Saturday, January 31, 2015


Quick post before I head to bed.
I did end up going back to bed.... at 6:30 this morning. Even though I could've stayed up, thankfully I got right to sleep. DH got up not that long after and thankfully got Zoe when she woke. But then woke me up at 8:30. Sigh...
I figured he'd probably wake me up around 9. He had no idea that I hadn't slept well so can't blame him, plus we did need to go grocery shopping and going later than 10 is a giant headache.

I've felt a bit bleh all day b/c of the lack of sleep but overall not too bad thankfully.

We spent most of the day at the hospital. MiL called saying that DH's grandfather was doing worse. Slurred speech was worse, weaker, etc... so DH wanted to go visit which was fine with me.
Just wasn't expecting to spend the rest of our day there.

His grandpa is ok. The doctor FINALLY came around at 6pm (after doing more tests and a MRI in the MORNING).... to report on what they found and said that nothing had changed and that with the stroke... fluctuations in his condition will change. Basically he could be doing better or worse at any given moment.
Also that it's not going to be known if the state that he's in is going to get any better, stay the same or get worse. Just have to wait and see and do the physical therapy.
So... yeah....
Hopefully he'll get at least a little better. He has almost no feeling in his right arm or leg. Hoping he'll at least be able to get around some, even with a cane or walker if he needs to. Just so he can at least be a little more independent and not have to bother someone if he has to use the bathroom. Ya know? Give him some dignity.

Dh and I really aren't sure what's going to happen with my due date. With his grandfather's current state... MiL isn't going to be able to stay 2 nights here. She'll have to be at home to take care of him. I'm fine with Zoe staying there, but we would need someone to look in on our dogs. I don't even want to imagine the amount of pee/poop that would be everywhere just from the chihuahua. Our other dogs can go a long time if they have to, but him..... like I've posted about before. You could be gone for just 5 minutes and he'll have pissed at least twice in the house. *grumble*
I do not want to come home to that after being in the hospital.

We'll definitely be looking in to getting him a crate. He's not going to like it at all, but it's the only thing we can do other than just putting him outside ALL the time when we're gone.

Pretty sure there was more that I wanted to post but whatever.
Looked at a photo when I was 34w pregnant with Zoe and I was definitely bigger with her I think.
I'll have to take another photo so I can compare.


Woke up at 2:50 and it's currently 4:34 and I'm wide awake. Awesome.
I woke up at 2:50 still in that sleepy haze where I could've went back to sleep, but I took the risk of going to use the bathroom.... and lost. SIGH!
Laid in bed until almost 4 before finally just saying F it and getting up. So annoying!!!!
I can feel that I need to go back to sleep, but I'm not tired at all right now. I'm sure it will kick in in another hour or so... at least I hope so.

Went and visited DH's grandfather in the hospital. He's doing pretty well, but definitely has some problems due to the strokes.
I just don't understand how people can be so stupid and stubborn enough to not seek medical help.
Yeah, I'm a little stubborn with some things, but if I had just had a stroke and was exhibiting signs of having more... you better be damn sure I'd tell someone to take me to the hospital ASAP.
I'm sure we all know someone like his grandpa though (and the ppl who enable such behavior).
They could have a limb hanging on by a thread and still refuse to go to the hospital for it.

On the way home, he was telling me about one of his coworkers dealing with a patient who had broken his foot. He got screws and whatnot in it to fix it.
Not sure how long after, but the guy started feeling a screw start to poke OUT OF HIS SKIN and rub up against the inside of his shoes. Didn't do anything about it until he had the brilliant idea to actually tighten the screw back in himself. /facepalm
Must've gotten infected (DUH), b/c he did eventually go back in and now they have to amputate his foot.

Anyway! B/c of DH's grandfather's stubbornness and his kids unwillingness to stand up to him about it... he had this 2nd big stroke and now has probably lost most of his independence that he enjoyed before. I mean obviously it still could've happened even if he had went in, but we'll never know.
Just frustrating.

In other, lighter news...
Everyone keeps telling me I've lost weight.
Guess it's hard for me to see that with a giant baby bump lol. I just look at them like they're crazy until the subject has changed LOL.
We told MiL the due date, but I'm sure she'll forget it and will ask us a bajillion more times.

Oren will share a birthday with DH's 2nd? cousin. Not sure what her title would be in relation to DH.
It's his grandfather's sister's daughter. So..... *shrugs* They just keep it simple and say cousin lol.

Aunt asked me if there was a chance Oren could come early. I just gave her a WTF DUH look. I'm not the best at hiding my true feelings sometimes. She didn't notice though.
Not sure why she even asked that. Or maybe was trying to ask if they would take him earlier than that.
After giving her my look, I just shrugged and said... I guess it could happen b/c well... it could.

Speaking of Oren.... he is getting strong and is definitely enjoying his new position. He's moving around like crazy right now. Had a really big strong kick/movement a little while ago. Wonder what it would've felt like if I didn't have the placenta in the way. Would've probably looked like an alien trying to burst out of my stomach lol.

Reminded DH of my Christmas weight loss goal. He'll be joining me.... not that he has much of a choice since I cook. lol
Figure... March and April I won't give a turd about what I'm eating, but after that.. we should at least be somewhat settled and should be able to start eating better. At least that's what I'm hoping.
Will give me 8 months to try to lose some weight by my Christmas goal.
Would love it if it was 50lbs, but I think realistically with me probably not exercising and having to do it by just diet alone... 30lbs is a more feasible goal.
I'll take 30 gladly though if I can do it :)
Planning on being strict but also knowing that we'll have cheats here and there too. Just have to make sure the cheats don't become too regular and too often.

I know poor DH is really unhappy with the weight he's gained. The guy has absolutely NO willpower when it comes to junk food.
I've been buying some chocolate covered granola bars to eat as snacks. Since buying them, we've been going through 4 boxes of them a week b/c he eats them all. And the thing is.. he has his own healthier granola in the pantry too but he ignores those and goes straight for mine. Grrrr
It's SO frustrating b/c well... 1... he's eating my shit lol, and 2.... I just want to shake him and tell him to get some damn will power and stop. I know that won't help anything though so just kinda glare at him whenever he steals one :P lol
He's great if we don't have anything in the house... but as soon as there's anything even remotely unhealthy... he inhales it.
So yeah... he'll definitely benefit from me planning on doing my weight loss thing after baby is born.

Just after 5 am.
Feeling like I could go lay down, but not sure I'd actually get to sleep. Will give it another 30mins.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Braxton Hicks

99% positive that I actually felt and recognized some BH contractions last night.
Oren was moving around a lot, so I was paying attention whenever I felt him move, but then it felt like he would press his whole body out. When it happened again, I looked down, saw no movement and yeah... figured it was a BH.
Weird thing though is that I only felt it on the right side. I could feel one starting, then it would get that tight feeling everyone describes. Didn't hurt at all and wasn't uncomfortable either... just a tightness... but only on the right side of my bump. *shrugs*
It happened a couple more times after I finally realized what it was. They all lasted maybe 10seconds give or take some.

