Friday, March 31, 2017

Yep.. it's a cold

My nose got worse again yesterday, but it's only in my right nostril... which is strange.
It's been pumping out the snot though.
Thankfully my throat feels better. WOO for that at least.
Did feel like I was a little feverish last night at bed. I could have been, but it wasn't too bad and didn't last long.
Nostril is super snotty today and I'm starting to feel that hazy cold feeling. Overall, I don't feel completely terrible so that's good. Hopefully it stays that way and this passes quick.

Have a church egg hunt tomorrow. Bleh. The kids will enjoy it and they run it well (making sure all the kids get equal amount of eggs found and then they turn them in for stuff). My lazy ass just doesn't want to go rofl

I wanted to go around to the local martial arts places tomorrow and also the gymnastics place too. That one's office is only open from 10-noon I think and the egg hunt starts at 11 :\
We'll see what happens I guess.
But... the info that I've gotten so far from the different martial arts places... it looks like the kids will be in gymnastics. Gymnastics is expensive, but surprisingly cheaper. These martial arts places are SUPER frickin expensive. Last place I got info from.. just a small place in a strip mall. $69 for just 2 weeks!! WTH??
There's one close to DH's church that is over $200 a month! Absolutely insane.
I get that these people need to pay their bills, but... damn lol.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

She discovered the camera

Zoe discovered the camera on her tablet yesterday. All day long, she's been running around taking photos. Even when she went to go poop.. rofl.
I'll have to try to get some of the photos off of it to show off :)

Went to bed with a sore throat last night. Was hoping it was just b/c I didn't have a lot to drink, but nope... it bothered me throughout the night. Felt like swallowing razors when I drank water during the night.
Really hope it's not strep again. That SUCKED.
It's not so bad right now though so hoping the soreness I'm feeling is b/c I couldn't stop that swallowing reaction last night.
Our bodies are so stupid.
Sore throat? Swallowing constantly will make it worse.............. so your natural reaction to the feeling will be to swallow all the damn time and make it worse.
I'm feeling ok other than that though. Did have a slightly snotty nose this morning but it's fine now.
FX that it's not anything I'll have to go to the doctor for! lol

It's been a poop filled day though. Nasty poops all around. Story of my life! rofl

Ok... with this stupid period winding down (it once again picked back up last night..... sigh)....
next week should definitely be a go to start exercising again. I am ready mentally to do it and get this going already.
I actually don't know if I'm going to weigh myself. I feel like that just kind of drives me crazy.
Maybe I should just go by the fit of my clothes or inches lost?
BUT when I was at my heaviest of 250..... I had lost about 50lbs and felt exactly the same as I had before. I was still wearing the same clothes and everything... it was the next 10lbs that I lost when my body finally started to noticeably show that I had lost weight. It just kind of suddenly happened.
So yeah... not sure what to do.
Definitely don't want to obsess over the number on the scale, but also don't want to obsess over the fit of my clothes.
OOO maybe I should pick out a couple of pants. I have some 16's, 14's. And then keep track of my progress by how those are fitting me. That sound good?
Think I'll do that. Take pics of how I can't even button them up now and then maybe in a couple of weeks, try them on again to see if they fit any better.
Mmmhmm Mmhmm.. I like that idea :D

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

And he's sick again...

WTH child? Why is Oren always getting frickin sick??
Hoping this is maybe just allergies? But with his track record.. his runny nose will turn in to yet another cold.
He better never be sick as an adult. With how often he gets sick now... his immune system better be gold when he's an adult. Geeze....

Anyway... he was up whining all night long. I was sleeping like crap too for some reason and I'd just get to sleep when he'd start whining. Really shitty night.
Poor guy has giant bags under his eyes. He's def getting a nap today in a few minutes.

I'm sure the other 2 kids will be sick soon too. Sigh... it never ends!

This period is getting on my damn nerves. Just when I think it's ending, it starts back up.
Yestereday, absolutely no blood on tp or in the toilet. Then 3pm rolls around and oh look.... more blood.
Tired of this crap..... said every woman ever :P lol

I'm about to look up some frickin cake recipes and treat myself to a homemade cake b/c fuck this shit right now.
Yes.. I'm fat... yes.. I need to eat right (which I have been the majority of the time), but my body and lack of sleep is really making it difficult.
I AM exercising next week though. I just need to find a good chart so I can keep track of everything I'm doing. Hoping that that will help to keep me on track like it did with pumping.

So excited to finally get my gardens going!
Definitely going to need to just replant some seeds outside. A lot of the ones I did inside aren't doing well at all. The weird weather we had and needing to keep them in the trays for so long really messed things up.
Oh well.. Good thing about the south is that it stays warm for a while so getting things started a little late isn't a huge deal.
But, bad thing... having to deal with the heat.

Anyway.... went out there today and planted a few cucumber seeds. 8 total, 2 different kinds. A pickling and a regular burpless type.

