Thursday, January 31, 2013

Score 1 for me!

Went out this morning to buy some more yarn (have quite the collection now but could always use more, MUAHAHAHA), and after purchasing that.... I thought "I really want a biscuit!"
I was headed down the road to go get me one (or 2), and right before the turn, I said NO.
Oh, I still want that biscuit and I'm sure in the future, I'll give in and get it, but not today... not today!

Weighed myself this morning and of couse I'm back up. I just need to stop weighing myself. There's no point in it other than pissing myself off even more.

Alrighty, gotta go eat some breakfast before Zoe wakes back up.

OH she was SO cute last night. Slept all night on her side. Her head was kinda whipped back in what looked like a very uncomfortable position, but she stayed like that until she woke at 4:30. And eating, she rolled back to that position and went back to sleep lol.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just life

Haven't been posting as often lately b/c there really isn't too much to report on.

Zoe's sleep is still kinda screwy most nights. She's loving her solid food. Except for those Baby MumMum things. I've tried giving it to her twice now and she always ends up choking and gagging on it.

Not sure what it looks like when teeth are coming in but don't think I see or feel anything yet. Honestly I don't check that often anyway b/c she tries to eat my finger and ends up just drooling all over my hand lol.

OH! I forgot. About 3? nights ago, I had just gotten finished changing her diaper and laid her back in her crib. Somehow she got flipped on to her stomach. She wasn't crying or anything so I left her while I put the diaper in to the bin. I go to roll her on to her stomach and she rolled on to her side all by herself!
She hasn't done it again since then, but hey, it's a little bit of progress :)

Crap, telling that made me forget something else I wanted to mention. SIGH.


Weight is still bleh. Last time I checked I was down a pound. Sucks, but I'll take that over nothing or gaining like I have been. It's up and down up and down. I'm sure whenever I check again it will be back up to what it was :\

Let this be a lesson to you expectant moms.... don't go crazy with the food after birth b/c you may end up like this and not able to lose the extra jiggle!

While eating well has kept the bleeding from returning, it hasn't done anything for ovulation... yet I hope.
Taking an OPK and HPT once a day. Sometimes 2 if I remember to. Whole lot of nothing to report there. Same old same old.

And yep, that's about all I can remember. Gotta get to bed!
Here are some photos of some of my finished crochet projects and little miss Zoe modeling them :)

Yoda Hat pattern
Zoe is ready for that next Star Wars movie now!

Tardis Hat pattern
Zoe loves her some Doctor Who!
Actually made it for SiL :P heh

Frickin LOVE that website... Ravelry. If you knit or crochet, they have a TON of free patterns. I also made a few other things. Need to finish one, but I'll post pics when it is done.

Whenever we have another baby, I'm totally gonna be prepared with about a dozen or so newborn baby hats for newborn photos! lol And a few matching ones for big sister Zoe :D

Monday, January 28, 2013

Bleh, gag, blarg!

If DD could've made those sounds, she would've when trying avocado lol.
She was not having it! She hate maybe 2 small spoonful of it and wouldn't open up for anymore lol.
Granted it does have a kind of slight bitter taste to it.
So we're gonna mix it with some carrots.
Did that after she stopped crying (lol) and she ate that.
The carrots are really good though. They're organic and I dunno, just taste AMAZING and sweet.
DH steamed them and added the steaming liquid when pureeing. I had a little and it's really good.
BUT he couldn't get all of the chunks out of it so we're going to have to strain it and then give it to her. Oh well. Only takes a couple of minutes.

So yeah.... avocado alone... a big NO.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


DD group started posting photos of when they held or met their LOs for the first time.
Of course I'll take any excuse to post a photo of Zoe heh.

Here are a few. Not sure if I've ever posted them before...

Showing us our little alien

Nice and average :D F- You gestational diabetes! *gives it the finger* MUAHAHAHAHA

Getting up close and personal.
Thought it was DH showing her at first, but nope, that's not my DH's arms/hands... woops.

Now THIS is him showing her to me. She's so swollen and grumpy looking. Still frickin adorable though :D


Hard to believe it was only what... not even 6 months ago. Geeze.
I complain like there is no tomorrow, but I am still so grateful and amazed every day that we're parents and she is our little girl. Hell, it's still weird that I get to say things like 'my daughter' lol.

