protests.
Last night she got her blankets off her bed, made herself a little nest in front of her door and went to sleep on the floor. WTF? lol
The night before, she woke up at 4am wanting out. I don't think so. That was a night Oren was being extra noisy in his sleep, so this momma was grumpy as hell and wasn't putting up with it.

Zoe's also started this new thing where she'll get upset over something. Will start her whine/cry, walk away and then maybe 10seconds later, has stopped crying, will come back, say 'sorry' and give me a hug lol. It's pretty darn adorable.

Oren is doing well. He has his extra fussy moments but overall, he's a good baby. He's starting to purposely grasp more which makes having long hair suck lol. He really likes grabbing my shirt when we're face to face.
He's still on his nighttime schedule for the most part. The past 2 nights he hasn't really wanted to go back to bed after waking which sucks balls, but oh well.
There weren't any problems when we put him back in to the bassinet. DH positioned a towel under the mattress so he's still inclined a little.
He's still having some spitting up problems, but it varies on the severity. We haven't had anymore baby vomit volcanos again though *knock on wood*

Been giving him 90% breastmilk so far. He definitely prefers it over the formula. Think the thicker formula just puts him off a bit. He'll still drink it but it takes a lot longer for him to suck it all down b/c he'll just comfort nurse, but won't actually be sucking on the nipple.

Pumping has been about the same. My nips right now feel a bit more tender than they have been which sucks. Not sure what has changed. Hoping it won't continue.

And yeah, that's about it I think.... :D

Monday, April 27, 2015

Well, that didn't go as planned

We had wanted to go to 2 different events this past weekend and didn't go to either.
Saturday it rained until 11:30. It was supposed to start up again so we didn't bother and it never did start raining so.. boo. Oh it was a little fair. Until 4 or 5 they have little vendors and whatnot then after 5 is rides only.
Then on Sunday, there was a food truck festival held at the large farmers market. Apparently everyone else and their mother wanted to go to it too. We were stuck in traffic for 30min before we just turned around. It took 30min to go less than half a mile and we still had over 2 miles to get to the event. So yeah... it wasn't happening and from the things I'm reading on facebook, we missed waiting in even longer lines at the food trucks that ran out of food.
This was the first time for this even and the planners just weren't prepared for the number of people or the terrible traffic it was going to cause.
Hoping next year they do it at the state fair grounds and actually have people directing traffic and whatnot. Would really like to go if it's held somewhere else and if the food trucks don't run out of grub.

So yeah, disappointing :(

We went to DH's uncles home last night. DH's cousin is in town from California so they had a cookout for family to visit. That was good at least and Zoe got to stay up late.
Unfortunately, she's now sneezing w/ runny nose and is kissing all over Oren so I'll probably have 2 sick kiddos here soon. Awesome :\

Pumping is going well. Few days ago, I was getting 3 or just over 3oz of milk every 2 hours. It's reduced again since then, but I'm still getting just a little more than I was before which I'm really happy about.
Not exactly sure what's causing it but I THINK it's b/c of the larger breast shield things. Since my nips aren't so tender, I've been pumping for longer and think that has finally started paying off better. I'm still having to pump for about 40-50min but I'm getting a little more so it's kind of worth it lol.

We're going to the beach in a couple of months! YAY! To the actual beach this time. Not like last time when I along w/ a few other family were stuck in the hotel the entire time while everyone else went deep sea fishing. Ugh I'm still pissed about that. Seriously, I didn't travel all the way to the beach to hang out in the hotel swimming pool. There was that little thing called the OCEAN I wanted to go to :\

Anyway, so far, it's just only going to be us 4 going so we'll get to do exactly what we want. Just hope it doesn't rain which is a possibility.
I want my tan damnit!

But I do need a new swim top. The one I have is ok, but I just want something new and a bit more comfortable....
Which brings me to our next topic...

Today finally starts the first day of better eating. It was a bit delayed, but we're finally here and ready to start losing weight. DH actually started exercising last week. Really proud of him for starting again. Now to get the food under control.
I'm still having maple brown sugar oatmeal (while I'm still pumping), but got the half sugar stuff.
We'll be reducing sugar and carbs like we have before though and I'll have to cook on the weekends now since we should only be going out on Friday dinners now.

