Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Man, these days are going by SLOOOOOOOOOW.

I'm still full of worry as usual, but think I've started to develop a new symptom. Bloating!
I can tell that I've lost weight in my face. Actually have some jawline now :P lol
But my stomach looks like I'm sporting a 6m pregnant belly. Holy moly the bloating is so bad.

Also last night, whenever I woke up, my breasts were KILLING me. They feel fine now (about what they've been feeling), but just every time I moved last night, they hurt like crazy.

Diarrhea is somewhat better but I still get it every day. Now it's just usually in the morning. My body purges everything from the night before :\ So lovely.
It still makes me paranoid though that I'll wipe away blood afterwards.

Energy level seem to be a bit better today. Still not great though, but it's better. DD still waking up at buttcrack of dawn still. Poor thing was still so tired this morning. Put her down for a nap at 7:30. She wanted to be picked up and actually laid her head on my shoulder. She's NEVER done that before. Poor baby. I think I may let her CIO one of these times. Try to get her to start sleeping in longer or something. Just have to make sure DH stays quiet in the morning.

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