I SO want to do this all over again. Sleepless nights, walking sleep deprived zombie, baby poo, spit up.... everything.
Really hoping we'll be able to give Zoe a brother or sister. And if we're feeling up to it, maybe one more after that ;)

Oh geeze

Haven't posted in a while! For some reason, I thought I did but looks like it has been almost a week. Woops...

It's not like anything significant is going on though.

Zoe's sleep has gotten a little better. She'll sometimes sttn, but other nights she'll do her new routine of waking.
Still trying to delay feeding her for as long as possible. Hopefully she'll eventually stop wanting to eat at night.

She finished up her last prepared banana concoction last night. She is such a great eater. Opens that little mouth up, ready to gobble up some food heh.
I think since we started feeding her solids, she's gained a pound from it. She is still a slightly skinny baby, but not as much as she was before. She's gotten some baby fat going on and while it tires momma out carrying her, it's frackin adorable! hehe

DH is in the kitchen making her some more. We're gonna try her on avocado next. It's gonna be her first non-sweet solid food. Hopefully she likes it. Can't have her wanting nothing but sweet stuff.
Gave her a little taste of it after it was done and she seemed to like it. We'll see.

My body is still all sorts of screwed. No weight loss. Actually no, I was down 2lbs, FINALLY, and then right back up the next day. WTF?
I know, water weight and blahblahblah, but still... WTF?
Just so hating my body atm.

No +opk or anything. Getting annoyed, but can't say I'm too surprised.
*shrugs* I just need to learn to be patient with my body I guess (yeah right).

Zoe has been SO noisy lately lol. She is just loving all of the different sounds she can make now. It's so funny and cute listening to her.
Today, her thing was to do mini baby shrieks. They weren't too loud but I expect them to be soon enough.
She is so stinkin cute! Love her so much :)

And think that's about it.
Here is video of her laughing. Please excuse my seeming heavy breathing. It's just me trying to quiet laugh :P

Monday, January 21, 2013


I got to sleep in this morning. Sure it was only to 9, but that was still niiiiiice.
DH was off so he got up with Zoe when she woke this morning.
He better damnit, since I was up with her a frickin ass ton last night.
She woke up at 11:30, then 12:30, then 2: 2:230 3 4 and finally 5 or 6 when I fed her.
UUUUUGH just sleep baby!!!

She was grumpy almost all day today too. Didn't help that she was pooping most of the day or trying to poop.
Think we're gonna have to start giving her juice again.

We tried bananas for the first time today. She tore it up! lol
DH pureed some w/ formula. It made this gross looking gooey stuff but she really liked it.

Her thrush is slowly clearing. The rash is kinda better. Still looks bad in spots but at least it isn't bleeding anymore. Poor girl just can't catch a break right now.

Damnit, forgot what else I wanted to say.

Anyway, here are a few photos

The amigurumi I made. YAY!
The pattern
Think the hardest part was attaching everything together. PITA!

And Zoe on Friday in her cute outfit. It's supposed to be 6m but the overalls were barely long enough.

Oh and this is her in her faux standing position. Can blame DH for that. Right after changing her DH stood her up supported by the wall and wanted me to get photos quick of her 'standing'. heh

And just a cute smile. She looks so much like DH in this photo.

Have some photos and video of her I need to get off my phone. Will try to remember to do that tomorrow.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

So much for that...

Yeah no sttn last night and I doubt she will tonight.
Oh well.
Just gotta suck it up and deal with it *nodnod*

It does make me feel like I'm biting off a bit more than I can chew when it comes to wanting to try again so soon though.
Feeling SO tired all the time, it's really making me 2nd guess it.
A part of me does want to try again right away, but then another part wants to wait. Not that taking care of Zoe will get any easier though.
We'll see what happens. Have to get my body working first *grumble*

Speaking of that, still no weight loss.
SiL (brother's wife) came over yesterday w/ my brother.
She's on a very similar diet except she's more carb restrictive. She's lost 13 lbs so far. That's 13lbs in less than a month which is amazing!
I'm SO happy for her. Just wish I could join in on the weight loss train though.... SIGH.
DH is looking a lot thinner now too. I can always tell when he's losing weight because he doesn't snore as much at night.

