Monday, April 30, 2012

What the... why is THIS giving me heartburn?

I've been eating bananas recently and every single time... heartburn! WTH? o_O
Just seems like such a weird food to get heartburn from. It's pretty mild thankfully, but I dunno.. just find it so strange to get it from a banana of all things.

Worked a little on the nursery. Kinda sorta ok with what I've done so far. It's not awesomely awesome, but it will do heh. Hopefully will look better once it's all completed.
Going to take a while b/c the thing I have to cut out is going to take FOREVER. The cutting and putting back together. UGH

Sounds.... painful!

So yeah, not sure why I haven't looked it up before, but I really, REALLY need to start looking in to HOW to take care of a baby.
I've never really been around a newborn much before and... yeah... I'm very ill equiped when it comes to the know-hows.

Just started looking up information on breastfeeding. Specifically on the things no one ever tells you about.
I just thought it was funny and it does bring up things I hadn't even thought of

Such s baby fingernails cutting up your boobies. OUCH. I've played with my little baby neice and yeah, the girl has some sharp little claws on those hands. I can't imagine what that would feel like on already tender breasts.

DH said he signed us up for a breastfeeding class. I think his friend may have taken it and recommended it to him.

OH and while I'm thinking of classes... that LONG 8hr one... apparently they show about 8 different birth videos in the class.
I hope DH is up for that. Not exactly how I want to spend a day, but if it helps then so be it.... SIGH... hehe ;)


Just woke up so we'll see if I'm still aching today. Zoe was squirming around quite a bit late last night so we'll see if I still have aching.

As for the weird part.... woke up this morning and she was all on the left side. I didn't actually look, but I'm sure if I did, my bump would've looked lopsided heh.
I did feel her though. Right side was squishy... left side had a nice BIG hard bump right where she was hanging out.
It's so cool and weird at the same time heh.

Was thinking last night when trying to get back to sleep.
It is VERY hard for me to believe that a woman would not know she's pregnant. I can see if she's not showing.... but there is no mistaking it when the baby kicks and moves. Even if you have an anterior placenta... it's not covering up every single spot so you would still feel something somewhere.
Those women must be in just a huge state of denial... that's like the only way someone would not know.. IMO of course heh. *shrugs*

Forgot to mention that DH cleaned the carpet yesterday! OOO big deal I know heh.
We bought one of those steamvac carpet cleaners about 2 months ago and he finally got to using it last night.
It's not a miracle worker, but that thing works damn well. Some old pet stains... ok we all know what those are, poo, pee and vomit, are totally gone which is a miracle b/c they were a gross reminder before.
It couldn't completely get the high traffic areas looking spotless again but it looks SO much better than it did.
You never realize just how dirty something is until you see a pristine spot that was hidden under furniture lol.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Boy, I can barely function today. Def think Zoe is having a growth spurt and it's doing a number on my body.
I'm ok sitting down, but if I have to get up and move around for more than 10mins, I am aching like crazy.
It almost feels like when you're a bit dehydrated and you're walking or running. You get that bad cramp/stitch in your side.... it's not quite like that, but about the closest I can think of to how it feels.
It goes away within seconds of me sitting down thank goodness.

It's all good though. Whatever my body has to go through to make sure she's ok. It's not exactly my fav part right now, but it's worth it heh :)

I still get worried when she doesn't move as much. Mentioned that before, but even this far along, that still worries me as I'm sure it does every woman, or well, probably mostly first timers I would guess.
Thankfully she's been moving some though every once in a while which is reassuring that she's still in there heh.

And yeah, that's about it. If I'm feeling up to it, going to try to get more done on the nursery.
If all goes well... I'm hoping to have the space scene completed so I can actually start painting the figures.

Awkward p2

So... my dad, brother, SiL and my 2 neices came over.
Boy... talk about awkward.

First, my brother has a serious attitude problem but tries to cover it up with the "no nothing is wrong" approach. Awkward moment #1 that my SiL was getting pissed off at him for.

#2... as soon as my dad saw me.. here comes the hand outstretched to touch my stomach. UGH.
Like I said, I do love my dad, but we just do not have a close relationship any longer so it was pretty much like a stranger coming up and rubbing my stomach. Thankfully he didn't linger or anything but still...

#3 My neices were hyper b/c their granddad was there, they were out and about etc. Well b/c of that they weren't listening to momma and BOY was she pissed off about that too.  Whole lot of yelling.
My neices just do not listen to her at all, especially the older one, and my brother does not help matters. He just sits back and lets her be a single parent to both most of the time. I know that's why SiL has such a short temper with them b/c she's so damn frustrated overall.
That's not a great excuse especially when she's yelling at them for even the smallest of things though.

#4... we went out to eat, this is where my brother's attitude problem comes in. We get to a wings place b/c he was all excited looking at the menu for it, so thought that he would want it. NOPE, he didn't order anything. Said he wasn't hungry, but then proceeded to eat the entire basket of complimentary wing chips (potato chips basically). So that made it all awkward when everyone else ordered and he didn't.

#5.... came back to spend some more time at my house... only to sit around the living room like lumps on a log barely talking with eachother. Awesome :\

I know that all doesn't sound like a huge deal, and it really isn't... I just hate those kinds of moments and had to vent about it.

Paid more on the crib! And we still have a lot more to go! SHEESH. Thank goodness we didn't get the UBER expensive one... not that this one is frickin cheap. My body still hurts thinking about how much we're spending on it lol.
Anyway, if DH pays the same on it every time (every 2 weeks) then we should have it in a month :D

Zoe wasn't as active yesterday.
She was a couple hours after dinner. We went to IHoP. I had my usual chicken fried steak and eggs. Oh man those pancakes were heaven. Before pregnancy, I couldn't finish it and usually shared the pancakes with DH, I tore them up last night!! lol
I think she really liked those pancakes though b/c she was moving around like crazy a couple hours after! I mean just squirming, kicking, punching whatever she was doing in there. Just having a good ole time on her sugar rush lol.
She quieted back down after though and really hasn't moved much since.
She'll usually get a bit active in the middle of the night, but I barely felt her. Maybe a quick flicker and that was it.

Maybe another growth spurt.

And finally.... hmmm.. few pics I need to take. Still need to take one of the glider/ottoman, and need to get one of the 2 car seats. Is that it? I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I'll probably post them on Tuesday when I post up my weekly bump pic.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hmm... I hope...

... I don't come off as ungrateful sometimes.
A whole mess of drama on a forum I go to made me think about it and I really hope that when I complain, I don't come off as someone that's ungrateful to be pregnant and have a pretty uncomplicated pregnancy so far.
Hmm... I don't think I do? But I know to some still struggling, it's not exactly fun reading about a pregnant woman complaining about something you'd give everything in the world for.

On a lighter topic.....
DH has narrowed down his picks for a middle name.
He added Teagan(sp?) to the list last night but quickly took it off b/c he said it sounded pretentious *shrugs* I don't think so but whatever lol.

So the 3 he's debating on are


So yeah, we'll see what he picks. I'm leaving it up to him b/c I like all 3 of them and will be totally fine with any of them.

Also, he said that if we end up having a boy whenever, he'd like to give him the family middle name Franklin. It's his middle name and FiL's, not sure who elses.
Also totally fine with that too and I just absolutely love that he's thinking about these things.
I dunno why he ever thought he was going to be anything but an excellent father.

Saw my mom today. She's having to jump through hoop after hoop b/c of her new marriage. She married a Korean guy a couple years ago, but it didn't work out. He ended up getting cancer and went back to Korea for treatment and just stayed there. So they got divorced and unfortunatly he eventually died.
She was introduced to another Korean guy and married him, so now b/c it really wasn't that much time between the 2 marriages, immigration is all up in her ass about it. So frickin annoying. I swear.
I mean damn.. is it really THAT big of a deal.. someone foriegn coming to live over here? It's such a pain in the ass what she's having to go through... seriously I can sympathize with illegal immigrants.

Anyway... she told me to have a boy next... as if I have ANY control over it lol.
She also wants us to have AT LEAST 3 children rofl. I would actually love to have 3 so was fine with her saying that... what caught me offguard was the "at least" part heh.
Yeah, I hope the next LOs come easily. I really don't want to have to do fertility treatments ever again. I am SO thankful there are fertility treatments out there, but just for the money spent on doing them alone... yeah... no thank you.