Hoping to get the rest of the plants in the ground this weekend.
The pepper plants all look pretty good so far and I think the tomatoes will be ok even though they're pretty leggy too. But tomato plants will root out of their stems so you can bury them deep.

Will definitely have to plant more watermelon and pumpkin seeds though in the ground. Those plants are not doing well at all in the trays.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I should've taken more.

Oops... posted before I was done rofl...

Anyway... lots of photos incoming!! I should've taken a lot more to show the nice mess the kids make on a daily basis. Seriously.. I vacuumed yesterday and it didn't even look like I had in a week today.
Doesn't help that it rained so the kids have been tracking in mud and everything else... sigh...

The mini titans after they got home from church... or maybe it was before. I dunno. They were looking cute either way. That's Zoe's new outfit we bought her at Walmart :D She needed new dress shoes and then I saw the cute Moana outfit :)

 Little dirt goblin. It's rare to get a good photo of him now. He's still in his "no photos!" phase.

 Baby Ez in his batmobile. He's getting around a lot better in it. Now this lazy momma just needs to stop being lazy and get on the floor with him to do more floor stuff. He scooted backwards yesterday when he was on his tummy yesterday, but he hates tummy time so much.
Anywho... I think these 2 photos show his eyes really well. DH thinks they've changed to their final color, but no. They're currently brown in the middle w/ that newborn blue/grey on the outside. No way his eyes are staying that color. They're definitely going to be lighter brown that the other 2.

 Ciddy bear and Pippin. Cid is getting up there in age. He's such a good pup.
Some tolerance from Pippin with the puppy. He licked him yesterday and today. He's just not used to that much energy coming at him and the puppy has already gotten bigger than him. Easy to do when you only wear 3 or 4lbs.

Gave Oren some rice for brunch..... I think the table liked it too.... sigh.....

Door wide open. Sun is out.... yep.... time to pee in the house! Grrrrrr...

Monday, March 27, 2017

What's that? You want to be productive?

My brain: We're gonna start exercising today! WOO!! Lets do this!!!
My body: Hahahahaha.. You're funny. /hits the break down button

Seriously... BLEH!!!
I was very prepared to start exercising today. Woke up to a mild headache. Not a big deal. Thought my period was on its way out the door. WOO!
NOPE on both accounts. Headache has gotten worse, I'm actually getting medium to heavy flow now w/ my period AND I'm getting cramps too.
WTF body? WTF???

Just took some tylenol. Hoping it helps. Didn't take any earlier b/c the headache had gone away for a little while.

I guess I can take it easy while on my period. Since I don't use tampons.. exercising wearing a pad and getting all sweaty down there is just disgusting and messy.
Still though... I was getting excited b/c I thought this period was coming to an end, but noooooo
2nd wave of suckiness incoming!! And with cramps too just to dig it in.

And to add to the suck.... Oren stepped in his first pile of poop just a little while ago. He tried to remove it from his feet with his hand and got it all over his hand too.
That was a nasty mess. Came in here whining, waving his hand at me. Just thought he was digging in mud until the smell hit me. /barf
I guess it's a good thing he wasn't happy about it too.

I always say to the kids multiple times... watch out for poop! When they're playing out back lol. Maybe now, they'll listen.

And all that weeding I was planning on doing didn't happen. DH wasn't happy that the pulled up weeds were leaving holes all over the place.
That's what happens when you let the weeds take over.
He wants to put weed killer back there, but that shit never works.
Whatever.... we'll see what happens. He wants nice grass back there too, but I think he's wanting to wait until he gets his shed up to start w/ the grass.
Just waiting for our stupid HOA people to approve the application we sent in.

If you're looking to move.. try to move somewhere without an HOA! It is a GD PITA and it's a bunch of bullshit having to follow all of these rules and not being able to decorate your home the way you want.
Obviously you don't want anyone doing anything ridiculous to their home and property that will devalue the homes around them, but something like putting a shed up shouldn't need to be frickin approved so long as we're not trying to put up a barn sized one.
Hell, our backyard doesn't even back on to this neighborhood.

Oh AND... the HOA members here are lazy AF and don't do their jobs. DH put in the application over a month ago and we still haven't heard back anything.
Also, they pick and choose what to enforce. Like.. you're not supposed to leave your car parks in the road for longer than a night or 2. Yet people do it all the damn time here. They let that shit slide all the time. You're also supposed to keep your lawn at least somewhat nice looking. They're not asking for perfection, just decent.
SO many lawns in this neighborhood are nothing but weeds. It's gross to look at.

Those people are fine to do that crap, but we got a warning b/c our front yard mulch was looking too old and needed to be replaced. Instead of being that rich brown fresh color, it started looking a little grey. IMO not a big deal.
Yeah... we got a warning for that shit.
And nevermind the annual fees due too. I understand why those are needed if you have a neighborhood pool/recreational area, but the dues can get pretty damn ridiculous in some areas.

So yeah... if you're looking to move and want freedom to do whatever the hell you want on your property.... just say no to HOA!

Well that went on to be a big rant lol...