Think I'm going to eliminate dairy.... or at least a good chunk of it.
I've been craving cheese a lot lately for some reason, but gonna give it up for a while to see if it helps.
Not sure what else I could do (other then exercise) that will help. Yeah.... exercise.... been thinking about that. And while I haven't had the energy to walk in the mornings like I wanted w/ Zoe's new sleeping habits... I may just do some other stuff around the house. Of course gonna have to do it all either with her right there, or while she's sleeping though.

Oh I think Zoe is starting to get wary of strangers. Not even stranger strangers either.
When my bro and his wife visited... Zoe cried whenever she looked at my brother. It was HILARIOUS, but yikes. He couldn't even smile at her or she would burst in to tears.
She eventually got used to him being there, but she would not take her eyes off of him the entire time.

MiL and FiL came over today, and she was almost like that with them. She sees them almost weekly and you could tell that she was debating if she liked them or not lol. She eventually did warm up to them, but it took a while and a lot of playing on MiL's part.

I finally figured out how to crochet! WOOOO! I dunno, it just kinda hit me and I finally got it. *shrugs*
I'm not great at it or anything. My crochets are WAY too tight most of the time so I always have to backtrack to loosen things up, but still and newb and learning :)
Making my very first amigurumi doll. I'll post a photo of it when I'm done :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013


It's a miracle!!
Zoe slept through the night last night! YAY!
She woke up at 6:30, but I'll take that over 2-4 any time.
Trying to get her to go back to sleep but she is resisting it like a mofo.

Last night at dinner was the first time we tried her in one of those baby seats at the restaurant.
She liked it but didn't know what to do with herself heh.
She did keep touching the table, trying to grab it and of course sticking her hands right in to her mouth. BLEH!!!
Going to have to go buy some travel lysol wipes or something. Wipe that crap off really well before she does that.

Is it bad that I dread when my brother's kids are there too? DH's mom or aunt usually brings them to dinner with us so they can spend the night and go to church on Sundays.
I just see all other kids now as walking diseases ready to spread.
I love them to bits, but... just wish they wouldn't breath near me, or touch me or anything like that... and especially not near Zoe.

Same kinda goes for SiL's little girl. She's only 16m? old but I'm starting to look at her the same way. My heart skips a beat when they put Zoe close to her.
Logically, I'm ok with it, but that paranoid panic creeps in and all I think about is where that child's hands have been. BLEH.

Not going to put Zoe in to a bubble or anything, but the thought of her getting sick.... I dread the day it happens.

Zoe was so cute yesterday (as she is every day :P)...
She tried out a new sound which was


Ehehe.. She is really going to town on her talking and it's so cute!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Before bed

Wanted to post some before bed...

Zoe is def finding her voice. First time tonight that she did some small baby yells. Cracked DH and I up.
I remember when SiL's girl started this. She was VERY loud in public hehe.
Not sure if Zoe will be that bold and vocal heh.

Nothing really going on though. Starting to get cold again here. YAY! But cold weather brought rain with it, booo. I don't really mind rain, but it does suck for our dogs that have to go out in it to pee/poo.

Weight loss.... pffft... I should just stop weighing myself. It's tortue :(

Anyway... some photos

Filthy bib. Most of them end up looking like this half way through the day heh

We're getting more use out of her swing now. She's hating her Rock N Play for some reason but enjoys the swing now.

Cute Harajukku outfit from Target that was bought on clearance. Seriously, that's the only reason to ever buy one of these overpriced outfits... b/c it's on clearance.
While this outfit is cute and it's supposed to be 6m... Zoe is too big for it. The shirt is too short, and the overalls just a tad too small.
Plus the overalls are frickin annoying. See the buttons on the front holding the straps? Those are real buttons as in put the button through a hole.
SOOOOOOOO bad trying to take them off and put them back on all day long on a squirming baby.

And finally.... our first child claiming the boppy as his own.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Seriously..... read this

This is mostly for you soon to be mommas out there, but I'm sure you ladies with kids will get a big kick out of it too....

You MUST read this!

Scary Mommy

Truer words could not have been spoken. Especially the paragraph about reading up on natural childbirth.

Mmmmm sweet potato

Zoe seemed to enjoy her homemade sweet potato mixture. YAY :)
She ate all that I fed her. Ate a little bit more when DH tried later.
Doesn't seem like she's quite ready to eat that much solids though, but that's what the freezer is for. Save the rest for later :D
Wonder what DH will want to feed her next. He bought some book on the kindle and has been reading it.
Looking at the 'my first solids' baby foods, carrots, pear, peas and there was some other fruit that I can't remember seem to be the ones to go with.
We'll see.
I'll have to ask him about it. We'll probably end up buying more stuff to make next shopping trip.

