Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy almost New Year!

Good lord... almost 2015 already? Where the hell did this last year go? Well... obviously the first trimester went by SO dang slow, but the rest just flew by. Wow.
365 days really isn't that long though once you really think about it.
Geeze... still... it's hard to believe that we're about to start a brand new spankin year.
I hope it's going to be a good one for everyone :)

I still have my voice this morning. YAY! :D lol
I was sure that I would lose it b/c my throat felt terrible last night, but it's feeling much better today and my voice isn't cracking nearly as much as it was.
Coughing a bit more, but I can also feel my sinuses draining more too. Gross. It's like all of the water I drink goes right to mucus production. Just ate some spicy tomato soup and WOW that was a lot of snot I blew out rofl.

I'm still feeling ok though. Feels like I have a mild headache, but it's just the pressure/vice feeling from the cold.

Still feeling so paranoid about baby boy moving. I usually feel him move when going to bed and didn't feel him at all last night.
But he's making up for it this morning by kicking the hell out of everything in there.

We have no plans for tonight. It's going to be cold and I just want to stay home, relax, and get better. Maybe have a cup of hot chocolate after dinner :D

Think I'm going to have to get rid of my after dinner piece of candy though. After taking my glucose level after dinner, I'll usually eat a piece of candy or a cookie and take my glyburide then. Well 3 out of 4 times, my fasting has been above 90. Only just by a couple of points, but that's still not good.
So yeah... going to try something else. Maybe just a glass of milk or some of my low sugar juice, but nothing else and see what happens. The one time that it was below 90 was when I didn't eat nearly as much junk. Think I just had one reeses christmas tree (gave other to DH) and that was it. I think those other times I let my sweet tooth get the better of me.
We'll see what happens.

I'll post photos of the room in a bit. Feeling lazy right now. Even though I don't feel worse, I still didn't sleep great last night b/c of the stuffiness and throat aching. Just feeling drained so don't feel like getting up to do much.
I will later though. Going to start painting Wolverine and Phoenix :D

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


DH is out on guy's night. He hasn't had one in forever b/c of the holidays and just b/c everyone is so busy.

Sitting here resting my back after finishing up the 2nd part of the nursery wall. Really misjudged how much paint we would need for that section. We bought a gallon and yep... still have almost the entire gallon left. Oops. Could've probably gotten away with maybe 2 sample sizes.
Oh well. Too late now.

DH just needs to tape up the ceiling and I need to tape up the edges of what I just painted so we can finish the rest of it. Hoping he'll do the upper stuff so I won't have to lol.

Will probably start working on some of the superheroes in the mean time.

Will post progress photos tomorrow if I remember.

Embarrassing and gross.... went to the bathroom 10mins ago and saw that apparently... I had sharted and didn't even realize it. Looked to have just been a tiny tiny bit that came out but still.. EW.
Can't believe I didn't even realize it had happened. I did have some gas earlier but it didn't feel like anything special lol.

My cold is def getting worse. Still not too bad but my throat is starting to ache. Can't tell if it's from mouth breathing, not drinking enough, or just the cold.
But my voice is definitely giving out on me. It hasn't completely gone away, just cracking and I sound like I'm sicker than I feel lol. Would not be surprised if it's gone tomorrow morning. I hope not.. but also kind of hope it is too.
I know that's weird, but I've never lost my voice before and I dunno... just think it would be something new to experience.

Zoe gets so worried over me and it's adorable! When I start to ache or like today whenever I sniffed my head would feel like someone was crushing it.... she would come over all worried and say "Mommy, what's wrong? What's wrong mommy?"
OH GAWD I just can't handle the cuteness from her sometimes lol. Love my munchkin so much.

Gotta teach them young :P

Zoe's granny (MiL) bought her a little play cleaning set for Christmas and BOY does Zoe love it. She keeps pretending to clean everything. She actually could if she figured out exactly how to use them right lol. All they are are miniature versions of cleaning items. Like a broom, hand brush thing, sponges, etc.
As I said in the title.. gotta teach them young to clean up after themselves hehe.... and after the parents :P

UGH my nipples are so damn itchy!! It's mostly the right one and it drives me crazy at night when it usually itches the worst.
Looked at it earlier today to see if it was dry and the skin was peeling like I had a sunburn on my nipple only. WTH? And of course peeling the skin off only made it itch worse. Awesome.
I try to keep them lotioned up, but usually end up forgetting to reapply some more later in the day.

This cold needs to start going away already. Hate sniffing in and feeling like my head is in a vice.
Overall, it's still not bad. Just a mild cold, but it's still annoying. My voice is cracking b/c I have to mouth breath which makes everything dry up and just... bleh.
Hope it's not like the head cold I got when pregnant with Zoe. Something that would normally last... maybe a week at the most lasted something like 2-3. No thank you!
Will have to take some tylenol before bed tonight to see if it helps w/ the pain from the drying mouth/throat.

Also not fun to sniss.... aka sneezing and pissing yourself. Thankfully it doesn't happen every time and when it does, it's only a little bit of pee, but still.... not fun. Funny... but not fun lol.

Lower part of the wall is pretty much done. WOOT! Just have to clean up a few spots (mostly the windows) and should be ok. I'm sure I'll have more to fix once I start painting the part above it but I'll worry about that when it happens. Just glad to have some progress in the nursery :)

Oh and another symptom..... I have gas ALL the time now. And most of the time... it sneaks out. There's no warning before it comes out. You know how you can just feel gas that's about to toot out? Yeah.... this just happens. Walking around in the kitchen and it sounds like my ass is playing a trumpet.

And... my skin is looking TERRIBLE. Not sure if it's pregnancy related but I've had so many new blackhead spots appear on my face. It's disgusting and just oh so attractive :\
Nevermind the backne. Oh that pregnancy 'glow'.....

Monday, December 29, 2014

Why you little...

One of the things I forgot to mention....
Zoe loves getting on the kindle and I don't mind her being on it for a limited amount of time. Well apparently I don't supervise her good enough b/c the girl pre-ordered a book LOL.
She's actually downloaded some free games too for it. Oops.
Thankfully it was only $5 and something I'll read, but still.... that could've turned in to something very expensive :P

DH disabled all of that though so hopefully we won't have anymore problems :P

UGH, this cold isn't too bad, but it's still keeping me up at night. Stuffy nose I can deal with but my mouth drying out and then my nose dries out and becomes painful.... it sucks.
Right now I'm just feeling a little hot, stuffy and like I'm permanently in a fog. Hoping it only gets as bad as this.

Aww, Zoe was so sweet. She follows me in to the bathroom of course. I was using the bathroom and she saw my stomach which just had an indentation from my PJ bottoms. She saw it though and got this worried look on her face and said "Oh no! Mommy hurt."
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *heart melts*
My sweet baby girl.

I know there was something else I wanted to mention but can't remember now.
So instead of that.... here's some photo spam!!

At the family get together. She had fun trying to play pool... and I'm pretty sure this is where she caught the cold.

Sneak peak at the nursery. A lot more has been done but I haven't taken more photos yet.
First photo is Zoe's contribution lol.

Zoe just being cute

And finally a few photos from Christmas. We took a bunch at first but then just completely forgot to take more later in the day. Whoops.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sick but ok

So this cold that has been going around has finally gotten to me. I can't resist kisses from my girl so I knew it would happen. I'm sure her coughing and sneezing all over me didn't help either lol.

Thankfully it doesn't seem that bad though. Zoe still has it but it's mostly just random coughing here and there and slightly runny nose right now. So nothing too bad. Hoping it's that way for me too.