Also watching Fed Up on Netflix got the fire under my butt to start. It's a documentary about why youth (and everyone else for that matter) are getting fatter etc. It didn't say anything that I didn't already know, but did remind me why we needed to start yesterday and not wait any longer.

I MAY start exercising eventually. Thinking about doing it now just makes me want to take a nap though. Heck, thinking about doing anything even semi active makes me want to nap :P lol
Even when I do start though, I can't imagine I'll be able to do it all in one go. We'll see though.
I'm still determined to get to my 30lb or more Christmas goal.
Would REALLY like to put the 200's well behind me and something I'll never see on the scale again.

And finally...
When we couldn't get to the festival yesterday, we came home and had a little bit of family time in the backyard :)
Zoe had a blast with the new bubbler we bought and Oren was busy looking adorable while trying to keep the sun out of his eyes.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Could be better

Zoe is driving me up the dang wall.
So she's in full toddler mode meaning she listens when she wants... which isn't often unless it's listening out for the pantry door opening.
Getting her to pick up her toys is like ramming your head in to a brick wall. Just pointless.
I lost my shit on her the other day though. We spank, but only use it as a last resort. When I say spank, I mean on the diapered butt or a smack on her thigh. I don't count a pop on the hand as spanking and I don't even do that that often
Well, I had been asking her over and over and over again to pick up her toys, but lost it when she smiled and started throwing them. Oh hells no.
I swatted her twice on her behind (she was wearing disposable so she felt it more than she would have in cloth). She freaked out and did eventually pick up her stuff, but then I saw that my hand must've hit her back some b/c I let red marks there. Nothing serious, but man.. it made me feel like the worst mom in the world :(
Just toddlers man.... they really test the limits of your sanity sometimes.

And she's getting in to EVERYTHING. If it's not bolted down or out of reach.. she has it.
It will get better once Oren and I aren't in the bedroom all the damn time. That way I can keep an eye on her again.

Trying Oren in cloth diapers again today. We only have a few size 1's left and we want to save those for when we're out and about.
He just pees so much though. We're going to have to change him every couple of hours to keep him from leaking.

He's been doing great though. Lots of smiles and cooing which I love so much. Love hearing him try to 'talk'. I'll get some more photos up eventually.

Zoe has been Zoe. She's still great with Oren and still being her assholey toddler self :P Toddlers really are giant little assholes man. I know how that sounds to some people but damn is it the truth.
Oh we love them more than anything, but good googly moogly. It's a miracle that parents still have hair by the time their child gets out of this particular stage.
Right now she's whining up a storm b/c she had dropped a toy under our bed earlier (that I had picked up from the same spot)... and now she can't get it and I won't pick it up for her. Awesome....

Also, she's just tall enough now to reach the light switches, but not tall enough to turn them back off. Fun fun.

We have a full weekend this week. A local fair on Saturday and then a food truck festival on Sunday. Can't wait :) Zoe will have fun and it will be nice to just get out of the house some.
Will have to remember to take photos.
Just hope the weather is nice and not too hot.

My boobs re just never going to give up more than they do. I've tried almost everything and nothing seems to be giving me more milk. The first night I used the larger breast shields.. I pumped almost 5oz total, but that hasn't happened again. I wish it would since Oren's appetite is only going to increase.

Thankfully though, pumping isn't as painful as it was. It's pretty weird. It starts off not feeling the best, but as my breasts empty... they lose sensation.. almost go numb. I'm not complaining since that's better than pain. It's just weird.
After pumping is another story. My nipples feel like they're on fire for a while afterwards. *shrugs*

My gas has still been super terrible. Just AWFUL and a lot of it. I'm surprised that it doesn't permanently stink in our bedroom b/c of it.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Our future

