Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Money money... so out of money!

We spent soooooooo much money today. I'm so glad I put at least some money away for baby stuff b/c it is def helping.

We bought a lot and nothing at the same time lol.

And lemme say this before I post photos... I am not the one to worry about when buying baby stuff!!
DH went pretty shop crazy when we got to the baby clothes and he was wanting EVERYTHING!! rofl
He kept picking out stuff (expensive stuff) asking if I liked it etc. HE wanted to get so much stuff, but I didn't want to pay full price for anything. Heck, even some of the sales stuff we ended up with I didn't want to spend that much on.

He was so cute though looking at all of the ultra girly baby clothes and wanting to buy it all. Dawwwwww
Love him so much... I actually started to get teary eyed in the store watching him lol.

So anyway....
We bought some frames for the prints we bought. No point in posting that.

Bought a crib/toddler mattress and a changing pad thing

Bought a nifty lightsaber light thing

Nifty glow-in-the-dark stars & planets

A cute little sleep sack thing. I know it's blue but it has stars all over it which goes with the nursery heh.

And now... for all of the clothes. I don't think we bought any newborn stuff. Most of it is 3 months +

First I'll post up what I picked out on my own.

That's it... These are the ones that DH picked out....
Just the bee on the butt

Yep... all of that AND he would've gotten much much much more if I had let him :P
I wanted a lot more too but I controlled myself heh.
The star wars shirt is for 24mo and it was gotten in the boy section but still.... we couldn't resist it heh.

Anywho... I could've watched DH look at the baby clothes all day. He was just SO adorable going all gooey over the cute stuff :)

I already sorta know what I want the take home outfit to be for the baby. Some kind of onsie that says something to do with Daddy.
I don't really want something that says Princess on it, but something like I love (heart) Daddy, Daddy's Little girl, etc... something like that.... I want that. I'll pay full price to get that :)

We've been out almost all day long and I am TIRED and just drained. My lower back is killing me and my ab/uterus aches like crazy.

We also went to a store called Earth Fare or something like that. Lots of organic stuff... WAY expensive and they didn't even have what we went there for. Bleh.

Then we went to Home Depot to get the paint etc etc. Loooooooooong day

Oh I forgot to mention yesterday... LO was measuring about 13 ounces! The tech said it was normal, but to me that just seemed big lol. That's just 3ounces shy of a pound! Already! I know 3 ounces is a lot for a baby though.

Anyway, my brain wants to stop functioning right now so I'll stop before I start typing out nonsense.

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LisaB/lisabttc said...

Aww yay! Those items are sooo stinkin cute omg!! I love it all!!