Well... this is if I don't catch the flu that SiL had and her dumbass going out to eat with us anyway. UGH that makes me so angry. Yes, other SiL was leaving that day, but you have the FLU... stay your ass home. Your sister will understand! Hell, she even asked why she didn't just stay home.
And I know people always complain about their husband's being the big babies when sick... no... that's SiL. The girl reverts back to a damn bossy 5yo child when she gets sick (and not w/ the flu.. I know that's serious and sucky). She is lucky her husband has the patience of a dang saint.

Gave other SiL the femara and the rest of the ovulation tests. She seemed pretty excited to try it when her husband gets home. I really hope it helps. Hell... I will call in and ship her the refills of it if she wanted me to. I think I have 3 refills.
I had thought she was doing some kind of fertility treatments but she said that the one near her isn't accepting anymore patients right now.
That's actually pretty sad that there are that many people needing treatment :( I hope something works for her though. I hate that she is going through this at all and as I've said before... she would make such a wonderful mommy.
I think they've looked in to possibly adopting too, so they're looking at every option out there it seems.

Hmmm, there were other things I wanted to mention but of course... now I can't think of anything.
Oh well....

Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry the day after Christmas!

Or Happy Holidays if you celebrate something else... or WOO it's Friday! For anyone that doesn't celebrate anything :D

Yesterday was great and SO tiring.
Had to wake up early to put ham in the oven and even then it could've used at least another 30min-1hr.
Oh well.

Zoe took to opening her presents like a champ lol. Santa brought her the easel which she loves and she LOVED opening everything else. Would rip some paper off and want to put it in the bag of trash hehe. It was a very tidy Xmas morning here :P lol

I just set up her Little People princess castle thing for her (which was easy but also a PITA) and she's playing with it right now. We'll have to upgrade to a much larger doll house eventually but she loves it :)
Now have to set up/open everything else for her..... as soon as we figure out where to put everything.

She made out like a bandit though. Her and her cousins. Holy crap... they all got SO much stuff. I can understand though. It's just SO much fun shopping for LOs. You see all of this stuff that you know they'll love and it's hard to resist getting it. Heck, up until Xmas eve we were still wanting but resisting the urge to buy more for Zoe lol.

Ok, just set up her hello kitty play tent thing. Holy crap it's HUGE but Zoe loves it too. She's crawling in and out of it :)

I got a game, Guardians of the Galaxy from Dh's friends. We already bought Guardians but oh well.
And then DH got me 2 shirts.... same thing I got for him heh. We kept our gifts simple and cheap since we were going all out for everyone else.

Went out to Target (2 different ones) and Home Depot this morning.
There were a couple of ornaments I wanted to try to get for Xmas next year for half off. Got a couple, but not the one I was hoping they'd have. It was a cutesy looking Spiderman and I think they had some cutesy Star Wars ones too. They did have 2 storm troopers but both of them were broke. OH well... They'll probably have it next year, so will try again then.... or more like pay full price for them b/c the hell if I'm going out with 2 youngins lol. And yes, I did go to 2 different ones just to look for those ornaments lol. It was still early though so not a lot of people out.
People be crazy up in the Xmas sections though. Good lord they go crazy for the discount Christmas stuff. People with their carts filled to the brim and then some with it. Insane.

Actually had to wake Zoe up. Poor girl woke up at 3 last night and was coughing every 5mins or so. Not a bad cough though thankfully. I was already awake b/c Fuck pregnancy insomnia.. that's why :\
About to put Zoe down for a nap in a second.

Oh and I went to Home Depot to color match the yellow acrylic paint I was using in the nursery. Yes... I started to paint *gasp* lol
Yellow acrylic paint just SUCKS ASS. It doesn't cover anything for shit and you have to use so many layers.
After the paint peeled off a few spots.. I just said screw it and went and got some actual for the walls paint to use in there. I only got a sample size which is plenty... not going to go over every single spot if I can help it. Just over the obvious areas that need to be covered.

Oh and looked at Target online today and bought a bunch of clothes for baby boy too. Had to be quick b/c a lot of what I did want was already sold out. Frickin love a good clearance sale.

Oh but Christmas was good overall. Zoe had a blast with her cousins and all of the new stuff she got. And yeah... it was good.... well.. except for dinner. The salad and roll I had were good and.... that was it. We were supposed to have steak but someone royally screwed up the giant piece of expensive meat that was purchased.
They were trying to cook it like a prime rib roast but it ended up cooking like an extremely dried out pot roast. There was so much of it left b/c it was disgusting. Just a total waste. Such a shame b/c I was looking forward to some good steak :(

We're supposed to be going back tonight for turkey. Hopefully it won't be ruined lol.

And yep.... think I need to take my glyburide with dinner. My fasting level has been in low to mid 70's the last 2 days which IMO is too low. Going to try taking the glyburide earlier to see if it helps.

Baby boy didn't move at all when we were at inlaws. Think he could hear all of the noise and froze. Made me paranoid though so when we came home real quick mid afternoon, I dopplered just to check on him and his lil heart was beating and he kicked a few times.


And this is my cue that Zoe needs a nap. Defiant and grumpy is never a good combo in a toddler.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Grr, stupid

So, I had 2 packs of oatmeal again for breakfast this morning and my sugar was 121! BLEH!!
It's been below 110's the last few times I've had it. Low sugar oatmeal my ass.
AND my doctor's office didn't call in my glyburide prescription yesterday. Really???
My fasting was only 92 this morning thankfully (was afraid it was going to just keep going up and up). But still... shouldn't that be something they call in pretty quick, especially when they told me they were going to call it in? Sigh. Will have to call the pharmacy to see if they got it in yet and if not, call my doc's office.


Had a terrible dream last night. It didn't start off bad, just kind of strange. It was a legos and video game land.
We were in a castle (after a bunch of other crap had happened), and FiL comes in asking to see Zoe. Just the look on his face.. I knew something was wrong.
Well, he sees Zoe and just gives her a big hug and tells her he loves her.
No one else really notices anything strange, but I can't help but speak up and ask him why he's telling Zoe goodbye.
He gets the anguished look on his face but doesn't say anything and I start to bawl in the dream b/c I know something is wrong and he was essentially telling Zoe goodbye b/c he was never going to see her again.
Well, the dream ended there b/c I woke myself up b/c I was actually sobbing in my sleep. I had tears just streaming down my face. That's never happened before and kind of weird that it did.

Zoe's cold doesn't seem to be worse. Did hear her coughing a couple of times during the night but that was probably just her sinuses draining.
Her nose is still runny but doesn't seem to be as bad as it was yesterday.
She didn't nap which always makes he cranky. Will try to get her to nap or at least relax in her room for a bit today. She did go right to sleep when we put her down for bed.

I used that suction bulb thing we still have from when she was born to suck out the snot from her nose last night. Good... gross.... lord....
There was a TON of it. She'd only let me suck some out a little bit at a time but it kept coming. So gross. Wish I could teach her how to just blow her nose. I've tried a couple of times, but she doesn't understand.

And I should start taping the nursery walls today. The heroes are mostly done. Just have some details to add which shouldn't take too long.
I don't think I'll be adding more heroes. We'll have pictures and other things to put up that will fill everything out a bit more.

Monday, December 22, 2014


Got a call back and back on glyburide I go.
Also had to reschedule my next appointment b/c they want to do another ultrasound for some reason. Hey whatever, not going to decline another chance to see my little man :) But if DH can't get off, then will have to drop Zoe off with her granny.

Also b/c I have to go back on glyburide.... I have to do the twice a week monitoring again.

