Thursday, July 31, 2014

I need to stop before it gets worse

I ate nothing but absolute shit today.
4... yes FOUR packs of cheap ramen noodles and then I made some oh so healthy oatmeal cookies.
I wasn't even craving cookies but I HAD to make them. The ramen.. also wasn't really craving but nothing else sounded good when I was hungry so I raided our emergency stash of food and dug some out.
Not sure what to do. What healthy quick cooking food can I eat that won't totally make me gain 100lbs this pregnancy?
It's kind of frustrating b/c while I'm not really having any aversions yet, nothing sounds good either except for something quick.

Maybe I'll stock up on some organic nitrite? or is is nitrate? free hot dogs and just pop a couple of those in the microwave whenever I get hungry. I dunno..... will find something, but I'm pissed at myself for eating so horrible today.

Today has been mostly ok. One of those fewer symptoms days that freaks you out. My boobs do still hurt when jabbed or elbowed by a toddler.. and I'm peeing every 10mins.... and still tired as all get out, but not a lot of morning sickness. Had like 1 or 2 instances of really light gagging but that was it.

Hope everything is ok. Another woman is going through a loss in my due date group. She saw a heartbeat and everything but her baby stopped growing :( It's scary as hell and heartbreaking to think about.
You see a heartbeat and think everything is fine and turns out..... no. I never want to go through that.

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