Just thought it was neat that I FINALLY felt some and actually realized what it was lol. Took me long enough :P

I'm not one to really care how my hair looks but damn... I had a great hair day yesterday! lol
Took a shower the night before so I wouldn't have to worry about waking up early to shower before my appointment.
I've also been using Zoe's hair/body wash on my hair. Saw something that recommended using baby shampoo during the winter to help prevent dandruff so figured I'd give it a try since winter and pregnancy have been making it snow from my head.. bleh.
Anyway... I woke up Monday morning with just awesome hair. Bouncy and voluminous :D It's what pregnancy hair SHOULD look like lol. I usually wear something in my hair, but not yesterday. I wore it as it was. It got all up in my face but I didn't care.. it looked good :P rofl

Got the little hallway between the 2 nurseries shampooed yesterday. May do our room today... or the dining room. Probably the dining room since that area has never been shampooed before and could use it. We don't use that room really. I have my big 125gal aquarium in it but that's it.
Going to hold off on doing anything to the living room since the puppy uses it as his toilet. Just pisses me off when I spend all that time cleaning it up only to turn around and oh look.... another piss spot. Grrr
I visited my mom yesterday and put his little ass outside. Didn't want him going in to the hallway that I just cleaned and pissing in it.
We're probably going to have to keep doing that or  get him a crate so we can have some peace of mind while we're not home.
Anywho... DH is wanting to do guy's night here this coming Tuesday so the carpets in most of the house will be clean by then. Like I said though, the high traffic living room area will be last.

Going to work on the last little wall decor thing today. I'm sure it will be a pain cutting out but I want to get it done and over with so I can start on something crochet.
Have a few crochet patterns saved on my ravelry account. Just have to figure out which ones to do. Doubt I'll be able to get them all done before Oren arrives.

DH visited his grandpa in the hospital after work. Said that he has definitely been physically effected by the strokes. His speech is a little slurred, he can't think as quick, you can see it in his face, and he failed some swallow test they had him do.
DH also said that the stroke is right near his brain stem which isn't good. Not sure what the doctors are going to do about it.
We'll see what happens I guess. Hopefully some good news along with proper treatment and medication to prevent another stroke from happening.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


NST this morning and Oren was not cooperating. I even drank a diet dr pepper this morning too, but it didn't do anything. He was determined not to move very much.
Thankfully what he did do was enough though so I didn't have to stay any longer. :D

Went to the store and bought myself a rotisserie chicken and I'm eating the hell out of it right now :P
Also had to buy more granola bars b/c 2 other ppl in this house can't keep their hands off of them *glare* lol

Wore some new used maternity pants that aunt got for me. They're a size large and they fit, but they also start drooping like crazy. Not sure what's going on there, but they did not want to stay up on my butt.

Zoe did well at the appointment. She did get a bit bored b/c my phone froze and I couldn't figure out how to open it to take the battery out to reset it (figured it out once we got home). But she still did good :)

Oh and went to Michaels. Bought more xacto knife blades and some glow in the dark fabric paint. DH wants to try it on one of the emblems and on the batman signal. Really surprised they don't offer more options in regular paint. Oh well. We'll see if this works out.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Waiting for paint and glue to dry is BORING. Zoe is in her crib playing and I'm in the living room.... waiting. Going to watch some Netflix in a minute.

Have 3 of the emblems done. Just waiting for the other 2 to dry... which they probably are now and need to glue them together and then have to wait for that to dry. So fun :\
But it has to be done so... yeah.

Zoe is on a no phone or kindle restriction today lol. She can watch tv while I'm working on crafts but that's it.
She's been totally addicted to the phone and kindle lately.
I don't mind it so much most of the time, but girl needs to play with her toys and build up that imagination.

Also... I really wish she would eat a normal meal! I cook, put the food in front of her and maybe 20% of the time she'll actually eat it, the rest? NOPE. She'll eat maybe a bite (from something she would've gobbled up before) and that's it. She only wants snacky foods like cheese cubes or granola bars. I give it to her though b/c girl needs to eat :\
Where did my non picky baby go?

Baby boy seems to be doing well. Think he's enjoying his new position in there b/c I'm feeling a lot more movement everywhere. Guess I worried about that for nothing before.

Going to be doing some major carpet cleaning this weekend. Or Friday depending on how I'm feeling.
The hose part on the crap carpet cleaner works so it's going to take me FOREVER to finish up a room and my poor back already hurts just thinking about it, but it needs to be done. These floors look so gross.
With dog ass stains, food stains, cat blood (from his paw), dog puke, and who the hell knows what else... yeah... it needs to be done very badly. Not looking forward to it, but also kind of am. Like I said before... I actually do enjoy shampooing the carpets... it's just not being able to use the entire vacuum and limited to just using the hose part that has me putting it off.
Not sure why I even bother though. One of the dogs will come in and use the carpet as their own personal toilet paper once again. Or get sick and puke everywhere, and the poor cat's paws can't decide if they want to heal or open back up again. It's a never ending cycle :(

Learned that Dh's grandfather had a CT scan and they could see the stroke/bloodclots. Supposed to be talking to a surgeon or something to see what can be done.
Really hoping something good can/will be done.
I won't know anything until DH is home and even then, he may not get any news until he texts someone. We'll see. Hoping for good news.

Alrighty, guess I've wasted enough time. Need to go eat something and get back to work.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


About to head to bed (at a little past 9pm, woo!).... just wanted to ramble a bit.

I actually got some work done today! WOO! Cut out 5 emblems. Couldn't do much else b/c that took forever and was SUCH a pain. My little Xacto knife sucks ass. Need to get a better one and new blades if I ever want to do something else. Was so frustrating trying to cut out the symbols from the foam board stuff b/c the blade kept slipping out. And b/c of that none of it cut very clean, so I had to sand it a little which was a HUGE mess. I'm sure I inhaled too much paper/foam particles.
Hopefully these things look ok once painted and put together. If not... oh well! Momma aint doing this again lol.
I do still need to make one more thing out of this stuff that I'm just now remembering. I need to make one of those POW, ZAP, etc etc exclamation comic symbols for Oren's name. Totally forgot about that.
Might take a trip to Michael's.... may do that after my appointment on Thursday.

So yeah... just have that and some painting to do. Oh and glue once the paint dries.
Then it's on to trying to find some cute amigurumi crochet patterns.

DH got a text from his mom that his grandfather was back in the ER b/c he had another stroke. Not surprising at all. I blame them and I blame his doctors for not doing anything. He was obviously having more strokes after his first one and his children didn't do shit about it. And his doctors haven't done anything. Like increase his medication to prevent another stroke from happening.

Just stupid on everyone's part IMO. They're all to blame for this continued idiocy.

And not to leave this post on a rant....

The aching I was having finally went away by mid day. It came and went and just sucked ass. Not contractions... just... pain. It felt exactly like a stitch you would get if you were exercising while dehydrated.

Oh and I do definitely have a faint linea nigra on my upper belly. I always thought it was just the hair, but today I could finally see that it's not the hair creating the line. It stops just before it reaches my belly button.
Not sure why but just find it so... cool :P lol


Guess this is my body screaming at me to drink more. Went most of the night without drinking any water. Amazing what happens when you don't have to breath through your mouth all the time.
But my sugar was up a little this morning at 92 and I have a gawd awful stitch on my right side that will not go away. Thankfully now that I've sat down and ate something it's not as painful, but it's still there.
So yeah, going to relax and take it easy and drink plenty of liquids... including this diet dr pepper b/c Zoe woke up early this morning :P lol

She thankfully was happy playing in her crib for about an hour so I lightly snoozed a little, but of course last night was pretty rough. Woke up with my left hip hurting whenever I laid on it and not being able to get comfortable. Nevermind a stinky butt dog that was letting out some noxious gas.