I guess that's why I hadn't heard anything about it before. Damnit. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to go so far out of the way to drop Zoe off for these appointments.
Oh well. Gotta do what ya gotta do. Just going to be a giant PITA. May try to bring her for the NST appointments. Will try once and see how it goes lol. Wish they had a little nursery or something at this place. That would be SO helpful.
But hey... bright side being that I'll get to see Oren every week at the end. :)

Few more days!

.... until Christmas! So exciting :)
Hope everyone is doing well and getting all of your last minute shopping done with little headache heh.

Family get together yesterday wasn't that bad. But thank goodness DH had enough thought to buy 4 pizzas before we went. If we hadn't of gotten those pizzas... everyone would've filled up on nothing but sugary desserts and crackers :\
I couldn't eat any of said pizza though b/c I was saving my 'cheat' for something sugar lol.
Still though... how are you going to throw a party/get together and not provide some frickin food??? Geeze.

Zoe had fun. She spent the night w/ aunt and apparently her very slightly runny nose is now full blown snotfest along with sneezing. Awesome.
I know she caught this cold from one of her cousins. How do I know? Well b/c they always tell us after the fact that one of them is sick... you know... after Zoe has been around them, hugging them, giving them kisses, etc.
Obviously we can't put her in a bubble to keep her from getting sick, but how about NOT exposing her that much to other sick kids huh? Geeze.

Anyway... I'm hoping Zoe doesn't get any sicker. If she does.. I know I'll be soon behind her with my own cold.

Also really hoping she doesn't get sicker b/c I don't want her Christmas to be all miserable b/c she feels bad. She seems fine other than the sneezing and runny nose though so... FX.

Left a message with my doc this morning. My fasting was 99 today. Highest it has been. Figured with it going that high I should just go ahead and call instead of waiting. I mean it's not super high still, but better to be safe than sorry.
And speak of the devil, just got a call back. It was just the nurse saying they got the message and wanting to know what the lowest it's been since it has been elevated.
Will get a call back later with whatever the doctor says. So that's good.

Anterior placenta w/ a breech baby sucks for movement :( Don't get me wrong, obviously I would rather not feel anything and him be perfectly fine, but... not feeling him move for very long stretches gets me SO incredibly worried.
I felt him a lot more when he was head down. Even though the kicks were all being covered by the placenta, it still seemed like I felt him more often.
Oh well though. Like I said, all that matters is that he's ok in there.... it just makes me worry when I can't feel him.

Planning on working on the nursery today. Probably will after fixing and eating some lunch. :)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

3rd tri

Holy crap... am I really in third trimester already? MAN... the holidays is making this go by super fast. Maybe it will slow down afterwards, but.... who knows. Just feels like everything is flying by now and I feel so..... so unprepared.

I haven't done shit to the nursery. I did almost finish the cityscape... just have I think a few background buildings to do but that should only take a couple of minutes.
But then I have the superheroes to draw, figure out if I want to add more, taping everything up which is going to be such a PITA... and just UUUUUUUUGH.
Things just keep coming up though whether if it's just being tired or going somewhere so I haven't worked on it.

Ok... this week.... I have no plans on going anywhere so will try to devote most of the day working on it. I want to start painting by the end of the week. *nodnod* We'll see if it happens.... lol.

Grrr, another high fasting number. Again, not super high. Still in the 90's but BLEH!
They never mentioned about me having to come in for the whole NST plus an ultrasound another day of that week, but with this happening.... it might be a possibility at the end. I really hope not.
Seeing baby boy that often would be awesome, but it's going to be such a hassle having to drop Zoe off for the appointments.
Right now, my plan was to just take her with me and keep her busy w/ the kindle since the appointments would just be standard things like peeing in a cup, weight, blood pressure and probably doppler.
We'll see what happens.

Family thing this afternoon. BLEH!
Not looking forward to it b/c it's going to be a bunch of finger foods that I'm not going to be able to eat any of.
Hell, I'm about to go make rice crispy treats for it :\ BUT, I am damn well going to eat some of it!! Not as much as I want, but I'll be damned if I'm going to fix them and not eat a little bit. Rofl.
My sugar after eating has been excellent except for those 2 times w/ the rice.... It's all about moderation *nodnod*

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ranting and random

First off the rant... get that out of the way.

Aunt needs to just STFU about Oren's name already.
We went out to dinner with inlaws (minus mil and fil) on Friday. We were waiting to be seated and SiL starts calling baby boy Obi Wan which is fine with us since well.. that was sort of our super nerdy goal for the nickname.
Well aunt chimes in that he's going to get picked on b/c there is that tampon brand OB. And then kept going on about it and how we should consider that.
Seriously woman.
Who said that he's even going to go by that nickname with anyone other than us? And even if he does, I'm sure it will be with just his friends and they'd be shitty friends or just joking around if they even knew about the brand.
Just STFU already and deal with the name. We're not fucking changing it!!!
I mean damn, we could name him the most common name of John and a determined bully would come up with some way to twist it around to make fun of him.
It's not like we're naming him Douchy Tampon string McGee here.

Anyway, enough with that rant...

I'm definitely going to have to go on glyburide again. My fasting numbers are staying just above where they should be at. We'll see what happens in the next few days. May wait until after Christmas to call the OB office. It's not like the numbers are super high or anything. The highest one was only 7 points above what it should've been, the rest are 1-4 above. So nothing too bad.
I don't think those couple of points are going to cause Oren to come out 10lbs :P

So the inserts in Zoe's diapers have been stinking lately. Just a constant funk even though I haven't changed wash routines.
So.... after washing them separately from the covers and using bleach and them still stanking up the joint... I decided to boil them.
If it was a build up of ammonia or bacteria or anything for that matter, boiling would kill everything.
Holy funky house Batman!
It smelled like a 100yr old barn that was still in use in the house for most of the day. Just funky gross stankiness.
BUT it worked like a charm too. Sure I had to febreeze the hell out of the house a few times, but the inserts no longer smell. WOO :D
Just need to do it with the remaining ones and will be good to go until I have to do it again.
May make it a regular thing. Like doing it once a month.
But still... the smell that filled this house was..... awful. I couldn't stop gagging and subsequently peeing myself b/c of the gagging. Awesome.

Can't believe it's almost Christmas! So excited for Zoe to open all of her gifts. She's not going to know what to play with first.
I love that we get to experience Christmas through her now. Get some of that magic innocence back.
It's going to be even better when she's older and really gets in to the whole Christmas thing.
Love it :)

Oh and next year... we're totally going to try to recreate a FB post we saw of a Darth Vader tree lol
We already saw some ornaments we'd like to get (after Christmas when they're on sale) for it. Going to be so fun :D
I love being nerdy!

It's just actually getting up the nerve to actually go out after Christmas. DH has to work AGAIN after Christmas so it would be up to me to go out and get whatever from Target (where we saw the ornaments). I remember last year. It was F-ing insane with all the discount shoppers lol. Oh well... I'll do it but will have to make sure to get up earlier than I did before. Or maybe I could get them online. I'll have to check it out.

OMG.... Zoe knows no boundaries. When we went out to dinner on Friday with inlaws, we went to a steak place and we were in 2 booths. Zoe wanted to sit with them so we let her.
I guess they weren't paying attention b/c they turn around and tell us that Zoe had been reaching over this wall thing in the restaurant and feeling on this guy's dreadlocks!! /facepalm
They weren't sure if he even noticed but I'm sure he probably did.  How could you not notice toddler hands feeling and grabbing your hair?! lol

Friday, December 19, 2014

High again

Damnit. My fasting level this morning was high again.
I THINK it's been happening when I don't drink enough the previous day. Yesterday and the day before we were at the inlaws and I didn't really drink much of anything and my fasting levels were high-ish.
We'll see if my theory is correct these next few days. If not... hello again glyburide!