I hate saying no to family... it just makes you feel bad and awkward.

My dad called late last night, first saying that he was coming up tomorrow (today) and if he could stay here.
Uhm..... hmmm...
Now I do love my dad, but our relationship is complicated and not on the best of terms for a  lot of reasons.
I wanted to tell him No last night, but I told him to just call today and I'd give an answer.
Was totally set on telling him no, but thankfully, I think he realized that I was going to and called to say that he was going to stay in a motel.
It still makes me feel bad that I was going to tell him no though.
Oh well....

DH is paintballing this weekend. I'm so glad when he gets to go b/c I know he enjoys it so much.
I've been tempted to go before getting preg, but after seeing the welts he gets from getting his... yeah.. I think I'll pass lol. It sounds and looks fun, but getting hit with one of those things is not appealing at all.

Next weekend is the concert! WOOOOO! MAN I hope it's not hot though. It's all outdoors and on a racetrack I think so there probably won't be any shade. BLEH! Thankfully they offer free water so at least there's that.
Can't bring any kind of folding chair, but we can bring blankets. My ass is gonna be planted on the ground for most of it I think heh. Not even going to try to get anywhere near the stage, especially when the big groups come out. We're allowed to bring binoculars as well. We bought a cheap pair and will probably have to use them if we want to see more than a speck on the horizon lol.

Still no call from the doc's office. Not really surprised but still annoyed by it. Maybe they'll call later today. Who the hell knows. I just wanna know if I have to stop chowing down on ice cream or not damnit! lol

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where have I heard this before...

I AM going to work on the nursery today! lol
Just getting ready to fix an early lunch, and then after, I'm going to work on it *nodnod*
Was thinking about it last night when trying to get back to sleep and yeah... I dunno how much I'll actually get done, but damnit, I'm gonna do something!!

Not sure if the humidifier worked. Seemed like it did a little.
Going to turn it on about an hour or so before bedtime tonight and see if that helps more.
I did wake up with a dry mouth a couple of times, but not nearly as bad as it was before.

Zoe is getting so strong! Twice now, I've actually jumped when she kicked me.
Both times, I needed to use the bathroom, but for whatever reason, I was holding it... probably waiting for a commercial or just being lazy lol.
Well both of those times, she gave me a swift strong (not painful) kick right in to my bladder and it made me jump.
When I told DH why I jumped, he just laughed at me and said not to pee on the couch :P lol

She likes kicking me in my butt too. THAT is a very strange sensation. I dunno if it's just my intestines or something she's kicking but I dunno.. it's just a very weird feeling heh.

Ok I was wrong.... I do have 1 more appointment in 4 weeks. Then after that.... I have 3 appointments every 2 weeks, and then the last month is every week. O_O
Looking at ti that way makes it seem like such a short amount of time.. and well, I guess it is!
Is this ever going to sink in really before LO is born? I have my doubts about that hehe

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1hr done

No idea what the results are for the 1hr glucose test, but that appointment is done and I have the rest of my appointments scheduled now too.
Frickin crazy lol.
I have one more in 4 weeks... then it's every 2 weeks, then I think every week the last 2? weeks.

It's weird to think that we're already at this point!

Anywho... they also took blood to test my thyroid and to check my iron level.

I had a dizzy spell last night and this morning. Not sure what is causing it. It's not bad, more of just an off lightheaded feeling, but still worrying.
Mentioned it to the OB I saw today (who was so nice), and she just said it could be a lot of different things. It could be b/c of blood sugar, or baby putting pressure on arteries, or erm.. other stuff.. *shrugs*

No idea when I'm getting results back. I just hope everything is ok. The orange drink wasn't that bad. Like a too sweet koolade. At least it was cold :P heh

My BP is a bit higher which also has me worried but they didn't say anything about it. Surprised actually that it was higher b/c I felt fine. I can usually feel when it's up a bit but not this time I guess.

Erm what else... my belly is measuring 25w so pretty much right on schedule which surprised me lol
OB also listened for the HB and picked it up on the left side.

That was pretty much it for the appointment. FX for good results!

We did a bunch of other things today too. Bought 2 car seats. One is infant and the other is erm... bigger. lol whatever it's called.. I dunno my brain is tired right now.
So YAY for getting that taken care of :D

We also went to a few other places and just got back home at around 1pm. So yeah, LONG morning so far. I just want to relax and sleep.

OH bought my humidifier finally! YAY! heh
It's a cute elephant one. Figured we might use it for the baby some times, so get a cutesy one :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stuff and junk

Zoe has been making it up for being quiet yesterday (which still freaks me out sometimes).
She's been moving around mostly on the right side almost all day so far. She had a quiet moment but seems to be picking back up again.
It's still a very strange sensation when her movements causes my clothes to shift. If you've ever had a bug under your shirt moving around, that's what it reminds me of lol.

Just figured out an old HS friend is now friends with one of DH's cousins.

We had a falling out years and years ago. She was posing nekkid and didn't warn me about it before I went to her website. Seeing friends naked is just not for me :P lol
I mentioned it, NOT in a judgemental way, at least I didn't mean it that way and BOY she got super offended by what I said and cut off all ties with me.
Oh well...
I've seen her at a few of DH's uncle's family functions before and always wondered if it was her, but maybe figured it was just someone that looked like her lol.

I dunno, just thought it was strange how paths can cross again like that and how small this world is.
I'm positive she recognizes me, but meh.... she has her life now and I have mine.

Once again, nothing done today lol. The galaxy painting part that I'm trying to build myself up to do is just SO frickin intimidating :(
I don't want to start it b/c I KNOW it's not going to look how I want and I'm gonna get frustrated and BLEH! But not starting on it is making me anxious and frustrated too.
Vicious circle!!! SIGH!

Screw it, I'll go do something to it now. *nodnodnod* Yeah....... right............ now...............

24 weeks!

Well this last week went by quickly thankf goodness.
I'm so read to be in 3rd tri. Just want that reassurance that if, god forbid, something were to go wrong, baby would have a much better chance of surviving outside of me, ya know? That's my main reason for wanting these weeks to fly by quickly!

Anywho.... here is my 24w belly shot compared to... hmmm... lets go with 20w


Zoe was pretty quiet yesterday morning. Had me worried for a while, but think she was hunkered down b/c it was cold. Once I warmed up a bit around dinner time, she started moving a lot more.

Sleep last night started off so well. We closed all the windows and turned the heater on b/c it got down to 30's. So the house air got really dry.
I could actually breath through my nose while laying down which is a frickin miracle lol, but my mouth was still ending up dry o_O Not sure how that happened, but it was pretty annoying.
Whenever I drank something, it would do what it usually does, ccause my nose to rehydrate I guess so it would stuff up again. SIGH.
Should be buying a humidifier tomorrow though so hoping it helps.

Seems everyone had baby fever at DH's work. He just got invited to a baby shower on Friday. Geeze, talk about short notice.
It's a doctor he plays paintball with. Of course he's registered at the most expensive place where they overcharge for everything *eyeroll*.
I mean I'm registered at Target, not exactly cheap cheap, but it's cheaper than Buy Buy Baby.
Like one of those bumbo? chairs.... I have one on my registry for I think $35. They have the exact same one on theirs for $45!! Frickin crazy.
Oh well... we'll be taking a trip to that store tomorrow to get something for them.

I did absolutely nothing yesterday when it came to the nursery. SIGH... only have myself to blame.
It's gonna get done... eventually :P

Monday, April 23, 2012


Trying to put off working on the nursery painting lol. I won't put it off for long b/c it does need to get done.
I just tend to do this when it's intimidating me a bit and not coming along as I hoped.
I'll get in to a groove though and get it done... hopefully soon.

DH's uncle had a birthday part on Saturday. Not the bitchy uncle that's pissed at the world, but the 'rich' one.
We were only planning on staying for a little while, but they had free alcohol :P lol
We weren't really big drinkers before, but think DH really needed it to unwind some.
I of course sat back and had myself a couple of sodas as I got eaten up my mosquitos.
By 11pm I couldn't take it anymore though. I was achy as hell and tired and wanted to go home. Since he had been drinking I had to drive home and I hate driving at night so that was another reason why I wanted to leave.
Anyway, blahblahblah... it wasn't that bad for most of the night.