I wanted to SMACK DH last night.
Obviously I don't, but yeah, the thought sure does come to mind sometimes.

I had been up constantly with Zoe trying to get her to go back to sleep. Think it started at 1 or 130.
She started to fuss after I fed her at around 230 and the monitor was on so I guess it woke him up.
Well she finally settles down so I go to lay down.

DH: I can't wait until this phase is over.

Now any other time, I would've just agreed... but having been up and pooped, I was grumpy so came back with...

Me: Why? I'm the one getting up with her.

DH: I'm awake aren't I??

Seriously dude?? Since she started this crap sleeping.... he's only gotten woken up maybe 2 or 3 times.
UGH I wanted to smack him when he said though. Oh boo-frickin-hoo for him. Poor baby (dh) got woken up and will be back to sleep in a minute while I'm laying there for an hour or more trying to get back to sleep. Poor poor DH. :\

And then! This morning, I know he didn't mean to do it and felt bad, but he woke up Zoe!! She's been kicking off her blanket during the night. Not a big deal since it has been warm.
He tried to wiggle the blanket out from under her so he could cover her again and it woke her.
Of course she didn't go back to sleep so... yeah.
Not pissed at him for that since it was an accident, just slightly annoyed :P
I doubt she would've been asleep for much longer though so whatever.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I'm going to  have to remember, after having the next baby... NO junk food!!!

This is getting ridiculous. I know what I saw this morning was probably water weight, but still. We have been doing awesome sticking with primal and the scale has moved down only once this entire time and it's back up to what it was when I started.
My body is resisting letting go of this fat tooth and nail.

By this time when we first started primal, I had already lost 8 pounds.
Ughhh just so damn frustrating :(
Sigh... I so regret going crazy with the junk food now. Every once in a while would've been ok, but yeah, I went a bit extreme and I am so paying for it now.

 All of Zoe's 3 month clothes are put up now. She is growing so fast. I look at her and can tell that she has grown more recently too.
She'll always be my baby girl though.

DH made her some homemade baby food last night. We baked her a sweet potato, mixed it with some formula and pureed it. Looks just like the stuff you buy in a store. We'll see how she likes it a little later today.

Monday, January 14, 2013


So Zoe did finally go back to sleep. I laid down at I think 4? Didn't get back to sleep until after 5 though and yeah, here I am at 7:40....
The life of a parent heh.

Hmm, my ring fits on my ring finger again. That's not good! It was WAY too big for it so I had to wear it on my middle finger. Damnit..... :(

I'm sorry for my bitchy post before this one. Or well, the bitchy part at the bottom. Was just grumpy and got a bit more ranty than I intended.

DH is off getting his truck serviced. Hope it doesn't take too long. We still need to go a few places. OOO Maybe I can sleep in the car on the way too them.
How sad is that... actually looking forward to going somewhere so I can sleep on the way there LOL.


Well, it's actually 3:35 now....

I think Zoe is hitting her 4m sleep regression late. This SUUUUUUUUUCKS.
She woke up at 12:30 for no reason.
Not sure how long she was awake for before hearing her fuss a little on the monitor. Thankfully she went back to sleep with no problem.
Fast forward to 2 and I start hearing a *thump thump thump on the monitor.
She has this new thing where she likes to kick/stomp her legs out when laying down.
Well... she does it A LOT and that's all I could hear on the monitor.

I get up to check on her and it looks like she's trying to go back to sleep.
NOPE, she was just waking up.
I fed her at 3 and she is wide awake in her crib right now.
I'm tired but wide awake at the moment so just decided to stay up for a bit rather than go lay down and have to get back up again to check on her.

Sigh.... at least she isn't crying and is happy to stay in her crib. I probably jinxed myself but oh well.

I hope I ovulate soon and hope an OPK picks it up.
Only been taking one test a day when I remember to actually take one.
There are a ton of IC opks and hpts under my sink that need to be taken before June. Hopefully something will happen before then.
Think if it does happen, I should catch the LH surge. The cycle with Zoe, I took an OPK on a whim, and got an almost positive. Then the day after that, it was positive. And if memory is correct, that same night it was negative again.
Hopefully it's the same this time.