We did go look at Christmas lights. Frickin far as hell to go see them. We went to one neighborhood someone had told them about and it wasn't even a neighborhood... maybe 6 houses on a small road that deadended in a cul-de-sac. It was really nice though.
Then we went to this park that sets up lights that you drive through. That was really pretty. They also had a building set up with Santa and other stuff but we didn't stop. I think MiL and SiL wanted to but everyone else just didn't care at that point. We had been driving for over an hour already and it was getting late.

There's supposed to be something around here. A neighborhood that has lights too. Need to look it up while I'm thinking about it.
Oh NM.. just looked it up and it looks like it's an actual event w/ vendors and everything and it already happened. Booo. oh well.

Did learn one thing on this road trip.... MiL REALLY does not listen to a damn thing anyone says. She's a great woman but holy shit.... if you ask a question LISTEN TO THE ANSWER.
I can't even count how many times she asked the same damn question over and over again. And no, she's not losing her mind... she just doesn't pay attention.
It's like talking on the phone with her. It's so damn frustrating b/c she'll start conversations with the other people in the room while still on the phone with someone else and then you have to repeat a bajillion times what you said to her.

My sugar after dinner was higher than it should've been too at 129. We went to Moe's and I got a burrito. One burrito should've been ok.... IF I hadn't gotten rice on it.
It didn't even occur to me that I shouldn't get the rice on it when I was ordering lol. Oops. Hell, it didn't occur to me until I took my sugar and saw how high it was. I knew it shouldn't have been that high and then the rice dawned on me.
Oh well. 129 still isn't that bad. Looks like rice is going to have to be something I avoid though almost entirely. The 2 times I had it, it wasn't THAT much... maybe a little less than a cup the first time and a half a cup this time... and they still spiked my sugar pretty good.

SiL said that when her husband gets back home from deployment that they're going on a week long Disney trip. He gets back either at the end of Feb or early March. She said she wants to drive up here to see the LO for a couple of days. Really hope they do that. She wasn't here when both Zoe and her other niece were newborn so it will be nice if she if she could see Oren when he's still tiny.

Again, there was something else I wanted to mention but.... *shrugs*

Thursday, December 18, 2014


So, remember when I was being all scroogy in my last post about the DS... well turns out MiL has one that she's not playing with any longer. It's pretty much brand new so we're giving that to the kid instead of buying new. We are going to buy a couple of games for it. And hopefully he won't care that it's purple. I know how kids that age can be but hopefully he won't care.
Anywho, so that's nice.

I'm just so over avoiding foods you're not supposed to eat while pregnant. Well, I still won't eat lunch meat b/c DH freaks out about that one, but I just ate me a nice big bowl of imitation crab meat salad. I've been craving it and bought some last grocery trip. Made it yesterday and just ate some today.
Obviously that 'what if' worry is in the back of my mind, but hell.... you're just as much at risk from getting listeria from eating salad or fruit than you are lunch meat of this stuff, but no one tells pregnant women to avoid eating fruit and salad :\
It's like that incident that happened just recently w/ the peaches that were contaminated and a poor baby ended up dying b/c of it.
You just can't predict these things.
So yeah... I'm over being super paranoid b/c... it's just tiring. I'd be eating air if I followed all the guidelines.

I swear baby boy was transverse again last night. I felt him simultaneously on my right and left sides and he was having a good ole time in there too just kicking, punching and squirming around.
Obviously he's flipping around since he was head down and he was breech on Tuesday. Still kind of strange that he still has that much room to move though hehe.

MiL thinks that he doesn't look like Zoe from the u/s pics we got. I kind of agree with her but obviously you can't really tell too much by the pics.
Zoe has her daddy's nose and to me, it looks like baby boy is going to have mine which is a little longer and slightly larger. Wish I had a good profile shot of Zoe's face when I was still pregnant with her so I could compare.

Just got done making 4 batches of fudge puddle cookies and my back is killing me.
It was sugary torture hell not being able to eat everything lol. I'm so used to sampling everything as I bake so... I had to make an effort not to do it.
I did have one cookie though so at least I could have that.

Speaking of that though.... my sugar levels seem to be creeping up today. My fasting was over 90 which isn't ideal and I got chick-fil-A again. I ate a chicken biscuit and 3 hash rounds and my sugar was over 100.
So yeah.... might just be one of those days where my body wants to run high, or it could be an indicator that I'll have to be stricter in the future. We'll see what happens.

UGH, we have a family get together on Sunday to go to. I wouldn't normally say UGH, it's just the people throwing it... ugh lol. Plus... it's a potluck.... which means ya know.. everyone bring something.... Well apparently that only applies to everyone else and not the people throwing it.
You want to throw it, you better provide at least SOME food. You can't just say you want to do it and not actually contribute anything other than the location :\
Whatever though. Need to figure out if I'll have to make anything for it. May just do something easy like mac & cheese... something I can't eat any of *cry* Hell.... living in the south and all dishes being carb heavy... it will be shocking if I can eat more than 1 or 2 things there.

Is it weird that I don't like referring to baby boy by his name yet? I'll say it to Zoe and I'll think it to myself, but most of the time it's baby, baby boy, baby brother, etc.
Not really sure why I have a hard time calling him by his name.

Oh speaking of his name... DH found out over this past weekend that there's a boy in his church named Orin. Small world man. I had never even heard of the name before DH suggested it and BAM... there's someone with it lol. Just thought that was neat.

I think we're supposed to be going to look at Christmas lights tonight. It's supposed to start getting cloudy and rainy here within the next few days so if they're wanting to go, we better do it soon.
Zoe is so cute and really likes looking at the lights she has seen.
Plus every time she sees an image of Santa now, she gets all excited and exclaims "OOO Santa!" lol
I don't think she understands his significance... it's just her recognizing the figure.

It's not like her love affair with Darth Vader. Seriously.. it's hilarious. I've been trying to get video of it but she always gets all shy or defiant when she knows I'm recording her.
She LOVES Darth Vader. She loves the ornament we have. Loves the movies and exclaims whenever he comes on. She's even started doing light saber sounds when we give her empty wrapping paper tubes AND she's started saying "The Dark Side" in her Darth Vader voice. Oh AND she does his breathing too.
We are turning her in to an awesome nerdy girl :D lol

Zoe is going to be frickin Frozen spoiled to hell and back again this Christmas. DH's friends bought her a bunch of Frozen stuff including an Olaf pillow pet and a toddler Elsa doll (thankfully not the one that sings... b/c I didn't put that one on her list lol.... mom win!)
And MiL gave her her Olaf blanket she made for her last night which Zoe just LOVES. And there's no telling what everyone else got her that might be Frozen related.
We really need to go through her toys and put away the ones she doesn't play with anymore. Put them away for Oren.

I think that's it. This post ended up being long but my back hurts from baking and Zoe is non-napping in her room so I had time :D

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What a piece of crap

I've been hesitant to use the new carpet cleaner we bought b/c of the non-extraction of the water it puts out.
I had to do something about the carpet in the living room though. With the cat's paw bleeding here and there, Zoe stains, etc... the carpet was looking gross.

I used it and sure enough... still the same damn problem before.
It dumps all of the water out of the cleaning solution tank and picks up almost none of it.
I filled the cleaning solution tank twice and the dirty water tank STILL was not full. B/c it doesn't pick up the water as it should, it doesn't pick up stains or the loose dirt either.
Just such a frickin waste of money. I really wish we had returned it when we could.