DH's friend's wife had a baby on Friday. It's their first.
DH is really happy for them and told me that them having their baby makes him more excited for our own.
I mentioned to him that all of this still seems very surreal to me and he agreed. He said for his friend, it didn't really sink in until just a few weeks ago when his wife got checked and was 2cm dilated lol.
I think it will be the same for DH too... hell, for ME.
It's just such a HUGE intimidating change, ya know?

Bought another onesie from Walmart yesterday.
We went there to look for a humidifier (which they only had 2 different kinds... sigh)... and DH asked if I wanted to look at the baby stuff.
I honestly hadn't even thought about it but PFFT of course now that he brought it up I want to! lol
Looked through the clearance rack and found this cute piece
The pink tag on it says Daddy's Cutie :)

We also bought some adorably small hangers. GAH I swear, even the most mundane things are adorable when it's baby related! lol

Anywho, no humidifier yet though. We went grocery shopping after that, I was achy and didn't want to go anywhere else so yeah... going to wait until Wed after my appointment to go look for something.

I've been ok so far at night. Mouth and throat are still getting dry, but not as bad as before. I think my nose is clearing up a little bit thankfully so I can sorta breath through my nose every once in a while.

Anywho, feeling pretty good. LO has been quiet this morning. She was kicking pretty good last night and the day before.

I was laying on my side on the bed trying to cool off. DH came in and laid with me, put his heavy head on my stomach and got kicked by her a couple of times hehe
He loves feeling her move.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Welp... that's done

So went to Macys today. They had SO many cute things for sale on their website, I just had to go to the actual store to see what they had.
Good lord.. their stuff is SO frickin expensive but SO damn cute.
I know where to go if I ever want to splurge on an adorable dress though.

We did end up buying a few things, but not much b/c even on sale it was still expensive lol.

This set. Came with 2 onesies and a pair of pants w/ a giant butterfly on the butt heh

DH actually picked out this onesie. It's so cute, and I know MiL will like it b/c she loves ladybugs

And this is one I HAD to have heh. It's a 2 piece (the shirt pictured and a little pair of undie looking things) and just frackin adorable! I love the non-pink girly outfits so much

Also..... we picked out the crib today!!
They finally had the one that we were waiting to see in person and we made our decision and it's not what I thought it was going to be.
We picked the one that we were waiting to look at.
The cribs we were debating on both had things we liked and didn't love. Nothing that we hated. But this one just seemed to fit what we were looking for the best.
It's the Baby Dreams Sugar crib

The photo doesn't really do it justice, if you can find a different one where it's in cherry then you'll probably see the details a bit better.
We don't actually have it yet. We put it on layaway. It's SO F-ing expensive. We bought the toddler rail and the full bed rail for it too which were just as frickin expensive.
Zoe or anyone else better not do anything to it b/c she's sleeping on this thing until she moves out of the house... seriously :P lol
It's really nice though and I'm happy that we're getting it... eventually :P hehe

The Baby Dreams Enchanted crib was the other crib we were debating on and the one I thought we were going to end up with.
We both REALLY like the legs on it b/c they're nice, solid and thick so no problems with them lasting Zoe for however long she's gonna live with us.
BUT in white... the backboard is SO plain and we really weren't too fond of the bottom design. Even though it's curved, it still looked plain and just meh.. not right. Details in all the wrong spots, ya know?

Anyway..... our baby girl isn't even here yet and she's already our spoiled little princess hehe

Friday, April 20, 2012

Great article!

Saw this posted on a website I go to and wanted to share it.
It's a pretty long read, but extremely interesting.. at least for myself it is heh.

Forgot to mention....

I had heartburn last night!

I sound so excited by it lol.
It really wasn't that bad thankfully, but it's the first time I can actually say that it was definitely heartburn though. I've had a few other times when I wasn't sure, but this... this was it.

I'm surprised I haven't had it sooner than this... and surprised it was mild (although thankful it was).
With all of the spicy things I eat... just shocked that it hasn't happened sooner heh.

Think it was the PB toast I ate. Wanted something sweet last night and the only thing we had was some honey peanut butter. So toasted up 2 pieces of bread, put on some PB and chowed down. After that is when the heartburn occured.
But like I said, it was pretty mild and didn't really bother me much.

I must say.. I'm so glad this pregnancy has been easy so far. I would be grateful for any pregnancy, but I'm glad this experience has been pretty positive so far. Other than a few minor blips, I don't think anyone could ask for a better experience.
Just hope it stays this way for the remainder.

So bad, but so delicious!

You know how grocery stores have their fresh baked cookies. Well... if you don't know, Bi-Lo has these chocolate cookies called Brownie cookies.
They are the yummiest softest most chocolaty round disks EVER!!!
I've been craving some chocolate for a couple of days, and today... I just had to get some.
Man... never let loose a hungry pregnant women in a grocery store.
I woke up this morning, took a shower, and went straight to the store after and bought 2 containers of the cookies :P
Got home, fixed myself some lunch and then proceeded to inhale 4 of the cookies. HEAVEN! lol
OMG so good.... had a nose-gasm just smelling them.

Weighed 207 this morning, and expect to be up to a good 215 by the end of the weekend :P hehe

It's still weird actually being pregnant. You would think by now that I'd be used to it, and I guess I am. But last night, I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep and thought about it really good and I dunno... it kinda weirded me out.
I am pregnant, and we are going to be parents in a few months. It's such an overwhelming kind of surreal feeling to sit down and actually think about.

Cut out Miss Piggy and Kermit. Going to do a Beaker C3PO and just a regular R2D2. Need to paint the space scene first. I didn't want to do HUGE figures... wanted to make it a bit more of a realistic size, and yeah... muppets are teeny tiny lol
About the size of a 3yo and yeah, that doesn't take up much room at all. So yeah, the space scene is gonna have to be a lot better than I had wanted to do it rofl. I wanted to take the lazy way out and have the figures kind of taking up the view a bit, but that's not gonna happen now.
Oh well.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Humidity is my friend

Seems that worked pretty well. NOt 100% but still better than what I've tried before.
My mouth did dry up some, but it never got to that painful point and didn't dry up as quick b/c of the humidity.

So yeah, probably go out this weekend to buy a humidifier for the bedroom. Just happy to find at least a small solution.

Going to start working on the rest of the wall today. Was going to do a sticker thing for the space scene, but think I'm just gonna paint it directly on to the wall. Have an idea for how it's going to look which will probably end up just looking strange lol. It's on black though so if I mess up it will be easy to go back over and cover up heh.

I sketched out at least 2 figures. Everyone thinks I should also include R2D2. I may if there's room for it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finally done!!!

Finally finished with those damn stars on the wall! Holy crap that was such a pain!!!
I never want to do that again *sobs*

When I started painting them, thought that that was gonna be it... pfffft NOPE.
That blue tape sucks for keeping lines solid so I had to go back and touch up every single star *cry*
Thankfully that didn't take as long as I thought it would. I'm all achy and sore now b/c I didn't want to stop lol.
Wanted to get that crap done and over with so I could move on to the figures!

Anyway, here are the 2 walls with the stars.
For all that work I put in to it, it's such a simple look lol


I think Zoe may have the hiccups this morning.
From what I've read... the movements I've been feeling seem to fit the bill.
If what I'm feeling are hiccups.... Dawwwwwwww

Haven't started on nursery yet.
It's not that I don't enjoy working on the nursery... it's just what I have to do right now is SO tedious and a pain.

And finally before I really do get my butt up.... I am desperately fighting the urge to go to the store for junk food. I feel so pathetic right now but the thought of having some chocolate cake is just... MAN I WANT SOME!!!

DH says what?

DH got a few smacks on the arm last night :P
I was lounging around everything hanging out and not tucked in to anything.
He rubs my stomach.. and then says "Are you supposed to be THIS big already?" He said it jokingly but yeah, he still got a smack :P lol

Weighed myself this morning and I'm back down to 208. Amazing how much water weight our bodies can hang on to! Sheesh.

Anyway, I think DH is just worried that I'm not very active and doesn't want me to have any health complications from gaining too much weight.