DH has been bringing up possibly moving. He works in a VA hospital and has for the last 13 or so years and doesn't want to leave. I know he doesn't want to work in a store. He's done that already and hated it. But the thing is, at the hospital here... he hates the way it's going there as well.
It's basically being run by a bunch of idiots.
Take for instance.. there was an intern that applied for a job. He blatantly and very obviously lied on his application stating that he had all this experience and trained all of these people, blahblahblah. Things that they knew were just bold faced lies. So it was brought up and OK'd to fire the guy. Well this asshole filed a complaint stating that he was being discriminated against b/c he's Jewish.... nevermind that no one actually knew he was.
This got to the head of pharmacy, who knew about the lying, but still overturned the firing and hired the guy. So now they're stuck with this shithead and he's acting like a giant douche. It's a state job so I guess it's more difficult to fire people even though it's deserved *shrugs*

There are other things too. I can't remember what DH told me exactly but it would screw everyone in the pharmacy department if things go their way.
SO yeah...DH has mentioned to me about possibly moving to maybe Florida or even Germany where some positions might be opening up.

Not sure how I feel about this. Obviously I'll go wherever, but I've lived here almost my entire life and I would really hate to move so far from family. They'd be able to drive to Florida every once in a while, but fly to Germany? No way. We would never see anyone unless we visited which we would do.
Sure it would be neat to live in Europe or just any place different, but all of our family is here and I know we would all miss them terribly.
If he's determined for us to move... I'd rather stay in the states. I really don't want to move to Florida of all places, but at least family would be able to drive down and visit us and we'd be close to Disney which could be really fun.... and expensive :P
So yeah....not really sure what's going to happen. We'll see I guess.

Zoe had a blast at the birthday party yesterday. They had it at a place called My Gym. It's some little kiddy activity place where they promote active play, team work etc. Pretty sure Zoe was the youngest one there that could walk. Did make me a little concerned when seeing how responsive the other kids are to instruction and then seeing her.
I just don't think she's used to it while all of these other kids were older and used to being in a school type setting. I think most of them were the birthday child's preK schoolmates.
Also think we were only invited b/c not enough people could make it so they needed more kids there to make what they paid for the place worth it, but whatever... Zoe had fun and that's what matters.
She was so cute running around. She LOVED it when they brought out this bubble machine that blew out a ton of bubbles for them to run through. May look in to buying her some bubbles. Just can't let her get her hands on them. Dunno what it is with kids and bubbles and stickers. 2 of the most pointless things ever, but kids love them.

So the money spent on the cat's surgery only made it easier for him to continue pissing on the carpet. Awesome.
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad his paws aren't bothering him as much, but come on you stupid cat... use the damn designated pee/poop spots and stop ruining our fucking house already!!!

Oh AND the stupid little puppy has started to pee and poop in the house again. It's been raining out for the last week or so and he just can't be bothered to go do his business out there. So yeah... our living room is going to smell just so awesome when all of this builds up.

I've been waiting to clean the carpets again b/c there's just no damn point in doing it if he's just going to continue while it's still raining and the dogs tracking in dirt.

Oren is being super fussypants right now so tata for now

Sunday, April 19, 2015

While I have the chance

Before I forget... a few photos :)

Cute goofy little baby smiles moment :)
I recorded his first laugh today too. Haven't uploaded that but I'll try to remember to do it :)
His dimple(s?) aren't nearly as pronounced as Zoe's are, but that's ok.... he's just as adorable :)

He's definitely on a schedule at night. He'll wake up between 1:30-3 to eat, then again between 5:30-7. He'll fuss a little at the 2nd one and then will usually go back to sleep for 2-3hrs.
He's a good little dude, but I just wish he would go to sleep easier sometimes. You can tell he's so tired b/c he'll doze off, but any little noise wakes him and he'll start fussing.
But it's not like we're totally silent around him so he expects silence. Heck, on Friday we went to Chinese buffet and we were sat in the same room with a large birthday party going on and he didn't wake up or stir once from all the super loud noise. *shrugs*

Zoe's on a routine now too.... she wakes up between 6-7 (usually closer to 6... *grumble*)... knocks on her door wanting out.
And at night... we put her to bed... she'll play a little and then will remember something she didn't bring to bed so will get up and start knocking on her door. Sometimes she cries, sometimes she'll just say "Let Zoe out!" :P
Other than "Mine" she always refers to herself in the 3rd person lol.