I'm about to take apart the old one to see if I can find out why it's leaking. I used it to suck up all the water the new one left behind and there was such a HUGE difference in the amount of water and dirt it cleaned.
Just so damn annoyed.

In other news... we got a call about the baby furniture and was basically told the same thing they had been telling us *shrugs*
Not sure why they felt the need to call but I'm glad they at least care enough about their customers to keep them updated. From what they're being told, they should get it all in by the 2nd week of January.

Which we'll hopefully have all or most of the walls done in the nursery.
Just need to get my lazy butt up and work on it some more.

Pippin came home yesterday a little less bally.
Still.. he was here for less than 5mins before he pissed in the house *grumble*
THEN he peed 3 more times while we were at my appointment.
Just don't know what to F-ing do with him to get him to just pee outside already. I hate leaving them out there since it's cold and he doesn't have a lot of fur, but I really don't want piss all over my house either.

I'm going to be a grinch for a moment.
I don't mind helping out a family in need around this time. It's a nice thing to do. We don't have a ton of money but we'll help when we can.
So DH's church decided that they were going to take on a 2nd family this Christmas. They already gathered stuff for one family and only just the last week decided to take this 2nd one on.
Well there were a few angels left (paper shaped angels where they wrote down what they wanted) so DH grabbed the rest along with his sister (the one visiting).
Welp, turns out one of the kids wants a new nintendo DS3 or whatever they're called. Something that costs I think around $180.
We're going to get it b/c well... I'm sure it's this kids only chance of getting something like that.
But still.... a gift that expensive should not have been left up to just ONE person to buy it. That should've been broken up between 2+ people especially since it's this close to Christmas.
Most people are probably done or mostly done with their shopping for their own family in small debt over it too.... then you want to tack on something so expensive at the last minute?
Just so.... annoyed. It would've been different if they had given people a little bit of time to shop or save up to buy these expensive things, but nope.
And it's not like the people that go to this church are rich. They're lower to middle class... so no one is swimming in money here.
Like I said... a bit grinchy but we are going to get it b/c it is for a family in need.

Woo, this post got a bit more ranty than I had intended. There was something I had wanted to mention but now I can't remember. Oh well.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


So, my appointment today went well, although it took FOREVER.
I got in for the u/s on time and got to see our little man really well. He was turned breech (which explains why I feel so many kicks down low) so the u/s tech got some really decent profile shots.
Also.... he seemed to be measuring just fine. They didn't say if he was measuring on track or ahead or what, but I'm guessing he's just measuring as he should be from the last u/s. From the few measurements I caught a glimpse of when I managed to rip my eyes away from just looking at him, I think I saw measurements between 27-28. So yeah... he's all good and looking good in there :)

Pretty sure he was sleeping too. Not much movement other than a couple of twitches hehe.

These are the best shots she could get. She could've gotten better but by the time she hit whatever button that takes the photo... well this was the result. I'm not complaining though. That's my cute little man in there all snuggly  :)

And because I haven't posted one in a while. Here's a bump shot. I feel like my bump is bigger, but I just look thicker all around.

Oh but the 2nd half of the appointment.... UGH.
It was SUPER busy and with only 1 doctor working... well.. things got seriously backed up. We waited for over an hour to talk to the doctor a whole 2 minutes. :\
I mean obviously we would've talked to her longer if I had questions but still.... geeze.

So... now my appointments go every 2 weeks. Holy... crap! O_O

In other news... here's the crochet thing I was working on. It's not as great as I was hoping it would turn out but oh well.

You can see Zoe's little hands grabbing the leg for at least a tiny bit of perspective? lol
It's about half the height of Zoe.
I'm not completely thrilled with it but she loves it and that's what matters :)
She'll forget all about it once Christmas rolls around and she gets her whole new batch of toys though lol.

And finally... some of Zoe's awesome "happy" unibrow faces lol.


I tried getting a photo of the progress in the nursery, but the pencil is just too light to pick up very well on my phone.
I'll try to get better photos.

Pretty sure there was something else I wanted to mention but... oh well. If I think of it will save it for another post :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ah, there it is

Yesterday, I had some kimbap and 1 piece of fried chicken for lunch. Got the kimbap from my mom and was still hungry so ate some chicken.
If you're not familiar with kimbap, it's basically Korean sushi roll lol. It has the rice, meat, whatever on the inside and is rolled in a seaweed sheet.
Welp..... my glucose level was definitely higher than it should've been at 130. Still not terrible, but just goes to show that there is a limit on what I can have.

Just ate the last of the chicken which was 3 pieces so we'll see what my level is in an hour.
Shouldn't be too bad though since I peeled off a lot of the breading.

Overall though it's been good. My fasting level was a 91 yesterday which is a point over what it should be. We'll see if it happens again. I probably will have to go back on glyburide eventually if this is anything like my pregnancy with Zoe.

SiL came in from Cali yesterday.
MAN I really hope she has her take home baby soon. Her husband is still out to sea w/ the navy and won't be back until Feb. I'm keeping everything crossed for them.
Sounds like she has some plans in mind for when he does come back involving fertility treatments. I just hope it's successful. She would make a wonderful mom.

Zoe spent the night w/ aunt. UGh....... this aunt. She's just one of those family members that you put up with and you love, but you really don't like a lot of the times.
I don't mind Zoe spending the night with her or anything, but just some of the shit that comes out of aunt's mouth.
When we told the family what the name was..... we knew they weren't going to like it, especially with the suggestions they had been giving us. Just very common popular names right now.
Oren isn't totally out there, but its not one you hear often at all either.
DH and I both saw the look of disgust on aunt's face when she heard the name and she keeps insisting that it's Corren (however it's spelled).
Then last night at dinner... she was like... "I'm just going to call him Bishop." Then, started laughing to herself and thinking she was SO hilarious... "Or I'll just call him Little Bish!"
Say Bish out loud to yourself and tell me what it sounds like. Yeah...... I wanted to reach over the table and slap the shit out of her.
I wouldn't care if she wanted to call him Bishop since that is his middle name, but Bish.... b/c it sounds like Bitch? I don't fucking think so woman.
And then other SiL kept saying baby "Franklin" which is DH's and FiL's middle name, even though she knows the name now too.

Again, I don't care if they don't like the names we've picked out, but don't be a fucking dickhead about it either. They have 3 months to get used to his name, if not.... they're going to get a talking to that they won't like.

Enough ranting.....

We took Zoe to see Santa yesterday :D She only really just now recognizes who Santa is and seemed pretty excited. She'd look at him and point and say quietly "Santa".
As soon as she got on his lap though..... nothing. Thankfully no tears like she had last year lol, but no smiles or anything else for that matter either ROFL.
She just looked so overwhelmed and didn't know WTF was happening. She wouldn't even look at Santa :P
Oh well....
I'll post the photos (along with all the other photos I've been promising to post) a bit later.

She was really excited about the free coloring book she got from him though. That's all she talked about for the rest of the afternoon... then she promptly tore it up later and didn't speak of it again... sigh. lol

We also bought her a bunch of little stocking stuffers :D YAY for Target and Michael's dollar racks! Got her some stickers (which she LOVES even though stickers only last for maybe 10mins at the most b/c they're ruined), a giant pen, fake tattoos, and some small cheap books. She's gonna love it and damn is she going to be spoiled this year heh.

We also broke down and bought her some panties too. Cute little female superhero emblem ones and Frozen ones. Not sure when I'll actually be brave enough to start trying to potty train her, but we'll see. Just not looking forward to the accidents on the carpet lol.