We got the glider yesterday! WOO! DH set it all up and it looked pretty easy.
The cushions that I ordered are a really light beige color. For some reason, I was thinking it was gonna be darker.
DER, since when is beige a dark color :P lol
Oh well... just means we'll probably have to replace the cushions later on b/c of stains heh

Sleep last night was still rough. Laid on the couch for a bit and it was ok for a little while but I got too hot so went back to bed.
My tongue did not want to stay moist at all. It was either sandpaper or pasty. BLEH.

It's supposed to rain or have a chance to rain all week. It's cooled down some too so windows are back open and I'm hoping it helps to get the air a bit more humid to help w/ the dry mouth problem.

Experienced some pain last night. Started off with a low left side pain. Very isolated and would come quick then go just as quick. Dunno what it was but OUCH.
Then, when that was still happening, I got this intense horrible sharp vag pain. I couldn't actually sit on my butt b/c it put pressure where the pain was occuring and made it 10x worse. Not sure if it was maybe the baby or a muscle spasm sort of thing or what, but holy crap that was terrible!
It lasted for a good minute before it finally let up and hasn't happened again since.

I have gotten the left side pain every once in a while, but it never lasts for very long. Not sure what that's about. Maybe still RLP? I dunno.

Guess my munchkin is done for now w/ her growth spurt b/c she was pretty active last night whenever I woke up and seems to be active this morning as well.

It's pretty funny when she kicks towards my back. Always joke to DH that she's kicking my butt :P
Feels almost like a quick gas bubble or something. Hard to explain.

Alrighty, I'm off... I'll get photos of the glider/ottoman later.
Gotta go work on the nursery some more.. bleh. ;) heh

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

23 weeks

Well, thankfully it seems as though the weeks are going by a little quicker now. I'm sure they'll probably start dragging again soon though heh.

Here's today's bump shot. Compared to 21w... I'm wearing the same shirt in them both so a little easier to see the difference. Plus today's I tucked the shirt under my boobs a bit so you can see just how big the bump is heh.

I hate my double gut... it's slowly slowly getting filled in but I don't think I'll ever have a nice cute rounded baby bump. It's always going to have that double gut look. Boo.. hope I'm wrong about that.

Man... didn't realize how big I am though. Knew I was getting bigger obviously, but just not that big heh.

Oh well, it's like the only time ever that most women don't give a crap about getting a belly and gaining weight lol.

I am still a little concerned about my weight. Think I'm up to 210... that's up 5lbs from my last appointment which was only what... 3 weeks ago. I guess it's not that surprising considering those few days where I wanted to eat everything. Thankfully that has passed though!

I have my 1hr GD test next tuesday (I think). So nervous about it. I know having PCOS makes me higher risk to getting it. I just hope IF I do have it, then I can control it with diet. I love my sweets, but I'll do anything to make sure this LO is healthy.
Here are the new cloth diapers that came in a few days ago.
Squeeeee, they're so cute!!

OMG doing the stars on the walls is SUCH a PITA!!! I have sooooooooo much left to do.
Yesterday consisted of me cutting out the stars from pieces of paper. Taping up the paper on the wall, making sure they're even with eachother and level which was a nightmare to do.
Tracing the stars on the wall which was the easiest part.
Then taping them up.
This is what it's supposed to look like when I'm all done taping
Nice outlined stars ready to be painted.....
Well I still have to cut out the star shapes from the tape... so I still have ALL of this left
It takes frickin FOREVER to do and uuuuugh I'm just so ready to be done with it!

Slightly OT.... funny.. the photos make the walls look plain. I swear they really are a lavender/pinkish color heh.

Vicks is a total bust :( Well not total, it did help clear up my nose just a tiny bit, but still not enough to let me breath through my nose. Damnit damnit damnit.

And apparently that humidifier I thought we still had got thrown away a while ago. BLEH. May go out and buy another.

Anyway... knew today was gonna be rough. Last night at dinner time, it felt like my head was in a vice. My constant sniffing just made it worse and worse. So I ended up waking with a headache today. Awesome.

I am enjoying being pregnant... more than anything in the world and wouldn't give it up for anything other than a healthy baby at the end of it heh.... but man... this part SUCKS.
I know there are so many that would give anything to be in my shoes, and I don't want to come off sounding ungrateful at all, but yeah... seriously.. this little blip in my pregnancy S-U-C-K-S.... suckity suck sucks sucks!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Stoopid body

So used the nasal strips last night. Not sure if it actually did anything at first, but I tried breathing through my nose and one nostril at least was somewhat clear.
So I fall asleep... and sure enough, wake up an hour later. Not b/c my mouth was dry or anything, but just b/c my body is now used to waking up every single hour. ARGH!

I don't think the nasal strips did anything for me anyway unfortunatly. I had to put 3 different ones on during the night b/c they either didn't stick right or I'd wake up and most of it was unstuck.
Think my nose (and the rest of my face) is too oily to use them.

So woke up early today and went to Walmart and bought some vicks to use tonight.

I think the dry weather we've been having hasn't been helping anything either. More moisture in the air right now and even when I had to start mouth breathing again last night, my mouth and throat didn't dry out nearly as fast. May bust out the humidifier if I can find it.... and it still works.

LO was quiet yesterday. A few good kicks here and there but mostly quiet. Must be another growth spurt b/c I've been feeling pretty achy down low.

Speaking of LO.... I think we're going to be changing her middle name.
I had picked out Addison, which I do still really like, BUT our last name also ends with a 'son' and that's always bothered me.
Didn't want to think much about it b/c really, unless you've tried to assassinate a president, how often is a middle name said, ya know? But it still bothered me.
DH has been looking through the baby name book he borrowed and he's picked out a name he likes (as do I)...
I think the front runner for a middle name is now Olivia. It flows really well with Zoe and our last name so yeah.... it's on the list heh.
Hey.. at least we're not flip flopping on the first name :P Not that there is anything wrong with that.. I just like having it picked out though.

DH already has a middle name picked out for a 2nd girl if we have another lol. Abigail... gale... however it's spelled :P It means... The source of a father's joy.
I only glanced at the name and suggested it, but when DH read what it meant, he was all over it and just really liked it. GAH! He's so cute and things like that make me love him more and more if that's even possible :)

Could actually be a contender for this one's middle name, not sure.

Finally got the wall done yesterday!!! Soooooooooooooooooooo much taping!!
It looks pretty cool though. Not exactly how I pictured it, but it has this really neat retro feel to it now heh.
Need to figure out WTH is going in the space scene and draw out the figures.

First though, I'm going to be painting stars on 2 of the lavender walls. They're going to be the darker lavender color I used on the painted wall ( I swear I'm gonna take photos eventually lol)...
Figured since it's basically a space/star theme it would be a good idea to help bring it all together.

It's going to be a lot more taping though to do it. UGH...
Thankfully it's just 2 walls though so yeah... still going to take FOREVER lol.

Going to work on that today after I eat an early lunch, and after all of that is done, hopefully in the next 2 days, then I'll finish up the wall/figures and we can actually move the furniture we have in to place :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby... we have a problem

So DH borrowed a baby name book from his friend yesterday.
First... I dunno why people waste their money on those things. SO pointless. I mean the first part of the book has a bunch of different catergories for names.... gems such as "grocery clerks" or "mob names" or "couch potato"...
Yeah... seriously.

Anyway, in the back are a lot of girl and boy names listed w/ definition.
DH was flipping through it and that's when I saw the name... Harley. I'm not a big motorcycle fan at all...but I do sure love that name. Sigh.....

Zoe is def the name we're using, but I sure do love Harley as well. I would use Harley for a middle name, but Zoe Harley doesn't flow together well at all.

So DH and I have said if we end up having another girl later on, we'll use Harley :) And yes, we're already talking about when we have more.
Hopefully it won't take as long for the next one(s) though.

Got in my Chinese cloth diapers yesterday. I'll post pics up later.
They're SO cute though! I bought all minky fabric ones b/c I just love the way they feel.

Zyrtec had absolutely no affect on me at all. What a waste of time.
Going out shopping in a min and will pick up some nasal strips (thanks for the suggestion Shari)... and cross my fingers that they work.
I'm surprised I can actually function on only getting an hour sleep at a time.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Go away stuffy nose!!!
Another restless night.
I just can't stay asleep for more than an hour before having to wake up to drink something. Mouth breathing sucks when you can't constantly keep your mouth moistened.
DH gave me a zyrtec(sp?) that I'm gonna take tonight before bed. Hope it helps.
Already looked it up online, even though DH said it was safe to take lol.
I just can't deal with the painful dry mouth and throat any longer.