DH brought home a big bag of baby boy clothes yesterday from one of his coworkers.
She had a baby a little over a month ago. BIG baby. Think he was almost? Or over 9lbs. He's 5w old and has already outgrown 0-3m clothing. WOW! lol
But hey, we're benefiting from it b/c now we have some cute sleepers and whatnot for Oren :D
Now we won't have to put him in the uber girly ones we have lol. Ok so I might still.. and might take some photos for future blackmailing........ but whatever :P

Ok, definitely going to work on some nursery stuff today. With a little more than a month to go... I need to stop procrastinating and start getting crap done already. Just have to look some stuff up and get to work.

Monday, January 26, 2015


I need to schedule all my appointments for this time b/c there was like maybe 2 other people there. Really quick which was nice b/c Zoe started to get a bit bored in the room waiting for the doctor.

She did really well though thanks to my phone and the kindle :P lol

Ultrasound was really quick. They were just checking amniotic fluid, heart rate, and breathing movements and all looked good. ANd surprise surprise, baby boy has flipped head down. That was surprising although not really thinking about the movement I was feeling while waiting.

My BP was a little high but I was really anxious about Zoe so it's not really surprising. They weren't really worried about it though so I'm not going to. I don't think it's a problem.. just the white coat thing and worried if Zoe is going to behave lol.

I asked about getting the c-section done on the 6th and it's a no go. Boo :(
There's some law here that prevents c-secs before 39w unless it's medically necessary. Also insurance in the state will not pay for c-sections before 39w unless medically necessary too. So.. oh well.
I went ahead and told them to schedule it for the 9th though. EEP!
Also the doc (same one that I saw last time), said that GD baby lungs usually take a bit longer to develop. First time I've heard this.. so that's also a reason they won't do a c-sec too early unless necessary.

Oh well... 3/9/15 sounds like a good birthday. All divisible by 3 :P heh
They'll be calling me with other info and probably sending me something about all of it.

So... yep.... little over a month O_O

Photos and stuff

HA! Finally remembering to post some photos :P Took me long enough... although I think I'm forgetting something I said I would post.... oh well.
All of that in a minute.

Have another doc/ultrasound appointment this afternoon. BLEH! Hoping it won't be super busy like it is in the mornings but I doubt it. Going to be getting our moneys worth and then some out of the backpack/leash thing we bought for Zoe lol. I think she'll be ok once we're in a room, but waiting out in the waiting room is when she starts getting bored and wanting to run around everywhere.
We'll see how it goes.
First appointment I'm going to without DH.

Pretty sure Zoe is finally getting her last set of molars in. Or was at least. She's been very mouthy and sticking her fingers in her mouth. She hasn't done that in a few days so maybe they've broken through. Will have to see.

Think it's pretty safe to say that baby boy isn't going to flip. He's found himself a comfy position in there and isn't going to move. Hey, whatever he's happy with in there I guess lol.
Can't believe it's almost time for him to be here. EEP!

Got most of the bottles back from SiL. You can tell she didn't use a single one of them b/c they were still in the original ziplock baggies I put them in. Whatever..... just have to defunk them all now which sucks.
They all stink of stale cig smoke. So disgusting.

And now on to the photos...

Just the changing pad covers. OOO Ahh, so exciting lol. They're SO stinkin soft though.

I went through all of Zoe's old clothes to get out all of the neutral and not so neutral pajamas out. Boy is going to be a pink mess when he's sleeping but oh well :P I know we had a lot more than this... forgot just how much I gave to SiL when she had her boy and I'm sure she didn''t use a damn thing out of what I gave her. Might as well kiss all of those clothes goodbye unless I want to bug them some more to get those back too.

And nursery photos! Still more we need to add like a little table for the monitor, some decor and whatnot, but it's mostly done :)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

In other news

Had to cut my post yesterday a bit short. DH was reading over my shoulder which I don't like :P

Anywho..... man... our puppy better be glad we're not dicks b/c he would've been kicked across the room yesterday if we had no self control.
The dogs had been outside for a good hour or so. I let them in, saw him hop on to the loveseat which was kind of strange, but thought he was just making himself a comfy bed since our big dog that he usually lays with was trotting around everywhere.
I had put a blanket over on the loveseat for one of the other dogs or the cat to lay on.
Pup started to scratch at it and I thought he was just doing what dogs do and making himself a comfy place to lay down.
NOPE... not even a minute later, I see him squat and start pissing all over it.
He was inside for MAYBE 3 minutes before he did this.
I am just so fed up with this damn dog. If we knew someone that would take him.. I'd give him away without a 2nd thought. I am just so sick of him pissing and shitting everywhere... especially the piss.
Any other time and he's the sweetest little dog and he's not really that yappy either which is a bonus...
it's just the house breaking issue.

I'm going to read up everything I can and try everything I can to try to fix this problem. I haven't completely given up, but I'm almost there.

UGH, the inlaws are SO damn irritating/frustrating to deal with.

So DH's grandpa had that stroke. He's been ok, but weak. Well apparently, he's been showing signs of having even more strokes since they had taken him to the ER. But did they bother calling his doctor about it? NOPE.
Why didn't they take him? B/c he didn't want to go.. that's why.
Are you F-ing kidding me with this crap???
He's showing clear signs of having another stroke.. weakness on one side of his body, slurred speech, etc... and you're going to let him tell you that he doesn't want to go to the doctor? I don't think so. I'd be dragging his old ass out the house and to the hospital ASAP.
DH told them multiple times "He needs to go to the hospital." But it goes in one ear and right out the other.
I just want to scream at them "Do you want him to die b/c you're too cowardly to make him go???" It's infuriating.

On a lighter note... while DH and Zoe are at church this morning. My plans are to fold and put away baby clothes.
Now that we have the dresser.. no excuse not to do it now. Plus I need to straighten it up in there a little before I take photos. Have a pile of clean clothes sitting on top of the dresser :P

Saturday, January 24, 2015


So big surprise, we got the crib and dresser on Friday!! WOO!
DH got a call that both pieces were in on Thursday. I thought DH would've wanted to wait but I think he was just as excited to get it and set it all up :D

I'll get some photos and post pictures in a little while.

I'm still being lazy and haven't gotten around to making the emblems yet. I will get it done this coming week though.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Appointment and ultrasound was today. Went a bit long b.c one of the doctors didn't come in but whatever. Probably would've waited just as long anyway even if she had.

U/s was pretty quick. The tech measured the head, femur and abdomen. Also checked placenta, amniotic fluid and heart rate.
Baby boy is measuring perfect. He's just under 5lbs now O_O Think she said estimate is about 4lbs 11oz.
He's got a big ole head too. Thank goodness I don't have to push that out :P lol

Waited FOREVER to see a doctor, but I absolutely adore the one that I did see. She's so nice and so personable. Just one of those people you could totally see being BFFs with, ya know. Just has that really warm charisma to her.
Anyway, she was great and said my glucose numbers looked fine.
She said we could schedule the c-section whenever so long as it's not Saturday or Sunday and between 39-40w.
Could've did it... I said the 7th, but turns out that's on a Saturday so if I wanted the weekend thing like I had hoped for.. it would have to be on the 13th. BLEH! So yeah.. we didn't schedule it just yet. Tried to talk to DH about it but he just sort of zoned out. Not sure what he's thinking but I'll keep asking him about it.