So in the comments, it was suggested that the breastshield things I use to pump might be too small. I was using the medela 30mm size ones which I thought were the largest, but after a quick look on amazon... 36mm seems to be the biggest, so I ordered them.
They were only $10 and some change so not that bad.
Got them a few days after and have been using them. And while the pain isn't as bad so far.. I'm not sure what size I should be using. It's like my whole boob gets sucked in to the thing. The nipple part does swell quite a bit and isn't rubbing against the sides which is good, but since there's so much space, it's sucking in like all of my aureola now too which I'm not really sure should happen. *shrugs*
Whatever... it hasn't been bad using them though and like I said, not as painful so far. I can pump longer using them which helps w/ the quantity I've been getting (just a little at least).

Alrighty, need to cut this short. Have a birthday party to go to this afternoon and need to pump before. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Just sleep!!

UGH today has been a little rough.
Oren is doing well, but the boy has a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep and he gets SOOOO grumpy. I feel so bad for him, but damn is it frustrating too.
I try him in every position, but nothing works until he just sort of passes out :( I would hold him more, but having to take care of Zoe, pumping, having to get up to pee ALL the time bc I have to drink so much water b/c of the pumping... I just can't. Or when I do and he gets comfy, I end up having to move him b/c I'm getting up.

And Zoe... she's so sweet but the girl is getting in to everything. I went on my computer for a minute and she was off doing her own thing. Well that thing was to go in to our bathroom and get her hands on all of the pumping gear so she could go pump. It is really sweet and cute bc she even came and wanted me to take her PJs off so she could get t her 'boobies'.... of course I didn't know that at the time though.
THEN got a package in the mail. She usually doesn't give them a 2nd glance... well that has changed. I put the box on the counter, hear some banging so get up to see what's going on and lo and behold... she had grabbed the box and opened it. SIGH

It hasn't all been bad though. Oren gave me some big smiles. Got a few photos of those that I'll post later and Zoe has been really sweet even though she's getting in to everything and not listening :P lol

Anywho, Oren just woke and is fussy so have to cut this short.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Poo talk incoming...

I thought I had escaped the scary poop after birth. Things have been moving along smoothly in that department... until yesterday.
Holy crap it's like that first poop with Zoe all over again.
My poor poor butthole :(
No idea why things are getting that big and dense in me but holy moly I hope it stops soon. I had more today which absolutely SUCKED and I know there's probably more in there. Time to bust out that miralax again.

And my nips are still so damn tender. Shouldn't they be feeling better soon now like BFing mom nips?? I've been pumping for a month now so you would think my body would be used to it. I just want them to stop hurting already. It's not the entire time I'm pumping thankfully, but those first 5 seconds on the fast pump, and the first 10 on the slower longer pump are torture. Nevermind the new needle sharp pain I get when more milk drops in to my nips. Not sure why my body started doing that mess.
My left breast is producing a little more than it was, but other than that.. I'm still producing about the same that I was before. It's enough for now, but I'd say in another month, we'll be supplementing with formula a lot more. Oh well.... it's expensive, but whatever it takes to feed him :)

Today started out pretty rough. For some reason DD woke up just before 6. UGH. I let her lay down with Oren and I in bed (yes he was in bed next to me).... but Oren is a VERY noisy sleeper when he's just getting to sleep and all of his grunts kept waking her up. We both eventually just got up just before 7. I had to feed him and my boobs were killing me so.. yeah.

Oren's been super fussy today too. Think it's b/c we have been feeding him a little less b/c of the spitting up and b/c he hasn't been pooping daily so I'm sure that pressure isn't comfortable for him. I've been doing some leg stomach compression things to help relieve any kind of trapped gas he might have. He seems to enjoy that.
He did eventually poop today... after DH got home and was holding him. MUAHAHAHA that's my boy! :D
We have some spitup formula that I'm going to start using at least a couple of times a day for him. See if that helps his stomach problems. He gets so tired during the day but fights sleep like no ones business. It always looks like he's trying to poop but then he just starts crying :(

Zoe today has been really naughty. It started off well, but then she ripped up a catalog we let her have. Not a biggy just a big mess.
THEN she got it in to her head to pour water from one of her cups in to her little play tea set.
But the big one was when I had dozed off... woke up to her asking where her animals were (finger puppets), and a strong smell of mint in the air. I turn to look at her and the girl has toothpaste all over her mouth and hands.
I jump out of bed and go to the bathroom and she apparently thought grabbing all of the pumping stuff was a good idea too while covered in toothpaste.
I know she ate some of it obviously, but thankfully I use fluoride free stuff so hopefully it's not too bad for her. I don't think she got a lot of it b/c the tube is still pretty full. Still though.... UGH.