I feel fine now but during the night when I'm waking up constantly, I feel terrible.

Nursery is going to take a bit longer than I was hoping for. The taping takes FOREVER to do. I did that early yesterday intending to paint after, but that wasn't going to happen. After I taped everything up... I was done.. at least for most of the day.
I did end up painting a little bit, but it was already late by the time I started so just stopped to pick it back up today.
So yeah, it's gonna take a bit longer, but we still have some time at least heh.

Wondering if the glider/ottoman should go in the nursery or in the living room. I'm leaning towards living room even though we got colors to match the nursery. Eh, we'll see once we have everything.
We're still waiting on that one crib to get in so we can look at it and compare it to the other one we like.

Friday, April 13, 2012


The next time you see my profile pic... it's gonna be of me strangling our cat.
I knew he was gonna do it again, but I was hoping he wouldn't.
Sure enough, woke up to more poop and piss on the carpet. Can't do anything about it right now b/c of have the animals locked in a bedroom while the termite ppl do their thing.

I'm going to kill that cat.
Need to buy more of that Nature Made spray shit. Poured the rest we had on the new spot today. It cleans up the stain well, no idea on the smell since my nose is pretty stuffy most of the time.

Last night was another terrible night's sleep. I don't have any signs of having a cold except for this stuffy nose. Don't have that kind of groggy feeling.. nada...
My nose is on full flow w/ the snot too. I swear I've never blown my nose this much and have this much come out of it before. It's gross and I'm going through tissue like it's going out of style.
Surprised my nose isn't all red b/c I have to wipe/blow it so much.

Actually SAW baby girl kicking from the outside last night.
It was right after dinner. She was moving around a lot, kicking up at my waist line. Decided to lift up my shirt just to see if I could see anything, and yep :D It wasn't hugely obvious or anything. DH couldn't tellt he difference from me breathing and her kicks but I could. It was subtle but def there.
I don't think I'll ever have the oppurtunity to see a hand or foot print from the outside, but just seeing a small little bump/bulge is still pretty cool.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Damn cat!!!!

He was doing so well too. UUUUUUUUUGH I want to strangle his furry little neck. I popped him upside his head though so I guess that will do.

Woke up to let the dogs out... one dog veered off to sniff something in the sunroom and I already knew what it was... a cat poo pile.
Well turn a little more and the cat found himself a new spot to piss in too... so yeah, I popped him on the head. It's not gonna do anything other than make him hide for a while, but whatever.

I love our cat, but he's really making me hate cats.

DH commented on the painting I'm doing in the nursery. It wasn't anything bad, but I could tell by his tone that he wishes we had went with something else.

I have an idea for it though. I had actually started thinking about it yesterday as I was finishing up what I was doing... and I think I'm just gonna do it.

What I've already done, I tried to blend in the shadows which looks like total shit. I'm not happy with it at all, but laziness and just wanting to get it done made me not care.
Well I'm going to paint over it. Keep the same basics, but paint over the shadows and do cell shading.
If you're not familiar with that, it's just basically going to be big solid blocks of shading instead of trying to blend anything. It's gonna take longer b/c I plan on taping up everything to get the lines nice and crisp, but I think it's going to look 1000x better than what I have on there already.

Gonna need more paint though which will have to wait for Friday or Saturday when we have some money.
Hopefully once I get in to a rhythm doing it it will only take a couple of days to do. DH could help me tape so that should save time too.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just because...

Waiting for DH to get home so decided to post one more time before I go to bed.

Today was... interesting. A LOT of aching that I had to rest from. Thankfully none of it lasted too long though. It felt mostly like it was b/c of bloating.
I can def tell that I'm very bloated right now for whatever reason so yeah...
Did manage to finally finish the wall though. WOO!
Now for the fun part of trying to figure out the rest of it lol.
It's not exactly turning out how I hoped but oh well. Baby isn't going to give a turd lol.

OOO I had the rest of my crab tonight and it was delicious!! Man.. I wish I had more! My mom says not to worry about cost but pfft, can't help it. It is expensive!!
DH told his mom that mine bought me some.. her eyes got wide and she said it would be cheaper to go to an all-you-can-eat.
There are 2 foods I don't like eating in public... fried chicken and crab!
Plus at an all-you-can-eat place... I would feel awkward sitting there for HOURS stuffing myself with crab lol. At home... I have it all to myself and I can get as messy as I want :P lol

I also cut up the strawberries I picked with my mom the other day. Add a few HEAPING spoons of whipped cream and YUM!

Oh I also had some cheap beef flavored ramen too. Sigh.... I can't help it though... my little munchkin is HUNGRY.

I gotta slow it down though b/c I can't go grocery shopping until Sunday (no money until Friday at least)....

I have no idea what to put on our registry. I just kinda put a little bit of everything lol. Lots of cheaper stuff since everyone is hurting for money... and a few more expensive items.
Not expecting anyone to get an expensive one though, but put them on there anyway just in case hehe

DH's friend's wife is probably going to give birth soon. It's their first and they're having a little boy. They had to do fertility treatments too.
And if memory serves correct... DH's other friend is trying with his wife as well. I think they might be trying with fert treatments, but not sure.
Just glad at least DH has people to talk to about that sort of thing. Get a guy's perspective on it, ya know.

Termite guy came out today. Said that we probably have them under the house and that they see termites in new homes more often than old ones. Something about them clearing the land to build, but not removing the stumps from the ground so the house is just built right on top of them which termites just LOVE apparently.

Anyway, we have a crack in the slab that our house sits on that they think the bugs are also getting in to.
BUT good news is that he didn't think it was that bad yet. They're coming back out on Friday to drill in to the concrete to put in some sort of termite stuff *shrugs*


Working on nursery just a little bit ago and had to stop. Not sure if it's b/c of what happened yesterday or if this is something new, but just achy on my right side and needing to rest now b/c of it.
Sucky b/c I was just getting in to a rhythm, but better safe than sorry.
Gonna go lay on the couch for a bit... watch some Netflix or something....

Pulled something

Was trying to be productive yesterday and started folding the mountain of clean laundry.
Well, I had to thin it out a bit before pickign up the basket to dump on the bed.
I did that, and the basket was pretty full, but about as full as it usually is tht I pick up.
I pick it up, dump it on the bed with no problem.
Go and get another load out of the dryer and dump that on the bed and holy crap... PAIN.
It wasn't terrible terrible... but man.. I couldn't stand up straight either. I think I may have pulled the round ligaments or something b/c those were the areas that were hurting like crazy. I could barely make it to a chair to sit down b/c the pain kept getting worse with every step.
Thankfully it didn't last too long once I sat/laid for a while though.

Yikes... that was pretty scary though. I felt my munchkin kicking not too long after so I knew she was still ok in there and I didn't have any kind of bleeding or anything so I'm sure it was just the RL that I pulled.

Last night when I went to bed was UGH so annoying.
I was literally waking up every hour.
I'm still having to mouth breath b/c my nose is so stuffed up, and that dries out my mouth and throat so much it hurts.
So I kept waking up from that. I'd drink something, use the bathroom and lay back down. I had at least 3 glasses of water last night.
Don't mind the constant peeing so much b/c at least that doesn't hurt, but the sore throat and aching mouth SUCKS.
Wish my nose would just unstuff already... or I would just get a cold or something. I hate this inbetween feeling I'm getting. Waiting to see if SOMETHING is going to happen or not.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

22 weeks

Well, this last week seemed to go by quickly thank goodness. Not sure why but I'm not complaining.

Got in one of the dresses/skirts I ordered yesterday.
Took my weekly bump shot along with a photo in the dress.

First up... bump shot.... now compared to 20w
Wow.... looking at the 2.. my upper stomach has REALLY pooched out lol

And photo of me in the dress. It fits perfectly right now which kinda worries me b/c I know I'm gonna be HUGE in probably just another couple weeks. *shrugs* We'll see how well it fits later on.
I really like it though. Bought it off of ebay. It's preowned but in great condition... and I like that I actually look pregnant in it and not just fat lol. The extra cloth part hides the lower ugly pooch part well :P heh

UUUUUGH I'm so tired. Probably going to take a nap.
Didn't actually get back to sleep until around 4 something this morning. THEN I had to wake up to fix DH breakfast, and THEN I woke up at 7:30 so I could shower and then take the car in.