I also got the tdap vaccine today. Not so bad so far. Don't have any soreness in the area or anything. Hoping it stays that way b/c I sleep on both sides equally so it would suck if one side was sore for a while.

Next appointment is on Monday and it's another doctor appointment. They scheduled these all weird. Before it was NST on monday, doctor/ultrasound thursday, but it's a bit jumbled now. Oh well.
This one is in the afternoon too which means Zoe is probably going to be pretty fussy. Gosh I hope not. I'm going to try to take her to all of them and just hope for the best. I'm sure it won't be the first time they've seen unruly toddlers running around lol. Just really hope we don't have over an hour wait again though since I'll be there by myself.

Alrighty, that's it for now. Have to finally start taking down all the Christmas stuff :P lol Yep... it's taken us this long and it would be longer b/c I am TIRED and don't want to do anything right now.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


To get the heavy stuff out of the way... DH's grandfather had a minor stroke yesterday. Apparently it happened in the morning when him, MiL and aunt were going to his cardiac doctor appointment. He was driving and suddenly couldn't steer the car. Aunt had to quickly put the car in to park before an accident happened. I think his appointments are usually pretty early though so shouldn't have been too many cars on the road thankfully.
Think DH also said that he said he couldn't feel his arm or leg on one side. DH didn't know which side but that sounds like a stroke.
Not sure if they called an ambulance or what, but he ended up in the ER ALL day.
I didn't even know any of this had happened until DH called me when he got off of work at 4:30 and told me everything and that he was going to the hospital.
I know they probably didn't tell me b/c I'm pregnant and thought it would stress me out too much (they did that with some other thing when I was pregnant with Zoe.. not as serious).
DH was at the hospital for something like 2 or so hours and they FINALLY got a room for his grandfather.
Thankfully it doesn't seem to have caused any damage (as far as I know). They kept his grandpa over night and released him today so taking that as a good sign.
Still though.... really scary and I really hope he has a good many years left in him. He's not the healthiest or most active old guy but he's fiesty.
I really want Oren to get to know his great grandfather.

In much lighter news....

We got A LOT of stuff bought today. Spent just an ass ton of money, but these were mostly needed items.
We decided that we're just going to reuse the changing pad that's in Zoe's room. Once we get the crib & dresser, we'll probably set everything up in his room and just change Zoe in there until she really starts to potty train.
So that at least saved us a tiny bit of money.
We did buy 2 more changing pad covers for it.
Also bought 2 crib sheets, 2 bassinet sheets, towels, wash clothes, uuuuuhm.........ceiling fan, curtains and curtain rods..........
I'm sure I'm forgetting something that was needed.

Things we didn't need that we bought... 2 cute outfits :P One of them was a cute Gamecocks sports jersy material type of onesie that is absolutely adorable (DH picked it out), and an adorable onesie I wanted that has a cape on it and says "Super Little Brother" Awwwwwwww
I'm so glad I picked a MUCH easier theme this time to shop for :P lol

We went and paid a little more on the crib & dresser. Asked them to see if they knew when they'd be in and they're telling us it's going to be another 2-3w which is fine. Even if it had come in a couple days from now, DH wasn't planning on paying on it again for another couple of weeks so this works. Hoping that it will actually be in when they say though. They said mid January and well.. here we are and nada.
But good news is that we get $50 towards a crib mattress there OR they have free ones we could take instead. DH said it was very thin though so we'll probably use the 50 towards a better one. We'll have one picked out when the crib comes in.

I also got myself a pair of yoga pants and a nice clearance sale robe from Target :D I'd like to get a pair of sweat pants too, but I'm good to go I think.
Do need to give SiL a ring and get our bottles back from her.

Still feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything, but not as much now that we're pretty good to go on the things we wanted/needed.

We have to take the SUV in tomorrow to be serviced. Thankfully it's not super early like the one today was. 8am today.... 30min drive to get to it. And the stupid ass drivers here... we got stuck in traffic for 2 different accidents on the same damn road.
Yes, I have no sympathy for these people b/c seriously... the drivers here are TERRIBLE. Not once... but twice after we left, someone almost ran in to us b/c they were too busy talking on their phones to check to make sure that no car was coming (we were). And then these assholes have the nerve to glare at us like it's our damn fault they're MORONS.
So damn irritating.

Anyway... I hope they'll kind of pressure DH in to replacing one of the wheels on the SUV. We noticed a week or so ago that there is a nail embedded in one of them. It hasn't gone flat or anything so it's sealed in there nice and tight but... it still makes me so nervous knowing that it's in there.
Thankfully this place is only about 10mins away if that much. There's a walmart close to it that we'll hit up too so I can look for the sweatpants I want.. or see if they have any regular sized yoga pants I'd want....... and get more granola bars b/c DH and Zoe keep eating my stash *glare*

I slept MUCH better last night. WOO!
It did take me a little bit to get to sleep, but I slept much much better throughout the night. I wore earplugs which bugged me, but they helped keep the snoring noise down to a minimum.
And I did get up at the usual insomnia time AND had some bad stomach cramps that resulted in late night pooping... but I still managed to get back to sleep fairly quick and didn't wake up again until morning. SO nice.
Hoping it will repeat again tonight.

I think that's about it. I haven't forgotten the photos I said I would post. Just been distracted.
This week definitely started off rough with the scare yesterday, but hopefully all is well on all fronts.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pretty good

So I had my first NST this morning and Zoe did pretty well. She did start getting a bit bored near the end but thankfully I was only there for 30mins.
Oren did well on everything and moved around a bit. I'm sure the caffeine and 2 granola bars I had this morning helped with that heh.
He was quiet the last 10mins of it though, but he had moved enough the first 20.
No bed this time. Not sure if they changed all of them, but it was a reclining chair. There was another chair in there that I put Zoe in and gave her the kindle to play on. Everything was ok until the puzzle game she was playing bugged. I couldn't get up so she had to get down and didn't want to get back in the chair. She still played on the kindle, but also wanted to dig in my bag, get out my gum and dump them all on the floor. DOH.
Hopefully nothing contagious was on there and hoping she won't get diarrhea from the bazillion sugar free pieces she ate. Sigh.
Will have to remember to put that in my pocket next time.

May be able to take her to my u/s appointments too if the kindle keeps her distracted for long enough. She'll probably get bored when we have to wait for the doctor though. Oh well. We'll see what happens.

Sleep last night was AWFUL. Took me over an hour to get to sleep, and then I woke up about 2 hrs later w/ the insomnia thing kicking in. DH's snoring wasn't helping either.
Came out in to the living room to try to sleep but couldn't get comfortable. Funny how I can fall asleep super quick for a nap on the recliners, but if I try to sleep out here at night? NOPE!
I eventually just went back to bed w/ some ear plugs stuffed in my ears. Will have to keep doing that until DH gets over his cold. I feel bad that I have to keep poking him to roll b/c there's no position right now he can lay in that stops the snoring.
So yeah.... I had maybe 5hrs total sleep last night.
Hoping I'll be able to sleep in at least some of these days.
Not tomorrow if DH wants us to go with him to take the car in to be serviced. Appointment is at 8am for that and it's about a 20-30min drive in rush hour traffic.
Sucks but gotta get it done.