Ugh.. my brother keeps trying to contact me.
Bitch.. no.
I'm done with him.
First... he doesn't text me unless he wants something. His first text is always a "Hey" That's it.
So I text back "What do you want."
And he tries some bullshit 'joking' "Nothing. Unless you got a lot of money you can give me. LOLOL"
He is lucky I didn't cuss his ass out b/c UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH that pissed me off.
After the shit he's done to our mom and he wants to joke about that? FUCK OFF.
So... keeping calm as best I can.. I tell him "Don't ever talk to me about money ever again."
That's when he wants to get all butthurt and act like he wasn't just about to ask us for money (b/c I know he was).
And then a day or 2 later, he texts me again with some bullshit trying to guilt trip me with "Tell Zoe, Oren and Ezra hi for me. But I know you probably won't."
Seriously? You giant piece of monkey shit?? My brother could not care less about my kids. Hell.. he barely cares about his own kids. And he wants to try to fucking guilt trip me with that load of horse crap?
I haven't texted him back since.
He texted me yesterday asking if we could come over to jump start his car or call our mom to do it. I didn't see the text until a few hours later. But no.... Fuck off and deal with your own shit.
Stop fucking lying to our mom and telling her that you or your wife don't have phones just b/c you don't want her calling you to ask you to pay for the money you stole.
Just UGH.... so sick and tired of him and I'm even more pissed off b/c of this period so.. FUCK HIM.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Slow and steady

Food this week isn't going to be the best, but I am going to get physical! May not be exercise exercise, but it will be working my body out.
Like today.. once fam is home from church, I'm gonna go out and attack some weeds in the backyard w/ the rake. Some of those suckers are really in there and take a good bit of muscling to get out too.
I'm sure I'll have some sore arms tomorrow.
I cleared out my gardens yesterday too. Well... I did half and DH kind of took over.
Easier than I thought it would be.
AND there was a garden snake in one of them. About 2ft long. Just a small thing and a little weird lizard thing that I thought was a baby snake in the other one.
Super cool :D
DH is going to head to Home Depot later to pick up some more soil for the gardens and I'm hoping that later on this week, I'll be able to start transferring. I think most of the plants that I started inside aren't going to make it though.
They didn't get enough light inside so they're "leggy" and the tray they're in is too small.
I'm gonna try my best to get them started right.
They need to harden off more though.
It's finally spring weather so I can leave them out there... just not for too long or the sun will burn them.
Anywho... I'll also be planting seeds directly in to the ground too.
Just going to have to figure out a way to keep Oren from digging in the garden areas. I anticipate losing a few plants to him lol.

The spotting turned in to AF. Thank goodness it wasn't some long drawn out thing like the last one. Surprised I got it again so soon, but hey... maybe I'll actually have a normal cycle now? Wouldn't that be some shit.
When I was trying for babies.. it was irregular and few and far between. Now that I'm done... yep... lets get regular! lol
Damn body....

Puppers is doing well. Still pooping and peeing in the house, but about 50% of the time it's on a puppy pad. Trying to train him, but it's difficult and tiring having to rush him out every time he gets up. lol
It's hard to tell if he's going to go or if he's just sniffing around for food scraps from the kids.
He's still a good pup. He's already grown a bit. Still don't think he'll get over 40lbs. Only time will tell :D

I think next week, we're going to try to drive around to the different dojos. Need to look them up to see when they're actually open. Save some gas if they're not even open lol.
Thankfully there are a few that aren't too far from us.
DH really wants them in a martial arts. I'd be happier with that since I want them to have some self defense skills, but gymnastics would be fine with me too.
I think DH just wants to see what's going to be cheapest.

Alrighty.. that's all for now! Will try to get some random photos b/c... who doesn't like some random ass mundane photos? ;)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Holy crap... Really? I've gotten this fat??

At my heaviest.. I was 250lbs. That was.... 8? years ago. Maybe a little less.
Well... 3 kids later and about 30? 20? lol.. lbs less than that and I am too fat to wear my fat sizes!
Decided I wanted to wear something other than  comfortable stretchy shorts out so I went digging for some capris. I know I'm not getting in to anything below an 18. Thankfully I still have a few 18's. Welp... apparently I'm too fat now to wear most of those now. Pregnancy and just the way my body has held on to the fat has given my a bigger pooch and now my once, too big pants are too tight.
I can't even button some of them.
Finally found a pair that's still tight, but not too much.

Well this frickin sucks. A nice wake up call though that I NEED to change some things or else I'll be taking my cheap ass to a store to buy bigger sizes which I do NOT want to do.

While the stretch stuff that I bought while pregnant is comfortable and I have no shame in wearing them.... I don't want to wear those for forever.
Time to get more serious about this. I've already let 3 months slip by.

Also.. spotting more today. It's all old looking stuff though so /shrugs. No idea what's going on.
Good ole weird broken body....

Noooo. I don't wanna goooooo

Dentist appointment today. Just a cleaning but UGH... I've come to hate them! lol
Zoe has one too so we'll be going together while the boys get to stay home.