I HATE having to take the car in b/c it takes forever.... forever equaling 2.5hrs today and $140 poorer... bleh.

Drinking extra water before going to bed did nothing. I'm sure it helped though that I hadn't really had much earlier. I dunno what it is but I REALLY dislike getting something to drink at someone else's home. So yeah, we were at SiL's all night basically and I had only had 1 small cup of tea.
When we finally got home, I chugged down almost 3 glasses of water within 10mins before going to bed.
Still woke up with my mouth super dry and throat painful and scratchy.
I barely had to use the bathroom too so that tells me I was pretty dehydrated even with all that I did end up drinking before bed.
Not doing that again...

Wide Awake

It's 3:17am currently and I'm wide awake.
Woke up at 1:30 actually and finally at 2:30 decided that I wasn't getting back to sleep any time soon so might as well get up until I'm tired again. Hasn't happened yet though so here I am to ramble on about stuff.

Worked on nursery some more yesterday. Got interrupted by my mom wanting to go pick strawberries though lol.  It's all good though, I'll just start back up later today.
I don't have too much more to do to the actual wall. Some touching up mostly and need to do shading on the bottom portion which will be nice since I can just sit my butt on the floor.
I hate getting up on the stepping ladder thing. It's only 2 steps up.. that's it, but I get vertigo easily and being pregnant, I just don't like getting on to it.
I have that then it's time to start drawing then cutting out the figures and such.

I'm so sick of people making snide comments about us wanting to cloth diaper.
We saw DH's family yesterday for a small get together for FiL's birthday. He told them then that we're going to CD, and of course it was met with snickers and comments about how they'll give it a month.
Pretty much the exact same shit my brother said that pissed me off before.

I think the only person that actually thought it was a good idea was my mom when I told her.

I mean really... what's so damn shocking about wanting to CD? Excuse me if I don't want to have a garbage bin full of stanky old crusty disposables. Excuse me if I want to save some money (in the long run). NM the whole adding to landfills thing.
Geeze.. tell people you want to CD and they stare at you like you've just sprouted a 2nd head.

In more mundane news... gotta take the car in today. Been putting off taking it in b/c I hate sitting there waiting for it lol. Plus I just feel SO awkward for some reason b/c I have no clue on anything car related. I know how to drive one, and I know where the gas goes.. and yeah.. that's it lol.
It needs to be done though. Think I'm about 1000m over when I should've taken it in heh.... oops.

UGH, someone posted on a forum about a very very small observation (or study as I think the article put it), about how being fat, having diabetes and high blood pressure etc could be a cause for autism.
Oh that sure sounds horrific! Until you read that they only looked in to 1000 cases.

Seriously, that's not even a speck of dirt on a beach. I understand that all studies need a starting point, but why post shit like that when they KNOW it's going to make women get all paranoid, as if we already don't have enough to be paranoid about.

I hate articles like that that try to make it sound like it's 100% proven fact, ya know?

My body is not liking fried chicken. Had some for dinner and been burping it up since. No heartburn or anything, just every once in a while, I'll burp and a tiny bit will up come. BLEH.
It was tasty though heh

We have our first class tonight (Tuesday). It's just for the car seat safety thing though and we're not sure if we need to bring a carseat or not.
One thing says no, another says yes. BUT the thing is, we need to take the class in order to get the discount on the carseats offered by the hospital... so... yeah.
Guess we'll find out tonight!

Alrighty... think I'm gonna try to get back to sleep... we'll see how successful that is.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Lazy lazy lazy

Just feeling so.... so low energy lately. Not to the point that I'm not functioning, but still.. just yeah. I feel lazy.
*shrugs* Oh well..

Used my bellyband for the first time this morning. Works pretty well except that it can peak out from the bottom of my shirt. I'm not too worried about that though. Honestly I could care less if someone knows I'm wearing it lol.

I'm actually pretty pleased with it though. Took it out and wondered how the heck something so thin would be able to hold up my pants, but they did. So YAY :D

I need to figure out something for night time b/c I keep waking up feeling like I haven't had anything to drink for the day. I've been mouth breathing a lot b/c my nose is a bit stuffier than usual, so my mouth dries out to the point that it's painful when I do try to swallow. I hope I'm not getting another cold, but I wouldn't be surprised if I did.

Going to try chugging down at least 2 glasses of water before going to bed. Sure I'll be up every hour needing to wee, but that's better than what I've been dealing with.

Baby girl seems to be doing well heh. I love feeling her kick. It still kinda weirds me out though when she moves and I can feel my clothes shift b/c of it lol.

She seems a bit more active again which I always enjoy. Last night when trying to get back to sleep, she was kicking up pretty high, about 2 inches above my waist. Got to feel it with my hand a couple of times :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Well shit....

It looks like we may have termites!!!
I know we've spotted some outside before, but didn't think we had any inside since we get an annual termite inspection.
Well I guess we need to get inspected again soon b/c I was just vacuuming and noticed something weird with one of the moldings on the wall. It looked like there were little clumps of sawdust everywhere and like the wood had been scratched deeply.
So I get down to look and poke around and it's brittle. NOT a good sign but thankfully looks like it's only just in that area (visible area at least).

SO I look online at termite signs, and yep... that's def one and that sawdust looking stuff was most likely termite poo. AND.... these flying ants we keep seeing in the house... well apparently aren't flying ants at all but are actually flying termites!!
We had them last year, but only for a really brief period of time and that was it.
Well they've been ALL over the place this year. All in the garage, sunroom and most recently the foyer which probably means their nest is in or under our house somewhere.
Sigh... damnit damnit damnit....
I hope it's not as bad as I'm imagining it to be.


Feeling better today thankfully. Well, at least emotionally I am.
Our silent treatments towards eachother thankfully usually don't last too long. Maybe until the next day but I think it's only that long b/c neither of us really knows how to apologize to eachother lol.

Anyway, we're good now... and my dogs haven't gotten on my nerves yet.

My right hip/thigh is frickin killing me though. Not sure what the hell I did to it last night sleeping but it aches like crazy right now. About to get up and vaccuum the house. Hope it helps to loosen things up or something b/c sitting here isn't doing anything but making me more aware of the pain.

Is it weird that I can't really bring myself to call my baby by her name?
I'm fine saying little girl, baby girl, etc... but actually referring to her by name feels SO frickin strange to me and I'm not sure why exactly.
Zoe is her name.. 100%.... but I dunno... it still doesn't feel quite right to call her that yet. *shrugs*

Speaking of my little munchkin....
She's moving around this morning. Not a whole lot, but enough that I notice it. GAH I still wish I knew what exactly was moving. If she's still head down, then it's probably her little hands and arms.

Also... my stomach is making some pretty good noises... just made me smile thinking about the first noises that our little babies actually hear. Those lovely gas and stomach churnings rofl. Do they find them comforting? I'm sure they probably don't really care when they first hear it, it's just kinda strange to think that those sounds are the first they probably do hear very clearly.

Alrighty, gotta get some work done!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


I finally blew up at DH.
Our oldest dog is afraid of loud noises like thunder and fireworks.
Well morons outside for some reason think Easter is a good time to shoot off fireworks so of course she (the dog) starts getting scared and pacing around.
No it's not sweet, it's damn annoying. With my patience already on thin ice with the dogs... this set me off when she wouldn't get away from me so I yelled at her.
DH already knew I was getting pissed at the dogs b/c I frickin told him I was earlier.
But apparently he decides to tell me not to yell at the dog (NM that he does it too, not this particular time but he has before).
So of course this just pisses me off and UGH.... now we're going to have our nice silent treatment fight.
I'm just glad we're not one of those yelling at eachother couples. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with that if that's the way a couple has to deal with their issues...
The silent treatment is just how WE deal with ours, ya know?

But yeah.... I'm pissed off at him now and just need to rant.

I'm pissed off at SiL and my brother.
I love my nieces to pieces (HA!)....
I really do, but they are both BRATS. I mean straight up brats.
They're the kids you dread seeing at a restaraunt or store. The ones running around all over the place getting under everyone's feet.