Def think that I will ovulate though. Not sure when, but I'm sure it will happen. With my anov cycles, I always spotted.... constantly. So as mentioned before, really hoping that bleeding and spotting that stopped is a great sign.

I'm sure I've said this before... but natural childbirth is just so frickin overrated IMO.
Yes, it's great if a woman can endure it all, but I dunno... I just see so many aiming for it when I personally don't think it's necessary.
So many women afraid of the "OMFG CASCADE OF INTERVENTIONS!!!!!!!!1111111!11!!" and thinking that nurses and doctors are out to get them and a bunch of other ridiculous things.
OhNOES, the doctor or nurse asked if I wanted an epidural... OMGCSECTION!!!!!! It's so fucking stupid.
Yes, interventions can lead to an increased risk of c-sec, but in the end... what matters is momma and baby are both ok.
A nice birth experience is important, don't get me wrong, but WAY too much focus is put on the experience alone instead of the outcome. At least for some people.

And I'm also so fucking tired of hearing the arguement of " It's what our bodies were made to do!"
Yeah.... tell that to every woman that died during child birth or lost a baby during it.
My body was also meant to ovulate regularly, but PFFFT the hell if it does.
My brother, father, uncles, aunts, inlaws, etc bodies were meant to produce and use insulin correctly, but they don't.
It's such a cop out statement.

Anyway, sorry for bitching so much.. I'm just ready to get back to bed (to toss and turn) already.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Maybe? Hope so!

Weighed myself and for now... I think the scale is moving down. It better be dangit!!
It wasn't much but it was still something.

Zoe's waking up at night is.... so tiring.
Thankfully when she fully awakens, I can feed her, lay her back down and she seems to go back to sleep on her own. At least that's how it has been the past couple of nights.

I'm SO tired though. She's been pretty noisy in her sleep and it wakes me up every damn time she makes a sound. And of course, I have to go check her just in case.
Doesn't help that for some reason, I couldn't get to sleep last night even though I was extremely tired.

DH is off tomorrow too, but I won't be able to sleep in b/c he's taking his truck in to get serviced. Boooooo lol I just better get some decent sleep tonight. Maybe sneak in a nap soon lol.

We think poor Zoe has thrush again. At first we thought it was just another case of diaper rash, but after a few days of putting cream on her butt, it hasn't cleared so we went and bought something else for it.
Poor girl just can't catch a break w/ her little booty.

Using disposables has given me a chance to try stripping the cloth diapers. I only did the inserts though. Don't think the covers are the problem.

Just washed the inserts and added in some bleach. Hopefully it did the trick. We'll see once her thrush clears.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fun day at the Zoo

Well, I shouldn't say day. A fun couple of hours at the zoo :)
It was free other than the gas spent getting there, so it's all good :D

Lots of people, and almost every single animal was in hiding sleeping, but oh well heh. Can't exactly prod them with a stick to get them to entertain us hoomans.

Anywho, here are some photos!

Zoe was SO excited to go that she couldn't contain herself!

Heh, the look daddy got when she woke up

But all was forgiven... eventually...

And photos... I swear whenever I took a photo, the animal would turn around and show their butt...

She's so interested in the animals!!!..... not....
She'd rather stare at all the human animals....

Clearly impressed with the sleeping koala

Even though she could've cared less about the animals... she still seemed to have a good time :)

Dang girl

Stay asleep!!!
She woke up about 40mins after being put to bed for the night and didn't go back to sleep until almost an hour later.

THEN she woke up at 11:40. Again at 4, then finally woke woke at 5am. I fed her then and she just played in her crib until she fell asleep I think lol.

I dunno WTH is going on with her sleeping right now but it sucks balls.

Oh and poor girl seemed to have had a nightmare yesterday during one of her naps.
She was in her Rock N Play and suddenly her breathing changed and she started making little sounds in her sleep. Then she actually cried for about 2 seconds...still totally asleep. My poor baby :(
But WTH does a 5m old dream about?

Noo they haven't fed me yet! NOOOOOO


Not sure if we're going to the zoo. Still a maybe. DH is watching some kind of conspiracy crap that his friend let him borrow *BIG eyeroll*
So we'll see what he wants to do after it's over.

So far so good on the no bleeding front. That is encouraging that eating better is at least doing something positive for my body.