I know they'll ask the usual questions. No.. I don't floss regularly. I know how to brush my teeth.. no.. I don't do it multiple times a day.
Can we all just agree that flossing sucks? I've been doing it more often, but still not enough.

And I eventually have to call to get a time to get my wisdom teeth out and implant put in. UuuuuuUUuuUuuUuuuUUUUUUUUUuuuuuUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuggh

Dental work sucks.
It's gotta be so satisfying to be a dental hygienist though. Sure, they have to deal with a lot of gross shit I'm sure, but being able to scrape off plaque and that satisfaction of knowing you got it all out.
That.. or they're psycho and get satisfaction out of causing pain... either one.

Had some brown spotting yesterday. Noticed it at first after using the bathroom. Really light brown tint on the TP. Then had a small gush later in the day. Just a drop on my panty liner, but if you're a lady, you know how even a small amount feels like a ton lol.
That was it though. Not sure what's going on.. but ok.

I do think maybe I've ovulated. My right O area was feeling achy and just off, so maybe that's what it was from.

New puppy is doing well. Able to stay outside without constantly whining at the door. He's still peeing in the house, but seems to want to do it on the puppy pads... or things he thinks are puppy pads... like the cat's scratching mat.
He's been great at night still too as far as not worrying about being near me or getting too excited when I get up to check on a fussing Ezra.

Poor Pippin (the chihuahua) still isn't keen on the new dog. I think he's very very slowly calming down about it, but I also think he stressed himself out so much that he got himself sick. Going to have to keep an eye on him and take him to the vet if he doesn't get better.
We put some flea stuff on all the dogs recently b/c the pup had a few on him and fuck fleas. It's stuff we've used before, but it seemed to have irritated Pippin's back. He's been trying to scratch his back a lot and rubbed a little raw spot.
Poor little thing just isn't having a good week so far.

Yeah..... I would not have the patience to home school. More power to the parents that do it... myself. NOPE!
Bought some workbooks for Zoe. Just simple things to help her get ready for kindergarten. One of them is a phonics book. Not very good so far IMO since it really doesn't give you any tools to helping them identify letters by sounds.. just tells you things like "Circle everything that starts with c that has the hard C sound." or something like that.
Really? That's it?
Did some of that with Zoe yesterday and she actually did pretty well. She is super impatient though. I could tell that she just wanted to get on with the next page, but I tried to get her to slow down.
Will have to help her out some more :)

Oren is doing well too. He's in his "uh uh" phase right now. That's always frustrating.
I don't like threatening to spank, but that's what comes out of my mouth ALL the damn time.
I need to catch myself before it happens. Start threatening to take away toys more often.. and doing it if they don't listen.
Oren is definitely old enough now to start picking up toys. I know his attention span isn't the best, but a few toys is all I'm asking of him right now.

And Ezra is doing well. Kind of worried that he hasn't really rolled over and he really can't sit unassisted yet. I put him on the floor, but the boy absolutely hates.. HATES tummy time. He's perfectly content on his back and rolls to his sides and scoots around that way.
Try sitting him up though and he's toppling over.
I just need to get down on the floor with him more often. Difficult to do b/c the other 2 kiddos want to participate. It's sweet, but they usually end up in the way and getting all rowdy.
Oh well.... just gotta work it out somehow :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


So DH looked at the gymnastics stuff and I think we may go ahead and put them in it. We're gonna go around one weekend to some of the local martial arts places to get info to compare prices.
That or we're gonna try going to the free gymnastics class to see if it's something we want the kids in.
It's so expensive though.
For 1 45min class a week.. it's $64 a month. Or if we want a 60min class, that's just a few dollars more at $69.
If we want 2 classes a week... 45min classes are $104 a month.
That's not including the $60 annual fee.... which thankfully is only annual, but still... GEEZE.

We want the kids in something, but damn.. whys it gotta be so expensive?? lol

DH said we can afford it, but we'd have to cut back on our grocery bill. I dunno how the hell he thinks we're going to do that. We really don't buy unnecessary items. I mean sure, some things go to waste as I'm sure they do in every home, but it's not a lot of stuff.
If red meat just didn't cost so damn much. Heck, we don't even buy beef that often b/c it's so expensive and usually only buy it if it's discounted or on a special occasion.
And then he wants to eat healthier which for us is low carb.. which means... MEAT. I don't know what the heck he's expecting us to cut back on.
It's frustrating.
We'll figure it out.... maybe.

Puppy did MUCH better last night. He did pee in front of our door this morning though. Giant long pee spot so I think he may have held it in almost all night b/c I was up a lot b/c of Ezra and it wasn't there at 4.
There was one other spot this morning, but I think he did it when I got up. Not sure though.
Not sure if there was poop too. Probably?

He's getting there though. Soon we'll have a pee and poo free house again. Well.. other than the cat's :\

Poor Pippin (the chihuahua) hasn't warmed up to the pup yet. I get it.. he doesn't like the newcomer, but I wish he understood that he needs to chill the F out and just tolerate it already. So tired of him baring his teeth at the puppy and hearing his little yappy snappy barks when the pup tries to play with him.
I try to keep the pup from bothering him too much, but sometimes I just let it happen. Puppy isn't trying to be dominant or anything.. just trying to play.