I blame my SiL and brother for it. Yes MiL spoiled my oldest niece (we'll call oldest niece E and youngest F).... but MiL wasn't the cause for E being the way she is.
How is E supposed to feel when she KNOWS that her mom is trying to get rid of her every single weekend?? My SiL practically begs MiL to take E & F for the weekend. How would that make anyone feel?? That sure as hell wouldn't make me feel very wanted and loved.

And how my dogs are getting on my nerves today.... that is how SiL treats her 2 girls ALL the time. They can't frickin do ANYTHING without getting yelled at.
I know for a fact that SiL and my brother sit their asses on their computers for most of the day. It's either that, or one of them (usually my brother) when both are home, will get up early while the other sleeps in until 1-2 in the afternoon.
On the rare occassions when they do have both girls, or hell, even just one on a weekend... they don't do anything with them. How about taking them to a damn playground every once in a while?? There are PLENTY of free playgrounds all around the county they could go to for a couple of hours, but nope! They'd rather just sit at home like a couple of lumps on a log.

SiL gets her feelings hurt when E doesn't want to come home from MiL's house. Can anyone really blame E for wanting to stay at someone's house that actually acts like they give a crap? That actually takes her places and does things with her?

SiL is really sweet... she's not a terrible person at all and is a really good person, but her and my brother need some kind of wake up call. They're just in total denial about SO many things.

One more example... SiL keeps telling me how they've never been on a family vacation together. Aww, that's sad... until you realize how much money they just spent on a new computer monitor for her.... or a new tv.... or for cable, or monthly subscriptions to their online game or whatever else they waste money on.

Just UGH so frustrated with them as usual. I just can't say ANY of this to them because I know it would hurt their feelings and hurt our relationship with them and I don't want that.
There's NO way of saying any of this no matter how mild I could dream of putting it... so here I am... hormonal, pissed off... and ranting.

NO patience!!

I guess it's hormones b/c good lord.. I want to strangle my dogs!!!
Figure of speech of course, but just UGH... everything they're doing is getting on my last nerve.
Hearing them bark when I leave the house.... them getting in the way, stepping on my feet, etc etc....
I keep yelling at them.. sigh, poor pups.
Hope this doesn't spill over on to DH. I think it kinda did last night. It was pretty chilly so we pulled out some blankets to get under while we watched tv. He kept playing around and pulling the blanket off of me and man... I would've literally kicked him off of the couch if I had let my impatience get the better of me.

Thankfully it doesn't seem like a constant problem. Just instances....

On a better note.... I FINALLY started working on the painting in the room and man.. it is going to be such a pain!!! Well.. it already is such a pain! lol
Going to have to buy more paint tomorrow probably. Shouldn't need much thankfully, but do need certain colors.
Man.. I am not a good painter :P lol I know some people just have a gift for it, but I do not.
Drawing, painting on the computer... sure.. that's me, but painting IRL... NO WAY!
I'm trying my best though and hopefully it won't look awful in the end heh


UUUUUUUGH.... Our neighbors to the left of us aren't bad people at all... but the woman goes outside and smokes.
Not a bad thing to do if you're a smoker, but bad if you live next to them and are usually downwind.
Sitting here in our computer room with the window open and every single time there is even the slightest breeze, I get a nose full of nasty stank cig smoke. BLEH

Anywho... I totally pigged out last night at Red Lobster. I HATE Red Lobster and we only went b/c that's where FiL wanted to go for his birthday. I tore up some food and it wasn't even good.
Then came home and had a BIG bowl of mint choc icecream *drools*....
I ate WAY too much and when I went to bed my heart was pounding. Not going faster, just pounding which has happened before when I've eaten too much.
Sigh... good times good times.

Hoping my appetite is easing up a bit though. Not feeling that need to eat today yet, but then again I'm sure I still have a stomach full of food digesting from last night :P

I wish I knew what baby girl was doing when I feel certain movements. Kicks are pretty obvious, but there are other sensations that leave me wondering what exactly she's doing in there.
Like earlier this morning... I felt this really low down movement that was just... strange. Maybe like a small turning sensation or maybe she was moving her hands around or something I dunno.
Somone needs to come out with Home ultrasound machines :P lol

Friday, April 6, 2012


Well, I learned today that I have like no patience, I'm picky as hell, and I look VERY pregnant in a dress lol.

I went to Ross today to check out their dresses. They did have a lot of really cute stuff that I liked, but I swear, every single one of them had a mystery stain on it! BLEH!
That and they weren't lined so you could see straight through them.
I may go back and look again when I'm feeling a bit more patient but meh.

I went to Walmart right after hoping to at least find some skirts, but pfft, NOPE.
So frustrating.

I did buy 2 onesies at Walmart. LOL I know I know... but I wanted to look for 'Daddy' onesies and found 2.
They're both Holiday ones, but still cute and think maybe one of them will be the take home outfit


Baby girl was not very active yesterday at all. I maybe felt her a handful of times and that was it.
I read that when they're not as active it's b/c they're going through a growth spurt. No idea if it's true or not, but with the way my appetite has been, I can believe it.

It's still pretty bad today.. and that equals a whole lot of junk food bought at Walmart lol.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

One more for the day

I got in my Target purchases! WOO!

Good lord, I need to stop buying baby clothes! lol This LO is going to have more clothes than I do by the time she comes :P
I just can't help myself. Damn the stores for having adorable clothing!!

Anyway... here's what I got! :D

For when LO is older. Think it said 2T? I couldn't resist though.. think it was only 3.50 if that much. I can't remember.

Cute little newborn outfit.

I absolutely LOVE these onesies. I mainly got it for the polka dot one at the bottom though. Didn't even realize it said "Daddy's Sweetie" under the cupcake. Dawwwww

I made an oops purchase. SIGH. So I bought these onesies in newborn size..... AND in 3m size... DER
So yeah.. she'll be sporting the same look for a little while at least hehe

And finally... I bought her a Christmas outfit! lol I couldn't resist getting it. They had an adorable reindeer one too, but I liked this one better

She's gonna be our little elf on Xmas :)

Gotta say

once again that I am F-ing HUNGRY!
I had my oh so healthy Chef Boyardee Beefaroni. That usually fills me up along with the glass or 2 of water I drink with it.
Hells no it didn't today.
So I ate DH's cheap chicken flavored ramen. *drools* It was SO good lol....
And yep... I'm STILL hungry!
I have myself a nice big glass of milk that I'm about to chug down, but don't think it's gonna do much :(
I'm about to go make myself some peanut butter toast or something. I hope this doesn't last much longer than a few days b/c one.. I don't want to gain a ton of weight from it heh.. and 2... I don't want to have to go to the store to buy more food b/c we certainly do not have enough for me to keep eating like this :P lol

Oh it's gonna be hell...

It's only a little above 80 today. Pleasant weather to everyone except me. I am hot as hell and sweating like crazy!!! I NEED to get myself some skirts or dresses or something for when I go out b/c capri pants are not going to cut it.

Headed out to Target today to look for dresses or skirts. Oh they have some nice stuff, but WAY too expensive for what I want to pay for it lol. Plus, what's with summer dresses having spaghetti straps or halter tops? I have big not-so-perky boobs and I NEED to wear a bra damnit!! I am not some young teenager with an A cup that can get away with going braless! Grrr

So yeah... that was a bust for myself. Well, I did buy a belly band :D
Frickin $17 for it though. I mean I guess that isn't too terrible, but still not too cheap either.
I figured I could use it with a lot of the pants I have so I won't have to worry about buying too many maternity things. At least that's my hope anyway.

I also bought a few baby clothes lol. I couldn't resist! Plus I wanted to try to find the take home outfit. Target has some damn cute stuff. GAH I was going crazy wanting to buy everything!
BUT I controlled myself and only bought a few clearance items.

It says newborn, but it looked pretty big to me so hoping LO will be able to wear it for at least a little while.

And I bought a lot of 3m pants. It should be getting cool around when Zoe is that age and also hoping she'll fit in to them for a while heh.

The pink is just the same as the blue one on top

And finally, here's my new stash of cloth diapers.
Need to get about 12 more of the smaller size ones and should be good to go for a while :)

Was afraid my throat was going to be sore today. Woke up to use the bathroom last night and my throat was SO sore. Of course that made me want to keep swallowing which made it feel worse.
Thankfully it's ok now but gonna forego my can of soda (diet and decaff) at dinner and just keep drinking water.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Was sitting on the couch reading. Had my hand kinda resting on my stomach holding the book and I felt a kick!
This was WAY above my waist too. Surprised me so much that I said out loud WTH? lol
She did it again right after too.