I think I'm going to start walking in the morning with Zoe. Change her, feed her etc, and then go out for a walk around the neighborhood for 30 or so minutes.
I like the idea, but we'll see if it actually gets done hehe.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Something positive....maybe

Ok, so the scale may not be moving but I think the diet has helped some. I'm not bleeding anymore which is a frickin miracle.
It actually stopped a couple of days ago. I thought it was just another tease, but nope, it has stayed away.
Now to just get this fat to get the hell off my body....grrrrr

 We may be going to the zoo tomorrow. It is free until February or something like that and it is going to be unseasonably warm tomorrow too. So it should be a great day if we decide to go.

 I guess no more sttn for Zoe. At least not for now. Hopefully this is just temporary.
Still not sure why.she is waking up. It has to be teething or something.
Surprisingly I'm ok waking up with her. Maybe bc she has been sleeping a little later in the morning so I'm still getting a decent amount  of sleep.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Peace and Quiet


Put Zoe to bed about 10mins ago, and other than her crying for a moment, she went right to sleep. Woot!
I'm SO thankful for her keeping her own schedule like that.
Yeah she's been waking up in the night again, but I think it's b/c she's been hot... maybe.
It wasn't that bad last night. Pacifier back in the mouth put her back to sleep.
She did wake at 6 again though. I think she went back to sleep for maybe 30min and that was it.
I just laid in my bed while she entertained herself in her crib lol.
Seriously, I didn't get up until 8. Think I'm going to sew some yarn on to one of her toys that she has. And put it in her crib.
It's double-sided, but only has string on one end but not the other, so you can flip it and tie it for the other side. That probably made no sense.....

Anway.. even though I wish she would sleep a bit better, I really can't complain b/c I know a lot of mommas out there have it a lot worse.

I did end up fixing clam chowder. Easier than it seems.
Used this recipe as a base and fixed it to my own taste
My Best Clam Chowder

I used 6 cans of chopped clams
Didn't add in any extra water b/c it didn't need it after the 6 cans of clam juice.

So I didn't dirty up more than I had to, I just started it all in one pot.
Put in veggies, clam juice from the cans and the butter.
I then just put in 3 cups of heavy whipping cream and 1 cup of half and half.
Added in pepper and garlic salt.
Brought it to a boil then lowered heat to let it simmer.
Let it simmer for around an hour, although probably should've done it longer to get it a bit thicker.
Added in the clams... let it heat up for a couple of minutes, and served.

Pretty gosh darn tasty! Lots of reviews said to add in bacon, but I dunno... while bacon is delicious... I think the flavor of it tends to overpower things that you add it to, which some cases isn't bad, but I didn't want to taste bacon with this so didn't bother.
Also didn't bother with the vinegar b/c honestly it just sounded weird to add.
Anyway... like I said, pretty delicious if you enjoy that clammy creamy flavor. Mine was a bit watery, but if I was eating wheat, that could've been solved with some butter cracker, yum.

And finally, some photo spam b/c I remembered! YAY!

Hat I made for Zoe. YAY!

Said hat on Zoe. It's a bit long so doesn't have that nice fitted beanie look, but oh well.

Mmmmmm pureed carrots........ droooooool

Nice drool ring around the collar

Almost nekkid bebeeeeeeeeehhhhh

Think I had to do something called stripping to her diapers b/c they've been leaking like a mofo

Riding in the car always makes her sleepy

But she literally woke up right after I took that photo so I plopped her in her exersaucer while I put groceries away lol

Some silly baby time on the floor!

She can roll to her side like no ones business! To her tummy though... still working on that

Mystery Solved, kinda...

Ok so when I told DH about the car salesman. He said it was probably someone at the VA that told him. He knows of at least one person that went and bought a car at the same dealership after us. And mentioning where they work, he may have remembered us, and etc etc.

I dunno, thinking about upgrading (eventually) is kinda exciting. We're not going for a brand spankin new car though. Property tax on our mazda is frickin INSANE. So we'll probably go for a used car for the next one.
We take very good care of our cars so hopefully we won't be spending too much more on an upgrade.
Which reminds me, I really need to take in the car to get serviced... BLEH. Maybe I can convince DH to do it on Friday since he is off lol.

I've gone out every morning this week and today is gonna be no different. DH going out tonight and there's nothing I want to fix for dinner. Going to try my hand at making clam chowder... maybe.