Cid is still Cid and just lets the puppy jump all over him while he goes to his happy place.. far far away rofl.

Rocko is still a good puppers. He's an odd one though. I think he's in that super young pup phasing in to the more hyperactive phase. He's so chill when you pick him up. Doesn't squirm at all and is happy being loved on.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

So much better!!

Grrr, stupid phone... well.. First pic up there is Zoe after she stole my nose! She gave it back to me though ;)

And here are some photos of the completed play house :D
Love this thing so much and the kids love it too. Just need to get some containers for the plant holders :)

DH is still working on the border. He glued them together but is drilling a hole and staking them in place too.

Rocko. Last night was MUCH better. We just let him roam at night. Didn't bother with the crate. Much much better. He did freak out a little when I got up at around 11:30 b/c Ezra was fussing. He whined some at our door but settled down within a minute.
Of course there was pee spots everywhere, but oh well. Nothing a carpet cleaning won't take care of.
Maybe we should invest in one of those spot cleaners. That would really help with the pee spots.
We're thinking that he's definitely some percentage of pitbull. His front area is very sturdy and just has that wide strong look that pitbulls have. Plus he has those small beady type of eyes they have too.
But what else is he mixed with? No idea.

Baby Ez chilling after his bottle. So many photos of him in the rock n play. He's getting too big for it though.
See.. he's not always in it lol. He figured out he can get around a lot more yesterday. He went all around the kitchen area. It's SO GD cute watching his little legs walk and watching him try to reach for all of the new stuff lol.

It's supposed to be hot today. UGH, but it's supposed to get cool again later in the week.. YAY :D
Finally got a reply back from the gymnastics place. It's expensive, but the schedule is at least doable. Just have to wait for DH to get home to look at the information to see if we can afford it or not.
Showed Zoe a video of some girls doing some gymnastics stuff and she got excited about it b/c she wants to do it and be a ninja lol.
Would love to put her and Oren in to it, but we'll see if we can actually afford to or not.

Monday, March 20, 2017


First up... crating puppy at night was the wrong choice!!
We did it again last night and it was even worse than the first one.
I eventually got tired of it (at around 2:30am) and picked up the cage with him still in it and put it in the sunroom and closed the door except for a crack.
Thankfully putting him in there drowned out the noise enough for us to get to sleep and stay asleep.
I didn't want a hound dog or hound dog mix b/c I know the kind of barks they have.
Well.. I think little Mr Rocko beats any hound dog any day of the week with his sounds. Holy crap that pupper is LOUD and frickin persistent as heck. Heck, he could have hound in him and it's coming out in his vocals. lol
I'll have to get some video of him making a fuss outside. Trying to get him to not be so attached to me. I have to stand outside with him or else he'll stand at the door and whine/howl/bark.

He's a smart little guy though. Think he's only about 2mo and he seems to understand sit already. Need to learn how to teach him how to do other things lol. Sit is the only one that I know :P
I taught Cid how to shake and we taught him how to lay down, but that was it.

The kids like the puppy. Oren more than Zoe. Zoe likes him, but she's scared of him b/c when we first got him, he would pull on her pants (which we would stop right away and tried telling her how to get him to stop). But now all she does is whine and back away from him, which makes the pup think she's playing. Keep trying to tell her he's not going to hurt her but she's 4 and hard headed lol.

zoe <---- she just typed that out lol

Back to eating healthy again. I'm afraid to get on the scale. My wedding ring is getting tight and XL shirts are actually starting to fit a little more tight than I want to admit to.

I'm ready though. Well.. ready enough. Just need to clean up so I have room to exercise. That or wait to do it at night which I don't want to do.
 Exercise is not happening this week. Not with a puppy that is going to be under my feet every step, but hoping that by next week. Even if he's not completely, I'm still planning on next week.
This week is just going to be focused on cleaning up, taking care of kids and puppers and getting back on track with diet.

Oren and Zoe are constantly annoying eachother. SO. MUCH. WHINING!
So much crying and whining and bickering and yelling and screaming and UUUUUUUUUGH.
If I liked alcohol.. I'd be having an afternoon drink. Seriously....
Or hell, if MJ was legal.. I'd certainly be tempted to smoke up a joint to calm my stress levels.
They're not even doing anything horrible to eachother, but by their reactions, you would think they were trying to kill one another.
I'm going to lose all of my hair when Ezra joins the mix.

DH finished the play house :D
He's slowly but surely working on the entire play area. It's slow going but getting done.
No new pics. I'll get some tomorrow though.

Cat has been peeing outside of his litterbox in protest of the puppy. Stupid cat.

Zoe keeps saying that she wants a kitty. Twins to be exact lol. I always tell her that once she moves out, she can get however many cats she wants, but mommy and daddy are never getting another one.
Well.... I'd change my mind if we were given a munchkin :P lol

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Woo boy.. that was....... Ruff.....