I am napping today though. Just hope Zoe cooperates and naps too or at least plays quietly in her crib.
She's been waking up early these last 2 days. Think DH going to work a little later is doing it. He usually leaves earlier when she's probably still in deep sleep so any noise he makes doesn't disturb her.
Oh well.

And yeah, I think that's about it. Going to TRY to get some nursery crafts done today.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


DH mentioned it last night when I said I was going to fold all of Zoe's clean clothes.
I dunno... I don't think I'm nesting. Isn't that more of an urge/compulsion to do all of these things?
I have no urge to do them.... I'm doing them now b/c if I leave any of it for much longer, they will never get done.
Heck, Zoe's clean clothes haven't been folded since before Christmas (yes I'm admitting to that)....
There's stuff in there that we bought her while we were Christmas shopping :P
And the kitchen.. well, that was just long overdo.
We needed more counter space for a bottle & pump parts drying rack and with how dirty and cluttered everything was... again, if I had left it any longer, it never would've gotten done.
I didn't WANT to do any of it lol. I'm just on a roll right now and want to get as much done before the procrastination hits again.
Hell, we still have our Christmas tree and other decorations up and the hell if I want to mess with all of that. :\

Going to move all of my crafting crap in to the nursery in a few so I can start on the mobile.
Need to look up hero photos though so I can get those details right.

Sleep last night was a little better. Went to bed sooner so woke up a bit earlier at 1:20. Thought I was in for another long night... and it did start off that way. My insomnia mixed with DH's uncontrollable sick snoring. But I eventually went back to sleep in about an hour or so. I did wake up a few more times after that, but thankfully wasn't up for more than 10mins.
But of course, Zoe picked today to wake up earlier than usual, and be fussy so I couldn't snooze for a little while longer. OH well.

Trying my hand at making some bread today. We don't have a stand mixer or bread machine so this is going to be interesting lol. Hope it comes out ok. Nothing better than fresh made bread. I won't be able to eat a lot of it obviously, but if it comes out ok, hoping it will make DH feel a little better and it will be good for easy quick breakfast/snack/lunch meals.

I also want to make some cinnamon rolls. Again, I won't be able to eat hardly any of it, but having a nibble here and there should be ok :) Will probably make those later in the week.

DH is off Tuesday-Sunday. He took the time off so we can get all of the rest of the preparations done.
Plus we really need to take our cars in to be serviced. Of course my mom would give us the SUV right before that had to happen lol. Again, like with the cleaning.. if it's not done now, it will not get done after Oren is born.
So yeah..... it's not going to be a relaxing vacation for DH or myself. That's for sure.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Taking a break

... from cleaning.
I really haven't done much and still have a TON to do. Lots of throwing away crap we don't need and putting up stuff that rarely gets used.
I've cleaned up the bottom cabinets inside and out. Scrubbed the hell out of them. They all had grease drops all over them and just looked terrible.
The big task is to come though. Cleaning out the plastic containers and spice cabinets and washing the dishes.

Went to Wally World this morning too. Needed a couple of storage bins for the rarely used items and picked up a few other things.
Was going to buy some yoga pants for after birth, but they only had teen sizes or plus sizes (2X and larger). WTF?
Guess I'll have to spend a little more and get some at Target or something... IF they have some.

I did buy some breast pads and fenugreek. Gotta start stocking up on them now.

Also bought myself a diet dr pepper and 2l diet coke. Last night's sleep started off well. Got to sleep quickly and slept great....... until 2:44. Woke up and felt that slight need to pee. Didn't want to get up but knew if I didn't I'd just have to get up in 10-20min needing to go anyway.
Got up... used the bathroom, laid back down and WIDE AWAKE. UGH.
I didn't get back to sleep until frickin 5:30.
Thankfully Zoe's sleep schedule has her sleeping in until around 8-8:30 right now and she'll play pretty quietly in her crib so I can snooze a bit before getting up.

DH was also up around the same time. Poor guy is getting sick or something. He's getting bad phlegmy throat and I guess just couldn't really sleep well. Feel bad since he has to work this weekend and I know it will probably be busy.
Will be an early night for the both of us I think.

Felt hiccups again last night when trying to get back to sleep. It was weird and I have no idea how he was laying b/c I felt them on my far left side (was laying on that side), but also felt movement in the middle and on the right. So maybe transverse?
Again, not that it matters, but just so curious to know how he's positioned in there heh.

He was really active when I was awake in the night though. Having a good time moving around. At least that was a plus for the insomnia lol.

We went to a country buffet last night for dinner. I thought I was doing ok with not getting too much bad stuff. Well apparently I did a lot worse than I thought b/c my sugar afterwards was 155!! O_O
I know one high reading like that isn't going to do any harm but dang.... I need to be more careful when we go out to eat.

Gross, disgusting subject incoming......

What the hell is up with dogs and wanting to eat cat shit??
Our dog Cid is a total shit eater (cat and dog)... and DH caught him yesterday getting his cat treat straight from the source. *BARF*
We know he's gotten to the cat turds before b/c we'll see that the cat has messed up the pee pads but nothing will be on them.
He's a great dog... almost perfect. He's so patient and mellow. Stubborn b/c he's mostly bulldog and his farts are lethal, but he's an amazing dog.... except for the shit eating.
Thank gawd he doesn't try to lick us. We put a stop to that a LONG time ago.
The puppy Pippin is just as bad with the cat poop... or would be if he was quick enough to get to it first. I caught him a couple of times when we first got him trying to eat his own crap but think I scared that out of him when I freaked out after seeing him try lol.
It must be something that happens while the momma dog is still pregnant.

MiL used to have a dog from the same momma and daddy dog as our Cid.. just a previous litter and her dog was also a shit eater (dog and cat). Maybe bad food quality given while the dog is pregnant. I dunno.


Alrighty... my break is going on to the 2hr mark lol... need to get back to work.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Weird child...

Zoe is supposed to be napping.
I hear her on the monitor chanting
"Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash"


Thing is... she doesn't even really like the cartoon. I think it's still a bit too old for her so she doesn't understand it, but my gawd does she love My Little Pony stuff.

Yesterday, everything was all about Apple Jack.....

Don't feel that big

After looking at myself in a mirror these last few days... I don't feel like I'm all that big.
I do still have almost 2m to go and I know I was huge by the time Zoe arrived though.
It's like I got huge really quick, but then it all sort of stalled and then evened out to normal.
I'm sure eating better is helping to keep things from looking like I swallowed a basketball whole too heh.

I'm really not sure which way this boy is. Sometimes, I think he may still be breech, other times, I think maybe he is head down again. I dunno. Not that it really matters that much. I'm just curious heh.