I haven't worked on the nursery in a few days now. Oops lol.
Just haven't felt like it. I'm about to get my butt up and do something though. I want to start taping it up today. Just have the city scape to finish which shouldn't take too long and sketching out the superheroes and figuring out if there will be more. Ok... so I don't think taping will happen today after typing all that out lol. Still have so much to do. SHIT... and we were just at Michael's. Should've looked at their paint pens or something like it for the wall. Need something for the heroes.
Oh well, it's not even 10mins away from us. I can just go there whenever.

Pippin (our chihuahua puppy) is saying byebye to his balls tomorrow. Don't think it will stop him from pissing all over the floor though.
I think some of it might be seperation anxiety b/c it doesn't matter how long we're gone, we'll always come home to piss on the floor, but some of it... I don't know. Just fucking frustrating is what it is.
We went to dinner at 5:30, didn't get home until 8:30. 3 hours... not THAT long.
We came home to FOUR puddles of piss and thankfully only a tiny cheeto turd.
I don't know if he is marking or if he truly can't hold it or what... but just UUUUUUUUUUUUGH.
I just don't know what to do. I guess we could get a crate but I would really prefer not to since our other dogs aren't. Just wouldn't seem fair to stick him in one while the other dogs got to roam free.

I love his stupid little ass, but damn... this is just...... annoying! I thought chihuahuas were supposed to be smart. Not this one....... not this one......

Friday, December 12, 2014

There is a limit

Ok one more post about my sugar levels.

I had a breast, thigh and another biscuit for dinner tonight and my number was 112. So there is a limit on how much 'bad' stuff I can eat. Still... it's a lot more than I thought I could have and WOOHOO! I know I keep repeating myself but damn is it nice to not have to be SO damn strict. I can have small cheats here and there and not feel like I'm totally deprived if I want something junky. *happy dance*


I knew it!

Ok no I didn't lol.
I just looked back through my blog and my 1hr results with Zoe was 160. A lot higher than with this little guy. Not sure why, but glad it's not as bad.

I guess that's why I can eat a bit more than I could with her. Not complaining at all :)

Also, it looks like my morning fasting level did start to go crazy a little early on. I swear I thought it wasn't bad at first... maybe that only lasted for a short while. Oh well. Hoping I won't have to go on anything this time. That would be awesome :)

Bad food

So.... I went out and got my fried chicken and biscuits from a place called Bojangles. It's similar to Popeyes if you have one of those in your area...I just like Bo better. They just taste better and everything doesn't have the cajun seasoning on it. Plus the biscuits are SO good.

Anyway... went out and bought some. Ate a biscuit (their biscuits are HUGE), chicken breast and a wing. Just checked my sugar and.......

109!! WOOOO!

OMG the entire 2 hours after eating I've been worried that I was going to have some super high number after eating what I did, but NOPE! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!
So stinkin happy and time to go eat some more b/c I bought a ton of it :P lol
Man that just makes me ridiculously happy though. I don't have to pass up rolls, or a small serving of rice, fries, etc. I can eat them and not feel guilty about it! YAY! Well... at least for now. I'm sure things can progressively get worse. Just have to keep pricking my finger and keeping up with better eating :)

Also... testing every 2 hours is making me REALLY want to snack during those 2 hours. I'm not even hungry, but just knowing I have to wait makes me want to eat. WTH? Stupid brain!

Also stomach pains have subsided. It still feels bleh and off down there, but after I pooped for a 2nd time... the aching stopped. Thank goodness. This has been the first time for this type of gut pain which is why I didn't think it was. Just glad it's over with now and hope it doesn't happen again.

Just saw that my state is #1 on worst drivers list. It is absolutely no shock to anyone that has been here.
Light just turned red and you have plenty of time to stop? Pfft, go anyway!
Turn signal? What's that??
Stop signs? They're optional.
Texting while driving? Absolutely!
Going 10mph below the speed limit in the fast lane... yes please!

And so on and so forth. Seriously, it's one of the reasons why I don't go out past a certain time usually and still hate going out early.

OW! WTH is going on now?

Not sure what is going on but I wish it would stop already.
Started up in the middle of the night. Woke up and I'm getting a continuous crampy feeling in the uterus all the way to the backside.
It was a constant aching but it eased up once I finally got up this morning, now it seems to be back.
Thought maybe I just had to poop (which I did), but that didn't seem to help anything. Maybe I still have to and this is all just some gut cramps or something. I dunno... whatever it is, I wish it would stop b/c it does not feel nice.

Thankfully baby boy was also moving around when I woke up last night so it distracted me enough so I could get back to sleep.
Pretty sure he had the hiccups. Didn't last for too long... not like when Zoe would get them.
He was a little wiggle worm. Not sure but I swear he was laying transverse... that's where they're laying sideways right? lol Too lazy to look it up right now :P lol
Anyway.... I was laying on my left side and I could feel him kicking on that side and on my right side at the same time. Well... however he was laying, he was having a good ole time in there. :)

If this aching eases up, will be working more on the nursery walls. I just did one wall yesterday. Just didn't feel up to doing another for some reason. It will get done though. Not really looking forward to all the taping that's gonna need to be done, then touchups after painting... BLEH! lol

Still not sure how exactly I'm going to do the superheroes. Draw them up there and tape them off too probably. I think it would be too difficult to paint over the background color w/ crappy acrylic paint. Would require way too many layers trying to do that *nodnod*
 We'll see.....

So I was wrong yesterday.... my number after eating the one oatmeal was 87, not 82. Still not bad though.
My numbers yesterday were all pretty low actually. For lunch it was 70 and dinner was also low 80's.

Anywho... experimented again this morning with 2 packages of oatmeal instead of the one and my sugar still only came in at 98. I was sure it was going to be higher b/c that stuff is SUPER sweet. But nope... my body seems to be taking it all really well. YAY! :D
Loving this wiggle room. I love eating meat, but it does get boring after a while so knowing I could have a sandwich or something like that every once in a while is really nice.
Will be having something bad for dinner tonight so we'll see just how far I can go.

Zoe has been spoiling me and not getting up until 8am in the mornings. Then, she usually just plays in her crib for a bit so I can doze off a little longer.
Going to enjoy it while it lasts. We've been so lucky with how well she does sleep.
I think putting her in an extra layer of PJs has helped too. Keeps her nice and warm so she sleeps better.

Her little butt is slowly healing too. She still has a red spot but no more irritating poops have caused it to get worse again thankfully.

We still need to take her to see Santa! DH has some nativity thing to do at his church this weekend. Thankfully only at night... and this is pretty much the last weekend we'll be able to do anything. Have to talk to him about it. First time I mentioned it was only just a couple of days ago. Just didn't even think about it until then. Woops... mommy fail.

Girl is going to be seriously spoiled with presents this year. She better appreciate it when she's older lol.

We are broke broke broke. Had to fork over the rest of the money for the roof and getting the siding fixed. That's over 5k dollars that we'll never see again. Just thankful that we actually had it! Thank goodness for putting money in to savings b/c if we didn't... we'd be SCREWED.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Quickie quickie

So I decided that I was going to eat one of Zoe's oatmeals that I bought for her. It's just instant maple and brown sugar crap. Each pack is something like 32? g of carbs.
I wanted to see what it would do to my sugar and...... 82... that's actually lower than it has been the last couple of days. o_O
Not saying I don't have GD... but dang.... this at least gives me some wiggle room. YAY! :D
At least for now that is.
My fasting numbers have been good. It was a little bit higher this morning but still not over what it should be. I think it started this way with Zoe too. Ok for a while but just started creeping up sometimes. Oh well. We'll see what happens.