Thanks folks.. I'll be here all night......

Seriously though... I forgot about the adjustment period for puppies. First night without it's littermates and in a new home.
We put him in to the crate we have and he was not having it. We didn't push him in or anything. Lured him in with food. Didn't do it as slowly as we should though and lordy. You would've thought we were killing him with the ruckus he was making.
Rocko is one LOUD puppers.
I'm shocked that the kids weren't woken up by him.
Hell, I'm surprised we didn't get the cops called on us or something.

He whined, howled and barked in a total of 4? incidents. And of course with puppies, you're not supposed to go and comfort them b/c then they think doing all of that will get them what they want. So you have to let them keep at it until they wear themselves out.
It was a very long night to say the least lol

We don't plan on crating him at night all the time. It's just until he's a little older and is house broken.
He has this really annoying habit of just peeing a little. Looking like he's done, but not.. and will pee again a couple minutes later in a different spot lol. Tiny pee spots everywhere.
Need to buy more spray.
Thankfully he does seem to realize outside is for doing his business. Just need to make him realize inside isn't.

He's a good little puppers though. Really young still, so we have a lot of work to do. Or I should say.. I have a lot of work to do since I'm the one that wanted to get a puppy :)

Our dogs are split on liking him. The older dog Cid doesn't really care. He's such a good laid back dog.
Pippin, our little mutt chihuahua is apprehensive. Poor dog doesn't know what to think. He could have a fun little companion, but since we didn't socialize him like we should have, he's just a nervous little thing that doesn't like the new guy. Hopefully he'll warm up to him soon though.
The cat also isn't sure about the new one. He's been hiding out in our room. He better not pee/poop in there.

It's gonna be a long couple of weeks, but hopefully we got a smart little doggo that learns quick so at least there won't be more pee and poop in the house.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Rocko's modern life

So... we got a puppy this morning :P lol
It's not the one that I initially wanted, but I'm glad we got this little fella anyway.
I wore DH down lol.
Went to the pound early early. We got there like 14mins after they opened and the puppy that I had wanted was already being adopted. SHEESH.
This was the little guy that I had wanted...

They said english bulldog mix only based on the fact that they had very sturdy little legs. But the woman we talked to said that the person who brought them in said they were pitbull and something.
Anywho.. that pup along with 2 others from the same litter that I had wanted were also being adopted. Everyone got there early to get the pups they wanted lol. And these pup's photos were only posted yesterday afternoon. They were just fixed so weren't ready yesterday.
DH saw another litter and saw this little fella. It was between him or one of the black puppies from the above one. I didn't want another black lab looking dog that those were probably end up going to look like, so we chose this little guy.
He was super nervous being held. Didn't really interact much, but came to life once we were home.
Absolutely LOVES the kids and is exploring everywhere and everything.
Oh and we named him Rocko if you didn't figure that out. :D
No idea what he's mixed with. It said Lab mix, but everything is lab mix lol. Lab or pitbull.
His face almost looks like a german shepard, but difficult to say. His paws arent too large so he probably wont be huge. Maybe 60lbs at the most. I don't think he'll get that big, but we'll see :)

Oh AND the shelter was still having their $17 St Patrick's day special so that is what we got him for. WOO :D
So happy we got him. He's already peed like 4x in the house though lol. House training is going to suck and teaching him not to beg or snatch food from the kids is going to be frustrating.
But glad theyre going to have a pup to grow up with that actually likes them :)

Friday, March 17, 2017

I want a puppy!!!!

First up.... this morning was full of foot cream..... on Oren and whatever he touched.
The kids went in to his room and shut the door. Something they do often, but every single time, Oren starts crying b/c Zoe isn't sharing or whatever.
Not this time though. That should've alerted me and gotten me to check on them sooner, but NOPE! I was just enjoying the quiet.
Quiet... what every parent knows is dangerous.
Ezra wakes up, so I go get him, then check on the other 2 and yep... foot cream (That we use for his thrush) is all over him and his dresser and walls.
Thankfully it wasn't diaper cream... which he had also gotten his hands on. The tube is almost empty though so he wasn't able to get anything out.
He started crying as soon as I startled him when I asked what he was doing lol.
Notice the smear on the wall behind him :P
Even though it was all over his mouth, I don't think he ate much. I'm sure he probably tasted it but after finding out that it doesn't taste good, just decided to use it as lotion :P lol
He also took almost a full pack of wipes and pulled out almost every single one of them too. It's amazing how much they can get done in such a short amount of time.. when they're not supposed to be doing said stuff.

A pic of that puppy we had for a night lol
He was determined to get up on the furniture to sleep. Which we don't mind at all.
He was trying to get in to Zoe's lap first, but he was just too big for her lap.
So then he slept on me a bit, but I had to get up to mom so I put him in his own spot that he was happy to be in.
Sent the pic to DH and all he could say was "Get Robin off his junk!" rofl

What this has shown me though is that I want a GD puppy NOW!!
MUST be a puppy since we have 3 young/small kids and 2 small dogs. Just needs t be a puppers that will grow up used to being messed with the way the kids are going to mess with them.
I know there are so many adult dogs that need homes too, but just can not trust that they'd be cool with a few small kids hugging all over them and whatnot.