Everything has been going well though for the most part. Yeah some minor issues here and there, but nothing huge.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Baby sense

There should be a new super hero... a baby that can always sense when a parent isn't near them and starts crying.
Ok so it would be every baby out there that has this power but still.. damn is it impressive!
I remember going through this with Zoe but with her.. it was a lot easier since it was just her and I.
Poor ole Oren has to be left to fend for himself a whole minute... maybe even 2 minutes *gasp!* while mommy attends to the other child or uses the bathroom.

He's been spitting up a lot lately. We thought it might've been switching between formula and breastmilk, but we've only given him BM the last 2 days and he's spitting up more than he was before. No volcanoes coming out of his mouth but still just about after every feeding.
We thought we were maybe overfeeding him, but nope.. doesn't seem to be the case today. I've made sure not to overdo it and he's still spitting up.
My diet hasn't changed other than the one beer, he started spitting up with some BM that was pumped before I had any of those.

Did I mention the beer? We bought some non-alcoholic stuff. I can't remember the name.. starts with a K made by Guiness(sp?). First bottle I had was frickin disgusting. Beer is nasty as it is, but I can tolerate the taste, this stuff was like the most unsweetened squash you've ever tasted. Like someone just scooped out a pumpkin added fizz and told you to eat it.
The 2nd one I had actually tasted like beer thank goodness (never thought I'd ever say that).

No idea if this is going to do anything to increase my supply but it's worth a shot.
My boobs have been doing this annoying thing while pumping. My nipple gets SUPER painful... like a cutting pain, but it's b/c some milk has let down while pumping and needs to come out. Not sure why that's become painful since it wasn't before. My nips aren't any more sore than they were before so that can't be it.

Today is the first day of eating better. Yeah, we've been stuffing our faces with total junk since we had Oren, but it's time to get this weight loss show on the road. Christmas will be here in no time and I want to be at my goal or 30+ lbs down.
I REALLY need to lose weight though. I am back to pre-preg weight, but that's still over 200lbs. BUT my pooch is larger than it was before and I'm pretty sure is hanging lower now too :( Gawd I hate my body so much. Every ugly area you can carry extra weight.. I do. I do not carry this extra fat well. I carry it like a hairy old 80yr woman that didn't take care of herself in her youth except my boobs don't hang to my knees... yet.
But anyway..... eating better today and hoping the pounds start coming off soon.
It's going to be difficult though since I probably won't be exercising any time soon. I didn't want to do it before when I actually had time and now.... oh hells no.
Maybe when Oren is a little older, but right now? NOPE

Anywho, gotta get back to the baby before he wakes up and realizes I'm not in the room anymore lol.

Friday, April 10, 2015

1 month old

Didn't get a chance to post yesterday.
Oren turned one month old though and had his wellness checkup yesterday.
He weighed in at 9lbs 8.5oz.
Length was 21.25inches
Head circumference was 30something. Can't think of it off the top of my head.

Weight puts him just below 50th percentile
Length was at something like 35th, but head circ puts him at 75th LOL
Baby big head :P
He really doesn't look like he has a big head though. It's just kind of long from front to back, but not freakishly so :P
He also got his 2nd hep B shot yesterday. Poor boy was not happy with that.
All was good though.... other than the poosplosion that had occurred. DH was stripping Oren down so he could get weighed and the nurse pointed out the lovely poop smearing down his leg. We never had to deal with this with Zoe so poosplosions are new for us lol.

Zoe has been having some gross poops lately though. Not sure what's going on with her digestive system but it needs to start making easy to clean up turds again.

Need to pump so gotta make this short.