Actually started working on the nursery walls. Outlined one of the cityscapes. Just have some finishing touches here and there and I can move to the other wall.
It's a bit higher than I had wanted, but it's where the crib will be and that sucker is pretty tall. Would look stupid if I were to make the cityscape shorter than the back of the crib. It should look ok with how I have it though.
The wall with the dresser should be a lot better. Not as high up as the other one.

Also sketched out a couple of superheroes. Only 4 of them, but I can't think of anymore to do that aren't the typical that everyone does. Hell, the ones I picked are pretty typical... Spiderman, Batman, Wolverine with the Phoenix being the only oddball one.
Wanted at least one girl hero up there that wasn't Wonder Woman and DH didn't want She Hulk either.
Phoenix goes with Wolverine though so it works.

There was a really cute style that I saw on pinterest that I'm trying to emulate with the drawings. Hopefully it translates well on to the walls.
Of course I'll post photos once there's something to show :)

Oh and the furniture is back ordered until MID January. Think I just said January before.
Still shouldn't be a problem even if , gawd forbid, he decides to come early. Would just like to have it though to see it in the room.

Zoe's poor butt is so sensitive. It's been a while since we've had a bad rashy breakout, but give her some almonds and red rash butt hurt city. Poor girl. She's better now but it was looking so raw and bleh just a few days ago. Have since stopped giving her almonds since that is what seemed to cause the problem in the first place.

She's been good other than that though. Downloaded her some new games on my kindle and she just LOVES scrolling through everything, clicking on everything and especially likes going to the app store :\

She surprised DH and I by figuring out and being quite good at a matching game. You know the type, pictures under cards and you have to match them. She's not perfect at it by any means but she does a lot better at it than we expected. :D
My baby girl is growing up so fast!


Alrighty, think that's about it. Need to get back to work while Zoe is 'napping' aka playing in her crib.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Every 2 hours

Finally got the black key card thing for my glucose meter last night and so far so good.
All levels have been great so far and hopefully remain that way. My highest was from dinner last night and it was still only 92 so I think I'm doing good. We'll see what happens when I do eat something I shouldn't though. Not that I would eat a lot of it but I am interested to see what the meter will show.

Had a couple of teeny bites of some cookies DH made for his work's cookie exchange. Only small bites though b/c they were spiced rum cookies. They were good though. He found a good recipe :)
Going to suck when he brings home all of the cookies from the other people though. Guess we'll see what my sugar does if I eat one :P

I mentioned that we bought a new carpet cleaner right? I don't like it.
It picks up the dog hair that vacuuming missed (which apparently is a hell of a lot), but it doesn't suck up the water it puts out very well. So gross when the carpet still feels sopping wet and takes forever to dry. I've only used it in the nursery even though the living room and rest of the house desperately need to be cleaned.

I got that nursery carpet as clean as it's going to get. It's still stained in areas, but not as obvious as it was before. It actually looks nice now.
I used the hand tool for the cleaner on the entire room b/c it's just better to get that deeper cleaning action. My poor back and lower bump were killing me. Thankfully the aching didn't last too long. Well.. my back is still a bit jacked up but it's not too bad.

Now I just need to get to work on the mural that I still haven't drawn anything out for.
I have an idea for 2 more super heroes... but not sure exactly where they're going. Will figure it out.

Oh and remember that Thor hammer wall night light thing I mentioned that we bought from Target online? Well, we had to go out and get another one b/c apparently, neither one of us looked very close at the shipping address. I went on FB and my cousin sends me an IM telling me thanks and how her son is going to LOVE his new Thor hammer /facepalm.
I would've asked it back, but she had just been telling me the other day how she was needing to sell some stuff to make ends meet so yeah... I wasn't about to tell her it was a mistake and to send it to us.
We're not rich, but we're not hurting for money either so we can afford to be out another $30 and to make her son's Christmas just a little more special.
Does make me feel bad though b/c she also has 2 girls. So it's going to look like we only bought something for one of her kids lol. I did send her a gift card too though so hopefully she'll at least think we didn't know what else to get so just sent that instead :P lol

It really amazes me how easily and quickly Zoe picks up things... especially when it comes to technology.
Was letting her play with my kindle yesterday, she hands it to me b/c she had apparently stumbled upon the app store and was trying to download a free toddler puzzle game lol.
I got it for her and she was enjoying it. She got a big frustrated so DH showed her that she had to match the shapes to solve the puzzles. After that... smooth sailing. Plus on this game, you have to drag the X to a box to exit out of it and she figured that out all by herself.
Just so amazing how fast she picks things up.

Oh and I finished her dragon today. That thing man... PITA!! And it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted but Zoe seems to love it. It's a bit heavy so she has some difficulty carrying it lol. While I was sewing it's head on to the body, she kept hugging and kissing it and calling it her hippo :P lol
I took some photos that I'll post later.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

So much left

So we went out and bought a new carpet shampooer last night. Still a Hoover like our other one. Hopefully not a giant piece of shit like the other one, but we'll see.
Still have so much left to do in that nursery concerning the carpet.
We had those big plastic mats down where our desk chairs were and right at the edge of mine is where one of our dogs always used to lay. Well there is a nice gross outline of the mat with a nice gross layer of caked in dirt in the carpet.
I didn't know it was there until after I had shampooed it the other day so I've been having to wait for it to dry which is taking forever b/c it's cold and that room door is usually closed.
Have our space heater in there pointed at it to hopefully speed things up.
Then I have to take a fork... yes... a fork... to try to loosen all of the dirt to vacuum up.
My ass and lower back ache so much from doing some of that yesterday.
Other than the aching though... strangely enough.. I actually kinda enjoy doing it. It sucks that the dirt is there and it's a PITA, but loosening up the dirt and knowing I'm doing something just feels nice.

I'm getting that floor as clean as possible damnit!

So we told DH's family yesterday at lunch baby boy's name. We've definitely settled on Oren Bishop.
They did not like it, but thankfully they have enough sense to not actually make rude comments lol. You could tell they didn't like it though, but oh well. They'll get used to it.
It's a different name, but it's not like it's some super weird one.
They'll learn to love it like we do... and if not, well then they can turn back time and have a baby and name it whatever they want :P lol

It has been SO difficult this time eating well. I REALLY want some sweets, but it hasn't been too hard to avoid them. It's just finding something filling and satisfying to eat. Especially now since beef is so gawd damned expensive so all we have is chicken chicken and more chicken. So damn tired of frickin chricken.

I just know this OB is going to ask why I hadn't been testing. That thing I need for my monitor better arrive tomorrow or Tuesday. If it doesn't, I'll just have to suck it up and call my doc office to get a new one.

Zoe just loves the Christmas tree... which is expected. She loves looking at all of the ornaments, but especially the Darth Vader one we have lol.
I don't know why she gravitates towards that character so much. Yes, we're huge nerds and all but we never pushed her in to liking just him or anything.
Maybe b/c he's so recognizable that's why she likes him?
It's pretty cute though. Will have to get video of her saying Darth Vader and doing his breathing sound lol.

Oh and whenever we ask her "What's your brother's name?" She just shakes her head and says "No" lol. Oh she's going to be in for a rude awakening in just a few months.
She will say his name though. Most of the time correctly (for the most part), but sometimes she'll say Oren as Orange. So cute :D

Not so cute though..... the girl whines and cries about EVERYTHING. Not sure how to get her to stop. We've tried the whole "use your words" thing to her and yeah... that doesn't work lol.

Friday, December 5, 2014

I just want to relax!

So, we bought my mom's car today. Refinanced so we're not paying 500 a month, but we still had to pay property tax on it which was $700!! WTF??
We had to drive all over creation to get it all situated... but it's finally done.