Anywho... so I've been on petfinder every single day. I've been dreaming about getting a puppy... literally dreaming about it almost every night.
It's been exhausting lol.
The city pound (which I guess you're not supposed to call it anymore?) is having a special today. St Patrick's Day. Only a $17 adoption fee. BUT according to petfinder, they don't have any puppies :(
BUT good thing... I think their normal adoption fee starting this year is only $35. So yeah. I've been checking every day to see if they have any new pups listed.
See a few being taken off, but no new ones :(
There is one rescue that has a ton of puppies that I would love to go check out, but their adoption fee is $300. I still don't think that's too much since it's going to be a puppers that will be with us for hopefully 12+ years. But DH just gives me a look lol. I want to visit it tomorrow.
Told DH he needs to get off of work early today so he can check out the pound... just in case they have new pups that aren't listed lol.

Blahblah etc..... I'm obsessed and we WILL be getting a dog damnit!
I've made peace with the fact that I won't have my corgi, but we'll be able to give a good chaotic home to another puppers in need. I'll be making a jar to save for my future corgi though. It's going to be years before we get one, so that's plenty of time to squirrel away enough money /nodnod

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bye Bye Puppers!

Got the call yesterday late morning from MiL that they found the owners (neighbors that lived a few doors down). FiL picked him up when he got off of work at around 5:30.
I gave the pup a bath before handing him over. Didn't want to send him home all funky lol.
He was a good pup though. Like I said.. Oren LOVED that dog. Climbed all over him and tried laying on him and that puppy didn't even resist at all. Super duper sweet dog and I'm glad he's home now where I'm sure his people are giving him lots of love and making sure he's not going to escape again lol.
And he was indeed an American bulldog :D I thought he was mixed since his ears looked to be a little smaller, but oh well.. my mistake.

And even though I know DH will deny it.. he was sad to see the pup go too. When he got home, all he did was play with and pet the puppy.
I keep telling him that we can go adopt a pup. Lots of them out there that need a home. Sure, it won't be the corgi that I want, but I can get one of those in the far distant future. ;)
He keeps resisting though.
I even looked up pups from local shelters and there are a lot of really cute ones out there. BIG dogs or will be as big as our 2 deceased ones. But if he was willing to say yes to the puppers, then he can say yes to another big one /nodnod

There was one place that had a couple of puppies that were German Shepard mixes. SUPER cute floofy puppies. Trying to sway him towards those, or to this one cute lab looking one that was white w/ at least one ice blue eye. heh

We'll see what happens. I think having the puppy in the house and seeing how happy it made everyone opened him up to the idea of getting another one sooner rather than later.

Oren was devastated when FiL left with the pup though. He kept saying "Puppy? Puppy?" Then when FiL drove off, he broke down in to sobs. Awww :( He got over it quick, but it was still heartbreaking.

And in TMI news... bleeding stopped a few days ago! WOO!

Actually pretty shocked that it did. Was expecting it to last a lot longer since it wasn't consistent flow. Thank goodness it didn't though :D

Diet has been... HA.... bad bad bad bad bad.
BUT we're getting back on the healthy food train next week.
I'm not going to fail at this damnit. It's going to be difficult, there will be hiccups, but I'm going to lose this weight. I'm going to get healthier. And I'm going to be happy with the body I see in the mirror.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Interesting few days

So this happened yesterday (Monday). MiL found this big little guy outside their fence. I half joked around that she needed to text DH to tell him to pick him up.
Welp, apparently she thought I was serious. They ended up dropping him off last night.
He's a giant puppy, but super duper sweet. Very gentle, doesn't know not to jump on you, but still gentle. Just wants to play, chew and be friends with everyone... typical puppers :) Very solid too. He's bigger than Cid (that you can see on the porch). He looks like an American bulldog, but not quite. Mixed with something.... maybe that with a pitbull.
He is definitely someone's dog though. No fleas on him, looks like his nails were clipped in the past. He's funky, but not dirty and looks to have been well fed. He must have gotten out of someone's yard.
MiL really needs to go around today to ask around. Maybe even make some Found Dog posters.
Thought maybe someone dropped him off, which could be the case, but I doubt someone would take the time to clip nails, feed him good, clean him, and get rid of his fleas if they were just planning on abandoning.

Anyway.. someone has to be looking for him. We'll probably give it a week and if no one comes forward.. we might have a new doggo lol. Not the one I wanted, but he's pretty darn cute in a ugly way and Oren frickin LOVES him and the puppers is really great with the kids too. So it could be a good fit. We'll see what happens.