I just felt hiccups again. Only the 2nd time I've felt them. Still lots of time to feel more, I just remember feeling them ALL the time with Zoe near the end. She was working out those little muscles getting ready to breath her first breathe :)


SO frickin tired right now. My sleep was ok once the cold started to go away, but then the waking up for no reason and not being able to get back to sleep thing kicked in.
Last night, I woke up at 2am and didn't get back to sleep until 4. WTF??
Just let me sleep body!!! We're going to be in newborn sleepless hell here soon.... time to enjoy all of the sleep I can get now. Not lay awake for no damn reason. Grrrr

Think I'm going to have to use disposables on Zoe for a day or 2. Not sure why but her cloth diapers are irritating her legs where the elastic is. Want it to clear up before putting her in cloth again. Need to look up some info to see if it's a common problem and what could be causing it.

My plan for this weekend....
Organize and clean the kitchen. It REALLY needs it. It's a giant damn mess and I'm tired of looking at it. Only really have myself to blame though. Having so many mismatched plastic containers and the lids and just everything in disarray is totally my fault. I'm going to get it done though b.c the hell if I'll be doing it once Oren is here.

Also going to start looking up and sketching out the plans for the hero symbols for the nursery. Still not sure what they're going to be made out of yet. Was thinking felt, but don't think it will have the look we want.

But I will be making some cute little felt hero dolls for a mobile. Think I'm going to focus on heroes that can fly for that one. Ironman & Superman definitely. Just need to come up with 2 more. Might include another female hero in there. Maybe Storm.

Oh and while on the topic of the nursery. I finished Spiderman yesterday! WOO! Actually didn't take as long as I thought it would thankfully. The pens I used to draw in the webbing on the costume are terrible, but they reluctantly did the job. Not as neatly as I wanted, but still passable.
I did take some photos. Will post some soon.

And yeah... I think that's it for plans this weekend lol. DH is working so it will just be Zoe and I as it is during the week. She'll be happy though. She'll actually be able to watch some tv instead of having to play with all of her wonderful toys :P lol

Thursday, January 15, 2015


I forgot to mention this the other day.
DH was at his guy's night, I was sitting on the couch watching tv.
I started getting really hot and felt off and bad (think I was dehydrated). So got up to turn the space heater off.
Sat back down, etc etc.
Well as I was watching tv.... I felt a very distinct but light pop and heard a click sound come from my bump. WTF? It wasn't near the bottom, it was between my ribs and belly button area. Was a bit paranoid that my water broke or something but I haven't had any discharge or anything.
So... WTF was that? o_O

Been feeling better. Still having moments of the off feeling, but thankfully no more day long episodes of it.
Cold is all but gone. Still have a slight phlegmy feeling in my throat but that could just be pregnancy related and not lingering cold.

Feeling overwhelmed again though. Still have so much I want to do and losing the motivation to get things done.
I am forcing myself to finish Spiderman today though. We'll hopefully be getting a call about the crib and dresser soon. Want to have the walls done before we get those in. I can't wait to see what the nursery will look like w/ them in the room though :D

Zoe is doing well. No more pees in the potty, but she has been ripping off her diaper saying she wants to do it. I guess that's something? *shrugs*
When she does it, we keep telling her every few minutes to pee in the potty and she gets so annoyed by it she'll start telling us no :P

I think she's going to be fine at my NST. Sit on the bed with me w/ the kindle or tablet and play some games with her. Hopefully she'll take more interest in that and not the surrounding things.
We'll see.
Thankfully DH is going to be off for the u/s appointment. That's at least one I won't have to worry about. Will probably have to get MiL to babysit for the rest of those.

And yeah... not really much going on. A lot of procrastinating but forcing myself to get some shit done before it's too late :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

That's my big girl!

Zoe peed in her potty twice yesterday! Actual puddle of pee, not just a couple of drops!
So proud of my munchkin.

I put her in disposables yesterday b/c it looks like the cloth diapers are causing some irritation on her legs. Well bad thing about disposables is that she can take them off easily. She waltzes in here nekkid from the waist down saying she wants to use the potty.
So I tell her to go ahead and use the potty.
Thought she was just playing around like she usually does until she got up, grabbed some napkins and started to sop up the pee in the potty.
Cue me trying my best to get my big ass up from the couch and stop her rofl.
Then she did it again (just pee not sopping it up) about an hour later :D
I put some big girl panties on her which she really loved, but I guess going twice was enough for her b/c I look over and she's coming at me with a slightly soaked pair of underwear :P lol

So yeah, she's making her own progress. She's growing up so darn fast.

I am feeling SO off today. Went to the grocery store and felt like I was going to throw up and was getting hot flashes. Felt just like you would if you were getting a bad cold.
Really hope I'm not getting sick again.

Anyone NOT able to tell if they were getting braxton hicks contractions?
I swear I can't tell if I am or not. From the descriptions I've read, it doesn't hurt, your uterus tightens and it feels like the baby is moving.
So uhm... how the heck do you know if you're having them and when? B/c my bump always feels tight and as for baby moving... well... yeah...
*shrugs* I think I'm pretty intune with my body most of the time, but not when it comes to that. I thought that tight heavy feeling I got when I was on my feet for too long was it, but I don't think it is now.
Oh well...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

No thank you!

One of the women in Zoe's DD group just gave birth to her boy.
YAY for her, but OUCH for her poor lady bits. She said she tore almost to her urethra.. to her pee hole. Uhm.... no thanks! I'll be happy with my c-section thanks. O_O
What would that be considered... 3rd degree tear or 4th?

Either way.... OUCH OUCH OUCH. I dunno why women are so afraid of c-sections when THAT could happen to them too. In my mind... both suck just as much as the other.... there is no worse/better.

Anyway.. I hope she heals up quickly.

DH told me that his sister (the one I gave the femara to), will be visiting w/ her husband the 13th-15th of March. I'm so excited and happy that they'll be here to see Oren when he's still nice and tiny.
Think they're taking a trip to Disney World and will be driving up here.

Oren should definitely be here by then whether if it's a week early or just born. Probably a week early I think.
We'll get that figured out in a few weeks.
Holy crapola I still can't get over that we only have 2 more months left. I can't wait to meet my baby boy!

I think he may have flipped back to head down yesterday. I'm not entirely sure, but I was feeling a lot of movement closer to my ribs than low down yesterday.
Plus, I felt hiccups for the first time last night when going to bed and those were definitely lower towards my pelvis.
I'm just guessing though. He could be flipping all over the place so could be back to head up again lol.

Zoe spent the night with aunt again. Sigh....
I already told DH that we're going to have to say no.. eventually :\
I really don't mind her spending the night and love that they want her to spend the night, but it's only going to be just her here for 2 more months. Plus, I just don't want Zoe expecting to spend the night every damn weekend. It should be a treat.. not expected.
We'll grow some backbones eventually and finally put our feet down :P lol

Friday, January 9, 2015

Insane to me

So just saw a story on FB of a woman that went in for back pain... turned out she was pregnant and didn't know it... with a TEN pound baby. WTF?
How... HOW do you not know you're pregnant?
Oren is only 3lbs, I have an anterior placenta, AND I was overweight to start off with and I can still feel him kicking and moving around in there. It's VERY obvious of what it is.
I just can not wrap my brain around how a woman couldn't know?
Yes... women could have irregular periods... I know that all too well so I'm not even taking that in to consideration. I just don't understand how you can carry around a frickin 10lb baby and not feel a damn thing?
That is some serious denial right there I think. I'm sorry but there's just no way other than serious serious denial on the part of the woman.
Anyway... WOW. Stories like that always shock me. Yeah, not every woman, especially larger women will show the same but the movement. How do you not feel the movement??