Anywho, it's not exactly what we were wanting, but it was too good of a deal to pass up, plus we'd be helping my mom out by getting rid of at least this one bill.

My carpet shampooer is broken! *CRY*
DH Finally cleared the nursery and BOY is the carpet in there nasty. The amount of dust collected under out desks.... nevermind the wear and tear of the carpet... bleh!
So I was in there sitting using the hand tool on the shampooer to really get a deep clean and try to remove as much of the staining as possible and the damn thing has sprung a leak :(

Oh well... I was overdoing it a bit anyway. SO achy after scrubbing not even half of the room. Still have a lot more of it to do. Want to get a hard bristle brush to try to loosen up the deep down dirt that I've seen in a few spots.
Just a giant PITA. I do like shampooing though. It's just so satisfying to see an actual change and see the dirt being cleaned. Just wish there was a way to make it work better b/c damn do our carpets need it.

Forgot to mention this before.
We made ourselves wishlists on Amazon for DH's friend that lives overseas atm.  Just crap we'd like for Christmas.
Well I put a bunch of stuff that I know Zoe would like on it and DH sends his friend the list.
This was pretty much the reply he got
"So, are these things Zoe wants or things that YOU want Zoe to have."
WTF kind of response is that? She's 2..... of course we're going to put shit on there that we would like her to have b/c we know she would love them. Just ugh... that really rubbed me the wrong way.

Zoe man... she's spending the night with aunt so they can go to some small parade tomorrow. We needed the break though.
We have been ALL over the damn place so she's gotten out of the house plenty this week, but MAN is the toddler-tude rearing its ugly head.
Toddlers definitely test your patience and you are going to crack every once in a while.

So much to do still. I really need to start on the sketches for the nursery. Figure out which heroes we want on the wall and all of that. Was going to start it the other night but something else came up so didn't get around to doing it. Same with tonight.
We finally put the Christmas tree up then I started vacuuming which led to the carpet shampooing.

It's 2:23am right now and the adrenaline I was running on earlier is finally wearing off. Can't believe I was such a nght owl before. Staying awake past 10pm now is rare lol.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Everywhere and back again

Can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but DH is off the whole week this week which means we've been going everywhere to try to get as much done as possible while he's off.

We have the paint ready for the nursery.
He's moved his computer in to the living room temporarily.
We had eye exams... he has a dentist appointment... etc etc etc.

Feels like we haven't actually relaxed at home for more than just a few minutes which is why I haven't posted in a bit.


Had to call my doctor's office for the results of my 1hr glucose test and I failed it, but just barely. Cut off was 130 and I was at 134.
But with how I failed the 3hr before, they're allowing me to skip doing it and just start checking my sugars.
BUT that's not going to start until I get some black code key thing for my tester which I hadn't needed before but apparently do now. I'll get that in about a week probably. Hopefully my doctors won't give me any shit for starting a little late. I'm not going to be stuffing my face full of bad shit until then or anything so don't see a problem.
But I remember how one of the doctor's there was... just had an air of condescension whenever she saw that I had off sugar levels bc of things I had eaten. Her look and tone was as if she was talking to a child. Didn't like her much, but thankfully I don't have to see her that often. I do think I see her my next appointment though... bleh. BUT I get another u/s then so WOO :D

Have to get used to my computer being in the living room now. Thankfully have internet on it again (WOO), but since the monitor or in this case the tv, isn't right in my face, it's a bit more difficult to see all of the smaller text. Tried making everything larger but it screwed with the resolution too much. Oh well... not a huge problem.

Eye exam today was typical. MAN I hate those drops they put in your eyes. Not that they hurt or anything, I just hate drops in the eyes. I ALWAYS spaz out and start blinking like crazy and can't hold still. Such a PITA lol.
Thankfully my eyesight hasn't changed though and I get a spiffy new pair of glasses :D
Of course I had to pick out the most expensive pair they had (without realizing it), but also thankfully we have 1k left to spend on our insurance so we're not really paying anything OOP for our new glasses :)
I love my current glasses though. They're light weight, frameless and stay on my head well. Only thing that is a problem is that you need 2 hands to put them on b/c they spring back to a closed position automatically. You can't just flip one thing open at a time.
Oh welp.... these new glasses that I got are pretty nice. The frame around the lenses are silver and the uhm.... side ear piece part is this pretty lavender color with a butterfly on one side. Seriously... WTH is the name of that part of glasses? o_O
Anyway... I wanted something different and a bit flashy. They had these cute blue ones last year but didn't have them this year :(
I wanted some vintage looking cat eye type of style ones, but they didn't have many of those. The ones they did have were too small for my face :( Damn you big round face and big head!!

Our poor cat. One of his really bad paws (one of his back paws), the pad burst open and he's getting blood everywhere. He irritates it whenever he walks around so there are blood spots everywhere. Need to get him in to the vet so they can at least take a look and I dunno.... see what we can do to try to help.
I wish the meds we could give him weren't so expensive and was guaranteed to work to fix his paws.
Anywho... it looks so gross. The outer skin split and the inner part is bulging out. I can't imagine that it feels good at all to walk on it. I want to wrap it up but he would freak out and would probably chew it off in no time.
Anyone with cats know how they are though. Could be in the worst pain ever, but they would never let you know it.

Can't remember if I mentioned this before, but DH and myself finally felt baby boy from the outside! I'm sure I could have before, but finally caught him moving at the right time and in the right spot.
Still feeling most of the movement down low but I am getting more frequent movements up higher.

And I'm pretty sure we've decided on a name. It's about 99% at this point. I think DH still wants to look through the rest of the baby name book, but we always come back to the same name.

Oren Bishop. We've even gotten Zoe saying the name. She still doesn't understand what it's for though lol.
Bishop isn't the first name like I had originally wanted, but I think it flows really nice this way. And I'm pretty sure we're going with that spelling of Oren.

So YAY on a name... or what it will most likely be :D

We bought a few things for the nursery too :D
Bought a superhero rug (DC heroes), and this really cool Thor's Hammer night light decal thing.

They have a few other ones... like ninja turtles, iron man, etc. Very cool I think :D
Also got a print for the room and uhm... I think that might be it for now.
Target also had a DC or Avengers blanket too that we'd like to get.

Just have to figure out the city scape tape everything and just yeah... a lot of work. Also have to figure out which heroes I'll be painting on the walls and sketching those out. I found a photo of a really cute style I'd like to try to mimic... just have to get around to doing it. Will have to when Zoe is down for a nap and bedtime though. She'd see my sketchbook and would want to start doodling in it herself lol. I'll start on those tonight probably.

Zoe's attitude man... she is definitely in to the terrible two's. Good lord she is in full on toddler mode.
I know I've said that before but it just keeps escalating lol. It's like it can't get worse and then BOOM, she's doing something that's making us groan. lol
I'm sure it could be a lot worse but it's still very.... very frustrating at times.

And finally... we're getting new phones! YAY! Not that I'm a big phone person though. I just want one with a better camera. My current one is SO damn slow taking photos that by the time it takes it, it's missed the moment I had wanted to capture. Getting an LG something something lol. Tested it out and the camera seems to be pretty fast and decent quality. Everything else... again, I could care less about. I am not a person with their nose in their phone all the time.
The only times you'll see me with my phone out in public is to check the time, if someone calls, if I've lost Dh in a store and I'm texting him to see where he's wandered off, or if we're looking up prices really quick on something.
Call me old fashioned but I just can't see how people constantly have their attention on their phones as much as some people do. Look up and see the world damnit!