Oh and MiL and them aren't keeping him there b/c of their own dogs. As I've pointed out before.. they are shitty dog owners. Their dogs run their house so they're super aggressive to outside animals. Since it's so cold out right now, they can't keep the puppy outside and can't keep it in, so here he is :)

Zoe wants to name him Naruto lol.. no..

We had Oren's birthday party on Saturday. And we were the only ones to wrap his presents. I've mentioned this before.
Not surprising but still disappointing. Oh well.. he still had fun.

 One of the things we got him. As you can see, Zoe quickly took it over and became a fierce little warrior lol

And then on Sunday.. it frickin snowed. SNOWED. WTH?
It was 80 degrees 2 days before!!
Oh well.. it was nice though. Didn't stick around for long, but it did snow for a while. Started at around 6 or 7 and didn't stop until almost noon. Quickly melted after that, but the kids still got to play in it some :)

 She made a "snow puppy" lol

 Ezra stayed inside where it was nice and warm and snuggled in his rock n play :)

And yep.. it's been an eventful weekend. Well.. eventful for my life lol.
Just wish it was easier to house break puppies. Only thing bad about a puppy is the poop and pee you're gonna need to clean up before they learn.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Ok... it can stop now

Ok.. I'm over this period. It can stop now :P Nevermind that it just started.. no no.. it can go away.
It kept getting lighter and lighter yesterday. Thought it was going to completely stop b/c by the time I went to bed, I wasn't wiping any blood away.
It picked back up this morning and now I'm left feeling bloated and in pain. More uncomfortable pain so while it's not doubling me over.. I feel like all I want to do is either let out a giant fart or poo. Awesome.
Guys are so lucky to not have to deal with this shit every month. Sigh....
I guess they have their random boners to deal with though.

Anywho... bought to go take my first dose of tylenol for the day and hope it kicks in soon.

The weather is going crazy!! It's always like this so it's not a surprise, but it is too.
It's getting back in the 40's for.. I dunno how long. This is after it has been in the mid to high 70's.
I guess it's a good thing I haven't cleaned out the garden area yet b/c the plants would be dead.
Even talk that there is a slight chance for a wintery mix. Sheesh.
Oh well... I like the cold, but it was nice leaving the windows open.
It will be blistering hot soon enough.

Oren had his appointment this morning.
He's 30lbs, 33inches tall and had to get his finger pricked. DH took him.
DH asked about Oren's height b/c we keep joking that he's gonna be short. He's gonna be short by "guy" standards I guess? But according to his doctor, he's probably gonna be around 5'7" or taller. She told him that from her experience and what she's read, the later he hits puberty, the taller he'll be. If puberty happens sooner, then it will stunt his height.
I thought that was pretty interesting.

Also asked about his nasty poops. She wants us to eliminate dairy from his diet for 2 weeks to see if he might have a lactose intolerance. I don't think he does since he really wasn't getting a lot of dairy before. But we'll see what happens.
She didn't seem concerned since his poops weren't bloody or mucuousy.

And.. more photos!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Oren!!!

Can't believe my little boy is 2yo. Well.. I can believe it.
It's that weird feeling... time flew by but also feels like it's going by slow too.
He's his usual self today. Full of energy, whiny and dirty lol.
Love my little dude so much :)
Pics! They were all taken this morning :)

 Taking pics all throughout the day. Hopefully I'll have more good ones to post tomorrow too :)
He has his 2y appointment tomorrow morning. DH gets to take him to that. That's the price he pays for going out Monday Tuesday and Wednesday nights lol.

Went out yesterday to walmart. Was getting Cabin Fever for some reason so just needed to go somewhere.
Bought some party supplies. Not nearly as many Batman things as I was hoping for though so had to supplement with some Spiderman lol.
Same for toys. There were maybe 3 or 4 action figure Batman toys and 2 of them were overpriced. Think they were more figurines and not toys.
Disappointed b/c I wanted to buy him 1 more thing. Bought him a cute little Paw Patrol bath toy and a Batman easter egg grabber thing.
Also bought him and Zoe some new shoes. I know people don't like Walmart but pfft... they're good if you don't want to spend a ton on new stuff.
Oh, also bought the kids Moana. Haven't seen it yet, but will watch it tonight during dinner. I'm sure they'll both love it :)

I was determine to accidentally amputate my toes yesterday. First, I stepped on one of the baby gates weird and heard crunches coming from all of my toes. That wasn't the worst though....
I was getting some frozen fries out of the fridge and the giant spiral ham we have in there came tumbling out right on to my big toe.
Holy shit that hurt to GD much. It still hurts actually.
I scared the kids by screaming in pain and trying my best not to say every curse I knew.
Good times :\

And finally.. my period finally started!!
It's still weird, but it's at least not just spotting anymore.
I thought it was gonna go that way yesterday b/c it kept decreasing and went almost to nothing by the time I went to sleep.
But unfortunately for me, came back with lots of horrible slightly painful but extremely uncomfortable bloating early this morning.
Anyway, still not really a flow, but it's something I guess.
Just hope it doesn't last longer than a week. Thinking it will, but hope not.