Pumping has been going ok. I think my supply is lacking a bit now b/c Oren has only been waking up once maybe twice at night and the hell if I'm going to wake up on my own to pump :P lol
Going to try to get in a lot of pumps today. I know I won't be getting a lot, but hopefully with the extra pumping it will help get my supply back up a little bit.

Zoe watches some weird annoying crap on youtube. She gets to it from the Talking Tom game. Thankfully it's all child friendly videos, but man... some of them are just.... strange. She was just watching some Teletubby one and all I hear is this annoying grown man voice constantly saying Uh Oh. And she watches videos of grown adults playing with dolls (like making up little stories and acting them out with the dolls). And don't forget all of the ones where they open up eggs filled with random toys. Bad thing is, a lot of these videos have millions of views.
Whatever though. It keeps her occupied and it's nothing bad in them so.. meh.

And finally.. Oren is smiling on purpose more :D It's still not often but he's giving them up every once in a while and it just melts my heart.
And Zoe is such an amazing big sister. She absolutely adores Oren. She kisses him and hugs him and always wants to help out. Was so afraid she'd be super jealous, but she's been awesome.

Love my babies so much :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Seems like all of my posts are quickies heh. I always remember to post something when I can't or only have a short time to do it :P

Remembered I had a photo of Zoe when she was a newborn sleep smiling.....

Yeah... I'd say there's some resemblance there :)
My sweet babies.
Zoe def has a wider head than Oren does, but I think Oren has larger eyes... or maybe they just look bigger b/c he has the slightly narrower head *shrugs*

He's been doing well. Seems to be getting his days and nights on track. He only woke up once last night. WOO! lol
Only bad part about that was the pumping... not b/c my boobs were engorged though. I dunno WTH is going on with my breasts and milk production but it's getting on my nerves.
Nothing I'm doing is getting my supply up and it seems like any small delay in pumping totally screws up the supply that I have.
Really wish I was someone with a normal supply :(
DH was telling me about a woman at work. She just came back from her maternity leave and pumps at work. One pumping session gave her 10oz!!
And another in my group was saying how 3 pumping sessions for her gives her around 32oz.
Good lord... I can't even imagine what that's like :(

Thank goodness for formula.

Oren has his 1m checkup tomorrow. Man... has it already been a month???
Can't wait to see how big he has gotten.

Zoe's understanding of things seems to have just jumped up leaps and bounds now. It's seems like just all of a sudden, she's actually answering up coherently and just really understanding things a lot more.
Which seems to also bring with it a real knack for testing her boundaries. Girl has gotten a popped booty and hands quite often for talking back, yelling at us, telling us no... etc. She is one stubborn, head strong child.

Cat is doing well. They reduced his bad burst paw pads as best they could. He's wearing a mini cone of shame. I'll have to post photos of him lol.
He seems to be in a really good mood though. Better than what he was in.
Only bad thing so far though is that neither DH or I have picked up any poo or seen any pee in his little potty bin spots. UGH. He's going somewhere... where that is... no idea.

Anywho.. that's all for now!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

4 weeks already

Forgot to post yesterday. It was my first day alone with the kiddos and it was not starting off well.
Oren was having some tummy issues and let loose a really big gross liquid poop.
THEN while pumping, I had him in front of me leaning on the boppy pillow and our spewed forth a wave of spitup all over me and all over him.

THEN later in the day, I had dozed off on the bed w/ Oren and get woken up by DD climbing on the bed, nekked from the waist down and telling me she had pooped..... most of it still being stuck in her butt crack and dropping on to the bed *barf*

Then, Oren did not want to nap longer than a few minutes during the day unless he was on me, so I didn't have much time to do anything.
So yeah...

Thankfully other than some nastiness early on... it didn't go so bad. Just wish Oren would go back to sleeping a bit more but think his tummy is causing problems. Poor little guy.

DH got me some Mother's Milk tea yesterday. Think I'll drink 2 cups a day and see if that helps. if not... meh. Won't hurt to try.

Cat is getting surgery today. Crossing our fingers and hoping it works. At least he'll stop leaving blood spots all over the floor.. not that he could really help that part of it though.

And yeah.... I'm sure there was more I wanted to say but I'll leave that for later when I hopefully remember what it was :P heh

In the meantime.. PHOTOS! :D

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Ok, so we were supposed to take Zoe to Dh's church's easter egg hunt this morning. It started at 11:30 but we had to be there at 11.