Zoe is down for a nap and sounds like is actually asleep this time. WOO! lol
I put her down for a nap yesterday and she played in her crib for an hour and a half, finally went to sleep, and woke up 30min later all grumpy and unhappy :\
So FX that today's nap will be nice and restful for her.

She's starting to wake up earlier in the mornings again. Still not too bad at 7am, but I was getting spoiled with her waking up at 8. Also doesn't help that I wake up at the drop of a hat.
Last night was again, waking up every hour on the hour.

Ok so I'll 'brag' about Zoe doing something here. Well I don't see it as bragging. I'm just a proud momma.
I don't like doing it on my due date group though. Lots of the mommas there will boast proudly how well their LO is doing whatever and I dunno.... I rarely post anything about Zoe. It always makes me feel uncomfortable if I say anything positive about what she's doing there b/c I don't want it to come off braggy. Ya know?
I'm overthinking it lol.

I can definitely tell which side Oren is favoring. I'll start aching something crazy on the side he's on. Wondered what it was that was causing it for a while when I was relaxing yesterday after painting some... I looked down and noticed my belly was lopsided favoring the right side and sure enough, that had been where I was feeling a stitch.

And I'm trying to call him by his name more. At least here heh.
It still feels weird for some reason.

I didn't get Batman done yesterday. Mostly done, but outlining with the crappy black marker/pan things I have was getting on my nerves so I stopped. Plus I kept feeling really achy so had to sit a lot which caused me not to want to do anything. Add in a toddler that wants some mommy attention and yeah......
Batman is mostly done though. Just have to fill in some black areas and add in a little more shading and will be ok.
Still dreading Spiderman......... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh I don't want to think about it.

DH commented yesterday "Where's Superman?"
PFFFFT... if he wants Superman on the wall, he can draw and paint him up there himself. I'll sketch something out, he can transfer that to the wall and then paint him. There's no way I'm doing another Superhero.... not when the Spidey is going to be a pain.

Hmmm.... for rambling sake... going to list the items we still need to get.

Crib and Dresser... duh. lol
Changing pad
Changing pad covers
2-4 crib sheets
baby gate
2 pair of yoga pants (need some regular long pant ones for after birth since it will most likely be cold still)
2 blankets
pack or 2 of wash clothes
few towels

bottles and bottle drying rack of we don't get any back from SiL which I'm doubting we will.

We've built up a stash of formula. It's the same stuff we used for Zoe. Need to get DH to stop buying some though. It's dairy based and what if Oren is allergic. We have over $100 worth of formula right now so... yeah.... need to chill with that until he's actually here and we know it's ok for him to have.
I highly doubt I'll be able to EBF if I can BF or want to BF at all. I'm definitely going to try pumping again. Just not looking forward to the sore as shit nipples or having to wake up every 2 hours to pump and just... bleh. Pumping is such a giant PAIN.

There was something else but... now I don't remember. Oh well........ something something.... something something...........................

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I have to pee!

Seriously... so I'll make this short lol...

Really wondering how the NST is going to go. I do feel Oren every day, but some days, I don't feel him until the evening. Guess we'll see what happens.

DH put some movies on to his tablet thing. We got a free one when we bought new phones and he finally started messing with it last night. He put Frozen on there and b/c he signed up w/ some Disney site he also got Wreck-It Ralph too. That should help when I bring Zoe along to the appointment.

And I just realized that baby weighs as much as the puppy. So weird lol.

Nursery will be worked on today. Figured out the colors of Batman finally and just finally feel the motivation to work on it some more. Batman shouldn't take too long. Not too many details or anything with him.
Spiderman on the other hand is going to be such a pain. Not looking forward to starting him.

Zoe is so darn cute. Everything now is "EW!" Like if her hand is sticky... or some food that looks off to her, etc. It's pretty funny.

We also gave her our old cell phones a while ago. They're just old flip phones, but she loves pretending to talk on them.

My baby is getting so big!

And finally... (the needing to pee feeling has returned)....
I really wish I could just sleep for longer periods at night. For the last 3 nights I've been waking up almost every hour. I'll have maybe one longer stretch of about 3 hours, but the rest of it is waking up almost every single hour and gosh am I feeling worn out :(

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


So, I had my appointment today. An u/s and a routine visit with the doc.
Baby boy is still breech which I figured. He's folded in half though :P His feet are up by his head. Hey.. whatever works for him I guess lol.
Got taken in to a different u/s room than what they normally do. That was interesting but not a big deal or anything heh.

Here's a shot of our little Oren. It's his face (straight on shot) and his big little belly.
He was all snuggled in there sleeping.
They did the usual measurements and he's weighing in at just over 3lbs and is only in the 37th percentile. So he's gonna be a little guy.
His head was measuring big though.. at least compared to the rest of him. His head was measuring between 32-33w. His abdomen was 29-30 and his femurs were 30-31. He's our little bobblehead :P hehe

Doctor visit was good too. She didn't seem concerned about my few higher than 90 fasting numbers. Just said that if there was concern they could bump my glyburide up to 5mg, but she didn't think it was necessary.

I did learn that starting from my next appointment until the end... I go in twice a week now. UUUUGH. I thought it started later than that but NOPE. BLEH!
Don't get me wrong... better to be safe than sorry, but having to worry about taking Zoe either with me or out of the way to MiL's is just such a PITA.
I'm going to take her to the first NST (along w/ the kindle to entertain her). Sounds like the NST appointments are at least an hour long though which... just UGH again. Hoping Zoe will behave while we're there. If not, well, then off to MiL's she goes for the rest of the appointments.
Really wish these places had small nurseries or something for problems like this. I can't be the only momma that drags along their child to their appointments lol.

Also no Tdap shot today. I get that next appointment. And what else.... oh I need to schedule when my c-section will be at 35w. Surprised they wait that long but still... that's not that far away O_O
Man... it's so weird and scary and exciting to be in the home stretch already. Feels like  things are dragging a bit but I think w/ the twice a week appointments.. everything will go fast.

Oh and here's a belly shot... figured I'd take a pic while I was taking a photo of the u/s

And for comparison sake... here I am at 30w pregnant with Zoe...

Looks about the same I think?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Well that ended bad

I dunno what crawled up DH's ass yesterday, but boy did it ruin the rest of the day when he got home.
I can throw around some attitude every once in a while... everyone does, and DH sure did yesterday.
I won't go in to detail about anything b/c it's really not that interesting (not that anything I post is lol).... just that... it turned an ok day in to a shitty one once he got home :\

Plus Zoe being all grumpy and defiant b/c she was tired wasn't helping anything either.
I took a late shower and just broke down in to tears from all of it.
But hopefully today will be better. Can't dwell on those bad days.

I did wake up with the funkiest smell in my nose though. It's as if someone rammed some very pungent pork up my nose o_O And I mean VERY pungent. WTH? Very weird and gross.

