Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It was difficult....

.... but I didn't tell my mom. Hell, even my DH asked if I told her and he was like "Yeah, but you wanted to didn't you!" lol
I did, but I held it in. It's still too early and I can keep it a secret for a little longer.
Need to stop going over there and eating though.
She fixed the same thing I had for dinner.
I only ate a little bit of it but I'm still packed w/ what I had eaten the night before lol.
I feel so bloated in my lower abdomen. All of those bloated rice cakes are probably blocking everything :P lol

My brother came over to my mom's as well and brought my nephew with him.
Holy smokes that boy is HUGE!!!! He's only 8m old and he's seriously as big as Zoe. His head is HUGE and he is a chubby chunktastic fluffy butt baby. Good lord I don't think I've ever seen a baby so fat! lol
I don't know what they are feeding him but they must be feeding him GOOD lol ;)

It's going to be something watching him. Zoe seemed to really take a liking to him.
She was hesitant at first (it takes her a minute or so to warm up to a situation), but then she started 'talking' to him, trying to play w/ him, hugging him. It was so darn cute. I think she wanted him to play back but he wasn't really having any of it. He was kind of happy just staring at her while he chewed on some strap on brother's keychain lol.
Well, at least she liked him though. Not sure how she's going to act w/ a sibling.
He seems very spoiled and needy though. I mean 8m is still pretty young, but he's always been very needy and I think SiL holds and picks him up whenever he even hints at whining.
I mean nothing really wrong with that, but just going to be difficult w/ Zoe wanting some attention too lol. I'll manage. It's only for a few days.

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