Well yesterday was Friday which meant we went out with family to eat and they wanted Zoe to spend the night. No problem since most of them go to the same church as DH and were planning on going.
We're walking to our car and they yell and ask if we're going to be there. We yell back a big and very clear yes and leave.

No problem right?
Welp... we get a call today at 10:30 telling us that they're at some middle of nowhere restaurant, they just got their food and that they weren't going to make it. AND asked if we were serious about wanting to go today.
Are you fucking kidding me with this shit??
DH and I were both really looking forward to taking Zoe to this egg hunt b/c she would've loved it. I was hesitant to let her spend the night last night, but since I THOUGHT they were going to be responsible and go too... I let her go. Well didn't we learn a big frickin lesson today.
Zoe will NEVER spend the night with them again if we have something planned for the next day. NEVER again. DH and I were SO F-ing pissed off and his mom knows it.

Just... WTF were they even thinking?? Just so frickin inconsiderate.
I'm so bummed for Zoe b/c again... she would've loved it.

Thankfully we did our own little egg hunt on Friday for Zoe in the front yard and she had a blast finding all of the eggs and opening them. We also got her an Easter basket which she'll get tomorrow that I'm excited for her to see all the stuff in.
We took photos and I promise I'll be posting some soon. With DH going back to work.. I won't be spending as much time in the bedroom so will be on my computer a little more often.


Oren is doing ok. He's having some serious gas issues. Poor boy is miserable at night. I think it's just b/c we switch to formula at night so it upsets his stomach. We give him gas drops but I guess that only helps a little.

Can't remember if I mentioned this, but Dh weighed him (stepped on the scale while holding him, and then just DH... you know how that works ;) ).... and according to our scale.. Oren is just over 9lbs! WOW. I'm not sure if that's normal for a month old, but that just seems like a lot of weight gained already lol.
His next appointment is on the 9th so we'll see then.

You can def tell that he's gotten bigger. His chicken legs are still chicken but have a tiny little bit more meat on them heh. Plus he's almost too big for newborn diapers. We've used them up before he's totally too big for them. We have a ton of size 1's to go through now.

Sorry if everything is reading a bit choppy. Trying to go fast so I can get to bed already.

He pees SO much. He has leaked in every single cloth diaper he's been in b/c he pees so darn much in them. I mean just completely soaked.
His poops are still of the mustardy variety :P Lol.... so interesting I know ;) heh

His eyes look dark still.. kind of lighter, but still dark enough that it def looks like they're going to be brown in the end.
I remember seeing my nephews eyes when he was little and you could definitely tell that they were going to be blue b/c they were a lighter newborn shade.
We'll see though. Would love it if Oren had DH's beautiful blue eyes, but big puppy dog brown ones like Zoe will be great too :)

Zoe is getting in to helper mode now. Oh, she's still throwing her toddler tantrums but at least she's a little more helpful... even when we don't want her to be lol.

She's such a great big sister so far though. She really seems to love her baby brother and always hugs and kisses him and tries to help out with him. It's so darn cute.

Her night time issue seems to have happened again tonight but not as bad as Thursday thank goodness.
She didn't want to go to bed, screamed as we were leaving. She did get up and tried the door, cried a lot more, but a few minutes she got back in to bed. She did end up crying for maybe 10 or so minutes, but stopped, played for a bit and then went to sleep.
Really hoping she'll get out of this soon.
While it is annoying and frustrating, it also breaks my heart too letting her cry and get upset like that.

Erm, I'm sure there was more I wanted to post but it's almost 11 and I'm late for bed!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Just a little bit longer

DH goes back to work on Monday. Booo :( We're lucky that he was able to take a month off, but still doesn't feel long enough. Damnit, why can't we be rich :P lol

Speaking of money, DH is taking the cat in on Tuesday for surgery on his paws which will cost us around $700..... OUCH. Thank goodness for credit cards I guess.
That's still cheaper than what we would've spent on the meds the doctor had wanted us to try that may or may not have worked.
There was another vet that the one we had been seeing talked to that has dealt with this before and said the surgery is usually pretty successful. Obviously it's not going to cure him, but he'll actually be able to get around better than he can now. Which will hopefully get him to stop pooping and especially peeing on the floor.