May have figured out how to keep my fasting number down. Last 2 nights, I've had about 2 glasses of water throughout the night and my fasting numbers have been where they should.
I'm not really intentionally drinking that much water. Still waking up with my nose, mouth, throat dry so I have to drink a lot to rehydrate everything.
Anywho... it seems to be helping my fasting numbers though. Not sure if that's cheating or not but hey... it's something rofl ;)

Only thing bad about rehydrating is that it seems as though all of the water goes to making more mucus which coats the top of the back of my throat. Right in that area where you feel the need to swallow or cough. BLEH!

Thankfully though this cold is very slowly but surely leaving my system. Throat only has a very slight irritation to it now so I'm not coughing/pissing myself as much. Woot! :P

I still have my Christmas weight loss goal for this year. It may not start off on the right foot once baby Oren is here, but I am going to be determined to be down 50lbs by Christmas. It's mostly going to be through diet I think b/c w/ 2 little ones... not sure how up to exercising I'll be lol. Really hoping it's a doable goal though. Would love to be healthier by Christmas. Would also be a great present to myself and my family :)
Just have to make sure to keep those cheats down to a minimum.

Didn't get Batman done yesterday. Did paint the bat signal though. Just wasn't feeling up to doing much after working on it. Will get to Batman today though. :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

So much snot

Man, the amount of snot that I just blew out of my nose this morning... I am shocked that I can get any air through my nose. Gross!

Cold seems to be getting better though. The coughing can still be bad, but for the most part that sore/irritation is minimal.
Can't wait for this to be gone already so I can stop peeing myself :P lol

Speaking of that... I bought some Depends silhouettes off amazon last night for post partum bleeding. I didn't mind the giant pads before, but I think these will be much better and much more comfortable. Will also help with any kind of leaking problem too I think. Should be good.
They're expensive though. Had no idea these things cost that much.

Zoe did the cutest darn thing yesterday. I was sitting in the nursery while DH taped up some stuff. Unprompted, Zoe came over, lifted my shirt up over my belly, patted my belly and then said "Hi baby Oren. Hi!" Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

She did do this before, but I had been trying to get her to understand that there was a baby in my belly, so told her to say Hi to the baby and baby's name was Oren etc. This was a few days ago though so her doing what she did last night was unexpected and just damn adorable.
Still don't think she really understands though lol.

It's going to be.... interesting when he does get here.

Oh and... Zoe kinda sorta went potty yesterday! She was getting upset b/c she wanted a donut and then said "Go pee pee in the potty"
So we go out in to the living room, she pulls her potty over and I take her diaper off. She sits on it as usual and gets up straight away. I didn't think much of it, but looked in and there were a few drops of pee in there. Just a few drops, but still something :D
Not saying she's ready yet since I just had to change a poo diaper lol, but she's getting there :)

I dunno what my fasting levels are doing. So annoying. They go up, then they go down. I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing or not doing that's causing it. Maybe I need to take it later or maybe I need to drink more water during the night. I did drink a lot last night and another night where my fasting was ok. I just try to avoid drinking too much b/c I hate getting woken up by a full bladder, especially since everything else wakes me up too lol.
My next appointment is in 2 days. We'll see what the doctor says.

Nursery is coming along. Did more touching up yesterday and will be starting on Batman today. Then after him, have Spiderman to do and then get started on all of the other details for the room (hero emblems). Still have A LOT to do.
The walls were only the beginning.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Random before work

Poor Zoe.
SiL was having a sleep over with my 2 nieces (from brother) and her little girl and wanted Zoe to spend the night.
We were a bit hesitant, but we want Zoe to participate in things like that so we let her go.
Zoe LOVES spending the night wherever and I'm sure had a great time playing with her cousins (other than the few toddler fights we heard about lol).... but we were told she didn't go to bed until 1am.
She just doesn't sleep well anywhere else but home. Not what we could do if anything or if this is just something she'll outgrow on her own.
We have her on such a good routine now that she rarely protests when it's bedtime. Ok so she does still protest sometimes but once we get in to the routine of getting her ready, we put her in her crib, she lays down, we cover her up and.. that's it. I don't remember the last time she has cried or made a fuss after she's laid down.

Anyway, this is one of the reasons why I want MiL to spend the night with her here instead of at her own home when baby boy arrives. It's going to be at least 3 days, maybe 4 before we're home and I want Zoe to have gotten SOME good sleep. DH will probably have to come home and spend the night with her if we want that though. For some reason his family get so uncomfortable over here. Sure, I'm not the most sociable person but I've never done anything or acted any differently when they come over. *shrugs*

But yeah... we went out to dinner with them yesterday to pick Zoe up and girl was NOT happy. She was so incredibly tired it wasn't even funny. Just sad cute lol.
We got home with her at 6pm and put her right to bed. She slept until 9am this morning and would've slept longer. We would've let her but DH goes to Sunday school with her and had to start getting ready. She was still sound asleep.

DH and I did take advantage of her spending the night and finally went and saw the last Hobbit movie.
We would've seen it sooner with other SiL, but the frickin theater close to us only had 2 regular showings. Everything else was either 3D or some other overpriced BS.
I think this weekend was the first time they had more regular showings of it and it showed by how packed the theater was.
It was a good movie. I enjoyed it... except for the end when my throat decided it had had enough and wanted to get that tickle/irritated feeling that makes you cough uncontrollably. Awesome. It couldn't do that in any other part when it was noisy and action packed. Oh no... it waited until the nice quiet emotional parts to attack. *grumble*
I'm sure everyone around us were holding their breath hoping not to catch whatever I had lol. Poor people.

Speaking of that... I feel fine the majority of the time. It's just the persistent stuffiness that doesn't even last all day, and then the coughing, irritated throat feeling. I still sound a lot worse than how I actually feel.

Trying a new wash routine with the diapers. I hope it works b/c if not.... I dunno what else to do to prevent funk from building up on them. Following a guide in one of the FB groups that was recommended to me.
First cycle is a rinse & spin w/ detergent. 2nd, I'm trying the whites cycle on extra heavy soiled w/ a full cap of detergent. Then a rinse cycle after that if diapers feel soapy. If not, then in to the dryer they go.
Read that HE washers need more in them to agitate everything a bit more which will help clean things better. That could've been a problem before since I was only washing her diapers and it was usually only ever half full if that. So yeah.... we'll see what happens after a couple of washes. I can't smell the diapers very well right now w/ the cold, but really hoping this works.

Okedoke... off to work on the nursery some more :)
Only 2.5months left before Oren makes his entrance in to the world O_O

Friday, January 2, 2015

Ok... go away now

This cold needs to go away already. I feel fine other than that continued slightly foggy feeling, but my nose keeps getting stuffy and this damn cough is getting on my nerves.

It's that little irritation at the back of your throat that makes you cough every minute. My throat hurts b/c of it and it keeps me up at night.

I'm thankful this didn't get worse, but still... just go away already!

Going to have to go on a higher dose of glyburide. I had 2 pieces of cheese last night after dinner, took the glyburide with it and my number was still just over 90 this morning. Grrr....
Going to wait and see what happens. See if taking it right before bed does anything. Will bring it up at my doc appointment.

Oh, here are some nursery pics that I forgot to upload and post. Oops...

More has been done since I took the photos. Working on Phoenix now and DH got the upper color done yesterday. Still have A LOT of touching up to do. Will get more photos :)

And bonus photo of Zoe stuck in one of her toy bins lol