I have a short torso I guess. Was not expecting to feel her that high yet since I still feel her pretty low still.

She's been SO active today though. It's still weird feeling the movement and the kicks, but yes, still very cool heh.
I understand why this part is the fav of a lot of women :)

My appetite is going CRAZY right now and I'm not sure why.
DH was off, so we went out for lunch. I couldn't eat all of my food and it left me feeling pretty full and bloated.
For dinner though.. I just want to eat eat and eat some more! I may just need to drink more water. I haven't had that much today and really need to get on that before bed.


Never thought I'd be one to worry about my weight so much lol. Or well.. weight while pregnant.
I mean, I know I should try not to gain too much, but I wasn't really concerned about it before.
But then after my big worryfest the other day... it started to bother me etc.

Anyway.... I was up to 208 just 2 days ago, but thankfully, I'm back down to 204, so it was def bloating.
Thank goodness! I was afraid tht I had actually gained 3lbs in only a few days lol.

Feeling off today. I feel like I had enough to drink yesterday, but my body doesn't think so. I have that weird off feeling when you're dehydrated. It was bad last night. I kept waking up wanting to swallow b/c it felt like phlegm stuck in my throat and now my throat is slightly sore.
Oh well.... drinking a lot today so hopefully this feeling will pass.

My mom bought me crab yesterday! OMG it was so good. Have some left in the freezer to steam and eat whenever and I can't wait! I just wish crab wasn't so damn expensive though or else I would've gotten some myself. Save her some money.

Oh I got my order of cloth diapers in yesterday! WOO! I'll post pics later b/c I'm feeling lazy right now lol.
It's nothing special but I dunno, always makes me excited :P hehe

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Banana!! Was waiting to get to that one on the ticker. Dunno WHY but I just wanted to get there lol.

Here's my 21w shot compared to 19w

Hmmm... I look smaller in the newer photo lol.
Oh well....
My waist is slowly slowly going away. I hope I round out a bit more. Get rid of the double gut thing going on.

Anywho... man, this last week felt like it took FOREVER. Good thing b/c DH was off so it felt like longer with him, but bad b/c as I've said, I want these next weeks to fly by! lol

DH is off tomorrow... he has to work this weekend so.. yeah that sucks. Gonna try to get him to call the furniture place to see if the crib we wanted to look at it on display yet. Yes, I'm still really impatient about that :P It's not like we'd even be taking it home that day or anything... but to have it picked out and on layaway would be nice.

Symptom check....

Gag reflex is still sensitive, but not nearly as bad as it was. Only times I've gagged are when I eat too much and when I'm brushing my teeth.

Getting random aches down in the uterus area. Probably just everything stretching as usual

Nipples still itchy. It's not all the time though like it was before thank goodness.

Sleeping like crap & I'm becoming a bit more tired during the day. Actually took a nap yesterday and it was wonderful!

I think some of the water I was retaining all came out last night. I got up at least 6 times to pee. Every time was full flow too. Figured something was gonna happen though. I drank A LOT of water yesterday and almost every time I went, it was only a trickle.

My meat aversion seems to be relaxing a bit. Home cooked chicken is still not my fav thing to eat. Actually.. I don't want it at all, but force myself to have a little.
But my aversion to steak seems to be getting better. I still don't really want it, but the thought of having some doesn't turn my stomach any longer.

Monday, April 2, 2012


UUUUUGH... teaches me to frickin google!

I'm now REALLY concerned about my blood pressure.
It was borderline high before getting pregnant and has stayed the same after, but who is to say it will continue on that path now.
Just so afraid that I'm going to get pre-e.

Also afraid that I'm gaining weight too quickly now.
Took a shower after I ate lunch so I know my weight was up a little b/c of that, but still.. I'm up to 208 today.
I know I'm still bloated, not as much as before, but.... I dunno.... just UGH everything is worrying me right now :(

I was gonna go work on the painting some today but think I'll just go lay on the couch and sulk a bit lol. Sigh.......

Back to work

DH went back to work today :( Boo
We got a lot done.. or well... HE got a lot done this last week though so that's good. And lucky that he even had the week off so I'm grateful for that too.

He's taking off 3 weeks when the LO arrives. He wants to wait until I actually go in to labor before taking off which I'm cool with. Means more time he gets to spend at home with the baby :)

Lil Zoe seems to be a lot more active. Either that or b/c she's getting bigger, I'm just feeling her more often.
She's an active little monkey at night/early morning. If I'm laying on my stomach (not fully of course), even just a little bit, and she's on that side, she'll start moving and kicking like crazy heh.
Gosh, I hope this 2nd half goes quickly. I can't wait to meet her :)

I'm totally 100% addicted to buying baby clothes!! Thankfully I do have some self control so I haven't gone completely crazy, but yeah.... I did buy some stuff yesterday online.
Come on, was having some clearance and sale stuff and I had to take advantage of it!
AND of course... it was $50 for free shipping I HAD to buy that much to get the free shipping *nodnod*

I don't even know if I'll use some of it though. I bought some pants on clearance, but the only size they had was newborn.
She's gonna be born in the summer and it gets hot as hell here so yeah... not even sure if I'll be using those.
Guess if I don't use them, save them for next baby or give them to someone :)

Looking at all of the stuff though... it made me realize that we're probably not going to need a lot of newborn size stuff. Or we shouldn't be buying newborn size stuff until we actually know how big our LO is gonna be at birth. I know that's not always correct, but it will still give us an idea.

Last night I had some pretty sharp pains down there. It wasn't too bad, but still uncomfortable. Was on the left side, right side and a little in the middle down near my vagina. Figured it was probably things stretching, but still had me worried at the time.
Still getting some dull aches on my right side now actually.

DH wants to use disposable diapers when we go out. Now I get not wanting to carry around a giant diaper bag with dirty diapers in it, but... the point of getting the cloth was so we could save money and not worry about adding waste to landfills. I'll have to look up what others do when out and about b/c I really don't want to use disposables if I can help it.

Oh! Bought some Tide for the diapers yesterday too. I know someone mentioned to me here about just using Tide (thanks again for that!), and I found an article that also mentioned that Tide or any other regular brand powder would work just fine.
It was on sale at Kroger yesterday for a really good price so we bought 2 small boxes of it :D
Not going to wash them until the dresser is where it needs to be, but just knowing that's out of the way is nice.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

So.. now that's out in the open

We went and had lunch with the inlaws.
I did have a little bit to eat. Thought I would balloon up even more but thankfully the opposite happened. WOO!
Anyway, they started to go on and on about how they weren't invited to the ultrasound etc. And then asked if anyone was going to be for the birth.
NOPE! They sure aren't. Of course I didn't say it like that lol. Thankfully MiL understands but DH's aunt is one pushy woman.

Oh well.. I don't see why they're still going on about the anatomy scan. It's over and done with, time to move on!

Anywho, they started asking about the baby kicking and moving and said SiL didn't feel hers move this early. I'm sure it helped that her baby was probably a lot smaller than it should've been though due to SiL's bad morning sickness. They said that she wouldn't really let them look or feel the baby move.
Surpringly.... I'd actually be ok with them touching my stomach once baby is bigger. Not sure about looking at it bare or anything lol. No one but my DH and doc need to see my hairy stomach :P
I'm sure I'm gonna be A LOT bigger than she was during her pregnancy though so maybe will be able to see this little girl move around from under the shirt.
But anyway.... yeah.. I know I still don't want strangers touching me, but I'd be ok with family.

On the way home, DH and I started talking and joking about when we could have sex again after I give birth. Then he asked when I'd want to start trying again.
If my body cooperates, I think I'd like to wait a year. Wait for Zoe to reach a year old and then start trying again, but up to that point... not try, but not protect and if it happens, then it was meant to be.
I just hope my body becomes 'normal' after this. I doubt it will though. I know I'll start back up with being primal so hopefully will have lost even more weight by the time I hopefully get pregnant again.

Wish we didn't have to be in such a rush to have kids. I understand why we waited to start trying, but obviously never imagined it would take us 3 years just to get to this point, ya know? Feels like such a race to get our family started and finished before I can't any longer.