As for our dog and his tail. Surgery was also brought up but only as a last resort. Since his tail doesn't bother him all the time, they think just getting him on some antibiotics to get rid of the infection should be ok and should be enough in the future whenever this problem happens again.
The surgery could possibly cause nerve damage which could make him fecal incontinent so yeah... bleh. Since it's not a huge issue... surgery is the very very last thing we'd need to do. Plus since he's an older dog... surgery isn't recommended.
So that's at least some good news and won't cost us an arm and a leg :P lol

In other news... bleeding has started again. Awesome :\
I thought it had stopped, but was still wearing panty liners just in case and sure enough.. felt a small gush and kept having them randomly. It's not a lot. Really light and sporadic and not totally fresh, but it's there and it's annoying.

My incision area aches some too. It's not too bad but it's definitely a reminder that I'm not 100% yet.

My boobs/nips are killing me. Mostly the nips.
I increased the strength on the pump by just 1... one little bar but it's been enough to just kill my nipples. They don't look too bad other than being really pink, but they're SO damn tender.
And for some reason my right breast has started to get this sharp ache every once in a while. Pretty sure I don't have any kind of infection or blocked duct or anything. I massage the hell out of my boobs when I pump to get every drop I can so I know things are emptying as they should. *shrugs*

I think my left breast is slowly and with great resistance giving up just a tiny bit more milk. It is insane how big of a difference there is between the boobs and hell, even from the first time I pumped with Zoe.
I went back to using the hands free bra to make sure that both breasts are getting equal amounts of time being pumped (and to cut pumping time in half)... so hopefully the left breast will start giving a little more.
Bought a new hands free pumping/nursing bra. Just got it and trying it out now. It's like a sports bra instead of the zippered halter top one that I have. Wanted one that was more like a regular bra so I didn't have to completely strip every time I wanted to pump.
It feels really awkward. It's not very supportive which is fine, but the fabric in the front just doesn't feel like it's laying how it should. For $34 though.. I'm going to use it as much as possible. Dang expensive crap!

Oren is doing great other than his poor skin. He has the same problems Zoe has thanks to DH and I's awesome genetics. But with the cream we bought, it seems to be helping.

The boy pees a TON. I don't remember Zoe soaking her diapers this much. We started cloth and he leaks ALL the time b/c he soaks through the inserts. And his poops... good lord some of his poops are SO bad.
We've been doing mostly breast milk during the day and formula at night... not sure which one is causing the issues but... we've had almost poosplosions a few times.

We actually went to the Zoo yesterday and I went to change his diaper. Didn't think he had pooed b/c I didn't smell anything, but as soon as I opened up the diaper... mustard EVERYWHERE. Thankfully it didn't leak but it was a second away from it. I'm guessing the loose poop is more from the breastmilk?

Zoe loved the zoo and loved all the animals. It's spring break though so it was SUPER frickin busy. We had actually forgotten that it was spring break until we were pulling in to the parking lot and saw all the cars lol.
Just filled to the brim with people. That part really sucked, but other than that... and Oren's poop... it was fun.

Zoe is getting a lot more rebellious. She's been doing the age old... make every excuse possible to not go to bed....lately. Tonight was AWFUL. We put her in her bed.. said good night. And a minute later she was banging on her door wanting us to open it. Welp, I eventually get up and check on her and she says she wants some toy in the living room. Whatever gets her back to bed... so I let her get it. She goes back to her room with no issues, but as soon as I put her back in to her bed... here come the screams.
I leave and not even a minute later she's banging on her door crying. We let her go for a while and DH goes in to get her to lay down along with myself..... and here comes the total toddler tantrum meltdown. Think we spent maybe 10 or so minutes telling her to get back in to bed, putting her back in only for her to get back out. We finally just left the room, closed the door and let her cry. She banged on her door and cried for maybe 2 or so minutes before climbing back in to her bed and laying down. She cried a little more but did go to sleep maybe 10minutes after we left the room.
SIGH!.... toddlers are just so..... fun :\