Don't think I've lost any damn weight yet. WTF??
DH has lost 5lbs, and my SiL (brother's wife) has lost 7lbs so far doing a very similiar diet.
SO frickin pissed and discouraged right now :( Not gonna go out and stuff my face with junk food or anything, but it sucks not seeing the scale move.
Or well it is moving, just not in the direction I want it to go usually.

I really don't want to take the metformin again. It just is not agreeing with me this time around.
Took it last Friday after dinner since it was a *cheat* and I thought it may do well to take one after having so many carbs.
Woke up that night sick to my stomach w/ vomit in the back of my throat.
Really hope my body can start working on it's own w/out the met.

Oh and Zoe turned 5m old yesterday. YAY :) Totally forgot to post.
I'll try to get some good photos to post of her later.

Monday, January 7, 2013

What the....

Just saw a message from the car salesman that we bought out mazda from, and he heard we were expecting. Obviously he's a bit behind on his news, but... what?
How the hell did he know that??

Whatever... we are going to have to upgrade the mazda to something a little bigger, damnit. I love my mazda and it's the perfect size. Just what I wanted, BUT, finding a carseat that fit it was a PITA, and whenever we have another, it's going to have to hold 2 seats and I just don't see that happening in it :( Booooooooooo

I guess I should start going month by month w/ how old Zoe is instead of weeks. It's just too confusing.
I thought it didn't matter, and I'm sure in the grand scheme of things it doesn't, but most people just go month to month instead of counting weeks, so that's what I'll do from now on.
Which means Zoe will officially be 5m old tomorrow :)

Bought her some Baby mum mum(sp?) teething biscuits. Haven't given her one yet but we'll see how it goes in a bit.

I think maybe teething is causing her to wake at night? She woke up at 3 last night, didn't go back to sleep until after 4. BLEH for me!
In the morning, my brain has finally gotten used to kinda zoning her noises out so I can get a little bit more rest, but late night like last night... I was wide awake until I was sure she was asleep, and even then I couldn't get back to sleep very well. SIGH.
Anywho, fed her around 3:30 I think and yeah, just laid her in her crib. Waited for that fussy noise she makes when she is tired, insert pacifier, and lay down in bed hoping not to hear anything on the monitor lol.

UUUUGH speaking of monitor, I had a nightmare last night.
Dreamt that we had a kickass video monitor and survellience of her room (for some reason). And on the shot that showed her crib, you see this frickin scary ass ghost girl come up and scream at Zoe which of course causes Zoe (and myself) to freak the hell out.

Uuuuuuhm....... yeah

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Seperation Anxiety

So much for it not being all the time.
Good lord, we can't even walk away from her without her freaking out :( Poor baby.
I hope it passes soon b/c, I'd like to pee without hearing her screaming bloody murder in the living room lol.

Gotta be quick to post b/c she has realized that I'm still gone from the living room lol.

She woke up twice last night. First at about 2:30. It was more of a half asleep thing. And then again at 4.
She went back to sleep both times thankfully.
She woke up at 6, I fed her and put her back, and she went back to sleep eventually and didn't wake until 9!! WOO! lol

Ok gotta get, she is having a conniption fit lol.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Photos and stuff

Zoe slept later yesterday and today! WOOO!
She slept I think close to 7 yesterday.
And while she did wake around maybe 6:30 or 7 this morning, she stayed quiet in her crib until 7:30! WOOOOOOOO! SLEEEEEEEEEEEP lol

She seems to be kind of restless when she's sleeping. I'll hear her making sounds and if I go check on her, she'll be moving around a lot. Not awake but not fully asleep.
Not sure what is going on but hopefully nothing bad.

Think her gums are def starting to bother her more.

Last night at dinner... man, she was not in a good mood. Didn't think she was hungry, but she was and she made it known w/ lots of crying and fussing. She was ok after, but it made the inlaws feel bad. If only they knew how she was with DH and I.... they'd see that she does that to us too :P

Uhm, I think there was something else I wanted to mention, but I forgot.

Here are some photos!

First 3 are from the camera.

Sitting pretty in her chair

Just a cute pic

In one of her Once Upon a Child outfits. It's really cute, but the shirt is such a PITA to get on.

And a bunch of photos from my phone.
The flash on it is really bright and the camera is kinda slow so I get some pretty funny and goofy facial expressions :D

And the photo that greets me when I turn on my phone.
Has my 2 fav people in it :D